Factions Battle In Benghazi After Killing


BENGHAZI, Libya, July 31 (UPI) — Libyan rebels said Sunday they have captured the camp of an enemy cell they blame for the assassination of their military chief.

Mustafa el-Sogezly, deputy interior minister of the Benghazi government, told The Financial Times four members of the group were killed and 12 wounded in a five-hour battle Sunday morning near the city, along with three rebel fighters killed and eight wounded.

Sogezly said the faction, calling itself the Shakir Brigade, was involved in killing Gen. Abdel Fattah Younis and freeing Gadhafi loyalists from prison during the ensuing turmoil Thursday night.

He said the group took orders from Tripoli via Gadhafi regime TV.

But Ali Tarhouni, the Transitional National Council’s oil minister, told the BBC that Younis was killed along with two other commanders by members of the Obaida ibn Jarrah Brigade, an Islamic extremist group allied with the rebels. The three bodies, shot and burned, were found outside Benghazi Friday.

And a Gadhafi regime spokesman blamed al-Qaida for the killing as speculation ran wild.

TNC Chairman Mustafa Abdel Jilil told Radio France Internationale that four judges acting on their own had summoned Younis — suspected as a double agent by some — to Benghazi for questioning before his murder.

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