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Facing Unexpected Challenge In Massachusetts, Barney Frank Comes Under Attack From Some Gays, Too

October 29, 2010 by  

Facing unexpected challenge in Massachusetts, Barney Frank comes under attack from some gays, tooCongressman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is the only openly homosexual member of Congress, and has been outspoken on gay rights issues, including "don't ask, don't tell." However, with just a few days left before the midterm elections, Frank is being attacked by a gay organization.

The conservative GOProud is launching an ad campaign — titled "The Real Democrats of DC" — attacking Democratic leaders, including Frank, for the high level of national debt, spending and continuing unemployment, according to media reports.

Calling Frank "an absolute embarrassment," Christopher R. Barron, chairman of GOProud's Board of Directors, said that "he represents the worst kind of Washington politician," and added that the congressman "gleefully acts as an attack dog for radical left-wing special interests."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) are also targeted by new GOProud's campaign.

Meanwhile, Frank, who has been serving in the House of Representatives since 1981, is facing an unexpected challenge from Republican opponent Sean Bielat. Although the incumbent still leads by 49 to 37 percent, Bielat has out-raised Frank both in September and so far this month, according to media reports. 

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  • Dan az

    Gee even his butt buddies don’t like him what a surprise!Maybe he’ll go get a sex change and try again.

    • James

      What!? Did he throw sand in thier vaseline?

      • http://naver samurai

        OK, now that was sick. Funny, but sick! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Dan az


    • Harold Olsen

      Oh, please! He looks disgusting enough as a male. He’d look even worse as a female.

  • Jana

    Anyone with any common sense can see that the Democrats are leading this country in the wrong direction. Good for the GOProud for standing up and telling it like it is.

    • Dan az

      Little to late for something that everyone knew all along.Every thing that is said now until Nov.2 is just a way to try and save face,To little to late!They all need to go!

  • dana

    The Cook Report downgraded Barney today. Let’s “retire” Barney. If you are not happy with the way things are-DO something about it!

    • Robert S

      Onli in America can a Congressman running a gay whorehouse be re-elected time after time. It’s disgusting.

      • s c

        RS, you’ve just violated the 2nd Progressive Protocol. Accord to saul alinsky (one of your progressive heroes), the Big Tent must be preserved at all costs. This means that once you’re a “loud and proud” progressive, anything you say or do is OK and is above the laws of the land. You must be tolerant. You must accept. You must preach touchy-feely and embrace it. You must empower yourself with the knowledge that no one is as good or as talented or as ‘divine’ as a progressive.
        Someone needs to check and see if you’re really worthy of being seen as a true believer. You spew the stink, but today you almost sound like someone who has a nickel’s worth of common sense (progressives don’t need no estinkin’ common sense). You CAN’T have it both ways, RS.

        • Robert S

          I have no loyalty to any party. I call it like it is and don’t care who gets their cage rattled. I laugh at people who are always calling others Libs or Progressive. You really don’t know what you are talking about.

          • Dan az


          • http://?? Joe H.

            And you DO know what you are talking about???? HaHaHaHaHaHaHEHeHeHeHeheHoHoHoHoHo!!!!! I’m splitting a gut here!!!! you prog!!! Or is that prig???

          • http://naver samurai

            Do YOU know what you’re talking about? OMG, what’s your major malfunction here? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • James

        Actually it was his live-in boyfriend who was into gay prostitution using Barneybabys digs. Does’nt matter. If he (IT) had’nt got caught, I doubt it would have stopped. Everyone should know by now that, Barney Frank is a whore.

  • s c

    Are the people of Massachusetts tired of Baaney, or is Baaney tired of pretending that he cares about Massachusetts? Whatever the answer is, Baaney needs to think about being behind bars.
    It’s entirely possible that he could make the adjustment easier than most. Visitation rights wouldn’t be an issue.
    He’d have plenty of time to write books. He could compare notes with career criminals, and tell them where they ‘went wrong.’
    He could adopt inmates. Life behind bars might make being free seem like a liability. The possibilities are almost endless. And, since Baaney probably wouldn’t be sent to a ‘normal’ facility, he might see old faces (lawyers, bankers, other politicians,
    scores of people who are as “innocent” as he is).
    Get yourself an agent, Baaney, and start writing your memoirs. You could be the new darling of the book-a-month crowd.

    • Mike S.

      Poor Barney,
      I have said he should go since he help sway everyone about the subprime mortgage situation. It has been the biggest downfall of this country and they still want toblame Bush for everything. He wasn’t perfect but he was better than what we have now. At least we knew where he was born and where he came from. Let’s change the game here before there is no tirning back!

      • Robert Smith

        About Bush from Mike: “He wasn’t perfect but he was better than what we have now.”

        Three wars Bush should have ended or gotten us out of: Iraq, Afganistan, and the War on Drugs. All horrifically expensive.

        Good job Brownie, Mission Accomplished…

        None are so blind as those who will not see.


        • JimH

          Rob, After allthose faults Bush had that you pointed out, and he’s still not as bad as what we have NOW. Pathetic isn’t it? How’s that hope and change thing working for you? I guess we didn’t trade up.

        • http://naver samurai

          Next thing you know, this moron will be asking for Obama bin Laden to let the Bush tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 expire. That’s probably what Obama bin Laden wants so he can fund Obama bin Laden care. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • George Halepis

      Actually, “Baaney” should be spelled B-a-H-n-e-y.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Actually it’s Bawney freakin Fwanks!!!!

    • Dan az

      Hey sc
      I think old barney is just trolling for some new fresh meat he will have the chains and shackels now all he needs is buba.

  • Gregory Zorn

    It would be a great inbarasment if the good people in Frank’s district allow this Jackass another term. Franks and demacrats were instramental in regulating the banking and morgage business, using the waight of the federal goverment to push them to make subprime loans, basicaly loans to people that were not qualified to pay them back. So it was infact goverment regulations, not deregulation that created this mess. Frank’s is a clown and should be treated as sutch.

    G. Zorn

    • Christine

      I agree with everything that you just said, but your spelling ia atrocious (sp??)
      Anyway, I think the dems are a bunch of retards, so let’s at least get our spelling right!
      From your local english nerd

      • Christine

        Whoops!! I just realized I spelled “is” wrong. Oh well, I guess it depends on the meaning of what is is!!

        • Mac

          Christine, you missed a better pun there; shoulda wrote: “I guess it depends on the meaning of what AS is!!” But it really wasn’t a misspelling, AS I see it; my fingers are constantly getting tangled over any of the letters around “s” as well as is/si, of/fo, to/ot, etc. In the meanwhile, Gregory Zorn really does need to set his email editor to check spelling on every message he sends.

  • newspooner

    More irresponsible reporting. To imply that there are only two choices in the Fourth District election is an insult to the two hardworking Independent candidates who have offered the voters a chance to vote for someone not burdened by the socialism of the Democratic Party or the anemic offerings of the Republican Party. Ignoring Independent candidates plays right into the hands of th Establishment. Whenever you report on candidates in an election, report on ALL the candidates.

  • pat

    I am not to afraid of the queer boys as much as i fear the queer girls. You see these queer girls have been hired by the Minneapolis Police dept. to drive around town and to stop at the donut shops to scare city residents. I mean these girls look tougher than most men, they wear leather gloves with the fingers cut off, they look like Hell’s Angels, and most of these girls weight in around 200-250 pounds, built like bull dogs, stand around 5’6″, hair shaved close to their skulls, some have mustaches and tatoo’s and 16″ biceps. For the boys that the City of Minneapolis hires, most of these queer boys are doing paperwork and secraterial work. So I think we should hire the queer boys to go after Barney boy, they can walk up to Barney and just slap him in the face and sjout verbal insults to him to drive him out of office. The girls queers can stand watch to control the crowds. We need to eliminate these poor diseased queer people as there is now medical proof that they can be changed back to normal people through theropy.

  • john

    The gays are finding out that just voting someone in or supporting them on some particular agenda..won’t nescessarily be helpful to the country.People who vote based on race,gay agenda,even religion will reap what they sow.While someone like Frank may support gay rights,he’ll anger those same supporters with other policies.Thats why when you vote it should not be automatically because such and such is a REpublican or Democrat,black,white,hispanic,gay,male,female,good looking or ugly..we should look at the person for their record,their experiance,their work ethics etc..unfortunately most of the country votes based on the above mentioned criteria.

    • http://none Mike

      Jhon, I have been saying that since I got on here 2 months ago. We have been auto pulling levers for too long. Here in Tn. we have a good picture of that we have a democratic governer who for the most part has really acted in the intrest of the people(He dismanteled Tencare which was breaking us). I like both the current govener and his opponent though Bill Haslamm is a buisness man and has helped Tn. through job creation. That being said he does have baggage because of a fine for his company for price gougeing during the katrina disaster. This somewhat makes me leary of his ethics. His company though for the most part is franchised so he might not have known personally what was going on. That is the one race I really dont know which way I am going to go problly untill I get to the booth Mike L.

      • George Halepis

        “Price gouging”? Who should decide what is a “fair price” for any good or service? The politicians or the free market? “But”, you say, “people need things in an emergency”. What if providers decide not to sell at your “fair price”? Should they be forced to do so? We all know where THAT leads.

        • http://none Mike

          Yea I understand a fair price but when you raise the price by 4 dollars a gallon I get a little suspicous there. Not really saying he did anything personally wrong. Just that his company was convicted and fined for it.

  • charles

    How about we hold Mr Frank accountable for the Mortgage Meltdown of Fannie & Freddie. it was under his ‘supervision’ & watch as I recall.
    This man is a joke that the country can no longer afford to ignore.

  • Roy Banes

    That we should allow depraved and perverted candidates in to office, is an abomination in its self. What has happened to the people of this great nation. I can guarantee you God will not turn a blind eye to the filthy behaviour of the perverted portion of our society. What a frigging mess. They call themselves gay, but I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut hole they are anything but gay, they are in fact miserable and since misery loves company, they want to force everybody to love and accept their filthy lifestyles.

  • Vern Nay

    I’ve lived in several foreign countries and nowwhere have I seen any problems with the queer people as we have in America. Nobody really cares what they do as long as they aren’t parading around putting their twisted lifestyle in other peoples face. Only in America do these types come out from under their rock and purposely draw attention to themselves. Nowhere but hollyweird do they make tv shows that glorify queers. Nowhere but America do they claim the right to be married to another queer. They just go about their business like everyone else and no body cares or even thinks twice. Also when they don’t draw attention to themselves there’s no queer bashing. Jail barny frank for his crimes.

  • http://NONE ROY WILSON


    • Craig

      There is a use for liberals? Target practice maybe?

  • jimmy joe

    40years ago,Those like barney frank,said their only goal was equality,and to be with those they choose in the privacy of their own homes.Now they are fondeling each other in parades,In front of our children.Forcing,Brainwashing,Sexualizing,and stimulating children in our schools,To be just like them,Against their parents knowledge,and permission. Prostituting,our Traditional,and religious values institutions,or seeking to destroy them.And now social engineering our military,and boyscouts,and code of ethics,integrity,self Reliance,Self-sacrifice,and honor.Barney Frank is just the tip of the iceberg,Our american cruise ship has crashed into.Our country is being run,by licenced,Michael Jacksons,O.J.Simpsons,Charlie Mansons,And Jeffery Dahmers.While the Orchestra plays,And the people blindly drunk,Dancing into the abyss.Jimmy Joe,”The Liarfryer”

  • Ron Powell

    Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were involved in the Fannie and Freddie fiasco more than anyone else and both benefitted from their involvement immensely. Clinton began the whole meltdown with his mandates to make housing loans to questionable applicants for housing loans and allowing people who had no means or in some cases, no intention of repaying their mortgages off. Bush’s error was to allow it to continue as well as Clinton’s 13166 EO which required tranlators or translation for all services for non-English speaking
    immigrants, legal or otherwise.

  • Angel

    I’m surprised GOProud is not in Illinois this week trying get Mark Kirk elected. He’d be the second gay senator elected (after Larry Craig).

    There are so many gay Republican and conservative leaders (Ken Mehlman, Ed Gillespie, Ann C. Rush, not sure about Michael Steele), some of this gay-bashing here is a bit embarrassing!

  • Mac

    I sure agree with you, Ron, about the nearly fatal results to the nation that Clinton pulled with 13166 Exec Order. As for Barney, I wonder if being gay wasn’t the reason he kept getting re-elected all those years; constituents who felt sorry for him, but if he was straight would have been kicked out long ago.

  • http://com i41

    Remember Onumnutts’ 3 gay roomates, all died within a month before he announced his canidacy. He was a frequent visitor to the Chitcago bath houses, must have been his skin condition. What was his training as a under 10 muslim male. Islam considerd any male under 10 a orfice to be used by any make as they want, and Omoron said he was raised as a muslim, as well as spending 20 years with a nut job former muslim black freak, that he never heard his sermons, who was holding his pistol gripped ears?

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      The muslims put a fatwa (death sentence) on any one who leaves islam for another religion. Have you noticed that they haven’t put one on jug-head? Maybe he is the Manchurian (Meccan) candidate.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Bawny, Teddy, Kerry, what the hell is the matter with the people in Mass.? Must be the drinking water? They wouldn’t get their water from Calif. would they?

  • http://com i41

    Think it might be the liberal genentic gene CR4C. Blarney lisps wirh a round moth that he claims is used for 3 squares, Teddy walked like something was up his behind, and Kerry always has such a long face like a holsten dairy steer. Must be thebackdoor meetingss!

  • Dan

    What’s wrong with Massachusetts?
    Why would they put Barney Frank, a complete lunatic, back in office?

    This nut is so far out of his own mind that a simple rational conversation is impossible.

    It amazes me how the liberal states can be so easily manipulated.

  • lacey main

    You’ve got great insights about whore house love shack, keep up the good work!


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