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Facebook Faster Than Department Of Defense

April 23, 2012 by  

Facebook Faster Than Department Of Defense
A soldier contacted Ariell Taylor-Brown on Facebook to tell her that her husband had been killed.

Ariell Taylor-Brown, the wife of Staff Sergeant Christopher Brown, recently received news of her husband’s death in Afghanistan. But the news didn’t come from the Department of Defense; she got the message via Facebook.

A woman in Brown’s platoon sent Taylor-Brown a message on Facebook and told her to call immediately. When she did, the news on the other end of the line was devastating.

Hours later, two soldiers arrived at Taylor-Brown’s residence, but by then it was old news.

The widow is upset that the woman contacted her first.

“She told me over the phone, right in front of my kids and I completely had a meltdown. She wasn’t supposed to but I guess she took it on her own power to do it. …After everything was all said and done, it was a horrible way for me to find out. …The military handles that situation they way they handle it for a certain reason. You know, I could have hurt myself… (Widows) need somebody there. They owe you that respect and she took that away,” said Taylor-Brown.

The woman who relayed the message could be court-marshaled for doing so.

Taylor-Brown is 11 weeks pregnant with the family’s third child.

Brown earned a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart and an Army Commendation Medal during his stint with the military.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Pete0097

    The military does the proceedure in a much more dignified mannor and there is a lot more mental help for the widow (er) Facebook not so much.

  • Bob

    It is not court marshaled,its court MARTIALED,GET IT CORRECT.

    • Beenhereawhile

      We can’t all be ace spellers, you knew what she meant.

  • Barb Patton

    I have a son in the army and I would appreciate getting the message immediately and not when someone decides – “well its time for us to go to rural Oklahoma and find the old lady”…. thankyou Facebook – you have kept me in contact with my son in Iraq and will soon do the same whilst my son is fighting for the FREEDOM OF ALL AMERICANS in Afghanistan… Our sons and daughters are cannon fodder but we continue to love them. WAKE UP AMERICA… instead of getting your knickers ina knot about trivialities why not get the scum out of the WH and other Departments and our children will not be at war in other countries……..

  • Robert Smith

    From Barb: “instead of getting your knickers ina knot about trivialities why not get the scum out of the WH and other Departments and our children will not be at war in other countries……..”

    The guys who SENT our kids to war (Bush & Chaney) are out.

    Now the current administration is saddled with getting us out without the whole thing going back to the religious nuts who were running it.

    At least we are pretty much out of Iraq.


    • Carl

      No matter what Obama does or what he stands for, which isn’t a free America, we can always count on some folks defending him to the hilt while strongly condemning the Bush administration. Strange it is though that it took until less than a year before the 2012 election to pull out most troops while leaving some still in the Middle East. And don’t forget that Panetta is saying we may soon be at war with N. KOREA.

    • wertoo

      Robert you must be one of the liberal jerks that put in the present idiots. Only a pea brain would make that statement. Why don’t you think back to the events that prompted those wars. That wasn’t Bush or Cheney’s actions, rather a organization bent on destroying America. Put the blame where it belongs dimwit, not on two individuals who were thrust into the situation the same as the rest of us real Americans. I don’t like liberal they always try to blame some one else when things don’t go their way. A great American Indian chief once said don’t criticize a person until you have walked a mile in his moccasins. Bush and Cheney are history and hopefully the liberals in Washington will soon be too.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: ” That wasn’t Bush or Cheney’s actions, rather a organization bent on destroying America.”

        Sometimes the simple solution is the correct one. Bush and Chaney lied to get us into war.

        Obama is getting us out.

        It’s that simple.


  • Mary Ann Ludwig

    Just because we have the ability to get information out immediately doesn’t meant that we should get it out immediately. Whatever the news may be, isn’t it important that it be complete and accurate rather than just blasted out there? News outlets are stumbling over themselves to “get the news out” and damn who it may hurt in the process and damn the consequences if it should be wrong or even simply incomplete. This woman deserved to hear of her husband’s death in the traditional way so that she would have confirmation of the fact and the support of religious or at least military family consolation until she could gather other family members to her side. We used to withhold news of a death until the next of kin could be located and informed. This was a courtesy. No one should hear of a death from radio, television or the internet before it is confirmed and conveyed by the proper notifying agency (hospital, police, etc.) preferably in person.

  • louie1

    The current method of notification is much more considerate than the way we received news of a fatal casualty during WWII. At that time, it was by telegram, telling us of my `19 year old brother’s death. Ours came when my now oldest brother, who was 17 at the time, was home from school and sick in bed, the folks were both at work and the rest of us kids were in school. My brother read the telegram and ran two miles to my dad’s garage, crying all the way, to give him the telegram. Together, they drove downtown to Mom’s job and broke the news to her. She buckled, of course. Had there been military officers to inform us, they could have eased us into the mourning process. We were all destroyed by our loss. When I 98 Y.O.) got home from school, Mom was standing against the wall, hugging herself while tears raced down her face and Dad was leaned back in a chair propped against the opposite wall, crying. I read the telegram and climbed on Dad’s lap, crying. The other three kids were all devastated when they read that telegram and one had a nervous breakdown and could never return to school and to this day can’t even mention our brothers name. Our way of learning was as painful as learning through Facebook and the female soldier who took it upon herself to inform the family earned a dishonorable discharge as she wasn’t trained to deliver such horrible news that affects one for the remainder of their lives. I know. After sixty-seven years, the moment of heartbreak is still vivid in my mind.

  • louie1

    I was 8 years old, not 98. I didn’t hit the shift key firmly enough.

  • Betsy Ross

    I’m very sorry that this woman and her children had to hear the news this way. With things escalating in WA and them wanting to go into another war with the Middle East in Iran and start a war with N. Korea there will be thousands more American soldiers killed by the power hungry in WA who are taking their orders straight out of the Communist Manifesto. The parties are the same. No difference. Can you find one un-corrupt politician, judge, lawyer in WA. Doubt it. With the saturation of crime in the gov’ts of the USA, it will be a hell of a fight to regain our Constitutional Rights. If the men in our military would decide not to join Obombya’s Mass Murdering Campaign – we could begin to turn things around. How can we get an honest vote. Millions of us line up in DC at Ron Paul’s office and personnally present to him our vote so that they can be accurately counted? What’s it going to take to get the BS out of the voting process? How many more of our sons and daughters will you send off to kill for power and money and oil?

  • s c

    For those of you who have severe SELECTIVE MEMORY SYNDROME, the current W H ‘God’ was AGAINST having us in Afghanistan. DID HE FORGET?
    Second, good intentions – even in the military – SUCK.

    • Jay

      In a press conference, December, 11, 2010, Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor was he wearing his watch. When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs.
      No reason was given for the missing watch.

      So it’s just a coincidence that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan??? (people need to think about that one)

      Can’t possibly be that, because although he hasn’t gone to a Christian church service since entering the White House, we know he’s a committed Christian ’cause he said so
      during the campaign.

  • Robb W.

    It doesn’t matter why we are at war anymore. We’ve been there for over 10 years!! Over 4,000 American’s have lost their live’s. Show some compassion for pete’s sake. This article was not about who got us into what, or is trying to get us out of what!! This woman lost her husband and was told about it by someone who wasn’t authorized to discuss at that time. She broke protocol and regulations and should be court martialed and drummed out of the service!! My heart goes out to all the families and my thought’s are with them and all of our warrior’s!! RIP STAFF SERGEANT BROWN!!

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    It doesn’t take any kind of excuse to get these lame brained liberal obummer huggers to spout thier ignorace. Bush and Cheney are back at it . go back in your sewer pipe idiots , they havnt been there for 4 yrs. Any excuse to cover for your scummy leader wont change any thing to make things any better.

  • Jay

    In an email letter sent to Obama supporters, Messina states, “chatter from the other side tells you we have $1 billion war chest.” Like a defendant on trial, Messina retorts, “We deny that.” In the same email message, Messina brazenly asks for your $5-$25 donation as grassroots support for president Obama, telling the reader it’s those modest donations that have powered the Obama organization from the start. The lie, cloaked in a folksy ribbon-and-bow package, is as pathetic as the president’s record.

    In Barack Hussein Obama’s first thousand days in Office, he has accumulated an additional $5 trillion in debt (plus he wants another $1.5 trillion on the credit card), with absolutely nothing to show for this irresponsible spending! Obama promised an endless stream of green jobs; it never happened. If Solyndra’s example of a $½ billion Federal loan turned into bankruptcy is any indication of what the public can expect from the green industry, the outlook is dire. The president’s record is dismal. This Administration has but one issue on which to hang its hat: The Afforable Healthcare Act, aka Obama Care. The wretched 2,200 page health care law will hopefully be ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, this summer. The law’s guts are so hideous, so vile, its full implementation will destroy healthcare while bankrupting the United States.

    Here are the facts from Obama’s 2008 campaign for the presidency: Obama raised $760 million. The campaign spent $427 million on media, according the Center for Responsive Politics’ website.

    Obama uses the bully pulpit of the presidency to fly around the country as he raises incredible amounts of cash at every whistle-stop town or city he visits. Indeed, he has
    $1 billion, and by the time the Republicans settle on a nominee, that number will have swelled to $1.25 billion. Astounding! This guy fools no one.

    What will he do with that war chest? Well, it’s war, so he will spend it. Since he has a zero record to run on, the Democratic Party will use the booty to attack, discredit, marginalize, and politically assault the competition in a manner that will shock even the most hardened of our citizens. The attacks will be unrelenting and vicious, underhanded and clandestine.

    The all-too-willing media outlets will gladly accept the “cash to trash” as just doing business and satisfying stockholders who want a lucrative bottom line.

    It is my hope and belief that even the craftiest of the ad agencies will hit a wall of resistance so strong and resolute that the South Carolina pothole John King of CNN wandered into will be nothing compared to the black hole the Regime can expect from the American voter, 9 months from now.


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