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January 3, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dr Claude Wiseman

    Apparentaly this jerk has not read Plato, Socrates, or any other important works that are more than quote “100 years old”, he does not know American History, I wonder if he finised High School? “those who no do not know tell, those who know do not tell.” So what would expect from msmbc, perhaps he felt a tingle down his leg!

    • Jackie Baird

      Excellent Reply Doc! Too bad the interviewer didn’t have the intelligence to ask him that question!

      • Alan Blair

        Just ask a young guy like this one… trained in the latest rhetoric and in the new socialist schools, and that is what you get. He’s too young to have any real sense yet, as us older, more experienced Americans. He probably doesn’t even dress himself yet.

    • Kurt Konrath

      I aggree with you whole heartedly. As others have noted — He states that the constitution is confusing so he has a comprehension problem and he’s a writer??? The Washington Post no less, it’s one of the reasons I rarely read the rag. It’s a shame they give an idiot like that air time where he can influence the thought process of some other MORON.

  • DaveY

    Sadly this moron is no different than MOST lawyers today and most politicians are no more than lawyers with an added gene of a megalomaniacal control freak and I don’t care if that is redundant. That interpretation is so pervasive today that it must be TAUGHT in law schools across the country. How many Congressmen have you heard saying the same thing? The Constitution doesn’t mean anything? It has no binding power on anything? The words are too confusing to follow TWO hundred + years later? It would be funny if this mindset hadn’t virtually destroyed the greatest nation and the most stable form of government ever created on the planet! The REASON America became great and rich was because of this archaic, confusing document – something these twits choose to ignore.

  • http://WTF DevilDog911


    That ‘kid’ will be the annoying suck-up– GOOD LUCK!




    • who cares

      Devidog 911, What does you being a Navy, Vet having to do with anything??? Marines are splinter of the navy. or you just bragging??? the written or physical exam not difficult. typical self serving pat on the back republican.

      • Michael J.

        who cares,
        One can only hope that when and if it becomes necessary to defend and protect your sorry ass, the Marine Corps reply will be “Who Cares”.

      • http://naver sook young

        Have we taken our meds today? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • Dorothy

    Since the purpose of any constitution is to set forth ground rules and a common framework for any future legislation, if Mr. Klein is correct that many people no longer “understand” the language employed in the United States Constitution, then perhaps more people in the United States need to return to school and become acquainted with the English language?

  • IVAN O.


    • who cares

      Ivan O, Does freedon of speech only applies you republican?? What about freedom of speech for others?? You want charge him with treason What did he do?? The constitution is inconvenient truth. The G.O.P. Republicans under the constitution believe Corporation are Humans. ( G.O.P. Health care repeal )

      • debalazo

        “who cares says:
        ….You want charge him with treason What did he do?”

        Like his comrades in Mess Media, Legalese, the Judiciary, CON-gre$$, and ZOG, the ruling government klan, he debases the Constitution to train the feeble minded in the population, abundant still, to help destroy it eventually, the wet dream of the Rothschild bankster Mafia since the times of Independence.

        He should be thrown out of this country after a long prison term, as deterrant to future wanna-be subversive parasites like him, maggot eating upon the carcass his kind created, where they thrive upon.

        As for Marines defending this country, I rather trust 100 MILLION Americans (including ex-military), armed and pissed enough already to stop any intent of violent takeover by subversive dual passport agents of a foreign terrorist state.

        • CR

          Right On debalazo! If only we could only get organized before Obummer raises his Civilian Corps Brownshirt Army that is, to quote him, “…as well armed and well funded as the United States Army.” In any case, don’t think they’d have the NUMBERS, GUTS or SMARTS necessary to take us on and we’d just end up getting rid of a lot of useless trash bent on destroying our Country anyway! After it was over, the air could smell clean again and the surviving “Real Americans”, including our Families, could be proud of us and move on.

      • CR

        Hey Ivan O., aside from taking the Saul Alinsky Course on Communism, what else have you accomplished in your useless life? Who are and what is a “G.O.P. Republican”? Who are and what is a Conservative Constitutionalist? Could be ME! Who is a Liberal/Progressive/ Socialist/Communist/Democrat? Is that you???

      • http://naver sook young

        Still haven’t taken our meds today? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • CR

      Sorry Ivan O., that message was for “Who Cares”….. My BAD!!!

  • RJS

    This guy is a jerk. Literally! It amazes me that we even give these people publicity…which keeps them employed. Obviously, he doesn’t care a twit about his own freedom (including freedom of speech) and rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. If it were not for the Constitution, where would idiot be?

    • debalazo

      “RJS says:
      ….If it were not for the Constitution, where would [this] idiot be?”

      In Tel-Aviv, where else??

  • Mushin

    It is amazing and appalling that anyone could believe such a blatant lie as Klein’s – that we as a country of people do not understand our own constitution, that it is written such that it must be interpreted and re-interpreted…..hogwash. His glib smile betray’s him.

  • skipfoss

    What really burns my ass is these are the same type of jerks that we have teachingin our schools and colleges,it’s no wonder the kids are so stupid about the constitution. Also these fools are writing our text books just like in VA they found so many mistakes and out and out lies in the history of VA they had to pull the book and get a newly wriien corect version.If this going on in VA what are these idiots doing in all the other states. They keep harping on the constitution saying that there is a seperation of church and state but now they have forgotten all of that and want to tax the church ,you can’t have it both ways if the church is seperate from the state they can’t make a law to tax the church.Its only unconstitutional when the church wants to say a pryer at a school function or if they want to set up a Nativity. Let’s see if the ACLU jumps in to stop the government wants to tax the church,if they do I will start sending them a donation every month,no worries my money is safe

    • who cares

      Skipfoss. Are you blaming Democrats? Is correct if churches want pass propaganda on one or an other person usually against Democrats. (to get you fools to vote Republican) they Should Separate Church (preaching) and State (politics)the they should lose their tax exempt status. Few years ago Republican went after a church in Pasadena, Ca. for their tax status because the preacher mention Obama’s name. It’s okay when Republicans do it because freedom of speech only applies to them. It’s an other when Democrats do it. They even went after the dixie chicks when they mispoke about Bush. I’d never hear of a church going to a school for prayers, Not to bring out a group of people as i remember it has always been a blond blue eye kid or white adult challenging school rules or the constitution regarding prayer or why the sun sets in the west. Churhes live off donation and are not supposedly politics for or against one party or the other But as usual republicans don’t go by rules.

      Maybe in Virginia

      • CR

        Hey “Who Cares”! Don’t know if you can read this or not since it is quite obvious that you cannot write an intelligent sentence! Regardless, why don’t you crawl back under your Racist, Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative ROCK where all your Dimocrat/Commie Buddies live? You must be MUCH more comfortable there!

      • http://naver sook young

        Still haven’t taken our meds. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • JC

    Just another Globalist Hack spreading dissemination.
    The Constitution and its Principles are not in the least confusing.
    Maybe when he’s dried behind the ears he’ll “get” that he’s helping to trade away what made America the greatest nation on Earth.

    • who cares

      Jc, where in the constitution does it say a corpotation is a human or has a voice??? Because some how don’t know where maybe you do? the G.O.P. Republican allowed corporation to have a VOICE more right than mythical American, corporation don’t even have pay taxes. Last i remember it is coporation trading American jobs too overseas jobs (China) with the help of the G.O.P. Republicans American citizens were the one’s holding an EMPTY bag. Now the republican are going gives us a class about the Constitution. HA! HA!

      • debalazo

        “who cares says:
        Jc, where in the constitution does it say a corpotation is a human or has a voice???”

        Not in the constitution, but on the decision of a federal judge who sold his bottom to the devil in The City, London. Precisely the British and Dutch Corporations, spawns of a wandering tribe, were the ones sucking the blood of the new Americans, until they were kicked back across the Ocean.

        And that ruling, unconstitutional but convenient to the subversives already in government here, became ‘law’, which is BS. Only Congress could have passed such law. Read the names of the benefactors of these schemes, and they all point to the same tribe.

        Now it is our turn, Republicans or not, to force the issue in Washington to end the Corpo Milk Bottle forever. And abolish the FED and its illegal and unconstitutional income tax.

        Ron Paul is after their necks for their Trillionaire robbery of the people since 1913. The Constitution is very clear on this, that’s why they use trolls like imbecile Klein (look at his retard face) to TRY and subvert its powers, and I want to see them punished. I buy rope!

      • CR

        There “Who Cares” goes again! He write such funny gibberish on how mean ole Republican going give him school on Constitution! Just an opinion but I think he should begin thinking much more seriously about going to school to learn the English Language. So, Mr. Who Cares, what country was the ROCK in that you crawled out from under, so you could sneak into the U. S. A. to crawl under one of our rocks? You Illegal? Wetback maybe?

    • debalazo

      “JC says:
      Just another Globalist Hack spreading [pig poo].”

      Exactly. He is nurtured by the same forces of evil undermining this country through government hijacked posts, wall street scams, hollyweird poopaganda, the FED rapine tax, the MIC uneding wars, and ‘legally’ endorsed by such subversive foreign agents as the ADL, AIPAC, ACLU, and ilk.

  • Kay Matthews

    How sad that someone like him is given air time. When he says that the Constitution doesn’t mean anything anyway, I assume he is an Obama clansman…..spreading the Obama behavior in thumbing his nose at all US laws and the Constitution. A very, very ignorant and sad being……I wouldn’t even call him a “man” or a U.S. citizen.

    • who cares

      Kay Matthews, How sad and yet so wrong. Each of you use and misused the First Amendment while dishing the crap out, yet is not okay for others to make a simple atatement about anything or in this case the constitution Because as you say in your post ” A very, very ignorant, not even a man or an American”. Recall Tea party demonstrators poster dispespecting Pres Obama. Take it as you’ll dish it out.

      • debalazo

        “who cares says:
        ….while dishing the crap out, yet is not okay for others to make a simple atatement about anything or in this case the constitution”

        Exposing the anti-Constitution subversive agents of Zion is ‘crap’? ‘Simple statement’ debasing and helping with the continuous onslaught of the Constitution by a creep that should be kicked back to Tel Aviv?

        I really wonder what Jefferson and Washington, and the rest of the revolutionaries, those who paid dearly to liberate this nation from the marauding tribal parasites and their Corpo-facist maggots, what they would do to such cynical and stupid traitor trashing into nothing the very document that made this nation the best on earth, until the maggots infected America again with their proliferous presence in key positions of control.

        Are you paid by them?

      • debalazo

        who cares says:
        …Recall Tea party demonstrators poster dispespecting Pres Obama.”

        Whattajoke! ‘disrespecting’ o-Baah-Maa?? Or was it oBUMa?? Or Obongo?? The illegal alien from Kenya, usurper of the presidency, subversive agent for Zion, scammer, swindler, thief, liar, perjurer, already war criminal like the Bushes and Clinton, CIA asset, not impeachable but indictable, homosexual, drug user, and other charges pending.

        Found guilty on 17 counts by Rev. Dr. Manning and a constitutional People’s Grand Jury in New York, and the first charge condemns Obozo to the death penalty for usurpation of powers.

        Respect? You must be one of them.

  • Lora Cope

    I have heard about this guy Klein. I would guess he is from the line of Illuminati, Freemasons and is one of the guys who looks to being powerful in the the New World Order. This movement has existed longer than the Constitution. This movement is a “present” danger to our country. Without our Constitutional government we would fall to the above. Open your eyes. This guy would like to take your personal liberties and rule with the elite few through one world government. Fight now for your personal liberties by honoring the US Consitution and our loving God that has allowed us to live in a nation of the free.

    • debalazo

      “Lora Cope says:
      …this guy Klein …he is from the line of Illuminati, Freemasons …being powerful in the the New World Order …Without our Constitutional government we would fall to the above.”

      Lora, am surprised of the posts on this thread so far. Except for a subversive mole whining about nothing, you people make me feel confident again on the wisdom and will of this nation to restore itself back to the Republic which was the ideal, until these agents from Hell embedded themselves through the evil power of their fiat, worthless funny money, and converted Washington into their personal Latrine.

      100 Million armed Americans, the constitutional People’s Militia, the largest army in the world, will make sure that the Constitution is not only respected, but made again the law of the land. And the agents from Hell sent back to where they came from.

  • Vicki

    The title of this article is misleading. Ezra Klein did NOT say that the Constitution has no binding power on anything. He said IT has no binding power on anything. The pronoun IT was referring to the intent to read the Constitution on the house floor.

    Now he did go on to show his complete ignorance of English by claiming that (at least to him) the Constitution is confusing. Well maybe because I am a native born and raised American where English was the ONLY language to learn, the Constitution does not seem at all confusing to me.

    And we even have a bunch of writing (In English) from the founders that allows us to understand what they were thinking when they wrote the Constitution.

    Ezra and anyone else having reading comprehension problems should seriously consider a remedial English class.

  • Steve

    Vicki, Sounds like a freshman in kneepants, but Ezra may be suffering from an affliction of “open mouth and insert foot”. Why I write this is, another Klein,possibly a family member who sounds very much like Ezra and emits the same hubris, a columnist for Time Ragazine, Joe Klein. I understand that Ezra Klein works for the Washington Compost, so one has to allow for moronic statements, so Savanna Guthrie was made the host who asked less than smart questions. Ezra, who most likely has trouble dressing and sleeps with a night light, exposed his brain when he said, “…it has no binding power.” The constitution for his information is the very foundation of this great country and those who deny that are intent on riding the road with our present, supposed President. This Republic has never been challenged as severely as the changes it is going through by a out-of-control Marxist and a administration who panders to his every whim.
    Thats why, you have budding morons who follow him and the magority of them are all airhead “Ezras”,loyal progressives. We need to unite and block the Obama Insanity.

  • steve

    Folks, Please take a second and read over this stuff before you submit it! There are so many words left out and misspellings that it is painful to try to read many of the responses! Either use your spellcheck, or get your heads out of text mode, or just read what you have written to see if you even said what you think you said!!!

  • http://none Mike

    His 100year comment was enough for me. This clown isnt intelligent enough to figure that out he shouldent have been on telivision. And that the reporter didnt call him on it shows the complacency with ignorance of the network. Mike L.

  • Effin Reed Tard

    I think Ezra was dazzled by Nora’s beauty – causing some paralysis of his brain. He makes a good assertion that reading the Constitution to the Congress won’t do anything – anything but help get the “readers” more “brownie points” from voters.

    Take the second ammendment for example – the way it’s worded – and you can take it wrong. If you don’t have a “peoples” militia but a standing army instead – where is the right to bear arms ?

    Why didn’t the writers of the Constitution word it that way ?

    Don’t get upset. I’m a lifetime member of the NRA and I know their is a reason why they worded the way they did. …..

    I would have froze and stuttered if some woman (Nora) that beautiful was asking me questions. You get a “B” for not freezing up, but an “F” for being to “smart” ….

    • Vicki

      Effin writes:
      “Take the second ammendment for example – the way it’s worded – and you can take it wrong. If you don’t have a “peoples” militia but a standing army instead – where is the right to bear arms ?”

      Same place it says in the 2nd Amendment. From your Creator to you. individually. The existence of a standing army does not change nor infringe your right to INDIVIDUALLY keep and bear arms. The Constitution grants you NO RIGHTS. It is a contract with your government to PROTECT you from those who would take away your rights.

      Side note we have a peoples militia in the US. US Code Title 10 Section 311.


    Let’s follow this boys logic. He doesn’t understand the founding documents that made an incredible (but still imperfect) country great-OK? But this little boys opinion about himself seems perfectly perfect.
    The little boy thinks that the founding principals of the USA came with “no price”. The little boy and his teachers are utterly pathetic. The little boy and his teachers are nothing more than selfish elites who will never sign the front of a paycheck. The little boy will never stand on the front line in a real battle to defend his or anyone else’s freedom. Please America – keep finding real men and women to lead and protect the USA and bring back the prosperity like we have never seen!!!
    God will Bless those that do! That’s a guarantee!!

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Its sad for someone to say that an event involving the reading of the Constitution will be meaningless. I myself have always seen the Declaration of Independence as the highest law in the land. But just as important is the Constitution whose laws help safe guard the people and help ensure the laws set for by the Declaration are maintained. I believe the Constitution is a universal document whose words have meaning and binding power for anyone with conscience and an understanding of the meaning behind the words. That is the Constitutions binding power.

    • Vicki

      Would it not be more accurate to say the Declaration of Independence is the reason for the Constitution? The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and it even says so. Article VI – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I suppose. Its just I feel more allegiance and more obediance towards the Declaration then the Constitution. As we all know the Constitution can be amended but the Declaration is universal.

        • debalazo

          “Jeremy Leochner says:
          ….As we all know the Constitution can be amended but the Declaration is universal.”

          JL, we must be conscious all the time regarding this important document, that it was subverted from the beginning by the Rothschild agents already in America.

          It could not be developed strong enough to restrain the federal government at the service of the people, a key issue given the possibility of tyranny by proxy, as we have it today, and therefore the Bill of Rights, amendments as such, was formulated to protect the citizenry from a runaway government.

          Perhaps another Jefferson will raise some day soon and help amend the Constitution to completely reign DC, so that it won’t be necessary to amend it again, as am sure it was the original intent of the Founders.

          • Vicki

            One thing to keep in mind. The Constitution has only the power WE give it. If we do not enforce the laws then they really are just words on paper.

          • Jeremy Leochner

            I know Debalazo. Please dont think I want to diminish the importance of the Constitution. I guess to me the Constitution lays out the freedoms of the people and lays down laws to safeguard the people. Where as I believe the Declaration lays out the reasons for those rights and laws and explains their meaning. I believe if those in power focused on the meaning behind the rules and laws instead of just the laws maybe there wouldnt be a need for amending the Constitution or a need to read it out loud to Congress to make sure they still remember what the Constitution is.

  • Michael J.

    Ezra Klein is a textbook example of the progressive/socialist indoctrinated useful idiot. Not stupid by any means, but instead an un-aware victim of revisionist history. Evidence of the effectiveness of his total brainwashing is the fact that he appears to beleive what he is saying.

    Furthermore, he has been sent forth like the proverbial sacrificial lamb by the Washington Post to convey this controversial sentiment they feel is now necessary in order to bolster the wishes of the messiah, instead of sending one of their big dog journalist who prefferred not to lay their head on the chopping block at this time.

    • Christin

      Agreed Michael J.

      And I might add that the female reporter from msnbc states her bias belief about Congress returning to the Constitution before asking the uninformed guest speaker, Erza Klein, what he believes about the Republican reading of the American Constitution in Congress.

      To be “Fair and Balanced” and …frankly more informative… the msnbc reporter should have ASKED A REPUBLICAN CONGRESSMAN who has set this reading in motion why they wish to do this… not a liberal socialist who thinks The Constitution is a joke and waste of time.

      Young people his age and younger haven’t been taught the Declaration of Independance and the American Constitution at any level in school because it has been taken out!

      Go Conservatives… read that remarkable document for ALL to hear and learn what the socialists in Congress wish you lose and stand up for our FREEDOMS.

      PS… what the heck is a “wonk, wonkery, wonken”? and should I care.

  • Mario E. Porrata

    If the US Constitution is “not binding to anything,” Mr. Ezra Klein, then why is there a US President? Why is there a US Congress? Why is there a US Supreme Court? Why is there a US Passport? Why is there a privileges and immunities clause?: Everyone who is living in a non-native State is an illegal immigrant? Possibly including Mr. Klein!
    I can go on and on, but it’s not worth it.
    We need to get these fools out of the media. This is not an issue of freedom of speech…. This is an assault on freedom of speech and on all of our freedoms that are protected by the US Constitution.

  • Cristiano Arruda

    All is malicious propaganda to make people convinced that they must “swallow” a new and communist constitution a la chávez.

    If someone can’t understand the constitution written over 200 years ago, so remove the congress because I am a Brazilian, and could understand letter by letter of the US Constitution.

  • Hank

    This is a good time to bring up a national Language. Which should be English. If this guy could read speak & understand it, then he would realize the Constitution is a very elegant finely written document. Which is the corner stone of the United States Of America. It should be read out loud. It’s obvious Nancy Pelosi hasn’t read it Or doesn’t understand it, Or just doesn’t care. She needs to get in a class on the constitution.

  • M Beale

    Sadly, Our young people are being led to believe what this jerk is saying is true. He believes the Constitution to be antiquated. I say if you read it, it is as true today as the day it was written! Our schools are mass producing these liberal thinking beings that will some day submit to the destruction of their own freedom! We as adults must remind our young adults and children of the content and purpose of the United States Constitution. If I were a school teacher, I would have it read at least once a week in my class followed by an article published by the liberal media to show how a slow and steady brainwashing can work on people who are ignorant. If this video made you mad, do something about it! Make sure you share the Constitution with someone in your life and explain to them why it is so important to the United States and how we live their lives. Get so mad that you tell at least 10 young Americans that they need to get serious about defending the Constitution. The Constitution is the foundation. We the People need to make sure it doesn’t crumble!

    • CR

      I simply have to give M Beales’ statement a resounding AMEN!!! I obtained a stack of small pocket sized Constitutions from The Heritage Foundation (A Conservative Think Tank at to pass out to my Children, Grands and Great Grands. Copies can also be obtained from Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, MI where no Government Money is accepted in order to maintain their complete Independence and they teach the Constitution and Constitutional Law there.


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