Eyewitness: ‘Super Trigger Happy’ Cops Endanger Motorists Waiting At DUI Roadblock


A young North Carolina couple returning from a Father’s Day outing with their infant daughter slowed down for a DUI checkpoint in Brunswick County, N.C., Sunday evening.

That’s when the driver of an SUV nearer the front of the line made an alleged attempt to escape, and seven cops allegedly started shooting.

The couple, Jared and Rose Cleerdin, along with their daughter Chloe were too close for safety (to say nothing of comfort); but at least they came away with an incredible account of how little regard the police evidently showed for the safety of all the motorists and passengers they’d been flagging down.

“Every cop turned around and started unloading like super trigger happy as if their training was coming into full effect and they were being able to utilize it,” said Cleerdin. “Everybody was just blasting this car to pieces. It was absolutely terrifying.”

Cleerdin said he estimated about 40 rounds were fired, with the bullets “ricocheting off the road” in the direction of oncoming traffic, with the officers allegedly demonstrating no regard for public safety — despite the DUI checkpoint’s stated purpose of accomplishing just that.

The SUV’s occupants, Jerry Melvin and Antoine Graham, both survived but were hospitalized. Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram stood behind the officers’ actions at a press conference the following day, saying the SUV looked as though it were going to run over deputies manning the checkpoint.

“Realizing their lives were in danger of being run over by this vehicle, [officers] proceeded to shoot at the vehicle in attempts to stop the vehicle from traveling any further,” he said.

“Another question that always arises is, were officers acting recklessly and without regard for the public safety and I can assure you they were acting with extreme care for the safety of the public and the safety of everyone involved in that checkpoint.”

Not according to the Cleerdin family.

“It was way beyond reckless,” said Jared. “I couldn’t believe it. These are professional people; professional officers, and they’re training, they’re highly trained and they’re not supposed to do stuff like that. I could understand why they wouldn’t come out with an explanation as to what happened after seeing what we saw. It looked like every officer there did not follow protocol in any way, shape, or form.”

Seven deputies from both Brunswick and New Hanover Counties in North Carolina were involved in the shooting, and they’ve been moved to administrative duty while the State Bureau of Investigation reviews their conduct during the shooting.

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Ben Bullard

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  • JimH

    If someone looks like they’re going to lane change into me, can I shoot? Or do I need a badge to do that?


      very good point! are the officers safety more valuable than our own, obviously they think so!

  • rw113

    LOL, I just witnessed Sheriff’s allegedly protecting a person with a mental disability from themselves – They walked up behind him, suddenly tackled him from behind, 2 more joined – with his head, legs and arms pinned to the ground, one officer placed his knee in the young man’s back and began an aggressive multi-punch to the face – All this because they were worried he might hurt himself? LOL, Organized criminals and common street gangs with a badge – nothing more!~ The victim was taken for a 5051 hold by the same officer who abused him (over objections from his care-provider) though he tried to place a 72 hour hold on this 5’10”, 130 lb kid, the psychiatrist spoke with the officer and was appalled by his conclusion that the officer was the one who was violent – He was released to his care provider and back home (much worse for the wear with a bloody face) within 2 hours!

  • hyinski

    the passenger wasn’t running, what if they shot him, whoops

    • k92509

      Guilty by association. Works every time as a get out of trouble card
      for trigger happy cops.

  • Darral

    WE call it the CRIMINAL justice system for a reason and law enforcement is part of the CRIMINAL justice system the first steps to a police state is with law enforcement yup they were just acting as trained with little or no regard for public safety, The question is who is in control of law enforcement, mostly the Democratic Party the next question is who protects us from the police. Reminder the Democratic party want to take the peoples guns away,

  • village idiot

    Practice makes perfect and these cops need to keep practicing very hard so that they will be fully qualified and totally competent by the time martial law is declared. That may be sooner than most folks think. Certain folks will be exempted from prosecution by way of their status, the rest may well find themselves in Gitmo. Why do some folks still wonder why the potus and his merry fellows refuse to close the place? They are going to need a lot of space and land to house the criminal vermin that voted them into office and are now considered to be collateral, redundant and irrelevant and will need to be housed somewhere where they cannot interfere, pass an opinion or criticise our esteemed gangster leaders. [expletive deleted] that means me too! Always wondered what Gitmo was really like! Maybe Obama can organize a guided tour or would he need to take over Cuba first? I wonder if he is reading this post. If so then may I say this: “Obama, you are some nasty piece of humanity, and you are also not very good at golf considering how much you play.”

  • dan

    when I see a unknown armed man approaching in my mirror with his hand on his gun….can I assume he;’s about to draw and shoot me ? It’s not an assumption these days !

    they’d better reconsider their training….that seems where the blatant disregard for public safety and disregard for citizens Constitutional rights stems…although a lifetime of being dumbed-down in public institutions/schools probably has taken a toll on their common sense and decency ,too.

  • garygerke

    The police are bringing future violence against themselves by acting like SS troopers. There will come a day, when the people will say enough is enough and fire on these bullies!!!

    • tim



    Nazi’s……..since when is drunk driving an executable offense…….however the officers violated discharging a firearm within so much distance of or upon a roadway…………..who are the criminals here ? The Suv driver may have simply been avoiding a registration, license, or insurance violation, It’s a wonder with 40 rounds they didn’t hit the fuel tank…….I guess it could explode, I don’t know can it, I never shot at one…..why wouldn’t it……maybe I will go out shoot an old truck I have and see.