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Exploring The Autism/Vaccination Link

December 4, 2012 by  

Over the past 30 years, the number of diagnosed autism spectrum disorders has exploded. Where once only one in 10,000 children was affected, now it’s one in 88. This year, as many as 46,000 children will be diagnosed with ASD. That’s more than will be diagnosed with pediatric AIDS, juvenile diabetes and childhood cancer combined.

During a Nov. 29 hearing, Representative Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, asked a question of representatives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health that thousands of parents have been asking for decades: “Does autism predate all vaccines? In other words, was there autism before vaccines?”

The answer from the “experts” was they weren’t sure. That’s because vaccinations have not been adequately investigated as a potential contributing factor for the rising ASD rates.

American children are the most vaccinated in the world, yet the United States ranks 34th in infant mortality. African children were autism-free prior to the introduction of vaccines. Much of the CDC’s research on autism was conducted by Poul Thorsen, who has been indicted for defrauding the CDC and remains in Denmark awaiting extradition to the United States.

For more information about the committee hearing, go here. To contact members of the committee and impress upon them the need to press the CDC and NIH to get to the bottom of the ASD/vaccination link, go here.

Vaccinations are a boon to the medical-industrial complex, but they are leaving children and adults with debilitating injuries — or worse.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • independent thinker

    I am not automaticly opposed to all vaccines however I see absolutely no need to keep pushing more and more different vaccinations on kids at ever younger ages. My wife and I received 6 vaccinations as we grew up and have survived just fine.

  • Buster the Anatolian

    Another possible cause(?) of ASD that should be investigated in my opinion is any possible connection to smoking pot and ASD. While it is true that ASD diagnosis has increased along with the increased use of vaccines smoking pot has increased in the same general time period. Of course there is one other thing to consider, that being the possibility that doctors, teachers, and parents dont want to deal with the natural rambuntionest nature of young kids especially boys. The teachers and parents want them to be druged into a compliant zombie so they do not have to put out any effort to deal with them and the doctors are more than willing accomplances because the repeated visits bring in more money.

    • maggiemoo

      Buster, Are you confusing Autism with Attention Deficit Disorder? They are most definitely two different disorders.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        No I am not. Try reading the article. ASD stands for autism spectrum dissorder.

    • Juanita Oppermann

      I agree. Not only has smoking pot increased, but so has the use of cocaine and other hard and prescription drugs. We are living in a society where drug use in our high schools is the rule not the exception. There are also more products produced for consumption now that have more additives that can be potentially harmful. Not only that, but children are being born to older parents. Older women parents can have declining eggs. I was raised in the fifties where you had to tolerate chicken poxes and they left scars on your face. We were terrified of being in public is we were pregnant and had not had the meales. Many of my friends and acquaintances had their lives destroyed by polio. I say thank you for the vaccines. Life is safer for the pregnant female now. We can go swimming and out in public without the fear of contacting polio. Since todays generation has not been exposed to all of this, it is easy to say we should not vaccinate. I am a health care provider and I have never seen in my practice any adverse events to the use of vaccination other than a sore or red spot on the arm.

    • Robert Smith

      From Buster: “Another possible cause(?) of ASD that should be investigated in my opinion is any possible connection to smoking pot and ASD.”

      Pot has been used by human beings for over 5,000 years.


      • Buster the Anatolian

        So. If you were not so interested in arguing for the sake of arguing about pot you would have noted I refered to the relatively recent large increase in use. Perhaps there is no connection but then again perhaps there is. We will never know if comprehensive studies are not done.

      • Robert Smith

        “I refered to the relatively recent large increase in use.”

        Bigger and more pot being smoked when there were no laws against it? ROFL… It’s easy to grow in most places so anyone who wanted it could have it, and did. That includes Jefferson and probably Washington and Franklin.

        If you want to “study” something take a look at the frankenfood from Monsanto.


    • box-bb-car

      Think you are barking up the wrong tree. The problem is not vaccinations, persay, althought one of the very first given is a combinations of 3 different vaccines which can cause distress in some infants, but rather the mercury based preservative that is used. And it may be a combination of the two.

      The main reason I say this is that both my wife and I do not do drugs, never have. Yet we have a daughter who has auspergers (minimal symptoms, but enough for diagnosis). Now we could be the anomaly, but I somewhat doubt it

      Not that I discount possible medical maladies arising from pot use, I just do not think this is one. I have talked to parents who can identify the change in their child to shortly after a vaccine was given.

    • laura

      As a mom of 2 Autistic’s out of 5 children, One being a fraternal twin of another not diagnosed. and they both have 2 Different Fathers. I have never touched pot in my life I don’t think that is the answer, not in the case of my 2 Autistic’s anyway. smile

      • laura

        I have also often wondered recently if a Lupus Pre -Gene could play a part in Autism?. Beings I was diagnosed, last year and this can affect the brain and neuro system. Certain ingredients such as Sulfa in antibiotics can trigger the Lupus to come out. Even sunburn as how I was diagnosed. It does affect people differently. Just a thought.

      • laura

        On another note Lupus has rose 3 times more predominant over the past few years also, It affects everyone. Men , Women and Children. SLE is one of several diseases known as “the great imitators” because it often mimics or is mistaken for other illnesses. I’ve decided i’m going to ask the kids dr’s for ANA blood tests for my peace of my mind.

    • Julie A. Suver

      As the mother of three boys I can absolutely attest to this line of thinking! I can’t tell you how many times they tried to put my boys on drugs instead of just correcting the behavior!!

  • T. Jefferson

    I refuse to get vaccinations any more. They are more dangerous than the illness they try to prevent.

    • Juanita Oppermann

      Obviously you have never seen a person whose life was destroyed by having polio. I have. I have also lived in an age when deaths from polio were rampant. Is receiving a vaccination worse than death. Have you ever seen a baby born with heart defects, decreased hearing. Is a vaccination worse than that. Have you ever experienced a child with 105 degrees fever from the chicken pox with poxs in their mouth and vagina and crying in pain and frustration. I have (both my daughters). Is a vaccination worse than that? Today’s young adults have grown up in a world made safer by vaccines. I can not imagine anything worse than to return to the world in which I grew up and my older children grew up.

      • Miley

        J. O., have you ever witnessed the horrors of the vaccinations that had gone seriously wrong? The anguish of the parents who had to watch their child suffer and die, or to find their child dead in their bed or crib, not long after their child was vaccinated? And, as for your “research”, and “personal” experience, it is seriously flaud. Do your unbiased research, and stop promoting the B.S.

      • box-bb-car

        jo, the problem is not so much the vaccinations persay, but rather the preservative used, and sometimes the nature of their composition and application. My wife is up more on this than I, as she jumped in with both feet after noticing behavioral changes in our youngest after the first round of vaccinations ( she is a nurse, not just a layman). I do know that she found several doctors in our region who do not use vaccines with the mercury based preservative and that are closer to the base disease than the usuall.

        One of the first vaccines a baby gets is a combination of 3 different vaccines. The combined vaccines put tremendous stress on such a young body, especially on the brain. The solution for this would be to separate these vaccinations by several days to a week, putting the baby under less stress, and less risk.

  • witsend

    Any article about the increase in diagnosed autism needs a reminder that the criterion for a diagnosis has changed. It is far more inclusive than it used to be.

    • Nan

      witsend, I see you’re onto something that’s particularly offensive & disturbing: that of expanding the parameters for diagnosing an illness. Changing the numbers for diabetes & HBP (high blood pressure) for example, has caused millions more to be put in those categories–drug co’s are dizzy with profits & medical suppliers advertise daily with cheerful offers of ‘free’ meters, as they conveniently omit details of the costly strips…nope, I think true autism is frankly, quite rare, & has become another excuse for lots of behavior problems, just like ADD or ADHD, plus it’s a boon to the pharms, dr’s & therapists who deal with it….

  • Miley

    I have never allowed my four children vaccinations, exactly because of this “connection”. My children hardly ever get sick, and if they do, they recover in a shorter period of time. And, a fever is your “friend”, not your enemy. A fever, that is from a common cold or flu, is needed to produce the natural immune response of a sick child, thus producing a natural increase in immunity, that is, a stronger immune system, without the dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects from all those vaccines. It’s insanity, to say the least. If you want to play “Russian Rollete” with your child(ren), you can do it, but not me. Our pediatrician told me that the children that he vaccinates are not as healthy as the children that he does not vaccinate. And, long term breast-feeding is a “must do”, if parents decide to not vaccinate their child(ren), that is, at least a year. Also, the doctor told me that when he purchases his vaccines, he has to pay an extra 20% that is applied to a “special fund” for payments to parents who have lost their child(ren) or when their child(ren) are severely brain damaged due to those vaccinations. As for the parents, just do the research. You will find the information that will give you the confidence to appose this insideous and murderous “medical quackery” scam on our innocent children, and adults.

  • dan

    Truth be told…most epidemics run their course with or without modern medicine…
    but I think the adjuvants and impurities in vaccines not to mention the method of
    manufacture cause most of the problems….although I personally waited until my
    children had matured immune systems before any inoculations.

    • Miley

      Hello, Dan. For those of you that just feel the need to vaccinate, it is best to wait, as Dan had mentioned, and to find a pediatrician who provides mercury-free vaccinations, too.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Would you trust the countries from which the vaccines come from? Would you trust the countries from where the ingredients for the vaccines come from even if the vaccines are manufactured in the US? Therein lies the answer to how we should see the good and the bad of the vaccines. When people are seen by the WHO as statistical losses in their respective countries, your child’s life is only a care to you and not to some bureaucrat pencilling in numbers.

  • box-bb-car

    Just one comment about the infant mortality comparison. The definition for infant mortality varies from country to country. Some do not count the deat if it occurs in the first year of life, and therefore any comparison is worthless

  • Daniel

    The perceived rise in autism is largely a result of changing diagnoses. A lot of children who are diagnosed with autism today would have been diagnosed as being retarded 30 or 40 years ago.

    • Miley

      Daniel, do you work for a large pharmicutical company? What an answer to such an obvious and simple “psyhcosymatic” problem. What intelligence and compassion, united. If you do, your explanation deserves a promotion, with a nice year end bonus. Thank you for your brilliant explanation. Wow, we can get those vaccines, and just ignore those pesky and politically incorrect symptoms and related deaths. Did you vote for Obama? You can say it. It’s ok.

      • Daniel

        I have seldom witnessed such incredible stupidity, even among anti-vaxers. For one thing, you have no idea what “psychosomatic” means. For another, only a complete and utter moron would bash somebody who talks about actual data.

        Thirdly, you have no idea how dangerous many of those diseases are. They are orders of magnitude more dangerous than vaccines. Literally THOUSANDS of children used to die each and every year from measles, polio, etc., before the vaccines were invented. You could easily look that up–if you weren’t so afraid of confronting actual facts.

        And lastly, I do not nor have I ever worked in any field related to medicine. I’m just somebody who thinks that it’s insanely stupid to hysterically chose thousands upon thousands of deaths from disease, rather than a few hundred side effects (many of them mild) from vaccines.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Daniel, nice to think in purely academic terms, but the side effects of the vaccines on the children are borne by those children and the parents and siblings that have to take care of the effected.
        So get off your pretentious high horse. It appears that you have no children.

    • Miley

      Daniel, Daniel. You, pal, are the moron. Do some unbiased research, and you will find that your “actual facts” have been “whitewashed” by the same sources that you seem to trust. And, you unfortunately have been “brainwashed” by the same hideous “virus” named Radical Liberalism. It’s a mental disorder. And, is rarely curable. Sorry, pal.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Thank you very much for this article.

  • Dan Mancuso

    Bob, you say, “Vaccinations are a boon to the medical-industrial complex, but they are leaving children and adults with debilitating injuries – or worse.”
    I think this is the thread that should be followed. Big Pharma, Big hospital conglomerates, the medical school cabals, the AMA, the FTC and the FDA – what you call the “medical-industrial complex”. Did you coin that phrase?
    We have all heard the ‘conspiracies’ about this ‘complex’, from the so-called conspiracy theory nuts to degree’d Doctors decrying the ‘system’. This MIC (medical-industrial complex) is motivated by money, big money – and no I’m not a socialist – and more importantly by the ability and desire to control.
    Making people sick or more sick is a big money maker. Drugging the population is a very effective form of control, “Soma” comes to mind. Population control and eugenics comes to mind. Agenda 21 comes to mind.
    The huge increase in disease and sickness that has occurred in the last few decades is unprecidented. The very toxic environments we live in – indoors and out – the ‘food’ we are forced to consume produced by agri-business, the water and air we take in, the stresses we live under in this modern age (including the inundation of electronic devices), the poisons in the very atmosphere we can’t escape from, like micro waves and many others. This is a contributing factor, certainly, but do you, or anyone else with a still functioning brain really believe that big business, big government and big education have our best interests at heart?
    Unfortunately, it seems, the majority of people – the sheeple – have allowed themselves to be lulled into a sense of safety and security, of being protected by the state, et al. Well it looks like you sheeple are paying the price for that apathy and complacency – and so are the rest of us!

    • http://FB Kathleen A. Petersen

      Well put. Thank you.


    Mr. Livingston: Vaccinations are a boon to the medical-industrial complex…

    Precisely the reason a link between vaccinations and Autism(or any other adverse effects) will never be allowed.

    Mr. Livingston: But they are leaving children and adults with debilitating injuries — or worse.

    The “boon” for the medical-industrial complex continues!

  • molly

    Follow the money!!!!!! Of course vaccines are the “missing link” in the increases of all disease…..cancer, all the auto-immune diseases children have ADD, Turrets, autism, and the list goes on….20-30 years ago you didn’t see this….children with cancer was an oddity and doctors would travel to where the child with cancer was and collaborate together on why this child had cancer as this was so rare…..what happened???? The medical industrial complex happened…that’s what….these elites that own Big Pharma realized how easy it would be to just fix the vaccinations with time released diseases etc and it would be a win-win scenario…..people would get sick with various diseases and they would make lots of money and better yet many would die…..which feeds right in to their “depopulation programs” Bill Gates in video even said himself to an audience at a meeting with the”council on Foreign Relations” which is full of globalists “the vaccines will serve our de-population agenda very well and we should all get behind it….He then began funding the vaccines through various programs. Its in their documents that vaccines were designed to infect and kill, just like alot of the medications are not meant to cure…they are meant to maintain the illness and create other illness as well like Parkinsons disease and Alzheimers….look at the rise in those numbers….and of course we can’t forget Big Agri with Monsanto leading the charge….our food is being poisoned as well. We are under attack …from many angles….fluroide in the water, chem trails…..People better wake to the fact that these global cartels are not in the publics interest, it is the very reverse of good. They are pure Evil…and our governments are paving the way for them.

    • Miley

      Molly, I salute you. Excellent comment. What more can be said on this very inhumane subject, and related subjects? I just hope that the ObummerDeathCare Bill doesn’t mutate into mandating that every American be vaccinated, or else. Well, off to those FEMA Death Camps. But, my family and I will refuse to submit to such anti-American, marxist, controls or mandates. Screw you, you brown coat tyrants.

  • Toy

    If you’re interested in POT: (HILLBILLY) (It’s after the Moonshine, bit.)

    for a local supplier of quality products. (They could do with your help, right now!)

    For the most extraordinary info. on vaccines:

    “Dr Mary’s Monkey”, will astonish you.

    I’m not sure you’ll ever take another shot!


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