Exploiting A Tragedy To Take Your Rights


I think the shootings that happened in Aurora, Colo., were tragic. It is always inexcusable to take the lives of innocent people.

What’s also inexcusable is to use those lost lives for political gain, which is what we’re probably going to see over the next few weeks.

Big Brother likes to use these instances as an “example” of why they should take away our guns.

I happen to think that if someone in that audience had a concealed carry license and chose to carry that evening, perhaps more lives could have been saved.

The media have been dying to get even with guns rights advocates and, tragically, they were given that opportunity.

You may recall just before the Batman tragedy, a 71-year-old man saved about a dozen lives in an Internet cafe by using his legally carried weapon to fire at gun-wielding criminals.

He was heralded as a hero. Not only was this man brave, but he showed us all why it’s important to have the right to bear arms.

Now, we have the criminal use of a weapon, and it’s getting even more media coverage. But why would we not give as much attention to a hero with a gun as we do when a villain has a gun?

The media just aren’t fans of guns. And, ever since I can remember, we have been brainwashed to think that guns are evil and wrong and terrible things.

Had it not been for our right to bear arms, our country would have never developed into the successful and free land that it is today.

Guns and weapons are what brought us freedom, and they are what will allow us to protect ourselves if ever that freedom is threatened again.

Gun owners are some of the more responsible citizens in this Nation. They own the weapons for collecting, hunting and self-defense; why shouldn’t I feel safe?

One of the main missions of the National Rifle Association is to promote safe gun use, which means its members are considerably different than some nutcase who opens fire in a movie.

I find it interesting that almost everyone has been trained to have negative feelings toward guns and gun ownership and that those negative feelings have really come from media bias.

People stereotype gun owners as idiots and rednecks. They say that they have no idea what they’re doing with their weapons and that they cause more harm than good by simply owning something with which to protect themselves.

This is an example of the media “brainwashing” us.

Do you think not?

Then try to name one single television character who isn’t a police officer or a “bad guy” who openly carries a gun. Don’t let this take up more of your time then necessary. You can’t.

I remember when I was younger watching a “Simpsons” episode during which Homer decided to buy a gun. He used that gun for everything from opening a beer to changing the channel on the television. He was shooting it everywhere and at everything, destroying his house and neighborhood until we were all taught the lesson that guns are bad.

I hate to admit it, but I also watched “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” as a kid. I expressly remember being confused as to why they wouldn’t use their guns in defense when monsters were attacking them. I know that sounds silly, but think about it: They openly carried guns and were shot at by crazy monsters, but they rarely — if ever — used their guns. I asked my parents why this was; they never had an answer for me.

Why do I bring up those examples? Because they’re great examples of how we are being trained by the media to be afraid of and not want to use guns.

Think about what Americans are presented on television and in movies. Guns are never used in a positive way unless it’s a rare hunting show or law enforcement is handling them. Even then, we see officers shy away from guns or get admonished if their guns are fired.

Some of you may even be familiar with the television show “Flashpoint,” about a tactical team that takes out criminals via sniper rifle and other methods of gun use. On its face, the show appears to shed positive light on gun ownership, but that is not the case.

“Flashpoint” cast member David Paetkau said the show “tries to capture the human element involved in policing and discusses how some officers end up with emotional baggage and suffering with mental illnesses like post traumatic stress disorder.”

See? Show business tells us yet again that if you use a gun, you are going to be mentally ill or have some sort of issue.

We need to realize that guns aren’t bad. They make a positive difference in our society. Sure, criminals use them to rob stores and commit murder; but police and military personnel use them to save and protect lives.

Our families use guns to hunt for the food that we eat and even protect our homes when necessary.

How soon we are forced to forget what good guns can do for us after one disgusting individual uses them for wrong.

I want you to pay attention to all the negativity that is going to be surrounding guns up until the election. Don’t be influenced by people who want to take your rights away by any means necessary — even exploiting tragedy.

And, as always, be smarter than they think you are.

–Tim Young

Personal Liberty

Tim Young

is the Managing Editor at Absolute Rights and has been featured on Fox News, Forbes, and The London Daily Telegraph. You can see Tim's latest work by clicking here.

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