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Expert: Federal Law Will Hamper States’ Efforts To Tax Marijuana

March 16, 2010 by  

Federal law will hamper states' efforts to tax marijuana, expert says  As the debate continues on legalizing and taxing marijuana in the climate of growing budget deficits, a Vanderbilt University Law School professor has said that although the proposal sounds simple, there are too many legal hurdles for it to work.

In a new paper, professor Robert Mikos wrote that the federal ban on marijuana would cripple a state’s ability to collect taxes because it encourages marijuana distributors to remain small and continue to operate underground. Moreover, it prevents states from being able to monitor or tax the distributors.

Mikos also pointed out that even if states could successfully monitor marijuana distributors, any information they collected could be used by federal law enforcement to prosecute dealers.

"Federal law enforcement officials could use any information the states gather to track down and sanction marijuana distributors," he said, adding that "the federal ban would thus encourage distributors to evade state tax collectors."

According to Vanderbilt University, activists in states such as California who advocate legalizing marijuana claim the move could generate more than a billion dollars and save millions more by reducing law enforcement costs on prohibition enforcement.

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  • Yandle

    The tax on the human body and society from drugs is far greater than the revenue that would be generated from tax on drugs.

    • Dallas E

      Those Who Choose To Use Drugs, Will Do So No Matter If It’s Legal Or Not
      So Why Not Legalize It & Collect Tax’s On It ??? It Could Mean Less Tax You Would Have To Pay.

  • Ouroboros

    Yandle says “The tax on the human body and society from drugs is far greater than the revenue that would be generated from tax on drugs.”

    If we take law enforcement out of the picture, in what way does cannabis users tax your body or society? If ofcourse its not your body that your referring to then i personally think its none of your business what someone else does with their body. The fact of the matter is that a very large number of our population in the US smoke cannabis regularly and we still do not see great costs to society in any way directly attributed to smoking cannabis… well except housing, feeding and the price to take away the freedoms all these non violent cannabis users.

    How can the government dictate what you can and cannot do with your body as long as whatever you do does not affect anyone else? By the government saying you cannot do this or that with your body they are implying partial ownership of your body which is unconsitutional among other things.

    Personally I don’t believe the government owns my body and as long as I’m not hurting anyone else I’m going to continue to do what I want to do. Especially since smoking Cannabis is by far one of the least dangerous things you can do. More people have died from taking a shower than people from using cannabis.

    One problem is people form opinions on cannabis based on reefer madness propaganda spread by the government and refuse to look at the facts because they are afraid to be proven wrong once they’ve entrenched themselves in slandering cannabis. People need to wake up and quit being ignorant.

    • Yandle

      It does matter what you think, it matters what is FACT and you do not have facts. What does matter is what is right or wrong. “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself.” Rom 14:7

      • Freedompundit

        The real issue here is whose choice is it to decide what personal decisions others are allowed to make? Not yours.

        • Yandle

          Your choice to destroy millions of lives is the best choice for society, right?

          • Dallas E

            Just How Do You Think Smoking Pot Destroy’s our way of life ?????

      • DaveH
      • TIME

        I give you credit for having Faith. BUT, lets review a few things, do you recall reading about HOLY OIL in the Bible?

        I bet you have if you really have read the Bible well my firend Holy Oil is what All Christians and Jews used to heal with way back when, Jesus use Holy Oil to heal all the time.

        And just so you know why I bring this up, “HOLY OIL” is made from Hemp, aka POT. Thats right my friend it is what is noted as “CANOBIOUS” OIL in the text, made from the flowing Lush CANOBIOUS plant.

        Now if your a true believer than that alone should flip your switch to the side of right, rather than the side of Satan who would have you think Hemp is bad for you.

        Oh and I am writting a book on this topic so I have dug up all the info on this issue.
        So what I speak I speak of I bare no false wittness too. I am sure you know that quote.

        • Yandle

          We are not talking medicine here.

          • TIME

            Yandle, Yes in fact we are as well its the most natural med known to man, given to man by God himself, to use in all ways as well smoke it.

            As a matter of fact there is more protien in 1 oz of hemp seeds than in 18 oz chunk of prime red meat.

            With one single acre of Hemp you get a higher yeild of paper pulp than from 10 acres of forest tree’s. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights are both written on hemp paper.

            Hemp is 100% biodegradable and a cars body can be made from hemp, by the way its also 10X stronger than steel.
            And when its done being used it will rot back into the earth.

            Hemp dose not take away from the soil it adds to it.

            Hemp was and has been used for centurys, the only reason it was made illegal is you “can’t pattent it.”
            Its natural and GOD made; not Man made. Thus the Pharm co’s can’t make money on it.
            As well large land holders could, not sell Timber for paper pulp.
            Thus the US Congress had to do something that aided Satan and took the fruits of GOD from Man.

            Hemp makes stronger cloth and was used to make cloths for centurys, as a matter of fact blue jeans were made from hemp until 1938.

            The use’s are so vast as well the supply is endless as it can be grown yearly, it can feed people, cloth people and make the earth better place. It was in GODS Garden at the very begining of time.

          • Yandle

            Only the simple of mind would believe these people would stop at marijuana.
            I do not have time to go into this now but there are dangers here.

            You state that “It was in GODS Garden at the very begining of time”, chapter and verse, please!

          • TIME

            Yandle, Who are these people you speak of?

            Name me Adams wife and I will be happy to give you details.
            My TIME is of value, thus I will no longer deal with
            quasi anyone here.

            Simple issue; you name Adms wife you get answers.

          • Yandle

            Friend, I thought we were having a respectful exchange. I did not realize it was hostile and egoistic. You have my apology if I overburdened you.

          • TIME

            I have no ill will toward you, I just asked two questions.

            #1, Who are these people you speak of?

            #2, Who was Adams wife?

            Again no ill will.

          • Yandle

            It is obvious who “these people” are: anyone for legalizing hard drugs that are presently destroying society. These same people have been and are presently trying to removed God and thereby Morals from society.

            “But foolish and unlearned questions avoid”. 2 Tim 2:23
            Those that try to use God’s word to remove morals from society are “these people” that Christ warned of when He said “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many” Matt 24:10 and of which Peter spoke in these words “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction” 2 Peter 2:1.

            These people are the ones who state that “what a person does in private affects no one but themselves” than when “that person who affects no one but themselves”, overdoses the ‘unaffected’ love ones who have no place nor money to bury “that person who affects no one but themselves” must become the burden on some other ‘unaffected’ person. Some ‘unaffected’ child that was the offspring, of “that person who affects no one but themselves”, must go without food, clothing, and shelter unless some other ‘unaffected’ person comes to that ‘unaffected’ child’s rescue. We have rehabs and prisons full from “that person who affects no one but themselves” that millions of ‘unaffected’ people are paying for. The list for “that person who affects no one but themselves” goes on and on which would fill this space or even books that some ‘unaffected’ person must be responsible for.

        • Yandle

          TIME, The side of Satan is where the drug pusher are. So if someone needs to switch sides you should take a look where you are!

          • TIME

            The issue’s within your post are all so far off track. As I see the simple question I asked you can’t answer, by that thus showing your just like most who proclaim they are Christians and are
            So you will now know the answer its {Lilith.}

            On that note;{ Peace be with you } may some day you see the real light of GOD, not the man made light that you now use.

          • Yandle

            I can answer any question you ask but God’s Word says “foolish and unlearned questions avoid” 2 Tim 2:23 and you have made your questions with foolish intent. I base what I believe on God’s Word and do and will give you the chapter and verse. You only make claims based on what you think and show nothing to back it up, than you tell someone else “supports your claims”.

  • Darrel

    Medical science continues to show evidence that “cannabis”, much stronger than the “joints” of the 60′s, does harm the body. It also opens the door to more harmful drugs. And the defense of cannabis use and the apparent “habit” show a more sinister problem – addiction. Clearly the willingness to break laws just to satisfy oneself shows the damage to mental health. All the while supporting drug cartels that murder innocent people just to be able to sell their product.

    • TIME


      Quote “one ligitimate non tainted study” thats supports your claims.

      This herb was placed on earth by GOD for healing people and thats it. I can attest to the fact that I used Hemp oil to cure my cancer, and by the way it was painless I did not loose my hair nor did I get sick all the time, nor did I die.

      The statment made that more people have died taking a shower is not quite right. Think more in line with;
      {more people will be eaten by a Great White shark who live in Switzerland and never leave there, then you stand any chance of any harm from smoking hemp.}

      If it were legal just as they have found in Spain after they made it legal, people are smoking less. And they have found what a waste of energy, money let alone time it was to have had it as Illegal.

      Let alone, drug cartells would be no more if the Hemp were legal.

      • Yandle

        TIME you say: Darrel, “Quote “one ligitimate non tainted study” thats supports your claims.”

        TIME you state: “This herb was placed on earth by GOD for healing people and thats it”

        TIME you insist: “And just so you know why I bring this up, “HOLY OIL” is made from Hemp, aka POT. Thats right my friend it is what is noted as “CANOBIOUS” OIL in the text, made from the flowing Lush CANOBIOUS plant.”

        How about one verse to ‘support your claim’.

        God had a purpose when He created rattlesnakes but that purpose was not for us to wrap one around our neck.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Alcohol has the same “sinister problem” – addiction.

    • DaveH

      It is the Criminalization of Drug Use that promotes the organized crime just as Prohibition created the Mafia.
      With the drug laws the price of drugs has soared and this money goes to enrich the most evil segment of society, the drug lords. And we all know that money is power. Many of the people on the Government side of the Drug Wars aren’t much better. It is costing this country a fortune in taxes and it is costing us our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. And most of all it is futile! It’s been 40 years now since the Drug Wars were started. Is there still a problem? Of course!
      Definition of Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

      While I agree that taking drugs is foolish, I don’t agree that the Government is saving society. It is not the business of Government to save us from ourselves.

      End the insanity. Vote Libertarian:

      • Joe H.

        do you think that the cartells are just going to stand by and watch their profit go down the drain. People say that there will be “stores” to buy the stuff. what’s to stop these amimals that kill mothers kids fathers whole families from bombing a few of these stores to send a message??? The crime won’t just majically disappear with the legalizing of drugs!!!

        • DaveH

          Why would they risk their lives and freedom when the prices won’t be high enough to make it worth their while? And who would buy from them when they could buy from a legal dealer?
          Drug Dealers have also not “magically disappeared” with the Billions of dollars that we throw away fighting the Drug Wars. Some of our Constitutional Freedoms have though.
          I sure get sick of being caught in the middle between the do-gooders and the crooks. When do we say enough is enough? Portugal did:

        • TIME

          The only country that has made it 100% legal is Spain guess what the petty crime rates have fallen by 74% thats for minor thefts from teen’s that were stealing to get money to buy hemp. As well even the demand on hemp has dropped. The kids have no interest anylonger, wow thats strange; hey.

          In Holland where its decriminalized, crime is non existant.
          In Alaska where its some what decriminalized petty crime is again non existant.

          Canada has a program where farmers are growing hundreds of thousands of pounds per year and making cloths, food products, oils and such and have had zero problems doing such.

          As to drug cartles, I don’t know what you know about them other than whats noted in the press. But the money is in COKE, not hemp.

          Most Pot / Hemp sold today in the US is USA home grown and is far better than the crap that comes up from south of the border.

          And there are no ramifications from the allegded said Cartels.
          So theres your answer.

          • Joe H.

            now you insult me. I do know a little about pot. I know that places with a more tropical climate grow better stuff than the continental U.S. Like Panama Red, It ain’t grown in panama florida dude!!! Mauii wowie is grown in a tropical climate as are most all the high grade weed. The stuff grown here is mostly seed tops. those that aren’t are grown from seeds from the tropical plants!!! These have a higher THC content thus a higher high!!! Time if what you say about your cancer is true I’m happy for you I really am, but admit it ,all I have to go on is a faceless name and no medical records to verify this with. I may believe in God, the holy spirit, and Jesus on faith but man has let me down too many times. Sorry. I hope we can still be friendly.

          • TIME

            First off no insult was meant nor implyed. I don’t know you in person
            thus I need to find a base to start from.

            In fact your not quite right on a number of points. Be that as it may
            first let me tell you a few facts, THC has always been the base factors in hemp.

            THC is what are called Tricromes, this has not changed at all ever.
            There are two base forms, one is called Sativia.

            Sativia is a tall lanky plant that overall can produce a higher seed content and these grow well in wet hot areas, let alone in Canada too, the THC contenet will always be lower than 15%.

            Unless they are mixed or crossed with a stocky short plant called a
            Indica. Then you can get higher THC levels, if your at a lower temp than 70* and at higher elavations than 3500 ft asl.

            What kills the tricromes / higher THC is heat and wet weather.
            Thus United States grown is far better than what comes from the south American’s.

            To yeild a higher THC you must know first a bit about science and reproduction. The highest THC levels are only 22% – 25% and you would have to be a real expert to get to that level.

            The average THC levels in South American grown is 5% – 11%.
            When seeds are present the levels of THC will drop by 1/2 of not
            The seeds use up the THC to reproduce themselfs, thus lower THC levels.

            When tricromes are fostered to its full peek then and only then will the THC levels be higher. The higher the better the value of the
            healing powers, as in this higher THC is better for meds.

            These higher THC levels produce higher levels of Canabiniods, think mothers milk.
            Canabiniods are building blocks for your Immune system, just like Mothers milk when you were a baby.

            So in fact again as I said no insults just facts and pure science.

            THC in higher levels when cooked down to an oil will cure most all your ills, I mean just about everything you can think of.

            The reason the big Pharms don’t want it legal; is you can cure yourself for pennys!
            If legal you can grow your own medical garden and never be ill again for the rest of your natural life!

            Now do you understand that as a med alone it would break the backs of over 2000 companys just here in the USA, do you have any idea how many in congress and the senate would loose funding.

            As a paper product we could stop cutting down trees aid in our health.
            But the news media would loose money, so they don’t want it legal.

            We could have a far better food supply that would take less land and be far greener than any products we use today.
            So food companys would loose money so they to are on the keep it ilegale band wagon too.

            We could also make car’s bodys and internal parts that will break down back into the earth and not harm the earth.

            There is work being done now to make hemp fuel, how bloody cray is that?
            And how many do you think this alone will piss off beyond belief?

            So again No insults Joe, just facts.
            Later TIME.

        • Yandle

          Joe, You are so right!

    • Yandle

      Darrel, Good comment.

  • Norm

    People use drugs. People frequent prostitudes.
    All the policing, and restrictions in the country haven’t now or ever will stop it. Did Prohibition stop alcahol consumption?
    Make these vices legal, introduce quality control, enforce age restrictions, and tax the hell out them.

  • TYC

    You prohibitionists! Get out a bit and see the world. Turn off the TV. Seriously, cannabis is all around you now. I don’t think legalization will make it any more accessible than it currently is now. I can go to my corner convenience store and get anything, I mean anything, in short order and the only question asked is, “How much?”. I don’t think that it can be any more accessible than that. Seriously, and some dealers are starting to deliver…like the pizza guy. Prohibition isn’t working by any stretch of the imagination…unless you work in the prohibition business. Seems like some folks need to get out more to actually see what is really out there.

    …and Yandle stay out of my life and keep your religion in your own pocket. You have no right to tell me what to do if I am non-violent and take nothing from my neighbor. That’s a FACT! Do you want me to reciprocate the personal demands on your behavior?

    … and Darrel, slow down, take a deep breath, I know this will come as a surprise but Harry Anslinger, William R. Hearst, and John Dupont are still dead. Lets keep ‘em that way. Google up some alcohol prohibition quotes. Do you really want to go there…again? Cannabis addiction? Umm, cannabis isn’t physically addicting if that’s what you were aiming for. Lay off the DARE program scare tactics. It’s been shown to actually increase drug use among our youth.

    Legalize (again). It’s been legal longer than it’s been illegal. So where are the bodies if it’s so bad? Our history with prohibiting intoxicating substances hasn’t been successful. However, if you’ve still got the money to fight the drug war, then keep spending.

    • TIME

      TYC, All super points, great post!

  • American liberal

    The most damage caused by Marijuana are the laws aginst it…Gateway drug ?.. Nonsense… By that standard you could say cigarettes are a gateway drug as well as a beer or for that matter I bet most hardcore drug users have also used asprin…another thing… It’s an herb…Not a drug … I figured someone would try and use a bible verse to condone throwing people in prison for using an herb…speaking for myself I’m not confident in people that believe in talking snakes, magic apples, the earth is only 6500 years old and Adam & eve deciding wheather I should be jailed over a plant that eases pain and suffering…

    • DaveH

      When in College (40 years ago), a group of 4 Heroin addicts attended one of our classes and answered students questions. One of the questions was “Did you start with Marijuana?”. The answer from all 4 was “No, I started with alcohol”.

      • TIME

        I talk with guys all the time in the Music Biz who got hooked on the Horse, they all say the same thing you posted. Most have never even smoked a joint nor do they have any interest in it.

        By the way great post! Thanks.

      • Judie

        Wow, Dave. Very interesting. What many people don’t realize is that the “legal” Oxycontin is nothing more than pharmaceutical heroin. Talk about securing the income flow for Big Pharm!!! Make heroin legal, manufacture it and you never have to worry about cash flow again!! Talk about a legal drug cartel!!

    • TIME

      AL, Again a very good post.

    • angel-wanna-be


  • Clifton Powell

    There have been three different cases brought to the United States Supreme Court to challenge the Federal marijuana laws. In all three cases, the Supreme Court held the Federal statutes banning marijuana use, distribution and manufacturing as Constitutional. The Court found that marijuana is not medicine. The Court found that the Schedule 1 scheme ruling of the Drug Enforcement Administration was proper. The Federal statutes were passed by both the House and Senate of their prespective Congresses. They were signed into law by each sitting prespective President. Each statute has been held Constitutional on multiple challenges to the United States Supreme Court!
    What part of solid “law of the land” don’t the marijuana advocates don’t understand? The case law is nearly non-reverseable. The Court has ruled that smoked marijuana is not medicine and it never will be! Also, it will be considered a Schedule 1 drug for at least our lifetime.
    In addition to the above, the FDA and DEA tested and approved a “medical marijuana” twenty years ago. It is called marinol, it has been in use for twenty years, and the physician prescribes it like any other medicine. Marinol is medicine, but the patient can’t smoke it, so they avoid all the poisionous gases like CO that one would obtain from smoking “medical marijuana.”
    Don’t be fooled by the lies of the “medical marijuana” advocates, it could cost you many years in federal prison. Check out the penalities for distribution and manufacturing of a Schedule 1 drug at the DEA website. If anyone dies in the commission of a drug offense, even if it is accidential and/or it is beyond your control, you could be sentenced to life in federal prison. It is the rule of law and it won’t change in our lifetime.

    • TIME

      The IRS, FDA and the DEA as well the Justice Dept, in my humble opinion all should be broken down ASAP.
      They are all nothing but a massive drain on the TAX PAYER of the United States.

      The law set in place by the Congress in the 1930′s was criminal to start with, at that time the Supreme court should have stopped this maddness in its tracts. They failed to do the right thing.

      When we have a “TRUE American Congress” that has only the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as the platform that they stand for, then and only then will Pot / Hemp be legal as it should be.

    • DaveH

      What part of “Land of the Free” do you not understand?
      The Government has absolutely no business in protecting us from ourselves.
      The drug wars are just another addition to the slippery slope of Freedom loss.

  • Judie

    TIME ~ You are right on track, but you forgot the Federal Reserve Bank. All of these need to be broken into pieces so small that we will soon forget they ever existed. For people that try to convince others that the hemp plant is anything but a wonderful plant just hasn’t done their independent research. They are ignorant of the facts and come from a sad position of fear. Even though I rarely use it, when I get a migraine cannabis is the only thing that will help. But why would I take issue with someone that does want to use it? Live and let live. Here is a question for those people that want to take issue with the way someone wants to heal. Have you looked into those “legal” medicines that the big pharmaceutical companies manufacture? How about their Oxycontin? Or Roxycodone…. just to name 2. I, unfortunately, know first hand what these ‘legal’ pills can do to a person. My ex-husband is terribly addicted to them. And if you’ve never seen what happens to someone that takes these ‘legal’ substances when they run out, or run short at the end of the month, you should treat yourself to this experience. It is absolutely horrible. And, what these ‘legal’ meds do to ones liver & kidneys is enough to make you want to ban them entirely. He is now using cannabis more and more and he’s slowly being able to reduce his dependence on these legal meds. And they used to have him on Somas….. another great pill. HIGHLY addictive as well. Now, just because these things are “legal” DOES NOT make them good. Cannabis does none of these bad things to ones body. The worse thing cannabis does is make him eat a little too much! So for you guys that want to spew venom about this plant, you really do need to wake up.

    • TIME

      Thank you I agree with you 100%.

      I have found in my research that about 70% of females in the early stages of menopause find that not only smoking, but making a tea from the leaves reduces the effects of hot flashs by as much as 90%.
      About 30% say its a 100% reduction. You can’t beat that.

      Most well into this stage of life that start with the tea find relief in just a few days, no longer than a week or two.

      As well I have found that everyone I have spoken with who has major head aches who drinks tea made from the leaves have a 98% reduction in such within just a few days, and no longer than a week.
      Most are now drinking this tea daily to completely eliminate any issues. {{There are no side effects at all.}}

      I can tell you that I went from an advanced stage 3 cancer, of what I went to ZERO cancer in just over 5 months.
      I was told to go home and wtite a will as I would be dead in a few weeks.
      Rather than that I researched hemp oil over a few weeks and then figured what have I to loose, the results are I am still alive and 100% Cancer free.

      I also had two skin cancers that were gone in one week thats seven days both were gone from the Hemp oil applied right on them.

      This is a wounder herb.

  • eddie47d

    Hemp is a wonderful product with many uses. Marijuana is not a lethal product like some drugs. You can become addicted to coffee,soda and even advil. The Feds should stop enforcing draconian laws on Marijuana for there are bigger fish to fry in more ways than one.I seldom touch alcohol and have never smoked cigarettes and have tried Marijuana maybe 8 times.I do have friends who smoke Marijuana and none of them have tried other drugs. I believe Marijuana is an easy target for the Feds because of it’s bulk and smell. It makes the Feds and local police feel good about themselves for it’s such an easy bust. Thus they grandstand on the issue all the time. Why is Marijuana a Schedule I drug yet cocaine and oxycontin are a Schedule II drug? I say our laws are what is harmful.

    • DaveH

      By outlawing drugs, the Government drives the customers to unscrupulous dealers who are outside the justice system. So the result is that the drugs purchased are more likely to be contaminated and harmful. And thus more people are damaged than would be if drugs were legal. But then, I suspect the die-hard drug warriors don’t really care whether those people live or die.

  • Judie

    There is only one reason that our wonderful government leadership allows cannabis to remain illegal. Money. Nothing more. Nothing less. Big Pharm contributes an enormous amount of political money and they are not about to loose that. Same with the cotton industry (hemp makes a much better material at a fraction of the cost) and the paper industry (hemp makes a better/cheaper paper). It is the almighty dollar folks…. the almighty dollar!


    Since both marijuana and tobbacco are inhaleable particulate opiates, is it not reasonable to tax both of them at the same level?

    If your going to mess with the drug cartels you had better have a little cash in the bank for self defense.

    • TIME

      On Time,
      Hemp is not an opiate. Its like calling a dog a horse due to its having four legs.

  • s c

    Mikos is probably right. Beyond that, every medical marijuana seller should be aware that Uncle Scam is looking over his shoulder. Because these people constitute “competition,” the scumbags of organized crime are also trying to keep track of their ‘competitors.’
    Uncle Scam, in his eternal quest for the right to screw up everything he touches, can’t afford to let
    small-time sellers interfere with his dictatorial plans. If we knew half of what we need to know, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Uncle Scam is working hand-in-hand with organized crime. Like the old saying goes, ‘Skunks of a feather stink together.’
    And Big Pharma won’t be left out of this con game. And you, America, thought this matter was going to be simple.

  • LibertarianNutCase

    Where’s the source of this chronic? What pot from where is legal? Who will the dead-heads of America be funding? Marijuana grows naturally just about anywhere… So what terrorist ran country will we be funding now. I honestly don’t care if people are getting high. The Native Americans used marijuana spiritually and medicinally…those guys got by for thousands of years just fine. Pot has been proven time and time again to be useful against cancer and autism(I don’t care what you anti-whatever think, it’s true.)….. And it’s another plant God grew on this Earth. Because the government couldn’t control it, they’ll regulate saying, “Hey, you want pot? Well, you have to uh buy from us and pay the taxes.). Really?

    • Joe H.

      Actually, the western native americans used Peyote more in their cerimonies. will you next be telling me that God created that and it is no harm to you??

      • Joe H.

        Ps, God also created hops and corn and barley. That, by your way of thinking, should mean that alchohol shouldn’t harm you. Or better yet, he made the trees, drink a juice glass of wood grain alcohol and see how you feel. just because God provided us with something doesn’t mean we should take it into your body!!!

  • http://Potmadelegal? Melody

    Anything that alters a persons chemical makeup in the brain is harmful. Having holes in the brain is not what I call the way to live a life worth living. Everything has a price, the country can’t afford this short sighted vision of raising money. California is one sick state…. any chance the state has ever made a wise decision since its existence? LOL Stupidity reigns in California.

    • TIME


      What do you mean by holes in ones brain? I am confused by that statment.

  • green/blue?

    Alot of interesting facts regarding hemp that I had no idea. Sounds like a very useful item. The thought of accidentally buying any item made of it is kinda scary. Especially if one had no idea these items were being made. It does make one wonder why not clothing, paper, and all the items that come to mind that could be made with it vs what is in use now. Stronger then steel? That sounds pretty awesome. I had no clue, I like reading all different information, thanks for the post, Time, is very interesting.

    • TIME

      Green/blue, Google Henry Fords 1938 car body made from hemp, its really very interesting. And thats just the tip of the ice burg.
      Google Canada’s hemp project again a great read too.

      The net is the first place where the main stream media’s assault on
      hemp has been stopped, as well shown to be what it is a 100% total out right lie’s from start to finish.

    • DaveH
  • Palin12

    Marijuana is far less harmful than either tobacco or alcohol. The tobacco and alcohol companies stand to lose a lot of money if pot is legalized so you bet they will help fight it with misinformation. As for the argument that pot is much stronger now, yes some of it is…the $600 an ounce variety. Most people I’ve known smoke the cheap Mexican stuff which is the same quality as it was in the 1960′s.

  • LibertarianNutCase

    (for the people that criticized me, please read through to see what I mean.And for the holes in the brain person, I’ve witnessed myself the pain of your “holes” and it was not mary jane…It was something prescribed to my dear friend by doctors with no souls. It turned him into a brainless zombie. He was no more than a vegetable, and he hasn’t been the same since. Don’t let tragedy give you a reason to stop eating what being force-fed.)

    Wow, you people people totally missed my point. Do I articulate my words like a stoner? No. Because I am not. So don’t go on your self-justifying rants that make you feel better and aim it at me like I am a stoner. So what if peyote was used more in the west(this discussion is not about peyote). Are you telling me the natives didn’t smoke marijuana? How many American Indians have you heard die from things like cancer?
    (The last sentence was something I meant to post previously, totally random.)

    Cool, that’s behind now. What My points are…..

    1.) Marijuana as a plant is not bad, it’s the people’s choice of what to do with it not your communist czars. I’ve seen people use Burger King napkins to do more harm than smoke a doobie.

    2.)”Where’s the source of this chronic? What pot from where is legal? Who will the dead-heads of America be funding? Marijuana grows naturally just about anywhere… So what terrorist ran country will we be funding now.”

    I didn’t change a single thing, not even fix the punctuation at the end. A straight up copied and pasted quote of mine, because it’s not being answered…. Just slandered.

    I don’t want the typical liberal answers that says, “Shhh don’t pay attention to that, it’s legal and that’s all you need to know.” Everybody has their views about drugs. Overall, drugs are in fact bad. What doctors prescribe are just legal drugs, there is no other difference. I know most can’t answer because it’s what the gov wants, but where would I get my answers? The government? Ha.

    • TIME

      You get no argument from me, I believe in “FREEDOM” thats something that GOD gave all of us by giving us a BRAIN.
      Saddly most don’t use their brain for much.

      I find it strange how many will post rants about what a SOB BarryO is
      yet can’t grasp that the Media has twisted the issue of hemp / pot to
      distort the truths about this God given plant of LIFE.

      Yet I would venture to bet that most these folks that feel that POT is bad and yet BarryO is bad, don’t grasp that in the last 15 months Barry has waged an all out war on Hemp / Pot that is far greater than anyone in the past.
      As in BarryO has used US troops to invade US Citzens homes all over the United States to break down “alledged Drug Cartels”
      All of whom have been “TAX Paying US Citzens”, hear any of it in the main streem media? Not word one.
      Go figure.

      • Yandle

        You state: “I find it strange how many will post rants about what a SOB BarryO is yet can’t grasp that the Media has twisted the issue of hemp / pot to distort the truths about this God given plant of LIFE.”

        Where is your chapter and verse to support “the truths about this God given plant of LIFE”?

    • Joe H.

      As far as hearing about native Americans dying from cancer. At the times you speak of there isn’t a whole lot of recorded diagnosees on them. We can’t know for sure what they died of. I do, however, remember reading where a 40 year old native American during those times was an old man!!!

  • DaveH

    Let’s add a little Reason to this discussion:


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