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Expert discusses alternative cancer treatments

June 10, 2009 by  

Expert discusses alternative cancer treatments The activity of an Arizona cancer center has testified to the increasing interest and need for alternative therapies.

According to a joint survey by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, 40 percent of adults and 10 percent of children sought alternative medicine help for a range of health problems in 2007.

The EuroMed Foundation is an Arizona health center specializing in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer utilizing both conventional and alternative therapies.

At the center of its holistic treatment options is Insulin Potentiation Therapy, which relies on the hormone to sensitize cancer cells to chemotherapy, allowing for far smaller doses than those used by mainstream medicine.

Dr. Frank George, the center’s medical director, says many cancer patients receive a "one size fits all" chemotherapy that may not be appropriate to their unique needs and may cause significant side effects.

"The goal is to help patients develop a clear and accurate idea of their options and make wise choices to help them in their fight against the disease," he stresses.

The center’s mission reflects the increasing popularity of alternative medical treatments among ordinary Americans as health insurance and healthcare costs continue to escalate.

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  • s c

    This is an idea whose time has come. Truth be told, the so-called War on Cancer is a failure. When Dr. George talks about ‘one size fits all,’ he’s not joking. The worst flaw in ‘the protocols’ amounts to ‘this approach is next to perfection,’ and it must not be tampered with by ‘mortals.’ This delusion wastes money and time, and people suffer and die because of it. It’s sad to know that we have MDs who demand that we act like sheep and take what-ever is doled out. USE THAT WHICH WORKS! Just because something isn’t taught in medical schools doesn’t mean it can’t work. Take
    Take care of your patients! To hell with anything that protects charlatan drug firms and politicians, but does NOT restore health!

    • Doris Storlie

      It’s a crime that parents cannot decide for their child whether or not to use chemo or alternatives. Children are dying every day from chemo and could have a chance with God given natural medicine. We were not created to heal with drugs/poisons. Since our bodies were created to heal themselves with the right vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it makes sense to take that route.


      L E G A L I Z E L A E T R I L E !!!!

  • Curtis Jones

    When I saw the title that led me to believe there was news of alternative treatments for cancer being used in the U.S., I wanted to see what the alternatives were. All I saw was was to change the amount of chemo-therapy being given to a patient…this doesn’t look like alternative medicine to me. Why don’t we try the treatment that President Reagan tried when he had colon cancer (this is usually a quick killer for men). I’m not exactly sure of the complete details, but it had to do with a closely monitored and controlled procedure where your blood is increased to a higher temperature. Apparently the cancer can’t live through the increased temperatures and it doesn’t require surgery, radiation treatments, or chemo-therapy. President Reagan lived the rest of his life cancer free. He had to go to Germany to get this procedure done.

    • http://Frontier TAT

      Do you know where President Reagan received the higher blood temperature treatment he received for his colon cancer? My sister-in-law has been diagnosed w/cancer and anything would be better than the chemo and radiation doctor’s insist she take now. Thank you……TAT

      • http://same Denise Jean

        Hi, Ive read about the same the President Reagan he went to Germany in a special clenic for his cancer because it is not aloyed for any doctor to help us with the same treament he receved,the Gouvernement wont alow it,can you see the shame of this,of cause dont want to say anything direct to anyone or insulte anyone,but I still think that its a big shame for us poeple not to be able to get the same treatment of Reagan or any other that already got all the help of corse they had to pay for it a lease$25.000 dollards so if they can do it at that price why on earth that we have to go so far to get the same help,since they already knoe what to do to cure cancer at the early stage,,,,,,sure whish someone could answer me this one…

        • Bill Cook

          In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg received the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering the cause and cure for cancer. Google his name.

          He suggested baking soda in water twice a day. 2 tsp Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer or Grocery store generic) in 12 ounces of water twice a day.

          Send you address to and I will send you the protocol more fully explained.

  • Jan

    We need to have more alternative treatments for cancer like Germany has. We also need our medical insurance to cover it. Chemo is so expensive and it kills your good cells too. I believe 1 of the main reasons there is so much cancer is because of all the artificial sweetners, the way our livestock are being injected to fatten them up and they are being fed poorly and given antibiotics and hormones which filter down to us when we eat meat, chicken, etc., Too many cancer causing preservatives and artificial ingredients are going into our food and soil. Harmful pesticides need to be stopped. If we start there than we wouldn’t have all this cancer and we wouldn’t need to spend a lot of money on healthcare and insurance.

  • Patricia Henson

    I thought this article was going to be about alternative treatments. My husband is a 55 yr. old who has been fighting colon cancer for the last 4 years. He has been on many different types of chemo to no avail. The Drs. informed us last week that there is no more that they can do for him and told him to go home and live life while he can. It seems a shame that with all of the advances in medicine that anyone has to hear those words. I beleive in God and still have more faith in him than any Dr. or medicine. I’ve seen many miracles in my life and beleive it’s past time to put it before the Lord. That’s the only true miracle cure I know of.

    • Dr. N. French

      If you’re able to travel to Mexico, I know of a place that I’ll recommend to you.
      If you respond to my email, I’ll invite you to browse my website.
      Many Blessings! 6/26/09

      • Carol Newell

        Thanks for offering to share. I am VERY interested in alternative therapy. My breast cancer was discovered 14 years ago with a routine mamogram. I had 30 radiation treatments after a lumpectomy, no node involvment,however the surgeon took 15 nodes to examine. I have avoided lympdemy and owe my survival to a complementary medicine doctor who has followed my health. I take NO synthetic drugs (cancer was estrogen-fed). I am an active voice for alternative health measures.

        • Pam


          A product called DIM, vegetable product reduces estrogen in the body, check out care with a naturopathic dr. The goverment and pharmaceutical company's feed each other money.... I myself do well with altermatives, I have a blood illness. It's way better than drugs.........My friend has what you have and fights it all natural... Cleansing, certain eating habits, supplements. And she went to school at U of M to be a Dr. Ha! Geuss our prestigious medical society does not have the ticket to true wellness and healing.....

      • martha Krabel

        Due to my reactions to many medications, I read all the

        natural alternatives,with credible backing. My Grandmother
        passed at a young age, with cancer, making me feel the need
        to stay informed.

        Looking forward to your response.


      • http://same Denise Jean

        Hi, Mr. Dr. Ime glade Ive found your reply, like you say if we can go to Mexico you knoe where we can go, or maybe you also knoe that there are other places that we can go, ho,No offence direct to you cause I know you did not make the RULES,,,,,,,,,,In my beleive there should a way that poeple could fight againts those RULES dont you think so,Well I know they still need lots of money to continue finding there reseach,well people are more then willing in my beleive to continue paying what so ever is worth it,the same if we had to go to Mexico or Germany or other place ,we should keep the money in our contry and do it here,since they already knoe what to do,its a real shame,Thank you for reading me,hopefully you could help answer this to see if Im right oké,,right now I know I am,,,

      • http://same Denise Jean

        Hi, Dr.N.French, could you write me back at my web site e-mail,thank you in advance I NEED you help and need your website like you say you have to be able to connect with all me question about cancer,,,take care and god bless you.

      • Kathy Pulzone

        Please send me a link to your website.

      • Marilyn

        Dr.I would love to have your website. My 50Yr friend is in chemo and doing badly.. She has lost her hair, blood count bad and she is giving up. Please help me, she is too good a person and too young for this.. I believe in alternative and refuse prescriptions but take my anti oxidants etc and I am 70, don’t get colds or flu, look very young for my age.I need to help her… Also have another friend w/husband w/cancer…

    • http://Frontier TAT

      Patricia Henson on 6/25…..On here Curtis Jones on 6/16 talked about treatment President Reagan rec., for his Colon Cancer that worked regarding raising the blood temperature of his blood -cancer can’t live thru increased temperatures.

      I also read about something called:: Cesium Chloride a natural occuring mineral that starves cancer cells costing $1.00 a day. Don’t know where it’s sold.
      I’m going to check into both of the above for my sister-in-law who was just diagnosed w/cancer. Good Luck and God Bless…..GBA!!!!

      • Patricia Henson

        Thanks for the comments. They are very much appreciated. Words of kindness I think are the best medicines of all. My husband was diagnosed in 2005 after having an emergency bowel resection due to an obstruction, of course that was the cancer. He underwent chemo for 7 months and the Drs. said he was good to go. 6 months later his family Dr. run a cea count( it’s the antigens found in the blood indicating cancer) and said it was high so they run a pet scan and found the cancer was back but this time in the liver. ! month later they took half of his liver and said they got it all and that they didn’t have to follow up with chemo( mistake no.1). 5 months later they found the cancer in his rt. lung,his kidney,and back in his bowel and liver. He immediately started chemo this was in Tennessee. His family in New Mexico asked if we would concider coming out there to live so they could be with him too. We did and started the chemo treatments in Lubbock, Tx, only to find out that he had been receiving the wrong chemo in Tennessee,(mistake no.2). He has been on chemo for over a year now and it was discovered that the cancer had mutated and there is no protocol for it,so that is why they told him to go live his life. I will look into the things you mentioned but I still trust God. I’ve seen some pretty amazing things through some faith healers and I think that we are living in a time of miracles. God is still on the throne in these troubled times and I beleive he will show himself more, just like the old testament times. Thank- you and may God bless you all.

      • Sonia

        Here is the website you can go to for the cesium treatment You will need a medical doctor to tell you how to use it however. I believe there are many, many “cures” out there for cancer, but the chemo/radiation/surgery combo is too profitable for those to pass up. Good luck with your fight and God bless you.

      • Bill Cook

        I just remembered this website:

        It has the protocol that was used on Pres. Reagan in Germany

  • Curtis Jones

    For those interested in the treatment that President Reagan received. I first read about the treatment in a Health Resources report. You can contact them at I hope this helps you. According to the report, there has been many people helped that you would just normally think that they don’t have a chance. I think something that helped was that this treatment killed all the cancer in their body. I know that when they find cancer in your body that it doesn’t always originate from the spot it was found. I’m not positive but I believe the heat in the radiation treatments is what kills the cancer. The only problem with this is it is killing a lot of other things in the general area, but it doesn’t get all of the cancer cells in the blood. For the treatment that Reagon received, if I remember correctly, they heat up portions of your blood up while it is outside your body to kill the cancer. These cancer cells were produced by your own body with faulty/bad cells and that is why your body (blood) won’t attack and kill them (because these are cells produced by your body, so they aren’t considered a foreign objects for your immune cells to attack and kill). That is why surgeons want to cut past where the cancer is so there are no cells left for our body to continue supporting. The problem with this is that we still continue to carry the cells in the blood that don’t show up when the doctors check the previous cancer organ, but then later as the cancer cells in the blood are supported by our body, then the cancer shows back up again. That is one reason that most brian tumors are fatal because they can’t cut past to get it all and if there is one cancer cell left after the Chemo and radiation treatments (which there will be), then our body will feed those bad cells it made to bring the tumors back. According to the report about Reagan he was free from cancer for the rest of his life and he never took any chemo or radiation treatments.

  • s c

    Our health care system is a medical monopoly, and many things that have potential to help will never be ‘allowed.’ Those who look up to MDs who do NOT get results have voluntarily surrendered their minds to an evil form of pc. The daily use of
    enzymes and anti-fungals can make a big difference in avoiding cancer. Realize that health care (including cancer) is a victim of politic$. Real scientists around the
    - who have the luxury of ignoring bad $cience – are getting results. JUDGE YOUR HEALTH CARE BY RESULTS. Quality health care is NOT any accident. The fake War on Cancer is like an election that never ends. Good health is based on truth. Radiation, chemo and surgery are false gods. The worship of these false gods
    destroys patients and families. Read. Test. Prove. If your MD can’t or won’t keep you healthy, your health is at risk. You can’t win when the game is rigged.

  • David

    FYI check out the above website I believe this man has most of the answer to cancer!

  • lore westphal

    Hello All…
    I have lots of wonderful alternative cancer cure info I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere in the above blogs…
    if interested pls. e-mail me at … … or send me your phone number …
    be well + Gold Bless…

  • Dave Gilbert

    Go to the Gerson Institute Website. They are based in San Diago, and they have a lot of information on Alternative Cancer Treatments.
    Dr. Max Gerson discovered a Natural Cure for Cancer, as well as many other degenerative deseases, in his clinic in New York State, in the 1940s. He wrote a book outlining 50 case histories. His daughter, Charlotte Gerson, started the Non Profit Gerson Institute, and it continues today. The Main stream Medical comunity has covered up this treatment since then. They can’t make any money at it because you can learn how to do the diet/treatment and then do it at home.
    The Gerson Institute dosn’t do treatment, but they have several Clinics in Mexico that are authorized to do the Gerson Diet.
    Contact the Gerson Institute for more info.


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