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Experienced Patriots Needed

June 10, 2010 by  

Samuel Adams, known as the father of the American Revolution, once said, “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

He must have been looking at Barack Obama in a crystal ball when he said it, for Obama is the poster child for a “vain and aspiring” man.

While thousands of gallons of oil spews into the Gulf of Mexico each day, while the unemployment rate remains right at 10 percent, while the stock market drops, while Greece teeters on the edge of bankruptcy, while American soldiers die on foreign battlefields and while North and South Korea stand with knives at each others’ throats, Obama parties, vacations and golfs… and blames others for the troubles.

When he does address his subjects—the American people—he does it with an arrogant disdain developed from years in Ivy League schools and in the dining halls of some of the nation’s most famous leftists.

He’s been mostly “too busy” to deal with the Gulf oil leak, having made only three trips to the region in almost two months—two of those in the last two weeks and then only after Democrat operative James Carville ripped him for his lack of interest in the crisis. And for the longest time he was “too busy” to read Arizona’s new immigration law and meet with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer—he finally relented and granted her a brief audience—to discuss it, even though he found time to criticize it.

But he had time hold lavish White House parties with entertainers like Paul McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, George Lopez and Lionel Richie. He had plenty of time to vacation in Chicago—though he didn’t have time to visit Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. Oh, and golf—there’s been plenty of time for golf.

The main stream media attribute Obama’s demeanor to an ability to detach himself emotionally and deal with problems using logic. Some have equated him to Star Trek’s Spock, an unemotional but brilliant Vulcan.

But Obama’s aloofness seems to stem more from arrogance; an attitude that he is dealing with people he considers his lessers. It comes across every time he goes off the teleprompter and answers a question or makes a comment. It is manifested in the look in his eyes, the cadence in his voice and—mostly—the tilt of his head.

November 2012 can’t come soon enough. Perhaps until then we’ll have enough experienced patriots in office to stave off America’s ruin.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Gary

    What makes you think that there will be an election in 2012. Obama and his liberal cohorts plan to rule this country as long as Obama is alive. This man has every intention of becoming the Fidel Castro of America. You can bet the left already has a plan to invalidate this fall’s election and you can be damm sure that there will never be another presidental election in this formerly great country that used to be ours.

    • Steve

      Gary, without Americans America would be only “land” . what makes this countrry great is its people. Taking over and mishandling the elections system is a known leftist trend to secure victory over the people who would not vote for them otherwise.
      We the people are already fighting back at the polls, look who’s loosing. at the senate level and governamental elections.
      Let’s pray and be alert, we the Americans know what to do when we need to.

    • 2WarAbnVet

      The problem here is that wise caring liberal/socialists eschew firearms. It is the lesser mortals who notably,” cling to their religion and guns’. Lest you think (like Bill Maher) that the government controls the military, consider that the military is made up primarily of us lesser mortals.

    • Wally

      I have said the same thing and have been laughed at.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I am very concerned about voter fraud. How can we be sure that our vote is going to be counted for whom we voted? And with the controversy about ACORN registering ‘fake’ names, and illegals voting, can we know that the right people will be elected? In our state, Indiana, we have to show a driver’s license to vote. I know that is not true in all states. I think it should be a federal law that you have to show a picture ID to vote. Then we could be sure that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck haven’t voted and cancelled our vote!

    • Chris

      Robin I live in Indiana also, there is only 2 companies that produce the electronic voting machines, when they came here to Johnson Co. the 1st year they were tested, & failed the “Test” The comany that made them said they would have to be reprogammed? Well we now use them for every election. I have asked for a paper print out receipt every time since they started to use them, there has been many controversies since they became the way to vote, It would be very simple to make them print out a receipt when your done voting it would be no different than getting a receipt from the cash register at Krogers. Then there could be a paper trail! I believe that it was Stalin that said it did not matter who voted, all that mattered was who counted the vote!

  • Book em’ Danno, Murder 1

    In the 2010 California Primary election all of the Nevada County ballots were invalidated because of voter machine failure. In Sacramento, they read your ballots to see how you voted before the ballot went into the storage box. The machines failed on the same mistake that happenned on the Governor Schwarzengrubber ballot but notorious Repubcrat, Ahhnold got to vote until he got it right. Still, no one pays attention to Congressman Tom McClintock or Pete Wilson or any other conservatives here in Kalifornia, the shelter and haven for Arizona boycotters and illegal aliens.

  • Antoinette L. Knowles

    I write my senator, Bill Nelson (D) three or four times a week and have been for almost a year. I am afraid that November elections will come too late. I use my website to push for people to just stop and listen. I want them to realize it is past time to push these arrogant, greedy, power mad Congressional people out of office. There are a few in Congress but they can’t do much because in the House, Speaker Pelosi wpn’t let them and Leader Reid is as bad in the Senate, so it is up to the people to push them out of office.

  • Save America Susie

    Of course those examples above–in these first few posts–are all “worse case scenarios”. Let’s not underestimate the America People. I think most of us are for FREEDOM, not Totalitarianism. Many naively, just got “hood-winked” into thinking BO had good intentions for EVERYONE. But it is clear he is only for the Left view & redistribution of funds (the opposite of Robin Hood, by the way, who was simply “returning” the money they had EARNED to the POOR that the government had stolen! Check it out!. Think BO’s got that backwards!)

    But you are right, of course, that if we lose the VOTE, we lose everything. Its the end of America as we know it. But where has Socialism ever really worked for The People? It seems wherever it goes, the people work for it–slaves to it. The new Health Care is “The New Slavery”! There is no personal Freedom, No “pursuit of happiness” is allowed in socialism. That is what makes America unique: Personal Freedom. The Left-wing politicians have forgotten that they REPRESENT us,they work for us. They are not supposed to be voting their own agenda. They are suppose to REFLECT what the people want and need. They think they are also ABOVE the laws that are passed (examples: Social Security & HC). The elitest attitude will kill this country!

    Yes, I have also written and e-mailed my representatives it seems to no avail. That is why I hope the incumbents get voted out this time. They don’t get it! And Washington DC does not even open its windows to see any protests out front. They turn a blind eye. They don’t understand that the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT is not just a bunch of kooks, it is just the “TIP of the ICEBERG” of how most of American people really feel!

    But it could all change on a dime, if we are not careful. That is why we need to get out and vote. That is WHY this election in November is so important!

  • Ken Marx

    “Some have equated him to Star Treks Spock, an unemotional but brilliant Vulcan. By golly, he’s got the ears for it too! Maybe he is a Vulcan.

    • George Halepis

      Don’t insult Spock!

  • Al B Tross

    If you really want to know what , and how fascism creeps into a society, please read, and understand this empirical study of Authoritarian behavior. It was conducted to answer the question, of how ANY educated electorate could turn to embrace a hard-right, Totalitarian, Fascist dictatorship.

    Read this-

    Yes we are talking about Nazi Germany, but also about the K’mer Rouge, as these same dynamics happen in every Authoritarian dictatorship, and , as most on this site will not enjoy hearing, it comes from a very vocal, yet minority group, one that blames liberals, gays, artists, Jews,”elitists”, any easy target to scapegoat and scare people to do things that would be considered heinous under calmer circumstances.

    This study PROVES that Authoritarian behavior is the root cause of civil unrest. It exposes that fear is the primary weapon used to influence the people. It PROVES that those most influenced by fear, are those that consider themselves “conservative”. “Ultra Conservatives” are proven to be “ultra-fearful”, it is no fault of their own, they were born with this sense of fear, and it has been bolstered by their perceived authority figures(political party, religion, family), that this fear is somehow justified, thus the cycle of distrust of anything “different” begins.
    It also identifies the Leaders of such movements, themselves political, cultural, Corporate Elites, but they hide by identifying themselves as populist leaders, just “common folk” don’cha know, who desire power, but have no idea how to actually, and effectively govern. Thus they quit in mid-term, or abuse their power until they are forced to resign in disgrace. (Sarah Palin, Mark Foley, Dan Haggard, Ferdinand Marcos, Tom Delay, Richard Nixon, all conservative, all religious right)

    Disagree with me? do the research! There is only 1 conclusion, sorry!

    We are talking about a 30 year study, which has undergone much peer review, and the tests developed to identify Authoritarian behavior to be 90% correct. To dismiss this study is to dismiss reality, or gravity itself.

    But I am sure someone on this site will try! Dale? Dave H? its you time to shine!!

    • George Halepis

      I assume that you would include the Founding Fathers in your diatribe, or is it just coincidence that their philosophy produced what used to be the greatest country in the history of the world {before the statists [liberals] bamboozled the American people with their promises of peace and prosperity for all]?

      • Al B Tross

        George, did you read this study yet? Authoritarian behavior exists in ALL forms of society, accounting for about 25% of any given population.
        Could some of the founding fathers have been Authoritarian?, of course.We all exhibit some of those traits, it doesn’t make someone bad, it is the actions they take that determine that. The study addresses exactly what you mention.

        But it is how (and why)they separated the branches, they recognized the need to diversify the power structure, a very radical, even liberal idea at the time. They understood Authoritarian behavior( having to deal with a Monarchy!!), and even amongst themselves, and built a system of REGULATION, the checks and balances to ensure no single party, person or other entity could control all.

        It is Neo-conservatives, such as Newt Gingrich, whom called for a “permanent majority”, or a fascist dictatorship. It was Cheney and John Yoo who pushed the “Unitary executive” theory on us, even though I believe it was Madison who warned against such things.

        Please read and understand the research I have presented, take the tests and see where you land on the Authoritarian scale, I would guess very high.

    • Scott

      With all due respect, I don’t have time to read these 260+ pages.

      However, objective observation of human nature reveals that authoritarian tendencies exist throughout all of humanity. People long to control other people; some have a much stronger longing than others. To suggest that it’s a problem exclusively with the Right is foolish. All authors and most readers on this web site see it alive and thriving with the Left.

      The Authoritarian tendency is called “the depravity of mankind” and it pre-dates the USA by about 6000 years. It was first revealed in Genesis 3:16, where the first husband and wife were told that their sinful natures would cause them to want to dominate EACH OTHER. If people would try to dominate their own SPOUSES, how much more would they want/try to dominate faceless, impersonal multitudes.

      And yes, I include myself with that generalization. I am infected with the sin nature, as is all of humanity. It manifests itself differently in everyone, but it is there, and it will not go away, no matter what civic system is in place. There is only One who is adequate to address the sin nature. Will I let Him show me His mercy, or His justice? There isn’t a word in the English language that could describe how terrible His justice against my sin would be.

      Out of curiosity, let me ask you a few questions:
      1. Do you make a distinction between having an opinion or a conviction, versus having ADP (Authoritarian Dictator Personality)?
      2. Do you include yourself as having ADP? If not, then I encourage you to read your posts and look at your tone and assumptions.
      3. What can be done about ADP, from a secular perspective? Demonizing conservatism won’t suffice. That is simply another manifestation of the problem that you described in your posting.


      • Ruth

        To be a conservative is to be someone whom is not of fear but of patriotism. Someone who builds their lives upon FAITH, not fear. If you mean fear of the Lord, then yes, for Christians put faith in God above all things…or should. Fear is the weapon of satan and those that use such to control people. Control is for the left, libirals, and those that think they can intimidate others into their way of thinking, when in fact it turns strong people against them. There is a healthy time to fear something (snakes, a cliff to fall off, a wild animal, or wrong thinking politicians) and we are certainly in those times because the radical leftist are all over the place trying to take America down. There is a spirit, a fire of patriotism in the hearts of true blue Americans that will rise like the Phoenix when push comes to shove…you watch and see what happens when the left pushes too hard……I never dreamed we would get to such a place as we are in this nation even now. But awake we are and sleeping is a thing of the past…we are making ready and we will stand and not be fearful…that is a promise!!! God Is Always with us!!!!

  • Al B Tross

    Apologies to Dan haggard, whomever he is, I meant Ted Haggard

  • http://Google Willa Lee White

    What about the passage of HB1388? Our President signed a bill that
    will allow $20M + to immigrate Hamas refugees or Patistinians refugees from the Gaza strip. This is to feed, supply housing and whatever for these refugees with the American taxpayers money. I for one am sick and tired or funding all the aliens in this Country. Then they have the nerve to ask for more. We need to take back our country.

  • http://aol cabrider4u

    As a vietnam vet, and a true patriot of the usa, I here people criticize obama for not going to Arlington national cemetery on memorial day. I would be offended if this communist ever visited the site where heroic Americans are buried. He is a disgrace to America and all we stand for. Fire him. But please he has no rite to visit any of our war dead. Or normandy.

    • Al B Tross

      You see yourself as the ONLY authority whom is qulaified to determine what a citizen of the United States can and cannot do?

      And you do not see yourself as someone with an Authoritarian Dictator personality, do you?

      Of course not.

      Which proves the study correct, again.

      • Publius

        He bought that authority by his service to our country. And the study is still flawed.

        • Al B Tross

          Publius, what points of the study did you find “flawed”?? What points would you like to see investigated further?

          I would say that our vets have “earned” their opinions, and our respect, but it still does not justify , nor exclude, any other opinions, and does not warrant the reward of absolute power.

    • Ken

      I agree with you. It is better that our vain socialist went to Chicago.

      Arlington Cemetery is a hallowed place and should be respected as such.

  • thefedupamerican

    Don’t insult Mr.Spock like that. Unemotional but brilliant? I think not. Either this is destruction of the USA by design or this is an empty suit with an evil puppet master pulling his strings.

    • s c

      Obummer is a textbook, pampered, arrogant, wannabe elite, horse’s asset. If he was the only horse’s asset in the barnyard, he might qualify as ‘brilliant.’
      Progressives give people like Obummer a free pass on everything. They’re obligated to do that because of their ‘words=facts’ philosophy. It rarely rises to the level of being rational. Its foundation is based on the theory that emotions are better than facts.
      Given enough time – and enough “rope” – Obummer will expose all of his many non-brilliant faces. He’s all hype and no substance. You could say in his case that one is known by the dogs one sleeps with.
      Obummer will need a world-class vet when his dormant fleas emerge from their eggs, and he has to scratch in public. It will be most interesting, and worthy of many, many photos.

  • Freedom Fighter

    What are we prepared to do about this if they do steal the election, or create another mega-crisis before the election to institute martial law? All this regime does is consolidate power, they don’t care who they trample, including their own party members.

  • http://N/A Cueburn

    If 11/2/2010 election doesn’t turn the tide we must consider Thomas Jeffersons’ quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    • MsAmericanPatriot

      When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. Often misinterpreted as evil prevails when good men do nothing. Edmund Burk Irish philosopher, Whig politician and is often regarded as the father of modern conservatism.
      Here is another one by him from a letter to Charles James Fox in 1777:
      People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous.

  • Stephen Russell

    We the new Underground IE WW2 Europe & Phillppines.
    But were worldwide as for those living overseas.
    We are More than enough for Nov.

  • mehoward

    too bad there is not a teleprompter somewhere that would let Obama read
    what to do. He has no earthly idea how to cope with this catastrophe.
    It’s well above his pay grade. When you have no experience in handling
    problems that come up you are utterly lost. Maybe he should listen and learn from those who do. Not those csars that he has hanging around.
    Nor bill ayers he only knows one thing blowing up buildings which he said that he wished that he had done more of.Run around with junkyard dogs your bound to come away with fleas. Get rid of your czars Obama
    you have lost. mehpensacola,fl

  • sherreeshar

    PRAY people. God delivered the Israelites and He will deliver us too if we PRAY and tell Him how much we need Him. We are doomed without God, the creator of all things seen and unseen. Get on your knees and PRAY. Too many demonic forces are at work here, can’t you see that? We can do nothing on our own, but with Jesus we can do all things through Him that strengthens us. Not only our government but the world at large is against America and those that stand up for our Constitutional rights (FREEDOM OF SPEECH, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS TO PROTECT OURSELVES). All of our rights are soon to be a distant memory unless WE ACT RIGHT NOW!

    For some reason nothing has been mentioned in the media regarding the fact that Goldman Sachs prospered greatly from the oil rig explosion in the gulf. ( Apparently, they placed a short bid on the gulf the day before the explosion. Now, you tell me why they would do that unless they had inside information that something was going to happen out there. Irony or coincidence? All of the world’s problems are based on greed, ego and religion.

    PRAY with all of your heart and soul for God’s mercy on this country. We, the people of America, do not have the same views as the people governing our country. We support Israel, our friend and ally. Our president told the Egyptian Prime Minister “I am still a Muslim, my father was a Muslim, my grandfather was a Muslim, My stepfather was a Muslim, and my brothers are Muslim and when I’m finished tying up my social agenda for America (Healthcare, Cap and Trade, Small Arms Control, etc) I will show you how to deal with Israel.” WE HAVE GOT TO STAND UP NOW AND LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD – BUT CRY OUT TO GOD FIRST – HE CREATED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US AND HE KNOWS US BETTER THAN WE KNOW OURSELVES. TELL HIM WHERE YOU STAND AND PRAY FOR HIM TO LEAD US OUT OF THIS PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST, COMMUNISTIC CAPTIVITY.

    There is no room for fear and procrastination. God told Moses and the Israelites to leave their comfort zone, moving forward in faith and He would lead them into their new land. Jesus told us “Fear not, For I am with you always, until the end of the age.” May we band together, plunging forward courageously into unknown territory with the battlecry of a true patriot of our time, Todd Beamer, just before his death on 9/11/01, when he said, “Let’s Roll!!”

  • Sue Hakes

    The Lord said” if ye be prepared, ye need not fear”. We need to prepare ourselves for the worst,since it seems that this great country has forgotten the blood,sweat,tears and prayers that Our Founding Fathers put into the formatation of our Declaration of Independence,Our Constitution,Our Bill of Rights. It is the most perfect type of government ever devised, because Our Founding Father were inspired by Our Heavenly Father in its creation.
    We have become so complacent that we are now being governed not” by the people,for the people” ,but by the money,greed and immorality of various minority groups. We are in very great danger of losing all that this country originally stood for,namely goodness,fairness,equality,the rights listed in the Bill of rights (that are being nit-picked into oblivion by ACLU, ACORM, The Democratic Party and many minorities.
    I know that many are quite sure of what they desire for this nation ,but aren’t sure how to achieve the desired results. Join a Tea Party, offer your time stuffing envelopes, make
    phone calls, what ever small thing that you can contribute. Each of us may only be able to do small things,but together we can do great things.
    Remember “Rosie The Riveter”,”Uncle Sam Needs You”,saving tin foil,rationing of gasoline,sugar, shoes. Let’s reach down into our collective Patriotism and pull this country out of the hell bent direction that it is being taken now. I am a Korean War veteran and I’m not ready to succumb to a socialist dictatorship. Let’s JUST DO IT.

  • s c

    Experienced would be nice. Combat vets will tell you that every vet has to start somewhere, and it includes basic training.
    Bring your willingness and all of your common sense. As far as I’m concerned, if you have a nickle’s worth of common snse, you’re much smarter than 99% of all the politicians we have in Washington (and that includes recent Supreme Court nominees).
    There’s one caveat, however. When it comes to religion, get out of ‘mainstream’ churches. Their leaders have done the same thing to their followers that politicians do to their followers – and they all work for the same dark, masked “boss.”

  • Ray

    This is shocking News Just what the DNC and Obama are trying to do Illegally. I borrowed some materials but put together this Message that I sent to the DNC. I Hope they haven’t abolished free speach Yet!

    I was sent this; by DNC
    Friend –

    On March 7th, 1965, 600 of us lined up to walk from Selma to Montgomery, to march for voting rights.

    When we tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge over the Alabama River, we were met by state troopers. They attacked us with tear gas, bullwhips, and nightsticks.

    It became known as Bloody Sunday, and the national outcry over the brutality that day led to the enactment, exactly 45 years ago today, of the Voting Rights Act.

    The progress we’ve made since then is remarkable.

    But the expansion of voting rights for millions did not happen overnight. It was the product of a continued struggle, by many people, over many years.

    And just as change did not come easily then, it does not come easily now.

    Discrimination still exists in America — its effects can be as harmful as they were decades ago. And we can always become a better, more just society.

    Two years ago, this movement — led by Barack Obama — brought millions of people into the political process for the first time.

    I’m told that many of you are working hard now to get as many as possible of those folks — and others from across the country who are with us in these fights — to the polls this year.

    It’s an important effort, and the legacy of the fight for the Voting Rights Act is that it is not only our right to vote, and to help others do so — it is our duty.

    Can I count on you to help out between now and the elections in November?

    When I was a child, I tasted the bitter fruits of racial discrimination — and I did not like it.

    That was what spurred me to act. In those early days, we sacrificed our very selves for our rights as Americans. But we never gave up.

    And now barriers that kept an entire people from full participation in this country have been removed.

    No longer are people who look like me met with violence when we register to vote.

    No longer is the idea that an African American could become president just a dream.

    We live in a better world, a better country.

    But our work is not complete. We cannot wait for someone else to make change.

    We must all do it. You must do it. I must do it.

    Please sign up to help millions more vote:

    Thank you,

    Representative John Lewis


    Many of the illegal immigrants are using false documents to vote, The same false documents that they use to gain access to American Social Systems and Aid. They have done this even though, their actions may have disqualified them as ever being American Citizens. Can’t wait for this case to come before the Supreme Court.

    Ever wonder what the Penality of Illegals registering and Voting in American Elections Are.

    Question: What are the Penalties for Registering/Voting Before I’m Eligible?
    Information From immigration law, concerning voting rights.

    As a permanent resident, you can only vote in local and state elections that do not require you to be a U.S. citizen. It is very important that you do not vote in national, state or local elections that require a voter to be a U.S. citizen when you are not a U.S. citizen.

    If you register or vote in an election for which you do not meet the citizenship requirements, you can face criminal penalties which may include a fine and or imprisonment, and possibly deportation.

    DO NOT register to vote before finalizing your naturalization. Even if your Oath ceremony is taking place in the very near future, you cannot legally tick the “Yes” box to the question “Are you a U.S. citizen,” until after you officially become a citizen.

    Remember: Registering or voting in an election limited to U.S. citizens when you have not yet become a U.S. citizen, or claiming to be a U.S. citizen when you are not, whether or not your intention was good and you performed the act knowingly or unknowingly, will result in serious legal consequences.

    From Washington Post
    But border enforcement is not something to be manipulated in return for legislative favors. It is, as the administration vociferously argued in court in the Arizona case, the federal executive’s constitutional responsibility. Its job is to faithfully execute the laws. Non-execution is a dereliction of duty.

    I am beginning to think he should be tried for Treason.
    His and your duty IS.
    Not Just making sure noone illegal is voting , but also to SECURE THE BORDER as already in Law.
    Also to Question, Detain and Deport those who don’t meet the requirments
    as already in Law.
    Also to Protect, our Citizens who have been Invaded by Invasion, from Illegal Immigrants as written into our Countries foundations, Constitution and Law.
    Also to Stop The Drug Cartels who are selling their POSIN to our Children as already written in Law.
    Also to Stop immigrants from using Falsified State and federal Documents which is a felony, ontop of the thieft of our Social Systems which they have no Rights, as already in law and also felonies.

    More for this subject:

    Seems to this; mere student of the “jus naturale” True Law of
    nature’s GOD and formenr U.S.Army M.P. attached to C.I.D. that
    pursuant to the solemn oath or affirmation of the P.O.T.U.S. Sworn to
    under the spectre of Million of the Publick’s eyes in: bona fide
    Witness to said voluntatary assent to Terms of the Contract the
    Constitution for the Continental United States of America Republic,
    de jure, that the Party assenting to the onerous terms of obligation
    of the Contract, Barrach Hussein O’bama is by: “mere tacit operation
    of Common Law of the sovereign Nation” the “Commander in Chief of the
    Armed Forces” thus subject to the: “Uniform Code of Military
    Justice”(UCMJ)and may then be in Violation of several Articles therin
    in re: Treason , Neglect of Duty, Subversive acts to subvert and
    DESTROY the Federal Govenment by express Acts of: Omission and
    Comission, devised to FOMENT insurection and violent revolution by
    means of: muliliferous ATTACKS on the Security and Dignity of the
    Nation and coconspiritorial efforts to: effectuate stealthily
    conjurgated “artful” crafting, of legislative acts, to invoke
    involuntary servitude, by a scheme of: Communist Slave Nation as
    evidenced in the specifically express: multifaceted installation of
    the: 10 Planks of the “Communist Manifesto”, by artful crafting, of
    dubious voluminous conflagurations of asserted Legislative Acts!
    (Violative of the Constitution and specifically in explicit
    contradistinction to the: Source of the Powers Absolute: We The PEOPLE
    This Satanic Conspiracy of evil, may offer multiple grounds for
    Arrest and Incarceration, as an Absolute, bona fide “Enemy of the
    State”by “Military Court Martial” as a “Foreign Insurgent Enemy
    What SAY YE NOW? see: (Blacks 6th) for definition of terms within

    I will Fight with every Breath for as long as I have Breath against such unjustice. I will Not vote for anyone who supports such actions as I have been wittnessing coming out of the DNC or Obama. I am beginning to feel ashamed to even be a Democrate. I voted for Obama Once, will not make that mistake again. I Once thought You were the Law of the Land, now all I am seeing is squabbling and Law Breakers. Hang Your Heads in Shame.
    Surely this isn’t the kind of History you really wanted to make.

    With No Love:


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