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Expatriation: A Path To Personal Liberty

May 12, 2011 by  

Expatriation: A Path To Personal Liberty

In 43 BC, warring consuls Antony, Lepidus and Octavian were duking it out with each other over control of Rome following Julius Caesar’s assassination the prior March.

Each had legions at his disposal, and Rome’s terrified Senate sat on its hands waiting for the outcome.

Ultimately, the three men chose to unite in what became known as the Second Triumvirate, representing the final nail in the coffin in Rome’s transition from republic to malignant autocracy.

When the arrangement expired after 10 years, Octavian vanquished his partners and became generally regarded as Rome’s first emperor.

Things only got worse from there. Octavian was followed by Tiberius, a paranoid deviant with a lust for executions. His successor Caligula’s moral depravity was so infamous it inspired the 1979 porno film of the same name.

Caligula was followed by Claudius, a stammering, slobbering, confused man as described by his contemporaries. Then there was Nero, who not only managed to burn down his city but was also the first emperor to debase the value of Rome’s currency.

You know the rest of the story — Romans watched their leadership and country get worse and worse.

All along the way, there were two types of people:

  • The first group said, “This has GOT to be the bottom, it can only get better from here.” Their patriotism was rewarded with reduced civil liberties, higher taxes, insane despots and a polluted currency.
  • The other group consisted of people who looked at the warning signs and thought, “I have to get out of here.” They followed their instincts and moved on to other places where they could build their lives, survive and prosper.

Some consider the latter option, expatriation, to be “running away,” a cowardly and weak idea. This is flawed logic.

While the notion of staying and “fighting” is noble in principle, bear in mind that there is no real enemy or force to fight. The government is a faceless bureaucracy that is impossible to attack. People who try only discredit their argument because they become marginalized as fringe lunatics.

Remember John Stack? He’s the guy who flew his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas last year because he had a serious philosophical disagreement over tax issues. While his ideas may have had intellectual merit, they were immediately dismissed due to his murderous tactics.

Violence is rarely the answer, and it often has the opposite effect as intended, frequently serving to bolster support for the government instead of raising awareness of its shortcomings.

It’s an uphill battle at best to raise awareness of the real issues. People are programmed by the education system to subordinate themselves to a good and just government. Nobody looks behind the curtain, which is why the country’s core values today emphasize things like fake security, welfare and ignorance over real freedom and independence.

When it appears more and more each day that those core values diverge from your own, it’s time to reconsider what we’re getting out of our citizenship and look at other possibilities.

Nobody is born with a mandatory obligation to a piece of dirt. Our fundamental obligation is to ourselves, our families and the people that we choose to let into our circles… not to mob-installed bureaucrats.

Moving away, i.e., making a calculated decision to seek better opportunities elsewhere, is not the same as “running away.” It is the most effective way to change your home country, and it is anything but cowardly.

One of the most difficult things you could ever do is pack up your life, leave everything familiar and head to a new world full of uncertainty.

Just about everyone reading this had ancestors who did just that. Those people were not cowards; they were pioneers. They traded tyranny for opportunity and headed to a land full of bright prospects. There, they could carve out lives in which they were accountable for their own successes and failures.

Granted, we have it easier today than our pioneering ancestors… but leaving behind the familiarity of home is still a difficult concept for most people to commit.

It’s like staying in a bad marriage or dead-end job… people do it because their paralyzing fear of the unknown is often greater than the routine misery to which they have already grown accustomed.

Taking action requires a catalyst, and that’s what we’re experiencing today — perhaps a father who watches a government agent fondle his child, or an entrepreneur whose assets are wrongfully frozen, or a student who realizes Social Security will no longer exist when she hits retirement age, etc.

One by one, people will wake up and consider their options. “Stay and fight” is just a bombastic rallying cry of the institutionalized, not a real option. The fact is, there is no enemy, there is no fight… there is only gradual erosion of freedom and opportunity.

Unable to change what we cannot control, productive people will eventually reach a breaking point and leave. The stay-and-fight crowd who remain will congratulate themselves on their patriotism, chastise the “cowards” who have left and resolve to go down with the mob-mentality, Mafia-controlled sinking ship.

Here’s the bottom line: Your country is controlled by a very small group of people, and you’re not one of them. You cannot control the machine; you can control only where and how to invest your time.

This beast feeds on indebting and taxing you… and the best solution is to starve the beast by leaving.

Fortunately, there are a lot of options around the world for the open-minded. Stop listening to what Sean Hannity tells you and see for yourself: The world is full of opportunity. I have traveled to about 100 countries and done business in dozens. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Chile: This is the new America. The country boasts a strong, independent and civilized economy. You will think you’re in Europe given how modern it is.
  • Singapore: There’s too much to say here… Do you need a job? Singaporeans are hiring. Do you need capital? Singaporeans are investing. Do you hate taxes? So do Singaporeans. Singapore is ideal for families, and obtaining residency (and citizenship) is simple.
  • Estonia: With its flat-tax structure, streamlined government and brilliant workforce, Estonia provides ample opportunity for entrepreneurs, particularly those looking for entry into Europe’s harmonized customs union.

I could go on — Brazil, Indonesia, Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Tanzania, China, Bermuda, etc. — but you get the idea.

In case you are geographically constrained, you can still take steps to increase your freedom. Start by moving some money to an overseas bank account, and store gold in an offshore vault — this safeguards your wealth from government bureaucrats who could otherwise freeze or confiscate your accounts on a whim.

Also consider buying some land overseas, even if it’s just a small piece. This is a great way to move money, and it gives you a starting point if you ever need a place to go.

Remember, these options are not exclusive to the wealthy. Anyone who is willing to reject institutional programming can find opportunity overseas or start protecting what they have at home. It takes an open mind, creativity, readiness to learn new skills and the will to act.

–By Simon Black,

Simon Black

is a former Military Intelligence Officer turned Globe Trotting Entrepreneur. As Chief Editor of Sovereign Man: Notes From The Field, Mr. Black sheds light on global economic trends and delivers actionable information for how to best achieve personal liberty. You can learn more about Mr. Black and subscribe to his free E-Letter by clicking here.

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  • Anthony

    Okay, right off – this John Stack person (the name given to the public as the culprit) I think is a figment created out of thin air, so the CIA ops guys could give the Gov’t types an entity to BLAME.

    The Cessna that flew into the IRS building – weird it was THAT building – was caught on several cellphones flying WITHOUT a pilot. Hence the reason that the whole story failed to create any real ALARM in the Private Sector, in and around Austin itself, to say the least.

    In other words, Mr. Black – it was a false flag operation.

    The explosion being at least 4 times larger than what a cessna, with the limited fuel load it carries to begin with, left a lot of questions as to whether or not, there were EXTRA fuel cells loaded up in the cockpit.

    Not to mention the fact, that this bass-player supposedly turned PSYCHO-MANIAC, “overnite”… was a real stretch. The notes in his Journal, were considered suspect, as well – like they were planted to create suspicion where none existed in the first place.

    To be fair – the whole story DIED almost as quicly as the event occurred. Curious how some will still continue to tell the tale anyway… (to give it legitimacy?). If yuy tell a tale long enough, it becomes fact, not fairy tale?

    Let’s also review how, much like Oklahoma City, and both Twin Towers incidents – the local Authorities “just happened” to be holding safety drills for th Fire Dept’s and the Local Ambulatory Teams … and in Austin, they were actually parked (this time) right in front of the IRS building. Of all places, they were parked so conveniently RIGHT THERE … very much the same as the Oklahoma City bombing.

    Your example-ism, sir, is also suspect.

    The article has many good points – that I concede. However….

    “Wealth is never destroyed, merely transferred”

    You have mentioned several Countries that are experiencing a BOOM economy. This is no different than what Germany experienced in the 1930′s. The small group of people you mention – without naming names, I noticed – is, for all intent and purpose, The Rothschilds and their Agents inside THE FEDERAL RESERVE – the Union Thug Arm of the Banking Cabal coordinated thru the BIS and World Bank.

    It is also my understanding that India is also experiencing great jobs growth, etc. These are areas around the Planet where the Banksters are moving OUR wealth away to. And, since THE FED has no requirement to report into Congress and the American People (in any fashion whatsoever) our wealth can be moved outside this Country at will…

    And, to date, over $25 Trillion dollars has now exactly done that within the last five years. Prior to that, the 911 False Flag also smacks of evidence that somehow just prior an estimated 12 trillion $$$ was somehow missing and the evidence was within the Twin Towers Complex, especially Tower 7.

    OUR REAL ISSUE HERE, TODAY, is the glaring fact that outside America – for MOST of us – the option to move away to some other Country where the main language is not english, is a real stretch and obviously intensely expensive. Finding a job, prior to moving can be the biggest stretch … so why are we moving away? To what? Panhandling?

    NO – the real issue, here, is to WAKE UP THOSE THAT ARE STILL ASLEEP, behaving like sheep. Vigilance is never easy, and the TV indoctrinatin is incredibly severe. Many here something the Gov’t hasn’t mentioned, and they decry it with high-school-like sneers and putdowns.

    Take this HAARP nonsense … “oh yea, the nasty leaders came up with a weather control machine, yeaaaa, riiight” Yet, if you review ANGELS DON’T PLAY THIS HAARP, the Documentary, what exactly is it they’ve spent Billions of my tax dollars on, and why do they need such a machine to do what exactly. Russian News Services claim it is also a Seismic weapon and could possibly be used for mind control, since it operates on ELF where humans also exist.

    Angels Don’t Play This HAARP
    Angels Still Don’t Play This HAARP

    Now, i’m a bit of an engineer in the computer industry and prefer to maintain an open mind – why would the NAVY suddenly take down their HAARP website? It’s an objective question, which deserves an answer – the Complex has not ceased operations up in Alaska, nor is it likely to any time into the future.

    While we seem to be off on a tangent – the reasonings for NOT moving away, are the discussion here, for some reason. And, i do see where some might think that is best. Inside the Internet, we call it “getting off the grid” .. and without moving to some other Country – that also has a Central Bank reporting to the same BIS and World Bank, I might add – most Americans simply need to begin the process of uniting themselves as Patriots, no differently than was done in the 1700′s. We explicitly have no other real choice.

    Seriously, you’re going to expect almost 10 Billion people to pack up and move to CHILE? And, how many humans already reside in Singapore, anyway? India is no option with the flooding they have.

    There is literally no place to run to any more. NONE.
    We all grew up with the USA being the one Haven where all other humans could run to for freedom and safety against the tyrants in other parts of the globe.

    NOW – even America is afflicted… with the very same disease.

    THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE TO RUN TO. IT’S TIME TO STAND AND FIGHT, whether we like it or not. And, the shame of it is, our children and grandchildren will be those who suffer the most because of the last two generations lax and un-informed attitudes for Vigilance Defending Freedom. My generation is awake – about 60% – and we are working to use Al Gore’s Internet TO GET THE WORD OUT. The previous generation – the 60′s grownups (when WE were kids), they are who dropped the ball, for real. The Cheney’s, the Kerry’s, the Volkers, Kissingers, Rumsfelds, BUSHES, Clintons, etc., were all imposed on the Country during those years. And, they could have been stopped, had the 60′s generation-ers been paying attention to the real situation…

    Bottom Line? Until we END THE FED and give back currency control according to the Constitution, this nonsense simply will not stop. no matter what excuses you make, or how you pervert the discussion, all of our Reps inside Congress, from State to Staet and in DC…. all go begging at the trough known as THE FED. Those are the Rules. you want the status quo, you will defend this idiocy. you will even vote for the Falsified Left/Right Paradigm.

    However – if you really believe in the Founding Papers and the fight given by the Founding Fathers – you will stop this nonsense and gather yur powder around you, in preparation for the coming fight. Because, seriously, it very well cvould get much worse, much much worse, …before it ever gets better. Each will ned to look in the mirror, and look at their children playing and ponder what it is they will leave behind and what is that legacy….

    • DaveH

      I’m with you on this one, Anthony. The left-leaning Socialists would like nothing more than for the Constitution-loving conservatives to cut and run and leave the US for them.
      Besides I think we will win the hearts and minds of the people who currently are in a stupor, but will be awakened when they see just how bad things will get.

      • FreedomFighter

        If freedom and liberty dies in America – eventually the entire world will suffer without freedom or liberty and certainly no equal justice.

        When evil threatens the world good men must fight or perish.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Jim

          Anthony, Freedom Fighter, Dave and all the rest that give similar arguments – the children of today are being spoon fed what the government wants them to know and think a little at a time. Hell, take a look at the facts that are being distorted, changed (in favor of the government) and yes, even taken out of the books completely. So, I wouldn’t depend on them taking up arms because they think everything is fine, multiculturalism is great and on and on simply because they have no knowledge of the way that the United States used to be, what it stood for, what made people stand up on their hind legs and fight anything that even sounded a little corrupt or wrong. They pay no attention to the news, they wouldn’t know how to go about to write and bitch to their DC reps even if they did know who they were.
          The only thing that is left is for those that haven’t become zombies yet to rise up, hope that the military feels that the “rebels” have it right and join in with them to rid ourselves of those, who happen to be the only ones with life preservers, that are steering the ship in
          to the rocks.

      • David

        Very true and the internet is good but some of the folks need a good ole talking to from a stump, the way it use to be done. You can also thank reality tv for the dumbing down of the sheep at an accelerated pace….

      • vicki

        “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.” Ronald Reagan

        There is no where to run or move. This is the place. This is the time. America, with her Constitution and her ideals for a truly free people is the only place left on earth. We MUST wake the sleeping giant. We MUST restore full liberty to the people. We MUST squeeze the government genie back into the bottle. There is no where to run. There is no where to hide. Failure is NOT an option.

        Semper Fidelis

        • Lastmanstanding

          Amen Vicki…if the blood flows knee deep, so be it. The earth only works one way…those who only take from those who provide will be in for one rude awakening. That is how the earth works.

          My grandkids are here this evening…2 small boys…I will cut a swath a mile wide to kingdom come to keep them free.

          • Al Sieber

            I’m with you last man.

      • white tiger

        Whether to Fight or to Flee?We have looked all over the world and have not been able to find a suitable environment for us.
        For 38 years our government has permitted the butchery of 1,500,000 innocent, unborn babies each year. Since Willie the Adulterer was president we have endorsed the sin of homosexuality, and even, under Obimbo, forced it upon our military.The communist government currently ruling us controls private enterprise, healthcare, insurance, auto manufacture, etc. Unemployment is rampant, the dollar is worth about fifty cents and losing value daily. The moslem hordes are subsidized and our military deterrents weakened. The Republic is dead, and we are governed by a collocation of the malicious and the hypocritical. Our leaders love evil and hate good and are representative of the electorate empowering them.

        A Democratic Republic is not viable when the majority of its constituents are without virtue and/or intelligence. And such is our sad state of affairs. We will not return to God and He, ergo, 2Chron.7.14, will not deliver us. And there is no other Deliverer.

    • Carlucci

      I have to agree with Anthony. Unless you have a home business that can be run from your computer anywhere in the world, leaving may not be an option for some people. My husband and I looked into this years ago when we were thinking about retiring to Mexico. There were obstacles like the language barrier, property ownership was not possible, and they really don’t want Americans working down there unless you are with a large corporation. To start a business required a Mexican “partner”. A friend of a friend bought and spent thousands restoring a beautiful historic home there (San Miguel de Allende), only to have it taken away by a mexican bureaucrat who decided he wanted the house, and could get it by declaring it a “historical residence”. As far as Singapore, yes, it is a gorgeous place, but it is against the law to eat or drink convenience food with a wrapper, cup, or bottle, smoke, or chew gum in public! Fines are stiff and you can even be caned for some infractions.

      It sounds romantic and daring to relocate to a foreign country, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

      • smitty

        why in L would anyone want to move to mexico..what a sh*thole…they are corrupt been that way for many generations.

      • John Gaver

        RR, check out Belize and Panama. Belize is becoming a major banking center, as they are now said to have the best bank privacy in the world. Panama has a great “Pensionado” (retirement) program and has a great climate, with no hurricanes. Oh Yes! They have great coffee in the Boquette region of Panama. In Boquette, you’re as likely to hear english spoken, as spanish. They also have a cooperative American school in Boquette.

        As for who is leaving, consider this.

        In 2008, Zogby International released the results of 7 polls that they had conducted over the three prior years and they stated that, “by a moderate estimate” (to use their words), more than 3 million Americans “RELOCATE” outside the USA every year. How many of those folks do yo think are poor? Think about it. The poor can’t afford to leave.

        This is why conservatives have to oust the rest of the RINOs, beginning with Boehner and Cantor. The people who have worked hard and built up a degree of wealth are now seeing no choice but to leave. As one gentleman who I met offshore told me, “They’re going to need someone with money to come in and bail them out, after they destroy the US economy and those who do, will make a turn a huge profit, in the process. I figure that I might as well be one of them. But I can’t be one of them if I stayed there, because those who stay will be broke.”

      • white tiger

        Lets not be petty, please!
        The real rap on Singapore is that it is terrible overcrowded and you better have a million dollar investment if you hope to immigrate.
        In the US, last time we looked, we average 84 people per square mile. In Singapore, 18,000 per square mile.Apply for admission and then you will realize that you have to buy your way in with some really big bucks. Laws against littering do not constitute a valid rationale for erasing Singapore from your emigration list.

    • patriotpartisan

      Amen, brother, Amen!!!! Hoorah…Bravo (applause)
      The time to fight, with words or swords is NOW!!!
      While we still have a leg to stand on.
      These banking cartels only love money and the sick, perverted lives they can live with it all at their disposal… if we continue to remain apathetic, with the lazy notion of “what can I do about it?” and “I don’t vote because it won’t change anything.” then they truly will win.
      We need to go back to a time when neighbor knew neighbor, helped each other and fed each other (Farmer’s Markets instead of corporate grocery chain-stores), when laws were few but civility was plentiful… we’ve become so fixated on the boob-tube, that we don’t see around us and what’s disappearing; and not magically, it’s eroding slowly, until it’s gone and we never realized we lost it.
      The voting system is flawed and the two party system is even worse!!!
      Without the civil servants and elected representatives working for us, but rather against us, we will never know true Liberty as our Fathers knew it.
      Last I heard, places like Chile were being wiped out by natural disasters, which only allows outsiders to get their hooks in and set the course for a “modern Democracy” that will just take away their lives and make them socially dependent like so many Europeans and Americans. It’s USA or no way!!

      • BDouglas

        We have a Republic, not a Democracy. A Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner – And You Are the Sheep.

        • vicki

          Even better we have a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic.

          Nether our founders nor we want a democracy.

          I saw democracy live and direct from Egypt recently. I saw about 15 people get together and vote on dismantling a truck. They voted 14 to 1 to tear it apart. They tore it apart. Then they voted 14 to 1 to set it afire. The truck burned. Then they voted (14-1) to beat up the driver. The driver was later taken to the hospital.

          Democracy had come to the land of the Pharaoh.

    • EltonJ

      Besides, we do have an Ally. He’s not very happy with His people (Americans) enslaving each other and forgetting His little list of laws. He’ll do our fighting for us, and many will die — Patriot and Moneychanger alike.

      But at long last we will remember Him after His legitimate fit of Anger, and He will heal our land and cleanse our land of the faction that wants to take our freedom away. He will give our freedom back in this land and once again, our brothers in other lands will flee to this place.

      Expatriation is a viable option, BUT staying is also. Just so that you are prepared.

      • ElCid

        You apparently have not read what Jesus accomplished at the cross. He nailed the curse of the law on the tree (cross). God is no longer angry but instead he is very pleased with Jesus’ finished work at the cross which payed the penalty for all sin, for all mankind, period.

    • Jay

      Anthony, phenomenal piece, absolutely wonderful! Btw, as I was reading mr. Black’s piece, I found myself thinking exactly what you wrote. Also, I found Mr.Black’s article somewhat out of place here. Strange!

      • Mary

        Yes, Jay this article is very out of place. It has no head neither foot.

        • Jay

          Mary, indeed, I would have to agree.

    • BDouglas

      Agreed. The only solution is to fight back using the law. Learn how to file a Declaratory Lawsuit, as an individual! [ don't let some attorney convince you to add your name to a class action lawsuit]
      500 to 1000 people in each congressional district need to file a lawsuit against their representative for violation of their “Oath of Office”, “Fiduciary Responsibility” and DUTY. Elected representatives NEED to be held accountable for their Gross Dereliction of DUTY. The Founding Fathers had it right and to save this country it would only take 50-100 of the current crop of 545 in DC going to prison as an example to the others that WE the People are no longer going to submit to the abuses these clowns are pouring down on top of us. It’s over folks, one way or the other. Choose!

      • TNJan

        BDouglas, when the lawsuits are filed, JUST PRAY TO GOD ALMIGHTY that He gives a presiding judge who believes in FAIRNESS, NOT the Status Quo!! Amen?

    • Void1972

      You need to run for office. Lets start here.
      The USA Patriot
      Organize and connect all Americans to vote for Politicians who will fight the corrupt powers in America.
      Work to help all members of our organization and their families.
      Actively fight against those corrupt officials who are in power now and remove them from office.
      Organize peaceful demonstrations and boycotts against corporations, Hollywood, media and any business or organization that promotes immoral and anti-American values.
      Educate our children on true American history and values.
      End entitlement programs that promote single parenting, laziness, corruption and waste hundreds of billions of tax dollars a year.
      Close our borders and expel illegal’s and stop paying for students from around the world to collect a free college education while American kids are denied.
      Stop the current administrations effort to destroy what is left of America.
      End the biggest fraud committed on the American people by abolishing the Federal Reserve and IRS.

      We now face the most challenging times in Americas history. The true powers that are have sold the American people out to communist countries and enemies of Democracy, and are continuing to do so right under our noses.
      They have de-industrialized America under the guise of the EPA. Weakened our educational system. Wasted trillions of dollars and countless American lives on unnecessary wars. Built up China, which is the backbone of anti democracy, and bankrupted our once wealthy nation.
      President Obama signed the Copenhagen treaty this past December that will force American tax payers to spend tens of billions of our hard earned money on third world countries (China and Russia refused to sign). Hillary Clinton came out last week and said she hopes to let soviet scientist and intelligence come over and inspect all of our missile sites (just like her husband opened Los Alamos to two dozen Chinese scientists and gave them all of our ICBM secrets in 96). The insanity keeps on growing! Russia and China continue to grow in power as America gets weaker! Why would our Government let this happen?
      The USA Patriot….This is our fight!

      God Bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Call me stupid, but I am not going to run. As much as those who fought for our independance from Britain 2011 years ago, and for all those who gave their lives in WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, I will stay and fight for my freedom, and not run like a coward. And the government is not faceless. They sit in chambers in Washington DC. You cut off their supply of money, and they are rendered helpless. The young people who are in our military would never side with these jokers against their own people, because they, the military, are one of us. I firmly believe that. So you run and hide behind a rock in France somewhere, and me, Ill stay here, thank you very much.

    • Peter

      Sorry Beberoni, I know you’ll call me pedantic, and it’s probably a typo, but 2011 years ago???? Surely you mean 211 years!Just funny, that’s all. I mean no ill will.

      • Annie

        Thank you to Beberoni and Peter. I love both of your posts and it gives me hope that not all intelligence in our USA is gone. There still are some intelligent people out there as opposed to those politicians in D.C. starting with the guy who sits in the white house.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Yeah your right, man did I ever mess that one up. You are absolutely correct.

    • GRusling

      Sir (or Madam), you are not alone! For starters I’m too old to “run” anywhere, but I can still walk and hit what I shoot at, and like you I’ve got a lot of ammo stored away and a few of really good firearms to load it.

      The Military? I was once a member, as were my sons and now my grandchildren! When they plant their feet on US soil they’ll JOIN us, not fight against us.

      From Texas, with love… Let’s roll!!!

      • unique

        What makes you think the Government will turn the U.S. Military on all of us. I think the Government will turn the Canadian Military on us or the Military from another country.

        • Lastmanstanding

          That is exactly what the gutless bastards would do…and let the chips fall were they may…no one lives forever.

        • GRusling

          If I thought for a moment “OUR MILITARY” wouldn’t immediately come to our defense and blow them out of existance (orders from Washington or not) I might worry about that. Since I have no such doubt and understand that our CIVILIAN population is also well armed and MORE than capable of defending our cities and towns against most foreign armies, I don’t expect to lose any sleep worrying about such foolishness.

          By the way, welcome to TEXAS where we not only “CAN DO” but we’re more than willing to…

          • David

            Amen sir! The purple state of NC is also with you.

          • EltonJ

            Utah isn’t. But don’t worry, will get ours.

            “And not many days away and Salt Lake City shall shake violently and another river shall appear and flow into the valley. Not the Jordan River from Utah County. But a new river shall begin small and become a
            large river.

            “Say that Salt Lake City shall soon be shaken back to its foundations. Waters shall flow forth from the mountains and the wise shall perish. The wicked to be burned as a new river will appear and grow the seasons. The temple destroyed with the new river of blood. Fire and floods shall make a man cry. Hidden valleys will bring new waters. Good trees will grow upon desolate lands. Fish will swim in the Great Lake. Fishers will search them. The last shall be the first. The deaf and blind will see and hear. The earth will shake and rest. The rest shall be shaken. Women will cry and be happy. And men will be happy to die. And the bees shall search for the fruits of the trees. What is written will be spoken that ye may read. Resist God and ye shall lose. Lose thyself and find God. Blind dogs will eat their own vomit. From ashes will come beauty. The Eagle will be plucked. The bride will show her jewels. So God will rejoice. I come in the fire. Tares in the fire will clean the earth. And trees shall rejoice when the orchard is burned. When smoke is gone. Then men will live. And brides will have a new song. The avenger will rejoice. Prepare for that day. Great stink in the desolate cities. As mountains are laid low. Egypt’s plagues will return.”

        • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

          Mexicans and their middle-american friends and gangsters.

          Mexicans already kill a few of us who are in their way, and injure many more by taking jobs away, and overloading the help facilities, hospitals, schools, and making care and education for Americans difficult. Almost impossible.

          Just the continual flow of avidly procreative Mexicans who bring in guns and dope and live cheap, many families to a house, and which our government is encouraging to overwhelm us.

          Like roaches, consuming all in their path.

        • BKWsr

          The Government will not use the military against us. They will use one of the many different Law inforcement agencies to do the job. That is why the Government has created so many, and the law inforcement will be more than happy to do it. We read about their antics every day. The one comment I disagree on in this artical is he is wrong, I believe you can fight the Government, But not by attacking innacent people, but going after the people responsible. And there many different legal ways to do it. there is nowhere left to hide.

        • Marty S.

          I think the Canadian military would side with our military and the U.S. citizens against a foreign or domestic assault.

          • patriotpartisan

            How long before the DOD, run by the same people and money as the Fed, cuts military pay and supplies, if the Army stood up to the tyrants in DC? which they haven’t shown much sign of being willing to do since the beginning; stop-loss in illegal wars of occupation for the past decade, then when they are done they’re cast aside for the next wave of soldier, but they’re still lined up around the corner to join and fight… how long until Johnny comes marching home, hungry and tired, unable to sustain without his govt food, supplies and check? Then he’s just one of us, a hungry, desperate subject of the NWO govt. or a patriot willing to fight with sticks and stones against the ZOG war machine and it’s loyalists.

        • JC

          unique says:

          May 12, 2011 at 8:14 am

          What makes you think the Government will turn the U.S. Military on all of us. I think the Government will turn the Canadian Military on us or the Military from another country.

          Valid thought. However while it would undoubtedly be UN Forces involved, I don’t believe for a minute that the Canadian military would fire on Americans. We are too closely allied and have been for a long time now.
          Even if they were ordered to do so, I don’t think the rank and file would follow such an immoral order. At least that’s what two brother’s in law in the Canadian Forces tell me. :)

          • DaveH

            One would hope, JC. But if you read “Lincoln Unmasked” or “The Real Lincoln”, you will realize just how easily soldiers, especially young ones, will turn on their fellow man for some vague ideal such as ‘preservation of the Union’ (meaning really — preservation of the elite Leaders’ positions of Power and Influence).
            I think we’ve got a lot of educating to do, if we want our Freedom back.

      • Bayou Castine

        To GRusling [and others]:

        At 76 I’m a bit too old to run very far but I cannot state my feelings stronger than you stated. I also am armed w/ammo, former military; my son is a vet and a grandson is currently standing guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC

        May 12, 2011 at 7:42 am
        Sir (or Madam), you are not alone! For starters I’m too old to “run” anywhere, but I can still walk and hit what I shoot at, and like you I’ve got a lot of ammo stored away and a few of really good firearms to load it.

        The Military? I was once a member, as were my sons and now my grandchildren! When they plant their feet on US soil they’ll JOIN us, not fight against us.

        From Texas,[and Louisiana] with love… Let’s roll!!!

      • Carlucci

        I’m from Texas, too. Our state is a bit different from other states in the union. I’ve been all over the world and there’s really no place like our great Lone Star state. I just wish those carbunkles known as the Bushes would get the hell out of here and go back to Connecticut.

        Speaking of that, here’s a link that everyone might want to check out. I just contacted my reps here in Big T to tell them to vote NO regarding extensions to the “Patriot Act”. There are reps from all the states on this committee if you care to make a couple of phone calls that just take a few minutes. Here’s the link:

        • Dan az

          Thanks Carlucci for the site.Just what I’ve been looking for.

        • r.p.

          A hearing on the “Patriot Act” will be tomorrow, you can sign a petition to repeal the “Patriot Act”. It will be faxed to your representative. Here’s the link to it:
          Having a dialog with you government is a begining. If you can’t control your government, you won’t control your lives.

    • Dagney

      This article writer forgot one thing. This is not Rome. This is AMERICA. This is the shining city on the hill and there really is nowhere to run to. As much as he likes Singapore, Chile, or BFE, America is EXCEPTIONAL. The founders studied Rome and all the scholary and religious texts of the time and came up with the most brilliant documents ever written since the bible. And, though the Marxists in this country try to uneducate everyone, our Constitution is in our DNA. We will not give it up easily and we will fight for it. Let’s face it, if you have common sense, you KNOW down to your bones what our Constitution and the Declaration of Independance say even if you’ve never read them. THAT is how brilliant those documents and the founders were.

      If you have no common sense, you’re liberal. That’s just a fact. THOSE people are the ones that need to RUN. AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT.

      • Vigilant


        Agreed, and when Mr. Black says, “Stay and fight” is just a bombastic rallying cry of the institutionalized, not a real option,” he insults every American patriot who died to make this country great.

        My ancestors fought in the Revolution and every major war of the United States (including 19 in the Civil War), they didn’t run away with their tails between their legs. They fought the good fight, and by God, I’ll do the same if it comes to that!

        • Lastmanstanding

          Amen Vigilant…With the rate of lost freedom, sooner may be better.

        • vicki

          Considering how often we see anything from the mysterious Mr Black, seeing him try to claim that we should run away (trying to sugar coat it with “move”) just makes me really suspicious about his motives.

          • Lastmanstanding

            I used to get blacks sovereign man report until I realized that he is nothing more than a wandering statist.

            Life is just so wonderful when you can travel all over the world…at someone elses expense.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Amen Brother. Just because Mr. Black shows his French side and runs and hides, doesnt mean us real Americans will. No, we will stand and fight, as those did who bought our freedom with their flesh and bones, any man who wouldnt, needs to leave now, and move to France and call for the Americans to come save him again one day.

      • http://none dave buslknkl


        I am a decorated military veteran. At one time, i thought expating was akin to insanity. But, over time, America has eroded. You don’t see it? How old are you? I’m 52, and i see fear in our future. I sincerely hope not.

        But, the LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT phrase should be altered. It should be “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT IF THINGS CHANGE FOR THE WORSE”.

        • Dagney

          I am the same age as you and a female military veteran. Married with children. There is only right and wrong. Good and evil. “America – love it or leave it” has no qualifiers. Your “LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT IF THINGS CHANGE FOR THE WORSE” is a cop-out. You don’t LOVE America if you think you can leave “if things change for the worse”. That is the height of selfishness and no nobility exists in your statement. You only love yourself and want to cut and run if things get too difficult. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

          • Vigilant

            Dagney, that was a fantastic statement of yours: “That is the height of selfishness and no nobility exists in your statement.”

            patriotpartisan has no understanding of words like “honor,” “nobility,” and “patriotism.” For him, those concepts are corny, outdated expressions of worthless emotion. They are not.

            Don Quixote fought windmills (city hall), but didn’t give up when the going got rough. Cervantes gave us a picture of a man who never stopped believing that true goodness in the world comes from living a life that does not blanch at the thought of fighting for ideals, ideals that are more real in every respect than just “a piece of dirt.”

            It just might be that the lost causes are the only ones truly worth fighting for. I’ll not concede that the American cause is lost, but I’ll say that the naysayers and scared little rabbits are bringing us closer to that end.

            And for those who eschew violence, be advised that no one is advocating a violent overthrow of the government. We are, however, prepared to defend our “lives, fortunes and sacred honor” when the hour comes that the tyrant arrives to deprive us of those things.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            There is no other country to go to. As bad as we think things are here everywhere else is much much worse, politically or economically or religiously. They can show us the niceties of Europe, Asia or Africa on the National Geographic or Travel Channel but that is not the reality of it.

        • Vigilant

          I am a decorated military veteran as well. Thomas Paine had a term for people like you, “sunshine patriot.”

          We’d still be under British rule if the country had been filled with only those who had no principles, or those who turned tail when the going got rough.

        • vicki

          I wonder how long dave buslknkl’s marriage lasted. People at first might ask how this is relevant. I would point out that marriage vows are “for better or worse”.

          When I took the oath to defend the Constitution and this Republic there were and are no qualifiers. I did not even have to think for better or worse. I simply knew it.

          There is no place to run. There is no place to hide. This is the place. WE are the people.

          Failure is NOT an option.

          • Dagney

            Vicki, you, obviously, have common sense.

          • Vicki

            Too bad I can’t bottle and sell it. I could retire even in this economy. :)

          • Vigilant


          • r.p.

            I could be wrong, but I heard the new oath the armed forces uses swears obedience to the “Commander in Chief”. Not the Constitution. If that’s true, the war has started.

          • Vigilant

            “I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

            That’s the enlisted oath. Obedience to the President has always been a part of the oath.

      • Kate8
    • Lastmanstanding

      Beberoni…I feel the same way. Even if I could leave, I would not.

      I will not show disrepect for our Founding Fathers and their vision. Lots of us are ready to fight for our freedom.

      “Give me liberty…or give me death.”

      • Kate8

        Lastman…Don’t forget, our Founding Fathers were well aware that our nation would take the turn that it has (they gave serious warning to us, and we chose not to heed).

        They, themselves, left a tyrannical system in search of freedom to live and prosper. By ignoring their dire warnings to remain vigilant, and to take an active part in keeping our government from becoming the bloodsucking beast that it has, we’ve already dishonored them.

        People have always fled to a “promised land” when the arm of guv gets too big. That being said, the same ruling elite seem to control EVERYTHING: which nations prosper and which ones fall, and which ones are forever doomed to be killing fields. How sick that we must be enslaved the the whims of the elite, chasing after livelihood wherever they’ve given the current thumbs-up.

        I’m too old to pull up stakes at this point. But I know that when man has had enough of tyranny and misery, he’ll rise up and beat them back once more, and a better life will ensue again, for a time.

        • Dan az

          I’m with you,the thought of giving up just turns my stomach.Hopefully the ones that leave will be the libs and progs,No big loss just saves me allot of ammo that could be used for better purpose’s. I’m a survivor and a fighter when things get tuff it’s time to stand your ground not runaway.The NWO has their plans of dividing the world up so where would anyone go?The facts are this is our country our backyard and know matter what, we out number them.When the time comes it will be a blessing not a curse,we did it before and we will do it again.We where born to die,know one gets out alive.Hell I never thought I would live this long.Should of taking better care of my self.

    • Bill

      Who is John Gault?

      • Vigilant

        Read Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged (1957).”

        • Nadzieja Batki

          My copy is so dog eared and underlined and highlighted.

    • Cathy

      So right away you and others immediately say that leaving the US is “cowardly.” Guess you missed what Simon said: “Moving away, i.e., making a calculated decision to seek better opportunities elsewhere, is not the same as “running away.” It is the most effective way to change your home country, and it is anything but cowardly.”

      If anything, it takes a lot of guts to pick up and go somewhere else. My maternal grandparents came from Switzerland late 1890s. I believe my paternal grandfather came from Germany, and my paternal grandmother from Ireland. So? That means I have to stay here?

      I’m on Mr. Black’s mailing list, and I realized it was him when he suggested Chile. Did you know they have privatized their social security, and it’s been EXTREMELY successful for 30 years? The president of Chile is a self-made billionaire who welcomes entrepreneurial endeavors, unlike the current administration (who wants to punish success).

      Not only do we not have the freedom we experienced growing up, but the U.S. is behind the times in so many ways…because of the clowns in the circus called Washington. I’d like peace and quiet in my later years. It’s becoming quite difficult to not feel uneasy and disturbed regarding the direction in which this once great country is headed.

      “Nobody is born with a mandatory obligation to a piece of dirt,” including me.

      • Dagney

        The sooner the better for you and us, Cathy. I hope you are packing up as we speak!

        • karolyn

          Why do you have no respect for others’ views? That to me is unAmerican.

          • Dagney

            Really? I’m unamerican because I, as YOU say, have no respect for someone who is obviously wrong? My disagreeing with a wrong opinion is UNAMERICAN and disrespectful? REALLY, do you REALLY want to say that? Would you really like to repeat that so all here do hear you LOUD AND CLEAR?

            You, obviously, have absolutely NO understanding of this conversation or this country.

          • Karolyn

            You know, Dagney, it seems to me that there is such a thing as intelligent conversation, without putdowns, threats, denigrations, being told “take a hike,” etc. Live and let live is a great way to be.

          • Dagney

            And, telling me I’m “unamerican” is okay because why? Oh, yes being liberal always confers some sort of immunity to being judged “disrespectful” because supposedly “you care” and it’s your “intentions” that matter. It’s not the disasterous results of your “caring” that matters, it’s the fact that you “intend” to do good. Look in the mirror first before you start telling other people how to act.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            We do not have to respect other peoples views, we don’t even have to listen to them either. You have the right to say anything you may want but there is not a right to be listened to.

          • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

            karolyn, I’m sure Kenya would be more to your liking. Kenya say, Kenya here I come.

      • steve in AZ

        Cathy and ilk-

        The sooner the “leavers”, for whatever reason they choose, actually leave, the better for America.

        I suspect Simon Black is a Brit, and not an American. Mr. Black – may I hold the door for you and your escaping followers so that “the door don’t hitcha where the Good Lord splitcha”?

        That being said,it is a fact that there is no place to go that is attractive to any real American. What American, after an extended stay on foreign soil, hasn’t had the urge to kiss the soil of this greatest of all nations upon returning? As bad as things are – the worst in our history, and heading down for now, nobody sane believes they are better anywhere else. If conditions appear better elsewhere for the time being, how will they remain that way if we allow America to fall?

        Vote Ron Paul. End the Fed. And google Miracle Mineral Solution for good health free of the clutches of BIG Gov and Pharma.

      • Vigilant


        Perhaps you’d like to enlighten us as to how your ancestors improved their native countries by moving away. Black’s statement, “It is the most effective way to change your home country..” is nothing short of ridiculous, on every level of thinking. America would improve only if those who would destroy her leave the country.

        Glad you’re so in love with Chile. I guess you never heard of Salvador Allende. Any country that could produce such a dictator could do it again. Your presence in Chile would be infinitely preferable to your presence here. Don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.

        You say, “Nobody is born with a mandatory obligation to a piece of dirt,” including me.” Get this straight and don’t forget it: America is an idea above all else. You would do well to read Edward Everett Hale’s “A Man Without a Country.” If America is just “a piece of dirt” to you and Mr. Black, then neither you nor he has ever understood what it means to be an American.

      • Christie Antony F

        In a globalised world, I guess, living in any corner of the world is the individuals choice, for whatever reason if that makes him happy.

      • Christie Antony F

        In a globalised world, I guess, living in any corner of the world is the individuals choice, for whatever reason, if that makes him happy.

      • bILL .H.

        I to am tempted to move to another country—-not because of the particular condition of the US but because our “elected” officials eeem to want to do NOTHING to do with it. The repubs and tea partiers speak a good plan but with Obamination as emporer I see very little if any change coming.

      • Rennie

        I fear that if the USA goes down the totalitarian path, it will bully all nations into tyranny after centuries of pushing others towards freedom and liberty. I mean real freedom, not what Obama has helped seed which is only spreading the darkness of oppression and loss of individual rights, not to mention the continuing war on Christianity. I’m not sure moving away will do more than buy a few years or decades. And even if you find such an elightened country, then there is always the danger of belligerent communist/marxist neighbors such as Chile, Columbia and Costa Rica have. I think the Falklands look tempting, but Obama’s anti-UK attitude has endangered them by siding with Argentina’s ridiculous claim to those islands despite the fact the residents are Britisha nd wish to remain so. The southern hemisphere offers refuge if the dangerous obsession with nuclear power plants keeps poisoning the northern one, picking the right one is the question. Australia and New Zealand have about ruined their liberties and economies with socialism, ultra-environmentalism and political correctness, but I see glimmers of hope the people are sick of it and are pushing back. I am very hopeful that Scotland will FINALLY become independent after years of Westminster’s puppet act, before they get sucked down the economic toilet with England and the EU. It would be refreshing to see freedom get a fresh injection of enthusiasm in the world, and all those of Scottish origin or descent should be anxious to see one of the nations most famous for it’s desire of freedom, and influence on the American Revolution, finally achieve it’s long hoped for goal of being free once again. It’s time the pendulum began to swing the the other way, towards individual freedom, the rights of man.

      • CJM

        Our founding fathers could have moved further into the interior of the United States in order to relieve themselves of the pressure from England, but they decided it was better to unite and fight for their freedom. In my opinion, that took great courage; running would have paved the way to cowardice and the United States would remain another territory of the United Kingdom just as Canada has. No, the answer is NOT to cut and run as Smith states in his article; the answer is to stand and fight just as our forefathers did in wresting their freedoms from an oppressive government. Nothing changes when you run from the problem. One thing Smith does not address is this: What happens to you, an alien in a foreign country, when the present administation changes and becomes the government you fled from? You are in for a rude awakening because the laws in that country do not apply to foreigners when it comes to protection of personal rights.

        • CJM

          Oops!! The author’s name should be Black, not ‘Smith.’

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Pack up and go then. By simply making that statement, you have proven you do not love America, so you should leave. If you can do that, good for you, go. But those of us who love this country, we will stay and fight for it to our last breath. That is what make us Americans, and makes us different than any other nation on the earth. We depend on God and ourselves, not on others to get us by. Remember that.

    • Al Sieber

      Beberoni, I’m with you also, I’m staying and fighting. “if we don’t all hang together, we’ll all hang separately.

      • Al Sieber

        Also, those that don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it, and we are. we don’t learn from history.

        • Dan az

          Hey Al
          That’s a fact.They don’t teach history they teach politically correctness instead.I feel they left it up to us to inform our young,which seems that most have forgotten the past or just want to ignore it.My two boys were taught by a constitutionalist that ran for congress,it was a private school.

          • Al Sieber

            Well Dan, I just self taught my kids, my son still works in Williams and is looking for a good bike.

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            There is some good bikes out there and cheap email me so I can give you my phone number and we can talk.drop the az and put my towns name in after my name @

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Im with you brother. That is why we are American’s.

    • wandamurline

      My dad fought in WWII, and my husband fought in Viet Nam and Desert Storm and this is my country and I will be damned if I am going to tuck my tail under and run. The old saying is this “cut the head off the snake and the body will die”. When it gets to the point that we cannot remove the body and replace them in the voting box, then we will cut the head and watch the body die. There are people with dignity that can serve in our government…the government just needs to be replaced. Rioting in the streets will not do it, but specified targets can get the job done and quickly. There is no way in hell that I am giving up my freedoms for 545 people in Washington…it is easier to get rid of these 545 people, especially when we have 350 million to do it. As far as foreign countries, you have absolutely no freedoms there, why would you change for that? This article is ridiculous.

      • Dan az

        That’s what I’m talking about!See there is some sanity left!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Amen to that brother.

      • PMS

        Absolutely ridiculous Wandamuriline! You said it all!

    • DaveH

      The young people, Beberoni? I think not. They are thoroughly brainwashed by the public school system, and taught in the military to simply obey orders. I think the older officers might be more inclined to be on the side of Freedom.

      • vicki

        Not all of the childeren have consumed the nonsense of the liberals. I only wish I had been as smart when I was young. We just need to help them find paths to freedom as exemplified in the libertarian party.

        I think many of them should stay in the current parties just as Ron Paul has done. Easier to get the libertarian philosophy out there. Easier to get people to realize that if they really want to be a free people as we once were then they need to vote libertarian. Its the only current way to be sure.

        waiting with amusement for Karolyn to tell me how she is free so I can ask her why she has to get permission from the king to ride her private property on roads paid for by her tax dollar.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Note Dave, I said young people in the military, not those in the school system. And though yes, in the military they are taught to obey orders, I consider them the cream of the crop, someone who would volunteer to endanger their lives, to protect my life and your life. Not many would do that, but these young men and women do it, and they do it of their own free will. And there is no way you or anyone else is going to convince me that these young folks that love this country and our way of life this much, to volunteer themselves, would blindly follow any so called senior official who would tell them to turn on their own people. I just refuse to believe they would do that, and here is why. I remember as a young kid when I served, and many of us that got together used to discuss what would happen if our rotten leaders told us to turn on the civilian population that was doing no wrong in our eyes. What would we do. It was 100 percent decided that there would be a lot of fragging of officers going around if this happened, and no one would tell a thing. I firmly believe this is how it would still be today, as I have faith in these fighters of freedom that are representing us now. Right or wrong, thats how I feel.

    • DaveH

      My greatest fear is that the PTBs will get smart and give us back just enough of our money to keep a bare minimum of people happy, until such point as our population has grown used to having much less.

      The reality is that we could do much, much better. Look at Hong Kong, which has a robust, vibrant economy. Yet they only have Government spending of 18% of their GDP. Our Government takes 40% of our GDP.
      Yet, with all that extra money, we can see examples of Government ineptnous all around us. The Social Security System is running at less than hand-to-mouth, the Post Office is in trouble, and Medicare as usual is floundering. Government does not create Wealth, it consumes Wealth.

      We need to get back to Limited Government and Free Markets, starting with abolishing the Federal Reserve which was created under the pretenses of stabilizing out economic calamities. Shortly after they were created (1913) we had the worst economic calamity of our country’s history. We’ve had many smaller economic messes since then, and now we have this current calamity. How’s that Federal Reserve working out for you?

    • patriotpartisan

      Beberoni,you speak very bravely while in the security of a controlled environment, like the net, but what happens when you’re forced to “put your money where your mouth is”?
      Will you fight, most likely by yourself, because the masses are too pacified and scared of Big Bro? Try being a vigilante these days, it’ll wind you up in jail or at least court for a few years, paying thru the nose to the nanny-state you oppose… and while you thoughtlessly claim Troops are fighting in Libya and Iraq for our freedom, you obviously are feeding from the propaganda that led us to believe any of these states are a threat to our way of life. They are less a threat then the zionist occupied Federal Reserve and the spineless Congress that enables them; Never mind the fact that France, who once opposed these wars of imperialism, but now cooperates, held their own during WWII with the Partisan Underground.
      While believing and supporting, even fighting for Constitutional rights is honorable and admirable, it’s foolish to simply jump into the deep end head first, especially if you’re all alone. Perhaps a better game plan is in need if folks are going to join in. Don’t pay your taxes(starve the blood-suckers)and see how long it takes DC to get the neo-gestapo at your door and render you an “enemy of the state”… we simply can’t just stop paying taxes, the employers have to be on board, the whole economy has to cooperate or it’ll be a handfull of dissenters that the DC cartel plays off as unAmerican extremists and make us martyrs to their cause.

      • Jim Cumber

        patriotpartisan: Apparently, you never spoke with a Frenchman who truly knew his own history. The “Free French” in World War II were actually, for the most part, Communists!

        Vigilant would like to know more about his Ancestry, genealogy, and family history, if I read him correctly. Find the local ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Tracing their ancestry is a part of their religion, and they have been doing it since their founding in 1830. They are working toward uniting the entire Human Family into one gigantic Family Tree, called “NewFamilySearch” and it will be available to those NOT members of the LDS Church, within a couple of years. Meanwhile, their Family History Centers ARE available to non-members, and they are EXTREMELY helpful to those interested in tracing their family genealogy. LDS and non-LDS records are preserved in a mountain vault (which is built like a FORTRESS!) in Utah. They sometimes refer to it as “the mountain in which 100 billion people live” (they have birth, marriage, and death records for that many people) and they are also working feverishly to index all those records and post them on the internet for the whole human family to access. One of my favorite sayings from their Family History training classes is: “God is planning a Great Family Reunion, and we’re helping!” They also hold the US Constitution as a “divinely inspired document” (it’s right in their scriptures) and teach self-reliance and family preparedness, as well as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

        • Vigilant

          Thanks, Jim, but that was DaveH who wants to know more. I’ve used the LDS resources and I’ll admit it’s a great source.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I always put my money where my mouth is patriot, always. And if they want to jail me and beat me, then hey brother, I guess Ill be like the Apostle Paul, and Ill get beaten and jailed, but I will stay the course of righteousness, as I know Im not in charge, and they arent in charge, I know God is in charge, and if I stay the course and do what is right, He will see me through. I have no fear of any man, as I have nothing to fear. If they kill me, then I move into a better place, and Im still alive. Death has no hold on me, or on any believer. So I will not let the fear of any man change the way I live my life. There is no need do when you do what is right. It is when your doing what is wrong that you should fear, because you see, he who seeks to save his life, will lose it if he compromises his principles. Not I.

  • Peter

    This is one of the most sensible posts I have read on this website! There is absolutely nothing wrong with relocating.
    There is also nothing wrong with national pride, but you can be proud to be an American even if you don’t live in the USA anymore!

    • Vigilant

      This is one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve ever read on this site.

      “Moving away, i.e., making a calculated decision to seek better opportunities elsewhere, is not the same as “running away.” It is the most effective way to change your home country, and it is anything but cowardly.”


      My ancestors settled in 1754 on the very land I now live on in upstate NY. To say that “nobody is born with a mandatory obligation to a piece of dirt” is double-speak of the worst sort. It’s called “the right to private property” and it’s much more than an obligation. It’s called “love,” and if Mr. Black cannot understand that then let him relocate to the other side of the world.

      I’ve always heard that “military intelligence” was an oxymoron, and now I’m inclined to believe it. Mr. Black, your experience in a sordid, cynical world of spy vs. spy has left you unpatriotic, unappreciative of the fact that there are some things worth fighting for, and most likely unschooled in the glorious history that made this nation the greates in earth’s history.

      And how exactly does one improve their nation by leaving it? Another case of double-speak.

      No sir, let the liberals pull up stakes and leave. I’ll defend my ancestral home and lands to the death!

      • karolyn

        We are not just citizens of the US, but citizens of the world! I doubt very much I would move but would not call someone who did a coward. We ALL have free choice.

        • Vigilant

          No, karolyn, we are not “citizens of the world,” and to claim such is disingenuous. “Citizen” is a legal term. How much you must hate this country! I lived for 26 years in other countries during my lifetime, both east and west, and NONE has had the opportunities for betterment more available than our own great nation.

          If you believe your loyalties lie somewhere outside the USA, or to some specious “world community,” then you and your ilk SHOULD move from this country. It is precisely because we DO have free choice that the Founders’ dedication to that principle created the best, most exceptional framework for human political existence in history.

          • Dagney

            And, why would we leave just when the lying left is being exposed for what they are? It’s gonna get so interesting, this next election because the silent majority is still very much awake. The opportunity to right many of the wrongs made on this country and its people these last 100 years will never be better than in the next 18 months. Why would we, who love this country, leave now when the chance to roll back much of the damage done by liberals is almost at hand.

            Maybe, just maybe that is the design of this article. Get as many conservatives as possible dispirited and turning tail and running is the only hope the left has of putting additional nails in the coffin of this country. The left will do anything to try to dispirit you. Look at all the polls they put out. The polls are there to shape opinion, not show what existing opinion is! Never, ever think a poll put out by the communist news organizations (ie., the main stream media) in this country is representative of what this country’s people REALLY think! It just isn’t so!

          • Carlucci

            I don’t want to be a “citizen of the world”. That sounds as silly and trite (and wrong) as “it takes a village” to raise a child. There is something to be said for isolationism, which is what America needs to get back to. Like many people, I just want to do my own thing, be prosperous, and above all, be left alone.

          • Carlucci

            Vigilant, you rock.

          • Kate8

            Carlucci – The “citizens of the world” thing is all about the globalist ideal, destroying language, borders and culture. It is meant to deny that there was ever anything special about America.

            It sounds so inclusive to the Lefties, giving them warm fuzzies all over. Do they really thing that we are no different than those who are communists, fascists, guerillas and barbarians?

            It’s nauseating.

          • patriotpartisan

            V, your rhetoric is nothing shy of faux-bravado and sicky-sweet Patriotism, but as substance-less as Obama’s speeches.
            The only thing that separates us from the rest of the world is water and imaginary lines, and with the help of socialist democrats, will soon be gone like our liberty.
            Standing and fighting only works if you can fight; watch how quickly protests are gassed and beaten by LEOs, now put that scenario into a larger scale like civil unrest in 48 states… how long before the UN steps in and our country becomes war-torn/UN controlled Bosnia or Libya?
            Freedom to choose means where you lay down roots, not just sports teams and soda flavors. Restoring the Republic will take more then just cussing out those who don’t believe it can be done. Divide and conquer… we are divided, those we want out of DC are united. How successfull can we be if we are too busy infightng?

          • vicki

            Look guys. A liberal hiding in patriotpartisan shoes. I notice how the UN is doing in bosnia and libya. Those with the guns are still in control and the UN remains ineffectual.

            I also notice who’s arms the UN is trying to use in those countries. Bring our people home and escort the UN off our soil. And remind the UN of what lurks behind every blade of grass.

          • karolyn

            Kate – For someone who at times posts such spiritual words, I am so surprised at your responses lately. We are all brothers and sisters, and this is not the first time I’ve posted that. We all come from the same lineage.

          • Kate8

            karolyn – I understand that you see no difference in those who champion freedom and those who desire to create a world caliphate under sharia.

            We may be brothers as far as our humanity, but we don’t all embody the Holy Spirit, which gives us a heart for love, liberty and honor. You don’t find that calling in very many cultures, and I am not willing to give up the spirit of freedom in order to accomodate cultures that wish to dominate us with their ideologies of force.

            I don’t know what your idea of spirituality is, but mine definitely includes national and personal sovereignty.

          • karolyn

            Kate – Don’t put words in my mouth!

        • Dagney

          We smelly, patriotic, cowboy-loving, flag-waving, God-fearing, common-sense conservatives are just too uneducated and STOOPID for the likes of you, karolyn. We, or our ancestors, mostly on 8th-grade educations, just built the greatest, richest, and most powerful nation ever known in history because they were given the FREEDOM to do so. We’re just beneath you, though. We’re SO uncouth, so uneducated, and so UNMARXIST. So, YOU leave and take your “citizen of the world” mantra with you.

          • Vigilant

            Well put, sir!

          • Vigilant

            Sorry, Dagney, I should have said, thank you Ma’am!

          • patriotpartisan

            Dagney, your flag waiving, range-riding, brokeback chapped ass won’t change the fact that a group of highly educated zionist bankers hijacked our govt and the country they’re supposed to serve and do what they wish to with little or no consequence… mud slinging and bickering won’t save the Republic, only divide us more and make it easier for them to conquer.
            Think because we have the most powerful military-thanks to the largest DOD budget in history-that we won’t fall victim to socialism? Peaceful protesters and tax evaders get their freedom of speech and freedom of choice taken away with a baton and cuffs; why would it be any different if it was you dissenting?
            Migration for the purpose of survival has been done long before Old Glory flew… it will survive long after too.

          • Dagney

            Vigilant: No offense taken! As Carlucci said above, “you rock!”. As to the other anti-semintic boogyman comment also in this comment section, Pfftt! No comment is necessary.

          • Vigilant

            Dagney, Carlucci, Kate8, vicki, DaveH and others: thank you for your support. How ironic that patriotpartisan should use the word “patriot” in his screen name when he has no clue as to the definition of the word.

          • DaveH

            Don’t be so hard on Patriot.
            The common thread here is that Leaders want more power and perks at the citizens’ expense. There are currently two types of leaders (mostly), those who seek their power by offering to protect us from poverty, and those who seek their power by offering to protect us from other countries (the welfare statists, and the military statists). Note that I’m speaking military, not real defense of our country. Our founders disdained Standing Armies, and for good reason. Standing Armies are much more likely to threaten our Freedom than to preserve it. Most likely they will do the bidding of the Leaders when push comes to shove.
            Neither of the two major parties’ Leaders really cares about our Freedom.

          • karolyn

            Dagney – My grandparents came here from Poland in the teens, and neither of my parents had a high school diploma. You make me laugh. :-) So holier-than-thou.

          • Dagney

            I’ll bet your grandparents had a much better understanding of this country than you display on this site. What happened? Your statement that you think I’m “holier-than-thou” is actually encouraging to me. You know I’m speaking the truth and you know you are embarrassing yourself and your grandparents if they could see your posts. Maybe there’s HOPE for you!

          • Karolyn

            No I believe my grandparents would be proud to have a granddaughter who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

          • karolyn
          • karolyn
        • DaveH

          Wow! Karolyn has come fully out of the closet. We should have been able to see that earlier.

          • DaveH

            Best think about what you’ve embraced, Karolyn. You think there are poor people in this country? We make about 4 times in income what the average world citizen makes. Who do you think is going to make up the shortfall in income for all those people when we have your One World Government? Yes, it will be you, and me, and other ordinary folks. You deserve that. Most of us on this board don’t.

          • Vigilant

            Dave, you’ve finally convinced me to vote for Ron Paul! No one else has the intelligence and spirit to understand that we run the government, not vice-versa.

          • DaveH

            Thank you for that nice compliment, Vigilant.

          • karolyn

            Dave – This is not the first time I’ve posted my belief that we are all brothers and sisters and are our “brother’s keeper.”

          • Kate8

            karolyn – I don’t know about you, but I don’t want or need anyone to be my keeper.

            That is an insulting idea, and the only ones who might like the idea are those who want other people’s money.

          • DaveH

            You don’t even have the time to do some reading and learn some reality, but you have the time to Keep me? Bugger off.

          • vicki

            karolyn says:
            “This is not the first time I’ve posted my belief that we are all brothers and sisters and are our “brother’s keeper.” ”

            No it is not. You often want to take my wealth at gunpoint to help you keep your brother. Get your hands off my wealth. I have my own brother to keep.

            (That was remarkably hard for me to keep that last sentence civil :( )

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Actually, Karolyn is correct. In Genesis 4:9, Cain made the statement “Am I my brothers keeper”, in his attempt to deny the fact that he had any responsibility at all for caring for his brother. In Galatians 6:2 we read, “Carry each others burdens”. In Philippians 2:4, it says “Let each of you not only look to his own interests, but also to the interests of others”. See also John 13:34-35, Proverbs 28:27, 1 Timothy 5:8, Proverbs 21:13, and there are many others. Yes, we are supposed to care for one another, and for anyone to suggest otherwise is very wrong. Now this doesnt mean, what our society seemingly has evolved into, where so many have decided that they dont need to work and carry any of the burden, and those of us that do work should pay their way. That is not what these verses are saying. Its saying that if you truly need help, I shouldnt be greedy and only worry about myself, I should help you. But for those who dont even try, their burden is not mine. It is also written, he who doesnt work shouldnt eat – 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          Why are you on this site? I thought you would be packing to find your utopia.
          Last time I looked I was a citizen of the United States of America.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          From where do you come up with the things you write? We are not citizens of the world. We are not our brother’s keepers.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            We are supposed to be though.

      • Al Sieber

        Vigilant, I’m from upstate N.Y. originally, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid area, my ancestors go back that far too and my relatives still own their land also. I live in Ariz. now, left N.Y. in 1969.

        • Al Sieber

          And Karolyn, we are not citizens of the world, that’s New World Order brainwashing.

          • karolyn

            We are all brothers and sisters who descended from the same place.

          • Kate8

            karolyn – Since you’ve stated that about 3 times now on this thread, perhaps you might elaborate on just what you mean by that.

            What has our origins got to do with anything? Should we not all have the right to create our lives as we see fit? What gives certain, self-appointed, authoritarians the right to determine what is right and best for the rest of us?

            The trouble with you liberals is that you are all for us all being equal, as long as we do everything your way.

        • Vigilant

          Saranac and Placid are still beautiful places. Shame you had to leave. My mother was born at Tupper Lake.

          • Al Sieber

            Vigilant, I have a Aunt, Uncle, and cousins who live in Tupper Lake, damn, that’s strange.

          • Al Sieber

            Also, I left N.Y.because of no rights, couldn’t carry a hand gun, but the criminals could. I followed my grandfather out here.

      • Chris

        Vigilant, according to your logic you are descended from a line of ancestral cowards since they left their prior lands to settle in America.

        You people need to get your heads out of your asses and wake up to what is happening around you.

        • Vigilant

          Chris, you’re an idiot, making crass assumptions about which you know nothing.

          My ancestors (on my father’s side), if you must know, came to America for economic opportunity. The farmland in Wurtemburg, Germany had played out and a series of droughts had devastated them. Moreover, they descended from a Polish nobleman who was forced to flee his country as a result of monarchy change. On my mother’s side, my British grandfather was orphaned when his parents were killed in a train wreck. He was forced into indentured service in Canada and later came to America as a logger.

          “You people” need to get your heads out of your asses and wake up to what America is all about.

          • DaveH

            How cool that you know so much about your ancestry. I know little about mine.

          • Vigilant


            You might want to check out some genealogy sites. There’s a wealth of genealogical info out there now, much more accessible than even a decade ago.

            My job was easier than most, since my family settled the area and became local leaders, so much was written about them. Even so, the Internet has revealed much more info to me about my far scattered relatives in other states.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I agree with you totally. My ancestors came from what was once called Prussia. When Wilhelm Kaiser was in power, they went through and took everything from everyone, and they had a choice to leave or stay and die, so like many, my ancestors migrated to America for an opportunity to live a free life, from a place where they had none. Those who suggest fleeing here now and letting those who want to destroy to go unchecked to destroy it, show their anti – American hearts.

        • Al Sieber

          Vigilant, some of my ancestors go back to the founding father’s, there’s no problem with what Chris said, he’s just ignorant. glad to know the area is still the same.

          • Chris

            Typical, whenever you have no viable response just call the person an idiot or some other name that fits in your vocabulary.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who went into exile in France, and wrote much of his best and most effective things from there?

        I can see both sides of the argument. But I do have obligations to others in this country, and none to those in other countries.

        I do not have an armory, either. Nor money to acquire one. And my knowledge would not be of use to other countries; the USA however is not interested in it either. Been turned out to pasture, aged and infirm.

        When I am steamrollered here, I leave behind widely-scattered children who are very intelligent and capable of good fight-or-flee decisions, children with faith, skills, and wide education.

        Hope it will be enough.

      • steve in AZ

        Right on, Vigilant!! With one exception. I’m certain the absence of Simon Black in America would be a great improvement!

        Vote Ron Paul.

        • Vigilant

          Agreed, on all counts!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Simon Black is a bloody wanker. Thats it, a bloody wanker.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Why don’t you take the other 100 million plus who want the socialist/communist lifestyle with you…

      • Dagney

        Oh, I sincerely doubt it’s 100 million. They are just the loudest and whine the most. So, they seem to be a much bigger group than they are.

    • Cathy

      Especially because an “ex-pat” has to continue paying income tax. The U.S. is the only country in the world that requires their citizens to file income tax even if they move PERMANENTLY to another country. That’s BS!

      Apparently, other posters think a person has a moral obligation to stay here. If that’s what they want to think, it doesn’t bother me.

      • Vigilant

        “Especially because an “ex-pat” has to continue paying income tax. The U.S. is the only country in the world that requires their citizens to file income tax even if they move PERMANENTLY to another country. That’s BS!”

        As is your posting. Other countries, especially in Europe, tax their ex-pats on “universal income.” Get your facts straight.

        “Apparently, other posters think a person has a moral obligation to stay here. If that’s what they want to think, it doesn’t bother me.”

        Much more than a moral obligation. “Patriotism” may be a word that means nothing to you, dearie, but it is near and dear to most people on this site. You’re sniffing in the wrong bushes if you think you can marginalize our founding principles and the glorious history of America. But, as you say, America is just “a piece of dirt” to you.

        • Kate8

          Vigilant – I guess we’ll be able to soon see how many real patriots are around. The elite and O are on a mission now to take our guns.

          All it takes is a citizenry which is determined and willing to sacrifice everything. I know there are plenty of old folks…I sure hope there are also plenty of youth whose minds haven’t been turned to mush.

          Here’s how the elites are doing it. The clip of a speech by Jesse Ventura at the end is an inspiration to all who will no longer fall for their brutal charades.

        • Carlucci

          My husband and I never had to pay income tax when we were overseas. At that time, every individual could make up to $80,000.00 a year tax free. I don’t know if that is because we were in Saudi Arabia, but I was under the impression that all ex-pats didn’t have to pay if they are under a certain income margin. There was also some weird rule that you couldn’t be here in the USA for more than 20 or 30 days at a time if you were living overseas. That was never a problem for us as we chose to travel and see the world, since my husband got 65 days of vacation per year; it was actually more than that as weekends didn’t count. People who came home to the USA for their entire vacation were the ones who had problems with the IRS, unless they lived in a state close to Canada. Smart ones would go to Canada and stay a few days or a week to escape that technicality.

          We still had to FILE an income tax return, but never had to pay while we were overseas.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I thought you would be packing by now instead of being on this site. Once anyone establishes a mindset to leave America, they may be from America but they are no longer American.

      • Vigilant

        I agree!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          And isnt it amazing how so many can sit there and cry and complain, day after day, and the Reverend Wrights and their G.D. America hatred speechs, and yet they still choose to stay here. Why? If its so bad, why dont you all just leave? What makes them stay Vigilant? Why do they stay if its all doom and gloom and so bad? I mean, if I dislike something so bad, hey, Im going to get away from it, and leave it behind. So why do they keep crying and complaining, and not doing anything about it? Typical liberals. They cry to be heard, and do absolutely nothing to help themselves. Its pretty easy for all you chronic complainers out there. Get the heck out of the country. Go for it. Leave, and leave now, and those of us who love this country will stay and fight for it. You all go and hide under a rock and curl up in the fetal position. Just leave, and do us all a favor.

    • CJM

      I don’t see how one could call themselves “proud to be American” when they abandoned their country when help was needed the most. These are the people who cut and run to save their own skins–and come back after others have fought and died to preserve our Republic so they can reap the benefits. Patriotic? I hardly think so!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Not if you know it is under attack, and you run and hide and leave others short handed to fight for it. That would be like you and 3 of your friends walking down the street, and 4 guys jump out to fight you, and you take off and run and leave the 3 of them to fight the 4, then you come back and want them to be your buddy. Running is the cowardly thing to do, and when the going gets tough, the cowards run. That is a fact, so if your a coward, then by all means, run, run away. Go hide and act like its ok. But those of us who stay to fight for what is right, we will see you, and we will know what you are. Its pretty simple.

  • rchick

    It’s interesting how this relocation subject appeared today. I’ve been asking myself lately if there was another place one could go to find more freedoms, and this post answers my question.

    Not sure whether my family and I would just leave, but good to know there are other places where I could find less govt involvement in my life.

    Have a great day!

    • Cathy

      According to International Living survey in 2010, the top three countries were Ecuador, Panama, and Mexico.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn


        Do you really feel an American, even one who had renounced his country, would be safer in any of those three? These days?

        • Nadzieja Batki

          You will not be happy in any other country unless you are a leftist. The proverbial grass is not greener on the other side, most likely it is painted. Americans stick out whereever they go, we seem to have a typical American attitude and even if we speak other peoples languages they pick it up.

      • CJM

        Mexico is on the list for an honest, fair government—a safe country where people can flee to for more freedom than what we have in the US? Tell me, just how free is a country that has a mass exodus of immigrants that enter other countries illegally, has a cartel-operated government that is wealthy due to illicit drug and human trafficking, and has lawless citizens murdering innocent people by the hundreds on a daily basis????

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Good luck finding another place that will afford you the freedoms and things such as clean water, safety and freedoms, health care and all the other things you are afforded here. Maybe if your rich you can go live in Switzerland or somewhere like that. But with your system having grown being used to purity in your food and water, your not going to go to Ecuador and Mexico and places and be able to ever drink the water or eat what you want. And keep in mind, when the federalis come and take from you all they want, you wont have no constitution to protect you, no police force to watch over you, and probably no fire department to put out the fire. But if thats what you want, go ahead, and good luck having it as good as you have here.

  • Conservative at Birht

    Who is John Galt? My senitments exactly. I will however, stay and fight. In May of 2008 I decided to invest in books, fire arms/ammunitition, canned food, and distilled water to go along with my extensive camping equipment. Remember; Be Prepared?

  • Sheilah B.

    I hear Rosetta Stone puts out some great Language courses, so good luck with that. Just Remember the boogey men are EVERYWHERE! If you don’t like the US, well, it IS a FREE country, nobody’s going to chain you down and make you stay. Hasta La Vista if that’s what you’re going to do. Me, I’m staying home…right here in the USA. Sorry to see you go! Happy Trails to ya.

    • Vigilant

      “Me, I’m staying home…right here in the USA. Sorry to see you go! Happy Trails to ya.”

      Sheilah, I’m staying right here too, but I’m NOT sorry to see anyone go who doesn’t have the sense of loyalty to defend our principles.

      • Kate8

        Vigilant – I’m curious. I can’t remember if you said you had been a military man…

        My quesion is, since surely many of our men in uniform can see what’s going down in America, that enemies are occupying the WH and have thoroughly invaded our system (evidenced by Oathkeepers), what keeps them standing down?

        Are the generals and other ranking officers in on it? What keeps them from honoring their oath to defend us against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic?

        I’ve heard that the numbers in military who would side with the WH vs the People are about 50/50.

        • Vigilant


          I retired from the Air Force after 24 years of service in 1990. After that, I worked for NATO in the Netherlands for 14 years.

          “My quesion is, since surely many of our men in uniform can see what’s going down in America, that enemies are occupying the WH and have thoroughly invaded our system (evidenced by Oathkeepers), what keeps them standing down?”

          Sad to say, and I’m not trying to minimize the dedication and service of most service members, but too many nowadays enlist to obtain gainful employment without much thought to the principles. Moreover, remember that the public so-called “education” system in this country doesn’t foster a love of country or provide a decent account of US history. Most of the new troops are products of this system.

          “Are the generals and other ranking officers in on it? What keeps them from honoring their oath to defend us against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic?”

          Today’s officers are mostly managers, not leaders. For them, it’s all about money, status, and possibly political aspirations. My guess is that, if you gave them a test on the Constitution, they would fare poorly.

          During my service career, I noticed a very telling thing about officers. Early on, you’d hear them talk about the emotion they felt when they heard the National Anthem or presented arms to the flag. This dedication and devotion, as I progressed through the ranks, became less and less expressed by the new officers.

          Please, anyone who reads this, do not think that I don’t have a world of respect for the youngsters who put their life on the line every day around the world. They are, in my mind, the best and the brightest America has to offer. I am simply commenting on the relative apathy that our Marxist teachers and professors have been propagating since I was a young pup.

  • Fred

    I’ve tried living in other places where liberty was real and taxes were low – life was good, but never-the-less, there is no place like home. Despite all its shortcomings, life is best in the USA. Beberoni is right – an America we want is worth fighting for. The biggest problem in the USA is the legions of people who just accept things the way it is dished to them, and lack the vision or the intestinal fortitude to fight for the country they want.

    • Dagney

      Exactly right. There is no place with a Constitution like ours. The problems in this country is with the people not with its founding. Mediocrity is being accepted by too many people and what we have as “our dear leaders” is the essence of mediocrity if not down-right corruption and evil. Time to root it out!

      • steve in AZ


        As always, your posts are to the point and spot on.

        A few years back (maybe 12-15), in good times, feeling like the Lone Ranger, I subscribed to International Living and Sovereign Investor. I chose Honduras as a possible place for dual citizenship. It never happened – and I’m glad.

        Nowadays, with the blossoming of the internet, and the awakening of my fellow “righties” (Randites?) I’m so glad I realized that my country is the place for me. It’s not about a piece of dirt. It’s about true patriotism – not Simon Black’s escapism.

        I truly enjoy each of your posts, and those of the peeps here who “Get It.” Keep up the great work educating the lib-tards!!

        “Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy.”

        Vote Ron Paul.

        Everybody not a lib-tard – please google Miracle Mineral Solution and Jim Humble, and Greg Caton. I’d like you around for the renaissance.

        • Dagney

          Hi, Steve: Thank you for your nice post. I’m not so sure about Ron Paul. He didn’t do as well as others on the first debate in South Carolina. Herman Cain did very well and has an advantage because he eliminates the race card for the left. However, I’m of the mind that I would vote for ANYBODY BUT OBAMA right now. Though, I would dearly love to see Allen West run. One thing we cannot allow is the MSM to pick our candidate again as they did with McCain.

          • Marty S.

            I think they already have. Newt Gingrich

    • Cawmun Cents

      Most people are afraid to leave their comfort zone.They will go along to get along so it is easier on them.Taking the easy way out is always the choice of folks who will eventually lose what they have.For instance,when people couldnt afford homes,Fannie May and Freddie Mac,were there to help them out.Unfortunately nearly all ofthe folks who got help,are now without ownership to a property.But they still will not leave their comfort zone.They will throw everything into a house which the banks will eventually own.You wont call it cowardice if they move to somewhere else and start over again in that situation,right?When this illustrious gubment leaves you broken-hearted and destitute,are you going to stay here and let them bulldoze you into the ground?Throughout history,when folks who loved God and formed a nation got too comfortable,and said you know what God,we dont need you anymore,well they lost their nation.It happened every time.Why should we be any different?Even those among us who do not believe still let their principles be compromised.Go along to get along.Even after a nations core values have been twisted and fipped upside down,in the name of treating criminals better than the victims,folks want to stay in their comfort zone.The Jews did that very thing in Europe,not so long ago.They refused to leave the lives they had built.Here comes the bulldozers.Then they were fortunate enough to gain sovereignty elsewhere,but even now the plot to destroy them is growing stronger.But dammit they will stay and fight!Problem with the moving part is that there is always someone waiting to take your life away wherever you go.I for one,am not a world citizen.I am an American.If I have to be the last rat on the ship that is sinking into the vast oceans of history,then so be it.It may not be pleasant,it may not be good,but I have had my share of good,and I wont abandon what I know for some ideal that will grind me into the dust.ou folks who go elsewhere,have a good life.But it is time for me to make a stand.If it is a final one then so be it.

    • Common Sense

      The reality is ex-patriot numbers are way up over the last several years. A reasonable movement of wealth out of USA began in the late 90′s, that slowed and since the Obama adm it has almost quadrupled. Any student of Harry Dent realizes that demographics plays the most important role in economics and when the wealth leaves the country the economy hits the skids. Why do you think illegal immigrants are now so important? It’s a simple demographic need. If the present adm has there way obtaining any wealth will become a major negative. The targets are those who seek execellence and have any entreprenurial skills. Sadly, it becomes a situation where it is more prudent to come back into USA on a passpor and spend 6 months a year here as a former citizen. Not very attractive whn success means you have to pay .75 on every dollar you earn to support the masses who expect the government to take care of them. The internet and satellite TV assure you get everything you need in a more favorable tax haven, sad but true

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      The legions of sheeple in America have been trained for pleasure and blind obedience to the government. I doubt 1 in 100 has loyalties to anything but money and pleasure and those who seem to provide it, any more.

      And “entertainment” is getting more and more violent! Much like Rome before the Fall.

      But folks like me have not the options of you “rich” folks who can just take off to other countries. Think of us left behind, occasionally?

      • Kate8

        Lewis – Speaking of “entertainment”, there really is so much brainless garbage feeding into the minds of people today. I see so many younger people really hooked on the violence and trash on TV. The most depraved, gruesome, immoral and just plain idiotic trash they watch doesn’t faze them.

        We’ve been gradually conditioned to accept violence, mayhem and decadence, even in real life.

        It’s not much of a stretch to see where this is headed.

        • TNJan

          Kate8, you are on the money. A prime example of this “entertainment” is from quite a few years ago,, 1979, I think. A “movie” called “Caligula”, which is horribly filthy, dirty and deviant! I am sure there are much worse now, you can search through Yahoo and find all sorts of deviant, bestial, incestuous, and every other kind of filth, some you can’t even imagine. How have we let God out of our lives and let this trash have the upper hand? I am not interested in the type of stuff I listed above, I just was curious HOW FAR DOWN the tastes of the majority have gone. We MUST rise above this type of stuff and hope we can be saved. God help us to do it.

          • CJM

            While I agree that there is too much violence in the “entertainment” world, it boils down to the question: Where are the PARENTS? As parents, we are responsible for what our children participate in and that includes censoring media material. As parents, we are responsible for reviewing all school material that the children bring home and question the educators when we see something wrong. As parents, it is our responsibility to build character within our off-spring. Had the act of PARENTING not been so neglected, a good many of today’s problems would not be so horrific.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Lewis, the rich who would run and leave is 1 out of 100. The other 99 of us, like you and me, are not rich, and cannot leave, and we also wouldnt leave, because we are Americans and love this country. We owe a debt of gratitude to those who came before us, who gave all that we might enjoy the freedoms we have today. And we honor them with our commitment to staying and fighting for this country. Sure we have our problems. Sure our government is way too large and way to self serving, and sure they interfere with things far too much. But we also are still the greatest free country in the world, and the more, we the people, insist on voting out politicians who do not serve the people, and vote in new ones every election until they get it right, the more things will change for the better. For years we just kept electing the same old, same old, year after year, decade after decade, and they got comfortable, entrenched in special interest groups, and were bought and sold. We are not waking up and voting them out. And we must stay away, and keep voting them out, who do not do what they are elected to do, and that is to serve the people and the country, not themselves.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Bad typo in the last paragraph. That should read, “we must stay awake”

  • terry

    He is right, you know. If I had the money, I would strongly consider it. Talk to anyone and they will tell you the Country is on a downward spiral that is not going to stop. I know many are critisizing Donald Trump but we would all be better off if he were President. He doesn’t need the money and he alread has power.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Trumps out, he was never serious. He was just doing what Donald Trump does, get publicity.

  • windage

    Have been studying on this topic for couple of years now. Getting ready to retire in 10 years and move south, far south. Don’t know if this country has that long, better get going on this idea now.

  • Louie

    All we have to do to save this country (USA) is kick ass…I’m ready, are you???

  • Jon

    Well put. At 75 we made the very difficult decision to move to Singapore before it was too late. I fear restrictions on movement of capital are forthcoming.
    BTW, some of the best advice we ever got was from your father, Vern Meyer, who we met at NCMR meeting in New Orleans in 1978.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Singapore is a nice place; been there a few times while I had money left. Loved the food.

      BUT, it is becoming more and more a Chinese Communist satrapy, and freedom is diminishing fast for those not Chinese Communists!

      If you want Chinese preference and communism growing and creeping into everything, go for it. Racism is bad there also, concealed, but bitter under the Chinese Communists.

  • Alej

    Please, Bob, list the countries where life is good, and I can take my guns with me… I’d be interested. Otherwise, Chile and all those other places are populated by people who exist at the pleasure of their governments. B’lieve I’ll stay in the Republic of Texas, and fight for Nullification, or secession.

    • Cathy

      What gives you that idea about Chile?

  • JP

    Eleven years ago my family and I left the Peoples Republic of California and relocated to Hawaii (Maui). Of course, moving to Hawaii is different than expatriating. And, Hawaii is further left politically even (than California). But, we’ve found a home in Hawaii mostly because there is a healthy amount of nonviolent civil disobedience that the powers that be don’t seem to have the manpower to effectively supress. I’ve found many like-minded people who just want to be left alone to raise our families and live as free as we can. We’re not wealthy but we are happy we moved away from California, which seems chokingly dead now in comparison. We may move again if/when Maui catches up to California, maybe expatriating. I think there are pockets of livable places in the States, but probably not for long.

    • TNJan

      JP, yep, here in TN, we are still mostly patriotic rednecks, probably a fair share of entitlement kings and queens around, but they would probably work if the checks were cut off, some could probably still chop trees and plow an acre. (Not sarcasm) I am a senior citizen of several years, but I can do more work in a day than some men I know. “Hit ain’t too bad hyear abouts!” God bless the search for His way of truth and honesty.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I live up in northern Indiana, and your Tennessee is my idea of a place to move to when I retire, still right here in the USA. I have never met a nicer people than those in the Smoky Mountains, over in Townsend, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and Fontana Dam areas. Yes, that is where Im moving too, and I want to see the faces on the liberals when they try coming up the mountains and asking for the guns. Ha. They wont get up to far, and they will be done. Ill guarantee it.

  • Marcos

    The advantage we have over Rome is the internet and the ability to quickly educate/organize folks and a system of government condusive to reacting to that education. I thought we were doomed until the fruit basket turn over in the last election. We live in a country where we can turn the basket over every few years. Romans didn’t have the luxury. Besides, China? Get real.

  • Tom McWilliams

    Time to get out of this hell hole called the former Republic of the USA.
    Feeding the beast will never stop until the currency is debased and the dollar reaches it’s intrinsic value….a piece of paper worth zero, nada, nothing…toilet paper will be worth more

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why are you wasting time on this site? You should have already packed and been long gone if you loathe this country.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Move to France, and call us to save you when the muslims take over, which at this rate, will be about 20 years if that long.

  • Bill from Laos

    The “Machine” is not faceless – it’s run by people who lust for power
    and (more) money, and they bleed and die just like the rest of us.
    Our Colonials & Founding Fathers give me strength. They earned
    their freedom because they fought for it, and they paid a huge price
    for it. There are still some of us in this country who will never surrender
    no matter what. If we die, some of the goons will die with us. Then
    we can continue to beat the shit out of them on the other side. Embrace
    the spirit of the Colonials going up against the Brits, and centuries
    later the Brits going up against the Luftwaffe. Never give up! Have a
    nice day.

  • http://yahoo jowolo

    I’ll not leave Texas. We will stay and fight. Most people dont understand what Texans are made of. The land I love…Deep in the Heart of Texas.

    • GRusling

      You’re correct. Most people don’t understand, but we do. Let them come whenever they choose and we’ll give them the same thing we gave Santa Anna.

      Greetings from Southwest Texas…

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I will tell you what man. God bless Texas.

    • Marty S.

      This Yankee lived there for two years and I admired the patriotism. I never felt that before living in Texas. But eventually Yankee go home.

  • Old Sully

    I am a forth generation military officer. My great grandfather and grandfather fought in WW I, that same grandfather and my father served in WW II. All of us retired from the military after long careers except my great grandfather who died from poison gas. The U.S. is not the country I grew up in. The government is controlled by Marxists from the school board on up. Fewer than 8 percent of children under 20 will ever attend one day in church for actual worship. If they do enter one, it will be to bury the faithful of the passing generation who according to what they have been taught worshiped a Christ that is a myth rather than the living Savior. I am done with war, and I am unsure about how dedicated the top leadership of today’s military is to our freedom and have little expectation for tomorrow’s military leaders (the 2nd Lieutenants I knew when I retired are now Majors). Perhaps the answer is to leave and take my God fearing children with me. I expect that their Christian college education will be appreciated elsewhere more than here in the U.S.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      Old Sully,

      Glad to see someone else who believes in the value of Christian schooling.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Just remember Sully, they are not in control, and neither are you and I. God is in control, and He will remain Sovereign over all. Nothing takes place, without Him saying so. Dont trust in them, dont trust in me, and dont trust in you. Trust in God, and He will reveal what to do.

  • theodorej

    Greetings….Running and hiding in another country is not the answer…Yes this country is in trouble and it is no wonder as to why…We got the government we deserve because of who we are …While good people remained silent the USA has become the largest provider of pornography, an industry that is bigger than baseball,football and basketball…The family has been decemated by divorce…We have removed God from the public square…We teach our children that deviate behavior is an alternate lifestyle…We have an appetite for drugs that represents entire economies of foreign countries…We are not going to be able to run from the judgement of the eternal and He is not going to come to our aid unless we change and quickly…

    • theodorej

      forgive me for forgeting the fact that we murder three million babies each year and we call it pro choice….

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Strange title, isn’t it? The babies had no choice!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Dont include me, in the we. I am against murdering children in their mothers wombs. This is a left wing liberal thing, and not only do they condone it and use our tax money to pay for it, they are now using our tax dollars to murder babies in foreign countries. This was one of the first things Obama signed into being when he got in office.

        • jacquekh

          Amen to this. As I was reading all these posts, and yours are some of the best! I wondered when someone would bring up the first thing obama did was to provide funding for abortions in other countries! No one seemed to pick up on this at the time it happened, and it’s time to get this circulating again! Keep up the great posts!

  • Tin Can Sailor

    Run? You must be joking. This is the United States. We are still the last, best hope for freedom and liberty. Your arguement that bureaucracy cannot be defeated is a song of depair. You don’t ‘defeat’ bureaucracy, you remove it. You tear away the pieces of it’s over-sized body until it is either gone, or reduced to the size it should be.
    I don’t know what country you were an ‘intelligence officer’ for, but I doubt it the United States. Otherwise, how could you have forgotten your oath to defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic?

    • Don

      As and ex-Sailor of 54 years all i can say Tin Can, is AMEN to you

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I hear you talking brother, and I agree with you 100 percent. I will stay and fight for this country until God decides to bring me home. If you dont stand for something, youll fall for anything, and that sentence greatly applies here.

  • David

    I’ve spent several years in the military, three of which I was in Special Forces. I’ve thought at times, “maybe I should go”, but where and why. These are where my roots are, my family, my friends, etc. What makes this society is “US” and we have been the one’s allowing this change, therefore we can change it back and it will most likely take time and probably be unpleasent. I doubt we will allow ourselves to go into violent anarchy like in “Mad Max”, but it’s always a good idea to be ready for various senerios. Inevetably, we all leave this world, why run in fear for when you get to your new destination you will find that you and your fear are still there. Work with your family, friends and associates and educate them to the dangers around us and, just as we slipped down this slope, so can we climb back to a better place rignt here at home.

  • Live Free Or Die

    It is obvious, the whole system is corrupt. Why has the Commander in Chief not been arrested for the countless acts of Treason? This is OUR COUNTRY!, They work for Us. Set the example and try and hang every last one of them, Federal, State, and Local levels. Demolish the Federal Reserve. Reinstate the Constitution as the Law of the land. Remember fellow Americans we are the largest and greatest unorganized private Army to ever grace the Earth. It is time to band together and take this Country back

    • Kate8

      Live Free – Exactly! Why hasn’t the Usurper in the WH been arrested? Where are our soldiers who’ve pledged to defend us from invaders?

      Instead, our soldiers are imprisoned for questioning the legitimacy of the WH! Even they have been intimidated! They’ve set up that one now serving time as an example of what will happen if they dare think about doing their sworn duty…

      How is it that they are ALL standing down?

  • Common Sense

    A corrupt political system becomes a huge albatross around the neck of citizens. Those who have accumulated wealth have options and when the wealth begins to move out of the system to safer havens then you are left with a “last one out close the door mentality” We have seen this happen in States in the NE as high taxation sent people heading to sunbelts where there were zero state taxes. As the Fed now pushes brutal taxation on those who are successful the natural reaction is to move to lower taxation havens, which now unfortunately are outside the US entirely. It is really simple, do you want to be successful and then have to pay the government almost everything you earn to support the government’s propensity to diminish it’s citizens as to make them dependent on same government? I don’t see this as anything but a philosophy of MEDIOCRITY, and I have long been against supporting and rewarding mediocrity. The pursuit of excellence is now politically incorrect and that silliness is simple folly. Obama and the community activists simply want to control the wealth and allow the masses to become dependent on the government, this can’t end well

  • George

    I was reading this article and thinking that it was an interesting and credible commentary. After all, we still have freedom and this is a viewpoint from the other side. The title is “A Path To Personal Liberty”. What is the path to personal liberty in China? How is moving to China an improvement in personal liberty in contrast to staying put?

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Let all these cry babies move to China, and see how they respond when the government either jails them or shoots them when they voice their opposition against said government. Gee, I would bet at that point the old US of A wouldnt look so bad to them, now would it?

  • Common Sense

    ExPatriotism is far superior to anarchy. Not sure I wwant to be in a political civil war that pits the classes and races against each other. Unfortunately these are the solutions being promoted. Everyday the present adminstration works overtime to promote class warfare knowing that a country divided is easy prey. The coming election will become the ugliest campaign we have ever witnessed as the rhetoric will become vitirolic towards race and class distinction. The wealthy will be targeted and all who don’t fall in line will be accused of racism when the racial card is then played to reinforce the animosity towards those who have achieved any level of success. This is quite obvious and easy to see through, yet most of the population is watching and believing the mainstream media which simply promotes the rhetoric. When the coming election is over it will be increasingly hard to say I’m proud to be an American as the political machines are going to take this one straight into the gutter.

    • TIME


      Damm Man your dead on with both of your post, Thanks I really enjoyed them both!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I am of the understand, that a black man is now the president of the United States. Now, having said that, I also have to assume, he can do it, then any black man can do it. He has proven that there is nothing that can hold you down anymore, so to me, the race card is broken and finished. Put it away. To play it anymore is nothing but a cop out. In my life, I have seen racism against white people more prevalent than against any other race for the last 35 years or more. I actually had over 15 places refuse to hire me out of high school in 1976, and looked me in the face and said it was because I was white, and there was nothing I could do about it. And it still goes on. It is ok and socially accepted to prejudice against a white person, and it is protected by white people. But a black man is president, the highest office in the land. Skin color is no longer an excuse, and it has become a cop out for many to not even try. Its time to end that, and get on with being productive citizens, no matter what we look like. Please, put the race card away. It doesnt apply anymore.

  • Common Sense

    Leaving the country is a last resort, but take a look around you and focus on how many people spend 6 months in USA and 6 months in their own country. When you give up America citizenship you get a different passport and simply spend 180 days instead of 360. You no longer have to support those who want government subsidy and handouts, of course you have to be real careful where you land as there could be some very serious land mines as to your wealth in foreign lands as well. Sadly, there may well be no solutions available as all other economise have played the same russion roulette that the USA has. Debt is debt all over the world. US has no intentions of paying their debt, never did and never will, the question is how deep into the pockets of the productive people will the government reach. Very frightening times, the author has one thing totally correct ans that is there is no enemy to battle, this is ideological and as such there can be no victors. Weapons, violence, rebellion are all fruitless. Almost like the famous line from the Borg “Resistance is Futile” we have met teh enemy and they are us.

  • Stardust

    Looks like only a few of you will be leaving — best of luck. The rest of us, we’re willing to stay and fight in whatever shape that takes. Becoming more informed, sharing with others, preparing for a tough future, educating ourselves and others and fighting to the death for something worth fighting for, our beloved USA.

    Never give up, never, never, never, never give up.

  • JC

    From the article:
    “Violence is rarely the answer, and it often has the opposite effect as intended, frequently serving to bolster support for the government instead of raising awareness of its shortcomings.”


    Violence is “never” the answer…until that is what you are facing.
    Which is why it took home invasion and gun confiscation events to
    kick start American Revolution.
    In order for these NWO Communists to complete their agenda…we will most certainly be facing violence from them at some point.
    It is my belief that when the chips are down Americans will be prepared and will win the day…for another 200 years.

    • steve in AZ

      As Richard Jeni said in his stand-up routine-

      “Violence may not be THE answer. But it’s certainly AN answer.”

      All the bleeding heart whining about VIOLENCE need to get a clue.

      Violence, of and by itself is neither good nor evil.

      Violence as a means of initiating force against anyone is wrong. Violence as self defense may be the greatest good. Read and understand this, lib-tards.

      Vote Ron Paul.

    • DaveH

      The Liberals got us to this point by slowing infiltrating our schools and our Media over many decades. We can win our country back by those same methods. And we have experience on our side. We can point to all the other countries that have had the Leviathan Governments that Liberals Hope and Dream for, and have been economic failures as a result. All they can do is appeal to peoples’ Hopes and Dreams and other mistaken emotions, because they have no economic successes to point to. While visions of sugarplums are a powerful hallucinogen, I believe reality and experience will ultimately prevail. But it isn’t going to happen if we just sit on our hands a’wishin and a’hopin.
      We need to push hard for School Choice and we need to boycott those biased MSM stations until they start becoming on the side of Freedom.
      And with School Choice we need to be vigilant to make sure that choice doesn’t involve Government mandates as to educational curriculums. Read here to see how one State has pulled the wool over its citizens’ eyes:

      • DaveH

        For those who just don’t realize how immoral our country has become, just read this gallup poll:

        • Dagney

          Dave, polls are rigged to FORM opinion, not to show true opinion or the true mood of the people. Please ignore the polls. They are meant to dispirit America-loving people.

          • DaveH

            The thing is, Dagney, that I see about the same amount of immoral behavior by people around me, including my own brother and sister. So, I think that poll is probably pretty close to accurate.

          • Nadzieja Batki

            Good comment.
            How about not worrying about the immoral people but living life with the utmost morality so we have no need to be ashamed.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          We cannot regulate morality. People make choices to be good or not to be good.
          We cannot prevent moral sewage but we don’t have to swim in it.
          It may seem that immorality is getting a pass but these people punish themselves more than God or the church or the government can punish them. Once they screw up they expect other people to clean up after them.

  • TIME

    Dear Simon Black,

    Thank you for posting such a Great blog.

    I see its bring down some flak, thats really quite normal as what you stated within the text of your blog hits home very hard with countless people.
    Please don’t take it as an insult, its just the frustration level of most who are Awake is at an all time high and these numbers are growing daily.

    But saddly as you stated we are in fact fighting a “Faceless Enemy.”
    As well saddly our youth are being trained to follow that very enemy in schools all over the country daily.
    Then toss in that well over 40% of the population is living off us the working stiffs, its a very hard pill to swallow.

    Anyway; I do hope you write other blogs for the sight.
    Again, thank you TIME.

    • Kate8

      TIME – We may be fighting a “faceless enemy”, which has us all geared toward violent revolution (exactly what they want), but they cannot control our minds if we choose to awaken and break from the collective mindset.

      It is the frontier of the mind which is our best path to freedom from their control. An awake, aware and truth-loving people will choose to stop playing by the rules of the elite, and start making our own rules. Mind-control is the elite’s greatest, and most effective, weapon.

      The war they are waging with us is psy-ops. We can turn off the TV and start talking to one another, and gathering together to form bonds and connections that are real. Our only true hope is in reclaiming our humanity and our common interests.

  • http://none dave buslknkl

    See? Other people are thinking of expating. And i thought i was the only crazy one.

    • Vigilant

      Not crazy, just unpatriotic, ungrateful for your blessings and uneducated as regards this great nation’s history.

      • DaveH

        I think it’s a mistake, but not unpatriotic. This country was founded on Individual Freedom, and the word Patriotic is just a group-think word meant to manipulate those who want to think for themselves. Just like the Pledge of Allegiance which was written by a Socialist. Another tool to get people to worship Big Government.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why haven’t you packed and gone?

  • Den

    So many camp out on these news sites. They live to leave comments. Unfortunately so many are ignorant and completely provincial and use tunnel vision to see the world, actually missing most of it and seeing only the great USA. There never was, is not now and never will be another country like ours. But we are sliding fast. We have already lost. Determine to fight. Sacrifice yourself, your families. It will be for naught. History changes. Countries change. People change. Bravado and ignorance will not make you winners. There ARE “The Next USAs” out there. No, they’re not new and vacant. They are established, but they still offer opportunity, good people, advantageous lifestyles that are affordable and opportunity for your children. Who says that English is the only and best language? Many Jews felt safe in 1930s Germany. They thought the Nazi Party would never do what it did. They died. Almost all of them. Those who left ahead of the disaster survived. Don’t be completely blind, and don’t think those who leave are cowards just because they have more foresight than you.

    • Don

      Don’t let the door hit you in the arse !!!

    • DaveH

      If this country falls to socialism, most of the others won’t be far behind. It would take decades to impoverish the US to the point where their military state has been sufficiently depleted to not push their chosen politics on the rest of the world.

  • DaveH

    There is no guarantee that any other country we flee to will not undergo similar degradation. At some point we need to take a stand and defend what’s right.

    • steve in AZ

      Exactly, DaveH. Matter of fact, it’s a certainty that if the Republic falls, the Banana Republics will expose their iron fists quite readily.

      Re-locate to China? Give me a friggin’ break. lol

      • theodorej

        Hey Steve…. Iam considering relocating to Arizona that seems to be where the action is….Just as it all started in Boston harbor way back then you folks are charged with defending our borders and getting no help from the dictorial government..

        • steve

          come on in, Theo. The water is fine. Course, I reckon it’s a DRY water…

      • DaveH

        I kind of skimmed over the article, and didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. China??? That one thing alone is enough for the author to completely lose his credibility with Me.

    • Kate8

      DaveH – Exactly, especially since America is the prize. Once we’ve fallen, the rest of the world will be a piece of cake.

      The goal of the NWO is WORLD domination. It won’t matter where one might go.

  • dan

    I’m sure glad we have great patriots like those stalwart Texican
    brothers and sisters …. but we are faced with tactical decisions which are best made dispassionately.Always make provision for
    re-supply/reinforcement.I choose my first allegiance to be that
    of the Kingdom of Heaven…but the place that I and mine live must be defended from evil lest their liberty to choose their allegiance
    be subverted.Long live the Republic of the United States…and let
    the tree of liberty be watered “liberally” with the blood of tyrants.

  • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

    Well, when you good people get something going where an educated but infirm old geezer can be useful, let me know.

    • theodorej

      Lewis…The fact that you are participating in this forum is the beginning of a major contribution….be well and get better

  • theodorej

    Greetings….This is not a faceless enemy,the enemy is obvious and in your face..Ideology is the enemy and people that think they are entitled to the benefits of a superior culture without contributing are the enemy…Our government owes us nothing but the protection of our lives while in the pursuit of happiness…The only protection this government provides is the protection of itself against us..We have become the home of the Depraved and the land of the Freebie..Any body who is gaming the system is the enemy and that includes all the Euro slicks as well as our mexican invaders…The thought of leaving this country in its time of need is cowardess….Vote and educate the kids to the fact that if they make a bad decision in 2012 they will be the big losers and all our freedom will be gone…We need to go before God as a nation and pray….NOW!!!

  • Resolute Voice

    If you think I’m going to leave my country to some dingbat and run away with my tail between my legs, think again. There’s no tail between my legs, and there never will be.

    If the Founders and those early Americans could take on the best military in the world and beat them in the American Revolution with just an idea and some blood and guts, then we should be able to solve the problems we’re facing and keep our liberty and our ideals in tact today. To do less would be a slap in the face of all those Americans since 1776 who fought and died for those same principles or fought politically as individuals to rid the country of any despots who wanted our liberty and ideals for their own selfish purposes.

    As Benjamin Franklin warned after the Constitution Convention, “Now you have your Republic. I hope you can keep it.” Well, I for one am not going to make Franklin a sad prophet. Each one of us has to take our right, indeed our special gift, as an American and stand up and shout “No” from the rooftops and do something every day, no matter how small, to speak out and act and change the road we’re on now

    Start building impenetrable roadblocks to potential tyranny, folks, and like Thomas Paine wrote, speak Common Sense to the populace one by one and door to door every day and start TODAY, each of us using the best skills we have to help a country in need of its citizens . Over history, people have always preferred and sought out freedom, and while tyrants may rule for a while, in the end, they always lose. Always.

  • Gardner Behrends

    My ancestors came here in 1620 to find religious freedom, they fought and died in 1775 for political freedom. We now must fight for economic freedom, and running won’t cut it.

  • Former Walmart person

    I am not condoning violence, but why is it that violence seems to work for the muslums. Entire countries are terrified to ever depict Muhammad for instance.

    • Kate8

      FWp – It works for them because we bow to it.

      The whole idea of us taking the moral highground is nothing but appeasement, which has NEVER worked anywhere.

      The goal of Islam has always been worldwide submission by the sword. They are instructed to take every advantage and to show no mercy. You can’t reason or make deals with satan.

  • Former Walmart person

    China???????? W T F. Sorry, not moving to China where they will forcibly abort my wife’s second baby.

    • libertytrain

      They won’t forcibly abort your wife’s second baby but you will be heavily taxed.

  • Marty S.

    First of all I note that Mr. Blacks eyes are shaded out of his photo and given the responses to his article thus far thats probably a good idea on his part. I am not leaving this great country of ours (and it is still a great country) no matter what kind of goofiness is going on in the White House or what kind of tyranny they want to try next. We are dealing with a criminal element that wants to control more and more of what we do by stealing our freedoms from us. I am with those of you who
    will stay and fight for our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

    The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. -Thomas Jefferson

    • Vigilant

      Mr. Black’s eyes are shaded out, most likely, because he self-importantly thinks someone will recognize him as a former agent. I’m sure he’s the type who sits around on barstools and tells his potential conquests that he could explain his job, but then he’d have to kill them.

      • DaveH

        LOL. I think you are pretty much on target. Like that little band over his eyes is going to hide his identity, unless that isn’t really his face in the picture. Kind of reminds me of Phillip on the Survivor Redemption Island that is currently running.
        With John Meyers coaching us to buy uncomfortable little death trap autos, and now this, I’m beginning to wonder what’s going on?

  • chow

    Good for you Simon Black and please stay where you are and don’t come back. All other ex-pat should do the same.

    BTW, all those roman ex-pat he used as an example were either occupied by Rome where they moved or killed.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    My feeling has always been its when people lose faith in a Republic that a Republic falls. We must be proactive in voting and holding our politicians accountable. But we must have faith in our Republic to protect us from abuse or tyranny. I dont preach hold out till things get better I preach hold out so we can make things better. The government is a bureaucracy but it is a bureaucracy of, by and for the people. We the people can find and place good leaders in charge and hold them accountable. We can use government when compotently lead to make a more efficient infarstructure and help fund important programs. There are bad people in government so let us get them out. Let us strive to find good people to lead, push reform to hinder or discourage corruption from lobbyists and special interests, lets show the politicians good and corrupt that the people care and that the people can be counted on to stand up for themselves. We can make things better. The Government, our Republic and the world cant and never will be perfect but right now its not as good as it can be. Let us try and make things better through reform, vote, speech, debate, arguement and discussion rather than revolt, abandonment or immigration to another idea or place or system.
    Romes Republic fell from the contradictions of its attitudes towards rights and equality and from the people losing faith in the Republic and instead presuming that a Dictator or Emperor would be preferable to a Senate or a Consul.
    May sound naive but we the people not a small group have power. Its only when we the people start thinking that a small group runs things that we lose our Republic.

    • Dan az

      By gally I think he’s got it!

    • DaveH

      No, Dan, Jeremy doesn’t get it at all. He has just bought, hook, line, and sinker, the myth that we just can’t get by without a Gargantuan Government’s benevolent aid.
      The Government should exist for one purpose only, and that is to protect us from the force of others. They have gone vastly beyond that role, and are now the forcers.

      • DaveH

        How fortunate for Leaders that people like Jeremy do not think.

        • Jeremy Leochner

          I only want competent leaders and for all to be keep under watch all the time. Also for people to vote to get rid of those who violate the public trust and who are corrupted. Faith in the Republic requires thinking. I place faith in the Republic not in our Government.

    • Average Joe

      Actually, Rome fell because of fiscal irresponsibility and and a debasing of the currency…exactly what has happened to every major empire throughout history…and exactly what will will be the final nail in the coffin of America.

      “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a
      permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until
      the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from
      the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for
      the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury,
      with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose
      fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”
      “The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations from the beginning
      of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these
      nations always progressed through the following sequence:

      1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
      2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
      3. From courage to liberty;
      4. From liberty to abundance;
      5. From abundance to complacency;
      6. From complacency to apathy;
      7. From apathy to dependence;
      8. From dependence back into bondage “

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I agree and disagree. Yes Republics and Democracies can and have fallen from abundance leading to dependence. But I have always felt a Republic can fix such issues when trust is placed in them. Concern for the welfare of the Republic rather than concern in ones own wealth and self interest is the backbone of a Republic. Rome fell from the greed that consumed politicians and soldiers alike. From Caesar to Senators, to Mark Anthony and Crassus, people became more conerned with the pursuit of wealth and power than with the ideals of equality and liberty. Rome was founded with ideals of liberty and equality but it was contradicted by attitudes of exclusion which made women the property of men and allowed slavery to exsist when such things went against the very foundation of a Republic. These contradicitons, the economic and military issues they helped create, and the inability to reform and inversely the plunge into decadence by Romes leaders led it to fall. The inability to reform lead to revolt and that is what destroyed Rome as it would any Republic whose people and leaders lose faith in Liberty and Equality.

        • Average Joe

          We are at 7.5 right now…maybe a little more…Unless the welfare and “entitlement”groups wake up to the fact that there is no more money (14.2 trillion in debt means that just to be at a -0- balance we need to pay that much back) in debt and start sacrificing, instead of holding their hands out for more… I am afraid the end will come sooner…rather than later. Now, you can listen to me or not…that isn’t my problem. I am prepared for total economic collapse…are you?

          • Jeremy Leochner

            Yes but my issue Joe is I dont think economic collapse is an inevitable outcome. I believe with raising taxes, cutting spending and encouraging people to spend less and save more our economy can get back on track. People dont rely on government or charity programs if they can help it. For all thats made of welfare and unemployment benifits being too much bear in mind many people on such programs are living literally check to check. No person can be comfortable or afford laziness or dependence in such matters. The main issue is the often outspoken desire to cut such programs still further and the general lack of faith in our government to reform such programs to make them more efficient and helpful and even less faith in the power of vote to improve things. People only become dependent because they feel they have no choice. People losing faith in the power of vote and a Republic is the way people become dependent and the way a Republic falls. Bondage shall never be excepted or allowed so long as we live in a free society and believe in the ideals of Liberty and Equality. We must improve our economy and do what we can to survive and be prepared against any future economic hard times. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst as the saying goes.

          • Jeremy Leochner

            My apologies. Accepted not excepted

        • Average Joe

          Jeremy Leochner,
          From reading your posts, you are quite articulate when you write and therefore, I do get the impression that you are intelligent and educated. While there are things that we agree on, there are also things that we don’t agree on…such is the way of having individual views….each of us sees the universe through a unique and singular view. I do believe that you are good intentioned in your reasoning, however (because of the written word) sometimes we fail to fully understand what the other person is trying to say, because as we write…we each know the tone that we are trying to set in the conversation….but the reader tends to misinterperate what is said…because we don’t know what the writers’ tone is.
          One thing that I have noticed is that whenever you say “bureaucracy”, I think your interpretation is different than most of us here. When we use the term, we are talking about all of the government agencies (EPA,Dept. of Education, FEMA,IRS, FAA,HUD etc.) which are not elected to office, but rather put in place by our “elected” officials as well as Presidential signing statements and therefore are not answerable to “we the people” and most of them are not even answerable to congress and set policies and regulations without having Constitutional authority to do so. They actually circumvent the restrictions placed on congress…who are supposed to set policy, spending bills etc. and therefore work outside the Constituion. Since they are not elected, we are powerless to get rid of them or even reprimand them when they go too far. All of these unelected agencies are quite simply a financial drain on the economy as well as over-reaching in their actions and need to be eleminated.

          Next, most of us here have no problem with private sector unions, however we do have a problem with public sector unions. The reason should be obvious…they work for us…using our tax dollars as income. Next, they take our money, give it to a union who then uses that money to pay off government insiders in order get whatever new perks that they want…the problem lies in the fact that fatcats from both the union and the government work in collusion to give themselves more and more perks and raises etc….yet we the people (who are their employers) are left out of the so called Bargaining process…we get no vote at all on the matter….and it is “our” money that they are bargaining to take more of.
          In the meantime the public service unions get richer, the public empoyees get more perks to the point that they make more money and have better perks than the “average” private sector workers….who happen to be footing the bill.
          Maybe I am the wrong kind of conservative…because I, like Ron Paul don’t believe that we need to be the “ploicemen” of the world. I believe we should bring all of our troops home to be the protectors of our nation and it’s borders. I beleieve we can close down every military base in the world and just “come home”.
          I beleive in sound currency that holds it’s value and that the Federal Reserve is nothing more than a giant ponzi scheme and needs to be shut down and those running it need to be jailed.
          I also believe that every bill passed in congress…should state the “one” goal that it is to accomplish and show where it gets it’s constitutional authority…and never be over 5 pages long as well as written in plain english. No more of these 2000 plus page monstrosities written in such a way that no one but the writers of each piece can understand. Sure, it may take them longer to go through the process of passing bills…but, isn’t that what they are being paid to do? Besides the longer it takes…the less damage they do to the nation as a whole.
          I also belive that congress has things bass ackwards….they should be spending 3 months a year in DC and the other 9 months at home, in their districs…listening to their constituents…this is why they have become so disconnected to the people that they are supposed to be represnting.
          So, if they get rid of all of the bureaucracies and turn those duties back to the states to regulate and do the other things that I have suggested, they cut actually cut the budget by 80-90% and we would have more than enough money for the “entitlement” programs and we could get this nation back on track. While the entitlement programs do need to be addressed in a serious manner, it can be done gradually, thereby inflicting the least amount of pain to the citizens while the reforms take place.
          We need to get our priorities in order and soon, because if we do not, a complete economic meltdown will occur and once it starts there will be violence and bloodshed and even the basic nesessities for sustaining life will be rare commodities indeed.

          Respectfully, AJ

          • Jeremy Leochner

            I understand. As to bureaucracy I mean that these are government agenices whose basis is in people who we elect. They place people in positions and by law the government can abolish such agencies if they so choose.
            As to Unions I will say that I know many teachers several of who are part of Unions and they say that their livelihoods, benifits are not extravegent and that they are willing to give up benifits if only they can be allowed to sak for them back. I can respect as you said the importance of individual perspective in such matters. That is my interpretation.
            Finally I would say it better to reduce the number of pages in bills to make our legislative process more efficient. We just need to be careful about how short. We need it to be just right.
            Finally my belief is that while government service and agencies can be abused I feel government is something that can be used for good purposes and that it is required to mantain a safe and peaceful nation. The issue I have with handing power over to state governments is I worry that that divided rather than unites our country. It makes a difference in in standards and laws in each state and dosen’t allow for a United effort by an institution that represents all people of the nation rather than the people of the state. I believe the Federal Government is better for a United effort as opposed to state which strikes me as divided and specfic to their own people.
            I apologize if I have ever misinterpreted or misconstrued your words AJ. I respect your position though I disagree. We should get priorities in order. I think we just differ on how we wish to do that.
            Respecfully Jeremy

          • Jeremy Leochner

            Im sorry: ask for them back

    • Vigilant


      “The government is a bureaucracy but it is a bureaucracy of, by and for the people.”

      Not by any means. The bureaucracy is not elected by the people.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        The government is the people in it. People who are elected by the Common People. We vote the leaders into power. The more efficient and honorable the people the more efficient and honorable the bureaucracy.

        • Vigilant

          Jeremy, you apparently don’t know much about government bureaucracy. Presidents and Congresses come and go, the bureaucracy is always there.

          Bureaucracy’s major mission: perpetuate the bureaucracy and soak the taxpayers.

          • Jeremy Leochner

            Not every politician is corrupt and not every member of the bureaucratic system is either. If we can find good people to run and encourage them with our votes and support we can encourage politicians in power to resist the temptation of corruption and try to reform the bureaucracy and use it for good rather than bad. May sound idealistic but its better then giving in to the bureaucracy or simply rehashing the whole system for the sack of efficiency.

  • Wim Vonk

    Why are you you people so down on your own country? I have just returned from a trip to Washington and Oregon and had a great time. People were very nice and nobody talked the way you guys do in these pages. A segment of Americans seem bent on spreading fear amongst the population. Give it a break and enjoy life.

    Lots of bad predictions that have appeared on these pages have already not come to pass. Enjoy life instead

    • Vigilant

      Washington and Oregon? Two of the most liberal states in the Union? What do you expect? They’re happy to be receiving government largesse for reduced freedom. Besides, I don’t go on vacation to discuss political theory, do you?

      Keep your head in the sand. The “bread and circus” crowd will party ’til the day of reckoning.

      • Wim Vonk

        Yes but I was also in Georgia and Mississippi earlier this year.

    • DaveH

      It’s easy to be nice when you’re the taker, not the victim.
      But speaking of that, how come it’s the Liberals who always start the personal attacks on this board? They are so nice. NOT.

    • karolyn

      AMEN! Thank God the majority are not represented on this blog!

      • Vigilant

        The majority on this blog were thinking and voting correctly in the modterm elections of 2010….or were you off this planet?

        • Vigilant

          …Make that “midterm.”

        • Karolyn

          Well, unfortunately, democrats did not come out in force.

          • DaveH
          • Vigilant

            I’m curious: have we been talking to the same karolyn every time? Sometimes the “k” is capitalized, sometimes it’s not.

            Or do you type in your name every time you want to reply?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why are you lying about the bloggers on this site? We are not down on this country. We are proud of being Americans who work, who pray, who play and who think. We are not children who do not see evil.

    • Average Joe

      Wim Vonk,
      Actually, we are not dow on our country, we are down one the fatcats in DC who are running it into the ground at breakneck speed. They lie to us, steal from us and cheat us at every turn and don’t even bother to offer us a lubricant while they have us bent over. Government only creates two things: laws, in order to keep us under their control and taxes, to keep their credit line open. They know how to Tax and spend and print money out of thin air and spend…..they are quite simply…addicted to the credit card…and we need to cut up the card and send them to their proverbial rooms…without dinner!
      Beleive it or not, we actually love our country… and wish to salvage her while we are still able to do so.

  • Robert

    common sense you are right. but I am 68 and have a very short time left on this earth. I will financially deprive the government of all my holdings and property which are in trust. when I die so will everything I have. I will deprive the government of all i have. the government has become a tyranical deapot and needs to be eleminated. you all should throw off the chains of bondage as did our founding fathers did. it will be bloody, but it will be necessary and looked kindly by our founding fathers. we will be returning our country to its rightful place.

    • http://? John

      Hey Robert
      I expected to buy the farm during Korea and Viet Nam, but still here at 76, remembering how healthy I was at your age. I am in the market for a gun right now. Got no transportation, nor much mobility, but want them to try to disarm me.

      • http://? John

        PS A couple of my counding Fathers were Ben Franklin and Witting Bull.

        • http://? John

          PSS Clumsy old fingers, Sitting Bull.

  • http://! Angel Wannabe

    I was born here, I’ll die here, whenever that will be, will be the Lords choosing. Cowards only leave, when the Sun no longer shines. The only way the light of America will be put out, that if we let the invisible enemy put it out. I’d never start a thing, but I will defend, if need be.
    God Bless the USA!

  • Arial

    I am age 73. I did not run. I voted with my feet. I am learning the language. I am building an income. I know a young couple who left their good job with Lockheed Martin, sold their big house and two car garage and two cars, came here with only suitcases to get their two kids to safety, and started a business from scratch that is paying their bills. I hae other success stories. But it IS best to do your due diligence first, I admit. But time is now running out and if you hope to maintain the lifestyle America has enjoyed, you are in for disappointment. Things are going to change dramatically although those who have preserved both their incomes and the buying power instead of squandering it on toys and big houses will stand to make money in the Greater Depression.

    Most Americans have no clue what is really going on or what is ahead. Simon does, obviously. You can show people, even offer them the Congressional Record (much of it is in black and white) and they will parrot the “conspiracy theorist” accusation and refuse to read it. They don’t want to know.

    After years of effort I decided it is hopeless, Americans will not wake up until they experience the pain that will result from their behavior. But now the consequences are arriving so you may be able to build on the foundation that others already laid in the good times. I hope so.

    And yet . . .. I wonder how many of you are proudly sending your kids off to die in the resource wars of the globalists–with pride– sending emails about supporting our military when the real attack on America is taking place right within our borders. May I also remind you of the Uncivil War where Americans were conscripted to kill Americans and they did. Gettysburg lives on in infamy! While you are at it, look what they did to the people in Louisiana. Get ready because when it all hits the fan, that was a taste of what you can expect. Current events predict future trends (Gerald Celente)! And if they are told to bomb innocent people in Libya, do they do it? Or do they question the ethics of it? I think we will have the opportunity to see what orders they will follow in America.

    I do think that staying to fight is honorable. If you are serious, do the reading. Read Cecil Rhodes book Tragedy and Hope: a History of the World in our time. It lays out the illuminist plan. Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. You will see what they planned even before Russia fell, and your hair will curl as you realize how much of their plan was accomplished in America in the last 30 years. Read Dr. Stan Monteith’s Brotherhood of Darkness. Read the Creature from Jekyl Island. If you have done this reading, you ARE informed and my hat is off to you. I support you and I will cheer for you. For my part, I decided that Americans are as dumb as a stump–by choice. But maybe with the pain now settling in, you guys will be more successful.

    • Dagney

      Arial, you are obviously well-read and write a compelling argument. However, we American patriots understand that evil exists. Evil deeper and darker than anything that you found in all the books that you have read. However, that does not change how we feel about this country and how we KNOW that America is the ONLY hope for the world. Read our founding documents since you are so fond of reading and have hope! We are here to fight that evil and to preserve that “shining city on a hill”. Because if America falls, where will anyone in the world go?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Thank you. There is no place else like our America. We are supposed to be ever vigilant and not trusting everything and everyone. Running away should not be an option to even consider, because if you go to another country what do you do if you walked into a hellhole and they are really hellholes.

        • Vigilant

          Dagney and Nadzieja Batki:

          Good words, one and all.

  • steve in AZ

    Vim – you so funny!

    Those of us who respect our Constitution are not down on our country.

    We ARE down on the current gang of thieves and thugs currently in power in our Government. We are those who know the difference between country and government.

    Alot of bad predictions “have already not come to pass”? Have you no clue how idiotic that sounds?

    Yup. The world must

    • DaveH

      LOL. Good catch, Steve. I didn’t notice that.
      But, you didn’t expect logic from a Liberal did you?

  • 45caliber

    There are a couple of problems I see at the moment with moving to another country.

    First, no other countries have the freedoms we do here. Most are far worse.

    Second, the government is on the lookout for anyone trying to move more than a few hundred dollars off-shore. There is a court case going on now where a man tried to move about $35,000 of his retirement fund to the Bahamas. The government insists that he had no right to move the money there – that all money is ultimately theirs.

  • http://com i41

    what did you do have your lips wrapped around a 55 gallon bong. or were you at a union rally. If you like how the marxist/communist dumbocraps have worked and have almost destroyed our economy and our ability to create jobs and make our economy grow. Any sorry azzed puke that has a d following their name in an election or registration, definitely IDs them as a wonk who beleives to government and more the regulation on citizens the better. Show and give names of one bastard dem, rinos are dems with only half of their brains destroyed.

  • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


    Very thought-provoking article.

    However, as my maternal grandma used to say: “Sometimes the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know”.

    As someone who rarely leaves the county, and never the country, I don’t think I am a candidate for such world traveling – besides I’m too damned old now. In my younger years, well, I probably would have given it a try. Hell, once back in 1970 I traveled across country by car to Califor ni a (now commonly known as Mexafornia).

    • http://? John

      Amen Brother

  • Pete

    It’s a good idea if you are a very, very, very productive type individual. You sure would THRIVE and PROSPER in another one of these smaller but economically more capitalistic countries !!!!


    Those FEW who are like “AYN RANDIAN MOVERS” would be better off ….

    But then you have mediocre folks (like me) who do OK in the USA ! I’m no super capitalist (like Hank Rearden or Dagny Taggart) so I’m better off here in the USA. If I was a super producer I still would want to help out the poor folks and middle class here in the US.

    I’m not my Brothers Keeper, but if my Brother is in need and asks for help, and I can help him ,I will help him. That is my decision. I would never go to a Galt’s Gulch. I reckon in the end that’s what God would want me to do.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you … that’s the second commandment that Jesus and Hillel taught …. Be a Good Samaritan .

    • http://? John

      You sound like you may be my Grandson, we need to talk, face to face Man to Man

    • Vigilant


      You’ve missed the point, totally. It’s not about materialism, it’s about freedom of choice, it’s about defending something worth defending, it’s about living up to the high standards set by the Founders. And it’s about government getting the hell out of the way.

      If your primary, core values entail the making of money, and you don’t care about the health of our Republic, then fine, move away and make your millions. You will not be missed.

      As far as being a good Samaritan, it’s about the freedom to be or not to be a good Samaritan. Government has no business redistributing wealth to the less fortunate, period. Nor does it have the right to cajole me into being a good Samaritan if my proclivities lie elsewhere.

  • Bill from Laos

    One more thing, fellow countrymen, who’s to say you’ll be any safer
    in Canada or South America if Obama and his communist goons grab
    power here (God forbid!!)? He’ll hook up with Marxists in Cuba,
    Venezuela, China, etc. and start a global reign of terror along with
    his Muslim buddies who are itching to kill infidels. No! The line in the
    sand will be drawn here by freedom loving Patriots, and we’ll take on
    the wimpy leftists here, on our turf. There are plenty of veterans
    trained by the US, and there are (officially) 80 million gun owners -
    more when you include those unregistered. There are many of us, and
    we know how to fight, and few of the wimps who will run when the
    first shot is fired. Who else? The UN? Bring them on! Many of us have
    OJT in the jungles of Southeast Asia. What training do the wimps have?
    Hopefully, it’ll never come to this. Hope for the best, buy we’re
    preparing for the worst. This is my land, and I’m not surrendering it
    to no wimpy free loading community organizers!!

    • http://? John

      what are you doing in Laos? You are needed here.

  • http://com i41

    Time to start buying milling machines that aren’t computorized and learn how to machine metals. I see several 1950 machining tools thatthe companies are selling as scrap metal. There is still kids in some schools who will create things on the old machines that work quite well, and these sucessful business people who have built shot guns and cannons in high school year ago, some who are now doctors. Also the need for a degree from a college wasn’t needed, hope to many people aren’t too brain dead and not being skilled enough to think out of the approve book training.

    • Pete

      Mechatronics ! That’s the ticket buddy !

      Build Robots that will help people, weapons are overrated !

  • Moby

    Good bye and good riddance is all I have to say to Simon and his advocates. We don’t need your weak arsses.

  • stratus

    The problem with relocating to a non-American country is that they do not have a Constitution that recognizes our God-given rights. They only have priveleges granted by their respective governments. No matter how bad it is, we must fight for it, first in the soft war, and maybe later in a hard war. We must at the very least try to win in the soft war. We must exhaust every means available to us before we move to a hard war. Hard war is horrible. I don’t know any combat veteran that “wants” war. They know the devastation that war is. So, leaving is not an option for the sheepdogs of this country. The sheep can leave, the more the better; less to get in the way or foul things up. But for the sheepdogs (and that means the patriot/warriors), there is no other option than to stand and fight.

    May God bless America’s sheepdogs; for they will save this nation.

  • r.p.

    A hearing on the “Patriot Act” will be tomorrow, you can sign a petition to repeal the “Patriot Act”. It will be faxed to your representative. Here’s the link to it:
    Having a dialog with your government is a begining. If you can’t control your government, you won’t control your lives.

  • Anthony

    ALRIGHTY THEN …. IT looks like I started a bit of an avalanche!

    Thanks to all, for the kind comments – much appreciated.
    (I just got home from a very busy day, unable to keep tabs here until now)

    LET ME BE MORE CLEAR …. ( as PatriotPartisan has done)

    Running away, no matter HOW you label it, is NOT the real answer. If you do it once, you will do it, over & over & over & over & over & over & over………

    YET – PatriotPartisan maes a VERY VALID POINT – don’t say otherwise.

    When push comes to shove, and it may well come to that, there will be a time when YOU (all by your lonesome) will have to take a stand by which your Life is defined. Only you will know that moment when it arrives. You may be with like-minded individuals … or you maybe ALL ALONE, against a group of opposite thinking souls who only wish your ending.

    Will you live life on your knees all over again?
    For most, until the Wild Web matured, no one knew the real truth of our Country’s predicament. The actual situation in the back corridors of Congress and the White House. the Fact that the Federal Reserve is the REAL power in this Country, and NONE of us ever get a vote or have a say in that entity…. makes me puke.

    WHAT’s MORE … WE WERE NEVER TAUGHT ANY OF THIS, all the way thru High School, nor in the limited College credits I’ve got under my belt. Not once, did I ever hear the History of The Federal Reserve, or how it came into being.


    Then, one day (right here) I got into a HARD discussion about Abraham Lincoln. It was written in part by Thomas J. DiLorenzo .. or at least it was inspired by his book on Lincoln. And, the commentary I disagreed with, as I was a big fan of Abraham Lincoln as he was taught to us, by the Government Controlled State School System. Only bck then, i didn’t see our Schools in that light. I DO NOW.

    Not being one to let it slip past me that I might not have all my facts in hand… I searched out for a few of DiLorenzo’s Books. Hamilton’s Curse was the first I bought. How Capitalism Saved America was the 2nd. I also bought a book on Aaron Burr, for good measure. Funny that…..

    It is HIGHLY recommended that EVERYONE read Hamilton’s Curse.
    One must know how this $hit started, if they are to know what to look for and how to fight back NOW. This book helped me WAKE UP … and I do mean, FOR REAL.

    I then spent the next two years, every night after work, following up on the commentary in that book, looking for extrapolating evidence to SEAL THE DEAL, as it were. At one point I became a fan of Lyndon LaRouche’s stopping by his website almost daily. That changed when I read he favored a Central Banking System – the guy’s needs an oil change, upstairs. He may be right about full re-instatement of the GLASS-STEAGALL ACT .. but, keeping THE FED in place, is outright assinine. Seriously. Although, Lyndon’s video of “The Two Massachusetts” is well worth the time to view. Recommend with gusto.. an eye opener.

    Along the way, I began to come here and read comments and found brethren. I have never stopped coming back.

    PatriotPartisan is correct — there very well may be a time, in the near future, where each of us is faced with STANDING OUR GROUND, for our beliefs, our convictions, our cry for freedom and what will be certainly sacrifice for our brothers, our neighbors, our Country and the Founding Fathers “blood sweat & tears” that were given over 200 years ago, in the first place.

    WHAT WILL YOU DO – when threatened with shackles, a nightstick JABBED behind your arm into your side, as if it will go through the other side, and NO ONE ElSE is there to come to your aid – the fight being one-sided like this is FALUGA.


    It will be very fearful … too many only know of such things from what we’ve been trained to see & think by watching a JOHN WAYNE MOVIE.

    Are you John Wayne .. or are you Bruce Dern (like in The Cowboys)..?

    What about your neighbors? Will they rat you out? Or will they stand with you?

    EACH OF US …. needs to think all of this through as it it could happen… later tonite. FOR REAL.

    And, YES… it would be the UN blue-suited troops that would lead that effort. And, YES, it would also be the US Military. At least half of those in uniform WILL come to your house and simply follow their marching orders… forcibly disarming you … like traitors… they will STILL DO IT. It may be something you cannot fathom… that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.

    WHAT WILL YOU DO….. FOR REAL ….?????????

  • Angi Stamm

    With all due respect to Simon Black…I will stand and fight and go down with the country I love if need be…because it is better to die on your feet than live on your knees…really, Sri Lanka, NOT.

    • http://? John

      A girl after my own heART, HANG IN THERE angi.

      • http://? John

        PS I have been to Singaore Myself. Vry beautiful. but not home.

    • rebelcause

      Don’t wear blinders, what are you going to fight for? Free health care, free food, free housing, free healthcare for illegals!! you stay and fight, i will leave wiht SIMON and pay less taxes to the free loaders!! fight all you want we’ll make more!! PEACE OUT!! Half of you guys need to get out your comfort zone anyway, it would really help a lot of you HOME BOYZ out who are skeered to leave the MEDIOCRE USA!!

  • http://com i41

    Since the latest stats coming in from the Mexican border is there is over 25% caputured illegals are from Eygpt, Sudan, Yemaen, and 5 other muslim countries. Don’t hear the marxist muslim moron and his media smucks making a peep about that facts. Of course this is some more muslims with plans to destroy the USA. Guess the need to set up a target range like the one in several areas down south that have bearded brown sillottes for target pratice. These pukes in the Mex groups wandering every night are not people looking for jobs, but transporting drugs and killing anyone who gets in their way. All potential dumbocrap voters, because the new “acorn” marxist/communist sporters are looking to register them!

    • jacquekh

      Very well said! While we are looking the other way, ie: all the media crap on obl and how almost everyone is looking and ‘gasping’ at his ‘porn’ interests, the enemy is crawling through our borders unnoticed! that will be the retribution the muslim extremists have ‘promised’ us since his death. POTUS is who is holding the door open for them! I pray that this country will wake up in this next election, and with sites like this, and all the great comments, maybe some of these voters will get the proper education that they were so lacking in during the last election. Keep up the great work people!

  • Mary Markin

    I believe we have three choices: (1) Leave things as they are and we will continue our decline into third world status. (2) Leave the U.S. and move to another country. (Quite a few of us can do this before other countries close their borders to more Americans. (3) Secession of several states who form a new nation. Maybe the U. S. will let states go and the transition can be bloodless, and maybe not.

    If you see another alternative, please tell me,

    • Vigilant

      Each one of those alternatives is a defeatist strategy. And secession is ludicrous (hint: the Civil War ended almost 150 years ago).

  • http://SteveQuaylesWorld Mike Holiday

    Am with all who ‘hang in there’. Have been in S.Florida for yrs. and
    would like to relocate to a good place to be such as Texas. Would welcome some guidance on this matter.


    Mikek H.

  • http://? John

    coulodnt afford to run even if I wanted to. You are leaving milloions of seniors stranded to oblivian. not counting the other millions that are stranded from Obamanomics and the Poitentate syndrome rampant in Wsahington.
    one answer left. and probably too late for that, (Cessation.) but the education system has created a new brand of pasifiication in our ( once proud Nation ) That dream is pretty well dashed when y0u looki at all the hollering and inaction.
    There are rafts of patriotic gimme organisations popping up out of the wood-work, and my worst fear is they only started in on me by the droves, afer I donated hard earned money to a couple of them.
    figure it out for yourself,


    Honorable Americans,

    I can only wish that the following solution could actually take place. This would cure all the ills concerning our Federal Government, which has vehemently stepped way beyond its Constitutional power practically stripping away power from the people at the local level.

    All taxing should be done at the state level and local level. The Federal Government should not be allowed to collect taxes except from each individual state. Each state would be required to transfer their percent of tax money to the Federal Government based on population of that state, income, or whatever.

    The Federal Government should present its total budget to each state, and that budget should be limited to a reasonable number of pages. But each state should have the power of line item veto on any money they deem unnecessary. This would eliminate much of the greed and wickedness in our out of control Federal Government today.

    This would put power back into the hands of the people where according to our Constitution it should be. It would also put “fear of the people” into the minds of each politician. This would make for a healthy government, which is today anything but healthy. We the people are way beyond sick and tired of the corruption, and politicians with no conscience.

    Since this would be done only once a year it should be required that an easy to read break down of the budget be printed in every local and state paper. This printing would be paid for by each state. The way each representative voted on each item should also be printed in those papers, giving the local people a bird’s eye view of how their representatives are behaving. Talk about putting power back into the hands of the people.

    One more thing. Get rid of the very unconstitutional “Executive Order.” A better name would be “Executive Oder.” Before Bill Clinton was elected he said, “I’ll rule through “Executive Oder.”

    And never forget one very important thing. GOD IS ON OUR SIDE!!!

    • http://? John

      Anthony, you are on the right track, here are a few more to ponder over in controlling governmemnt
      All elected Offices Including local, state and National should be able to hold office as many times as they can be elected for it,,, But,,, only one term at a time. (especially the Prsident).
      Meaning Someone else gets a shot at the seat for one term before He or She can run for it again
      All elected representatives on capital hill, wages & incoms
      be determined and paid by their individual state after 70 percent approval on the election ballot.
      All National representatives be subject to recall by a 70 percent special recall vote by his or her Political party
      Presidential wages and veto powers be determined by the colective vote of State Governors.
      Activation of All National Guard Units be Approved only by State Governors
      No more Government sponsored Educationaol institutions
      Return The Constitution to its original status.
      Mandatory Imprisonment for anyone including the President for attemptig to enact any legislation to raise the National Debt and any attemopt to circumvent the constitution.
      Force the government to return all moneys Abducted from Social Security.
      All members of the Judiciary appointed by the president be approved by National vote just like the other two branches of government.
      I could go on all night, but the gist of it all is defuse all governments and give our Country back to God and the People.

  • Average Joe

    I agree with most here…I will not run and hide…I will water the tree of liberty….to my last dying breath.
    I did notice something curious on this blog today….No eddie47d and no smilee….did the world end today …and I missed it?…my heart be still…a day of sanity!

    • Jay

      Average Joe, I also noticed the absence of the one’s you mentioned. Hmm, very strange indeed!

    • Jay

      Average Joe, I just figured out why the commie brigade is not here discussing and upholding Patriotism, they are in another room, and very busy, passionately defending the rights of gays in the military! Off course, now it all makes sense!

      • Average Joe

        LMAO…it figures.
        I did run outside to see if the world was still here….I was tryly worried….until I looked…whew…it’s still here…lol

      • Average Joe

        Maybe we can get Bob to put up more posts like “gays” to keep them occupied and away from the rational thinking people…..just a thought.

        • Jay

          Average Joe, you read my mind but you beat me to the punch! LOL!

  • Ridge Runner

    I don’t leaving the country is the answer.If we don’t defeat this world take over by these elites then the world doesn’t have a chance at any thing except slaves to these elites that think they are better than you,smarter than you and intend to dictate your ever move.I can’t understand why these dumb asses can’t see and realy understand what in store for them down the road. It just may be that they don’t have the information to exactly what is going on with the people that is running and ruining our country.the ones that know what is going on need to start holding meetings to give the people information as what is going on.Strt doing like they used to do and have fish fries,picknicks any get togather to give some one wno knows a chance tell them what is happening and how every thing is going wrong with the country.These entilists need to be told to get some pride get off the tax payers backs get off their asses get a job and try to save our country.These people are like a sheep or achicken killing dog lying and waiting for one to get through the fence so they can kill it.These people need to learn the difference between being a citizen and being a burden to the country.

  • Ridge Runner

    I am not talking about people that are unable to work and realy need help.I am talking about all these people that are playing the system that these thiving crooked reps have created to buy them votes to get them reelected.These ilegals that shouldn’t be here these whores that are having babies to be put on wellfare.At 1500.00 a month per child and as many as eight children that is 144.000 plus free health care,food stamps and free housing per year and there is thousands of these people or maybe millions.Every woman having children and being put on wellfare should be fixed when she has her second child so that she want have another one.I think a lot of the gov.depts and most of the gov. officals need to be changed. There needs to be term limits on the congress and the senate and all the federal judges should be elected by the oeople not appointed by the congress or the president.All the judges should (fed)should be vetted by congress.Congress and senators should be limited to one term.The exception would be that if they chose to run they would have to get at least 70% of the vote.These people need to lose their perk of retirement pay after serving only one term. Yhese are my beliefs and i don’t retract any of them and i don’t apolignize for any of them.

    • karolyn

      Ssorry I do not have the figure, but I know that they cannot get $1500 each for 8 children in SC. There is a set limit to the number of kids, and it’s well below 8.

    • TNJan

      RR, I can tell you that THIS 71 year-old woman is not afraid to say what I think, and never have been. I pray God will give grace, strength and determination, along with singleness of purpose, to those of US who truly want to bring this nation back to righteousness (not religion, though many of us are religious) which is doing what is right. If we must defend what we are and hope to be, I am as able as the next person to shoot straight and to the point, and take as many of Satan’s soldiers with me as possible. But, I also believe if God is on our side, we MUST be on His, and not overcome evil to substitute another brand of the same. We must really be honest and true to that which is good and acceptable in the sight of the Lord. Amen?

  • mark

    Oh, so the whole Tea Party should just pack up and leave the United States instead of voting in the next presidential election? Of course, there won’t be another presidential election according to the conspiracy theorists of the right. Great, go! And don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!

    • rebelcause

      Don’t worry Mark we’ll be out of here and then you can pay the higher taxes to pay for all the free loaders!! GOOD LUCK WITH ALL THAT!! America has become a joke for people who want to work!! No stability with taxing policies or anything for that matter!! I mean when the Somali dollar is gaining on the US DOllar people might want to really rethink what is actually happening!!! Just saying!! You can have my US PASSPORT!! You pay all the taxes for the freeloaders, i’ll be back when its fixed! until then, you guys deal with the freeloaders!!

  • iowaheretic

    I think we should start off by watching gutless coward traitor Simon Black leaving America! And then when someone he doesn’t like takes over the next place he goes to, he can just pack up and leave it also, and on and on and on….

    • Marty S.

      I think he already left and wants one of us to turn out the lights on our way out.

    • rebelcause

      Why is he so gutless, b/c the FERAL GUBMINT does have a gut to stop the bleeding?? More power to SIMON BLACK for dealing with the situation at hand and adjusting to it instead of living in the STATUS QUO situation, STATUS QUO got us where we are today, moving out for tax advantages and basically a more literate and educated populace outside the USA is wise!! You guys are the losers, staying in a land that is unfriendly to the citizenry by raising taxes so all workers can pay for the freeloaders!! MORE POWER TO YOU SIMON, get out while you can and let the silly doubters wonder!!

  • karolyn

    I couldn’t help myself. I just had to post a couple of quotes from Diane Rehm’s interview with Jonathan Kay who just published “Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground.” I just want to add, though, that I do not agree with everything he had to say in the interview. Very interesting. You guys can have a ball with this.

    “In my book I go back a little bit to the French revolution, and especially to the aftermath of World War I in Europe, and what I found was that the themes and motifs and the structures of these conspiracy theories were almost identical. The villains change, you know. We no longer thankfully blame Jews, but now we’ve moved onto neocons or the Bilderbergers are a popular target. So if you substitute the name of the villain, often the conspiracy theory, the basic plot is essentially the same.”

    “…I’m in on it. You know, I’m part of the establishment and, of course, I’m simply telling the lies on behalf of the establishment. And this is a real problem because what happens is people who get radicalized and they start to go into fringe media, they start to go into websites, they start to ignore, you know, NPR and the National Post and New York Times and all this sort of thing. And once they are in this fringe media world where it’s an echo chamber and they’re simply having their own fears read back to them by others, it’s very hard to bring them back. Because in that world it becomes a sort of self-contained echo chamber for fear mongers and they have no exposure to the mass media.”

    11:54:17″Thanks for calling, Dan. And you’re listening to “The Diane Rehm Show.” Here’s an email from Gloria in Traverse City, Mich. She says, “I have intelligent, sane friends who believe President Obama was born in Kenya and he is a secret Muslim. Once these seeds of fear are planted, it seems almost impossible to reason with them. What can I say or do to convince them that these are lies?”

    KAY11:54:54″That’s a great question. In my book, I call it an ounce of prevention and a pound of cure because once a person becomes a conspiracy theorist, it becomes very, very difficult to get them out of the rabbit hole. In fact, one thing I confess in the book is that I have never won an argument with a conspiracy theorist. They always have some other debating point that they can throw at me and, because their commitment to their theory is typically emotional, it’s very difficult to argue them down intellectually. What the strategy I took in this book is to show people that this is a recurring historical phenomenon.

    Show them what happened after the French Revolution. Show them what happened with the protocols of the Elders of Zion. Show them what happened in the 20th Century and show them, look, your theories are not unique. They have appeared at every point in history. And once people, perhaps, recognize that they are not onto something original, but are simply mouthing something that comes up in every generation, and that this is old hat, they’ve just changed some of the names, perhaps, maybe they’ll become self aware about their ideas and realize that maybe they should listen to others.”

    • Jay

      Nice try Karolyn, and very clever, but totally BOGUS!!! Jonathan Kay, you’re a punk and a clever liar, and no doubt an NWO lackey, lamo, monkey. The NWO elite queers must be worried!!!

    • Average Joe


      A simple straight forward question for you Karolyn: When does a conspiracy theory become a conspiracy rather than a theory?

      Just because someone wrote a book does not make them an authority…while the person may have pointed out that some of the CT’s in the past were in fact not true…how many did she not mention in book…that turned out to be actual conspiracies? When someone writes a book, they are trying to appeal to a certain (consumer) group…in order to pedal “their” product…and therefore the book is written with a certain amount of bias…whether they are willing to publicly admit it or not…everyone is biased in some way or another and that is just a fact of life.
      If I write a book about conspiracy theories, you can bet that my personal biases will affect the way the book is written…..even if I won’t admit it to myself……no one is immune from this fact….Remember…..when the book was written….they are trying to advance “their” agenda and their beliefs…period.

      I have asked this before without getting an answer but, Which course of action makes more sense…to question everything….or to question nothing?

      Never believe anything, simply because it was said by an authority.
      Robert A. Heinlein

      • Jay

        Average Joe, perhaps the question you posed to Karolyn wasn’t simple and straight enough.

  • Jay

    What is up with the picture of Simon Black? Pray tell, why are his eyes blotted out? Does anybody else here think that that is just a tad odd? Hmmm…

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    Be prepared, history repeats itself, which is why so many liberals ignor it and make sure educational institutions keep intorducing the new idealog into our schools….socialism, it will help us survive.

    The dollar will not survive the next crash which i predict will take happem within the next year.

  • Bert Cundle

    Except in our Political arena… With term limits!

  • BCR1776

    There is another factor that hasn’t been mentioned yet, leastwise that I haven’t seen mentioned here. Singles have more latitude to pick up and move anywhere (in or out of the US, or other home country). Whole families have less flexibility in leaving the US because of emotional family ties. Such a decision can, in a sense, be made based on ‘the numbers’ for greater income. But Humans are also emotional creatures who have hardwired into our systems the need for emotional ties of family and friends and institutions such as any religious/church ties. If Humans were strictly logical, we would be more like the fictional Vulcan Race of Sci-Fi stories. Hence all our actions could be easily calculated to make such a move. But we aren’t emotionless. Even in times of extreme hardship following a natural disaster (aka Katrina) people find it difficult to leave an obvious dangerous situation, or at the least not to return even in the face of devastation. This type of event is sudden and often predictable and usually short term when compared to the history of America and other hardships we as a nation has experienced (i.e. The American Revolution, Civil War). As with the Revolution the events that unfolded to spark that war were incremental, as many governmental actions are today. People on the whole, and Americans in particular hold out hope that events can be turned around peacefully and by working harder to achieve that goal. One point that needs to be remembered, or learned if one doesn’t know; the percent of the American’s who actively fought in the Revolution was about ten percent of the total population, if that much. I don’t remember the precise numbers offhand. But the whole population breakdown was fairly evenly divided into three major groups of people:

    1. Patriots wanting to break from the Crown.
    2. The ‘I just want to be left alone’ group.
    3. The Tories who wanted to remain under the British Crown.

    And of the ten percent of the population who actively participated in breaking away by actually fighting was around one percent of the ten percent active in the cause. The rest of the active group provided logistical supplies, provided arms and supplies, clandestine support, active in the formulation of the new government who were in contact with the forces of the Patriots, and in moving information via leaflets and the like.

    The population today breaks down to roughly into the same groups, and more people are slowly awakening; some not fully aware of what is going on but are still rubbing the ‘sleep’ from their eyes. Will everyone in America support non-peaceful actions if it is called for? Of course not. The myth that is often spread is that a large portion of the American population ‘threw off the shackles of the Crown’…bunk! As with any social/cultural/government change ever undertaken historically it has always been a small very dedicated and disciplined portion of any population that has initiated and sustained the change they sought. This is true of every country in or ever was in existence.

    Migrations of people from one location to another has been predicated on the availability, or lack thereof, of food and resources to sustain life, or as refugees from embattled areas; and less on political philosophy they live under. If that were true then the people of the old USSR, China, etc. would have simply walked away from their situation and left their leaders with no one to lead or at least not enough population to sustain their political goals.

    Americans were given four boxes to make change by way of Natural Rights (as opposed to governmental approved actions). By way of the Bill of Rights, and Constitution we have the following:
    1. Soap Box
    2. Ballot Box
    3. Jury Box
    4. Cartridge box
    It behooves every American to seek redress via each of the first three boxes, and as a last resort utilize the fourth box. Can we still use the first three to initiate change? I believe we are able to. I’m not saying it will be easy, it won’t. Just as Kudzu, here in the South, can encroach and cover land if not kept in check, so has the corruption in government at all levels. Americans who value Liberty must work at the local levels, and state levels as well as the national levels. Not working to change the local and state levels and only look to the national level makes all the work a moot point because the Federal government will continue to usurp power from the states, and the same applies to the state usurping the local level.

    If Americans fail to exhaust the avenues of the first three boxes then the utilization of the fourth box will send us into extremely treacherous waters which our enemies will attempt to capitalize on. It isn’t the case that the ‘stay and fight’ is an old fashioned or hackney phrase; it is a Truth borne out throughout Human History and most especially America. This is one major difference that separates Americans from the rest of the world. American who love Liberty will ‘hold their ground’ and will not yield to the forces of tyranny; even it is impractical to do so. True Americanism is a love of Liberty that supersedes any differences we as individuals or groups may have, and we will rescue or regain Liberty through whatever means necessary. Remember the saying, “These Colors don’t Run”. Well, real Americans will hold the line at any cost. Simply look to The Alamo, Wake Island, and Bastone, among other examples. The love of Freedom extends all the way back to Thermopylae and those who held the line for a uniting of disjointed Greek city states into one for Human Freedom and the foundations of Liberty. If by chance America shrugs off its duties to history and the human condition; then perhaps a hundred years hence the cause of Liberty will arise because Humanity’s destiny is one based on Liberty. But I don’t believe True Americans or True Liberty’s proponents will fail; no matter the cost.

    Just My Humble Opinion

  • rebelcause

    Article is dead on, America is the laughing stock of the world and there are many places that have better social and monetary policies than the U.S.A. Sell dollars and exchange them for a country that is just printing money! America is the NEW 3rd World that is emerging through the hand outs of food stamps and welfare, but the countries who require their citizens to work for a living aren’t in near the debt debacle that we are in!! Only true Patriot Visionaries will understand this article and rest will poke fun at what a crazy thought this is!! But America is not great anymore, its second class nation with 2nd class leaders!! get out while you can and get rid of the dollar unless you want to hold monopoly $!!! I sure don’t!!

  • Robert Hauser

    I was parsecs ahead of you, Simon….I have worked overseas in better countries than this decades ago. For example I was in Libya on an eighteen month contract, but that was long ere what is going on there now. Back then everyone and anyone who worked in Libya, butcher, baker, candlestick maker, mattered not—you paid an across the board 2% of your income to the people of Libya. Now I am philosophically opposed to any kind of taxation of a working man’s income on a number of grounds…but c’mon…a measly TWO PERCENT? I sure as the Hell didn’t miss it and quite in fact felt damned honored to pay it because it was keeping the streets well repaired, the planes flying and the hospitals open—it was going directly to the Libyan people back when King Isidris was in power over there. So yes, there are many places far better to live in right now than America. This country has gotten to be the favorite place to be from—just as far from as a decent human can get.
    Without even half trying, I could easily fill a book with good reasons, any one of which stands on its own merit and alone suffices, for leaving this greed-hog and sociopath ridden regime with the highest hopes of never setting eyes or foot on the place again—the depredations and ghoulishness of this country’s medical mafia as just one of myriad. America is the only industrialized nation on earth that fails or refuses to provide free health care to all of its working class and impoverished citizens—–it costs $67,000 to change three light fixtures in a Bay Area hospital operating room; for that price I could swap out the lights in all the hospitals in France and their people are in vastly better health than ours…..and in most foreign countries they CURE people of ailments…they don’t force deranged “treatments” on them that in most cases are worse than disease itself. I could go on about this issue alone for pages…

  • Robert Hauser

    I’ve been every place that Simon mentions in his column and a good many more…and if I knew that there were something that good awaiting me there, I’d flee this country in a New York second. Tragically, as America’s NONeconomy, so that of the rest of the planet…and as America falls face first to Hell for the very last and final time, it is grabbing the table cloth and dragging everything else right down on top of itself. As an expatriate in a foreign country you should realize that in blinding contrast to this palsied country, foreign nations are very strict about looking out for their own native born citizens first and you will be definitely considered an outsider…on top of that you will be hated for being an American and hated that much more for “deserting your own country”….so this idea of becoming an exile to a foreign country, no matter how attractive it strikes many of us right now, myself very much included, is nowhere near as pat as Simon tries to convey it.

    I don’t know about any of you, but I do not look forward to spending the remainder of my life juggling nine pins out on the streets of Acapulco in the thick of traffic on an incineratingly hot afternoon hoping that some of the passing motorists will toss me a few pesos or a taco….or selling paintings in t5he main Plaza in Santiago as an expatriate classic of the starving artist.

    If there be any truth in the Mayan calendar, it will all be kindling soon anyway and who will be around to give a fiddler’s N %$^&*&^%$#

    • erick

      What’s with this “Mayan calendar” BS? A much more reliable source of wisdom for those willing to ask God is the Bible. Our nation is declining like all nations that reject God.
      How did we reject Him? Greed, selfishness, 1962 supreme court decision taking God out of schools. 1973 decision legalizing murder of humans in the womb. Re-defining marriage. Neglecting our children by giving them to the government to “educate.”

      The coming calamity will not be escaped by moving anywhere.But your eternal future can be assured if you trust in the one eternal God and Jesus the saviour. Amen.


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