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Exit Polls Reveal That Americans Want Stricter Immigration Laws

November 15, 2010 by  

Exit polls reveal that Americans want stricter immigration lawsMore than 60 percent of voters in the midterm elections said that President Barack Obama has not been aggressive enough in enforcing immigration laws.

According to exit polling, approximately 69 percent of voters said that immigration is an important public policy issue, with 61 percent claiming that the President has not done enough to prevent illegal immigration. Only 4 percent of voters believe that the current administration is enforcing immigration laws too vigorously.

The survey was conducted by The Polling Company, on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

"[The midterm] elections leave no doubt that the American people are deeply uncomfortable with the overall direction of the country," said Dan Stein, president of FAIR. "Exit polling indicates that President Obama's refusal to enforce immigration laws and the Democratic leadership's promotion of amnesty for illegal aliens are part of what led to [a] decisive vote of no-confidence."

Officials from the nonpartisan organization Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) believe that the elections — which resulted in big gains for the Republican party — reflect the nation's need to reform an out-of-control immigration policy. The group states that lax enforcement of workplace laws is allowing millions of undocumented individuals to work in the United States illegally.

Marilyn DeYoung, chairwoman of the board of CAPS, suggests that there should be a mandatory verification of the eligibility of workers and an increased security at U.S. borders. She hopes that the newly elected Congress will listen to the electorate and reject the "open-border and cheap labor lobbies that have dictated immigration policy." 

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  • http://naver samurai

    I think that the laws we have on the books now need to be enforced first, then we can enact newer, tougher laws if we need them. We are being invaded from the south and something does need to be done about it. I know the states on the front lines (TX, AZ, NM, CA) have more prblems than Indiana does, but if these states have trouble with immigration, can’t have current laws enforced, or maybe make new policies (like AZ did), then it won’t be long till it reaches my hometown in Indiana. The new people that my wife and I voted for were anto amnesty, against illegal immigration, and one was even for puting troops on our southern boarder. I only hope that this administration can wake up to the problem at hand and put forth some effort to stop it. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Wanda Murline

      The Federal Government and all that encompass it have willifully disregarded Article IV, Section IV of the Constitutin which delegates the responsibility of keeping America from invasion. Not only have they willifully disregarded it, they have aided and abetted the invaders from Mexico. When you have 12 million illegal aliens invading from Mexico that is an invasion. The Presiden and the DOJ, Eric Holder, committed crimes against the people of the US when they filed suit against Arizona for enforcing what they willifully will not enforce, the law. Therefore, committing crimes against your own citizenry and taking sides with another country is punishable by impeachment and possible charges of Treason. I think we should expect this is happen to Obama and all who are willifully committing crimes against us. It is time for real change.

      • meteorlady

        The 12 million figure that you use is a government estimate – there are more, a lot more.

      • JohnK

        So my question would be, Can’t the Country try both of these guys for treason against Country? I don’t think anyone in this country should be higher than the Constitution, except the True God, who created all.

      • Leo

        Not only have they aided Mexico but also their
        Comrade Red Chinese. According to Forbes Magazine, there’s more BILLIONAIRES in COMMIE
        RED CHINA than in the U.S. so it wouldn’t Surprise me if the Red Chinese also start INVADING AMERICA by buying up bankrupt businesses in Detroit just to make their cars
        here and cut their production costs!
        This may Indicate the bureacrats’ disregard for the American People and if we’re not careful, we will be headed towards a Pinko
        New World Order where the Red Chinese will be
        Bosses and Americans their employees!
        We must thank the Outsource Movement in Big
        Business for this! The flow of Red Chinese
        products is but a consequence of the bureacrats’ and former president Clinton’s
        founding of the World Trade Organization to
        help Red China trade with the world.
        Watch out because they show sure signs of
        wanting to be the Next Superpower and now
        they want the yuan to have the same status
        as the dollar. Next they’ll be INVADING THE UNITED STATES!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          That will happen only if we let it happen! We must be watchful of our federal government as well as our state government! If we see them doing something we don’t agree with or is wrong, then we let them know their job is in dire jeopardy!!

      • who cares

        mexico does not need the usa. usa need mexico two reason mexico export food and oil. usa inports whats the thing you car uses right oil!!! Mexico is used as a buffer. usa oweds mexico billions. mexico export to china, russia, and other countries. BUT MOST of all WHO WANT, NEED hispanic WORKER? american companies american worker have price them self out jobs, america have no one speak for them like unions can. why you think the republican GOP is agaist UNIONS AND YOU??

        • meteorlady

          So that makes it OK for millions to floor our borders, steal our identities, rob people, deal drugs, put your children into the schools that WE pay for, plus contribute greatly to our health care costs. Then comes all the millions that leave here without taxes being paid to people at home. After that we pick up the tab for all the new prisoners we have to keep incarcerated. You can work cheaper because you don’t pay taxes, get subsidized housing, food stamps, welfare and other entitlements. We DON’T – we need to make a living wage in order to feed OUR families.

          Yep – we sure do need Mexico. I don’t eat your imported food and, as for oil, we are getting smarter and soon we won’t need that either.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I think your name should be who cares about brains!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks for the laugh fellow patriot! I haven’t seen anymore posts from him, so he did the usual lib hit and run. You know, hit the site for one day and them run away. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          who cares, I will tell you that you are suffering from Cranial, Rectal Insertion, do some serious research, and then be polite and go F%$# yourself south of the border.

        • Ret

          If mexico doesn’t need the us, go the hell home. You are not wanted, you are not welcome. Ask your richest man in the world to take care of you, ask your government to take care of you. It’s not our responsibility. Miss your oil? I don’t think so, I heat with wood and grow my own food.

      • Robert Wayne

        Both Obama and Holder belong at the end of a rope. They and anybody else from the federal govt. who are in favor of supporting the enemy country of Mexico at the expense of Americans are guilty of treason and deserve the appropriate punishment. There is no excuse whatsoever for them to be siding with those who are obviously illegally invading this country.

      • James

        Wanda, Art. IV reads: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.” That isn’t a delegation of power, it’s a command: “The United States…shall protect each of them against invasion.” Your point though is excellent, we are being invaded and no president has even attempted to stop it.

        • Ellen0

          The “invasion” is already in full swing. Chicago moved into Washington when all the corrupt thugs from there took over the government. Obama wanted to be judged by the “company he kept.” Done!!!

    • EddieW

      So far the Government doesn’t give a DAMN what Americans think!!!
      We will find out very shortly, just how little they care about Americans…and it’s going to be really ugly, and cost the lives of tens of thousands!!! quite possibly even more!!! Shit is on the way, and there is no stopping it!!

  • steve

    hey samurai, don’t you know that God isn’t just the god of American citizens but also god over all people of the earth including Mexicans who believe in Him? don’t think for a moment that God is concerned only for the welfare of Americans but equally loves all people who serve Him It is His divine Providence to grant citizenship to whomever He so chooses. don’t think for a minute that an eternal God is constrained to being a champion of tea party activism or nativist sentiment. simply stated, borders are not important to God but a person’s heart. doesn’t the Bible state that we are to welcome the alien living in our land?

    • http://naver samurai

      Why are you attacking me steve? Do you really believe in what you are saying or are you just trying to stir the waters? First, I garee with what you say. Can’t argue against it. Second, you forget the simple truth of this matter and the Lord God Almighty understands this too. We are a nation of laws and we do not reward law breakers. If you are a Christian, then you’ll know that God doesn’t tell us to go around breaking the laws of a nation, but to obey them. If we talk about God, Jesus, Christianity, and everything they mean and what we believe, but go around breaking the law, then we look foolish and our beliefs will be derided with anyone elses. As Christians, we are to set the example. Hate the sin and not the sinner, but if someone is breaking the law aren’t they also sinning in the process? Please get your facts straight before you post. God and Jesus don’t reward law breakers either. If you don’t like me saying “FOR GOD AND COUNTRY,” oh well, boo hoo! Unlike you, I know what the statement means. It means that what I’m doing is in the eyes of God and for this country. You can’t be as big an imbacile to believe that illegals can just come here and wreak havoc on our great country. Why are you even trying to be a moron by mentioning things I never said in my post. Soory, but the alien that he was talking about in our land were the gentiles living in Israel, not these people crossing our boarders illegally. Get your facts straight before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • eddie47d

        “hate the sin but love the sinner” Now if you can practice that with your vile loathing of gays then I will believe you.

        • http://naver sook young

          Can you tell me what do the gays have to do with the subject? We don’t hate the gays. We just don’t understand why they are trying to push their immoral lifestyle on us? I don’t hate someone because they are gay, just the actions they do in public. What they do in their own house, I don’t care, just keep it there. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • eddie47d

            Okay Sook I see you are playing good cop-bad cop.Your husband has bashed gays before so that is why I brought it up.Thank You.

          • http://naver sook young

            It’s because gays are immoral and are pushing their lifestyle on us. Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

      • http://SlouchingTowardWashington Mindy

        I CAN argue against Both of you. Yes, the Bible DID tell us to welcome strangers and to treat them as our own. But you forgot the rest of the rules. The strangers were to abide by OUR laws, even our dietary laws (I guess you forgot that the Bible is the Laws of Judaism). Foreigners were welcome as long as they lived by OUR standards, and they were not allowed to walk in willy nilly, importing their cultures and customs. Read it again. (To your pleasure and relief, and find that your stance on immigration IS Biblical).

    • Al Sieber

      Hey steve, why don’t you come out here to Ariz. and camp along some of the smuggling routes, you’ll change your mind if you live through the night. this has nothing to do with God.

      • meteorlady

        He could come to Texas too. Maybe El Paso would be a good place. The just shot up the courthouse not long ago and then headed back across the border.

        • Ellen0

          When is the self-appointed Messiah going to pay attention to the Constitution he swore to uphold? What happened to States’ Rights? Americans are being murdered by Mexican Cartel members. We are being invaded and nothing is being done about it. Even those who work for the ICS have spoken up for border control. We need to get this self-appointed Messiah out of government — and have him take his Czars with him. The word “Czar” is in itself offensive when one considers the history of those holding the title in the past. A good start for control — get rid of sanctuary cities.

      • Dan az

        Hey Al
        I think steve thinks that all we have is mexicans crossing and thinks that the islamic terrorist are just a bunch of hype.So how are you doing down there?

    • mlimberg

      Hey Steve, even GOD had alws for His people to conduct themselves, He calls them the Ten Commendments…. Illegals violate these Commendments, but they manage to justify everything they do… including the death of 30k in Mexico?

    • RoBoTech

      how old are you? 12?
      Romans 13:1-7
      “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.”
      Got that? If not, then don’t pretend to know about Christian beliefs. Stay an atheist and leave Faith in God alone!
      Enforce the LAW OF THE LAND! Deport the Illegal Leeches!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Steve… I cannot tell from your post if you are using sarcasm, or if you truly believe what you wrote. We have laws that are not being enforced. God wishes that everyone would accept Jesus as their Savior and come to Him. He also wants us to follow the laws of the land. I don’t think anyone can deny that those who enter illegally are looking for a better way of life. However the first problem in this quest is entering another country ILLEGALLY. The second problem is many of those who come are only looking for handouts and what’s in it for them, not to mention coming into America illegally we have no way of knowing who will be productive citizens who abide by our laws and regulations. Along with families, come gangs, drug pushers, murderers, child molesters, etc. And we have enough of those kind already here! I hope that something is done to allow those who would be good for America to enter and those who are not will not.

    • Jon

      And your statements have no applicability to the illegal immigration crisis. It is obvious that you too are probably an illegal alien. If you can support the challenges of illegal aliens in America, go to their native lands and see if they are standing up for their own rights at home! They are all willing to come here to America and DEMAND THEIR RIGHTS. None of which other than humanitarian rights are they entitled to as illegal aliens. But THEY WILL DO NOTHING TO IMPROVE THE POLITICS, FREEDOMS AND LIVING CONDITIONS IN THEIR NATIVE LANDS. All they are willing to do is come here to America under and over our border fences, through tunnels, in trucks and automobiles. Knowing full well it violates United States Federal Immigration Laws and lie, cheat, steal. To avail themselves of our health care, social security,food stamps, public housing, etc. etc. All of which are against the laws of our nation for them to receive. These are not poor innocent people seeking refuge. They are knowledgeable people that have systematically robbed America’s middle-class. They are the root cause of exorbitant health care costs. Receiving their health care for FREE while legal citizens pay or GO WITHOUT! They are receiving money from Social Security while they break the system. You need to wake up as to what is taking place in America. Eight million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS HAVE FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT IN AMERICA WHILE MORE THAN FIFTEEN MILLION LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS CANNOT GET A JOB. Do you not grasp the severity of this problem? We need immigration enforcement and deportation of all illegals NOW.

      • meteorlady

        8 Million is the government estimate – there are more, far more. Maybe around 30 million and counting. You cannot believe how fast they are coming across. It’s an invasion and all you people that live in states where they aren’t – will soon see more and more of them because the southern states are trying their best to run them out and stop the deficit bleeding that they cause.

        • barbm

          not only are there many coming over every day but, when they get here, they start dropping babies like bunnies. and those babies are given citizenship. that needs to stop. and, if it doesn’t stop, the parents need to be deported and given the choice of taking their kids with them or leaving them here for american families to rear. also, legal immigrants should be banned from ever receiving any type of welfare. if they come here seeking a better life, they need to work for it. if they need health care, they can buy insurance. if they need food or shelter, they need to plan for that contingency and save some of their money.

        • Dan az

          the last count I heard was 40 million but that was awhile ago,and there was at least 4600 crossing per day.

      • Cathy

        Jon you hit the head on the nail….

    • JoMama

      Screw you, steve!!!

    • Steve Dolyniuk

      God has laws, as well as people & countries. I guess you are another, who doesn’t know the meaning of “ILLEGAL”. Look it up in the dictionary. This country has always welcomed people from other countries, however it is supposed to be done Legally. GOT IT ????

    • meteorlady

      God does not have dominion over this country. He has dominion over the people of the world. We have a country that has laws and they are being stepped on, ignored and certainly not being enforced – the detriment of our country and it’s citizens.

      • JohnK

        Actually, if you read the Bible, for the present time being, God only has dominion over His people, satan is lord of this earth until the Son comes back to take the keys back.

        • Teresa

          God also said put NO law above me or mine. We are to abide mans laws until they interfere w/Gods laws! Yes satan and his army are gathering and running strong…and yes we only “think” we have seen hard times.
          “Gods Law is the only way; just and about Loving & Forgiving.”
          “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill. For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven….” Matthew 5:17-18
          a man is not justified by the works of the law but by faith in Jesus Christ… For I through the law died to the law that I might live to God. I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness comes through the law, then Christ died in vain.” Galatians 2:16-21

          “Mans Law is made by himself, to uplift himself & filled with (Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy & Pride) All of which Satan Loves!” Moreover, the Law of Man is not of God, But of Mans own selfish image…

          Man not adhearing to Gods Laws is costing the world dearly til the coming of our Lord. Glory to God for ALL the true saints that keep this crippled world afloat! My friends YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN to enter Gods “Beautiful Place.”

    • marvin

      you want to talk bible and god jesus said turn law breaker over to the law to be judged illegal is just that not illegal it is criminal and fall under mans law and with out law you have people do as they want and most times that an,t good ,in 10 more years and 60 million illegals then tell me it ok

      • who cares

        usa is almost like germany usa should do as the nazi did if your not white you must leave or else. to include native american besid they re not really white. usa for white only. right marvin.

        • http://naver samurai

          Sorry dude, but Marvin didn’t mention anything about a persons religion, race, or nationality did he? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • meteorlady

          I sincerely hope that you aren’t living here and if you are you aren’t voting. You have no idea of what this country stand for or of the foundation of government it was built on.

        • http://naver sook young

          Did who cares forget to take his meds today? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

    • marvin

      i guess like obamas aunt said i am a child of god and you people owe me a living, WRONG i owe you nothing, we the people owe you nothing if you are a child of your god not mine let him feed you,my god said work,not take ask and ye shell receive not demand,because you think i/we owe you,LAWS ARE FOR ALL TO OBAY

    • katyhunny

      I am less concerned about the illegal Mexican population coming into the country than I am by the OTM’s sreaming into the country with them. Who knows how many Radical Islamist terrorists have sneaked over the border along with Mexican and Central & South American people crossing El Rio Grande. That’s my primary concern regarding our porous border to the South. I am also concerned about the European, African and Asian people who come to this country as students and tourists who never go back to their homes, but stay here, procure forged documents and take jobs from out citizens and legal residents. You remember legal residents, don’t you? Those are the real IMMIGRANTS who came here legally. Those who followed the rules. Those who want to be here to become citizens of this great country and to share in the American Dream which is slowly slipping from our grasp. Just enforce the laws on the books. The rest will take care of itself.

    • crystal

      Steve you must be out of your mind I am of Mexican decent but myself and ancestors were born in the United States and I consider myself an American not Mexican and if you are illegal that is that I can not go to Mexico as an illegal I would be killed. Why should millions of Americans have to suffer on the streets, family when illegals get their jobs and I can tell I do not see homeless Mexicans where I live. But they get drunk and kill many Americans citizens in car accidents and nothing is done them. Our country needs to man up and put a stop to this, it is shame for a country to go after their on state to please some minorities as racial profiling what bull crap. Every state should back Arizona’s efforts and do the same in their states. It is time Americans have balls to say enough is enough. What do you say to the people on the streets who have their jobs to illegals Steve. I prey that someone puts a stop the the illegals immigrations.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda


    • who cares

      SO, any one is not white is not welcome in the usa?? by you,and yor god. when your kind (european) came to this land the americans welcome you, took you in, and fed you. then they were kill ( if europian were to go to china and took their land from the chinese you would be the new china men? they would be call native chinese but with out rights, and force them to become second class sitizens. like indian here in the usa. then you take other people land with out regard. is justify occording to history (book) occording to some whites new americas not native. you thought mexican to speak spanish. you are god sent, saviors. any one who is not white and is brown is a mexican is an insult to mexicans and non mexicans when was the last time you hear some one from el salbador, honduras, colombia croossing the border never, is always a mexicans. for your part it is lack of education, and ignorance.

      • http://naver sook young

        Still haven’t taken your meds have we? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

      • http://naver samurai

        First of all, you talk like the one with no intelligence or education. Second, I don’t care who comes here as long as they come here legally. My wife went through the system, got no free handouts, and is now a citizen, so why can’t they do that also? Please get off of the kool aid! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        who cares, in reading your comments I know you are as uneducated as most illegal bilingual illiterates. For starters, the first Europeans whites were Espanoles, Italianos, Portugueses, Arabes y Moros, with their bands of thieves, criminals and some were murderers. who cares I am an American Indian, and I resent your nonsensical stupidity, now be polite and Kiss my Big Indian Arse, and then go F$#% yourself south of the border.

        • eddie47d

          I don’t care if you are a three toed midget. You are always insulting

  • Denis Flaherty


    • http://naver samurai

      Thank you, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I couldn’t add a thing to what you said but to say RIGHT ON!!!

        • http://naver sook young

          Thank you everyone for supporting my husband. I agree with him too.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

  • Teresa

    The fact is, if we allow illegals in this country we are allowing terrorist as well as, not just mexicans for the politicans for their political gain! This is the outrage w/the American people, we can secure the borders in other countries while we can not protect our own people! You Americans who preach to us about equal opportunity for the illegals, how dare you when so many have struggled and did what was right, by law to get their citizenship here in America. You Americans and illegals preach to us about how WE should be tolerant of those illegals rights….THEY have no rights if they are here illegal, end of story! You preach to us about racial profiling, well guess what, if it were not for racial profiling half of the terrorist would not be caught today. You whine about the debt this country is in and yet you expect the working man to catch up the slack for the ones here illegally…please whatever you do…DO NOT PREACH TO US OF THEIR RIGHTS! I will stress again, if you are here illegal you have no rights in this country!

    • meteorlady

      Maybe all the complainers and advocates of illegal immigration should spend about a year in Mexico trying to clean up that country.

      • Ret

        Per Forbes:

        Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu has beaten out Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to become the wealthiest person on earth and nab the top spot on the 2010 Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires.

        Why doesn’t HE spend a few bucks to clean up his country.

  • Tony in MO

    We have the proper laws in place to govern our immigration matters. It’s a matter of having leaders who are dedicated to enforcing our rather lenient immigration laws. However, when you have people like Janet Napolitano, head of DHS and John Morton, the head of ICE, both traipsing around the country advocating amnesty for illegals instead of doing their jobs, it’s no wonder we have problems with illegal immigration. Add to that the numerous politicians who are also illegal alien advocates and we have an almost impossible problem to contend with.

  • Robert

    First we have to stop harry reid’s dream act which he buried in the defense spending bill so it will get passed. I think that that is a fraudulent practice that needs to cease NOW. If a bills merits are good, it should stand on it’s own, harry’s army of voters is what this bill is about, plain and simple.
    Yes, obama hasn’t done anything to secure our borders but order holder to prosecute Arizona for doing the job the president by law is required to do, prosecute him for dereliction of sworn duty and holder/napolitano for complicity.

    • Teresa

      Holder is the problem….And getting anyone in Congress to go after him is the next…now you tell me how to do that and I am all with you. Holder and the Justice Dept. are as crooked as they come. They have forged reports…they are associated w/CAIR groups and associates and will do absolutely nothing to stop this…so you tell me how do I/we go about this?

  • Kim

    There shouldn’t even be an argument here…the border is the border is the border. Stop trying to use God to justify your opinion. There have been laws since time began and they were created for a reason. Yes, go down to the border and get a first hand taste of what is going on down there before you spew your idiocy. You’re just more of the problem…

  • LadyM

    All that needs to be done is for our Government to adopt the same immigration laws that Mexico has. If you haven’t read them please do.



  • M.L.

    Well, well Steve did God say you may enter any country, murder as many people as you like, kidnap, rape, steal, bring drugs and etc, etc. I truly don’t believe so. But like you our government thinks so, afterall,they bestowed gifts upon them such as wellfair, work permits to take our jobs,drivers license, shelters so the poor souls don’t wait out in the weather (tell that to the American families standing on line at food banks in all sorts of weather) and rights to sue Americans, for any reason whatsoever. Most important, thousands of Americans are will now pay the price as they finally give the ultimate gift of all…AMNESTY

  • Mick

    LadyM says:
    November 15, 2010 at 11:16 am
    All that needs to be done is for our Government to adopt the same immigration laws that Mexico has. If you haven’t read them please do.
    You got that right LadyM …
    This crap about being the nice guys has got to stop, we all know that nice guys finish last…………..

  • Delaware Bob

    This is true, Americans do want our immigration laws enforced, but the illegal aliens want amnesty. Can you imagine that? They invade our Country, drop their little anchor babies and demand amnesty. Well, I see it this way.

    I, for one, am just sick and tired of these illegal aliens snubbing their nose at our immigration laws and the many other laws of this Country. If our Federal Government can not ENFORCE our immigration laws, and get these illegal aliens out of this Country, then let the States do it! One way or another, an end has to come to this illegal immigration, and not with AMNESTY! Amnesty will only encourage more illegal aliens to invade our Country and reward those who broke our laws and raped the American taxpayer in many ways…depressing our wages, taking our jobs, overwhelming our schools with their illegal alien children, driving without a license or car insurance, all the crime from stolen identities to rape, drugs and everything else.

    It’s time for ZERO TOLERENCE with these illegal aliens. It’s time for them get out of this Country and back in their own Country where they belong. When we get rid of the illegal aliens, we will get rid of all the problems that go with them. THAT IS A FACT!

  • deedee

    Until the laws already on the books begin to be enforced what’s the point of enacting new ones?

    We need to stop blaming the problem on the illegals. Oh, yeah, they are coming here and taking our jobs? BULL crap! The jobs that they are taking are not the high paying jobs with good benefits. They are washing our cars, mowing our lawns, watching our kids (ask all those rich folks with nannies), and yes, doing construction.

    Let’s talk about that. Someone’s got to do it. When my husband worked in construction in the DC/MD/VA area this is what happened. The company would advertise openings in the trades. The only applicants showing up would be from somewhere in South America. NOT A SINGLE YOUNG AMERICAN CITIZEN WOULD EVEN APPLY! And that’s a fact, Jack!

    Who do you see hanging out around the home improvement stores, hoping to get a days work? Not our people, but some immigrant who is willing to work live a slave for a days pay.

    How many American kids graduate high school and say their chosen career path is to did ditches, or become a carpenter or mason, or do some other construction job? How many kids want a career killing and plucking chickens? How many kids want to fulfill themselves with a job sewing clothes or making athletic shoes?

    Gimme a break! THAT’S why we have an illegal problem, and also why those of our jobs that could be taken to some offshore location, have gone. And where are those American Citizens who used to do those jobs? Standing around on street corners waiting for their connection to come by so they can score drugs!

    If we want to address the illegal problem we need to do one major thing. PROSECUTE THOSE WHO ARE HIRING THE ILLEGALS. When they can no longer hire illegals at a fraction of what they would need to pay a citizen maybe things would change. But that will N3EVER happen. Because those who hire the illegals think they are above the law, and that it is their RIGHT to get the cheapest labor around!

    Look at reality. The GOVERNMENT does not enforce the laws beacuse the RICH are breaking the laws and hiring the illegals! And along with those illegals who just want a job come the drug lords and traffikers and murderers. And guess who those guys prey upon most? THEIR OWN PEOPLE, who are here illegally to get a job!

    Wake the hell up!

    • meteorlady

      Wake the hell up – they are taking jobs. I can go out today and find a couple of hundred of them working in the trade. I can take pictures if you’d like. They are roofing (used to pay $20.00 per hours), they are brick laying (used to pay $30.00 per hour), they are laying tile, framing, doing concrete work, running landscaping businesses working for cash, they are plumbing and heating workers, etc. In fact the pecan orchard where I live hired South American’s now because the Mexican have moved up to higher paying jobs.

      I look around where I live and there are more and more white people doing golf course maintenance, working in the Pecan orchards, etc. So open you little eyes baby – they are coming to your town next and it’s not nice when they arrive.

    • Average Joe

      What I find amusing is that Liberals make statements like this assuming that this is the only work that Mexicans are capable of doing and unfortunately most of the Mexicans think that you are defending them …when in fact, you are degrading them. You are actually incouraging them to not better themselves….so that they can continue doing menial tasks at low wages.
      I believe that they are capable of becomming Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Business Owners, Scientists etc. but to do so, they must come here legally. peole like you defend the fact they they come here illegally and work in jobs that have no better future than what they have left behind, only now…. they have to live in the shadows of our society. That makes you the oppressor of the Mexican people by doing so. I want them to come here legally and become a benifit to our nation and not have to live in the shadows that they are forced into , simply because a few American’s want cheap labor…in the form of..”housekeeper/babysitter/nanny? A lawn care service? A contractor hiring temp labor”.
      I offer them hope and a brighter future. You want to keep them in the shadows and keep them doing meaningless labor……shame on you.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I don’t want them in the shadows here. I don’t want them here at all unless they are here legally!! I have friends here that came here from Mexico the legal and proper way! I treasure their friendship and would do anything I possibly could for them. They know how I feel about the illegals and agree with me about them!

        • Average Joe

          huh?…My reply was to DeeDee above…not sure why you would think it was a reply to you… wasn’t.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            This is an open forum in that anybody can and most likely will answer you!! I just gave you my opine on the matter!

        • Average Joe

          I still don’t see where you are comming from….You sound as if you are being argumentative about my post, while at the same time repeating what I just said. Maybe you misread my post?…Maybe I am misreading your statement?…..My point was…they need to come here legally in order to acheive their dreams. Being illegal and in the shadows does not allow one to “better” themselves.By not enforcing the laws, we encourage them to continue doing menial work for low pay with no hope of bettering their lives or of becomming useful contributers to our nation as a whole.

      • meteorlady

        Beautiful post- I love it. That’s my opinion of most liberals – they think they are defenders, but they are insulting, arrogant and oppressive.

  • fairtax

    Most of you sound as if you know the illegal alien problem/ Please visit numbers usa if you haven’t already they will give you the big picture

    • meteorlady

      Also visit the Center for Immigration Studies for history and current information. They are pretty center and they have some pretty good articles.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      did you see the film that numbers USA put out on the camera that was put on just one of the trails that are being used by the illegals???

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    stricter laws to keep terrrists out of our country obummer is going to do nothing about it.

  • Billy Cooper


    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’ll do a correction for you. They came here the WRONG way!!!

  • TIME

    Where to start lets try this, the “New World Order” has no bounds, thus the ones who have been in power now for many years don’t wish to close these loop holes.
    Nor are they enforcing the laws on the books that are really quite clear, “new laws” will only be made to make you more of a SLAVE than you are NOW.

    The facts are we are falling as a country, I fear that as far as fixing anything, – well it may sound nice on paper and looks good to have a few well groomed people tell you how they can fix all the ills.

    But wait ~ how strange is it that these are the same ills that we have faced for how long now and yet you will note nothing has ever been done by anyone no matter what party. Strange?

    No not at all thats as I noted the “New World Order” wants thus they get, as they run the Play Book, the Media, the Food Supplys, the Government, and make the Laws fo you to follow.

    Well Folks what else can I say but, its been over for years and now its too late and too little. Its all going to happen rather you like it or not. Thats not being anything but HONEST with you, I know many will not like that fact, but the TRUTH is no matter what we do, its over and we are all to blame so don’t tell me or anyone else your not.

    Even if every Dem and Rep was tossed out and what ever you may think is the Best party of all won all the elections, whats been done over the last 100 plus years has set up a structure that we can’t undo anylonger.
    Now all you can do is wake up and understand what you now face, will you want to live as SLAVES of the State?
    Afterall we all have been now for years, but the lights are now on and some can see through the musky darkness that has shrouded this monster in the past.

    Keep in mind all the things you have let slide when you were told it was for your own GOOD, or your own Safty.
    If either term was used, {it was to enslave you} not aid you in any form of FREEDOM.

    So in conclusion, the laws we have all allowed to keep us safe from whom ever and what ever, have in fact been the very bonds that have made us all SLAVES to the State.

    Thats the sad but true facts.

    Oh please note to watch over the new few weeks Barry Soetoro is going to bring in a “new Internet CZAR,” that way he can shut down the Internet with out the need of the Congress and the Senate.
    I only ask you to please wake up and see whats going on and stop with the mindless rhetoric, there are no Reps V Dems.
    We are all responsible for whats happened and we are all in this bloody mess together.

    • Teresa

      You are correct in your statement to a point but I need to remind you that this has all been written in the Bible and has been told already. But we as Americans still have to fight for what is right and turn back to God w/our faith…for THAT is where the battle truly begins! Sure, things are changing, but what does the Bible tell us to do? Seek him!

    • meteorlady

      Maybe it’s time everyone read and understood the concept behind Atlas Shrugged. Stop working for the elites, stop providing them with innovation, stop giving them your money and support local businesses and small private banks. Maybe it’s time that we all go on strike for a few days or even a week to get their attention?

      If we stop providing them with power over us, we will win. It’s not too late – who is John Galt.

    • Barbara

      You have your facts wrong. I get so disgusted when people say there are too many of them and we can’t do anything about it.

      Study history. Fact: PRESIDENT EISENHOWER DID GET RID OF THE ILLEGALS. If he did, why can’t we?

      As for no one being willing to work at the jobs they take, this is also not true. I worked in the fields as a teenager for 35 cents an hour. I also did domestic work, heavy cleaning, yard work, etc. These jobs are the ones our young people used to take to learn how to work and earn a paycheck. Now they can’t find summer jobs and have no option but to “hang out”. There is no way for them to learn how to work and support themselves. After all, there is more to education than books.

      So these people are, not only taking jobs and free medicine and education from us, but they are also sabotaging our children’s futures.

      No “new” immigration laws until the existing ones are fully enforced.

      • meteorlady

        Two presidents before him also deported people.

        Since the Democrats promised Reagan that they would secure the border, I think they are to blame for our current problem. After all we rewarded a few million of them for breaking our laws, left the borders pretty open and gave them an invitation to come here by issuing work visas.

        Sort of like not punishing a child when they do wrong, instead give them a candy bar or ice cream.

  • alpha-lemming

    “…. non-enforcment of existing law and the Democrat leadership pushing for amnesty”.

    Duh… no rocket science here. When you consider Chairman ObaMao (and the Dem party) have lost in excess of 80% of the “Independant vote” that put him in office, this is realistically their best chance to replace those votes with a new crop of an uneducated, needy, subsidized existence electorate. Depending on which figure you believe, 90+% of 12-50 million “new” voters will go a long way to continuing the fundamental transformation of America as we know it.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. But because the Democraps won’t actually say that publically, there are liberals who won’t believe it.

  • albino

    We used to have troops on the border! It worked. We USED to have open sale of cocaine, heroin et al at your local drug store. Of course, as soon as it was made illegal and costly, everyone wanted to try it.We USED to beleive in the freedom of choice of the individual and if they got in trouble, THEY suffered the consequences. Now that WE suffer the consequences of bad behavior, we outlaw more and more. Wake up and let the dopes kill themselves, drug themselves, starve themselves. That will take care of overpopulation and they won’t be passing crappy genes onto the next generation.

    • 45caliber

      I have no problem with those who use dope killing themselves on it. Personally, I believe we should consider providing it to all criminals in penitenturies. The main reason it was outlawed in the first place was because the addicts were tearing up families, stealing to buy more drugs (even though they were cheap and easy to get), and doing a lot of the same things they do today. In Houston, up to 80% or so of all crime and all murder is due to drugs. It won’t stop because we legalize them again.

  • meteorlady

    Texas is in the process of passing an immigration law also. I guess not all the South American drug dealing countries can sue us also.

    the last President we had with any balls – Eisenhower – deported 8 MILLION illegals in just two years. The reason? He wanted to give Americans their jobs back and get the wage standard up again.

    Fact is after the 1980′s amnesty, most were still on welfare of some type after 10 years. They had not increased their education nor their salaries. Most (53%) settled in California – we all know where that state stands for money. It was estimated that 83% of them received their amnesty through fraudulent means.

    At the time Reagan signed the bill, the Democrats promised to seal the borders, but as soon as the act was signed, they reneged and under funded the program and let the borders float as they are today.

    It is a matter of national security, because not just illegal Mexicans coming across and sucking up our resources and entitlements. Obama’s own Homeland Security Chief estimated that last year 17,500 illegals from foreign countries that advocate terrorism entered this country through our southern borders last year alone. They fly into South American, blend in and learn the language and the move up to Mexico and cross the southern border. If the Mexicans and South American drug dealers can bring drugs, weapons and smuggle people across, what did these people bring with them.

    Our prisons are bursting at the seams with illegals. Imprisoning those inmates costs the state and federal governments 1.6 billion dollars every year. Illegals that commit crimes are often hard to track down as they have fake ID – INCLUDING SS CARDS.

    Most illegals cross the border, head for a place that they can find work and on the way purchase all the false paperwork they can afford. A lot have SS cards so they qualify for food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare, aid to dependent children, and free medical.

    Te Federation for American Immigration Reform estimates that illegals cost Us $100 BILLION EACH YEAR. Other organizations estimate $113 BILLION – that’s $1,117 for every American head of household.

    The Center for Immigration Studies estimates that if we give anmnesty for illegals the deficit would grow by nearly $29 BILLION PER YEAR.

    Here’s a quote from their website:

    ” * Households headed by illegal aliens imposed more than $26.3 billion in costs on the federal government in 2002 and paid only $16 billion in taxes, creating a net fiscal deficit of almost $10.4 billion, or $2,700 per illegal household.

    * Among the largest costs are Medicaid ($2.5 billion); treatment for the uninsured ($2.2 billion); food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches ($1.9 billion); the federal prison and court systems ($1.6 billion); and federal aid to schools ($1.4 billion).

    * With nearly two-thirds of illegal aliens lacking a high school degree, the primary reason they create a fiscal deficit is their low education levels and resulting low incomes and tax payments, not their legal status or heavy use of most social services.

    * On average, the costs that illegal households impose on federal coffers are less than half that of other households, but their tax payments are only one-fourth that of other households.

    * Many of the costs associated with illegals are due to their American-born children, who are awarded U.S. citizenship at birth. Thus, greater efforts at barring illegals from federal programs will not reduce costs because their citizen children can continue to access them.

    * If illegal aliens were given amnesty and began to pay taxes and use services like households headed by legal immigrants with the same education levels, the estimated annual net fiscal deficit would increase from $2,700 per household to nearly $7,700, for a total net cost of $29 billion.

    * Costs increase dramatically because unskilled immigrants with legal status — what most illegal aliens would become — can access government programs, but still tend to make very modest tax payments.

    * Although legalization would increase average tax payments by 77 percent, average costs would rise by 118 percent.

    * The fact that legal immigrants with few years of schooling are a large fiscal drain does not mean that legal immigrants overall are a net drain — many legal immigrants are highly skilled.

    * The vast majority of illegals hold jobs. Thus the fiscal deficit they create for the federal government is not the result of an unwillingness to work.

    * The results of this study are consistent with a 1997 study by the National Research Council, which also found that immigrants’ education level is a key determinant of their fiscal impact.

    We need to write all our congressional leaders and say NO NO NO to amnesty and to CLOSE OUR BORDERS.

    • http://none Mike

      Meteorlady, The problem I see with thoes estiments are this. The avarage illegal worker here in the united states pays no income tax whatsoever. The ones I have encounterd are paid mostly in cash therefore its harder to trace they actuall tax losses.Some who actually get into the higer paying jobs work under fictional social security numers or stolen ones.Thus the goverment actually gains a net tax off of them because they will not be elegable for programs such as social security.But this by no means will offset the ones here paid in cash.We have them here in Tennessee as well so it has spread from the border states allready for thoes that think its just a border state problem. They work in our recycling plants,Mushroom farms and flea markets. I have seen these folks make large sums of cash in the flea markets. Almost all these areas they are paid in cash so there is little or no trail to it.We as americans need to face the fact that the invasion has begun allready and for the most part its been sucessful because of our own goverments complancency in it.We must find some way to hold our goverment responsible for this invasion but how is the problem. Espacially when the goverment sees this wonderful voteing block to be plucked out there(both democrat and republican)Mike L.

      • 45caliber

        One reason they pay no income tax is because they get two sets of ID papers. They work under one set and draw welfare under the other. Every six months they change. (Their government tells this how to do this.) At the end of the year they file two sets of IRS papers showing they were on welfare six months. So even if they do get income tax withheld, they get it all back – plus more as earned income credit.

        Further, most do not intend to immigrate here. When the first amnesty was offered, they expected 300,000 people; they got over three million. At the end of the year when their cards needed to be renewed, all but about 100,000 let them lapse again. They want to save up $100,000 in a border bank so they can get US currency in interest, and then go back home to retire and live a life of liesure.

      • meteorlady

        I’ve heard the “they pay taxes” argument. It just doesn’t float when you consider they get them back when they file their income tax returns. They also pay into SS and are eligible to receive it.

    • 45caliber

      You said that the terrorists come in to South American to blend in and learn the language. Mexico alone has over 200 camps run by terrorist groups that teach them the language and how to act as Mexicans here. The Mexican government doesn’t mind because they are paid to ignore them. Many of these groups are run by Al Qida. And what does our politicians do about this? Stall any sealing of the borders.

      • Dennis

        Obama should be Impeached, tried for treason for crimes against America and spend the rest of his life in prison, I’m not so sure that his wife shouldn’t do the same after all she is his teacher, Holder, and Napolitano should be tried for treason and imprisoned for the rest of thier natural lives.

      • meteorlady

        I sincerely believe that a lot of elites and politicians want something to happen on the border. They want a crisis so that they can quickly pass an immigration law. I’m beginning to believe a lot of conspiracy theories lately.

  • refuse2lose

    But don’t you guys realize….. what we think does not matter to Obama and his clown posse. Haven’t you seen the proof of that already???

    • meteorlady

      Of course, they just passed health care over the objections of 65% of the American people. They know that the government dependent people will vote for them again and again and again because they keep expecting that someone will pull them out of poverty. Getting out of poverty requires hard work and education, not government assistance to stay where you are.

    • bp

      Hear, hear! Obammur works for the Progressive Left/New Democratic Party, who applauds el Presidente’ of Mexico & imagines a world without borders, One World Order, funded by Soros via his blackberry! Neither of these imposters deserves the title of “American Citizen”!


    The current law on immigration was enacted in 1986 along with ammensty given to many. They have more than the low paying jobs, some make a nice salary doing construction etc. What we have is a lot of illegal employers hiring and if the truth is known, there is never a ssn collected nor is any taxes being taken out of their pay. The law provided for fines to those who hire the illegals but to a large company $500 does not begin to repay the assistance programs the illegals and their families consume. If the penalty was enough to pay for all the social services three times over, then it would pay for those employers to hire legal residents because it would be cheaper. Why are we subdizing employers to hire these workers?

    The other point, why has this become such a large issue in the last two years. The presidents in 1986 to present has a great deal of responsiblity for many who have come here and raised families here.
    More enforcement has been done on Obama’s watch than before, might not be enough but at least effort has been placed in that area.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. The past Presidents have had a substantial hand in not stopping immigration. But they aren’t the President now, are they? And none of them ever came out and refused to enforce the laws. Nor did they basically give a national park to the illegals as was done in AZ. We want the existing President to stop this. The fact that it was started and continued under other Presidents still does not mean that he doesn’t have the job now, nor does it mean that he has the right to ignore it and allow further illegal aliens to enter.

  • eddie47d

    One thing is obvious, you can’t have a honest poll by any organization that is advocating for itself. Having FAIR conduct a poll would be like the Democrats running a poll or any other one sided group. The kool aid was spiked before the first question was asked!

    • http://none Mike

      Eddie,Yea I am afraid though that the results might be much worse if it was a fair poll and not skewed either way. Mike L.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    WELL being am old guy is no fun,and looking from inside the (BOX) has never been one of my traits,i look at this great nation that is my home,and look at the cold truth,invaded by the people south of the border,lets get all our eyes on the real facts,and that is we are being overrun by every nation in this good green earth,well its not hard to think that one out,our boys and girls in power have sold us out long ago,to the (NEW WORLD ORDER CONCEPT)where this free nation of free thinking people are reduced into civil slavery,and i do mean every american here,(LEAGAL ONES)personaly i see the total destruction of this nations laws,and in return it is being replaced by laws that are so anti-american,example hillary clintons signing of the small arms agreement with the united nations,to disarm this nations citizens,its total treason at best,its time to look at all the cold facts,this nation is under total attack to be enslaved and its being done by those in this nations government,and immigration is just a front to keep all of us from looking at the total picture of whats being done to this nation,and yes all of the nations borders must be secured from all that would turn this nation into a third world country,and the first order of the day is to charge all in power,that caused this mess,with criminal treason against the(U.S.CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS) THE PATRIOT ACT IS TOTAL TREASON,ALL THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THIS ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED,and english is the language that should be the only one used in voting,why? because those who made this nation possible,unified this nation into one republic of many cultures,not into a nation of many languages,that has caused many nations in history to self destruct.

  • Marilyn K

    How long would I last in Mexico, Iran.. if I illegaly entered their country and tried to push my beliefs upon those countries and expected those countries to take care of me? Use the immigration laws we now have and ENFORCE THEM. If Immigration laws need change, deal with it after we get this “over-load” mess cleaned up. Because foreign students are admitted to U.S. Colleges, that does not make them U.S. Citizens any more than U.S. Student being admitted to a foreign College. That, too, needs to be addressed.

  • bp

    This says it all:










    • Dan az

      hey BP
      thats pretty much the jest of it thanks.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Not only has BHO been lackadaisical or not aggressive enough, but he and his administration seem to be thwarting efforts by states like Arizona to deal with illegals and enforce immigration laws. If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t the Constitution require the federal government to protect our borders?? And if I’m right, isn’t that, along with other actions by this administration over the past 22 months, grounds for impeachment?? Now is the time, IMO, for all the so-called birthers, et al, to speak out in a case against this POTUS to make him prove his eligibility to be POTUS. Or be impeached!!

    • 45caliber


      It doesn’t matter if Oblama is undocumented or not. He disobeyed the laws of the Constitution by refusing to enforce the immigration laws and seal the borders. He broke them by insisting that AZ can’t do it themselves. That is grounds for impeachment even if he was really born in Hawaii as he insists he was.

  • Blevit

    What makes you believe that our government would enforce the laws on
    ILLEGAL (what part of illegal DON’T they understand?)immigration when
    they(congress)1.have the power to set their own pay raises. 2.have a retirement, second to none in the world.3. have the ability to take
    all monies on all subjecs/policies from lobyists (formaly known as
    Bribery),WHY,WHY would they listen to the their constituency? The only time that you ever hear any PROMICE to correct illegal invasion
    is to get our vote, at that point they PROMISE the MOON and after ellection, we get we get a birthday candle, unlit,untill , the next ellection. My point is, if we the legal citizens of AMERICA can see
    the huge burden placed on OUR shouders from illegal immigration (never forget our goernment PROMICED to close our borders if we ageed to Amnisty this one LAST time 1986)and have voted for enforcement of
    the laws against it, that they do not NOT see it. The problem is we
    the people have let the governing body that we elect to potect and
    oversee for the benifit of our country, have become a country unto
    themselves and compleatly unanswerable to we the people. Remember the
    RICH only cater to the RICHER to become RICHER themselves!

  • Brian Hayes

    Living here in Calif. We estimate that California alone has about 5 million illegals living here in the state. This includes the children born of illegals in the past 15 years or so. The county of Los Angeles has about 2 million illegals ( not their kids ) or so ( on the conservative side ) So the 12 million living in the USA ( the Gov estimate ) is actually more like 20 million residing in the USA. Having done my own studies I estimate that an the typical ilegal alien and illegal families combined in Calif, sends about 10 billion dollars yearly ( tax free) back to Mexico and other simlilar contries south of the border via wire services like Western Union. Just so happens that the state of California is in the red every year at about 12 to 15 billion. This is no coincidence. We always seem to be broke every year during our budget crisis, which is yearly now.

    I actually have a unique take on this problem as having played pro ball in Tijuana in 1982 after my 3 years in the Dodgers organization from 1978- 1982. I also did business in T. J & Mexicali in 2000 thru 2004 ( the maquiladora – NAFTA time frame ). My folks retired in Ensenada in 1985 and built a house on the beach. They are now back in the USA.

    I actually like the Mexican people, but intensely dislike their government and also somewhat dislike our government for allowing this open borders problem to happen over the years..

    From their own culture and upbringing. Many USA citizens don’t realize the word “Re-Conquista”. Meaning simply that I know full well, that Mexican citizens are conditioned( in their family settings, grade schools and beyond ) to beleive that the USA stole their Northern lands. We all know we won, thru various wars and conflicts. They don’t beleive this. Not much guilt exists. So when the typical illegal comes here, they have in their mind that they actually belong here in a distorted kind of thinking. They beleive whole heartedly the southern part of the USA ( Calif, AZ, Texas is still theirs )by right. That we stole it all from them. So….USA Laws or no Laws. Borders or no borders. USA Laws be damned. I know this from actual expereince living in Mexico from time to time, thru work and my business, alot of travel and my pro ball playing days. From the time I first went to Mexico at 10 years old to now at 54 years old.

    This is actually their fundamental day to day thinking. Our fore-fathers ( mine were Irish ) came here to the USA thinking. I am now leving Ireland ( for good ) and am committed on becoming a citizen of the USA. Thru Ellis Island these immigrants were sponsored by our farmers, wine makers, tradesmaen etc for the purpose of utilizing the immigrants old world experience in certain trades. There were many skilled and educated Europeans that came here. Our forefathers with their p[ositive immigrant mentality & commitment was to become a citizen, learn English and intergrate totally.

    The typical Spanish / Mexican ilegal does not beleive this or really care. They are not really skilled in much ( various skilled trades, etc ) and are mostly poor and un-educated. What is coming here now is not close to the same quality of worker or individual,that came in thru Ellis Island for over 20 years.

    This new illegal feels…..oh well if I am caught I will go back and then try to sneak in later when the timing is right. If they survive here and are not caught, they do work hard, send monies back to their home country and just sort of exist here. Ever wonder how much money is sent back to their home countries. I would estimate in the hundred of billions ( for the last 10 years or so ). Probably more.

    Best part yet…..The anchor baby mentality comes into play…..if a new family unit is formed. They think…..Ha….they won’t deport me now becuase I have a family here. A USA born kid or two now exisits. How could they break up our hard working family???. A vicious circle of deceipt is formed. And our govenment has bought into the big lie. We are paying the price now.

    Brian Hayes

    • who cares

      americans were here first even indian came after the white. the america allowed those mexican name cities in spanish so that feel loved. usa should should do as the germans did.

      • http://naver sook young

        Soory, but weren’t the Native Americans here first then came the Europeans? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • meteorlady

      Seems to me I remember that Mexico considered Texas, NM and AZ wastelands and didn’t really want much to do with them at all. Now that we have built them up and made something of them that’s changed?

      They were mostly interested in California and it look like they are taking back the southern part of the state without a shot being fired.

  • 45caliber

    “Exit polling indicates that President Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and the Democratic leadership’s promotion of amnesty for illegal aliens are part of what led to [a] decisive vote of no-confidence.”

    You think?

    When billions must be used to pay for these illegals who claim all the “free” government aid and medical care, when crime rates go up due to the illegals believing that even if they are caught all that will happen is to send them home, and no jobs available for those out of work because the illegals have them, I’m not surprised that Americans want to seal the borders and get rid of them. The problem is that Democrat politicians see them as another voter block they can “buy” with more government care programs.

    • Jeep

      Spot on 45, and may I add that “Democrat politicians see them as another voter block” while Republican’s are afraid to lose what little portion of that block they have. Wouldn’t it be nice if both sides stopped looking at this as a political issue?

  • Blevit

    Why is it that with every discussion on any subject most responders
    bringin the separation/blame no one or other side of the one problem?
    The rule of warfare is to divide first,then conquer i.e. as long as
    the populace continues to about the democrats are better any any way
    than the republicans or vica versa, the whole, both major parties are
    toghether selling the country to the highest bidder country. Answer this question to yourself,what advantage to change any part or parcel
    of the total dissregard of the wishes, NAY,the demands or enforcement
    of laws by the people, when they have it all the way THEY want it?
    While we keep fighting amongst ourselves,they are robbing the bank
    (bank=we the people).

    On the subject, illegal immigration, Thank you ARIZONA for standing up
    for us our nation!

  • Dee

    obama has done NOTHING about illegal immigration. He doesn’t even care that one of these illegals killed an Arizona rancher, an American
    citizen. He wants to give them all amnesty and that is so wrong.

    • Al Sieber

      Dee, they’re still killing American citizens along the border, you just don’t hear about it.

      • Dan az

        Hey Al
        Sad but true!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Hey Al Sieber, I live right on the border, Douglas, Az. Please name the persons or sites where your claim can be verified, that would be of great Help. We could send this information to Demo-mare Gifford and Commie La Raza Grijalva.

    • meteorlady

      There are many many more death along the border than the liberal news media would have you believe.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        meteorlady, I would be great, if you would site where your info is from, the border is from California all the way east through Texas. The Border Alliance doesn’t confirm your claim, and if I am wrong I stand corrected.

  • Sneddog

    As a Southern California native and still a resident. This problem is massive. Our schools, hospitals, social services are over burdened with illegals who don’t pay a dime for any of these services our tax dollars fund. They get housing allowances and food stamps, I’m a small business owner and I’d venture to guess some of these illegals who make %15-$25 cash off the books make more than I do in the end. They come down to our beaches (I live in a beach community) and leave trash, dirty diapers etc. all over the place same thing at our parks. They drive without licenses and insurance and don’t know how to drive. So they cut your grass and clean your house. When we could still afford a house keeping service we used a company that had liability and worker’s comp insurance (we know because my wife insures the company) and we know the owner and he insured us he does back ground checks on all his employees to make sure they have valid green cards or are US citizens. Every business in the country needs to do this. If there is no work for them they will go back to Mexico we have seen some evidence of this with the weak economy. Sanctuary cities like SFO need to be cut off from all Fed. and State funds for everything. Companies that hire illegals get their business licenses pulled for a year and a $10K fine for every illegal they employ. We need to close off the porous boarder. There are 1200 National Guard Men and Women on the boarder now, or they are still being deployed but AZ asked for a minimum of 3,000 for AZ alone. And they have no power to detain or arrest. What a total waste. Obama is just trying to placate us he wants all these illegals in the country so they can vote for him and his cronies. Yes, believe it or not illegals vote in CA as all you need is a Driver’s License and the CA DMV doesn’t verify immigration status when issuing DL’s. What a total JOKE all of this is! And Dee and Al are right they do commit numerous crimes including murder and I think the statistic is that well over half of the gang members are illegals and something like 60% of CA’s prison population is illegals. Cut off their welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, using our emergency rooms for a simple cold, educating their kids, feeding the kids breakfast and lunch at school for free, deport the ones in prison and we could knock a whole bunch of money off of our deficit. Also no just taking them back across the boarder, load them up in a con air plane and drop them off on some deserted air strip deep in Mexico. Make it real hard for them to get back close our boarder. Also those that want to immigrate legally we need to apply the same rules that Mexico has on immigrating to their country. If we don’t build a secure fence then automatic burst machine guns on the camera towers could be a big start. If we shot a couple hundred of them and raise the stakes to get into the US numerous of them wouldn’t try.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    Forty years ago, The Federation for Immigration Reform predicted all this mess of illegals coming here was going to grow and become a politicians dream for, VOTES! Government officials did not care about protecting our borders; they funded all kinds of organizations,i.e.La Raza, MECHA, Chicano Movement,and others, when they applied for federal grants. Their Agenda? Take over the Western States, and sad to say, they are on schedule now that drug cartels have moved in. Read the book, “From Crayons to Condoms”, by Steve Baldwin/Karen Holgate. I contributed three pages documenting the brain washing that has been going on in our elementary, high schools and colleges.We have been paying for our own ignorance with the liberal media’s feeding frenzy.Our infrastructure is a mess and they don’t see it!

    The troops being deployed to thr borders cannot detain illegals crossing!!. I don’t hear any screaming of frustration Our commander in Chief doe not know how to protect our country. What do our soldiers do with the illegals crossing? give them a pass? The Justice department will see that it’s done.

    I was a member of FAIR and tought school throughout San Diego County as a substitute teacher and gathered my information from students who have learned to hate America. In one school the first/second grader were learning to write their address by ending it with, “San Diego, Mexico”. The few that were against doing it, fought with the majority who were doing the assignment according to the lesson. It is not only Latinos, but Asians, Somalis, Arabs and others who hate America. They resented my saying that America is a great country. One principal chided me for saying it!! We need to wise up.

    Thank you , FAIR, for helping me to be informed, A good start would be for all who wrote comments, …..JOIN FAIR! They need our support; and to Wanda, I say you hit the mark. Impeachment is in order.

    Solution: All illegals return willingly or be deported.Small children can go with them and apply for re-entry to the U.S as adults, providing they have had an education in their country of Origin, contributed there by improving their infrastructure,and know English before coming. those who have had a college education the can make many dreams come true with the knowledge they gained in our cplleges and Universities. They will relish the effects of making their love for their country a better place to live. Great way to overcome poverty.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    Forty years ago, The Federation for Immigration Reform predicted all this mess of illegals coming here was going to grow and become a politicians dream for, VOTES! Government officials did not care about protecting our borders; they funded all kinds of organizations,i.e.La Raza, MECHA, Chicano Movement,and others when they applied for federal grants. Their Agenda? Take over the Western States, and sad to say, they are on schedule now that drug cartels have moved in.

    Read the book, “From Crayons to Condoms”, by Steve Baldwin/Karen Holgate. I contributed three pages documenting the brain washing that has been going on in our elementary, high schools and colleges.We have been paying for our own ignorance with the liberal media’s feeding frenzy.Our infrastructure is a mess and they don’t get it!

    The troops being deployed to the borders cannot detain illegals crossing!!. I don’t hear any screaming of frustration from our Commander in Chief who does not know how to protect our country. What do our soldiers do with the illegals crossing? Give them a pass? The Justice department will see that it’s done.

    I was a member of FAIR and tought school throughout San Diego County as a substitute teacher and gathered my information from students who have learned to hate America. In one school the first/second graders were learning to write their address by ending it with, “San Diego, Mexico”. The few that were against doing it, fought with the majority who were doing the assignment according to the lesson. It is not only Latinos, but Asians, Somalis, Arabs and others who hate America. They resented my saying that America is a great country. One principal chided me for saying it!! We need to wise up by knowing what goes on in our schools. All this brain washing is costing us money.

    Thank you, FAIR, for helping me to be informed, A good start would be for all who wrote comments to…….JOIN FAIR! They need our support; and to Wanda, I say, you hit the mark! Impeachment is in order.

    Solution: All illegals return willingly or be deported. Small children can go with them and apply for re-entry to the U.S as adults, providing they have had an education in their country of origin, contributed there by improving their infrastructure, and know English before coming. Those who have had a college education can make many dreams come true with the knowledge they gained in our colleges and universities. They will relish the effects for making their country a better place to live. They were given a gift and now it’s a great way to show love for their country and help it to overcome poverty.

  • Dennis

    (Nov. 16) — California’s highest court has ruled that illegal immigrants who attend high school in the state for at least three years should be eligible for in-state tuition rates at public universities there.

    The ruling Monday was unanimous among the California Supreme Court’s seven judges. It overturns a lower court ruling that sided with opponents of the law, who argued that it unfairly favors illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens from outside California, who have to pay much higher, out-of-state tuition fees.

    Paying in-state tuition rates can save students as much as a $23,000 a year in the University of California system. But illegals are still ineligible for state or federal financial aid programs.

    The law allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition was passed by the California Legislature in 2001. Nine other states have similar laws, but two of them — Nebraska and Texas — have legal challenges pending against them, Reuters reported.

    To be eligible for California’s in-state fees, illegal residents are required to have attended high school in the state for at least three years and to have graduated. The same rule applies to Americans from other states, who can also qualify for in-state tuition if they do the same.

    “It cannot be the case that states may never give a benefit to unlawful aliens without giving the same benefit to all American citizens,” Justice Ming W. Chin, one of the court’s more conservative justices, wrote in the court’s opinion, excerpted by The New York Times.

    But Kris Kolbach, a legal scholar who helped draft Arizona’s controversial immigration law and argued the California tuition lawsuit on behalf of American students from other states, vowed to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. “I am confident this is not the last word on the subject,” he told the Times.

    More than 25,000 illegal immigrants attend California’s public colleges, and giving them lower tuition rates costs the state more than $200 million a year, according to figures from the Immigration Reform Law Institute, cited by the Los Angeles Times. The Washington-based group was one of those that challenged the California law.

    Sponsored LinksBut officials at the University of California say the real figures were much lower. At the 10 UC campuses altogether, some 2,019 students paid in-state tuition provided by the immigration law, and about 600 of those are believed to be undocumented, the Los Angeles Times quoted UC officials as saying. There are dozens of other public universities in the state, including community colleges and the Cal State chain.

    Monday’s ruling was cheered by illegal immigrants, who say they wouldn’t be able to attend university in California if they were required to pay out-of-state tuition.

    “I’m breaking a lot of the barriers my family never thought it was possible to do,” 23-year-old Diego Sepulveda, a fourth-year undocumented student at UCLA, told the Los Angeles Times. He hopes to

    • meteorlady

      I just love working for all these people to get freebies and special breaks. The correct legal opinion would have been to send them back to their home country and make the apply to come here LEGALLY, then they cold be eligible.

      We are becoming a laughing stock!

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        meteorlady, We are the laughing stock! Lock and Load and Keep your powder dry, because it’s coming!

        • Dennis

          I’m With you, As long as you don’t change your mind mid-stream.

  • Robert

    We are in an era of turbulance. We seek justice for the American people only to listen to the self interest ways of Congress. A president who as a left wing extreme socialist is bent on ruining this countrry of ours. An administration who’s sole goals are to destroy the U.S. Constitution. We are now living in a country where a tyrant regime uses lies, properganda, and wishes only to have the people bend to the will of the self elit of the government. We have a government that wants total control over the people by destroying freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the God given right to make our own decissions. We now hear of George Sorres shadown government. The Apollo corp, tide, and numerious organizations of the left wing progressives who want a society like Marxists, Lenonists, Communists, and Hitlers Nazi Germany. The way to do it is to make America bankrupt, poor like a third world country and a welfare state.
    It is for these reasons that the illegal aliens play a major role in the destruction of America. They get federal funds for section 8, food stamps, free medical, fuel assistance and a road to citizenship, in a goal to have the illegal aliens vote for the left wing progressive. To keep them in power until all rights and liberties aree desolved.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

    who cares is a idiot we are not the ones illegally entering their stinking country they are invading our country our space and we do not want them you must be a mexican illegal you make me sick

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

    when and where are we going to join up to go to Washington and throw him out by force if necessary what is the hang up??????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

    [offensive comment removed]

  • Dennis


    $2.2 trillion illegal alien
    taxpayer sticker shock
    2/3 of immigrants cost Americans
    $22,449 a year.

    WASHINGTON – Someone has finally fixed an approximate taxpayer cost of between 12 million and 15 million illegal aliens residing in the U.S.

    A new study by the Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector found a household headed by an individual without a high school education, including about two-thirds of illegal aliens, costs U.S. taxpayers more than $32,000 in federal, state and local benefits. That same family contributes an average of $9,000 a year in taxes, resulting in a net tax burden of $22,449 each year.

    Over the course of the household’s lifetime that tax burden translates to $1.1 million.

    If the lower figure of 12 million illegal aliens is used for estimation purposes, the total tax burden translates to $2.2 trillion.

    “Would any of us buy shares in a company that we knew would produce a loss of a million dollars a share,” asks Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, in response to the study. “Cheap labor is not cheap at the cost of over a million dollars per head of household.”

    Rector’s study, “The Fiscal Cost of Low-Skill Households to the U.S. Taxpayer,” examines the economics of the 17.7 million American households made up of people without a high-school degree. Using numbers from the Census Bureau, the Congressional Research Service, the Bureau of Labor Standards and other government agencies, Rector determined what they earn, what they spend and what they receive in government services.

    About half of the 17.7 million households studied are illegal aliens. About two-thirds of illegal alien households are headed by someone without a high school degree. Only 10 percent of native-born Americans fit into that category.

    “Over the next ten years the total cost of low-skill households to the taxpayer (immediate benefits minus taxes paid) is likely to be at least $3.9 trillion,” Rector writes. “This number would go up significantly if changes in immigration policy lead to substantial increases in the number of low-skill immigrants entering the country and receiving services.”

  • eddie47d

    Strong immigration laws are important but we have to abide by our laws when deporting illegals. Each illegal is brought before a judge and they have to see a valid reason to deport someone. (The rule of law).1/3 of those arrested by ICE have a legal right to be here. When they are arrested and then taken before a judge who will dismiss their case if papers are in order. That becomes a problem because ICE is picking up legal citizens and temporary guest workers. That put’s alot of finncial pressure on our court system and ICE agents with these arrests.Miami dismissed 631 case in Aug-Sept or 59% of cases.Portland dismissed 63% of all cases. So in some cases over half of those taken into custody are falsely arrested. That is not a good thing for a Nation of laws.Todays paper had a headline about a bus company who takes folks to a job fair in Omaha and other cities. ICE agents got a tip and raided the bus. They arrested everyone and found out only 4 out of 42 people were illegals. At least 2 people on the bus have a large lawsuit against ICE and the government. (Those 2 were born in America and others said they might sign on). So everyone who says we should just round up all “Mexicans” should think again about all the civil rights being violated and the cost to prosecute legal citizen who are innocent. Shades of Fascism for sure.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      eddie69d, and you should be deported for being so dumb and stupid, why don’t you give us your city,state and address and we will direct all illegals to your home and then you can adopt them, support them and and then all of you can be polite and go F%$# yourselves south of the border.

      • eddie47d

        What part of legal citizen don’t you understand. Stop insulting yourself so much!

  • Drake Pendragon

    The Sovereignty of America is at stake! The globalists in each party want to make 30 million Illegals “new Americans” so that they can dissolve the USA into the North American Union as a preliminary step towards NWO, One World Government.

  • Debra

    I do believe good solid Americans can fight this. Yes, we can become independant by not buying foreign goods that are being sold in our stores, we need to stand up for our homeland and bring our factories and companies back home. We can demand this by being stubborn and by sacrificing a little luxury for our dollars to support USA made products. We can defeat this by becoming energy independant and growing more of our own food, and by doing without vacations and long trips that would use up alot of fuel and oil. We must secure our borders and put a stop to the 200,000 Mexican and Muslims that are being brought into our country each year. Most people do not know this, but there is a quota that someone in our government thinks we need to meet each year, to bring a certain amount of Muslims from the Middle East into our country each year, and apparently, there is a plan for a Muslim takeover. Many have thought it would be a Chinese or Mexican takeover, but they have been decieved. Even the Mexican’s are going to be surprised to find they are not going to be the owners of the land they think they lost. Most of the land they think they lost was French territory anyway, that’s how uneducated they are, most of it wasn’t theirs to begin with. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, the signs are all there, it’s all beginning to make sense now, why the government permits it’s terrorists to get away with everything while border agents and states aren’t permitted to defend it’s own people. A Mexican border patrol agent was imprisoned for protecting our country just a few short years ago, the United States, when he wounded a drug dealer-murderer that was supposed to be a Mexican. His imprisonment didn’t make any sense, but now it’s beginning to make sense now. It shows us who is really running the country. The Obama administration denied a state in it’s own nation, the wonderful state of Arizona, the right to defend itself, and now two state parks are now under the complete control of our enemy, who don’t have any conscience towards killing innocent people, who are apparently not the Obama administration’s enemy. The Obama administration wants to permit people in Arizona who do not have U.S citizenship to be permitted to vote in the next general election in an attempt to get more votes. It makes people wonder what the government is doing to permitt such criminals and violence and lawlessness to enter our land. I wonder if Kenya or Indonesia would permit this type of activity in their country? Our country has not encouraged this type of activity in the fifty years I’ve lived in it. The Democrat Moffia needs killers and a moffia organization in order to get their dirty work done, to threaten those who appose them. And the depression our country is going through right now is all man-made, in an effort to force American’s to think they need to go along with a socialized or one world order. Now they want to control the type and amounts of food we grow, which would give them the power to starve a nation to submission, or t polls last November, however, it isn’t enough, or soon enough

  • http://personalliberty Carrie Sweeney

    There’s alot to be said about all that’s being said. This is an emotional subject.I agree with Mr.Brian Hayes blog. I have lived for the last 13 years in Corpuc Christi Texas. The mentality of which you speak Mr.Hayes is what I noticied in the Hispianic peoples, not all but a good majority. Even with the Tex-Mex. Thats why even though they are born in the U.S they always say they are Mexican. Corpus Christi is about at least 70% Hispanic or more. They are very big on being Mexican speaking Spanish.Even when it concerns job duties that your a part of. There is also a lot of predjuice. And yes they feel the whites of Sam Houston era stole the lands from from Mexico. Needless to say where,and how did Mexico get it’s domain. And why are they so passionate about thinking that certain lands in America were wrongfully taken from Mexico by the United States. Do they think the United States would be Better If Mexico owned whatever lands in question? Or is it that they are really concerned about who’s right’s were wronged. If so why don’t they have an opinion about how the country of Mexico got all of it’s land FIRST in the beginning.HUH? they don’t, it’s just simply them wanting (it) this US situation being more for Mexico,and them being Mexican. That’t all this is about cause it’s them for them, not about being American or the truth or what’s best for America.In other words are you Amercan or something else.They seem to take pride in keeping the distance.I was born of different Nationalitie’s, But the first nationalty I relate to is American. I don’t go around saying I’m Irish or German first, no matter what, despite hearing German growing up; eating sour kraut and Polish sausage, or celebrating St. Patty’s Day come on I don’t forget my history, but Hell.I was born in AMERICA and I know I AM AMERICAN first and formost. No questions asked. So when I hear people I work with say they are Mexican. I say oh, you were born in Mexico? To usually get a reply No, I was born in America. So I say oh, then your American.To a reply of yea,but my parent’s, you know grandparent’s were born there. I than say so, my ancestory is from Europe. I don’t have to say I’m German or Irish, not that I forget my roots, because thats where my faimly comes from way back..but this is what they still do as a whole the intentionly try to stay seperated, and think of themselves as Mexicans first.Despite being born in Americe with it’s greatness and advantages. In there eye’s there alway’s Mexican first with a loyality somwhat to Mexico to some degree or another,not all, but most of them.,But there’s more to the History as I was told, that the Mexican government was issuing land to the whites of the time as buffer zones, to keep away, or at bay, the peoples of the Eastern and Northern influcence with their ideas and such, and than Santa Anna having a few different ideas,started his march to take back those lands. Maybe I’m wrong thats what I was told, buy a women who is very informed about Texas history, and well we know what happened with Santa Anna and his armies.Also there is a lot of bias with most of the hispianic’s and the Illigal’s because they do want to see more of a Spanish Mexican influnce or state despite the reality’s of such. I have had many heated debate’s over the years. I have worked with a predomaintly Mexican work force for years, and have seen exacty the same point’s of view by the Hispanic majority as Mr. Hayes stated. I am not hatefull towards the Mexican peoples.I have dated hispanics.One of my very best friend in the truist since of the word is Mexican. My youngest daughter is still living in Corpus and has mostly Mexican friends. But what is IS, and there certainly is a bias by most Hispanics north and south of the border.Alot are predijuce and feel it’s them against us despite the argument with facts and truths. C.Sweeney

  • keith

    first off what is the people of this country and our goverment thinking? there is no imagration problem only an “ilegal imagration” problem this country was founded on imagrants they moved here learned the laugage and left there problems back where they came from, and paid taxes and did not leach off the system. And why is it pepole for get cause and effect stop raising minimum wage ever time it goes up employers have to raise the cost of products to make up for the cost and the rest of us that don’t work for minimum wage(which may be less for those us working for cash, tips, on a commision basis)are getting screwed by this and noone wins here as all cost go up for everyone

  • violet

    I think that many people, illegal aliens, their advocates tend to say that Americans are racist when it comes to illegal aliens, this is not true,Americans want immigration law enforcement strongly, they want to hear our laws say no to illegal immigration, not yes! every time they cry, Americans are so force to watch illegal aliens invade our country by the millions, and just suddenly demand our politicians for amnesty, legalization, they implement all their wrongdoings to get by, and all their wrongdoings ignore by our own politicians, Americans are hurt because America are not implementing our laws or pushing illegal aliens to abide them, they will not stop illegal aliens from getting in the front line to our jobs, leaving millions of Americans in the back of the line, jobless in their own country, suddenly they are allow to use an excuse with the help of all their advocates, our presidents, congress, governors, that is,that they are doing jobs that Americans do not want to do. This makes me and other Americans sick to our stomach.

    They had found ways to ride on the backs of their children to get their way in America, by saying that their children come to America at no fault of their own,suddenly they and their children are to be rewarded no deportations, and some work permits! Americans are crying for jobs, illegal aliens are crying for jobs, and amnesty. Americans are having a very hard time be heard of all their wants and needs in their own country, because illegal aliens are always in the way. America has become a big gateway to illegal aliens, they can get anything they want in America, regardless of their illegal status! getting to much of American tax dollars, so much billions spend on illegal immigration in America a lone, This is because America have very poor leadership, a president who will and has going over congress and American heads to do exactly what he wants when it comes to illegal immigration, and do not really care how it is hurting Americans, and their country.

    Illegal aliens by the millions are taking fully advantage of everything they can get their hands on in America, social services, medical, food cards, wic programs, low income housing, sec 8 programs, and our birthrights, setting up house for them selves in America, they want America to throw out their illegal status, pretend it doesn’t exist. and just give them everything equal to Americans, millions of illegal aliens are in millions of our jobs on their illegal status, and false documentations, suddenly this is alright, Obama wants to keep them in our jobs, regardless, about who they really are, all their false social security numbers, rather it belongs to Americans are not, regardless that their are millions of Americans in their own country are jobless, Americans are strongly force to watch another poor country come to America get jobs, able to bring home pay checks or send it home, while millions of Americans them selves are left jobless. All of this is happening because America is being run by poor leadership, this it self is bringing America down, millions of our jobs now have the majority of Hispanics legal or illegal, you do no longer see that much diversity in our jobs any more, hardly no mixture of races in our jobs any more, especially no black Americans, suddenly this is alright. i remember when we had an affirmative action program for black Americans, that was a disaster for many whites, so they got rid of it, but now their are a sneaky affirmative action programs for Hispanics, legal or illegal there are also many sneaky discrimination going on in our jobs, because of this no diversity. and many Hispanics in the higher up, are hiring their own mostly!!!

    Illegal immigration will not help America, it will poison America, it will be given another poor country citizens America, their over population will be nothing but a rule awaken to Americans, nothing but a big slap in the face, especially those who think 12 million illegal aliens are alright for America, it is, and will be Americans being sold out to the lowest bidder!!!


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