Every Nation Has A Right To Abolish An Old Government And Establish A New One


In proposing and passing laws, the President and Congress continue to ignore the Constitution and the will of the people. They have concluded they are no longer accountable to the people, but have determined to do the will of their masters, the moneyed elites.

We are fast approaching a time when the American system will either collapse under the weight of big government and money printing, or an incident will prompt an uprising of the people. The Founding Fathers recognized this possibility.

In a letter to William Stephens Smith, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “And what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

Perhaps it’s time to remind them, for as James Madison (as Helvidius) wrote, “If there be a principle that ought not to be questioned within the United States, it is, that every nation has a right to abolish an old government and establish a new one. This principle is not only recorded in every public archive, written in every American heart, and sealed with the blood of a host of American martyrs; but is the only lawful tenure by which the United States hold their existence as a nation.”

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Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Warrior

    Let’s start with abolition of the irs and see how that goes first. Now that would be “Change” most of us can agree with.

    • BrotherPatriot

      End the Federal Reserve & the IRS…then perhaps we can begin to work on becoming the Free Nation that we are supposed to be. God Bless.

    • ctwalter

      I agree with you from the depths of my heat, but the IRS is power, and a power the makes even politicians, maybe even supreme court judges tremble and back down. No pack of DC dogs will ever release their iron grip on the IRS or the FED. They would sooner loose control of the media/holly wood. But enough of us may awaken to force the issue. Keep praying.

  • Legatus legionis

    This Government and the governing political parties thereto, will not give up power peacefully. As the minutemen begin to gather, the Federal Government will prepare for war. We see both occurring for the past 18 months. DHS buys billions of rounds of ammunition, orders tactical assault vehicles, reactivates FEMA camps and designates them as detention centers. The military begins to conduct CONUS training operations in accordance with new Army Field Manual for civilian population control. Clearly, the Federal Government is at war with its citizens. The question remains, when will the first shots be fired and where.

    • Stephine

      Like I have said the government is paralleling Nazi Germany before WWI. It is only a step or so away from a dictatorship and will be soon the way they keep throwing out parts of the constitution. Remember a revolutionary is seen as a terrorist and traitor unless they are successful, then they are a national hero and idol. Not much separates one from the other.

      • Walt

        Not exactly a good comparison with Germany. The vast majority of Germans supported Hitler, epecially during the first 6 years from 1933 to 1939. These years were called the “Miracle Years”, as Hitler pulled Germany out of a severe economic depression, and turned it into the military and economic powerhouse of Europe. He put Germans back to work, building the Autobahn, rearmed the country; and focused on getting back all the territories taken from Germany by the infamous Treaty of Versailles. He was seen as a hero and adored by “most Germans” for restoring German national pride and putting millions back to work.
        Do you still think our government is “paralleling” Germany before WWII? Do you believe the vast majority of Americans “adore our leader”? Where are the millions of American jobs that our “dear leader” has restored? Where are our “Miracle Years”?

        • BrotherPatriot

          Excellent points, Walt. But I do still believe that in many ways…this administration & the puppet masters pulling their strings are still mirroring Nazi Germany as described in many of the comments presented here. With the dissemination of information through the internet, the American people are much more informed vrs their 1930-1940 German counterparts…still, the average American is only just beginning to awaken to what is “really” going on. Hooyah & God Bless us all during these very troubling times.

          • Jimmy the Greek

            No way ! They are mirroring the old USSR !

          • Walt

            Yes BroPat, there are indeed many similarities. For ex:
            Hitler saw that converting the media to a lapdog media instead of a watchdog media was essential to his vision. Does anybody doubt that Obama has achieved this?
            Hitler saw that he needed a separate military group that was exclusively loyal to him. Obama has openly advocated for, and massively empowered the DHS.
            Hitler saw that he needed to fill the judiciary with lackeys that would do his bidding and implement many of the illegal, unconstitutional, or controversial policies he has sought to impose. Think Sotomayor, Kagan. Done!
            Hitler sought & received financial support from many German indusrialists, seeking government contracts.
            Does Obama’s relationships with GE, Solyndra fit?
            Hitler openly encouraged his government agencies to punish his political enemies. Think DOJ, OSHA, EPA, HHS, IRS vendettas against conservatives, Tea Party.
            We haven’t quite gotten to the point of detention camps for political prisoners, mass graves, etc. But, hey! He still has 3 1/2 years left!

        • ctwalter

          Yes, they are using the same tactics that Hitler did. The goals are different this time. Hitler wanted to rule the world, so the people gave up their freedoms to gain economic security and handed him the power to rule and make war. And don’t forget, he needed enemies to focus the people and their efforts.
          This regime does not want to rule the world. They believe as all with their roots in Fabian dogma, that America is the great opponent of the enlightened society. So they use their tactics to reduce America on two fronts so to speak. First, a nation of lemmings or drones who will turn in their own parents and neighbors for extras and goodies. Second, America must be reduced in world prominence so that she can stand at the feet of the ascended masters of the UN. I know a little melodramatic and stretching, but not stretching too far.
          We are still exchanging freedoms for government everything.

        • Jimmy the Greek

          YES !

    • Mark Are Reynolds Ⓥ

      They were fired at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Gordon Kahl, John Singer, who the heck knows how many during the drug war…but we still wait silently until they are rolling down our streets. Save your styrofoam packing bubbles….

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Right on the styrofome , but you may need to pass a background check to get the gas ! lol

      • Walt

        You said: “Save your styrofoam packing bubbles….”
        What exactly does this mean? Please explain.

        • Jimmy the Greek

          Styrofoam + gas = napom

      • ctwalter

        At all of those events and many more, the media is absolutely guilty of collusion, lies and cover-up. The meida always portrays the ‘perps’ as evil, ready to destroy America, kill wildflowers, and eat baby seals. Then our lemming culture simply nods, gets comfortable in their couches, puts on a video game and blows things up.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Here in Texas !

    • Walt

      I surely hope that you are not assuming that every soldier who has volunteered to serve our nation will follow the orders of their military brass, and will fire on American civilians without question.
      Do you really believe that American soldiers are brain dead sheep and less patriotic than Syrians soldiers, who have defected in droves against Assad’s regiem, when ordered to fire on civilians? The majority of the forces arrayed against Assad are formed by the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and have been joined my tens of thousands of armed civilians.
      Note: I’m not saying ALL forces against Assad are patriotic Syrians. Their are many oppotunistic Jihadists supported by external parties (Iran for example) that have joined the fight to topple Assad, and hope to take control of Syria when and if Assad is forced out.
      If American soldiers are less passionate than Syrians about preserving their liberty and would follow orders to fire on American Patriots seeking an end to tyranny, then they deserve to be ruled by a tyrant.

  • doktor don

    Sounds like a call for Revolution. So much for American Democracy and American Capitalism. Once the light of the World; Greed, Special Interests, Crony Capitalism, and, the, “Too big to Fail,” money interests, has destroyed in 40 years; what it took the Founders and Descendants to build in 225. Place the blame at the feet of three Presidents: Nixon, Reagan, and G.W, Bush. All three destroyed the Fidelity of the World’s Financial System; by taking the Country off the Gold Standard, and floated the Dollar; (and, printing Trillions), so they could use every, “sleight of hand,” trick in the Book to steal from it’s own Citizens; and, – – most of the World! Ours was an abuse of Power; simply because we were entrusted with the World’s Reserve Currency. The GOP not only back-stabbed the Poor and Middle Class here; but, they also back-stabbed most of the World’s Players on the Economic Scene; through the Manipulation of the Dollar; to, serve their own interests. The Nation stopped producing much of anything years ago; as RW Puppet Masters found it much easier and more convenient to prey on (rent seek), the assets of others. “We built that!” That would be a, “B.S!” Much of what we have today was built by under-paid Workers, and, the Rest of the World through Manipulation. The GOP ran up $12 Trillion in National Debt; and, off-shored, 20 Million Jobs; and, then have the Gall to call the unemployed, “lazy parasites; and, takers.” Plain Fact is; the Rich have been raiding the National Treasury for over 40 years! Read David Stockman’s new book: “The Deformation: the Corruption of Capitalism in America.” One comes away with a much better understanding of what has taken place during the past several years; and, places blame squarely where it needs to be placed.

    • joe1cr

      Some things you left out of your story.
      F.D.R. And the democrats have controlled congress since 1932 till now except the years from 1996 to 2007.
      Democrats controlled for 80 years since 1932.
      Republicans controlled for 11 years.
      L B J and the democrats in the 1964 put the SS funds into the general fund and paid for his Great Society and War on Poverty programs, he was socially engineering our country into a welfare state and the following years have seen more programs added to the welfare system.
      Let’s not forget Clinton’s NATFA and GATT trade
      treaties that sent American jobs overseas. Now Obama’s communist green energy war on America is killing off more jobs with the EPA regulations and questionable loans to those that supported him going bankrupt. They have added millions of American’s and illegal immigrants’ on welfare, not to mention the housing bust of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd’s through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

      The liberals have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs they beat her to death with the sledgehammer of welfare all for their constituents.
      Now who’s policies and supreme court appointees are more to blame for destroying the constitution that our forefathers left us?

      • Richard

        Democrats have done a great job changing or hiding their historical remarks with the help of the media that they have taken over. After Lyndon Johnson signed his “Great Society” act he said to his fellow democrats “I’ll have these ni66ers voting democrat for the next 200 years” That wasn’t supposed to get out of that room but it did. and it has been covered up.

    • me

      Our revolution need not lose one life to a bullet. there is going to be a whole new breed of voters in the next electio. The biggest group will be the gun owners. they will turn on the anti-gun bunch. there’s also a lot of people effected by the economy. In 2016 the democrats will be more unpopular than george bush was. Owebunholecare will be the final dagger. Immigration amnest will make more new people competing with american citizens for jobs. I’d almost bet we will have a record number turnout of voters. the vote will be the revolution.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I hope you are right !

    • wandamurline

      Don’t forget your people….Woodrow Wilson who allowed the Federal Reserve that has controlled the economy since the beginning…Roosevelt who started the welfare system….and Lyndon B. Johnson who took the social security monies out of its retirement account drawing interest and threw it into the general revenue…spent the money and issued social security worthless government bonds that the government cannot pay back to the tune of some 1.7 trillion dollars …. that social security now holds. The Republicans did some bad things, but nothing to compare to the socialist/communist Democrats.

      • doktor don

        My people? Am a 35 year ex-Republican – – now completely Independent after being betrayed by, “my party.”
        Keep in mind, that today’s sorry economy is the result of GOP’s efforts to turn the U.S. into a low-level, Service Oriented Economy. Service Oriented, means, “service to OTHERS;” much akin, to Feudalism or Slavery. The Predator Capitalists sent most of our good Manufacturing Jobs over seas; thus, essentially, wiping out the Middle Class. What little wealth the MC, and Poor had left, was scammed from them by Wall Street and Real Estate – – sleight of hand – – Fraudster’s.
        Answer this question: If the Poor will always be among us; and the Middle Class has been hollowed out; and, the U.S., Government is Bankrupt; kept on Life Support by the Fed; where did the Money go? Who has the Money?! It’s not Rocket Science. Today, the top 5%, of Americans, own/control 83%, of the Nation’s Wealth. What kind of Capitalism produces disparities like this? Certainly not our Founder’s – – nor, Adam Smith’s – – the Father of Modern Day Capitalism!
        What you, and so many other, uninformed people are supporting; is the Rise of a Rich and Powerful, Ruling Oligarchy – – so Powerful – – that it’s Members can literally buy anything – – not the least of which – – is the Congress; and Elections, as we have recently witnessed.
        “When you don’t know; that you don’t know,” it’s pretty hard to think outside the box. Once, there is a crack in one’s long held beliefs – – then, and only then – – does one get the over-whelming urge to discover the Truth. And, that only comes through extensive Research. Nobody likes to be, “played,” or, “gamed,” and, I think if you read Stockman’s Book, you will see that.

    • ctwalter

      Please do not anyone call for an armed revolution. (I don’t think you are, doctor don) but one of winning the hearts and minds of those lost to the progressive/utopian view of life. While true conservatives, those who want to live and let live, lived their own lives in peace and did not want to bother their neighbors, those who believe in the collective spread their poisons to the schools, to the halls of politics small and large, and to the media. We must win people, not at politics. The politics will fall into place…. and prayer needs to be the main part of that. I’m just sayin….

    • ctwalter

      Don, have you looked at an e publication called ‘The Daily Bell’. They encourage the free exchange of ideas and most of their writers espouse what is called, ‘Free Market’ or ‘Austrian Economics’. This is what capitalism started out to be. You are right that it has been corrupted, but that should only spur you on to want to restore it to what it was before it was corrupted. Those you name on the R side of the aisle are just as guilty as those who follow Marx, et. al.. They all were in for bigger and growing government except for Regan, and Bush Senior, who were both pressured into raising taxes on the promises of cuts in spending. The equation is so simple, spend less than you take in = prosperity, and the inverse, spend more than you take in = poverty. The other problems facing us are simple to solve, immigration, the economy, tax collection (IRS) and so on. So ask yourself, if it is so simple, why doesn’t someone fix it. Simple answer, as long as things are ‘broken’ and need ‘fixing’ those in government can wield enormous power and increase it.
      The first 10 amendments , The Bill of Rights, were one and two sentences and written by the commoner, not by the ‘landed nobility’ The document that founded the country was only about 16 pages long. Those in power now have a health care bill, over 2000 pages. Have you read it? Can you even force your self to read it? The immigration bill is currently over 1200 pages and has more pork than a Virginia Ham store. The IRS code is so large you could not possibly make your self read it, much less comprehend it all. You need a specialized degree just to wade through it ~ CPA, You have already violated it more times than you will ever know. (as long as you behave and tow the party line you will be safe from prosecution, if not you will be targeted…. hmmmm) You are being ruled by a ruling class of elitists who more resemble a plutocracy than a republic or democracy.
      So, while you want to run around and point blame at some, the fact is we are crumbling like Argentina did. Obama is not the evil mastermind dictator of the coming world order, he is instead a sad, well spoken, likeable little man dancing on the strings that reach back over a hundred years. Just as in Argentina, Juan Peron was the figure head of the demise of the world’s third largest economy, Obama is the figure head of the new America who will take her rightful obedient place in the world court to bow to the UN. It is a dark and evil force that has worked to corrupt the mind and soul of America for more than a century. And those who love freedom and liberty and life have been sitting on the porch playing checkers while the plotters and destroyers have been playing chess, some even playing Star Trek three dimensional chess. We win a game and run around cheering, while they plan their moves so far into the future our unborn grand children are already suffering under the burden.
      Rise up, don’t waste your time pointing at the past fools. The Régime wants to play the blame game. As long as you are focused on blaming, the Plutarchs win and we slip further into serfdom. Think I’m wrong? Is Obama still blaming Bush? You sound like a man who loves freedom and independence. If so, what can you do today to win it back. If you don’t see it slipping away, then you are a true lemming and will find your place as a good little drone. If you do, then unite with those who love freedom and lay down the childish finger pointing. We have a country to save, man.
      Best to you, C

      • doktor don

        First, no body is calling for Revolution; unless it’s the Gun Nuts who fee threatened for one reason or another.

        Liberals are no better than the RW. A plague on both their houses! Nothing is going to change until outside money is eliminated entirely from our Elections. It would be better to have a Limited Amount of Campaign Funds come from the U.S. Treasury. Secondly, the Country needs to follow the suggestion of Senator Tom Coburn, who is a strong advocate of Term Limits – – as am I. Third, taking a page from the Aussie Playbook; consideration should be given to limit Campaigns to just 90 Days before the Election. Congress needs to be focused on doing the People’s Work; which, most would agree, they have been neglecting for years. The shortened Window would also serve to cool the rhetoric; and rebuild Civility – – which, this Country so desperately needs. Additionally, there should be no additional Wars; without, first passing a War Tax. The GOP initiated three of them; and, didn’t pay for a damn one!
        The Nation needs to prepare itself for a Non White America. Minority Status is coming to the White Race in America – – in the not-to-distant, future. Pat Buchanan has two interesting reads on the book shelves: “Death of the West,” and, “Suicide of a Superpower.” Both are worth taking the time to read.
        I have an interesting Theory as to why the Rich are doing what they are today . . . perhaps, for another time.

        • ctwalter

          Hey Don,
          I agree with the first half of point one, and both of point 2 and 3. But here’s the rub. If you were able to suddenly enact and enforce all three of your points (I think the treasury should only spend money on running the country but I don’t want to split hairs) the problems would continue to grow and only migrate to new schemes and platforms. The core of the problem is a citizenry, nearly an entire nation who feels they have a right to……(fill in the blank)…
          Our public education is in the top three of expense per child adjusted for currency differences but produces below the 20th place in all measures of academia. The culture accepts under-achievement as the norm and attacks those who try to excel above their peers. Our government and our culture use the word ‘fair’ as if it had been breathed from the mouth of God, then deny his existence. Those who excel in business are punished and demonized (check out the recent Apple hearing in congress) and slackers are given goodies. Don’t get all up in arms about that last statement. There are people who genuinely need help, but the vast majority of the system is a pay for votes scheme. The politicians are just as corrupt as the corporate entities that use their influence for other than business.
          Taxes ARE a redistribution of wealth scheme and the promises of things like social security, Medicare and so on Ponzi schemes that make Madoff weep with bitter jealousy. The nation is sinking in a culture war as they race to the bottom of the lowest common denominator.
          To fix the politics, first the culture must fix itself. Until people are willing to accept and aspire to honor, liberty, integrity, hard work and self reliance, we will continue to devolve into a banana republic to a 2nd rate nation, to a plutocracy. How many people do you know who would keep money they found even knowing who it belongs to?
          Also, I feel I should mention that I was laid off in April of 09. I worked my tail off going back to school and the only money I took was my initial unemployment. I did not try to get the 99 week extensions and all the other money that has been confiscated from others. Help for those who need it is good, help for the able is more than stupid. It is self destructive. Hunger is a wonderful teacher.
          I’ve enjoyed exchanging ideas and hope you have a great weekend.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Bob , you got that right !

  • BrotherPatriot

    In regards to this article…I fear that our system is corrupted (NWO stooges in most high ranking positions within our government) and thus the system is incapable of exerting the Will of We the People effectively. Our Will is being blocked by those who’s loyalties are to another Agenda (sworn blood oaths of death to keep it’s secrecy) vrs being loyal to the Constitution of the United States. I worry that indeed, We the People will HAVE to rise up and attempt to reset our government…just like it’s been planned to happen so “they” can finally lock us down into the martial law & totalitarian style government that “they” wish to fully implement.

    Think about it…

    Hooyah & God Bless.

  • doktor don

    Why is it that Fed Chiefs seem to come out of Wall Street? Both Greenspan and Bernanke are such products – – although, Bernie road the Coat Tails of Dr. Green Jeans. Their actions of reckless Printing of Worthless Greenbacks and Low Interest Rates caused three Bubbles that have wiped out Trillions in Wealth. The Tech, Housing, and the Wild, Wild, Speculation on Wall Street. The little ditties that that Criminals on Wall Street packaged up, have been referred to by Buffet, as, “Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction!” The, “Street,” took Middle America for at least $10 Trillion Dollars! and, not much has changed since then. When an enterprise is too big to fail; it, also becomes too big to prosecute. Today, there is a closed Loop between Special Interests and Members of Congress. Nothing else matters. They are the Puppet Masters who determine your fate and mine; and the future of the Nation and our Grand Children. Democratic? Don’t make me laugh! And, unless you are in the top wealth & income category; whether you want to believe if or not; neither you opinion, nor your vote matters much. There is no room for most all of us in the Ruling Oligarchy. And, the sad fact is, the same thing is occurring all over the Western World. Other Oligarchies are being Daisy-Chained; as the Puppet Masters of the World; determine the Fate of Human Kind.

    • ctwalter

      Because the money people are the real power behind the politics. There is money to be made in war, in rebuilding after war and in controlling the masses after rebuilding. To truly understand all those who work for power, read about the Fabians. Read from both sides of the issue. Those who wrote favorably about them selves damn them selves far better than any one who stands against them. The real power brokes are neither Repub or Dem. They are simply power hungry and use both sides and a good deal of the middle to gather and keep power. Americans must unite with one voice, “FREEDOM” to do as we wish in the context of law. Richard Mayburry said something that I have added to just the tiniest bit and attempt to live by. ‘Do all you say you will do, do not encroach on another’s life, property, or freedom’ (Apologies to Mr. Mayburry ~ and check out his Uncle Eric series of short books)

  • Jim

    Our country is paralleling the Roman Empire. It is going downhill fast, Christians are being discriminated against, the economy is being tanked, riots are starting to occur daily and before long the 2nd revolution will be coming. I feel sorry for the youth of today when they start to realize that they will be worse off than the current generation is. All because people believed the lies of obama and the blind obedience they gave him. At least I will not be living long under the tier-any of the present administration. Will hillary continue the demise when obama stops running?


    You got the wrong 3 presidents, Carter Jimmy and brother Billy, Clinton Bill & Hill, then the grandest of them all Obama the blaster of liberty for America, you can fault the other all you want but GW and Obama are pushing us over the cliff.

  • bkemp

    fake web site written by some fake red necks in ALABAMA people….I counted 18 mis-spelled words on the first page. Bob Livingston had 4 heart attacks? but he refused to take his doctors advise? And because he has “researched” healthy living he is now, in his own words….a “qualified expert”? People, listen up…this is a bunch of marketing fakers getting your email account to sell you their crap. Go ahead, subscribe….and watch your in box fill the “special discount offers” because your a REAL American. Dont forget to review those tabs above for offers of his “Alternative” medicines, Offshore Opportunities, Asset and Wealth Protections’ all which require your personal and bank account info. These people listed —–> as contributing editors are FAKE, they dont exist, they are made up names. Get a grip humans..you are being played by a fake website.

  • Stuart Shepherd

    So how do we go about it/ I’m in, but you can’t try to ammend a constitution to abolish it!! The constitution IS our government. The only method- as it has always been in human history- is armed resistance. So, what does that mean? Could someone explain it to me. I’m for establishing an extremely large, legal, militia in Virginia and Marlyland. Get it?

  • ireAmerica

    Bear in mind that every revolution in history has ended very badly for the participants and their heirs.

    During Our Founding, some of the most devout souls and powerful minds to ever walk this earth assembled, while living under tyranny. Those stout and forthright Founders, using all of their extensive historical knowledge, crafted a government subservient to individual sovereignty.

    Then, with a firm reliance upon Divine Providence, they declared separation from the monarchy, fought terrible fatal battles and finally prevailed. Then, with minimal disturbance the previously designed government was implemented

    So the idea of abolishing Our “Old Government” is half-baked at best, and nearly certain to turn out badly. We don’t have an Inspired Plan in the can ready to engage, no better plan, really no plan at all.

    Demand and enforce Constitutional government.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      I can be the leader ! every one would love me ( or be shot ) lol , i would have a sharp unform boots , a big hat were two pistols and woman body gards that look like they come out of a ZZtop vido , i would make a fine presedent , presedent for life !

  • Chris

    Blah, blah, blah……….nothing’s going to happen………”they” will keep shoving it and people will just keep BENDING OVER, as usual………..that was proven when Obama was re-elected.