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Even Healthcare Workers Oppose The Flu Vaccination

December 30, 2011 by  

Even Healthcare Workers Oppose The Flu Vaccination

Annual flu vaccinations are big business for Big Pharma, doctors and others who get commissions on every vaccination they give.

If this were not so, do you think big chain pharmacies would spend so much money and time promoting them?

The flu vaccine is nothing more than another Big Pharma/Big Government scam. According to research by The Cochran Library, flu vaccines are 99 percent ineffective.

This fact is further borne out by the fact that even healthcare workers don’t want the vaccine. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is opposing a move by the Colorado Board of Health (CBH) to require its healthcare workers receive annual flu vaccines.

In a letter to the Board, AAPS wrote, “In the age of ‘evidence-based medicine,’ it is shocking that there is so little evidence that the influenza vaccination program is effective. Indeed, there is evidence that it may be ineffective.” And AAPS also noted that fewer than half of American healthcare workers choose to be immunized annually.

What do those healthcare workers know that you don’t? The vaccine industry is a dangerous and deliberate fraud.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Bob, if the Cochran Library knows what they’re talking about (I suspect they do), then what we have here is a perfect example of an intentional failure to communicate. If science is no longer ‘science,’ then there’s no reason to waste time [OR money] with MDs, the FDA or Big Pharma.
    Now, if those poser scientists could prove to me that I could be 19 again, we’d have a reason to chat. Until or unless they can do that, they can stuff their ‘science’ wherever it’s comfy. I try to be consistent, so if that crowd ever needs some extra petroleum jelly to put that false, gimme $ and utterly unscientific claim where it belongs, I will gladly furnish it. Is that fair or what?

    • FreedomFighter

      What do those healthcare workers know that you don’t? The vaccine industry is a dangerous and deliberate fraud.

      Having been close to the health care industry, speaking with doctors, nurses, I would not take those flu vaccines at gunpoint.

      The companies are excempt from prosicution for any ill effects, testing is shotty, contamination, both deliberate and accidental is widespread and effectiveness is unproven.

      These flu shots are not worth the risk, the goverment let big pharma off the hook for ill effects, and they dont give a damn if you die.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • JC

        FreedomFighter says:
        December 30, 2011 at 8:39 am
        What do those healthcare workers know that you don’t? The vaccine industry is a dangerous and deliberate fraud.
        Indeed. It’s right up there with the cancer research “industry”.
        The single largest industry on the planet. And do you think they would ever give us the cure even if they found it? No way, too much money involved.

      • s c

        FreedomFighter, I don’t know how old you are, but I’ve seen what seems like more than enough to be justified in being extremely suspicious when it comes to ‘science.’ In the matter of flu vaccines, I’ll trust and have a reason to accept ‘science’ when I see MDs (and their kids), the ‘bosses’ at the FDA (and their kids) and every managerial-level bureaucrat in every Big Pharma company (and their kids) line up to get flu vaccines every time they’re put out on the market.
        When and if I know that no one suffers any side-effects, I’ll think about liking flu vaccines.
        Until then, they know what they can do with them. By the way, did you know that Uncle Scam has plans to let China start producing vaccines so we can be ‘blessed’ yet again with Washington’s unending COMPASSION? Kinda makes you want to stand up and salute, doesn’t it?


    I drive a dav van for the va hospital in louisville ky. 4 years ago after getting my flu shot on friday i was so sick on sunday I could not even ger up to crawl to bathroon to get sick. I had to keep a pail by my bedside . Never again will I get a flu shot. I don’t think I have been that sick in 50 years.

    • Ellen

      I wonder how many people are sick today all due to a flu shot?

    • wandamurline

      I don’t get flu shots….only have taken two in my life and have never had the flu. This year, I thought about having one, but then I asked if the swine flu vaccine had been dumped into the flu shot and was told that it had. That made up my mind…this vaccine is linked to Gilles Barre Syndrome which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the nervous system and is much worse than MS. There are other concerns that small children whose immune system is not up and running gettint these vaccinations may be causing things such as ADD, ADH and autism. I will never get another flu shot as long as I live and I think I will live longer without one.

      • KHM

        The association between vaccination and autism is not valid; it has been debunked. I don’t know about some of the other conditions such as ADD and ADHD. However, I think both of these syndromes may be overly diagnosed and many children put on Ritalin who should not be.
        Back to the flu vaccine- yes there are risks. The CDC tries to figure which strains of flu are most likely to be prevalent in the coming flu season and base their vaccines on that. Which means they could call it completely wrong.
        We tend to forget that influenza can also be deadly, especially to the very young, those with compromised immune systems or the very old. The Flu epidemic of 1917+/- killed even healthy adults.

        • metalflyer11

          Your comment about the relation of vaccines to autism being debunked is absolutely NOT TRUE. The evidence of the link of vaccines to autism is appalling. The article clearly states the reason Big Pharma spends billions of dollars in propaganda to promote their product and are excempted of any damages their vaccines causes. It is NOT about health it is all about MONEY.
          Vaccines are an absolute FRAUD!!!

        • JC

          KHM says:
          December 30, 2011 at 11:32 pm
          The association between vaccination and autism is not valid; it has been debunked.

          Debunked by who? And by who’s money?

        • meteorlady

          Have you really read the side affects of various prescription medications? Some even mention death, though they say it hasn’t been proved.

          Did you also know that the price of a new drug on the market contains equations that estimate how much impending lawsuits will be so they can add that cost to the drug’s price? Makes you wonder what is actually being pumped of the drug companies huh?

          Fact is there is too much money in medicine to stop pumping drugs out on the open market. Where ever they can get a leg in they will. Texas tried to give us vaccinations for HPV and we stopped that in a hurry.

          The fact is a free market and country, we would not be FORCED to get vaccinations, but would be able to make our own decisions.

      • Robert Smith

        “The swine flu vaccination in 1976 may have caused rare cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome. However, the swine flu and the regular flu vaccines used today have not resulted in more cases of the illness.”

        Note the “may have” and “rare.” Nobody knows for sure. What they are clear about is that in the vaccines used today there are no new cases.

        Sure helps to keep one’s facts correct before declaring a policy forever correct.


        • Carole

          I was working in a hospital when swine flu shots were required by the government for all employees. After receiving the shot a lump under my arm appeared and I thought was Hodgkin’s, but turned out to have been caused by the flu shot. Soon after,there were reports of many people who had been vaccinated having to be put on respirators because the shots. Scary! I’ve never had a flu shot since. I’ve had to sign waivers because I refused the flu shot, but I will never have another one.

    • ChristyK

      The only fever over 100F that my son had in the 1st 3 years of his life was after vaccines. I was cautious too. He didn’t get any vaccines until he was 1 year old and the only one he got was dTap because pertussis was going around and Tetanus is so bad for an active boy.

  • CP

    Wayne, I do hope you are aware that by NOT getting that flu shot, you may well be putting some of the patients you carry at risk for far worse than a bad case of the flu. It sounds like you may have had an allergic reaction to that particular batch of vaccine, or you may have had a pre existing bug in your system. I have seen the results of elderly people not getting their flu shots, and it isn’t something I would wish on my worst enemy.

    • former walmart person

      Just take vitamin D. Even IF shots were effective, vitamin D is more so. Oh, my bad, vitamin D doesn’t make big protits for big pharma. Ok, I will shut up, as its all about profits over health. Afterall, healthy people aren’t cash cows for our hospitals and health care personnel.

      • wandamurline

        No, Obamacare describes us a “units”….not patients. If you think things are bad now, just wait. A neurosurgeon stated that he had to go to Washington for a meeting with the Department of Health. If you are 70 years of age or older and you have a stroke or brain aneurysm, the neurosurgeon will have to wait until a committee of bureaucrats can convene and decide if you get treatment or if you get comfort care…in other words, make you comfortable until you die. Remember when Sarah Palin talked about “death panels”…now that the bill has passed and someone is starting to read the damned thing…she was right. For all of you who voted for Obama in 2008, I hope that you are young because if you are old, you had better get in good shape healthwise and your years are numbered….our median old age is 86 now, but it will come down to 70 in a few years….of course, not for elists who are 70 and are in congress….they are exempt from any laws that they pass.

        • Hippocritus

          File that note under Errant Twaddle. If you think that insurance companies don’t make decisions about care, then you are horribly mistaken. The determination of “usual and customary” is in the hands of committees of physicians. Insurance companies do not insure anything that is “experimental”. There is no evidence that median age is affected by anything in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (other than the inclusion of older children on parents’ insurance policies)

          • Civility and Reason

            YOU are so correct! We have had death panels for years and they are called Blue Cross, United, Humana…

          • granny mae

            Sorry Hippocritus,
            wandamurline is 100 percent right and it has been all over the news media ! There is a 70 year old limit and there will be decissions made in regards to whether we get treatment or comfort care ! I’m 70 and I don’t like it !

        • eddie47d

          Wandamurline and SC always push the extreme key on their computer to invoke hatred and anger. There are no death panels and Sarah Palin is an extremist for saying so. That makes her unfit for any office. Disallowing health care to 45 million Americans is a more accurate account in allowing people to die. (aka “death panels”)That is if you want to take on that argument.

          • s c

            e, may you never change. Of all the space cadets and wingnuts who infest this website, YOU get matters wrong more consistently than anyone else. Does that mean you get paid ‘extra’ to act like someone who gives a damn about America? Colorado must have low standards for their citizens.

          • eddie47d

            Keep peddling your swill SC and we’ll see who is smarter than a fifth grader. That’s much higher than what I wanted to give you credit for but I’ll let you start someplace. Conversing with you is like being on a death panel or working for Dr Mengele.You remind me of the old cartoon with the nurse who has a extra long needle with a smile on her face. Get the picture Dr death!

          • Kate8

            eddie – I don’t know what world you live in. According to you, each and every day, everything is just swell and there’s nothing to see here, folks.

            Good grief. How can you look at the things being done, our Constitution being utterly ignored, the government usurping power they were never meant to have (with good reason); the accumulation of troops on American soil, both foreign and domestic; Obama’s promise to raise a standing civilian army (to his own personal bidding); his
            claiming the right to detain (and assassinate) any citizen he so chooses, with zero accountability; the escalating implementation of UN Agenda 21, which obliterates any semblance of autonomy we had left…the violations are too numerous, and ominous, to count…

            But, hey. Nothing to worry about. Forget history. Heck, forget common sense. Stay plugged into your TV, take your pill, don’t ask too many questions and trust your guv who knows what’s best for you and your family. All is well. BigBro is watching over you.

            Good night. Sleep tight. Peace and safety.

          • granny mae

            eddie47d, You are full of brown stuff clear to your eyeballs on this one ! I have checked it out but I guess you haven’t ! Doctors have been all over the news with this one lately !

          • Kate8

            eddie (and everyone else who wants to know the truth) – Listen. If you dare.


            This is an excellently done and documented bit of research on the eugenics movement, and where it is going. Names are named.

          • eddie47d

            Yes grannie I’ve heard plenty of doctors on the news stating that folks should get flu shots. Anything else.

          • eddie47d

            That video was propaganda in itself. Started out rather harmless but lied through it’s teeth about population control. Family planning and birth control is evil ..give me a break. What a waist of time .

          • Ellen

            Eddie, Maybe you saw the news after Palin began exposing the death panel issue. Democrats tried to make her look like an idiot by removing the death panel from Obamacare. After it was passed, the death panel was added back in. There will be a panel of experts who decide what we all will be allowed to receive for care. If that’s not the scariest concept, I don’t know what is. These are the same idiots who pretend vaccinations don’t cause problems, trans fats are fine, artificial sweeteners are fine, good fats are bad, statins are great, etc.

          • Kate8

            LOL. Exactly what I expected from you, eddie. We can always hope you might unset your brain, but I quite sure you would react just as you did. The quotes were right from the mouths of the elite, yet you are not able to accept it. There are those who have been warning of these things for many, many decades, and most just refuse to heed.

            You might want to reread the article on belief patterns and cognitive dissonance that was here the other day. You could be poster child for it.

            Until more of us come to grips with the truth that those in control are not our friends, that their motives are not benevolent, and that we are nothing but livestock to them, our future is looking pretty bleak. There are still far to many, like you, who are just not able to handle reality, and prefer a blissful state of denial.

          • eddie47d

            Enough of those lying videos and vicious right wing extremist propaganda. What is there to wake up to Kate …more lies about family planning. More lies about birth control! Check out slums with several children to a family and living in filth. Where is your moral compass? It’s despicable for you to say that Bill Gates is out to exterminate people (which the video implies). Some vaccinations save millions who would otherwise die especially in third world countries. So how is saving millions from death eugenics? You present an extreme twisted view on what is really happening. This is pure PROPAGANDA!…NOTHING TO DO WITH FLU SHOTS.

          • Kate8

            eddie – You truly are a moron. You call this Rightwing propaganda, yet many of the names are people on the Right.

            Get over yourself, ed.

            This one’s for you:


        • Robert Smith

          From Wandamurline: “Remember when Sarah Palin talked about “death panels”…”

          It was a lie then and a lie now.

          The fact is that insurance CORPORATIONS are in business to offer minimal care at maximum expense to the patient, if you get any care at all. ie. If you are a customer of theirs.


      • Karolyn

        GO VITAMIN D! I have read so many good reports about it, most recently with regards to cancer treatment. One specially interesting story was of a man who had swine flu and was on his deathbed. His family could not get the hospital to give him high doses of D and had to get a court order. Once they did, he started to improve and did survive.

        • s c

          K, you got this one RIGHT. Work on your immune system, and you’ll keep MDs and other similar quacks at a distance. If you want to read something spooky [but DOCUMENTED], read the Vitamin D chart in Dr. Whitaker’s latest newsletter [The Link Between Vitamin D Intake and Type I Diabetes].
          Vitamin D deficiencies are DANGEROUS, and they affect much more than diabetes problems.
          The one question that needs to be asked is WHY are MDs SO AFRAID of patients and the rest of America having sufficient quantities of Vitamin D? It’s enough to realize that we have people in America who will do ANYTHING for easy money, power and a chance to be above the law (no, I DON’T mean only politicians).

          • Karolyn

            I have been receiving Dr. Marcola’s emails for 10 years. He has opened my eyes to so much and is really pushing D. I will check out Dr. Whitaker.

            On another note, here’s a link to an article about a simple cancer cure that is going nowhere because Big P can’t make money on it.

          • Karolyn

            That’s Dr. MErcola.

          • granny mae

            s c;
            I agree with you. I have been getting Dr. Whitaker’s news letters for years, however I learned of many of these things over 35 years ago when I was introduced to Shaklee products and Dr. Shaklee. He taught us many things and was so ridiculed for it then but today it is coming out that he was right, just like Linus Pauling and Even Shute with their Canadian clinic for treatment for heart problems with vitamin A. They made some astounding progress in the use of vitamin A. Pauling was laughed out of town over his claims for vitamin C but look at where we are today. The biggest problem as I see it is doctors don’t get enough training in nutrition or the latest in vitamins. The subject is so vast that it seems as though by the time something makes it to the light of day it becomes obsolete. Anyway, we should all educate ourselves in natural medicine first.

          • granny mae

            Sorry, the heart treatment was done with vitamin E not A. The Shute brothers were the ones using it in their clinic for heart patients in Canada. I think it was Onterio but I’m not sure !

          • Kate8

            Karolyn – I had seen that article. Another good story (and there are many) is the one about Dr. Burzinski, a Texas physician who has been curing cancer (solid tumor) for decades at his clinic (at a phenominally high rate), and many are still cancer-free after many, many years. One of the TV cable channels just did a 2 hour documentary on him.

            The FDA has been after him all along, costing him (and us) millions going to court. He has always prevailed. One of his attackers (from the FDA) stated that whether or not people were cured was irrelevant, and disallowed any such evidence to be brought forth. The real concern was that, if people knew he could cure cancer with his methods, cancer drugs and treatments would be relegated to the junk heap of history, and untold wealth would be lost to Pharma.

            Therein is always the bottom line, isn’t it. The elite control, the money.

          • libertytrain

            Kate – just to clarify the man’s name is Burzynski – it’s frequently misspelled on the Internet and in articles.

          • Kate8

            Thanks, liberty. You are right about the spelling.

          • Robert Smith

            Hey Kate, how’s ’bout some common sense in the discussion.

            Things like: “In particular, independent scientists have been unable to reproduce the positive results reported in Burzynski’s studies: the National Cancer Institute has observed that researchers other than Burzynski and his associates have not been successful in duplicating his results,[6] and Cancer Research UK states that “available scientific evidence does not support claims that antineoplaston therapy is effective in treating or preventing cancer.”[18]”

            As you can see there are footnotes available as refeerences. You can snag the entire article (including discussion about the ‘documentary’) at:

            Apparently Burzynski has been in trouble with the law several times and really really can’t be considered a viable alternative source of treatment for cancer.


          • Kate8

            Robert Smith – Well, we all know that you buy the govt. propaganda evetry time.

            Hundreds of patients came forward to testify that they had been cured, and had remained well since. Or that they were currently undergoing treatments and their tumors were rapidly dissolving. And, BTW, they were never given any guarantees from the outset.

            The wife of one of the men attacking him had cancer, and knew he had the best chance to cure it, which he, indeed, did. In exchange, they were to conduct research on his protocol. What happened was, because the components he used were all natural, they were unpatentable (and thus, unprofitable), so they tried to isolate and synthesize one compont. Of course, they knew this would not work. Their whole intent was to “prove” his methods ineffective and get rid of him once and for all. The could not risk poisonous cancer treatments being abandoned in favor of tx that work, as they would lose their $zillion cash cow.

            In other words, they would use it for themselves, but do all they could to prevent the “little people” from accessing it.

            They couldn’t reproduce his results because they used an entirely different protocol.

            You would do well to look past the propaganda line and learn the facts before you spout off. But you, being so well brainwashed, will follow the herd into the horrors of allopathic “therapies” right into your grave. So, just go right ahead! But don’t try to take away the choices of others who have sense enough to see what’s really going on.

            For those who would control the choices of others, the allopathic nightmare is your best option. The world will be a better place when you are gone.

      • granny mae

        former walmart person, You are right ! Only that is vitamin D3 ! It seems most of the doctors are finally accepting that most people don’t get out in the sun now days. Skin cancer , and lupus and all, so guess what we are not getting the vitamin D3 we need for our immune systems. Take it every day ; most doctors are recommending 2,000 IU’s a day. Try to get the all natural and not the synthetic if you can but if you cannot then take what you can get and make sure it is in the gel caps, not the powder ! Also Olive Leaf extract durring the flu season is great !

        • Moosedrool

          The reason the skin cancer rates are higher is because of the “suntan lotion” people used to slather on for that golden coppertone tan.
          Now it is the horrible sunscreens which react with sunlight and your body chemistry to form carcinogens. Not only that, they block out the healthy, vitamin D producing rays. I also believe that fluorescent lighting has a lot to do with skin cancers and many other diseases we see today.

          • Kate8

            Moose – What you say is true, and it’s also the heavy chemtrail cover that is blocking out the suns rays from hitting the Earth. Not only that, but they are showering us with heavy toxins every day.

      • Firefly

        But it has to be about 15,000 IU or better of Vitamin D-3 (not the 600 IU recommended by the government). Sitting in the noon day sun (with no sun screen) in short sleeves and shorts will give you about 20,000 IU in 20 minutes or so but it takes 48 hours to become affective. I never use sun screen but I don’t stay out in the sun long enough to get burned. In the colder winter months I take the 15,000+.

    • Walt

      Perhaps you should consider the following article:

      Vaccination 101: Why vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous
      September 21, 2009 by Bob Livingston

      “But vaccines aren’t the panacea Big Government would have you believe. Here are the facts:

      Vaccines are useless because:

      • Natural microbes (yeasts, mycobacteria, bacteria, viruses) are not enemies, but allies. They help restore our body’s health during the repair phase of a disease (Hamer’s German New Medicine).
      • We create our own microbes using the smallest particles of living matter that exist inside our bodies. These bear various names—microzyma (Bechamp), bions (Reich) and somatids (Naessens).

      Vaccines are ineffective because:

      • They contain only artificial microbes that have been weakened and/or genetically modified that cannot prevent any disease.
      • They shock and exhaust the immune system and stimulate the explosion of degenerative diseases such as AIDS and cancer. They systematically destroy human health.
      • The efficacy of vaccines has never been proven scientifically. Their ineffectiveness becomes obvious with the need for repetitive inoculations and the appearance of diseases that vaccines were meant to prevent.

      Vaccines are dangerous because:

      • Vaccinations stimulate and maintain individuals in a state of fear. In fact, we do not die of a disease, but from fear and exhaustion. The fear of microbes and illness knocks people out and vaccines finish them off.
      • Vaccines are extremely harmful. Innumerable complications go from minor problems (allergies, eczema, otitis, asthma, behavior and learning disabilities) to major disorders (autism, epilepsy, diabetes, arthritis, paralysis, leukemia, encephalitis, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Ebola, foetal malformations, Gulf War syndrome, Guillain Barre syndrome, Spanish flu, etc.) or even to death: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
      • Receiving a vaccine is always devastating for the body. In fact, a vaccine is a witch’s brew made up of three types of ingredients:

      1) A cocktail of microbes that have been artificially modified and often genetically recombined.
      2) A purulent culture fluid composed of animal cells (chicken, mouse, sheep, monkey, cow) and human cells (blood, aborted fetuses) that are cancerous and contaminated (viruses, prions).
      3) Preservatives and adjuvants that are in fact lethal poisons: Thimerosal (50 percent mercury), aluminum, formaldehyde, squalene, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, silicone, polysorbates, sorbitol and a long list of extremely harmful substances known for their brain and nerve toxicity.

      So CP, you think injecting Mercury, formaldehyde, Aluminum, silicone, aspartame and other toxic ingredients is healthy for young and old folks immune system? Yet the medical establishment scratches its head trying to figure out what causes certain cancers, autism and dementia?

      • One-Angel

        Go, Walt! Best argument yet!

      • Civility and Reason

        Tell that to all of us who never had polio or small pox because we were vaccinated as children. Tell that to my friend who is in a wheel chair and suffers from post-polio syndrome. Ya think she might wish she had been vaccinated?

        • Kate8

          Civility – For those of you who buy the BigPharma indoctrination, just keep getting your vaccines and keep taking your meds. If what they say is true, then you have nothing to fear from those of us who don’t.

          Having worked many years in “alternative” health care, I’ve seen too much devastating damage done by wonder-drugs and the “miracles” of modern science. This includes in my own personal circle.

          I suggest you do some research on the argument against the pharmaceutical approach, if for no other reason than to make truly informed choices for yourself and yours. After the fact is too late.

          Our bodies are the last boundaries they can cross. When we no longer have choices, nor the information to make those choices, then…

          • Robert Smith

            Kate8 posts: “Our bodies are the last boundaries they can cross. When we no longer have choices, nor the information to make those choices, then…”

            I’ll remember that next time you do an anti―abortion screed.


          • Kate8

            RS – Never been to one. I believe that we each have to answer to God for the choices we make.

            So, who’s going to look out for the choices of the unborn?

            Not you, obviously. If you support infanticide, you are guilty of it, and will be held to account.

          • granny mae

            I agree with you but I also think there is something more going on. I’m thinking they are giving too many shot for too many things at the same time. I don’t think they have looked into what effect they all have on eachother whe they get in the body. People are individuals and some may be able to take a multiple shot just fine but then others may not. I think they are giving too many shot combnations at the same time. Years ago doctors and scientists were really concerned about the health of people and really did try hard to develope vaccines that would save lives and they did , but today they are just combining up too many different ones at the same time. It is not to save lives anymore it is to make money !

        • meteorlady

          So can you say beyond a doubt that those people who didn’t get vaccinated would have gotten the disease? You can’t so it’s a moot point. I’m perfectly healthy, so is my mother and grandmother, grandfather and my great uncles. They never had any type of vaccination and believe that if you eat right, keep a good healthy weight and supplement your nutritional needs with vitamins, minerals and amino acids you will be healthy and fight off most of these things.

      • NamNavyVet

        Excellent post Walt. Thank you. Our daughter (22) was talked into the Human Papillomavirus Cervarix vaccine. She suffered for 3 weeks with extreme joint and muscle pain. She couldn’t even bare the pain caused from a warm shower. She couldn’t sleep for weeks. She will never, ever take the follow up shots recommended. Lesson learned.

        • Kate8

          NamNavyVet – Here in CA, it is now law that Guardisil is taken into the schools, and children are being given the “opportunity” to receive it (under great pressure and misinformation) without parental consent or even notification. This includes BOTH girls and boys.

          It is planned to become mandatory.

          The risks with this (and all vaccines) are not as low as they would have us believe. I’ve seen so many young people’s lives ruined from Guardisil alone.

          The intent behind these vaccines is NOT benevolent.

          There is a book out called “Death by Injection”. I haven’t read it, but the title pretty much says it all.

          There is massive research to support this, for all who care to educate themselves.

          • meteorlady

            I cannot believe that parents would give up their right to raise their own child as they see fit. I am simply amazed that they blindly agree to this crap.

        • JC

          We instructed our daughter to leave the school and phone us if they tried to use any vaccine on her.

        • s c

          NamNavyVet, I’m hearing tales from other vets who say that when you were in the service has a lot to do with what you received via injections. People who were in the Gulf got some nasty stuff, and the implication is that Uncle Scam doesn’t hesitate to ‘experiment’ on active duty personnel.
          Were you on a swift boat on the Mekong?

      • Moosedrool

        I was a veterinary technician for 14 years and we were always told that the vaccines were for the “vaccination of healthy animals”. It is even in the circular in the packaging. My point is, if that is true with animals, wouldn’t that also be true for humans? So why are people with disease conditions and the elderly being told they really need to get these vaccines? A bunch of money grubbing liars they are.
        By the way, I no longer follow mainstream medicine for my family or my animals. For emergency care, yes, but for long term health and vitality, stay far, far, away from the doctors.
        My parents are foolish and get the flu vaccines every year, and every year they get the “flu” and are chronically ill. Every time they go for a regular healthy check up, they get sick within 2-3 weeks. I always thought it was so stupid to allow the sick people to being in the same waiting room and with the same ventilation system as those who were not sick but just in for “routine” care.

        • granny mae

          Boy do I agree with you ! Amen !

    • Noflu Shot

      So, how ’bout the elderly who DID get flu shots? Are they dead yet? Whew! Why do not people see how dangerous this crap is to put in their bodies? People will believe ANYTHING! That’s why the country is in the shape it’s in today – People, (the sheep), just CANNOT SEE what they are looking at!!! You would have to be INSANE to take one of these flu shots knowing the harm these shots have done to people!!!!!!

      The writer before said he would not take one of these shots, even “at gunpoint.” Well, it may come to that because EVIL is running our medical system today and the love of MONEY is the root of ALL EVIL!

      • Kate8

        Noflu – You are right. My dear sister, who received a flu shot over a decade ago, has never fully recovered from it.

        She went from being a vibrant, active senior to being completely incapacitated. After many years of treatments from a natural health clinic, she has resumed life, but only after a great deal of suffering, not to mention the financial loss.

    • DaveH

      Why worry, CP? Only the vaccine deniers would be at risk. Right?

    • Joe

      CP-Nobody that is healthy, getting the exercise they need, and keeping their bodily biology strong, washing hands etc will contract the worst flu whether or not they have the flu vaccine. The Flu vaccine has done more harm than all the people that don’t get the vaccine. You must be one of the many following the government agencies that are suppose to be protecting us, (EPA, DOE, USDA, and many more). They are only following the money and the flu vaccine is a perfect example.

    • meteorlady

      So how do you explain my mother getting the flu even after she got the shot? TWICE…. once was a hospital stay.

  • Ellen

    CP, I’ve seen the results of elderly people getting the shots and they have been sick ever since and they were healthy before getting it.You can’t tell people what to do so let them go for it!

  • Karolyn

    It’s up to those of us “in the know” to spread the word to everyone we come into contact with not to get a flu vaccine. Better than that, spread the word to not accept a doctor’s word that they are in need of any specific medication until researching it themselves. Unfortunately, most people are sheeple and will go along with the hype and trust the doctors they see as infallible gods.

  • Charles Graves

    I am almost 64 years old and have NEVER had a flu shot and will NEVER get one and have NEVER had the flu. Call me fortunate or whatever but I do not need them and agree it is all a big scam!

    • granny mae

      Charles Graves,

      The only time my husband got the flue in his life was when he was in the Army and was forced to take the shots ! Since he has been out he has never been sick with so much as a cold ! However he does spend most of his time outside in the sun so he gets a lot of vitamin D naturally.

  • dave

    No one died from a flu shot, have they?
    Can’t have one if preexisting conditions are there.
    If some fell ill after shot it is isolated incidents.

    • Karolyn


    • JC

      So, just a couple of dead people here and there is no big deal?
      Come on! Big Pharma is using all of us as Lab Rats.
      How many kids becoming suddenly Autistic can be linked to vaccines?
      None! and do you know why? because there is no way in hell the medical community is going to closely examine the industry that feeds them.
      Big Pharma is the single greatest lobby in Congress and that needs to end.

      I have never had a flu shot and I never will. Oddly, I haven’t had so much as a sniffle in over 12 years.

      • Noflu Shot

        I agree. I have never had a flu shot either nor have I had the flu in literally YEARS! This is all BS and it’s all about CONTROL and MONEY – period! They use stuff like this to see just how far people will ALLOW them to go – to see how far the people will allow them to be pushed before drawing the line in the sand and saying NO! Well, it’s time again to draw the line in the sand and say, “NO WAY! I WILL NOT TAKE YOUR FLU SHOT.” This, of course, will make them even more determined to FORCE it upon us because that is the nature of Evil – FORCE. It’s THEIR WAY or NO WAY, and if they can’t brainwash the masses into accepting what they want them to do, then, as Cass Sunstein has said, “There’s always the barrel of a gun!” Welcome to the New United States of Soviet Socialist Democracy, because we are no longer a Constitutional Republic, obviously.

        • JC

          That “barrel of a gun” thing works both ways. ;)

          • s c

            JC, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the reference to GatorAss Sunstein. It not only works ‘both ways,’ but it would get more relevenat and significant if the barrel of a gun was stuck up into a place where the sun never shines.
            So, do you think Sunstein is power-mad, or is he a typical, “compassionate” utopian who rarely lives in the real world? Obummer sure can pick ‘em. A dab (or a lot) of schizophrenia seems to be all his czars need to ‘get the job.’ SICK!

          • JC

            I think he’s a paid shill pushing an agenda.
            He’s very likely a borderline psychopath who’s only
            interest is personal gain.

        • Kate8

          Read this article about the true nature of Pharma. It has become (was most likely always intended thus) as a system of total control, experimentation, social engineering and…human sacrifice, indeed.

          With O’care, it is being used as the means of implementing absolute control over every part of life, including our bodies.

          • s c

            Kate8, in a utopian’s mind, Obummer is considered infallible. Even if he ADMITTED that he wants complete control over our lives and that he’d gladly use eugenics or whatever it takes to feed his twisted ego, people like ‘e’ and the other in-house utopians will NEVER believe it. ‘E’ and the others amount to sheep-like followers who will say and do ANYTHING to support the fuhrer.
            They should have been born in Germany around 1920. They would have made such FINE examples of National Socialists.

    • Carolyn Cummings

      I remember when the flu shot became a “big” deal and my mom running to the doctor to get hers, then within 3 or 4 days she would be sick and this happened not once or even twice but EVERY-TIME. I myself have never had one shot for the “flu” after seeing what it did to my mom. I have had the “flu” once when I lived in Las Vegas in an area that was mostly Hispanic with allot of new arrivals from Mexico and that was early 2009 just as the “swine” flu hit the country. I am very sure the “big-pharma” companies make the “flu bug” then tries to make everyone get there “flu” shot. Big game and big money.
      The vitamin D is very good but the easiest thing to do to avoid the “flu” is to always wash your hands. Use good soap and hot water.

    • granny mae

      Over the years there have been thousands of people die from the flue shot ! Especially elderly and the very young ! Durring the Asian Flue more people died from the shot than from the flue itself, that was also the case in the 70′s with the swine flue ! So yes people have died from the shot !

    • meteorlady

      How many commercials for drug companies have you heard “may result in death, though that has not been proven” or what about the drugs that have been taken off the market because of grave injury or death to people? Did you know that while those drug were on the market the drug manufacturers made their money back and then some?

  • former walmart person

    “And AAPS also noted that fewer than half of American healthcare workers choose to be immunized annually.”

    This alone is a huge fact. Health care workers would know better than anyone, the benefits or the drawbacks of vaccines. This statistic speaks for itself on the effectiveness of this scam for protecting your health.

  • claudette

    i always thought the flu shot was a govt conspiracy……………

  • MDS

    My coworker go the flu shot last winter, as she does annually, and got a horrible case of the flu 2 months later. She was out for a week. I decided NOT to get the flu shot last year, after getting it annually before that. I did not get the flu, and have never had it. Her DR told her that the vaccine only works against *some* versions of the flu. That’s convenient. This year, she skipped it. I skipped it. Everyone in our office skipped it.

  • richbrat

    The point of vaccines is they be mandated and then used to reduce population per UN/Satanic/elite agenda, i.e. sterilize and/or kill. The AIDS virus was engineered by WHO at Fort Deitrich, MD weapons lab (operation MK Naomi), the work order signed by Henry Kissinger, to murder most Africa for their mineral rights, and sent out in vaccines. See “WHO Murdered Africa” by William Campbell Douglass, M.D. and articles by Col. Joyce Riley. The same weaponization is going on with the bird flu. Baxter was caught engineering the bird flu to jump species several years ago, which they had “accidentally” sent out in their product, and received a slap on the wrist. Google the Georgia Guidestones and read commandment #1, let it sink in. “Reduce human population to 500M or below.” That’s half a billion people on the whole planet. We currently have just over 7 billion people. In other words, the elite want 13 out of 14 people, dead & gone.

    • wandamurline

      Would not surprise me…Obamacare is going to do a good job of eliminating a bunch.

      • eddie47d

        No truth to that Wanda so please seek help. I don’t take flu shots and they should be on a volunteer basis. Some vaccinations are God sends and others are boondoggles to make money for Big Pharma. Be skeptical but not paranoid about the benefits and the downside of vaccinations. There is actually a very large billboard in NYC by HEALTHCARE workers telling people to get their vaccinations.That is the opposite of what the some health care workers are saying. It’s like X-Rays where some professionals demand that you get them and other say they are dangerous and not always needed. X-Rays are big money for hospitals and dental offices so just say no when possible. The same with flu shots.

        • granny mae

          Now just how do we know that health care workers put up that bill board? Anyone can do that and say it was by whom ever they wish ! I don’t believe and trust in bill boards when it comes to telling me to do something ! Forget it !

          • eddie47d

            That could be said just as well about this article from your point of view.

        • JC

          eddie, denying that bureacracy is resulting the people’s death’s is exactly that “denial”. It happens every day and it’s getting worse all the time.

          • eddie47d

            Yes, the denial from the private insurance companies bureaucracy!

          • JC

            So we agree that bureacracy is a tool used against people.
            Surely then we would also agree that “the King” of bureaucracy,
            the Government itself would only serve to make things worse than they already are. Especially when you consider that they can rarely be held accountable, hmm?

      • s c

        Wandamurline, pay no attention to e. His main goal in life is to protect the fuhrer at all costs. Hey, e! Did you have to pay for your brownshirt uniform, or was it somehow ‘free’ from Dear Leader?

        • eddie47d

          No Dr Mengele.. err…SC my mother sews them for me and I get the family discount rate…. okay fraulein SC…..err Doctor. LOL!

    • Noflu Shot

      Note: In the Bible, the 6th Trumpet in the Book of Rev says that ONE THIRD of mankind will die in WWIII or at the sixth trumpet, (that has already started). This may not necessarily be all from war. I think it will also be from things like flu shots, food contamination, weird diseases that have morphed from one type, where anti-biotics worked into another type where anti-biotics do not work, and the MANY other ways that Satan has designed to kill people. “The thief comes but to KILL AND DESTROY.”

      Just as an additional note of trivia, are you aware that the word Sadaam in Arabic means “DESTROYER?” Sadaam Hussein’s mother had so much trouble giving him birth that she decided to name him “Destroyer.” Incidentally, “Destroyer” is also one of Satan’s names. What a “coincidence!”

    • meteorlady

      While I’m not willing to go that far on conspiracy theories, I did read an article by a Nobel prize winner that claimed there were components in vaccinations that could actually sterilize people when given over time. Funny can’t remember her name, but she moved out of this country and lives somewhere in South America I think.

  • timchert

    There was a recent article about evidence that vaccines, actually the preservatives in vaccines, are being linked to dementia in older people. The article was relating new evidence after studying effect of vaccines on babies and toddlers and the high incidence of autism. This lead to study effects of same preservatives on the brains of the elderly. Vaccines these days are preserved with thimersol (mercury), aluminum and other cheap substances. This is enough to deter me from flu vaccines as well as watching effects on young grandson with autism who was born and was developing normally until 17 months when he was assaulted with massive numbers of vaccines. Doctors, the government, and others are still saying there’s no link. When you witness with your own eyes, you believe!

    • eddie47d

      Excellent comment with facts and not fear,thanks.

    • granny mae

      I have read the studies and seen the results also in family members. I just wish I could convince my daughter in law to keep our new grandson away from those shots. Unfortunately they have already convinced her to get him vacinated for hepatitus and some other thing I don’t remember. He was one week old when they did that ! He is three weeks old now ! Dear Lord how I hate to see that !

      • JC

        The last thing an infant needs is “chemicals”.

  • Bill

    CP I saw my Mother die last yr 3 weeks after getting flu shot at age 87. She couldn’t walk or talk after getting shot probably Guillan Baird or whatever they call it. D3 for me. It is a scam that is 1.5% efficient. We never got them as kids and did just fine

    • wandamurline

      I believe that I read somewhere where the vaccines have some mercury in them….I know the light bulbs this president is pushing contain mercury …. so much, if you read the label, you almost have to contact a haz mat team for clean up. Who is going to do that? No one, and all these light bulbs will end up in the land fills and the mercury sinking into the drinking water tables….but, we have to support China. Right?

      • granny mae

        Isn’t that the truth ! We need hazmat to clean up a light bulb because mercury is so dangerous and yet they put it in our shots as a preservative and inject it into the bodies of our babies and the rest of us !

        • libertytrain

          and the same medical field that gives those shots advises that we should get our fillings replaced because of the mercury. :) Yep, an impressive group.

          • Kate8

            liberty – Yep. Not only that, but the same people who want to treat our sicknesses are the very ones who are poisoning us in myriad ways. They own the food companies, and the chemical companies who contaminate our food, water, air, clothing and anything else they can think of to toxify.

            That’s certainly a good way to insure that they will always be inundated with plenty of people seeking their services. They can siphon up everyone’s money while managing their diseases (no cures, please…that’s not profitable).

            As one hospital exec put it, “It doesn’t matter whether the patient gets better or worse. It only matters that scientific protocol is followed”.

            And now they are about to pass laws taking away our access to healthy food and natural supplements. This is all for the purpose of population reduction, attempting to convince us that it is for our “safety”.

          • libertytrain

            kate – I am continually baffled how we have gone so backward as a world.

  • My eyes R wide open

    There is so much info out there on vaccines all one has to do is have an OPEN minds (which many seem incapable of doing) and do a little digging. Many will not do this especially if they were taught one way they will clinge to that no matter what.

    I know of two women personally whose babies died right after their shots and the husbands went to prison for shaken baby syndrome for years.

    • Civility and Reason

      Flu shots or other vaccines DO NOT cause Shaken Baby Syndrome. Angry parents and other caregivers do. Ask any pathologist.

  • Barbara

    Even though Congress thinks they are experts on everything, they really are masters of none.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I have been campaigning against vaccinations for 40 years. It is a sinister idea to trust the medical establishment, at best.



    • Civility and Reason

      And your comment is proof-positive.

    • granny mae

      And so what planet are you from ?

  • Ted Crawford

    Another factor at work here is the fact that since Hillary Clinton tried to force vaccine manufacturers to give away their products to the needy in 1994, about 75% of our manufacturers either got out of the business or moved their operations off shore. Almost all vaccines are of foreign origin, which also might explain why we have expierenced multiple shortages since thar time.

  • Hugh

    If you want to know what they know, Google “The Great Culling”, “Fabian Socialism”. My ex got a flu shot and her auto immune system shut down. Before you get a shot of any kind, find out what’s in it and the possible side effects. The risks may over ride the cause.

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    I had my last flu shot in 1974 in Anchorage Ak. That was the last time I was ever that sick. Never again.

    • s c

      Health and nutrition research says to work on building your immune system, gottaplenty. I’ve never had a flu shot. Don’t want one. If a healthcare professional needs a volunteer to stick them with a needle (flu shot), I’ll do it.
      Is Anchorage still a good town, or has progress mucked it up?

  • grossyi

    I am an ER nurse. I will not accept the flu vacination without peer reveiwed scientific evidence. During the swine flu scare I saw less than a handful of confirmed cases. We got a good laugh of MSM scare tactics. My advice; wash your hands with soap and water frequently and read, read, read.

    • Karolyn

      What was it, two years ago, there were people lined up around the block for flue shots when there was a “shortage,” and nobody got the flu? What a laugh!

  • Dennis Wright

    All I know is I got a flu short for the last twenty years and have not gotten the flu once during this time. I work with people who are highly susceptible to the flu and so my vulnerability to exposure is high. Those of this population who I am able to help get flu shots don’t get the flu. This says to me these shots are effective.

    There may be many problems with big pharmacuetical companies. We, with poor judgment in my opinion, keep the health care industry in the for profit mode and inadequately support not for profit industry in America. I believe we have not recovered from the “Gospel of Wealth” one hundred and thirty some years after it’s publication. That is part of the sickness in our society. Saying this, I find no reason to disparge flu vaccinations themselves.

    • Karolyn

      Just keep pumping those chemicals into your body, and see where that gets you.

    • granny mae

      How many of those that got the shot and didn’t get the flu, would not have gotten the flu anyway? Hum, interresting question !

      • Richard

        Hi Granny,
        Good to see you are still around. I take two grams of Vitamin C a day and 15,000 IU of D-3 in the winter months so as not to get a flu. I also take chlorella each day to pull heavy metals out of my body because I have several typical mercury silver fillings in my mouth and can afford to have a specialist remove them. The way things are going now unless the country can just continue to print money as we seem to be doing or get someone to loan us the money we are going to run out of money for medicare long before we run out of money for social security. The point is that the way the Communists, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives and Socialists in Congress have been spending public money we ARE GOING to run out! Doubling the taxes of everyone would not be enough to prevent this.
        We are going to have to learn to take care of ourselves the way our ancestors did. We have gotten soft and spoiled and you cannot eat and drink what average Americans eat and drink without getting the diseases that average Americans get. With a computer you can learn the best places to buy the best non-perishable foods and the healthiest vitamins and nutrients at the best prices, and heirloom seeds for your garden. The food inflation I have been writing about for years now has begun and a number of different things I use have gone up an average of 20% in the last 12 months. I believe we still have some time left to do this so I tend to only buy when such things are on sale but do not put this off.
        I hope you can stick around another decade because you will be amazed at all that is coming down the pike. God’s hand of judgement is finally going to affecting us as a nation and all will be affected, some much more than others. All will know, eventually, however, that what is happening is God’s judgement. It will be evident even to those who hate God or pretend He doesn’t exist. We seem to be as stubborn as the ancient Israelites who would learn no other way either. As Tiny Tim said in Christmas Carol, “May God bless us, everyone!”

        • granny mae

          Hey Richard,
          I agree with you for sure. Haven’t been in here much because my eyes are giving me fits. It seems there is some kind of membrane behind the eye that is pulling away and interfereing with my eye sight and the computer screen is so bright that it bothers me. I guess I will just have to wear sun glasses when I get on here ! LOL ! Good to hear from you again ! Happy New Year ! my friend !

          • Richard

            My wife says to lower the brightness on your screen and it may help. Huckleberries and black currents (if you can get any) will certainly help your eyes, and be sure to wear decent sunglasses 95% of the time but not all of the time because we may well need some UV light. After all we didn’t have sunglasses for thousands of years. Hope you have a great year and continue to build up your emergency food supply. I’ve had several things I use go up 20% this past year so I’ve started to buy freeze dried things I use when they are on sale. They will last 10 to 30 years. Even FEMA says everyone should have an emergency food supply. They don’t talk about inflation though and I believe that inflation alone will pay for many things. I have cans of coffee I paid 1.99 for and they will be good for another several years and cost nearly twice that now. A good source of information on all things medical is Dr. Joseph Mercola out of Chicago. His free health and nutrition web-site is his last name with a dot com added. I’ve been reading it for five years along with 100,000 other health professionals. Have a great 2012 and God bless you…R

        • Karolyn

          Regarding eating the way our ancestors did, a few years back I read about that. It was said that if we ate the way our particular ethnic background ate, we would be healthier. That is all well and good for those of us with pure nationalities, but so many of us have mixed blood. I am totally Polish-American, so I would need to be eating a lot of pork, cabbage and potatoes! Jordan Rubin’s “The Maker’s Diet” ascribes to us eating as God intended – primarily raw foods.

  • AVCurmudgeon

    The phrase “evidence-based medicine” is a real howler. It’s borrowed from the therapy realm, where therapists are shifting from talking about “feelings” to focusing on the realities of a patient’s life.

    But “evidence-based medicine”? What is the practice of medicine supposed to be based on if not evidence? Are they now admitting that medicine to date has been little better than what you get from a Ouija board?

    • Firefly

      Sadly, if you are referring to many of the modern drugs that are being prescribed, the answer is yes. Dr. Joseph Mercola of Chicago and his free heatlh and nutrition website is a great source of the truth about this. Over 100,000 health professionals subscribe because they want to know the truth about such things.

  • Mom Henning

    Some people seem to have a a castiron constitution that no amount of abuse can disturb. These can get away with vaccinations or just about anything else that comes their way with seemingly no immediate ill efects. I lost one of my best friends that way. He was never sick a day in his life, had little concern for his health, and he locked great! After he retired, cancer struck him down like the Titanic. He died from chemo euthanesia, sad to say. Most of us would not get away that long with his level of disregard for a healthy lifestyle. I am sure he would be alive today if he had taken better care of himself. Getting responsible for the state of ones own health is still best policy for survival these days, in my opinion. Learn that you may live.

  • Donald

    I have taken flu shots for over 45 years. I am now over 80 and have never had the flu, nor an adverse reaction to flu shots. Bring ‘em on!

    • Firefly

      George Burns smoked every day and lived to be a hundred but I wouldn’t recommend that either.

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    SC. is Anchorage a good town. Well There was no place on earth that could beat the whole state till two slime ball lawyers named Zoble , I think that is the correct spelling, sued thru the court system to distribute the permanent fund to every one. Well you can read between the lines on that , every deadbeat that could get there came with their hand out.And that is who comprises the biggest portion of the population. Those that take pot shots at Sarah Palin would be that very type that trashed that state.She knows first hand what these creeps can do to a decent place.

  • Carol J

    If you are allergic to chicken eggs, don’t get a flu shot. It is incubated in chicken eggs. I’ve never had a flu shot, won’t have one and I have not had the flu since 1958.

  • Illana Olsen

    I know some people say the vaccine does nothing for them, but I have not had a bout of upper respiratory flu since I started getting the vaccine back in 1999. The previous winter I was sick for weeks with it…and almost every winter before that I had at least one run in with it. (I am a kindergarten teacher, so I am constantly exposed to just about every bug you can imagine. I can’t afford to experiment and stop getting the vaccine.)

    • libertytrain

      I’ve been horribly ill after the flu shots – however, since I started taking D3 5000 and Vitamin C – I’ve not had any illness, not even a cold. And of course won’t take the shots ever again.


    More people get sick from the flu shot than from the flu. I do not get the flu shot for that reason alone… Luck to everyone..

  • Jill

    Dumbed down and uninformed. I do not want one iota of “government intrusion in my body”. They have the water and our food sources that they add things to like infertility meds. Just look around your neighborhood seen less pregnent woman? Why is that? They are even adding stuff in the water to make you wanna be a fag git. So it isn’t 100 % your fault. We are being taken Will we?

    • Jill

      WE are being taken down. The mayan calender runs out this year. Will we?

    • Karolyn

      Jill – “They are even adding stuff in the water to make you wanna be a fag git.” You can’t be serious! Where did you get that from? Regarding pregnancies, there are plenty of reasons for women to not want to have children.

      • FreedomFighter Karolyn Mr Alex Jones has broken the story world wide, the goverment is poisoning the well, GMO causes 90% sterility in 3 generations, poisons in plastic, radioactive isotopes dumped in municiple water systems it goes on an on. Its all on record too.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • meteorlady

    So I was NEVER vaccinated for much of anything. I had measles, mumps and chicken pox along with strep throat and other childhood ailments. I have read and read about flu shots and I can’t find one single reason why I need to get one. I am NEVER sick, keep a healthy weight and eat sort of right most of the time.

    I have also read that flu vaccine has some things in it that does nothing to keep us from getting the flu, but everything to do with health issues. Not sure if that’s been totally proven but there are a couple of pretty smart doctors that have stood up and said this.

    I had a flu shot once when my mother insisted I get one after she got hers. I was sick for 5 days with the FLU. Will I ever fall for that crap again – NEVER.

    My Dr. says that she attributes my health to the fact that I did have those childhood diseases and that I built up a good immune system because of them.

  • Cindy

    The proposed new rule has gotten worse in Colorado since this press release by AAPS went out. The latest version of the rule to force all Colorado Healthcare Workers to get an anual flu shot does not have ANY exemptions for personal or even relgious reasons. Most Colorado Healtcare Workers do not even know this rule is being proposed. If you know anyone who cares about this issue in Colorado, tell them to go to and regisiter. You can get inforation and updates on this latest attack on rights by the Colorado Dept. of Health. Here’s a link to most recent proposed rule, with NO exemptions.

  • Bonefinder

    A friend tipped me off to your blog site. I am one of the health care workers who will be effected by this absurd Board of Health proposal for MANDATORY vaccinations. NO religious waiver or philosophical waiver. ONLY medical waiver allowed. I fought this legally with my employer this past year when their waiver required for me to not only STATE MY RELIGION but then was asked “how my religion prevents me from being vaccinated.” This is AMERICA!!!!!!! My RELIGION, and politics, get checked at the DOOR when I go to work. I hired an attorney, along with three other employees, and WON. The BOH has NO regard for that. They are empowered to do their own thing, evidently.
    I’ve been an RN for 40 years and I run, as fast as I can, from traditional medicine. I’ve sought alternative solutions for over 25 years. I’ve SEEN what happens to people with traditional medicine, every day I go to work. Last I knew, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies weren’t in the business to lose money.

  • Ron

    I have been away from the political realm for quite a while. With Pres. Obama in the office, I knew that just about everything that came from D.C. was bound to be bad. I did see a comment or 2 here about Death Panels, and they are 100% correct. A prime example of such has been with us for years in the form of government run health care. Medicare / Medicaid…. I HAD a friend that suffered from Crohn’s Disease. After she became ill, here husband took a powder and left her to raise their daughter alone. Due to her illness she was not able to work. She was on disability and as such was under government healthcare. Her condition progressed and she got to a point where she needed a transplant (which could have saved her life and possibly freed her from the disease). The procedure was supposed to be around 12k; the government healthcare counted their beans and saw that she was not as important as a Senator, or a Representative and so they let her die. Death being a pretty permanent condition, her daughter has had to grow up throughout her teen years without a mother.

    I have not heard nearly the rhetoric about the Social Security fund being bankrupt since President Obama has taken the helm. Could it be that Government run healthcare is the answer that they’ve been searching for? You lower our life expectancy to 70 and tell people that they can not retire until age 67 and you have about 47 years of contribution and interest for a mere 3 years of payout. Is there anyone here that couldn’t may that work?? AND, have billions to pilfer for numerous pork projects that are sure to buy your re-election??? BUT, considering we are looking at a situation of a government organization that leans heavily on the use of government math, we MUST remember that the government has long been toying with the idea of raising the retirement age to 70 years old, hence no need for payout. This reduces the Social Security administration (which had been established as separate from the government)as little more than a branch of the I.R.S.

  • Palin16

    Damn straight, I’m one of those health care workers. Just before I retired 2 years ago, the hospital instituted a mandatory flu shot for all employees. My previous experience was to get sick from these vaccines. They said I could opt out if I wore a mask at all times. Even though I had given my notice to retire before this mandate, some idiotic coworkers started gossiping that I was quiting my job because I didn’t want a flu shot. For the record, I chose to retire rather than work under Obamacare.


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