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Ethics Complaint Dismissed For Palin TV Show

August 5, 2011 by  

Ethics Complaint Dismissed For Palin TV Show

On Tuesday, Sarah Palin’s lawyer issued a press release, stating that the Alaska Attorney General’s office had dismissed an ethics complaint filed against the former Alaska Governor.

“The Alaska Attorney General’s office has dismissed yet another frivolous ethics complaint filed against Governor Palin by a leftwing political blogger. This particular blogger is from Texas… and yet her dismissed complaint against Governor Palin has cost the State of Alaska time and resources because no matter how absurd the complaint is, the state must respond to it,” John J. Tiemessen, attorney for Palin, wrote.

“This particular complaint alleged that Governor Palin violated Alaska’s Executive Branch Ethics Act because the production company that made ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ received a film tax credit from the State of Alaska related to its expenses in making the series. It should be noted that Governor Palin never received any direct money or compensation from this tax credit,” Tiemessen wrote.

Tiemessen, in the press release, provided a link to a portion of the Attorney General’s confidential opinion, a portion of which reads: “[Y]ou urge we find a violation based on an alleged appearance of impropriety. But an appearance of impropriety does not establish an ethical violation.”

Tiemessen wrote: “In dismissing this complaint, the Alaska Attorney General’s office outlines the illogic and absurdity of exempting former governors from complying with statutes they signed into law for two years after they leave office.”

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  • granny mae

    Just another bussy body with not enough to do but try to make trouble. So what if the state of Alaska gave this company a tax break, in return they got an enormus amount of beautiful advertising for their state. I bet that whole program inspired several people to visit Alaska or at least put it on their list of tings to to some day !

    • Vagabond

      that busy body should be required to reimburse the state of Alaska all funds spent on her STUPID IDIOTIC suite. she is just another SLIMEBALL trying to discredit Sarah Palin,

  • http://deleted Claire

    I would love to visit Alaska–not because of Palin–because of the beauty of the state and the environment.

    • JimH

      Hi Claire, My wife and I were in Alaska the year before the TV show came out. We visited some of the places shown in the show.
      It was fun seeing those places that we were at on TV.
      If you get the chance to go, do it. You won’t regret a minute of it.

  • Thinkbug

    Apparently there is just no end or any other boundary to the vile actions Palin haters are willing to take. To know there are those who have such hatred for plain honest living is very depressing.

    • Jana

      It kinda sounds like a plan hatched by the Palin haters / leftists to nit pik her and the state until she goes away.
      It isn’t working thank goodness.

    • Robert Smith

      Thinkbug says: ” To know there are those who have such hatred for plain honest living is very depressing.”

      You mean it’s OK for Palun to take legal deductions and incentives to produce a television program but it’s not OK for Biden to take a fair rental on a property?

      Seems to me that making a legal $ is decided by the far right, not by law.


      • USAF VET

        Hey Robert Smith. Please go back and read the article again. Gov Palin didn’t get any monetary value from the tax break.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          USAF VET,
          You mean you expect Robert to read AND comprehend what he reads???? Boy, you guys expect a lot from a prog!!

  • Doc Sarvis

    “…and yet her dismissed complaint against Governor Palin has cost the State of Alaska time and resources because no matter how absurd the complaint is, the state must respond to it,” John J. Tiemessen, attorney for Palin, wrote.”
    I thought the reason she quit as governor was so that the state would not have to spend resources on these matters. So why did she quit again?

    • Dagney

      Duh, she has no control of idiots who file bogus ethics complaints AFTER she left office. Can you imagine the ON-GOING filings of complaints if she has STAYED in office? The commies would have been watching her EVERY move, filing one complaint after another. So, yes you are right for once Doc Sarvis, that is the reason she quit. To SELFLESSLY put her state and its people ahead of her career. That IS the type of person who needs to run for all of our government offices. The career-commies MUST be rooted out!

      • Steve O

        Your not a very bright person are you “Doc” Sarvis. Spot on Dagney. Well Doc, tell your liberal friends to cut the BS and stop filing frivolous complaints.

      • Sue B

        Dagny, she did not resign because the state of Alaska was paying out that much for the court costs for those phoney ethics charges made by their government people. She resigned because Alaska has a law in which a governor has to pay for his/her own attorney and court costs if they are accused of anything. However the lovely government expenses are picked up by the state. After a lot of these phoney charges, the Palins’ bills were around 500K and going north. They were working people like most of the rest of us so….. I read the Alaskan newspapers and all charges were dismissed with the exception of one small item which she had forgot to reimburse the state.

        • Sue B

          You are right – we need someone of her calibur….GO SARAH!

    • alex

      doc nothing can ever be explained so an idiot like you can understand it

    • coal miner

      Doc Sarvis
      Read this!
      Sarah Palin not qualified to run for president in 2012
      April 19, 2011 | by Jason Campbell, regular columnist
      As we move closer to election season, both the bold and the cowardly are coming forward to test their bids for the White House.

      President Barack Obama has lost his position as the champion of hope and the “yes we can” mentality is under fire from all corners of the GOP’s relentless push to retake the presidency. Within all of the noise and banter of those who would like to reach the apex of their own personal ambition, what is most fascinating about this current race is the gaggle of potential candidates who will seek Mr. Obama’s position.

      Whereas it has been the case throughout this nation’s history that the presidency is reserved for the best and brightest of our citizenry, the Republican Party has made it its mission to find a candidate who represents the worst elements of our social make-up. There is no greater example of such a pursuit as the former governor of Alaska and failed vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin.

      As I have been recently watching Palin’s speeches along with her other GOP contenders, I suddenly found myself wondering how this woman has been able to bring herself to the position she now occupies.

      Palin, whose only serious accomplishment is being excellent at making her corruption look like the fight for the “common man,” also stirred up such levels of hatred that she was almost blamed for the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Watching her muddle through a language she obviously has yet to master and scream out falsified facts and baseless opinions makes me wonder how the force of Palin was unleashed upon an innocent nation.

      The Republican Party is no newcomer to finding its most unqualified members as the contenders for this nation’s highest office. We have learned this lesson already through the numerous preceding GOP administrations of recent decades, but Palin represents something that is both new and far more terrifying.

      Whereas in the past the Republican Party has, at its minimum, erected the facade of an intelligent and charismatic leader, with both the Bush administration as evidence and the growing list of possible 2012 contenders, it appears that this party is no longer making such an effort.

      Instead, Republicans are content with finding the candidate who represents the greatest level of incompetence and idiocy we as modern humans are capable of imagining.

      President Bush’s famed persona of being the “guy you want to have a beer with” has unleashed upon this nation the most disgusting and horrifying
      movement of celebrated stupidity and ineptness. The results of this movement are now becoming clear as our capital is quickly filling with people holding a level of intelligence and judgement comparable to an infant.

      Palin has mastered the art of presenting herself as a regular “run of the mill” country girl and fighter of the intellectual elites in this nation. While she envisions herself as being the champion of American values embedded in her version of history, the mass psychosis she has generated is nothing more than absolute delusion. Recall that the founders of this nation, and its leaders for most of its history, have been members of this intellectual and financial elite.

      Though in recent times, the push to make money a non-issue when determining a candidate has been a wonderful force for good, it has unfortunately come at the cost of a rising movement of anti-intellectualism. Whereas in our past we glorified intelligence and were unafraid to support candidates who were smarter than we are, now we glorify stupidity and support the candidates who appear no more intelligent than our house pets. Palin stands at the center of this movement where she celebrates her position as fighter for the greatest anti-intellectual movement of recent years, the Tea Party.

      When the presidential election is being decided between a president whose failures should seem to disqualify him from possible re-election and a group of opposition candidates who may not even be able to spell the title of their desired office, this country has a serious problem.

      Our budget crisis, foreign relations crisis, social erosion and the myriad of other problems and difficulties before us collapse into nothingness in the face of the problem symbolized by Palin. Her disgusting pride at her stupidity, her horrifying lack of apology for her hate speech and corruption, her despicable inability to admit her own incompetence and failure all make her the figurehead for one of the most terrifying movements in recent American history.

      Whereas in the past, she would be incapable of even being considered for the position of a town’s dogcatcher, in the presence of this anti-intellectual movement, she is being considered for the position as commander-in-chief of the greatest military to ever walk the earth. The world mocks us and we turn an arrogantly deaf ear and bask in the light of one of the most worthless and inept people to be considered for this nation’s highest office.

      • ValDM

        Well, you’ve certainly proven that the left hates Palin. This guy actually gets paid to spew his venom? Where does he publish this nonsense? While I’m not necessarily a Palin fan, this hatred focused on one indivdual would be comical if it wasn’t obscene…….and the left wants to call conservatives haters, “terrorists”, and any other vile name they can think of?????? Think again. We are now in a situation of evil touted as good, and good then becomes evil. Have the lefty loonies no shame? Do ANY of them have working brain cells with which to THINK???? The article shows that they apparently do not.

      • Vagabond

        well coal miner have they contacted you to run? because I have just read the most STUPID AND IDIOTIC post I have ever seen. and trust me I have seen some doozies,

        • coal miner
          • Jana

            I’ve seen a lot of dumb quotes on this site, mostly by the leftist kooks. That word is from denniso and I am using it.

          • Lee Abel

            RIGGGHHTTT and Obama talking when his tele prompter goes out about some kid using and incubator or Breathalyzer (he meant inhilator i believe) or how about those 57 states and has one more to go to but cant go to Hawaii or Alaska.
            Or the promise we would be under 7% unemployment, or all of the other idiotic promises he threw out, or about the open and above board works on “Obamacare” on C-Span,,,but we have to pass it to read it and its costing billions right now and isnt doing a thing to help.
            UH HUH keep drinking the Obama koolaid, oh and how about you join him at his favorite Chicago bath house too.

      • s c

        cm, what is it about people who can NEVER say anything with just a few words or paragraphs? Some rave on and on and say little or nothing. Is this a gift, or do you have to work at it? You must have had one hell of a time in all of your English classes.
        Doesn’t it get to be a matter of shame with your constant ‘erection’ for Palin? Get a life, dude. Life is too short to be a braindead progressive (for normal people, that is).

      • jibbs

        what are you trying to say, all those words, and nothing is said. At least she has a BC.

      • healthnut

        God is sending us this courageous woman to save our country. Those loony left MSM and Kooks have persecuted her like no other in the history of the US. Those jackasses are trying to destroy her for a few pieces of silver[Judas] Why? They are afraid, very afraid that their Mystery man, the ONE that they have covered up for for years will implode as he cannot take criticism, and that they have to control the situation by attacking, attacking, ridicule, and start over again. They know that WE now know what THEY know…and that is that he again needs his army of Obots/Acorns/Brownshirts…to post idiots remarks everywhere they can. You, his enablers, will be thrown under the bus as soon as possible when you are nothing but trouble makers…Get a life coal minor…O has already destroyed the coal mines…Get a New name…

      • .50BMG

        All those words are nice, and it’s pleasing to see that someone can spell and use complete sentences. That doesn’t mean you have any common sense, people are born with that, just like you can’t fix stupid. Repeatedly stating BS as fact doesn’t make it so to people that have more I.Q. than rocks.

        I want to see some actual facts that back you up. You are presenting your very uninformed opinion as fact, kind of like the alphabet news stations do with global warming- there are less than 100 so called “climatologists” screaming very loudly (not to mention they got caught red handed cooking the books- where are you MSM?!)and having their screams fawned all over by the MSM, while there are more than 9000! real scientists that say it isn’t so. Only a lib would go with the less than 100 group- betcha that’s you to a “T”, right? By the way, my understanding (which I’m not stating as fact, but if it was you, you’d pretend it was)is that mankind has not been collecting data for long enough to say one way or the other. Like I said, show me some documentation if you’re going to make such silly statements.

      • USAF VET

        I fail to see why coal miner even took the time to place this ignorant liberal fools rant here. It’s not even relevent to the subject. But if he wants to talk about being unqualifed to be President, look at the last 3 Dumbocrat Presidents we’ve had. Jimmy “The Wimp” Carter, William “Slick Willy” Clinton, and not Barack “Teleprompter” Obama. The Three Stooges were more qualified than these three to be president.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          USAF VET,
          Are you kidding??? The three stoogeslook absolutely brilliant compared to THOSE three!!!

      • Earl

        Wow!! One of the best examples of the art of bloviation I have ever seen! You should apply for a job as Obama’s speechwriter. A tirade like that one is almost good enough for the Guinness book of records! Your contempt for the woman runneth over. Obviously facts and figures among others mean little to you. Do us all a favor and keep you hate-filled missives a little shorter in the future, since it takes up valuable and otherwise useful space…and reading them is tiresome, especially from the likes of you…

  • Tony Rz

    The opposite of right is wrong. The other opposite of right is left.
    Therefore logic dictates the right is right but left is wrong. How can a political party have any credibility that has a jackass for a mascot?

    • Blueshoes

      EXCELLENT points!!!

  • TIME

    Sarah really seems to bring out the FEAR in the Marxist wack jobs.

    • Blueshoes

      Yes! They will write VOLUMES of fraudulent or distorted information, TRYING to make their “message” look impressive and viable. It may, to the cool-aid drinking, uneducated, moronic, Obamabot Leftists, but to anyone with a small amount of brains and facts that are willing to listen and learn more, this tactic is seen immediately as CRAP! :)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I still say I would like to see ANY of the progs of these libbies choice go through the scrutiny that Sarah Palin went through and come out so squeaky clean! Ain’t a chance in hell!!!

  • J.M.R.

    when they fear someone[sarah] they attack with crap thats not there. sarah hope you say you are running for the chimp dick-taters job, we need a real american in the white house.

  • David

    The State should go after them for the cost of this frivolous suit, I know Sara has paid 100′s of thousands to fight these liberal attempts of chaos. But in these economic times money is being lost on fools.
    Liberals with no plan, just chaos to offer America.

  • chuckb

    what’s really funny about this mud slinging on palin, the bolsheviks gave us pelosi for the last four/half years and barry in the white house for almost three years. between these two with the help of reid they have practically destroyed this nation. they have the audacity to criticize anyone after what those three have done.

    we know one thing for sure, they fear palin more than anyone out there and they got this fear from the last presidential campaign. has any person been criticized more than palin by an opposing party. so what do they fear about this woman? they fear her because she is a patriotic citizen, she’s got her head on right and she knows what she’s doing. they know down deep their fraud in the white house has only seventeen months left for his lavish living, vacations, golfing and fund raising, that’s all this man has done since he and michelle occupied the wh. and to top that off, they have to face a republican congress, even though a very weak one, they still will be somewhat of a thorn in his side.
    palin is one of two people out there that can stop barry and the bolsheviks from absolutely destroying this nation.
    romney is not one of them. and just think of all the money the unions will save after she’s elected, money they have spent trying to destroy her.

    • Vagabond

      AMEN Chuck,

    • JeffH

      chuckb, HEAR HEAR!

    • Thinking About

      Bring her on, the best vote getter Obama could ever have. If republicans run Palin as president they deserve to lose.

    • jibbs

      HIGH FIVE!!

    • Blueshoes


      Your points are right on.

      There are two ways that the battle goes. If the person who has the qualifications is IN the public eye, then the battle plan is to denigrate the individual to the maximum. If the person is highly qualified but is NOT in the public eye or well known, AVOID bringing ANY attention to this individual and bring more attention to those who are much less qualified.

      I believe as you do, Palin has the fortitude to take on the challenge along along with Herman Cain, a successful businessman and problem solver. This country has to be looked at as a business that is in trouble and needs a problem solver, who owes NO allegiance to Washington politics. As a team, Herman would get this country back on track and running while Sarah would do the cleaning up of corrupt politics. Herman Cain would be the LEAST likeliest to be called a racist in reference to BO, where any other candidate definitely WOULD.

      I have the greatest confidence in these two individuals.

  • Bob

    If Sarah runs for president she can count on 10 votes from my family.

  • Palin12

    I have been to Alaska three times, twice by ship, once by flight. Very beautiful state! Loved the totem pole park in Ketchikan and a day cruise into Misty Fjords. Hundreds of bald eagles and abundant wildlife. I stayed at a hotel in Juneau that was about 50 feet from a stream that was so clogged with salmon you could just reach in and grab one. I would much rather see Sarah get the nomination than Romney!

  • Macawma

    It never ceases to amaze me how the liberals all have their shorts in a bunch over Palin. They remind me of senseless cattle…when one goes to water, they all have to go. Liberals just can’t think on their own. Look at BO for an example.

    • Allan

      Yes, basically modern conservatives tend to think for themselves, whereas progressives think as a group. This is why the two sides don’t understand each other. This is why their shrill voices get to the politicians first, until finally conservatives organize themselves and push back against the Lord of the Flies nonsense.

      • Jana

        Progressives also think about what they can get out of this country for FREE, or how they can use other peoples money to give away.

  • Linda

    Palin is an idiot!!! As a woman she is an embarassment. She needs to crawl back under the rock she came from and stay there!

    • JimH

      Hi Linda, Could you be more specific. What did she do that made you be embarassed to be a woman?

      • s c

        JimH, L is a classic ultraliberal progressive. All progressives are obligated to look at women, freedom-haters, lifestyle space cadets and members of all ethnic groups as ironclad, high-grade anti-conservatives. Progressivism lets people remain mentally childish until reality comes knocking on their front door.
        It is an extension of Hitlerian pc. It keeps its members robot-like. It keeps them from thinking.
        It lets them go through a 24 hour day running on emotions. From there, it goes downhill. In most cases, it takes very little to change some people from ‘normal’ into an ultraliberal progressive. All you have to do is raise your right hand, swear allegiance to the latest Fuhrer and “believe.”

    • healthnut


      Palin, an embarassment? Why, Would it be because she uses the name “God” and did not have several abortions? You need to crawl under the rock. Please….

    • Blueshoes

      I believe the IDIOT, just called Palin an idiot! If she had read some of the previous comments, she would NEVER have said that. But, WHAT do you expect from and IDIOT!?!?

      • http://?? Joe H.


  • Blueshoes

    Why is it that our laws are written in such a way as to allow and entice individuals, groups or left wing entities to file frivolous complaints, charges and lawsuits?

    I would like to see the laws changed to where, if charges and complaints are made, then found to be groundless and fraudulent, those presenting such complaints and charges would be in turn held liable for the time, expense and also subject to prosecution.

  • Joe

    Palin is still an airhead. You should not be surprised it was dismissed in her own backyard (Alaska). As for dummy running for Pres, forget it, too stupid.

    • Blueshoes

      Hey Joe,

      To make a statement like that gives the impression that the only thing you read is Spiderman comic books… that’s if you read and watch The Daily Show to get your news because you have NO IDEA the knowledge and experience this woman has. If you do and you make comments like you have, then I have to consider you to be a wacko. Which is it?

  • chuckb

    blueshoes, palin is a little too aggressive for some of these bolsheviks, you know she hunts and commercial fishing, it disturbs their manhood since they can probably not handle either one..

    the women like linda are just plain jealous, she has both beauty and brains and most of these palin haters have neither.
    her moral assets really disturb them.

    • Blueshoes


      You are on target and it is something that I do realize. One more thought I want to bring up.

      Ever since Sarah Palin hit the public eye, she has been hated, hounded, badmouthed, denigrated, etc. They have sieved through 25,000 official emails of Palins to find ANYTHING showing any kind of impropriety. In FOUR YEAR of constant scrutiny and unfounded charges, we have characters like JOE above call HER a dummy and stupid!

      They keep shooting themselves in the foot BUT continually keep reloading the gun. Talk about “Dummies”!

  • chuckb

    one of the reasons some of these people hate her is because of her faith.
    sarah doesn’t flaunt her faith and she seems to be a very confident person, this probably unsettles some of the bolshevik type. nevertheless the democratic party knows who can and will beat barry in 2012 and a lot of the unions have her on their hit list.

    and yes you are right they keep shooting themselves in the foot, they have learned which direction to point the gun, it’s better than between their eyes.


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