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Eric Holder, IRS Plan To Speak To Black Pastors

May 31, 2012 by  

Eric Holder, IRS Plan To Speak To Black Pastors
Eric Holder will be teaching black pastors how to participate in the campaign without violating their tax-exempt status.

Attorney General Eric Holder will be among those telling several hundred black pastors how to participate in the upcoming election.

He will join the Internal Revenue Service and lawyers in an attempt to educate church leaders.

“We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people, and we’re going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501(c)(3) status with the IRS,” Representative Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) told MSNBC.

“In fact, we’re going to have the IRS administrator there, we’re going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we’re going to have the lawyers’ organization from around the country, the ACLU — all giving ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do.”

Because of their tax exemption, churches cannot campaign for candidates.

Cleaver said they would not be endorsing a candidate, but they do plan to discuss the evils of voter ID laws. Although they do not plan to support a candidate, Cleaver has voiced his belief that the policies of Republican Presidential front-runner Mitt Romney will not appeal to African-American voters or Latinos.

“We want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility to participate in the political process, at least in the Judeo-Christian tradition,” Cleaver said.

Earlier this year, there was no tolerance for conservative church leaders espousing political views. In April, a complaint was filed with the IRS against Bishop Daniel Jenky, a Roman Catholic bishop who compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Steven Jokinen

    What ever happened to the seperation of church and state? I would like to think there are people in our goverment that still believe in the constitution!!!!!!!!!!! Where are they?

    • Warrior

      Imagine that, the gubmint ministry “dictating” what can and can’t be said in the “house of the Lord” in order to “save” themselves from having to pay the “kings” taxes. Are you people awake yet?

      • Randy131

        Eric Holder is a liar and a racist. Holder is telling the black pastors that the national movement to require photo ID for voting privileges is akin to the flim-flam excuses used in the past to keep the black populace from voting, and in doing so, incite them to rally their congregations to vote for Obama, who has Holder bringing federal lawsuits in many states to stop this requirement. Photo ID requirements are for nothing more than to assure only American citizens are allowed to vote, and only once, and to stop all the dead people who vote for the Democrats at every election, for we feel it much safer for them to stay in their graves than to visit the ballot boxes. What Eric Holder is espousing on is a ruse, so that the illegal aliens in the USA can vote, for they over-whelmingly vote Democratic, and if we allow them to chose our elected officials and our laws, why not just set up voting boothes in all the capitals of the world and give everyone the right to vote in our elections, instead of the bias Obama has for the illegal Mexicans here in the USA. Is Eric Holder really inferring that black people are too stupid or too lazy to acquire a photo ID, for if he is, then most of them are driving on our streets illegally, and if so, how do they cash their payroll checks, that aslo require a photo ID to do so. Can voting not require the same simple action as cashing one’s check? The real problem here is that some people really believe in the tripe that Obama and Eric Holder are peddling, and in that case, maybe they are to stupid to vote.

      • eddie47d

        Since Bishop Daniel Jenky wants to be politically involved and make dishonest statements about Obama then maybe he should have his tax status modified. Now God will take care of his dishonesty and the IRS is dealing with his politicking. While Eric Holder is at it he needs to tell the Rev Wright’s out there of all colors to control the volume of their despicable comments. That goes for Pastor Curtis Knapp of Kansas and Charles Worley of NC also.

      • joe1cr

        The Black Pastors and churches will have to obey the law, same as white pastors and churches or are they above the law because they support the liberal socialist
        communist party of Obama?

      • eddie47d

        I suppose that means that Romney better not talk to any black pastors or he’ll be accused of Kissing Butttt! How dare someone play politics!!

      • robertd.phelps

        I don”t think they are

    • Vigilant

      There is certainly something fishy about a movement to “educate” black church leaders regarding a protection of their IRS tax-exempt status during an election year.

      On the surface, it would almost appear that Holder & Co. would be shooting themselves in the foot by reducing the likelihood of black pastors preaching in favor of Obama. Now you know and I know that this most racist and partisan AG is not going to do that.

      When Cleaver says, ” we’re going to have the lawyers’ organization from around the country, the ACLU — all giving ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do,” you know damn well that the ACLU will be giving lessons on how far they can stretch the law (“what they can do”) rather than strctly defining the limits.

      Transcripts of what is actually said at this meeting should be made available post haste.

      Is it not obvious to every sane person that The administration is once again abusing taxpayers’ money to engage in the cheap political tactic of shoring up support amongst “the faithful?” Obama’s problem this year is a problem of voter turnout, even amongst the blacks. You can bet your bottom dollar (worthless as that is nowadays) that Holder and the ACLU will be emphasizing that preachers are within their IRS bounds by emphatically and relentlessly encouraging voter turnout.

      THAT will be the thrust of the meeting.

    • theGreatJouster

      I guess when it comes to the Government, Church and State is mute and they want to get the votes out for the Greatest loser of the world…. Br yuck Insane Obummer… hmmm hmmm hmmm!

    • Rocky Night

      Ever see the movie “V” ?

    • Vigilant

      “What ever happened to the seperation [sic] of church and state? I would like to think there are people in our goverment that still believe in the constitution!!!!!!!!!!! Where are they?”

      This is clearly NOT a First Amendment issue. See my reply to WS below.

    • slapjack

      Does anybody remember The Obummer’s call for a million man Army???? I think Holder is the recruiter for The Village Idiots fantasy of an attempted take over. Nothing would suprise me from this pack of Commies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • s c

      Steven, most people do not understand what is happening. Actually, we’re not supposed to know what’s going on with our wannabe masters in Washington. As for the accuracy or validity of ‘separation of church and state,’ it is a MYTH. It is an egineered LIE. This crap has been in the works for a long time. It is NOT any accident or side-effect of incompetent politicians.
      Amerikans are about to learn the hard way that when it comes to Uncle Scam and “religion,” Uncle Scam sees religion as a tool to be used for HIS convenience. The great mistake that church leaders made was to have faith in politicians. Like it or not, government is a God-substitute. Because it is exactly that, we’re getting close to the day when people like Holder and a prez like Obummer will do their worst to blackmail Amerika’s churches.
      Do some quick Bible reading, Steven. We are NOT supposed to surrender a church to Caesar. “Rendering” unto Caesar does NOT mean surrender. When government [aka Caesar] tries to blackmail churches, THAT is all the proof you need to know that Uncle Scam/government has no use for freedom. He views all Amerikans as slaves, and he thinks ALL Amerikan wealth belongs to HIM.
      Ponder the performance of most of Amerika’s “church” leaders. What did they do when abortion was “blessed” by the Supreme Court? When Uncle Scam decided that Amerika must be the world’s cop, what happened? When a series of losers in Congress and back-stabbing “presidents” conspired to erase our freedoms, what happened?
      It’s time for the Amerikan people to come out of those churches that are viewed by Uncle Scam as “OK.” It’s time for Amerikans to ‘go underground.’ It’s time for Uncle Scam to learn that he can rule his own braindead apostles, but religious Amerikans will not put up with or surrender to Uncle Scam’s traitorous, anti-religious ways. And as for ‘church leaders’ who plan to surrender to Uncle Scam, you KNOW what the BIble says about them.

  • sean murry

    Iwould tell holder to go to hell.

    • momo


  • Joe in CT

    Oh, no racism either in this whole effort, is there? Only black ministers? Sounds racist to me. BTW, any Catholic priest or bishop reminding the faithful of what the Church’s teachings are, as opposed to a government mandate which violates “freedom of religion”, in this case the teachings of the congregation’s religion, is just that, advising the faithful what the facts are and pointing out which government mandates, being pushed by which candidates, is perfectly alright. Because the participants still have the right to make up their own mind after getting all the facts. Making that information public is not getting involved in government; the candidate who chose to push the mandate, knowing full well the teachings of a religion, is the one who has brought up the issue.

    • eddie47d

      It could be to avoid that Rev Wright moment and to encourage other black pastors to be respectful and lawful in their sermons. There are several pastors of all persuasions who need a lesson in civility as I mentioned earlier.

      • JeffH

        Oh eddie, stop already. It could be????? It could be that you couldn’t recognize the hypocricy of it all even if it was served to you on a silver platter garnished with “ifs ands or buts”.

        “monkey see monkey do”

  • wrinkle dink

    eric holder…why stop at da judeo christian chueches? go to da mosques too….i is sure dat dey like dat…but bring yo prayer rug wit choo..

  • Dolly

    I thought that Holder was being charged with a felony for Fast and Furious at the border?????

    • Kate8

      Dolly – This will explain that.

      It seems that the main congressman who was pushing that was called in to Valerie Jarrett’s office, was threatened with the facts of life… and left her office hanging his head. He hasn’t uttered a peep about it since… nor has anyone else.

      These politicians are running SCARED. They have all been neutered, and people who know too much have been dropping like flies.

      BTW, it seem that Obama has a favorite passtime…

      • JeffH

        Kate8, WOW! Very interesting website…I don’t know why I haven’t saved the link before now.

        Interesting comments…a couple stood out to me.

        “He owes them for everything. Everything he’s got – they gave to him. Everything. The guy’s Manchurian to the shoes on his feet.” -

        “Big Labor, the globalists, the socialists, the communists, Green Energy…all that bullsh-t is just a different side of the same f*cking face. It’s all the same. And Barack Obama is their creation. They own him.”

        “…their re-election plan… How they are gonna use race, division, chaos…that’s the re-election plan. Folks are talking now…from inside the administration. And they are afraid.”

        None of this is un-believable anymore, none of it!

        Good job as usual! :)

      • Kate8

        JeffH – Thanks for checking it out. I wondered if anyone would.

        I found it to be very credible.

        BTW, I was trying to remember who it was who was pressing the Holder Fast & Furious thing, and then I recalled that Darrell Issa, CA, was hot onto his trail, forcing an investigation and calling for his resignation…even prosecution. Then, come to think of it, it just sort of went away…. I wonder if he was the one who got threatened. Even those who would risk their own lives would be reluctant to put their families in harm’s way, and these people seem to enjoy using this kind of leverage.

        In fact, there were also some citizen action groups which were on it, and then nothing for some time now. Had he not brought this up I would probably have missed it.

        Also, the part about how Obama, who is reported to be basically lazy, enjoys taking people out. Now, while I don’t find this hard to believe, I do find it really scary.

        None of this bodes well for America. I also read somewhere that our military is gearing up for an invasion of foreign troops against Americans. We know there are tens of thousands of them here already, many of them Russian (which brings to mind the reports of O being funded, in large part, by the Soviets), and most probably thousands of Chinese and God only knows who else. Anyway, our own guys are tired and weakened by war and drugs. And, it seems, the plan is to use US soil as a battleground, maximizing American casualties.

        Geeze, JeffH. I know some people think I’m nuts…, but I’m not stupid. All of these chess moves aren’t being done for no reason. Hitler made the same moves and had purpose for doing so.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, how right you are. So, so many of “us” had so much trust in our guvm’nt for so long and the cats no longer in the bag…social media, the internet has changed it all. Like my mom always said when we did something bad or wrong(4 boys, sooner or later it comes back to haunt you…she was so right about that. There are some very evil people running this country, and other countries as well, and they’ve put some souless schmucks in office to do their bidding…Communists, socialists, Marxists, facists…evil is evil no matter the name. It’s pathetic to see what propaganda has done to the people of this country, slowly idoctrinating them to believe in a flawed ideology…too many kids just don’t know any different.

        There’s nothing that surprises me anymore and your link says a lot of what many of us have talked about for years now.
        Good job and keep ‘em coming!

      • JeffH

        Kate8, FYI…I never thought you were nuts. I reserved that idea because I had a lot of unanswered questions myself and every day sheds a little more light, reveals another secret and exposes one more skeleton in someones’s closet. :)

      • Kate8

        JeffH – This is relevant to your comments. A beautiful, perhaps bitter-sweet, way of looking at the times we are now in.

        I was especially struck by the Holocaust survivor who said that his time in the camp was the best of his life… he learned to love and to give…, he learned who he was and what was important.

        Perhaps this is what constitutes awakening. No matter what the days ahead might bring, I know for sure that it is beautiful on the other side of it.

      • Kate8
  • http://Bud12 Ed

    Fire Holder. He is a racist.

    • Richard Hurst

      Myself and others fully agree to firing the racism eric hoder is spreading including obama in November 2012!

    • JeffH

      Ed, true that! Afterall, he is representing Obama who is also a racist.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Instructing churches on the rules so that they can keep their non-profit status sure sounds like the right thing to do.

    • Warrior

      Don’t you think the gubmint should inform its citizens of the do’s and dont’s so we will be able to report these “ministers” when they “step over that threshold”?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Doc Sarvis,

      You write: “Instructing churches on the rules so that they can keep their non-profit status sure sounds like the right thing to do.” And I’m sure you’d say the same thing if John Ashcroft were the AG.

      Best wishes,

      • Doc Sarvis

        You bet.

      • Kate8

        Doc – You have GOT to be kidding.

        Really? This is shocking, coming even from you.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, I know you know Doc’s not being honest.

    • JeffH

      doc, Eric Holder wants One law for “Whites” and another for “Non-Whites”.

      This is about the issue of voter-ID, nothing more…another attempt by this racist administration to seperate and divide…and has been their practice, Obama and Holder will use the idea that everyone but the Dems/liberals are out to supress minorities by requiring a valid ID at the polls.

      Here is one of Eric Holder’s legal and logical absurdities that he spoke about in his address to the participants at the Conference of National Black Churches:

      “The recent wave of changes to state-level voter identification laws also has presented a number of problems requiring the department’s attention. In December [of 2011], we objected to South Carolina’s voter ID law, after finding — based on the state’s own data — that the proposed change would place an unfair burden on non-white voters.”

      Does the requirement to show an ID put an unfair burden on “non-whites” who cash checks, purchase alcohol, or buy cigarettes? Are only “non-whites” economically disadvantaged? Sounds like racial stereotyping.

      Is there an unfair burden on “non-whites” who want to purchase a drug like Mucinex? The non-prescription drug loosens the mucus that causes chest and nasal congestion. Since it contains chemicals used that can be used to make crack, Mucinex purchasers have to show ID to purchase the product.

      Is Eric Holder saying that the ID requirement in the above examples should be set aside for “non-whites”? Does this mean that a bank would have to cash a check for a “non-white” person without having to require an ID? Can we assume that only “non-whites” will have to show IDs in the future? Can anyone say “reverse discrimination”?

      Did Eric Holder have to show his law license in order to practice law? Apparently not.

      Again, this is just another example of classic Marxism 101, divide and conquer.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – This is unbelievable. Really in our faces.

        This might seem silly but, when you think about it, it’s another discriminatory issue:

        My daughter likes to use tanning beds. A while back, Obama called for, and got, a tax on using these beds.

        Who are the only people using them? Whites! Dark skinned people don’t use tanning beds. It is a TAX ON WHITES.

        How Islamic of him.

  • sabulaman

    They only want the conservative white separation of church and state. Cleaver is a complete racist also. The double standard is monumental. I hope this backfires on them. I think there are black christians getting wise to this crap.

    • hat

      cleaver campaigns at his church but that is ok with holder

  • WS

    In the constitution, there is NO separation of church & state!!!! It says the government WILL NOT medal in the religious area, PERIOD. Tell the whole bunch to take a hike.

    • Winddrinker

      I can see it coming, churches and their “tax exempt status” will be controlled at the whim of this dictatorship!

      If the churches “playball” ( black churches) they get to stay tax exempt. But, if churches don’t sit in the corner with the regime (mainly White churches) they will lose their exempt status. The first one to lose out will be the Catholic Church..This administration doesn’t tolerate resistence from anyone.

      When you take IRS agents to churches to tell them “how it is going to be” you can bet it is just the beginning! These black churches are going to listen and tell their congregations to go make the “right vote” so the churches can “stay in business!”

      This will be similar to when the regime decided which car dealerships could keep their franchises. Dealerships that were owned by democrats and supported the illegal foreigner, got to stay in business. Those dealerships owned by republicans, lost their franchises and went out of business losing Millions of Dollars invested..

      We should know by now, how these people work and recognize the out-of-control corruption behind all their activity.

    • Vigilant

      “In the constitution, there is NO separation of church & state!!!! It says the government WILL NOT medal [sic] in the religious area, PERIOD.”

      Not quite true. The relevant part of the First Amendment says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

      (1) The Attorney General is not a congressman, he is in the Executive Branch of government. He has made no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor do his actions even remotely concern the dictation to any church as to what they will believe in or how they conduct their spiritual and ritual affairs.

      (2) Is this recent action a sleazy political ploy to augment voter turnout of African Americans? Yes. Is it in any way a violation of the First Amendment? No.

      • jeep

        Actually, you are wrong. The IRS is a part of the govt. The IRS does make regulations which are enforced and can punish those who violate those regulations. These regulations are de facto laws. In fact, the regulations and rules are unConstitutional laws that the congress (who should, in fact, be making ALL laws) and has abdicated it’s responsibility to the IRS. So, although Holder may not be responsible for making laws, the IRS is, in fact, making laws unConstitutionally and with Holder in tow is “explaining” how to sidestep the “law” and stay “legal”. This is not an issue of “church and state”, but an issue of an unaccountable govt body making de facto laws, and then enforcing them.

      • Vigilant

        “This is not an issue of “church and state”,

        That’s just what I said. I am not wrong, and you have just agreed with me.

      • jeepman1

        Vigilant, I humbly apologize if I misread your quote. You are comments are normally very thoughtful and have good insight. I did not mean to sound harsh, if you took it that way. I meant merely to point out that govt regulation is de facto “law”. And, that we cannot afford to dismiss these regulations from any federal agency. Further, I believe we should all remind our representatives that by allowing the EPA, IRS, NEA or any other govt agency to pass any binding regulation, congress is most decidedly passing on their Constitutionally mandated jobs to dictatorial beareaucrats with no accountability.

      • Vigilant

        No apology necessary. I agree with you 100% on the unconstitutionality of regulatory agency rules that have the power of law. There are several other ways the Gov’t has bypassed the Constitution: appointed czars, executive orders and activist judges. Obama has created a new (and more dangerous) one: conscious failure to enforce federal laws, e.g., not prosecuting ACORN or NBPP for voter fraud/intimidation, not defending the DOMA, and purposeful failure to enforce immigration laws.

  • James Maxwell

    obama and erick holder are attempting to corrupt the Black ministers and corrupt the
    system. They will try and sway them based purely on race and not on economic sense
    which benefits every one. The only way obama can retain control and continue his
    march of socialism is to convince the Black leaders to plea for him. He cannot run on
    his record for any thing or any one so his onlyhope is to continue to spew racism.

  • http://aol theno1chief

    There obviously is a double standard in this administration. If white foks were doing this, there would be an outrage in the black caucas. I would like to think there are some men of God who would not go along with this, sadly, not too many!


      There is clearly a double standard, since the President is as white as he is black, but he is emphasizing the black side of his genealogy. That is duplicitous.

  • Charles

    Heart broken over the double standard of this Whide House. My prayer to the Lord almost every day is, “that their eyes may be opened.” For me, almost all trust has been lost.
    He who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God. 2 Samuel 23:3

  • D Bugmac

    Eric Holder and the IRS are only working to keep Obama in office under the pretense of informing churches on what they can say and shouldn’t say. All the black churches that I have attended say just about anything that they want to when it comes to politics and they always endorse the most liberal candidates that they hope will be more likely to help more people to collect government checks and funds. Other churches (mixed and mostly white) are too fearful to endorse anyone or say too much at all about any political subject for fear of retribution from the IRS and ACLU. They are mostly silent when it comes to politics. My question is, why does Holder feel like this is necessary since most all black churches are not preaching the Gospel of Christ but a social gospel that encourages the likes of Obama supporters and backers without ever having to worry about the IRS or other organizational attacks – Jeremiah Wright’s church is typical? Then think about the so called “reverends” of Jesse Jackson and Joseph Lowery – neither preach salvation except through government hand out programs and by instigating racism. The love to divide the races so they can maintain their influence and power of persuassion. This is a sad commentary on the black established churches that have left their first Love (Christ) – no wonder Islam is growing rapidly among blacks. I know that there are many good fundamental predominately black churches that preach nothing but the true Gospel of Jesus Christ – and they will never see Holder and Obama’s cronies. Thank God for good Christ loving churches of all races that are truly unified in Christ Jesus – the only hope for racial strife and tensions.

  • Winddrinker

    Of course, it is all about “intimidation!” The Attorney General of the United States of Americas is supposedly going to “personally” visit churches, accompanied by IRS agents! Oh, and lets not forget that they specifically have chosen “black churches” to instruct on “how to keep their tax exempt status!” Amazing isn’t it…..

    These “visits” are just more desperate attempts of this administration to gain support.
    Not that they really need it. It seems the regime has taken control of this country easily enough. There hasn’t been an iota of resistence from congress, the people’s representatives! In fact, we are ruled by “the trinity.” (Reid, Pilosi and some foreigner that has multiple identies but no identification.)

    • Steve E

      Holder is bringing the IRS along not to tell the pastors what to say. They are there to tell the congregation that if their church does not turn out enough people at the voting polls, their church will be audited.

      • Brad

        the churches fear the lost of their congregations government check support. No checks, preacher gets no new caddellack!!

  • Jim K

    If Federal money is being spent, they cannot limit this to Black Clergy. It would be discrimination, pure and simple and even the appearance of this is prohibited. Also, to protest against a standing law is a prohibited activity for Holder. He is supposed to enforce those laws that are legitimately passed by the Federal government and to provide resources and advice to the State government for the State laws. He needs to retake his mandatory Ethics training.

    • Vigilant

      Unethical it certainly is. Illegal it is not.

    • Brad

      yeah good luck with that Jim K

  • Richard

    It’s simple folks. Two weeks before the election the church folks call all their members and tell them how to vote. By the time the stuff hits the fan these dictators will be long gone. The group of folks that plan to tell the pastors how they can preach is the total of stupidity and Un-American activities. Oh, don’t forget, an Obama sticker on your bumper allows you to park in the handicapped zones.

  • SARG


    • Doc Sarvis

      Your accusations are baloney.

      • Kate8

        Doc – Yes. I’m sure you have first-hand knowledge.

        These thugs would never do anything so unethical. Fair ‘n square, that’s their motto.

    • Vigilant

      I don’t doubt that Obama will once again take the popular vote in Illinois, but the margins are so great that voter fraud is unnecessary. Then again, ACORN may be doing it just to stay on top of their game.

      • JimH

        Vigilant, If Obama needed to rely on only eligable, living, voter’s, Illinios may not be the slamdunk everyone believes it would be.
        We will find out if Rahm is as good as the Daily’s were at rallying the Chicago cemetary vote.

  • momo

    This administration, and I use the term loosely, will stop at nothing to get re-elected.

    • Kate8

      momo – From what I’m reading, you can emphasize the word ‘NOTHING’.

      They are really playing for keeps this time around

      • JeffH

        …wait til they really start getting nasty…pretty sure we ain’t seen nothin yet!

  • FedUpMamaBear

    Cleaver stated, “they do plan to discuss the evils of voter ID laws.” Surely he isn’t going to say it’s evil that everyone needs to provide an acceptable form of ID – yeah, right! All that’s necessary is to show one is a resident in the precinct, but there’s no requirement to prove that you’re a US citizen. No doubt, he won’t be discussing that evil.

  • jIM

    The democrats are playing in the sewer. I used to be a democrat, but the face of the democrat party is cloaked in socialism and communisim and is no longer a voice for the common good. VOTE ANYTHING BUT DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MAP

      I agree with you Jim. I am not Republican. I am whole-heartedly, 100%, through-n-through anti-Democrat. Their every policy and platform makes me want to puke. Their entire hold on power is through the votes they can buy out of the treasury with my taxes. Nothing is too low or unscrupulous for a serpentine Democrat. They are completely devoid of the least trace of honor, honesty, integrity, or morality. Without question, the party head is Lucifer himself.

    • eddie47d

      Democrats are hard working,decent,compassionate and very honest,honorable and only want the best for all citizens not just for a select few. Yes you are entitled to your opinion and this is not an endorsement of what Holder has done wrong but Democrats in general.

      • mac

        Only a select few can be on top. Jealousy of those select few is unwarranted. I am closer to the bottom than the top, but I don’t think I am owed anything I have not earned for myself. I know what my needs are, and I don’t covet that which I have not earned.

  • bless2live

    Evil Holder,evil things, evil results!

  • warrior777princess

    The unwritten message is loud and clear. obamanation will practice segregation by catering to Black congregations instead of others. It shows we are powerless and voter integrity is not possible. If enough of these messages are absorbed, we will finally buy into defeat and the USA downfall.

    I don’t think this is an insult which will not fly well with the Black populace. Even Reverend Wright did not approve of BHO! Black people have always been enriched with deep spirituality and they choose to determine right for wrong. I think people from all walks of life will see through this and realize this is a manipulation which is violating our constitutional rights. Unfortunately, some will buy into it and devour it.

    Allowing illegal people to vote, is cutting the throats of our descendants. US population is heading to double soon. (See info on Numbers USA.) A decent POTUS would work for ways to see that only legal citizens could vote. Obamanation knows they can E verify voters to protect voter integrity.

    Bob, do you have the list of congregations? Many of us will write them about opposition.

    • warrior777princess

      There is a major mistake (due to an interuption) on my above comment. Cancel double negative. Correction: “I think this is an insult which WILL NOT fly well with the Black populace.”

    • warrior777princess

      The second mistake is a typo: “Black people have always been enriched with deep spirituality and they choose to determine right FROM wrong.” So sorry about the mistakes.

      • Kate8

        777 – Appreciate your comments, and don’t worry about the typos. We all make them.

        Sometimes the keystrokes just get away. We have an understanding about that here.

  • JimH

    The fact that this is the first time something like this has been done. IRS agents, the AG,on such a large scale.
    This tellls me the Obama campaign is desperate. They can read the writing on the wall and they will try anything.
    The rules about what can be said from the pulpit aren’t as stingent as some believe.
    No church in U.S. history has lost its tax exempt status.(yet)
    There IS a ulterior motive.

  • Kate8

    Churches were neutered a long time ago, by LBJ. He got tired of them speaking out against him and his plans.

    Why Obama and Holder are sooooo dangerous, and what it means…

    You’ve got to read this. Really.

  • Dad

    Can we move clements along and get to holder, napotaliano, and obama?



  • Raggs

    NAZI basterds…. One of the first things Romney needs to do when he becomes president is to lock-up holder,oblama, reid and pelosi,blooming idiot NY mayor, al sharpton, jesse jackson, black panthers, van jones,,both of the clintons, vallery jarred, planned parenthood, seiu, uaw, and the list is much longer……

    • Doc Sarvis

      Right after he put in Romney care – HA!

      • Doc Sarvis


      • Raggs

        Yeah oblama is a PUTZ

    • old hillbilly


  • Floridian in Costa Rica

    Whatever happened to these pastors commitment to the Word of God? What does the Bible say about the homosexual lifestyle, about personal responsibility, about stealing, about raising children, about abortion, etc, etc… seems the Black Community is being led astray by the leaders they are supporting. Why would a pastor of God allow these people into their church against the principles taught in the Bible?

    • Raggs

      To answer you in one word… FEAR….

      The administration is using fear tatics among other things ie..race card..
      They figure as long as they lie that they can make believers out of fools and for the most part it works….

    • MAP

      From what I read there has been backlash. El Bozo and the racist NAACP have been forcefully dragging the blacks to the far, extreme left and the black churches have been resisting fiercely. These idiots believe, apparently, blood is thicker than faith. No doubt El Bozo believes everything on earth is somewhere beneath him. What an egomaniac! There is more than a good chance the whole thing could blow up in their faces. We can only hope!

  • Ken

    Taking IRS agents along to meet with church representatives is a form of coercion at best and a form of blackmail at worst. Do what we say or you will have your tax free status revoked. It is their dirty way of saying vote for Barack Insane Obama or else! Chicago politics being taken to the national level.

  • WeRScrewed

    this whole thing is a bunch of crap that goes against the constitution. The ACLU should be trying to stop it instead of participating in it. The Obama administration is directly breaking the 1st ammendment clause – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech. They are basically telling churches what they can/cannot do/say and threatening them financially via the IRS.

    This is in the same ballpark as Obama telling the Catholic church the extent of their ministry by stating who they can/cannot serve in their hospitals and other services.

    This ‘is’ an establishment of religion by the Federal government. again, the ACLU should be trying to stop this instead of participating.

  • Andrew

    Instead of giving the information to only “Minority Churches” Why don’t they give it to all churches? Since it in my eyes seems like a public service that is paid for by all tax payers it should be available to everyone. Oh wait. That would mean that you might speak out against Obama using the same information.

    • Raggs

      Planned parentless-hoodie just pronounced their intention to support king oblama with millions of dollars…. Guess who’s money that they are using!… PPH was “supposed” to be a non-profit organization using our “TAX” dollars to kill babies and the last that I checked a non-profit org that uses tax monies to support a political nazi-agenda is illegal. PPH watch-out…. your day is numbered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Eric the racist was in his realm and spoke to a black only crowd of pastors and clergy to inform them the boogey man was out to get them and stop them from voting but he failed to name a single entity or organization that would be allowed to commit this offense. Now I can see the NAALCP denouncing members should the vote against the wishes of this liberal organization that is bias by nature and the imbecils in the black panthers who want to mall you with a club and tell you how to vote at the polls or the Azteca, La Raza hate mongers who want to destroy the sovereignty of the nation to accomodate illegals or how about CAIR. These are groups who are anti american and want to overthrow the Representative Republic we live under and destroy the Constitution…..Eric’s kind of folk.

    • Raggs

      I hope like HELL that even one of the black panthers cross my path and threaten me while I vote against obama…. I really hope that one of them do…

  • FEDUP!

    Eric Holder and The ACLU! (Lord have mercy) When people like Acorn get paid for using Mickey Mouse, Id is necessary & how it could possibly be racist changes the definition of racism in general. He is actually saying if we do this election without stealing it, we will lose it people. Let’s call it racism so we can continue to steal elections ok? I wish this man and everyone like him were in prison where they belong. The world would be a much better place. They are only talking to (Black) Pastors. How is that not racist? Any Dumb@$$ can see through these lines. The ACLU should not be welcome in any church. They seem to hate God.

  • MEL


    • Kate8

      MEL – When did we ever have honesty in government?

  • Travis William

    Holder is the devil along with Obama.

  • mac

    Did the ministers ask for guidance, or Is this activism initiated by the DOJ and IRS? This has the appearance of racially motivated behavior on the part of both agencies.

  • Neil Swan

    He’s going to tell them not to tell people how to vote. If they do they will have to start paying taxes.


  • Jay

    This could only mean that the black community is not in support of obama’s, sorry-comunist-ass! So obama will do what obama does best; sic Eric, and the IRS hyenas on them!!!

  • old hillbilly

    If the House would get off its rear end, they could hold Holder to obstructing election laws! Its time to stop cowering from Holder’s crap!

  • Silas Longshot

    “he information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501(c)(3) status with the IRS”
    There you have it, people, direct from the jackass’s mouth, telling you in your face WHAT YOU CAN SAY IN YOUR OWN CHURCH. Will your children have any idea what the 1st amendment was about?? Got the full dog and pony show going down here, the IRS the lawyers, Holder, ACLU….all to intimidate you into compliance, DARING you to tell the truth about dear leader in your church. Another slap in the face of all Christian faiths, of any ‘brand’, just letting you know what’s ahead in this socialist utopia they have planned for you.

    Click the name.

    • Neil Swan

      Churches shouldn’t try to make religious law.


      • Jay

        Then who, atheists? LOFLMAO!!!! Might you be related to Joe Biden, by any chance?

  • Jay

    Although Obama has general approval in the African-American community, it is far from unanimous. Blacks are becoming more vocal in their displeasure with the president, particularly from two disparate groups, one with leanings to the left and the other to the right.

    The first group includes blacks who feel the president failed to deliver on his campaign promises for social reform and, instead, has sold out to the Washington establishment. This includes groups like the New Black Panther Party and the Black is Back coalition who feel betrayed and taken for granted by the president.

    The other group opposing the president are those with allegiances to the GOP, such as the National Black Republican Association. They too have a problem with the president’s social reforms, not that he has done too little but that he has gone too far, particularly with the stimulus packages, Obamacare, and excessive government spending. They have even gone so far as to formally accuse the president and the Democratic party of racism (see National Black Republican Association E-News).

    Both groups are disturbed by the high unemployment rate for Blacks, particularly among those in their teens, but they disagree on how to solve the problem. Nonetheless the idea that all of Black America embraces the president is a myth. Some question his integrity and see him as simply the product of a white mother and black father, with no true connection to slavery and the Civil Rights movement, thereby questioning how well he truly understands Black Americans.

    If the economy does not turn around, and if blacks cannot find employment, look for the president’s support among African-American voters to further erode. And if he loses his base, he will likely lose the support of other Democratic loyalists, and the election.

  • Alex

    Why are Fright Wingers always against anything that helps enfranchise legitimate voters and simultaneously supporting more restrictive polling procedures? You would think that the whole Teabag set would celebrate the vote.

    While actual voting fraud is of concern the numbers are much smaller than many people are led to believe. There is no evidence, for example, of undocumented immigrants voting. Also, the GOP canard that President Obama welcomes illegal immigrants because he “needs their votes”—a sentiment often voiced here in the PLD. The fact is, President Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than all of the White presidents combined.

    • mac

      What a stupid thing to say- nobody wants to disenfranchise legitimate voters, we just want to make sure only legitimate voters are voting. And what is your proof of that “fact” about Obama deporting more illegals than any other president? A few references, please.

    • Jay

      Yup, just make it up as you go along…who’s gonna check, right? Btw, brilliant strategy, Alex!

  • http://none. D. Mitchell

    ….I think the very fact that the mission was to inform “BLACK” churches of their “dos and don’ts” is RACIST in itself. Approaching a church as if it did not have or welcome Americans of every race and culture is a RACIST gesture. If the government did not want RACISM …they would refuse to recognize it. When the government sends your consensus out they always ask ” how many Black, Hispanic, or people other than White live in your household. This is done to determine how much tax money they will send to certain areas of the country. If our government was interested in doing away with RACISM these questions would certainly not be allowed on your consensus forms or ANY other document whether it be a work application,drivers license or a visit to a doctors office. All they need to know is ARE YOU A GENUINE , IN THE CLUB, U.S. OF AMERICA CITIZEN.
    Maybe someone should establish ” THE CHURCH OF POLITICAL TRUTH “.

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    The arrogance of the Obama regime as it continues to trample our Constitution continues. Their apparent need to educate their black ministerial campaign workers confirms what many of us have known for decades; that Democrats don’t believe blacks are intelligent enough to make the “proper” decision in the voting booth without a little guidance from a “brotha’,” and that they fear they may lose the dead and illegal voters upon which they have come to depend if any standards of voter identification are imposed at all. They are so desperate and paranoid now they feel the need to shore up the one group that always votes 90% for the black candidate, regardless of who that candidate is.

    Where is the altruistic media while this is going on? Is this the REAL reason the Kenyan wonder boy hired 16,000 new IRS agents, to assist in the indoctorination of voters for his campaign? Just a thought, what if EVERY white church in the United States requested the exact same assistance from the IRS and the Justice Department? Would that dilute their strength and inhibit their ability to cover all the black churches? I wonder what the penalty will be for the intelligent black ministers who decide not to participate and to keep Obama out of their pulpit?

  • http://none. D. Mitchell

    Again. If the government was truly interested in a color blind country they would not be concerned with “Black” Churches to make sure that they watch their Ps And Qs and cross their Ts and dot their Is. Can you imagine the flack any group of people would get if they tried to establish a Caucasian History Month ? If any one is to be considered ” RACIST” it is certainly our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. They require your ethnic information on all forms that you are required to complete . Demanding this information from you is blatant discrimination . They discriminate in order to please their chosen ethnic groups and to gain their support and votes at the expense of the hard working tax payer. When every U.S citizen is regarded by our government without regard to their color or the origin of their ancestors nationality then and only then will we be living in a country that guarantees equal treatment under the law for everyone and anyone who is a genuine, in the club, U.S. of America citizen. Considering any church to be ” A Black Church ” is absolutely unacceptable . I don’t believe that The All Mighty is looking down us thinking about whether we should be in a black church ,white church, Indian church, Chinese church or any other divided ethnic group . If I was the pastor of any of these churches…I’d tell Mr. Eric Holder that his little political concerns are none of mine and definitely not the business of “The Lord”.

  • http://none. D. Mitchell

    “Eric Holder will be teaching black pastors how to participate in the campaign without violating their tax-exempt status”.

    What business does Eric Holder have in ANY church unless it is to worship and exercise his personal beliefs in God? That is unless he regards OBAMA as God . Then he should just visit The White House and leave the agenda of teaching religion to the pastors . I’m sure the black pastors are equally qualified with any other ethnicity to teach their congregation how they should feel about politics as it pertains to their particular religion.
    How dare Eric Holder assume that any of these churches are in any way concerned with the salvation of only those of a particular race ! I ,if I were any of these pastors ,I would consider this a threat that if they didn’t ” act right “, meaning that they be sympathetic to OBAMA, then he could make financial problems for them in the future . What a THUG !






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