EPA Readying For New Regulatory Rules To Take Effect


The Environmental Protection Agency is slated to release an onslaught of new regulatory initiatives in September, taking on everything from carbon dioxide emissions to pollution run-off from military ships.

A regulatory plan, quietly released by the Barack Obama Administration last week, goes far beyond what the President has discussed with regard to introducing new greenhouse gas emissions standards for new and existing power plants in the Nation.

One regulatory initiative would enact stricter standards on pollution from military ships, including drainage from onboard photography labs, deck runoff from rain and seawater, and foam used to fight fires on the shops.

Other rules change the way air conditioner refrigerants will be produced and handled in the future, create new standards for pharmaceutical disposal and enact new rules for agricultural grain elevators.

While there are a number of odds and ends in the EPA regulatory plan, much of the agenda still focuses heavily on broad initiatives to cut carbon emissions in the United States, echoing stated goals of the President’s Climate Action Plan. Based on a statement released by the President late last month, the EPA will also focus heavily on throttling power plants and reducing emissions in coming years by introducing new standards and incentivizing green technology:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has already undertaken such action with regard to carbon pollution from the transportation sector, issuing Clean Air Act standards limiting the greenhouse gas emissions of new cars and light trucks through 2025 and heavy duty trucks through 2018. The EPA standards were promulgated in conjunction with the Department of Transportation, which, at the same time, established fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks as part of a harmonized national program. Both agencies engaged constructively with auto manufacturers, labor unions, States, and other stakeholders, and the resulting standards have received broad support. These standards will reduce the Nation’s carbon pollution and dependence on oil, and also lead to greater innovation, economic growth, and cost savings for American families.

The new regulatory initiatives are expected to be scrutinized in coming weeks by the Nation’s lawmakers and business groups.

“Obviously they attract the most attention because that’s where most cost and benefits lie,” Sherzod Abdukadirov, a research fellow with the Mercatus Center, told The Hill. “Given the size and impact of environmental regulations, it is really important to make sure that we get them right, that they are high quality,” he added, so that outside groups know what to expect.

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  • Alex

    Creating the Environmental Protection Agency is the ONLY sane thing a Republikan president has accomplished in my lifetime…

    • BHR

      The environment does need protection. The EPA HAS GONE TO FAR, they have so many regulations, many businesses are extinct and many others are barely surviving. The EPA is one reason the middle class is disappearing. They no longer look for a common sense approach to rules and regulations. They have declared war on the coal and oil industry. With out these fuels the world can not survive. Remember, coal is the only reason we had an industrial revolution, it powered the steam engine and allowed us to have lights. I worked many years with the Wind and Solar energies. They have come a long way but are not close to supplying the worlds energy. The only reason people are able to use them is because of the heavy government subsidies and I believe they still produce less than 5 percent of the worlds energy.

      • dan

        cleaning up the rivers and stopping 95% of the city air pollution was a GOOD thing,but that was done by the end of the 70’s…
        since then they’ve been an agency in search of a mission,justifying there existence and ever increasing budget
        by sticking their noses into EVERYTHING with diminishing returns
        if not unexpected consequences….
        These morons still believe that CO2 is bad and that the sun doesn’t affect the earths weather.that volcanoes and forest fires don’t create air pollution….and that mankind does

  • dan

    We should find a way to export the EPA to our enemies and competition
    to cripple their economies

    • FreedomFighter

      Want to cripple a country’s economy — increase its energy costs.
      Increasing the availability and cost of energy is like driving a telephone pole thru the heart of economic growth and murdering global competitiveness. 1/3 of Americans already on food stamps, get ready for another third to be added
      Laus DeoSemper FI

      • dan

        damned straight ! I figure the transfer of the middle classes cash reserve in ’88 to the oil companies set up the mortgage fiasco….took it out of the bank and put it in the gas tank.

        The price of transportation has gone up dramatically. The price of gasoline has risen a staggering 294% over the past 10 years. That’s right – 294%!!!! This, of course, affects anything that must be transported, which is, well….pretty much anything. If your food comes from another country or continent, you can add high fuel prices to the cost of that item. If your television was made in a factory on the other side of the globe, tack on some extra transit charges. This one item – the price of fuel, is the catalyst that is making the price of everything else increase. –


    If carbon dioxide is so bad for the planet, why do greenhouse growers buy CO2 generators to double plant growth?

    For only “pennies a day,” any greenhouse owner can produce CO2 to help increase plant yields in their greenhouses. That’s the message on CO2 generators sold by greenhouse supply companies across the United States and Canada. “1,500 ppm [of carbon dioxide] can be achieved… these generators automatically provide the carbon dioxide needed to meet maximum growing potential for only pennies a day,” the ad says.

    View it yourself in this picture taken from a greenhouse supply magazine:

    CO2 generators “improve plant quality” and “increase production.” They’re made in the USA and run on propane or natural gas, turning fossil fuels into carbon dioxide.

    Why does this work to radically improve plant growth, health and yields? Because — are you ready for the truth? — CO2 is a plant NUTRIENT.

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/040890_greenhouses_carbon_dioxide_generators_plant_growth.html#ixzz2YY3fx0J3

    • Ibn Insha

      You cannot make an idiot understand a simple universal fact, although these are the same idiots who look for scientific evidence in every thing. You can never fix an idiot.

  • village idiot

    Just imagine – if Noah had missed the boat ( as reflected upon by Mark Twain ), the environment wouldn’t need any protection!

  • guest

    So, when there is no MORE carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, I hope the fIrst to die off will be these EPA nincompoops following ordeSr by the Supreme nincompoop, all of whom have NO UNDERSTANDING of the way carbon dioxide helps us breathe; HELPS PLANTS GROW, GIVES US MORE FOOD and is not a harmful pollutant.
    When will they learn something these idiots.