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EPA: Greenhouse Gases A Global Hazard, Stricter Regulations To Come

December 14, 2009 by  

EPA: Greenhouse gases a global hazard, stricter regulations to comeLast Monday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially declared carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases a danger to public health and welfare. The announcement gives the EPA the authority to mandate policy that would regulate carbon emissions, regardless of whether or not Congress passes the long awaited cap-and-trade bill.

The "endangerment" finding will allow the agency to regulate carbon emissions from all sources including factories, utility plants as well as pedestrian and commercial vehicles.

"These long-overdue findings cement 2009′s place in history as the year when the U.S. government began addressing the challenge of greenhouse gas pollution and seizing the opportunity of clean-energy reform," said EPA administrator Lisa Jackson.

Meanwhile, critics believe that the agency has granted itself unrestrictive power, and that the already troubled economy will become a casualty of an imminent climate war.

"It’s going to have consequences that are very significant for our economic recovery," said Republican Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire. "A lot of economic expansion is going to be put on hold pending what happens with these regulations. And we really can’t afford that right now," he added, quoted by

U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue said that the new regulations would stall economic growth and that the EPA, whose top administrator is chosen by the White House, was basing its findings on "shaky, cherry-picked data," quoted by

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  • B. Lee Pemberton

    The EPA’s idiotic rule ignores the fact that nothing on Earth can survive without CO2. But then, Obama and his thugs have been accused of just about everything except intelligence. If all the CO2 was somehow neutralized, all of the life on Planet Earth would rather rapidly die and vanish. However, since Obama set out to destroy America, don’t expect him to be concerned. In that event, he would simply move on to Europe, and build his kingdom there until he too succumbed to the same dearth that wiped out America. Since he has no love for America, he would no doubt feel he had accomplished his evil mission!

    • Ed Eismon


    • Duane

      JC is quite right. All of us give off co2 every time we exhale and then we take in pure air. This co2 is taken in by plants which in turn gives off pure oxygen. Most likely this co2 that the Enemy of the People of America wants to take out of the air that we breathe, is recycled every microseconds and has a negative effect on this planet. Co2 and carbon is part of life and can not be destroyed. If these people want to stop co2, they need to quit breathing and put a gun to their head and pull the trigger!

      • DInjee

        If you ever traveled over sea’s for example Thialand Your attitude will change you are Ignorant and that is why we put up with ur crap

        • Joe H.

          I have been there, What is your point???

    • DInjee

      GOOD for them The need to cut carbon polution I agree with it ! Amen !

      • J C

        Carbon is not pollution. Basic chemistry will tell you that. But if you are a follower of the Church of Gore… I guess you’ll believe whatever you’re told to believe.

        • s c

          J C, no one can reason with self-made idiots. Wasn’t it ‘curious’ that those tireless guardians of Free Speech, the thousands of lamestream media whores, couldn’t find the time or make any effort to rip the prez a new one over all the many international retards who flocked to that confab and created a worldwide CARBON FOOTPRINT? Momma earth should be outraged and scouring the planet to ‘depopulate’ her false converts (maybe she needs some assistance).
          Comrade obmama has a selective memory that keeps his zombies bone-deep irresponsible. If you or I did what he did, we’d be the focus of mass ridicule. When comrade obama or any of his mental trolls do such things, it’s ‘semi-divine’ and worthy of adoration all over the planet [PUKE!].
          The idea that any sane adult could find anything redeeming in the Cult of Gore or comrade obama’s
          lemming circus proves that devolution and “hope and change” are synonymous.
          I never would have believed I’d live long enough to see sanity replaced by blatant, rotting, power-mad insanity. It’s here, and it’s thriving in the white house and on the global warming ‘throne.’

    • denniso

      Lee…it’s impossible to take your ‘comment’ seriously…Can’t you guys read anything except each other’s posts? No one is talking about removing ALL the CO2 from the atmosphere..ridiculous!! Man’s contribution to atmospheric greenhouse gases over the past 250yrs or so is tipping the natural balance of the global eco system out of wack. That’s the danger. Of course the system needs CO2 like it needs all of the other natural ingredients,like water. Now, can you dense people imagine such a thing as too much water?? Water is vital to all life on earth,yet,if you sumerge land animals and plants in it,what happens?? You get 3 guesses.

  • J C

    No Greenhouse gases = no life on Earth. This whole “Global Warming” scam is in place to help ram Globalism down our throats. Global government is in reality the greatest threat we face. And any one of our Representatives who are playing along are guilty of treason.
    Sadly though, the Church of Gore is a religious cult and religious fanatics are crazier than sh**house rats. I’m guessing that one of the reasons Americans purchased over 7 million guns and a billion rounds of ammunition in the last 3 months of 08 alone, are an indication that not everyone has been indoctrinated.

    • J C

      Actually I’m very well studied and traveled. Lets not confuse responsible stewardship with the Global Warming hoax, they are two very different things. And while you are calling people ignorant, do yourself a favor and learn how the English language works. And finally, what exactly is your point?

      • denniso

        jc….you’re very well studied and traveled and you can’t imagine that 250yrs of man spewing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere just might have a deleterious effect on the natural balance of the eco system?? That clearing and burning huge swaths of rain forest could be damaging to the system? That drying up lakes and rivers and desertifying land could possibly be a problem?? That billions of ‘livestock’ producing methane and co2 could do anything negative??And, of course, you can’t imagine a billion or more autos/trucks doing any damage at all to the natural world?? No, you can’t,because you’re listening to true morons like Limbaugh and Beck and Savage telling you over and over that it’s a giant,global,communist/liberal/marxist/Obama conspiracy to take over the world and enslave all of you geniuses. And,you might actually have to drive fuel efficient cars in the future!! Horror of all horrors!!! UNBELIEVABLE…

        • American Citizen

          Those fuel efficient cars are a joke. Saw a documentary on the Volt the other day. You get 40 miles to a charge, then you rely on a backup battery until you can get to a place to recharge. Recharging takes electricity. Look at all the electricity that will be used just to recharge those batteries. Every so often, you will have to replace them and they won’t be cheap.
          If you’ve ever watched Jeff Dunham’s Achmed, he has a joke about the Prius. It’s a lunch box. Stick out your hand and the car will turn. If you have more than two children, where would you put them to go on a trip to grandma’s? A handicapped person would have a difficult time getting into one if at all. And you’d better hope you don’t tangle with a semi as you could kiss this world goodbye.

  • Becky

    Many many people are talking, calling their reps, congress, but Congress and the Senate are not listening to the people. Don’t you feel we’ve done enough talking, it’s now time for some kind of action.

    • bobinlasvegas

      Yes Becky it is time.

      The CDC Centers for Dysfunctional Congressmen and Prevention of American Liberties as well as the HMIC Head Head Misfit in Charge Barack Obama are not listening.

    • GreatScott

      Becky, how far are you willing to take action? What sacrafice are you willing to make? I know what I am willing to sacrafice, do you?

    • denniso

      Becky, I hate to tell you this,but you people are not THE people! You are a fringe group who want to keep everything the same,except for the things you don’t like,of course. Like, maybe a black president who can actually think,as opposed to the fool you elected before. You are the same sort of people who burned and imprisoned and pilloried scientists 400 yrs ago who disputed the church claim that the sun goes around the earth..luckily, we overcame that stupidity and we will overcome this modern denial of scientific evidence. You will scream about it until you drop dead, and the world will move on to a brighter future.

      • American Citizen

        You are buying into the rhetoric of the left. The people at the tea parties, etc., are not a fringe group. Every one there in every one of those groups represents a lot of people. We would have loved to attend one, but there was none close. Plus we both have health problems. There are a lot of us just like that. You on the left are the fringe group forcing your failed policies on the rest of the country.

  • Matt V

    Man is not the cause of global warming. global warming happens in 10,000 year cycles and we are on the up swing of that now even if we abolish all of the gasses that man puts in the atmosphere it wont stop global warming The only thing man has done is facilitated the warming it will reverse and we will be in a mini ice age in about 5000 years oh well thats life on planet earth and the maybe antichrist obama want you to think differently The democrats are already hippacrits They voted to give fed raises but didnt give social security a raise because the cost of living is alledgedly down 1.3 percent. Proparity for the feds and the poor house for mainstreet america

  • Darlene

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We as the people of the United States Of America not the United Socialist States of America need to put a stop to the absolute power of this current administration. It seems that voting them out is only a catalyst for them to hurry and destroy us even faster, so even if they are not in office anymore because we voted them out, the damage will have already been done.

  • Darlene

    By the way the picture you show is steam, is steam a green house gas now too. I know around here it is because they are all up in arms about the quenching station at our local Coke plant. People see the rising steam and equate it with smoke, which it is not.

    • Archipapi

      Exactly! the picture is a lie… why don’t we disband the useless,
      detrimental and subversive EPA?

    • DaveH

      Actually Darlene,
      Steam (Water Vapor) is the most abundant greenhouse gas. Of course, almost all of it is nature-made.

  • paul kimey

    Now let me vent! I as well as others have been railing at congress, asking WHY? Why are you not listening to me. You say you represent me that you have my best interests at heart. Is that why you continue to ignore me? We the people say secure our boarders, you say OK And then ignore your promise.We say drill here, drill now, you say OK and then ignore us. We say manage the money you have ,like we have to do,but every other word that comes out of DC is a new tax increase.You say you know times are hard and you feel for us,is that why congress and government employees get nice plump raises? Mr president we have great misgivings about global warming and surprisingly enough congress is listening, but you say I have EPA I don’t have to listen to congress, the peoples will means nothing to me, I WILL BE EMPOROUR OF THE UNINTED STATES!!!! We can stop EPA, cut there funding/decrease their power by taking away their money.Slash funding for excess government spending,cut funding for unelected and unvetted cabinet positions. Will congress listen in 2010, will they listen in 2012?

    • DaveH

      The Government has never been the answer to our problems. In fact, they are the problem. Government has been growing steadily for 70+ years. Have things gotten better? No! We need to stop voting for Democrats and Republicans and vote for a party that advocates Limited Government, Individual Liberty, and Individual Responsibility. That is the Libertarian Party:

      Especially all Democrats need to be voted out of office.

      • Myron J. Poltroonian

        My Dear “DaveH”, and the rest of the Libertarians out there: When are you folks going to wise up? Weren’t enough of you around to observe the “H” Effect? Yes, sir, ol’ H. Ross Perot certainly got “under the hood and fix(ed) it”, now didn’t he? Third party’s cause liberals to win. Pure and simple. There are signs that the conservative tide is rising once again in this country. When will Libertarians realize that by joining the Republican Party, to help it return to it’s conservative roots, would be a giant step towards achieving a more laissez faire, “Don’t Tread On Me”, constitutionalist form of Federal governance? I’ve always been a “Conservative with Libertine Leanings”, as I put it, and I’m a’tryn’ t’do a’what ah’kin m’own self to make this happen. Where the Hell are you folks, except on the outside looking in and constantly, continually (and, apparently, contentedly) complaining. The time to “put up, or shut up” is at hand. As the old song asks: “Which side are you on, boys? Which side are you on?”

        • J C

          As one Libertarian I can flatly say….we’ve already wised up.
          We’re not voting for either of the main stream parties because it does not matter if the Red or the Blue take office anymore.
          They are both hell bent on driving us towards Globalist slavery.
          So I guess I could return your question to you…when are you going to wise up? Red or Blue, the joke is on you.

          • American Citizen

            The Libertarian Party is not strong enough to take over anything, only to be a spoiler. It needs to have PACS, etc., like the other parties do and start at the local levels. Nationally, it will be a long time before we have a third party win. As an Independent, I would like to vote L, but I know my vote would be “wasted”. We need to get conservatives back up there in Washington who will run this country constitutionally.

        • DaveH

          The Republican Party is your problem. You guys have had decades to fix it. It has just gotten worse. I don’t vote for the lesser of two evils, because it is still just evil.

        • denniso

          Myron…you are right,of course..but i really wish you wouldn’t try and tell these guys to abandon their fringe party because it helps me get smarter people than Bush/Cheny elected. Besides, they obviously don’t want to listen to’ve probably read too much real history for them anyway. You actually sound like you can reason,to a degree.

        • s c

          Myron, you think your philosophy/political party has attracted all of the nation’s intellect and ability. T’aint so, dude. Either your head is in an anatomically impossible location, or you go through life with your eyes closed. Which is it?
          Granted, conservatives have attracted many scummy losers (mainly RINOs and back-stabbing pond scum). However, no other party proudly claims the assortment of mental AND moral defectives who infest YOUR party’s “big, open tent.’
          Organized crime, wacko religions, socialists, communists, pedophiles, incompetents and all manner of simple life forms are part and parcel of and describe very accurately what makes your philosophy ‘tick.’
          Once in a while, take a hard look at what really makes up ‘your side.’ Clean up your own house, guy. We’ll do what we can to correct our side of the aisle. We might even manage to ‘get along’ that way.

    • denniso

      Paul..congress isn’t listening to you because you don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you actually want congress to listen to every kook locked up in an asylum too?? Luckily, most of the leadership knows more about the big issues than people like you do. Get used to it.

  • Gordon

    EPA’s new regulations are all a part of the “grand scheme” of things to come. CO2 emmission controls will further deteriorate this country’s economy. New industry that may have opened up here, will likely go to China, Mexico or some other place having less rules governing emmissions. This administration is HELL BENT on destroying everything that Americans have worked for and believe in. When Obama said “change” he also said he would “FUNDAMENTALLY” change America. That means he never intended to improve what we already have, he has set out to change the very foundation of our way of life. This man is pure evil and surrounds himself with evil constituents. I’m not even sure we will even have a presidential election in 2012. I know if Obama can find a way, he’ll keep himself in power for the rest of his life.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    As per CNSnews (12/10/2009), Obama’s climate agenda is being criticized by conservatives in Copenhagen . Some 63,000,000 morons should be ashamed for their foolish error on 11/4/2008. Our founding fathers would have a temper tantrum today, as America may be going from being the wealthiest nation and the leader of the free world to becoming a disgrace and the laughingstock of the world. We already know that BHO has been an embarrassment – badmouthing and apologizing for America to the world. Now we see many people in foreign nations with more common sense on economics (and politics) than many stupid Americans who still give BHO and his democraps favorable job approval ratings. All you morons who still worship BHO, and refuse to admit that you made a big mistake last November….PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK!!

  • Gordon

    Like Becky said, it’s time for something to be done. But what? Obama has stated that one of his goals is to form a government police force that is “as well equipped as the Army” and one that will be under his direct control. Doesn’t this sound much like the Russian Gestapo or SS troops of Nazi Germany? He also has mentioned “martial law” which, if you are not familiar, he can declare anytime he see’s fit. If you’ve never done so, Google ” FEMA and Martial Law” or Martial Law and Presidential Orders. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this is pretty scary stuff, and we have a man in the White House that, I believe, is just waiting for the chance to use ALL his destructive powers against the citizens of the USA. (Excluding the FAR LEFT, of course.)

  • Harold

    We are being governed by radical idiots. After they have their way, there will be nothing left to do anything with. America will be broke. Then what do we do about the environment? Once we are done, who is going to “save the planet”? Maybe the Arabs or the Chinese? And all these poor countries will have no one to turn to help them with anything. In the long run, this whole thing is totally counter-productive and self-destructive. The liberals are killing their own country for no reason except their warped belief that America is at fault for everything. They are insane.

  • Bill In New York

    Washington, DC is putting out too much CO2, too much methane, stop talking bull and start listening to your bosses Washington!

  • s c

    What happened to the EPA was predictable. When we let bad,
    manipulated non-science influence decision-makers, we should expect results that border on insanity. To let someone like al
    ‘me are a genius’ gore pose as the head priest of what amounts to an evil religion proves that some would rather live like animals.
    Now that we have proof of the liars, criminals and sub-humans found in global warming and the EPA, gore will not be able to keep his sorry posterior out of the spotlight. He probably thinks his expanding rump is experiencing a most peculiar ‘global warming’ of its own. Enjoy it, big al.
    And for those who see gore as an icon, your human race membership is forever cancelled. My neighbor’s dog has more common sense than all of you pathetic clones put together.

  • Harold

    Gordon, where did you hear about the police force you mentioned? I haven’t heard that.
    A pattern is emerging with Obama. From the very beginning, everything is a “crisis” that demands government action. The economy that we have is not the worst since the Great Depression. The recession of 1979-82 was worse than this, but I did not see Reagan taking over the banks, insurance and auto companies.
    Obama wants power – period. He is using whatever “crisis” he can find to expand his own authority. He is a dangerous liar. Since his coronation, health care, home foreclosures, the wages of corporations, even the Swine Flu have all been labeled a “national emergency.” At the same time, the War On Terror has been reduced to a minor problem to be resolved in our courts, and it is okay for Iran to have a nuclear bomb. He has surrounded himself with radical communists like Van Jones (who is still in the government) and has shown his hatred of the free market system. He is deliberately destroying the American economy to create another “crisis” that he can use to even get more power. Obama is a arrogant lunatic.

  • Lew in Idaho

    Bravo to all of you responders! It is refreshing to see that all of you are tuned in to what BHO is REALLY about. I doubt that most citizens do. Unfortunately his plans, formulated by the Bilderberg banking cartel, (the destruction of the dollar, leading to the rescue by the World Government and the enslavement of the American people) is right on schedule. For me the eleventh hour is when they come for the guns. Regardless of what anyone says we don’t know what will happen if BHO moves on some 75 million gun owners. That’s thirty soldiers, defending their own homeland, for every soldier in uniform in China.
    Be prepared as much as you can!

  • DaveH

    We need to actively campaign against all Democrats, and most of the Republican incumbents. That is the only chance we have of taking back our country in a non-violent way. Send letters and emails, or call your Republican representatives and let them know that you are going to actively campaign against them if they don’t reassert the power of Congress. Don’t bother with the Democrats, they are too far gone.

  • Sam

    I am so delighted that so many of you are right on target. al gore sure has made millions with his scam and to get our idiot president beleiving his hoax, There must be something that we the citizens of our country can do to stop this outrage.

  • Marilyn

    All I can say is that I am very happy to see so many others who now agree with me about Al and his false science which has made him a millionaire many times over! I did not like BO either, in the first place, but many otherwise intelligent people said I was wrong! Most of them do not want to discuss it at this point! I am not particularly “smart” but I am pretty old, in my mid seventies, and having lived through FDR’s depression and having followed politics most of my life, early on decided that BO was a “windbag” and had little common sense! I recently came to the conclusion that he is just not too bright, in spite of many of his admirers who say he is brilliant! Everything he says and does is totally upside down according to the principals that this country was founded upon! The only thing that he is good at is spending gigantic amounts of money, which any fool can do and usually does! If, since they cannot seem to account for the “stimulus money” which makes no sense either, wonder whose pockets it has crept into??? I agree with those who are afraid that we may not have an election in 2012 and also agree with those who believe that we may very well have to rise up and take control of, and get rid of these traitors who now inhabit congress and the White House! I pray that there will be more peace full ways to change all of this mess but am truly afraid that it will take a strong force! I am not alone in my opinion in the area where i reside!

    • s c

      Marilyn, THANK YOU for mentioning FDR. I re-educated myself about 35 years ago, and it sickened me to learn that FDR and his moonbat zombies did so much damage to America. What comrade obama has done is to outdistance FDR and his anti-Constitution attack on our country.
      Six months ago, America should have unleashed the Supreme Court on comrade obama and his obscene, anti-American schemes (his non-elected, unaccountable czars in particular). Comrade obama has many flaws and many weak points. His love for saul alinsky’s “ideas” is a great way to make Americans understand the treasonous scams being forced on us.
      Either America wins this time around, or America loses. There will be no middle ground. And, if America loses, the rest of the world is lost.

  • Al

    What galls me is the audacity of man to think he can control nature!!

    • DaveH

      I doubt they really do think that. It is just a vehicle for them to get ignorant citizens to back up their takeover of our country. Once the government controls energy and healthcare we will be screwed.

      • 4 Comon Sense

        David H. You are so right. We will be screwed. Americans need to stand up now and tell the White House and your Senators, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH or we will be like the frog in the bowl of water. They are turnning up the heat on us. If we don’t do something now we will die. Your choice.


    We are being hi jacked by a agency that has mandated law that could not pass muster in the congress or stand up to scutiny by the Supreme Court, the EPA is another run-away government agency in serious need of having it’s reins pulled in and reorganized to take this unwarranted power from it’s grasp.

    Nixon made a serious mistake when he formed this agency and did not ask the congress to stipulate it’s parameters, it has now gone amuck, it will give more cause for concern because it is going to strangle this country’s industrial and agricultural industry with regulation that cannot be complied with or will hobble our economy so severly our competitive ability will become unrealistic. We have in our midst the making of more huge intrusion into the free market by a growing government that is totally irresponsible and unchecked by any of it’s governing branches. We are moving toward a very expensive dictatorship.

  • Andrew Mackenzie

    Pollution is killing millions of people every year. No one has the right to pollute our air or water. Manufactures that do should be shut down within 5 years. or their management should be put on trail for MURDER. We have the technology to stop this now. and prevent lending money to countries that want to keep this up. Our countries can stop importing anything from a country that keeps polluting.

    • DaveH

      And who do we put on trial for the starvation deaths of millions of people? How many of those people would have not starved if well-intentioned do-gooders weren’t impoverishing the world with their regulations and the resulting Big Government?
      It is a fact that the cleanest countries are also those with the most wealth.
      Those countries with the most wealth are the ones who have the most economic freedom:

    • 4 Comon Sense

      Andrew, where in the world do you get such dribble. I guess you don’t care that your scientist (that you rely on) have been in collusion with other Climate Scientists to withhold Climate Change Data and how these same scientists PREVENTED ACTUAL DATA FROM BEING REVEALED UNDER THE “FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT”. Whitch is a criminal offense and that at the end of Nov.09. The U.E.A.E. admitted losing naw temperature data on which their predictions are based. That means that there is no way anyone can check basic caleutions that supposedly show a long-term rise in temps for the past 130 years. “THE COMPUTER ATE THE DATA?. Tell me you are not that big of a fool. Let’s debate, anytime.

    • J C

      Lets’ not confuse The Church of Climatology with responsible stewardship. One we can endorse, the other is a hoax.

    • s c

      So light a fire under comrade obama. Show us how you can get him to do the right thing. I wish you the best of luck, Andrew.
      Just remember that you’re dealing with mutated arrogance-on-steroids and a mindset that does not allow for dissent. This prez has a head crammed with plans to gut America and somehow ‘make it better.’
      He has no clue, and he couldn’t buy one at the nearest WalMart. When you’re dealing with a prez
      who refuses to understand history (or abandon proven failures), you can’t rely on good intentions or ‘pretty please.’
      Let us know when you discover the identity of obama’s real boss.

  • 4 Comon Sense

    I haven’t seen a massive COMER-UP since the Nixon Water Gate scandal and cover-up. Interesting how the left changes the term from Global Warming to Climate Change. I wil agree, we do have climate change. Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall. These Global Warming liars need to be found out for what they are. To Al Gore. You are such a Liar, Fraud and a Scam Artist. You will not have a mature debate with real scientist. You just sit back and rape thousands of Americans dollars that think like you, that the world is going to be destroyed by Global Wamrming. When all the time you know it’s a FRAUD. What are you worth now, 200 million and counting. You are a smart man and know exactly what you are doing. We the people are more powerful that you and we have always have been.

    A Real American.

    • Joe H.

      Actually he has made over 300,000,000 dollars since leaving office!!! Three hundred freaking MILLION!!!

    • denniso

      It was the Bush people who changed the term to ‘climate change’. They thought it was more of a euphemism for global warming, and so, less menacing sounding. The left didn’t change it.

  • Sue

    Call your reps,tell them ,Next Year the EPA doesn’t get a budget. This is doable! Congress Can vote Not to give money to the EPA. Teach them a lesson!!!

  • Sue

    The Obama administration is warning Congress that if it doesn’t move to regulate greenhouse gases, the Environmental Protection Agency will take a “command-and-control” role over the process in a way that could hurt business.

    The warning, from a top White House economic official who spoke Tuesday on condition of anonymity, came on the eve of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s address to the international conference on climate change in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Oh really?

    Did you forget, Lisa, where your operating budget comes from?

    That would be Congress.

    Guess who can close your agency – in an afternoon?

    That would be Congress.

  • Sue

    2010 can not get here fast enough. Time to clean up congress!!!

    • Joe H.

      FLIP THE HOUSE!!!!!!

  • Chuckleduck

    I totally agree with Sue and I hope thats not too late…

  • Harold

    Just recently Ron Paul said that if Congress allows the EPA to do this, it will “become irrelavant.” He is correct. Over the last several years we have seen the beauracracy and the courts take over much of the government of this country. And Congress just sits there. This is true especially with the liberals, who apparently don’t want to govern anymore. They just want their perks and kick back and let everyone else run things. This has got to stop, or we will have every aspect of our lives determined by the un-elected. The problem is that we have far too many lawyers in Congress. They are more concerned with legalities than anything else. The next election is probably our last chance to reverse this trend. If the Dems continue on this path, we will become a socialist country within five years – if that long. They don’t want a representative country. Answering to the people is too much trouble for them.

    • American Citizen

      That’s the problem with all those czars Obama has appointed. They’re taking over the job of Congress. That’s why Ron Paul said that. We might as well fire all those Congresspeople and look at the money we’d save. First, Congress took over states’ rights, now the czars are taking over Congress’ rights. What a country! A country full of know-nothings.

      • denniso

        Bush had more czars than Obama has. They are nothing more than high level staff.

  • Harold

    I remember when Mt. St Helens erupted. A story that got virtually no notice said that it spewed more smoke into the air then all the car exhaust and all the factories in history combined! That is a lot of smoke, and yet the planet didn’t die.
    And yet we are supposed to be terrified at the idea that the global temperature might go up 1 whole degree in the next 50 years. Who would even notice? People in Canada and Russia might even like it. Not to mention Minnesota, Iowa, and Buffalo.
    I live in Florida. What is the difference between 90 and 91 degrees?
    Frankly, I think the global warming people are laughable. Just like Chicken Little.

    • denniso

      Harold, your facts are just making them up or did you get that story from Limbaugh the liar??

  • http://none philip biggins

    Why won’t Top climate scientists release the weather records??? Why are they falsifying records? Why have thy tampered with data? Why have they not told they world the Antarctic polar ice cap has actually EXPANDED!!!! WHAT could they possibly have to hide????? CO2 makes up less than .05% of the atmosphere folks! It WAS about 8 degrees Celsius WARMER in the 700 AD to 900 AD time period! So much for the lies “the earth has never been warmer than now as a direct result of human activities” PLANTS CAN”T LIVE WITHOUT CO2!!!!!! !!!!Weather is ever changing, period!! How about record cold temperatures and snow fall in Texas!!! Record cold in western Canada!! GLOBAL WARMING IT IS NOT!!!!! The Global warming scares set us up for the BIGGEST TAX GRAB IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!! WAKE UP FOLKS !!!!

    • denniso

      Boy, now that’s genius!! ‘Plants can’t live w/o C02′. Gee, i never knew that! Hey, can plants live w/o water? No. Can plants drown in too much water? yes! It’s a matter of tipping the natural balance of atmospheric gases into a danger zone where we warm the planet too much and set off possible runaway climate turmoil that adversely affects all life on earth. Do some reading rather than just screaming about something you clearly no nothing about.


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