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Envoy Delivers Obama's Letter To North Korean Dictator

December 23, 2009 by  

Envoy delivers Obama's letter to North Korean dictatorPresident Obama sent a personal letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong II that was delivered by an envoy, according to media reports.

The letter was allegedly delivered when Stephen Bosworth, U.S. special envoy for North Korea, paid a visit to the country in an effort to break an impasse in dialogue. During the trip he conveyed the administration’s view that "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is [fundamental] to improving our relations."

However, the White House has refused to reveal the contents of the letter, prompting critics to accuse the administration of a lack of transparency. Fox News’ Sean Hannity even went as far as calling North Korea’s dictator the president’s "pen pal."

On taking office in January, Obama expressed a willingness to engage with the communist regime. However, since the last six-party talks—involving the U.S., UN, Russia, China, Japan and South Korea—in December 2008, North Korea’s government has pulled out of the process and tested a second nuclear device.

There is also a widespread belief that the regime is preparing to reopen the controversial uranium-enrichment facility at Yongbyon.

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  • Concepcion Roustan

    We(the people) who pay Obama’s salary demand to know the content of the letter he sent allegedly on our behalf

    • KM


    • Joe H.

      Remember the fate of an ice cube in hell? There’s your chances of seeing that letter!!! Good luck!!

    • Curtis S

      Well well well, aren’t we a little full of ourselves? Just what makes you think you’re qualified to read that letter. Since when do presidents have to clear diplomatic correspondence with you? We pay generals’ salaries too, so by your silly logic, should we all get to review battle plans for Iraq or Afghanistan in advance? Should the admirals in the Sea of Arabia (or any other body of water) have to clear their strategies with you? Are you that arrogant or just that full of hate for Obama to make such a ridiculous statement?

  • Ron

    He probably asked him for any pointers he might have to further enslave the people of the U. S. as Kim has done his people.

  • Paul

    I wouldn’t worry, he probably promised 1 or 2 hundred billion a year — forever. After all, we have unlimited funds.

    • Joe H.

      nah, he just invited kim over for a beer to settle things!!! Besides, we only have unlimited funds as deep as Chinese pockets go!!!!


    The instructions with the note said, “Batteries not included and teleprompter needed for full effect.”

    I wish BO would have put a stamp on his forehead and mailed himself over to Mentally Ill Kim, to have dinner with him.

  • http://Don'thaveone Sally

    I agree with everyone. Furthermore, we the people, should demand that all of the congressional hearings, in other words any time Congress or the Senate are in session, no matter what time, their proceedings should be televised so that every American can see what they are doing and who votes for what!!!!!!!!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest billie nelson

    I agree with all your responses. Too bad BO doesn’t know or care how we, the majority think or wish our country to continue to be (free,open & bi-partisan).

    Hope he doesn’t change our republic to a royal Emperor or King controlled country before the 4 years are up.

  • s c

    Without a doubt, Jong is beside himself, trembling at the thought of having ‘offended’ comrade obama.
    In obama’s world, an open invitation to kooks is probably SOP. Perhaps comrade obama would stoop to having a open, televised conversation with Jong.
    Then, the world could watch and listen. Obama wouldn’t create more gargantuan CARBON FOOTPRINTS by wasting more expensive trips around the world.
    Obama could put in a word with the Nobel Peace Prize crowd, and Jong could find comfort in the idea that he and obama are “peers.”
    Rod Serling, Shakespeare, Dickens and Tolstoy combined couldn’t come up with anything like this, folks. And it can’t get any better until obama is
    OUT of Washington – forever.

  • http://aol Devil Dog

    I agree with everyone on this site. It’s pretty sad when these dictators are laughing at the annointed one and his minions.

  • Robert

    To all that want to know what was in the letter. Well here it is:
    ” Hope this letter finds you well, Kim. I got a little problem over here with the American citizens. Seems they don’t agree with everything I’m trying to ram down their throats. I’m doing my best to bankrupt the US so we become a second rate country but those stupid citizens just don’t get it. Would you believe they are trying to smear my Alma Mater, ACORN. Yeah, that’s right, they want to close down this corrupt and strong arm group of radicals. They’re even going after my favorite group of thugs, SEIU. Damn Kim, I need some help over here. What say I send Rahm Emanuel over with a few billions bucks and your guys can give him some pointers on the best way to jail all these American idiots. What’s say? Hey man, I really like your new dew, it makes you look taller. Anyway, got to go now, leaving for vacation in Hawaii. Bringing over a few billion so I can get a birth certificate. How the hell did they find out I was born in Kenya? Oh yeah, it’s that bunch they call Tea Partiers. Any thoughts on how I can shut them down will really be appreciated. Till the next time, stay healthy and lob a few more rockets over Japan. That will take the heat off of me for awhile.
    Sincerley, Your fellow dictator in Arms.

  • Dennis

    Heres a site you can go to its called it stand for
    This may be what your looking for i joined them and like you i think its time to clean house > It can be done :-)


    GOOOH stands for ‘Get Out of Our House’ and is pronounced like the word ‘go’. It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to evict the 435 career politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives and replace them with everyday Americans just like you.

    If you are tired of career politicians, GOOOH is for you. If you believe money has corrupted Washington, GOOOH is for you. If you believe politicians have too much power, GOOOH is for you. If you are weary of the death grip the two parties have on our government, and are ready to return control of our government to the people, then GOOOH is for you.

    GOOOH is NOT just another political party. It is a system that will allow you and your neighbors to choose, among yourselves, the person who can best represent your district.

    GOOOH is an evolving system and your input is requested. The questions are changing based on the feedback of members just like you. Participate in the forums, take the survey, and send us your thoughts. This is YOUR system. We will perfect it with your input.

    GOOOH is a new system that will allow “we the people” to select true representatives, not choose between a Democrat and a Republican. If we continue to elect career politicians who represent their party, the special interests that fund them, and themselves, nothing will change. GOOOH is a non-partisan process that will allow us to effect the change we all know we need.

    GOOOH will allow you to:

    1.Help select your Representative – while being considered yourself
    2.Hold your Representative accountable
    3.Replace career politicians – with true representatives
    4.Take the money out of the process
    The GOOOH process allows Americans of every political leaning to participate in the selection of their District’s Representative while being considered themselves. Through GOOOH’s Candidate Selection Sessions you and your peers will select the candidate in your district who best represents your district’s views. Even if you do not wish to become your district’s representative you will want to participate in the process and have a direct say in who is chosen to represent your district. GOOOH will fund a single national campaign to promote the 435 candidates (one from each district) who are selected to run against the party politicians. Because GOOOH is a process for selecting representatives (not an agenda-based party platform) we expect a person left of center to be selected in San Francisco and one right of center in Colorado Springs — but it will be up to the GOOOH members in each district to decide.

    For GOOOH to succeed we will need at least 500,000 participants. We will continue to build our base of supporters until we have the participation we need, at which time we will begin our effort to have the GOOOH party added to the ballot in the 50 states and to select our 435 nominees. There are many variables involved in reaching this level of support, but we believe it is only a matter of time.

    Originally, the founder of GOOOH proposed excluding lawyers, members of political families, and individuals with more than $11.5 million in assets (250 times the median income). They were not to be excluded because they are bad people, but because they are overly represented in government today and, generally speaking, no longer seem to represent the common man. However, based on input from our members, the Question Committee has voted to remove the exclusion of lawyers and the wealthy. Instead, it has been decided that members of these two groups must simply declare that they are a lawyer or have more than $11.5m in assets in each Selection Session in which they participate. It will be up to the participants in each pool to decide whether or not that is of concern. We believe this change is indicative of the continuing evolution of the GOOOH system.

    We hope you will join GOOOH today and help us take our House back from the politicians!

  • George

    Does it really matter what’s in the letter? What’s Obama likely to say that’s going to make any difference? He’s probably just wasting time and our money trying to cook up another half baked scheme that will end with the North Koreans cheating on another agreement after we’ve paid them a lot of money. I say let the Japanese rearm and take them on……

    • George

      Also, tell North Korea that any nuclear weapon used against us that originates from their soil, game over. We’ll throw everything we’ve got at them….. Enough is enough. Stop pussy-footing around with these monsters! Someone get a backbone.

  • Chris

    Their plan is to do away with Congress and The Senate so they can have the one dictatorship that has been planned for over a centry.They have already got to our children through the education system that they took over years ago, the media not telling the truth,none of their plan’s could have been pulled off without the media’s help,hollywood, with the movies that have been made to get people’s minds off of God.Tv,with the programs that we’re allowed to even be on the air and with nonstop technology.All of these things we’re planned.Ways to get people to not even have time to think about God.In my mind, the only way to handle this is a Revolution by the American people before it is too late.

    • Curtis S

      Chris, your post is living proof that your education was hijacked.

      • http://naver samurai

        Not really. You’re just a moron. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Boo Ewald Taylor

    I love the idea of cleaning house!! It’s way overdue for a good cleaning, some of those old things are almost 90 and 1 older than 90. That would be okay if they still worked well, but they are old and rusty and obviously can’t hear anymore or they would listen to us (NO HEALTHCARE BILL!!) and they must have dementia or think that we do when they think we forgot what Obama said about transparency. I AM TIRED OF BEING LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING!! Goooh, huh?

  • Sho

    Ya’ll are so friggin dumb, I’m 15, yet I can see how full of spite you are, you have no idea what goes through BO’s head, so stop acting like you do because, trust me, there’s no way I human being can read another human’s mind in today’s time. Don’t attribute it to his actions either, you have no real idea what goes on because you’re all regular American people who have no idea what REALLY goes on in the government, and who obviously hate change because I heard none of you complain when Bush or earlier Presidents bankrupted and lied to us before BO even got his shot to start in a country with a clean slate, so what if BO put us further in debt, you have to spend money to make money smart ones, teenagers know that fact, the more people can get regular statuses, the smarter we become as a country, the less poor there are, the more money comes in, the faster we get out of debt! I’m 15 and I’m the only one who sees this? Tell you what, live your normal non-fully informed lives as most Americans do these days, and come back to me when Obama has personally come to your house and taken all your belongings, savvy?

    • http://naver samurai

      Too much kool aid! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


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