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Energy Sector, Taxpayers Group Vows To Combat President’s Tax Hike Proposals

September 20, 2010 by  

Energy sector, taxpayers group vow to combat president's tax hike proposalsBusiness leaders and industry groups have been up in arms over President Barack Obama’s proposal to increase taxes on oil and gas companies to pay for his recently announced infrastructure projects.

The American Energy Alliance (AEA) cited a new study from a Louisiana State University professor, which estimates that more than 154,000 jobs may be lost in many sectors of the economy by the end of 2011 if these hikes go into effect. The report also found that more than $341 billion in economic activity and $68 billion in wages may be lost across the country.

“The discriminatory energy tax increases proposed by the administration will destroy American jobs and raise the price of energy for consumers,” said AEA President and CEO Tom Pyle, adding that the measure would have little to do with offshore drilling safety or energy policy as a whole.

In his view, “this tax grab merely represents punitive policies that are now finding a place in the sun in the post-BP oil spill crisis political environment.”

The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) echoed these sentiments and launched a $4 million national advertising campaign against the proposals.

The ads are set to run on cable networks and on local stations in Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Virginia and Washington.

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  • Viktor Leben

    I hate to say this, but stop using oil/gas so you don’t have to pay the tax. Go with solar energy and windmills. I know that sounds crazy, but the “geniuses” that we “elected” to Washington sure don’t like you !!!

    Not much you can do … It’s just like Germany back in the 1930′s building the autobahn. I guess they are going to use all physical labor and very few machines…. Hey the hard work will be an education, if you don’t have a heart attack.

    The education you will receive is don’t vote for the wrong person …

    • Jim agnew


      This will put “green energy” in actual use in perspective. It is a real eye opener to see how much it is subsidized and leaves out the best source Atomic except for their current plants.

      Please read all seven screens.,1518,667443,00.html


    • 45caliber

      Windmills and solar energy are both EXPENSIVE – and they take up a LOT of open land (or sea in the case of the windmills.) Some years ago, University of Pennsylvania wanted to build a solar energy plant to power ONE building. They had protests because they needed to cut one tree. Some professor did some calculations and determined they needed several hundred square MILES of solar energy collectors to power the state as the protestors had first wanted – and he doubted that anyone would want to go to that extreme of cutting and leveling that much land. Environmentalists also don’t like the windmills – they kill birds and make too much noise as well as muck up the landscape.

      They are also expensive to run. A retired electrical engineer who had worked at the government’s solar power plant in AZ said that if the government had passed along all expenses to run the place to the customers of it without subsidising, it would cost those customers an average of about $15,000 a month. Windmills aren’t cheap to run either.

      There are presently four cheap methods of energy (cheap being relative). These are: oil/natural gas, nuclear, coal, and hydroelectric.

      We’ve run out of places to put large hydroelectric plants. No one wants to approve small ones. The environmentalists raise cain at the idea of oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear. What is left?

      • Karolyn

        Hey, what about cow manure? I saw a show about a farmer who runs his farm and his trucks on cow manure methane.

        • Bob

          There are people who run their trucks on used vegetable oil. Solar energy was invented back in the 1920s and shell bought the patent and hid it so they could keep selling oil and gas.

      • dan az

        I agree its not going to happen any time soon.But there is another solution and its hydrogen generators that use lp and solar to produce electricity still to expensive but are being used in other countries as stand alone power.It produce’s only water and clean co2.I doubt if they could produce a large one for cities but they do make them for single residents that work.If I had the money I would buy one and add it to my system.

    • Ed Lester

      I hate to mention it, Leben, but the USA is a very large country, and a very mobile country, businesses conduct coast to coast travel on a daily basis out of necessity. Travel budgets have been slashed by almost every sector (except federal government). Passive solar and wind power doesn’t run airplanes or surface transportation. These pie in the sky futurist dreams are decades from supplying any appreciable fraction of our energy needs. If I lived in a country the size of Aroostook County Maine, as I suspect you do, I probably wouldn’t understand travel as a necessity of life, either. With these new notions about energy being decades from significant fruition, I think it premature to turn off oil whether it is through taxation, regulation, or legislation. Obama will be gone in not more than two years, hopefully then America can be fre to develop our own energy sources which are estimated to be far in excess of the entire midddle east and the coffers of these Muslim madmen.

    • http://zzzz Preston

      9/23/10, I hate to say this: I’m 63 & I do believe I’ll see a revolution in my lifetime. No doubt, we’re in dire straits. Preston Weiters

  • s c

    For now, we have a prez who wants us to believe America will be a better country if we are FORCED to live in Third World conditions. When energy prices jump (and the economy tanks again), there will be two places to aim your wrath, America. At the top of the short list is saul alinsky’s #1 disciple. Then, there are the slimers who ‘contracted’ Herr Obummer to act like a prez.
    If I had anything to do with Herr Obummer’s final destination (aka retirement palace), it would be Wake Island (no snow or ice, but storms can be interesting). No need to say ‘thanks,’ Mr. Prez. You’re so very welcome.

    • RivahMitch

      I agree with your first paragraph. As for the second, we disagree. My hope is that Obamessiah winds up like Mussolini.

      • Sam in Cal

        Get a pole that holds 3.

    • eddie47d

      Looks like SC is doing the whizzing and moaning!

      • 45caliber


        Since you like the idea of us living like a Third World country, why don’t you immigrate to one ahead of time? Like Iran, or Mexico, or Nigeria.

        • eddie47d

          Will that stop her whizzing and moaning!??

          • dan az

            SC always brings something to the table what is it that you have to bring? More of the same old spew.Now brush your tooth and spit it out.Its time for your pill.

      • Sheila

        Eddie, you might want to look at it this way, if the economy is left in the hands of Obama a.k.a. The Quicker F-er upper, Who will you along with all his cronnies expecting a free ride steal from when the working sector no longer has jobs and can’t afford anything?

        • dan az

          that was good thanks!lol

        • http://?? Joe H.

          They’re so used to stealing other peoples money to live they will steal from each other!!! the same three dollars will keep going from prog to prog to prog!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry edduh! Even YOU must agree the we are already taxed enough as it is. This will be a great tax increase if he allows the Bush tax cuts to expire and fall on his sword. Well, falling on his sword would probably be a good thing. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • dan az

          I disagree that would be a great thing!

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Dan, I meant to say that it would increase the amount of taxes we pay each year by a large amount. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://naver samurai

            I understand you were talking about the last thing I wrote, sorry! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • eddie47d

        Dan; SC says the same thing over and over day after day on every topic. She deserves the same questionable comments thrown back at her. I’m definitely being far more kind to her than she is to the rest of us. She and i41 are like a broken record and all the time. Now Dan, why didn’t you respond with a more relevant response? Name calling (which SC does all the time)should be kept to a minimum if at all. I’ve become guilty on occasions and so have you. That probably won’t change since there are allot of contentious issues and we all love to shoot from the hip. Until we meet again.

  • J.M.R.


  • BigBadJohn

    Oh My Exxon paid ZERO tax last year! How dare Obama ask them to pay any tax.

    Oil companies are the mot subsidized industry in the USA. Military actions to secure oil contracts are an actual cost of oil, which of course comes out of your pocket in the form of income tax. If you paid that tax at the pump instead, the American people would demand energy efficient vehicles.

    • s c

      BBJ, if you haven’t yet allowed for the high probability that Exxon and Uncle Scam have an ‘arrangement,’ it’s because you live in a progressive dream world. Are you doing ANYTHING to stop whizzing and moaning, and are you driving a pure hybrid that doesn’t need gas or oil?
      Frankly, I’m tired of progressives who want it both ways, but are so shallow that they can’t look in a mirror and see the pathetic space cadets who put NO effort into making America a better place. Let us know when you get out of high school, and you get vote for the first time. Your true education has NOT yet started.

      • neal

        hey sc, just wanna let you know something, I have an older 4×4 pickup and went to a GM dealership in Missoula Mt. and had them install a brand new Crate engine ( for you, this is a brand new engine) and It was a piece of JUNK. Long story short…. In 9000 miles- or 3 oil changes performed by the Dealership- I went thru 28 quarts of oil in a 15 quart time frame. The Dealership refused to do anything about the problem, in fact each work order stated ” NO WORK PERFORMED ” and I called Detroit.. Wanna guess what they told me? Their response was ” it s not a big enough concern and they wouldn t do anything about the problem. The BBB wouldn t do anything cuz they said the Vehicle was to old. So I have a 1982 Chevy with a brand new warrenty run out 15000 mile pickup that I m afraid to drive.. You want to buy it? Or you going to tell me how I should upgrade???

        • s c

          Neal, talk to one of the progressives on this website. They can probably get a stimulus loans from Herr Obummer. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them made you a good offer for your vehicle.
          By the way, I wouldn’t have a ‘pure hybrid’ if Herr Obummer bought it for me. I was simply trying to encourage the feces-slinging crowd to impress the rest of us with their vast knowledge of how to be “independent,” and much less of a herd of whizzing, moaning hypocrites.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            He could always follow Nobummers “command” and get a cash for clunkers deal, oh wait, that went broke and didn’t really do that much!!! I still can’t figure why this dude is jumping all over you!!! I guess he needs to read a few of your posts!!!

          • dan az

            Joe H
            they skip over the parts that they refuse to believe.Skip roping is all they had to pass to the next grade.

          • http://naver samurai

            Very true, Dan!

    • 45caliber


      We could have had energy effecient vehicles years ago except it would have cut into the fuel taxes everyone pays. During the 60′s and 70′s a lot of people looked into it. (I can give examples.) All patents were bought up and surpressed. In the 80′s they quit doing that – they just let the government tell the patent holder that he couldn’t make and sell his ideas since it would cut the taxes the government needed. (Again I can give examples.)

      T.Pickens Boone tried to get the government to allow him to set up a chain of natural gas stations across the country to use natural gas as a fuel for autos. (It costs about $1500 the last I checked to alter one to burn ng.) It was cheaper than gasoline since there is little work to be done to it before using it, it is more plentiful, and it produces only water and CO2 as exhaust. No byproducts as gasoline does.

      The government told him they couldn’t tax ng and so couldn’t allow it.

    • Jim Wright

      Corporation do not pay taxes, they only act as a conduit for the government to raise more money from us. If you can’t figure that out you need to go back to school and this time stay awake. Mr. Obama said that energy prices would have to go up greatly so that we would be forced into third world status. That was a large part of his “Hope ans Change” that idiots voted for.

    • TOMCAT

      Hey BBJ,

      We all pay the tax at the pump! It usually is a percentage per gallon for feds (18.9 cents + -) and per gallon per some states (Ca.22.1 cents + -) But apparently you did not notice! It is suppose to be written on the side of the gas pump. Check it out!

  • Charles

    In our pride, the desire is always there to be recognized in some way for the good deed we may think we do; but, Matthew 6:1-6 instructs us as to how such things are to be done. The thought came to me that if politicians want their name connected with some major project that the tax payer is paying for, then they should be willing to have their name printed on the tax line of all receipts that businesses print out on purchase we make. If this were done, maybe there would be more care in how they spend our money. All governments must have some tax to function, and Scripture (Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25)commends us to render to governments what is due them and to
    G-d what is due. It is written also; “He he who rules over men must be just, ruling in the fear of G-d.” 2 Samuel 23:3. May G-d Bless America. May G-d gives each of us wisdom, grace and strength to do the things we are called, have training and skill to do.

    • sylviam

      Charles, are you afraid to type GOD? We are still a free Nation you know. But I guess you are just trying to be Politicaly correct. Right?
      NO, Well then I apologize, for being my assumption. GOD BLESS AMERICA

      • mrdave98765

        God is still on the throne, still in power! He is the only one that can help us through this. I submit to God. Jesus is my savior! Oops, I’m sorry–not!

        • http://naver samurai

          Be carfefull dude, your atheism is showing on a site with many God fearing patriots here. I think that no matter what we do, if we don’t have God and Jesus behind us we’ll fail every time. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • dan az

            MR dave kinda says it all!

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ll agree that God sits on the throne and we are his children. I also agree that Jesus is his son and our personal savior, but then he says “NOT!” If you agree with him Dan, then this mustn’t be the real Dan AZ.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry again Dan. Not much sleep these days and no coffee!

  • Mila

    Obama is an illegal president of U.S. He wasn’t born in U.S. All his power is illegal. What forces will remove him from the office? Now, U.S. are third world condition.

  • Jim

    Clower and Piven strategy enhanced by Saul Alinsky’s Community orginizing skills. Doesn’t anybody in this administration believe in Freedom? I don’t want to take from the rich, I want to earn the right to be rich. Doesn’t anyone have any pride anymore? It is our responsibility as parents to encourage our children to have pride in what they accomplish. Is it as easy as it used to be? No it isn’t. We need to get rid of some of the regulations that squelch competition. Our first chance for change is coming in November. We must remember what our ultimate goal is (hard work and reward) and continue to that end.

    • thinking

      Sorry Jim. Many people now scan the internet for government hand outs. I know people who instead of working harder at their jobs they work harder looking for government aid. Over 43 million on food stamps, millions on disability, Money to upgrade homes, money to rent, money to pay for medical, free insurance for children and the list goes on and on. It is a full time job. The problem is people either don’t know or don’t care where the money comes from as long as they get as much as they can. Then you have the scammers(or criminals)That get money by turning in false claims to social security, medicade, medicare, and what ever other government programs there are. The government wastes and loses more money than get used to aid the ones it is intened for. Obamacare will be the same! the exception will be the elderly will have their lifes terminated because of lack of money. The young won’t care until they find themselve on the list of do not hospitalize…

      • 45caliber

        I’ve got a feeling the elderly won’t be the only ones terminated! Those on Welfare are even more useless to the government since they don’t pay any taxes at all. Their only use is that they vote Democrat.

      • Karolyn

        Where did you get the idea that the elderly will have their lives terminated? That’s ridiculous. I can see stopping treatment for elderly with terminal illness. I had a friend from Holland, and she said that’s what they do there. I certainly wouldn’g want my life prolonged by artificial means. Why keep beating a dead horse?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          My aunt was termed terminal four consecutive times. This was over a term of 14 years. she lived another 10 years after that. Not on life support either!!

  • Sue

    The answer is at the polls,this November. If the United States People vote Conservitives , the Country will turn around. From now on…Every election is must be on the Top of your ,’To-Do’ list. Even the small town elections.

  • TIME

    Tax’s. oh yea we need a lot more tax’s real soon, hey it was YOUR money you worked your butt off for so be happy that the Government will let you keep even a few cents out of each dollar.

    Hey what do you really need money for?
    What your car payment, You don’t need a car! Walk!
    Your home, again you don’t need a home. Live under a bridge!
    What food, hell you don’t need food. Your taking food out of their mouths.
    Your kids education, again what for the schools suck and teach nothing so why pay? They don’t need an education to live under a bridge.
    Your insurance, what the hell do you need insurance for? The bridge falling down on you, get real.

    So just get your butts out there and work, work hard, even harded you don’t need anything but more WORK.
    Your government needs your money afterall they have many jobs to pay people to do to keep you in line so you work harder and get your money to them faster.

    So say Hi IRS dude, here’s all the money I have please take it, please take my dog, please take my car, take my home, I don’t need any of these things after all the people not working on Well Phat Fair who sit around eating all day doing nothing but making baby’s and watching their new 50 inch Telie driving their new BMW, need my money, and the guys in the government need my money too so you all can live the high life, we don’t need anything.

    We all can just live under a bridge somewhere with our family’s and eat worms and dirt soup with some tree bark and magots.

    Tax Tax Tax and now step forward and step back, Tax Tax Tax, reach in your pocket and pull pull pull, Tax Tax Tax.
    Now you all know how to do the Hokie Pokie Tax dance.

    Don’t you just love Marxist Progressives?

    They really know how to throw a party! Just ask Mis ObaOmae who just had that hard holliday in Spain on AF 2 with just 40 of her best friends and her staff of 30.
    Afterall due to your not paying enough TAX they had to stay in such a dump.
    Now as Mis ObaOmae tells you what you can and can’t eat just think I can pay tax’s so she has a good life.
    Afterall she is the first lady.

    How about their poor dog who’s holiday was just shy of $1 Million for just the dog. Why would you not want the dog to have a good holiday, now pay up your taxs and shut up.

    Be glad you live in a country where you can pay tax’s and be so free to live under a bridge and eat dirt soup well as long as you don’t step out of line that is.

    • Bob L

      Hitting it rat on. Poor rich doggy. And gardening was a bit too much for the sadly infirm first lady,why she barely made it through the media op and applause, so the parks dept. had to plant her green veggie garden. Eat the rich and tax anything that can’t up and head for the hills?

    • 45caliber


      Never give up that dog to the IRS! After all, you will need to eat sooner or later!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        NOW you done it!!! Now you gonna be on Claires sh!t list!!!!

        • dan az

          I wouldnt want to be in his shoes right now!lol

    • Christin

      You painting a picture of our future under this regime.

      Looks mighty dismal, Brother. They are pigs, though, huh.

      Wish I could just live on my farm in the midst of God and pray away the evil idiots…

      Isn’t is funny how most of us love the country… the rolling hills, tall shade trees, green pastures flowers and butterflies… I mean it’s like we’re drawn to the Garden of Eden setting that was intended for us to enjoy where Jesus’ blood line started.

      I think one day we’ll get to enjoy life again one day .. God’s way, ya know.

  • eddie47d

    While energy companies have made record profits even during our recession I see their squawking as more blackmail to keep their profits high. Nothing wrong with wanting to keep what you “earned” but they should be responsible for paying their fair share in supporting our country. We’ve heard their complaints many times before and it’s always the same threats. These companies should own up to the potential environmental degradation they impose with their product. Our infrastructure certainly gets allot of use by them also and we shouldn’t have to tippy toe around them to get the progress of America moving forward.

    • ValDM

      Once again, you’re only half-right. Those costs from more taxes on oil/gas will be passd on to the consumer. Want to pay $7/gallon to run your vehicle? How about your house that uses oil/gas heat? How about the myriad products that rely on oil products as their base? I’m talking about perfumes, shampoos, laundry detergent, lotions, and plastics. Can you do without all these? Be willing to pay a much inflated price for them?

      • eddie47d

        People want more roads and better roads;yet these same people will always vote against road construction.Once a road is widened or improved or makes someones life easier they forget they were the ones to vote against said projects. Oil Companies make most of their profits from the use of the automobile. If you want to drive be willing to pay for that privilege.If you want a pot hole free street be willing to pay for it. If you want a bridge to be able to handle traffic be willing to pay for it. Oil companies encourage driving and the use of these roads. There is nothing unfair about taxing on them to help pay for the business that they encourage. Oil companies don’t need a free ride and if they want to be unfair then take away their tax breaks.Most sales and consumption taxes are average so no new tax is going to skyrocket upwards.Certainly not to $7.00 a gal. If it ever would go that high a more probable cause would be an oil crises,not taxes.

        • TIME

          No it more than likly gas will not hit $7.00 per gallon, but then again more than likly most people will not have a car anylonger so the gas price will have little to no effect.

          As I see it – Within the next four years if things in DC stay the same as in under Barry Soetoro and his gang of czars and union thugs, you will not have to worrie about cars, driving, Gas, a job, or what you can have or not. As a matter of fact you will not be able to grow food for your self, nor will you be able to buy foods you may want, you will be told what you can eat, and when.

          You will be told where you can live and if not your new home will end up being a whole lot less than you may have wanted.
          As a matter of fact you may be lucky if your even allowed to live, but then again one mans luck, may be an other mans hell.

          • eddie47d

            Time out; I thought you were allot smarter than that to come up with that nonsense. “no cars any longer”? Cars will be around for another 100 years. If they change to battery power or hydrogen maybe even longer. Gas vehicles will be around for quite some time also but that can’t be certain with Americas’ love affair with gas guzzlers. “There won’t be anymore foods or foods we like”? Is the Keebler cookie factory going to close? As long as there is the ability to grow food there will be plenty. Now there could be an unforeseen population explosion and more farmland is taken away for housing. That won’t happen in America anytime soon but a real possibility by the end of this century. There could be a uncontrollable plant disease lurking out there that could wreck havoc on production. For now that is unknown and would be playing into your doom and gloom on farm food. GMO’s could also backfire in the future. Steam ships will still bring foods from foreign countries if you like that cup of tea from Thailand. If the world’s supply of gas decreases (which it will)then those steam ships could rely on small nuclear fusion engines. Nuclear power will become safer although I hope it isn’t widely used. If I’m alive in 30 years I bet I’ll still live in a house of my choice or hopefully remain in the one I now own. “Not allowed to live”? Only if there is a nuclear war or terrible famine or disease would occur. You my friend have totally fallen off the Limbaugh express train. It did some serious damage with you ability to think straight. The world is changing,as it always does but it is not coming to an end. There are plant and animal species that are becoming extinct as we speak and many more will follow. That is a sure bet as the world’s population grows. So there are many urgent issues out there and far more important than buying that latest GAS guzzler.

        • karen

          The goverment be in local state or fed makes more on a gallon of gas than the oil companies do. What the hell do they do with it all.

    • 45caliber


      Like most liberal/progressives you assume that if you tax a company, they will take the tax out of their profits.

      Ain’t no way, Bub!! They simply add that tax to the price they charge for their goods. And, to make it worse, you want to tax a product (energy) that people MUST have if they expect to live any sort of life at all.

      If you want to tax something, tax drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. People can give up those items if it gets too expensive. Or they can do like they do in other countries – smuggle them in.

      • eddie47d

        Then maybe there is something wrong with our profit system? You seem to think they should get away with almost anything.

      • dan az

        tax smokes again I’ll just have to grow my own!

        • http://naver samurai

          Not the real Dan!

          • http://naver samurai

            I mean edduh!

    • alpha-lemming

      Record profits were made because record units (gallons, kilowatts etc.) were sold. If they DIDN’T make record profits they’d be pretty p*ss-poor business people and I believe all those gains were in the typical ~10% profit margin ball-park. Compare that with your precious government taking 20-70 cents on EVERY gallon for ???? Nothing…. no exploration, no retrieval, no refinement, no distribution…. just give ‘em the money. AND ENERGY IS GREEDY??? Just like a prog to demand equal to four times the producers’ share for doing nothing. Get even with energy and have government take 7 or 8 times the producers share…. that will definately bring costs down??!!??

  • Bob L

    A small glitch in the green revolution. To power less than one half of homes and industries, solar panels would need to blanket the entire grain belt and every other open space, Oops careful, don’t trip on the solar frames. Africa is being coerced into wind turbines and solar for all their future energy neeeds, a dandy idea from the UN and environment groups.The poorest people, the most expensive power sources and not even efficacious!African people will be without lights, power unless they live in cities, until the next ice age. Oil fired, coal or nuclear plants are their only recourse, and, naturally, those are being vetoed.

  • http://MSN John AZ

    We have NO ENERGY POLICY! You think this is bad now? Wait until we have the IRANIAN PRESIDENT, what’s his name, Im-a-nut-job close down the Strait of Hormuz! Oil will go from $75.00 a barrel to 150.00 per barrel.
    We are the Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas and yet, O’bummer is going with battery operated vehicles. Sure, that’s great for an IN Town Commuter, but for long distances, there not going to work.
    We drove Honda Civics at work powered by NGV. Let me tell you if they had more filling stations for these vehicles, I would BUY ONE IN A HEARTBEAT. They run like gasoline engines and they are CLEAN. The Oil in the engine was like new after 4,000 miles. I’m telling you this is the WAVE of the FUTURE.
    We are talking jobs, jobs, jobs. Detroit could build these cars and trucks and we could over say 5-10 years, reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 30 percent. Obummer and his cronies HATE oil companies and won’t move on this important energy fuel. john

    • http://yahoo Jon

      Amen. You’re right on!

    • 45caliber


      First, the Iranian President is not going to shut off the oil. He sells most of it to the US for profit and couldn’t stand the loss of income.

      Second, the reason NG is NOT used is because the government can’t tax it without taxing all home NG at the same price. It is too easy to fill up at home for most of your runs. (I agree – it would be nice though.)

      Since most homes in New England (where a lot of these ‘powerful’ political figures come from), they would actually be harming themselves if they taxed it.

      A company’s vehicles can be NG because a company generally either does not pay fuel tax (they run the equipment on the plant site 90% of the time) or they can pay a lump sum (which is usually a lot smaller than per fillup at a station).

  • Karolyn

    They should take the 4 million and do something constructive with it!

    • alpha-lemming

      Unfortunately, progressive rehab has proven to be a very poor return on investment. The LAST thing they want is to give up their addictions.

  • Dbrooks

    I still maintain that tax paying Americans should be able to pay their FICA, etc. taxes into an escrow fund unless or until the govt. shows they are responsible with the money and they begin to listen to US. Emergency programs will be paid directly until the foregoing requirements have been met. The only way we can get their attention is to somehow cut off the money – THAT will get their attention since money and power are the only things that matter to them.

  • http://yahoo Jon

    I suspect that Obama represents Global interests antithetic to Americas well-being. After he devastates the economy, the energy sector and destroys the Democratic majority he’ll have the Republicans to blame for his dirty work. Barney Frank (short of a doz.) and other “crows” like him, will join in the choir. I hope the Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Party or whoever, have enough sense to shove this back into his pouch.

  • bus

    When we elect someone based on affirmative action we sacrifice having someone qualified for the job for a sense of equality. So lots of people felt good about themselves after the election because they had proven they weren’t racist…now we have to pay for having a crook and his corrupt cronies trying to grab everything that isn’t bolted down before they get their butts thrown out.

    • 45caliber

      I wonder if Oblama and his “lady” will do like the Clinton’s did when they left office – take the china, silverware, and towels.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Shoot! The nobummers will hook up a tow bar to the White House!!!!

        • http://naver samurai

          True and funny! Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          By the way, they’ll probably try to take a chunk of the nation also as the price we paid for voting for them.

        • Christin

          Nah, I don’t think so. The Obees probably hate the name “WHITE house” and probably hate all the History that goes with it. They probably are gaging living in the white house using the “used” items. They are, however, enjoying the parties, vacations, gulfing, money and your tax dollars to pay for their king and queenly existence and will probably take more of that before they go (if we are lucky that they actually GO.)

  • RobRoy

    Tax on oil companies is NOT a tax on the company, it is a tax on you the consumer.
    Think it out, when the price of oil goes up because of the tax, who pays? Well, of course, it is the consumer. Then, we will pay taxes twice, at least, for every drop we pump into our tanks, State and Fed tax per gallon and the tax inflated price of the crude.

    • Karolyn

      So they get away scot-free, and the whole country is held hostage. There would have to be a cap on the price hikes.

      • 45caliber

        But, Korolyn! The more the price goes up the more the government can get in sales taxes!

  • http://gmail i41

    Eddee and Karolyn, again your alligator mouths over loaded your piss ant brains. To widen or build a damn thing, it take 8-10 years for all of your puke brain green weinies holding worthless hearings, multi envior impact studies, studies to determine if a project would harm wildlife and if humans lives would be improved. Remember the first stimulas program, it was going to put people to work with shovel ready projests, yes Washington sure shoveled the s–t over the American people. The simple minded book ;earned marxist muslim moron bastard is a little late in the season, for infrastucture jobs and even if it was approved it wouldn’t happen until 2020, it cann’t be fast tracked, to many agency screw offs to shuffle paper. Before you Onumnutt lap doggs start yapping, you need to check out what you are promoting as facts, I had many a go around with the degreed a-sswipes in Congress on the worthlessness of stimulas program. I usually tell their staffs to dig out the dates I pointed out where they were wromg. Same goes for going electric vehicles and not using oil or fossel fuel. Bio fuel, wheather ethanol, cellose or grain fuel, the envior permits and greenie crap is a major cost of creating fuel. Another thing you pus minded socialist democraps cann’t not get it through you pointed skulls. For some reason all democrats will not allow a closed loop ethanol plant, why because several of their rectal buddies would not get to get a cut. Tom (pay no taxes) Daschle promised grain and livestock producers he would work to help it get up and go, at the last month after starting work Daschle helped kill the project. The Governement Motors had developed a small diesel engine to get over 35 miles to gallon for 1/2 ton pickups and up to 50 mpg for full sized cars, it was shelved after Onumnutts became boss of the company. The idea of taxing companies is about as stupid as an upside down rainbow, taxes will be passed on to the consumer, rememberr the puke minded claim we need higher minium wages, it just makes need goods higher priced, wheather it is milk or a pair of pants But socialist democraps have their head so implanted in the communist party crimminals rears, hearing and understanding is greatly impaired. Karolyn as for going back to school,your age group will probably liveout your years, as a unemployed or vastly underempoyed worker age bracket. Stats are out today about the people 45 and older and prospects don’t look to promising. No matter what school or training you have. With the tax increases that are coming as some already have, and even MSNBC and CNN talking heads on tax imcreases were all having serious thought about the need to keep the tax curts for everyone and the lack of jobs being created and the dismissal outlook. So you socialist democrats don’t piss and moan about it was GW, it was you pinheaded dorks who voted lock step with socialist democraps and for the muslim marxist moron mule and his radical communist radicals. Yes my self and my extended family will suffer as much as anyone else, except I do enjoy thumping socialist heads and kicking them in the a$$ for voting as democraps, because they were given reasons not too. Simple pleasure in simple things. affermative action has destroyed our work force in that it is like sell your top replacement livestock or crops and keeping the most worhtless tainted crop or livestock, the first crop isn’t as noticeable but following the pattern you get sub par produce. We are endowed with a lot subpar organisms that keep reproducing and infiltarating more areas.

    • dan az

      well done!

  • http://gmail i41

    When idoits beleive we are under the middle easts muslim goat rumpers, they are just plainly stupid. We have over 2 trillion barrels of crude in the west and not on the coast, in Colorado there is crude being used as asphalt, because we have no refinerys or storage space. In the Williston Bakken oil feild available volumes keeps climbing in amounts, now it is over 500 billion barrels of crude. What is the hang up. permitting and the dream greenie crap pus brains in Washington with envior studies non stop before permitting can be done, but the clowns are too busy watching hard porn. Now there might be a possiblility of getting a pipeline going from canadaian border to the gulf, with a second pipeline from Baker MT. to the gulf, it could be done in 2 years and be ready to go. Biggest stumbling block, socialist dumbocraps and the green weinies and solar and windmill crowds. Just think of the tax money the country will get and Mohameed and Ali the goat ranger will not get. Oil patch workers make damn great wages and maybe America will develope some real men and not the pusified metrasexual faggots that inhabit our government agencies and the beltway pimp deal brokers pits.

  • Rat Cotton

    Some more of that green owl lovin crowd’s ideas. They think that because they got a bad sun burn in Florida the sun can supply the entire US energy needs. Tax old energy to feed new energy. Kill the old people who do not agree with us to make way for the brainwashed new population who will vote for us. Not even news worthy.

    • eddie47d

      Sure is allot of talk of one person or another being killed off! I strongly believe you are the one being brainwashed. Let’s move this country forward (as we always have) with new ideas and technology. Diversify our energy needs.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

    This news reporting needs to rephrase it’s verbage. Most of Obama’s policies cost mega amounts of money and lead to less employment. Most people in their right minds would call this a hostile takeover. Say it like it is. Weather you voted for him or not, say it like it is.


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