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End The Secrecy

August 3, 2012 by  

End The Secrecy
Ron Paul wants to know what’s behind the curtain at the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul seems to be asking members of the Senate that are unwilling to take a look at his bill to audit the Federal Reserve following its overwhelming passage in the House what the big deal is, with recent remarks.

In an interview with CNBC, Paul said that the goal of the bill is not to shut down the Fed, but do away with its proclivity toward leaving the American public in the dark with regard to its monetary meddling. The veteran Texas Congressman said that he agrees at the moment it looks as if his bill has little chance of being considered in the Senate.

Paul vows that regardless of whether the Senate takes up his initiative, he will continue to highlight what he describes as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s love of secrecy and taxpayer dollars.

Paul also noted that Americans have a right to know exactly who is receiving Fed bailout dollars.

“We have an obligation and a right to know what the Fed is doing in secret when they bail out their friends and bail out the banks, and get involved in overseas financing, as they are prepared to do in Europe right now,” he said.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Greg T Beaty

    Ron i agree with you 100%, the fed should disclose how they spend our money.

    • Kevin

      But, the Federal Reserve issues legal tender notes that are not our property! Those notes are for settlement of debt created from debt and the Federal Reserve reserves the right to call in those debt notes (we call dollar bills) or just make them null and void…What ever they percieve will help the member banks best confiscate the wealth of US Citizens…

  • Martin Tousignant

    Since Sen. Harry Reid is so anxious to audit Mitt Romney, why isn’t he equally anxious to audit the Fed?

    • Norm

      Because “THE FED” isn’t running for president.
      Go back to the Republican debates and see what an idiot Romney is.

      • Mikey

        Norm, get a clue. Romney is spending money he EARNED! The Fed is squandering money and bailing out banks with money it took from taxpayers….including YOU!

      • Gary Reynolds

        Norm, I assure you Romney is no FOOL. Take a look at our current president. There has never been anyone so incompetent, or unprepared for the job he is trying to hold.

      • Eric

        Romney works for the same globalist families Obama does! Vote for Gary Johnson! The lesser of two evils is still evil! Wake up my fellow Americans!!!

      • Crowbar

        Those that get it, no explanation is necessary… those that don’t, no explanation is possible.

  • Bob

    Way to go mister Paul,keep up the good fight,WHY isnt Mitt,attacking oreo???i would be all over oreo like a wet blanket…we CANNOT stand for 4 more years with this FOOL….

  • Earth

    Anonymous Hacks IRS Database and publishes Romney Tax Returns
    Posted: 02 Aug 2012 09:07 AM PDT
    Anonymous Hacks IRS Database and publishes Romney Tax Returns

    Mitt Romney
    United States
    Internal Revenue Service
    Ann Romney
    Please don’t
    forget to:

    August 1, 2012 – Late last night, the mysterious group of hackers known as Anonymous successfully hacked the main database for the Internal Revenue Service.
    The group appeared to have a singular target- Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Romney has been criticized by both parties for his failure to produce more than one past tax return.

    The Anonymous attack successfully retrieved 25-years worth of Romney’s tax returns and published them without permission on major websites throughout the Internet.
    The majority of these websites removed the returns within minutes, however it was too late to completely protect the candidate’s already tainted image.

    Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul stated last week that “there has been no year in which Romney paid zero taxes”. In 2008, this was true.
    He earned $23,425,316 and paid $412.18 in federal income taxes. This calculates to a federal tax rate of 0.0018%. How did Romney get his tax burden so low?
    According to his return, he had approximately $23,407,000 in itemized deductions.
    These deductions ranged from $78,923 for “Toupee Creators Unlimited” and $41,826 for “Spray-on tan services” to a $3.8 million dollar write-off for a trip to Las Vegas with potential campaign donors.
    The Romney family also paid salaries to their numerous employees including, two yacht captains, three pilots for their private jets, two professional dog walkers, one toupee stylist and a “live-in contortionist”.
    What someone does with a live-in contortionist, one can only speculate. However, the $891,064 Romney spent on an “EWS Donor Party at the Pennsylvania Mansion” might give us a clue.
    While the return does not indicate what “EWS” stands for, given that the deducted supplies for the party included “Venetian masks, alcohol, lubricant and various Egyptian leather accessories” it was most likely an “Eyes Wide Shut” party.

    In addition to his wild nights, Romney also deducted health related expenses.
    These included $127,000 for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for a condition termed “Pseudologia fantastica” also known as Compulsive Liar Syndrome.
    This may explain why the Republican nominee’s views seem to change dramatically depending on his audience.
    In fact, his recent string of political gaffes may be the direct result of his inability to keep up with the many competing “truths” he has spoken over the past year.
    According to noted Psychiatrist Bryan King, “Pathological liars seem utterly sincere about their lies, but if confronted with facts to the contrary, will often just as sincerely reverse their story.”
    According to Politifact, a news organization that researches the veracity of politician’s statements, only 16% of Romney’s examined statements were found to be completely true.

    Read more:

    • rotor700

      Inspite of what you say, he pales in comparison to the great obama, the great deciever. I cannot imagine Romoney would be as bad as obama. I would still however like to see Ron Paul get elected, as he is honest, and has lots of good ideas. At the very least, he would use our constitution for the law of the land, and not a door matt at the White House.

      • Norm

        When it comes to lying Romney is unsurpassed. Anyone who can take that moron mormon seriously has got to have his head in the sand or up his/her a*s.

      • Mikey

        And once again we are force to vote for the “lesser of two evils”. In this case, the lesser would be Romney, Obama will further ruin this country.

      • Geo_jojo

        @ Mikey… I just don’t understand your “logic”. You read an article about Ron Paul and how he would improve the workings of the government, THEN say you only have two choices for president……… Do you have a problem with reading comprehension? Ron Paul is ALSO running as is Gary Johnson, both of which are much better choice than either of YOUR two.

      • Dangfitz

        Norm – I mostly agree with you that Romney’s a liar, but unsurpassed? What about Bill Clinton?

        Anyway, I’m in a swing state (Virginia), and I’m proudly voting for Gary Johnson.

    • dan

      Why don’t they find Obama’s taxes , school records , or INS records,
      Social Security records ,voting record (present)…
      oh wait,because he has none.
      No interest in the man of darkness,secrecy and corruption…crickets

      • Sirian

        What you suggest dan would be good – absolutely! But let’s come back to reality – it will never be allowed. If all that information was brought to the forefront, as it should have in 08’, there would be who knows how many people in both the House and Senate that would be in jeopardy. Several side “operatives” also. Politics is politics – they will go to any length to prevent the truth from being brought into the public arena, especially the MSM!!

      • Gary L

        That would be great Dan, but it will never happen. Why are there so many voters out there that are comfortable with Obama’s secrets. Somebody out there should be able to get to the truth. But it seems that the truth is an “endangered species” these days.

    • Dwight Mann


      VOTE RON PAUL IN 2012

    • Rhonda Reichel

      I had a feeling the GOP would pick the most flawed candidate they could find to lose on purpose…that’s a BOMBSHELL


      • Katharine Kimball

        Rhonda, I thought the voters picked Romney. Did I miss something?

    • Larry

      I was going to reply with long explanations of your post earth but will just say one thing.”Your an idiot” Just another joker putting out lies thinking nobody but u are smart enough to realize that is what your doing.

    • Nick

      All you libs have to throw at Romney are his taxes. Haha if he is so corrupt how come the IRS isnt after him? How come he isn’t in jail? If the IRS has no case against Romney then only a fool would believe your rhetoric. Some how you know more abou tax law than the IRS? You can try and smear Romney as much over his tax returns but the truth is it is all perfectly legit and legal and America knows it.

      • truesoy


        Romney has been audit more than once in the past….but he’s got good accountants..
        Just in case you did not know. And that is why, for him to shoe his taxes might be more of a liability than a political asset.


    • phideaux

      Earth I can say with 99.999% certainty that nothing listed as a deduction in your post would even make it past Romney’s accountant much less be allowed by the IRS. In light of that I say you are fuller of Bull $hit that a constipated bull.

    • Linda

      Uh, was this from The Onion? LOL

    • kyle

      Haha. Love the buffoonery. Has anyone calculated the association of a snow balls chance in hell, and getting anything but a republican or a thugocrat into office, lately?

    • Katharine Kimball

      Earth, I’m surprised you didn’t check the accuracy of your claim. It sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous! Don’t you think the liberal medial would have jumped on this information if it was true? See:

  • http://libertydigest tina

    read more history on the Fed at Bob google will not let any of my news tips through to you. Imagine that. Thanks for your great reporting!!

  • Ken

    How widespread IS the corruption in our congress and our senate?

    • momo


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  • BraindeadUS

    This man should be running this country, and not Romney are Obama. Wake up America vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

  • dan

    Expose the corruption to light and watch the cockroaches scurry….
    Ron Paul is a statesman …and a good beginning IF we want to reform our government

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    How anyone could defend that idiot in the WH and condemn any one of the contenders is hard for any thinking person to comprehend. Romney and Paul together…

  • Dwight Mann




  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    The Senate won’t allow the FED to be audited. THey, most likely, get little bonuses from the FED from time to time.

  • DavidL

    Ron Paul needs to get, no take, the nomination at the convention. Fight for it! He is a genuine conservative with genuine beliefs and real integrity.

    • Norm

      Because Republican does not equal Conservative. Ron Paul, by the way, is a Libertarian.

  • Norm

    Now why would someone like Ron Paul, who hates big government, want government to get mixed up with the Federal Reserve. As bad as the Fed is, at least it’s not partisan. Next thing you know the Koch brothers will be in control.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Norm bipartisan has nothing to do with it….the FED is using our money and impoverishing us

      • Norm

        How so?

    • s c

      Nerml, you really need to get that surgery done so your head will no longer be rammed way up into your backside (ooops, your secret is ‘out’). The Fed is neutral the same way Harry, the Nevada loser, Reid is. First, you never understood what nonpartisan meant.
      Second, I doubt very much if you can read. Third, your teachers should have held you back instead of saddling Amerika with yet another self-esteem freak. Last, You ____.
      All utopians and delusional twits do. Did you FORGET that the Fed is a CORPORATION? Delusional, and a memory problem, too. What a piece of work you are.

      • Norm

        You’ve just made a number of unfounded, uninformed, wildly speculative, accusations about me. As with most extremists, you couldn’t be further from reality. Sorry try again.

  • EP

    Audit the Fed and investigate the Council on Foreign Relations and other political and monetary manipulating organizations within our political and financial systems… we will never be truly free as a people until we get these liberty and freedom sucking leeches off our backs.

  • Joe

    The FED facilitates the welfare/warefare state and the growth of the leviathan state that has bankrupted the united States. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that has the integrity and courage to expose this fraud that has plundered the people. I will be voting for Ron Paul, even as a write in if need be, for there little difference between Romney and Barry.

  • s c

    Sam Rolley, either you never talk to Bob Livinsgton, or you just don’t get it. The Fed HAS been audited. The results were predictably horrible, and yet we still have people who don’t ‘get it.’
    What happened? You write for this website, and I have to remind you that the Fed has already been audited? Ron Paul knows it. Some people on this website know it, but they haven’t done much about spreading the word.
    Sam, you dropped the old ball on this topic. Kindly stop acting like a utopian (don’t we have enough already?). Please!

    • Frank B.

      Please sc, supply us with links so we can check out this audit!!!

      • Linda

        A very limited audit was done through the Frank-Whomever bill, which was a watered-down version of HR 1207, the Paul bill. It only looked at certain events in the past few years. Even that revealed a lot of “crazy” stuff going on. The GAO had not been allowed to audit anything going on between the Fed and foreign banks, for starters. A full audit would do away with the four stipulations that gutted the original legislation (much to the bankers’ delight) so that everything would be known. Harry Reid was all for an audit of the central bank before this year. Look on YouTube to see him defending an audit from 1985 and other years. Anyway, there are now 27 co-sponsors for the bill, S 202. So we hope some pressure on the senators will get them to consider this non-partisan bill. I really enjoyed Kucinich’s defense of the bill on the house floor before that vote.

    • The Christian American

      Asking the government to audit the books is like asking the mafia to audit their own books. There was an attempt to audit the books of the IRS and the auditiors came back and said they couldn’t, it would be impossible.

  • Frank B.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, LISTEN UP!! Write-in RON PAUL for prez, ABOLISH the fed, return to the GOLD STANDARD!!
    OR keep your head up your butt and watch our country disintegrate!

  • Geo_jojo

    No wonder our country is falling apart…. most posters here are so trivial, some sound like school kids calling each other stupid names. Do most of you really think Romney’s tax records are the problem with our country? Whatever he did, god or bad, broadcasting it now to the world is not going to help our situation. We have much more serious problems.

  • Sagebrush

    I remember when a motion to return the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill to committee and add back the original full Fed audit from HR 1207 was defeated — with 114 of the original cosponsors of H.R. 1207 voting against it. After that they passed a watered down, gutted Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

    I believe Ron Paul is sincere with his new bill but, most of those House cosponsors know the Senate will will do everything they can not allow a vote for a full audit of the Federal Reserve. If it somehow makes it to the floor for a vote, voting no is going to be worth large campaign donations from the big banks. Plus they can claim they tried but those crooked Democrats in the Senate stopped them from doing what the voters are demanding.

    The Washington Two Step, preformed by experts.

    • gettinready

      Sadly, I agree with your assessment. The two parties laugh as they watch us try to decide between the lesser of the two evils… I am for RON PAUl as any thinking, feeling,freedom- loving American would be… !!

  • Ken H. alias Cocoon

    Cocoon says:
    Does anyone know for sure Ron Paul will be on the ballot? I voted for RP in the FL. primary, BUT a vote for RP is a vote for obama ie., it takes a vote from Romney, just sayin’.

    • Dangfitz

      Um… are you saying that if I voted for Dr. Paul in the primary, I somehow owe Romney my vote? I heartily disagree. I voted for Dr. Paul because he earned my vote; Romney has not. I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson, because there is no difference between Obamney.

      • gettinready

        I’m voting Ron Paul and if he doesn’t get the Republican Nomination ALL of us should take our votes to where they matter _ VOTE LIBERTARIAN 2012 – and make a stand with our fellow patriots!!! Enough of everyone saying your vote will be wasted – I’m not wasting my vote on either crook!! or their cronies!! I’m voting for the constitution and the United States of America I hope the majority of Americans -who are NEITHER party – will realize that their votes are wasted by voting for these crooks and their cronies!!

  • JAP

    I agree with Paul that we need to have accountability for the FED RESERVE. However, as long as Harry Reid is Leader in Senate, NOTHING will get done.

  • DragonflyD

    Couldn’t take the time to read all comments. Has anyone suggested writing your Senators about your support and for them to not ignore this subject? I am seeing too much infighting and not looking at the bigger picture of getting this pushed through. Only strong support and outcry can force the Senate to – well – be our representatives. Isn’t that what they are supposed to be? Contact them and remind them of that fact. I am reading too many reasons why the Senate won’t act; not what we can do together to make them consider Dr. Paul’s bill.

    • Linda

      I’ve been writing 9email) to my two senators. One seems to be supporting. I think she needs to be pressed to co-sponsor, though. Right now, there are 28 signed on .

  • ljude

    If you are a true Patriot the biggest obstacle in getting a full audit of the Federal Reserve is the Senate. The Senate bill, S. 202, only has 20 co-sponsors. It was also the Senate that voted against a full audit of the Fed in the last Congress.
    Contact your Senators and urge them to support S. 202, the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011″

    The Federal Reserve created the AMERICAN DEFICIT. FEDS are purchasing everything via US TAX Dollars. FEDS are GRANTING Every Country on Earth Billions Billions & Billions. The Fed needs to be accountable for how they spend OUR money.

    • The Christian American

      ljude You say “The federal reserve created the deficit”. True but who is the deficit owed to”? Why the Federal Reserve of course. That’s why Ron Paul says we have two debts one real and the other to the Federal Reserve. They have no backing on the money they lend to us. Their lending us our own money, a paper entry. Their buying the world with their scam. The Federal Reserve is PRIVATE. Don’t believe that? Government institutions send mail with government seals for postage. The Federal Reserve sends mail with a stamp on it.

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  • truesoy

    Sam Rolley;

    Although I can hardly think of any time I had agreed with you, on this ine we are ‘almost’ on common ground.
    In my case is the curisity to know where does the Federal Reserve gets its collateral value to back up allthat money they loan, but that I suspect it only ‘exist’ on paper.
    I want to know where is the money, and how much is there they have. Are they just loaning the money they get from the government ininterest, back to the government without any other funds. Is it all made up and the powers that might be withing certain limited group is in the secret, and maybe that is why no one wants to open that can of worms?
    I’m just curious, not because it’ll change anything, because I doubt it will. I just want to know. I’m curious,and so si probably most everyone else.


    • The Christian American

      Do you see the Federal Reserve NOTES you have. That’s where the Federal Reserve gets the backing to print their money. Those NOTES represent a debt by the holder to the Federal Reserve. They used up gold and silver as backing to the dollar then they came to us and put the wealth of the nation, public and private, as collateral to print dollars. By their count they’ve printed 21 Trillion pieces of paper. Is the wealth of the nation worth 21 Trillion dollars? Ron Paul’s audit will prove very interesting.

      • truesoy

        The chrisitian american

        ….still doesn’t answer the question. The Federal Reserve is not the government. Where do they get the money to loan from? and do they have any?


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  • Maurice Craghead

    So many in this commentary, don’t seem to understand that the answer to all of this that Ron Paul is trying to explain is spelled out right there in plain language in the Constitution. (Article 1, Section 8, Paragraphs 1 thru 5). It explains, (if you will study it carefully) that our government is in violation of this Article, and the Federal Reserve is completely unconstitutional. What consgress must do to correct this is to abolish the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT of 1913. There is no where in this constitution where it authorizes Congress the authority to delegate the power “to coin money and regulate the value thereof, and with foreign coin

  • The Christian American

    let’s begin at the beginning. The people had Gold and Silver coins, the commodity represented as money as their medium of exchange. Government was not involved until 1864 when the Secret Service was created to check on counterfeiters, not protect politicians. The gold and silver was protected by government and the government could print cerificates backed 100% by the commodity. They started printing certificates without the gold and silver to back them up. When FDR was elected he knew what was going on so he took gold coins from the people. Now the people had no idea if their certidicates were backed at all. Enter the Federal Reserve. They were private banks appointed to “manage things”. They started to print FRN’s, federal reserve NOTES. Notes represent a debt to the holder. In 1972 silver joined gold in that there no longer was silver cetificates. Silver coins that were genuine money started be made of silly putty. As long as nobody knew what the congress, the Fed and people in treasury were up to, printing counterfeit money, they could get away with it. By their count, their up to 21 trillion paper dollars. Valuing gold at %1,500 and dividing that into 21 trillion, I figure there is not that much gold in the entire world to cover the paper they’ve printed, and are printing. The audit should be interesting, very interesting but in this case ignorance will be bliss.

  • The Christian American

    Let’s begin at the beginning. According to the Consitution gold and silver will be the metal we will use as our “Medium of Exchange”. When we use paper certificates the amount of gold and silver represented has to be on deposit with the treasury. Inflation, another word for counterfeitng, would be illegal. In 1864 the Secret Service as formed to check on counterfeiting. The congress and treasury dept. started printing paper without backing. It got so bad that we had inflation, counterfeiting, to point we had a depression. Enter FDR. He took real money, gold, from the people. The Federal Reserve had been formed under Wilson. Now the people had no idea how much gold was on deposit. Then came Federal Reserve Notes. The NOTES reprsent a debt to the holder, namely the federal reserve. Then in 1972 Nixon did the same thing to silver. Money went out of the people hands into the governments dirty hands. Because the people don’t have the vaguest idea of how much commodity there is backing their dollars, the governments printed, by their count, 21 Trillion dollars. Assuming that gold is worth $1,500 an ounce, divide that into 21 trillon. I don’t believe there is enough gold and silver in the world to back the paper that’s been printed and is being printed. The audit will prove interesting, very interesting. They say ignorance is bliss but in this case it really is bliss.

  • http://none Claire

    “End the Secrecy” shuld apply to both parties, and all governmental processes.

    • http://none Claire

      “should” – I do not want the spelling police after me.

  • coal miner 1 24, 2011 – 47 min – Uploaded by GoodFightUploads
    The Capitalist Conspiracy – G Edward Griffin … Loading… Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch What group controls the politicians?

  • coal miner 1

    by G. Edward Griffin … 2, 2012 – 47 min – Uploaded by OMG7291X
    The Capitalist Conspiracy An Inside View of International Banking Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin …

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