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Employers Criticize Obama Over Claims Of Less Regulation

July 13, 2011 by  

Some say Obama has not followed through on his promise to reduce regulation.Big and small employers around the country are reportedly not convinced that President Barack Obama is following through on his claim that he would reduce costly regulations.

Dan Bosch, the manager of regulatory policy at the National Federation of Independent Business, told The Washington Times that regulations have only gotten harder to follow since Obama took office.

“The final rules that are coming out in the last two years are worse,” he said.

In addition, the United States Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a nationwide tour aimed at “commonsense” regulatory reform featuring former Bush White House Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. and former Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.).

Bill Kovacs, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s vice president for environment, technology and regulatory affairs, said in a blog post that claims of fewer regulations in the Obama Administration are “disingenuous.” Kovacs pointed out that during the last two years of President George W. Bush’s term, 178 major rules were reported to Congress, compared to 195 during Obama’s first two years in the White House.

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  • Doc Sarvis

    The claims in this article are Very vague and, I imagine, hard to substantiate. I suppose a big part of the 178 to 195 difference is due to the much needed, though much maligned, health care reform.
    I would not expect business groups to Ever claim government is on their side since griping is in their self interest.

    • DanB

      In case you haven’t been following the health care reform, most of the regs have not been formalized yet. Only the law was passed. The only regs that I know of thus far out of that have to do with the parts that were scheduled to be in place this first year or so. Most of the health care does not go into effect until AFTER President Obama should by chance win a second term. If you thought the health care bill was big and unreadable, the regs are expected to be something like five pages or more per page of the health care bill. They will be MASSIVE.

      So, I am afraid that this new regs they talk about are mostly off of existing legislation. Such as the EPA and FCC expanding regs–based off of existing laws since the laws they wanted to pass instead failed so they just “found” a way to use existing law to write a new regulation to accomplish what they wanted anyways. Hate to break it to you, but Congress is nearly irrelevant and the few times they had a chance to reassert their authority over lawmaking and the power to declare war, well, they’ve passed those up and just created a free pass system for the executive branch to continue to step over the line.

      • JRBeaman

        Yeah, like Nancy Palosi said:
        “We have to pass the bill before we can know what’s in it.”

        When are these ignorant lazy people understand this country was founded on minimal government control? Most of congress and the whitehouse residents should all be hung for treason, IMHO. If almost 80% of the people rate Washington as not doing their duty, or honoring their oath of office, tell me why they are not guilty?

        The dumbing-down of America is a RESOUNDING SUCCESS!

    • TIME

      Well Glory be me, an opinion from someone who’s obviously never had a business, WOW – your a mondo stellar dude in your observations. NOT!

      Hey I have a great idea for you why don’t you start up a business then speak to us all about what “regulation” as well other mindless political endorsed hoops you have to jump through to make a living. Oddly all the while paying the very Ass’s that you have to get a permit’s from.
      (The term “Passive agressive Petty Tyrant” comes to mind straight out of the box.)

      • Doc Sarvis

        Interesting, so you are saying that the only people who may express an opinion on business are those who run businesses. You must only be interested in a monolog of like minded folks from a very small portion of our population. There are at least two sides of this issue; those being regulated and entities that benefit from regulation. I believe everyone has a horse in this race and should be allowed to comment.

        • patricia

          I don’t think anyone is saying that you don’t have the right to comment, all they are saying is that people who own businesses, big and small know a little bit more about regulations, than those who don’t. And yes the so called “healthcare reform” regulations are being implemented, NOW. The reason a lot of people don’t know what is going on is because the progressives don’t want you to know. The less attention that is being paid by John Q. Public the easier it is to implement what the “CZARS” are doing. While some people are paying attention to congress right now, not a lot are watching what the un-elected czars are doing. No don’t look at this hand, watch the other one with the pretty colors. Wake up sunshine, get a clue.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Business owners know about the regulations they are required to meet and most/many of them are in place for a reason. The reason for the formation of each regulation is known by others. Sometimes the busniness person knows the reason but those affected by compliance or noncompliance to the regulations usually are the ones calling for specific regulations.
            I am not sure who the “progressives” are that you refer to. President Obama is certainly not a “lefty”/”progressive”. Last time I looked (almost a year ago) President Bush had more “Czars” than President Obama.
            I’m fully awake, it is you that has some criticle thinking to do.

        • http://aol Grandpa Red

          Looks like your horse has gone lame and needs to be put down.

          • Doc Sarvis

            I guess you were trying to make a point. Better luck next time.

          • JRBeaman

            Doc has no clue, he is probably one of those that still thinks Obama was running against Bush. No clue to reality or what made this country great, just listening to the left-media and greedly wanting more socialism so he doesn’t have to work or think. Now that he has played the Bush Card, next he will play the Race Card or the Hate Card and attack you/me with strawman positions. Yeah, The dumbing-down of America is a resounding success, and he is proof. What he doesn’t get is that Obama surpassed bush in less than one term compared to Bushes two terms. Then math, logic and reading comprehension is not something he is very swift at either.

        • patricia

          Re-distribution of wealth, is progressive socialism. President Obama believes very strongly in re-distribution of wealth, remember Joe the plumber? Obama, like a lot of other progressives want to re-distribute the wealth, just so long as it doesn’t bother their own. And yes the regulatory czar is a marxist, by his own admission. Even Hillary had the nerve to admit she was progressive. Obama has not been honest with the American people.

          • Doc Sarvis

            Redistribution of wealth UPWARD has continued under President Obama. The tax advantages of the wealthy (top 2%) that have been in place for a long time were accellerated under the Bush Presidency and have continued under President Obama. You call that progressive?

          • Ellen

            Doc, I’m not sure what special tax advantages you speak of for the top 2%. Yes, capital gains are taxed at a lower rate, but that impacts everyone. The top 2% get almost no deductions. They get to claim mortgage interest and charitable deductions, but those are reduced on a sliding scale based on income. They don’t get to claim dependents, higher education costs, etc. They do get to pay a higher tax rate, making their tax payments even higher. And, they get to listen to morons like Obama claim that people making $250,000 are millionaires and billionaires. Let’s all hate the rich and be jealous and take more of their hard-earned money.

        • TIME

          I don’t know where you got your DOC from but I would ask for a refund ASAP.

          • Doc Sarvis

            ha ha… You apparently have no valid arguments to what I said.

          • TIME

            No Doc, your comments are at best worthless mindless dribble – thus they have “ZERO VALUE” in th real world.

            HA HA, LMAO you really need to ask for that refund as you were cheeted and robbed!

          • Doc Sarvis

            I see how it is with you TIME. I make good points and you hurl insults. Not hard to figure you out.

          • JRBeaman

            Sorry Doc, but you ARE an insult to America.

        • Karen

          Here is the scoop folks..we are all screwed and that is exactly obamas goal..destroy all businesses, make them under the federal government, become a communist country like china, one child per family, live in a two by four, get the job they deem for you, eat the food they allow you….so smile liberals you will love life more when Obama is done!

      • Al Sieber

        TIME, in my business I have to deal with Federal Regulations, the Dept. OF The Interior, so far no EPA but it’s coming, then I’ll be a real outlaw for not complying. screw ‘em.

        • Al Sieber

          TIME, gold is $1582, something is up, last week it was down to $1480, think it has something to do with the debt ceiling? or the coming high inflation? or the combination of things? what would make it jump over $100 in a few days?

          • TIME

            Your dead on target dude. Just wait until the twinkies wake up and find that a pound of sugar is $50.00. That will shake the crap out of someone in a heart beat.

            I figure from all outward signs gold will hit an easy $3000.00 Per OZ by early 2012, after that its just not even going to be a question of where the top will stop. I have spoken with some really well versed folks who say gold could hit $5K and up.
            These folks have been on the money on everything so far two of them told me in 2006 that by 2011 gold would be $1400.00 plus man now thats what I call in the ball park!

          • Al Sieber

            You got that right TIME, I like your style.

        • JUKEBOX

          I was talking with the owner of a funeral home the other day, and I was amazed to find out that the seven funeral homes in our county have had to go to a central, consolidated facility for embalming, etc. due to OSHA and other government regulations. Their individual liability to government agencies has grown to a point where it was not economically feasible to continue performing necessary functions as individual companies. That is going to expand into every small business, no matter what business they are in.

    • Allan

      You’re essentially acting like a slaveowner here. You want business to produce and function according to your terms, and if they whine, whip them!

  • Grover

    There needs to be MORE, not less regulation. The greed of some businesses is destroying our nation and the world. It is also ‘raping’ their employees.

    As to the health care reform, the only problem with it is it did so very little. A strong public option was the minimum needed, and it should have been a single payer system run by or very strictly regulated by the government. The drug ‘cartel’ should have been put in a straight jacket, and the regulators should be VERY closely monitored.

    We pay 2 times what the next closest nation pays for health care, and we get the 37th best service. When you compare our cost to the cost of numbers 36 and 38, we pay about 10 times what they pay for equivalent results.

    The same basic situation is present in most all ‘big industries’. They all should be strictly regulated.

    And on ‘free trade’, all agreements should be voided, and our trading partners given 6 months to join in a FAIR trade agreement.

    • thinking

      Yes good thinking, more is better! More prisons to put all the business owners in. In fact the government should run every business. Oh they do by all the regulations. Well at least the government will take care of us, right. Food, cloths, money, yes we need more government! Better known as change we can live with.

      • thinking

        In other words the problem is not the business people but the corrupt government…

        • JRBeaman

          The problem is that increased government control and meddling has cost us what made this country great. People running a bad business model went out of business, they were not bailed out where bonuses were paid to those running them incorrectly, and the remainder being invested overseas.

          Check the stats, over 80% of the Obama bailout money WAS invested overseas. Where in our Constitution says that the president can become the GM of a car company? Ford didn’t take the bailout money and was prosperous in less than 6 months. All those that took the theft money from our children and grandchildren are still underwater.

          Wake up, You criticized Bush when the democrat controlled congress forced thru an $800 billion bailout, that didn’t help, but $14 trillion of doing the same thing, proven to be wrong, is ok? Insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results. It’s like overdrawing your bank account to the tune of $14,000 and blaming it all on your wife cause she started it because she spent $800.

          $100 says you haven’t a clue what our founding documents are, much less read them. They certainly weren’t the communist manifesto as you seem to like so much.

          Go get a real education on what made this country great and you will see Obama, your savior, doing everything he can to destroy it. It is too obvious to the educated.

    • patricia

      The last I heard, 47% of Americans don’t pay taxes, and in some form or another are getting “government” assistance. You must be one of those 47%. Have you been watching what is going on in Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and the rest of Europe. They’ve been doing the socialist thing for a long time, guess what, it does NOT work. If you seized the assets(that’s everything they own) of all the the “rich” greedy people in America, it would NOT last a year, paying for all of the “government” assistance for the rest of the country. You must not live in the real world. Somebody’s got to go to work everyday, not just “rich” people. By the way I am middle class, so don’t go there.

      • JRBeaman

        Where does it say that taxing the people can make a country prosperous? It is an ignorant ploy. History in this country proves that taxing the people less gets the government MORE money. You see, since the government makes money every time it is used, why take it from the source? Taxing the people increases power over them and removes their liberty. It isn’t about the money, in case you haven’t noticed, it is all about taking control, and turning us all into cattle.

    • Bob

      Because men are not angels, we need government. Because those who govern are not angels, we need LIMITED government!

    • Ellen

      Grover, Americans have no idea how good we have it with our health care. My friend’s mom is Canadian and has been waiting 2 1/2 years for a minor surgery to eliminate an incontinence problem. It’s not considered life threatening, so she’s on a waiting list. We wouldn’t stand for that here, which is why we pay more money. Further, they no longer have primary care doctors in private practice that take new patients. So, unless you are lucky enough to already have a doctor, you must go to a clinic for medical care. They pay 20% of all care, which is another thing we don’t do here (unless you have Medicare – but then you have a miniscule premium). We pay high premiums and expect free preventative care. Have we not noticed that ever since we moved to preventative care our health has deteriorated drastically. Poor health = more claims = higher premiums. Single payer will just give us another mismanaged, abused, and wrought-with-fraud govt program just like Medicare & Medicaid.

      • JRBeaman

        Yes. If we need so much healthcare reform, why do we need socialized medicine, like Canada? And then why does their Prime Minister come to the US for his medical issues? Are these people really that ignorant? Oh, yeah, the dumbing-down of America is a resounding success.

    • Allan

      In honor of this attitude, I propose a national business boycott.

      All for-profit businesses could shut down for a day or two to send a message to government and folks who think like Grover — the message being they have pissed off the producers more than a little.

      Likewise, if prepared for correctly, I think a fed shutdown would also provide some helpful attitude adjustment. The left should appreciate that this is what any of their self-respecting unions do when the members feel oppressed.


      Hey Grover, what Communist country did you come here from?

  • James

    I agree with Grover we need more not less and the greed is destroying our country. Why can’t we all see that.

    • Disgusted

      I have to speak up. I own my own business and I am neither driven by greed or corruption. Your mindset is stuck on Enron and all the other big businesses that were/are driven by greed or corruption. Not everyone can be lumped together. I can tell you that I have enough regulations to deal with and I pay enough in taxes. I, just like you, don’t want to pay more. I am not “sticking it to the government” by utilized loop holes or anything like that, I am just trying to make a living and working very hard to do it. Why should I have to pay more than you? Because I own my own business? That is just stupid. If a business is utilizing a loop hole and taking tax deductions because of it then the government should do something to close that loop hole. My husband and I work at least 60 hours a week, make a decent living but not outrageous – we are comfortable. Why should I be punished for working hard (the American Dream).

      • Cawmun Cents

        The issue here is that the hack-kneed liberals do not understand making the criminal pay for his crimes.They believe(out of some kind of thinking that I will never understand)that you force everyone to be thought of as a criminal.Instead of punishing the law breakers,you invent a law that makes everyone a suspect.That is marxism to a tee.Yeah,dont make the punisnment for those who break the laws harsher,just create a law which makes everyone a criminal.IT IS THEIR WAY OF REGULATING YOU TO SUBSERVIENCE!.I do not wish to be regualted thusly,therefore I will not.ou can make all the laws you want to but God forbid you ever enforce them.The prisons will be so full that there will only be convicts and guards left in this country.What a sham!-CC.

        • Fuzzy

          You must be talking about places like GE who have paid off government dems for all the loop holes they have to so that they pay $0 on the billions the make. That is just one instance and there a thousands more.

          • JRBeaman

            And you seem to forget that all of the money that Obama stole from the people went to big businesses, when he claimed to be helping the working man? And also created more laws and government control on the small business owners such that many had to go out of business? You seem to remember what made this country great, and it wasn’t more government control. That increase has only made it worse. Go read some truthful history of this country.

    • TML

      I cringe everytime I here some fool say we need more regulation from central government. The ‘greed’ you talk about in businesses are from the major corporations… not the individual business owner. Interesting that in cases such as Obamacare, big corporations are exempt from these regulations.

      • Bus

        I’m with you on this, corporations should just do their job and make products which then make profits. Let the owners do all the charity work not some faceless corporation.

        • JRBeaman

          Everyone forgets that taxing the small business reduces their ability to hire people. Increased regulations take away their profits and we have more unemployment. How does that help our country? How does bailouts to companies that SHOULD go under help us? It only gives incentive to continue running a bad business model while the bailout (stolen from the people) goes as bonuses to those making it so.

    • Bob

      Yes greed is destroying our country. The government does not produce anything. It takes from those who produce and gives to those who do not. That is theft – a crime.

      Therefore, we need less government. Why can’t you see the obvious?

    • Allan

      The idea that there is more altruism and less greed in government is naive at best. I feel sorry for those under this delusion.

      Obama at this point reminds me of a Rev. Jim Jones, with his hardcore progressive coterie urging the dutiful liberal minded to drink what’s in the little cup.


      I agree that the greed is destroying our country, but it is the greed of the liberal politicians and their myrmidon, welfare dependent constituents.

  • jopa

    patricia;Making the senior citizens of America pay with their Social Security to run our country just to reduce taxes for millionaires is redistributing the wealth.I think it would be a little easier for the billionaire to pay at least what an average American is paying percentage wise rather than take away the money from our seniors as in the Republican plan.Even the tax proposals offered by the Obama administration that ends the Bush tax cuts are lower taxes than the average American pays.

    • patricia

      The only way senior citizens will lose social security is if Obama takes it away for political purposes, to scare seniors into voting for him again. Scare tactics from progressive socialists is how we got into this mess in the first place. Paul Ryan, a republican, has a plan to reform social security, that does NOT affect people who are already getting social security. Make congress take social security funding out of the “general fund” and put it back into the lock box, that was promised. They’ve been using it for a slush fund for so long, they think it belongs to them. It’s time the progressive socialists who took over our congress in 2006, stop pretending to be democrats, and tell the truth. Then please tell all of us EXACTLY what the “tax proposals” are that have been offered by Obama?? All he talks about is raising revenues, and that means raising taxes, on ALL of us, not just rich people. I’ve been working for 40 years now, and I’ve never worked for someone who didn’t have any money, cause I never would have gotten a paycheck!!!

      • TIME

        Patricia, Great post!

      • JUKEBOX

        I believe Al Gore used the money in that “LOCK BOX” to finance some of his personal financial scams.

        • JRBeaman

          Why does everyone forget that Social Security is not a tax revenue? There never was a lock box. It was a myth. SS is not an entitlement. It is a individually paid contract for retirement. Totally different than other taxes. How can the president make law from the whitehouse? It is a signal to his minions to hose everyone if he doesn’t get his way. Everything he has done stinks of motive to destroy America like Regan destroyed the USSR. By bankrupting us.

  • Bus

    Too many fat fingers are helping mix the stew. The only way to get real tax reform is to wait for the government to implode, withstand the civil war and unrest then start building again, but on a much smaller scale, say at the state level.

    • JRBeaman

      This country had a great founding. A few mistakes along the way and we were doomed to what made us the greatest nation in history, all in less than 200 years.

      #1. subbing out our money.
      #2. Not requiring the Supreme court to validate every law to our Constitution.
      #3. The supreme court saying bribes and graft to politicians was a form of free speech.

      Every single thing the government has taken control of has been a failure.

      I weep for my grandchildren.

  • chuckb

    patricia, the paul ryan plan is another ploy. his plan calls for budget cuts down the road. we need to start cutting spending immediately not ten years down the road. ryan’s plan ok’s raising the debt ceiling, we need to stop that now. ryan calls for cuts to medicare, why? they have done very little to alter or try to stop obamacare, they all put it off until we get a republican pres., this may not happen. the problem is these same republicans are interested in raising the debt ceiling, they need more money to spend themselves.we need to stop it now. we need to stop them in their tracks. having seen the republicans act this way over the years, i can tell by their body language, they will fold, they will dream up some lame excuse how they settled in order to keep the country solvent, barry will get more stimulus money for his election next year and we the citizens will lose again.

  • Gayle

    What bothers me is that obama’s czars are passing more regulations as legislation when they are going around people who are duly assigned for the office. Rush Limbaugh stated for a restaurant to open and sell alcohol in new york there were 11 inspections not counting the licenses, so new york forms a office to help the person get through the regulations!! USA is now highest taxed and hardest to start a business. obamacare will destroy what is left of our businesses and the health care will be turd world. People from all countries come here for treatment, we have the best, The UK is now turning their health care back over to the private doctors.


    YES , and what party had the Houes and Senate in Bushes last two years ? This is why we need to convict Obama as a criminal and remove him from office before the next election , so we can declare his entire term null and void and literally eliminate everything done during his entire administration . It would’t hurt if we could include Bushes last two years as the progressives were already greasing the skids for Obama dictatorship . I am that sure this was a bought and paid for election before the first vote was ever cast .


      I expect for the Great Pretender to try to declare “MARTIAL LAW” before he loses the next election. That would insure his dictatorship.


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