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Emergency Survival Supplies To Buy Used

October 8, 2012 by  

Emergency Survival Supplies To Buy Used

There are all kinds of places to get survival items such as Goodwill Industries, Deseret Industries, thrift shops, estate sales, yard sales, garage sales, fundraisers, pawn shops, flea markets, moving sales and Internet sites such as Craigslist,, eBay and Amazon.

Every Saturday during the good-weather months, I sneak off in the mornings to see what I can find at the local yard sales. I am always on the lookout for things like camping equipment, sleeping bags, wool blankets, backpacks and medical supplies.

I am also stockpiling emergency supplies, canning supplies, medical supplies, lighting, garden tools, hand tools, fishing equipment, warm winter clothing, bedding, fuel, guns and ammo. Whenever I find a bargain, I add it to my stockpile.

You can find myriad useful survival items at garage sales and thrift stores. I love garage sales, and I always find good stuff — like the time I found a Vitamix for $25 and a Champion Juicer for $50. My last great find was 10 oil lamps still in the package for $3 each; I bought them all.

The following categories include a list of items that can be found secondhand and will save you money.

Emergency food storage and survival books. People sell books cheap. Look for cookbooks that have recipes for using dehydrated foods, canning, cooking with a Dutch oven, and making simple pioneer and outdoor-cooked meals. The recipes should include simple ingredients that almost everyone would have in their pantry., eBay and Amazon all have many books to choose from that would be a great resource for emergency and survival. I have written several books on the subject, check them out at

Camping, hiking and fishing equipment. Be on the lookout for camping items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, heavy-duty cord, tuck tape, a propane camp stove, charcoal grills with charcoal, foam bed rolls, cots to sleep on, coolers and kitchen equipment such as Dutch ovens, cast-iron pots and pans, military mess kits, good knives, utensils, and a hand-operated can opener. I look for 5-gallon buckets because they come in handy for all kinds of situations. Portable toilets are nice to have, too. Duct tape serves many purposes and should be in every stockpile of emergency supplies. Look for fishing equipment such as: tackle boxes, fishing poles, reels, lures, flies, nets, an ice cutting auger, ice fishing tent, chairs and equipment. And a good sharp knife is also a great find.

Canning equipment and jars. My latest find was two water bath canners for $10 each. One was a smaller canner for pints and the larger one for quarts. Other canning items include jar lifters, funnels, tomato juice extractors, juice cookers and big pots.

I usually pick up canning jars at garage sales for 25 cents each or less. Canning jars come in half-pint, pint, quart and half-gallon sizes. Look for jar rings to go on the canning jars to hold the lids on tight.

Emergency radios.Wind-up emergency radios, battery-operated radios with batteries, ham radios and scanners will help tremendously in an emergency. A radio or scanner is your link to the outside world. What is happening in any emergency can be heard on these types of radios. Look at pawn shops for this type of equipment.

Garden and hand tools. I have a hand cultivator for my garden. I got it secondhand. It is at least 50 years old and is still in good working condition. Look for garden tools like rakes, shovels, manual lawn mowers, loppers, hoes, pitchforks, crowbars and wood-splitting tools like sledge hammers, axes, hatchets, wedges, etc.

Hand tools you can look for include hammers, manual screwdrivers and any other tool that would be nice to have in a survival situation. If you can find a chain saw, get it along with the oil and fuel to run it. Also, look for a gas-driven generator along with gasoline storage containers.

Guns and ammo. Most pawn shops carry guns and ammo at a reasonable price. People get down and out and need quick cash, so they pawn their guns. You can get hunting rifles as well as handguns this way. Look for gun cases, gun-cleaning kits, clay targets and decoys. Other hunting items to look for include crossbows, arrows and insulated camouflage clothing.

 Kitchen equipment

I look for food dehydrators, bread makers and wheat grinders because sometimes people are getting rid of things they haven’t used for a while. These items are very valuable and can be found at bargain prices. There are solar food dehydrators as well as hand wheat grinders. My bread maker has an attachment for a hand crank so if the power goes out I can still make bread. Many other kitchen items can be found secondhand.

Lighting and fire-making equipment. Look for battery-powered flashlights, solar-powered flashlights, lanterns, spotlights, oil lanterns and candles. Don’t forget the batteries, matches, butane igniters and lighters. Be sure to get the fuel for the lanterns, wicks and mantles. Flint and steel can be found in my purse at all times.

Medical kits. I am always on the lookout for medical supplies. I found a complete suture kit at a yard sale once. This summer I picked up medical-kit bags that were empty but brand new. I will fill them myself and keep one in my car, home and business. Items to look for are new boxes of bandages, butterfly strips, sterile gauze, first-aid tape, surgical scissors, unopened boxes of Depends, waterproof sterile bed pads, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and medical scooters. I have even seen unopened first-aid medical kits for sale. If it is an estate sale and the person was being attended by an in home nursing program, there will most likely be medical supplies at the sale. Just ask for what you want, and they might have it.

I keep ION (stabilized oxygen) in my medical kit at all times and in my purse. It kills bacteria on contact and treats 110 gallons of water per bottle.

Warm clothing, winter boots and warm blankets. I look for warm winter gloves, socks, scarves, jackets and coats of all sizes. I get larger-sized items so if the grandkids grow, they can still wear the items. I store winter boots for everyone in the family as well as good shoes to walk or hike in. Just in case we had to walk a long way, I make sure they are comfortable and heavy duty.

I look for wool blankets because they are so warm. You can use them inside a sleeping blanket or on top. They are getting hard to find, so you might have to ask whether any are for sale.

These ideas came from the book Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton. Check it out at

–Peggy Layton

Peggy Layton

a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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  • independent thinker

    Something Peggy did not mention is auctions. You have to have the self control to not get caught up in a bidding war over an item and over pay. If you have that self control you can get great bargins there. I have purchased over a hundred dollars worth of name brand sockets and other tools for $5 and other assorted tools for very little at various auctions.

  • http://none Claire

    I believe I am ready for anything that may happen in this crazy world. During the last 4-5 years of my husband’s life, he took care of everything so that if something disastrous happened, we would be able to survive. He wasn’t a radical, he used common sense. He went to auctions and garage sales. He taught me many things, taught me how to use a gun, he had the patience of a saint. He stockpiled many many items, food, bottled water, medical supplies, tools, everything imaginable, including the first aid kit for the dogs. I can remember thinking ” why didn’t I think of that” numerous times. He made sure that both vehicles always had a full tank of gas and in top notch running order. Be sure to watch the expiration dates on canned foods, etc.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Just wanted to point out that canned foods are good way after their expiration date. Most will last 10 years or more. The food may lose some of its taste and nutrition over time but is still edible. Make sure the cans are not dented. Do not eat the food if the can is dented.

      • Gordon

        When the cans start to leak, they’re rusting from the inside out. Rotate your stock before the whole batch is ruined.

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Nothing wrong with dented cans in and of themselves we buy them all the time. However, the dented cans should be used for immediate consumption or short term storage (less than say one year) not long term storage. The thing to watch for is bulging cans that obviously have pressure building inside them.

    • JC

      Sounds like your husband was a good man Claire. I’m doing pretty much the same thing here for my family. One thing I may be doing differently though is this; My wife and I have developed a small community of people who share our concerns and are preparing for emergency’s of any kind in much the same way. We all have non-cellular walkie talkies
      and pre-arranged meeting places outside of the city. We have land in the mountains and reasonably comfortable accomodations there. We have rehearsed a route that avoids major roads and we all have off road vehicles. The skills of this community include active and retired military and police as well as survivalists and hunters etc.
      The bottom line being that if things get really bad, you’ll need someone on your 6.
      And ya gotta sleep sometime….

      • http://none Claire

        JC–My Bob was a doll. He was honest, trustworthy, generous, compassionate, and all good things rolled into one guy. I thank God I was so fortunate to have him for 52 years. My son and daughter are a lot like him. I wish he was here, but I tell myself he is no longer sick, he is happy and in a better place. He is at peace now. My house is so vacant without him and it hurts like hell. But I keep telling myself that I will see him again.
        On a side note, I put one of his favorite guns and his favorite hunting dogs’ ashes in the casket with him.

      • JC


  • TIME

    Dear People,

    I do applaud anyone who thinks ahead and plans for bad weather, its a really great idea and everyone should do this.

    Saddly ~ I don’t think many of you have a real clue about what will happen as there are many contingency plans on the table on the flip side that we all will face.
    So let me try and open your minds to what and who the real war is on, { if you know this intel ~ super} if not, it would do you well to think long and hard on this.

    First off the real war is on the – American and European ” MIDDLE CLASS’S” And yes the Special Criminals in charge ~~ can and will do just fine with out you, as they have all your wealth any time they so want it. Even if your home is paid off its still { not } yours.
    Why? Well how about this fact ~~ you owe part of a $16 Trillion dollar outstanding debt, thus you are a slave to the state and everything you own is not your’s, rather you like it or not. Thats the facts.

    If any of you have ever looked in to the “Lacota Sioux” during the late 1800′s – then you can better understand the fate of the American Middle class, BUT ~ your fate will be much more harsh. **( Think of Agenda 21 as a RE-SETLEMENT to to a reservation. )**
    Not unlike the blueprint used by the NAZI’S for the JEWS, and anyone who just didn’t fit the profile of what they were looking for in a “Sub Human Slave.”
    As I recall the Nazi’s used the term “Race and Resettlement.”

    Your usefulness is no longer needed, such is the fate of any and all
    “Disposable Society’s” – when all is said and done by way of setting the standards for the “NEW SOCIAL” Structure in place the old is no longer needed.
    Well thats your part in this play, ~~ again ~~ rather you like it or not,
    {This is not my doing, I am just extending the message of what your fates will be.}
    > If you want to get angry and mad super but do so at the right persons.<

    So how will you pack up 2500 plus pounds of supplys and where will you go? How will you survive when your being hunted daily by thousands of well trained troops from all over the world who are also being used for what they offer, ~~ Again ~~ with no reguard for what happens to them by the NWO masters who will send these people / TOOLS out after you.

    I don't have all the answers but I do know that what you may think will work out – well it may not work out quite as you planed. Again this is not to upset you, j ust to forwarn you that when this all starts to fall apart, and it will — as there is "nothing holding" it together anylonger, and I mean """"NOTHING.""""
    You had better have a lot of options open that you have pre planned, as with out question one plan will not cover the scope of whats coming.

    Again please review the { Lacota Sioux and the Jew's of Europe } to refresh your thinking.

    Peace & Love,

    • JimH

      Hi TIME, What’s your plan?

      • TIME

        Dear Jim,.

        Have we set aside many years of stock, ~ yes ~ but we started that long ago as I have a rather good source of itel from folks that are very well informed as to whats coming.
        Will we try and hold out as long as we can ~~ as well aid others while doing so. Yes.

        Try and find someone who will be within your group that has medical training, someone who has a strong science backround who can help create a water supply as well other needs that will arise.
        Also someone who knows the area’s around you like a glove as well extended areas. You will also need a strong leader and a strong. back up leader, you will need someone who can cook, also a cool dry place to keep all supplys as well a method for quick transport when needed. And when the peace sets in a person with a very GREEN THUMB!
        You will also need someone who is an expert on tactic’s.
        I guess what I am saying is that you will need a group of people, and they may not be stocked so you have to think about extra stock for these folks too.

        I have nothing bad to say about the author I enjoy her blogs, all I am saying to all of you ~ is this is not an event that has not been quite well planned out by the Criminals within the real .05% that rule over all of us.
        People have to understand that fact, as well what the {real end game} is.

        What we all have to understand is that no one plan will be the best, you have to learn to flow with the events that unfold as they unfold.
        Saddly if one were to explore what’s going on in real TIME around the globe, there really are very few questions that what is unfolding is ~ nothing less than ~ the “Perfect Storm.”

        Do what works best for you, try and stay well informed, Please use the listed sights below as TOOLS for what is coming, Learn to read between the lines of even these articals, and understand that no matter what level of Intel — there is always the ” Human Factor” in the mix. Learn to remove that – then work from the base or what you know in your heart.

        Prison — this sight is good for most of what is being done within the Political sphere., — This sight gives you news you just will not see and helps fills in blanks on news that you do see.

        Steve Quayle, — This sight is great for many reasons all of what you will find in less than a few days of looking in.

        Before its — This sight also fills in many blanks and will help you to see past a lot of rhetoric., — This sight is without question the best sight to understand whats going on with our weather patterns as well aid you in what events will unfold with the “Natural” Weather.

        I do enjoy Mr. Livingstons sight, but as we all have gone through a cycle / learning curb many here are just mixing up the pot, with zombie opinions, others have opened their eyes and now see whats coming, some are working on it these I hope will get it soon.
        But the ones that are just in total DE~NILE don’t waste your time with.
        As The Christ said, { there will always be the Poor, the Ignorant, and the blind.}
        I say – You nor I can’t help them if they will not see, so help those that will listen and learn.

        BTW: ~ I am sure there are many other sights ~ but what you all need to know is that when the power grid fails, is when the real SHTF is going to happen so these TOOLS will no longer be there for you.
        So use these TOOLS now – have hard copys of anything you need for the future.

        Jim, I don’t have a crystal ball, nor do I claim to be God, so as I noted the best advice anyone can give – is to ~ {{ learn to be very flexible as change is coming. }}

        I know that these Criminals will fail in the end, – but during the struggle its going to be very hard. When its all over, we all will have to become “TEACHERS” as well a being selfless during and after all is said and done.

        Always keep in mind { Be a “Benevolent Leader” } Think form your Heart not your gut.

        Peace and Love, my friend

      • JimH

        Hi TIME, I come from a family of farmers. We have many who hunt and fish. The farm wives know how to do canning.
        We may be short handed on the tactician though.
        Having camped, backpacked and canoed since childhood, we have alot of the camping gear and knowledge to function in the wilderness. It’s getting there in time of crisis that may be the issue.
        Thanks for the info.

    • http://none Claire

      Time: You are correct in what you post, and all the planning in the world can go awry. However, a person can hide (for awhile) , as I will. I already have a secluded place, stocked and ready to go. I will stand my ground. If such a time arrives that I must flee, I will be ready and I will no doubt die defending my freedom. I am not a radical, I will simply do what I must.

      • James Andrews

        God Bless ya Claire…….I think a lot of us feel the same way!

      • Gordon

        Whataya gonna do when you get to your secluded place and 12 more show up? Sure only 20% are only half way planning, but the 4% that are “ready” is a big number when chasing your hideout. IMO you ought to have a bugout plan that includes a circle of friends for support and defense. 3-4 people can’t defend anything from a mob of 30 or even 4 in full tactical gear. They’re coming for you.

      • Robert Robbins

        Maybe can’t prevent it all but the right vote Nov. 6, will delay it, I hope.

      • JC

        Amen that Claire..Liberty or Death.

      • The GLB

        Claire, would you be my Sister-in-Law?

      • Daveh234

        Robert Robbins , that is delusional. As if who you vote for is going to change the outcome being prepared for here.

      • Opal the Gem

        Daveh234 he did not say change he said DELAY.

      • http://none Claire

        My kids, their kids, cousins, uncles & aunts will be with me. I know exactly what you mean by others trying to find safety and shelter as well as the “creeps” trying to come after us. My place is off the beaten path, literally. We let the trees, brush, vines, etc. grow all around it. There is so much brush that even in winter it cannot be seen until you are right on top of it. There is a deep ditch, we could probably put the SUVs in it, and cover them with brush. I would think it would be awhile before we were found. No one knows our plans, only the members of my family and they aren’t talking.

        • Barry Hackney

          Vegetation (if evergreen) is better than nothing, and will fool a few looters and roving gangs (and they will be the first threat most of us will encounter), but personnel from the USGOV or UN will have aircraft fitted with thermal imaging & ground anomaly detecting instruments. Eventually they will find you & if you are in an area which has been declared off limits, the penalty will be severe. Hoarding is a criminal act under the emergency exec orders. Provisions should be secreted in multiple off-site locations. In any case, I would prefer to die a free man with a full belly than a slow, agonizing death by starvation in a concentration camp.
          If we are not resisting tyranny now, we will not resist when we are starving, leaderless & without communication. There should be private data bases on line now with lists of globalist sympathizing officials & corrupt law enforcement & judges, just as they have built data bases with all personal info on all suspected patriots.

  • Barry Hackney

    Perhaps Mr. Livingston could could invite “Time” to submit an article or do an interview.
    What the Germans did to the Jews and what the Jews did to the Palestinians could very well happen in the US, and it is indeed difficult to carry 2 tons of equipment & provisions on one’s back or aboard a cattle car filled with starving internees.
    The reality is that the globalist elite plan a massive depopulation & genocide and there will be no compromise with them or way to resist. Separation of citizens from their supplies, families, and means of communication will be at the top of their agenda. Weapons will be useful only to resist the wave of crime which will commence at the outbreak of the coming troubles, but will not be very effective against the heavily armed troops sent to re-locate or kill us. Americans are as clueless as the Russians were in 1917, but the same banksters have the same fate awaiting us. Both major candidates are working for these psychopathic banksters.

    In any case, the more food, medicines and ammunition that are put back now, the better things will be when the inevitable comes down. They will come to your house with metal detectors and take everything you have. They will torture you & your kids to find ALL of your hidden goods. You have no rights other than those granted at the pleasure of the regional ruling officials. Perlemutter (aka Khruschev) found that starvation is the most efficient means of killing millions of people, and his methods will be used. After what America has done or been complicit in doing to others, we deserve no better.
    Lists on data bases are in place and dissidents and potential leaders of resistance to tyranny are already being quietly rounded up &/or assassinated with no real opposition from patriots & preppers. Government officials have publicly stated that patriots, Constitutionalists, Bible-believing Christians and gun owners are a potential threat to the government, and we are the targets of investigations, data collection, and frame-ups.

  • Charlie Tall

    It’s obvious that the author has neither done enough thinking on the matter, nor does she have practical experience. Peggy Layton might be a great little shopper, but she is a total failure as a survivalist. Following her advice will simply allow you to have a lot of junk piled around when you are killed.

    “My bread maker has an attachment for a hand crank so if the power goes out I can still make bread.”
    So you can crank the bread maker if the power goes out. Then what? You build a fire under it to bake the bread. Maybe there are bread makers that don’t bake, but the one I have needs something to make it heat, and electricity is the best fuel I’ve found.

    And while you’re baking bread, what do you do about the three thugs trying to knock down your door?

    “Most pawn shops carry guns and ammo at a reasonable price.”
    It’s pretty obvious that Peggy thinks that a gun is a gun is a gun, and ammunition is ammunition is ammunition. That just ain’t so.

    And pawn shops are among the MOST EXPENSIVE places to buy a gun. First of all, you have no idea what you’re buying, what the quality is, how it has been cared for, or what it should cost. If you want a gun of unknown quality and reliability, no guarantee, at a jacked-up price, go to a pawn shop.

    If you want a decent, reliable firearm at a fair price, go to a large gun show and spend the day comparing and shopping. You will have the advantage of literally dozens of dealers competing and bidding against one another, and you will have hundreds of expert sources of information.

    Once you’ve picked out a couple of suitable firearms, then buy from a real dealer that will guarantee your purchase and make sure that you’re not buying a hot gun. Pawn shops are far away from the best place to buy a firearm.

    Your weapons will be your most important tools if a serious emergency situation goes down. My choice of firearms for two people is: two 9mm pistols, two 5.56mm rifles, one .22 rifle, and a 12 gauge shotgun with removable chokes and at least 8-shot magazine. For ammunition I’ve selected plain ball ammo for the 9mm (100 rounds apiece) and 5.56mm (300 rounds apiece), regular long rifle and subsonic for the .22 (a brick of each), and both field loads and 00 buck for the shotgun (30 rounds of buck and 50 rounds of shot). Carry the shotgun with the buckshot loaded.

    “…look for a gas-driven generator along with gasoline storage containers.”
    Gasoline can sit in a container for about one year at the longest. After than, it’s volatile additives are gone, and those are what determine the octane rating. So what’s left after that time is good for starting fires, but not running modern internal combustion engines. So rotate your gasoline stocks.

    Now about generators – Remember that in an emergency situation where the electricity is off and no one has power, the noise associated with merely starting a generator will draw a lot of attention, most of it undesired. Going a bit further, turning on a light in a totally dark neighborhood will be one step short of suicide unless the neighborhood is working together. So a generator will best serve you only during daylight hours, and only if it is relatively quiet like a Generac (they are quiet) or other brand and model designed for use in a national park (noise regulations).

    But generally speaking, a generator will be more liability than advantage.

    The best real chance of survival will be predetermined by mobility: the ability for you to get up, get out, and move intelligently and securely. Freeze dried foods, lightweight equipment, and water treatment and medical supplies, weapons, and good shoes and clothing will be the big items. Also consider a small wheeled cart to carry the extra stuff you’re sure to want to take along. Oh, don’t forget the toilet paper. ;>)

    Don’t plan on driving anywhere. I mean, you can, but there’s nothing easier for thugs to execute than a hasty ambush of unarmored vehicles.

    Those that get together and agree on a cooperative effort will have the best chance of survival; the lone fox will probably become a meal for the wolf pack unless he’s very, very good.

    • CZ52

      A thought or two concerning your post.

      Pawn shops, While your advice is good concerning just walking into one and purchasing a firearm There are many pawn shops out there that give good service and will not knowingly sell you a questionable firearm. The trick is to get to know the shop and the long term personell that work there. Develop a working relationship with them by purchasing things occasionaly if only a 50 cent tool or a CD. Also, the smaller the pawn shop the better as far as developing a good relationship with them.

      As far as firearms are concerned if you keep your eyes and ears open you can sometimes get good deals from individuals. You will have to use due caution to insure the gun has not been misstreated and such but the good deals are out there.

      Generators. A lots depends on where you live and how you prepare for their use. If you live in a developed community certailny sound will be a major concern but if you live in the country while you should consider sound with no close heighbors it is less of a concern. As far as lights showing a properly prepared person will cover the windows to block the light and use due caution when the need to go out or look out to minimize the light leakage. Also, the generator should not be your primary source of light reserve it for the fridge, freezer, or other things that need electricity to operate. Use oil lamps and lanterns for your primary source of light and even then you should minimize the leakage to the outside.

      • Charlie Tall

        Most people in America live in urban and suburban areas, so for the great majority, my advice on generators is prudent and sound. No pun intended.

        In New Orleans, the city police aided and abetted the criminals by disarming law-abiding citizens.

        During the LA riots, the police literally abandoned South Central LA to the rioters.

        In these emergencies – e.g., Katrina LA and Detroit riots – gangs of looters and thugs went from apartment to apartment, house to house, business to business in search of plunder and victims. They simply kicked-down every door they came to.

        So much for concealment.

        The point is that for a time, whether it be days or months or longer, you can expect to be at the mercy of the gangs, the criminal groups. There is no possible scenario, no amount of preparation that will allow you to resist even a poorly organized assault for more than a few hours – probably only a few minutes.

        In these situations, you can expect to eventually be found and attacked. You can also expect to lose the fight if you try to conduct a prolonged defense.

        So be prepared to escape and evade. Respond with violence only if you cannot avoid contact. They cannot harm you if they cannot find you.

        As to pawn shops, I used to own one. Now, I have a gun business. I am a US Marine – 1963 to 1966. You can take my advice or not. I don’t care.

    • JC

      Generally good thinking Charlie. But, I believe the author is speaking along the lines of a shorter term, maintian your presence on your property kind of planning. I’m in line with that to a point, then you have to go to Charlie’s plan and be ready to get the hell out.
      One thing you might want to add to your self defense weaponry, especially in an urban environment is a compund bow. Quiet and Kevlar is useless against them.

      • Charlie Tall

        Yeah, bows are great, but it takes so damned long to train an archer to be just competent. I trained the wife to shoot the AR180 in a single weekend. She’s had much more training with the XDM; less with the 870. The little 10/22 rifle is suppressed.


      JON A.

      • Charlie Tall

        My training and experience was all with the M14, 7.62mm. With that rifle, 300 rounds is 100 more than normal. Remember, though, I’m going to be traveling with my wife, and she definitely doesn’t like to carry too much weight no matter what I say.
        As it is, the 300 basic load is 10 loaded magazines. If we ever get in a situation where we use all of that, more ammo will not help. We’ll need an M1A1 Abrams tank if things get that bad.

    • mtnmama80422

      A gas generator is not the way to go as gas will only last for so long. A propane generator is the way to go. Propane can be stored up to 25 years without any stabilizer. Just my two cents.

      • mtnmama80422

        Sorry posted this in the wrong place. Meant to post it with the generator post.

  • dan

    they’ve already made the arrangements for the mass casualties….mass graves and grave liners
    and the amo to put the masses there. i doubt they’ll wait for the inoculations and starvation to take effect …to cull the middle class.We’re just peasents to them and their central planning

  • The Big Easy

    As I sit here reading all these really good ideas,I’am so saddened by the fact that all this misery is the result of those ‘elitists’ flea-baggers that are now occupying the white house.And I guess even sadder is the fact that the 47% want to reelect the occupier to another 4 years of even more ‘DEATH AND DESTRUCTION’ for the AMERICAN CITIZENS as well as the rest of the world.—–All I can say is for everyone to continue to go to church and PRAY————This is where I put my trust———–IN GOD WE TRUST————–

  • i&etechie

    I pray that what i see what is happening will blow over, but my gut tells me different. i too have stockpiled some food and ammo, not a huge amount that cannot be carried, but enough i hope. The only secluded place i can go is my gma s farm, where i have even more ammo stockpiled. Fuel will be scarce, and my gas guzzling SUV s will be scuttled and abandoned. If i have to travel or hunt i ll do it by foot or one of my 2 dune buggies or an atv. Most of my guns are .22, but i have a couple of sks s and a 12 g, two 40 cals for close protection, but my greatest armament is my faith, which NO man can take away from me!


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  • Lou

    TIME, the plural of Nazi is Nazis! NO apostrophe: got it!? Where did you go to school? Sincerely, Lou (Detroit Public Schools cum laude, National Honor Society, phi beta kappa (back when we could READ our diplomas)!

    • Barry Hackney

      Most readers care as much about spelling & typing errors as we care about your school accomplishments, Lou. Now is a time to get serious about things that matter.


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