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Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook by Peggy Layton

August 27, 2009 by  

Natural disasters, the possibility of food shortages and the threat of some type of terrorist attack on American soil have brought the idea of crisis preparation out of the fringe shadows and into the mainstream. And no other topic in this vein is more popular than emergency food storage.

So Peggy Layton’s, Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook is a must-have for anyone prepping for an emergency.

Layton, a home economist, author and lecturer, has written five books on home food storage and cooking. In her latest she leaves nothing out. And the methods she encourages won’t break the bank.

Layton begins by stressing what will be needed for short-term emergencies. But she goes beyond food needs; covering evacuation planning, emergency kits, shelter and first aid. She provides a suggested list of practical items that must be included.

For the short-term emergency, Layton describes what is needed for 72-hour emergency survival and then gets into long-term survival methods.

Photos and lists accompany each of her subjects as she describes how to keep, collect and purify water and how to organize food storage. She covers sleeping arrangements and sanitation. She also covers how to purchase in bulk and store and rotate what you have.

After discussing what to purchase, how and why, Layton begins to help you tailor your purchases to the needs and tastes of your family.

One great feature of the book is her charts which will help you plan your storage by planning meals ahead of time. Doing this her way ensures you don’t forget any of the ingredients you’ll need for your meals.

Other charts she includes are for inventory planning and they cover everything from condiments to cooking and communication to gardening.

The final third of the book is dedicated to preparing and cooking the foods you have stored. There are also a large number of recipes using the foods she recommends.

If you are serious about emergency preparation and emergency food storage this book is one you should definitely have in your library.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Dorothy

    The Muslems have openly said that they will not stop
    until the ‘Muslem flag’ is flown over the WhiteHouse.
    Obama(I believe is one himself) is excellerating the
    process in plan. In just one area, the Zars creation!
    They account to no one and are squeezing out the branches
    of Government, and when he has enough to override the
    Governments Policies, America is G-O-N-E-. Good-bye!

    • John

      I truly hope the people will see this before it is to late

    • Vivian

      Obama probably has the ‘Muslem flag’ in his apartment in the White House, he would probably fly that flag outside if he could get away with it…..since he is one of them.

  • Steve

    We must take our country back from the power hungry socialists. Lets start in 2010 and again in 2012.

    • Teresa

      This will all be to late, once he signs away our sovereignty in December, we will no longer have a constitution, our Military will have no “Oath to keep” or be able to keep it. We need to act NOW, it can NOT wait. There will be high gas prices, shortage of food, riots and murder in the streets,our rights will no longer be.

  • Wolfman


    I hear you. Historically Americans knew what “American” meant. As America prospered citizens were proud of our country and proud to be Americans.

    I believe that all our prosperity (which I appreciate) and the fact that our enemies are now reduced and diverse (our fascist or communist threats having been defeated) and the concept of globalism propelled by technology has diluted the seriousness that people in general used to have, automatically. And after two generations of the media pounding on the pride of being American, and young people growing up who never knew the seriousness of life of previous generations, the term has lost its meaning to many.
    It doesn’t help that the political elite now view “Americans” as simply consumers. Citizenship doesn’t matter to them.
    Well, it still matters to you and to me and to many real Americans. Much of our effort is directed towards those real Americans to whom it does matter.
    Keep up the fight. Keep letting your elected officials know how you feel. (I refuse to call them leaders any more).
    I liked your last line.
    Hang in there, we’re with you, we’re real Americans.

    Rick Oltman

    National Media Director

    Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS)

    1129 State Street, Suite 3D

    Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    415-215-9550 c

    From: []
    Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 6:23 PM
    To: Jo Wideman
    Subject: Re: Urgent! Ask Governor Schwarzenegger to veto legislation which would restrict use of E-Verify system!

    In today’s world what is a American ? Are you a American Citizen or just a American ? Every body (including the politicians) are throwing this word American around like it has no meaning as if you have your feet on American soil you are automatically an American. I am a an real American Legal Citizen and loyal to just one country and this country is The United States America and resent these people (including President Obama) just calling us all Americans as it is a lot more than that to me. If you don’t know the difference send me a E-mail and I will try to explain it to you. on second thought don’t even bother
    Walter T. Pearson, Redondo Beach CA

  • http://n/a Martha WMS

    As we work to make changes in our government, let us not forget to also
    make our request known to the ONE who governs all things, as we work to
    participate as best we can with our Creator.

    • John

      Thank You::: we as a great nation sometimes forget why this country has been great for so long now.

  • Joe Green

    Islam is not a peaceful religion. Forget what Muslems tell us. Actions, always let you know where a person or group is comimg from.
    Look around the world, where is all the violence coming from? Islam and Muslems. So, don’t give that crap, Islam is a religion of peace.
    I’m sure there millions of so called good Muslems. If they are so good, why don’t they stand up and get rid of the radicals, than they could call themselves the religion of peace. I tell you why they don’t, they agree with the radicals. They all want Islam to rule the world one day.

  • Barbara Holmes

    Joe Green is absolutely accurate. How can a good Muslim approve of the Taliban murdering at local schools, marketplaces, mosques? Maybe they don’t even care to protect their brothers. I sure don’t want an intelligent, well-trained, loyal Seal blooding the lip of a typical good Muslim who plants road bombs, blows up mosques, and schools. Then burns the body. They should not bloody the lip of a peaceful Muslim. Actually, they are all peaceful aren’t they? They volunteered or perhaps were handpicked by the Saudies to come to America to find misfits and teach them become terrists. Obummer doesn’t approve that word, “terrorist” because he is one. He is using our government, to destroy us, using his teleprompter to impress
    traitors with oratory. It is fun to watch him squirm without it.

  • http://LibertyAlerts Linda

    I think it is so sad that we have simply forgotten our worth and power to change just about anything. For example, the corrupt banking system (and the elite creators of it Rothschild, Rockefeller etc.) can be brought down within weeks if all of us pulled our money out and stored it elsewhere. Wall Street and it’s elite corrupt cronies would fall with weeks if we all stopped trading. Our food supply would truly shape up if we started to grow our own and collectively bought as little food as possible until all chemicals, pesticides and unhealthy, fattening fillers were removed forever. Our media which is the biggest joke of all (24 people own approx. 90% of what we are allowed to hear and watch) could get the message loud and clear if all of us turned off the TV for even one week. Even tickets to a Yankee game would come down if people would refrain from buying them. Not forever, none of this has to be forever, it just has to happen with all of us putting our heads together and doing what’s right. Just think, if we all decided for one year not to pay any IRS taxes by using the correct form that legally gets us out of paying this corrupt institution (google How You Become Liable or read Cracking the Code) what a difference it would make for all of us to actually keep our money. I love what America used to stand for and I want that truth back. PS If we all were to call the White House and stop signing up for the military, perhaps the illegal wars that we are engaged in would cease. We always seem to have money for killing, but not for feeding or clothing the poor). Let’s not forget how great it would be if we stood together and demanded that Congress goes first with any law that they create. They would have to have the ins. everyone else gets, their families would be the first to go to war, no more life pension etc. No more corruption and bribes. Then the few that were left standing would be leaders we could actually look up to.

    • skinny minnie

      Linda, you sure hit the nail on the head. But that is too easy. The American people seem to be so passive and mindless, it is heart breaking. They will wake up when it is too late…but, then; it will be too late…

  • http://BobLivingston m.morton

    I object to the congress putting on lavish,thousand dollar parties when people are going withoutfood here. Wrie your congressen ,it.s not too late .Unions will be getting stiulous pkgs as it;s pay back time .
    Krauthamer on Brett Baier says along with healthcare , the EPA will now be under control of the white House and will no longer be under the direction of the Congress…they will own us and there will be rebellion and I can see the the muslim flag over the White House.
    Speak with out fear..tell the senators ,no healthcare,nor do we want to pay for abortions and no single payer system,With all they want to spend there will be 20+ illion people without heathcare, cuts in medicare and high taxes to pay for it. Drs will quit their jobs, hospitals will close and they will not find that students will pursue medicine,We will also lose our privaoe won’t be able to compete.

  • Pafraig’s Ghost

    Check out Mr. Rich Oltman’s interview on “Fox News World Depopulation Plan on Fox News!!!!!!” available on Youtube. This is one scary idea being put forth by well intentioned individuals witch produces horrible unintended results. Maybe he can go to work in the white house as President Obama’s Population Control Czar…

  • Marge

    Obama is moving MUCH too fast, and people are (thankfully) catching on as to how dishonest his policies are. He keeps chewing out everyone else for the very problems he is creating. There’s an old saying: “give’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.” In other words, some people will just keep pushing their bizarre and radical ideas until it all caves in on itself. I believe with prayer, this will happen. We also need people to continue to speak out and oppose his radical policies, unelected czars, disrespect for American policies, etc. etc. Pray and work–that’s the key.

  • PD

    Let us avoid reforming our health care system at all costs! The big insurance companies, in our God given free enterprise system, deserve to keep ripping off all of us and dropping any policy holder who really needs coverage. The big banks, which are the allies of the big insurance companies, also deserve to keep making fortunes and paying gigantic bonus to sharks in $10,000 suits who wear Rolex watches–that’s free enterprise! So, let’s keep it that way! I love getting a whole bunch of bills whenever I go to the doctor or hospital–one from the radiologist, one from the anesthesiologist, one from the this, and one from the that. Getting only a single bill, like a single payer system, for my health care services would be to simple to understand.

  • John Ball

    The 4th Reicht is in the making and everyone thinks it could never happen in America.

  • James

    Obama is a Marxist. A Communist, plain and simple.
    This Health Care Plan is not for health care. It is a total takeover by the Federal Government. Can we say Fascist Communist Government children?
    America is gone.
    Apathy has destroyed this country.
    Now all we can do is damage control, and we won’t be able to a lot of that.
    I hope you have prepared for the crash, it is coming.
    Get out of debt at all cost.

  • Rob-Missouri

    I worked for the government and made sure I made a copy of every single thing that had to do with my pay, deductions, retirement, etc.
    I had nothing but problems dealing with the government I never had a problem with my private insurance company. Someone said they wanted a Single Payer System….that single payer would be the U. S. Government – the organization that runs AMTRAK,
    The Post Office, the IRS, etc. Talk to a present government employee and ask if they want the government to take control of billing/paying for all American’s health insurance matters. The happiest day of my life was the day I retired from the U. S. Government. My stint in the Military should have been enough for me to realize that no matter what you for the government, (as an employee) you will spend endless hours getting personnel matters resolved.


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