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Elites Step Up Their Plunder

March 19, 2013 by  

Elites Step Up Their Plunder

When is a guarantee no guarantee? When you are doing business with liars and thieves — i.e., the government and banksters. Cypriots learned this the hard way over the weekend when the EU elites froze their bank accounts and announced plans to plunder savers’ accounts by up to 13 percent.

The money being stolen from Cypriot savers will be transferred to the banksters to bail them out to the tune of 10 billion euros ($13 billion). The elites hoped to pull off the crime over the weekend, but the Cyprus Parliament put off a vote on the measure. This caused a run on the banks and a bank “holiday” that will last until at least Thursday. This means Cypriots will not have access to their own money for days.

The plunder shocked Europeans and set up the potential for bank runs across the continent. It just proves what I have been telling you for a long time: There is great risk in holding paper money. The money creators, not you, own your paper money. They can (and do) take it at their will, either through overt theft or more subtly through inflation.

In fact, the EU plunder of Cyprus is really no different from the plunder of Americans’ savings accounts during the 2008 bailout and the subsequent QEs 1, 2 and 3 to infinity. It doesn’t matter if your savings are in a bank account, beneath your mattress or buried 40 miles deep, banksters can and do steal it.

The Eurozone is collapsing economically. The shock waves will spread around the world.

Remember that the government always favors the banks over the people. I have long advised not to keep money in banks beyond what is needed to pay the bills. Keep cash on hand to defend against any banking holidays. Buy gold and silver — the only real store of value — and keep it in your possession.

Many say a banking holidays can’t happen here. They are ignoring history. It happened in 1933, when banks were closed for four days and gold was revalued and looted from safe deposit boxes. It can happen again at any time.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • GALT

    Looks like the “effects” of austerity……..

    Isn’t that what “our solution” is supposed to be?

    Seems like somewhat of a “mixed message”?

    • TheTruthHurts

      What is/was austere about their policy?

      • GALT

        Isn’t debt the driving force here?

        Isn’t this about “paying” that DEBT?

        Or are we have another typical “what do the words mean” day?

      • TheTruthHurts

        I’m just having a difficult time understanding your viewpoint… Are you suggesting that saving is an austerity measure taken by the people of Cyprus and since the govt called a natl bank holiday & froze their accounts, that it is the Cyprian citizens ‘fault’ for having their money in a frozen bank account

      • GALT

        The comparisons here are a bit stretched for two reasons……

        1.) This is a problem which is complex, in that there are multiple inputs which
        are contributory and addressing each of them is involved in crafting a “solution”.

        2.) We are notoriously resistant to the idea of complexity…..we seek simplicity
        and if someone is selling it, we will buy the version that meets our “perceptions”.
        a.k.a. NEEDS.

        To address what seems to be driving “opinion” regarding this story ( or this version
        of this story ) is that it suggests that “savers” ( which also suggests debt free
        responsible people ) are being “robbed” by those ephemeral elites…..and you are
        free to assign whomever you like to play that role. ( but this seems to be a
        “government” solution…….so I guess “government” is once again the problem.)

        Having a savings account is not evidence of being either debt free or responsible,
        it simply means you are current on your payments…….and the solution here,
        to solve the problem is a 13% hit………taken by “everyone”. This is 3% more
        than “god” requires……so not too drastic……as solutions go, I mean what if
        you had to build an ARK?

        Cyprus, unfortunately does not control its own currency, which makes the
        problem “different”……..the “austerity” in this case is being forced on them.
        As to responsibility……regarding the implied “morality” …..somewhat complex.

        Much is made of this also in regard to “our situation”……..but private debt is
        almost 3 times greater, than public debt…… determining who is ‘responsible”
        here is “equally” muddled……..and if you have been paying attention to
        the “message”…….you all have stashes of gold, guns, ammo, seeds……
        and are ready for the “next” step……..meanwhile, the real problem remains
        1. and .2 as noted above……..general ‘economic’ ignorance, and the “refusal”
        to learn…..what history has demonstrated since civilization began.

        Governments make markets possible, transactions require records, (credit)
        empirical asset valuation is not possible, so perception drives the market and
        markets can therefor be manipulated, which means that the system is unstable
        and inequities will occur………but any system which involves “credit” which
        is extended at “interest” will “collapse” from this fact alone, and more complex
        markets, will accelerate this process……

        We are still in the process of “unwinding” the effects of what essentially began
        in 1982………but public debt, nor the Fed is the problem and “austerity” is
        not the solution……..and in many ways, this is beyond the ability of
        sovereign nations and central banks to resolve………

        The plutocrats are not ephemeral and THEY are RESPONSIBLE…….
        if you buy the “austerity” solution…….they WIN…….and in the process
        they are holding the “economy” hostage…….citing “uncertainty” when
        the only uncertainly is…….whether they can continue this scam or not.

      • TheTruthHurts

        “Governments create markets…” No, no they don’t. Govts (in Americas case, Congress) regulate markets, per the interstate commerce clause. People create markets, take the iPhone for example, a company creates a product, based upon the performance of the product in the market, it is either successful or a dud. The government may intervene and offer subsidies, which adds a superficial ‘float’ to the product, if it sucks (Solyndra)…
        This is an example… So don’t go making mountains out of mole hills

        And comparing private to public debt is comparing apples to oranges. Private debt represents yourself (private interest); public servants (Congress) represent the people (public interest, or the general welfare clause)… Private debt being ’3x’ greater than the public debt is silly to discuss… Some, like me, see it as a good thing. Not everyone can afford to put up $100k+ a grad school education coming straight out of high school… They need to take a loan out (which I did)… Big risk if you ask me, but worth it if I graduate (which I did, and was gainfully employed)

        That sounds like a healthy investment to me… given the ROI

        Offering loans is not necessarily a bad thing if the intent to repay is there…

      • TheTruthHurts

        Sorry…” Govts make markets possible”…… And no they don’t

      • GALT

        Yes they do….and as I said the problem is economic and historical ignorance.

        No need to apologize for being “ignorant”, simply correct it.

        Of course being ‘gainfully employed’ explains your opinion….you are
        an economic genius……now hang on and see how the ride turns out.

        Do you need a reading list for the “ignorance” part…..or are you done with
        educating yourself?

        Hopefully your “insect path’ is immune to export, obsolescence and collapse?

    • alpha-lemming

      Soooo…..???? the “Pathogenic” LF solution is???? Hyper-inflation????

    • Texas Ride

      The banks are stealing to pay off a “false debt!” It is their own debt, they claim they want to “pay off.” Banks want to “bail themselves out” by stealing the money of their depositors.

      Whose is this debt owed to? Themselves?

    • Texas Ride

      The Federal Reserve Banks do the same thing to Americans. They say we owe them a huge debt while they have robbed this country of wealth for a hundred years.

      The Fed prints a hundred dollar bill for Two Cents, and sells it to the American people for One Hundred Dollars! Where can I get a business like that!

      This country must free itself from the clutches of these international criminals. We must “own our own currency” instead of buying our money from the wealthiest global elites in the world. It is no wonder they are the wealthiest people on earth, when they can “print their own wealth” and make the American people pay for it. We are being destroyed with our own money that is stolen from us. There are two ways to overthrow a country, either “Rule by War” or “Rule by Debt.” We are being “Ruled by Debt.” We should refuse to acknowledge owing any debt and declare our economy in tact.

      This debt isn’t meant to be paid. Our country is meant to go into default and become property of the New World Order, as is every other country. Our politicians made this deal with the foreign elites, a deal that no America agreed to abide by. iT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FOR A FOREIGN ENTITY TO OWN AND PRINT OUR CURRENCY! These “snakes” need to be skinned, all of them, including our politicans that never protest and keep their mouths shut. There is only one politician that has spoken out against the FR Banksters. I am surprised that he wasn’t permanently marginalized like Kennedy. Kennedy was shot in Dallas three weeks after announcing that he would get rid of the Federal Reserve Banks. These global elites will not give up their ownership of this country without a horrendous war like we have never seen.

      • TheTruthHurts

        Several have tried and were promptly assassinated… jFK, attampts on Jackson (ironically on the $20), Lincoln ($5), etc… Other countries have attempted to and were promptly subdued by Amerocan military (see my links above on the petrodollar)

      • Texas Ride

        thetruthhurts, I am afraid you are right. The American military has become the “enforcer” for the Federal Reserve. Dictators that “want out” and want a “State currency” are soon deposed by our military (sent to free the people from a dictator or other trumped up charges.) The snake coils through all nations and tightens it grip when there is talk about freedom from its nest. This is what we would have to fight to gain freedom and ownership of our own country. This is what “rules our Nation today” and their representative? One guess!

      • Wellarmed

        How I wish I could find an area of disagreement with any of your comments. I do have some hope on the state level now that I am seeing states like Virginia begin to take seriously the need to mint their own currency. Hopefully they will not follow the US treasury by allowing clad coinage as this will just be a repeat of the same shell game that is currently being played upon the American People.

        The precious metal(s) that I recommend investing in are brass and lead at this point in our nations history. And as far as gold is concerned, I would not trade a brick of it for a can of my Ravioli after the SHTF. If you feel the need to divest in such heavy metals, do so in very small amounts as it will make the purchase of goods much easier as most transactions will probably happen in small amounts after the SHTF.

        Cache, Cache, Cache. After all you own nothing more than can be carried on your back.

        If you can afford to lose all of your pension or 401k/savings accounts etc… then carry on.

        If not then now would be the time to focus on the commodities that you and your family will need to survive for however long you may reasonably expect this thing to last.

        I plan to be on the move if the need arises, and will regret walking away from all my material items, but if circumstances dictate then so it must be.

        I harbor no illusions that there will be anything left to return to, and I do hope that my instincts are dead wrong about all of this and that we as a people will never have to test this theory.

  • Warrior

    The EU just gave the pols of ILL the solution they were looking for. Theft in the name of gubmint isn’t theft at all. Why, it’s, it’s, it’s……………FAIR SHARE! FORWARD DOLTS!

    • alpha-lemming

      Not sure “who gave whom” the idea. Was either Bela Pelosi or DiFi, at least a year ago, looking for ways to tap IRAs/401Ks to grow the… er rather… balance the budget.

  • John

    Looks like the “Final Solution” to the conundrum of freedom for the masses. Outright theft of their property. After all, it is really all the king’s to begin with.

  • John R. Howell

    Thank you for telling us how the government of Cyprus has closed the banks to give them time to steal money from the people.
    Please do us all a public service and tell us where we can put our money easily in some foreign bank account so “our” government can’t steal it from us.
    John R. Howell

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear John R. Howell,

      You write: “Please do us all a public service and tell us where we can put our money easily in some foreign bank account so ‘our’ government can’t steal it from us.” First I recommend buying gold and silver and keeping it in your possession. For getting money out of the U.S., I recommend Swiss annuities. For information write to:
      Swiss Annuity Information
      P.O. Box 42657
      Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas 99999

      Ask for the free information packet.

      You can read here for other options:

      Best wishes,

  • TheTruthHurts
  • Bernie

    This is only a step in the process to form a single unified world govt. under one leader. God has told is from the beginning this would take place , we simply need only believe and prepare.

    • TheTruthHurts

      …please read the articles I posted belowe… The Chomsky one is a bit off topic

      The US $ is the worlds reserve currency, accounts for 2/3 of all transactions etc… IMF loans are made in US$… There is a one world govt… As Rothschild said “I care not who makes the laws of the country…”

  • LK

    Globalism: When use with The Plunge Protection Team  Ben Bernanke,Tim Gietner, Mary,Shapiro, Gary Ginsler look them up . Not to much to say Czar Lew ?


    What would you do if you found that your money was not yours? What if you found out that you were 10% poorer than when you went to bed?

    If you live on a sleepy little island in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea, that is exactly what happened to you.

    Yielding to pressure from the IMF and the EU, the Cypriot government agreed to steal nearly 7% of all Cyprus bank deposits up to 100,000 euro, and almost 10% of all deposits over that amount, and hand it over to the banksters.

    Why? Because the government of Cyprus had been arm-twisted into buying Greek bonds as part of an earlier bailout scheme. When Greece defaulted on the bonds, the banksters wanted their money back. Damn the little guy and his hard work and desire to save for some future reward.

    The first thing we should all learn from this is that your money is not yours. The second thing is don’t put any of ‘their’ money in ‘their’ banks. Keep it in your mattress and make them work for it just like you did.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    The Lew andAxleweed were the 2 pukes who came with the sequester BS idea, which the jugeared puke agreed to and promoted, but it a bluff that that failed. So next time a dumbocrap starts whining about food, fuel, and living costs keep climbing as their pay checks shrink, see what the watch or listen for news and what fk they voted for. Then tell what idoits they were and how stupid democraps are and always be.

  • Here piggy, piggy!

    About ten years ago, signs began appearing at bank and credit union teller stands. It read, “YOUR FUNDS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWAL.” Take all your funds out now, convert to SILVER, bury in a rural woods, in a waterproof container, 3 feet down. Have no association with the land. Do not use a car less than 20.years old (black box probability), and for gods sake leave the cell phone at home. (GPS). DO THIS NOW. RUN ON THE BANKS NOW. BEFORE THE MUSLIM HOMO TAKES IT TO FUND HIS SHIRKIRS.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Thirty plus years ago the government claiimed to concerned about “family” farmers. So the demorats dreamed up another facist farm conservation program that was modeled after the 25 year long farm land idling of productive food producing land, this was the Soil Bank Program that paid land owners, taxpayers money to produce nothing. All dreamed up by the cummunist Sec of Ag, who appointed by another wanna be dictator, FDR. In 1981 landowners got the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) that has idled millions of productive farm ground for over 3 decades and still in effect. It is nothing but a free welfare program for landowners, bankers, lawyers, elitist of any sort so they can have their own private government paid hunting spot. Now when dumbocraps claim Reps are Wall Street rich and the wealthy, better look what worthless fks have title to the land that collect millions of taxpayers dollars, a worthless government program that costs over 85 billion a year and produces nothing, same as our millionof worthless other federal property that wastes billions every year.

  • Deerinwater

    Yeah, ~ That was quite a grab! I was reading the history of Cyprus. ~ It reads like a debacle in the making.

    Who is dragging up short here ? The Cyprus banks? ~ so they are wanting to skim 14% off the top of every account to make up the difference and call it good?

    Can I do that too if I drag up light?

    Sounds like they need to get out of the banking business all together and try working for a living.

  • GALT

    For Wayne in Facebook…….better hurry, actual currency in circulation ( plus coin )
    is a mere “fraction” of dollars that exist…..

  • s c

    While we’re thinking about banks – finally – kindly remember that the WORST private corporation in the history of the world [the Federal Reserve] has been audited (once). The results were predictable and shocking. However, that has not as yet made any impact on this website.
    For those who call themselves conservatives (as opposed to airhead moderates, schizoids, ‘Dems,’ libs, progressives or utopians), that fact should be getting more coverage. Ben the Boob was very generous in aiming chunks of U S money to European central banks. Yes, those recipients got the money at next to nothing.
    I’m finding it hard to have any sympathy for Greece or Cyprus. It would be nice to know that our “leaders” plan to take care of America. As I recall, the American people were independent and successful before we threw out the Brits in the late 18th century. Now, if we could find a way to throw out our career, elected criminals in Washington, the boys and girls at the Fed and the rest of the slime that infests America.


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