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Elites Hate Guns… Except Their Own

February 22, 2012 by  

Media Matters for America founder David Brock is the latest in a line of gun-control hypocrites to be exposed for what they are.

In an investigative report on Media Matters — the left-wing advocacy group that coordinates news and attacks with the Barack Obama White House, liberals in Congress and progressive groups across the country — The Daily Caller revealed that the anti-gun Brock has bodyguards who illegally carry concealed handguns in Washington, D.C.,  for Brock’s protection from “right-wing assassins.”

While his bodyguards were probably violating Washington gun laws, Media Matters was taking a $400,000 donation from the Joyce Foundation to promote an initiative on “gun and public safety issues.” The organization used the grant to send a representative undercover to a shooting sports trade show and then had him write about the experience.

The article, Shot Show 2011: The Second Amendment Ain’t About Duck Hunting, appeared on the organization’s website on Jan. 25, 2011. David Holthouse wrote:

To lure repeat buyers, increased lethality has become the nicotine of the firearms industry. Every year gun makers roll out new lines of assault rifles, tactical shotguns and handguns that hold even more bullets, or fire even faster, or boast new gadgetry that supposedly enables their user to kill other human beings more efficiently than ever before…  It’s not just firearms manufacturers rolling out new, more deadly products every year at SHOT. Ammunition-makers likewise promote new bullets designed to heighten the damage they cause to the human body.

While Chicago residents suffered under some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country, Mayor Richard Daley traveled throughout the city with armed bodyguards. He continued to support laws banning handgun licenses that would allow residents to keep a gun in their own homes.

Progressive elites love gun control, especially if that means they control them all so the proles can’t have them.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Hey, David Brock! Thanks, dude. Finally, we have a prime example of someone who’s more looney tunes than Joy Behar or Queen Nancy. Afraid of right-wing assassins? OOOWEEEE! Call the guys in white coats. We got us another one, America!
    People, the ones who should concern you most are those who want to deprive you of your RIGHT to have weapons. The honorable Mayor Daley (honorable Chicago-style, that is) probably NEEDS bodyguards.
    In a town like Chicago, a politician will make enemies, regardless of how “popular” that politician is. Al Capone needed them (he wasn’t a politician – he just bought the SOBs). I’m betting that most Chicago politicians need guns (and bodyguards). You could say most politicians DESERVE that condition.
    ‘Elite’ is a very peculiar term. What it implies and what it really means are diametric opposites. I rarely meet anyone who qualifies as a true elite. The odds are very high that America will soon discover just how nonelite a typical elite is.
    Judging by the examples we get in Washington, it seems safe to conclude that ANY so-called elite who obsessed with having a bodyguard who “packs” and hates the 2nd Amendment is entitled to as much constant grief as this life can offer. Millions of Americans don’t have to be told what such people are worth to a free and productive America.
    May those who want to eliminate the 2nd Amendment remember what Yamamoto said about Japan invading America. That same concept applies to those who hate the 2nd Amendment, freedom and America’s Constitution.

    • tom

      thomas jefferson said the right to bare arms. that mean all americans.

      • Dave

        Tom don’t you mean “bear” arms, as in carry, support, and have on one’s person?

      • ChristyK

        Don’t you know we all have the right to wear tank tops. :)

  • Deerinwater

    Prudence is a virtue, fighting fire with fire is not unheard of.

    I question the significance of this 2nd Amendment threat.

    While manufacturers might enjoy a race between private and public to out gun each other, you should have the far-sight to know you would lose such a race.

    It’s better that we not go there, and they are correct, it’s not about Ducks.

    But we do need to know how to use them and where they are stored.

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      “We do need to know how to use them and where they are stored.” Who is “we?”

  • Jim K

    This reminds me of when someone brought it to the Press’ attention that Dianne Feinstein not only had a permit to carry a concealed weapon in California (When most others were denied such) but routinely carried such. Her comment was, “I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.” When this became an embarrassment to the anti-second amendment group she relinquished her permit and had to rely on her hired security.

    Also, few remember when Ted Kennedy’s bodyguards were arrested for carrying automatic weapons in DC. That case soon went away. I guess Ted and his thugs were considered royalty.

    • Joe H

      Jim K,
      Why not?? Ted got away with vehicular homicide! What’s a little automatic arms charge???

  • John V. Cavanaugh

    The old cliché of: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. If ALL Americans were enquired to possess guns like Israel and Switzerland, the crime rate would dramatically drop. The Southside Chicago gun owner, whose case went to the Supreme Court, is alive because he had gun protection. England did away with guns a few years ago and the crime rate increased 300%. Japan did not invade the mainland because they knew that Americans were armed.

    • BobMark

      The flip side of that is when only the police have guns you live in a police state!

    • Mom Henning

      Don’t let ‘em get your guns folks. Prevent lead poisoning, shoot first.

    • Mom Henning

      Don’t let ‘em get your guns folks. Prevent lead poisoning, shoot first. The USA still has a secret weapon, the American Redneck.

      • David169

        Thanks for your wisdom.I would welcome any redneck over anyone who considers themselves an elite. I would be willing to bet that at least 95% of the rednecks in this country; own guns, believe in God, read their bible, will uphold their oath to defend the Constitution, really pledge their allegiance to our flag and would fight to their death to defend this country.

  • combat seabee

    Admiral Yamamoto, who believed in our 2nd Amendment advised the Japanese military that,”You cannot invade mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” That is why, early in the war with their vast military superiority, the Japanese did not invade our soveriegn shores.

  • BobMark

    So where’s the NRA commercial listing all the anti-gun people who are running around with high powered weaponry? Might make some of them have to answer some questions about something besides their talking points. Plus the added bonus of unseating from high horses and toning down the sanctimonious attitudes!

    • Isaac Davis

      The NRA is complicit in this regard. The NRA is not an advocate for UN-A-LIENABLE RIGHTS and they are not in support of “Shall not be infringed”, yet that group represents to many Americans the lone voice between the Citizen and the feral gov’t.

      Many other fine organizations are actually working to keep the other enemy of the Teeth of Liberty from destroying your God-given Right to self defense besides rust–bureaucratic buffoons who think they know better how to run your sovereign life than YOU do.

      Do the research, get the knowledge, know your Heritage, be informed.

      • Jimmy

        B.S.The NRA spends millions & millions defending the 2nd amendment. If every gun owner in america joined this great organization just think how much more they would do!

      • ChristyK

        The NRA does not want to perfectly defend our 2nd amendment rights. If there was no risk to our rights, then we would quit sending them money. If you want a group that truly cares about our 2nd amendment rights and other rights (instead of money & power), you should support the Gun Owners of America or their state affiliates.


          If All of You wanted to DEFEND ALL Our Rights and America – The REPUBLIC you would learn about the Only Solution that is Peaceful, COnstitutional, LAwful, etc that is happening all acrtoss America Right now – please stop being fooled by Political Pigs Parties and Slavery Democracy (Communism in Infancy).

          There is ONLY SOLUTION that I see to regain/reFound America’s Freedom & Liberty – Lawful, Peaceful, Constitutional parallel system of governance as Guaranteed in the Constitution (Art IV Section 4) and as We The People PLEDGE in the Pledge of Allegiance “…and to The REPUBLIC for which? it stands…”
          REPUBLIC RISING – Opt Out, Stand Up and Join In. A National Network working to Restore Peace & Liberty.
 You say the Pledge But do you Live Your Pledge to The Republic?

      • JeffH

        Isaac, that’s a completlly uninformed comment. The NRA is and has always been the strongest defender and representative of our 2nd Amendment freedoms. Yes, I support the GOA, SAF and other pro 2nd Amendment organizations but it is tiring to keep hearing that the NRA is a “turncoat” organization…without them you and I most likely would not be allowed to own any kind of firearm, let alone a handgun and that is a fact! The fact that they have created an organization that has become a strong, influential 2nd Amendment lobby in DC, have a voice at the UN opposing the Small Arms Treaty. The NRA has worked tirelessly to oppose any United Nations effort to undermine the constitutional rights of law-abiding American gun owners for nearly 20 years.
        Stay informed.

  • castaway

    Lets use our guns to take our country back, before it is too late, and we have no guns to do the job with.

    • tom

      amen to that.

      • Vic Bailey

        Amen to that, Tom. Then we need to run the Socialist and the UN out of OUR country, we’ve done fine without them for years, WE DON’T NEED THEM NOW! Make ALL the English have shorter visas, we Don’t need any more people wanting to help destroy America! Semper Fi.


      Public Enemy #1 is NOT Iran or even Terrorists – it is ALl The Criminals in DC from All Political Pigs Parties.
      Be Very Careful when these Criminals Agree we all Lose.

      There is ONLY SOLUTION that I see to regain/reFound America’s Freedom & Liberty – Lawful, Peaceful, Constitutional parallel system of governance as Guaranteed in the Constitution (Art IV Section 4) and as We The People PLEDGE in the Pledge of Allegiance “…and to The REPUBLIC for which? it stands…”
      REPUBLIC RISING – Opt Out, Stand Up and Join In. A National Network working to Restore Peace & Liberty.
      RepublicForTheunitedStates. org You say the Pledge But do you do what It Says??

    • http://Aol CommonSense4America

      WOW!!! Better be careful,,, Big Brother is watching.

  • justiceleague101

    I find that those who yell and cry the loudest are the ones who have something to hide. I’m sure it will be a cold day in “well you know what I mean” when I give up my guns. First the UK made gun owners register their weapons, then went house to house and took them away. I do not believe that our government needs to know who owns guns in america, but rather they should know that most households do. Stop invading our privacy and realize that there are more households with guns in America then all of our military combined. It will be a very hard lesson for our government to learn when those who own guns come together as one army against radical laws that threaten our 2nd amendment.. What was that saying “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands”

    • Dave

      There’s also the saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” whether with rocks, swords, clubs, bullets, or gas – and sometimes with words.
      Those same people who forged the Bill of Rights knew that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were wholly inadequate to govern a people lacking internal discipline and we today “as a whale through a net” lack not only inner discipline, we lack the ability to put together a document such as the Constitution – beware of a second “Con-Con” (Constitutional Convention) – the very people you fear could forge such a document which would be the end of “this great experiment” as we know it.

    • Isaac Davis

      I wish your words were the truth, in that far too many Americans that exercise their God-given, Un-A-Lienable Right to self-defense only do so to go hunting or simply have one in the house. Of those who just own and do nothing else, I wouldn’t count on them to know much about their Rights or to stand elbow to elbow with anyone else to defend anything. I know many who wouldn’t come to anyone’s aid, who have never written one letter to a gov’t rep at any level, who are not members of any legitimate organization that keeps them informed, and simply think that having a lease on some hunting land is “standing up for their Rights”. I wouldn’t have any doubt that these people will willingly hand over their property to some immoral usurpist. We are not an army, we are just a nation of people…some residents, some Citizens.

  • http://yahoo sharon

    Bring back the Mafia

    • cawun cents

      In case you havent heard…..gubment dont like that kina competition.


    The Liberals of the Party of Progressive FAILURES, especially the ones in (un)Hollywwood Love CHOICE, but only for THEIR ISSUES.
    1- Liberals “prohibited” smoking and soon after (un)Hollywwood Never again showed smokers on TV/Movies.
    2- Liberals “prohibited” drinking and soon after (un)Hollywwood Never again showed drinking on TV/Movies.

    3- BUT these same Liberal Progresssive FAILURES that Hate Guns and push to outlaw them everywhere – NEVER EVER STOPPED SHOWING THEM Evil Guns on TV/Movies.


    There is ONLY SOLUTION that I see to regain/reFound America’s Freedom & Liberty – Lawful, Peaceful, Constitutional parallel system of governance as Guaranteed in the Constitution (Art IV Section 4) and as We The People PLEDGE in the Pledge of Allegiance “…and to The REPUBLIC for which? it stands…”
    REPUBLIC RISING – Opt Out, Stand Up and Join In. A National Network working to Restore Peace & Liberty.
    RepublicForTheunitedStates. org You say the Pledge But do you do what It Says??

    • Dave

      The late Red Skelton had as good an explanation of “The Pledge of Allegiance” as any I’ve heard – a skit about his second grade teacher amplifying and clarifying for his students what this Pledge meant to him.

      • http://Aol CommonSense4America

        Look it up!!! That was a great skit.

  • John R. Howell

    Not too many years ago, Australia took away everybody’s guns, and the crime rate soared. Those who had the money, built 8 foot high concrete walls around their houses, topped by barbed wire. Poorer people were helpless victims, and now Australia is completely socialist. All this prompted Trevor Loudon to write the book “Barak Obama and the Enemies Within”, which documents the extent to which communists and communist front organizations pushed Obama to the top, and are now on his staff, and control the democratic party. Loudon concludes his book to say that the next election could turn us into a socialist nation, and the rest of the world would soon follow into a new dark ages from which the world might never recover. Or, it could be a new beginning of a return to the constitutional republic we once knew if enough voters wake up. As for me, this is the first time in my life that I am afraid of my own government, and I plan to do something about it with my votes in the next election. John R. Howell

  • rick w

    A free people ought to be armed
    {George Washington)
    The great object is that every man be armed
    Every who is able may have a gun
    ( Patrick Henry)
    Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driveing,
    By making it tougher for sober people to own cars
    Those who would give up essential liberty,
    to purchase a little temporary safety,
    deserve neither liberty or safety
    Benjamin Franklin

    • cawun cents

      You forgot the best one of all.

      “Anyone for gun control…..raise their right hand.”
      (On a billboard showing Adolf Hitler saluting the Nazi crowd)
      subtext at the bottom:
      “Paid for by the Jewish Defence League”

  • Dave

    Contrary to the reasoning of some, man doesn’t function on the basis of what’s good for everyone but what’s good for ME! Our first political system was foisted upon the founders by England – Socialism. The result; over 50% of the early settlers died before they instituted this Biblical concept, that man is selfish, thinks first of himself. Instituting the idea of property ownership and feeding one’s self and his family, the colony soon had more than enough and to spare when those who had gave VOLUNTARILY to those who didn’t.
    The second idea; government never earned or gained anything except by taking/taxing/stealing it from someone who had it first! Put another way, socialism works well until the socialist runs out of someone elses’ money.

    • Mom Henning

      Government’s stock in trade is the use of force. That is all that is offered, all that can be furnished. In an ideal world, force would not be necessary, for people would govern themselves with a rational self-interest that did not invade the rights of others.

      • Vicki

        And that is why a small amount of government is necessary. To protect against force and fraud.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Are all of you talking to people and advising them that their rights are being violated and informing them that the Three Stooges running for President are against the 2nd Amendment, Rom”weak Knee”, Newtered and sanitarium, only Ron Paul supports the 2nd Amendment and our Constitution. I wish you people would wrap your brains around the fact that the Three Stooges are same as Obamination just slower, please look at their voting records they are not Conservative at all. Our 2nd Amendment right will be taken away from us by the three STOOGES if you keep them in Power and that is the only reason that Obamination hasn’t already declaired himself King because we have our guns. Hil”Hairy”ary the piano legged Communist just signed the gun control treaty with the U.N. and soon the U.N. will be knocking at your door taking your weapons, so get ready for WAR.

  • securityman

    They hate guns because they are afraid that,if everyone is armed, they will not be able to control thm or have the power that they have now.

  • Jonathan Martin

    I realized some years ago that most of the anti-gun people aren’t really “anti-gun” in the sense that they are literally opposed to the very existence of firearms (although I’m sure there’s a subset of that crowd that actually does think that way), they’re just opposed to us, the regular folks, having the ability to own guns. The truth is that most of the anti-2nd Amendment types are perfectly fine with having guns around, they just want an all-powerful Big Government to have all the guns so the rest of us can’t have ANY. That way, we won’t be able to rely on ourselves for protection, and we’ll all be forced to be totally dependent on a remote central authority for our safety, just like we’re meant to be dependent on the government for everything else in our lives.

    • 45caliber

      I think their main reason for liking guns – in their own hands only – is due to the fact that they want to pass certain laws they KNOW the rest of us won’t like. Laws that give them power over us. So they want to disarm us to insure that we can’t argue about it when they do pass those laws.

  • sporty12

    who is going to come and take our guns? Other Americans in uniform? I say if you took the oath it is forever!, go there now!

  • Wayne C. Spalding

    There is a guy in Tx. who lives off the grid. If I remember right he’s near Waco. Anyway the authorities wanted to round him up and disarm him, similar to the recent disarming of a Tenn. prepper that was featured on Utube and Nat Geo’s show doomsday preppers. David Sarti. Anyway the guy in Tx. made a statement that changed the minds and attitudes of his tormenters. It went something like this, If they come after me they had better bring plenty of body bags. They decided to leave him alone.

    • FedUp

      They didn’t leave the other guy in Waco alone.

  • s c

    Wayne, once in a while it’s a good idea to tell elected slime that they need to be reminded of their mortality. When government dictates, it’s a hint that dictatorship blossoming.
    It’s too bad no one makes a civilian version of a ‘daisy cutter.’ Its effects are mind-boggling, and it absolutely renders a ‘level’ playing-field, too.

    • Deerinwater

      Hmm? I’m glad that you are not running anything.

      another truckload and Timothy McVeigh would have had some equal.

      Insane talk.

      • cawun cents

        The bigger bomb explodes in peoples hearts when they turn back to the source of their wealth,the Lord.
        That is the only bomb which needs to explode here in America.
        If you expect mankind to pull its fat out of the fire,just take a quick look at your history books.
        Aint happening.

    • Deerinwater

      If that approach worked to politics , the middle east would be entering their “tranquil years” by now.

      What make anyone think a bigger bomb works that well?

      We had to hit Japan twice with the biggest thing that we had and still they were defiant!

      It “STILL” took a fly -over by everything allied forces could muster to get into the air, filling their sky with planes before the Emperor of Japan realized that he’d been lied to by inner counsel and him countries outcome brutally certain and farther resistance was futile.

      And even then, the Emperor met strong resistance as he fought his way to the radio station to address the Japaneses people.

      • 45caliber


        Japan may have been defiant after being hit with the biggest bomb around but they also surrendered, saving the estimated 1.5 million Japanese lives and 300,000+ American lives. Bigger bombs DO work – if they are used correctly at the right time in the right place on the right people.

  • TheEngineer

    I often talk to gun control advocates who are very adamant in their beliefs. I wait for the right opening and then ask them what they would do if I attacked them, “right at this moment?” They say that they would fight back or defend themselves in some way. I tell them, that I would too. I also tell them that I have chosen to be prepared to take it to the next level if necessary, to defend myself and others if necessary. I end by telling them that I have carried a concealed handgun for over fifty years and never had to use it, but know that it is there and ready if needed

    • Deerinwater

      A person don’t need no law to defend themselves. i”ve no plans to ask for permission.

      • TheEngineer

        It is the perogative of each of us to figure that out. I say Republicans and Democrats both tell their faithful all sorts of lies to get them to support their causes. I look at the results of their legislation and make decisions based on it’s compatibility with my own beliefs. If you do not do the same then you are one of the “Sheeple” that tyrants are counting on to give them “More power”! Please note: Two words need emphasis in this comment #1 is “us’, #2 is ‘their’, (two places)

      • FedUp

        You’re an interesting critter.

        You talk leftie and don’t like guns, but you’ll talk tough about defending yourself. Most of us would agree with you that we don’t need to ask for permission; it is a natural right, and perhaps an obligation to defend ourselves.

        Since you are opposed to firearms, I wonder: What is your weapon of choice?

      • 45caliber


        I won’t ask permission either to defend myself or any other. BUT … self defense is NOT a viable excuse to harm someone in most other countries of the world. In England, a few years ago, a 120 lb. 20 year old girl used pepper spray to stop a 285 lb. man who was trying to rape her. He got one year in jail for attempted rape – she got 2 years for “using undue force to stop an unarmed man.”

        I won’t live anywhere that won’t allow me to claim self defense in a real attack.

      • Deerinwater

        “Since you are opposed to firearms, I wonder: What is your weapon of choice?”

        First, I am not opposed to firearms, while accepting the nature of “law” AS it attempts to define boundaries and offer limitations. It’s good to know where the bar is set.

        For the record, I posses only a hand made skinning knife forged of hammered steel by American craftsman, having a natural tendency of a serrated edge and much sharper the just “sharp” and a 144mm air rifle too keep local pest at bay.

        I am but a humble servant

    • Deerinwater

      But for the record, the ballistic, weight , variety of hells fire and effectiveness of the 357 pistol cartiage is most difficult to surpass.

      I only wish the Desert Eagle were 3 pound lighter unloaded.

      • cawun cents

        Most here do not even realize that the Israeli”Desert Eagle”,was originally a .357 magnum
        And yes…..the weight of the pistol is a bit much.
        YET….the performance is preferable to a Glock.
        DiW,I salute you.

  • Deerinwater

    When the GOP gets desperate, ~ and hasn’t got an winning issue they fall back to the same old things.

    Taking your guns, killing babies and attacks on God.

    Over and over and over again. Why? because it works on simple minds, it’s simple to offer and cheap. They have you voting against you own self interest while holding you nose.

    • Joe H

      Name one year in the last 25 that the lefties have NOT tried to pass some form of gun control??? maybe the repubs are RIGHT!!

      • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

        And who has you by the nose deer. Im too old to run , too old to give much of a fight, and still apretty good shot.with any kind of gun..Guess which choice is mine

      • Joe H

        What Deer, no quick answer to THAT one???

    • 45caliber


      Maybe I’m misreading your comments.

      “Taking your guns, killing babies and attacks on God. ”

      It isn’t the GOP that does this. They simply – correctly – blame the libs for trying to do this. And it is a definate factor because 1) the libs DO want this and 2) we don’t. How it can be against my own self interest to disagree with the GOP and follow the Demos on this, I can’t imagine.

      • Deerinwater

        As new products hit the market, I would think it safe to assume that few of us would like to think of just any person owning them. That the ability to on certain firearm , limited only a persons buying power is a scary thought.

        The left has as many extremist as the right. ~ That wants or expect too much, too much compromise. too much concession.

        It seem to be a reach for the stars and settle for the moon approach.

        I don’t believe the majority of left leaning want to give up their gun any more the the right.

        But some do, sure! but it will never happen.

        and why I suggest it’s a talking point for the right.

  • JC in CA

    Free people own guns, slaves do not.

  • Donald York

    I stand with Wayne LaPierre of the NRA to make sure that free americans vote out the Obama regime.

    • JeffH

      Hear Hear!

  • Loren

    Time for Americans to follow the presidents example and take the law into our own hands. If its good enough for Obama it must be good enough for the rest of us … right….wink .. wink

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    If the lefties would get out of the left ditch and back on the road and realize America has the biggest standing (home) army in the world is why no other country will attack our shores., There are more guns per person here than anywhere on earth. Shure Obummer wants to take bthem, easier for his raghead freinds to come calling SHERIA Alah.

    • 45caliber

      To most leftists, guns are a virus. If you have one, you MUST use it – on your neighbor or family member if no one else. Further, they are convinced that by owning guns we are telling the world we wish to conquer them, so the world hates us for that reason. They aren’t able to think any deeper than that.

  • katrael59ganaiden

    So what”s wrong with a person owning the latest most lethal weapon made? Why can’t I own a machine pistol that holds a clip containing a million rounds of six inch armor piercing bullets? That’s my business if I want to. There are only three things a firearm is good for: to look at, target practice and killing things. That’s what they were made for: to able to kill things. They are great for self defense if a person is willing to use it when faced with a life or death situation.
    The average person isn’t going to go off half cocked (pun intended) because he or she doesn’t desire to do that kind thing. Even if they wanted to, which they don’t, most reasonable people know that they would be out gunned by the military or even the local law enforcement. No, the nuts in this country are worried about the deaths of 10,000 people a year (something like that) and while that is tragic they don’t say anything about the fifty thousand a year that die in auto accidents or the hundreds of thousands killed (murdered) by the medical profession every year. I read somewhere that more that 8 million people have been murdered in this country by doctors and pharmacists over the last decade. Nobody has talked about banning the doctors and pharmacists yet.

    • 45caliber

      I was told in college that doctors bury their mistakes; lawyers have their mistakes locked in prison; but an engineer (I’m one) have their mistakes in front of the world to be looked at for decades.

    • cawun cents

      “The most lethal(worldly)weapon made is the human mind.
      Devising tactical response,and not relying on the machinations of the invented weapon itself,is where lethality is truly measured.”

      • Joe H

        While that is surely true, there are some here that would be very un-armed in that situaton!!!

  • 45caliber

    “Progressive elites love gun control, especially if that means they control them all so the proles can’t have them.”

    I think this tells the real story here. Every gun control leader I know about either carries a gun or has bodyguards to do it for him/her. Kennedy’s body guards accompanied him even to the bathroom. If you ask any of them if they are willing to give up their guns if they can get them banned, all will tell you they must keep them.

    What they are really saying … to me at least … is that they are much more important than we normal humans are. And many are willing to admit that they are against us owning guns really just to keep themselves safer.

    • CZ52

      “… is that they are much more important than we normal humans are.”

      Shouldn’t that be “consider themselves” much more important.

  • Don

    In response to the comment Jim K made about Kennedy’s bodyguards being “thugs” and being treated as special, you’d best get your facts straight. I was one of his bodyguards, as were five others on a special team (He didn’t trust Secret Service. Look what happened to John Kennedy). We were all sworn law enforcement personnel and, obviously, could carry firearms. As to the “arrest” for automatic weapons in D.C., only the team leader was arrested at the Marshal’s office when he was checking in the automatic weapons (as required). He had the legal authority to have these weapons. The reason it “went away” is because the Marshal’s Office screwed up in their haste to arrest him (not his bodyguards, as you stated). No one was carrying them around in Washington D.C. At the time, FBI and Secret Service intelligence information, provided to us, listed him as the #1 assassination risk. He received many death threats. Any reasonable person would understand he had more of a need for protection than Dianne Feinstein has. She hasn’t had two brothers or sisters assassinated. Please, don’t get carried away. I do believe all citizens should have a right to bear arms, as provided by the Constitution. It’s the current, liberal Administration and their cronies who are stripping us of our rights little by little. Remember Nazi Germany, where the people said (the same as many Americans do today), it will never happen in this country. Ha! Yeah, right!

  • David169

    I think Nero and his handlers are terrified whith the amount of weaponry that is in private hands. The Gunrunner schemes which include Fast and Furious, Hillary supplying the Zetas and MS-13 through the State Department, Project White paper and the unnamed operation run out of Florida had only one purpose. That purpose was to outlaw guns in the United States. So far these elite political leaders have facifitated over 10,000 murders in Mexico and they are still walking around. The entire program was to cause such carnage that the American people could be duped to give up the Second Ammendiment to the Constitution. So far they have facilitated the murder of over 10,000 people and no one in our government or the UN has charged them with murder or crimes against humanity. I see no difference with this operation and conduct of the adult who supplied the children with firearms for the Columbine massacre.
    If the 2nd Ammendment falls you can kiss the Constitution good-by.
    If you want to know how well the NRA has done at stopping the anti-gun people read the above again and look at the desparation they are now exhibiting.
    Americans bought almost all of the guns leftover from WW-2. That is 16M Mauser Rifles, 14M Enflield Rifles, 4M Moisen Nagants, 2M Spanish Mausers, 3M Springfields, 4M Garands, 6M 30 caliber carbines, 20M SKS & AKs, plus all of the sporting rifles that are battle worthy give the American people over 100M battle worthy weapons. Nobody in their right mind would take on an army that large on their home turf.
    My only fear is that some renagade police department or military unit will forget their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and attempt to do the elites bidding. This could force the American people to shoot other Americans.

  • JimH

    I like my hands warm and alive. If you want to come and take my gun you will be prying my hot lead from your cold dead butt.
    I would like to ask Mr. Brock, how many liberals have been killed by Right Wing assassines?
    The stat I would like to see is how many concealed carry permit holders have been arested for commiting a felony.
    What % of felonies are commited by concealed carry permit holders.
    Those are three stats Mr. Brock will NEVER mention.

  • Buck

    Thats the problem with these self-appointed ” elites ” , they just automatically know they are better than all us ” peasants ” and ” peons ” . If you don’t believe me just ask one of them .

  • FreedomFighter

    Its very difficult to enslave a population armed to the teeth, and willing to shoot back, it makes finding enough slave enforcers hard, they dont want to be peppered with lead.

    Take the arms from the population, then only the enforcers of the slave state can shoot, the punks are very comfortable with that, like all punks and cowards they are self serving to the end of there pathetic little existence.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Digusted

    Hipocracy at its finest. You cannot have gun to defend yourself but a liberal can have one to shoot you!

  • Elz

    If you are overly concerned about the 2nd amendment being lifted out of the constitution, forget it. The whole constitution would have to be lifted for this to happen. Obama would love to do this. Make us slaves to the state, who of course has not just guns, but so many lethal weapons they don’t need guns to subdue you. Hell, sound has been used on us to subdue us. Let’s not let that sound that is effective, be that of the parasites stealing all of our futures, by their verbal decree, or even phony arguments for justification. VOTE RON PAUL. Put the parasites in their place, and out of overbearing intrusion of our daily lives. We have been unbelievably sheepish to defend our rights, by easy money policies of a printing and borrowing concept purportedly for our own good. VOTE RON PAUL You see, an audit of the fed will expose the truth. We are so encouraged to be law-abiding citizens, that we will presumably simply hand over all rights to our own property to international bankers when it clearly impressed upon us that this is what must be done, because it is the LAW. Put a president in office who understands the long term goal of the international banking cartel, and will simply not permit such a LAW. Send the attornies in congress to Iran, and all the other hotspots in the world that we should not be meddling in, and let them SERVE PAPERS on those thugs…..they can carry with them a u.n. mandate copy, requiring they comply. When the attornies wave those papers in their face, I’m sure they will acquiece, because that is the LAW. I have no idea why we need an armed force. We have these attornies who can wave papers and accomplish more !!! (!!!!) (!!!!!!)

  • Kathryn

    Typical hypocrites, it’s ok for them but not the taxpayers and citizens. Need to totally clean out DC and start over fresh. Supreme Court, president, congress every one of the out of touch government organizations that want to socialize our country. They are all mentally ill.

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  • wyatt

    Thanx for the inspiration… as for me and my family, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP OUR GUNS!!!!!!!!!!


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