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Egypt Kills The Internet, Elites Secretly Applaud

February 2, 2011 by  

Egypt Kills The Internet, Elites Secretly Applaud

As the movement to topple the Hosni Mubarak regime in Egypt gained traction, Egyptian authorities took draconian measures to stop it in its tracks — it shut down cell phone services, the Internet and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Days later, despite insincere pleas from President Barack Obama, Internet services remained down even though some cell phone service had been restored.

But while Obama was preaching to Mubarak and his gang to resume Internet services, legislation to kill the Internet in the United States — that was introduced last year but never acted upon — was about to be reintroduced.

“My legislation would provide a mechanism for the government to work with the private sector in the event of a true cyber emergency,” progressive Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) told in an emailed statement this week. “It would give our nation the best tools available to swiftly respond to a significant threat.”

Nothing threatens the political elites like the free transfer of information. Having lost control of the message due to the declining relevance of the corporatist mainstream media, political elites are seeking to regain control.

Chameleon Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) introduced the legislation last year. In an interview on CNN, Lieberman said, “Right now China — the government — can disconnect parts of its Internet in a case of war. We need to have the ability to do that, too.”

When does China “disconnect parts of its Internet?” Not in times of war but when groups gather to protest their government’s abuses.

Lieberman cited a threat to America’s power stations and other critical infrastructure in defending his bill last year. But power grids and critical infrastructure are not part of the World Wide Web. And the threats to that critical infrastructure come from governments themselves, as evidenced by the revelation that the Stuxnet worm that brought down Iran’s nuclear program was devised and implemented by U.S. and Israeli government agents.

Don’t be fooled. The elites aren’t worried about external threats. They are worried about an informed populace. For as Council on Foreign Relations co-founder and Bilderberger Zbigniew Brzezinski lamented last year, the people of the world are becoming more aware of what’s going on than ever before, and this awareness is harming the globalist’s agenda.

While Egyptian citizens are trying to throw off the shackles of tyranny, U.S. elites are trying to transfer those shackles to Americans. The Internet Kill Switch Bill must be defeated.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Put Collins, Lieberman and Zbig together in the same room and you have the start of a Bolshevik love-in, folks. Those three ego-strokers can be counted on to lead any nation (especially America) astray.
    Perhaps those ‘world citizens’ need to move to Egypt, where they can show Hosni how to play both ends against the middle – and get paid for it. Activate those passports, you wannabe elitists. Egypt is thataway.

    • Anthony

      SC – You sound almost jovial.

      You do realize Egypt is just the global test case, yes?

      • RandyH

        Bingo. If Obammi thinks the same thing can’t happen here he’s a bigger fool than I thought the was. I just hope our military won’t whore out against us, AGAIN!(the civil war thing you know)

        • kate8

          Randy – The whole thing is being orchestrated, and Obama is part of it. He is COUNTING ON IT HAPPENING HERE. There are those planning it as we speak, and have been working toward it for a long time.

          The plans of the NWO are coming into fruition, exactly as they’ve set it up.

          The only way we could stop it here is if we all refuse to play. But I fear we will be sucked in, because we already have too many pawns who don’t see the big picture.

          • RandyH

            you got it.

          • Vedana Freitas

            Have heart Kate and Randy,

            Yes, those pawns scare me, but those same pawns also wanted health care – and it is being defeated.

            There are too many of us with honor and integrity to let our great country fail. We will find the way – I don’t know what it is yet, but I have faith, and I hope you have yours too.

            That may be all we can do as individuals – keep the faith and teach it to someone else too.

          • JC

            A comment from another blog:

            How often we hear from the left or the right the call to ‘shut up’. The latest proposal: the Internet Kill Switch — the ultimate censorship — and this proposal is from a Republican — just goes to show the parties are all fascist/communist now. Somehow this is supposed to be necessary in an emergency? What a crock of BS. Killing the ability to communicate during an emergency is an act of war — it is the equivalent of bombing an enemy’s radar stations. We the People have NEVER given the Executive such power, nor the Congress to grant it. We have the worst president and Congress we have ever had and they seem absolutely committed to bringing the country to its knees.
            ~ Anon

        • EddieW

          Why do you suppose Obaba is so afraid of retiting military? They might uphold the constitution! The regular military, he knows will follow orders, and has a large size army of foreign soldiers if needed…Why do you suppose obaba wants 2 armies…who do you suppose he will use them against?….the Liar in Chief is a nut job!!!

    • Conservatives United

      And take the ILLEGAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE along and leave him there. They should like his Skinny A$$!!!!!

  • http://google SUNBUM

    I believe,we should allow all the countries in the east go down the drain. Let them have the government they want,that’s real democracy! We help install & back dictators in there country and, wonder why the hate us. If the BROTHERHOOD IS VOTED INTO POWER – O K. It’s their choice, their problem. After all, we elect democrats. Stop giving them our money to prop them up. That way, when it all falls apart, its not our fault.

    Fight the kind of war we can win. A no holds bared air war, bombs, tanks, & killing people, Its war
    They stop our oil we stop their food – they start charging $200 a barrel for oil, we charge $100 per bushel for wheat or corn. We can’t ,and should not try to control their actions in the choice of their government. Remember we have enough oil in this country to last 200 or more years. All we need do, is get rid of the Muslim, in the White House, that will not allow us to drill for it.

    We can not beat them in the kind of war the liberals would have us fight. If the libs feel sorry for them, because; these butchers are at a disadvantage in our kind of war. Let the liberals go over and fight with them. This would solve two problems. We get rid of the butchers and the liberals at the same time. Wonder if we can get our politicians to go with them?? Anyway, we have no right telling people in other countries, who they should elect, or what kind of government they should have!! What if other countries did the same to us?



    • Lastmanstanding

      SUNBUM, ONCE AGAIN YOU ARE RIGHT ON! All of us were given a brain to negotiate an out come. Libs just can’t do that. They will be the first ones to provoke an issue and be the first to go hide and expect someone else to handle the dirty work. I negotiate everything in my life. Much like you, I was given some common sense and a never give up attitude.

      As to Bob’s comment about liberal elites and the transfer of information,” He is right on!” They never back up anything with historical facts/truths. Things that have actually happened over the past thousands of years. (posts/articles on, huffington post,etc. are not history folks!!!) Read history people!

      They are losing the battle because people can find real, true info. on the internet easier than ever before.

    • bohemian

      SUNBUM – “After all, we elect democrats” – that’s great; I’m going to use that line!
      I agree – let them elect who they will, and stop giving them money. This position needs to be taken along with a firm stance against muslim terror, which no public figure even speaks about, yet it is the #1 threat to our nation. We need a leader and supporting cast willing identify the enemy and say it out loud – muslim terrorists – and let them know we will hunt them down and kill them. This leader needs to draw a line and issue a statement such as:
      “For every act of violence committed by muslim terrorists from this point forward (or for every life lost due to muslim terrorists, or some such criteria), there will be immediate retaliation. Nothing will be off limits – not Mecca, not Medina, and not any mosque located in the US. There will be immediate retaliation – no due process, no dragging things through the courts. We will use the best intelligence we have at that moment as to the perpetrators, and we will strike immediately. Immediately for these purposes = within hours; in other words, don’t look for clues on CNN. If they are determined to be muslim terrorists, any muslim mosque, building, business, doghouse, henhouse, outhouse, car, bicycle, camel, etc – in any country – will be considered a potential target. Retaliation may be, but will not be limited to, a military strike. We will also confiscate any and all assets deemed to be the property of muslims, and freeze any such monetary assets, at our sole discretion.”
      The magnitude of retaliation by us would have to be in proportion to the act of terror, of course. Nothing would be gained by actions against peaceful people either, so we really would have to use good intelligence to get the bad guys. Right now we probably have many of them within our sights, but are limited by wiretapping and other warrants. The ‘immediate’ strike (immediate = within hours) is MOST important, in multiple locations, so THEY KNOW that WE KNOW where they are.
      My guess is, since they think we would never do such things that it wouldn’t take a whole lot such of retaliatory strikes to have them back down. The problem is that DC is full of wussy, mealy-mouthed politicians (and many are Republicans) that pussy-foot around everything and don’t want to ‘offend’.
      Well that offends me, and I vote.

      • RandyH

        The muslim in chief ain’t going to let us seriously go after his brothers. Why do you think he stuck his nose in Egypt’s business? He wants Mubarak out so the “brotherhood” can take power. Hell, he planted the seed for this little rumble by giving that butt kissin’ speach at the Cairo future terrorist training camp, er I mean University.

        • bohemian

          Randy – yep, Øbama sure wouldn’t go after them. He won’t even acknowledge that the Ft. Hood massacre was the work of a muslim terrorist. According to him, there have been no acts of muslim terrorism.
          You may have something with ‘he planted the seed’! When the heat in the DC kitchen is too hot for Ø (and it’s getting hotter every day), right before he is impeached (for, among other things – usurping the Office, failure to uphold the Constitution, etc.), he will resign in disgrace here. What better place for him then, than to reign over a country of American-hating muslims? They will accept him as a hero! That Cairo speech was the kickoff of his campaign!!

      • I’slam

        I think you’re right. Too many people are afraid to speak up because there is an unease in the air. The things in the world we are seeing are rightfully intolerable. We have become afraid of Muslims within and outside of our country. Arab oil interests own a huge portion of our foreign debt. The situation is becoming critical, there will soon be no unravelling this insidious mess.

      • http://google SUNBUM

        I understand your frustration. I feel the same way, however; this is not right either. We have the bill of rights and concitation remember? these same people will crawl out from under their rock and use things that are there to protect all people regardless of their understanding of what is, good or bad, right or wrong! We must find other ways to defeat them and their believes.

    • Scott Todd

      “Cheaper crude or no more food” didn’t work in the 70s and 80s. What makes you think it’ll work now?

    • patriotdad


  • newspooner

    This is basically the same as the gun issue. When only government agents can legally have guns, it is all over — freedom is totally lost. When only government can communicate effectively, freedom will also quickly disappear. It is called communism.

    • Vicki

      One of the reasons the founding fathers put the first amendment in is that the ability to communicate effectively is actually MORE powerful than an army of armed people.

  • Dawn Marie

    I hope & pray that all Americans are paying attention to what is going on in Egypt, and are aware that if Obama has his way-this will happen to the USA! God Bless us ALL!!!!!!

    • maxi

      I believe that is what it is all about also. I don’t know why he is still on te throne. The two faced liar but the trut was let out. God always reveals the thruth, we just did not listen as a country. I knew he was Muslim as I saw his fruits, I knew his birthcertificate was in question. that is the first qualification of being a US PResident- Hello. I could tell his lies from his speeches. He was caught in enough of them already all I need is one. Some are saying let the Middle East go down but they are not realizing they will take us with them.

      • http://google SUNBUM


        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t hate him,YET! If he carries out his plans to destroy my country and take more of our freedoms, THEN I will hate him!! right now i just think he is the worst thing to ever happen to this great country!

  • Polski

    Other countries are telling us who we should elect, or what kind of government we should have. What do you think the ILLEGAL ALIENS are doing?

    • http://google SUNBUM

      Yes this is why we must send them back. they add to the poor & underprivileged, and thus to the demorats base. The dem-creed keep them poor & uneducated, Thus increase our power!!!

    • DaveH

      Your fears may be unfounded, Polski. First of all, the illegals can’t legally vote. And coming out into the light of day to illegally vote isn’t likely to be their inclination.
      As far as Latino immigrants in general, read this for an educated opinion on which way they tend to vote:

      Of, course, if I had my way they would vote for Libertarians.

  • J.M.R.

    he has spoken like a true dick-tater out of both sides of his mouth.

  • http://deleted Claire

    Mubarak pulled the plug on the Internet becasue he did not want the Egyptians to have any outside contact. He has been in power for 30 years–how did past administrations deal with him? What did they do to keep him on our “side.” The Egyptians have had enough of dictatorship. I do not blame them for protesting. Let this country work out their own problems, we have enough of our own that we can’t handle. America is going down the tubes, our government has not created, built, kept a decent democracy for years.

    • http://deleted Claire


    • JIBBS

      We are a REPUBLIC, not a democracy..the fact is, democracy’s always fail, is that why Barry calls us a democracy ?

      • http://deleted Claire

        JIBBS–Okay, republic.

      • DaveH

        They’ve been doing that for decades in the Media, Jibbs. I do think it is purposeful on their part to mislead the public.

        • independant thinker

          We are a democratic republic. Democratic in that we get to vote on state and local issues and those who represent us in the state capitols and Washington. A republic in that our representatives are supposed to vote the wishes of those who elected them unless those wishes conflict with the constitution then they are supposed to be guided by the constitution.

          • DaveH

            I think the idea of a republic was twofold:
            1) to prevent the majority from crushing the minority.
            2) to require that no man is above the law.

          • Vigilant

            For clarity’s sake: we are a constitutional republic, based on democratic principles. We hold a place in history for being the very first republic to recognize the sovereignty of the individual, as eloquently stated by Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence.

            Since we are a republic, nothing in the Constitution prevents our elected representatives from voting against majority wishes. Such is the reason for periodic elections and the number of discrete years a representative may serve in one term.

            Our representatives are not just “guided” by the Constitution, they are required to strictly adhere to it, and “preserve, protect and defend” it.

          • JC

            Actually we are a fascist plutocracy…voting is merely the dog and pony show of choosing just which side of the aisle gets to drag us towards Globalist Centralized Government for the next 4 year term.
            What we need to do is go back to our “American” roots en masse.

      • Vicki

        Clare writes:
        “America is going down the tubes, our government has not created, built, kept a decent democracy for years.”

        That is because no one can. Democracy is inherently unstable. Our forefathers KNEW this. That is one of hte reasons they pushed for and created a REPUBLIC.

        Democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on dinner. The 2nd makes sure the lamb gets a say in the outcome.

        For more on why democracies fail watch this video

        • http://deleted Claire

          Vicki– I stand corrected, I should have used the word “Republic.”

    • Dan az

      The recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia are no doubt giving pause to many authoritarian regimes around the world, but nowhere else appears to be as determined to control the message as China.

      Newspapers can only publish accounts of the protests from the official Xinhua News Service, a policy often invoked on stories the government considers sensitive. Censors have blocked the ability to search the term “Egypt” on microblogging sites, and user comments that draw parallels to China have been deleted from Internet forums.

      Read more on China Restricts Reports on Egypt Protests
      Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!


    If the men working in the ISPs had any balls (of course they don’t, they are just a bunch of nerds who got trampled in high school), they would refuse any orders to shut down the internet, forcing our military to cut arteries with 50 calibur machine guns.


    If the internet is ever shut down, just do the exact opposite of what the authorities tell you.

  • Anthony

    All of you should make it a point to know your ISP static IP addressing. On Facebook, for the last four days, alerts of the IP’s for web access were being pushed to friends on a global front. Hopefully, there are more than just a few with 3G or 4G cards to use.

    Shutting down the Wild Web – is the end of Free Speech.
    Let me hear EDDIE or any of the others defend that nonsense.

    I have recently come across a listing of what you should be doing in case these things happen to us.

    Make it a point to not only bookmark this – but immediately email (meaning “share”) this link to everyone you know and caer about.

    Like it or not – this crap IS headed our way and it is OBAMA’s Handlers that are doing it. Remember, Reid is still running the Senate … so I don’t wanna hear how the Repubs are at fault only.

    I told all that it would get a lot worse before it gets better…..

  • Joel

    Keep informing all the “sheeple” about the elites…George Soros ect. Use the internet like never before to spread info to everyone you know while we still can. Be ready to fight on every level. I am not letting this illegal fool Barry Soetoro or his puppet master elites bring me down. Live free or die.
    Anthony, thank you for the above link!!

  • Tinman

    the elites should not applaud, because what is happening in egypt is going to happen here. The elites should take the last train back to africa, china or whatever commie country they want. Real Americans want their country back. So remember jackboots, blue helmets and who ever else “BRING YOUR SUPPER”!

  • 45caliber

    This is not a surprise there – and won’t be a surprise to me here if our government decides to do the same thing. They want CONTROL!

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama needs to shut us up to enable him to destroy the country.

  • John

    Here at home, Gen. Boykin (one of the founders of Delta Force) was upset due to obama telling our police forces that the greatest threats to our country come from, conservatives, Christians and our own Military returning from duty abroad!

  • DaveH

    After reading the comments to this question –
    “Why do you think the middle class meltdown happened? And how can it be fixed?”
    I can see why we’re in trouble in this country. Our public schools have succeeded in dumbing down most Americans. Only one commenter was close to the correct answer:

    Too damn much Government wasting our financial and physical resources! Government is not a producer of Wealth. It is a consumer of Wealth.

    For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Free Markets (where anybody can succeed if they put in the effort) — Vote Libertarian!

  • http://com i41

    Onumnutts and his bastard Soros Socialist Dork Party gave the Muslim Brotherhood heads up a few weeks ago about a internet black out. If anyone is appulauding it is the marxist muslim moron and his domestic terrorists around him to see how martial law will go down. This crossbred bastard is scheming nad planning with all of his executive orders plan. Tunesia, now Egypt, is just a start for this crossbred bastard and his smuck handler Nazi Traitor George Soros. Onumnutt madatory plan of electic crap and hybred vehicles fell off the cliff in not selling worth a s–t. Pickup sales up over 37%, the green bildge just doesn’t work. so shut off the cannel, stop crude production in the USA, raise fuel prices triple. The economy will fail, food commodities are being bought up on futures market by Soros, no full no food production, no country. But the simple no minded Soros Socialist gave hedge fund smucks a free rein to manalpate all facets of our economies and create discourse. All blue prints preached by Soros. In 1 month wheat went from $6.89 to over $11.00 a bushel. Look at all the muslim goat abusing perverts Onumnutts have brought in to the USA. Supposedly because they feel shunned, when they are just terrorists like all muslim Palistinian thug pigs that were dropped here in last year.

  • tracycolorado

    Suppression and Regulation of the Internet and Freedom of Speech Did Not Work in Eygpt and Tynisia . The Cat Is Already Out Of The Bag , and They Cant Put it Back In .

  • Templeton

    and nothing threatens the free flow of information like the consolidation of it. if it’s such a big deal that facebook and twitter are in danger of being shut down, why is it not a big deal they were created in the first place? how is it that we can let something like this so dramatically effect our communication?


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