Ed Snowden, NSA And Fairy Tales A Child Could See Through


Sometimes, cognitive dissonance, which used to be called contradiction, rings a gong so loud it knocks you off your chair.

But if you’re an android in this marvelous world of synthetic reality, you get up, put a smile back on your face and trudge on.

Let’s see. The National Security Agency is the most awesome spying agency ever devised in this world. If you cross the street in Podunk, Anywhere, U.S.A., to buy an ice cream soda on a Tuesday afternoon in July, it knows.

It knows if you sit at the counter and drink that soda or take it and move to the only table in the store. It knows if you lick the foam from the top of the glass with your tongue or pick the foam with your straw and then lick it.

It knows if you keep the receipt for the soda or leave it on the counter.

It knows whether you’re wearing shoes or sneakers. It knows the brand of your underwear. It knows your shaving cream and precisely which container it came out of.

But this agency, with all its vast power and its dollars, can’t track one of its own — a man who came to work every day, a man who made up a story about needing treatment in Hong Kong for epilepsy and then skipped the country.

It just can’t find him.

It can’t find him in Hong Kong, where he does a sit-down video interview with Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian. It can’t find that “safe house” or that “hotel” where he’s staying.

No. It can’t find him or spy on his communications while he’s in Hong Kong. Can’t figure out he’s booked a flight to Russia. It can’t intercept him at the airport before he leaves for Russia. Too difficult.

And this man, this employee, is walking around with four laptops that contain the keys to all the secret spying knowledge in the known cosmos.

It can’t locate those laptops. It can’t hack into them to see what’s there. It can’t access the laptops or the data. The most brilliant technical minds of this or any other generation can find a computer in Outer Mongolia in the middle of a blizzard, but these walking-around computers in Hong Kong are somehow beyond reach.

And before this man, Snowden, this employee, skipped Hawaii, he was able to access the layout of the entire U.S. intelligence network. Yes. He was able to use a thumb drive.

He walked into work with a thumb drive, plugged in and stole… everything. He stole enough to “take down the entire U.S. intelligence network in a single afternoon.”

Not only that, but anyone who worked at this super-agency as an analyst, as a systems-analyst supervisor, could have done the same thing, could have stolen the keys to the kingdom.

This is why NSA geniuses with IQs of more than 180 have decided, now, in the midst of the Snowden affair, that they need to draft “tighter rules and procedures” for their employees. Right.

Now, a few pieces of internal security they hadn’t realized they needed before will be put in place.

This is, let me remind you, the most secretive spying agency in the world. The richest spying agency. The smartest spying agency.

But somehow, over the years, it overlooked this corner of its own security. It left a door open, so that any one of its own analysts could steal everything, could take it all, could just snatch it away and copy it and store it on a few laptops.

But now — yes, now — having been made aware of this vulnerability, the agency will make corrections.


And reporters for elite U.S. media don’t find any of this hard to swallow.

A smart sixth-grader could see through this tower of fabricated baloney in a minute, but veteran grizzled reporters are clueless.

Recently, on Charlie Rose, in an episode that left me breathless, a gaggle of pundits/newspeople warned that Snowden, walking around with those four laptops, could be an easy target for Chinese spies or Russian spies who could get access to the data on those computers. The spies could just hack in.

But the NSA can’t. No. The NSA can’t find out what Snowden has. It can only speculate.

It’s charades within charades.

This whole Snowden affair is an op. It’s the kind of op that works because people are prepared to believe anything.

The tightest, strongest, richest and smartest spying agency in the world can’t find its own employee. It’s in the business of tracking, and it can’t find him.

It’s in the business of security, and it can’t protect its own data from its employees.

If you believe that, I have timeshares to sell in the black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

In previous articles on No More Fake News, I’ve made a case for Snowden being a CIA operative who still works for his former employer. He was handed a bunch of NSA data by the CIA. He didn’t steal anything. The CIA wants to punch a hole in the NSA. It’s called an internal turf war. It’s been going on as long as those agencies have existed side by side.

For example, look at the money.

In the June issue of Wired Magazine, James Bamford, author of three books on the NSA, states:

“In April, as part of its 2014 budget request, the Pentagon [which rules the NSA] asked Congress for $4.7 billion for increased ‘cyberspace operations,’ nearly $1 billion more than the 2013 allocation. At the same time, budgets for the CIA and other intelligence agencies were cut by almost the same amount, $4.4 billion. A portion of the money going to… [NSA] will be used to create 13 cyberattack teams.”

That means spying money: far more for NSA and far less for CIA. It’s a turf war.

But in this article, let’s stay focused on the fairy tales, which are the cover stories floated to the press, the public and the politicians.

We have reporters at The Washington Post and at The Guardian. We have Julian Assange, the head of Wikileaks. They’re all talking to Snowden. The NSA can spy on them, right? It can listen to their calls,read their emails and hack into their notes. Just like people have been hacking into the work and home computers of Sharyl Attkisson, star CBS investigative reporter.

But the NSA can’t do all this spying and then use it to find Snowden. It just can’t manage it.

Everybody in the world with a computer has passwords. The NSA can cut through them like a sword through hot butter. But Assange, The Post, The Guardian and Snowden must have super-special passwords.

They got these passwords by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope, along with 25 cents and a top from a cereal box, to The Lone Ranger. These passwords are charged with atomic clouds that obscure men’s minds so they cannot see or spy. They’re immortal and invulnerable.

The NSA can spy on anyone else in the world, but it can’t get its foot in the door when it comes to The Post, The Guardian and Assange.

And if Snowden winds up in Ecuador, that, too, will become an insurmountable mystery.

“Nope, we don’t know where he is. He’s vanished. Ecuador has a Romulan shield surrounding it. The cloaking technology is too advanced.”

Perhaps you recall that, in the early days of this scandal, Snowden claimed he could spy on anyone in the United States, including a Federal judge or even the President, if he had their email addresses.

Uh-huh. But the combined talents of the NSA agents, now, can’t spy on Snowden. I guess they just can’t find his email address.

Snowden isn’t the only savvy computer kid in the country. There must be a million people, at minimum, who can cook up email addresses that evade the reach of the NSA. Yes?

What we have here are contradictions piled on contradictions piled on lies.

And in the midst of this, a whole lot of people are saying: “Don’t look too closely. Snowden is a hero and he exposed the NSA and that’s a wonderful thing.”

And a whole lot of other people are saying: “Snowden is a traitor and he should be tried for treason or killed overseas. That’s all you need to know.”

The truth? Well, the truth, as they say, is the first casualty in war. But in the spying business, the truth was never there to begin with. That’s one of the requirements of the industry.

“Son, if you think you’ve lied before, you haven’t got a clue. We’re going to tell you to do things that’ll make your head spin. That’s the game we’re in. We’re going to make you tell lies in your sleep.”

And these are the people the public believes.

It’s a beautiful thing. It really is. The fairy tales are made of sugar; and the public, the press and the people eat them. And then they ask for more.

–Jon Rappoport

Personal Liberty

Jon Rappoport

, The author of an explosive collection, "The Matrix Revealed," Jon Rappoport was a candidate for a U.S. Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern and other newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe. Rappoport has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic and creative power to audiences around the world. His blog, No More Fake News, can be read here.

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  • Warrior

    I gotta say Jon, your article is just pure brilliance. Kudos my friend.

  • vicki

    “Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have.”

  • Quester55

    So now, the Master of Misdirection, has the entire worlds sheeple, wagging their tongues, looking for that “One Man”, whom they say has ALL of the Countries Secrets, And were led to believe that the,” Great Spy Network”, can’t find him???????

    Even a blind man can see through this LIE!!

    What really bothers me is; ” What are the fools in the white house, covering up that needs such a Witch hunt in the first place ?!

    Here is something even more , to worry about; Why is the General Public, being allowed to openly speak about a Spy Network, that has remained out of the Public Vision, for over 50 years? A network, that Everyone feared to Question, let alone Speak of, without Whispering?
    The Real Questions Should be; What is OBAMA UP TOO?

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      I absolutely agree with this last line! He said he would work on climate change on one hand but where is the other hand and what is it doing? He ALWAYS has ulterior motives, He has proved that, to many times, not to question what the other hand is doing!

  • Quester55

    Here is a Stock Market Tip for you that have the money to invest; Buy Shares in

    ” U.S. Steel ” or in the Stainless Steel Markets.

    Guillotines, The One Tool Needed, to get a Head, in todays World Businesses.
    And the Best Way to insure that your Secrets, Remain Secret!!

    • Bryan Kidder

      now that’s funny. rofl

  • village idiot

    Maybe its time to call in James Bond?

  • Bryan Kidder

    right on target. this is a classic psy op and as usual the sheep are biting like trout.

  • me

    Snowden must be punished. The guy did not wrong. all he did was spill the beans on the government spying on everyone. Let it go dictators.

  • mort_f

    Historically, the role of the NSA was communication security, and all of its aspects, code breaking, code creating, and the ability to monitor the communications of foreign entities.while protecting our own communications from foreign entities.

    As a part of the Department of Defense, it should have no role to play in domestic affairs. Hence the question of what did Snowden take? If evidence of domestic spying, then he should be commended. If it compromises NSA capabilities in its proper role, then it is reprehensible. The facts to date surely indicate that the NSA has been exceeding its charter and should be reined in.

    • Quester55

      There are way too many ” Unmarked Graves “, of those that have tried to revile the Evil that these So-Called Security Groups Have tried to Hide from the General Public, over the years.
      The SAD thing is, Our Enemies Know our Secrets, Long before any agency can cover it up, All thanks to the News Networks having better spy’s than the Government has.

      • mort_f

        This is not a ‘friendly’ planet. And whatever security we have, often depends on having knowledge of our enemies. That often includes spying, spying that includes embedded agents and technologies such as overflights and intercepts of communications. And that often puts people at great risk.

        Do our enemies know our secrets? To a certain degree, Yes. Hopefully they are not omniscient. But do not compliment the Press and the media. They are far more often both ignorant and useful idiots. Very often their usefullness lies in leaking misinformation.

        It very depends on just who do you trust. The SAD thing today, is that many of us have absolutely no trust in our so-called leaders. A trust that has been destroyed by a continuous barrage of lies, many of which have been quickly rebutted, only to be followed by more lies. And as for the vaunted media? The term ‘free pass’ has never been more appropriate.

  • Wellarmed

    I agree with the author that this could be an internal power play that we are witnessing. It is my understanding that Mr. Snowden was a former CIA employee and former member of the US Army at one point. Whether any of that is true is purely questionable, but either way he would be in a very good position to evade their surveillance due to the fact that he had access to the inner workings of the beast. I disagree with the author that evasion would be futile.

    If it is also true that this IS an internal power play then that may lead one to believe that Mr. Snowden may also be receiving material support from a former employer. The NSA would not have the home field advantage if that were the case. It is hard for me to view that this would be strictly economics based if it were proven to be true. The CIA had performed many incredibly barbaric acts during the United States last two major incursions and I viewed those actions as a run through for a much larger and greater performance.

    Regardless of the motives for his actions, and whether this is a staged event or not the fact remains that the NSA IS very much spying on the American People in direct violation of the United States Constitution. If history is any indicator of future events then I would point to Mr. Oswald as a shining example to what happens to people that make deals with the devil.

    I highly doubt that Mr. Snowden will live a long and prosperous life regardless of where he determines to take refuge. Once his useful purpose is served, he will be most certainly be forced into early permanent retirement by members of one US government agency or another.

  • Quester55

    All Joking aside, these AMERICAN?? Security Agency’s have done a good job, During & after the COLD WAR Years, But all things must come to an end & I for one, would like to see an End of many of these Anti-American Groups Disbanded.

    Keep the F.B.I., O.S.I., & Maybe the N.S.A., But get rid of the C.I.A., I mean, With Presidents like Obama Running loose, who needs an agency like the C.I.A. to start another war?!

    • Rob Reiken

      Sorry to inform you obviously you don’t know, they are all corrupt including the FBI after all it is public knowledge that the FBI done the 93 World Trade Centre Underground Bomb Attack including their hand in the Boston Bombing. Not even the EPA are ligitimite, they’re all a bunch of traitorist – treasonist false flag sell out neocon SHill Trolls. You need to understand that the Government is Hijacked by Elite Globalist trolls giving mandate to Corporations that exploit & plunder everything for profit while destroying everything in their path..

  • CongressWorksForUs

    Just one problem; Snowden was an insider, so he’d know precisely how to evade them.

    Oh, and if you think Snowden is working alone, I have some beachfront property in Louisiana to sell you…

    • ChristyK

      His evidence that the NSA can’t hack the laptops is silly. If the laptops aren’t connected to the internet, then they can’t be hacked. They probably aren’t even turned on. I agree with you that he would have the information to help him evade detection.

      Another possibility is that the US government doesn’t actually want to catch Snowden now. If they caught him now, it would require a trial that would show how much our rights are being infringed and how they are snooping on regular citizens. They have to attack Snowden as a traitor to make him look bad and to shift the focus on his “treachory”, but they want to wait till it is no longer news before they do something about it.

      • Debbie Hogan Tate

        Hope he gets a heads up that they are coming so he can release it all! Would love that! Put them all in their place when the truth comes out!

      • okihadit


  • hungry4food

    I would say the Chief Justice is Under SIEGE !!!!!!!! But things are more Dire than this even and its had to fathom !!!!!

    Its all a Distraction and just read the story about how Obamacare was Judged in the High Court !!!!

    But things seem more sinister than that even !!!!!

    The Proof of What is said on this first Video is with the WORDS of Kissinger below !!!

    The Snowden Case What You’re Not Being Told

    Kissinger says US media lying about Syria


    And Consider this Report , http://tinyurl.com/nt2dw3a ,Was Supreme Court Justice John Roberts blackmailed into supporting Obamacare via information gained about him by the National Security Agency? The more US government crimes are being exposed by whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Russ Tice and Sibel Edmonds, the more I get the feeling that these criminal politicians and criminals in the state department are the ones who are slowly being boiled, not realizing that their crimes and lies have left them in extremely hot water .

    http://tinyurl.com/nt2dw3a – Proof Chief Justice Roberts Blackmailed? Sibel Edmonds Blows The Whistle On Government Blackmailing – The Corbett Report

  • hungry4food

    GET a LOAD of this !!!! The IRS , FBI , NSA on NDAA Steroids is what we have NOW , POWER is OUT OF CONTROL !!!! WE the PEOPLE ARE SERFS OF THE STATE !!!!!!
    Judge Napolitano: SCOTUS Says The Gov’t Could “Kidnap” Snowden

  • Nadzieja Batki

    What we may have on our hands is a turf war between agencies. The expression is follow the money and which agency wants more, who gets more.