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Ed Griffin on the Left / Right Paradigm (Recommended)

October 26, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Bruce


    If any of you can’t grasp this very easy to understand straight forward explanation, then we are truly doomed.
    As well REPEAL the 14th Amendment as thats what & where the root of this problem stems.

    Also be aware that a False Flag is on the way that will make 9/11 look like a cake walk on a sunny day in May. Don’t fall for it.

    You are being 100% Totally manipulated, again its the 14th Amendment that allows all this to unfold.

    YOU are not FREE, YOU are SLAVES to the STATE, and yet again that comes straight back to the 14th AMENDMENT.

    • DaveW

      Griffin nails it again. Just took another look at his, “Individualism & Capitalism vs. Collectivism & Monopolies‏” excellent..

      Bruce, well said! Personally, I believe the root of most all our problems was the creation of both the Federal Reserve and the Federal Income tax in 1913. Or, the solidification of a centrally powerful Federal government by way of Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression, and crushing of state’s rights. Federalists won, anti-Federalists lost….thus, the fall of the Republic was ensured.

      • Bruce

        Yes I agree that the FED palys a major part but the words within the 14th Amendment sealed our fate in 1868 that allowed the FED, The IRS, The DEA, etc.. and all the rest of the alphabet soup Mafia.

        We don’t really have a government at this poin t in time, we have a “Corporation” known as the “District Of Columbia Inc.,” in 1868 when the 14th Amendment was brought into law the Constitution that everyone now thinks they are part of found its self on a shelf getting very dusty and has been there ever since.

        In 1860 when EO #1 was signed into law we started into our new form of Mafia Corp. that we have now.
        As the South created a Con ~ Con that was the end of the Constitution & Bill of right lock stock and barrel.

        {Just as a side note; keep in mind that the Roman Empire was given all land and water rights of the “whole world” in 1213, check into it.

        You will also note that after 1868 the Congress building on the wall behind where the Speaker of the House and VP sit on either side there is a “large Fascia” that hold’s an AXE, ~ note thats the same symbol of the Roman Empire, thus we have been under Roman Law ~ aka a Criminal Mafia Law since 1868, and was sealed tight in the 1871 Congress.

        When all of us were born, we were born lacking of being a “SOVEREIGN,” just as our states lost their SOVEREIGN status in 1868 under the {reconstruction act,} thus the 9th and 10th Amendments were long dead when we were all born.
        If you look into the mid 1960′s gun laws that congress passed you will find that we really have no rights under the bill of rights at all.

        Then back in the 1930′s FDR sold us as “Human Chattel,” check into his EO noted as ~ the {Emergency Act.}

        BTW – Prior to 1860, no Lawyer could hold the office of Congressman in either upper or lower house.
        Why? The Constitution clearly states that Congress will be of the People and no one of Title, aka ESQ. can hold such office.

        Folks you all need to get yourself a copy of Blacks Law, so when you read doucments you can understand what the legal terms really mean.

        After you reread these doucments understaning what they really say, you will loose your lunch.

  • Opie

    I too think Mr. Griffin is pointing out things that are basic to understand with regard to the One World Government Agenda, I am agreeing, he is correct.
    What he fails to explain are the major tools of the elite’s manipulation of the masses, artful subtlety and social apathy used to propagate the agenda.
    Most folks don’t give it enough weight because they are conditioned by the convenient access to the untruths of the main stream media. Lost accountability, due to constant bombardment of distraction, fast paced headlines that fractionalize focus. The Media implies that the information presented is unbending truth as presented. This is hardly ever challenged. So for the masses are not willing to seek the truth, it is what it is. In short, We need to wake up!

  • Thinking About

    Well, we get rid of the 14th Admendment and what might be next, get rid of the 2nd Admendment. Before we become so radical think about what else might happen.

    • Bruce

      Your not very bright are you?

      None of the Amendments up to the 13th nor the Constitution are valid nor have they been since 1860, as well they don’t apply to you.
      Is that clear enough that you can understand?

      • vicki

        Actually they DO apply. For instance my right to keep and bear arms is granted to my by my CREATOR. Not by some piece of paper. The Constitution is an agreement between me and my government to PROTECT my rights not to grant them.

        If the current government is not upholding its side of that agreement than it needs to be removed and a Constitutional government put in it’s place.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Good grief, what crack did you crawl out from? Wow!

  • Lost in Paradise

    I have been saying this for years, and is why I took a long vacation from voting. I have been telling people this for months on this forum, and telling them that voting is a way to control them. I get so damn mad when people say “WE WILL VOTE EM OUT IN 2012″. NO, you will not, as you always vote for the same garbage. Nothing ever changes. Our founding documents tell us to take action against a government like we now have, and remove it. The only way that will happen now, is with a full on and well organized revolution. Problem is, how to get the number of people to fight, when they are so damn stupid they cannot believe the truth about what is happening to them. We are told by those in power, that we fight for FREEDOM, and THE AMERICAN DREAM. That is simply a con, and one of the biggest ever other than we now have a totally illegal president.

    • Bruce

      By your above post you prove well beyond any question that your not very bright either.
      But then again its not all your fault, you eat GMO’s you drink tainted water filled with Floride as well other chemicals.
      As well more than likly you can’t even do basic research.

      Perhaps you should take a little trip over to redice creations .com and watch the David Icke youtube feed on the OWS thats a good start to grasp whats going on with just that single arm of the game.

      How about you try and Open your mind rather than close it. Afterall the mind is not unlike a Parachute it has to open to work.

      The Bill of Right nor the Constitution apply to you. Just as the police are not here to protect you nor serve you.
      Nor is there any differance between a D or R. Its a simple case of 1+1=1
      And thats the simple TRUTH. Rather you like it or not.

      Hey here’s a really novel idea, how about you try and disprove what I posted rather than opine on what you know absoutely nothing about.

      Afterall I gave you all the points to start with, as well its all really very well doucmented.
      Thats only if you care to PROVE it to yourself.
      Or are you afraid to?

      Or is it that on a subliminal level you know I am correct yet your fear over rides you?

      Your call, afterall it should be easy for you to disprove me if you really think your right, or will your fear get the better of you?

      Will you have the BALLS to make an apology when you find out your the one who’s wrong?
      No need I really don’t care, I would prefer that you just wake the hell up and stop being a worthless eater.

  • Vicki

    Good video. I especially like his end comments about Ron Paul and about the attempts of our own government to join the oligarchies of the world in suppressing our ability to freely speak about politics on the Internet.

  • Jay

    I have been aware of the let/right paradigm as a way to move us all towards collectivism for quite some time now. I’m very glad that it is now being addressed here! Kudos to you Mr.Livingston for addressing and exposing the trickery. I agree with the above poster, Mr.Griffin nailed it!

  • Texasmom

    Republican/Democrat “wings on the same bird” – would make a nice bumper sticker.

  • Jules Manson

    I have witnessed my country devolve from the U.S.A. to the U.S.S.A. This is the United Socialist States of America.


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