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Economists Rate Obama’s Policies Fair Or Poor

January 3, 2012 by  

Economists Rate Obama’s Policies Fair Or Poor

President Barack Obama received mediocre marks for his handling of the economy in a survey of economists by The Associated Press.

The news outlet reported that the economy is struggling to recover from the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009, as the housing market remains weak, the unemployment rate is up from when Obama took office and the European debt crisis is threatening further growth.

Half of the 36 respondents to the AP survey rated Obama’s economic policies as “fair” and 13 of those surveyed called them “poor.” Only five of the economists gave the President “good” marks and none rated him as “excellent.”

According to the news outlet, the criticisms from economists vary, as some note his healthcare overhaul provided a distraction for the President while others have targeted his “poorly designed” $862 billion stimulus program.

“Healthcare reform wasn’t necessarily the most important thing to be dealing with when you’re in the midst of the worst recession since the Great Depression,” Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economics, told the AP.

The Miami Herald predicts that 2012 will be more of the same in terms of the economy, as experts have noted that it will not be much worse than 2011, but not much better.

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  • Stan Smith

    Because people voted the Inexperience clown don’t matter which side of isle you are on! Would a business owner Big and Small hire a person to run their establishment who has very little to no experience??? of course not! The owners don’t want to put their business at risk because of inexperience Manager/president/vice president. Put inexperience moron he will cause the business to fall due to many bad decisions and it will hurt many employee’s who depends on the business to make a living! You know Obama could never make a decision by himself he has his Yes Person to do the thinking for him, Obama couldn’t even run Walgreens store, Even Walgreens corporate office! Let’s see Tina worked at Rite aid and going to college to get a degree in business she work as a clerk for over 5 years and got promoted to Assistant MGR. 2 years Later Rite aid saw her excellent job performance and her hard work and dedication they made her general MGR. another couple of years gone by she was offered to work at Rite aid Corporate Office since she had her business degree and did a wonderful job managing her Rite aid store and few other Rite aid stores in her city, So Tina took the promotion to work in Marketing Dept and became Vice President or President due to her years of experience she gained over the years and being a go getter. Then we got Obama Very Inexperienced Did not many years of experience, So the Democraps decide to push this clueless person into the higher office The Presidential Office, The Libtard Media and Obama gift of the gab got the clueless voters to elect Obama and finishing the job what Bush left behind, Putting this country in a toilet! So if Rite aid decide to put clueless Ralph into higher position instead of Tina, Ralph would ruin Rite aid and Owner of Rite aid will have to get rid of Ralph and put Tina in his place after the owner found out Tina was a better candidate than Ralph and fired other higher ups for the poor decision they made. Well this means time to vote obummer out! and correct the mistake the voters did!

    • cawmun cents

      Actually if you said that Walgreens,or Rite Aid,would hire someone from India named Shaker,and bring him over via temporary work visa,and give Tina’s job to him for less wages,and far less ability to do the job correctly,then you’d be right on the money.-CC.

    • eddie47d

      Obama certainly has faults he may not be able to overcome and the hurdle is much higher for him this time around.He sometimes reminds me of G Bush who DID have business experience but flunked many of his Presidential duties. Bush had his handlers too even though he claimed “He is the Decider” when in reality Cheney and Rice ran the show.

      • dfinch

        Who ever you may be talking too puts someone else in charge. Sometime during his stay in the WhiteHouse everyone has run the country. All it is is an opinion. No one knows that answer.

  • skyraider 6

    obama what a joke on amerians

  • skyraider 6


  • Sirian

    Obummer has been as dependable in relation to our economy as a Chevy Volt – go figure. . . :(

    • Joe H.

      More like the old chevy vega wagon. Never could depend on it, broke down all the time!!!! and for its size, was damn expensive to run!!

      • libertytrain

        That was a piece of junk….

        • Deerinwater

          but nice curb appeal! Great Gasser & Double A fueler bodies, a later Willis of sorts.

          • libertytrain

            Sweetie it didn’t even have curb appeal…

  • DavidL

    The Republicans/conservatives set the country on fire and were thrown out of office. Ever since, they have been standing on the fire hoses, with pathetic irony complaining about the cost of water, and holding the country hostage in order to attempt to distract, escape blame, and re-gain power. This worked in 2010. I’m not sure it is going to work in 2012. A rating of fair under these circumstances is probably pretty good. Can you imagine what our economy would be today if the Republicans put country first instead of self? Cooperation is not a dirty word or political weakness. Cooperation for the common good is a moral imperative.

    Ron Paul was against the policies which started the fire. He is the least fact-challenged and, unlike all the other candidates in this Republican clown show, not a hypocrite. He does not hold the views he may have espoused over twenty years ago. Who among us does not regret mistakes from our past? Remember, Associate Justice Black (US Supreme Court)in his youth, was a member of the KKK. He joined a unanimous court in Brown v. The Board of Education.

    • Deerinwater

      KKK membership is common practice where RP lived back then. My Uncle was a KKK member and county sheriff as well for several years. The KKK has got some bad press and rightfully so. But the acts of a few has destroyed the good works of many. Not all KKK members are skinheads, or harbor great hate. They don’t “hate” but see mixing of blood lines as unacceptable practice for no great purpose.

      This something that you can not legislate out of people quickly and each entitled to their belief. Forcing ones beliefs on “other’s’ is when the line is crossed. A very old issue.

  • Randy131

    Their results have rated Obama’s policies better than any of the economists could ever hope to, and much more accurately. Hindsight is always 20/20, and boy have we’ve seen enough to last a life time, and the misery it has brought to the American people.

    • eddie47d

      Since none of you believe in the mainstream media and the Associated Press is part of that mainstream media then there is no way you could honestly believe the survey.

      • Don

        eddie, americans don’t need a poll to tell us how bad odumbo has done, the economy speaks for it self 1

  • peter

    It is generous to say Mr. Obama has done poorly. His plan is to give money away to his cronies and constituencies and then HOPE some kind of multiplier effect leads to prosperity. This is foolishness.

  • Dave

    I think it would be nice to know who was polled, and what their economic background is.

    I have a hard time believing any credible, quality economist would give Obama a better mark than “poor.”. Must be Marxists and Keynesians.

  • Richard Emerson

    Why rate the President, shouldn’t they rate congress?

    • Raggs

      I have to wonder how to rate a “prez” that spends billions on vacations????… Any clue there George?
      I can rate him on his stupidity at 100… Idealogic of Marxist at 100.. A human being at 0%..

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    Obummer has done many things to remember, very slick and as cunning as a rattlesnake.Nothing good, just destruction.You clowns that follow his act must remember if by his hook and crook methods gets back in it is all your fault . of course the only crying we will hear from you is he isn’t giving us enough.

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    And all Eddies go back to your jungle.

    • eddie47d

      Good afternoon to you too! Actually I could use a nice vacation in Costa Rica.

      • Joe H.

        I’ll help pay if the ticket is ONE WAY and PERMANENT!!!

  • Bob Marshall

    Don’t blame Obama. 70% wanted Obama reguardless of his ties to Communist, Socialist,Nation of Islam,CAIR, ACORN,terrorist group the Weatherman Underground,Bill Ayers and George Soros to name just a few reason he should not have been elected.the internet offered a excellent way to research Obama, his background and his ties to these and many other organizations and individuals million chose to remain ignorant. There were books such as THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT which contained six years of research on this and much more available before the elections. i do believe the largest of blacks would have voted for Obama in any case because they expected him to take care of them better than a white president would. T hat showed when 97% of blacks voted for Obama. Now, we have a police state with 35 communes where the Department of Justice said primary black American-Muslims are training for Islamic military warfare.In his book Audacity of Hope Obama said, ” I will side with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.The Jamaat ul Fuqra or Muslims of America has purchased and leased hundreds of acres of property across the US. Obama did help to create a lot of jobs.Government jobs.He raised the national debt by almost $ 5 trillion in only three years.he has ignored the Constitution in over 16 instances.Obama called it out of date and is pushing for a new progressive “living” constitution.if he is reelected, the US will have one because of men like George Soros and Eric Holder.Something is wrong when 79 members of congress called for the abolishment of our original Constitution.

    • Raggs

      Yup.. F~ oblama .
      He is one sorry son of a bitch.

    • Firefly

      I seem to remember he won by only 53% so 47% did not vote for him.

  • gnafu


  • Robert C Peters

    well… I am one of the 30% who was not duped by Obummer. But so often feel powerless as a “citizen”. The government, overall, has been “DIRTY” for a long time. The disrespect for the The Consitution by our “elected” officials – is treasonable. Hey – GO LIVE SOMEWHERE ELSE!

    • dfinch

      Every year we have a neighborhood Christmas Party. Three of our neighbors have children getting their masters and voted in 2008 for Obama. When asked why they all 3 admitted to being caught up in the drama on campus. Now they’re admitting to being older and wiser and Obama will not be their choice in November. This is how he affected the college kids.

  • Raggs

    So who is the idiot that gave him better than a “F”.

    Oh hello ED.

  • Raggs

    America is pissing up the hill with this idiot.

  • Pat

    There are a lot of smart people in this country, unfortunately Obama did not put any of them in his cabinet. Whenever a decision came to a “benefit for American people, especially the middle class” or a “benefit for his special interests/donors/buddies”, his vote went for the special interests, donors and buddies… was easy to predict how his vote would go,to whatever wasn’t best for America!

    • Joe H.

      DARN Pat, You shouldn’t have said that!!!! now eddie will try to say that’s why Abummer got such low marks!! The experts were mad because Abummer didn’t hire them!!!!

  • s c

    WHY did no one take the time to define what an ‘economist’ is or isn’t? Polls have a remarkable habit of being left-handed ways of making people seem more [or less] acceptable. Only in American politics can someone expect an escapee from the Senate to step into the White House and act like a combination of God and George Washington.
    If you I commit blasphemy when I talk about a ‘god’ in the W H, it’s because you have your head rammed where it doesn’t belong. God has nothing to do with the W H. When it comes to god-wannabes, that’s another matter.
    From an economic position, the current W H poser has done an excellent job of interfering with the economy, let the Fed ‘create’ wealth that doesn’t exist, gutted the job creation process, demanded that we see him as infallible, divided America, made back-room deals to keep chums on a short leash and done almost everything a Manchurian Candidate could do to help America implode.
    In effect, no invading army can do what a poser prez can. In the last 3+ years, America has been knocked to its knees via a prez whose ability to rape a nation’s economy is almost equal to his self-inflating, world-class ego. Anyone who can look at Obummer and smile is someone I will do my best to avoid. And that includes ‘REPUBLICANS.’

  • http://Boblivingston Gottaplenty

    Well we can see what has happened to us, and should see how easily it was accomplished.The plan was to take us down by the very ones that implimented the action for quite a few years now.They got the right scum bag in place to pull it off and made it work because they knew when they had enough vacume skulled zombies lulled to being very cheaply bought off with small gifts (cell phones etc. )and entitelments. Entitled to what? ,your hard earned money.Lets pray that the pendulem swings back.

  • Deerinwater

    The larger the ship, the slower she responds. Few of you have spent much time in the wheel house I would venture to guess.

    You’ve got your maps, compass and course. Your sonar tell you how much room you clear below, the curvature of the earth gives you a 14 miles , 360 degree view with clears sky’s. Radar mounted high can see a little farther out, 17 to 20 miles regardless of conditions, if it set and working right.

    I’ve seen early morning fog so thick, I could’t see the fore peak from from the wheel house and had radar targets bearing down on me at 34 knots on a interception course while my top speed only 14 knots, ballast heavy with 80,000 gallon of potable water and 145,000 gallons of marine diesel and 47 tons of oil tool steel lashed down on the aft deck.

    That next 20 minutes is the most exciting 20 minutes you might ever hope to live. You figure your options, wind , weather, seas and load, what you know the big old girl can do and make your corrections. Then you get on the radio and attempt to contact the advancing target. From her radar signature and speed, she’s a lager freighter and you have wandered into ‘shipping lanes’ headed for New Orleans ports.

    It’s a big old ocean out there but sometimes , it just not big enough. What is seen as ‘easy’ to on-lookers and they take for granted, is really not easy at all. If you actually knew the danger, you’d stayed home!

    “Time” is the single largest determining factor to any outcome.

    If allowed the time, all things are made possible.

    The USS America is a huge blue water vessel and never should been sailed up into shallow waters with little room to come about.

    That some of you have notions she might preform like a Jet Ski, stopping and starting again and turning on a dime is absurd. Obtuse is what David H likes to call me, a kinder way of saying, You’re stupid!

    Well? we’ve had three years and only now have we managed to come about and plot a course out of these perilously shallow waters the previous captain sailed us into.

    If you people fancy yourselves as being bright about economic matters, 5 to 6 years is a acceptable period of time. Look up past history, don’t take my word for it.

    If you are one of those people that give Bill Clinton’s economic success to Ronnie Reagan for laying the ground work, three years time is but ‘spit in the ocean’ and little time at all.

    I think your party bias has clouded thinking process.

  • Deerinwater

    I think far too many people fail to understand the nature of wealth transfer, You generate wealth for yourself and everyone with how you spend and what you buy. Not spending is as bad poor selections in spending.

    To not spend at all is not a solution as it stops the economy dead. A game of musical chairs where the music never stops or more actually, where ‘some sit and some stand’ and the music never plays.


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