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Economic Experts Says True Inflation Is Three Times Higher

April 29, 2010 by  

Economic experts says true inflation is three times higher Despite the Federal Reserve’s pronouncements that inflation is under control and holding steady at just above 2 percent, some experts believe the true figure is much higher than that.

According to Jeffrey Nichols—senior economic advisor to Rosland Capital, a California-based precious metal asset firm—the consumer price index , which is the government’s main inflation indicator, is flawed and causes the actual inflation to be significantly underreported.

In his view, the true level of general price increases is between 6 percent and 7 percent.

"Recent statistics paint a rosy picture of the United States economy emerging from recession with inflation subdued," Nichols said.

However, he added that "anyone who does grocery shopping, pays the utility bills, writes a tuition check for their child’s education, uses public transportation or flies across the country knows the truth about inflation."

Nichols also said that although the price of gold fell last week after the news that the investment bank Goldman Sachs had been charged with securities fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission, "prices in the $1,130 to $1,140 range are certainly attractive entry points for long-term investors."ADNFCR-1961-ID-19744904-ADNFCR

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  • Doc Sarvis

    “Economic Experts”, that’s a funny term.

    • Time

      Yea – thats so funny, X- SPURT its a realy funny word – its almost as funny as “HR 2499,” our new 51st state.
      Why I am just LOL now – our very own “TRANSPARENT CONGRESS” working a bill that no one knows in the US knows about. Now thats Funny, taking into account they are voting on this TODAY.. Oh how funny.

      Its all just so funny how BarryO’s “Transparent government” is working, my God its a laugh a minute, or even better its such a laugh I think I am going to pass out over all the funny.

      Just about as funny as when the Congress gave false numbers to the CBO on the HCR bill.. HA Ha Ha, oh its so funny.

      Its also just so funny when we toss in the word ” X Spurt”
      as in an – X something that was, and spurt, – a zit like thing that blows crap out all over you, then you have to clean up that mess.

      Kinda like that Transparent BarryO. He’s just too funny – and yet he too is an “X – Spurt.”
      And how can we ever forget all the other funny little ” X -zits ” within his cabinet and staff. YOU just gotta laught at how funny it all is.

      Hey did you hear the one about the VAT? that stands for {Very Ah Taxed} Now thats so funny.
      Strange how funny it is, I just can’t stop laughing.

      But whats even more funny is a guy who has a PHD from Harvard that can’t figure out what a Birth Cirtificate is. Now thats really Funny.

      • Mike In MI

        Hey TIME – How do you know he’s got a PhD or even a left-over Big Chief tablet from Harvard? Also, what about the Registration to run for public office which no one ever shows? …filled out?

        By the way, is anyone taking bets on how long ex-Gov. Ron Blagojevich is going to live as we approach July? Or, will his suit be withdrawn, dismissed out-of-hand or laughed out of court? Or, will the Constitutional expert in the Offal Orifice find an obscure clause giving him a positive right to declare his subpoena to testify invalid because Blago is illegally racially profiling, based on Obalmy being the only ghetto conman, minority, learning impaired, left-hander with elephantiasis of the auricular extremities in that position?

        • Time

          Hi Mike,
          Forgive me we have had a lot going on over the last number of weeks so Its hit and run for me on here. Packing up our stuff etc. we sold our home – so no more crazy property taxs. Yea baby!

          What you stated is a very good question – as no one really knows anything about BarryO – that is other than what Bill Aryes wrote in the alledged BarryO written books. It could all be a 100% myth.

          Who really knows, unless his records are made public this could well be a major problem for old Blogo. As BarryO’s handlers are not going to let down the shield for a problem like Blogo, so he may be living next oddr to Jimmy Hoffa very soon.
          I sure wouldn’t take any bets on Blogo if I were a betting man.

          Again there is not a shread of proof of anything about BarryO to be found, that is other than whats been told to us by way of a wild tale from the press / media who have their heads so far up his backsides if he were to stop to fast, they would pop out his mouth.

          All that aside what do we know about BarryO is that he is an outright lyer, a narciss, that by way of recorded filmed BarryO ness.

          What we also know is that he has done nothing other than work with the CCX, the Joyce Foundation, as well the Tides Foundation.
          Its also known that he worked with Acorn and he was infact a comnunity organizer, and he was in the state senate.
          Yet he was incapabe of any voting on anything, For sure a strong leader!

          We also know that somehow he was getting over a million dollar per year salery for doing that job, strange no one else gets that kind of money being in the state senate.
          By the way that also follows with his wife who was also making a million dollars per year for a buisness that was making no money, but was tied to the Tides Foundation. But the media seems to have missed all that for some strange reason.

          I guess thats FUNNY, knowing how many X -Spurts are in the media.

          So – Mr. Transperant is really as Opaque as one can or could be.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            what are you going to do now rent? Hope you are happy and content where ever you go!!

  • http://gmail i41

    Agree, that is like the elquont, educated,American President who loves the USA! The experts said if the stimulas was passed, unemployment would never get over 8%.

  • James

    Inflation is built into the federal reserve system. The only way money can come into existence is for someone, or government, to borrow it at interest, which establishes a debt that always exceeds the money in circulation. Gold is a good indicator of a currency’s value, in 1920 it was $20/Oz. while now, it’s over $1150/Oz.

  • Al Sieber

    Inflation, the hidden tax most people don’t know about, could turn into hyperinflation if we don’t stop printing Fed. Reserve Notes.

  • oldbill

    For gold (and silver) to sustain long term growth, greater than inflation, investors will have to buy precious metals faster than they can be produced from mining and reclamation. Otherwise, Goldman and J P Morgan will continue to be the other side of the trade, and they will simply push pallet loads of metals back and forth across storage floors, sucking the savings out of investors pockets (and retirement accounts). Gold and silver were fantastic buys from 1998 to 2003. Buy them cautiously. Set a price goal and don’t sell until it is reached. Adjusted for inflation, gold and silver have not recovered from the peak in 1980, and both are still in a sustained down trend. As long as borrowing costs are low, relative to inflation, debt will remain more attractive, as it has since 1980. Look for the gold and silver recovery to take 3 to 5 times as long as it took for the sell off. Got a hundred years?

    • DaveH

      The value of precious metals, especially gold, remains relatively static over time (i.e., how many goods and services can an ounce buy). It is the price of gold in dollars that fluctuates and that is mostly dependant on the quantity of dollars being created. In other words, what is the value of the dollar? So there really is no limit on the price of gold in dollars. Look up Argentina’s history with the peso, if you want to get a clue.
      We could see hyperinflation in a few years if we don’t reign in the Federal Reserve and Government.

  • http://gmail i41

    Didn’t anyone see the free wheeing spending in the last year by Bush who lit the bank bailouts fuse, passed by dems, and went into hyper speed in the last 15 months, with the muslim phony President and the domistic terrorist thugs, and avoved social, communists inner circle dreaming up and again passed by dem liberal Congress. It will make Nutsoid Carter’s plan look pretty minute. Shades of Wilson and FDR.screw ups. Just the stimulas bill as appreciated by our foreign competators and scammers all over. wake up USA.

    • American Citizen

      I said all during the campaigns that Obama was selling snake oil and he keeps proving me right.

    • Jeep

      i41, you are sooo right. This whole mess started the day the govt realized they could borrow money instead of spending only what taxes provide. Unfortunately, this has been a problem with both parties. If you, or I did the same thing at our level, creditors would soon come by to pick up our cars, furniture and eventually our house. But, somehow the govt feels like it can just take out another credit card to pay the bill.

  • JPW-

    Who’s selling the snake oil? The republicans don’t even want to talk about wall street reform on the senate floor but only behind closed doors.After McCpnnell and Boneher were in New York last week asking wall street banks for campaign funding I guess it’s payback time.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

      They learned that back door thing from the Democrats this last year, fulfilling Obama’s promise of an open and above board government, that has passed nothing openly and won’t even give Congress, let alone the American people, a chance to read what its about before they are required to vote on it. Who was that guy in Congress that got chastised by both parties for calling Obama a liar? Guess the truth is not allowed in the United States Congress anymore. Look at what we’ve become, what a SHAME!

    • Mike In MI

      JP – Got a question for you. Do you know anything at all about Fannie Mae? Freddie Mac? A guy named Franklin Rains who was the head at Fannie Mae? He was one of Bawney Phwanques house boy-fwendz. You remember Bawney; he was majority leader of the House of Representatives Committee for Banking and Finance. He was whipping up the fever for making sure his promises to his Sweetie Franklin and the big bankers were paid up – and Lehman Bros (the only halfway honest ones) got merged into Goldman Sex. Goldman Sex just happenned to be boss of Tax-cheat Tim Giethner (he’s Obama’s Empty Treasury Sexertary).

      Who in hell are you kidding besides yourself – Republicans talk about Wall Street Reform? Have you forgotten, or did Barry lull you back to sleep again, the Republicans don’t have enough votes to push Nasty P-lousy off course in the halls.

      One of these days you’re going to go to the doctor to collect some of the great benefits Obama promised you. They won’t even give you a bandaid. There won’t be any money to buy one – not for you anyway. Obama and Nancy P. will get a full body cast if they want it though. If you ask where all your government health care is Barry will tell you, “The Republicans took it.” You’ll be smart enough to believe them…or something like that.

    • DaveH

      Big Government, like any good magician, is adept at diverting the gaze of the citizens away from Big Government which is the real disease. They can regulate wall street into a straightjacket and it isn’t going to cure our problems. Government is regulating and spending this country into one hell of a hole. And they will continue doing so until the citizens start doing their homework and thinking hard.
      Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution.

  • s c

    Ho Hum. One of the recent ultraliberal progressive plants, jpwowie, forgot to mention that Bush was in the White House for 8 years – again. Aren’t you well paid to spout that crap?
    As long as people like YOU refuse to admit that GOVERNMENT has a huge part in ANY money scandal, you will never be seen as someone who CARES. So how long did it take to surgicaly remove your conscience?
    How long have you been the first socialistic, communistic progressive in your neighborhood? UNTIL you dare to admit the role of Frank, Dodd and a sold-out Congress, you’re just another
    pond scum critter trying to get to the top of the manure pile. And you owe it all to your hope and change, transparent, false god, jpwowie. What lofty standards you have.

  • s c

    By the way, whenever the Fed renders a decision regarding money policy or inflation, it’s no different than a criminal who wants to be seen as the only expert on crime. ‘Fed math’ is at the heart of this bilge, folks.
    All you need to know is the prime example of what ‘Fed math’ truly implies [1 + 1 = whatever I want and whenever I want it because the Fed is and must be your GOD]. Uncle Scam is a mere employee who works for the Fed.
    Now you know what you need to know.


    We need to send a large number of these phonies that are elected to jail for being outright frauds in their dealings with the American public. I am quite sure this country has not had so many neer-do-wells concentrated in Washington all at the same time for some time but I am sure from what I read FDR and his gang were of much the same ilk and it took a damn world war to get thru their messes. I do not want to experience this situation again but if all the information coming out about this bunch of dummies is correct we are in for one hell of a hail storm in the near future.

    These clowns make the laws you and I are required to obey but they, the self described elites, seem to think that they are above the law. I would like that proven to them to be otherwise.

  • JeffH


    The World Bank – IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild and 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take the world over through money. The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired recently. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank got involved in ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and sometimes in flames with riots. Jim Wolfensen, the president of the World Bank would not comment on his dismissal.

    Before Joe Stiglitz was fired he took a large stack of secret documents out of the World Bank. These secret documents from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund reveal what the IMF required of borrowing nations.

    The Argentina Plan… Argentina has had six presidents in five weeks because their economy is completely destroyed.

    The Enron Connection…The water system of Buenos Aires was sold off for a song to a company called Enron. A pipeline was sold off, that runs between Argentina and Chile, was sold off to a company called Enron. Then the globalists blow out Enron after transferring the assets to another dummy corporation.

    California Utilities & Enron…The chief investigators of Enron for the State of California said that that it’s not just the stockholders that got ripped off. They sucked millions, billions of dollars out of the public pocket in Texas and California in particular.

    Rothschild and the Illuminati…Burrow into NM Rothschild, you’ll find it all there. The IMF/World Bank implosion, four points, how they bring down a country and destroy the resources of the people. First you open up the capital markets. That is, you sell off your local banks to foreign banks. Then you go to what’s called market-based pricing. That’s the stuff like in California where everything is free market and you end up with water bills no one can pay. Then open up your borders to trade – complete free marketeering. Its like the opium wars. This isn’t free trade; this is coercion trade. This is war. They are taking apart economies through this. China has a 40% tariff on the USA, but the USA has a 2% on them. That’s not free and fair trade. It’s to force all industry into a country that the globalists fully control, and they control China.

    • Time


      Good show.

    • Al Sieber

      JeffH, I agree 100% of what you say on your comments. it’s just that it might be too heavy for some of the readers. I heard a interview with Joseph Stigiitz about 4-years ago and he said the economy was gonna crash in about 5-years, starting with foreign countries and we’ll be the last to go. I’ve read the “Protocols,Albert Pike,etc”. its too much info for some people. they’re already invading the country with mongol hordes screwing up our currency,etc., etc.,etc., it’s all in place. all people are doing is talking about is the dem. and republicans, “a dog pony show.” thanks for your comments. Obama is just another distraction.

      • JeffH

        Al Sieber, what I can muster from the internet, point at a total economic meltdown by 2012. Obama is certainly doing his part to reach that goal. It’s a very touchy subject that teeters between reality and a vivid imagination. What to think or what to believe?

        Global Economic Collapse of 2005-2012
        Tue Apr 19, 2005 22:15

        Global Economic Collapse of 2005-2012

        “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl
        for your miseries that shall come upon you”

        -James 5:1

        The coming global economic collapse will turn America into third world
        “basket-case” economic status as a nation when it arrives. Even now, its
        economic infrastructure is being largely gutted and outsourced to other nations
        such as China.

        Down will come the US Dollar, up shall come the European Euro, the new
        international currency. A shift in geo-political power to democratic/socialist
        Europe will, in turn, follow. Europe will become the new global superpower and
        eventual center for world government after the fallout of America’s Crash into
        the dust-bin of history.

        • Al Sieber

          JeffH,thanks for the links and the biblical quote, it fits the times we’re living in. I’m familiar with most of Andrew Hitchcock’s work, I didn’t know he wrote “Who Controls the Media”. have you ever read The “History of the Money Changers”? it’s the same people.

          • JeffH

            Al, I haven’t read it but you can bet I’ll check into it. Thanks.

  • JeffH

    House Of Rothschild: No One Can Understand What Has Happened To The Planet Without Reading This.

    The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching into many aspects of our daily lives, as is documented in the following timeline. However, before you jump to the timeline, please read this invaluable introduction which will tell you who the Rothschilds are as oppose to who they claim to be.

  • JeffH

    Who REALLY Owns The Media In 2010?

    “NOT A SINGLE NEWS ITEM will reach the public without our control,” states the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    “Even now this is attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies whose offices are entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them,” the Protocols continue.

    In other words, the mass media form for us our image of the world and then tell us what to think about that image. According to the Protocols, the way in which the news is covered — which items are emphasized and which are played down — serve the interests of the media-masters, the xxxx, and not the interests of the “Goyim.”

  • Chris

    Jeff you are one of the few who acually understand what is going on, The big IMF meeting is in a month, Then the Bilderbergs meet June 3rd in Spain. They are calling for a new currency for the Americas, Mr Giether has already said he would back it!! I am a long time reader of the Spotlight & the American Free Press! Are you?

    • JeffH

      Chris, not really familiar with either the Spotlight or the American Free Press. I will pull them up and certainly check both of them out. Myself, kate8 and a few others have done a lot of deep internet research and are just trying to make a connection with all of the US troubles which lead to the world’s economic problems. Read enough and you see the connections more than not lead back to the Rothschilds. Even Soros has that connection and we know what an evil entity has been. They all have one thing in common. Power and greed and a One World Order ruled by the elitists who monetarily control the almighty economy of the world.

      • JeffH

        Chris, thanks. I just checked out the AFP webpage and am going to add it to my favorites list. That peaked my interest.

  • JeffH

    Death of Anti-NWO Polish President Raises Questions

    “Whenever politicians die ‘accidentally,’ it’s worthwhile to see if the deceased politicians had been doing anything that may have angered the New World Order, which in Europe takes the form of the European Union (EU), whose main goals include forcing all European nations under its control to have a single currency and to allow an unlimited flood of immigrants from the Third World,”

    Kaczynski fit this bill on numerous fronts. As a strong nationalist with conservative, pro-Catholic values who ran an anti-corruption, anti-homosexual campaign; he also sought to purge Poland of its former Communist elements. Kaczynski also believed in placing his home country’s markets and economy ahead of the EU’s collectivist, global agenda.

    One move specifically infuriated the financial cabal. The National Bank of Poland and Kaczynski’s Cabinet members agreed to weaken their currency, the zloty, in order to make goods exported to other EU trading partners less expensive, thereby directly benefiting their people. The following day, Kaczynski, the president of Poland’s central bank, the Polish army’s chief of staff, the deputy foreign minister, the parliament speaker, all military service chiefs and the intelligence director—in fact, 96 people total—died in Smolensk, Russia.

    The “coincidence” is alarming, especially since Poland was the only EU member whose economy grew in an otherwise stagnant 2009 market. The reason for this growth can be traced to Kaczynski bucking the system in numerous ways. First, he and his central bank president, Slawomir Skrzypek, both harbored a great deal of distrust for the euro, and showed great resistance in adopting it. Similarly, unlike Greece and Spain, the Poles refused to take part in the EU’s loan-shark operations, which essentially dictated that a nation’s sovereignty would be surrendered to a gang of usurers.

    As journalists Judy Dempsey and Diane Cardwell wrote on April 10, these policy decisions “frequently put Poland on a collision course with its European Union partners.”

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes, not an item will be mentioned. Bob Buer is now Omoron’s lawyer dispensing advise on how to not have the healthcare get derailed. The same crook that help Whorehound Clinton and deal maker durning the impeachment, Daschle bragged he had Buar, on his speed dial, he must have also instructed Taxcheat Daschle not to pay taxes, or should I say the democrat congress, and their close buddies, how to be crooks and cheats. Washington is such a big daisey chain or whores, thugs and fratboy criminals. Now we know the muslim must be getting a little unnerved with the rath of people on healthcare. Which Buer helped guide the healthcare through Congress and with the deals that were made. No chance of collusion of under the table deals!!!

  • Raggs

    Hitler-obama can kiss it!!!!
    I ready to rub his face in his on —-

  • Raggs

    This is totally outragesous!
    How the heck is he getting away with selling us down the drain?

    I’m not a violent person but his guy pushes the limits.
    Why are people sitting on thier duff thinking all is well?

    This man is a Marxist muslim born and breed in kenya.

    I don’t want violence, but he will push us to the breaking point on purpose and he knows it….

    Sorry excuse for a president.

    • Time

      Hi Raggs,
      Let me try and explain this with out going into great detail.

      BarryO is a hand puppet for a gang of very wealthy and I mean really wealthy people, people you never hear of nor see. Why?
      They don’t want you to know who they are its that simple.

      This is a long road they have been on, they have brought the world to war twice just to gain more wealth and Power let alone control, and it worked out well for them as they come out smelling like a rose.

      By the way they own the Media – thats why you can’t find any truth on TV news. or printed matter. They also own the unions, and our Congress and Senate, courts. If you trace back BarryO’s staff and his aids they all have one thing in common, they all come from the same groups all owned and run by the same people.
      Its also why they want to restrict the Internet, and remove the 14th and 1st Amdt’s.
      They have cut holes in the 4th 5th 8th 9th 10th with the alledged HCR bill. The Caron cap and Trade is more of the same, the Imigration bills more of the same, its not just Democrats, its repbs too, the Progressives are in both camps, you only think its demos.
      Don’t be fooled.

      As we now sit with BarryO its all a game, the game is if you say anything about BarryO you get a label, such as – Raciest, or Conspiracy theory nut, or a right wing kook, even better an obstructionist, or a NEO NAZI is always fun for kicking around.

      Why BarryO, due to all the above you get pigen holed and no one wants to hear it. They think you are a Raciest on the low side of a bad sport and a nut case nazi on the higer side.

      Just look at the alledged Liberals that make these claims right here on this sight.
      They are all with out any question paid shills from one of the special groups I have noted such as the Joyce Foundation, The Tides Foundation, Acorn, SEIU, or other Union hacks or one of the others special units. And as far as the Internet Truth sights such as fact check,org, if BarryO sat on the board what facts do you really think are true. Let alone the snopes sight two totaly whacked out marxist fruit cakes with not a shread of backround in what they do.
      Think of it like having 2 – 15 year olds with a fact checking sight on line, just how worth while do you really think it is?

      They are here to {try and push your bottons} thats what they want, thats the goal to make you say something or do something that will allow the storm troops on our streets. Again Nazi Germany was a test run for the end game. Look at how we are now and what they were then.

      The goal is total world domination, its that simple.

      Now lets review a few points, as we all recall we have a melt down about 18 months ago, so who’s been brought up on charges for these events?
      Where did all the money go?
      Keep in mind MSNBC’s Chris Mathews stated that 1/2 or the world weath was stolen in 48 hours. So where is it?

      Do you recall BarryO getting everyones banking info a number of months ago and tracking down all the Swiss numbered accounts and freezing them? Or the Island accounts of what he did the same.

      Why do you think that was done? Was it to tax people or bring them in line to obey?

      How about after GM was taken over; how only the persons who were Rep’s lost their dealerships? Strange Not!

      This has been a Progressive push thats been going on since Woody Wilson. And they are so close now to taking the balls of wax its just crazy.

      Did you know that today the congress was voting on making Puerto Rico a new state the 51st state, keep in mind that 6 new congress people and 2 new senate people, and if you knon the folks down there its an easy game to figure ot that means 8 new Democrats.
      So what other states will they be working on, perhaps the 60 that BarryO noted during his campaign?

      We still can take the country back if enough people wake up, but its not going to be easy, nor fun filled and many folks will loose everything they have, and many will fall.
      As to the 2012 time line, thats not off the table yet.

      So please – don’t act out in a violent way, thats just what they want.

    • Ted Crawford

      For us to give in to our,well founded, anger and react with violence, is just to play into their hands!! The move towards Martial Law, has allready been made with this mess in Chicago! They know,left to ourselves, the electorate will make a massive correction in the status quo in November! If we allow them to incite us to extreme measures, they can justify Martial Law, and with that the suspension of the election!
      Better to respond to them by informing ourselves and encouraging others to do the same. Then get out and vote on November 2nd! If that fails, well we will cross that bridge when it comes!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        We have to vote on some local and state issues tuesday, too bad it isn’t november already!!!

  • Raggs

    A world dictator… As much as I know this is the plan and it is included in the bible ,I still have feelings of remorse..

  • chuck b


    this guy barry soetoro doesn’t have it between his ears to be a worldly dictator. the ones you don’t see lurking in the shadows pulling his string are the ones we should fear. the more i hear this guy talk the more convinced he is down right dumb. if he did teach at some university it was probably on a equal opportunity basis. the communist in the white house have something up their sleeve they are making too many moves, they have the sheep mesmerized, this latest one with puerto rico is interesting, what next haiti? it wouldn’t surprise me, what happens if the wimpy repubs lose again in november and it wouldn’t surprise me if they did, somewhere along the line between now and then the repubs will stumble or some big disclosure will come out about one of them and they will all run to hide under the table. i wish for once in my lifetime we would have men in the conservative party instead of the girly boys. (that doesn’t apply to all of them, but a lot) are the commies saving lindsay graham as one of their surprises that we will hear about a few weeks before the election? just wait and see something will spring out and bite them, it never fails and they almost always do.

    • Time

      Graham has to be voted out, he is a progressive thus is no differant than BarryO.

  • Celibataire

    Big disaster for Poland :/

  • Merle Reineking

    Interesting blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your theme. Appreciate it


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