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Dumb And Dumber

June 27, 2012 by  

Dumb And Dumber

“She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention.” — Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne in the movie Dumb And Dumber

Americans have a right to be upset as we head toward November’s election. It is a two-man race for the Presidency, and both candidates embrace big government and big spending. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney favor military intervention abroad, and both the President and the challenger have interfered with the free market with Obamacare and Romneycare, respectively.

Obama has put on such a dismal one-term performance that he makes Jimmy Carter’s Presidency look Churchillian. Romney is, at best, a moderate candidate along the likes of George H.W. Bush — able to win because the field of Republican nominees was so weak.

If the Nation is looking for a transformative President along the likes of Ronald Reagan, Romney will disappoint.

In 2006, then-Governor Romney said of Massachusetts’ healthcare reform bill, a sweeping effort to provide healthcare coverage: “We’re spending a billion dollars giving health care to people who don’t have insurance, and my question was: Could we take that billion dollars and help the poor purchase insurance? Let them pay what they can afford. We’ll subsidize what they can’t.”

Liberals loved it — so much so that Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) stood beside the Republican Governor when he signed into law the bill mandating universal healthcare coverage.

Members Of The Same Establishment

If you get the chance, pick up the book The Presidents Club: Inside the World’s Exclusive Fraternity by Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy. The authors explain how close the ties are between current and former Presidents and how their ideals never stray far from one another. Past and current Presidents compete against each other in the pages of history; but, foremost, past Presidents are loyal to the man in the Oval Office more than they are to the parties they represent or the ideals upon which the Nation was founded.

The book explains the enduring friendship between Harry Truman and Herbert Hoover after President Dwight Eisenhower was elected. It also tells of the close personal relationship between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush with Bill Clinton. Even arch-Liberal and former President Lyndon Johnson conspired with Conservative GOP President Richard Nixon in selling the Vietnam War to an America that was tired of the blood and expense of that military intervention.

Gibbs and Duffy point to the 1960 book Kennedy or Nixon: Does It Make Any Difference? that was written by Arthur H Schlesinger Jr., an esteemed historian who became a top aide to President John F. Kennedy.

Last week, Daily Maverick also pointed to Schlesinger’s decades-old book:

For many years it has been something of an article of faith with both the hard left and the libertarian right in America that it really doesn’t make any difference – Democrat or Republican. They all come from the same political elite cloth, they are ultimately working in the interests of a ruling class or some super-secret elite cabal, and those interests are ultimately determined by the hard truths of the economic substrata. .. There is always that knowing, cynical French observation, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

This truth was evident this month when Romney was interviewed by Time’s Mark Halperin.

Halperin asked:

You have a plan, as you said, over a number of years, to reduce spending dramatically. Why not in the first year, if you’re elected — why not in 2013, go all the way and propose the kind of budget with spending restraints, that you’d like to see after four years in office? Why not do it more quickly?

Romney answered:

Well because, if you take a trillion dollars for instance, out of the first year of the federal budget, that would shrink GDP over 5%.  That is by definition throwing us into recession or depression.  So I’m not going to do that, of course.

If not the first year, then when? By President Romney’s fourth year? Probably not. Romney wants to cut taxes/revenues and increase military spending.

Meanwhile, Obama has proposed reducing the size of the military following the end of the U.S. combat role in Iraq and plans to remove troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

“We have two courses we can follow: One is to follow the pathway of Europe. To shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs,” Romney said a month ago. “The other is to commit to preserve America as the strongest military in the world, second to none, with no comparable power anywhere in the world.”

The Obama Administration and Republicans in Congress have agreed to cut almost $500 billion dollars in military spending over the next decade. But even with that reduction, the United States would own the world’s most powerful military. The Pentagon’s budget this year exceeds $600 billion, or six times the amount of money that China is spending on its military.

Yet Romney will need more, especially since he has been painting Russia with the same stain as the “Evil Empire” that was the Soviet Union. But Romney needs to check recent history. The Soviets imploded because they could no longer finance their global aspirations. Neither can the United States.

A Warning, Not An Obama Endorsement

The truth is that, if elected, Romney will carry on most of Obama’s spending programs. That means a continuation of massive deficit spending by Washington and the near certainty that the United States will be thrown in the trash heap of history. This is not to say Romney won’t be better than Obama. It is hard to imagine he could be worse. But expect him to be only incrementally better at a time when the United States needs an exceptional President.

One final note: If Romney wins the Presidency, expect him and Obama to be friends once Romney’s tenure in the Oval Office is over. Historians may someday refer to them as dumb and dumber.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • blained13

    Obama is Romney lite, it may come down to whether or not we retake the Senate. Then try passing Ryan’s budget, force Romney to play ball so to speak. The deficits will continue but maybe we can start down the right path to some sanity.

    • Robert Smith

      It isn’t unprecidented that insurance is required. My car would not be on the road legally without insurance.

      Protecting me from someone else carrying diseases like TB is something I expect my government to do.

      I honestly don’t understand how anyone can object to universal health care. They are only protecting themselves.


      • http://liberty fableanne

        Driving is a privilege, you don’t have to buy a car. You look like a kool-aide drinker that follows dumb and dumber.

      • NativeTexan

        Your comment is so stupid, I don’t know where to begin. Driving is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. If you don’t want to pay for the insurance, park your car. Buying medical insurance is a personal choice. No one can force you to make a purchase in this country. This is called LIBERTY. I want my government to provide only the eight enumerated powers alloted in the Constitution to that governing body, no more no less. The first listed and the most important is to provide for the defense of the country. We are being invaded by illegals and the idiots inside the beltway are more focused on giving away our money. If you need something to focus on, read this response over and over until you understand the true meaning of LIBERTY, then go drive your car without the seatbelt and think about LIBERTY.

      • http://Yahoo Donna

        Try living on 1100.0a month and can’t afford insurance I can barley afford to eat.Yes I have a car a 1995month Pontiac my insurance is very small

      • Dorian Douglas

        The difference is that you (and I and everyone else) are paying far more than necessary for health care. Did ACA include tort reform, or resolve the illegal alien problem, or create competition across state lines, or address ways to cut costs of pre-existing conditions, or fraud, or get the FDA to stop forcing us to buy expensive drugs, when there are inexpensive natural substances (eg: cures for cancer that have been known for 30 or more years)? And as for the deliberate uninsured, don’t treat them unless they pay in advance (radical, but who created the notion that health care is a right? O yeah, government.) But it is also a right to not have health care, if you don’t want to pay for it.

        No, government just threw more of our money at the problem. Let each of us manage our own $$$$, AFTER we get government to fix the problems they either created, or they let fester like an open sore.

        Government is not the solution to the problem, government created the problem.

        Dorian Douglas

      • Lonesome

        Come on man…wake up, are you kidding? Read a book once in a while? Try it, you may learn something. How did a lib get to this website?What a fool!

      • anned

        I honestly don’t understand how anyone could want universal healthcare, but to each his own, we are supposed to be a free country. I personally will never put a pharmaceutical drug in my mouth, or in my arm, but if you want to go right ahead, how’s it working for you? I eat only organic whole natural foods, I juice and supplement with herbs and vitamins. If I get the flu i cure it naturally. I will NEVER use chemo (poison) to try and cure anything, I will Never have another persons organ installed in my body nor will I have any of my organs removed. I use holistic healthcare (Chiropractic,accupuncture and frequency healing), none of which would be covered under the universal pharmaceutical healthcare, explain to me why I should be forced to pay for it? Especially since the congress and their aids, the unions, and certain states get to opt out of it. You sir, are terribly misinformed if you think this could possibly be for the good of the citizens and not just more money for the Big pharma and government. If it is so wonderful, then let the people decide if they want to pay for it, I’m sure when they see how wonderful it is they will be lining up to participate.

      • historyharper

        You don’t need national health care insurance to be protected from TB…there are already programs in place that do that….that makes your universal health care another one of those expensive, redundant programs. Check with your state or local health department I’m sure they would be happy to share the details regarding the regulations and programs with you….in fact, you could probably ask about other “protection” programs they have…and you could also get free immunizations for your children….but then that’s another redundancy with Obamacare.

        Wonder how you’ll like being told what and how much to eat? But then that’s another “protection” being offered by the universal plan. It’s already working in our schools and would be included in the federal food stamp program if Obama didn’t need those votes so badly…..just wait. Michelle probably already has a plan. But then, that’s more “protection”.

        The protections we need to be concerned with are those put forth in the Constitution….and Obama seems determined to see how many he can trample and grind under his foot. This is not a man who believes in the “American dream”l. He believes only in the fabricated ones he attributed to his father. Frankly, I’ll take Romney’s brand of government.

      • carrobin

        These guys who heroically claim to keep themselves healthy and thus avoid medical expenses are living in a dream world. Wait till they get hit by a car or find a lump where a lump isn’t supposed to be, and they’ll find out that everybody needs medical care at some point, except those who die young and suddenly–and you have to be a billionaire to pay for any major and extended treatment on your own. And then a for-profit insurance company can refuse to pay your bills, for any weird reason it can think up. What we need, of course, is Medicare for all citizens.

      • REVDR

        There is a big difference between having car insurance and being told to get health insurance or you’ll be fined. With car insurance you have a choice of not getting a car therefore you don’t need to get insurance with health insurance you have no choice and more than that, it’s not up to the government to tell me what to buy. For your information having health insurance will not protect you from TB or anything else. You have to be a closet liberal on here. I can smell you libs a mile away. Where will that stop at, it wont stop. Look around you at all the intrusion that the government is doing now with what you can eat, drink, where you can smoke or not smoke, etc. It starts out with what’s good for the people so people like you will blindly fall for it. Wake the f**k up you idiot and get off the cool-aid.

      • Patriot

        So maybe the government should dicate what you should eat, when you should sleep, how much air you exhale, you know all for the common good, you know! A government that has all these powers, has in the end the power to take them all away. Never forget what Liberty & Freedom are, if you do, you are lost! We need critical thinkers, not Drones!

      • Joan

        The problem with ObamaCare is that it is for all the illegals to get free health care. If you think it is far “all people” you are wrong…Obama thinks Senior Citizens and new born babies are not worth the “cost”. He also has a committee that decides who gets what treatment and where and if or if not they get any treatment at all. Better re-think.

      • Karolyn

        anned – I’m with you, and I’m po’d that I will be penalized for not enrolling in Medicare Part B (I’m 65.). I don’t NEED a doctor. Why should I have to have insurance? We are the minority – those who are not on some kind of chemicals or running to the doctor for every little thing, and we are discriminated against.

      • Karolyn

        carrobin – When it’s my time to go; it’s my time to go; and it might even be by my own hand. As far as accidents go, I do not attract them into my life. Everything we experience happens because it is attracted by the energy put out.

      • Concerned Montanan

        Do a little research and find out more about what is in the Obamacare plan. It is definitely not designed to protect you, only to control your life, even as to when and how you die. I am not joking. Maybe you can answer your own question as to why anyone would be against it.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        What is needed is a true single payer system ! there should be no insurance companies involved . All hospitals should be nonprofit with no privet hospitals aloud in the united states . The richest man in America should have to stand in line right next to the poorest to be treated . if they don’t like it they can seek medical care over seas . medical school should be free and a contract should be made with the doctors that if the want to move out of the country that they would have to reimburse our government with interest for the training they received . this could be payed for by cutting all foreign aid to other countries and a pay roll tax much like FICA .To bad for israel the free ride for them would be over because we could pay for much of the system with the money they get , FYI My girlfriend is a doctor from Russia she is sixty two years old went into medical school at 17 years of age and cant believe the way our medical system works and the greed of our doctors , she told me the doctors there were more about helping the people , here they are all about being millionaires . she could not believe that our ambulances did not have doctors and a real nurse on Bord and only had EMT ‘s

      • MNIce

        Donna, I live on $600 a month, and I also have an old car. I usually eat moderately well, and pay all my bills without government assistance. Of course, it helps to own my own home – no mortgage outstanding.

        Do not look to the Federal government to help you. That is what is destroying this country. People need to figure out how to improve their situation through intelligence, hard work, and above all, trust in God. To trust in government to provide is to place one’s confidence in an idol, and in the long run, will prove little more effective than bowing to a silver-plated statute (it’s more useful to sell the silver plating).

      • Chuck Somerville

        That tired (Liberal) health-vs-car insuranceargument is logically flawed. Here’s why…

        You do NOT have to buy car insurance to repair your (already paid for) car after an accident if you would rather risk paying for repairs out of pocket. Same with medical insurance to “repair” your body when disease hits.

        You have to buy LIABILITY insurance if you want to drive on the public roads with other drivers – to protect THEM in case you hit them.

        Your bank requires you to buy coverage on your own car if it’s not fully paid for, to protect their collateral on the car loan.

      • Ted

        There are three institutions that limit the people’s personal liberty: the government, the churches, and the insurance companies. When any two of those three get together, we are really screwed.

      • Sheryn

        Anned… How old are you ??? Do you have children???

      • Jay

        Robert says: I honestly don’t understand how anyone can object to universal health care.

        Because, we CAN’T AFFORD IT!!! Who’s gonna PAY FOR IT??? The only way we can have universal health-care, is by BORROWING MORE BOGUS MONEY FROM THE FED!!! What part of this don’t you UNDERSTAND?

      • Warrior
      • boyscout

        The truth is that universal health care has the principle function of subsidizing Big Pharma (those nice impoverished folks who produce natural substance knock-offs with various toxic kickers) which benefits population stabilization by culling the misinformed and infirm. After all their ad campaigns, pay outs, kick backs, career interchanging with the FDA, and in the field “education” of working MDs, there is very little left for the needed gala celebrations.

      • Krazeehors

        And the government has BEEN protecting people from TB since the 30′s and 40′s. That is WHY they require TB tests of all healthcare workers, and most students before they enter school.

        I had a TB test every single year in junior high and high school, and THAT was in the 70s!!

        The point here is that we do NOT need sweeping government healthcare for everyone to require/protect people from TB, measles, etc. We ALSO do NOT need to be requiring birth control for every single female of childbearing age OR requiring employers to provide something that costs less than $10 a month!! Why fix a system that isn’t broken?

      • Joe Hammond

        Look at it this way….you have a priviledge when you drive a car legally that requires you carry a certain amount of insurance. You can choose to not own a car as many in NYC do. If you had to get somewhere quickly you would have to use a cab or borrow a car…….healthcare insurance is like having a car with insurance that can take you where you want to go when you want to go. Not having it is when an ambulance carries you to an emergenct room at a near broke hospital and you can’t pay the bill but instead it is passed onto the taxpayers……..

      • wandamurline

        Because it is not about your health care…it is about restributing the wealth and control of the masses. Wake up. The end game is to make it impossible through sky high premiums so that the insurance companies no longer handle health care….the whole d a m n thing was to have a single payer situation…and that single payer be the federal government. Maybe you like the government telling your what you can and cannot do….I personally do not because I still believe that I am their boss …. that they work for We. The People, not vice versa…but more of people like you are the real problem in this country as you expect someone to take care of your instead of taking care of yourself.

      • Bev

        You are the living epitome of what is wrong with our country. The “STATES” can do all kinds of things that the “FEDS” cannot do. Do you have a federal driving license – no because there isn’t one. If the people of Massachusetts wanted a health care plan for their state – they got it. If I want to own a machine gun in Texas – I can. It’s not the federal govt business. I don’t want the feds telling me what doctor I can see and when. One more thought – if Romney were to come in and implement harsh austerity measures this country would surely go tango uniform.

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Rob anything this Corrupt Government mandates is another step to Communism, since our Corrupt Congress and last 4 Presidents let 40 Million Illegals enter our Country and stay taking 12-14 Million Jobs and pay them Social Security, give them free medical, free Food Stamps, State aid free Schooling free living quarters and bring Disease’s that we haven’t seen in 55 years plus two parasites that kill that we have never had and all at the tax payers expense is Treason and as far as I am concerned Murder. Did you know that more than 11,000 American’s have been Murdered by Illegal’s and that over 80,000 Americans have died from the Diseases from these illegal’s, 20,000 in 2010 alone and that is just the people in big cities many more out in the remote area’s where they don’t keep that kind of record.

        • Gea

          Social security was never meant to be a life style but only help to people to pull themselves up in the hard times. This social security, medicaid and disability had destroyed many communities since it encourages indolence and having children out of wedlock, perpetuating dysfunctional and parasitic life styles. When young people have nothing to do they get into trouble and create problems for others. That is what happen when amount of dole depends on number of children one creates.

      • R.D. Cessna

        Mr., you’ve got “STUPID” written all over you !

      • Joan

        Oh Rob, you poor informed soul….Obama care will only make you pay more taxes to pay for all the illegals that don’t fall under the “have to buy your own” phase…anyway, you pay insurance on your car to protect you and the other drivers incase of an accident on your/or their parts. I hope you enjoy having your taxes raised to pay for all the “others” that don’t pay for their medical care.

        • macgyver1948

          Joan… It might just come down to which side we choose to believe when it comes to telling the truth, in this case with ObamaCare. In reality one side or the other is totally lying and misrepresenting the facts.. Time will tell, now that SCOTUS says it is ok, who is lying. It would also help to read Obamacare so we each can see who is lying. If we only listen to the side we choose we do not have our own opinions, we only have theirs.

    • Raymond Agnew

      In No Way Is It A 2 Man race It’s A 3 way Race For The White House LIBERTARIAN Gov. Gary Johnson / Judge James Gray vs Democrat Obama / Biden vs Republican Romney / VP???? !!! It Time For The Mass Exodus To The Libertarian Party Johnson / Gray LIBERTARIAN 2012 AMERICAN REVOLUTION 2 LIVE FREE ! & Every Libertarian On The Ballot FOR FREEDOMS VICTORY IN 12 !!!

      • Chuck Somerville

        In this political environment there’s no such thing as a viable 3rd party candidate.

        Since what you want is conservative and not liberal / big government outcomes, a Libertarian candidate would only split the Republican votes, thereby helping Obama to win. If Obama wins, we really are lost.

        History: John Anderson, Ross Perot.

        The other choices are gone. Too bad.

        Hold your nose, vote for Romney, vote for conservatives in all local / state / congressional races, get involved with local politics* and hold all the politicians’ feet to the fire by communicating frequently with them as to what Americans want them to do.

        * Local politics includes fighting Wisconsin-style against public sector union abuse of taxpayer money, fighting Agenda 21 issues at town, county, and state levels, fight the Progressive robot-ization of our children in the public schools by getting involved with schools and school boards.

        Tip O’Neill: “All politics is local.”

      • Chris

        There can be no 3rd party in this race. RP is the only man who has the conny in mind,but he has no way of winning the nomination. Johnson/Gray running and taking millions of votes away from the rep vote will split the votes and hand Obama the 2012 election on a silver platter.
        As much as I DON’T want Mittens in the WH,we no longer have any choices left to us. Either Obama wins and America is lost forever,OR, Mittens wins and we take control over house/senate,and elect SCOTUS justices that adhere to and enforce constitutional law. This way,we have control over the congress,both sides,and,we control the SCOTUS with the majority that will investigate,arrest,and imprison the elites behind all of this. It’s the elites that inevitably control the money,therefore the elites have to be arrested.
        In essence,it is simply imperative that we DON’T split votes! Granted,Mittens is less than desireable,but he isn’t committed to ending America forever and we CAN control him with the above mentioned ways. We HAVE no other choices….

    • Chris

      If Romney is Obama lite,then we have very few options because it’s going to be one or the other. Obama and America dies,Mittens and we might have a chance,but he’s still a spender and big govt politician.
      It sounds to me like our only *solution* is to elect Mittens and then take control of both senate and house. Once we do,then WE control the money and coffers,then we can force him to play the way we want him to. Aside from that,we have no other options.

      • stevor

        Good in theory but only the Elite, who hold the purse strings, MAKE anything happen in Washington.

      • Chris

        In response,what other alternatives do we have? If the elite control the money,then it would be imperative for us to not only control house-senate,but also to replace the supreme court justices with constitutional, America and freedom loving justices as well. The problem I see right now is that the SCOTUS has too many liberal,anti America justices that would never punish the elite or the big corporatists,much less punish people like Holder,Obama and the other puppets of the UN,the CFR and the elite rich. However…IF we were to control house-senate AND have the SCOTUS majority as constitutionalists, we might have a chance at actually arresting and prosecuting the elite?

      • Jimmy The Greek

        If it were not for AIPAC . we would have a much better selection of candidates , the way it is now if they don’t kiss the ring of the zionist they can never get elected, Ron Paul is a good example

      • Joan

        Obama and Romney ARE NOT the same….Romney pays his own way and so does Ann while Obama and Michelle love to spend the tax payers monies on expensive vacations and personal “stuff”. Take a look at the $$$ they have spent since occupying the WH. IF you add it all up, including the $$$ it takes for security on the Golf Courses he seems to keep busy, it will add up to more $$$ than more than 30-35 household salaries come to in the same amount of time. Besides, Romney is an honest man and Obama is a evil King wannabe.

        • Chris

          Thanks for your reply.
          Romney would be much better for America than Obama for sure. Obama wants America dead.Period. However,Romney DOES have some issues I dislike and those are that he’s a globalist,a big corporatist and quite possibly pro big govt. These worry me. However,I do not believe that he’s a member of the communist party like Obama is. I believe that he wants America to survive,but…will he change things to FAIR trade instead of FREE trade? Corporatists love free trade and it is exactly that,free trade, that has decimated the middle class,the m-c jobs and allowed all of the industrial jobs to go overseas. If he’s a globalist/big corporatist and he becomes POTUS, he MUST fight FOR Americans and bring work back home. This means he must do exactly opposite what corporatists want. He must change free trade to fair trade and reign in big corportae power to allow small businesses to start,survive and thrive.
          Secondly,he will have to support and make small government a reality. Will he do this willingly or will he be forced to by us taking control of the house-senate and SCOTUS?

          Our choices are extremely limited and we must make EVERY vote count.However,we will have no other option but to put a leash and harness on romney so we can control his actions.

      • Krazeehors

        I agree with the person who said, “Hold your nose, vote for Romney.”

        If you all would read the book “The Amateur,” you would find out JUST how DISSIMILAR Governor Romney and Obama really are!!

        The garbage you are hearing about Romney is just people on the left and the Paulbots trying to sway the conservative voice.

        All Romney has done that is like Obama for the most part is Romneycare. The court will probably throw it out tomorrow, at least I pray they will.

        His positives FAR outweigh Obama; and I won’t even mention the female dog Obama is married to.

      • Ruth

        For those who say to hold your nose and vote for Romney better plan to live in a Socialist country. Romney is a Socialist and is backed by George Soros, who is Obama’s puppet master.

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        You seem to forget that the list of candidates we choose from are PRESELECTED by the DNC and RNC, we actually have no free choice in whom we vote for.

        In turn. the DNC and the RNC are financed/controlled by the oligarcy that actually runs the US – or so I am informed. Another example of corruption at work. Can anyone provide an example of any goverment department, private operation or anything else that does not operate corruptly, by which I mean, NOT in the manner under which it was conceived and/or implemented, not necessarily people milking the system for their own personaL GAIN.

    • CesarCris

      In your super simplistic world, “free health care” is free health care.
      But you never look beyond and inside the saleman’s scheme and all the accompanying consequences. You don’t have any sense of how incompetent (or should I say totally unqualified) the leader and his party are when in comes to running a business, much less the US government.

    • James

      Ryan Budget… Ron Paul has said the Ryan budget doesn’t go far enough. I crave that kind of truth in analysis from politicians. Getting Romney to follow the Ryan budget might be better than if he does not but like playing tiddly winks on the deck of a sinking ship even that budget is not going to budge the problem. I can only hope first that Romney wins vs Obama and secondly that he is open minded enough that we can educate Romney after he wins to Ron Paul’s way of thinking. I have a feeling that MR will try to do the honorable thing by this country, I just hope he has an open mind enough not to be fooled by the status quo. On the other hand out of the available general election candidates if Gary Johnson could get the public’s attention, and be included in the poles and the debates, he has already said he would cut $1.5 trillion in 2013! As I see it he wouldn’t require so much educating. Voting for GJ would be a principled vote although he most likely won’t win its about voting for who should be the winner. I’m willing to vote on ideals and secondly want to remove public endorsement from the two main parties so as to change public policy so such a vote would serve two purposes. In order of my favorites for president: GJ, MR, then BHO (way last). See this good GJ interview video here to hear the budget statement first hand plus other important aspects of his platform: Thanks.

    • hawkeye10

      The good news is we actually don’t have to choose between dumb and dumber….We can choose Erasmus of America… called “The Einstein of Economics” and he has this Omni Law that is a Civil Rights Act for America, and if it is passed before November, then we won’t have to choose either one of Romney or Obama for President, because they truly don’t know what to do. Erasmus does. From what I understand, a constitutional convention can be called, and then the current Government can be abolished. You would actually have to read it from Erasmus of America, because it is explained best by him. You can get a copy of the Omni Law sent to you by emailing

  • Doc Sarvis

    As I’ve been saying, Romney is little different from President Obama. As I see it, the main difference is that Romney will cater even more to the rich while our President is focused more on the middle class and the rest of us (the 99%).

    • Vigilant

      Spoken like the true Marxist you are, Sarvis.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I see you can’t dispute my standing, just call me baseless names. The easy way out.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Vigilant is calling you what you made of yourself.

      • Vigilant

        Oh yes, Sarvis, I can call you names, but they aren’t baseless.

        Whenever any idiot (another name) says, “Romney will cater even more to the rich while our President is focused more on the middle class and the rest of us (the 99%),” you obviously haven’t a clue.

        I and many others here have offered evidence of Obama’s clearly socialist and dictatorial agenda, but you ignore the facts at your whim (and peril). “The middle class?” Tell me who’s better off after 3 1/2 years of this tyrant, the middle class or the Wall Street interests? Highest number of food stamp recipients in history, highest number of non-taxpaying citizens in history, highest deficit spending in history, highest (and climbing) numbers of regulations to inhibit small business formation, longest period of sustained unemployment at this level in history, first downgrading of creditworthiness of the USA in history, etc., etc., etc.

        You’re worse than delusional, you’re brain dead!

      • Vicki

        Doc Sarvis says to Vigilant:
        “I see you can’t dispute my standing, just call me baseless names. The easy way out.”

        You offered nothing to dispute. You made an assertion and offered no evidence to support it. Vigilant did not waste her time refuting that which is of no value (your unfounded and obviously false assertion).

      • Vigilant

        Thank you both, Nadzieja and Vicki. (:-)

    • Gray

      OMG. Wake up and smell the coffee. Really, what has Obama done for the middle and lower class? He’s just put more of us on welfare.

      • Robert Smith

        It’s the REPUBLICANS who put the stops on tax cuts for the middle class without the “trickle down” voodoo economics that haven’t worked in over 20 years.


      • Vigilant

        Sonny, it was that “trickle down” voodoo economics” that gave us the longest period of sustained business prosperity in history.

    • Power To The People

      Obummer looking out for the middle???? No way…the 1% have done better under Obummer than any of the past 4 presidents in terms of their share of wealth. Obummer is for the cause and the cause is not the people…it is ruling the people while his wealthy friends…and him prosper.

      • Doc Sarvis

        President Obama has consistently been trying to get the 1% to contribute more to this country that has enabled them to be so successful. It has been the Republicans (and tea partiers) who have blocked him at every turn.

      • Vigilant

        You’re damned right they blocked him. Even liberals have come to understand that you don’t increase taxes during a recession, and that came from the darling of the left, John Maynard Keynes.

      • Vicki

        Hey Doc. Lets see what happens if you and obama get your wish and have the 1% contribute more.

        WARNING: Facts ahead.

      • moonbeam

        Doc Sarvis, you sound like a friend of mine who is severely overdosed on obooboo’s kool aid. His face goes blank, pupils are dilated, then forms his lips to start with “…the republicans…”, repeating over and over like a broken record. He has yet to realize that there’s no real difference between the two parties. Both are outright stinking liars, whores and thieves.

        See, he gets all his info from MSNBC, not possessing the inclination to do his own research to find the real truth. I see you have the same problem. There is a “pill” for this addiction to putrid kool aid. It’s called RESEARCH. Should try it sometime. It can be very enlightening!

        When I did my research on bushboy, I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t behind bars. Doing my research on the current white house squatter, I can’t understand why he is even in the US, considering he is here illegally, never applied to become a US citizen, uses a different SSN that belongs to another in a state he never lived and a fake photo shop birth certificate to boot!

        Doc, I think you need a doctor.

      • Cheerio

        Left vs. Right, Rich vs Poor, Black vs. Right, Gay vs. Straight, Romney vs. Obama! It is the perfect divide and conquer tactic of socialism! Wake up O and R supporters. We are being pushed into a way of thinking, think for yourselves.
        Read what these liberal women have become enlightened to. Hate, division, emotions are being flared to keep us blinded and divided. TMZ gossip is keeping a majority of Americans diverted from the truth. Look at what the media forces on us, it is either Romney or O, do we even have a choice???

        This is why the John Birch Society and Ron Paul’s 30+ years of warnings are so important. Even GB rides on the back of these “Founding Fathers of truth”. Ron Paul is perfect to bring Left and Right together to restore this nation.

        The Constitution, standing up for what is right, repenting and turning to God is the only way to stop the destruction come upon us. America has been infiltrated by those who want to destroy it for decades. How do we judge who is enemy who is friend? God, common sense and deep research. Newt Gingrich is supporting the TeaParty.Net, what does that tell you?

        Stop fighting against each other and come together with Freedom, our very lives and future in mind………

    • Dorian Douglas

      To Doc Sarvis

      Romney is for letting the rich make more, and pay more in tax $$$$, rather than raising tax rates and have the rich stop making money for which they would pay taxes. How many millionaires have we lost in the past 4 yrs??? They move (on paper) out of the country, or just stop investing. And we lose their tax revenue. (Learn about the inverse relationship of tax rates vs tax revenue before you vote.)

      Obama is for taxing ALL of us more. Remember, the Bush tax cuts lowered rates for EVERYONE. He isn’t for the middle class or the poor; he is for Obama, and the rest be damned. Look at what he did in Chicago in the ’80′s (I was there). Or you could look at what he has done in the past 3 years.

      Dorian Douglas

    • anned

      Obama just transferred TRILLIONS of your children’s money to Wall Street and the Big Banks through Stimulus, you idiot, all while you were watching “dancing with the stars”. He has taken from the poor and middle class and shifted it to his elite friends, soon there will be no middle class just more poor.

    • Nonnie Aversa

      You are not kidding Obama is for the middle class he the food stamp pres. and he wants their votes come Nov.that is his motive ;

    • REVDR


    • Nadzieja Batki

      It appears that you are just plain envious of the rich because you may never get to that point and it also appears that you are not making that effort to become rich.

    • Patriot

      What’s up Doc? Inform yourself, Obama is shrinking the middle class into the poverty class, wake up before it is too late! When we get to the Utopian society that all the libs & progressives are promoting there will only be 2 classes, the elites and the poor. Read up on your history prior to injecting your posion here. Name 1 soceity in human history that has succeeded under a socialist or communist model.

    • Jay

      Doc says: while our President is focused more on the middle class and the rest of us (the 99%).

      He sure is; like a wolf licking his chops!

  • Vigilant

    “Even arch-Liberal and former President Lyndon Johnson conspired with Conservative GOP President Richard Nixon in selling the Vietnam War to an America that was tired of the blood and expense of that military intervention.”

    Calling Nixon a Conservative is dead wrong, Mr. Myers.

    The man who imposed wage and price controls? The man who shoveled dirt into the grave of the gold standard? The man under whom social spending reached new levels of idiocy?

    Hardly a Conservative.

  • braindeadUS

    I agree 100% these two socialist war mongers are not qualify to be president.

  • Gea

    I would rather have a Mormon than Muslim or Islamo-phile in the White house. By Barak Hussein Obama catering to islamits of Muslim Brotherhood and Taliban, Obama is not only endangering US soldiers but USA and entire Western civlization. Obama MUST ber retired in November. Mitt Romney cannot be worse than Obama for US and certainly not for Western civlization.

    • kenneth

      Really? What planet are you from? This religion thing is getting boring. Obama is not Muslim, and lets face it, The mormon religion is fake.

      • Ron Obvious

        Actually Kenneth, Obama, during the 2008 campaign, on several ocassions, confess to being a Muslim. You can believe what the man has said or what others try to say to hide what the man himself confess to. Merely mentioning or acknowledging the name “Jesus Christ”, doesn’t make you a “Christian”.

      • Power To The People

        What planet are you from Kenneth? Obummer just proclaimed that The Muslim Brotherhood is a positive thing in Egypt!

      • Scott

        VERY TRUE on IT being FAKE… IT IS OFF THE DEVIL or old SATAN. Any time any christian says THEY need another book, like Mr. Smith’s little mormon thingie, instead of, or to GO ALONG with the 2100 yrs. or more of testament….. THEN ONE KNOWS that they and what they worship on Sunday’s, or Saturday’s is FAKE, FALSE! And this goes for the Jews too~!!!!!!

  • Ron Cameron

    Had we elected Barry Goldwater perhaps much of this would have been avoided. I fear we have gone too far into socialism to return to constitutional government before a total financial collapse. Only then, will people be willing to start anew, and it will be painful for most of us for several years.

  • Dalgast

    I tried to tell people that the only difference between the two was color. This country lost it’s last chance at surviving in slavement when they lost Paul. Oh well, I’m an old duffer so I just plan on going out shooting, best of luck to the rest of you, you’ll need in in the generations to come.

  • Dwight Mann

    There is an answer. . .
    Ron Paul in 2012!
    It aint over yet, the R3VOLution has just begun, and woe unto those that are found guilty of being in the way, of the path to individual freedoms.
    We will shove you out of the way, and shovel dirt upon you all. . .

    • Karolyn

      That’s patriotism for you! Kill all who disagree with you.

      • Power To The People

        Play nice everyone…Karolyn is here.

      • Vigilant

        Karolyn lacks the ability to understand the fine subtleties of metaphor.

      • Jimmy The Greek

        What the hell , Kill them all and let god sort them out .

    • Ron Cameron

      Ron Paul’s son has endorsed Romney…..I’d say it is over—for this year anyway!!

      • Scott

        Like Brutus, like Caesar, HE stabbed his own father in the back! THAT is the kind of man you want in 2016 or 2020…… SAD!!!!!!!

    • Bill

      Ron Paul and myself are the only thinking, reasoning, intelligent human candidates for the presidency. All of the rest are vicious parasites looking for a host to feed on while they plan on killing off all others who will not let them at the hog trough.

    • James

      The freedom revolution proposes living a life by principles and Non Aggression is the core principle which supersedes all others. I believe in gusto but it saddens me to hear this kind of violent language from someone who purports to follow Ron Paul or the freedom movement for this country. Does this person really know how their words contradict what they believe in? I hope they learn.

  • Jim

    Evidently you have not been listening to him. Romney is going to repeal obamacare on the first day. He is going to cut government spending and will cut taxes.
    NOONE can spend or do as much to ruin our country as obama has. He has spent more in less than 4 years than all the other presidents COMBINED. Did I say spend. I mean wasted and that has come from our enemy -China. Has gotten our credit down – the first time ever.
    Obama is a communist. Read Trevour Loudon’s book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within to find out. He never worked for himself. Mitty Romney has worked and if you say Bain Capital shows he likes to fire people then See how many businesses he helped stay open and who are employing more than those who lost their jobs. He was not the only one who made decisions at Bain Captial.
    If you want 4 more years – at least – of this dictator and either don’t vote, vote for a third party candidate or write in someone you might as well vote for obama. This is not an election to put someone IN office. This is to get someone OUT of office.

    • Karolyn

      Yeah, and I heard Romney is going to raise the dead on his second day! Do you actually believe those political ads?

      • NativeTexan

        How’s “Hope and Change” working out for you, moron???

      • Power To The People

        Actually Karolyn has a good point…for a change. I am sure most people recognize the sales job of politics. Remember, Congress controls the purse strings…not the Executive Branch. If we can get more center road minded representatives to make sensible decisions as a family must due concerning budgeting.

      • Vigilant

        Raising the dead is a trademark practice of the Democrats. As the cemetery populations in Chicago are augmented every year, so concomitantly is the Democrat vote augmented.

      • Smoovious Laxness


        Only pay attention to what they actually DO. (their voting record)

        You got 2 big-government candidates running for office, yet again… a Dem and a Rep.

        Ain’t no conservative establishment candidates. Just two guys part of the same establishment playing for opposing teams in the same league. Doesn’t matter to the league which one gets into office, so long as the league beats the other league (conservatives) in the end.

        Ron Paul is part of the other league, along with the rest of the conservatives within the same 2 parties.

        All Liberal and Conservative is now when it comes to political parties, is social issues. Social issues make for better air-time on the news channels, keeping people distracted from the real fiscal issues being executed. In this case, growing government.

        The federal government doesn’t even have any business getting into the middle of social issues anyways!

        So, you all fighting over Dems or Reps, or calling people who are going to vote for a REAL fiscal conservative, kool-aid drinkers, or that they’re wasting their vote because it isn’t for Romney, seriously need to fight back against your establishment programming and WAKE THE F— UP!

        Cuz… you’re part of the problem, that we’re trying to stop.

        No more fake conservativism. If you’re a republican first, then by all means, keep voting for your establishment big-government faux-conservatives the republilcans keep putting up.

        If you’re a democrat who hates big government, then stop voting for them.

        You don’t HAVE to have big government to be free to live your lives as you see fit. You just need them out of your way, and the bigger they grow, the more they will get in your way telling you how to live your life. Doesn’t matter if it is Democrat or Republican. They both only care about the growth of government. Check their voting records. The only differences, is how fast it grows, which lets them have public fights more about it, all the while, hiding the fact that they both grow government.

        They don’t care how fast it grows, only that it grows…

        and that, is not, conservative… that, is not liberty.

        If you want fiscal conservativism, and a federal government put back in its place, then you have only one place left to go. Democrats won’t do it, Republicans won’t do it.

        Libertarians will. If you honestly care about conservativism and personal freedom, how can you possibly keep voting for these false choices again and again and again? Have you no respect at all for yourself? If you have to ‘hold your nose’ when you’re voting for Romney, then why are you? Doesn’t that tell you anything? Isn’t that enough of a sign that you’re making the wrong choice?

        A candidate, to win, has to have a majority of votes. If no candidate gets a majority, then there is a runoff between the top vote-getters. This is not a bad thing.

        A vote for Paul, or Johnson, or the Exhalted Spaghetti Monster, is not a vote for Obama. It is a vote against the establishment (although, ESM’s voting record is pretty sparse, so he might be establishment… we’re still investigating…)…

        I’m not willing to be steered into their false choices anymore… I’m voting for who I know will actually do what he claims. I’m voting for their past voting record. I’m voting for REAL change to the status quo.

        And when I walk back out, I’ll be breathing just fine, never once, holding my nose, as I cast my vote. I’ll be walking out, this time, with my self-respect intact.

        Who among you, are strong enough to do the same?

        – Smoov

        • annebeck58

          In actuality, there is still ONE real conservative running. Until the votes are cast at the floor of the Republican convention (in August) Ron Paul is still on the ticket and delegates for Paul can still vote for him.
          I am sure we will never solve this dilemma with either Obama or Romney. The only way to get this country on the right track is to put Paul in office and work to (also) put other true conservatives in office.
          A Neo-Con is NOT A conservative. A NeoCon is merely a Dem dressed up with a red-tie. We simply cannot afford four more years of any NeoCons, and when you think of NeoCon, put the emphasis on that word, CON.

          It is past time America wakes up and sees what has been happening since the Reagan era. It’s been worse and worse for US and ony good for the elitists. Every American should comprehend, now, that we are far from being a part of the elite one-percent, and we must work to get ourselves better represented. At this juncture, as far as this presidential election is concerned, only Ron Paul represents US(A)!

          • Smoovious Laxness

            When I speak of Libertarians, I count Ron Paul in their number. He may be listed as a Republican, but at heart, he is a Libertarian.

          • annebeck58

            Don’t know if my comment went through as the page flipped out.
            Anyway, the gist of what I was saying is this: Paul is as Republican as can be. You should read the Mission Statement of Rep Base, to see he is REP and REP only. He did step outside of the GOP and went with Libertarians, only for about a year or two, and that was decades ago. Libertarians are actually more crazy in their leanings than is Paul.
            II am very much a REP, though i have some libertarian leanings.. but I would never call myself a Libertarian, either. Just read the mission statement and see what a REP is supposed to be.
            neocons are NOT Republicans, as much as they like to think they are- they are much closer to Dems than to GOP.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            Mission Statements are barely worth the paper they’re written on, especially when the members who claim to uphold those ideals, don’t. The same goes with their adherence to the constitution.

            The republican of today, has little to do with their mission statement. You can think of RP as a Rep all you want to, but he is in name only. It isn’t his fault, the Republican Party abandoned their ideals long ago.

            The Libertarians aren’t crazy, far from it. Calling them so, betrays your own faux-conservatism. Libertarian principles were at one point, the very foundation of what it was to be a Republican.

            Libertarians are trying to bring back conservatism. Republicans aren’t, unless it makes a good focus-group-tested speech.

            – Smoov

    • BigBadJohn

      ” Romney wants to cut taxes/revenues and increase military spending.

      But Romney needs to check recent history. The Soviets imploded because they could no longer finance their global aspirations. Neither can the United States. ”

      vote Romney and watch the USA go the way of the USSR….. Just who will do more damage to our great country?

    • bill coleman

      dittos jim, I could not have said it better. The idiots who stay home and don’t vote because they don’t have the perfect candidate to vote for ( as evidenced by vote counts) are voting for the worst of the evils.

      • BigBadJohn

        Send Washington a message

        Write in Ron Paul or vote libertarian – if enough people refuse to play along with the two party system maybe, just maybe they will get the message.
        However, most likely all they will do, is what they did in the past, campaign finance reform that makes it harder for a third party candidate to even get on the ballot.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        We’d be better off if the ‘idiots’ did stay home.

        These same ‘idiots’ who don’t pay the least amount of attention to what is going on in politics, unless it is some social scandal that hits the gossip mill.

        These same ‘idiots’ who just blindly trust the party they signed up with, with no real understanding about what they actually are doing, blindly trusting that the candidates are more informed and will do what is best for them, without a clue who they are really voting for anyways.

        These same ‘idiots’ would serve the country better, by just staying home, trusting that those of us who actually pay attention to what is going on in this country’s government, and understand what the issues and problems are, will make an informed vote.

        These same ‘idiots’ vote by sound bites and focus group tested slogans, who’s only purpose is to sell the candidate, not inform.

        Please… stay home… those of us who know what is happening, will thank you for it.

        – Smoov

  • Donna


    ROMNEY 2012

    • Johnny Shaw

      They both eat the big one.
      Dumb and Dumber.
      We need an Evangelical in the White House. Huckabee is the man.
      Mormons are OK but they only make up 2% of the voting population.
      Do you want 2% to control the other 98%,
      As an Evangelical, I believe that the majority rules- just like in Congress and
      the Supreme Court.
      I also believe that Romney is a socialist because he has outsourced many jobs
      to Communist China through Bain. This was a a deliberate move at Bain.
      It was part of the investment charter mission.
      Wise up.

      • Karolyn

        An Evangelical? Would you have us living in fascism like in the mideast, with religious law? As far as majority rules, this is not a democracy.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Karolyn,

          You write: “Would you have us living in fascism like in the mideast, with religious law?” Fascism is what we currently live under her in America: a devious mixture of government and big business that uses the power of the state to enrich the businesses and the banksters and their cronies in government to the detriment of the people. What you’re talking about is a theocracy.

          Best wishes,

    • annebeck58

      Yes, Romney is a HUGE NWO GLOBALIST Neo-CON. he does not “love America”. he only loves American MONEY, and that is why he has purchased MANY American businesses, allowed (or forced) them to go under, and sold their equipment (and sometimes Intellectial property, if he thought it was worth anything) overseas. Romney has made a LOT of millions by killing smaller American businesses. He even tried to buy my business, when he was in the market for many in my arena. Though his people tried to play hard-ball with me, I refused to sell, and those who did sell are now left with nothing. The equipment was then sold overseas so that nobody else in the area can (cheaply) take up that same type of business, here. I think Romney is about the most evil man to ever run for POTUS. And anyone taken in by him and his “family man status” is simply not paying attention.
      One more time, let me suggest everyone watch, “When Mitt Romney Came to Town”. It is FREE and it’s a pretty short film- but very eye-openong.
      I honestly think that film should be required watching for each and every delegate going to Tampa. The man is that disgusting.

  • steve

    like i have said before, until you get rid of the political system you will never solve any of this countries problems. i don’t have the answer but that’s how i see it. 543 people controling 300mil. not good. you have seen what 100 plus years of the political system has done and it’s all bad. if you think voting for someone new will make a difference then you have not learned a thing about the past. this is a revolving door and until you lock it the spin will continue.

    • Don Duncan

      I do have the answer. Our government was created with one (1) and only one justification, i.e., goal: protection of individual rights. Our new kind of government was an experiment attempting to control power three ways: 1. A short list of privileges and a long list of prohibitions. 2. State sovereignty, e.g., nullification, or, in extreme circumstances, secession. (Lincoln put an end to that check on power). 3. Individual sovereignty backed up by a fiercely independent populace better armed than the government.

      The first control was flawed by the lack of over sight, i.e., accountability. Separation of powers did not work. It was still government judging itself. The three branches work together to increase their power at our expense. The second control failed for the same reason, i.e., little governments are not seen as morally superior to big ones. The populace sees their conflict as one gang against another gang. Third, the populace was slowly disarmed psychologically (100+ years) by a government brainwashing system, while slowly arming themselves until the populace was out gunned. Game, set, match.

      We could have had both individual rights and economic freedom (capitalism) without our protectors, because our protectors turned out to be our oppressors. Now we are enslaved physically and psychologically, but most will not admit it. The answer is: self governing, self ownership, self responsibility,i.e., the total rejection of all institutionalized violence as a primary social control devise, i.e., live and let live. Violence is only appropriate IN RESPONSE to violence, i.e., self defense.

      • Scott

        RIGHT ON, NAIL ON THE HEAD!!!!!!!

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        Just look at what is going on in Syria at this moment – un unpopular government is taking the most drastic actions to retain it’s monopoly and power. You suppose OUR government would not do the same?

  • roger gunderson

    America has rejected the only man who, in my view, could have made a big difference in restoring our constitution and that man is Ron Paul. And now it’s to late. That chance we had was once in a life time…so be it.

    • Vicki

      America has NOT rejected Ron Paul. Mass Media has tried to make you believe that America has but that is merely propaganda. Google rallys for Ron Paul and Mitt Romney and see how Americans really feel.

      Then do NOT stay home. Vote. Write it in if you have to. Vote Ron Paul.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        They have rejected him tho.

        Every time you hear someone say they would like him, but he doesn’t have a chance, so they’re voting for someone else, because they don’t want to waste their vote.

        This is when they reject him, and as a result, they’ve wasted their vote.

        Honestly, as much as I saw RP being ignored and marginalized through the media, just made me want to look at him harder. What were they trying to keep us from seeing? Has to be something there, for them to go so far to ignore him.

        If he was just a weak candidate, they wouldn’t be trying so hard. They’d be mentioning his 3rd place finish in a primary (instead of skipping over him, mentioning 1st, 2nd, and 4th)

        They’d be mentioning his rallies, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to mislead us into thinking another candidate won, when he did.

        But no… people generally, don’t want to look too hard, put in effort… think for themselves and choose for themselves, and we end up getting more of what we already got.

        – Smoov

  • sj

    Different puppets same puppet master !

  • Aurelio Nunez

    We have been brainwashed about the rich. No matter how you look at it, in world there will always be rich people and poor people.. You work for a person who has the money to
    pay you or unless you do volunteer work for a poor man. Think about it and get a life

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Someone has to supply the money even to those nonprofits that supposedly work for the poor.

    • Ron Obvious

      How about the option: Get off your lazy butt and start your own business, then you work for yourself. Of course there won’t be anyone there to hold your hand, tell you what and when to do it… and if you don’t work, you won’t get paid! But, ANY one willing to put forth the effort can work for themselves, in time! It doesn’t come about immediately, and it takes time and hard work for some to get established, but you can work for yourself! So work for someone else (doesn’t matter whether you are working for a big company, medium sized or small business or working for a non-profit… i.e. big something – government, church or organization of somekind). It is the beauty of this country. If you are willing to risk everything, you might end up with a lot of things or you could loose it all… it is all up to how smart and how much work you are willing to toss in!

  • sj

    You have been brainwashed alright. By the elite owned media and political system.

  • Craig Timmerman

    It does not matter who is president who ever is elected will bow to the elitist to usher in the New Wolrd Order.All those crooks in Washington should be shot for treason

  • Joseph Jewell

    Time for a new revolution

    • moonbeam

      Agreed. Soon as We The People grow a HUGE pair of brass kahunas and take care of business. We can’t continue to act as if our hands are tied, because they’re not. Our Constitution has the keys to the cuffs. We just need to insert the key and turn it to unlock the ties that bind.

  • Frank

    “Dumb & Dumber” <– I agree, that describes the "difference" between Romney & Obama. The big problem with the USA is our out-of-control big government & both Romney & Obama support big government (are "Statists"). The Establishment & big money was behind Romney & money buys votes, so dumbed down GOP voters voted for Romney in the Primaries. The Power Elite are happy because either Statist #1 or Statist #2 will win the next Presidential election & whoever wins will be beholden to their big money benefactors. The voters will not get the choice between a Statist v small government, Constitution-loving candidate for President. The average American voter has still not woken up to how they are being manipulated into voting for a continuation of the corrupt status quo driving this nation ever deeper into a welfare/warfare/Police State on the brink of financial collapse.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      Thank you sir !

  • http://facebook cllemens hacker

    is toI rather vote for a person whom is still trying to clean up the past President’s mess than a
    person whom is going a bigger mess if he {Ronmey} were {and I hope not is elected.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Is that what you believe O is doing, cleaning up 200+ years of our country. Very naive considering all that he is doing is creating new messes.

    • Gea

      Obama was not very successful in “cleaning up” the mess Bush did in 8 years but had been succesful in cavorting with Islamists and help CAIR and OIC white wash Islam and thus endanger US and Western civliization. By his anti-American activities in State Department and recognizeing terrorist organization in Egypt which wants annihilation of Israel and America, Obama is behaving mroe like a Caliph-in-Chief than Commander-in-Chief.

      I voted for Obama in 2008 but will not make this mistake again in 2012. He is dangerous to our American values and to human rights everywhere while pretending to defend them. That is taqiyya, Islamic principle of lying when living in a country that is not run by sharia. Barak Hussein Obama cannot help it because he grew up as a Muslim boy (from age 6-10) in Indonesia with his Muslim marxist stepfather who also was a spokesman for oil indusrty. Thus Obama serves many masters but the main ones are oil companies and Islam.

    • Power To The People

      Give the Bush bashing a rest dude….Obummer has made the mess three times worse. Open your eyes! Three times more debt, more hated by others, worse economy…what is better?

      • Doc Sarvis

        I’ll agree the economy is still in the dumps (some better signs some worse than when he took office). But we are getting out of Bush’s wars and beginning to pay for them – unlike when Bush was in office. We have been hunting down the top terrorists under President Obama as opposed to the lip service under Bush. I also strongly believe that our world standing is far better under President Obama.

      • Jay

        Doc, Obama recently claimed on the campaign stump, “federal spending since I took office has risen at the slowest pace of any President in almost 60 years.”

        Peggy Noonan aptly summarized in last weekend’s Wall Street Journal the take away by the still holding majority of Americans living in the real world:

        “There is, now, a house-of-cards feel about this administration. It became apparent some weeks ago when the President talked on the stump – where else? – about an essay by a fellow who said spending growth [under Obama] is actually lower than that of previous Presidents. This was startling to a lot of people, who looked into it and found the man had left out most spending from 2009, the first year of Mr. Obama’s Presidency.

        People sneered: The President was deliberately using a misleading argument to paint a false picture! But you know, why would he go out there waiving an article that could immediately be debunked? Maybe because he thought it was true. That’s more alarming, isn’t it, the idea that he knows so little about the effects of his own economic program that he thinks he really is a low spender.”

        What this shows most importantly is that the recognition is starting to break through to the general public regarding the President’s rhetorical strategy that most have been calling “Calculated Deception”. The latter is deliberately using a misleading argument to paint a false picture.

        That has been a central Obama practice not only throughout his entire presidency, but also as the foundation of his 2008 campaign strategy, and actually throughout his whole career.

        Rest assured, Obama is not as nuts as he may seem at times. He knows very well that he is not a careful spender.

        His whole mission is to transform the U.S. not into a Big Government country, but a HUGE GOVERNMENT COUNTRY, because only a country run by a Huge Government can be satisfactorily controlled by superior, all wise and beneficent individuals like himself.

        That is why he is at minimum a Swedish socialist, if not worse. Notice, though, how far behind the times he and his weak minded supporters are, as even the Swedes have abandoned Swedish socialism as a failure!

  • Robert Lebischak

    Those running against Romney were not all weak. They were put down by lies and half-truths that the Romney team used, even after they were shown they were not true. Romney was the chosen one for the Republicans from the start, the party, elite and media backed him, they want someone they can control, someone that is one of them. Well they got him the way it looks and the People again get screwed. Newt was the one we needed, and he was defeated by the Party, elite and media, when they don’t like you your out. Too bad, Newt was the one that would fight the system and work for the People, now the People are expected to pick the least of two evils again, Lets get them and all use write-in votes for Newt.

    • Ron Obvious

      You were going good right up until you said Newt was the one we needed! Were you not paying attention?! Newt is a self-confessing ‘progressive’ Obama and Romney are both “Progressives” as well. The only difference is Obama is a much more radical progressive, but Newt and Romney are both big government guys and would all be leading us in the same direct Obama is now, just not as fast. Santorium or Bachmann were your 2 chances of breaking free of the ‘Establishment / Progressive’ mold, from the crop of Republican offered this year. Ron Paul simply doesn’t have all his oars in the water, so while it does have some good ideals, Ron is suicidal on a national scale!

    • Jimmy The Greek

      It is AIPAC that is in control of our country , and until we take care of that problem nothing well ever get fixed .

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    I am an Independent voter and will vote for Romney just because it is clear Obama is a socalist moron! We can’t afford 4 more years of this destructive parasite..If Romney turns out to be the same,then let the Revolution begin!

  • T. Jefferson

    RON PAUL! How many times do I have to tell you. He is the only one to fix this country back to what the founding fathers intended.

    • Ron Obvious

      If Ron Paul is such a originalist, why has he been in congress for 26 years? The founding fathers envisioned men who could leave their careers for a term or two, then return back to their careers in the private sector. Why did they envision this, because as Thomas Jefferson was so rightly concern, career politician are the beginning of the end for any government! That’s why Jefferson said, “Every 20 years there should be an over-throw of the government, in order to clean out all the corrupt politicians!” Jefferson was a student of John Stuart Mills, if you want to know what Jefferson belived and what he advocated, you might look into Mills! So back to Ron Paul… if he truly was an “Originalist” he would have served one maybe 2 terms and left congress. Thing is, Ron like the power and feels there is no one but himself capable of doing what he does… does this sound familiar… maybe like all “Establishment” politicians! So you Ron Paul folks can coo over fantasies about how wonderful and constitutional Ron Paul would be a president, but unless he turned out to be Obama on steroids, when it come to executive orders, he wouldn’t accomplish anything more than the other candidates! You can talk the talk, but unless you walk the walk, no one will take you serious! Ron talks a good game, but end the end, he is too comfortable in his seat in congress!

      • Cheerio

        We should be so lucky he and the few others are still there fighting for us. Ron Paul has continuously stated it is not about him ( he does not want to be king) it is about the message! Be the government, restore the Constitution, end the shadow fed, restore sound money and common sense.
        I am so glad he is still in the ring for us! We have nothing left but “We the People” and God!

      • Smoovious Laxness

        Point to someone else doing what Ron Paul is doing…

        Just 1 person who isn’t changing his position according to the political wind…

        Anyone… either party, doesn’t matter… who consistently votes the way he talks, without compromise…

        Shouldn’t be that hard, if what you say is true, should it? We got a few hundred people in DC to choose from… can’t be that hard to pick just 1?

        (Rand doesn’t count)

        – Smoov

      • George

        I am glad Ron Paul has at least stayed in congress! He has been a voice of reason for these 26 years! Did you somehow miss that this is not the first time he has run for President? If Romney wins the nomination (which he probably will!), he’s going to have a really hard time beating Obama without RON PAUL! Its going to really be interesting if RP and Gary Johnson form a 3th party! Now that Dennis Kunnich (love or hate him, he’s an honest guy!) is going, will the last honest guy that leaves congress (as RP will do at the end of his term) please turn out the lights! I pray that Americans will wake up and promote RON PAUL to President!

    • Jimmy The Greek

      You are right ! however he could never win because the Zionist that run AIPAC would lose out .

  • martin fee

    there is only one way to restore America to it’s original intent. That is by force. No politician is going to rescue us from the evils of our current direction. From the moment Mitt refused to reverse amnesty I knew there is no difference between M and O.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    The American people are so damn brainwashed..thanks for our Pravda main stream media! If we could forget the Republican and Democrat BS,then we could still survive as a nation of free people. Standing together like real americans,we could make the so called elite useless and put the New World Order freaks out of business.. No other way but united can save the country …

    • Power To The People

      Yep, brainwashed and confused. Many citizens of lesser means do believe the government has a duty to provide for them…..brainwashed and dependent. The upper 1% know how to manipulate and have done so very well. The NWO has members in both main parties and have become a power elite class. They will not give up power with out a fight…..a revolution is the only way it will change. Voting for whomever will not make a dent.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Sorry to say but you fall back into the collectivist trap when you repeat the 1% mantra and you nullify your ideology. All in all, it took a lot of time and energy and deprivations to reach the level of making enough money to be denigrated as 1%s.

  • http://CENTURYLINK Kenneth Roberts

    Who ever gets elected,should remember our currerency has in GOD WE TRUST on it,and if the rich were poor,they’d under stand what it is like to be poor.Jobs help the poor to pay taxes to help our Country,If I made a million,I wouldn’t mind paying 250.000 in taxes or more to help our country and dept.Give tax breaks to companies to start businesses then they would not go elsewhere.There are otherways beside of just printing money.A big military means more jobs also and paying more taxes.The goverment needs to start a savings account just for spending besides taking from social security.I used to love working,I’d make 60,000 some years working all overtime I could get and pay 15,000 in taxes and was glad to do so, investing in my country I love.I made parts for tanks to protect our soldigers.Not a war monger,but need a good military just incase.No military and was invaded,what would happen? If a doctor hadn’t pinched my spinal cord, I’d still be working,most people would of sued,but the bible speaks against that,so I’m disabled because of that. President is a BIG job and a lot of responsiblity,and desions affect everybody.Illegual immigrants taking jobs isn’t right to Americians and giving them social security is redicilious. A PROUD AMERICIAN, Kenneth

    • Ron Obvious

      You’d be surprised at how many of our “Rich” started out poor, or who have lost everything they had at some point or another. The “Rich” who are born in to big money, are far fewer than you might imagine. If you made a million dollars, you are entitled to keep what you have made. Let’s drop the socialist montra here… everyone one save for a few rich politicians who think they are above the law, pays taxes, that make a salary. The current progressive tax system punishes those who dare to be successful and in no way is fair! Every person should pay their fair share, so the only way to do this is through a fair tax or National Sales tax in place of the current progressive tax system. But the progressive tax system is one of the many ways our government controls us. Those of you actually work, I bet there isn’t a “Poor” person writing that payroll check that pays your salary!

      • Nonnie Aversa

        I could not of said it better. All I can say America is ready for a new Pres. on Nov 6TH MY VOTE WILL NOT BE A WASTED VOTE AS WE ALL KNOW OBAMA HAS TO GO.HE HAS DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE TO AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        A sales tax is one of the more UNFAIR taxes’ looking at it from a viewpoint that everyone buys the same basic necessities for daily living. Luxury items are something else to think about.

        Take two people, one who earns 20 grand a year and one who earns 200 grand. The first spends, say, 5 grand on basics, the other 7 grand (bigger house and garden). The tax paid on the first person’s income is a much higher ratio than that of the second person, so where is the FAIR tax?

        Or have I completely misunderstood it all?

        • macgyver1948

          Robert… You haven’t misunderstood the tax system, but maybe you are missing some stuff. The wealthy can afford to hire better and bigger (more expensive) tax advisors then the UN-wealthy. So the tax system is what you can afford to pay for it. And the more money you have the more places you can afford to hid your money – in or outside the country.

          For billionaires/millionaires to pay less taxes than their secretaries, for example, is a matter of “what’s in your wallet?”, or bank account. If someone who makes “who earns 20 grand a year”, your example, could afford to pay $20,000 for a tax advisor the law says he could. See how fair it all is if you have loads of money?

          As for your saying sales tax is unfair. Maybe it is but it is one of the ways local Governments get monies. If there was no sales taxes, for so many communities, there might not be ways to pay for local roads or for some books in schools or pay for enough teachers. I am just picking at stuff sales tax does pay for, since locals cannot depend on other levels of government to pay of all their needs. It would be so nice to not have to add to our expense on purchases with sales tax but they wont listen to me, LOL.

          Before you get the wrong impression I do not feel there is anything wrong or evil about money. Money is in no way evil. If it is earned morally and legally and it is used in those ways as well Bill Gates size money is fine. Money is just a tool and it depends on how we use that tool which is wrong or right, not the money itself. To give life and spirit to money is as intelligent as assuming the Earth is the center of the Universe just because you see all the heavenly bodies are circling the Earth. Remember there used to be certain authorities who murdered people for thinking differently.

    • more pissed off than you can wrap your little mind around

      The bible also speaks about ‘reparation’. I would’ve had a talk with the doctor to arrange to ‘fix what he broke’, which is significantly less than being sued and his insurance costs don’t go up. Does anyone in this country comprehend ‘win/win’ (the antithesis of the legal mentality)?

    • annebeck58

      A bigger military? Well, fine, but why not keep them here, in the USA, where they can actually defend us? Why not end these ridiculous wars (non-wars) and close the scores of bases across the world?
      Why do we pepetuate the idea (to North Koreans) that we are still at war by keeping an installation on the 38th parallel? What good are all of these bases doing us? Bring our military home, where they can purchase American goods, from American businesses. Up our defenses by cutting military spending all over the world.
      Stop fighting the last war(!!)– and stop jumping into each and every squabble other countries have with each other. It is not our job or our duty to fight everyone’s battles for them. It makes our own defense weaker and puts our nation in a much more dangerous position than if we were to just bring our kids home. Our fights in the Mid-east, are now making people HATE us, and then we call them terrorists? How dare WE do this?

      Nobody’s foreign policy beats that of Ron Paul and it’s one great reason for voting for him as nominee, and then as POTUS, than any of the others. Heck, it may also save Social Security, too- as we would not have to keep stealing from the SS-fund to fight these non-war-wars.
      Why do people not get this? It is not a difficult idea to wrap your (collective your) brain around, for sure.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        One of the leaders of another country (France, I think? correct me if I’m wrong), recently said that Obama should take care of his problems at home before sticking his nose into other people’s economies telling them how to fix theirs. (paraphrasing, not literal)

        The same could be said of our foreign policy.

        We’re over-extended, we’re meddling in too many other countries business. We can’t afford to keep doing this.

        On this too, RP is correct, and sane.

        We spend too much attention on what everyone else is doing (as a country, and individually), and not near enough on taking care of business at home. Long past time to make ourselves the priority again.

        – Smoov

        • annebeck58

          Absolutely, Smoov. From your lips to the delegates everwyhere! I do so hope those we’ve given power to, as delegates, will finally do the right thing. Even in the MSM, of late, Mitt’s being exposed. If these delegates don’t get it and do what needs doing, I don’t want to think what this county will be, come 2013/

  • jay

    no way obummer wants us in the tank, mitt want us all to live next door to him,, this is a stupid article…

    • Power To The People

      Really….Obummer does not want us in the tank?? Where have you been for the past three years? Every move he and the ruling idiots make is another nail in our collective coffins! More debt than can ever be re-payed, curtailing more individual freedoms, setting the stage for national police with the exploding growth of the TSA. He is a NWO pawn and the destruction of the USA is his goal. Read his books!

  • more pissed off than you can wrap your little mind around

    This was the last straw. No more ‘holding your nose to vote’. The die is cast and that means voting my conscience in Nov (only voting because of congress) which means a write-in for pres. Don’t care about the neocons that cry about it because if I don’t, it will just be another 4 years of a dead congress pitted against a president. And to all the neocons, you did this to yourselves! Congrats!

    • Rayma

      I have been voting since 1953 and I am TIRED of voting the “lesser of 2 evils” can’t think of which one would be worse Obama or Romney,both think they are G-ds so I am doing a “write in” on RON PAUL that is if Obama hasn’t taken over as “dictator” or the Lord Jesus Christ hasn’t taken the Christians out…hope you all have your passports ready (Romans 10:9&10)

    • boyscout

      Unfortunately, they did (and are about to do again) it to us as well. GD themedia manipulated ignorance of the American voter.

  • Ina

    Why write and throw cold water about a presidential candidate before he even takes office? Let’s face it: anyone, even a roustabout would do better than Obama! To state that Romney will be friends with Obama, that’s absolutely the end of it! One is an Arabic Communist and the other a Mormon who, I feel, adheres to Jesus Christ. It looks like Myers got up with a scrambled brain when he typed this.

    • Nonnie Aversa

      Ina, I’m in your corne and will support Mitt Romney on Nov 6th. We must vote this crazy man out of office he can live well on the 10 M that he has aquired in the past 3 1/2 year. tHE OBAMA WIFE , THE MOTHER INLAW AND THE SWEET LITTLE GIRLS WILL BE ABLE TO GO BACK TO WHERE THEY CAME M AND LIVE HAPPYILY EVER AFTER. MAYBE JUST MAYBE HE CAN GET A NEW POSITION WITH ACORN .


    • annebeck58

      And, sorry, Ina, but no; Mitt does not “adhere to Jesus Christ”. He is all about Joseph Smith. Heck, he wears “magic undergarments” to keep pure! He baptizes people, against their own wishes, into the Mormon faith (after death). If you are a Christian, and it sounds like you are, how would you like to know that a Mormon claimed your soul in this manner?
      As far as deeds, Mitt’s working to destroy American business. Would a Christian do that? Why not stick with the one guy who’s proven he is more Christ-like than the others? Go with Ron Paul. I mean, talk about a man who’s proven he’s charitable, decent, thinking, and loving. I am afraid the same can not be said of Mitt Romney OR Barack Obama.
      AS far as Obama being a part of the Muslim Brotherhood; that’s just silly talk. He does belong to a Christian church and did for decades. Yet, like Romney, he does not seem to heed the principles adhered to by any decent person. That should be enough without making up the silliness of him or anyone being Muslim.
      (BTW; just for your edification, Muslims also believe Jesus Christ to be a great prophet. They always say, when speaking of Jesus Christ, “Praise Be Unto Him”. And, you won’t catch a Mormon saying that.)

      Mormonism is not close to Christianity. Because they “look like Christians” does not make them same. You should investigate the religion if this is going to be your rationale for your vote, because I think you’d find something very different than you seem to believe as of now.

  • Nonnie Aversa

    If any one believes Obama is not a Muslim or he doesn’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood than you are fooling your self. Read : OBAMA AND ISLAM by Robert Spencer and David Horowitz or go to it will open a wise man’s eye. OBAMA IS A TOTAL DUMMER AND I HAVE TO SAY WE ONLY HAVE ANOTHER CHOICE AND THAT IS WHO I WILL BE SUPPORTING .Mitt Romney not out to get rich he has made his millions and have give millions away . OBAMA has become a millionaire and that is after he left Chicago..Obama has fooled the American and if you notice he has that big smile and a load burst of joy but remember he his laughing in our faces..HE IS THE WORST OF THE WORST. HE IS BUYING HIS VOTES BY PASSING HIS LAW FOR THE ILLEGALS. HE KNOWS THE ROPES PERIOD ! HE HAS TO GO OR WE WILL ALL BE ON FOOD STAMPS AND SECTION 8 . I’M FEED UP WITH THIS MAN CAN NOT TAKE HIS BULL ANY MORE..

    • nc

      Nonnie, please keep RANTING away! Adult independents are so impressed by your logic and see you as the typical right wing supporter of the Republican cause! Sure Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood! Sure he is buying(?) his votes by passing (?) his laws(?) for the illegals and if you are “feed” up with him vote for someone else BUT FOR GOD’S SAKE DON’T QUIT TELLING US(?) THE RIGHT WING POSITION ON THE ISSUES!! ADULTS ARE WATCHING AND YOU ARE THE BEST THING THE LIBERALS HAVE GOING !

  • more pissed off than you can wrap your little mind around

    We need to dispense with political parties period! And their is NOTHING wrong with having 3 candidates to choose from. The ‘ross perot brought us clinton’ mentality is logically illegitimate.

  • none

    Being why the so-called progressive liberal media steered the Republican base toward Romney, as thereby even worse-case they win.

  • Employme

    This is no oridinary election this November! This is an election to stop the intentional destruction of our nation by foreign influances who by our own stupidity mannaged to occupy the White House in a bloodless coup! Romney is not my perfect choice for a new President, BUT there are key factors that he is not, nor does he align himself with that makes me ready to vote to put him in the white house! 1.) He is a natural born American 100%. 2.) He comes from wealth, I do not care how much the 1% or the 99% folks want to complain, Rich people build things, they create jobs, they own the parent company’s that we all work for, and if you do not work for one, it is because we either own a stock pile in one, or own one ourselves! So, stop going after the people who give you your job! 3.) Romney is a moderate, he will be the first president in a line of many to begin to fix the mess this manchurian has placed us in. So, it does not matter what color Obama is, he was placed in office to try to fix things people thought were bad! Now we know we had it pretty good! So like we have in the past, we change the guy out who failed, and go with someone who can begin to rebuild. There are no more Ronald Regans in the world, but maybe with two terms of a Republican congress and administration, we can save our nation? So I for one will vote Romney, because he’s all we got to hopefully STOP the slide of ruin for our nation. Semper Fi.

    • boyscout


    • Smoovious Laxness

      A moderate!?

      So… he’ll just grow government at a more moderate pace than the liberal or progressive paces that we’ve been getting?

      Screw that… growth is growth. Unacceptable.

      – Smoov

  • uvuvuv

    this article is a one way tour of fantasy land. obama’s views have been suddenly evolving on gay marriage and the illegals, but his unfailing support of the planned sluthood is one case where he hasn’t evolved. face it, we’re all going to have to live with big government, this was one disappointment i had with reagan, when he was elected i could hardy wait to see the rutting bureaucrats dumped into the street. and romneycare, at least he has direct experience and would either know it was a bust or how to tune and refine it. when we had our recall petition tables set up here, these dems were jumping around with their signs whooping and hollering, sign here, sign here, yee hah! this isn’t even the depths the democrats have gone to for voters, they have corraled welfare, crack blacks, gays and illegals, and lesbo feminists. oh, and the hippies of the 60s and 70s. none of the dnc heirarchy would want any of these evolving humans in their homes, but they have no reluctance in getting their votes, and so this robt dyingston says romney is the same as obama? well if he wants the moral climate where his grandchildren gang up on bus monitors, he just might get it. but hey, if he has his remote, whatever.

  • Andrew

    When an article like this comes out detailing the similarities rather than the differences between two candidate, should we not be asking why this happened?

    If you follow your American political history over the decades like I have, I noticed that both parties always squeeze out any 3rd party challengers. I now believe we have a two-party dictatorship. Both parties are slowly pulling American policies more and more to the left with each passing administration (regardless of the party in charge).

    Consider: If JFK were to run as a democrat today… well he couldn’t. He’s too conservative. Nor could he run as a republican. Again he is too conservative.

    So if you really look at Romney, he is really a liberal running as a RINO. This is the same Romney who lost to a McCain 4 years ago who lost to Obama 4 years ago. Now Romney is sooo much better because he is more liberal this time around!!!

    Is that what we can expect from the republican establishment? RINO liberalism????

    It’s no longer a conspiracy theory when it’s actually happens.

    • Vicki

      Evidence to support the assertion that Romney is a liberal.
      One word. Romneycare.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      The Democrats and Republicans even have set up a totally separate set of rules that they get to operate with, and all other parties have to follow a different set.

      The rules themselves are set up to make it easy for themselves, and very difficult for any other non-gov’t-supported party.

      It is easy to be a Dem or a Rep. For an independent party to actually gain enough traction that the Dems/Reps can’t ignore anymore, is a HUGE effort. An impressive accomplishment in its own right.

      It is akin to the Dems and Reps doing time trials, swimming with the current of a fast moving stream, and when it is time for the independent parties to get their times, they switch around the start and finish, so everyone else has to do the same distance upstream.

      No party should be getting support financially from the gov’t. All parties should have the same rules they have to follow. All primary elections should be paid by the party, as they are internal elections, and not elections for public office (which might encourage more caucuses).

      These rules are intended to prevent another Whig sutation, when they were replaced by the Republicans.

      Only now, the Republicans are the Whigs, and the Libertarians, are what the Republicans were when they replaced the Whigs.

      The Republicans have lost their way. The Democrats have too. The Libertarians, could conceivably replace either of them in a fair fight.

      A fair fight, is the last thing, the Dems and Reps want.

      – Smoov

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        Personally, I think you are correct in your assertion that the two major parties have usurped their pre eminent posituin ti prevent anyone else from gaining a foothold in politics – witness Ross Perot, Ralpd Nader at al, from perticipating in presidential debates even though they were legitimate candidates.

        It is all part and parcel of the politico mentality that assumes they are our masters and we peons are only here to benefit them – see the video of Rand Paul totally ignoring a reporter trying to get an answer from him. This attitude is exemplified by there being a separate health care system for THEM, pensions they don’t pay into (I believe, but don’t know for sure), pay for a years work even if they sit for only 105 days a year, no tax on donations meant to keep them in employment, no tax of gifts to help maintain their employment ( did Sarah Palin have to pay any tax on the $150,000 worth of clothing given to her to campaign in ?)- I wish I could get those conditions instead of paying tax on EVERYTHING I get, earnings or unearned income.

        Does anyone think THEY will give up these perks without a helluva fight , I think not.

  • Game Guy

    “Monopoly” is an interesting game based on principles of capitalism with a few moments of reality (go to jail, pay rent, etc,) thrown in. But ultimately the game ends with a winner who (guess what) takes it all. That’s life as we know it? Isn’t it time for someone to invent a parallel game “Libertopoly” in which the objective is for there to be no winner or looser, but everything remains evenly distributed and everyone is happy with the outcome? Who would play this game? Does it sound like fun!

    • Bay0Wulf

      Yeah … almost as fun as … “T-Ball” and other so-called sports where … “Everyone Wins, No-One Loses”.

      People have gone so far to protect their children from any sort of “hurt”, physical, mental or emotional that today’s kids just assume that no matter what they do, someone will pick them up and cuddle them. Laws have been passed “to protect” (bike helmet laws & other) they blunt our own hard learned survival instincts and skills.

      I am not a “winner” in today’s terms, I am still scratching, scrabbling and scraping to get along but … I’d rather be a “loser” MY WAY than be a “winner” in a non competition world.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Being a human is not a Monopoly game and it is not to the winner goes all. Is that how you have been living your life and making daily decisions?

    • uvuvuv

      liberpoly sounds like it would be a dull and pointless game, if everyone comes out the same as everyone else. that would be like a track meet where everyone has to run no faster than the slowest guy, or an nfl game where as soon as a team gets a touchdown they also add it to the opponent’s score. but if you have the talent, you can set this game up on the internet and reap the profits thereby, which of course you would distribute equally to everyone.

  • Bay0Wulf

    I am not a huge fan of Mitt … in fact my mantra for the last year is; 1st – ANYONE BUT Obama, 2nd – ANYONE OTHER THAN Mitt. Unfortunately it looks like I will be voting AGAINST the “Lesser of 2 Evils” AGAIN … Just look at what Mitt did in Massachusetts to get a feel for what he’s about.

    It could be that he will be better than I believe … I wasn’t thrilled with Ronnie either but he turned out to be a big surprise … not perfect but … he did a darn good job.

    I think we MUST elect Mitt despite the obvious drawbacks because we cannot live with Obama … especially if he doesn’t have to worry about getting re-elected. Remember his open mic comments to the Russians. I am even almost frightened by the amount of damage he can do in the Lame Duck session.

    Mitt HAS to be the choice. I believe we can only hope to stack the House and Senate with enough Conservatives to override the Liberal Dems and RINOs and hold them down until 2016. If Mitt really does step up to the plate and do the job, great, but if he fails to eliminate tons of Obama’s garbage as well as redo a bunch of other things, we need to have a truly strong candidate ready to go up against the Dem candidate as well as the Incumbent Pres.

    I am a Constitutional Conservative and I am keeping an eye on “the Tea Party” as I really like the work they have done. I appreciate that they are “non-partisan” and are not a Political Party. We have needed someone to “vet” our possible choices and they have done a pretty good job. I don’t care if a politician calls themselves a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or … Mickey Mouse as long as their though process makes sense in terms of what their job is. The “Tea Party” has picked a few duds but mostly not.

    We CAN’T AFFORD to have stupid, greedy, grasping KNUCKLEHEADS “representing” us any more. If they can’t “REPRESENT” US than they need to be EXPELLED.

  • frank sikora

    i think all of you that made comments on this article need to go to [what omaba dont want you to see and know] on the internet and you will realize what omaba, he wants us to pay 12 a gal for gas, he ordered utility companies to raise prices,he said americans are like nazis,he hates americans and the american constitution,he wont slalute the american flag or say the pledge of allegiance,and the author is wrong rommey is not they same as omaba and ron paul is good friend of romney.

    • Karolyn

      “He ORDERED utility companies to raise prices?” Where did that come from? Gas is now $2.85 here where I live. A far cry from $12!

    • Bill

      If Ron Paul is such a friend of Mitt tell me; Why isn’t he endorcing him? Please don’t be even a little bit silly.

  • uvuvuv

    gee, i wrote another gem but it didn’t take. anyway, we have to keep in mind the supreme court. if you think earl warren was bad, just wait for team obama. great news for the illegals, now citizens! great news for gays, they can get married! great news for the progressives, the irs will de-activate all credit and checking accounts for anyone deemed non-progressive! great news for the atheists, evangelical churches will be shut down and money will be printed as in nothing we trust! great news for the nwo, we will be known as the us sector of the mexican administrative district! great news for the tatoo artists!

  • Harry

    Whoever thinks that Romney is like Obama is dumber than dumb. Sure Romney may not be as conservative as some Republicans would prefer, but he’s miles apart from Obama’s outriight Socialist agenda. Dictator Obama’s dreams of Big Brother government will brcome a reality if he wins in November.

    A government that is big enough to give you what you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      It behooves us to find out how Socialism came into existance. What is in the nature of men that wants someone else to take care of them and give them direction for life?

      • Game Guy

        Socialism got started because some people developed a “social conscience” ie.the difference between right from wrong and wanted to do something about it. After Andrew Carnegie made his (obscene) fortune from steel, he got a conscience and decided to become a philanthropist and build a bunch of libraries and schools so the (poor and) under educated could do better. Unfortunately, when government gets into “philanthropy” with our money (taxes), bureaucracy and inefficiency rears its ugly head. Opportunist arise and see the possibility of getting something for free, and the whole “noble cause” runs amock. Anything sound familiar?

      • Cheerio

        With all respect, it has been the great battle since before day one. Good vs. Evil. God vs. Satan. God gives us free agency, free will, freedom, even Satan was given freedom and he chose to oppose all that was good. The Constitution is part of our saving grace, America is great for more than one reason. Communism (Socialism)is the other governance it is by way of deceit and force. It is freedom vs. slavery or force. The Constitution vs. Communism. God vs. Evil…..

      • boyscout

        A mob has very little mentality; a starving (no bread / no cake) mob has none what so ever.

  • stevor

    Both of them are OWNED by the Elite. Both are PUPPETS though romney will probably be more of one.
    I think the Elite are Telling obama (through polls and other means) that he’s on his way out, to be replaced by mitt. They’re putting obama in a corner.
    What does a cornered animal do? They Strike BACK. So, what will barry do? Will he start WWIII, so we’ll be in a situation where we have to choose whether to switch captains mid-storm? He could even be/admit to being a constitutional FRAUD and declare that “the people don’t care” so he could then throw out the constitution. Then if he declared Martial Law and with both congress and the supremes neutered maneuver his way to declaring the USA defunct (especially with the Financial MESS that he worsened) and bring in Soros’ New World Order

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Your premise is correct. That O would start a conflagration so he stays as president, but even then people should think “about changing a horse midstream, it has to be done if the horse is useless” and to avert further disaster.

  • 45caliber

    If I find that I’m overspent at home, I have to take the cut, regardless of what I’d like to do. Sure I’d like to go to a movie or go out to eat. But if the money isn’t there, it won’t do my any good to borrow it.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same for the government. They have overspent. We need to drop Oblamacare regardless of how much good (or bad) it might do. We simply cannot afford it at this time. We need to shut down the more useless departments such as HUD, Education, Energy, etc. for the same reasons. They cost far too much for the good we get from them. We can’t afford to keep spending what we don’t have and can’t afford to repay.

    I HAVE to budget so there is no reason the government should not do the same thing.

    • Karolyn

      How about cuts to the DOD?

      • 45caliber

        The DOD has already been cut far below what is needed for the safety of our country. The military today can’t even fight a single war without calling the National Guard – which is not meant to be a military unit as such. It was meant to handle state emergencies such as storm recovery. After WWII, the DOD was meant to be sized to fight TWO wars at once and was for a long time. We need to be able to fight at least one war if necessary, although I do not believe we should be trying to police the world as we are now. And when we do fight, we need to finish the war without some Congressman trying to micromanage it to get additional voter recognition at the expense of our military.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Those alphabet soups of governmental agencies should not have been started in the first place. Now it would be next to impossible to abolish them since they have innumerable employees and are self sustaining, self preserving and self replicating. Do you believe that all those employees of the federal government would willingly put themselves out of their jobs. They will vote for any man that will keep the status quo even if it kills the country.

      • 45caliber

        I don’t expect them to voluntarily shut down or even cut back. The existing government system forbids it. A person can’t get a promotion (and raise) unless he hires more people to put himself in a higher supervisory bracket. He gets points for spending everything and demerits for saving money. Etc.

        However, the agencies are basically executive. If the President, the CIC/CEO, were to call in the heads of these departments and ordered them to cut or be cut, I suspect you’d see a significant reduction of people. And once it is small enough, it would be possible to just close it.

    • Robert Rashbrooke

      You budget for two, possibly three, reasons.

      1. You are a decent person who does not want to take advantage of other people by not budgetting.

      2. The governemnt FORCES you to budget by applying penalties to you if you don’t.

      3. Possibly you are not able to borrow the money so that you don’t have to budget.



  • tncdel

    More FALSE Romney-bashing by a disgruntled Ron Paul loser is not what we need right now to unite against Obama.

    John Myers, the author of this slanted drivel, tries to pool in two areas in which Romney seems nominally close to Obama’s positions. But even those fall flat: For Romney’s former healthcare plane was a CAPITALIST-oriented version, whereas, Obama’s is SOCIALIST-oriented. As Ann Coulter pointed out:

    “To act as if Obamacare is the same thing as “Romneycare” is just a word game, on the order of acting like a “gun” has the same properties as a “gunny sack,” or “fire” is the same thing as a “firefly.”

    Romney supported the idea of other states doing something along the lines of his health care bill, but always opposed insurance mandates from the federal government (just as I oppose the federal government issuing general laws about rape, but support state laws against rape.)”

    As for Romney’s agenda compared to Obama’s NWO “World Cop” routine, Romney’s focus internationally is not the “nation-building” Obama pursues, but strategic DEFENSE action geared to deterrence and removal of threats to our nation.

    And on every other major issue: government spending, business, illegal immigration, abortion, etc. Romney is virtually 180 degrees away from Obama.

    I’ve noted many times in the past how John Myers at times bears the hallmarks of a left-winger planted to sow discord among right-wingers.

    • Cheerio

      I disagree with you over Romney. You are not seeing past the smokescreen. Do you know about the green agenda, agenda 21, the U.N. Charter for America ( which destroys our Constitution), the one world agenda- even spewed out of the mouth of the great republican president George Bush Sr. etc. etc. etc. The 2 party system is fixed, controlled, purposefully upheld to keep us all fighting against each other. If you don’t see it yet, keep looking…..

      • Chris

        QUOTE ” I disagree with you over Romney. You are not seeing past the smokescreen. Do you know about the green agenda, agenda 21, the U.N. Charter for America ( which destroys our Constitution), the one world agenda- even spewed out of the mouth of the great republican president George Bush Sr. etc. etc. etc. The 2 party system is fixed, controlled, purposefully upheld to keep us all fighting against each other. If you don’t see it yet, keep looking…..”

        I agree in full. Many people have never heard of agenda 21 because it’s cleverly disguised as fuzzy,warm,feelgood “sustainable development” . Obama and the others are indeed attempting to divide America because they know that divided,we cannot stand and defeat the monster called AG-21 and the UN/CFR usurpation of our sovereignty. BOTH parties,in some form or another support the UN charter on sustainable development,so THIS is why neither rep or dem matters anymore.They’re ALL in it. They’re ALL corrupted by money,power and control for the NWO. To slay the dragon,we have to strike at the heart first and that heart that is driving the beast is the money and foreign internationalists in the CFR who ARE the elite rich. However,to kill the heart,we have to take indirect approaches to reach these elites.

        What IS important and DOES matter is HOW we coordinate the attack and address the issue. These are the steps we have to take to have any chance at saving America.

        #1.Obama HAS to go. He is the puppet of the UN,the CFR and the elites.He is dedicated to destorying America.He was hand selected and groomed FOR this role BY the CFR and elites.

        #2. Romney will win and take POTUS. He is a corporatist,however,he still wants America to survive and prosper. He believes in free trade,so he must be forced to believe in FAIR trade in order for small business to return,start,survive and prosper. He is a globalist,so he must be forced to put America first. Romney IS for bigger govt. However,Romney is NOT a communist,a Marxist,or supporter of a fully Marxist, oppressive form of government.
        Romney MUST be controlled,forced to butcher the govt,abandon free trade for fair trade,end the fed,defund and evict the UN and dismantle the CFR.

        #3. How this can be done.
        It is imperative that we take FULL control of both house-senate,AND…be damn sure to elect in SCOTUS justices that are 100% constitutional law abiding and enforcing justices. It does no good to control house-senate if the liberal justices are left in SCOTUS who won’t convict the elite criminals who control the money. Once the SCOTUS majority are constitutionalists,we can attempt to strike the heart,the elite rich who control the money and have gotten away with the crimes.Our constitutionalist justices will then investigate,arrest and imprison the elites. THIS is how we effectively hobble the POTUS and force him to do what We the People demand. Constitutionalists in house,senate and SCOTUS will force him to do this.

    • annebeck58

      “… more.. by a Ron Paul loser..”?
      What you don’t seem to comprehend is that we are quite aware of the multiple degrees of fraud perpetrated in this latest (s)election. The usuals// mainstays of the GOP and RNC have done all they can, from slamming any and all Paul delegates, holding secretive convention meetings, and even physically injuring supporters of Paul, all in order to get their way. The worst part of it is this: they (perhaps you are one of them?) do not even comprehend that while they work so hard for Romney and/or Obama, they toil furiously toward their own demise– and our demise as the Republic of these United States.. Why do you so easily bend over for them?
      What is so great about plans of either of these men that you’d work endlessly and tirelessly to disparage any other Republican (or Indy or Dem) who desperately wants this country fixed?? Is Obama going to help our economy? No, he’s proven that he will not. Will Romney help any American-businesses? No, he’s proven he would not. The man did a lot of damage as head of Bain Cap. So, what is it about him that you would support? (before you respond, please watch: “When Mitt Romney Came to Town”)
      Which would you support, of these two, and why would you support either?

      Honestly, they are brothers from different mothers. Nothing they do would help the USA and both of them would employ foreign policy tactics that are actually much more DANGEROUS to US, all of USA, then that of Paul.
      How I wish you people would look up the term, “blowback”, and consider that they (the world) hates US based on what WE have done to them. We wouldn’t like them coming here and doing what we do over there, yet we call them the terrorists? It makes exactly zero sense!

      • Robert Rashbrooke

        Unfortunately, as a Brit living here and espousing almost exactly the same views as you, the response to me has nearly always been, “if you are so PO’ed about the US, why don’t you go back to your own country?”

        I LIVE here, and wish to continue living here, I work 50 hour weeks, pay taxes, own land, but do not vote, spend all my money here, support three American citizens who were on welfare when I met them and no longer are. I AM interested in the future welfare of this country, and truly believe it could have been the one true paradise here on earth, except it has been appropriated by unscrupulous individuals over many generations for their own gratification.

        My views have been totally upset from what I naively believed to be THE FACTS before I came here by following many of the links quoted in these posts. I am truly amazed by what I have been exposed to.

        Being a Brit, I was raised in a socialist country and still believe that that is ultimately the way a country should behave towards its citizens, not the corrupted system we currently have here, where people who CHOOSE to limit their working hours to qualify for SSA and a cell phone, can do so and get those benefits, Socialism, with a small “s”, was not INTENDED to provide a good quality lifestyle for selfish people, but to assist those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a precarious situation. If you employer decides to go out of business, for whatever reason, and puts YOU out of work, you will probably need help in maintaining a regular income to buy the necessities of life, UNTIL you can get back to providing your own income.

        Unfortunately, the dice are loaded against most of the population, and even so, many of those unfortunates do not, AND WILL REFUSE TO, see the hurdles and restrictions placed on them by those more fortunate and probably unscrupulous people who currently manipulate the system to their own advantage.

        • annebeck58

          Well, Robert, i cannot say I disagree with anything you’ve said.
          We are up against this evil empire sort of gang of complete and utter thugs in suits. And, we are currently suing them, to get what we believe this country needs. I know some will ask why we think the courts would be any different that the club and I think it’s because most judges are not a part of the “cabal” or the “one-percent”. I could be wrong in that assessment, but, from what I understand of the judge (in Federal District 9, Cali, who is hearing this case), he’s more liberty-minded than most. The man actually operates off of the constitution, and that IS something! I had hoped for a decision by today but it may be later in the week. As long as it happens before the August convention, I’ll be happy.

          I do find it disgusting that Americans would tell you to, “go home if you don’t like it here”, as we are all products of people from somewhere else, save the small percentage of P’naci people left in the USA. I am only second generation, myself, and I am quite irritated by what pigheaded ninnies this country seems to be full of. These are the folk that join the “parties” (Dem or Rep) yet have zero idea that, while working to elect the party’s choice (for them), they are toiling furiously toward their own demise. And, they are taking us down with them. How do we convince them of this?
          It takes a LOT of patience.. One must question them, calmly and firmly, regarding what they think of the choice (this year, Mitt Romney, a guy who really should be in jail for much of what he’s done to businesses and to constituents.) We have to get them to comprehend the possibilities and get them to emply the correct strategy, too, and it’s not an easy task.
          I have no problem with unemployment insurance or disability *social security insurance, as workers who find themselves in need of that help have paid into thesse funds. Ron Paul also sees both funds as sorts of insurance. So he would not be closing-down either. In fact, by closing bases all over the world and ending thise “non”wars, the social security fund would be in better shape. As it stands, now, we are constantly raiding the SS coffers in order to spend more on militarism. And that is helping nobody.

          The few times the “newz” has bothered to speak of Ron Paul, they have passed on dysinformation, to get people riled up and voting against him. The fact that Romney OWNS clear-channnel should tell the public a lot about our media/ msm and what amount of weight we should give their words and ideas.
          But, we’d have to get people to completely change their notions, especial pertaining to where they should get their news from and whom they decide to listen to.

          I really do think only Ron Paul would be a good choice for this country and, if the current cases are heard and settled by RNC’s party in Tampa, we may have a chance. Then we have to go up against Obama, but considering how much the news has said about him for the past year, that may happen.
          Of course, we ALSO have to get past the hack-a-vote 2000 (e-voting machines). That’s another story, probably for another post, though.

        • annebeck58

          Oh, and please do excuse my multiple typos. It’s been a very long day. I work for myself, which means I work a lot more hours than most! It’s a blessing and a curse/
          Thanks again for your response.

        • annebeck58

          I am lucky, in a sense, that I am able to provide my own income. I know a lot of people don’t (yet) have that option, and I wish more would consider not working for someone else, but working for themselves, instead.
          Sure, it’s more risk, but it also comes with greater rewards and less headache (imo). After more than 16 years of the same, I am happy with what I do.

  • jopa

    One has to look at this in the proper perspective.All Americans are already insured in that the ones not carrying an insurance card go to the emergency rooms and that costs us the taxpayers tenfold of what it would be under a national plan where everyone pays a little and not the taxpayers that are working pay all.It is no different than auto or even fire insurance where everyone pays in a small sum so that the individual can afford insurance.Even auto insurance rates are as high as they are because of uninsured drivers driving up the cost.In our state all drivers must have auto insurance but many take the chance and don’t. especially where the rates are the highest in the metro areas.

  • cedarridgefarmsinc

    It would be better just not to vote at all in November! That would send a clear message to the parties that the American people are tired of politics as usual and you want a change right now, there is no differance in these two boobs that are running now, I think they are really brothers with differant daddies.

    • stevor

      No, deciding to not vote just shows apathy and you don’t have that. If you can’t find a decent candidate to vote for, put YOUR OWN name down to show that you voted but NOT for the morons that the Elite put forth to us.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Is that what you believe? That, if no one votes, O and his kind in government will just fade away from government. There they are in government and there they will stay as a permanent fixture if no one votes. Think, Think, and Think so more.

    • Cheerio

      That is exactly the plan. Don’t vote! Don’t get involved! Don’t question! Just sit back and let us take over everything that is America and “fundamentally transform” it.

  • Reinhard Srajer

    Why not follow the recipe for actual liberty shown in the book Democracy-The God That Failed? America needs to become pol-free, otherwise it’s finished.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Even if you were the only human on the planet you would still be political.

  • LoveMyCountry

    Mr. Myers, how is it that you know the truth – “The truth is that, if elected, Romney will carry on most of Obama’s spending programs.” By saying this, you are calling Romney a liar. From my research, I’ve concluded that Romney is a smart man with integrity and vast experience in growing the economy in the private sector. I’m confident that he will do everything he can to limit government and cut spending. It’s unrealistic to expect an immediate turn-around in a government that has been heading in the wrong direction for many years and is entrenched in corruption. The obstacle for any president coming in is the system that is already in place. Will the efforts of our conservative leaders be sabotaged by incumbents who like their power and benefits? It is essential that we elect a conservative congress to aid in the process of turning our country around. It is foolish to think that it will happen immediately no matter who we thought should have been the one to take it on. And it will be painful for all of us – no one likes having benefits taken away and any president that cuts programs and takes away benefits will be unpopular. My sense is that Romney knows this and is willing to be unpopular in order to make the needed changes but he will pick his battles to begin with and relentlessly pursue the ultimate goal of limited government and our freedom in a step by step approach. Side note: I get flooded with conservative email that I scan through every day. For the most part I think the rhetoric is healthy and effective, but at this point this kind of article is not productive. The best thing we can do for our country is to have strong values, rally around the candidate we have since he HAS to beat Obama, elect congressmen who can help keep him on target, be sure to vote, and pray for our country.

    • Cheerio

      It is hard to believe that a seemingly good man would be just the opposite. Do you know what Romney supports? Gun control, Patriot Act, Socialized medicine ( just cause he paints it another color does not make it different) etc. He is for continuing wars with other nations, which goes against our Constitution, does he uphold the Constitution? Why are his biggest contributors the exact same as O’s. You need to dig a littler deeper, yes it is hard to swallow the fact that even “Christian Conservative Republicans” have been duped. Look up Bush Sr. touting the New World Order and One World Government before the House of Representatives! It is easily found on you tube. What makes Romney any different, listen to his talks and interviews. He said in an interview that American’s don’t realize how much money we have to spend (paraphrasing), how much the Government makes. Ask yourself this, who backs up your green backs? Gold, God, free-trade, or does thin air back it up. It is a scam, history and opening your eyes reveals it all………….

    • boyscout

      Well I just can’t imagine that such a nice well groomed man and career POLITICIAN would ever stoop to lying. Perish the thought. And pass me some of that kool-aid please.

  • Delores Smith

    I disagee with you. Obama is a peon of George Soros. They are Marxists. If people stay with Obama, we lose every freedom we have. I live in Arizona, and if no one knows what is going on in Arizona, all of you need to keep up with news. Wide Receiver had 400 guns with tracking devices to catch criminals. Holder stopped that program. Fast and Furious has 2,500 guns, with only two guns having tracking devices. Most of the numbered Fast and Furious Guns are still on the loose in Arizona and Mexico. Americans know that guns with numbers KILL, but they don’t track. So far, 2 border patrol agents have been killed and more than 200 Mexican Nationalists. FAST & FURIOUS was an attempt to blame Arizona to take away our guns, and ultimately the guns of the citizens of the United States. Eric Holder has testified that there would be more deaths, because he doesn’t know where the loose guns are. The gun-running was to go into the hands of the Drug Cartell.
    Myers, you don’t know the facts about Romneycare. I was born in MA. The Legistature had only 29 Republicans in it, which makes it easy for Democrats to write and put through a bill. They also had the power to veto. All states have the right to create their own health bills, but Obama does not have the right to create a mandate. Obama’s health bill is Federalism at its worst. In MA., you selected from various plans, and my sister had a great plan. I AM VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY. He will straighten out this mess.
    Delores Smith

  • Frank

    This is all well and good. It is the truth but like everything political, nothing will happen. The general public beats the war drums and demands Obama, Holder and the rest of them to be hanged. Nothing has happened and nothing will. A smoke screen if you will. The corruption continues and those in power like it that way. They play the social worker part. Tell them what they want to hear but don’t tell them everything. What’s the answer? I really don’t know. Well I do but the gutless portion of society won’t lift a finger to do anything. We the nation are being led to slaughter by those that want all the power and money. We see, we understand, we complain but do not lift a finger to change the course of this country. Why is that do you suppose America? Satisfied with the way things are? Looking for a handout from those pompous asses in DC? Well guess what. They could care a flip about you and me. We are nothing more than cannon fodder. Pawns in the game of politics. Obama needs more money so he and tweedle dee can cavort about telling us how good they are and how much they have done for use all the while we are standing in line waiting for the meager pittance they are willing to give us to keep us in line with their edicts. Make no mistake people, what is happening will forever change this nation and its people. Kiss more of your freedom goodbye because the fascists are coming for you and your family. My time here is almost complete. Death will surely be better than what’s to come.

  • Mike A. Bozarth

    Anytime you pick the lesser of two evils you will still end up with evil. I have been a supporter of Ron Paul for over 20 years. I think he would make a great president. But a write in vote for him will be wasted. Many states don’t even tally the write-ins. Even if they did it wouldn’t count because we actually vote for presidential electors in November and not necessarily the candidates themselves.

    Mr. Agnew made a valid point earlier. It is NOT a two-person race. Former Governor Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Along with his running mate, Superior Court Judge Jim Gray of CA, they offer a viable alternative.

    If conservatives and libertarians want to make a difference, then vote for JOHNSON/GRAY. Don’t waste your vote on the lesser of two evils or on a write-in vote that will not probably won’t count.

    • Chris

      Hi Mike:
      Just an observation. I agree and want Ron Paul,but I don’t think he’s going to pull it off. However,you say to vote for Johnson/Gray instead of Romney. The issue I see here is wouldn’t that split votes? If we split votes,that will most likely hand Obama the election on a silver platter if I am correct on the voting procedures? If he’s(J/G) a 3rd party independent,then he would dilute the votes which could very well hand Obama the election win and would sink America.
      I think we’re in a very grave situation here where our options are almost none and boil down to: vote for Obama and America dies,or, vote for Romney,take control of the house-senate,and replace SCOTUS justices with constitutionalists so we can arrest and prosecute the elite bankers. After doing a lot of in depth thinking on this,I have come to the conclusion that this is the only options we have and that Romney will HAVE to be the pick simply because we have no other escape route.
      However,I am very open to hearing other thoughts and opinions because uniting,sharing and combining ideas, and working together is the only way we have a chance at saving America.

      • Mike A. Bozarth

        I’ve been following government since 1968 and frankly Chris, I don’t really see what difference it has made having a Democrat or Republican in the White House. Government gets bigger. Spending grows. The debt grows. We loose more personal freedom.

        The only major-party candidate I have ever voted for was Ronald Reagan, the first time he ran. In 1972 they said don’t vote for John Schmitz, we don’t want McGovern and we ended up with Nixon again. Every election Republicans get together and moan we have to vote for *** or we’ll end up with ***. I think some of the best times I’ve seen in my life was with Clinton as president with Republicans controlling the House and Senate.

        I’m a Libertarian. I vote a split ticket. I stick by my belief that a vote for the lesser of two evils is still evil. I favor a much smaller government. Much less spending. More individual freedom. Like Barry Goldwater talked about in the last century and Ron Paul in this.

        I agree with taking control of the House and Senate. It’s by far the most effective way to slow down the growth of government. While Romney may be better than Obama in economics, I believe Obama to be better than Romney on individual rights. But neither have done enough to earn or merit my vote. I agree with Governor Gary Johnson 98% or more. He has.

        For those unfamiliar with Gov. Johnson, he spent 2 4-year terms as a Republican governor in the Democratic state of New Mexico. He endorsed and supported Ron Paul in 2008 and then filed as a Republican candidate for president this election. After being excluded from most of the debates, polling and media, he switched to the Libertarian Party. Since then he’s received better media coverage and is polling 5-7% in the national poll that included him.

        Personally I think Obama will lose in a landslide. If Johnson could pull 5 to 10 million votes, Mr. Romney would be a lot more intentive to the concept of less government, more personal freedom.

  • Deerinwater

    Hmmm? ~~~”Obama has put on such a dismal one-term performance that he makes Jimmy Carter’s Presidency look Churchillian.”

    That’s sort of funny ~ First off, ~ any President can only do so much, with so much.

    Carter was a Washington “outsider” and treated accordingly, with disgust and disdain by the very politicians that was suppose to aid and assist him run the nation. Little help was presented, little actual work done, finding it much easier and more fun to make Carter appear ineffective, the clown a butt boy for partisan politics.

    Carter was the one that told this nation, our dependency on foreign oil was the equivalent of war. ~ He led by example and during the cold winter months turned Withe House thermostats down so low , ~ June was ready to go back home to Georgia.

    Here we are 40 years later, ~ and it’s hasn’t stopped!

    The heated partisan bickering during Nixon’s tenure seemed to “Demand” retribution and this has not stopped since. I would not demand or expect an apology from the GOP o Nixon, ~ while Nixon did offer the nation an apology in the final moments of the Frost interviews.

    It time to move forward ~ and it’d disappointing that we can’t.

    It’s disappointing, ~as I thought well of Nixon, and still do. ~ I accepted that he was just a man. Was he right about somethings? ~ Hell no! Was he a flawed man? I tend to believe most of us are on some level and any cab be pushed to the breaking point.

    But let me ask you, ~ what or who does all of this bickering serve? Do we really want a “working government”?

    The answer to that question must be “No!”.

  • Justin57

    Obama has fooled many people with his fake smile and practiced political charm. Romney is a businessman with little charm but a determination to bring the US back from the abyss.
    Obama wants to finish us off, Romney wants the US to survive.

    • Bill

      and I might add, Ron Paul wants us to flourish in Liberty and Freedom which is what we, as human beings, do best.

    • LoveMyCountry

      Amen! And to Bill, Ron Paul is a good man, but he is not the candidate, and not the only good man out there. I would say that Romney wants us to “flourish in Liberty and Freedom” as well.

      • annebeck58

        To LMC? Ron Paul is not NOT the nominee, either. Mitt has not won anything, as of yet. Sure, Mitt and his minion (on the insider, known as, “the flipper”) have worked very hard to perpetrate fraud (election fraud) against US, but he’s not yet been declared our nominee. The RNC will meet in August and each and every delegate will be free to vote his conscience. I am only hoping each delegate will truly investigate the TWO candidates left and vote for the only decent man out of the Republicans, at least this year.
        I feel we are at a crossroad in this nation’s history and if people do not finally do the right and intelligent thing, and get past this voting for what they see as less evil, we are all in trouble. IF you truly loved your country, you would want the same.

    • Deerinwater

      “Obama wants to finish us off, Romney wants the US to survive.”

      I think that you misjudge them both. Heaven only knows how you came up with such ideas. While in the end, it doesn’t really matter, you plan to keep it , I feel certain.

      Are you really interested in the US surviving but you don’t want to pay taxes or honor other peoples freedoms?

      So what kind of America would you like to see survive? The one that you grew up in?

      Hmm? ~ me too, but I was a child back then, my understanding of “mean” was when someone bit you and took your toys and wouldn’t share. While things are much the same today they are complicated by the use of proxy and mislabeling.

      We have one person mislabel as a friend biting us while someone else slip in disguised as Santa and steals our toys and when people are asked to pay their fair share or pay for what they committed themselves too, it’s referred too as Wealth Transfer and class warfare.

  • Mirage

    What a choice we all have for the 2012 presidential election …. its between poor and ugly!

    Lets see:

    We can go with a Wall Street 1/2 billionare who was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth, a man who is the father of Obama care – the individual mandate, and, whose MORMAN faith believes people from the middle east rowed boats across the ocean to settle North America and also begin the Native American race – the INDIANS!
    We can go with a 1/2 black-1/2 white man from a poor single parent home who raised himself from nothing, but who sadly, appears to be owned by Goldman Sacs/Wall St., George Soros types, and special interest groups, i.e. illegals and their children who have no right to amnesty.

    Well, as an independent, guess I’ll go with Obama, because a poor choice always beats an ugly one.

    Mean while, for substantive reform, I’m hoping social movements like OWS and the Tea Party etc., will eventually focus their energies together on forcing governmental change, rather than weakening their power by hating one another.

  • Tom

    This article is a joke…comparing Romney to Obama…and claiming he will just ‘continue the Obama spending’ is outright BS! All your article did was assure Obama’s re-election! Please keep in mind “Remember Perot.” Without he taking 7 million votes away from Dole, we would have never gotten the Clintons for 8 years. The same thing will happen if guys like Myers still want you to take your millions of votes and make sure you take them away from Obama’s competitor, thereby in essence “voting for Obama.” What a disgrace! That’s why the Dems control the country…..because of articles like this! With Obamas Acorn groups, unions, media bias, public radio/TV, plus the millions of federal, state and city employees….along with all the illegals voting…Romney needs every last vote he can get! So ask yourself….are YOU better off with Romney for the next four years or Obama! Then vote! Tom

  • MNIce

    There is one substantive difference between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama. Mr. Romney apparently will at least pay lip service to the Constitution. Mr. Obama has already demonstrated that he doesn’t care what the Constitution says. Every time we hear a “We can’t wait for Congress” we know he’s plotting yet another impeachable power grab. If any President in the 19th Century had pulled one of those stunts, he would have been impeached as soon as the last sweating, hard-breathing horse had carried its Congressman to Capitol Hill.

    There are 50 reasons Joe Biden is not now the President. Harry Reid is their ringleader. If your Senator is one of these, you owe it to your country to get a replacement elected ASAP.

  • Wildey

    Romney will not give up anything Bush and Obama stole for the executive branch, meaning himself. If anything, he will come up with more power to the executive branch and the people will buy the lie. Maybe people will wise up but not in the short term. God help America in the longer term. Ron Paul is the only hope for America. There is no one else on the horizon that is remotely interested in America. Unfortunately the candidates have the same vision that most people have and that’s flying their own flag with one hand and looking for a handout in the other. You can’t consume more than you can produce and we’ve been doing that for generations. To make matters crazier people believe in alchemistry, turning dirt into gold. America doesn’t even have the dirt to sell.

  • Gadsden Gurls

    Romney has not won anything yet.. so it’s a two man race AFTER Tampa.

  • PTAMom

    It is good (but very sad) to see the truth start to eek out.

    So many have known for so long that Romney is not, nor has been politically conservative in any sense of the word. I’m afraid that his conservative Mormon family life has confused voters into thinking that he has conservative political values. His mother ran for US Senate in 1970 in Michigan on a pro-choice platform..several years before Roe v. Wade.

    Bain Capital bought Clear Channel Communications in Nov 2006 …just as Romney was setting up his campaign for a year long effort in Iowa. With that $19 billion purchase, all conservative talk show hosts in America … Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham, Malkin, on and on and on Fox News Radio were on a Romney affliated payroll.

    Corruption in the liberal press gave us Obama. Corruption in the conservative press may give us Romney.

    ***comments from the head of the Massachusetts Republican Party while Romney was Governor during a press conference announcing his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani in 2008 campaign. “So when James Rappaport, former head of the Massachusetts Republican Party held a press conference recently to announce his endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, I could resonate with his observations. Rappaport, who served when Romney was governor, said Romney “has a strong record of showmanship as opposed to actual performance.” On his relationship with the State Legislature, “His word is no good … Mitt Romney would say one thing in a meeting and literally go out of the meeting to the press and tell the opposite story. There was no desire in the legislature to be accommodating to him because they couldn’t trust him…. Romney will be clear today on what he believes today, and he’ll be clear tomorrow on what he believes tomorrow, but they may be different things.”

    ********* subheadings from **********
    Romney supports abortion in general, and believes in sustaining Roe v. Wade.
    Romney campaigned for Governor of Massachusetts as a pro-choice candidate, and was endorsed by a pro-abortion political group
    Romney is willing to support some embryonic stem cell research
    Romney Approves of Abortion Pill and Supports the Legalization of RU-486
    Romney signs “Right to Privacy” Proclamation celebrating birth control availability
    Gov. Romney has a long history of promoting and furthering the homosexual agenda, and working closely with leading gay activists
    Romney twice sought and received the endorsement of the homosexual Log Cabin Republican Club
    Romney’s campaign distributed pro-gay rights campaign literature during Boston’s “Gay Pride” events
    Romney supports homosexual “anti-discrimination” laws
    Romney advocates homosexual couples’ adoption rights be recognized by the government
    Romney supports homosexual domestic partnerships
    Romney supported and promoted legalizing homosexual civil unions
    Romney Opposes the Boy Scouts’ Ban on Homosexual Scoutmasters
    Romney barred Boy Scouts from public participation in 2002 Olympics
    Romney appointed prominent homosexuals to key positions in his administration
    Romney appointed prominent homosexual activists and Democrats as judges
    “Governor Mitt Romney, who touts his conservative credentials to out-of-state Republicans, has passed over GOP lawyers for three-quarters of the 36 judicial vacancies he has faced, instead tapping registered Democrats or independents — including two gay lawyers who have supported expanded same-sex rights, a Globe review of the nominations has found. Of the 36 people Romney named to be judges or clerk magistrates, 23 are either registered Democrats or unenrolled voters who have made multiple contributions to Democratic politicians or who voted in Democratic primaries, state and local records show. In all, he has nominated nine registered Republicans, 13 unenrolled voters, and 14 registered Democrats.”
    - Boston Globe 7/25/2005, “Romney jurist picks not tilted to GOP; Independents, Democrats get call”

    Romney Rewards one of the State’s Leading Anti-Marriage Attorneys by Making him a Judge
    Romney announces he won’t fill judicial vacancies before term ends
    Romney’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth used huge taxpayer funding to promote homosexuality in the public schools
    Romney’s Commission organized public gay “Youth Pride Day” parades and “transgender proms” which promote unhealthy and risky behavior
    Romney issues a proclamation celebrating gay “Youth Pride Day”
    Romney’s Department of Education promotes the homosexual agenda
    Romney’s Department of Public Health (DPH) cooperates with the homosexual activist movement
    Romney opposed federal legislation that would stop public schools from promoting homosexuality
    Romney’s Dept. of Social Services honors homosexual “married” couple as adoptive “Parents of the Year”
    Romney refused to endorse the original 2002 Mass. constitutional amendment absolutely defining marriage as one man and one women
    Romney unnecessarily (and unconstitutionally) implemented homosexual marriages in Massachusetts
    Romney had marriage licenses changed to allow same-sex marriages
    Romney administration ordered Justices of Peace to perform homosexual “marriages” when asked – or be fired!
    Romney administration’s training of Town Clerks (on how to issue same-sex marriage licenses) states that marriage statutes were not changed
    Romney signs bill eliminating Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) testing requirement for marriage
    When requested of him, Romney personally issues special one-day certificates to allow otherwise unqualified people to perform homosexual “marriages”
    Was Romney’s public opposition to homosexual “marriage” based on expediency, not principle?
    Romney favors “Assault” Weapons Ban
    Romney Favors Waiting Periods
    Romney supports minimum wage laws
    Romney Balances Budget with $500 Million in New Fees
    Romney imposes “socialized” health care on Massachusetts
    Romney’s dismal record as the Republican leader in Massachusetts
    Romney pledged to build the Massachusetts Republican Party, but in fact he did almost nothing. During his tenure there were two elections for the entire Legislature (2004 and 2006). In each election the Republicans lost seats. Republicans now hold the fewest seats in the Legislature since the Civil War.
    During the four years of Romney’s tenure, the number of registered Republicans in Massachusetts fell by 31,000. During that same period, the Massachusetts Democratic Party gained 30,000.
    - Boston Globe 11/2/2006
    In the 2006 elections, most offices were not even challenged by Republican candidates. In the November general election for the six statewide Massachusetts constitutional offices there were more Green-Rainbow Party candidates on the ballot than Republicans!
    The party’s slide has been so precipitous that Republicans yesterday did not contest 130 of 200 legislative seats, fielded a challenger in only three of 10 congressional districts, and put up fewer candidates for statewide office (three) than the Green-Rainbow Party (four).
    - Boston Globe, 11/8/2006

  • PTAMom

    I am praying for a miracle in Tampa 2012. Otherwise it may not matter who we vote for for President in 2012.

    We as voters must take responsibility for this danger that we face in America … electing people on rhetoric as opposed to records is easier in the short term , yes… but oh so expensive in the long term.

    Up to now it has been mostly the lower classes in America that are paying for thebad government poliices but is hitting the middle class hard now … do we have what it takes to elect good government people? and to put the time into figuring out which ones are which.

  • richard brooks

    when all of you finally realise that they are all crooks, perhaps we can then join together to fix the problems.

  • macgyver1948

    Interesting article and it is pretty balanced by John Myers. In some ways the the “candidates” are very similar but there are many differences too. Romney is so much out of touch with the middle and lower classes and many of us see Obama as huge spender. If Romney we mint not see any difference in his presidency for GW Bush’s. For one GW was so much a corporate defender and Romney is too. And, many for the gents Romney has asked to join him were GW advisors, Secretaries of… So if you are enjoying Busheconomics you will continue to love it with Romney.

    Now Romney says we are still the most predominate military force in the world and I hope he is right. But during the campaign Romney is a salesman and his product is himself, as with Obama’s.

    A few months ago I read where China has surpassed us in air supremacy. Today, after reading John Myer’s article I goggled “China’s air power compared The US”, my wording so you should use your own. I read some interesting stuff with my search and I hope Romney is right and China is wrong but I also remember some American Generals, mostly retired ones, saying China has taken over the skies. I still remember Romney is the salesman but I hope the generals are wrong.

    So what does the election come down to for all of us? I suppose it will come down to, for each of us, which one of these two salesmen is more in tune with “me”. Who relates more with who I am and what I need? I am not a big Corporation and I am not very wealthy so who will see my needs more than the other hawker? Who will help you more, considering your social and economic standing? Some choice we are faced with, HUH, :-))).

    One more thing. I read today that “There are fewer laws on the international arms trade than on the international trade of bananas.

    Yes, you read that correctly – bananas. Maybe monkeys wound not like that idea, lol

    If that doesn’t scare you even a little bit then I am sorry. But which one of our salesmen will be more concerned with international arms laws than the other? If you have been paying attention it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out just from the “sales pitches” we are getting from each of them.

    “Let the buyer beware”. :-))).

    • annebeck58

      As the song goes;
      Hang on, help is on its’ way..
      The RNC is yet to meet, and will take place in August. Lawyers for Ron Paul (delegates and supporters) are working to get this fixed. It’s one thing for us to roll over and accept Romney as nominee, had the (s)elections been FAIR, but they were not fair. Voters were dropped from roles, votes themselves were flipped (and as an election judge I am sure both happened), and it is the only reason Paul did not “win”. In the hearts and minds of most Americans, he did win.
      So, sign up with, aka, ToolsForJustice, aka, Lawyers for Ron Paul (in facebook) and tell your story. Find out who is representing you at the national level (the Tampa convention) and let him or her know you want a different choice, or, as I see it, we have no choice.
      Romney is Obama and Obama is Romney and ROMBAMA is going to further destroy this country. Obamney does not understand or agree with our constitution, and I think we are desperate for a person in as POTUS who does care and does comprehened same.
      Just don’t let them do this to US.

      • macgyver1948

        WOW there is a lot we have to watch out for. Socialism has to some extent, by definition, been in the American fabric since the very beginning when it comes to the movement of goods and services. But the more socialism moves (further) to the right the more it scares me. What scares me now, one thing, is voter suppression, as you mention. Along with the things you say several Republican Governors seem to be trying to suppress legal voters if they feel they might not vote Republican. I heard from a man born in Florida and a WW2 veteran (in the US Military) that his voting rights are now under suspicion. I do not think he ever was a criminal.

        Another thing that really bothers me, and should everyone. All my life I heard that the reason rocks are relatively worthless and diamonds have loads of worth is because of their respective quantities and to some degree how they each shine, :-). Simple basic concept. So for the last 40 or so years I hear the Government orders loads of extra printing of our dollars just to pay for stuff. The more they print, with not much backing it, the less the dollar is worth. We are feeling that lessor-value thing now and it will get worse. We might have more dollars but when a loaf of bread starts to cost $15 dollars and milk who knows relative to the value of our money who cares?

        My point is with the devaluation of our bucks it will be easier for our government to make us as much socialist as they want. What will we be able to do abut it then? We need people in there to work for us and not only the big corporations and, scary too, for their specific religious beliefs. We need to get rid of those in Congress who are for more of what we have now, and a President too, and replace them all with people who would have the Founding Fathers on their sides if they were alive today. We do not have that now more so in one major party but it is still in all.

        Unfortunately we are left with our personal versions of “voting for the lessor of the evils” – even then hoping our votes really do count. We can’t fix our problems with more paper printing and more so, we cannot fix the problems with the same mind-sets that created them. We will be helping China if we do not change the thinking of our government.

  • Aku Head

    Gee it’s a pity the primaries are over, but there’s still bookoo time to nail Romney’s coffin shut! So by all means HAVE AT HIM! The guy’s a BOOB!

    True Conservatives will manage to re-elect the traitor BHO come hell or high water. No doubt about it, folks.

  • Jay
  • mac

    Although there may not be that many philosophical differences between Obama and Romney, at least we already know what Obama’s choices of appointees have gotten us, and we can hope that Romney will do better with his appointees.

    • macgyver1948

      Mac, you said “…at least we already know what Obama’s choices of appointees have gotten us, and we can hope that Romney will do better with his appointees.”. Ok, we do know Obama’s choices but if Romney wins we, the UN-wealthy and the non big corporations, will regret it. Why?

      I hope you are thrilled with all the Bushism because Romney is appointing many of the Bush “appointees”, the Secretaries of…and others.

      Whatever you think Obama is doing he will never be as bad as Bush is still being to us and Romney will be Bush in drag – The man for all corporate people..

      To paraphrase ‘The Who’ if Romney wins:
      “WE ‘CAN’T’ GET FOOLED AGAIN”. nd we who aren’t very wealthy and/or a big corporation will lose big time with more Bushisms. The Right can say all they want to leave Bush in the past but how can we if we are still suffering from HIM in many ways?

      I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution (For The Government OF the Corporate People)
      Take a bow for the new revolution
      Smile and grin at the change all around me
      Pick up my guitar and play
      Just like yesterday
      Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
      We don’t get fooled again
      Don’t get fooled again
      No, no!

      (If Romeny wins)
      Meet the new boss (and Meet the new “appointees”)
      Same as the old boss (and same as the old “appointees”)

      Man I love using a great song from a great group to show this truth. I too do not want huge government either but do we really want to trade big government for Big Corporate Government? This is the real choice we are facing with this election. We must be wise and compassionate when it comes to how we shrink “Big Government”.

  • tbone

    your vote dont count, whatever you say and do , does not mean crap. they preach about excercising your rights, go VOTE! they tell you, does not mean nothing. they already know who will be
    the next president. its just an illusion, to make you believe that your vote counts. it does not. america is a delusional country.

  • Jay

    Does anybody want to know why Americans will never revolt against government?

    50% of adults work for government at a local, county, state or federal level, or for a corporation that has a contract with the federal government. None will bite the hand that feeds them.

    10% are unemployed and will not bite the hand that feeds them.

    15% are on welfare and will never ever bite the hand that feeds them.

    20% are getting or within a few years be getting social security and will never bite the hand that feeds them.

    That leaves 5% that are not being fed by government and are used to feed the other 95%.

    However, due to social norms and media spin along with the fear that it would only get worse if they do rise up against government, they too will never revolt against government.

    The only chance for these 5% to become unburdened, is for a worldwide economic collapse in which the other 95% die off and loose their ability to control a system that funds their free ride on the back of the few.

    So, ask yourself; how bad do you want to be free Jack? I say, absolutely free.

    • John Myers

      Good post Jay.
      Saw an excellent documentary on France. The conclusion: that while Americans and most others fear their government, in France, the government fears the people.
      John Myers

  • Thinking About

    For the dumb and dumber sides of this issue, those who thinks driving is a privilege, having the opportunities to go to medical facilities for many is also a privilege. Look at the privileges Congress affords themselves, they vote themselves great health coverage and so may here thinks health decisions is something we can live without. Talk about death panels it may turn out a big death panel exists in those who does not think all of us deserve to have health care.

  • Satan’s folly

    This post reminds me of the “Me, Me” generation, “And to hell with those who’re poor, needy and sick who can’t afford insurance”.. I couldn’t be more proud of you guys.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      I am surprised you are not calling yourself Satan’s follower. Since when are you supposed to attach yourself as a parasite to the backs of people who work. They have enough of a burden to take care of themselves and their families. What are you to them?

  • pragmatistcon

    So? Romney isn’t the next Ronald Reagan? We know that. He has his flaws, but many fewer than Obama has, and the good news is he is not a Socialist. Does anyone really believe that Romney won’t be a better President than the character who currently occupies the White House??

    • James

      Obama is very, very bad. But I believe that Romney would be much, much worse. Romney doesn’t understand the inequality of wealth in this country. He would kowtow to his rich friends and finish destroying the country.

      • Nonnie Aversa

        You sound so very jealous of Gov. Mitt Romney because he is wealthy but the fact is he made his millions and he does give plenty of his millions to others. I believe over three million last year. Obama on the other hand never had dodo but after three years or so he is worth 10 million this past year he gave less than I did go figure that one out James. I will vote for Gov. Mitt Romney in Nov and pray to God above that will he wins and if he does not prove him self then he will be ousted as well. I can not undersand now any one would ever vote for this OBAMA after all the promises he made to the American people and no one have was came true..what a poor leader we have ..MY GOD HOW CAN ANY ONE WANT TO SEE THIS MAN SMILING FACE KNOWING HE IS LAUGH IN OUR FACES NOW AND FOREVER . WE MUST VOTE HIM OUT AND WHO ELSE OTHER THAN GOV. MITT ROMNEY DO WE HAVE ? PLEASE TELL ME AND I WILL RECONSIDER MY VOTE AND DON’T TELL ME TO GIVE THIS CLOWN ANOTHER CHANCE..I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW MANY HOURS HE SPENT IN THE OVAL OFFICE ALL I CAN SEE IS THE HOURS HE SPENT ON THE ROAD FOR VOTES OR ON THE GOLF COURSE. HE SURE HAS NOT HAD AMERICA IN OUR BEST INTEREST..LET START ALL OVER IN NOV. WITH A CLEAN SLATE BUT NOT WITH THIS MUSLIM WHO IS SELLING AMERICA DOWN THE RIVER..

  • simian pete

    Dammit !!! It’s the 21 st Century !! Why are we being FORCED to CHOOSE between DUMB and DUMBER !!

    It’s got to STOP ! NOW !


  • Capitalist at Birth

    This sight is throwing everything it can at the Republican Party because it will not embrace a blathering idiot like Ron Paul. What a shame. Although I would have preferred Newt Gingrich to Mitt Romney, I will never give up and throw my vote away on a candidate who has no chance of winning. I will not waste my time reading the diatribes about this election with these crazy predictions that the wasteful deficit spending will continue unabated.

  • 45caliber

    The REAL question is which one is Dumb and which one is Dumber!

  • ladyliza

    Many of you are fools. First of all, Medicare is a type of universal health care. If you don’t want it, just don’t take it. It works. It could be improved and costs could be brought down if it were monitored more. How many of you can afford healthcare without insurance?

    One way to bring costs down is to stop taking pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, the aca doesn’t allow for nutrionists or naturopaths to be covered, but there is no one stopping you from seeing one anyway. Those are the two types of professionals who can get you off meds safely and look for the root cause of your ailments be it cancer or heart disease. All major diseases can be improved or cured through nutrition or vitamins or herbs, or almost all. All it takes is a little research and stop being a complacent idiot the minute you enter the doctor’s office.

    • James

      Right you are! How many of these Tea Partiers would like to be paying for their retired parents’ health insurance? It puts universal health care in a completely new light!

  • James

    Listen–there IS no free market when it comes to health insurance, oil and a host of other products and services. COLLUSION has destroyed the free market! The big boys get tired of competing with each other, of losing money, and they COLLUDE to fix prices! If you don’t know that, you’re very naive!

  • Carol Jean O’Neil Goodwin

    My only comment is to all of the above: no wonder we are in the mess we are in! You all sound like a bunch of cry babies. Bickering and picking one another apart!
    Where do any of you think that will get you? We had a super candidate who still has all the right answers but you people think we must have a wealthy candidate. One who will run us right into the ground. Ron Paul has rthe solutions for this nation and he would restore our country, our FREEDOMS and our LIBERTY. However, too many have never experienced true liberty so you are frightened that you woudn’t know how to handle all those personal choices! Too bad!

    • Gea

      Ron Paul is a nice guy but he is somewhat of an isolationist which is imposible to implement in globalized world where business and people are on the entire globe. While we need to decrease reliance on the millitary, the islamitsts only recognize POWER and negotiating with them is future. Obama cavorting with Muslim Brotherhood and extolling Islam and Koran while dissing Bible is a clear danger to the Western civlization.

      Ron Paul idea that America should stay out of the world politics is a wishful thinking that as long as prophit motive rules and ships jobs to China and imports oil from Arabs and iranians, cannot be a way of US policies. Obama MUST be replaced and Ron Paul is too much of an isolationist to do it. Rumney and almost anybody else will be far safer than Obama. He must retire in November.

    • Nonnie Aversa


      • annebeck58

        Well, Nonnie.
        First of all; Mitt Romney did not exactly come about his living honestly or, certainly, morally. He destroyed many small businessmen to have his own. He forced these small businesses into bankruptcy by taking his monies out, then sold business equipment from them, overseas, so that it is not available for people in the USA to use it to start their businesses. He tried to purchase my business (and boy did his team play hardball!), so I know of that which I speak. He also has kept a good part of his money, outside of the USA, so nobody really knows how much he’s made.
        As far as his political life? HE and his minion have perpetrated some abhorrent acts against the Ron Paul delegates. They (with his knowledge) made-up fake ballots in order to get the Paul vote split in order to “win” different states. His folk physically assaulted Ron Paul delegates and even broke bones.
        Yet this is the guy you think would make a good president?
        Here’s one more tidbit. You had asked who else was running that you could research and perhaps consider voting for? What about Ron Paul? Mitt Romney, as owner and/or CEO of ClearChannel and as one who is able to be very persuasive with the other stations, has prevented the media from even discussing Ron Paul and his many wins all over the country. Whenever Paul was the clear-winner, Romney folk did all sorts of awful things to them, again, up to and including physically harming them. Yet you think Mitt’s a good guy?
        I am a businesswoman so I have no problem with people earning their money. However, the way Mitt has earned (or gotten) his money is very smarmy. He is being sued for the actions he and his campaign perpetrated against decent individuals who only wanted a voice in this election process. Since they did not want Romney, Romney didn’t want them. And, this will be his downfall. This will cause most Republicans to not vote for him and he will not beat Obama for the same reason. We don’t need another Neo-Con in office. We need an honest man who will know and work based on the truth.
        I asked you, the other day, to watch the short-movie, “When Mitt Romney Came to Town”. It’s all about one of Mitt’s businesses and you can find it in youtube, for FREE. Did you not try to see why we cannot stand this slimey guy? If you love him so much, just go ahead and see what others think and why they think it, okay?

        And, do not forget; This is STILL a THREE-man race. Ron Paul will be leading his delegates on to Tampa and, if the convention is fair (and we have all the reason in the world to think ROmney would prevent a fair vote, given what he’s already done), Ron Paul will be the nominee. If you are a delegate to the national Rep convention, I believe it is incumbent on you to actually learn whom it is you’re giving your vote to. As one who’s seen a lot of disgusting actions by the GOP and the RNC, as well as Romney and his team, especially this year, I am part of the lawsuit to get this handled so Republicans in Tampa ARE rational and the vote IS FAIR.

        • macgyver1948

          Anne, we do not usually agree but you do know your Romney and I have read so much of what you say about him. If Obama were to lose Id rather see Paul in. I do not trust Romney to do anything for the middle and lower class people of this country but he will for the Koch’s and their kind. If he wins Romney will define himself and the kind of Bain exec he was and no one will matter who isn’t a huge “investor”.

          • annebeck58

            Yes, I know “my Romney”, mainly because I will never forget what he’s done to smaller businesses, in Austin (and in my arena); how he tried to buy my business, too, and how the industry is struggling to survive… I had to lower my prices because Romney’s corporation has given us a lot of very cheap (and less than second-rate) competition from overseas. I see Romney as one of the worst things that happened to American business for the past 20 years.
            Yes, I am doing well, but I have to work more hours to make the same amount of money, while my overhead has gone up due to marked inflation. I did not want to lose my competion in the area as I wanted us all to have a chance to compete, fairly. Since I am in Austin (where the motto is, “Keep Austin Weird”), I am okay. But I am still bothered that so many of those competing with me were bought out and shut-down by Mitt’s companies.
            Why is “buy American” such a terrible thing to this guy? We make and export two things; money and trash. and, Mitt seems to like things that way. It’s certainly not sustainable for the majority of this country.

          • macgyver1948

            Annbeck58… I am truly sorry that you and so many others have been Romneyized. I speak with friends in Massachusetts and other states. They say the same thing. I have done so much research on Romney/Bain and the Koch family history, who owns Romney and it all scares me. We need to know the force behind what we are supporting and Romney is receiving so much money from Koch and others like them. If Romney wins so many more of us will be Romneyized as you have and with Koch pulling his strings so much more will go over seas. The Koch Brothers, the real force behind Tea, have major industrial interests in over 60 countries and there is where they can make loads of money and save loads of tax money as well. Others of their wealth levels, and Romney’s, have learned that too as Romney has.

            David Koch tried to run for office a number of years ago but I think now they just want to own our government. It is so obvious with how the GOP in the House, for now, have turned into Tea. I don’t know what the answer is but we very much need loads of government reform starting with Congress and then with Government agencies. We need to get back to how the Founders wanted it all for us and not how the Tea says they do through the GOP.

            I have some doubts with Paul, and his son, but if Obama does not win Paul just might be so much better than Romney ever could for the middle and lower classes. I say Romneyize but actually he will be the Bain kind of businessman to all of us and the only people he will really cater to are his huge inverters – as always. We will so badly lose with Romney… I think Hitler was more in touch with the European Jews than Romney ever could be with the UN-wealthy. At least Hitler was honest about his feelings for the Jews. I wish you well in your business as I do in mine for me.

          • annebeck58

            Most people say I should be happy that my local competition has been knocked out. But, i am not. I would rather have healthy, honest competition, than have to fight against Chinese and Indian businesses (who work for essentially nothing)/ As it is, Mitt Romney has left it so doing business and making anything in the USA, other than garbage, is more of a dauting (and leff profitable, per piece) task.
            Yet people think Mitt is the cat’s meow? What are they thinking? OR, better yet; are they thinking, at all? It seems the newz folkz are doing their thinking for them.

          • macgyver1948

            annebeck58 — you must do what you feel is right in your heart otherwise you are living for other people and not for you. When you do, even if I disagree with you, you deserve respect…. It is when minds are closed and controlled that they can not be reached… Do your thing and if you feel what Romney did was evil then so be it. Don’t be concerned about “Most people say I should be happy that my local competition has been knocked out.” If that feels wrong to you how would it work out for you?

          • annebeck58

            Yes, I always do what I feel is right. There is no way I would vote for Romney, but there’s also no way I will be part of giving Obama another four years.
            I honestly worry for this country, and for the rest of the world (under either as president). I want things to start going in the right direction and I honestly feel that only with true Republicans, and more restrained Democrats (even), will this happen.

            It is now the time for ALL liberty-minded folk to take a stand; to run for different levels of office, and replace what we’ve had in there for far too long. For my part, I have run for and won precinct-chairmanship. I will do whatever I can to get others involved who do care about us as well as the rest of the world. Now, I know precinct=chair is a very low position, but it’s a position I have time for, as of now.. and, it’s something!

            By being chair, I do get to sit in on committee meetings for the state GOP, and I get to have my say by both voting and bringing resolutions to the table. So, it’s not a huge job, but as a business-owner and operator, it’s all I can do (for now).
            I only hope others are following my lead in this, and I am aware that some ARE.

            As they say, “Throw the bums out”. But, I say, replace them– with yourselves!

          • macgyver1948

            Ann.. LOL…””Throw the bums out””… Yeah, I agree and being a native New York City kid (well many moons ago) that expression was about the one of our old Baseball teams, LOL…. As you guessed by now I am in no way for the GOP. I see them so totally for the big corporations and those of us who are small business will not benefit from them either. But I can’t argue with you on your choice. With that said I also will not argue your right to your choice because that is what America is supposed to be about. We need opposing views because if we didn’t have them at all we would still have a King George as our ruler. I enjoy discussing politics with people who are for the GOP but only if they will discuss rationally and not just say all who aren’t with us are wrong.

            I applaud you for your position of precinct-chairmanship because you are doing something you believe in – even if you are GOP, lol. Continue to speak up and do what you feel is right and don’t feel it is a small post. To paraphrase a theater quote “There are no small posts, just small posters”. HHHMMM< I think that paraphrasing works for a number of things, LOL.

            We both want the same thing for our country, we just see the how from different angles. Hopefully we can get the results we as Americans need but it will only happen if people think for themselves, instead of allowing themselves to be programmed puppets, and then instead vote their self informed conscience. We just cannot have that “only my/our (or how we are told) ways are right” idiocy because that will never lead to liberty and freedom and the Government reforms we desperately need. We need to vote our own informed conscience, whatever it is but we need to vote. I hope more people see Romney is not in tune with the vast majority of us (wow I am being so very polite toward Romney and he doesn't deserve it) but if you vote for Paul vote loud and clear for him.

          • annebeck58

            Haha. Yes, the adages worked… both, as far as I’m concerned.
            You know, I started off as a Republican, back in the day when Republicans actually stood for something different than the (current) Dems. I voted, first time, for Jimmy Carter though- in 1976, and the next time, I voted for Ronald Reagan. It was during Reagan’s tenure that I began to be disillusioned with the majority of Reps and Dems and I decided to step back from the party. The Reps had become Neocons (happily so, it seemed) and the Dems were not far behind in joining. At least that’s what I saw (and see) down here, in Texas. Then I decided to pay more attention to Ron Paul. He reminds me of my dad, a real Republican (and a man who held different local and state offices yet gave back his salary to whichever entity he was paid by). Back in 2008, I was still convinced that I would be, “wasting my vote”, by going wth Paul (that’s about the time I stopped watching the tele, too), and I regret that. I did not vote for Obama or for McCain. I mean, how could I? In order to get my vote in for other offices, I went to the polls and I ended up voting for an Indy., and I don’t even recall whom it was at the time. I just knew there was something about Obama that I did not trust and there was something even worse (or so I though) in McCain. So, neither could have my precious vote.
            Then again, considering what’s been brought to the fore, by “Hacking Democracy”, who knows whom it was that actually got “my vote”?
            I worked as an election judge, down here in May, and I know I saw a lot of illegal acts by the other judges, and I saw reporting of votes as completely different from what I know I was told by people as they entered the voting-booths. The number of voters reported from election-day *101* was nowhere near the number of voters we saw come in, as if the voting roster was pre-planned. I would not be surprised were that the case.

          • macgyver1948

            Ann… My family has always been democratic primarily but my dad always said go with the issues and not just with a party. So I always do that. There have been times when I like what the Republicans were saying on an issue more so than the Democrats so I sided with the Repubs on it. It has been a very long time since I felt anything GOP was working for the UN-wealthy so I haven’t felt the GOP in a very long time. I feel Reagan, who is considered the tax and spend Republican, had some good ideas but it very much was not Reaganomics or any form of Trickle Down because that clearly will not work when greed is saving what was given them and not sharing it as it is meant. Strictly a GOP thing for the very wealthy.

            I can understand why you might not like Obama. I saw McCain as another Bush and that just can;t be again. Now Romney is what he is when it comes to business, we have discussed his only-for his-investors way of doing business and we can;t have that. But Romney is also another bush and to prove it he has asked many of the bush advisors, the bush Secretaries of… at least, to join him should he win. So if Romney wins we better have loved what bush did to our economy as well as lie through his teeth to get us into the immoral invasion of Iraq. The bush wars are still costing us so much that should be going to do good but can’t because of the bush mentality.

            Here is my thing on who I will vote for. I have some problems with Paul and I have some problems with Obama – Romney is a total non issue in the voting arena, he would be the death of the middle class.

            I feel it is not a wasted vote to vote for someone you feel is best for the office even if you believe he will not win. I feel voting for someone you are not really in favor of but just because he/she will probably win is the wasted vote and that is not what Democracy should be about. How can you complain if the wrong guy wins, and you voted for him, if he/she does hurtful things? Well, besides the First Amendment saying you have that right (just as it gives you even if you do not vote at all) it would and should feel silly if you really wanted someone else to win but you voted for the (wrong to you) “winner”.

            As for the illegal voting practices you saw by voting judges. Those things are a direct threat to Democracy. Anyone who interferes with legal voting of anyone(s), whether it be Governors attempting to block the right of those who might not vote for their parties candidate or the things you witnessed – or even rigged voting machines, their address should be changed to Leavenworth Prison in Kansas for many years. Again it is “a direct threat to Democracy”. You should go by your conscience on that one. All or votes are precious and we should do them with morality and maturity.

          • Nonnie Aversa

            Who died and left you Boss. You said in on of your stupid comments that the people from H.N. did not like Mitt Romney come on my family has lived in Concord and Dove since the 1800′s and what you said is just the other way around..They love GOV. MITT ROMNEY.

          • annebeck58

            What are you going off about now?
            “Boss”? who said anythig about being boss?
            And just because a few people in your family are a wacka-doodle as you does not mean that the majoirty of New Hampshire considers Mitt as a home-town or home-state guy.
            I swear, you are nutts.

          • Smoovious Laxness

            He has too many home states.

            They call Michigan here, his home state too… lived here most of my life, never heard of him being tied to Michigan until this election cycle.

            You’d think I would have associated the name with the rest of the idiots in Lansing at some point…

            – Smoov

          • annebeck58

            Wow, really, Smoov? Haha.
            You mean you didn’t graduate from Mitt Romney High?

            Obviously, having a summer-home in NH does not make him a resident of NH.., but some people don’t know what home-state means- obviously! (perhaps I should have used, obliviously?)

          • Nonnie Aversa


          • annebeck58

            There ya go again. It’s not Obama sending jobs overseas. Obama was never in the business to send jobs or companies anywhere. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has sold many companies and many industries’ equipment overseas. If he thought it was good enough in his business,what do you think would make him not do this as president? Are you just dense?

            Darlin’, you once again prove the old adage; there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.
            Again; wake up, or just zip it. You write the most inane things, with nothing to back up your silly commentary I, at least, give you information to go and look up, but you prefer to remain ignorant. Some people cannot be taught, and you are surely one of those people; just kooky and preferably ignorant. I really wish that people like you, who know so little because they want to know nothing, would simply not vote– at ALL. You are what makes this country worse off than ever before.

            If Mitt Romney is ever president, let me pre-emptively say to you, I told you so.

            Again; Jeeez. You are also what most people think of when they use the expressions, “Ugly American”, and, “Stupid American”. When I consider what you’ve written here to everyone I can see why the world thinks America is full of dunderheaded dopes.

          • annebeck58

            Most people say I should be happy that my local competition has been knocked out. But, i am not. I would rather have healthy, honest competition, than have to fight against Chinese and Indian businesses (who work for essentially nothing)/ As it is, Mitt Romney has left it so doing business and making anything in the USA, other than garbage, is more of a dauting (and leff profitable, per piece) task.
            Yet people think Mitt is the cat’s meow? What are they thinking? OR, better yet; are they thinking, at all? It seems the newz folkz are doing their thinking for them.
            By the way; Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul. Rand just does not have the guts and stick-to-it-ness of his dad. Rand will much more easily bend to the whims of the party, while Ron has certain ideas and ideals they will never break him free of. Please do not be like the others and go along with what Rand has said (and said he would say, long ago), because it’s just not working off of truth or facts.

            Ron Paul has not changed his mind about much, other than gay-marriage (and he still says it should be up to the states, where the people have much more say-so in the idea), since I’ve been paying attention to Ron Paul. I was in college mid-70′s into early 80′s, and Ron Paul has been incredibly staid regarding right and wrong. Nobody, even his son, willl get him to do what he feels is wrong for the country or for himself.
            Yet the tools flit about and say whatever Rand does is what Ron does or has done (or said). It’s simply not true, nor is it factual. I wish people would wake the heck up and just go with their conscience.. Do we really want a plastic man (ROM), or another plastic man, with no heart, as OUR President? How far has that gotten us, thusfar? We are in deep and I do believe the only way to dig out of this is to replace the horrible people in government with honest folk, including ourselves, but also including replacing either Obama or Romney with Ron Paul (and not Rand Paul, either.) If we don’t, I really do worry for this country, as well as the rest of the world. What a mess it is!!

      • Nonnie Aversa



        • annebeck58

          Oh, Nonnie. First of all, you were responding to yourself??
          Now you are trying to say you have not insulted anyone yet your commments are FULL of insults? You’ve been snippy to anyone here that disagrees with you on the Mitt front. I tried to be nice and get you to simply research, Romney, they guy you want everyone to go along with. You have not said, once, why you think Mitt Romney is so wonderful. You simply go on about the fact that you think he is wonderful, based on his religion (which you obviously know nothing of, for if you did, you may not see it as all sunflowers and rainbows – or him, either), and that he’s not Obama (and I beg to differ- he’s more Obama than anyone else who ran on the Republican slate, this year)
          I know, personally, from my dealings with his employees, he is NOT wonderful. Yet you don’t want to take my word for it? I also know, by watching what others (whose businesses he DID completely destroy) how terrible a person he is. How would you like it if Mitt Romney came to your town and took over your husbands (honest) business, by putting in a small influx of monies, then removed every bit of financials gains, only to drive the company into bankruptcy? HE did that, here, to MANY peopel in my industry. I was the biggest hold-out he could not attain and destroy. Yet you don’t want to bother with learning ANY truth about Mitt? Are you afraid of what you will find? I mean, I have given you links and titles of what to look for and, obviously, you have not spent any time doing this. How is anything that you’re saying or doing helping this country??
          I have never, once, said I would vote for Obama or that I thought YOU should vote for Obama. I happen to think nobody should vote for that awful guy. He’s been worse than a terrible president. He has acted like a little dictator, and I generally refer to him as, “Dear Leader”, like North Koreans refer to the Kims. The guy is very bad news, and we do agree on that. He has, illegally, used executive orders when he should have not done so. Yet Congress is allowing him to get away with this? ALL Illegal “aliens” who are legal, now, will again be illegal again, as soon as Obama’s tenure is up. He does not want them to know this, though, as HE wants their support (and their votes).
          I am not an angry person, though when certain folk (you) come at me and others with lies, rumor, innuendo, and do so while raving and ranting in Caps-Lock, I find it irksome. Still, I tried to coax you, gently, to just see for yourself what we have in Mitt Romney.. and you refused to even take a look. I believe you are reading your own anger and nastiness into what I have written and calling same as mine. Rather than get angry over much, I tend to use my time to work toward making all kinds of things better– and this includes what’s happening in politics (in BOTH parties) this year. How about you, Nonnie? What do you do, aside from live off of your husband’s business and rant and rave at anyone who’s not in agreement with you? Are you involved, at all? Are you even American??
          If anyone sounds angry to the point of being spastic, I would have to say it’s you.
          It makes you seem stubborn, to your own detriment. While you work endlessly and unthinkingly, toward your own demise, your decision in regard to your vote is affecting ALL of USA. I just wish you would consider that, for a change.
          Try and do something positive, for a change, eh?

  • Paul

    The biggest issue of this race between the two is mitt Romney is a natural born American citizen. Barack Obama is not. We don’t even know if he is, in fact, a naturalized American citizen, let alone a natural born citizen.

    • Gea

      I couldn’t care less where he was born, but his lying about it is essential if he realy was born in Kenya. Obama grew up as a Muslim boy in Indonesia (from age 6-10) with his Marxist Muslim stepfather who was a spokesman for oil industry just as Barak Hussein Obama is a spokesman for Islamists of Muslim Brotherhood.

      Barak Hussein Obama is endangering not only US soldiers and US but entier Western civlization by his extolling Islam and Koran while dissing Bible. He cannnot help where his loyalty lie (with islamists and NOT with America) but we must retire him in November since he is a clear danger to Western civlization. Islam is incompatible with either US Constitution or with the Universal Declaration of Human rights and MUST REFORM or shiop out. We do not need a President who encourages sharia and terrorists.

      • Nonnie Aversa

        Gea, You hit the nail on the head as I have been saying since he took office he is not an American he has neve proven his birth place there for he is again lying and hiding something from the American people. i’m sure we all remember when the Mrs. obama made the quote SHE NEVER DID LIKE AMERICA WELL WHAT IN THE HELL COUNTRY DID SHE LIKE ? SHE IS AS LOUSY FOR FIRST LADY AS HE IS FOR THE PRES. OF AMERICA. THE GOOD LORD ABOVE HAS TO SEE US SURVIVE THIS TERRIBLE DISASTER THAT OUR COUNTRY IS HEADED FOR..

  • profdickens

    Look, I voted Ron Paul in the primary. The only thing is this: We can recover from a Romney presidency; we could NEVER recover from a second term with Obumbler. Also, very different people will be appointed to the Supreme Court, which is serious stuff. So, yes, I will vote for Romney. Being incrementally better is preferable to worse, worser and worstest

    • annebeck58

      I believe we would not recover from either being POTUS for any amount of time.
      Just do the RIGHT thing and keep supporting Paul with your voice and with your vote. If you give in now, to Romney OR Obama, we are truly DONE.

      • Nonnie Aversa


        • annebeck58

          Nonnie. It is not true that Paul would EVER be on the side of Romney. You probably heard Rand Paul say he would support the nominee, and he did come out in his milque-toast endorsement of same.
          However, Rand Paul is NOT Ron Paul. Rand has never had the strength his dad has. Rand has always been easily swayed to go along to get along. Ron Paul has come out and said the very opposite of what you have tried to say here.
          Last week, when asked again if he would support Mitt Romney, RON PAUL said, “No, I am not going to do that”/
          Please read or watch truth via the real news and not the news that ROMNEY OWNS. You are getting your “facts” from the lying MSM. Until you wake up and look for the truth, you will keep spreading rumors and lies, and that’s bad for all of us.
          Honestly; to you and to many others here: WAKE UP NOW!!!

        • annebeck58

          Have you yet watched the film? If so, please give me your thoughts on it. If not, why not? Would you not wish to know everything about your candidate?

          And, one more time: Ron Paul IS NOT BACKING ROMNEY. He said, six days ago, “I am NOT going to do that” (in regard to same). Please do not toss these rumors about as if they were fact, as they are far from fact as possible.. not a bit of fact in that truthiness, in FACT/

    • Nonnie Aversa


      • annebeck58

        Nonnie; YOU are eactly what Mittt and Co have wished for; someone smart enough to get out and vote, yet dumb enough to believe their lies. People who do not search for the truth and go on about with their lives in stupidity are exactly what is wrong with this country. You, Nonnie, have perpetuated MANY rumors, here, and it’s to the detriment of ALL of America. I mean, it is one thing for you to act as if all of what the media says is factual, but to then pass that garbage on as fact is just exactly what is destroying our country.

        Again? WAKE UP NOW! == before it’s too late for all of US. Don’t be a shill!

  • tod

    Dr.Ron Paul 2012 Our Country’S Last Chance !!!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Welcome to the U. S. of A. Political Scam! ( Been that way, all of my life!)

    • ladyliza

      Sorry Bert, but the free market you speak of is a great myth. There is great talk about one but there isn’t one.

  • annebeck58

    Well, dummies; if you are going to allow them to play this game, by voting for Romney at the GOP Convention, you are as bad as them.
    What you need to do is investigate election LAWS, which state that a delegate; any delegate, is free to vote his or her conscience, on the FIRST ballot. If you just go along with the RNC, you are messing with the entire USA
    If, as a delegate at ANY level (precinct, local, city, county, state) you were coerced or bullied, in any way, join in the suit:, comprised of attorneys who want to allow everyone to vote as he likes. They will accept and use testimony from any delegates, regardless of their choice of nominee.

    Otherwise, what are we doing? Why did we put in so much effort and time and even money into our candidates, if we were so ready to roll over for the powers-that-be? Get rid of these people who would, generally unwittingly, go against our constitution and all Americans, by accepting the powers’ voice. We have a stronger voice when we stay together. We are “legion”. They are few. Why allow them to dictate what WE do?

    Just DON’T do it!
    Stand up for you. As you stand up for right, you are standing up for ME and for your own friends, family, and neighbors.
    This revolution (or r3VOLution) has only just begun!

    • macgyver1948

      Annebeck58…. Very good and right and well stated. The problem is if a delegate does not vote as he/she is told they do not return as a delegate. IF they want to return they must comply… But you are right, they have the right to vote their conscience.

      • annebeck58

        Mac; we only need them to vote once!
        If people will take this convention more seriously than just a trip to Florida (some have said that they are thrilled to get a vacation) and will do the right thing (some have said they refuse to be a part of kicking out the Paul delegates, thankfully), we’ll be well on our way. The only problem I see is that certain people will only do what the party tells them to do. They all need to take a refresher course on Robert’s Rules.
        And, again; anyone who’s been disenfranchised needs to sign on and be a part of the lawsuit(s) against their states’ GOP and the RNC, too. As it stands, we have over 300 in this but could always use more voices to speak up for all of us.
        (I am a part of it as I was an election judge and know there was plenty of fraud perpetrated at the precinct level.)

  • Nonnie Aversa


  • Stephen

    Mitt Romey’s great state of Massachusetts has a 1st that most don’t know. Mass. was the first state to pass a law legalizing “slavery.” While at the same time Virginia was passing a law to protect it’s “Native American” population. FYI

    • annebeck58

      Hah. Yeah, Mitt’s “home-state”/
      How many home-states did Mitt have this year? I know there was Mass, NH (and NH was not happy to hear that garbage), NY, UT, CO, and maybe even VA? I guess if we count his mansions, he has 8 home-states?
      But, Massachussets.., what has the Mass delegation done to it’s delegates (who would most-likely vote Paul?). This week, they removed 17 delegates, based mainly on age and minority status. Nice, eh? It’s 1960′s in Mass and Jim Crowe lives.
      Oh but they will not get away with this. These dummies always leave a paper-trail and this trail will now be used against the Chairman and committee members in MA who were so happy to dismiss delegates. It’s a completely fraudulent act and it’s criminal. No, it’s not only against RNC or GOP Rules. What they did is against election laws.. yet these people thought it fine to break same? These people must be cuckoo! They are the sort who think themselves pillars of their community. They don’t even get jaywalking tickets, yet they were happy to do this?
      I think the Mass (current) delegation is in for an eye-opening experience.

  • donl

    You may be right BUT, one is a communist!! I will vote for a mormon any day before I will vote for a Marxist Commie.

    • annebeck58

      Which one is the communist? If you ask me, and based on Mitt’s tenure as head of Bain Cap, he’s a commie, too. So what makes one better than the other?
      I’d say== nothing.
      Rather than go along to get along, convince YOUR state’s delegates to vote for the only decent Republican left; ask them to cast their ballots for Ron PAUL.
      So far, Mitt has not won, and until Ron Paul is voted out, Mitt will NOT win. I know what Mitt did in my particular industry, in Austin, and i would never (ever) vote for that guy. His business was not only anti-American, it had a big hand in taking down too many American businesses (many more than the few larger businesses you hear about), for me to EVER trust him. He’d sell off the White-house, brick by brick, to the Chinese or to India if he thought he could make a buck.
      Trust me, Mitt is very BAD NEWS. He’s no better (and probably no worse) than Obama.
      – I wish people would just pay attention, as he’s just a terrible person. Instead, we have too many saying, “well, I didn’t really like Mitt, but if it’s going to get Obama out, I will vote for him.” Is that REALLY your criteria for giving someone your vote? If so, please just stay home and lest those who actually care about this country do the voting for you.
      (I am not saying you, in particular, donl; I am saying collective-you)

      • Nonnie Aversa

        Oh please give up on Romney and get a life. Seems like you are reaching for the stars. Do you believe your comments are going to make every thing better ? You are not impressing me at all and I doubt if any one else that reads your comments. What makes you think Ron Paul will become Pres. in Nov.? Is some one paying you a weekly salary for your thoughts ?

        • annebeck58

          Oh, Nonnie.
          Please do awaken from your Anyone-but-Obama slumber. You have been lulled into a false sense of security by a guy who’s done nothing but evil to both small and larger businesses. If your husband was an honest businessman and understood more than you, he would never want you to vote Romney. Mitt Romney is the most evil “businessman” I’ve heard of in a long time. His way of doing business IS to step on the little man; to put smaller businesses out of work, and I have seen it close to first-hand in my industry in Austin. I refused to EVER go along with him and his callers.. and, believe you me, they called ALL of the time and tried to entice me to take their money. I am a very honest businesswoman and I could smell the stench of Romney before the word came out that he was so disgusting.
          Now, I am not saying Obama is ANY better. Between the two, who are so similar, I don’t actually know which is worse. But, I have a history to draw from, with Romney, and you don’t want to hear it? WHY is that?? You seem to be so pigheaded as to NOT investigate Romney– and I wonder if it’s because you worry that you’ll find what a disgusting individual he is.
          As far as your ties to religion; I don’t care. I know,, however, that Muslims praise Jesus Christ and Mormons do NOT. You’ve been told this but not only will you not believe it, you also refuse to investigate it. It’s pretty easy to find, yet you are either too lazy or too happy to remain ignorant.

          Can Ron Paul win the nomination? Of course he can. Why don’t you check out the number of UNBOUND delegates there are who’ve yet to make their choice? (go to: Ron Paul is STILL in this. He IS taking his delegation to Tampa, and we are strong enough to stand up for him. What about you, Nonnie? Are you a delegate? If you are, it IS incmbent on YOU to actually investigate and know what you’re voting for. Your vote, if you are a delegate, affects ALL of us, and I would expect you to do at least this.

          Then again, and especially with your insanely angry caps-lock rants, I expect you’ll do nothing but what you think you’re told to do by the lying main-stream-media, again? Owned by Romney and his minion.
          I did not vote for Obama in 2008 and I will not vote for him in 2012. I see the man for what he is and I ‘ve seen him as the terrible president before he WAS president. I don’t need the b/s of him being part of the Muslim Brotherhood to convince me he is a bad guy. The fact that you perpetuate (and believe) these rumors discounts just about everything else you say.
          Why not deal in reality, Nonnie? Why not even LOOK to see that Ron Paul has NOT and will NOT support Romney? Romney is for everything that Ron Paul (and many of US) are against. You think you’re a Republican, but if you vote for Romney, you will prove you simply don’t even know what Republicans are supposed to stand for. I know and I act accordingly.
          No, not only am I not paid to support Ron Paul, I have taken time off from work (closed MY business) to volunteer for Dr Paul and to work the Republican party,k in the elections. What about you, Nonnie? Have you volunteered either your time or your money, or both? I have and I will continue to do so. In fact, I ran as precinct chairman in my area and I will be giving more time to the Republican party, because I won.

          And stop being such an ugly person. You sound like a complete and utter whacko with that attitude. Give the caps-lock a rest, too.. I mean; WAKE UP and figure this out. IF you are a delegate, PLEASE STAY HOME. Make life a little saner and easier for the real Republicans and ALL Americans, okay?

          I mean; honestly, you are a living example of the old adage, “you can lead a horse to water but cannot make him drink”.

        • annebeck58

          By the way, Nonnie; I gave up on Romney before he ran for POTUS. When will you do the same?

          Remember, your vote affects all of US, and though we don’t want to have to say, “told you so”, we will. Just remove yourself from the “anyone but Obama” thinking and actually LOOK at what you’re promoting in Romney. Ask your husband what he thinks of Romney’s business dealings, and if he says Mitt is a good guy (based solely on that), you can go on and rave all you want. However, if your husband IS an honest businessman, I am pretty sure he would find Romney’s business nothing short of abhorrent. I know that is what I feel, and I know Mitt a lot better than you seem to.
          Just wake up.

          • macgyver1948

            Ann… If I could toss my 2 cents in here… I would think any rational person who really knew Romney’s business dealings would know the only people he would impress are the huge investors he worked for. That will never change if he becomes president and he tells us all we need his type of business acumen in the Oval Office. Just ask the thousands of people he made jobless and the businesses he raped all in the “name of good business”, as he says. Yours was just one attempt so you know. There are so many he hurt with his Bain style businessman tactics. But if we think Romney is bad, and he is very, there is no evil like the evil who backs him with huge bucks for his campaign.

            You do not have to impress anyone here so don’t worry about what those who disagree with you have to say. Remember, I too do not agree with your choice but I do with your right to it, lol….

    • macgyver1948

      Donl… I agree all who loves freedom and liberty and Democracy should never vote for a commie or a fascist for that matter. But it is so ridiculous to continue to hear the idiocies from those saying Obama is a commie. If you really believe Obama is a commie you should hire a deprogrammer to fix your mind.

      Why you can’t see how much closer Romney is to bringing us toward a Government Of The Corporate People I will never know. Tis commie crap has been going on since the 50s from people who wanted to run the country for the corporates. Ever hear of The John Birch Society? They are the precursors of The Tea Party. They too called all who wouldn’t side with them a commie.

      Even President Eisenhower was called a commie by them and that was because they too, as Tea, will fight all who do not agree with them. I would hate to see an other Nazi like Senator McCarthy in power and it might be the TP puppet Mitt… But if not the Mitt Koch will purchase someone else in time.

  • George

    I don’t see enough of a difference between Obama and Romney to vote for either one! When I first started reading this article, I was sure I was going to RON PAUL’s name in there but it was not. Perhaps the author believes the mainstream media’s B/S that RP has dropped out of the race? Well DR. PAUL is still in the race and I believe we’re going to see some big surprizes in Tampa! I encourage everyone to vote for the best candidate for the job, not the lesser of two evils. A man who will stand up for personal liberty and the common citizen instead of the corporate monopoly. The man whose ideas are so different that the establishment is afraid of him! That man is RON PAUL! Please don’t “waste” your vote on one of the other guys!

  • Sonata

    Don’t you find it strange that day after day they are keeping us all angry. Everyday Obummer is in the news, TV or doing something else to make us angry. Please, keep your cool and vote them all out! Trust in the Lord and He will see us thru. Don’t We The People say, In God We Trust! Well..there is a saying that those who anger you, control you. Don’t Let Them Control You! God Bless America, Land that I Love! Stand beside her! God Bless America!! Vote them All Out!

    • Nonnie Aversa


  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    This article by John Myers has a lot of good points. Both candidates stand for the military-industrial-financial establishment. How could it be otherwise when our elections go to the highest bidder and the people are getting poorer while the above have been reaping astronomical profits?
    Yet, I disagree with anyone who thinks Romney will be better than Obama. Why? Because although Obama appears to be afraid of the Bush Neocon crime family (With good reason. Look what they’ve done including trying to kill Reagan), he does not appear willing to attack Iran, which Romney and his former Bush backers are salivating over already so they can continue their exorbitant no-bid war profiteering and save Israel’s butt. A lot of that crowd are Israeli-US citizens with the emphasis on the Israeli part.

    Now, all you Muslim haters out there, listen up. The Muslims are the bugaboo to replace the Commie bugaboo that became a less than credible threat in the 90′s. You can’t make money off of war if the people don’t have a good amount of fear. How do you get them afraid of a bunch of towel heads (just kidding) who don’t have one millionth your firepower? Well, you saw what happened at the WTC in ’93. You give a bunch of radical Muslims bombs and tell them to go bomb the WTC which they did. Six people died but the rebirth of the ancient fear of Muslims took place. Never mind that Egyptian Army Officer Salem recorded both sides secretly. As a double agent he double crossed the FBI by taping them as they supplied the bombs for the fanatics. It was in the press but if you were like me you were not paying attention. Then came another bungled attempt at Oklahoma City. Remember the original APB’s included a dark-haired swarthy type. That was your Muslim monster. Somehow that fell through and they covered up the fact that local news videoed bomb squads removing unexploded bombs. Oh, it’s still on the internet if you want to see it. They also refused to publicize the explosives experts analysis that the truck bomb would not have had the force to take down the interior columns. Still, if you are like me you were not paying attention.
    Enter, 9/11. But first some background: In 2000 the neocons, like Hitler did in Mein Kampf, layed out their blueprint for us to see. The Plan for a New American Century stated that without a “cataclysmic and catastrophic event like a New Pearl Harbor” the American public would not go along with big increases in military spending and/or wars. Along comes 9/11. Any sensible person knows that three airliners cannot cause huge skyscrapers to blow up and disintegrate or cast off huge steel beams to protrude out of nearby buildings, or fragment human bones and blow them to the rooftop of the Deutsche Bank Building as was discovered in 2006. Any sensible person listens to the eyewitness survivors and realizes all those bombs we see detonating as shown by the tell-tale squibs were really also witnessed. Any sensible person wonders at all the coincidences: numerous war games going on that day; bomb sniffing dogs removed the Thursday before; workmen coming and going with the security cameras off and doors unlocked and a power down the weekend before; Rumsfeld announcing $2.3 TRILLION missing at the Pentagon the day before and the hijacked plane passes by Rummy and the bigshots and circles around to take out the accountants and records where the mystery of the missing money was located.
    Then, with time, you begin to wonder at the outright lies and foot dragging. “Oh. my goodness, it never entered our pretty little heads!” We know who did it, we don’t need no investigations. When they finally couldn’t stop it, they underfund it and put their man Phillip Zelikow in as executive director. He makes sure no pesky eyewitnesses get in to their final report talking about BOMBS. They don’t mention Building Seven. They omit Norman Mineta’s testimony he observes Cheney getting reports about the incoming jet and still orders no air, ground or other defenses and fails to tell people to evacuate. In fac, they even LIE in their final report and say Cheney wasn’t there until 10:00. Of course, he had already admitted to being there on Meet the Press. Wasn’t it weird how Tim Russert, the moderator, died so suddenly? Look into it yourself or ask me questions, if you still have doubts.
    The bottom line is the same villains will be back running things if Romney gets in. They’ve already told him what to say and do and he’s smart enough and scared enough and wants power enough to obey. Besides, it is not hard for him to be wishy-washy. He’s made a career of it.

    • macgyver1948

      Hay Maynard….Why would anyone be jealous of your Gov. Mitt Romney? Sure he has a lot of money but so many people are wondering how ethically he made all that money. I am not saying vote for Obama, I doubt you want to see the truth with all he has accomplished for us in spite of the “Brick Wall”. But Romney is a job killer and he will do that again as he did at Bain, as the Governor of Massachusetts with all his exporting of jobs. He is a Koch property and he will do what is best for Koch and corporations in general. Hate Obama if you want to but it is Romney who is the one not in touch with the needs of the middle and lower class. Romney is empty inside.

      By the way, where do you get your history from? You have years and numbers wrong and the ways you describe things is like out of loony toons. Also there are many things in Obamacare which come from the Republicans. Things the Publicans insisted on their being in Obamacare or they threatened to not allow it to pass. Many of the things in Ocare that GOP supporters are told to hate are actual GOP items. And, Gov. Mitt Romney had those nasty things put in his RomneyCare for the people of Massachusetts and they suck.

      So hate Obama if you want to, many have been told to since long before he was elected be at least do not lie as you do about him. Vote for whomever you want to.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Politics is a SPORT! 1 Tean D. / 1 Team R. & Individual Players… The Spectators, often don’t have any say on the Victory!


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