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Dumb America

April 26, 2012 by  

Dumb America
The people controlling your life want you to be stupid.

An Analysis

American citizen, you are grotesquely ignorant.

On the whole, your society exemplifies Webster’s definition of the word “oblivious”: 1) lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention 2) lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness.

Perhaps you aren’t completely to blame for your disgusting inability to think for yourself, act in your own self-interest and attain feelings of emotional stability or good health without the guidance of a lifelong Nanny. Your devolution has been engineered by a parasitic State that understands the need to numb and stupefy your most basic human instincts and desires. You have been helped to the point of incompetence and made an idiot by a society of simplicity and convenience.

Your food is not food, and it is served to you through a window while you sit in your automobile.

If you do not attempt to provide for yourself and those who depend on you, it is done for you.

Your friends are not friends, but faces on a screen. You likely have thousands of them but few meaningful relationships.

Sex is exploited to divert your attention. Even political news sites often include more sex stories than news.

Your political views are molded by politicians’ and media’s exploitation of emotionally-charged social issues — abortion, women’s rights, race relations, etc. — so you do not realize that you are losing rights daily.

You idolize idiots for their physical attributes or charm. When given the opportunity to obsess over their lives so you can forget that your own is unfulfilling, you are grateful.

Politicians use phrases like “right wing” or “left wing,” to make you believe in freedom of political choice, democracy and liberty. There is no such thing in this collapsing society. There is only the slavery of consumption. If you are a person who recognizes this and attempts to live a lifestyle that diminishes the State’s involvement in your affairs, you are branded a terrorist, conspiracy nut or simply crazy.

The United States is the Roman Empire, and bread and circus rules the populace. If you think this is untrue, consider how ignorant the man holding the highest political office in the Nation believes you to be. President Barack Obama was elected on a platform of lies: ending war, restoring liberty by undoing the police state and giving average Americans more paths to greatness. He now makes television appearances and insults your intelligence by singing to you about the value of further empowering the increasingly something-for-nothing college scam.

Some of you, realizing how bad things really are and how much worse they will get, have attempted to force changes and reforms. You started the Tea Party; you attended rallies and elected new politicians to change government from within. Others among you joined Occupy Wall Street and began to call for a removal of corporate and special interests in government.

The elites recognized the call for change from both groups and quickly acted — but not in your favor. They mobilized their paid for mainstream media to make you — the idiot — believe that Tea Partiers are all right-wing, racist women-haters and that all OWS activists are baby-killing, anarchist queers. After polarizing both movements with social stigma, members were easily assimilated by the Republican and Democratic establishment as useful idiots for both sides.

It is amusing that both the Tea Party and OWS agree that Federal bailouts for corporations are an abomination, and both agree that these corporate bailouts were handed out because of corporate special interests paying off and offering support to lawmakers. Members in both groups that have not been brainwashed by the establishment decry the growing police state, the corrupt medical establishment and special interest meddling in government to control every aspect of American life. Support for the establishment-hated Presidential candidate Ron Paul and his mission to destroy the Federal Reserve can also be seen by the same members of both groups.

Adbusters, the anti-establishment publication credited with sparking OWS, recently recognized the Democratic takeover of the movement, writing: “First they silenced our uprising with a media blackout… then they smashed our encampments with midnight paramilitary raids… and now they’re threatening to neutralize our insurgency with an insidious campaign of donor money and co-optation. This counter-strategy worked to kill off the Tea Party’s outrage and turn it into a puppet of the Republican Party. Will the same happen with Occupy Wall Street? Will our insurgency turn into the Democrats’ Tea Party pet?”

What if you weren’t dumb and realized that by building on common ground rather than fighting over ideological differences put forth by the media, the two groups might actually have a chance to topple the political establishment and its false left-right paradigm? That would be bad news for the powerful elite who control your money and your life and who have worked so very hard to make you stupid. If people who think they are on opposing sides of the political argument were to ever wake up en masse and realize their propagandized realities, they would rise up together and kill their masters.

The “us versus them,” you see, has nothing to do with contention between average Americans no matter what political ideologies they follow. “Us” is me, you — the idiots — and “them” is the group of elite power brokers that push and prod us through the media and fiat money that they control. They are the ones with the shiny objects; Americans love shiny objects.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Geiser Carol

    Thank you Sam – This article expresses ALL of what I and many many Americans out here know and believe. Our beloved America is truly being destroyed from within just as the Holy Roman Empire was destroyed. When I first heard that as a child, I thought that would never happen in America. Well, 50 years later……Yep, it is exactly what is happening in America! May God Help Us and our Beloved America!

    • Robert Smith

      Sam points out: “Your political views are molded by politicians’ and media’s exploitation of emotionally-charged social issues — abortion, women’s rights, race relations, etc. — so you do not realize that you are losing rights daily.”

      Yes! They are pitting Americans against Americans. They don’t want us to be in any “middle ground.” They want us at each other’s throats.

      How do we fix it?

      As Americans we all need to understand that THEIR freedoms are as iimportant as OUR freedoms.

      There are those on this board who want to take away my pot. There are others on other boards who love pot but they want to take away my guns. Why can’t I have both? (not uing them at the same time!).

      Want to mess up the government plan?

      Respect the rights of ALL Americans when it comes to individual freedoms. Don’t let the government convince you to take another’s freedoms. If others understand that you don’t want to control them it will help them understand who the real enemy is that is eating us from within… The government.


      • Eugene Sevene

        Robert, those same ignorant people didn’t learn a thing from history. They outlawed alcohol and created a million dollar a year tax free business run by thugs. Now they want to outlaw guns and create another billion dollar a year tax free business and only thugs will have guns. As for me I understand that if someone wants to kill me bad enough they don’t need a gun, and believe this I would much rather be shot in the head and die than to be beat to death with a baseball bat. Yes a lot of the American people are ignorant.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Kindly differentiate between Freedom and Hedonism. Freedom does not allow for doing what you want, when you want it and thinking that there are no adverse consequences. Hedonists have actually caused the growth of government agencies allowing predatory opportunists to tighten controls on Americans.

      • Kate8

        RS – Your comment sounds good on its surface, but when you think about it, it’s just more liberal cloud-n-swipe.

        Government isn’t supposed to be free…they are supposed to be restrained. In their personal lives, they can do as they wish, but when it comes to governing, they are to be severely limited.

        True freedom is only freedom until someone’s “freedom” imposes on another. We do not have the right to infringe on the rights of another. Government seeks to control us all, in the name of the “rights” of the few, usually being degenerates held up as a cause for silencing and oppressing the rest.

        I find it amusing that the Left has launched this big anti-bullying campaign, to the point of cuffing and arresting children on the playground. Yep…let’s just neuter us all, in the name of “keeping us safe”… if we can’t do anything at all, if we can’t work out our differences without the arm of the “law” standing by, if we terrorize our children while they are young…

        So, the Left makes sure we don’t bully each other on the playground. Instead, they use government to do their dirty work…to be their really big club…the biggest bully of all. That way, anyone who opposes their increasing appetites for self-gratification at the expense of others never see the light of day.

        Smoke all the pot you want. Just stay off the streets while you’re doing it, and don’t EVER talk to my kids.

      • Robert Smith

        Badzki says: “Kindly differentiate between Freedom and Hedonism.”

        You can google them both for your own pleasure and education.

        In the context of this thread respecting the freedom of others means exactly that.

        For example, not everyone is afraid of guns. Responsible gun owners are rarely if ever a threat to anyone else except in self defense situations. I’d say to the liberal, “Let responsible folks have their guns.”

        Another example is the vicious resistance to same sex merrage. Why? Most often someone’s god just thinks it’s ucky. Sorry but I don’t think words from an invisible being that I can’t hear are reason enough to deny any couple the civil contract of marriage in America.

        Pot should be the same as alcohol is today in most places. Regulated so it isn’t sold to kids, the THC content is known (think of it as “proof”), and that bad insecticides aren’t part of the blend.

        I also use abortion as an issue because that particularly was used by the Nixon election crew as part of the “Southern Stratigy” to carve the catholic (and other religions) from the democratic party. It’s the first and most divisive wedge politicians have been using since then. As a people we need to respect each other enough that THEIR judgement (someone not part of “your” religion) is presumed to be sound, just as you are presumed to be sound enough to follow your religion.

        If we can all respect eachother for THEIR freedoms then we as a people will become stronger and we will be able to stand up to the bought and paid for by politicans be they Koch brothers or George Soros.

        So, are you American enough to respect the other Americans and not mess in their lives?


      • Robert Smith

        kate 8 says: “and don’t EVER talk to my kids.”

        Won’t have to. They will figure it out when Newt has them cleaning restrooms in their schools.

        They will figure it out while they are paying for the Bush wars.

        They will figure it out when they see the top 1% don’t give a darn about them except to exploit them.

        They will figure it out when they get older, get sick, and don’t have insurance. They may die from that one.



      • oh oh

        The founders understood that freedom for all was important, the kind of freedom we were guaranteed to enjoy by limiting and restraining government from squashing our inalienable rights. Slavery was already institutionalized and would take time to eradicate, but that was the direction we took and it was eventually eradicated at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives based on those still valid founding principles. The “freedom” that most progressive liberals champion today is not freedom at all. It’s the tyranny of a democratic majority, a true threat to freedom recognized by the founders, to force its will, and it’s expectation of a entitlements on the backs of others against their will, suppressing their superior inalienable rights under the faux banner of “human rights.”

    • molly


    • Wyatt

      The Holy Roman Empire ? I believe you mean the Roman Empire Carol , they are two seperate entities . The Roman Empire was that od Ceasar , Nero , Hadrian et al . The Holy Roman Empire was actually Germany , Austria in the Middle Ages . The Roman Empire collapsed around 470 AD . The Holy Roman Empire was absorbed when Europe became the individual countries it is now . Around the late 16th century . The last remnants was the Austro-Hungarian Empire that was broken up after WWI and became , austria , Hungary , The Chek Republic , and the various Balkin states we know today .

      But yes , we are being erroded from with-in and Barry Obama and the Democrats are doing it . The Attacks on our Constitution are nearly endless . First Obama with his ignoring it when it suits him and bypassing Congress when he doesn’t get his way , Harry Reid stonewalling everything his boss doesn’t like , refusing to pass bills sent to the Senate by the House and tabling every budget sent up . Then we have Queen Nancy who wants to end the First Amendment , our right to free speech in that we can’t criticize our political leaders .

      Welcome to ‘Hope and Change’ people . Obama’s Communist States of America

      • Sirian

        Very well said Wyatt, very well said indeed!!

      • Robert Smith

        From Wyatt: ” The Holy Roman Empire was actually Germany , Austria in the Middle Ages ”

        Check out what the Second Reich was and who used it as an example.


    • restorefreedom

      What a shameful thing to watch for 50 yrs the dismantling of america’s industry, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights not to mention the middle class. All these politicians should be tried for treason!

      • molly

        I agree with you 100%. Being victimized by my own country. Deprived of court and police access. More like Communism.

  • Walter Mitty

    yes – American’s are dumb – just look @ the current race for president. You have one guy who is struggling uphill to get the economy going again and he has check out business insider:

    Against him, you know, the guy who the entire republican congress has said they will say NO regardless of whether it is good for America because their only goal is to stop Obama. Yep – not help American people, not end the economic slide, but STOP OBAMA. So imagine if there was some cooperation …. hmmm… I digress

    Against him you have a guy running who has changed positions more than he has changed his special holy undergarments….. but more importantly, you have the RNC saying they are going to go back to George W Bush policies – you know – the 8 year slide for middle class Americans and the top 1% rocketing to the top.

    Yes we must be truly DUMB if we even think there is a choice. We must be truly dumb to buy into this is the fall of ROME crud that is being shoveled out above. We must be truly dumb if we believe one political party can say facts are not facts because it is their opinion ….. how dumb are we?? 59+ million people were dumb enough to vote for W a second time around even though his own economist said his policies would not work. 59+ million were dumb enough to call for more trickle down when Regean’s own budget advisor has come out and said trickle down regeanomics are killing the middle class….

    yes – we have some dumb Americans out there….. but hopefully they don’t go and vote or if they do they all write in Sweater Vest McHatredSocialIssueLoser …. but sadly – the dumbest amongst us still have the right to vote….

    LASTLY – if any one truly thinks America is getting worse and our best days are behind us – PLEASE – go, build a bunker, move into it and do not come out …. America is going to come through this stronger and hopefully far less ultra-conservative than when we went in!

    • CJ

      One flaw in your conclusion. In elections, we don’t have a good-or-bad choice, it’s between bad and worse. There has not been a good option in decades. Assuming after one bad event that it would have been better if the other choice was made is lunacy… and irresponsible! Therefore any outcome will not be good, we only hope for minimal damage. You can’t fix a broken system with only bad parts to pick from.

      • Dean Barftlett

        True our problem today is the lack of will at least on the supposed “consertive side”
        to demand the establishment quit the bussiness as usual me first attitude so once again
        we get a canidate who is not conservitive but progressive who does not have a desire to change anytine in DC.

    • Paul B.

      If you want evidence of “lack of cooperation” look no further than your annointed one in the WH or the Dem run Senate or the Pelosi run House. These people stick strickly to their ideology, and without even asking the Reps for contribution, shoved ObamaCare down our throats, even to the displeasure of the people.

      These current Dems in DC could care less about cooperation. They do what they want, when they want and how they want it, and if the Reps try to interject any other opioni, they label them as the party of NO.

      Just look at Reid now… How many bills are stuck in the Senate from the House that he WON”T EVEN CONSIDER brining to the floor for discussion or vote.

      Obama sits in the WH, using Reid as cover for his “do nothing Congress” for all the executive orders he is mandating on us.

      Talk about uncooperative… just look at the Dems in DC and you get a very clear picture of how that looks. They are the MY WAY OR THE NO WAY group that needs to be replaced if we EVER HOPE to free ourselves form the grasp the elitists in DC have on us.

      The political divide between us is purely of their creation, and intentional… Divide and conquer is their mantra. And so far, they have convinced enough ignorants that is the path for our future. NO… not now, not then, not ever. It is only through our protection of our individual rights and freedoms that will ensure our long-term success. That is exactly what most in DC don’t want… led by the progressive party of Dems, with a few remaining power hungry Reps tagging along… at least for now, but all that could change in a few short months.

      Keep you eye on the goal and don’t be distracted by the shiny objects.

    • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      Walter if you can think past your Socialist/Communist brainwashed ideals you may remember the Racist Carter and what a wonderful job he had done for America when Ronald Reagan took over the highest unemployment since the great depression, gas prices thru the roof waiting in line for hours to get gas because of shortages inflation thru the roof and Interest rates so high it stopped millions from buying homes. Reagan pulled this Country out of your Socialist Carters debacle in three years and what has your Hero Obamination done in his three years and 4 months, Zero, everything he has tried is a total failure and at the cost of $6.2 Trillion Dollars of our money. He has lied just like your other hero Clinton (Impeached and his Law License revoked for Lieing under oath to Congress) and has created a bigger divide between blacks and whites than the KKK and Black Panthers. He has by passed our Constitution and Congress has taken more of our Constitutional Rights than all the Presidents combined and is setting us up for Martial Law so he can declare himself God and King. He has 55 Socialist/Communist/Muslim Czars he put into office to help destroy our morals, values and our Christian Faith, he is an Illegal Cultist Muslim Communist Half Breed for you Moron Liberals and Blacks that think he is Black with a WHITE Mother (fkr). Ron Paul is the only Candidate for President a Constitutionalist and 2nd Amendment believer and the only one who will take down the Illegal Bills that took our 1st and 5th Amendment Right away anf Revoke all of Obamination’s Executiove orders. He will be the only candidate to audit the federal reserve and then get rid of it, eliminate the I.R.S. anf 5 Illegal Government Agencies, reduce the Government employees by 10% and close our borders and remove 40 Million Illegals and Balance our budget in three years not 20-30 years like all the rest. If you like Socialism/Communism then move to Canada or North Korea or China or Russia.

      • Mamamia

        radical AND racists… you are a piece of work.

      • r.p.

        Yes brother VET: Reading the many posts, there are many Ron Paul supporters here. The only problem is that they don’t know it. What they will not admit is there are only TWO choices. Romney/Obama or Ron Paul.

      • RickDickulous

        Quite passionately polarized down party lines but… The economic policies of Savior Reagan and Savior Bush as opposed to Savior (Insert Dem Name Here) are the ones that built the bubble that burst leaving middle class money on upper class accounts. Government is NOT Royalty nor should it be a Career. It is a Job Serving The Public.

    • Paul B.

      Oh Walter, I forgot to mention, the election of 2000 and 2004. When you look at the available options we had, Gore (that one is totally ridiculous) or Kerry, (your kidding me, right???) Yes, Bush was not my favorite, but with the idiots the left put forward, how could you even consider voting Dem. Better the devil you know than the idiot holding shiny objects.

    • Ben

      I know where you are coming from. But, realize that the obama administration is now moving against family farmers. Family farmers are the only ones growing healthy food! What does this have to do with anything? Both candidates in this race are for larger government and neither care about you or me. The article is correct, I tend to be more of a conservative libertarian, you seem more liberal. Yet, I thought W was an idiot also. If we don’t talk and find common ground, the government will continue to take away our freedoms little by little. Just like the farmers mentioned above, we are being funneled into a system which benefits neither of us or the world at large. Let’s drop the stereotypes now, OK? We are both citizens of this country and our future depends on cooperation. Make no mistake, crooks are in charge right now and we are broke (using pretend money). Will we collectively let the powergrabbers take what we have left?

      My suggestion, turn off your televisions, don’t continue to fund Hollywood, support local farmers, intermingle at the upcoming OWS rallies and let’s find common ground.

      • james

        cooperation? that would be great, but if someones idea is to have the govt “fix” or control anything, how can there be cooperation? If you are a statist, i don’t see how I can cooperate with you.

      • Steve E

        You can’t compromise with freedom. If you compromise to any part of your freedom, it is not freedom anymore.

      • Robert Smith

        “If you compromise to any part of your freedom, it is not freedom anymore.”

        And if you limit another American’s freedom you put your own at risk.


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Robert Smith, who among the posters is limiting your Freedom.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        What would an Individualist/Autonomist have in common with the OWS Collectivists?

      • Kate8

        Nadzieja – We all know that Robert’s idea of freedom is that he gets to do whatever he wants and the rest of us have to pay for him to do it.

        We have to pay for his healthcare, his girlfriend’s abortions and whatever… we must subject our children to gay indoctrination…and all the rest of his pet self-gratifying issues.

        Like all progs, he speaks of freedom, but with forked tongue…

      • Robert Smith

        Batki asks: “who among the posters is limiting your Freedom”

        I don’t have to name any names. Look at what they post.

        Do they support restricting individual choice for someone else?

        That shows up in the abortion issue (ginned up by Tricky Dicky), death with dignity (as in Oregon, voted on twice and challenged by the Bush administration), and recreational drugs like pot.

        Is there any reason OTHER THAN RELIGION to ban same sex marraige?

        On the liberal side the big one is gun control.


      • oh oh

        Robert confuses entitlements with rights. They are not the same, but Robert errantly elevates entitlements to “rights” status. And yes, there are cultural issues that would be sufficient to oppose the detrimental aspects of the gay agenda, even if religion were an insufficient or invalid basis, which it’s not.

      • Robert Smith

        oh oh falsly claims: “Robert confuses entitlements with rights. ”

        I said absolutley nothing about “entitlements.” That is unless you want to talk about life itself.

        Tell us Ben, how can anyone call themselves “pro-life” and at the same time be opposed to universal health care?


    • Howard Lowe

      This guy is a real Walter Mitty – only he is unable to listen or hear anyone else. He’s the dumb ass – obviously so indoctrinated in ONE philosophy and ONE alone. ONE that says all others are WRONG! He has no understanding about history repeating itself – Europeans are re-trying socialism to prove it works; even though it has never worked. Walter, we Americans are saddled with a Federal government that repeats the Roman trick of giving out freebees. Yes, freebees that are paid for those who have worked hard and accomplished something of value – forget how large. At least they have had a positve effect on others, be it small or large.

      If you get what you want Walter. the rest of us will get it too. Godbye USA!

    • Vigilant

      Walter Mitty says, “Against him, you know, the guy who the entire republican congress has said they will say NO regardless of whether it is good for America because their only goal is to stop Obama.”

      Stopping Obama in anything and everything he does is good for America.

  • Carol

    I heard a comment the other day, ‘and a black man finished America off.’ Maybe that’s true to some, but America has been progressing down the road to ruin for decades and nobody hit the brakes. Also I don’t believe that America will be finished if enough people refuse to accept the illegal laws they’re passing.

    Now that Newt is dropping out of the race I think Romney should be next. If Romney really loved his country as he says he does he would drop out and let a real honest man get this country back on its feet. He’s like a sore thumb that’s standing between socialism and freedom because that real man, Dr. Ron Paul, would get us started on the road to prosperity.

    • CJ

      I see a reason Paul gets fewer votes is from the states who allow party choice at the poll. With no ‘reason’ to vote, many Democrats will vote in the Republican primary to select up the opponent their candidate could more easily defeat.

    • Howard Lowe

      Have you taken the time to read Romney’s bio????. I was lukewarm until I read it and came away very impressed. I also think Rand Paul is a good and honest man, however, he is not the nominee. I will vote for Romeny because I think he might fool all of the doubters – he just might save America. That is – if-f-f-f he gets a Republican majority in Congress.

      I am sure you and I agree on one thing – our government has gone bananas – we need to fire about 2/3rd or more of the Federal and State employees, elect REAL people to office not PRETENDERS. We need term limits in every elected office.

      I am 88 years young and this is the most improtant election of my lifetime. If we fail to elect Romney and a Republican Congress its goodbye America as we know it.

      • CJ

        Yes, and we will all hope too, that a drunk will make a good choice and let someone else drive them home. Not saying he’s an alcoholic, but an occasional good decision by one who frequently makes bad ones does NOT make them a responsible person. The only choice in elections is to eliminate the worst of all bad options. Obama is the worst, but the alternatives aren’t going to correct our problems quickly, if at all.

      • Kate8

        CJ – I’m with you. Romney is the NWO pick, just as Obama is…

        The media is now telling us how much we all love Romney, how popular he’s become, what a great guy he is. Whatever. As with McCain, we all stand around scratching our heads, wondering who all these people are who think this way…’cause we don’t see ‘em.
        But the polls…and the vote tallies…couldn’t be wrong. Could they?

        This is the same way Obama was hyped to the public. Here is a guy with NO credibility, NO experience, NO qualifications, NO available records… All he had was an ability to read a teleprompter screen, reverberating speakers, and a fawning media… Talk about stupid Americans. They just don’t need no stinkin’ facts…

        Romney answers to the same contributors that Obama does. The same global financial controllers. How often does this need to be pointed out before people get the picture?

        It always comes back to the definition of insanity. And here we are, ready to do the same thing, yet again, expecting different results.

        Yep. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

      • Matt

        @Howard, you are so blind if you don’t see that Romney would completely gut this country for his own gain like he has a proven track record of at Bain capital. HE IS A PRETENTER YOU FOOL. How could you possibly think he could be a savior for America? He IS the 1% and ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS PROTECTING HIS $ AND POWER. Obama will do the same though. Ron Paul is our ONLY hope at this point. I really hope he runs as an independent if/when Romney gets the Republican nomination.

  • Brenda

    Sam, you have expressed what many of us think and feel. I hope those reading this article will stop and really read it.

  • GALT

    Title 26: Internal Revenue
    Subpart E—Collection of Income Tax at Source

    § 31.3402(p)-1 Voluntary withholding agreements.

    (a) In general. An employee and his employer may enter into an agreement under section 3402(b) to provide for the withholding of income tax upon payments of amounts described in paragraph (b)(1) of §31.3401(a)–3, made after December 31, 1970. An agreement may be entered into under this section only with respect to amounts which are includible in the gross income of the employee under section 61, and must be applicable to all such amounts paid by the employer to the employee. The amount to be withheld pursuant to an agreement under section 3402(p) shall be determined under the rules contained in section 3402 and the regulations thereunder. See §31.3405(c)–1, Q&A–3 concerning agreements to have more than 20-percent Federal income tax withheld from eligible rollover distributions within the meaning of section 402.
    (b) Form and duration of agreement. (1)(i) Except as provided in subdivision (ii) of this subparagraph, an employee who desires to enter into an agreement under section 3402(p) shall furnish his employer with Form W–4 (withholding exemption certificate) executed in accordance with the provisions of section 3402(f) and the regulations thereunder. The furnishing of such Form W–4 shall constitute a request for withholding.
    (ii) In the case of an employee who desires to enter into an agreement under section 3402(p) with his employer, if the employee performs services (in addition to those to be the subject of the agreement) the remuneration for which is subject to mandatory income tax withholding by such employer, or if the employee wishes to specify that the agreement terminate on a specific date, the employee shall furnish the employer with a request for withholding which shall be signed by the employee, and shall contain—
    (a) The name, address, and social security number of the employee making the request,
    (b) The name and address of the employer,
    (c) A statement that the employee desires withholding of Federal income tax, and applicable, of qualified State individual income tax (see paragraph (d)(3)(i) of §301.6361–1 of this chapter (Regulations on Procedures and Administration)), and
    (d) If the employee desires that the agreement terminate on a specific date, the date of termination of the agreement.
    If accepted by the employer as provided in subdivision (iii) of this subparagraph, the request shall be attached to, and constitute part of, the employee’s Form W–4. An employee who furnishes his employer a request for withholding under this subdivision shall also furnish such employer with Form W–4 if such employee does not already have a Form W–4 in effect with such employer.
    (iii) No request for withholding under section 3402(p) shall be effective as an agreement between an employer and an employee until the employer accepts the request by commencing to withhold from the amounts with respect to which the request was made.
    (2) An agreement under section 3402 (p) shall be effective for such period as the employer and employee mutually agree upon. However, either the employer or the employee may terminate the agreement prior to the end of such period by furnishing a signed written notice to the other. Unless the employer and employee agree to an earlier termination date, the notice shall be effective with respect to the first payment of an amount in respect of which the agreement is in effect which is made on or after the first “status determination date” (January 1, May 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year) that occurs at least 30 days after the date on which the notice is furnished. If the employee executes a new Form W–4, the request upon which an agreement under section 3402 (p) is based shall be attached to, and constitute a part of, such new Form W–4.

    The link provides a printable copy……this is the IMPLEMENTING regulation which explains the statute, and what is required……..please note the word “may”……..mandatory would be SHALL……

    Also, it should be clear that…….such an agreement is NOT a condition of employment, since the employer and employee relationship has already been established…….nor does termination of the agreement mean a termination of the relationship……..

    It is the w-4 agreement which results in the issuance of the W-2, which employers must provide to employees, usually by Jan 31……..only those wages which are paid while this agreement is in place are included in the W-2……..and it is the W-2 by which “jurisdiction” is established by IRS as well as state and local authorities…….for the purposes of “collection”………if no with holding takes place, no W-2 is required, and no “jurisdiction” exists. ( for any authority at any level )

    * this information is not intended nor should it be construed as legal advice.

    Final note “statutes” ……which are contained in federal titles, appear as 26 USC 3402

    The “authority” for the statutes is contained in the IMPLEMENTING REGULATION,
    which is 26 CFR………..therefor statutes without corresponding regulations, have NO AUTHORITY.

    The individual mandate which has no enforcement mechanism in the health care bill
    is in reference to a STATUTE………. ( with no implementing regulation )

    26 USC 3402 is the STATUTE governing this process for employers…….it runs for pages and pages and is full of all kinds of “nasty” sounding consequences for non compliance……….there is no legal requirement for a statute to reflect or even bear a resemblance to the “implementing regulation” ……..or to even have an “implementing
    regulation”…………( and in such a case……no actual enforcement authority would exist )

    Still……compliance can be achieved by simple belief……and all manner of myth perpetrated……and fear generated………by these myths……which if nothing else,
    should be quite clear by the above example…….and I find it quite strange that a current
    presidential candidate or a judge who has written numerous books denigrating the “people” as sheep……would fail to provide this direct method of extraction for those very same people……….allowing this myth to continue. ( It could just me though )

    • Kate8

      GALT – I understand your point about the sovereign issue, and it has been used with some success by a few who know how.

      The thing is, the illegitimate usupers in control have declared war on sovereigns. Courts are more and more forbidding the mention of the Consitution as a defense.

      I heard on Alex Jones that there is either a bill, or it was slipped into another passed legislation, regarding ex-patriation… that anyone desiring not to be a part of this system, and unable to find another country who will take them…will simply be eliminated.

      Have no doubt that government will have no qualms about shooting someone who considers himself “outside their jurisdiction”. Anyone who thinks they can’t be touched is fooling himself.

      I haven’t yet found where this legislation is written…did a very brief search. Still, while Alex is a bit hyper, he does tell the truth about these things. If there is anyone who knows something about it, I’d like to know where it is.

      We will likely all be faced with some serious choices involving serious consequences. Either way we choose, it won’t be pretty.

      Looks like the best way out might be…well, those who know, know. Those who don’t, good luck.

      • GALT

        Kate, there is no mystery here…..and yes, people who attempt to assert the Constitution
        in courtrooms will be threatened with contempt…..which is WHY you do NOT do that,
        the way back, requires the use of UCC 1-207, the reservation of rights required to escape
        the jurisdiction of admiralty/maritime law, which preserves your common law constitutional rights, since with a reservation of rights in place, the code can not be read to preclude common law……….which requires a victim or actual harm to have taken place, and also places within your reach “precedent established” pre-1939.

        The use of UCC 1-207, with the words “without prejudice” a or “all rights reserved” should be second nature every time you sign any document which identifies you as JANE DOE, for this is a “contract” and without a ‘reservation of rights”, you are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract…….and have only those privileges, still available in admiralty and maritime.

        Again, what is feared is exposure……and in courtrooms, direct confrontation with the public present, will provoke the judge………however, none of this need be a surprise to anyone……..since the UCC declaration is already in place, and a written motion to challenge the jurisdiction of the court, prior to pleading will provide the court with sufficient warning… that no public confrontation occurs.

        If your motion is sufficiently clear, the case will simply be dismissed without anyone being the wiser, and without any explanation…….the judge, however, may decide to test your understanding……if your motion is unclear, and the final critical step is that the court will attempt to get you to enter a plea, for if you do, the court will have established jurisdiction over you…… you must refuse and the words “I do not consent and I waive the benefit.”
        will be a matter of public record…….you may even get a trial date, but this will either never happen and or if it does, can be appealed…….which is where the real problem lies for the courts……..they can not risk an appeal…..because this would result in a precedent being established……which anyone can use…..and would also allow lawyers into the game,
        all of which has been carefully avoided since 1939.

        I understand the nature of the “scenario’s” you have out lined……and despite what you may believe, this is not an organised conspiracy……..but rather a situation that has resulted from human greed, and the ease with which corruption has worked over time….
        and while it may result in the ultimate collapse……this will be the result of serendipitous chaos, with no winners…….the “elites” at the moment have the best of worlds… labor, where the wage slave must survive on whatever they can get and debt which can not be removed……but they are in danger of losing this……

        It is not government which is the problem, but corrupt government….and the fact that “international corporations” are operating without oversight……which makes pawns of governments….since each can be played against the other….both IBM and General Motors had no problem doing business with Hilter…..and “corporations” are far less restrained now than then, even to employing mercenaries and dictators to do their bidding and exploit countries for cheap labor and lax regulations…….but this does not seem to be a reality which many are ready to accept yet……

      • Kate8

        GALT – I think you are mistaken about one thing: that there’s no organized conspiracy.

        There is ample evidence and documentation that this plan of corruption and demise has been carefully thought out for centuries. Men such as Ed Bernays were employed to study the human mind and determine the best methods to control and manipulate the masses via marketing techniques, and they have worked very well.

        The wealthy dynasties have desired world domination since Nimrod. In the last century, the League of Nations was put in place to be the first attempt at bringing the nations of the world together (under the pretext of peace). The UN followed, and it has progressively risen to dominate countries and eliminate national sovereignty.

        Technologies and science have always been far ahead of what we the dumb-down masses are told about. We are taught versions of history that will influence our understanding and behavior in such a way as to be manipulated to their ends. Mind-control technologies are everywhere, to insure compliance, and they advance continually.

        The military has engaged in all kinds of covert research into areas we’d be shocked about. More and more, this is being revealed.

        These things have been progressing along as we thought everything was “normal”. It’s all been very engineered, designed, methodical and deliberate.

        That you would make such a statement surprises me, as you seem well informed about maritime law. All a conspiracy is, is a group of people who follow a plan toward an agenda, under the radar. Back in the ’50′s the communists/corporatists made a play for control in the US and were thwarted…or so we thought. They just went to work behind the scenes, first infiltrating the democrat party, then both parties, then all of our institutions. They even told us that they would take us over without firing a shot.

        Even modern medicine, owned in the US by the Rockefellers, was established as a control mechanism. People are now conditioned to be wholly enslaved to it. O’care is the crowning achievement to this end.

        There can be no doubt that this is a conspired world situation. Governments are raised up, made to prosper, and then are taken down. This is the entertainment of the elite. They love feeling powerful over the little people, over our lives, our life and death.

        Sovereigns will not be allowed to spread their message of freedom from the system. Like I said, they have not missed looking at this “problem” as more and more people are waking up. As much as I’d like to believe that this is the solution to be “home free”, what they are saying is that they will simply erase you.

      • GALT

        Kate….at any one time, any number of people can get together to attempt to achieve some scheme…….with any motivation, and usually to the benefit of the originators……
        and it should also be noted that despite the amount of power amassed, such attempts
        are doomed to failure, because the greater the ambition, the greater number of people are required to accomplish it, and each of these represents not only a deviation from the “master plan”, but also a threat to it…..especially when whatever is promised, is not forthcoming or imagined expectations are not met in a timely fashion.

        The three most recent examples, the soviet union, nazi germany, and mao’s revolution, each provides case in point…….all began, because of specific grievances against a particular oppression or injustice, which provided a fixed goal, the removal of the specific problem ( the unifying factor ) and the promise of a “better conditions” under new management……..the length of the struggle to succeed in the first, will provide a degree
        of tolerance in the attempt to deliver the second…….unfortunately, neither intelligence
        nor understanding is actually capable of delivering the second….nor does it appear that such intelligence or understanding is any more available today, than is has been in the past.

        It is the nature of nature to seek and exploit advantage, both for the species, and for individuals within it, as one seeks to pass on one’s own genes, since the very act of doing so, constitutes success………and despite any number of attempts to alter this “instinct”, thus far, no progress has occurred. Individual selection in humans, providing the best conditions for success also requires individuals to seek advantage over each other….by whatever means necessary…..but the very success of this activity, also exposes its weakness, for as more advantage is gained….in resources and access to them, the more difficult it is to foster the idea such a system provides the same opportunity for all, or that if ever could…..since as each day passes, all available evidence indicates the opposite is true. ( and this has been demonstrated by history also )

        I suppose it is both natural and tempting to seek others or believe that others are necessary to correct whatever problems one might imagine exist, especially if one believes
        that one’s opposition is conspiring and possesses POWER to “eliminate” you……or has that desire…..( the fact that you believe that is half the battle for them ) but the evidence
        contradicts that notion directly for even on this board one can see that the chief advantage available for those that seek to maintain their advantage, is the utter chaos and division that exists among those that might be a threat to it……..along with the idea
        that you have to be organised to win……leading to the result of Ron Paul, End the Fed, distraction and failure.

        Meanwhile the questions that need to be asked are not and the actions needed to be taken are not…….and even the suggestion that this might be the case is denied and denigrated…….so those in the position of advantage will remain there, even though the very system which permits this is failing…….them and everyone else.

        The information provided here is not a movement, it is the answer to the question of what happened to the Constitution and how YOU can get it back……references to plots and/or conspiracy is not required…..true or not……and the method used is not particularly difficult to understand or counter………what it does require is YOUR understanding and action,
        for much of this has persisted by the force of mythology alone….you need a social security number to work… are required to complete a w-4……you are required to file income taxes…….yet the evidence is clear in one simple regulation, that the first two are not true, and the third is dependent on the second……and all your other rights can be gotten back
        by using UCC 1-207 and cancelling the “implied consent” that was used to take them away. All other information is irrelevant……although there is something a bit ironic here, in that the original revolution mentioned hanging together as opposed to hanging separately…… the process is the opposite, since you have no choice but to risk
        hanging separately. ( although I can’t understand why the RISK here is so inflated….as to what is the problem with copying the regulation, presenting it to your employer, and asking him to follow THE LAW, by confirming it with the proper authority and following the instructions he will receive? Or challenging a moving violation for what is a minimal fine? Hell just being willing to go to court, usually reduces the fine by 80%…..and the outcomes of both of these actions can only have one outcome… will succeed. At which point you will BELIEVE and then it gets REALLY INTERESTING! )

      • Kate8

        GALT – I must say, I am very impressed with the way your mind works. Your thinking is well beyond the mental constructs erected by the matrix system…IOW, you possess a level of understanding.

        I wholly agree that we are controlled through belief. Most people mistakenly equate their beliefs with truth…but deeper cognition will tell us that this cannot be true. Beliefs are the mind’s way of trying to organize its perception of reality, and are as diverse as the number of minds in existence. In fact, it is only when we are willing to let go of all belief…no matter how ingrained…that the light of Truth begins to seep through… But, I digress…

        I hear what you are saying. Of course the agenda of the elite will fail…as it has always failed (albeit to rise again), and is always doomed to failure. It is also true that freedom comes from within…a state of mind and spirit… and that the world in which we live is a reflection of our thoughts/beliefs. Also, when we are free inside, living in a higher Consciousness, “no weapons formed against us will prosper”. Nothing happens to us that is not allowed to happen, as it has to do with consciousness and resonance and our alignment with…what shall I say? God? The Divine Intelligence/Matrix? Divine Love Consciousness? All of those things, as words are not adequate to describe…

        As I perceive where you are coming from, I have to heartily agree with what you have stated. And I applaud your depth of understanding and reasoning. You are speaking on an altogether different plane from the average understanding of what is. Generally speaking, the level of thought we encounter on these threads is a belief in the delusion. In all fairness, most of us have never had the chance to achieve our potential as free and sovereign beings, by design…

        BTW, I do look forward to a truly bright tomorrow…and that this will be when we embrace this idea in consciousness TODAY. People are waking up en masse, and that is a reason to rejoice. The time of trouble will soon pass away for many, for those willing to let go of belief, renew the mind, and step forth in boldness…


      • Robert Smith

        Kate 8 syas: “it is only when we are willing to let go of all belief…no matter how ingrained…that the light of Truth begins to seep through…”

        Are you suggesting that atheists might just have something on the ball?


      • oh oh

        Actually, she didn’t stop there and what follows in her post suggests something more than the limited “rational” world of the atheist. Many of the faithful know that the “truth will set you free” and that truth has and will continue to expose conspiracies and cause empires to fall.

  • pete

    Couldn’t agree more Sam and the truth is that the average Joe firmly believes that the government really has their interests at heart. Nothing could be further from the truth. This of course is not just a malaise in America but in every country of the world. Those in power control without fear of reprisal and worse is to come before the plebiscites actually wake up and realize just how ( deliberately ) they have been raped by the elites. At that awakening it would be wonderful to be a witness as it should be a blockbuster, the likes of which would make Atilla the Hun look like a sissy. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown and blessed are the meek? Maybe many of us will live to witness the truth of those words. Be brave and have courage in diversity, for diversitty is at hand.

  • Dick

    First, you have to rid yourselves of your adulation of the wealthy. They must be stripped of their power and influence, insofar as that is possible, by legal means enacted in Congress. They are rich, and we have no desire to take their money from them. I mean them no harm; with their wealth, they’ll do fine, but they must not be allowed to own, control and decide everything for everyone else.

    • Robert Smith

      From Dick: “I mean them no harm; with their wealth, they’ll do fine, but they must not be allowed to own, control and decide everything for everyone else.”

      The only way we will be able to take America back is to realize that personal choices are just that; personal choices. We must stop fighting each other over issues like gun control, abortion, assisted suicide, and stop the manipulation of things like the right wing “Southern Stratigy.”


      • Kate8

        Yep. Let’s just all adopt the Lefty position and we’ll get along fine.

        But, who’s going to work to support us all?

      • Robert Smith

        Kate8 asks: “But, who’s going to work to support us all?”

        It’s simple management. Remember, Bill Clinton left America with a budget surplus.

        Further, we don’t need to get embroiled in forever wars. Obama’s help in the effort to dump Quadafi is an excellent example. In and quickly out. We don’t even have to take point or go in alone as was demonstrated in that same effort.

        On the medical side it is far cheaper to offer PREVENTATIVE medicine (BP control, sugar control, sleep apnea control) than it is to deal with strokes, cutting parts off, and all the evils of sleep problems. We need Universal Health Care to solve those problems and make sure folks have the means to prevent expensive conditions. It will never the 100% but rarely is anything else.

        Please also understand that there are welfare queens but they really are in a small minority. Most folks would really really have a job and the path to do better than a government hand-out. But if folks are constantly run down eventually they are going to believe it.

        And finally, remember: These basic hatreds and bigotry are created by politicians who want to rule through fear and intimidation, not hope and a step up. It is clearly mapped out in the Southern Stratigey set up by Nixons minions. Others from the right and tea baggers have carried it to the next level with their hate not just for blacks but hispanics and now women.

        Remember, as long as you threaten the freedoms of another they will want yours.


      • oh oh

        Yes, and when the Clinton Miracle is put into context with proper reference to the influences that altered his course or forced his hand to produce those otherwise unattainable results, it doesn’t look so miraculous after all.

    • CJ

      No, I think first people need to understand money. The ‘wealthy’ got that way because others bought their ‘junk’ out of greed. Do you really need to pay $400 for tennis shoes? No, but those who don’t really understand ‘money’ will quickly give it to them in exchange for the ‘shinny things’ they covet.

      • Howard Lowe

        CJ – are you a socialist? I can assure you that most of our millonaires have worked DAMNED hard for their money and have not SCREWED anyone. Try working 14 hour days for 7 days a week for 12 months – vacationing in a really uptown resort once every 3 or four years – but having your vaction interupted 2 or 3 times a day from your office.

        Envy is your bag. I’ve been up and down – lost and won. I could have taken a salary with a large corporatiion and bitched about the CEO, COO, CFO and other executives, but I chose to particiapate in building my country, and opening the opportunity for others to succeed both financially and morally. Money is not imorral unless the person holding it is immoral. You think everyone with money has stolen. I am likely wasting my time trying to confuse you with FACTS, since your mind is already made up.

      • CJ

        I an not a socialist, and I do not envy the wealthy, The point is the OWS complainers are critical of the wealth that THEY gave them because they did not understadn ‘money’ and gave the power, via the money. The wealthy saw opportunities and took advantage, as any reasonable person would. But when we choose to give our money to actors, athletes and others who really ‘entertain’ us while the hard working police, firemen, medics, etc. who REALLY are the foundation of civilization barely scrape by, there is a problem of valueing what is truly important. Understanding money correctly reduces that imballance.

      • CJ

        Oh, and Howard, maybe try decalf. You read into my comments something that was not even hinted at. So, your quickness to jump to that conclusion leads me to assume you are the one with jealous notions. I’ve been around. When businesses consider a markup of 400% to 600% on a sales price ONLY because the ‘market will allow’ then they ARE taking advantage of the buyer. But I guess the FACTS of how pricing structures and sales are decided avoids you.

      • Robert Smith

        Howard says: ” I am likely wasting my time trying to confuse you with FACTS, since your mind is already made up.”

        Nope, just looking at the fine (not) 1% composed of business like Enron and others who are looting America. The Banksters aren’t contributing anything except grief to America.


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Why is that a problem for you how much someone wants to pay for a pair of sneakers? If someone earned the money and is willing to part with it that is their own choice.

      • Robert Smith

        Howard wants us to believe: “I can assure you that most of our millonaires have worked DAMNED hard for their money and have not SCREWED anyone.”

        Yes they have, and it was big time.

        All those financial instruments designed to move money up the food chain created the demand for bundled mortgages and the greed that made it possible.

        The Hark Reardon as described by Ayn Rand in today’s world is indeed a rarity. Today’s mega corps. toss money at individuals who might otherwise go into business for themselves to MANAGE the digging ro ore, to MANAGE the growing of stuff (and create the frankenfoods that are killing us) and to MANAGE the government to make sure we don’t catch on.

        Your couragious entrapranure is as rare as the welfare queen. There are enough that they can be pointed at but they are far from the majority.


  • cawmun cents

    When the smelling salts have been administered,and you retain consciousness,you may begin to find that this article has a grain of truth to it.But not yet.You are still too full of yourselves to wake up and smell the coffee.In a game of survival of the fittest,you are the one animal that considers itself too strong to need the herd.You are the rare ignorantly arrogant one that cant see the lions laying in wait because your own brilliance is underestimating them,and overinflating you.They sit in the shadows and watch you getting further isolated from the rest of the herd.
    Yes you are the strongest Water Buffalo.But you let that fact keep you from noticing how quickly you have been duped into thinking you can save yourself by your own strength.
    So now when they come to maul you,the hyenas will laugh at your petulance,and the buzzards will enjoy picking at your entrails.
    I dont fancy myself a prophet in the biblical sense.I dont see myself as being as close to God as they were.But this kind of thing has been written before,in different words,to a different nation.
    But there is writing on the wall,and you think of yourselves as not having to read it as you stroll merrily by.After all if you are to proud to admit you need God to bail you out of the situation you find yourselves in,I am certain that He will understand,right?
    Ancient Israel has nothing on you when it comes to ignoring Gods advances.Yet you think yourselves wise enough to fight it out in the arena of instability that is the modern world.
    God may be in your corner,but you think yourself able to eke out another win without His divine guidance.The predators that await you are licking their chops at this notion of yours.
    The notion that you are brave,strong,and competent enough to stand alone.You are being led to the slaughter by your own arrogance,and you write articles claiming that you think yourself able to withstand the onslsaught.In an effort to be there for you God is still in your corner,waiting for the chance to aid you in the fight,but you shun His advise,opting instead to go it alone against the world.This ploy has ever ended in disaster for everyone that chose it but you are the mighty America,and you dont need God’s help.
    Like I said,this has all been written before this which you now read in your arrogance.
    And those who were given a warning then,didnt listen either.
    So go on thinking you have it under control.Just remember that you were given advance warning that you didnt heed.
    You need God America.
    Without Him your battle is already lost.

    • charlie

      Centless,,, why did’nt you tell us that Acts 2:38 is the WAY to get smart ,,,are you a dummie or just a jew-day-oh christian???

      • cawmun cents

        Apparently I am stupid and you are smart….just ask yourself.

    • charlie

      CC,,,you confessed your “sins” so ,,, you,,, are forgiven BUT,,, read The King of America “Orders” and obey them ,,, getting smart takes time,,, how much time do you have? comply with Acts 2:38 and figure out who The King of America is …

      • cawmun cents

        I have only one King,and I sing to His glory every Sunday,there are you satisfied?

      • cawmun cents

        Additionally dont assume that because you are Pentacostal,and I am Southern Baptist,that you are somehow holier than I am.You need Christ every bit as much as I do.
        Without His work we have nothing.
        Respectfully submitted this day April 26th,2012.-CC.

    • charlie

      CC,,, your assuming something I did not say,,, I said nothing about being a Penecostal…
      BUT what you did not say gave me the clue that you are a false prophet christian…
      I am a “True” Christian per Acts 2:38 ,,, creation of King Jesus Christ and subject to His Law Book,,,most so called churches DO NOT teach/preach The Holy Bible per Psalms 119:160…
      I came out of the Baptist brainwashing after being there about 30 years…
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

      • Libertytrain

        this whole line of “my belief in Christ and God is more real or correct or legitimate than yours” is so ridiculously anti-Christ and damaging to the beauty of Christianity.

      • charlie

        Truth,,IS ,,Truth OR it ain’t Truth… Part Truth is NOT whole Truth ,,,therefore,,, it is part lie… The complex made simple for brainwashed minds …

    • Robert Smith

      cawmun says: “You are the rare ignorantly arrogant one that cant see the lions laying in wait because your own brilliance is underestimating them,and overinflating you.”

      Hey cawmun! Over here!!!!!!

      We’re choosing up sides for life.

      Do you want to be on the lion side or the christian side?

      Rules: Lions eat christians.

      Think carefully.


  • Rafael

    With the fall of the communism in Eastern Europe,
    movements of the left side, after suffering a crisis of identity,
    they had to retrain, forming organizations of Human Rights – and ecologists,
    – that receive considerable financial help from Occident.
    Non-Goverment Organizations (NGO), which are Funded by Oxfam America, George Soros,
    John Merck Foundation, the municipality of Barcelona, the Dutch embassy and
    an agency of the American government the Inter-American Foundation and many more are behind the instability in Latin America, USA and Europe.

  • Intellibronc

    I agree with some of your words but please do not characterize a soros funded, communist driven group with the Tea Party. The true Tea Party has NOT been cooped by the R’s. Dick Armey does not represent us true Tea Party members. We, the people that do know what is going on, do not support the destruction of private and public property. We, the people that do know what is going on, will NEVER support communism, socialism, statism, or whatever ism is the ism du jour for the radical left. Yes, there are radical left that want to destroy this once great country, just as there are DC insiders on the right that want status quo. The primary difference is that this IS and WAS founded on capitalism; even the communists know this and that is why they are usurping many corporations. There are certain laws of nature that the left will try to quash ‘because they are smarter than nature’, it is the true conservative that understands this. To fight nature, man will never win.

    • charlie

      Intellibronc,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ,,,God’s Man , that has intelligent command of the winds , death and all else… King Jesus could have rode a Harley into town but He chose a donkey ,,, figure it out , the info is in The King’s Book…

  • raw

    I am allergic to stupid people. I break out in hives when I get around them.

    • charlie

      raw,,, are you part of the problem ? or part of the solution??? Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… The solution ,,, Acts 2:38 …

  • Mirage

    Finally something here that doesn’t condemn Occupy Wall Street … bout time!
    Only through social movements, when people finally get mad enough to actually leave the confines of their homes and demonstrate in the streets, is there a chance to bring the American dream back to all it’s people.
    Only when Americans physically amass on governmental/corporate buildings to be heard, will positive change possibly come about.
    Simply voting for a guy like Ron Paul, or any “honest” politician, won’t be enough to cure the big money cancer that has taken over our political system, AND, THE DEFINITION OF VOTER INSANITY, IS VOTING LIKE YOU ALWAYS HAVE, AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULTS.
    Where is the proof?
    The middle class has steadily been on the decline for over 30 years, regardless of wether the Democrats, or the Republicans, have weilded majority rule … they’ve both screwed us while they’ve lined their pockets.

    • howdyrl

      Great Idea. Let’s take all of the money – every cent and put it in a pot them divide it, giving every adult and equal share. Now, we can discover how many stupid people there really are, because the cream will always rise to the top.
      Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution recognizes that all men are created equal. That means with equal opportunity, not that everyone shares equally in everyones talents.
      I am almost certain that if this sharing of all of the money occurred, within five years or so the same percentage of wealthy, middle class, poor, and impoverished would exist. YET, didn’t we all start out the same. Start thinking and see reality – not a MIRAGE!

      • Robert Smith

        From howdyrl: ” That means with equal opportunity, not that everyone shares equally in everyones talents.”

        Yup, sure… Tell me how to get $3,000,000 to start a new business that will employ 40 people at a decent wage.

        BTW, I don’t have an ivy league degree, rich buddies, or a lottery ticket.


      • Nadzieja Batki

        Nice distraction Robert Smith. Businessmen- to- be start by first proving themselves that they are capable of being businessmen. Their first failure is on themselves.

      • Mirage

        Actually, it sounds like YOU need to start thinking … I don’t recall writing that Americans need to share all money/wealth equally???
        I also did not write anything in my post about an elimination of social class based on individual wealth …. natural selection/law of the jungle says bring more than one person to a social dynamic and you’ll have a “pecking order” … duh?
        My post should have been pretty simple to understand: the government is corrupt and unfixable no matter what party rules, and if all angry Americans here and elsewhere want government to actually work fairly for everyone (versus dispensing wealth equally, which would be communism – doesn’t work), then peaceful demonstrations might be the only way possible to affect positive change.
        If you read more into this then my opinion, well then, you should get some help, or possibly increase your meds.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Howdyrl read you correctly.

  • AJ

    After watching this video of the president I had to go through up. After watching this link I now understand why this is happening. The Quigley Formula – The World Government Conspiracy We truely are Dumb America.

    • Armyblue

      Yes, this is a person who is “hung up” on himself, and as with all narcissists cares nothing except for himself. The country that can kill it’s fetus while protecting eggs of the eagle is surely doomed to die. This is a man that received the Peace Prize. Imagine?

      • Mamamia

        Aren’t eagle eggs rare, almost extinct? Don’t believe there is any fear of human fetuses becoming extinct. Your analogy is not very convincing. Bring on the eagles, since the world is extremely over poplulated…. at least there is plenty of room in the sky.

  • miken25

    The US is perishing because its people still believe that greed and selfishness are evil. They don’t have the acuity to challenge such notions and are digging their own graves.

  • molly

    With only bad nd worse as choices. I prefer the position be left empty.

    • CJ

      Too bad the ‘system’ has not allowed us that option. Possibly out of design??

  • roger gunderson

    My only hope of draining the swamp is Ron Paul. Ignorant people vote for a flashy paint job; real thinkers check under the hood! Obama is just another corporate plant like mental midget Bush. Ignorant people vote from what they hear on corporate news so can’t comprehend what Ron Paul is saying; only deep thinkers can. If you got stung with Bush and Obama , do you really think Romney is the answer. Think about it!

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Our SCHOOLS arn’t Learning Institutions… They are: TRAINING CAMPS! (STATE TRAINED, with Federal over View!)
    Todays Citizen… Are like in a life boat, alone or in with their family. Some have a Financial leak, worse than their bucket can bail out.
    We are told of Catasterfies, with in our Government.
    We are offered a chance to choose whitch Clown to Rule us.
    We have a place to escape to, (church) but, their Lies depend on our loyality,to FAITH. And “God” is something understandable!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The Citizens are infected with Vireses… (1.) Border Invaders. (2.) Financial Worms. (3.) Kamikazes (4.) Fools for Leaders.

      • Fool

        You may be interested in Fools on the Hill :

        In this case, the “hill” refers to the US Congressional gathering.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        To Fool Says: Government > Law: (1.) Lobest “Payed”. ~ (2.) Voted on by Politicans. (3.) Legestrated in Script. (4.) Inforced by Police. (5.) Adjudicated in Court.
        Citizens: Pay BAIL = ” Held for RANSOM”. Inprisonment & FINES = “EXTORTION” { For the Offense / Violation.} [ THE CRIMINAL SYSTEM ]

  • Gordon in Texas

    Sam, that was an awesome article. Spot on. Being a child of the 50s and 60s, I’ve seen what young people can do when they unite and mobilize. For years, I was concerned that the younger generations in this country have gotten lazy and content with their lives. OWS showed me that they have finally awoken to the charade we call government. Although the OWS movement had its problems, it finally got the young people off their asses and involved. It’s amazing what a down economy will produce. The OWS movement and the Tea Party both want to change the way this government conducts business and those in the government, and the government-controlled media (Fox News included), will do what ever it takes to see that these two forces remain divided. But I believe the sleeping masses are finally waking up and those who are abusing their powers should take notice.

  • Steve E

    I have trouble telling idiots that America is becoming just like the Roman Empire. It appears that those public school indoctrinated idiots don’t know what the Roman Empire is. If I could figure out somehow to make the point in some way to compare America to “Dancing with the Stars”, I might be able to get my point across.

  • howdyrl

    Sorry, but I never found out what the Occupy Wallstreet kids wanted. In fact, I was dismayed to discover that many were being paid by Unions. Why were they so filthy and in complete disarray? There interviews were a disaster – they had no idea of what they stood for, or why they wer there. They weren’t able to state the problems, and we’ve got on helliva lot of them.. Just remember any fool can state the problem, solving it is a mite more difficult.

    • Steve E

      At least you got by the smell.

  • JR

    Utterly, utterly wrong about co-opting the Tea Party. No doubt, in a population of millions, some have been. But not, or probably even most. Unfortunately, we do have to live in reality, so 100% of the objectives won’t be met. But we intend to mold the Republican party, not vice-versa. Just ask Rand Paul, Joe Miller in Alaska, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, etc.

    • r.p.

      Joe Miller, Jim DeMint, and Marco Rubio voted for NDAA, SOPA, and PIPA. Ron Paul withdrew his support for the Tea Party, as he stated it had been co-opted by statists, and Neocons. He then gave his support for the C4L movement. I’m not sure about Rand Paul, but you might think “like father like son” as Dr. Paul still gives him his full support.

    • oh oh

      Marco Rubio’s flirting with a presidential bid despite natural-born-citizenship qualification issues and advocates his own brand of “comprehensive immigration reform” that would further flush our core American culture down the toilet… and Rubio is supposed to represent the values of the Tea Party? Good grief! The co-opting is staring you in the face. Time to wake up, Ron Paul did.

  • Hey You

    Sam Rolly:

    Your screech is personally offensive. Go away.

    • charlie

      Hey,,, the offense makes the points,,,dummie are you going to win or loose the game of life???


    I just watched the video embedded with this article. Are people really impressed by these sorts of stunts? The crowd seems genuinely excited. Kind of sad really. Especially given the populist, partisan and polarizing public policy he is espousing. (Pardon the alliteration, I seems to have gotten carried away.)

  • Average Joe

    You’ve hit a Grand Slam on this one Mr. Rolley! Bravo Sir!

  • A Little Bit of Reality

    Thank you Sam Rolley for unlocking everyone’s true demeanor, and all this time I’m sure they just thought it had to do with that boil on their left buttock.. I guess dummies learn something every day (so long as they don’t confuse themselves with little shiny things).

  • Jean Valjean Vandruff

    I am Jean Valjean Vandruff, will be 90 on April 28th, and have painfully watched it all happen. In WW2, I was a B-24, 4-engine, bomber pilot, flew 43 missions, shot down twice, but never got a scratch. I married the most beautiful, wonderful, incomparable woman in the world, designed over 6,000 Cinderella Homes, and developed/built over 1,100 in CA. In fantastic good health, I am still going strong.

    Now, down to business: America was the most prosperous, powerful, happy, and envied nation in the world; now it is weird, corrupt, filled with greed and clamoring for power. What happened? As set forth in the article, Dumb America, Americans have strategically been ‘dumbed-down’ through the public schools and unbelievably brainwashed by the dominant media of Elitists. Government is supposed to protect us … but when you look around the world and study history, you find that unbridled government is man’s worst enemy.

    Back in my early days – I was raised on an Oklahoma farm – a husband could provide for his family, but today it typically takes both husband and wife, and they still struggle to pay the bills, while their children are left to ‘statist’ schools for tragic secular indoctrination.

    America’s decline into the abyss started when God, Christ, the Holy Bible, and prayers – after 200 years of benefits – were cast out of the public school system. It is dramatically proven by charts as crime and other depravities literally exploded on the scene of American behavior, when children and parents were told they are mere descendents of monkeys, there is no God/Creator to whom they are accountable. The Bible is God’s Word, written as an Operation Manual for mankind, to guide and provide for us the instructions for a life of joy, peace, fulfillment, and eventual life with the Lord in heaven for an unending eternity. If interested, check out this website:

    Liberalism, in varying degrees and various ways, is fundamental rebellion against God, and it is on the verge of creating what will be ‘The Great American Catastrophe,’ far worse than the fall of the Roman Empire. One overwhelming sin today is promotion and acceptance of homosexuality, which God abhors and demonstrated his wrath in destroying Sodom and Gomorrah – and surrounding areas – with fire and brimstone. His patience has expired, and we are presently being judged by the Almighty. The ONLY means of survival is a return to Him. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1) “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” (Psalm 33:1) “It is appointed unto every man once to die, and after this, the [final] judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27) Neither party can save us … Only the Lord!

    • charlie

      Vandruff,,, how smart does one have to be to bomb the smartist people on planet Earth???
      Was Hitler all wrong or maybe some right ? who and what is a jew according to The Bible?

      • oh oh

        An intelligent and honest inquiry into those two questions would help to reveal the truth about the importance of race, religion and the father of lies. That’s why few are capable or willing to deal with such questions and most will continue to succumb to PC censorship.

  • Neil Swan

    You are the stupid one Sam.


  • Louis Lemieux

    A big problem that exists is that too many people accept without doubt everything they were taught since they were very young and feel too insecure subconsciously to really look for the truth. Their faith is just blind obedience. They talk and write about freedom without really searching to learn what the word means. We certainly were not born with personal freedom. When, how old were you when you acquired it?

    • Neil Swan

      Everyone is born with freedom. All you have to do is follow rhe law. People who are interested in truth, study science and engineering. People interested in law truth study law and may become lawyers.


  • ranger hall

    Man o Man no wonder this country and its People are so screwed up, all you have to do is see where we have been going for a very long time, And not just under one President but most all of them, and all of the Congress, an the Supreme Court, we have had ups and downs its called keeping the People in check, Two parties and they are members of the same Club, Once the Politicians had fear of the People NOW they fear us Not, Because we have all been turned into Talkers and not doers, Now they know that we only answer to the Bell.
    And you all still think that You voting for one of these club members will make your Countrys problems go away, Well you should know that you have not been right your whole life, But it makes you feel like you did your duty for your country And thats all these Powers to Be want you to do, Except run to the sound of the bell when they ring.

  • Blah blah

    Best piece I’ve read on this site yet. Shame that some in the comments didn’t quite get it…


    If you look at this in a very large context you will see that the media and our govt has been pitting the middle class against themselves for 50 years, my life time. Is there that much difference between middle class Blacks and Whites, they both go to work,live a nice quite life and plan for their children through health care and education. The extremist keep the 2 halves so entrenched in the idea that it’s us against them, that the massive middle class is devided into smaller groups that have no voting power. Just look at the politicians they pander to the black vote, the female vote,and the white guy vote. Doesn’t anyone realize what they are doing, they are telling you what group you should vote in!! So just vote in your group and be quite, they say!! Don’t think that this is true. then why don’t you hear anyone pander to the ‘MIDDLE CLASS” , by far the largest voting group in America!! If the middle class would ever stick together then they could elect whom ever they wished , for the benifit of the middle class. That’s why they devide us , so their group can elect whom they wish , for their benifit, nothing else! “VOTE FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS, YOURSELVES” Get someone in that will back the middle class, and do whats best for the working class, the majority of people in this country, the back bone of America, ” THE REAL AMERICAN” VOTE-VOTE-VOTE.

  • DonnaAngelStar

    “The sound of tireless voices is the price we pay for the right to hear the music of our own opinions. But there is also, it seems to me, a moment at which democracy must prove its capacity to act. Every man has a right to be heard; but no man has the right to strangle democracy with a single set of vocal chords.”
    Adlai Stevensen


  • molly

    American government has become Canablistic. They rob their own people when they rob the government and banks.
    Who do you think robbed fannie& freddiemac? Our own government employees.

  • helpsaveus

    This current administration is Communism on steroids! Every day WA brings on another way to kill us. Our water is poison, GMO food and fast food is killing people, vaccines are killing people, flouride in the water is dumbing down people and now people see the detrimental effects of their choices. The choice to vote in this Fake, Forgery of a pres was the first travesty – the corruption and foreign companies owning OUR voting machines, the UN being the one that our gov’t goes to now – not Congress! Starting unending wars to further the One World Order Bulls—, the stupid global warming freaks that want to tax the hell out of us thru carbon footprint garbage legislation. All Un-Constitutional! These mobsters and banksters that have been let into our country are taking it down and it’ll be worse than Greece here. WE have a 535 reps in WA and only ONE is any good! Ron Paul can set the USA back on a path to recovery. Get out of the two party mindset. There isn’t any! It’s one great big greedy bunch of SOBs destroying the fabric of this great nation. Now they want to tell farmers that it’s against the law to have your children working on the farm! Holy Hell – this guy has got to be stopped before WAR between gov’t and citizens is all too real. The NATO conf in Chicago has now announced that they may evacuate Chicago and citizens have been sent letters to leave their homes. FU WA! Go to hell. WE will never leave our homes and we will not submit to imprisonment in your g-damned FEMA camps.

    • charlie

      Help,,, talk is so much hot air,,, so what are you going to do to replace the anti-christ government that “””We””” let happen…

  • Jimmy

    We done voted and we didn’t vote for any of
    “them” SCAMBOS.

  • mark

    Dumb America? Just read some of the comments on this website including the authors’ articles: people who believe every cuckoo clock conspiracy, UN, New World Order, Federal Government genocide plan to wipe out all Americans, take away their guns, put all the elderly before death panels. Have you read some of the totally crazy and nonsensical stuff people write on this site most of it based on something they read on the internet! The internet, which has thousands of these totally biased, misleading outright lying websites representing the most extreme paranoid fantasies of both the right and the left. Please! It is enough to destroy everyones’ belief in human beings’ ability to practice common sense and logic.

    • charlie

      Mark ,,, are you blind or just live on another planet ,,, King Jesus healed a blind man , maybe He can help you ,,, did King Jesus heal with common sense or logic???

  • chuckb

    charlie, i believe hitler was a lot smarter than what some would like to admit. unfortunately
    he went to some extreme with the jews. people will never know the exact story since most records were destroyed and the jews revised history to a large extent. i have read quite a lot on the subject, had the fortune to talk to jewish refugees at the end of the war, some gave a different story than what we have been led to believe.
    all in all the germans were one of the most advanced in engineering and science on earth. they had a problem with the communist, something like we are facing today, there is a parallel.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      My Real good sorce of the Hitler Topic: One of Hitlers Right hand men! He told me that; No one was sader than Hitler reviewing the OUTCOME! He used his BEST SOLDERS to PROTECT The Jews from the Revenge filled Christians, for Crucifying their Leader! ( When it realy wasn’t the Jews that Crucified the 2000 year ago,Christ! { It was the Childreen of God!} For The Claims of being THE SON of God! & No one could get to God Except through him. The Sun Worshipers Still had the Real Sun of God!
      The Camps became Developed with Communal Deseases, “Too many people in too Confined Space!” — When his Army got to Siberia.. The General asked Hitler What should he do? Hitler sayed KEEP GOING… ( Into Oblivion.. Not to ever return! }
      Christianity is Basicly a Ledgon for Control, of others!

    • charlie

      chuckb, first one has to define the players,,, was hitler a pure German? what does the word jew mean? according to the Bible one can be a blood line jew, or one can be a religious jew, or one can be a geographical jew…
      Ernst Zundel just spent 7 years in jail for denying the holocaust,,, is that jew justice?
      Who are these modern day so called jews ??? bloodline or other wise???

      • chuckb

        charlie, denying the holocaust is foolish, there were atrocities committed on these people. they were worked and starved to death. the german people at that time were starving as well and many of them met the same fate.
        the communist jews in russia committed the same crimes against christians in the gulags and probably killed more than the germans.
        some of the people barry has in his cabinet are direct descendants of the russian communist, their ancestors left russia and came to the u.s. involving themselves in our politics, some were in the roosevelt administration and trumans, this is what brought on the mccarthy hearings. i feel they were instrumental in our involvement in ww2.
        it’s an interesting subject.
        our history books have been revised and you have to dig to find the actual history of what went on there. even now wikileaks has removed some of the information on these people who are working for barry.

    • molly

      My seniments exactly. USA going backwards. To communism.

    • Libertytrain

      have you ever discussed what it was like to have that number tattooed on one’s arm and the “life” or lack thereof at camp….. I wonder what your take on it would have been if you had been removed from your life, taken to a camp, maybe lucky enough to survive to tell us.

      • chuckb

        liberty train, the numbers tatooed on the prisoners were to identify their nationality, jews, pole or other. the jewish refugees i talked to in lehavre, france were not tatooed. i am not saying those camps were not horrible, my question is, why don’t we hear how horrible the gulags in russia were. they have at times made movies or a reference here and there, however, more people died there than the german concentration camps and we hear very little condemnation of that, those people were christian for the most part, the jews in russia were instigators of the communist revolt and lot of them held high positions in the communist regime, yet, we hear little or nothing about that part of history. my search showed some of barrys administration are direct descendants of people who were in the communist regime in russia. the u.s. government became home for some of these people from the late twenties up to today. wikileaks has removed some of this information from the biographies of people like axelrod, geithner, raum emanual and several others. interesting reading, but, it takes a lot of digging and reading.
        also check out how much money some of the jewish people like steven spielberg (movie producer) have received over the holocaust thing, not only him,many others. they have sued every country in the world including the u.s. they got millions, how many of our men died to free those people and how much money did the families of the ones who gave their lives to free them get? check that one out.

      • Libertytrain

        Goodness chuck, wish you would have been there so we could actually know directly from the horses mouth – had you survived; and you’re right the Gulags were not pleasant – and I don’t know about you but I heard about them all through school – and we studied Solzhenitsyn quite intently and his books re the Gulag Archipelago for one example – didn’t you? Didn’t your friends? Tough reading but very good reading. And who cares about Hollywood – just cause he made money on a well done movie – what about Titanic – that made a lot of money – The Hunger Games; Harry Potter Movies ? I don’t get your point. It’s ok for some movies to make money but if it’s a story about the Holocaust not ok?
        I don’t think it matters what the numbers meant – re Jew or Pole or Catholic or Gypsy – they were tattooed in black ink, fairly large on a human arm – brought me to tears when I saw it on a persons arm – made it even more real than hearing about it and listening to folks like you dis it like it’s no big deal. It was a big deal – it should always be a big deal -

      • oh oh

        I guess you could ask Ellie Weisel… but it would be best to get him on a good day when he remembers to stencil the numbers back onto his arm. His Holocaust fundraising efforts are always more credible that way. When he forgets, it sometimes raises eyebrows and you probably wouldn’t want that to interfere with our next dose of collective guilt therapy.

      • oh oh

        I especially liked it when the ADL’s Abe Foxman told the Ukrainian president that the deaths of 6 million Jews were more important than the deaths of 20 million Ukrainians. To think otherwise would have interfered with the ADL’s Holocaust guilt and shakedown crusades. It’s the utter arrogance and hypocrisy of Holocaust advocates like the ADL who lose credibility as they intimidate others with their blatant double standards. Whether such atrocities happened as alleged or not, is a different matter altogether, but screaming “bigot!” or “anti-semite” in response to the latter issue always drowns out legitimate questions raised about the first issue — just the way they intend it to. Then, after we dutifully react as intended for about the millionth time, we do indeed look like the dumb cattle that many of them think we are.

      • Libertytrain

        there is an unusually large amount of anti-jew comments going around everywhere these days – you all getting ready for another thinning out? I have nothing but sadness for all those folks who were done in horrific ways – many many —- Just don’t understand how it’s happening again – this hate the jews garbage – I thought the Inquisition was rough enough and I thought we had maybe gotten a little smarter but I was wrong. New century – new annihilation

      • Libertytrain

        there are always idiots – who do idiotic things like the wannabe you’re mentioning or post idiotic posts –
        I don’ t have collective guilt about anything to date – sorry you do.

  • deepizzaguy

    I studied tapes from Nightengale Conant I guess that me makes dumber than a rock head.

  • rightgunner

    Well Sam, I have read your past articles and it appears you at last escaped your cage. I understand where most of your current article is coming from, however I reject the idea of allying with the occupiers. What I would entertain is the conversion of the occupiers into conservatives who understand how big-most-anything will attempt to control you for its benefit, and especially how the financial/congressional axis is doing just that.

    First the occupiers misunderstand the constitution and the right to assembly. Public places can be used to petition the government for redress, but not to inhabit them, keeping the non-allied rest of the public out. The first that come to squat do not gain ownership of the public place they foul.

    The occupiers may be familiar with the Island Creature, but they need to understand and attack the full financial/congressional axis. What was previously unconstitutional until Congress apparently allowed itself to be tricked, is now ruling both us as well as the management of both parties. While the immature find great pleasure in destruction, developing constructive strategies to free us from our current government control is the mature way to proceed, and the most beneficial for all of us.

    There is no right to be given a job, but there is a right to gain and save your pennies long enough to start your own business. Then you are free to work 80 hour weeks with no vacations, take chances on borrowing to take advantage of an opportunity with the possible of losing everything you have gained up to now. But you may also become one of the few winners.

    Or you can get a job for one of those who became a winner, and work 40 hour weeks with vacations and do what the boss says. Your choice.

  • Craig

    Nadzieja Batki, Thank you for getting to the REAL heart of the matter. People have to become a people worthy of Freedom before they’re going to get freedom, otherwise it will just be the movement of one corrupt power to another. In Religious terms: REPENT. In secular terms: Be good! In either case: Love your neighbor, be honest, and set a good example!

  • Sonata Hill

    it’s one thing to sit and be a critic of those to whom you speak but just what are YOU doing about it? We the American people know what to do and NO America is NOT Stupid! We the People VOTE and will get Obama and the Socialist OUT!! Everything you said about Obama is spot on but you don’t know the American’s determination when it comes to loosing OUR Freedoms! Wait, Watch and learn from We The People of the Greatest Nation on Earth! God Bless America!!

  • Steve Sherwood

    WOW, sounds like I wrote this, i actually said the same thing today on my fb page today (and every day) but today I posted the same video of Obama! for the same reason, that the masses are so easily sold by song and idiocy….hes been singing on the news over and over the last couple weeks, makes me sick!!!! Well said and thanks keep it up!!!!

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian Libertarian

    Part of the “Dumbing Down” or ‘Stupification” of Westerners, especially Americans is indoctrination by religious fundamentalism which is rampant in America, so when i hear or read ‘God Bless America|” i see how Americans just don’t “get it”, even when they believe they do “get it”!!!

    Americas fate was decided when they burned women as witches in Salem.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.


  • http://none Ken Lonewolf

    Hi guys,

    As a Native American, I can tell you that what is happening to America by the greedy few among us, was predicted by my people a very long time ago.
    By all of “the writing on the wall”, even a few hundred years ago, it was not difficult to predict that America would become as corrupt as ancient Rome.
    When a nations worships money, instead of it’s Creator Above (God), the path ahead is not going to be a smooth one. And that path will come to a sudden end.
    This can be avoided by returning to human values. To returning to actually caring about one another!
    We Native Americans keep hearing about a “Christian America”, but we are seeing the opposite.
    “Money” seems to have replaced God in America. You cannot buy God with money?
    Our large corporations are losing value for their individual workers. Our government representatives only represent themselves now!
    If we do not turn America around, and start to do it now, we are doomed to follow ancient Rome into but a distant after-thought of world history.

    I think it interesting that in the past, our Native American tribal chiefs ate last, in order to assure that all tribal members were fed and properly taken care of!

    In America today, our elected “phony American chiefs” in Washington, D.C. get everything first, and to hell with the rest of the Americans!

    “We the People” are simply the ones who get to support our elected “royals” in Washington, D.C. with our hard-earned money! And they can never get enough of our money to waste!

    “We the People” are simply being manipulated by large out-of-control corporations who have “bought” our federal government!

    Our federal government, as it stands today, is a certain recipe for national disaster!
    We are now our own worst enemies! Our national debt will devour us all!

    I truly wish that it wasn’t so.

    Ken Lonewolf / Shawnee Native American

  • FrozenBill

    This article is an obvious attempt by the Ron Paul robots to co-opt both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Streeters to join with Paul in creating chaos within both parties and foster a Ron Paul third party candidacy. A consequence would be the certain reelection of Baracka Hussein bin Obama, with perhaps 40% of the vote, viz Bill Clinton’s two elections to president with “pluralities” in the low 40 percentile, thanks to Ross Pea-rot.

  • Eddie Imperial

    Have I been discovered! Or……. Have you…….so true1

  • terri rementeria

    To the Vietnam vet 67-68 I am behind you all the way! If we don’t take the blinders off ..we are going to wake up with this commie and his new world order!


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