Duke Professor: White People Are Racist No Matter What


Duke University sociology professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva told students during a lecture Thursday that white people are racist pretty much no matter what they do or say.

“We are not post-racial,” he said, according to The Dartmouth. “This ideology is suave but deadly.”

The esteemed professor also explained that white people disguise their racism with “color-blindness” and express their prejudices more covertly.

“We must fight white supremacy,” he said. “The only way to remove racism in America is to remove systemic racism.”

Some whites will say, he continued, “some of my best friends are black,” which “blames discrimination on the victim and the incomprehensible response to the topic of race.”

The lecture, “The Color of Color-Blindness: Whites’ Race Talk in ‘Post-Racial’ America,” was reportedly sponsored by the African and African-American Studies Program.

Of course, if you wanted to hear a guy say funny things about race… this is much cheaper than a few years at Duke:

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  • Barakolips

    White people racist? Only a beaner would say something like that, damn wetbacks!

    • mad cracker

      Im White and dm proude of it if i had to walk around as a black knowing what a white person thought of me I would kill myself, anymore when i here or see blacks doing ther normal killing, theving and looting finding every way possable to beat the system to get over not having to work, lazy no good mfs, i have a new term for them now that i say and its and everyday saying even at my work, just remember this, ITS TYPICAL OF THE BREED, The nogood lazy f***s makes me so d**n mad id like to shoot them all, They teach there kids to hate whites, how to get over on the gov system so they all can sit on there a***s. Why in the h**l did we the white people save thim from slavery, The N***ers dont think about that we killed eachother our brothers and sisters to free them, What a big mistake, I have to stop before I blow a fuse.

  • Alan

    What a sick man! Need I say who the real racist is?

  • Dale

    Doesn’t that make HIM racist?

    • Barakolips

      Bing!!!! light bulb goes on.

  • hydy

    Carlin is a left over sack of dog crap ,left over from the from the hippy time, the real racist is OB and his thugs, OB all ways uses the race card, and hi need`s to be impeached now, we have to start , it takes a long time for it to convince the congress to start, and we have to put fire under there asses to get them going, yes we have a problem whit wetbacks, my back is dry , i came in this country , legal, need to do something about them to ,


      Carlin claims whites can’t play the blues!! NONSENSE, the Cream took them old blues songs & made them 100 times better!! Whites can’t be down? BS…, we ain’t all rich yuppies!!….so, how much heat would I get if I said blacks shouldn’t play classical music or try Irish dancing?

      The most racist people these days are blacks & they know they can get away with, too!

  • Chester

    Truth be known, Mexicans in general are just as racist, or not, as any other group of people. Might ask him some time about the Indios, and why they have such a hard time getting anything in their own home country. Cubans are just as bad, as are most of the various Caribbean nations.

  • Cathy Hovey

    Nah, just who is this jacka– trouble maker, who once again, is teaching our kids. Show a picture of him. Look at his name, I’ll give you some racism, his name sounds like a foreigner. I was right, I think he’s Puerto Rican. So he came here to start trouble did he? I guess that’s another reason of why us whitey’s are fighting…what is it we’re fighting?….oh, amnesty. What is wrong with the school admin’s that they allow this crap to go on? Don’t they know that is causing worse relations on all levels? Hmmm, maybe they’re ALL democraps.

    • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA


      • Moustache The First

        It’s a miracle if a public schooled, college educated person votes conservative these days. What you write here is correct, but so sad! It’s not only colleges & public schools, but Hollywood & TV & music industry & the Madison Ave. crowd as well.. sucking out their minds & ability to discern the truth & real prejudice & injustice & blackening their souls with a culture from the Pit of Death & Hell, while legitimizing homosexuality as normal & abortion as freedom for women!

        • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

          What was once Public Schools are not Public Indoctrination Centers….I saw the beginnings of this transformation when I was a College Student in the Middle 60’s….and then as a Teacher for 15 years…14 1/2 too many…in the late 60’s and thru the 70’s….IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT EDUCATING OUR YOUNG PEOPLE…BUT ONLY INDOCTRINATING THEM INTO BEING MARXIST SOCIALIST BRAIN DEAD ROBOTS….

  • Dcp5674

    Most blacks are more racist than whites. Professor, go to hell. What color are you?
    At least gangs of whites don’t go around playing “kill the harmless person.
    Most racist men in America; Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton.

    • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

      And you can’t forget the BLACK CAUSCUS OF RACISTS…

      • liz

        The NAACP, Black Panthers, Black Miss America, as well. Now the “African American Church” is now “African Church”, they have dropped American. I can’t be sure if they don’t like being American or just hate everyone not like themselves.

    • FreedomFighter

      The Professor is a evil little satanic demon toad, men of GOD do not act like him.

  • bikerdogred1

    Did the professor have a monkey with an organ grinder there when he was giving that speech.

    • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

      Was our Esteemed Dictator in the White House Auditing the Class????

    • They’re all Nuts, Alice!

      Hey, that’s racist against Italians!! You must be white!

  • Tim Mayeaux

    the common denomator is intelligence….Real Americans (those that understand the constitution and can read it) hate stupid white people too ! One day the second amendment will restore the Bill of Rights to those it was intended for (a moral and just people). Keep sending your offspring to be re-programed by socialist morons….(future target practice) “WE” will need it.

    • Barakolips

      You have a very good point there and I , for one , can relate to what you mean by stupid white people too.

      • Joe LardAss

        Like all the stupid white people who agree with this Nut Job!!

  • Bill

    Look at the voting data by race from the last presidential election and then tell me who the racists are.

    • liz

      Most who voted for O’Bama were Black or those that were afraid they would be called Racists if they didn’t.

  • wizzid0

    I think if either of the pseudo-intellectuals highlighted worked for me I would fire their empty racist skulls so fast they wouldn’t have time to learn to play the blues.

  • Cathy Hovey

    Yeah, I went and did the dishes, steaming the entire time, and am now back. Read the new comments, which were good. That’s what I was thinking, how the typical race baiters just egg it on, so why are WE being blamed? Yeah, I have a prejudice against the racist blacks–Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton et al, because they KEEP the race war going, and then blame US for it. The black panthers are also racist. As are all the blacks that riot at presumed slights, AND, when Jackson and Sharpton tell them to. But they never seem to get in trouble, even when they are hurting or killing innocent bystanders and do millions of dollars worth of damage to…once again…innocent bystanders property. And the reason they KEEP rioting? Have been rioting for at least the last 50 years? The sames ones, or if they are too old now, then their children have taken their place in the riots because they’ve raised their children to be just as racist as they are? They keep doing it cause they have gotten away with it for the last 50-60 years. No one stops them, prosecutes them, jails them, makes them pay the damages, etc. Cause they are a protected race.
    And once again, about another damn foreigner, how dare this mf’er move into OUR country, and start judging the citizens, and holding class on it?! And notice who sponsored the damn classes? The African and African-American Studies Program. The very people that he is favoring OVER the whites. Who the hell do you think he’s gonna blame? Would he stand there and tell them to their face that THEY just might have brought some (if not most) of it on themselves?
    And as always, the United Negro College Fund, BET, Miss Black America, Black Panthers, NAACP etc. Where are OUR whites only organizations? I’ll tell ya where, no where, cause THAT would be racist!!

    • Bill

      Good comments Cathy,
      It is really all about the money. The rest is just a dog a pony show. They are throwing around the term racist so much that it really has no value anymore. If they call you a racist, it only means that you do not want to give them any money.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    No wonder we have the culture we have, when we have such dreck teaching in colleges!!! Furthermore, I’m totally gassed that PLD would have such vile language on its posts. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

  • TheSilverRanger

    So, the professor who says that all white people are racist, no matter what is named Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, a beaner. Can someone say bias? Not to mention, in and of itself, racist?

    • Bill

      Hi Range
      So, you mean to say he is a racist beaner? Like in Beanist

  • http://www.thefreedomtrainusa.com/ FreedomTrainUSA

    The Esteemed Professor…And I use the term Esteemed Very Lightly….HAS JUST PROVEN WHO THE REAL RACIST IS ….HIMSELF…

  • jdn

    If more people would assume a non-racist attitude and just shoot to kill anyone who truly needs it no matter their color we would have a more polite society with less crime at all levels .

    • Bill

      Good comment JDN,
      Lock and load

  • rivahmitch

    By whom is the “esteemed professor” esteemed?

    • mathis1689

      Probably by Obama and Satan. Can’t think of anyone else who would give a rat’s butt about what a fool like him would say.

    • Pretty Pole Dancer

      By every LOONY TUNE LIB there is, of course!

      • Bill

        I like Your name, pretty pole dancer.

  • JimH

    Nothing cheers me up better than a good blues song. It means some poor sap has it worse than I do.
    I got the”I have to eat meatloaf on white bread sandwiches, dance polkas, listen to country& western songs” and drive a Ford pick-up truck, blues.
    George is right about white people(mostly teens) shouldn’t try to emulate black people.(pull up your pants to your waist, and speak English, you’re not a gangsta)


      HAHAHA!! BRAVO for your last 2 lines!!

  • wandamurline

    Thank goodness….someone has finally told me that I am a racist no matter what. Wow, and it is coming from a communist, socialist, progressive liberal Marxist….now what could be wrong with that.

    • Homer Huxsucker

      Nothing like finding your real self, and not having to pay a psychiatrist!!

  • StinkBomb Jones

    I would think a professor would know better than to stereotype a whole group of people! The biggest racist in this nation is a black man,our BS AG, Holder The Sanctimonious Scolder!!!! He is a bigger racist than OBlowHard! He is still threatening banks with lawsuits if they don’t give out mortgages to poor minorities (see below)


    • Barakolips

      Isnt forcing the banks to give out mortgages to poor minorities what started the housing meltdown? What the hell is Witholder doing it again for!?

      • StinkBomb Jones

        YES, this SOB is killing us!!!! Either they are the stupidest people ever or trying to intentionally destroy the Republic!!

        • Toy Pupanbai

          The prime aim of the One World Order has to be the destruction of the nation State!

      • Jerry Morris

        There wasn’t enough poor minorities involved when the hoiusing bubble popped. Gotta do it over to get the job done (destroy the economy).

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Think of this as a way of taking over properties by government so that they will no longer be any private land ownership in America.

  • Dr. William Sewell

    Interesting. Does that include all of us whites who are mixed race couples having mixed race children?

    • They’re All Nuts, Alice

      No, because for some reason, like with OBlahBlah, if you are half white & half black, you are considered black, so REJOICE, according to the Good & Confused Professor & PC social mores, your children will be black & therefore not racist!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      To the professor YES.

  • Corsica

    Well Mr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, you must’ve studied and interviewed and observed every white person in America for you to declare that they’re all racist no matter what they do. And assuming that you’re a non-white person from any of the 18 Latin American countries that were populated by white Spaniards and other Europeans, are they racists too? And are the whites that hired you at Duke racist? There are so many idiots that are called professors these days.

  • Boozy Bruford

    Not only is this guy a die hard LIBtard, but intellectually are argument does not hold up. here look at this excerpt:

    Some whites will say, he continued, “some of my best friends are black,” which “blames discrimination on the victim and the incomprehensible response to the topic of race.”

    If we are talking about friendship here, where is the discrimination?

  • Mr T

    That’s funny because all but 3 black people Iv’e ever known are racist. In fact I never experienced racism until I met all of them, and I grew up in Los Angeles with some white and mostly hispanic people.
    Two of the only 3 blacks that I know who are not racist are from Jamaica.
    I really hate to have to say this, but it is unfortunately true.

  • Tannasmarchat

    So when do we acknowledge the racism of the Black, Hispanic and Asian people towards Whites and each other?

    If anyone claims that they are without prejudice and/or racist tendencies they are either fools or liars. All men, regardless of their race, gender or sexual preference have prejudices. It is how we deal with them that shows our character.

    This professor does not appear to be showing the right path. He seems to be encouraging anti-white prejudices.

  • Deerinwater

    I got news for this “professor” ~ racism knows no boundaries, never has and never will.

    Quote, ““We must fight white supremacy,” he said.” ~ Well okay?

    I wonder what he plans to fight it “with” ~ superior achievements would be my personal preference.

  • Dave

    Didn’t Martin Luther King state that ” I would rather be judged by the content of my character than the color of my skin!” Good words. Perhaps those should be heeded by those who would push the Black/White divide in this country to put $$$$ in their pockets! That seems to be prevalent today.

  • Quester55

    A Prime example of how low our Teaching Professors have become, When they can teach such unfounded garbage to our College Students!!
    It’s fools like these that keep the ” Race War “, Alive & well in this country!
    AS long as Teachers can get away with teaching this garbage, the war on Racial Hate, will never end!!

    • Bill

      Hi Quester,
      Good comment. The progressives make money keeping the race war alive and well. Just follow the money

  • jag

    Like the song says “The world is a getto!”

  • ibn insha

    We do have racism problem but it is not as bad as minorities would claim. I can say that because I am a minority also. If this professor does not make this claim then he has nothing to write books on and earn millions.

    Prejudice in favor for one’s own race is a human trait, it is human nature. People of all races have it. I have it too. Such traits have allowed us to survive over thousands of years. If I believed that all whites, who are majority of population, are racist, I would have moved back to my native country.

  • Moshe McCarthy

    Funny, he had nothing to say about the profound racism in the black community regarding darker vs. lighter blacks! Been going on forever, the lighter ones have always looked down upon the darker ones!

    • jesusknight

      Are you serious??? Never heard of this kind of racism at all. Why is there a divide between blacks who are ‘lighter’ than the rest? Where can we find writings about this particular problem, or are there any…

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The whites make for easier targets since they have been sheepled and sheep have no capability of fighting back.

      • Quester55

        One of my Uncles Raised Sheep, all of his adult life, And if he were alive today, He’d say; ” N.B. There is a Difference between Knowing the +Truth+ +& +M+ak+ing+ things up on +the +A+s+u++mp+t+i+o+n+ +th+at++ +you+++r+ +c+orr+ec+t+!
        You’ve never been around Sheep have you? A Defenseless Sheep Could never survive If that LIE where TRUE! Where did you get your Education from, Watching Old Cartoons or something?
        I’ve seen sheep fight off Wolf Attacks & Win!! When one fights, they all fight, However on a 1 vs. 1 battle, the wolf may win.

    • Barakolips

      I have not been around many blacks growing up or since but now that you mention it, I did a job for a black man a while back and I witnessed black on black discrimination whe he denied renting his property to another black man because his skin was a lot darker than his. I don’t really know the silly reasoning behind this but maybe that’s why you don’t see too many blacks at the beach here in Calif., they don’t want the sun making them any darker, strange.

  • wavesofgrain

    Public Employee Unions have spread this Marxist/Com view throughout our country. They should be abolished. Any educator who brings their politics into student lessons/lectures should be fired. This man should be working in socialist Europe, and leave US students alone.

    Universities are nothing but liberal indocrination institutions. Our bright eyed children, who we raised to respect their parents/country/freedom, leave home to go to college, and return home hating their parents and hating their country. We will not cure this cancer until we get rid of Public Unions. They do not work for the taxpayers, but only for their UNION BOSSES.

    • jaybird

      Tell your children that if you are paying for their college, then they will go where you want them to go and check them out way before it is time to send them off. We need to talk to our children more, starting when they are beginning to understand that choices are important in deciding whether you have a good and happy life or bad and unhappy life (9 or 10 ?). The difference in living in a democracy, communist or socialist country. Also watch what “Common Core” is doing in the K-12 schools in some states (45 have it). It is an indoctrination program against our way of life and beliefs. Stage a protest.

      • wavesofgrain

        You and I are on the same page, Jaybird. I sat in on a 2 hour conference with some very concerned educators that are questioning the motive behind it. American History will be phased out. American Literature cut 50% (eventually more), replaced with “issues of the day”, which will probably be what California is doing with our children…creating “Selling Obamacare to your Parents” classes, “Trayvon Martin” courses, “Global Warming” indoctrination, etc etc.
        Those who graduated HS in the 80/90’s are 2 years behind curriculum of the 50/60’s grad. When CommonCore is implemented, the grads will be 2 MORE YEARS behind.

        All of your child’s records, including family info, will now be centralized in CC. All medical records, religion, POLITICAL AFFILIATION OF FAMILY, police/criminal data…all at the fingertips of UNION teachers.

        And when we found out our children will NOW be REQUIRED TO REGISTER TO VOTE BEFORE GRADUATING, the goal of this GOVERNMENT indoctrination plan became VERY CLEAR.

  • jaybird

    I thought comedian George Carlin was dead, never liked his shows.

    • Robert Messmer

      I always liked Gallaher better.

      • jaybird

        Don’t know who that is????

        • Robert Messmer

          Oops sorry that is Gallagher, prop comedian

  • Nadzieja Batki

    This human trash is actually getting paid for not saying anything but just stringing words together. I am trying to decide who are the bigger idiots: the professor, the students attending his lectures, or the people who hired him and are keeping him.

  • Bill

    The definition of a “Racist” by todays standards, just means that you disagree with the Marxists. So, call me a racist all day long and I just don’t care. Consider the source

    • Bill

      There is a new name for people that believe in Global Warming. They are called “Watermelons”. Because they are green on the outside but really commie red on the inside

      • wavesofgrain

        Billl….LOVE it!!!

  • Barakolips

    Very good LoL! You ever thought of being a short story writer?