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Drinking milk may cut risk of serious diseases, study finds

August 11, 2009 by  

Drinking milk may cut risk of serious diseases, study findsAccording to new research, milk drinkers may live longer lives by reducing their risk of dying from cardiovascular conditions such as coronary heart disease (CHD) and stroke.

Scientists from the Universities of Reading, Cardiff and Bristol in Britain reviewed 324 studies of milk consumption as a predictor of CHD, stroke and diabetes as well as data on milk consumption and cancer and compared the outcomes with current death rates from these diseases.

They found that drinking milk was associated with up to 20 percent reduction in the risk of dying from these chronic diseases.

Professor Ian Givens from the University of Reading’s Food Chain and Health Research Theme says that, put together, these studies provide significant evidence that milk consumption can increase survival in Western communities.

Milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D. Several recent studies have shown the vitamin is not only crucial to growing children to ensure proper bone strength and health, but may have a role in preventing a range of chronic conditions, including cancer and obesity.

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  • james

    milk is for baby calves only.

    • maggiemoo

      Raw, unprocessed milk is just one of the food products we get from animals. Just because baby animals comsume it does in no way mean it is not appropriate for human consumption. Unless you are a vegan, we also consume other animal products such as meats and eggs. The “baby cow” argument is old and tired.

    • james

      you can get all your vitamin D from your sun the yellow star.
      [by drinking milk your are stealing it from the baby cows] thou shall not steal[ now adays milk is full of toxins from growth hormones,etc.]it is not the same like the olden days.thank you,I love you.

    • Margieme

      Who says milk is for baby cows ONLY? Did someone die and leave you boss over milk? The bible speaks about milk all through the old testament especially. If you think that God was against drinking milk, or the use of any dairy products, then you are most definitely wrong. If you don’t believe me, then click on the link below, then on ‘simple searches’, type in milk and see what you come up with. Get off your liberal butts and see what’s actually going on, before you make stupid assumptions.

    • Margieme

      Sorry, here is the link I mentioned before”

      • Lee

        Oh Margieme, I know it has been a couple of days since your post, but your vituperative response belies your professed belief in a loving Christ. Isn’t it easy to pick a villain and hide behind the relative anonymity of a web post? I understand neither your anger nor your lack of restraint. As for the milk, or anything you put into your body, it is a personal decision and carries with it certain consequences BASED ON REALITY not on “scripture” or the belief in any deity that would fill the world with choices and then tell his/her believers “thou shalt not”. You wake up–your God is not dead–he/she only exists in the minds of weak, deluded sheep like you. Now see, I can say that and not be a hypocrite–what a relief!

  • debe71tx

    Age 76 healthy. Haven’t lost any teeth-take no medication…..evening treat ….glass of skimmed milk and an apple, or peanut butter sandwich. I have had milk all my life. Don’t knock what you don’t know or don’t use.

  • Mark


    This is just more propaganda paid for by the dairy industry

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      This is another Mark. I love milk, always have, always will. I drank 2 gallons a day as a child, and still drink a half to a full gallon a week, and Im 51 with no health ailments, and have never had any. My parents are 85 and 82 respectively, and still drink whole vitamin D milk, eat eggs and bacon or sausage for breakfast everyday, and eat cheese almost everyday, and they have not one, I repeat, not one health ailment. The only people I know who have ailments and have to go to the doctor all the time are two groups. One, those who dont get any exercise, and two, those who eat low fat diet foods laced with chemicals all the time. Regular food, milk, eggs, cheese, beef, real sugar instead of the chemical subsitutes are good for you. If they werent, my whole family, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, they all still eat these foods and live into their mid 90′s. eating this real food, along with excercise, even if its just walking, is the recipe to long life, not diets and eating all this chemical additive diet food and sugar free foods where they have used chemicals to take the sugar out. Not your consuming chemicals. Not good.

      • Lee

        Two gallons a day as a child? Ridiculous, hyperbolic and complete BS . . .

  • sandra bell

    Eating animals and their secretions is one of the top killers of humans and our planet. Please watch the DVD “A Delicate Balance: The Truth”. There are numerous scientists and doctors who have studied and researched this issue for decades and take just the opposite stand from these British “researchers” who are undoubtedly beholden to the dairy council.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Sorry, that is not accurate. As I stated in my other post, my parents, their parents before them, all my aunts and uncles, all live and lived until their mid 90′s, with no health ailments. My parents are 85 and 82, and still eat beef, pork, mashed potatoes, drink whole vitamin D milk, not lowfat 2 percent. They eat eggs and sausage or bacon everyday for breakfast, and eat cheese almost everyday. Not one of them has ever gone on a diet, or been overweight, because they walk and excercise, and eat this good normal food. I have seen this, and at 51, I live this way myself, as does my 3 older siblings, and we all still eat beef, pork, chicken, fish, mashed potatoes and gravy, bacon, sausage, cheese, eggs, milk, and all these good things that somehow society has determined is bad for you, yet I see exactly the opposite right in front of my face everyday. I see guys I work with that are my age, that are constantly on diets, and eating all these so called health food packages, and they seem to have to go to the doctor for all sorts of ailments all the time, and I dont have to. I am a bastian of health, and havent missed a day of work for 27 years. I dont get sick, and I like many others know the secret to a healthy life, is to eat this good food God gave us, and to exercise and burn off what you put in. You dont need a diet. You just need to burn the fuel you put into the body, its that simple. And you need to use good fuel, ala beef, pork, chicken, potatoes, corn and green beans, eggs, cheese and milk. This isnt my opinion, Ive seen it first hand through my family, my cousins, and pretty much in all the families Ive grown up with, and we are all in shape and healthy and all live to the mid 90′s. So you all can take your health food agenda, and your peta anti meat eating agenda, and if you want to do it, thats fine, Ive got no problem with that. Just dont try to tell me that what I eat is unhealthy, because thats a lie. Ive seen it and I live it. Its good and healthy. God said, arise, Kill and eat, and so I do. They were all put here for man to have domain over, and to be food for us, thats the bottom line. I love animals, they belong on my plate right next to my mashed potatoes.

      • http://aol D BELL


    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And whom are your doctors beholden to? PETA? And do they practice what they preach? And what kind of shape are they in? And also, do you really trust the advise of a doctor, who are about as corrupt as lawyers and judges. They are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies so bad that they prescribe medicine to patients that dont need it, to scratch the back of their bed fellows. Nope. A lot of them dont want you to eat beef, and pork, and poultry, and mashed potatoes and healthy things, becuase it is in their best interests to have you eat this nutritional weak diet food, so you get sick and have to come to see them. See how it works? And you trust someone with this kind of motive? Not me.

  • Gail

    My grandmother lived to be 97 years old. She regularly drank her milk, buttermilk, age cheese daily in addition to a sensible diet that included beef, pork and chicken. she did not suffer from illness or disease related to her diet. My family still drinks milk, eats cheese and eggs in addition to a sensible diet and exercise and I am happy to say not one of us has ever suffered as a result of our diet. I am not convinced dairy or meat products in moderation is bad for me.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thank you Gail. See my posts above, I have the same story in my family. My mid 80′s parents still drink whole vitamin D milk, and Im 51 and drank 2 gallons a week growing up, and still drink a gallon a week, and Im 6′ tall and weigh 195 lbs. Im lean and in shape, and my whole family eats all the good stuff these johnny come lately whacks say not to, you know, all the good healthy stuff like beef, pork in moderation, poultry, fish, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans, cheese, eggs, sausage, bacon. We are all healthy. That word you said, excercise is the key. One must burn what they take in, or fat cells grow. I dont know what grows when people dont exercise, and they eat all this chemical laden diet food where through chemical processes all the sugar and salt and carbs and all the things the body needs are taken out. Funny, most everyone I know that succumbs to this diet fad and low calorie diet food diets, they dont feel good and are at the doctor all the time. Not me. Gimme my meat and potatoes, and Ill live to a health 90 plus like everyone in my family has so far. That diet stuff shortens lives, and I would bet a large amount of money that if an investigation was ever done, that it would be found that all these so called doctors and dieticians that are recommending product A and product B, are collecting a stipend from the makers of product A and product B. Thats how it works.

  • Susan

    I am 56 and have been drinking several glasses of milk per day for my whole life. I have no health problems, no acid-reflux, take no meds, have never broken a bone, have all my teeth, and rarely even get a cold. My 3 adult children also drink lots of milk and also have never had any health problems. None of them even have any dental cavities. My grandparents all drank milk till the day they died, and they all lived into their late 90′s with NO health problems. I’ve always been a big believer in milk and it’s benefits to the human body.

  • Michael P

    69 and drink a lot of cow and goat milk. The goat milk I drink is from my own goats. However, I only drink cow milk that is not homogenized; if it is – fat free or skim only. Homogenization of milk has been proven to be a leading cause of cardiovascular problems. So – drink lots – but not homogenized!

  • sandra bell

    I am born of lacto/ovo vegetarians and have never eaten an animal. I had very few colds in my life, with nearly perfect attendance throughout my school years. When I was 40 I became a vegan, and for the past 25 years I have had no colds or illnesses of any kind. I was a very strong ballet dancer and athlete all my life. I still teach four or five ballet classes a day, run three miles and lift weights as well.

    Look up the China dietary study done by T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University. It basically shows how, in past years, cancer and heart disease was almost non-existent in China. It was along the coast and in big cities influenced by the western world where those disease began proliferating. In the undeveloped country areas the people remained slender and cancer/heart disease free. It is an indisputable fact that Americans are eating more meat and dairy than ever and getting fatter and the major killer diseases are killing more of us. Now, children as young as four-years-old are showing the beginning signs of coronary artery disease and the instances of diabetes is climbing at an alarming rate.
    And how unfortunate that animal agriculture is killing the planet.

    • Gail

      It is my opinion that Americans are not eating more meat and dairy than ever before but are consuming more junk food than ever before and getting far less exercise than before. Today’s children are glued to video games and the internet whereas my generation spent every free moment outside engaged in a wide variety of sports and games. If we were to put our children on a sensible diet with regular exercise and do the same ourselves, I believe we would see vast improvements in our health whether we eat meat and dairy products or choose not too.

  • Diviney


    You say you have never eaten an animal and that you became a vegan at age 40. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make, but I’d guess your active lifestyle has more to do with health than your diet. A vegan diet can be healthy if you are able to get all of the nutrients necessary for good health.

    I don’t put much weight into any study produced by Cornell faculty. Has their research been validated by other studies?

    I don’t agree with you that Americans are eating more meat and dairy than ever or that that myth is the cause of obesity. Americans are getting lazy. We work shorter work weeks; many work not a lick; we eat more junk foods and fewer vegetables and fruit. We consume more chemicals in our foods and we live with more cheicals in the air inside our homes. We have televisions, video games, cell phones, computers, ipods, remote control car starters, remote control fans and lights because we are too lazy to walk to the power switches; we have elevators, e-banking, riding mowers, and many, many other “necessities” that lead to poor health. Animal agriculture is not killing the planet except in the delusions of the few.

  • Paul wilczek

    Raw milk is the perfect food and is the healthiest for you. It has all the live enzymes to promote good health and easy digestion, even for those who are lactose intolerent.Look up for more info.

  • Flowercity

    Does anyone know if this study was done with raw milk or just whatever?

  • kenneth kaunda obura

    please can you recommend on this…i was allergic to beef when i was young until i joined campus when i started taking beef. when i was young my skin could swell on taking…

  • regina

    My parents family consumed milk, chicken, beef. at 40 my mother
    heart problems began, at 59 she had her 1st heart attack. At the age of about 45 my father began to exersize, when he was 70 he conatantly sufered with pain in the chest while walking long distances and eventualy undergone bypass surgury at 80.

    I know people with the same path.

    I think It is better to have low fat, low cholesterol regimen.

  • Margieme

    sorry, here is the link I mentioned before:

  • Shirlee Hudson

    Who funded the research? This is the first concept I introduce when teaching college level statistics. Unfortunately, much of the research, that is published for the average citizen, has been designed, manipulated, and paid for to produce marketable results. The dairy industry invented the myth: “You never out grow your need for milk.” Fact: The rest of the mammals do not consume milk beyond the nursing stage where they consumed raw, fresh, species-specific milk. Today’s milk is not the raw,fresh, milk that was delivered, door-to-door in the ’40s. Inhumane factory farming produces a chemical-laden over-cooked product that has a long shelf life and is no longer fit for human consumption, especially infants. For the most complete scientific study that clarifies myths and misconceptions from both sides of the milk debate, read: “The Untold Story of Milk.” Other fact filled information can be found in: “The Raw Truth About Milk” and “Don’t Drink Your Milk.” If you want an overview of the entire food industry, read “Read the Crazy Makers.”

  • s c

    Contrary to what MDs say, we’re not all the same. Some people need more calcium. Some people don’t need much. Today’s milk is a chemical nightmare, compared to what we would have consumed 50 years ago.
    If you have your own dairy cows and you control what they eat, consider yourself lucky. I’m told that goat milk tends to be superior to cow’s milk.
    These days, what passes for milk in a grocery store is anything but nutritious. Consult an experienced nutritionist who isn’t a talking head for the AMA or a pimp for the dairy lobby.
    What you prefer is your business. However, if it’s not QUALITY, make sure you have the best health insurance you can get. In America, money talks.
    People who love money more than your good health
    are happy to sell you liquid garbage. They’ve been doing it for many years.

  • Bill McGowan

    If you have ever spent any time around a dairy farm and actually watched the entire production of
    milk, you would never drink the shit again. It’s poison ….


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