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DREAM Act To Be Decided In Lame-Duck Congress

December 2, 2010 by  

Government officials outraged by WikiLeaks' latest release of documentsRepublican Senators are expected to oppose Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) efforts to pass the DREAM Act, which would grant citizenship for some undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children.

According to Bloomberg, the bill would likely need the support of about a half-dozen Republicans in order to pass during the lame-duck session. In January, the GOP will gain six seats in the Senate, making it unlikely that the DREAM Act would pass in the next congressional session.

The legislation, if approved, would allow people who came to America before the age of 16 and remained for at least five years to gain legal residency if they attend college or serve in the military. Republicans blocked the bill in September when it was attached to the defense authorization bill.

"Granting legal status should only be done as part of comprehensive reform to ensure that we finally address our broken immigration system,” retiring Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) told the news provider.

New Mexico-based journalist Kathleene Parker recently detailed how lax immigration policies are partly responsible for a looming water crisis in the Southwest. In the report Population, Immigration, and the Drying of the American Southwest, which was published by the Center for Immigration Studies, Parker explores the link between a possible economic and environmental water crisis and the fact that the Southwest is the fastest-growing region because of the growing immigrant population. 

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  • Charles

    Please, Senator Reid, listen to the heart cry of the American people who were born here or have come hear legally, and have worked so hard to make America what it is.

    • Michael J.

      Reid’s heart is that of stone. Remember, conservatives out number liberals in this country by at least two to one allthough the Obamedia would have you believe otherwise. Have faith that the newly elected Tea Partiers will make a difference in the upcoming new congress while keeping in mind the provisions of the 2nd ammendment as a contingent.

      • lkar

        I see even Personal Liberty Digest has caved in to using the term undocumented immigrant. The correct term is ILLEGAL ALIEN! To change the terms means to give in to the whole argument and then you might as well pass the DREAM act if we simply refer to illegals as undocumented.

        • a skeptic

          Yes, “alien” = from another planet; “illegal” = they’re criminals and they’re breaking the law.

          Trouble is, most of our forefathers would be considered illegal under today’s standards if they got in at all… and if these newcomer immigrants are criminals, could someone please explain to me “Who is their victim and what crime exactly have they committed?”

          • http://msn Kerri

            The crime they commited is immigration laws,using faulsified documents, working illegally in this country, all at a tramendous cost to American taxpayers. American Citizens are the victims.

          • amen

            Well said Mr skeptic, it is just plain racism and hatred here at work. God bless you and all the immigrants in this beautiful USA.

          • Michael J.

            a skeptic,
            This report is aged but will suffice.

            INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants

            2006 (First Quarter) INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants

            CRIME STATISTICS 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

            83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

            86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

            75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

            24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

            40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

            48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

            29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually

            53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

            50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.

            71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or “transport coyotes”.

            47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.

            63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens

            66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.

            BIRTH STATISTICS 380,000 plus “anchor babies” were born in the U.S. in 2005 to illegal alien parents, making 380,000 babies automatically U.S.citizens.

            97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid by the American taxpayers.

            66% plus of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers

            To even ask such a question you must be a paid shill or just returned from Uranus.

          • Blake D

            @ a skeptic
            I hear this argument a lot when it comes to immigration. Yes our forefathers would have been considered illegal and many of my relatives who came here in the late 19th early 20th century would have been as well. The only difference is…it wasn’t illegal then, it is now. These are the laws of our land for better or worse.

            I have no problem with folks coming here trying to become citizens the correct way. The legal way. That includes assimilating to our culture, way of life and learning the language. We have pandered to people from other countries for to long and look at where it has gotten us. It’s time we upheld our laws and if you are here illegally then you are subject to arrest and deportation.

            I know that if I break the law I stand a good chance of going to jail or at least paying a fine. What happens when they break the law. We give them healthcare, education and amnesty. WOW now that is what I call a double standard.

            Please don’t support the DREAM Act. It is just another end around to getting rid of America as we know and love it.

          • Bill

            For one 8 Legal Americans are killed by Illegal Invaders, note Invaders which holds more truth then Immigrant as these people are Invading us! They steal our social services, school funds, and law enforcement, they Steal our jobs, they add pollution and strife to our nation which with out them would not be present, They take our time for Proper American legislation away, we spend time with defeating laws which would hand our country and lives over to them when we should be on to other issues! They form armed gangs which they admit are controlled by the Mexican Mafia, these are in all cites of any size across America now, this constitutes an Armed Invasion of America, and act of war!!! they kidnap and they rape, they sell drugs, they build shanty towns with no sanitary measures just like where they come from bring filth, pollution and diseases to Us here. They piss on and burn our flag they put up their Mexican Rag to fly over our lands, again an act of war!!!!!. With out them being granted lones for homes and auto and all else which many defaulted on and walked away our housing collapse may not have been a collapse and handled, with out them millions of homeless American unemployed family would still be working and paying on homes, our current finical Problems would not be near as great as they are, California, Texas and god knows how many other states would not be broke and there social services and hospitals would not be bankrupt, We all would be having a better life right now, so skeptic what good have Illegal invaders done, in comparison to the bad, none, they are a major factor in the downfall of American to the present conditions of today, we need rid of all them, deported back, we need Anchor babes to have the citizenship of there parents, note here now if one is a legal American that opens the door for citizenship for the child, I for one say if they want to raise litters of children, let them pay for them by them selves, not social services should be available to them, better just evict them from the country. this needs to be done now, our border sealed, Those who hire Illegal invaders are committing a crime and need to be prosecuted for such! those housing an Illegal need to be charged for such. All Illegals need to leave now. Soros needs to be bared any business transactions with or threw America, to say he be eliminated is great too. I just don’t want to know any thing about it is all. and I Quote from another post below some costs!
            You think the war in Iraq was costing us too much? Read this:
            1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.
            2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.
            3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.
            4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!
            5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.
            6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.
            7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.
            8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for Welfare & social services by the American taxpayers.
            9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.
            10.The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that’s two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US .
            11.During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries.. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the US from the Southern border.
            12. The National policy Institute estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.
            13. In 2006, illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances to their countries of origin.
            14.The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One million sex crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .

          • Shibamom

            Yes, “alien” = from another planet; “illegal” = they’re criminals and they’re breaking the law.

            Trouble is, most of our forefathers would be considered illegal under today’s standards if they got in at all… and if these newcomer immigrants are criminals, could someone please explain to me “Who is their victim and what crime exactly have they committed?”

            Are kidding me?? If they sneak in this country, they are breaking the law and they are criminals. What part of that do you not get? I think there are more Americans than you think that care about immigrants and would never do anything to hurt them…IF THEY CAME INTO THIS COUNTRY LEGALLY!!! And why in the world do you bring our forefathers into this??? That is the lamest argument yet! You can even begin to compare today’s standards with those from over 200 years ago. I’m guessing that your head has been buried in the sand for many years if you honestly can sit there and say “Who is their victim and what crime exactly did they commit?” UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

          • JohnK

            @ Shibamom
            If we were in the days of the Forefathers, George Soros, the Left, The Supreme Court, and probably 90% of Congress would be hung or shot for treason against The United States.

          • Kate8

            a skeptic – That is ridiculous. The standards used to be much more stringent to come here legally than they are today.

            Prior to LBJ, one had to be from a country where the culture was compatible with ours, one had to go through strict health screening, had to have a sponsor and a means of supporting oneself, had to learn English and assimilate once here…

            Today, the more divergent and needy, the better. More so if you are from a culture that hates ours. Thanks a lot for that.

            BTW, this was done by the LBJ administration, not to make us ‘strong in diversity’, because they well knew it wouldn’t. It was because they knew it would destroy our own culture and divide us as a nation.

            Communists at work.

          • http://yahoo rob

            As in your statement, “Racism”….Pull the race card when you DON’T state the facts about “ILLEGAL” and why “LEGAL” citizens are frustrated with the abusive actions of illegals toward our country. Legally enter the USA through the “FRONT DOOR”. Cowards and thieves enter through the “BACK DOOR”. Billions$ spent on “ILLEGALS”. Start there and TALK about facts. Put away the race card…Very weak on your part.

          • Jana

            a skeptic,
            Alien also means:
            Alien or Aliens may refer to: Alien (law), a non-citizen inhabitant of a country;

            Illegal means opposite of legal.

            Now what in the English language is so hard to understand about that? Oh, maybe you don’t comprehend the English language so well.

          • Bleh

            a skeptic – Yes, “alien” = from another planet;

            Wrong. In law, an alien is a person in a country who is not a citizen of that country.

            a skeptic – “illegal” = they’re criminals and they’re breaking the law.


            They are in the country illegal against said country’s authorization.
            The Victim here is the Citizen tax payer. However the victims that are truly harmed are the citizens who have themselves immigrated here through the proper legal channels. Not to mention the would be citizens who tried the proper legal channels and are now delayed or denied.

            As to our forefathers, who do you think wrote this country’s constitution and who do you think agreed upon the methods to change it?
            You want to change it fine, do so under the agreed upon methods and while you are at it, enforce it..
            Maybe then this country will stop sliding into the abyss and just maybe it will start to rise again.

          • a skeptic

            Michael J

            Not only is your report (“INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants”) “aged”, but it is also almost entirely fictious!! See

            That could have been seen right away by applying a little bit of common sense, to consider if these stats could possibly be correct. If you weren’t willing to stop for a minute and do the calculations, at the very least you could have checked if such a “2006 INS/FBI Statistical Report” even in fact exists… a simple Google search.

            It took all of twenty seconds to find the article referred to above refuting these claims and giving the correct statistics (“2006 INS/FBI”? Hah, INS closed shop in 2003).

            …But apparently you’re rather spew hatred than truth. “CRIME STATISTICS 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.” ??? Come onnnnn….! Have you ever actually spoken with any Latino families?

            You and the others that have bought into this crap have completely and voluntarily suspended your better judgement. The question is “Why?”

            … A lot of hate here, people.

          • a skeptic

            P.S. In contradiction of all of you who play fast and loose with statistics, here’s another recent report that suggests you’re full of ** it:

            “New data released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau highlights the rapidly growing economic power of Latino-owned businesses in the United States. According to the Bureau’s 2007 Survey of Business Owners, there were 2.3 million Latino-owned businesses in the country as of 2007, which generated $345.2 billion in sales and employed 1.9 million people. Moreover, the number of Latino-owned businesses grew by 43.7 percent between 2002 and 2007, which was more than twice the national average…In other words, the Latino community tends to be highly entrepreneurial, and the businesses which Latinos create sustain large numbers of jobs.”

            The report goes on for some length and would be worth studying before you get all hot and bothered and call for violence to “fix” the situation.

            The most pertinent sections were summerized a week ago by contributor Max901 in another Personal Liberty column (2/3 of the way down):

            Now, for many of you this will be highly disturbing. However, someone here has said that they have no problem with the “legal” Latinos (…seems to be very much in the minority of opinion!). My question is: “How can you tell the difference?”

            Are you referring to long established families, i.e., that they’re ok but that the poor newcomers showing up in the soup kitchens aren’t? The great majority of these business owners were among the 12.1 million immigrants of the 1990′s who also started off relying on the generosity of others (soup kitchens, shared housing, whatever) and apparently had also taken the traditional, non-bureaucratic route to immigrating: They just up and immigrated!

            If that’s so – i.e., that you have no complaint against the Latinos who have fit in and established themselves – seems to me you’d also have no complaint with – on the contrary, you’d have to even stand up for – these young hard-working students looking to achieve legal status, basically what the DREAM Act offers.

            After all, what they’re asking for is just the chance to continue their education and achieve their potential through post-secondary education to make a contribution to society. They are positive young people, not the hoodlums described here, as can be attested to by their by successfully completing middle and high school. For those of you that can’t quite understand, this also means that they’ve mastered English and that they’ve been here a good number of years and have fit in… whether you personally have made friends with them or not.

            Many of these young people, by the way, have never considered any nation other than America as their home.

            P.P.S. Max901, presumably a lawyer or law student writing a book on this, also gives a very clear discussion about whether “illegal” necessarily means “criminal” – it doesn’t.

            But better to read it for yourself: Max901 says: November 26, 2010 at 11:45 am. Here’s a brief tidbit:

            “One who violates the civil law is no more a criminal than someone who has breached a contract or accidentally damaged another’s property.

            …According to U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services statistics, about 40 percent of undocumented persons enter legally and overstay their visas (which, as stated above, is not a crime). Consequently, at least 40 percent of the undocumented population has committed no crime in regards to their immigration status.

            Therefore, one cannot assume that a person has committed a crime simply because they are undocumented.”

          • Michael J.

            a skeptic,
            The gist of the article is legitimate even though figures are approximate. The disclaimer piece you listed from the L.A. Times is laughable, they probably still support the Global Warming theory. ha,ha,ha,ha, LMAO.
            Below is how snopes covered the report, BTW another left coast site I don’t have any confidence in but, I know how you left leaning girlie men swear by it.

            And I wouldn’t expect a report from to sound any different from this:
            “New data released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau highlights the rapidly growing economic power of Latino-owned businesses in the United States. According to the Bureau’s 2007 Survey of Business Owners, there were 2.3 million Latino-owned businesses in the country as of 2007, which generated $345.2 billion in sales and employed 1.9 million people. Moreover, the number of Latino-owned businesses grew by 43.7 percent between 2002 and 2007, which was more than twice the national average…In other words, the Latino community tends to be highly entrepreneurial, and the businesses which Latinos create sustain large numbers of jobs.”

            The report fails to realize or ignors the fact that those who entered the country illegally are still breaking the law no matter how sucessful they have become. And the jobs created were cash paying jobs to individuals who are also illegal.

            Here’s and experiment for you. sneak accross the border tonight into mexico, get a cash paying job, drive without a DL or auto ins. Then in 6 mos. if you’re still alive and not rotting in a Federalli prison, come back and report on which countries immigration laws are more flexible.

            If you return after witnessing the filth, crime and disease in Mexico and begin to realize that our country will look like that soon, maybe you will return to your own home to see the Mexican flag flying in your front yard, planted by the family that has commandeered your home and refuse to give it up claiming that Latino’s were here first until Americans stole their land.
            Just when you are tired, dirty and frustrated and believing that you’re at your wit’s end, a limp wristed liberal like you used to be will say, Ya they were here first and these poor people are not criminals, their just being civilly disobediant.

            At that very moment it will seem to you like a million miles and a million years have passed since you said:

            “Therefore, one cannot assume that a person has committed a crime simply because they are undocumented.”

            Hasta la vista, bebe!

          • EKM

            “Who is their victim and what crime exactly have they committed?”

            Well Skeptic….that is your question, huh? What a dimwit you are. Who is their victim? You and me and all other Americans who are having to relinquish our taxpayer dollars in the trillions to support them in hospitals, schools, welfare payments,etc. The list goes on and on! What crime have they committed? you say. Well the crime of entering another country without proper permission & documentation. If you were a well informed and knowledgable citizen yourself, then you would know that our nation has laws in place against anyone entering it without doing it legally. That is the crime, dimwit and you are one of their victims. You are just too ignorant to know that you are. Wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

          • The Prophet-Messenger

            Hey Askeptic, Have You Watched The News Lately? Go To California And See If You Can Walk The Street At Night. Make Sure You Identify Who Wasted You As That Is What Would Happen To You If You Are Caught On Their Turf! Look At Who Their Loyalty Is Too As Well, Look At The Tattoos Of M-13 And Many Other Street GANGS Who’s Loyalty Isn’t Here. Look At Whose Flag They Fly As It Certainly Isn’t The U.S.A. One. I Think All This Will Most Certainly Answer Your Questions For You With Out Anyone’s Input. In This World Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

        • Dale Campbell

          The correct term is “Illemmigrunt”!

          • Patrick

            That is why we are going broke, wake up America, this is just plan asinine, the Obama way, God help us….those stats from Michael J, says it all and we continue to ignore, just keep bringing them in, Obama should hire them to work at the Whitehouse.

      • Gezandor

        I can’t imagine what news you watch to call it “Obamedia” when the majority of News Channels are controlled by big business Republican puppetiers. When big business wants somtthing all they have to do is say jump and all of sudden the Republicans are fighting to see which one of them can jump higher and quicker.

        Michael J. says:
        December 2, 2010 at 8:15 am
        Reid’s heart is that of stone. Remember, conservatives out number liberals in this country by at least two to one allthough the Obamedia would have you believe otherwise. Have faith that the newly elected Tea Partiers will make a difference in the upcoming new congress while keeping in mind the provisions of the 2nd ammendment as a contingent.

        • Michael J.

          Is Gezandor your name or the name of the planet from which you hale? Because if you can’t tell that the vast majority of main stream media is in the tank for Obama, you must be a space alien.

          • Shibamom

            Roger that Michael! There are still a lot of people in la la land in America…I’m guessing the majority of them are liberals. As long as the liberals world is perfect, they don’t bother to take a good, long look around them to see what is happening elsewhere. It’s all about them and their wellbeing and they are really good at denying anything bad is happening.

          • TIME


            I think this person has been drinking a lot of some very strong Hooch, more than likly the stuff he is brewing in the back yard.

            Then tossing in a hand full of Lithum daily over the last number of years ~ well the results are “the brain shrinks” then after a while it just stops working, and things become distorted kind of like being a a haze a fog, as it were.

            Please see the right hand side of Holiday shoppers, Noted as the “The Maddness of a Lost Society.”
            I think that clearly displays this persons kind of thinking patterns quite well.

          • Michael J.

            I watched the video you mentioned and to my dismay, I recognized some of the participants, or at least they seemed to resemble my sisters family. Frequent big box chain groupies and blind Obama-fans who laughingly giggle while watching football or Oprah and are completely oblivious to the fact that we are about to fall off a cliff.

            Sometimes I feel like we are surrounded by a nation full of Ceasar’s all fiddling while Rome burns.

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    ried needs to have his head examined, no dream act with people out of work .

  • http://LiveFreeInAUnfairWorld Troy L Chatman


    • amen

      Troy, that means that your parents and grand parents should go back to great britain where they came from.

      • barbm

        we were welcomed by the indians. yes, we took advantage of them and nearly wiped them out, but it was NOT illegal at that time to come here. there are limited resources and space in our country now which was not the case back then. if they break our immigration laws, they won’t respect any of our other laws either. why must we take in every illiterate, uneducated, baby popping, disease ridden, law breaking mexican? if they wanted a better life, they’d come here, get jobs, and stop having more babies than they can afford to support instead of popping out a kid asap so they can get welfare.

        • a skeptic

          barbm, guess what?

          None of the atrocities that happened to minorities in WWII in Germany were illegal. The Nazis just passed laws to justify the unjustifiable.

          • Michael J.

            a skeptic,
            You should consider running for president in Iran, you already have the mindset.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        where should my ancestors go? part of mine were Native American! Course though rumor has it that they came across the ice bridge. I gueass what it boils down to is he who has possession owns it! We have possession and we intend to keep it. We also have laws that say you come here legally or don’t come at all!!

      • Bleh

        amen – “Troy, that means that your parents and grand parents should go back to great britain where they came from.”
        Sorry to burst your bubble but this country has been recognized for over 200 years. Every citizen today is a citizen regardless of their ancestors origins, race, or religion or gender.
        Like it or not this country was founded upon a set of laws and some of those laws have evolved to eliminate discrimination of citizens based upon race, religion, gender and creed.
        Secondly the natives that were here before our ancestors, have been breeding with said ancestors. Your kind tends to overlook that little gem huh? Perhaps your kind needs to broaden its little sphere a bit and finally recognize that a few hundred years changes things, even blood.

        • Cherokee

          Let us not forget the thousands upon thousands of First Nation peoples that were killed by the Spanish… Also we must consider the fact that many of these persons coming here are being used as drug mules and are being sold into the sex slave trade… these are not the ways of the people. Everyone that cries for these ones to come here are a bane on the people… if only for the fact that they often are delivering the drugs that are killing our young people… Let’s stop playing games here…our people are dying! Let us also not forget that the First Nations people were at war with Mexico. There is good reason that Geronimo did not like Mexican people. True there are a number of First Nations people that have “come here” from Mexico BUT 1,000′s more are descendents of the Spanish that killed our people in mass murder…

  • Phil

    Thank God this Democratic nightmare will be over January 1.

    • home boy

      not in the senate

    • barbm

      there is a HUGE difference between democrat and democratic. i wish everybody would stop confusing them.

  • castaway

    I want to start shooting! Iam very angry with what has happened to the great America. All I need is the majority of you to come shoot with me. I won’t be easy, but it will appease my anger when the first one falls dead to my bullet.

    • Michael J.

      The mere mention of violence provides ammunition to those you wish to defeat. Please control yourself.

      • castaway

        Not really, but it does scare the hell out of them. It is also the only thing that has ever worked against them. It is in the History books.

        • barbm

          not true. look up operation wetback. eisenhower got them all out in 2 years so returning soldiers could have their jobs. it can be done, we just have to start. violence is a last resort.

          • Bleh

            Violence may be the last resort.
            However when we find the change that we seek is not going to come through “Voting the bumbs out” the following quote come to mind:

            Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable – John F. Kennedy

          • Michael J.

            The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots … Thomas Jefferson

    • JeffH

      castaway is more than likely a Soros funded leftist trying to incite some sort of violence from conservatives.

  • http://Verizon Bud G.

    Harry Reid doesn’t care what you think about the immigration problem. His only concern is increasing the numbers of people who will likely vote Democrat illegally to keep his party in power. It should be recognized for what it is. He has no passion for the illegal immigrant.

    The government needs to pass legislation to change the law on automatic citizenship because the taxpayer is footing the bill for thousands of children born to illegal immigrants. The child’s status as an American citizen then becomes a problem with deportation of the parents and the number of illegals continue to grow with fake Social Security Cards, driver’s license and uninsured drivers. The argument that illegals contribute to the economy doesn’t wash as opposed to providing for their care and is slowly destroying our economy.

  • Michael J.

    As I predicted earlier, the walking dead politicians who were just ousted by popular vote will attempt to pass the “Dream Act” in this lame duck session of congress.

    These Kamakazee warriors of Emperor Obama are determined to go against the will of their constituents who overwhelmingly voiced their descent of such matters on Nov. 2nd.

    • castaway

      I also voted for the hell of it, even though I had been telling everyone that it will not work. Now look same shit, different day. It will never change, until we patriots stand up for the constitution of the United States Of America, and take our republic back from the cold dead hands of the liberals.
      Keep your guns cleaned and well oiled and cross hatch your bullets in your spare time.

  • castaway

    The really sad thing is that I am all alone, and will be labled a terrorist, and a nutcase, for wanting to defend my republic.

    • Teresa

      locked and loaded babe….For God and Country!

    • bp

      Castaway; Take heart; you are not alone. But Michael J. has a point. DO NOT take the violent road; Obammur is just yearning for the opportunity to impose martial law, & then it will REALLY be all over. The voting booth in 2012; that is where our battle lies, & Reid knows it. This DREAM Act is nothing more than rallying; “I can’t imagine any Hispanic voting Republican” he reportedly said!

      • castaway

        In a time of an all out civil war, marshal law means nothing. In addition a well planned and coordinated effort could unseat this government in 24 hours and the US military for the most part will be on our side. We must unite SOOON, I hate violence, but we no longer have a choice. Think about it! If everyone that is unhappy, and in a Tea Party group or other group would join together, it would be unstoppable, and not last long.In fact it might not get violent,if the other side behaves, as I know they would not. Ask your selves how we got here. Now you want more of that same inaction.

    • JeffH


      • Kate8

        Maybe so, JeffH. But I know others who feel the same way. This is what TPTB want – to push us over the edge. If we know this, we can watch them more objectively without reacting.

        I sure you know that there are leftist groups who are planning and organizing for riots, violence and chaos. They are just waiting for the right trigger. These people have been brainwashed and trained for this time, taught to hate America, hate successful people, hate intelligence and, generally, all things good. And worst of all, taught that it is their right to go on the rampage against our citizenry and take what they are ‘entitled’ to.

        Those who see the treason being perpetrated on America are rightfully angry. Who wouldn’t be? I can’t assume that just because someone voices frustration that he is a leftist plant, although that is a possibility. But I also know how it feels to see what’s happening, and be ridiculed by those around you.

    • Kate8

      castaway – You are definitely not alone! I know exactly what you are talking about. You see all these things happening to our country, and no one seems to be interested or want to hear it.

      None of my friends or family want to see what is going on. They think things are fine. Well, a couple of them are catching on, but they don’t want to talk about it. It makes people fearful, so they blow you off.

      We have to avoid violence as long as possible. This is the time for inner-renewal, the time to strengthen our spirits and be ready for whatever comes. Most people will dissolve into mass pandemonium, and won’t know what to do. We have to know what is right, and stick with that.

      Godspeed, fellow patriot.

      • Bleh

        Kate8 – “We have to avoid violence as long as possible. This is the time for inner-renewal, the time to strengthen our spirits and be ready for whatever comes. Most people will dissolve into mass pandemonium, and won’t know what to do. We have to know what is right, and stick with that.”

        Well said Kate8.

  • castaway

    Do any of you remember the violence it took to get them to end the war in Viet Nam? I bet we would still be there, if it were not for violent demonstrations,draft card burning,and flag burning. It appears to me that most Americans have their tail between their legs and are shaking violently. Pussies

    • Michael J.

      You would do well to realize that the protestors you reference are the ones who currently control the Democratic party.

      • castaway

        Not any of them I know of and of course the democratic party of today is nothing like it used to be, as I was for a time a Democrat. It is not the party of deciet and treachury. You are also claiming and accusing these people of having a brain and courage. I ask you where did it all go, and they are now Democrats?? Not

        • Michael J.

          Ever heard of John Kerry? The tie-dyed liberals of the 60′s and early 70′s now have top slots in the Democratic party, MSM, Academia, Unions and the full gammot of local and national government jobs, research it yourself.

        • Kate8

          castaway, the democrat party was taken over by communsists in the ’60s. They have been working to destroy this nation ever since.

          My family were democrats, my dad a WW11 vet. He always supported our military, even in Viet Nam. I was against the war, but had friends and family in the military and honored them.

          My sister served two tours in Viet Nam, and was spat on when she came back to America by misguided liberals. To this day it is painful for her, although she would never speak of it.

          I can’t quite get a bead on where you are coming from.

      • barbm

        democrat, NOT democratic.

    • Bill

      I hear They have been bringing in crack NATO forces for some time now receiving special urban warfare training here on American bases. I hear of FEAMA set up to take over in an emergency, I hear of concentration Camps set up with red taken and killed or just kill and Blue maybe they can be reeducated to serve us! Camps. these I hear are up constructed and waiting for us now! I hear the government has underground bases set up to survive comfortably underground for years and these are in place and ready to go now. I understand they have been illegally keeping lists of weapon purchases and ammo bought for years now, these are recorded and logged to each person, I understand that they have and will use weapons we have never heard of, that top secret weapons from space are in place and even Russia used laser to defer a influx of peoples crossing there border some time ago, if Russia had that them we sure have it and more now. they have weapons using sound, and electricity and chemical to take on the best supplied. If this is started it will not be easy, it will not be fast, we will take hits, major hits. They have our National Guard and our troops spread all across the globe, nothing stopping armed forces coming up from our southern border, this unsealed border is bigger then any realize for a sellout on Americans. some rumors on Chinese troops stationed in Mexico awaiting the go for Our Muslim man in the white house. I believe these people will go to much further destructible means to take us out, with them safely sealed away what would stop them from using poison gas or weapons to destroy flesh and leave all else they they just come back up, they have the means. Think before you foolishly act, they have much more then we know, our known science is far behind what they have and know, Obama is only a target to take the hit while those in power are then given time to find safety and many I believe live in safety we do not know of yet. they and there family’s are safe if it starts now. we aren’t Think, if it starts be prepared for much more then we see, it is the unseen that will get us. all this does not mean we should not act but should think and do so according. much of this has been continually built since WW2 and we were never told. Others tell our presidents what to do and they do it, Kennedy didn’t and they had him made an example. why his records were sealed, why the body was cremated folks, people like the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller’s and such as George Soros control much more then we know. Obama is just a good puppet is all. nothing more. the real problem is out of our sight.

      • Kate8

        Bill, Well, I see you’ve done your homework.

        I, too, believe that all this is true, and we’re pretty much sitting ducks. We are being provoked to start something, to give the power-mongers an excuse to act. I think they plan to unleash a whole host of horrors on us pretty soon.

        The only thing that gives me peace and hope is faith in God. Scripture clearly tells us what will happen, but that God is not at war with His people but with evil. He will not allow these control freaks to prevail. We do well to examine our own need to control so we are not aligned with this energy.

        Many of us will die but, hey, we weren’t going to live forever, anyway. We just need to make the best use of the time we have.

      • Bleh

        Their little “Microwave” and “Soundwave” tools are not invulnerable.
        High tech equals multiple failure points.

        • Kate8

          Bleh, Quite right. And we can’t discount divine intervention.

          “No weapons formed against you shall prosper.”

    • who cares

      they rather have other people fight their war. bicth at same time. blame others. As one guy once said to me that why we have Black and immigrants I am an American I schould’nt have go war. Cheney, bush, did’nt go. Thats an American.

  • Jan Scallan

    Castaway you’re not a nut case, just extremely frustrated with what’s happened to our republic. I believe most of us that frequent this site are as equally frustrated. But as a combat veteran, I must say that once we do get to that point of where the actual shooting starts, there will be no turning back. Will something better replace what we now have? I fear that the day we speak of may be all too close. But if we can make decisions that are not emotionally based, maybe we can hold off on the bullets flying and attempt to get our country back through peaceful means. While I am doubtful, I still remain hopeful. Hope and work for the best but prepare for the worst.

    • Jakartaman

      Great advise – Most folks are clueless as to what is happening – we are close to a worldwide economic collapse – Europe will be first. Start researching survival sights and put any paper wealth into something you can hold. – My personal estimate is within two years

    • castaway

      I feel somewhat as you, but I am running out of patience. We are on a slippery slope and accelerating. Now what? THe brakes don’t work, there is no mechanic on board, and everyone is afraid to try. WHat the hell ever happened to the American Spirit that won 2 world wars, went into space,and was always the world leader in everything???

      • Kate8

        castaway – You will be of no use as a loose cannon.

        You need to do some soul-searching. Remember that the conflict in the world is a reflection of each person’s inner conflict.

        Many years ago, a very wise woman I know said, “We will have world peace when each individual has peace within himself”.

        Maybe some martial arts would help. Not only would you be physically prepared, but mentally and spiritually, as well. You really don’t want to jump the gun.

    • JeffH

      Jan Scallan, read every comment by “castaway” and you’ll see a rhetorical push for violence…this character is a phony pushing this crap for a specific reason and it’s not for freedom loving American patriots.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I must say I agree with you! This fool thinks that the Government can be taken over in a few days?!?!?!? Fool is right! I am one of those Viet Nam vets he talks of demonstrating against and that is the real truth, they were demonstrating against our troops just as much as the government! He seems proud of that fact, well I’ve only got two words for him and it isn’t good day!!

        • Bleh

          Joe I read the same posts, and I do not feel he was praising the people for protesting against the vets. I am a vet to by the way.
          I feel he was relating to the “balls” the people once had and nothing more.
          Although I must agree, you aint knocking this Government out in just a few days. Even if you could, not all the military is going to be OK with it.

  • FlaJim

    Not only should the DREAM Act be opposed, we need to clear up this business of pregnant women who sneak across the border to have so-called ‘anchor babies.’ That was never the intention of the 14th Amendment if you look at the preamble of its presentation. It specified that babies of illegals and other foreigners, temporarily here, would be recognized as citizens.

    Senators better be very careful how they vote. We’ll be keeping score and a lot of them come up for reelection in two years.

    • castaway

      ITs called forced abortion.

  • Sharon H

    This current Congress was lame long before the Lame Duck session. They have a total disregard for the rules and laws that govern America, from the Constitution to state and local laws. Their entire focus is on power – their personal power. I will be ecstatic when January finally comes. This Congress has lead me to favor an immigration moratorium. They refuse to stop the flow of illegal immigration, and want to give these lawbreakers automatic citizenship. What will that encourage but more illegal immigration? They are trying to build a greater base of voters for their own personal power. They are traitors to our nation and to the citizens of this country



    • castaway

      Yes look at what has been happening to the money we sent to Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It is nothing short of an outrage the way they, the Politicians and foreigners, are taking Advantage of the American tax payer.
      Then when we complain, the come-back, is well less taxes where will the money come from for your infra-structure. It is our tax dollars that empower these imbeciles, and gives them the money to do what ever they want.
      I also believe the majority of our money goes overseas. I am tired of it and it needs to stop and there is only one way to do that,and that is the spilling of blood in an all out civil war. Look at what is happening to this country!!!!

    • Kate8

      JZOOM – The time to act on the things you mention has long passed. We’ve gone too far, and have been infiltrated with too many hostile foreigners, by design.

      I wouldn’t be in too big a hurry to start shooting, because that will be a point of no return. We’d best use this lull before the storm as a time to prepare ourselves for what we know is coming.

    • who cares

      republicans should cut the welfare to the rich

  • castaway

    This immigration thing is a nightmare that will not go away easily.As soon as the hispanic population starts demonstrating, the politicians start to cower and shake and can only say sure what ever you need. Instead they tell us that America will add another language.B.S. I see not the Hispanics are about to form a group to copy the Tea Party, and will call it something like The Tequila Party. Idiots don’t seem to get it,Illegal is just that. Good greif, many have been here for more than 20 years illegally and their children are educated in our colleges. THey are still illegal, and need to be sent back to where they came from.

    • rick

      Ten years ago, I proposed that we send our national guard and other
      reserve units to the border states for their two week training every
      year. This would have helped to control the illegal border crossings.
      Today, I have a better proposal. We should declare a two or three mile
      wide zone along the border as a practice range for random strafing and
      bombing, complete with signs that have similar warnings to the ones
      that are in place now. Advise them in ten or twelve different languages of the clear and present danger to their health and welfare.
      This way, there is no profiling, just border protection.

      • Bleh

        That my friend is an Outstanding idea.

  • Bill Stanley

    Politicians should be stopped from taking income / wealth from those who earned it and giving it to illegal aliens. Find and deport them.

    • castaway

      Vigilantism needs to return to America. Try them, convict them,sentence them, and commute the sentence on the spot.

    • rick

      I think that maybe we should try to deport some of these politicians
      who promote these idiotic proposals, or maybe make them adopt one of
      these alien families with the provision that they support them for as
      long as they live here.

  • Mr S.

    Why is it that everyone wants to customize the law for the purpose of getting votes of loyalty, from individuals who want citizenship with out following the law as it is now. Those teens should be filing to become citizens just like all our parents did when they came into this country in the 1900′s. They got off the boat, signed papers, learned the language, earned their citizenship legally. Today weather the individuals are Mexican,Asian, Indian,Polish,etc, think that they can just come into the country, work here, send the $ back to their family at home, use the Social Security and hospital system like welfare, never make an attempt to get legal, and now Elected US leaders want votes and play the immigration welfare game, by allowing these illegal immigrants to become citizens without following the law we all had to follow before, with a free pass, only to capture these gate crashers as loyal votes to keep the politicians in office by way of this divisive scheme to steal votes illegally.
    These young immigrants can go through the legal system without the law, without getting deported.
    No one is above the law, and no one should be able to make laws to serve themselves over the good of the majority.

    • castaway

      Get this, I know a Pakistani man who has several degrees, and has been here probably illegal or legal, as I am not sure. I was talking to him one day and I simply asked him, you have been here for ten years,why do you not get a citizen ship, so you can vote and have all the benefits that go with it? His Answer: Why? I have all those benefits now, I can vote, I have a ss card,and on and on. What is up with this US government????

      • rick

        Years ago, I worked with an Indian Green Card holder who had been here
        for over twenty years, and had no intention of ever becoming a citizen
        or returning to India. This is nothing new.

    • a skeptic

      Mr S says:
      “Those teens should be filing to become citizens just like all our parents did when they came into this country in the 1900′s. They got off the boat, signed papers, learned the language, earned their citizenship legally.”

      So how about studying this a little bit and reporting back to us just what the differences are being today’s process and the one faced by our forefathers?

      You’d find there is no line for signing papers, no “just getting off the boat”, no filing to become citizens… in fact, the immigration process nowadays is a lengthy, extremely expensive, bureaucratic rigamarole: “Poor people need not apply.”

      In contrast to our grandparents’ or great grandparents’ time, the young people involved here – who already have mastered the language and fit in and proven their seriousness as students to the extent that they have a chance to go on to college – are simply asking for the chance to regularize their situation and be accepted to stay legally. Seems most people here, whose parents and grandparents were welcomed with open arms despite being “the poor, the destitute”, now begrudge every little help that we might extend to others.

      • Joyce from Loris

        The reason for this process is to limit the people that come to our country. Do you think we should allow EVERYONE to just come on in, now that our own population exceeds 320 MILLION? Just how many people do you think this nation can handle? We have massive unemployment numbers as it is. We have 60 million people receiving food stamps! Just how much more do you think the American tax payer can afford? So, you want to justify the BREAKING OF OUR LAWS so that these people can just come to American, whether we, the CITIZENS, like it or not? How outrageous! Our immigration laws specify that people are admitted to become an American based on the VALUE THEY BRING TO OUR NATION. They must prove that they are employed, and will NOT BE A BURDEN TO OUR SOCIETY. Breaking into our nation, sneaking over the border, taking advantage of FREE CHILD DELIVERY, is not exactly what I would call a BENEFIT TO OUR NATION.

      • Michael J.

        a skeptic,
        Sounds like you disagree with immigration law. Fine, write your Congressman and use your vote to elect officials who share your view. Until then the laws on the books MUST be enforced. All this wishy-washy selective judification is a progressive mind set. No one is above the law and one set of laws for all.

      • Shibamom

        How about we send all of these illegals to your town, street, and house and you can be responsible for getting them everything they need. You can pay to feed and house them, get them medical care and education….all on your dime…not on ours!! I mean, since you’re all sympathetic and all! Unbelievable!!!

        • Bleh

          What She said.

  • Hector J. Martinez

    go to and use this to voice your opinion.
    I just found it last week and its pretty interesting how americans feel about alot of things.

    • castaway

      I want to know how YOU feel Hector from ?? Dare I guess? LOL

  • http://com i41

    castaway, those so called wonderful violeence tactics of the Veitnam war, was instigated by the USSR and communists. The same hippy bastards are now in power and are still communists. All of the crap came from communist rectal headed idoits like McGovern and Traitor Fonda and their socialist ilk. If people are going to stop this stupidity, the leaders of this crap need to disposed of, to turn the herd mentality off. All democrats are judas goats and the American sheep are being lead down the alley way to their destruction. These socialist traitors will just side step at the last minute, to save themselves, as the kill acion starts. Are wars now are not fought to win, but as a police action. With the feely meely socialist democrats writing the rules of engagement, and tie the troops hands. We have the ability to stop these freaks, but USA has too many pusified wimps, who think talking and giving the stoneage idoits backrubs and understanding.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Hanoi jane and a few of her admirers tried to demonstrate at a little get together called aA Gathering of Eagles in D.C. a couple of years ago. Well, when the people at the gathering saw the demonstrators comming, they surrounded them, Viet Nam Vets and spouses. Hanoi jane and company retreated quite quickly!! I guess us Nam Vets have a couple of battles left in us!!

    • who cares

      During the Eight years of Bush as president you mean the socialist democrats were running the war? And that why the U.S. is still there? When are you Whimps going to take resposibility for voting republican or is it that your misguided by superior [Offensive comment removed] like the GOP. Is it your misfortune of being whimps can’t think for yourselves. Whimps: Republicans who start war and can’t win as in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan? They start wars leave it to Democrat to end it for them, you to believe for this reason they should be back in power (Republican) Again wing nuts you forgotten it was Bush and republican that allowed 9-11 to happen so they could go to Iraq. Did Iraq Attack us?? Why did’nt you cry babies cry about that when Bush pull the troops out from Afghanistan where Osama was at. Are any of you unemployed, are you collecting unemployment benefits pay? Why wont you speak out the Republican refusing to extend for the benefit you all have work and are entitle just as SSI you pay into it. millionaire are entitled to the same benefits as the rest of us are. But who needs it more, you who make $50.000 a year or them? Do you see any GOP rejecting, refusing his socialize medicine, or their retirement pay they are millionaires. Tax payers will have to pay for their retirement pay, health benefits and yet they want to privatized yours and my SSI, medicare, and other benefits For those who can pay into it more power to you what if the company desides to take you money and run? left you with a empty bag.. Under Bush 401 went south allot people lost their life savings a study was done people who vote republican earn less then those of liberal, progressives Democrats. Right wing Republicans want to privatized everything this means it will affect the low income earners the most. (a Lump of coal in yours
      sock, Lump of gold for the rich) By this time we all will be low income because they wont be any jobs in the USA, and for those who have any income you will be working for pennies don’t for get you have to pay for the rich. Republicans will continue to blame the liberal Democrats for the mess the republicans have put USA in, You will continue to believe them very much like Bush bailout, Obama gets the blame every time. What about Bush Tax cut for the rich. actually the rich should pay their fair share of taxes why should you who makes so little pay theirs taxes. If jobs are the reason for the tax cut For last ten years where are the jobs??? Under Republicans we have lost the most jobs and yet they continue to receive tax breaks. why is it only Republicans (not to say Democrats are angels) want to screw you the American people or is it once they finish their tenure in office or are they being pay under the table to pass this laws. they will keep more of their money? American companies can not benefit by paying any us $20.00 an hour when they can have it done for $2.00 a day in China in the mean time immigrants are being blamed for loss of jobs. Should’nt you be blaming the companies that moved to other countries? I did’nt know immigrants control or have a saying what company stay or go. sounds like a republican do as i say not as i do. The American workers have worked themselves out of jobs. Why would a company pay you $17 or $19 an hour when they can get two workers for the price of one. And besides Republican’s (Reagan allowed them to stay) want immigrats for their
      low pay. Do yoy honestly believe the Republican care about you? your their puppet, they pull the strings and pull very hard to keep you cofused, you continue to vote for them. Fox news who pay million of dollars to get Bill Oreilly, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck to pass out false information lies to get you to vote for ever they want you vote like mickey mouse or Que Sarah Sarah Palin (she calls her self Sarah Barracuda) lets not foget “Tokyo Rose” Rush Limbaugh the Republicans don’t move with out his approval, and when out step the run to [Offensive comment removed] I see you guys march in step as wellas they do. So let me get this straight. in Libertarian paradise there no health or safety regulations of any kind. Everything (schools, roads, prison) is owned and run by Halliburton (Chiney, Gonsalez)and Goldman sacks for profit, and the goverment’s only role is to tax us to pay Blackwater to kick our ass (like in New orleans Katrina) if we interfere with Halliburton and Goldmans? oh, and every child is a homeschool young earth creationist, armed to the teeth, learning US History from Glenn Beck. If the dream act was for white only you guys would have a problems. whats the use you guys are well done cooked.

      • rick

        If you think the rich Democrats like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Rangel, and
        the other hundred or so Millionaires in Congress have any real
        compassion for the poor, then you have drank too much of the Progressive (Read that Socialist) KoolAid. I have never been given a
        job by a poor Democrat or Republican. Wake up, all taxes are eventually paid for by the end consumer, rich or poor.

  • Alfredo

    They came here illegaly and there are laws in this country you must follow if not this will become a third world country.

  • Raggs

    AH yes… The dumbocraps are preparing for 2012… Free votes from mexicans in exchange for free homes / healthcare / educatiion / food / utilities… Wait a damm minute!!!! this crap is not free!!!!

    What do I get when they vote for this muslim???? I think we know the answer to that now don’t we!

  • Jakartaman

    Just some things that could be done quickly to save our country form collapes

    1) really close the borders – wall with military
    2) deport all illegals
    3) stop all foreign aid
    4) cloe all foreign military bases bases
    5) Make congress part time
    6) cut/abolish most Federal agencies – Let the states govern as the Constitution wanted.
    7) cut entitlements – especially the give away BS to the non workers
    8) defund National Public Radio
    9) vote out all socialist (incl the 8 repubs that voted to keep earmarks)
    10) vote/force out all activist judges
    11) repeal obamacare
    12) institute a flat tax

    Feel free to add to the list

    • castaway

      Damn straight, we will do this after we win the civil war.

    • a skeptic

      Heil Hitler! Sounds exactly like a lot of things that were done in Nazi Germany. Yeah, send out the Brown Shirts to round up the Latinos!

      • David

        We did it during WW2 and we appear to be at war now….except we can’t quite figure out if it is the illegals or the dumb a$$es like Harry Reid. Let them dilute our culture and our culture will be no more. This applies to illegals and democrats or what ever that party has become.

        • who cares

          I blame you and republicans for the mess

      • Bill

        Muslim foreign born Obama has already started organizing the brown shirts, secured funds for them and started organizing them, your on the wrong side of the line here comrade, here it is the Americans. best you get to your side, bet they got a brown shirt for you and a Idea you seem more comfortable with over there.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        a skeptic,
        The man is trying to politely tell you something and I think I know what it is. I’m not quite so polite. You can kiss my dark side!!

    • Blevit

      First off Jakartaman,great wish list, however as I have said all along, what is the incentive for these overpaid strutting demiGODS
      to listen to the populace,remembering the majority of voters has always voted to throw illegals out and secure our borders. Then
      almost magically some JUDGE from podunk wherever appears and says that
      it is unconstitutional to do that, from that moment,the whole process
      goes into the the judicial system and is never heard from again. My
      point is, again, this government does not care for our opinion,the
      enforcement of laws already written,they live in their own world.
      The one thing that remains the same is the continual posturing of one
      side blaming the other as our country is sold off. Do NOT expect anything to come from any part of congress except more blame and
      most assuredly burden placed on the working mans shoulders.

    • 45caliber

      I agree with most of what you want but not all.

      However I’ll add a couple:

      1. End Welfare.

      2. End Foreign Aid to other countries except in emergencies like earth quakes. And then WE hand the stuff out – we don’t give it to their government to hand out and pretend they are helping when we won’t.

      3. End all government charity giving.

      4. End the Dept of Education, Energy, HUD, etc. Except those that we started with.

      5. Stop all lawyers from serving in any branch except judicial since by profession they are already part of that branch.

      6. Remove from office any judge that makes a decision that does not follow the Constitution.

      7. Pass a balanced budget amendment.

      8. Ban all pork projects.

      Then they could REALLY cut taxes and still be able to pay off our debt!

    • Bleh

      I disagree with 12.
      Unless I am mistaken, we did not need taxes until we got the Federal Reserve and Social Security. Our taxes go to the Federal Reserve to pay interest on the OUR money that they LOAN to us.
      So as part of step 6 you should eliminate the non-Federal Agency that is our central bank.
      If you must have 12 then by all means make it a small flat tax. And make sure that the monies payed in do not exit the country, do not go to non-citizens for ANY reason and DO NOT go to “bail outs”.

    • rick

      You could also pay each member of Congress $2million a year, but make them pay all of their staff expenses, office refurbishing, travel
      expenses, etc. out of that sum. They would be allowed to keep the
      remainder for their part with no taxes due. I wonder how many billions
      we could save here.

  • castaway

    Jakartaman, I say that because the list is too long and concise, and not politically correct. It is a very sensible list and that is the other reason we will need a civil war to get all of it.It is very sad the way things have developed in the country that I love and called home for many years.

    • Bleh

      I have read a few of your posts and I must point out that what you need is NOT a revolution.
      Revolution implies our sacred documents are in need of revision or re-invention, they are not and do not.
      What we need is restoration and nothing more.

  • castaway

    There is also a legal way to do this provided by our constitution, and or our bill of rights. I would need to go back and read it again, but it is in one of those documents. It would still take a large and organized force of people to get it done, and maybe peacefully. It would be possible, but I do not know the mechanics of it.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest DQuiney

    you have ex-felons, such as myself, that has done our time who can not get good jobs eventhough we have the experience, join the military,attend college and receive govt. grants, or stay in public houseing, eventhough ex-felons pay taxes and have SERVED their amnesty for illegals. also, the constitutional ammendment in question about citizenship was written expressly for ex-slaves after the civil war.

    • a skeptic


      If you’ve done your time and gotten your head (and heart) straight, you deserve a second chance. But I hear you man: there’s not too many who would work to have the rules changed so you could get it. Same for anyone busted on a drug charge who has honestly reformed themselves and is now only looking for a chance to prove it to others and make a positive contribution.

      Your situation is not much different than all who are struggling to fit in. Fight for respect and to have your rights restored, but don’t begrudge that others want this too.

  • a skeptic

    To Bob Livingston et al.
    This is a pretty weak piece of reporting. How about giving the readers some background on what exactly the DREAM Act is all about and what alternatives and amendments are being proposed?

    Personally, I’m inclined to support it as an important first measure towards bringing some common sense to the immigration problem. However, instead of encouraging INFORMED discussion of government policy, peripheral issues are highlighted as if they were integral or central to the discussion.

    Here you are suggesting that the dynamic population and economic growth of the south has brought its own ecological or at least water resource problems. This is quite true, but has very little to do with the DREAM Act. You could equally report on the decline of the industrial states of the north – the Rust Belt – and try to blame that on immigration too.

    I think all of us here see the need for serious reform to stop welfare and income tax cheating, and to improve health and education. Trouble is, people throw all the blame on immigrants as if they were the ones that are the primary cause of any problems.

    For example, there’s a famous video out there that refers to California now having to build one new school every day. My God, what’s the world coming to? A disaster in the making…

    Well, guess what?… that would be the case for ANY nation of 60 million plus. California, like Texas and Florida, continue to be the land(s) of opportunity. Schools are being built not just because there is demand but also because there is the economic power to justify their construction, and that has largely come about because of new arrivals to these regions and their entrepreneurship.

    Funny that people here never whine about declining middle America and the poor white trash who also suck off the government tit big time. I’m not against people turning to a community support system occasionally in emergency or while they otherwise try to get their act together. The difference with the locals is that they have no intention of ever going back to putting in a hard days work… they’re rather loaf around with their video games, run around on their spouses, or cruise the Internet where if they’re not jacking off to some porn they’re indulging in other fantasies such as violently putting down others – like the students affected by the DREAM Act – who ARE trying to improve themselves and eventually make a contribution to society.

    After all, any hothead can say ANYthing, but that doesn’t make it true. Bob, I can’t believe that this weak report is your doing…time to take a supervisory look at who’s running your “news desk”.

    • http://yahoo rob

      Skeptic….???? Another bleeding heart… said “people throw all the blame on immigrants as if they were the ones that are the primary cause of any problems”. Interesting statement! One thing you didn’t magnify….the difference of “LEGAL vs ILLEGAL” immigrants. You must be one of those that turn a “Blind Eye” to the fact that “ILLEGALS” that have entered this country and are living high on the hog with FREE welfare benefits costing YOU, taxpayers, and “LEGAL Citizens” in this country $Billions. We already have legal “Front Door” procedures in place to gain citizenship. Immigration is not the problem, it’s “ILLEGAL” immigration. Close the “Backdoor”. Cut all benefits to illegals and watch them leave in droves. I would like to hear how you define “LEGAL” and “ILLEGAL”
      in regards to immigration.

      • 45caliber

        If they are illegal, they shouldn’t even be called immigrants. They are criminals.

    • Warrior

      Hey skeptic, maybe you’re correct. Possibly we don’t need a dream act or any other progressive acts by this bunch of treasonous dogs. How about JUST enforce the existing LAWS!!!!!

    • barbm

      here’s some for you from wikipedia.
      “Under the new DREAM Act, immigrants may qualify in part, by meeting the following requirements which have not been finalized by Congress:

      Must be between the ages of 12 and 35 at the time the Law is enacted
      Must have arrived in the United States before the age of 16
      Must have resided continuously in the United States for at least five (5) consecutive years since the date of their arrival
      Must have graduated from a U.S. High School, or obtained a General Education Diploma GED
      Must have “Good moral character”
      In addition to the temporary Residency, illegal immigrant students who qualify would also be entitled to apply for student loans and work study, but would not be eligible for Pell educational grants.

      In certain circumstances, the illegal immigrant may lose temporary immigration Residency. This may occur if the illegal immigrant does not meet the educational or military service requirement within the six year time period or if they commit any crimes (other than those considered non-drug related misdemeanors) regardless of whether or not they have already been approved for permanent status at the end of their six years. If an illegal immigrant is convicted of a major crime, or drug-related infraction, (except for a single offense of simple possession of 30 grams or less of marijuana) he or she would automatically lose the six year temporary residence status and be immediately subject to deportation.[30]

      how do you prove they haven’t visited mexico in the past 5 years? being in texas, i know lots of families that take several vacations every year to go visit family in mexico. why all the way up to 35? how do you prove they were here before age 16? some can with school records, but some can’t. how do you prove good moral character – just because they haven’t been caught? why is there an exemption for drug possession?

      the dream act is a nightmare in waiting. it opens the door for an expanded anchor baby scheme because they can, at age 18, sponsor their entire families to become citizens. it rewards bad behavior by their parents which encourages others to follow suit. do i feel a little sorry for them? yes, but they need to blame their parents for putting them in this situation, not us. i feel sorrier for my 2 blonde haired, blue eyed, white sons who are NOT elligible for 99.9% of scholarships because most are based on race, gender, or phisical ability. all scholarships should be based on merit. if you’re not smart enough or don’t have the fortitude to make good grades, you should NOT be rewarded for it. that includes the handicapped who already get lots of freebies. a physical handicap should not stop the making of good grades.

      • 45caliber

        Texas had to change the start of schools since most Mexican families send their kids back for Grandma to care for during the summer. So very few actually stay here the entire five years.

    • barbm

      if someboy breaks into your home, stays there for a while, cleans it, cuts the grass, doesn’t break any other laws than the breaking and entering – then you come home and find them there eating your food, using your water/electricity/cable/phone/insurance/etc, then demands to get to stay as long as they want while you support them, is that okay with you? this is not being done to an individual, it’s being done to a sovereign nation that is fed up with it.

      • a skeptic

        That’s quite poetic… but it’s also quite arrogant. A country is not a house, much less YOUR house. The United States of America is a country, a shared and huge country with broad mountains, open skies, free-flowing rivers, and fertil land.

        You would have this country as the White Estates of America, but there is room for all of God’s children. Who are you to think that you shall decide who gets in and who doesn’t? Your own forefathers were originally, and equally, newcomers here. Leave it in the hands and judgement of God as to which people shall find it in their destiny to come to the shores of America.

        The bigger question is “What is being done to assimulate them?”… and the DREAM Act, with certain direct-family limitations, is – believe it or not – an honest start.

        The U.S.A. is the richest country in the world, yet because we’re so divided we’re incapable of tackling the real problems with militarization, corporate corruption, welfare abuse, income tax evasion, excessive hospital and medical costs (in the face of generally declining health), environmental degradation, and many other problems.

        We’d do well to face up to these and not try to shift the blame onto newcomers to this land. If you know anything about history, such scapegoating was characteristic of Nazi Germany, not just by Hitler but the broad German population.

        In commenting on our country’s future, some people get their knickers all in a knot about a supposed excess population where the projected increase is a hundred million in the next century, spurred by immigration. This is just so much xenophobic ignorance, as there are countries in the world today that already have several times this projected population density and yet their populace is both happy and productive.

        We’d also do well to look at immigration issues from all sides. Despite commentary to the contrary, there are no six-month-pregnant women making the five-day trek through the severe terrain of the Arizona desert and there never have been. Despite statistics “proving” the atrocity of so many hundreds of thousands of taxpayer-subsidized births, the actual birth rate of immigrants is less than 1% of the total population.

        Seen from their side, if immigrants are taking advantage of the financial opportunities offered to them, they are acting rationally to improve their own survival chances. It’s OUR problem if those opportunities are excessive and it’s also within our power to make appropriate changes. For example, I agree with you that scholarship – as with job opportunities – should be based on merit and not on Affirmative Action criteria that has outlived its purpose.

        “Foreigners come from afar? Turned away by the Inns? Then the babe shall be born in a manger.”

    • JeffH

      Well folks, just recieved this in an e-mail.

      ALERT: George Soros, ACORN, & Obama the Liberal money machine is working to force taxpayers to fund free college tuition for illegals and give millions of criminal illegals amnesty.

      It’s not just ACORN and the Democracy Alliance who are behind the DREAM Act racket. Soros has created a complex and interrelated empire filled with dozens of progressive non-profits that are working together to pass the DREAM Act.

      Liberals introduced the DREAM Act to give illegal aliens amnesty. The DREAM Act will shower illegal aliens with federal grant money, scholarships and other benefits to attend college at the expense of taxpayers.

      Liberals are throwing all the hard working, academically gifted American kids who can’t afford college under the school bus. Don’t be fooled. This bill isn’t about the children. It will be the biggest liberal electoral power-grab in history.

      The Far-Reaching Tentacles Of George Soros’ DREAM Act Push

      George Soros’ Democracy Alliance funds the We Are America Alliance (stuffed with ex-ACORN staff members) and of course, ACORN.
      Soros’ Center for Community Change (a radical group that develops “community groups” such as unions and liberal protest groups) also funds the We Are America Alliance.

      Friend of Obama’s and transition team member, Ultra-Liberal John Podesta, sits on the board for Soros’ Center For Community Change.
      John Podesta also receives extensive compensation for being on the ACORN Steering Committee.


  • http://com i41

    There may be a a civil war, but it be with cleaning out the socialist Soros organizations and democrat party of hard core marxist communists. Every damn democrat is a socialist and beleives in voter corruption from its inceptions and total government control. Soros the the head sring puller, Is a traitor to his own people by becoming a Nazi. He loves having the dumbocrats moving or following everytime he puts tension on the string. He will toss and destroy all democrats like a used tampon, when they have accomplished the desired effects for him of soaking up all the taxpayers money and destroying the USA.

    • Bleh

      i41, you are quite correct. Eliminate Sorros is my suggestion. How ever that may be accomplished I care not.

  • Delores Smith

    Push through the DREAM ACT, and I guarantee that I will prove that your election was a fraud. Am working on it now. Read The Washington Examiner. You worked with Harrah’s executives to demand that all Union workers be bused to the polls. SEIU workers voted for you (with threats.)
    SEIU, whose President & CEO had been Andy Stern, has a desk in the White House. You are guilty of election fraud, Reid. I’m investigating the power outage in Clark County,NV that lasted 45 minutes but stopped vote counting throughout all of NV. SEIU Workers were working on the voting equipment throughout the polls in NV. You want illegal votes and I want people to get THE TRUTH.
    Delores Smith

    • CowboyHerb

      There should had been an *IMMEDIATE* appeal to a Federal Court on his win on november 2, on the grounds of gross election fraud and DISCRIMINATION!!! This is a “No Brainer”…The LAW is for everyone – NO exceptions. It should especially be for the Union workers and the SEIU workers. A soon as the people found out that the SEIU was hooking up the voting mechines they should have know what was up, and who was going to win the election. I wish u all the luck in the world and if i knew what to do i would help you. But i know one thing, I was going to Vegas over the xmas holidays but i will not now.

      • Bleh

        Connecticut (FoxWoods and the like) allows gambling if that is your desire, my parents go there every year instead of Vegas.

    • 45caliber

      And I hope you succeed.

  • John B. Garza

    Harry Reid,
    Your mind set is that: Promise the mexicans anything and they will follow you. Yeah, Throw them a dog bone and they will follow.
    Reid, your days are numbered. Wait till your next election.
    I am Mexican, But i am an “AMERICAN” first.
    Soon the AMEREXCANS will notice what you are doing.
    You’re a sick puppy!


    • barbm

      he’s going to let them start voting, and the next thing he knows he’ll be out because they’ll run a hispanic against him. their loyalty is to their own kind, not to the one who helped them.

  • CowboyHerb

    Read and the UN wants To Make U.S.”Comply” On Immigration Law! The UN wants America to open their doors and let each and every illegal immigrant into our country – with no strings attached. Even if they come from terrorist coddling countries! Once the illegals are in the United States, the UN will not charge them criminally. Forget about… the safety of your family members; have no fear, the UN is here!

    • 45caliber

      They have to find some way to get the UN to come in and run things here! This just happens to be the easiest way at the moment. But blue helmets make such nice targets!

  • eddie47d

    Mr Castaway you absolutely are a nutcase and an extremist.You say you “hate violence” yet have advocated for it several times (civil war and vigilantism,etc.) You come across more as a thug rather than a patriot who values the rule of law. There shouldn’t be a question in anybodies mind that you are willing to use that violence and by any means possible. You are all correct that there are illegals in this country who shouldn’t be here. The majority though were invited by America’s corporations to work in the Agra business and ranches. Maybe the rules need to be tightened up so they only hire those with legal documents. The same with fast food restaurants so go to the source of the problem.We also have an unemployment problem and have welfare recipients who are not willing to work. We need a mandate to force them to take these undesirable jobs. So stop beating up on these new immigrants who are willing to work and go after those who are not willing to work. The Dream Act is a fair and legal way to give children of immigrants a chance to prove themselves. The Dream Act doesn’t automatically give anyone legal status;they have to earn it. The biggest issue with immigration( as many of you have said) is that they have to earn their citizenship. Here is that golden opportunity.Here these children would have to prove themselves and their abilities. To prove their love for America and become more productive as legal citizens. To be able to pay more taxes through that better education or new skill they would learn in the military. Most who would apply for this crossroads to citizenship know no other country and already speak English. Whether they choose college or the armed forces it would be a big win for America. Those who choose college,like any other high school graduate,still have to pay their own in-state tuition and the Services certainly need highly motivated individuals.

    • Shibamom

      So, I guess you believe what the politicans say this act will do, that is allow illegals to work towards citizenship. Well, given the fact that ALL politicians lie, exaggerate, posture, and twist words, I don’t trust that this is all the act will do. With all the problems we are having with money, both state and federal, why aren’t politicians coming up with plans to pull US out of the mess. Why do they only care about people that aren’t even from here? Our finances are in a mess, thanks to the politicians, skyrocketing unemployment of US citizens, high gas prices, we’re facing HUGE tax increases to pay for everything…that the politicians spent on shit that we didn’t want…but we are supposed to be concerned and care about these sleazy illegals that can’t even come into this country by the light of day?????? GIVE ME A FREAKIN’ BREAK!!

    • 45caliber


      If they were invited by ranchers – as you say – then we’d find them on all the ranches, wouldn’t we? But most of those on ranches are legal.

  • CowboyHerb

    Five Immigration-Reduction bills According to Numbers USA, nearly 26 million Americans were unemployed as of June 2009, had to settle for part-time work, or left the job market altogether.Yet the U.S. continues to import more than 125,000 foreign workers each month and issue them green cards. This is in addition to the Visa Lottery program which allows 55,000 foreigners per year, Asylum and Refugee Programs, birthright citizenship, chain migration and the EB-5 Foreign Investor Visa Program for Entrepreneurs. The EB-5 program gra…nts citizenship for foreign businessmen who will contribute $500,000 – $1 million to a pre-identified regional area (creating jobs), and in return, receives citizenship for his wife and all children under age 21.Do the math. If we are taking in just a minimum of 125,000 immigrants with green cards per month, already have 26 million Americans out of work and lost 95,000 jobs in September, how will we ever catch up? Answer: At this rate, we can’t.We must insist on adherence to the already-existing immigration laws, stop current immigration programs which exacerbate our current unemployment woes, while reducing monthly legal immigration numbers.If your legislator is not a supporter of Numbers USA’s “5 Immigration-Reduction Bills,” get them onboard as sponsors for all five.—numbersusa.comRemember, there is no excuse for our current unemployment rate as America’s unemployed citizens are made to take a back seat to the Administration’s multinational, open border priorities.Call your Washington D.C. representatives and insist they join the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus and fight to resolve this matter on behalf of unemployed Americans. Knowledge is power.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Today the stats came out for november and there were 430,000 + more people applying for unemployment!! What the hell happened to all those jobs that Nobummer and company produced?!?!

  • CowboyHerb

    Illegal aliens cost federal, state and local governmentsFAIR has recently estimated the annual cost of illegal aliens to the federal, state and local governments at $113 billion; $84.2 billion of this is at the state and local levels, with $29 billion at the federal level. This equates to $1,117 per native-born household. Education for the children of illegal aliens constitutes the single largest cost to taxpayers, at an annual price tag of nearly $52 billion. Nearly all of those costs are absorbed by state and local governments. And most illegal aliens do n…ot pay income taxes. Among those who do, much of the revenues collected are refunded to the illegal aliens when they file tax returns. Many are also claiming tax credits resulting in payments from the U.S. Treasury. The updated costs of illegal aliens by state which include costs for education, emergency medical care, law enforcement and entitlement assistance programs are here.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct – but closed minds never listen.

  • http://yahoo rob

    I’m confused….How is it that “Flip-Flop” McCain is being portrayed as a savior against “ILLEGAL” immigration. This man has come out as a pro-AMNESTY supporter. He is most likely against the Dream Act in part that it is only granting a partial amnesty and he wants complete AMNESTY. Reid is a FRAUD…..McCain, well, which way is the wind blowing today? Niether one of these guys represent the will of the people…..Nevada, what were you thinking?

    • David

      He had better not run for president again. That’s what got us into this mess….

    • 45caliber

      McCain was (and probably still is) in favor of amnesty. But he is also smart enough to listen to the voters – unlike Reid and Pelousy. Of course, they aren’t worried as long as they have the unions behind them to insure they get reelected regardless of how many times the union has to vote for them…

    • Cathy

      Many of us Nevadans are completely disgusted and just plain pissed off that this lying crooked scheming piece of work got reelected. All of Harrahs employees were instructed to vote for him or they would lose their jobs, and the ignorant clueless sheeple complied. Most of them were Latino and Asian. Actually, ALL union members were pressured to vote for him.

      What a tool!

  • chuckb


    nevada was thinking the seiu did a very good job for reid in the last election. how crooked can you get and be so obvious.

    • http://yahoo rob

      chuckb, Please clarify your statement….just curious…

      • Dale Campbell

        @ rob; My God, man. Everyone knows that if not for the fraud by SEIU, Reid would never have been re-elected!

      • 45caliber

        Perhaps I might help clarify things.

        1. The voting machines (computers) had been programmed to count three of every four votes for Reid’s opponent for him. It was caught early. The union men are the ones to program these computers.

        2. Union men informed all the union workers in the casinos to go vote for Reid or else they would likely lose their jobs. (Again illegal)

        3. Reid was losing until the last hour of the election. It seems that the computers started counting all the opponent’s votes for Reid again.

        Charges have been filed over all of this.

        • Cathy

          He was behind in the polls by 3 to 4 points and ends up winning by 4 or 5? Something just doesn’t smell right! Duh…

  • Arcadia CA once

    Another correct term would be foreign nationals. No amnesty. High school students should be happy to go back to their own countries as adults or with their parents. Also eliminate the anchor baby clause. In a down economy our economy needs to create 125,000 new jobs a month to keep up with the number of people entering the work force, having 50,000 illegal aliens passing through Arizona each month looking for jobs isn’t helping that demand. Furthermore the legal immigration rate needs to be reduced to pre Ted Kennedy levels to maintain replacement level population growth while considering the higher birth rate of most immigrants. Without immigrants our population growth would be negative. If it is as high as it is now we will grow our population right out of our resources and environment (increased pollution of water, land, forests, lakes and streams) even more than we already have in the next 5 to 10 decades. It’s only rational. The truth is the worlds population is increasing faster than we can take them in. If we want to help desperate people we should help them where they live so their economies can support them and their countries can be livable places, not take in token numbers larger than our environment can handle. In countries influenced by the Catholic Church, the Pope should change policy and allow condoms for birth control.

    • 45caliber

      Every developed country in the world has a shrinking population or is very close to one. One of the reasons is that people can’t afford large families without government aid but the main reason is because the people know that the resources just aren’t there for the large numbers they have. It is only the third world populations that continue to grow, either because they can get aid or because they expect most of the kids to die anyway.

  • Dennis

    Just another act the democrats are trying to pass in a lame duck session. The people spoke in the election. Republicans need to use whatever means necessary to stop this from passing by those already tossed out of office.

    • Bob Wire

      Well Dennis, what electing are you talking about? as there has been many and they are all valid. You seems to suggest only one might count and that the 111th Congress should just sit on their hand and draw their pay?

      “”Granting legal status should only be done as part of comprehensive reform to ensure that we finally address our broken immigration system,” retiring Senator Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) told the news provider.”

      Now that’s a statement that is hard to argue with!

      What we see and find on the HILL ~ is many being disingenuous with their arguments. Saying and arguing things they really don’t mean for purpose of political posture at the expense of little getting done or being addressed in a meaningful way.

      This log jam must be broken and matters of reform addressed.

      • 45caliber


        Don’t be silly. There are 97 new Congressmen thanks to that election – and the GOP has taken control of the House away from Pelousy. That is exactly what he was talking about and you know it.

        • Bob Wire

          Oh! that one.
          97? is that counting the undecided?

          The makeup of the 112th Congress will be — Senate: 53 Dems and 47 GOP’ers; House 239 GOP’ers and 189 Dems (with 7 seats undecided). There will be close to 100 new House members and 16 new members of the Senate!

          making what? a 50 seat advantage? Hmm? You could read that several ways. The GOP was so far out in the woods it took a 97 seat win to come up with 50 seat majority!

          That reminds my of the Mexican soldier that came running back to Santa Anna yelling , it’s a trick! it’s a trick! there’s two of them!

          Well, now that the teams a “even” let play some ball.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Barb Wire,
            We’ll see how “even” they are after the next election!! (2012)

        • who cares

          When Republican start screwing you can always blame democrats

          • http://?? Joe H.

            you mean like Klintoon????

  • CowboyHerb

    Everyone knows that the FRAUD in Reads campaign was rampant! There were many violations of Nevada election law that need to be examined and brought into the light of day.

    • 45caliber

      And I hope it happens. There are others that need to be checked out too. Like Pelousy. The polls showed 45% in her favor but she won by 80%. I really doubt that ANY politician anywhere in the US can get that high a majority. There were also others like that – all Dems.

  • http://com i41

    Nevada, Minnasota, and surprise California, all were gathering muslims,mexicans, and mental moron to vote for the National Marxist Communist Corrupt Democrat Union Party pukes. Everyone the DOJ doesn’t check out anything that involes corruption involving any minority even if they cannot feed a dirt worm underground. Socialist Soros, the string strummer and puller, of the NMCCDUP idoits keeps these smuck sucking up the bidgle to destroy the USA’s economy.

    • David

      Let them gather all the goofballs that want. In the end we out number them by 280 million.

      • 45caliber

        No we don’t. Minors can’t vote – and a lot less than our population does vote. Remember that the next time you go in – and look to see who else is there voting.

        • David

          I wasn’t talking about voting. We totally out number them.

          • Bob Wire

            For what it’s worth and to what might it means.

            The youth vote was seriously absent in the most recent midterm election.

            Basically telling us , they can’t be counted on as a solid vote and if anyone wants that vote, it must be romanced and incited via bull crap, Hollywood, Rockstars etc and issues that they see as having concern. It comes at an expense much like many other voting blocks.

            I wonder if these is a projected number on that figure? Let me check, hold on ~ a writer for TIME writes ;

            “The youngest slice — the under-25 set, typically among the most elusive voters in all of politics — gave Obama a net gain of some 17,000 votes. He won by just under 20,000.

            Read more:,8599,1708570,00.html#ixzz16znKy7nj

  • M.L.


    • 45caliber

      You spelled her name wrong. It is Pelousy.

  • Santi

    Go ahead castaway and shoot some of these people. You will then find out what the term f—ed up the a$$ really means. It probably will be an illegal. LOL

  • Forest

    I personally am sickened by all the hatred and racisim I see in these comment by supposed Americans. I say supposed, because a true Americans respect the freedoms and rights of all people. Whether they are American or not. This Dream Bill is the right thing to do. Why punish children who had no voice in what their parents did? Why treat even innocent children as crminels. When you treat people like they crimenals, than you creat a criminal mind set. When you expect a person to act like a criminal, then you get the reaction your expecting. But when you treat a person with respect and charity, that is what you recieve in return. Hatred only creates more hatred. That is the only difference between then and now. Back then before the Nazi ideas took over our governement. People from other countries were mostly welcomed with open arms. So back then there was less crime commited by people from foreign lands. Even though crime was even higher then it is now. people were secure in the fact that they could leave thier doors unlocked because a mans home was sacred. But this hatred is creating is more hatred. These children deserve better then that. Dont punish the kids for the crimes their parents committed. Vote yes for the dream act. This way these kids who nothing more then innocent victims of a crime can have a better future.

    • Shibamom

      All I can say to you is “Really?” You sound just like Obama when you’re addressing “us”. Scolding us like children with your condescending tone. Take your high and mighty, righteous attitude and go live your new Mexican friends. Perhaps we can direct a large number of them to your house too along with a skeptic. Now you both can feed, educate, cloth, employ the illegals on your own dime! I have been charitable all of my life and have always been fascinated by different cultures. I was even married to Mexican who was second generation American. (his grandfather was an illegal) I love the Mexican culture BUT I cannot sit by and watch all of these people sneaking into our country and living off of our tax money. Oh, and then take to the streets in demonstration demanding their rights!! THEY ARE NOT LEGAL SO THEY DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS HERE!!

    • 45caliber


      You have it all wrong. We don’t dislike them because they are Mexican or Chinese or whatever and are racists as you accuse.

      We don’t like them because they are criminals by being in our country illegally. Nothing racist about it. And if you are supporting criminals’ rights to be here then YOU are the real problem with our country.

      • David

        And most, not all, come here for a free ride. Now if you take something out of a system that you didn’t put into….how long will that system last?

        Forest, you liberal lite weights will be the first to suffer if our society falls apart.

        • 45caliber

          Particularly since most are on welfare!

          • Bob Wire

            you think so? ~ hmm? ~

            Richard Wolf of USA Today writes;More than 4.4 million people are on welfare, an 18% increase during the recession. The program has grown slower than others, causing Brookings Institution expert Ron Haskins to question its effectiveness in the recession.

            As caseloads for all the programs have soared, so have costs. The federal price tag for Medicaid has jumped 36% in two years, to $273 billion. Jobless benefits have soared from $43 billion to $160 billion. The food stamps program has risen 80%, to $70 billion. Welfare is up 24%, to $22 billion. Taken together, they cost more than Medicare.”

            The political makeup of this 40.4 million is not there for the mere asking of it. But I think it’s safe to say, there one or two Republicans in the mix somewhere ~ and maybe more.

    • Bill

      I am so glad you feel this way, I want you to give them your children’s place in college, and while you are doing that I have several here that wish your spare bedroom to sleep in, and you get to feed them for free to, and how about that nice job of yours, I’m our of work and trying to get work and I cant, but I see these people working! so lets give them your job too, now you get to make the payments with out a job, and feed them too, and dont forget taxes and realize that too a lot of those taxes are going to pay them, Don’t worry much soon the government will give them there own free house and get them out, wait why your out of work now, cant pay your mortgage hell lets just give them your house while were at it, How racist is it now that it is in your house and the government takes from you and your kids to give these people? Do you have any idea of how many legal Americans have been put our of there homes for lack of work because of these illegal Invaders or there now coming up children? what the cost has been to us, each state and our nation has been brought to the breaking point by Illegal invaders and they don’t want to stop there, see them pulling down our flag and putting up that Mexican Rag, they want it all, now we have built something here they wish to come in and have us take care of them, take our jobs and our homes, you feel this is fine, give them yours first till then shut up!

    • Michael J.

      If you would like to help the anchor baby children I think that is a fine thing for you to do. However, what Reid has in mind is not generated out of compassion but instead aimed at retaining power for the Democrats while burdening the American working class with the cost. This forced charity on the part of the government is nothing more than organized larceny,they’re stealing your and my money,period.

    • 45caliber

      Back then, as you say, there were jobs available for them and they came legally. Now the jobs aren’t there since too many Americans want them. Hatred? Not really. We just don’t like criminals and want them sent back to their home country so we don’t have to put up with criminals. Further, we aren’t “punishing innocent children” by sending them home with their paernts; we are trying to keep their families together, something you libs are strong on. Or at least pretend you are strong on.

      • Bob Wire

        good point 45, why give a child citizenship while not the parent?

        Something about that just doesn’t ring clear to the ear.

        While this is a difficult topic and complex subject to discuss,

        I can’t help but believe it the immigrant’s (singular) duty and responsibility to seek citizenship, willing to go through a “just and sound process” and for American Citizenship not to simple awarded by the virtue of ones presence.

  • da norseman

    Most felony crimes have been committed by illegals according to many law enforcement agencies at city, county/parish, state and federal levels. There is a sharp increase of illegals on deathrow in many of our state and federal penitentiaries.

    Supporters, like Pelosi and Reid, of this DREAM Act claim that children of illegals born in this country would only qualify as citizens. Haven’t they heard the term “anchor babies”, and as “anchor babies” they are sponsors for their parents or other family members who would also qualify to remain in this nation? I’m not fooled by it one iota! Nice try, Nancy!! “DREAM” on, Harry!!

    It is time these politicians listen to the People and not continue to ram all this Amnesty crap down our throats to appease those who continue to cross our borders illegally, including those with criminal records, and it is not an issue of race…that’s a bunch of B.S.!!!

    Maybe it is time to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment!!!

    • 45caliber

      The fact that illegals are committing crimes isn’t a surprise. When the worst they can expect to be punished if caught is a couple of months in jail before being sent back home, why not rob people?

      About a year or so ago, in Houston, a man caught two illegals breaking into a neighbor,s house. He was in his yard with a shotgun when they came by and he ordered them to stop. They were so certain that he couldn’t do anything to them that they opened the gate and advanced across the yard toward him, swearing they were going to beat him up. He killed them.

      What was worse was that a cop was sitting in his car and saw the whole thing – including them breaking into the house and robbing it. But he didn’t do a single thing except call it in AFTER the two criminals were shot.

      The man was released. The two he shot were illegal and so were their girl friends. One of the girl friends tried to sue to get all the money and jewelry they had stolen on the grounds that her boyfriend frequently carried that much all the time – even if it was now in a pillow case taken from the house. Over $10,000 worth of it. They sent her back where she came from.

  • 45caliber

    This bill is meant to give all illegals a way of becoming a citizen without any real effort. One child (even though at least 18) could go to college (on government money) and the entire rest of the family would also be accepted here since “you wouldn’t want that new American to lose his family would you?”

    Send them all home. If they really want to be a citizen (most don’t), they can then apply legally through the right channels.

    (And as far as I’m concerned, since they already broke our laws by coming here, they shouldn’t be given that right to come back.)

    • meteorlady

      The 1980 amnesty resulted in over 1.3 additional family members that were petitioned for.

  • Arcadia CA once

    Legal immigration rate needs to be reduced to pre Ted Kennedy levels to maintain replacement level population growth while considering the higher birth rate of most immigrants. We need immigrants since without them our population growth would be negative, but if immigration is too high (as it is now) we will grow our population right out of our resources and environment (increased pollution of water, land, forests, lakes and streams) in the next 5 to 10 decades. It’s only rational. We don’t want to look like India. The worlds population is increasing faster than we can take them in. A lot of countries would be nice places to live if it weren’t for their populations growing faster than their economies can support. If we want to help desperate people we should help them where they live to reduce government corruption so people can more easily start a business to support themselves, not take in millions of people more than our environment can handle. In countries influenced by the Catholic Church, the Pope should change policy and allow condoms for birth control.

    • Bill

      We could use a few less people in this country, we are not as crowded as many other nations, why make it that way, I say stop all immigration for now, when we are financially secure then look at it again, on a we have a need bases, and then only if they can and do support them selves, if not back they go. I’m all for a negative population growth nationally and worldly.

    • meteorlady

      Watch something interesting the other day and read a little more about it. Seems there is some talk by the elites of the world about the population and how to control it. It is thought by these groups that the world population is too big to control right now and it needs to be reduced (just a thought, not substantiated). Since groups like Bilderburg exist and must do something, I believe they exert a lot of control on all governments, including our country. I also believe that they don’t meet secretly once or twice a year to exchange recipes and drink a nice glass of wine.

      Ask why Goldman Sachs is a revolving door for executives going into positions of power in our government and how long has this gone on? Makes me wonder what their next social experiment, or money theft scheme, will be doesn’t it?

  • 45caliber

    One thing about the DREAM act that should stop a lot of this.

    It states that the child must be in the US at a young age and be in the US for at least 5 years.

    However, most children of illegals are sent home for the summer – particularly if they are Mexican. They need Grandma to keep an eye on them while the parents work. So they do NOT stay here for 5 years in a row as required.

    (Incidently, Texas moved the start date of school from mid August to the first of September because school starts in Mexico the first of September. It was hard for the teachers to try to catch up the kids returning after the rest of the class started several weeks earlier. How do you like that!)

  • http://com i41

    We American respect all legal citizen not the bean belly and muslim goat abusing fence crawlers. When you find rats destoying you personal items and goods, you hoot the scum or destroy the pest by whaty ever means. Forest you sound like a pusified liberal socialist, with any thing goes on letting law breakers go. Rangel is walking because his s–t bird marxist communinist elitist think he rreally didn’t profit from not paying a half amillion dollars in taxes over 17 years. The greasy crokk should be in prison for life, oh but he is a f–king black politian and corruption by beltway criminals just have a procivity of theft and criminal behavior. You should see all the clowns in the beltway will not touch federal benefits and government salaries. Cut the Congress and Onumnutts saliers by 1/3, make the fat bastards pay 20% of every bill for medical visits like the real world citizens do. Have anyone ever triesd to get the costs of the billions going out to past Congress members and their families and staffs, or what is spent for past Pres. and First ladies. GW and his wife will be the first former prez to not have secret service squad till they die. No matter how much every freak hates GW, he is man ebnough to go out in the world with out an expensive group CYA!

  • Julie

    To think I could not get to college because I was not part of the “minorites groups” back in the 1970. But if you break the law and go to college on a scholarship or government grants you can become a legal resident? What did I get? A job making low pay, needing to speak spanish (or just the border mexican form of it) and no future. But hey, the government only forgot the people of the US should be judge by what they can do, and what they have done? But is breaking the law coming here a cause for getting a reward?

  • rodney burke

    The answer to the DREAM act is NO. Anyone supporting it is against America and what it stands for. The stats previously stated are public record and if people like John McCain and the demoncraps ignore it they are saying it’s okay for people of Hispanic descent to cross the border in Violation of US law and live here!!! It is against the law to enter this country illegally! Period. What part of this do the Demoncraps Not get or is it that they CHOOSE ignore existing law? Shouldn’t be too difficult to see who’s the law breaker here…The liberals and their head master: Barry Soetoro the Islamic terrorist! We ALL need to remind our senators and congress men AGAIN what the Dream Act advocates; defiance of US law!

  • http://com i41

    Julie, You are right on the Spanish language problem, when taking Spanish for law enforcement. We were told by border patrol officers the illegals wouldn’t under stand us. They were right, but the damn illegal law breakers under stood a shell being chambered and the word stop real well everytime. Also on my own property, they all can explain what and where they are from with a gun barrel jammed in their guts. If citizens would take a strong stand on criminals, no matter what color or brain capicity. The first round I ever fired at an organism was at some fuel stealing smucks, They lost some windows on their transportation but never ever did show up again or have stuff stolen at thetime I was 12. When i read about the people living in fear and getting abused, we can all thank the feel goodpukes in all levels of schools, media, and Hollyweird faggots.

    • who cares

      you sound like bigot do even like americans?? like the republicans

      • meteorlady

        Whocares – she sounds like one pissed off CITIZEN of this country. We are at the straining point as far as patience goes and we are sick of going to work day after day only to have more and more of our money stolen from us by the big banks, Wall Street and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. I say we all quit paying taxes and see what happens to the elites on Wall Street, etc. when there are no more taxpayer bailouts for them.

  • rockin on

    So how we reduce the pressure of millions of desperate, starving, potential parasites who want to enter this fantasy land that Hollywood and Fox have portrayed as our country? (It is actually hard for an honest person to survive here.) Make it less attractive to come to the USA and more attractive for the rest of the world to stay at home. Or else, in 10 years or less, the USA will be the dangerous, dirty, shanty town Third World country that Reagan envisioned with his trickle down economics intended to kill off the middle class. (Rich, gated communities with lots of cheap help for him and his friends).
    First, we should help Mexico become a successful rather than a failed state. Does that mean we legalize pot and have big corporations set up well-paid pot cigarette factory jobs in Mexico? Might help. Those people need paths to success that do not point north.
    Second, end unemployment benefits and welfare. Transferring money from married, successful families to unwed baby factories with multiple partners just creates “fragile” families (meaning those with poor morals, no interest in education and no work ethic) who in turn create more parasites and criminals, rather than contributors to society.
    Third, export every type of birth control on the market to every woman on Earth. Educated women have fewer babies, so send out the literacy teaching troops too.
    Last,we must enforce the immigration laws on the books if for no other reason than to maintain the Rule of Law. We are getting no respect for any of our laws from citizens and non-citizens alike who find it easy to live here lawlessly.
    Republican or Democrat, it is really the rich and powerful versus the rest of us.

    • meteorlady

      Hey – Detroit is already a third world city, as are a lot of our inner cities where there is a huge influx of immigrants both legal and illegal.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Reid and BO can stick they’re Wet Dream Act where the sun doesn’t shine. An illegal is an illegal is an illegal and all they deserve is a kick in the ass to get them back across the border.

  • meteorlady

    No no no…… I don’t care when they came or what their parents did to get them here, they are illegals. They need to go home and apply and do it LEGALLY. No amnesty at all…… none, nada…..

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wise Lady says:

    Right on, Jakartaman! The list could become too long to print. Thanks for making it simple and to the point. One problem, we have a high rate of illiteracy in this country and poorly misinformed voters…doubt they would know what you’er talking about.

    On illegals: We immigrated a young lady and it took us almost three years to get through the process. We paid for her costs and signed papers she would not be a burden to anyone.. We made a deal with her that if we got her papers, she would in turn educate 5-10 people in Mexico to atttend high school and college there; they would remain in their country and become better citizens. It worked. Most went from poverty to a more comfortable way of living. It took hard work and money from all of us helping her. She became a registered nurse and worked hard to become self sufficient to help others in Mexico. Doing this would reduce our deficit with Mexico whose loans from he U.S. have been forgiven numerous times.

    Reagan was the only President who described the Mexican elect and elite, arrogant; and it is true, they often shop where I do when they come to conventions in our city; most are snobish, rude, loud and ill mannered. I speak Sanish and hearing what they say about our country makes me furious so I let them know politely,”Make a difference in your country and you can enjoy the same as we do”, their stares tell me know what they’re thinking.

    The Pres. of Mexico, in Congress, had no business telling us how to run our country and lecture us on civility regarding the Arizona law! Did anyone here complaints about that from the conservatives? I would like to know. We need to stand up to our politicians that not everything dignitaries say to our face bodes well with us.

    Dream Act:

    It is nothing more than, Reid, a con artist gaining, support for his votes. Do you really believe that all illegas will qualify to go to college and be capable of participating in the military without knowing how to read or speak English well?. We are idiots to believe that all this will happen like magic and our borders will be sealed. We must stop this mentality, close the borders and NO amnesty!. Children born here, who have already received an education, can return to their native country, make positive contribution to their economic and infrastructure, give proof that they made teir country a better place to live and ten years later line up for entry to the US. They, cannot bring all their families with them, I mean the grandma and grandpas, aunts, uncles, multitude of cousins,and etc. Do the math! Our country is broke, hospitals, whole states, especially Califonia, are suffering econmic choas. Jerry Brown, gov. elect, wants to do a repeat of what he did in the past by promoting social programs that got Calif. in this mess.

    Latinos think they know best on how to run the state and most don’t care about our Constitution. Education makes sure students won’t learn how it functions and liberals just want everyone to be mediocre.

    COME ON, LET’S RECOUNT REID’S VOTES and start campaigning against Pelosi, the nut head.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says

    To Rockin on:

    Reagan worked to get amnesty in order, unfortunately the interest groups went to court and declared war against some of the injuctions in the amnesty bill, consequently no employer was willing to check for citizen status because that was,”profiling”. Democrats played that up and got away with it. Do your research.

    Colleges now give scholarships to illegals for a less cost to the students who won’t be paying it back. American students can’t qualify. Stop blaming it on Reagan’s trickle-down economics. I did very, very well in that era. Where ere you?

  • Magee,Robert H.O.

    Nobody should be called illegal immigrant. These are human beings born in this world like most of you American born individuals. Ameicanstravel outside United states and seek for opportunity.
    Undocumented immigrants have done similar thing they have come to United States because there is economic opportunity created by the demand for cheap labor.

    Now if Americans feel threatened they are also right but they should takevthose jobs then and provide cheaper labor to United States.

    The reason why immigrants are not documented is because they would be forced to pay taxes while their income level still will remain low.

    Second undocumented workers develop fear and remain obedient to US laws. A factor that helps the US with governance through fear.

    Searching for economic opportunity has always been the reason many people have come to the US beause the US saught them Legally or non legally. We opened that door for them and allowed them to come in undocumentd because it was urgent.

    So to be thankful to their service and the desire to seek opportunity in the US with their young ones.To live here in the US for years without documentation has been hepful to US economy.

    America need to thankful to them by passing the Dream Act. It makes comon sense to see America as a fair and just nation otherwise after slavery and now this the USA may eventually be boycotted and that will never be good for American capitalism.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Obviously you’ve never heard of street gangs manned by illegals or visited a penitentiary and read the files on the inmates. What’s it like to live in Mamby Bamby Land? Are you near the Big Rock Candy Mountain?

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:


    To Robert H.O

    Have you stood next to a bank window when an illegal with a Calif. ID card is sending two or threeK to his native country? I hear the conversations and quess what?; they walk away laughing, saying such things as, “voy a comprar $200 dollares de la loteria, tengo el dinero porque no me van a cobrar en la oficina del doctor”! Translation: I am going to buy a lottery ticket with $200, because they won’t charge me at the doctor’s office. Who is paying for all that? In case you dont’t know, the TAX PAYERS, Robert. Your humanitarian attitude is nice but not helpful when classrooms are busting at the walls, hospitals not getting paid, Police force over whelemed in border cities and across America. WE ARE BROKE, trying to help the poor. They may be human beings but they have exploited us with the help of the politicians. I challenge you to go where I have been when I did substitute teaching and charitable volunteer work. The barrios, community centers, clinics,juvenile centers, orphanages with abused children were overloaded with ethnic minorities. In one school, where I did substitute teaching, 53% were foster children, majority of them were latinos and blacks and most were behind academically. Robert, sign up and go volunteer in a school with a large population of ethnic minorities, for the sake of these innocent lives whose future looks bleak.Broaden your vision on what I have described to you and visiualize it in every town, city and rural place across America. It is inhumane to allow the innocent to suffer becasue of decicions the illegal adults make and the U.S. allowing it to happen.

    Prayer rugs have been found along the border, pachangas, (small boats), are landing in our beaches, sometimes with 23 or more illegals, 72-73 tunnels, have been discovered between the border of a southern state’s county and Mexico. One was almost a mile long! Drugs entering our country through our southern states is a very serious and dangerous situation. No, it is no longer about, ” being humane” for working illegals; it is about our survival.

    I hope I have given you a broad picture and you will sign up to help innocent lives in some capacity if you are able.

  • Magee,Robert H.O.

    It is not true that those who take loans and scholarships do not pay back. They do pay back threefold. Government cashes in on the research they carry out. How again? Immigrant students always work for less than most Americans who are constantly overpaid and still rude and unproduct on their jobs.

    Immigrants take less pay that means companies employing foreign workers maximize on profits, performance, and productivity. This is what makes American companies strong in global trade.

    America needs to stop its socialistic tendencies to more advance capitalism rather than communism. Create and improve ownership society. This will attract lower wages which can afford more employment and help reduce prices and rent rates. This will afford more Americans a descent life. Welfair and other entitled programs drain government resources. The welfair roll needs genuinely be trimmed further and let the churches pick up the tab.
    Executives need to reduce their parks and lower their pay to afford employees better pay.

    Congress must not run along ideological lines instead both parties need to start governing. we cannot operate under envy and jealousy that retards development.

    Allow wages to go down so that it can unfree capital for innovation and inventions. Government needs to stop printing too much money and work the ratio of circulating cash. Export more cheap goods that can be afforded by the rest of the world. That means we allow the almighty dollar reduce its value to make it mmore demanded abroad.

    While I am not against special interest we do need to control too much influence on Wahington DC and allow the congress to refresh itself and for ones focus on current and future problems.

    You can continue denie immagrants education but we incur more liability when they are forced to turn to welfair sas they become of age.Then more Americans become unproductive. The country should strive to make more productive citizens. Educate them and export skilled labor.

    May be I am crazy thinking about these issues but it somehow nothing is productive in denying another human being a dream. or by making a whole generation of family poor. It is sickening and American civilization stands a chance of easy collapse in the near future than we anticipate.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Why does fullfilling their “dream” constitute making my life a nightmare ?


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