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DREAM Act Falls Five Votes Short In Procedural Senate Vote

December 22, 2010 by  

DREAM Act falls five votes short in procedural Senate voteA measure that would grant a new path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants has stalled in the Senate.  

On Dec. 18, the Senate voted 55-41 in a procedural vote on the DREAM Act, falling five votes short of the three-fifths majority needed to advance the bill. The legislation, if approved, would allow eligible children of illegal immigrants to gain American citizenship through a variety of avenues, including the military or college.

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed the legislation by a vote of 216-198. Considering that time is running out in the current lame-duck session and Republicans will gain seats in both chambers of Congress in January, the DREAM Act faces an uphill battle. President Barack Obama said the Senate vote was "incredibly disappointing," but he vowed to continue to back the legislation.

Most Republicans, on the other hand, believe that the DREAM Act would open up the floodgates to more illegal immigrants to pursue citizenship in the future.

"If we pass this amnesty, we will signal to the world that we're not serious about the enforcement of our laws or our borders," said Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), quoted by CNN.

Republicans who voted to advance the bill were Senators Bob Bennett (R-Utah), Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). Five Democrats crossed party lines and voted against the measure.

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  • Effin Reed Tard

    Three mixed up Republicans …. I’m sure not surprised. Welcome invaders ! Here, have all the jobs, welfare and educational benefits of the citizens ! We’ll even throw in free healthcare ! Have an anchor baby ! Join organized crime and murder people ! Come on over ! You don’t need to learn English !

    I don’t understand why if an invader has a baby on US land we should give them all citizenship. Isn’t that an attack against the USA ? Having a baby here to secure your invasion ?

    Oh well, I’mm just an Effin Reed Tard .. Guess Obama’s boys are smarter than me …

    • Mick

      Effin Reed Tard says:
      December 22, 2010 at 4:56 am
      Three mixed up Republicans …. I’m sure not surprised. Welcome invaders ! Here, have all the jobs, welfare and educational benefits of the citizens ! We’ll even throw in free healthcare ! Have an anchor baby ! Join organized crime and murder people ! Come on over ! You don’t need to learn English !

      I don’t understand why if an invader has a baby on US land we should give them all citizenship. Isn’t that an attack against the USA ? Having a baby here to secure your invasion ?

      Oh well, I’mm just an Effin Reed Tard .. Guess Obama’s boys are smarter than me …

      Obama and obama’s boys are only smarter when it comes to manipulate but when it comes to the good ans welfare of our country they’re sinking our a$$es and unfortunatly our society is following suit.
      Who can one really trust now days ????

    • Jukebox

      The Dream of these pseudo intellectuals is to ensure that they have enough illegal Democrat votes to retain power.

      • Wanda Murline

        My Senator Hutchison, sent me a letter and she was against it because it not only allowed students a 10 year conditional non-immigrant visa that eventually would lead to citizenship, once these people became citizens, these individuals by this law would be able to petition for other family members to gain citizenship which would open the door for citizenship beyond the intended students.

        • barbm

          she voted against it, but she wouldn’t tell us how she would vote until the very last minute. she’s real good about not putting her views out there for her consituents. and, she votes ALWAYS on the side of the wealthy. the only reason she voted no was because we had her phone lines tied up in all state offices and in d.c. screaming no as loud as we could. this is a red state, and she knows it now that the tea party is taking over the rinos. she’s part of the h.b. zachary family. they won the contract to dredge the coastline in mexico to allow large ships to anchor there to off-load goods headed for the u.s. and canada. she voted yes for the intercontinental highway to go through texas and the rest of the country so her family could make more money. she didn’t give a hoot how many american longshoremen and truckers lost their jobs. i will NOT vote for her next time if there’s anybody even half-way capable running against her. cornyn either.

        • eddie47d

          Once a person becomes legal from ANY country they are allowed to petition for family members to join them. That is correct for Europeans,Africans,and even Mexicans. A visa can also be denied for family members.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      ERT… Richard Lugar did not get my vote. He is a RINO through and through! He shouldn’t even be in the GOP! I have contacted him over and over again. When he responds it is with a ‘form’ letter e mail. If he would just join the Dems and get out of the GOP his voting record would make sense!



    • EddieW

      We were very fortunate to get the Dream Act killed…Obaba wanted it passed…Dirty Harry Reid wanted it passed, to hell with the cost to Americans…He agrees the Constitution needs to die, and we need NO Freedoms!!! Now we need to fight like hell against the ever encroaching Police State…this is going to kill our freedoms!!! It is coming down really fast, and the DHA FDA FBI etc. etc. are doing exactly the same thing Hitler & Stalin did to their people…and we roll over and play dead!!!

  • steven d

    Amnesty is corrupt.You can guess who is corrupt.

    • http://OprahtheSCUMARTIST Jean

      Yes – if they pass this – then Obama will become legal??????

    • Robert Smith

      Reagan was the firs to do an amnisty thing.


      • http://naver samurai

        Sorry rob, moron! The current POTUS is Obama bin Laden and not Reagan. That ball is in Obama’s court and he is the one currently responsible for securing our boarders. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • TIME

    Oh don’t you all worrie now folks, this will be back!

    And guess who will bring it up?

  • Runninbear

    Thanks to all who have stood up to the corruptions of this adminstration and those who would open the flood gates of our weakend encomony to those who have broken our laws to want americans to just do away with our borders and give them a free ticket to have others follow in their footsteps.
    We must secure our borders and remove those who by breaking the laws of the USA to demand that our goverment to enforce the immigration laws that Obama is ignoring and sues the state for what they themselves have derserted their duty to enforce our existing laws.
    If anyone wants to be an AMERICAN CITIZEN then let them do what countless others are required to do? Learn english and history and follow the rules like the others who come here for a better life and a furture.There is NO furture in being an Illegal?I hope all who read this sees that we americans are not insenstive to their problem,but they knew they were breaking our laws when they decided to cross the border Illegally and come here inspite of the condidtions of their green cards or visa.

    • Teresa


      • Gail M. Alario

        My sentiments exactly…thank God it didn’t pass….if it did I think there would have been a revolution….I’m not so sure there won’t be one…something has to give.

        • Jukebox

          A revolution is what Obama is hoping for, so he can declare martial law, and cancel future elections, thus making himself President for as long as he wants to.

          • Shelia

            Dear Jukebox: I agree with you 100%, Obama is up to that, I can’t stand him, I live in GA and I have been unemployed for over 18 mos. I can’t find a job and and all of my unemployment is gone and nobody cares and am loosing everything, there use to be jobs here and all the spanish people moved in and now the jobs are gone.

      • http://naver sook young

        I second that AMEN! Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • Phil

      Here here!! I wish I could get ICE to start with MY street. I’m on a little culdesac in Riverside County with about 15 manufactured homes on it. About 12 are filled with illegal alien families. Every weekend it’s loud “banda” music, and even louder when there’s a “quinceira”. These people don’t even THINK about hiring a hall, they just put up a live banda band in their front yard and have at it. I mean to ask ICE too, can they pick them up if they openly admit they’re illegal?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Are you asking CAN they or WILL they??? Big difference, you know!!

  • Howard Roark

    Illegal alians are criminals. no more amnesty for any of them.I dont care how amnesty is disquised it is rewarding breaking of the law. the first amnesty was promised to be a one time deal. they should be held to their word.

    when you teward something you get more of it. if you penalize something you get less of it. the past amnesty’s is the reason for the flood of illegals. they want to be here to take advantage of the next amnesty.

    I am also getting tired of being told how hard working these criminals are. do the poloticians who are saying this mean that that those who are waiting legally are not hard working.

  • Joe Crespo

    I am fed up with this illegal alien problem! Just look at all the time, energy, strife, cost, division in our society, the failure to assimilate, the demanding of civil rights, demanding education, demanding welfare benefits, the influence they have in our own government, a Mexican president addressing our congress in our own house and our so called elected politicians give him a standing ovation to let more illegal aliens into our republic!I am so disgusted with these spineless gutless politicians that I am ready to explode!We, my fellow Americans should not have to struggle this hard for years now to ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS!If your next candidate for office doesnt agree, then dont vote for that person! That is our problem.

    • Jukebox

      Why do our politicians not have the equivalent compassion for thieves, murderers, and other criminals who are here legally. It would seem the percentage of alien criminals is greater than our legal criminals.

      • Devasahayam

        True in more than one way.
        (a) if one takes by incarceration-rates, then the proportion of these is far-higher than it is amongst ANY group of USC’s or legal non-citizens
        (b) also the single-largest percentage of all incarcerated is by malfeasant aliens

        • a skeptic


          Where are the stats to back up what you say? Most that I’ve seen show just the opposite: that undocumented immigrants are much less likely to commit crimes than regular Americans. This would make some sense as they would have the need to keep a low profile.

          If you’re talking about detention statistics, then yes, all of those being deported would technically be “arrested”, though not technically for a “crime” – which would involve harm to an individual victim and the breaking of a criminal statute and not a civil statute, as in the case of undocumented immigrants.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            check with the Federation For Immigration Reform. they have the stats you ask for! the largest group in California and other border states in prisons is the illegals! Also fastest growing as well!!

    • http://facebook dedeann

      I agree with you. Where is the common sense in our government and the American people? Our economy is bad and the government wants to allow amnesty. Allowing Amnesty will bring much more problems, more people, less jobs,and will be more costly for the American people who are working. We have to take care of our own people first before we allow new people into our country. Don’t people realize when these poeple apply to our colleges, that this is money the American tax payers are paying out of their pockets and this money can go to an American student. How about welfare? Many illegals are getting it, paid for by the working American tax payers and how about those Americans that need help? Do the Americans realize how many illegal people would be allowed in? Do the Americans realize that many of these illegals do not want to learn the USA’s language,and follow the laws of the country they live in. Did everyone see the illegals in front of the white House voting for their (supposedly) equal rights? Did everyone see the live videos of some illegals stomping and spraying on the American flag in front of a governor’s building and the American police just walking around them. There should be a limit to what people can say and do. We may be a country of freedom, but there should be a limit about letting foreigners stomping on another countries flag and speaking bad about the American people. If I was president I would have ordered these people out of the country.

      • Joe Crespo

        Your right! We are all saying the same thing. Again, we all know this but our biggest problem is that these stinking unpatriotic disgusting politicians keep getting re-elected! Ask yourself who the hell is voting for these damn people? We all know that stinking Reed should have been kicked out, but the so called American voters in Nevada re-elect him. Now the rest of our nation has to put up with his crap for another six years. There are millions of morons in state like Nevada, New York, and California that would re-elect Obama.

        • a skeptic

          Joe Crespo

          No, unfortunately, very little of what dedeann says is “right”. For example, what exactly does the Dream Act say about university funding for high school graduates who’ve already shown their competence in English and their assimilation into our culture to the extent of being accepted into higher education?

          That you are willing to believe dedeann’s and others’ paranoid fantasies here without investigating for yourself just shows how little interest there is in the truth of the matter in this forum.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Joe.. You are not the only one who is fed up with the energy expended on illegal aliens. They are coddled criminals! Cut off the benefits to them. Some will leave. Why stay if the golden goose is no longer laying eggs? Others will rebel. Crime will soar! I would like to see our current laws enforced. I would like to see
      our military protecting OUR borders, as opposed to being sent all over the world to protect other countries borders! Yes, the children are innocent. But it isn’t the United States that have put them into this situation!

    • marvin

      Joe Crespo
      you are right but the ones standing were 99% liberal demarats

  • Devasahayam

    The fact that 55 of the Senators (especially dirty Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and lots of other Democruds…as well as prominent RINO’s like illegally-seated Murkowski) still voted in favour of this nightmare should be of great concern (I notice even NumbersUSA missed this detail)–as its worst proponents can once more put it for vote in 2011.

    The ONLY good version of DREAM Act is as follows:
    (a)if a malfeasant alien is caught once (and with no other recorded crimes) and claims to have been brought to US by parents, then USCIS should check this out by specifically asking the alien to identify the parents (the identified parents should then be treated as in (c)). If the story checks out at first-glance (the scenario described is fraud-prone, but the result is less damaging than the just-rejected version), then the malfeasant claimant should be asked if he/she wishes to return to US–if so, malfeasant should be fined $10,000 and a receipt issued for it; then asked to file at US Embassy/Consulate (in country of citizenship) for self-only with requirement of proof that the fine is paid in full–and with stipulation that Embassy/Consulate’s decision is final (no appeals).
    (b) for other once-caught malfeasant aliens (ones who entered voluntarily–and not assisted others in malfeasant entry), the fine should be increased to $20,000–otherwise as (a)
    (c) all other malfeasant aliens (including those who entered specifically to produce “anchor-babies”) should be printed and photographed, with the prints/mugshots distributed to all Embassies/Consulates as “entry-barred-eternally even for visits” and then deported to their country of citizenship in irons

    • marvin

      Devasahayam says:
      lisa madcow has not been certified as winer but she is still a sen tell jan2011 reguardless then only after the law suit if she wins she will no longer be a rino she will be ind or demarat in sheep skin like sanders and liberman but i agree with your post

  • Polski

    Just remember, EVERY politician is a CROOK!!!! And just remember how bad Dubya was and how bad Obama is. Our choices, candidate #1 is terrible, candidate #2 is horrible, and candidate #3, NONE OF THE ABOVE, is NEVER on the ballot!!!!

    • Kris

      Don’t leave out Hillary in that group!!!!! She is a progressive and a member of the Bilderberg group. She’s as bad as Nobama and would have done the same things he’s doing. She figures that after we oust Nobama, she will step in and then blame all the bad legislation on Nobama, just like Nobama blames Bush! She will repeal none of it! Don’t be fooled and vote for Hill the Pill either!

  • Polski

    In truth, this was the NIGHTMARE ACT!!!!!

    • Joe Crespo

      Your right on! We dodged a major bullet. But keep in mind my fellow Americans that we held our American border by only five votes! Its disgusting that the majority of our elected politicians voted in favor of illegal aliens.

      • marvin

        Joe Crespo
        i am a member of NUNBERUSA about 1 million anti illegal anti amnesty i called about 25 dif sen and email all that would accept them, i was on the tel ph for days so get of the couch and send the free fax,s at number,if you can give that good if not that ok to

        • marvin

          one more thing any rino from your state that voted for the dream act some will be up for election in2012 let them know with a vote of no

        • http://?? Joe H.

          If you are in Ohio, and in Voinobiches area of sin, VOTE him OUT!!!

  • patrick

    Here is the truth folks! One of my brothers was murdered by an immigrant. He was shot along with another clerk while they were working at a gun store. Both men died on the spot. It was another high profile news story in Minneapolis, also known as Murder-apolis. Well turns out the Police caught two guys in Chicago trying to sell a 100 of the stolen handguns to drug dealers, hookers, pimps, and other criminals. The two murders were from Africa, they were black guys and said they were African-Americans. In fact, one of the murders father was a Judge from from Michigan, Judge Logan. In their defense, the NAACP was brought in, and the dude that defended O.J. Simpson, Johnny Cockran, atty, was even brought in for support and to try to scare the Gov’t lawyers away as they tried the ” Racism card ” as a defense. The 2 murders are now sitting in cells and guess what most immigrants do now while they serve their sentences? They become muslims for protection and as a way to promote terrorism! Something is wrong in the great US of America. It all begins in the White house and with Obammy boy and his crew of crooked czars. Send em all back to Africa, I think we have way too many illegals in our country already.

    • Mick

      patrick says:
      December 22, 2010 at 8:49 am
      Here is the truth folks! One of my brothers was murdered by an immigrant. He was shot along with another clerk while they were working at a gun store. Both men died on the spot. It was another high profile news story in Minneapolis, also known as Murder-apolis. Well turns out the Police caught two guys in Chicago trying to sell a 100 of the stolen handguns to drug dealers, hookers, pimps, and other criminals. The two murders were from Africa, they were black guys and said they were African-Americans. In fact, one of the murders father was a Judge from from Michigan, Judge Logan. In their defense, the NAACP was brought in, and the dude that defended O.J. Simpson, Johnny Cockran, atty, was even brought in for support and to try to scare the Gov’t lawyers away as they tried the ” Racism card ” as a defense. The 2 murders are now sitting in cells and guess what most immigrants do now while they serve their sentences? They become muslims for protection and as a way to promote terrorism! Something is wrong in the great US of America. It all begins in the White house and with Obammy boy and his crew of crooked czars. Send em all back to Africa, I think we have way too many illegals in our country already.


      Sorry to hear about your brother…As for the two bastards sitting in jail they should have been executed on the spot, they wouldn’t have a chance to turn muslim to bring down America….

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Let em’ meet the virgins. Or is that Virginians with shotguns???

  • Raggs

    Why are we even letting them vote on something this unconsitutional?
    Why dont the American citizens throw all congress out on their ears?

    We have to take back our country from the corruption and dictatorship!
    I thinmk if several million people storm the white house we will stop this stupid shit!! The entire government system needs to be destroyed and before they take every freedom we have.

    • Anna

      I agree with you 100%.

    • Pat R

      Please join with us in the re-inhabited de Jure Republic for the united States of America. Our President Tim Turner has stated that our Troops will be brought home and placed on the borders. Many of you do not know that we have another government in place and functioning. All 50 Republics (states) have their juries set up and are functioning now. This is our only chance to save America.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Raggs, It only takes 600 sharp-shooters, silent arrows.

  • Mick

    Karolyn says:
    December 22, 2010 at 8:39 am
    I’m talking about GOOD education.

    Good luck with that Karolyn .
    the Unions took care of what used to be dedication and replaced it with with ” MY RIGHTS ” and greed,,,,,

  • Anna

    I say lets ship all the illegals back across the border & make them take their baby’s with them.
    I can think of at least a couple of ways to keep them out of the USA.
    The fencing should be not 500 miles long,but one thousand miles in each direction & put barbed wire from the bottom up to the top.
    Make the barbed wire double or triple thick.That way they can not cut through it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Make it a double fence with a “no mans land” between them, mined!! It’ll only take about a dozen and they won’t try to cross again!!

  • http://msn Kerri

    The American people want all of this changed. They want our govt. to abide by the Constituion which is the supreem law of the land. We want all of our laws inforced. All we are waiting for is for someone to tell us what we can do. Other than just voting. We vote for people on what we know of them or what they promise in their run for office, then they get voted in and they forget thier promises. Dems turn into progressives and Rep. turn into RINO’s. We need a legal way to do this. We need some constitutional lawyers to tell us what we can do legally.

  • Alice

    Any Places where I go, I see too many Hispanics, Latino now. Hispanics look like majority in the cities. They are very loud and noisy. They invaded our country. Please tell to our congress. Stop illegal immigrants!!!!

    • Bill from N.C.

      I agree Alice,N.C.has turn into a third world state.

      • libertytrain

        Used to be when I was a kid in Wisconsin, there was a bar on every corner. It was the way it was. Now there is a Mexican Restaurant just about on every corner :)
        In my NC very small mountain town there are 6 or 7 alone. Whether this is right or wrong is not what I’m saying but times they are a changing.

  • Ace Sez

    We can pray that the newly elected newbies with have the guts and the backbone to vote for conservative issues as they promised when they campaigned for Senate and Congress–otherwise we’re in a world of doo-doo.
    These liberal democrats in office now are treasonable criminals as they abide/encourage the influx of illegals—-with legislation like the Dream act–and the republicans that sided with the dems should be burned at the stake for their lousy decisions.
    Legal aliens have paid dearly (in cash) and effort to become citizens and anything else but the legal pathway is pure unadulterated BS !!

  • Eleanor C

    It is pathetic to think that only five votes were responsible for the temporary failure of the DREAM ACT. Hopefully, it will be enough to stave off its passage permanently.

  • marvin

    i would say when the new congress takes office call and email them let them know you will not support them if they vote for any type amnesty nuff said

  • Mark in LA

    If you want to know the truely sad part about this vote, it was how it was ignored by the so-called right wing media. This was not on Rushbo’s or Hannity’s web site and they did not talk about it, to my knowledge. I guess those guys were bought off by the corporate interests that wanted this garbage passed.

    If you listen to those clowns and the rest of their ilk, know they only care about their listener’s to the extent that they buy their stupid books and goo-gahs.

  • Vlasta Konecny

    Could you imagine, black kids preferences admitting to schools and getting stipend, Hispanic kids preferred and stipend and my white grand kids with all A’s working in McDonalds or their father paying students loans to his dead. It is not right.

  • John

    In Russia are only 142 million people living and Russia has a bigger territory than U.S. Russia is preventing all immigrants to come. They wanted to keep Russia only for Russians. Russia is a strong country and it rebuilt their economy. Now, Russia has the world power.
    Compare to South Africa which is continue to decline.

  • AmShegar




    • Bill from N.C.

      “Here,Here” nicely said.

  • Joe Crespo

    My fellow Americans I have this suggestion. During our next election (which will be very important)ask the candidate where he or she stands on illegal immigration and enforcing our immigration laws? Notice that the ones who are not true American patriots will start to waffle. If they have a backbone they will hold firm to enforcing our laws and no amnesty-ever! If they say anything else like, well, we cant deport them all, don’t vote for them!

  • Philip Camacho

    What part of “illegal” don’t these idiot Dems and soft-bellied Republicans understand? We know the illegals don’t understand it. Or at least they have been given the impression that it’s okay to just come over at will, drive without a license or insurance, hatch automatic-citizen-anchor-babies, steal social security numbers, and just in general violate the law any way they see fit.

    Odd thing about it too. I live in Orange County, California, and spend a lot of time in the GOP bastion of Newport Beach. When I am driving around over there, guess who’s doing all their yard work, and all the construction on their houses?

  • Di

    I could be wrong but….The Dream Act is trying to alter an Amendment to the Constitution. There is a procedure for doing that and it has to be voted on by the States not Congress.

    The original Amendment was about babies born to SLAVES who were brought here as possessions. They couldn’t go back home to have their babies hence the Amendment.

    It has been INTERPRETED to mean any child of an illegal immigrant.

    Illegal means illegal, and semantic acrobatics such as changing the name of illegals to ‘economic refugees’ does not make them legitimate.

    Illegals have no rights, they have some privileges that we grant because we are decent people. The lawyers in Congress should know this.

  • Sutekh

    The Dream Act is a joke. The illegals’ dream is to be able to walk into another country and act as if they own it, with no opposition. They already have that.

    Passing the Dream Act is just a backdoor amnesty scheme that I want no part of.

    I cannot imagine what hatred Obama and the Democrats have for this country, but even more unimaginable is the foolishness of those who voted to put these people in office.

  • chuckb


    the people who voted barry and the democratic senate and congress are called democrats along with the welfare minorities, there is little difference between them, they both suck off the government teat. you have to throw in some bleeding heart republicans, they still have a guilt complex over slavery and barry is black, it makes no difference if he is a patriotic american, he speaks good and the media told them he is very intelligent. i have to hand it to him he sure fooled a lot of people.

  • Blevit

    What will it take to make the working middle class and true Americans to unite against what is now are worst enemy,this totally
    corrupt government. They are in total control of the judicial system,we have,EVERY time it has been put to election to close our
    borders,throw out the invaders (illegals), they find one phony judge
    to call it unconstitutional,even though ALL laws to accomplish the act
    are already available. The overwhelming peoples vote in favor against
    any form of AMNISTY disappears and is forgotten in the court system.
    They have power over to move all monies to whomever,wherever they want.To declare war for any reason, even though we were not under attack,just suspicion. To rebuild other countries when the one we
    hired them to protect the United States of America they sell off (deeper and deeper in debt)for their own reasons.
    Our penal system now houses 30% illegal killers/thieves/rapists
    that we pay for dearly in billions of dollars yearly. Why,why can you
    not see to quit being the puppet to this non caring money,power worshipping group as one separate group,not democrats,republicans that
    divides us, exactly what they want to keep us bickering between ourselves (the age old blame game)while every last one has one goal, to line his own pocket at our cost! This bunch of crooked connivers
    have to be taken under control and we the people have now lost the
    power, except one,to accomplish this before ALL of our rights are
    gone. VOTE every incumbent OUT when they come up for election,for what we have now is nothing more than a group of self righteous dictators answerable only unto their own wants, another words demigods.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    These demorats and their Rino kissing cousins will be coming home on Christmas break. Find them and make their lives a living Hell. It’s time for the old tar and feather party. Anyone who voted for this treaty and DADT repeal is a traitor to this nation and should be treated accordingly. It would do my heart good to see them hanging from lamp posts in their home districts. Find out there addresses and phone numbers and see what happens when their constituents have had enough.

  • MashedTaters

    Is there some reason the United States needs more people from within or without? What’s the legitimate need for these immigrant people? I know both political parties sought to increase their voter base with the Mexicans and Cubans. But, otherwise, what is the need?

  • chuckb



  • Bill from N.C.

    “I have a Dream” My dream is seeing wetbacks walking{ with their anchor babies}in a long line ,heading south to the Rio Grand taking a nice swim across to a country with jobs and a place to live.If you deside to return, go to the embassy in Mexico. Amego!

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      May I add to your dream? Heading south with a liberal under each arm.

  • Brenda Choate

    We could make this real simple by all learning spanish and becoming Mexican citizens. All it would take would be to desolve or government. That seems the direction we are headed for any way with Obama, Peloshi, Reed, liberals, and “tender hearted” folks who feel sorry for someone who broke the law.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    I have a novel idea. How about we properly educate OUR children. Kill the Dept. of Education and the Teacher’s Unions that have had a strangle hold on quality education in this country. Knock of all the BS courses that students must take in college and concentrate on their majors. Many of these cources are just job creaters for some loser prof. who can’t cut it in the real world. Step two would be to eliminate most foreign exchange students from third world countries, especially the ones who stay here instead of going back home. Step three would be to eliminate all imigrants from 3rd world countries. We have enough taxi drivers and convienience store and motel operators. We need those jobs for our own kids who refuse to be educated or learn a trade. If I were only pres. for 1 term.

  • Ms Carla Cogar

    The DREAM Act should be taken off the table all together.Obama talks out of both sides of his mouth.He says one thing and does another.He does not listen to “WE the PEOPLE”.He also has his own agenda.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    The progressives in the Congress and Senate will keep bring these types of bills up till they get the vote they want. Watch for them to add it as a rider to some other feel good Bill that sounds good on the surface. The devil is in the detail Any legislator who votes on a bill he hasn’t read is a fool and is a poor representative to his constituents.

  • http://yahoo sharon

    The commies sure want the illegals to have their dreams don’t they, anything to bring down America, the muslim in the whithhouse wants nothing more than to bring down America with a bunch of murderers thugs and drug dealers, forget Americans dreams that muslim Obama don’t want you to have any dreams, he only wants dreams for our enemies.


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