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Dr. Obama, Heal Thyself

February 3, 2011 by  

Dr. Obama, Heal Thyself

Back in December, in my piece Obamacare’s Paper Tiger, I noted that while Judge Henry Hudson’s ruling in Commonwealth of Virginia v. Sebelius inflicted blunt-force trauma to Obamacare, it did not send the behemoth bill to the great bureaucratic beyond. Hudson stopped short of striking down the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; suggesting that the proposed Minimum Essential Care penalty, while clearly an executive overstepping of constitutional bounds, was severable from the rest of the Obamacare bill.

At the time of the ruling, I suggested that Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling in Florida v. United States Department of Health and Human Services could ultimately be the one which would “…stuff Obamacare back in the Democrats’ pieholes.”

Monday, Vinson vindicated me; ruling that section 1501 (the MEC penalty) is not severable from Obamacare as a whole, voiding the PPACA.

In addressing President Barack Obama’s contention that the government had the authority to force Obamacare on the people through the powers enumerated in the Commerce Clause (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3), Vinson demurred:

“It would be a radical departure from existing case law to hold that Congress can regulate inactivity under the Commerce Clause. If it has the power to compel an otherwise passive individual into a commercial transaction with a third party merely by asserting… that compelling the actual transaction is itself commercial and economic in nature, and substantially affects interstate commerce, [see Act § 1501(a)(1)], it is not hyperbolizing to suggest that Congress could do almost anything it wanted.”

Vinson’s warning is well-taken; or at least, it should be. The statement here is that once Congress takes the stance that inactivity — not buying something — is the Constitutional equivalent of activity — they position themselves as the sole arbiter of virtually any activity; presuming they can draw an economic vertex to it. Taking this concept to its logical extreme, the government could require you to exercise, since fat people tend to place more stress on the healthcare system. Short of that, you might have to step on a scale before you can buy ice cream.

“Sorry, Mr. McBiggenhuge. Your BMI is 26. Put down the Rocky Road.”

The PPACA is the bastard child of the Democrats’ lust for power; and only tangentially related to healthcare. By decreeing that Americans must abide by Obamacare’s tenets — specifically section 1501 — Obama is creating the first tax in history levied against a non-existent transaction. You’re being taxed on a purchase you DIDN’T make.

Or, in the words of the Obama Administration:

Individuals who choose to go without health insurance are actively making an economic decision that impacts all of us… every year millions of people without insurance obtain health care they cannot pay for, shifting tens of billions of dollars in added cost onto those who have insurance and onto taxpayers."

The President says eat your brussels sprouts; and from now on, you can drive any car you want, as long as it’s a blue Chevy.

While every observer worth his salt was aware that a loss in Vinson’s court would propel Obama to press his case to the Supreme Court of the United States, few suspected that Obama would personally overrule Vinson in advance of his administration’s appeal to the high bench. It’s worth noting that Vinson — according to 208 years of precedent — outranks the President on Constitutional matters in this arena.

Obama advisor Stephanie Cutter said:

"We don’t believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld and we are confident that (Obamacare) will ultimately be declared constitutional by the courts.”

Well, Ms. Cutter, you’re down to your last Court. And if the Supremes find 5-4 against you — a real possibility — then the single biggest moment of Obama’s Presidency will be remembered as a defeat suffered at the hands of the Constitution.

The White House is calling Vinson’s ruling “an outlier,” suggesting that they can continue to force implementation of Obamacare as if Vinson’s ruling was some mock trial judgment. Someone in the White House Counsel’s Office should read United States v Nixon; a case which ultimately concluded with the President boarding a non-stop flight to San Clemente.

Ultimately, Obama’s argument in favor of the PPACA is rendered false by his own hand. As Vinson pointed out in his ruling, back in 2008, then-Senator Obama opposed the idea of an individual mandate. Vinson quoted Obama directly:

“‘If a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house,’”

Mr. President, it’s time for your medicine.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Vigilant

    Obama advisor Stephanie Cutter says, “We don’t believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld and we are confident that (Obamacare) will ultimately be declared constitutional by the courts.”

    “Judicial activism?” Typical Alinsky/Goebbals distortion of the meaning of the word. Since when is strict construction of the Constitution called “activism?”

    • bob wire

      Yes , that’s when Judges become an active participant in partisan politics.

    • Bruce D.

      For the left adherence to the Constitution may be judicial activism. Well it is not secret they are attempting to render the Constitution null and void and they have been at it a long time.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        The Constitution suffered a huge “null and void” hit on 11/4/08 when a facsist / communist Kenyan was elevated to the White House and the dempcrap controlled House shirked their constitutional duty by not vetting him prior to the Electoral College voting in December of 2008.

      • Bob from Calif

        Judicial activism needs to be stopped. Hopefully in the near future we will get a congress that has a spine, that will address this issue.

        • kate8

          Bob from Calif – Don’t expect it from this administration. Obama’s salivating to stack the courts with activists.

          • bob wire

            well kate. ~ there a vetting process in place to administer to these appointment positions where opposition might be offered. ~ is there not?

            And , yes! like all other Presidents that’s came before, ~ “O” has sway over the selecting!

            Don’t that just frost you over? ~ How dare he, ~ sit there and act like he was elected President! ~ There should be a law! Who does he think he is?

            You should have considered such things 2 1/2 years when you ran the POW/ war hero/senator/ for the job.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      “Since when is strict construction of the Constitution called “activism?”

      Since the brain-dead electorate placed a communist Kenyan in the People’s House, that’s when.

      If the Alynski Group continues to try and implement Obamacare after Judge Vinson’s rulling we should send U.S. Marshalls to the White House to arrest and jail Barry and his crew of communists.

      Rather than put them on a non-stop trip to CA, we put them in paddy wagons for a non-stop trip to a federal jail.

      • Tom H

        Given the incumbent Marxist occupant of the White House’s proclivity for taking liberty with anything in the Constitution, he should do a quick review of how well that worked for Tricky dick Nixon.

        Ultimately, his misdeeds will catch up with him and he will have his butt handed to him on a platter, a reward he so justly deserves. We are seeing the early stages of this socialist moron’s demise as the slumbering electorate starts to awake to the monster they elected in 08. The Democrats who voted in support of Obamacare will live to regret their ballot in spades when the electorate justly rewards them for their rape of the citizens.

        His insurmountable shortcomings were evident to anybody with an IQ over 80 who did 10 minutes of research in 2008 that this dude was woefully unqualified for the Presidential slot.

        A warn out old phrase comes to mind “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”. One can hardly find a better example of this than the Obamanista parasite that our brain dead electorate planted in the White House.

    • John

      Thus, you will be taxed for Obamacare up front and pay more for care at the point of service. Ironically, when you and the rest of the voters start complaining, the President and Congress will try to “control costs” by restricting your access to care. The President and Congress will not, of course, overtly restrict access to physicians and hospitals. They will, instead, impose a set of price controls so Draconian that many providers of care will be unable to survive financially. They simply won’t be there to treat you.

      This is already happening to patients covered by the government’s existing health coverage programs. Government price controls have, for instance, created a primary care shortage for seniors. Medicare patients are having increasing difficulty getting appointments with primary care physicians because the program’s Soviet-style payment system doesn’t cover the cost of an office visit.
      And, if you’re thinking you can maintain your current level of access by simply living with the tax increase and retaining your employer-based coverage, think again. It probably won’t be available.

      “The number of people with private health insurance would decline by 119.1 million people. This would be a two-thirds reduction in the number of people with private coverage.” Because your current insurer won’t enjoy the taxpayer subsidy that allows the public plan to charge below-market premiums, it won’t be able to compete. You’ll be forced to go on the public plan because there won’t be any other coverage choices.

      You will not, however, enjoy those below-market premiums for long. Once the public plan has gained a monopoly in the health coverage market by pricing everyone else out of business, your out-of-pocket expenses will begin to creep up.

    • skip

      I take it Ben Crystal’s cure for “bad medicine” is to shoot the nurses and doctors, presumably with a Glock. Is that preferable to check offs to make sure the right patient gets the right operation for the right reason, which regulations currently require? Or should the family just wait for a bad outcome, let good old Dad suffer the wrong leg off, and shoot up the hospital? Please, Ben, tell us what civilization is supposed to be. Why don’t you take one of our states – perhaps Arizona – and release the health care system from regulation and let the health care workers carry on under threat of death if they don’t deliver the results you want. I’m sure you would have lots of volunteers to work in such a system. Same for highways – be done with stop signs, stoplights, lane markers – let it al be solved with pistols and AK 47s, and see who gets to Phoenix first. And to hell with landing and takeoff spots at our airports, or altitude and distance separations for our planes, commercial and private. By god, let them sort it out in the skies. We don’t need regulations to cramp our air travel. And get rid of restrictions and regulations looking for dangerous bacteria and typhoid and TB in our food – the consumer ought to be smart enough to know where his food is coming from, and could shoot the farmer or ConAgra CEO if he got sick or if his child died. Government regulations just aren’t needed – all of these problems can be solved with threat of death by gunfire, or hanging, or whatever – but gunfire is faster and gun sales are better for the economy than rope sales, I would bet. The law of the jungle worked just fine before this nation was founded, and worked pretty good here as we cleared the plains of the undesirables. Why change it now?

    • timberpro

      I have said before, Obama will be or last president and our first dictator. Get ready America! CHANGE IS COMING!!

  • Anthony

    With the last two SCOTUS appointees, Stephanie Cutter “may” very well be closer to the truth than most would imagine. At least those of us along the width and breadth of the Country, that is. Those on the inside, i”m sure at least have some inkling on the arm-twisting and the subliminal threats going on, as we speak. As is the way in a Police State.

    As it is, the Health Care Bill, the Food Bill, codex, and hyper-inflation .. almost all the pieces are now in place for them to hog-tie America. Add to that HR 4646, HR 5741 and several other rarely discussed pieces of legislation, like the Small Arms Treaty (which I never hear talked about on CableNews) and I can already see a powder keg brewing here, like what they’re practicing with in EGYPT, right now.

    What with a lot of Americans still totally asleep at the wheel on the real story behind these machinations, it’s gonna be even uglier here than it is right now, over there. Too many people here, have had it pampered, whereas in the Middle East, things aren’t full of STARBUCKS, etc., like it is here.

    No … to me, this is all being laid out to cut down the population, one way or the other … ie: Georgie Guidestones. You believe what you want, but when they pass a Law making it illegal to grow your own Garden in the privacy (?) of your own back yard … well, a lot ofyou had damn well better wake the #$%^&* up. Pull your heads up out of the sand and act like you grew a pair in puberty. Or did you?

    The Radio Stations are all pretending to discuss ObamaCare as if NO court would ever side with the Power in Place. And, all I can think of is that movie: Pelican Brief. If they can’t get what they want with UN-american (La Raza?) personnel in place in our own Courts, then those like John Roberts may well have their lives in jeopardy, while all we can do is watch.

    Every morning, NPR has a discussion on it all. In the next breath, they go to the Middle East and interview people in the thick of it – something TV won’t do/not like this, they don’t – and still you get the sense that every contingency is planned for. Mubarik is pulling one rabbit after another out of his hat, with stall tactics, while his Son – a Muslim? – flees Egypt, to go where…. Syria? IRAN? Pakistan? …. NO, straight to England. Does anyone find that move to be suspicious at all? I damn sure do.

    I watched, then downloaded awhile back, a documentary by MAX IGAN, called THE BIG PICTURE. It has since been removed except in small segments from the web – but it is replaced now with an updated piece called: THE CALLING. And in this Documentary, it lays out how you cannot let yourself be swayed into a blinder’s style focus on events. While ObamaCare is a huge issue for all Americans, it is but one piece of how they are working to TIE OUR HANDS. Have you seen how the TSA people are now working to setup check-points between the States? What is this? East & West Germany?

    I sometimes wonder what it will take for the LIBS on this side of the Planet to stop kneeling in front of these stooges. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter, but she was right, when she said there are now Death Panels with ObamaCare. THAT FACT, is certainly NO JOKE.

    With Codex and S.510 where will the rest of you find REAL food, instead of this GMO Alfalfa they are preparing to infect the planet with, this Spring? That Alfalfa will find its way thru all elements of the food chain – meat, milk, poultry, you name it… where will you find food that is actually nuitrition and not a semblence of rat poison where they think they’re feeding well, but in fact, they are still starving to death?

    It’s gonna get a lot worse, before it gets better. People need to wake up, start calling their Reps/Senators and start demanding they stop selling out their own people. Because, right now, that’s what it happening. I said last year, they would use the REPUBS to disarm America .. and they are right now focusing on Legislation to do just that. If you cannot defend yourself, how will you fight BAD MEDICINE or assure you will have food on your table?

    You think what you want, but we are stocking up quietly in stages, as we speak. Hopefully, the Patriot Act blind, won’t have my Home being invaded by Cops who will steal from the citizens just to feed their own families. Situation is in place for them to do exactly that. And, reports on extensive steroid use on police forces acrosss the Nation are bogus? I think not.

    What will you people do (?), is what I ask…..

    • Christin

      Great Article, Ben Crystal.

      obama is a hypocrite… who said one thing and then says another when it doesn’t work for him. And obama is a slave… to TPTB …doing their bidding NOT protecting We The People and defending America as their limited powers state in the Constitution.

      All Very well said, Anthony.

      I didn’t know the police have a high steroid use, must be why they are so aggressive. TSA now hired to be the state border police within America?… maybe they should hire them to PROTECT and SECURE THE SOUTHERN AMERICAN BORDER! Bet those illegals would stop coming if they knew they would be molested upon arrival on the states’ side.

      • kate8

        Anthony – True words. It does my heart good to read from people who see the big picture.

        That being said, what are we to do?

        For one thing, there is much truth in the idea that what we hold in our collective consciousness plays out in the world. They even have ways to measure the levels of emotion in the masses these days, and this tells them that they are winning. This is all a chess game to them, and we are nothing more than pawns. They move us here, nudge us there, give us hope and then dash it against the stones in DC.

        It’s so important to see clearly through the smoke. There’s no time to indulge in fear about it, either. We must learn to beat them at their own game, which is nothing but a game of illusion. This will not be easy, because the dumbing-down has been so effective. But there are still many who are snapping out of it, and if we take just those numbers it could well turn the tide.

        I won’t go into it further here, but I know there are those of you who know what I mean. Remember, the war is not against flesh and blood…

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      First off, Bravo! Well said!

      You ask what are we (I) doing? Like you, I have been stocking up for a few months now, as money allows. I try to QUIETLY educate as many folks about current, and ocming, events as I can.

      Due to our electorate having its collective head up its collective *ss for at least 50 years we are in deep, deep sh*t

      The one main factor that separates us from everyone else on the planet is the fact that we have MILLIONS of firearms. I know they are planning to try and disarm us, but that will lead to THE revolution. Attempts to disarm the populace is exactly what started the FIRST American Revolution against over-whelming odds.

      They won, and so can we.

    • Karolyn

      Well, as far as the alfalfa goes, here is a link where you can join in the protest.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I was watching Fox news today and guess what I saw? I saw a live interview with a reporter in Egypt! He was on a rooftop and kept saying they are looking up at us and pointing. Then he said we have to move back from the edge. I guess the demonstrators are targeting reporters now as they could report the truth that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t want the world to know!! Who’d a thunk it? A live interview on cablenews!!

    • Ironeyes

      OK, so what are we to do? We are unable to sway out representatives to do what is right. We have an administration who has no touch with the real world. A Clinton that wants to disarm us and she can’t keep her mouth shut causing more international trouble for those of us in the states. We can petition and complain, but that time is closing down on us. So I put it to you like this, we either become proactive to change the unwanted change or become the lambs to slaughter.

    • spitfire

      Yes Fellow Americans vote, vote, and call your representatives. It is not working, and you may as well give up, because your ranting is falling on deaf ears.

      Unless you are willing to rise up and take the country back, you can kiss it good by. It will be a really good fight for saving our country, but if we all join together,we can do as our for father did with the British. If you do not have the stomach for what is necessary, then you should not be complaining and or comenting. How does that phrase go?? Poop or get off the pot?s Why do you support gun ownership??? What are you going to do with it??? Most of you won’t even hunt duck,partridge, or dear.

      • spitfire

        ITs spelled deer!

        • skip

          Wrong again – they do shoot “dears” quite a lot – Look at Tucson, Virginia, Fort Hood – lots of dears shot dead!

    • Ira L. Imler

      I believe it is time for all good men to come to the aid of thier country. Our government is out of control!!! It is nothing more than a dictatorship!!! What is coming next, disarmement???!!! Prison Camps???!!! I would rather die a free man than live as a slave!!! Sometimes the tree of Liberty has to be watered by the blood of Patriots. LET FREEDOM RING!!!!

    • William Knaack

      The ” Red Coats “are coming, The Red Coats are comming !( To Arms ! )

    • oldbill

      We will continue to render unto Caesar that which is Caesars, and unto God, that which is God’s, until such time that we can no longer go into our own closet and pray in silence to the One and Only. What then? We can only stand our ground and be slaughtered.

      Until that day: get out of debt, stay out of debt.

    • Cliff

      I have either a stupid question or a brilliant one depending on who answers, but what if everyone that has retirement and savings accounts bought up all the T-bills before Obama Bin Laden tries to nationalize it? That pretty much puts the government back in the hands of the people and then we can truly tell them to abolish the Federal Reserve among other things.

      Just a thought I had this morning. Curious to read people’s responses.

      Thank you.

    • ONTIME

      The cure is to make Barry’s life as miserable as possible by denying him his ability to mandate, decree and put forth edicts to appoint and demand, to destroy his support just as he is destroying belief in God and traditions and undermine more of his ability, to vote in more of those who oppose socialism, communism, muslim law and lying as a art and a necessity to do business, exploit Barry’s ineptness and take away his flank by ridding the nation of this AG called Holder, without Holder Barry can be investigated and prosecuted….cut the head from the snake by enforcing Constitutional law and the body will die.

    • Jan

      The facts boil down to: the American People will not wake up until it’s too late! They want Their easy street that They worked so hard for and think Obuma is going to give it to them. There are greater powers thn Obuma at play here. He is just the Pack mule, whipping pos, Person in all of this! You should really be targeting the Ones who choose to remain Elusive. It is written of this in Scriptural Prophecy to make Them get off Their lees of which I think lees means butt but I’m not sure on that one. Anyway to eliminate the Whipping post Person, as I mentioned above, will only lead to a replacement. You must cut off the Head and not the Tail or it will grow back even stronger!
      The Messenger-Prophet

  • s c

    I’ll believe that ’57 states Obama’ cares about America and has plans to lead America when he has both feet in the real world, he stops relying on theorists to make his decisions for him and he acts like he knows the difference between fantasy and reality.
    Until then, he’s no leader, he’ll never be a leader and Jimmy Carter can sleep well, knowing that he’s no longer the worst prez America ever had.

    • Louie

      Right on to the “bone”.

  • Eric Bischoff

    Oh Ben! never mind the fact that 80% of Americans in last polls do not want the bill repealed. They don’t want the Republicans to waste their time on that and repealing abortion, they want JOBS.

    How long will it take before we finally realize that Medicare for all is the simple elegant answer. That alone will have the biggest impact on freeing up businesses from having to provide healthcare to compete for quality workers. If we are serious about helping businesses compete, this is the biggest shackle we could remove from small businesses.

    • Louie

      Eric, where did you get your percentages. 95% of the people that I have talked to absolutely do not want OBC. Smell the roses!!!

      • TIME


        I agree with you, I can’t seem to find anyone who likes Barry Care but then again what do I know, afterall I only travel all the time and speak with hunders of people per week, that equals thousands per month.

        Yet thats fails to count in the World of OZ. You all know that special place ~ With all the Fluffy marshmallow pies & cotton candy tree’s with butter cup flowers filled with honey, all on that golden brick path in the land of OZ.

        I guess thats also why as of today over 700 companys & Unions have all asked to be released from having to use Barry Care.

        How strange that even SEIU and UAW now don’t have to be in Barry Care, hey and even Accorn too!
        I just feel Soooo happy all over, its like a day in the sweet sunshine of OZ.

        Oh damm, I dropped some gooo on my red velvet glowing slippers what will I do now?

        Oh wait ~ I have to Pay Barry a Tax, but wait its not a tax, no its a right I have right to pay Barry its my “Barry Given right” to let Barry steal from me!

        Oh I just love a sunny day when everthing is so special.

        Thank you all in Congress and the Senate for giving me Barry Rights. Oh what will you all think of next? I just can’t wait perhaps a soda with No S, No O, and No D, as well No A in it!

        Yea Baby thats the ticket…………

        • kate8

          TIME – That’s correct. Obamacare is a RIGHT for those who can’t pay. For everyone else, it’s a TAX.

          • TIME


            Did you know they are having close out sale of Barry care, Hurry if you sign up today you will get a free piece of Bubble Gum and picture with song words.

            Price of Barry Care, $ TRILLIONS after TRILLIONS…..

            FREE Gum, $.02 cents! Wrapped in a piece of the Constitution or The Bill of Rights, you’re choice.

            FREE picture of Barry with the words to his hit single;
            Change Change, Yes we Can Change, Pricelsss!

            Limited number prints are going FAST, so ACT now, after all someone has to Pay for this Fun packed Bill!
            And as Barry says, who needs a Constitution or Bill of Rights anyway!

            You all Got me Babe’s Barry Soetoro man of men, men of man a manly man. And you know you can trust anything I say!

            Also if you wish to be excluded from this law please send $100 Million to Barry Soetoro 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC 20500 Please mark as ~ in Care of Barry’s Big Deal HCR.

            Oh and please send only cash, Thanks for your Friend Barry. :-)

          • Christin

            Good stuff… so true and funny… thanks for the laugh.

            The Progressives & Demos spent two years forcing tax and control “barrycare” over the will of the people and strong arming & threatening some demos and now they are telling the Republicans and Conservatives not to spend any more time repealing the unConstitutional monstrocity even after everyone wants to opt out!
            All of a sudden they know “it’s the economy stupid.”

            Don’t you just love the Demo’s plea not to repeal barrycare because it will kick our 26 year old adult…I mean children…. off our health insurance policies. If it doesn’t apply to Congress and the White House and half of the country then it shouldn’t be a legitimate law.

            Less everyone forget… this obamacare wasn’t even supposed to be a real bill… the House had one bill and the Senate had a different one, but the window of opportunity was closing so the Progressive House was forced by the dethroned Queen to vote to accept the unchanged Senate Bill without meshing the two (which still would have been an unConstitutional mess).

            I pass on nohealthcare from Progressive hillarycare and now barrycare of Sunshine and Lollipop land… insurance/tax/death sentence /control of the masses… BUT you said it better TIME!


        • DaveH

          You LIE! What a surprise, a Liberal that lies.
          Here’s proof:

          • http://?? Joe H.

            i was just going to say I had seen a poll that said over 50% of the people were for repeal but there you are beating me to it!! keep on knocking down the liberal lies!!!

        • bob wire

          “I can’t seem to find anyone who likes Barry Care but then again what do I know, after all I only travel all the time and speak with hundreds of people per week, that equals thousands per month. ”

          I guess that depends on who you talk to during all these travels doesn’t it? and more so, what you talk to them about! and of course you know people tend to lie. The reasons for it are not always clear. Posturing.

          I suppose it’s easy to slip into the notion that you are the center of the universe.

          I visit with 20 to 60 new people per day myself. I find most have that center of the universe illusion as well.

          I’ve learned it best to treat them accordingly unless of course it doesn’t serve me well. And then I have to pop their bubble.

          I can’t afford such an illusion, ~ I’ve learned to depend on people offering me one.

          And they are all over the place!

          Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes funny and sometimes it’s down right sad.

      • Vigilant

        Louie, engaging Eric in logical, fact-filled conversation is like trying to put the square peg in the round hole. His paltry attempt to sway things his way with bogus poll results is laughable. EVERY proven-accurate poll has revealed that likely voters favor repeal of the health care law over those opposed by at least 10-15%.

        Eric is also mathematically challenged, as are so many of his ilk. They are the only species left that believes there is such a thing as a free lunch. “Medicare for all” is a mantra he uses to lull the ignorant into a mode of thinking that denies the very clear principle of wealth redistribution.

        He will have you think that no one pays for Medicare, that we can “free up businesses from having to provide healthcare” as if there’s some magic fairy dust around somewhere that’s going to pay for it.

        But then, what would you expect from someone weaned on Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States?” Eric has been known to quote from this work of America-hating propaganda, written by a known Communist. There’s only one phrase to describe Eric: a true believer.

        • kate8

          Yes, politicians have always known that the way to get people on board is to offer them free stuff. Otherwise known as selling your soul to the devil.

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          How about we buy all liberals a one-way ticket to Europe?

          Also, could comeone explain CODEX so that it can be understood? I have read about it, but guess I am not sharp enough to grasp exactly what it is all about.

          • ML

            How about we buy all liberals a one way ticket half way to Europe and push them out of the plane when it gets to that point?

          • kate8

            Old Henry – Codex is part of the WHO and seems to have as it’s main goal the removal of access to healthy, organic, nutritious foods for purposes of population reduction. Many countries have already signed on, including the US. It is part of the NWO.

            Of course, I’m simplifying. Do a web search on Codus Aliamentarius and you will find a great deal of info. I haven’t read it all, but I might suggest you bear in mind the bias if you go to an “official” website.

          • kate8

            Old Henry – to put it even more succinctly, Codex wants to tell us what we can and can’t eat, what kind of medicines to take, what kind of healthcare we can have access to, and remove all natural supplements and products in favor of synthetic and GMO.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            To put it even more simple. People like me that have an exhisting medical problem like Diabetes are going to be screwed!!

          • kate8

            JoeH – In today’s toxic world, nearly everyone has some kind of medical condition, even if they don’t know it yet. Or soon will have.

            There are ways do deal with this, even when all is taken from us. It’s just up to each person to discover how.

      • skip

        It just speaks to whom you speak to, Louie. Please let us know where you live so we don’t have the misfortune of running into any of them. The polls say an overwhelming majority of the country does not want their health care taken away from them. I’m certain that you have a serious pre-existing condition and would not be able to be insured under the prior insurance regulations, so if I were you, I would want the health care program preserved or you will lose your house and car when you hit the ER.

    • Louie

      Oh, and Eric, the problem with no jobs is the government (we the people) that wants more environmental controls/taxes on corporations/small companies. So what do they do, go off shore/close. They can’t possibly survive with those burdens. When will people wake up & realize this?

      • WayneT

        When we can convince Bob Wire, and his cohorts who think like him that Nobama is not good for this country. We most likely cannot convince Bob Wire, but we need he majority of the Independants to see the light. Bob, will never see the light, He is still in the dark struggling along.

    • bob wire

      What kind of Poll?

      • TIME

        As May Day is on the way, I would say a May Pole.

        • WayneT

          Time, Bob is something else. He just don’t understand the American Dream. You don’t get the American Dream by pushing new idiotic laws on people, and businesses which only curtails peoples desires to expand, and to advance forward. Bob needs govenment help so he should go to a country that has a dictator, maybe some place like Egypt.

          • bob wire

            “You don’t get the American Dream by pushing new idiotic laws on people, and businesses which only curtails peoples desires to expand,”

            The dream is gone, my friend, ~ that’s a baby boomer thing, if you were born in 27 to 35, ~ you have had the pleasure of eating the heart of the melon. You got the best of what the dream offered.

            Today, we chew on green rhine and get excited when we see traces of red.

            and what laws had have clearly restricted business expansion do you refer to?

            It’s all uphill from here on my friend, so warm up to the idea.

          • JeffH

            WayneT, Government policies hinder business growth. As businesses and workers struggle in these hard times, the last thing the Democrats should be doing is discouraging job creation and economic growth; yet that is exactly what they are doing.
            Pushing a monstrous health care bill through that promises to levy massive new taxes on employment itself. This will undoubtedly cost jobs. Congressional Democrats introduced a cap-and-trade proposal that would hit all producers and consumers of energy with higher energy costs — a de facto tax. In industrial states like Pennsylvania, the cap-and-trade tax would hit the industries especially hard, costing thousands more jobs.

            The one-party-controlled government in Washington continues to spend tax dollars at a pace that outstrips every other Congress since the birth of our nation.

            The 2009 deficit clocked in at an unprecedented $1.4 trillion, and the 2010 deficit is projected to surpass that. It is a staggering amount of debt that will have to be repaid one day either by printing more dollars or levying catastrophically large tax increases on workers and businesses.

            The former will devalue our currency and savings, punishing the country with painful inflation. The latter will cause our economy to languish under the burden of excessive job-killing taxes.

            Instead of encouraging jobs, the specter of unaffordable new regulations, huge new tax increases, and a ballooning debt makes business owners and investors extremely reluctant to expand their business, take on additional workers or start new ventures.

            In these tough, uncertain times, Congress should be making it easier for businesses to hire more employees and expand their businesses, not punishing them when they do

      • JeffH

        bob, it might have been the poll in a strip bar that sells double shots for a buck…maybe one too many shots for Eric the Red.

        • bob wire

          No ! I heard something about an 80% poll ~ favoring repeal, ~ I think that is suspect and worthy review.

          I thinks someone is trying to play ring around the rosy with us.

          It seems safe to say, no one here sees any interest in going there. I can only imagine why!

          Wild unsupported and speculative talk is much more fun!

          I know! let’s bash obama ! He’s destroying the Universe! He’s restricted the solar winds from blowing. He’s just plain screwing everything up we worked so hard to destroy our way!

          Get real, Judges and their families need to exercise digression when engaging in politics. ~ It comes with the frigging job, ~ just like a public school teacher, in the sense they can’t publicly show or project impropriety, conflict of interest or lacking of moral fiber, but “shall” conduct themselves above reproach.

          I know how it works and all of you should as well. ~ They are paid well for their compromise of their personal liberties as they are required to administer to “ALL” the peoples business.

          I had a father-in law that was a Reagan appointee, ~and people were always attempting to give him things, ball game tickets, airline tickets, weekend outing, ~ Not NO ! But Hell NO! If you enjoy your job, and all the nice benefits ~~ You don’t take a chance and just maybe bring embarrassment to your Boss. ~ There would be no wood shed experience, for a low level appointee.

          You don’t go and be see just any damn where you might wish to go. Don’t offer reason for talk or suspicion.

          What is it about “beyond reproach” that people and some Judges don’t seem to understand today?

          Do no harm. ~

          • JeffH


          • http://?? Joe H.

            bob wire,
            The poll was 65% and it was by rassmussen!! 65% are for repeal of the healthcare bill!

        • bob wire

          Thanks Joe. ~ that’s all I was asking for.

          that sounds more in line with what I might expect especially considering the pollster.

          Even if 65 % is a correct figure , Time that means; with your way of thinking, you never come across 45 % of the people!

          So your travels is excluding your contact with 144 million American.

    • WayneT

      Eric, poviding medicare for all people would not be fair for those that had paid in the system for 30 or 40 years. Remember, the folks who are getting medicare now has already paid. Those in their early years has not paid their dues. If if a law like this would be passed, then the ones who has already paid into the system, will have to pay again for the younger folks. That does not seem fair to me. The younger folks are still working and they should be able to pay for their own insurance. Those of us who are retired are not working anymore and are unable to pay, so therefore, we need the medicare. I think the health care industry is ripping the folks off. There should be some way to keep health insurance from rising fom 15 to 20 percent per year like it has for the last 20 or 30 years. We need competition. We could get our drugs from Canada for up to 40% less, but Congress nixed that law. Do you suppose that the leaders in Congress may be getting paid under the table for not allowing that la to pass? We can buy food from all over the world, but we cannot buy our drugs from Canada. Something is wrong here!!!! Let’s figure out a way to reduce the cost of health care and just leave everything else alone.

      • Ms. Abby

        Not only did they pay, they watched as the government stole from the Social Security Trust Fund in order to make Medicare appear revenue neutral. Sound familiar – Obama has said this law will be revenue neutral but he takes BILLIONS from the Medicare program to pay for this new one that will also be a sad failure.

    • Bruce D.

      Eric that is why we have a Constitution to protect the few from the many and the people from abusive government power. Every poll I have seen has shown that people want Obamacare repealed so I do not know what poll you are talking about. People have never wanted Obamacare from the beginning. It was forced on us. It took political bribery to pass it. It should be illegal to offer Senators money for their state in exchange for their vote. I would like to see politicians put in jail for that. The corruption concerning Obamacare is so bad that Unions pushed for it to pass and have now asked for and got an exemption from Obamacare. That is just total blatant corruption.

      • WayneT

        Bruce, I agree. The unions was for this, and now they do not wnat to pay their share by getting exemptions. They are certainly a bunch of hippocrits. The whole health care bill stinks the way it was put together. It should be voided. Congress should start all over again, but this time both parties should have an input and it should be out in the open. All members of Congress should be forced to read the entire bill this time. It should also be made available on a website for 10 days giving the public time to read the bill for feed back to their members of Congress. I don’t particulary care for those Communist members of Congress they call Democrats. This is exactly what most of the Democrats are, a mixture of Liberals and Communist set out to destroy America.

      • kate8

        Bruce D. – Who even knows about polls. For all we know, the numbers could be completely made up. The media can put out whatever they want, and the Erics and BWs take them as gospel.

        I don’t know anyone who wants Obamacare. I suspect the only people who do are the ones who won’t have to pay for it. At least, not with money.

        I suspect we are nearing the tipping point where the parasites outnumber the host. And the dems talk about how our current system is unsustainable?

        • Bruce D.

          Poles not always are correct but can be a good indication. People take poles for a living and many want their polls to be as accurate as possible to give them credibility. I think they jot down the information given to them correctly. Mostly I think the way in which a pole is rigged is in the way the question is asked. My feeling is either Eric made up the poll along with the numbers or the poll was taken by MSNBC viewers.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Bruce D,
            Nah it was taken by none other than Nobama himself!!! In fact I’m suprised it doesn’t say 97.999% want Nobama care!! The 97.999% is so it looks like a few repubs are against it!!! What a CROCK!!!

          • bob wire

            Rassmussen has a known history of a right bias and inaccuracy, but I don’t mind.

            It seems to be working well for everyone. ~ The GOP get to feel good for a little while and it’s great for media fill and the talking heads at Fox.

          • Bruce D.

            They were not wrong in the last election were they Bob.

    • Commonsense

      Eric, show me one government agency that isn’t in the red millions. And yet you talk of giving them more money to blow out their asses? Please, for the love of God, don’t piss down my back and then tell me it’s rainin’, O.K.? Your line of thought is illogical and dangerous. If socialism worked, we’d be doing it, but it doesn’t. Turn on you tv for a second. Don’t you see that the countries that have socialism are down on their knees. Wake up before it’s too late, smell the B.S. for what it is and start preaching personal accountability instead of nanny nation.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Medicare is broke, and broken. Have you ever seen a doctor’s / hospital’s , clinic’s bill AFTER it has run thru Medicare? They are paid very little of the original bill as most of it is discounted / excluded. Many are opting out of Medicare.

      Having the government run ANYTHING is a huge mistake, and not constitutional

      I am guessing you are young enoguh to have been brought up thru the system to be endoctrinated with the entitlement attitude.

      To get medical costs under control we need to get the ((&$$** lawyers under control.

    • LiarsMustBeDefeated

      You got your facts backwards, reversed and up-side-down, just like the talking TV heads. You and your ilk had better wake up.

  • johnson Buquet

    Obama care should be repealed because it is unconstitutional and is bad for our country as a whole. we are already paying for illegal aliens medical and social security. Obama should focus more on ridding the country of illegal aliens that would surely bring unemployment down to a great degree and make us a stronger country and not the weakling who is only concerned with votes

    • WayneT

      I agree johnson. Nobama is wanting these folks to vote for him in 2012, and that is why he does not want to touch the illegal issue. Nobama is sly like a fox, but I believe I am one, along with others on this forum, have him figured out. He fooled the majority of the people in 2008. I hope the folks will wake up in 2012 and fire him before it is too late. He will ruin this country if he is not fired at the next election.

    • rosina

      The illegals should NOT be getting all the free medication and free schools etc. IF THEY ARE ILLEGAL!
      I could NOT until I became a citizen-legally.
      I was not even aware that one could get away with voting illegally until now. This is where change is necessary. Reform the elction process.
      As for Obama RUINCARE, where on earth is the poll that says more than 80% DO NOT WANT IT REPEALED??????
      IT does NOT help the seniors, they will be abandoned as so many doctors are already refusing medicare patients. Payment is much too low.
      NO, THE BIGGEST CAUSE OF HIGH HEALTH CARE RATES ARE THE LAWYERS WITH THEIR HUGE LITIGATION SETTLEMENTS. AS Congress is mainly made up of lawyers they will do nothing about tort reform and getting rid of frivolous cases. This alone would allow doctors to practice correctly without paying out 100s of thousands for insurance!
      AND look at all the other items within this massive law that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALTH!!!

  • jopa

    How absurd.Health care in America.That would stop so much pain and suffering and allow people to go to a doctor when they are sick.Make these people suffer so we can sell more pain relievers and band-aids.Do you realize how bad this would be for jobs in America.Grave diggers morticians and bodybag manufacturers like to work also.Us republicans we are the party of death and we need those federal dollars to buy bombs that kill in the thousands and we love war.So lets keep some powder dry and buy some lead and gold.Oh yes and some powdered milk and eggs for our bomb shelters.

    • DaveH

      Do you realize that people freeze to death in winter time without sheltor? Do you realize that people starve to death without food?
      Let’s just give everbody free food, free sheltor, free healthcare, or whatever else their hearts desire to keep them happy and comfortable.
      Communism works so well. Ask any Cuban.

    • Ellen

      Sarcasm aside, I think you’re missing the big point here. The ‘uninsured’ will actually be worse off once they have their subsidized medical policy. True, they won’t have to pay for preventative care. But, they’ll be on the hook for 20% of the cost of their care for all their medical problems (that they currently get for free). This is where all the big medical costs are. If you have cancer, that won’t be found in your preventative physical that cost $140. Obamacare is foolish and won’t help the people it is intended to help. Just like subprime mortgages and welfare, it will cause them more problems. And, just like subprime mortgages and welfare, it will bankrupt us.

  • James

    Basicly, state legislatures can’t force their citizens to protect themselves, they don’t have that power. For example, they can’t make motor cycalists wear helmets, but can make make them buy insurance (to cover damages and injuries they might inflict on others). By the same token, states can’t make their citizens buy health insurance that only protects themselves. Democrats in congress are arguing that everyone needs healthcare, thus everyone needs health insurance, as though healthcare and health insurance are the same thing. That’s nonsense, the federal government was never delegated the power to legislate over such subjects. Regulating Commerce (Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 3) was never intended to mean controlling what transpires in commerce.

    • Dave R.

      James, from personal experience I know that some states including Ohio used to require motorcyclists to wear “an approved helmet, and municipalities including Cleveland collected fines from those who did not comply. When in law school I wrote an independent studies paper in which I argued that such laws should be repealed or declared unconstitutional because their root premise was that the state could require an individual to protect himself from any injury because the state was protector of the public interest which including being entitled to the productive output (income and various taxes)of that person which might not come to the state coffers if there was an accident resulting in a head injury, and that the alternatives such as insurance existed to mitigate public liability of caring for a rider after a head injury. I was ridiculed by my professors for the positions I advocated in that paper yet they gave me a good overall grade on it. And later such laws were struck down or repealed.

      • Vigilant

        Of course, repealing helmet laws resulted in more court suits to fill the trial lawyers’ coffers (and increased insurance rates). You forgot to mention that small “conflict of interest” matter.

        Comparing health care mandates with DMV laws is specious. Driving is a privilege and responsibility. The states have a right to impose certain restrictions if you wish to take on the responsibility. Mandatory health care is unconstitutional because you would be fined for taking no action (doing nothing).

        • DaveH

          There is never any excuse for Government (at any level) to protect people from themselves. Once you allow Government that “privilege” you can kiss your freedom goodbye.

    • Karolyn

      How can you say states can’t require motorcyclists to wear helmets? Most states do.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Actually there are quite a few states that don’t require it! In some that do the riders were wearing them on their knee and according to the letter of the law they were legal!!

        • kate8

          Joe H. – For the life of me I don’t know why anyone would ride without a helmet, law or no.

          In my younger days I was thrown from the back of a motorcycle, and my head slammed against a rock right at my temple. Had I not been wearing a helmet…well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have to be… dealing with all this cr*p going on today.

          Wait…is that a good thing?

  • DaveH

    So the Obama administration now says it doesn’t approve of Judicial Activism. What a joke.
    Let’s hold them to that.

    • DaveH

      For those who don’t know, “judicial activism” is performed by those justices who think the Constitution should be a “living document”, that is, it should be interpreted NOT by the strict letter of the law, but rather by what the justice thinks is best for society. So in other words the unelected judges get to bend the laws to their opinions of what is best for the rest of us.
      Here’s what Obama has said about that subject:

      Make up your mind, Mr. Obama.

      • kate8

        DaveH – What’s really scary is that you know the Justices already have their minds made up before the case is ever heard. Like everything else, the decision will likely fall down party lines.

        Looks like Kagan will refuse to recuse. There is no longer even any semblance of propriety or ethics.

        • DaveH

          I know. It’s become the free-for-all that our Founders tried to prevent.

          • TIME

            Dave & Kate,

            Whats been going on for well over 100 years is a sub level government with the confines of our governemnt. As in did you know that the EPA can tax you for breathing air if they so wanted to?
            Or for drinking water.

            As well every department started up over the last 100 years is sold as a way to “PROTECT” you, when in fact this slow building has brought about what is going on today and has allowed every nasty thing that our Government is doing.

            Here are just a few dept, that we don’t need the list is so long it would take days to fill it out.

            CIA ~ yes I now have found this one is in the mix.
            The list is again so long its crazy I have a call, so I will try and get back later.

          • kate8

            TIME – Thanks and yep, I’m well aware of these things.

            Whatever happened to the laws against monopolies, to insure that no corporation got in total control? If you make regulations and taxes too onerous, you drive out the independent businesses.

            Another reason for doing away with jobs is, when you have millions of young people, especially men, with no hope for their futures, it’s easy to drive them toward revolt, if that is the goal. Or into the military or other militant service. They would go hand in hand, now, wouldn’t they.

          • DaveH

            There has never been such a thing, Kate. The only way a monopoly can exist is with Government aid.
            DeBeers is the closest thing there is to a monopoly, but they exist with the complicity of Governments. Take the force of Government out of the equation and there is no way they could monopolize free markets.

          • kate8

            DaveH – I remember learning in school that there were laws against monopolies. I also remember corporations being broken up because of this.

            They are called Antitrust Laws. I gave it a quick look. Correct me if I’ve jumped the gun:


          • http://?? Joe H.

            you are correct. Ma Bell telephone was the first monopoly broken up by the anti-trust laws!

          • Ms. Abby

            Yup and when Ma Bell was broken up it was the start of higher and higher phone rates. The government didn’t do us a favor on that one at all. They really should look at all the “too big to fail” companies on their list and start breaking them up – that is if the truly believe in the law.

  • Joseph C, Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    Our politicians and administration have created a real lunatic asylum out of the government. How can the public not understand this and end it?

    • DaveH

      Because they’ve been dumbed down in the Propaganda Schools. We need to push hard for voucher systems and school choice. Put an end to the Brainwashing of our children.

  • LiarsMustBeDefeated

    I just noticed the skillet calling the kettle “black”. Did you see it, too? If you did, click Reply and type “Yes”. Thank-you, I’ll check back in a few hours and see how may replies I got.

    • Roger


  • Ted Crawford

    I see here that most believe that Obama was handed a defeat. I don’t believe that’s the truth! I think that he intended and planned for this to happen. What he might not have foreseen was November 2! Remember he has always been in favor of a single payer system.
    Now he will look for ways to access more fiat money to artificially stimulate the economy. Hoping to keep the world and the American voter off balance. If he can spin everything that the conservatives try to do into a negative light and make the economy appear to be improving, he hopes that the independents might feel “The economy seems to be comming back. Mabey we’de better not rock the boat”
    If he is successful in being re-elected and regaining the majorieties in the Congress, He’ll have his way for at least another two years.
    We must be alert and not allow this to happen! I fear we will end up in far worse shape than the Middle East if it does!

  • B.W.

    How long has it been since congress has passed LAW? Certainly ObamaCare is not LAW. They may want to call it that, but it is openly unconstitutional. THAT, in itself< MAKES IT LEGAL, NOT LAW. OBAMA and any senator or representative that voted for it along with those who pushed it should all be tried by a COURT OF LAW, SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS COUNTRY ANY MORE. THEN THEY SHOULD SUFFER THE HARSHEST PUNISHMENT ALLOWED BY LAW. No country club federal prisons for them. LAW NOT LEGAL.

    • kate8

      B.W. How do you think Congress gets away with excluding themselves from their “legislation”?

      They well know they are exceeding their authority, and their Acts are invalid. We only can be held to them by our consent.

      The elites are engaging in a psychological war against us. It doesn’t matter what’s true, only what we believe to be true.

      It’s up to us to have the courage to defy them.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    How do you like this?? A judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional, but the democraps still vote against repeal. Well, what else is new?? As usual, the democraps thumb their noses at our Constitution as they rule against the will of the American people. Again I have to say that we should’ve gotten rid of more democraps in the midterm election 3 month sago. The 2012 election is critical, as we must win back the White House and Senate. ….Likewise, if the SCOTUS has ruled in favor of the EPA on its leftist anti-American agenda, then perhaps we should defy that, and thumb our noses at the EPA. Let’s give the leftwing democraps a dose of their own medicine!!

    • kate8

      Earl, It’s kind of funny, really. When democrats couldn’t get the results they wanted through the legislature, they went to the courts, filling it with judges who would rule in their favor and acting as if the courts were the final word.

      But they will only honor the decisions of the courts as long as it’s the ones they want. If not, they choose to ignore them.

      Well, folks, as far as I’m concerned, what’s good for the goose and all that…Let’s just All ignore them. It’s all become nothing but a farce, anyway.



  • Jerbigge

    I can reform health with three words: REPEAL PRESCRIPTION LAWS! Do that and a wooden stake has been pounded on through the heart of the Medical Monopoly! Without prescription laws doctors are no longer “legal drug pushers”. No longer can doctors force you to make (very profitable) office visits just so they can scribble their name at the bottom of a prescription form! Nor force you to come to their office for a “check up” (putting money in their checking account) just to stay in their good graces. Just as dentists force you to come every six months for a tooth cleaning, check up and x-rays. Otherwise they will refuse to take care of you if you get a tooth ache. The proper term for this is “extortion”, which is a felony in every state in the US. No different in principle from the Mafia! Do you want to have your money extorted from you by doctors and dentists? And who has ultimate responsibility for all this?
    Government! Without the power of GOVERNMENT behind them, enforcing the prescription laws, the medical and dental licensing laws, these people would not have any power over you! Government is the source of these problems, not the solution! Visit the above website and see for yourself! Prescription laws, drug laws, professional licensing laws, all these are the consequence of an out of control GOVERNMENT!

    • DaveH

      I agree, Jerbigge, but it will be a tough sell for the millions of people who have been thoroughly propagandized by the schools and the MSM. I believe Government has no business protecting people from themselves. Once we let them try, their foot is in the door, and there is no end to the controls they can rationalize to gain more power over the people.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      sorry bud but I don’t have to go to an office visit for refills. I call or my pharmacy calls and they get refilled by call in!! i go to the Dr. about twice a year to check my blood levels and check my BP. That’s it! My Dr. tells me if I need refills to do just what I have been doing and she will call them in!

  • Jerbigge

    If you want to stop paying so much for health care, first you have to take GOVERNMENT out of the picture. Without government enforcement, these professional monopolies cannot continue to exist. The high cost of health care here in the US is due to a government that has at the request of professional hired lobbyists passed laws to benefit these people and allow them to steal money from American citizens just like some criminal organization such as the Mafia does. Once government has been forced to return to what the Constitution requires it to do, it no longer has the authority to pass prescription laws, drug laws, professional licensing laws. And the very best way to do this is to join the Libertarian Party, (yearly dues of $25 a year) and start voting Libertarian in every election! If we can force the federal government to return to doing only those things that the Constitution allows, we will regain our freedoms, and stop having to pay so much for health care here in the United States of America!

    • DaveH

      Some backup for you, Jerbigge:

    • spitfire

      You are truly a foolish man if you think that voting will save our republic from the evil doom that is right in front of us. All of us citizens need to rise up against this illegal government. That is the only way to success.

  • DaveH

    Here’s the chance to learn some real economics, not the stuff that politicians want us to believe so they can retain and build their power:

  • DaveH

    A side to Abraham Lincoln that we don’t get from the public school propagandists:

    • http://deleted Claire

      DaveH– Although I am in the “Land of Lincoln,” I have not been impressed with Lincoln. There is more to this man than meets the eye. I often think some “people are not what they seem.”

  • http://com i41

    I wouldn’t pay any dues to join any party. Work with the parties we have start changing progressive socialists in any group. Liberatarians get too far out in the weeds. Tea Party pulled the Rep Party, trouble with dems hey have too many ropes tied to them by George Soros and his union thugs and his truck loads of 527s.. Union members don’t think for themselves and gewt stupidier every election.

    • DaveH

      Yeah, sure, I41. Boor me with the same tired mantra I’ve heard for 40 years while our country just keeps sinking further.
      Our simple philosophy is to leave people alone unless the physically harm others. People have a natural born right to control their own bodies and property without interference from others, whether they act alone or form a very big gang (Government).
      Neither of the two major parties comes close to our principles of Freedom. And if you can’t see that simple truth, I can only say you must be smoking those weeds of which you speak. But that’s okay, we allow that, unless you physically harm others.

    • Ms. Abby

      The last time I read up on this, George Soros had a lot of Republicans in his corner too. Maybe we should just get rid of George – send him to one of the countries he has ruined with his currency trading and insider trading.

  • chuckb


    everything i have found on this subject says lincoln was in favor of removing blacks fromthis country.

    a nephew of george washington was the first president of the society formed to emancipate the slaves and colonize them in africa (liberia) this continued on to lincoln who in my history book was in favor of this. they could never build ships fast enough to carry the slaves to liberia and only managed to ship approx 10,000 and many of those died from decease and killed by the natives.

    Many Americans think of Abraham Lincoln, above all, as the president who freed the slaves. Immortalized as the “Great Emancipator,” he is widely regarded as a champion of black freedom who supported social equality of the races, and who fought the American Civil War (1861-1865) to free the slaves.

    While it is true that Lincoln regarded slavery as an evil and harmful institution, it also true, as this paper will show, that he shared the conviction of most Americans of his time, and of many prominent statesmen before and after him, that blacks could not be assimilated into white society. He rejected the notion of social equality of the races, and held to the view that blacks should be resettled abroad. As President, he supported projects to remove blacks from the United States.

    • Ms. Abby

      There is also the fact that the north was becoming industrialized and they needed more workers.

  • chuckb

    this information: – Cached – Simila

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I think all of us would be wise to as much as possible start diagnosing and treating our own medical problems. We have been forced to, since my wife was diagnosed with RSD four months ago and her surgeon said there is no cure for it. What we have uncovered about the FDA and modern medecine almost makes ne sick but Obamacare would only make things much worse. Jerbigge is right on target with his comments and repealing of prescription drug laws would go a long way in transforming the system for the betterment of us all. We need a choice of whether to be treated naturally or with drugs and the insurance co. should cover both at our discretion. They are willing to pay $20,000 for a nerve block but not willing to cover a $2000 treatment that is producing what we beleive is great results. I have asked The Lord for His wisdom in dealing with all this and while my wife is not completely well, she is doing much much better.

    • spitfire

      May God bless you both, and I hope she continues to get better.

  • Irena

    If Obamacare is so great, how come Congress members are not beating down BHO’s door to take this health care plan as their own? You can surely bet if Congress had to follow the rules like the rest of us, this health care legislation piece would have been very different. Or maybe Pelosi and the rest might have actually read the darn bill before they passed it. Aaah, well, it was a nice thought….

  • spitfire

    Personally I think Obama care, is a “Trojan Horse” more than it is a real health bill. It has so much garbage buryed in it that is far worse than anything we can imagine. I would bet there are bills embedded in the Obamacare, that would have never passed if not hidden in the Obama care monster.

  • William Knaack

    Most of the people ‘s replys I have read here, understand whats going to happen in the last years of the Obama adminstration.” ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT”….Control population and you control the people!Those of us,who understand this, must fight to keep The America we have known, and the freedom we injoy, pure!Take back the “scrules”(schools)that are teaching our kids socialism…Lets get back to the Constitution!!!!!What do you think ?

  • Ms. Abby

    “Individuals who choose to go without health insurance are actively making an economic decision that impacts all of us… every year millions of people without insurance obtain health care they cannot pay for, shifting tens of billions of dollars in added cost onto those who have insurance and onto taxpayers.”

    I love this quote – so in other words….. they are going to tax us to death but we won’t have to pay for other people free health care through higher health care costs, just escalating higher government costs.

    I personaly believe it was cheaper to just suck up the extra costs and forget about the government’s solution. Maybe if we stop treating all the illegals and providing interpreters, we might get some of our health care costs down. Two hospitals in the DFW are reported an $11 MILLION loss from emergency room care given to illegals.

  • Charles

    Sorry oh GREAT ONE, I just can`t buy into your 2,700 page health care plan.Does this mean, I will get 100 lashes and sent to my resting place in the ground? Oh! please say it aint so.Oh! you have already done that.

  • Jan

    I’ll say it again, I have read Every bodies remarks and You are still way out in left field. You need to focus on Who is Behind Obuma. After You eliminate Obuma, if You succeed, another will take his place even stronger!

  • Jan

    There are articles written about them and their Ideal World. You heard it from George Bushy, One World Order by the Elite!

  • Jan

    There is an answer though. GD has promised Us if We turn back to HIM He will intercede and these are not My words per say. I’m only repeating them to You so please don’t be offensive or sarcastic!

  • Charles

    I think we all know who his behind Obama. George Soros of course,behind George Soros is a Brit by the name of Jacob
    Rothschild and his son, Anthony. Do your homework, it`s all
    there. You will be suprised what other names you will come
    up with.

  • Charles

    here are a few names that came to Washington with Obama.>>>>>
    Saul Alansky, Cass Sestein, Valerie Jarett, Anita Dunn, Bill Ayers,
    Van Jones, Jeff Jones, Andy Stern.These are just a few, there are many more. They all have Marxist,or Communist,Socialists leanings.
    Don`t believe me, check it out.You can go deep into the internet
    to find out all you need to know.

  • WayneT

    Check out this website: If this doesn’t make you mad at Nobama I don’t know what will. He authorized $20.3 million dollars to help the Muslim Refugees to resettle in the United States. I guess it is one Muslim helping other Muslims with the aid of the US Tax payers hard earned dollar


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