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‘Doomsday Bunker’ Show On Discovery Channel

March 8, 2012 by  

‘Doomsday Bunker’ Show On Discovery Channel

A new show that premiered on Discovery Channel yesterday follows the day-to-day activities of a company that specializes in building bunkers for disaster scenarios.

Dallas-based Deep Earth Bunker owner Scott Bales and his engineers show exactly what goes into making intricate survival bunkers. In each episode of “Doomsday Bunkers” viewers get a start-to-finish guide to building a bunker. Whether power grid failures, nuclear disasters, shooting sprees, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or economic collapse are his customers’ concerns, Bales can build a shelter to suit.

“The series takes a really interesting look into this subculture or movement, from radical folks who really take these precautions to an extreme, to the average person who is using their common sense and taking responsibility for what could happen,” executive producer Anna Geddes told FOX News. “The core focus is really on how Scott built his business – he is an engineering genius with an incredible passion for design, and is always dreaming up ways to improve something.”

During the show, Bales and his team go to great lengths to test their bunkers by trying to blow them up and set them on fire and by shooting and hurling objects at them.

“Some of these bunkers can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars with radiation infiltration systems, booby traps, gun vaults, decontamination rooms and high-tech software to counter security breaches, while others are much more simple,” said Geddes. “It might seem extreme to pile guns or food in anticipation for disaster, but we’ve become so dependent on infrastructure and most of us aren’t self-sufficient anymore.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Sirian

    It was a really good show. Very good bunkers IF one can afford them. The one they focused on was priced out at $450,000.00. 1100 sq.ft. of room for that much? The security side is highly warranted but how many people honestly have that much money to secure themselves, family? Not that many. Would it worthwhile? Absolutely!! But again, it’s merely the overall cost that will make them rather restrictive as to those that can and those that cannot. Unfortunately they are way out of our reach. But, if you have the funds then don’t hesitate to “prep” for the worse.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      When I win the lottery, I’m gonna get one. :-) hee hee

    • Warrior

      I told my wife it is going to be an in-ground pool. She’s not buying that story!

      • Joe H

        what you gonna tell her when she can’t see the water??? course you COULD tell her it’s your “man cave”!!! LOL!

    • nikki

      I’m all for being prepared but I would kill people if I was trapped in my house which is a lot bigger than 1100 sqft for 6 months. And that door…after the explosive it would be a lot easier to pry it open. There were spaces that you could see inside after the explosion! If you’ve already committed $450,000 why not get a real blast door? There are companies who sell them. Also I wouldn’t trust my family’s safety to a bunker that was thrown together at the last minute.

      • vance

        while out exploring AZ. a while back, I came upon a tall ladder sticking up out of a hole through a cement pad. I couldn’t resist exploring the bottom of that hole, so i grabed my flashlite and climbed down, and down to a diamond plate steel floor witha huge blast door oposit the ladder! Well I explored the tunnles and carpeted floors of other decks and realised that I was in a deactivated missile silo! Seems there are quite a few out there that uncle sam would like to sell! The one I had found was being salvaged out. (copper wire, plumbing, etc.) But a couple of families could make a bunker out of one of those i bet cha!

  • Ern

    It was nice to see how the affluent will survive. Perhaps they will have a show about how the rest of us are preparing.

    • Sirian

      There are other shows – Doomsday Preppers, History or Discovery channel and on GBTV, Independence USA. Both of those are really good too.

    • Kathy Watts

      Even the poor can survive if everytime you went to the store to buy groceries you bought just a few extra items before you knew it you would have amassed hundreds of things. I am a Grandmother of 11 raising 7 and am Disability and I currently have a room of food. I have also designed a water feature that can hold enough to take care of a family of 5. Everyone should consider if you live in a state where you can have a basement design your basement and ready it for the long haul. Install a new steel hatch below the door you enter in securing it from inside your bunker. And the missile silos are great near the new Colorado Airport many have been sold to the elite and are being redone by contractors. 15 stories deep buys alot of protection….Got a Love Jessie Ventura…

  • Kevin

    i work with a guy in south carolina who also works for these guys and does the sc ga and nc area and there is a ton of options that are more affordable just visit his site at

    • Sirian

      I understand there are smaller units available Kevin but when and if we get down to a total state of chaos – very possible – wouldn’t it be better to have a sizable bunker to live in over say a storm shelter? I hope as many people that can will “prep” themselves for the horizon is getting darker and darker day by day.

      • Kevin

        yes and you can make them any size any type with any options you want they are all custom made when you order for whatever you like or can afford

  • peter

    When the proverbial hits the fan, there are going to be a lot of Rambo’s running around out there, but not for long. It does’nt matter where the elites hide, they cannot hide for ever and the best shelter in the world will not be able to sustain them for that long anyway, so out in the open and fighting for survival will be the norm. Hiding away is not going to help since doing that will actually accomplish nothing at all. The coming battles need to be fought in the open as always. Be prepared for the nightmares ahead, have great courage and be blessed. Remember that the government does not care, considers you totally dispensable and will revert to all measures to ensure that you remain servile, obedient and cause no trouble whatsoever as the new way of doing things is constituted. You will have no say in the matter and it is well that you understand that as of now, so that you shall not be shocked, stunned and bewildered when it happens. Good luck to you all.

    • skippy

      Thank you Peter for your words of wisdom. I believe you are correct in your thoughts of what lies ahead. It is just so sad that many do not even grasp the concept. ~ skippy in OH

  • Ted Crawford

    My thoughts here are these: Do any of us have any real concept of what the World would be like after a Nuclear Conflagration? While I do believe that Mankind will survive, and in sustainable quantitys, I don’t believe that I want to be any part of that Brave New World!

    • Vigilant

      Ted, it’s unlikely that a classical nuclear catastrophe would occur, more likely a pre-emptive EMP strike. Please read “One Second After” by William R. Forstchen for a real eye-opener.

      EMP is much cheaper for the aggressor and could be delivered by 3-4 container ships off our coast. Within months, 100-200 million Americans would be dead.

  • Pete0097

    This is nothing new. My parents house was built with shooting towers (in the chimneys), a bunker where the well was with vegetable storage, a facility to hide the entire family, 2 inch thick oak shutters, and 2 foot thick stone walls. The house was built in 1740 or so and the defense was against the indians.

  • Rennie

    The bunker mentality is betting on a single, short duration event. If we are going into a “younger Dryas” type climate for the next 1000 years, longterm food production and storage is far more important than luxuries of some of these underground condiminiums, tehy need a hydroponic garden or something to provide the “live food” and nutrients pills, canned or dried goods and MREs won’t give you. Plus if something (say meteor impact and flashover) wiped out or stunted vegetation on the surface it would give you seed stock to re-establish on the surface. Technology and skills are the most important survival tools, the monkey wrench is how many more Fukushimas will happen if the earth tectonic plates (the crust is not one layer deep) really start to move. You need to be flexible and able to relocate float, or fly, depending on your location. megatsunamis are a very real threat for coastal areas and shoudl be taken seriously, not just the initial event but the results, infrastructure, saltwater intrusion, and again those reactors and waste scattered all over the country despite years of operation and promises. Our ancestors survived what was thrown at them but didn’t have the complications we have caused ourselves. So a bunker that also serves as a “safehouse” to avoid mobs/burgulars or kidknappers, a root cellar for regular useage and a tornado shelter, would be worth far more than the fancy condos they have shown off so far. Besides how will you get 500 or more miles away to your desert bunker when a disaster is imminent, do you think the govt will allow such advanced notice to non-govt people? You have to make it your lifestyle sensibly but go about it quietly so there won’t be mobs pounding on your door. That’s why I think the whole firearms image needs to be put aside, yes everyone needs to know how to use and maintain them safely, but eventually you will run out of ammo.

    • George Milton

      Eventually you will run out of ammo? The first thousand rounds of AK47 and .40 ammo should create quite a corpse pile – assuming there are that many stupid people willing to die to try to steal my beef jerky and dehydrated apple chips – enough so that other would be angry mobs would like stay clear of the area. Maybe we should do like Vlad and stick the heads on sticks as a warning sign? Other than that the only use for ammo is hunting. 22LR is so cheap couple thousand rounds of that should last the rest of my lifetime. How many rabbits can one eat in a lifetime?

  • Antonio

    Actually, these bunkers would be a lot cheaper if the people would unite. A little thing called “team work”. The people in a rural area because i don’t really see this happening in a city because there is not much land. In a rural area you guys should unite and build a bunker. All it would take is constant digging and in rural area some of you have tractors. You might have to share some money for things like concrete and other materials but you guys can do this without having to pay 450 000, but you must unite, that is the main problem you Americans have…

    • Ern

      toni toni toni, with all due respect, which aint much, I have always believed that one should not speak of things of which one has no knowledge. That is the main problem that YOU have, toni.
      One of the main problem we in America have at the moment is the great multitude of takers and a dwindling number of givers. Yes we should unite and throw the criminals and the lazy out on their butts. Remember the old sayin’ ” no work, no eat”?

      • Antonio

        Next time try reading the comment correctly before you begin flappin you lips. then you might know what I was talking about…
        Another problem America has is people like you who run their mouths without knowing what there talking about.
        Just to help you out a little. The topic is about bunkers, ok? good luck with your next comment.

      • Ern

        …..that is the main problem you Americans have … Right from your LIPS toni. That is what my comment is about, toni.

      • Antonio

        Yes, the main problem you Americans have is that you don’t unite. Nobody should have to spend 450,000 dollars on a bunker. All it would take is a few good men and maybe some children out there digging a hole. May take some time, but well worth the time. Afterwards, the people who helped would have a nice place to go for shelter and to also store their weapons to prevent confiscation, however, the main problem here is that Americans don’t unite and will not unite; so you better cough up the 450,000…
        I hope your getting the point cuz im getting tired of typing the same thing over and over and over again…

      • Joe H

        If you aren’t one of those “You Americans” then what are YOU??? If you are not, I couldn’t give a flying crap for what you post!!! Go unite with THAT!

      • Ern

        toni, you know nothing of the American spirit. Dont underestimate it.

        Joe, well said and thank you.

      • Antonio

        To joey and ery, Who am I? Well I am someone who will knock on your door and ask you if you need help cutting up that tree that fell after last nights storm. I am someone who will change your car tire while you sit on the safe side of the road. I am someone who will take you out to eat and not ask for half. I am someone who will watch your house and feed your dogs while your on vacation and not ask for a single dollar. Thats who I am; so now tell me who are you clowns?

      • Ern

        toni, you certainly are NOT American. You come off like a community organizer with your unite and conquer attitude. You would also do well to stay away from my front door. As far as clowns go: we are laughing at you this very moment.

      • Antonio

        Thank You for proving yourself a complete idiot. There you go throwing the whole unite and conquer thing around like it’s something bad and that right there proves me right when i say “the main problem you americans have is that you don’t unite”. That right there is EXACTLY why you americans will never conquer your liberties from this tyrannical government. Now, remember something kiddo until you americans learn how to unite and conquer you will be nothing but sheep to the new world order masters WHO have already UNITED and are very soon to be conquering ALL of us because like I said “you americans will not unite… :(
        While you are laughing at me, the government is laughing at all you americans who just cannot manage to unite…What a shame
        Oh, one more thing. I would be the first one at your door if you were in need of a helping hand. Thats my job as a Christian man…
        Keep smiling and researching :)

      • Joe H

        sonny, I’ve been doing that all my life. I’m 61 years old and still do for all my neighbors! you did a real good job at dancing around the question kiddie, If you aren’t one of “YOU AMERCANS” then WHAT ARE YOU, SON???? Now are you one of those sneaky lil’ illegals??? If so, and you are here, GO HOME!!!

      • Antonio

        I already told you what I am baby, you need to read the comment correctly before you start flappin your lips. Remember this is about bunkers not illegals and even if it was about illegals the same still applies YOU AMERICANS DON’T UNITE and thats why you are flooded with illegals. Do you understand that? When you americans can learn to unite you americans can start solving problems, but until then just kept in mind that the “main problem you americans have is that you do not unite”
        Do you understand baby? I don’t know what else i can say to get this through your thick skull. Your 61 and you havent figured that out yet? Well hopefully one day you will get it

  • Wyatt

    Well , it looks like the rich will survive as they can afford these bunkers .Just how long they will survive is another story . They do not know how to do for themselves , many of the most basic things . Thinking they just shelled out $450,000 for a state of the art bunker and perhaps as much again like for supplies , comfortable furnishings , state of the art firearms , they still have to go out and try to start civilization all over again in the event of nuclear disaster . And or fight and defend themselves and their families in the event of economic collapse or civil disorder . Some how I think the only one surviving this is the guy building these things .

    Several years ago , a friend of mine inherited a Pennsylvania property from an Uncle who purchased it in the early 60′s . While clearing shrubs and over grown brush he discovered a 50′s era shelter dug into and below a low hill . While not as large as that mentioned it was well thought out . The entry area serves as a tool storage and the main part a level below is a modern day root cellar . looking at it , I would estimate something similar could be home built for around $15-20,000 depending how elaborate you wish it to be . Twice that if stocked with supplies and air filtration is installed

    • Kathy Watts

      That’s what I’m talking about some of the previous writers are also partially correct do we need them yes, are they affordable not at 450 k can they be done for alot less money yes many of the bomb shelters from the 50′s are adequate. We do need to unite in order to bring these prices down and brainstorm on a less expensive method of build. To all of you Americans and others willing to comment we are all in this together lets try and keep it that way!. Have a great day guys.

  • Jerry Marshall

    These “shelters” are great, if you can afford one! When the proverbial “end” comes, and these wealthy go underground, WHERE are they going to get all of the electricity needed for their plasma TVs, refrigerators, lights, etc.?
    Anyone with some property outside of the city could build their own survival shelter, if they have the desire, the money, and the time. There are many 8′ by 40′ shipping containers available for purchase, and they really aren’t that expensive ($3000 to $8000 if researched), and a couple of those side by side, or end to end would give you about 640 square feet, and enough shelter for 4-8 people, depending on how comfortable you would be. You might have to do some engineering to get them in, connect them, and build entrances, and other necessities for survival, but you can do a lot of that in time, a little bit at a time.
    I really doubt you will have an electrical grid, so you will have to think about solar power, maybe solar water heat, and a good storage system (batteries) and power conversion (inverter) for your lighting and minimal electrical needs. Has anyone ever thought about how these people will keep their gas-powered generators running?
    Also, if we have a ‘nuclear event,’ there is a good probability that a shelter, if many miles away, will do you any good. If the shelter is more than a tank of gas away, also, you probably need to re-think your options, since there could be a good possibility that you wouldn’t be able to get gas to fill your vehicle on the way.
    Other than a lot of ideas that have never been fully thought out, and the fact that the majority of these “shelters” were only for the more wealthy, the show was pretty good, and I’ll continue watching, to see what else I can do for my shipping container(s) shelter.

    • Joe H

      I’m a welder, have my own weldors, and i guarantee you, I could connect them. I also have a good genny and am in the process of obtaining enough solar to power them and my home!!

      • Kathy Watts

        Old train cars are a great source and welded together could provide alot more space the can be firred and drywalled to make a successful bunker

      • Kathy Watts


        You are correct and it would not be that daunting of a task every wall doesn’t need to be welded just the halls or openings into the next train car. Not sure of the square fottage but in Fl they can be gotten for less than 500 a piece 4 would be awesome and far less than 450 k. Drywall and interior a cinch my water design at two ends and you are good for over a year for a family of 5. Just need to be in a State where you can dig Fl where I am is 4 ft above sea level the highest point in Fl is 28 a loosing battle for sure. Where do you live I may need a Welder we should all band together to help each other build a necessary fortress.

  • FreedomFighter

    Alert From Well Connected One

    Steve, I have a Special Forces Friend who lives in Kalispell Montana He just called me with major news…… He has a Friend who works in the Prison System in Montana. They have been told by Big Gov to be ready for an event to take place from March 13-23 this event will be very earth shattering. They have been told to stock up on 6 Months worth of Food,Diesel,Medical Supplies,Water and other needed supplies! This SF Friend is not a Person who gets His feathers ruffled He was shocked to say the least!

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Ern

      F.F. Today is the 26 MArch 2012. Did I miss the EVENT? I am shocked to say the least.

      • George Milton

        so true and too funny. ANYTIME and EVERY TIME you hear people use these words

        WHEN the “DISASTER” EVENT happens instead of IF the SPECIFIC DANGER happens you know they are totally full of it or clueless and gullible to some other persons rant who was full of it or crazy.

        True preppers are preparing for actual identified threats. Threats which have happened in the past and are certain to occur again in the future IF they happen in your lifetime and IF they happen to your location. Preparing should be a SMALL portion of your budget and be worked in with your regular shopping and preparedness planning. You don’t stop putting a spare tire and jack in your car because a flat is unlikely do you? You won’t stop buying milk bread and eggs simply because you can always order a pizza and not have to prepare to provide for yourself. Well one approach is simply WISE and good living. Growing a garden has a dual purpose. It can enhance your food quality with organics salads and fruits and can also act as a food SUPPLY (and here is the credible source catch phrase wait for it….) IF AND WHEN you ever find the store shelves in your area BARE (has happened to many cities in the past over time and MAY happen in your area in the future). TADA!

  • MIke

    actually you’re all kookoo!! Invest your hard earned money in schooling for your children so that they dont grow up and waste their money like all you goof balls

  • Karen King

    There was one guy on there that was talking about the end of the world and surviving it. I have to disagree with him. NOBODY is going to survive the end of the world unless you are a child of God. My Bible tells me that the dead in Christ shall rise first, and the rest will be changed in the twinkling of an eye. I do not see people surviving. NOBODY is going to survive “Doomsday” as they call it. I don’t know if I have worded this right but this is how I feel. One other guy was talking about “Apocalypse Zombies”; really? Get real! Even so, come Lord Jesus, I’m getting homesick.

  • Bob

    Here’s the real deal…..These bunkers have pipes resembling an upside down J…for air intake. One garbage bag rubberbanded to each air outlet and no oxygen is gettin in to these stupid bunkers. The occupants will be forced to open the door if they want to live….now the doors….I don’t care how tough the steel on these doors are. My portable plasma cutter will get me in there in a matter of minutes…..nuff said

    • Ern

      Dzzzzzzzzz dzzzzzzz dzzzzzzzz I just cut through that steel door in no time. hahahha ….WHAT? click bang oh what a hang your daddy just shot poor me.

      • Kathy Watts

        No TESTOSTERONE on this website….Wink…Kathy

    • George Milton

      Smoking people out of structures is as old as fire and shelter. True story – a steel bunker is not much protection. A shotgun and 200 yard accurate night vision scoped rifle and knowledge of military tactics are much better protection. Check out the spider hole episode seven of the doomsday preppers show for an excellent tactical plan on how to be flexible and secure a location. Like Napoleon against Russia you can lose against an opponent who melts away and waits to return on his terms.

  • George Milton

    To the doubters, you don’t prepare for the end of the world. You prepare for actual threats, flood, tornado, oil crisis, economic crisis, earthquake,solar ejection/pulse and civil unrest etc etc.

    Think it can’t ever come to YOUR home? Good! There will be that many fewer beggars IF any of the aforementioned events occurs. I’ll prepare. You please don’t prepare. You think I;m crazy and I think you are crazy. We can come back in a year or three and see which one of us was the real crazy one… =)

  • Jeff baade

    REM673 says:

    If a huge asteroid strikes the planet I do not care how you have prepped or how elaborate your bunker is, we could all be toast. But as mentioned this is not very likely. Better to prep for things that do occur, like tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, civil unrest, etc. These have happened before and are likely to occur again. Even FEMA suggests every family has a 72 hour survival kit on hand. Although to hardcore preppers like myself this seems inadequate it is better than nothing. God Bless and prep a little!

  • Karen

    Watching the news should be all the motivation you need to prepare a little at least! FEMA’s response times. Riots over sporting events wins and losses. Looting and scamming in the aftermath of local weather disasters. Think of a much less ‘apocalyptic’ event and you can get started pretty easy. The government nor the PTB would let mass chaos go on in the event of a economic collapse or other geographically contained event. Think marshall law. Think food/energy delivery disruptions – not total annihilation. Personally, I would prefer to NOT use what gas i’ve got in the tank to drive to a food distribution point – at least not in the beginnings. Enough to tide me over till deliveries of what’s coming are worked out (& you can imagine how long that may be just from how much goes wrong where you work any given day) and/or to keep a low profile. This scenario can easilty be imagined with more probable events like natural disasters. And just a little reminder: the probability of something happening has little to no relationship to the seriousness of the effects of that something. Higher probability of thunder storms than tornados in the spring where I live but waaaay more serious consequences to the less probable tornado if it happens. Be well, safe and discerning!


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