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Don’t Waste Your Time

January 30, 2012 by  

Dear Bob,

Q: Does it do any good for us to write our Congressman about an issue?

A: I cringe when I read “write your congressman.” I think of Dracula being in charge of the blood bank. With very few exceptions, the “elected” politicians are completely amoral. They have a completely different mindset from the people they are supposed to represent. They have absolutely no concept of right or wrong.

To them, “right” is self-aggrandizement and how to stay in office. Unless and until we can view them as Machiavellians, we will be deceived about every political event.

Most politicians have one purpose: to milk the system for all it’s worth. They have total and complete contempt for the U.S. Constitution. Politicians have no value system, and the rule of law is a joke to them. Isn’t it time for us to stop believing in the Santa Claus of the two-party system?

Does it matter what labels devils wear? Washington is a cesspool of corrupt politicians. So writing your Congressman probably isn’t the most effective way to make a difference.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • oldbill

    Corrupt or not, the only choices we have are: vote, write letters, send emails, or call on the phone. I don’t attend political meetings (town hall meetings) for the same reason I don’t go to church (in Georgia), my 2nd Amendment Rights are suspended by the state and I have no means of protecting myself from well armed criminals, thank you Representative Gabrielle Giffords, poster child of gun control.

    • RockyRoad

      The answer is NO.

      The many times that I have written my congressman/woman. I just the old form letter saying thanks and to go to their website to see all the propaganda they have out.

      • Janice

        I senet an e-mail to my senator about NDAA before the final vote. I know his office forwarded because when they got my e-mail they asked me to send all the information I had for forwarding. Two days later he voted for NDAA with those sections in tact. No response from him.
        Now, I fear that by contacting our representatives we maybe putting ourself on a list…if you know what I mean.

        • Robert

          Janice I know exactly how you feel I too have done likewise on the same exact issue. I then contacted them with a blistering e-mail after the vote and the New Hamshire Representative became concerned and publicly expressed his feeling about making changes. When this question arose to obama, Guess what he said? He said he would never do that to an American Citizen! With the lies from that mans mouth already a absolute chill ran up my back and I have that eerie feeling that I am on a list. But I fear not for whatever they may do to me they will do against my Jesus and they cannot take that away from me. They can have my life but without liberty I give it freely in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ my King and my Savior! For after all is said and done he will reign over them and his Vengeance will be greater than any that I might bring to bear! These so called leaders have much to worry about but they do not even see it coming! They think that they can stand before him and declare their deeds and their charge before him and be forgiven but they have read the words but do not believe them for he will say to them that he never knew them and they will be cast into an eternal torment. The know but do not believe that their lord Satan will lose!!!

          • Honestly

            You are correct. So many people believe in “Once Saved ALWAYS Saved”. I’m sorry, that is not biblical. We must live in a saved state, meaning a Christ lived and all will answer for their deeds. We must strive to live as Christ every moment of every day to see the Kingdom Of God. Come now sweet Jesus.

      • Peggy

        The answer is YES IT DOES make a differance to contact your Senators and Congressmen. We proved that by stopping the
        ( protect copyrights bill )
        that abominaton would not protect copy rights. It would allow the government to shut down any web site they choos under the guise that they are shuting it down just because terrorist in other countries might go to it.WE MADE A DIFFERANCE.
        It will take everyone, and I do mean everyone to contact them, and voice your opinion.

        • mike1127

          SOPA and its partner were not struck down by people writing their congress-critters. It was taken away (for now, it will be back) due to threatened boycotts of online marketers.

          When people like us signed petitions to Apple, Sony, Microsoft, et. al. and threatened to boycott their products if they endorsed SOPA, the bills were made to vanish.

          The ONLY effective way to get a politician’s attention is through his campaign donors. You must hit them in their wallets.

          That’s one reason why I get so mad at people who complain about everything being made in China. Until we, as consumers, stop buying ANYTHING made in China, why should companies stop moving there?

          Our opinions don’t mean squat to our “representatives”, but our money sure does. If you really want to pressure a politician, organize a petition to make one of his major campaign donors miserable. That will get you results faster than you may believe.

          • Robert Almstrom

            Hi Mike,
            How do I go about that, where do I find their money trail? Thanks!

          • Robert

            This is correct and it will be back just when you are not looking or they think they can get it done without so much flack!

          • allen

            read agenda 21 and you will get your answers,about nafta and why we don’t use our own oil and gas here in the agenda 21 read all you can about it .your eyes will be opened

          • Carol

            Buy American Made

    • former walmart person

      Desperate times not only call for desperate measures, but also call for thinking outside of the box. As more and more and more of become homeless and full of despair, who says we really have to rely on the government?

      I say all kinds of tea partiers, patriots, OWS people who know how the system truly works, etc., all band together and form massive tent cities somewhere where we live by the consitution. Within these communities, we live by a free enterprise system and set up armed guards with semi-automatic weapons at key points to set up continuous armed guard. Our motto is simple LEAVE US ALONE. We don’t ask for big corporation’s money or for any government chairty. We simply want to be left alone to fend for ourselves. We want to grow our own food and live under the constitution. If federal agents desire another waco, then so be it. I would rather die quickly on my feet than slowly starving on my knees in a future FEMA camp. I have gone 1 day without food before and it is agonizing. I can’t imagine going weeks without food as the Jews and others did. No, hand me a quick death thank you.

      We would never attack. We would never terrorize. We would simply live in our tents that we bought with the last onces of money we had, and have one desire TO BE LEFT ALONE. We would only defend ourselves if and when the government decides to attack. Waco woke people up to just how criminal our government was back in the 90s. Perhaps thats what we need. To force the government’s hand to show us how disgustngly evil it is. How many folks who work for government and the military would just sit by and go about their business watching another Waco massacre as the feds destory a peaceful, improvishered tent city that just wants TO BE LEFT ALONE.

      • Paul

        I have been incredibly disappointed that the tea party has allowed itself to be co-opted into being another pet group that is now a part of the Republican party.

        My dad always used the line: “how can you tell a politician is lying – his lips are moving.” Dad had been a lifelong republican so I asked him once if this was just the democrats. He answered no, the republicans lie just like the democrats but he likes their lies better so he votes for them hoping that by accident they will do some of those things.

        Change will not happen at the federal level. It has to begin at the local level and grow up from there. The winner take all election system will always result in two parties who over time that will become more and more extreme. Our electoral system is what created and continues to nurture the 2 party system. This system also increases voter apathy, one of the reason that we have exceedingly low voter turnouts. Bringing all the groups you mentioned together, we could create a real third party. The downside to this is that without further changes being made they will fall into the same system as the congressmen elected in 94 as a part of the republican revolution. They tasted power and the party leaders told them to fall into line if they wanted to keep the prestice and power granted to our congressmen.

        • Goodwater

          There is a 3rd party and it’s called the Constitution Party.

          It’s principles are strictly based on “original intent” as held by Thomas Jefferson – “On every question of construction [of the Constitution] let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

          • mike1127

            The way things stand, only a democrat or republican can get elected. This is the voters’ fault. This whole mess we are in is due to voter/public apathy.

            Our best choice for this election is Ron Paul. He has always stood by the Constitution. For those of you that call his foreign policy “stupid, cowardly, or irresponsible, etc”, I can almost guarantee you have never read what he says on this issue. You are merely repeating what the media has been saying.

            I have not been able to find a single instance where Paul has voted for anything that was un-Constitutional. Newt and Mitt, I barely had to turn my computer on to find their offenses.

            I can not believe that anyone is taking those two seriously as candidates for President, unless the republicans are just wanting to throw the race.

            Newt and Mitt can not beat Obama. They both (especially Newt) have way too much baggage. Ron Paul could school Obama in Constitutional Law and theory. Obama supposedly taught the Constitution, but I strongly suspect that the man has never even read the document.

            For those of you torn between Newt and Mitt, read Ron Paul’s stance on the issues that he wrote himself. Don’t read the pablum put out by the MSM. Check his voting record. He is one of only seven Senators that should NOT be tried for treason for passing the NDAA. He is all for going to war when NECESSARY, but only with the approval of Congress. That is how we are supposed to go to war; with Congress’ approval.

            Look back on what Ross Perot was talking about during his runs for office. Almost everything the man said has come to pass. Look at what Ron Paul has been saying for decades now. All of it is coming to pass. If we vote for anyone except Ron Paul, we are endorsing the status quo.

            Ron Paul 2012…for REAL hope and change.

      • Opa Bill

        We don’t have to live in tents. All we have to do is revive the Republic of TEXAS. Yes the Federal Government will tell you we can’t do that, but all they want to do is keep one of the few states that is successful. If you don’t like Texas, Vermont was once a “country” have them secede too.

        • mike1127

          Texas and I believe Alaska have the right to secede in their agreements to join the United States. I know Texas does, as it was a sovereign country on its own before joining the Republic. I’m pretty sure Alaska has that right also, but I may be wrong about that one. There is one other state that can legally secede besides Texas. It is a disgrace that we have come to the point where another round of secessionism is being taken seriously, by however small a group of people at the moment.

      • Janice

        You forgot one thing, the government has drones.

        • Mabuballah

          The “government” IS drones, except for the fair-haired few who run the DNC, RNC, and Uber-wealthy who direct them (from behind the scenes).

          • Born in America

            Hey ~ Remember folks WE are the government, WE the people ~ We can complain all we want, but it is up to us to STOP what is going on behind our backs. The District of Columbia is making the decisions with representatives we elected to serve us. If they won’t read your emails or answer your calls than that is the time to collectively take action. Vote the pathetic puppets out of power. They passed the NDAA against our wishes, our representatives sold us down the drain. These Acts are against our CONSTITUTION, and against the law of the land.

      • dan

        sorry, but being left alone is the last thing these ammoral psychopaths/politicians will allow…ask the original American occupants (even AFTER they had given up 99% of the country)

      • Peggy

        @ former walmart person says:
        You are 100% right about FEMA concentration camps. They have already been put into place, with tons of temporary coffins. – NDAA – the patriot act would allow the president to send out our own military, and arrest anyone that president chooses, and lock them up in Military prisons – INDEFINATE DETENTION -No trial, no defense, just locked away for the rest of your life.
        repeal NDAA say YES to H.R.3785

        • mike1127

          They have had the power to do that since our national cowardice allowed them to pass the PATRIOT Act. Obama promised to veto this bill if it made it to his desk. Like every other promise the man has made, he broke it as soon as possible.

          • Robert

            Heck mike, It was broken the minute it crossed his lips for he knew he was telling people what they wanted to hear and that they just need the time to impliment and activate their project END OF TIMES!That is the Title that they have tagged this top secret program with!

          • Honestly

            How do you like that “Hope and Change”?

    • Janice

      I am very sorry to what happened to Gabby. But most people do not understand how radical left she is. She demanded from our military that they put forth environmental reviews on how much pollution our spent ammunition in the middle east was causing. That is pretty radical.

      • Peggy

        @ Janice says: I live in OKlahoma, my own Aunt lived in Oklahoma City,so of corseb this mattered greatly to me. I have researched it thouraly. The truth is Timothy McVeigh was recurited by Josea Padillia, a member of Al – Quida. How many remember
        the UN-IDENTIFIED MAN on the video. Look at the video then look at Jose Padilla. I believe Padilia has been exacute by now.

      • mike1127

        I agree that it is radical to ask the military to do that. Someone else should have been asked to do it.

        I strongly suspect that the reason she asked for that study is because a LOT of our ammunition is made from depleted uranium. That stuff just lying around can cause untold damage down the line.

        I’m not saying I approve or disapprove of the study, so please don’t think I’m taking her side on this. I’m just stating what I thought motivated her to make such an unusual request.

    • wildmann

      No one will ever Know, if the Arizona Gabby Gifford shooting was orchestrated by Gun Control Democrats. If you think not, Holder was the Mastermind of the Ok. City Bombing AND the Gun Seizure/Control Op. ‘Fast and Furious’!!

      • dan

        …that and THE JUDGE was the target… Gabby was collateral damage
        (something the other useful idiots should keep in mind)

    • Tess

      Yes, it is worth writing – but not necessarily to your own representatives ! If you know your own rep. does not have your values or is off to the loony left, then write to a rep. from another jurisdiction whom you know has the right backbone and values. Point out that you are writing to them because you are disenfranchised by your own rep. Your confidence in the ‘good guy (or gal)’ encourages them to fight on. Imagine they have to work in the cess-pool in Washington. I live now in Australia and I know you have a great statesman in Chris Smith. I have heard him speak in Canada where he encouraged us in the conservative ranks. Support the good men and women because they sacrifice the comforts of home life to go to Washington. Not all consider it their natural, permanent home like Nancy Pelosi. Until the U.S., like the rest of the ‘western world’ wakes up to the reality that we have brought this doomsday cloud over our own heads by electing people to office who rule against nature and even God Almighty. Imagine how much healthier the U.S. would be if the 56 million people who were aborted since Roe v Wade were alive today. They and their families would be filling classrooms, buying cars, designing, inventing, discovering, serving, producing foodstuff, consuming etc. With Europe, Russia, Japan demographically dying, the only thing to keep numbers up is the replacing by immigration. Hence the growth of Islamism in the west. They do not abort their progeny and will, with their numbers, get their (sharia) laws into place. Look at the BIG picture people, do not give up, do not spend the time whining. Be wise, start rebuilding, inch by inch. God Bless America!

    • Jon

      Yes it can make a difference sometimes. Your letter might be one of thousands on a given subject– they do count the numbers. If they get enough pro or con contacts, it can induce them to change a viewpoint– not because they love you, but because they want to get reelected. It can also worthwhile usually if you are having a particular problem with a government agency like the VA. But if you are wanting to vent a personal issue or idea, don’t waste the 45 cents.

    • Carol

      This is true. We fought & won freedom for our country to begin with. Each of us must make a point of deciding how we will spend our lives. The Word of God warns us about being afraid of other “little gods” (men who think they are god) & exhorts us to fear God Only. Evil flourishes because good men do nothing. The whole system is geared to wear out the people of integrity, we must outlast them! We must continue to stand for what is right before God & men. Voting is all about keeping our right to do so. Do not just hand your freedom over. In the times of adversity & persecution the people of real strength flourish & spread the truth fearlessly but yet with intelligence & skill. “Be not afraid little flock, for I am with you always”, Jesus Christ. There will always be a remnant.

  • David Stroud

    Until there are term limits in place as well as a reduction in the amount of time congress is in session so its members can earn a living the old fashion way nothing will change. Furthermore, they should have to live by the same measures they impose upon the public instead of the lifestyle & benefits which they have given themselves that would make a king envious!!

    • mary marshall

      I could not have said it better myself. There is no way we the people will ever get this done. The government is all to powerful and I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Regardless of what party you belong to, or don’t, the changes seem to be going downhill globally anyway. I pray for this Country Of America whom I love as that seems to be the only effective way of doing something that will make a difference!

      • terry

        you need to know that we are bigger than government, the government and all it entities only make up about 12% of the population. its time to make a stand.

  • Linda

    As citizens, we have a responsibility to hold our congressmen accountable and to share our opinions with them. What would you suggest we do, just let them wander around doing whatever they please, without letting them know that we are out here and we are watching what they’re doing, and that we will hold them accountable when elections roll around?

  • Joe Moffitt

    Every time I send my rep a letter, the response is a pre-typed reply.
    No personal effort of acknowledging the letter or taking care of the issue. I understand that I am only one of many, however, they have a job to do as well, and they are not doing a very good job at it at all.

    • libertytrain

      Me too, Congressman Shuler sends back some goofy form letter that might only have some word that I used in my letter so that he thinks or his office thinks he addressed the issue. No, they don’t read them nor care about them for the most part. The only, only exception I ever found in my life was the late Sen. William Proxmire from Wisconsin. What a guy. He actually thought he worked for us.

  • Amy Aremia

    Although our representatives forget those who had elected them, including their rights…keep writing for someone reads the mails. More people must watch more closely what our “representatives” are doing once they get to DC, where they are thrown into a mass of confsion and given an orientation of COG, at one time it meant “Council of Government.” It now refers to ‘Continuation of Government.”

    Each Congressional District must make a united and concerted effort to find truly patriotic Americans, to elect to Congress, and the WHite House, who will not be bribed once they are in Congress and told to ” forget” the people back home…

    America is the last chance to keep freedom and to tell the Globalists
    to keep out of our nation…Although Science, technology have brought the world closer, it doesn’t follow that we should give up our borders
    to the “New World Order” which is an enslavement of the faceless millions of little of little people who make up the world, whom an internationalist power elite contemptuously conspires to mold into ther powerful collective will.

    • Steve

      Amen! Yet so many of our elected officials start off in Washington as the good and honest people they ran on. Then they get there and do the opposite. Why? I think they learn the truth, that the numbers are trully frighting as to the unfunded liabilities and the truth on the terrorists that our foreign policies create. Out of pure fear they keep kicking the can. Ron Paul is the only candidate that has done the math, understands the problems, and is ready to make the necessary changes, even when they are unpopular.

  • Bob Godwin

    Calls and emails are almost useless until there are millions of them saying the same thing. The unfortunate thing is even elections seem to have little impact. The wave in November 2010 has subsided and we are deeper in debt and corruption (Obama)

    • eddie47d

      Few Representatives if any have enough staff to answer many letters or E-Mails directly. So they are robo answered by E-Mail or form letter. Some issues have to to have 5,000 responses in order for them to consider them valid. They do keep a tally on issues and it does help them in deciding how to vote so don’t give up even if you don’t think you are getting personal service.

  • trp878

    Can’t agree fast enough. Time to throw all the bums out and return to the U.S. Constitution, where the people (peers) have the say and not big money, special interest or corrupt politicians.

    • terry

      do you ever wonder where the mafia went? you just need to look at the government.

  • Alf

    We shoot ourselves in the foot every time we vote for a pretty face or “gifted” orator. After voting in every election since 1958, I’m much worse off after every election cycle because the candidates that I helped to elect, and promoted by the media and BIG Money, are simply their lackeys.What we need is an honest candidate that is willing to make the unpopular decisions of reduced entitlements and return us to the Constitution that so many of us profess to LOVE. Are we, as a people, Strong enough to pay the price of setting America on the path to fixing the mess that is now called the USA? I sometimes doubt our strength of character as a country. Stand up for what you claim to believe in.

    • Sothe

      Then Alf, I suggest you stop holding your nose with one hand while pulling the lever with the other. The people have been convinced that they must choose the “lesser of two evils”, and are spoon fed which candidates are “electable.”

      I reject this cowardice, and I will vote my CONSCIENCE this time. I will no longer be manipulated into believe I MUST choose between two progressives. I will vote with Reason this time, and to all those who say I am “splitting the vote” and “helping the enemy”, I say blame the cowards who vote for quislings over and over, while demanding that you do the same.

  • jay Lindberg

    A little violence cuts through the legal Bull and Thomas Jefferson was right when he stated we need a revolution every 40 years.

    While I am no fan of Scientology, I can’t help but agree when they describe elected officials and Criminally Insane Politicians.

    I went to my Congressman’s office (Jon Runyan) the other day to discuss some public policy issues with one of his reps. I was told, we don’t do that here. Our function is constituent service. Policy decisions are handled in Washington. We are so screwed.

  • Alex Frazier

    I find that if you’re one person standing alone who has called or contacted your Rep or Senator, you might not get very far if they disagree with you. But if you are one of a large majority, they do tend to listen. With the recent SOPA and PIPA, there was a big upset in Congress. Several congressman changed their votes after having their offices flooded by constituent opposition to the bills.

    Make no mistake, contacting your elected officials does work if we are all working together.

    • Wayne Neva

      Well said. SOPA and PIPA have been stalled, and will be relooked at by Congress, thanks to the American public. Wikipedia’s blackout got enough attention. I read on the Wiki website that 160 million people saw this addvertisement, and Congressman got the message. I also admire websites that hold boycotts against certain companies. Again the ‘strength in numbers’ philosophy holds true.

      And politicians know that if they want to stay in office, then they best listen to their constituants.

      • terry

        here we go again another fine example of throw the dog a bone, when are we going to wake up. it’ like giving a few trinkets to the native americans for rhode island, you see how that worked out for them.

  • DD

    I generally agree that writing or phoning by an individual (or even a handful) is of little use. However, in the last 2 years, organizations who have individual liberty issues (raw milk crowd, supplements crowd, right-to-work, etc)have provided a method of “mass mailing/e-mail”, which has been fairly effective in turning votes on specific issues. (I always add the phrase “We’ll be watching how you vote”.)

    But I also agree that term limits are the only REAL answer. And even that will only partially solve the problem.

  • Sothe

    I’d like to offer an alternative answer to the question that I believe offers a more realistic perspective. While Bob’s cynicism is certainly understandable, it seems it often blinds him to Truths that are more apparent upon Reasoned consideration.

    Writing to your congressman accomplishes an extremely useful, and important task: it lets them know you’re watching and aware of what they’re doing. Much like cockroaches scatter when you turn on the lights, seeker deeper, darker, more secretive places to wait for their chance to again invade your home, politicians scatter in the metaphorical light of exposure, or the threat thereof. They will rebuke their own activities when the fear of their power train being yanked away from them is presented.

    Realize, you don’t have to step on the roaches for them to scatter, simple turning the lights on sends them into a mad panic. Every letter sent to a politician has a cumulative effect on their panic and instinct to scatter away from the light.

    So, YES, writing letters to your congressman does indeed do you good.

    • Richard Emerson

      The, “More Light” movement? I like it! We can carry flashlights.

      • Sothe

        LOL, a NEW symbol to compete with the already usurped tea bags?

  • Stephan F.

    “Does writing your congressman do any good?”

    This question and its answer is so removed from reality as to be laughable. In this day & age, to think there are still some who cling to false hopes, and are so naive to believe that posing questions like this one is legitimate, is beyond the pale. I can only reply, “you must be kidding.”

    Seeking answers to stupid questions does not reinforce my confidence in humanity, and reminds me of these two quotes:

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter” — Winston Churchill

    “To get the right answers, you must ask the right questions.” — author unknown

    • Stephan F.

      A point of clarification. When I say “its answer”, I am not referring to B.L.’s direct answer to the posers question. I am referring to the “obvious” answer that it of course doesn’t do any good writing your congressman.

      • Sothe

        Please read my comment right above yours, I believe it puts things into a more realistic perspective.

  • Chipshot

    In my opinion the system is beyond repair. The best thing that could happen to the US would be for someone to nuke d.c. with all the politician, congressmen, corrupt judges, environmentalist, special interest groups, etc in town and thus vaporized.
    Look at the odds of getting anything of real importance done with a minimum of 50% of the population somehow receiving some sort of federal benefits with no tax obligation or liabilities.
    The progressives have won. It is over. Short of a revolution, things will only get worse. Not one in 100 politicians are interested in preserving the US as a Constitutional Republic.
    I would like to see each state offered the chance of withdrawing from the “union” and becoming an independent country. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

    • Sothe

      I used to share your opinion on this; it’s too far gone, and the only answer is to scrap it. But upon further reasoning, I’ve slowly come to realize that you giving up, US giving up, is exactly the strategy.

      The OVERWHELMING majority of the citizens of these United States reject collectivism on it’s face, when accurately identified. The progressive movement is a very small movement in comparison, but they are determined. They are insidious, and relentless, but they are weak and they know it, so they MUST work from behind the curtains, in the shadows, using lies, semantics, and deceptions at all turns.

      Freedom, however, is a virus. Once infected, a man who has enjoyed true freedom can never be cured of his absolute knowledge in the fact that this is his RIGHT. We have the ability to speak in the light, to proclaim with truth, logic, critical analysis and REASON our beliefs, leaving those beliefs and ideas in the open for challenge and debate. Progressives can never do this because the know it is inevitable that they be exposed for the truth of what they are; tyrants and thieves.

      No structure built on such a solid foundation as our Constitution can be beyond repair. That foundation is timeless, and though they have heaped rubble, winding corridors, blind stairways, smoke and mirrors in an attempt to hide that foundation, they can never truly destroy that foundation beyond repair. So they use the same tactics here that they use elsewhere; deception, lies, slight of hand to make it seem hopeless.

      It is NOT hopeless. Any ditrious piled onto the Foundation of Freedom is filth that can be cleared away, and will be the instant We the People stand for that Freedom. This minority of vipers, trying to inject their venom into our system would have no choice but to slither for the nearest hole, and wait until we again stop paying attention.

    • E.W.

      Any state can declare itself a sovereignty. They just have to figure out how dependent they are on Federal Programs and money. They won’t get it if they become a sovereign state.

      by the way… I want Ron Paul to be President. I want him to turn our country around. I want him to do what he says he would like to do. He makes sense and he thinks like me. I want our kids to as free as we were. I want REAL change.

  • home boy

    and yet you continue to encourage people to vote as if it will do some good. what a joke. this system is going down and only god can save us now.

    • mike1127

      If you are waiting on god to fix D.C., you will be waiting forever.

  • david h

    Store not your treasures upon the earth, sound familiar? We don’t love America, we love the ideals our fore fathers chose to place in her, America is temporary, a vessel to house the means, for the works of God much as our physical bodies are our vessels, corrupt them and they shall fail. Our Trust is in God alone, choose your fate, be a martyr, or a soldier,be counted as sheep or defenders of beliefs, its whats in your heart that matters. We have eternity! they have days, hours and less, they have no hope, like those who climb on the backs of others to gasp a last breath of air before drowning, desperation is their only choice.

  • Kane Bittner

    Don’t waste your time. They don’t care. They don’t “listen”. They believe they are “above it all”.
    From what I hear on the streets, they are in for a rude awaking!
    Why do you think they are proposing and passing all these laws? Because they know that We The People have had about enough of their constant sellouts to the “special interests”, sacrificing our health and liberties. They know that sooner or later (and sooner from what I her) we are coming for them. These new “laws” are put in place to “convince” the “attack dogs” (read; police and military) that we are the enemy/terrorists so they are “justified” in ordering our arrest and detention as we challenge the system.
    I had a very interesting (to me anyway) conversation the other day with a lady who used to work at DHS. She said, “when I first started there, their job was to find the terrorists. Then, they became the terrorists. I had to leave.”

  • TS

    Buy physical silver and they will lose.

  • 4-just_us

    Our system of government is not working. Why is it not working and how to change it is the big question.I feel legislators are to removed from accountability of the people. After all the lies and promises to get into office their only job is to keep lying and just pacify their constituents. It’s hard for the people to organize and change government, but if we want change, we the people can’t just keep talking, we need take action.

  • Grumpyolman

    Some of you are too cynical. Congressmen WILL listen if enough people write, email, or phone about the same thing. As some of you noted – they are interested in getting re-elected. If they find a large portion of their constituents are upset about a certain issue, it WILL get their attention.

  • GRusling

    When you write to your Rep and get some Form Letter in response, “REPLY” to that letter (which includes a copy of what they sent you) and chew their rear out for classifying you as some idiot who doesn’t know what’s going on! Promise them that, if they can’t take the time to respond intelligently to your concerns you’ll be working VERY HARD to replace them in the next election, with someone who can and will!

    When they start getting enough letters of that nature, they’ll start paying attention. After all, they have to stand for re-election every two years and can’t stand a whole lot of organized, local opposition, and they know it…

    • mike1127

      When I reply to my reply, it does not go through. My representative (Corker) has a bot that does not take replies. I figure that’s about par for the course.

  • Patriot Diva

    Remember the quote from Edmund Burke “All that’s necessary for evil to triumph, is for the good man to do nothing.” I may have paraphrased, but the meaning is still there. We cannot just do nothing. But, we do need to try new ways to get the attention of our elected representatives to let them know we are watching. Right now, as a christian, I’m praying for this country with all my heart, but like th rest of you, I feel also must take action.

  • Bob Schwenke

    When you have politicians that have been entrenched for many terms they have developed a money pit large enough to destroy any challenger with total disregard for the constituancy. That is why any individual letter to them is not worth the time it takes to write it. Term limits and zero perks for any legislator is past due.
    The big question is, “How do you fix stupid?” when we have seen the electorate degenerate to such a low level of conscience.
    Heres a novel idea, for every advertisement that a politician creates to embellish himself they must create one that is of like content for his opponent. Would that clean up politicians?

  • raw

    Don’t forget the main crux of the issue: gov’t is about POWER. Don’t give it to them. the worst thing you can do FOR them is produce offspring – that more than anything gives them MORE power & money (thru taxes) to accomplish their wicked goals.
    Another thing I’ve noticed – when something politicians want is denied to them, they make up for it by turning the screw tighter some other way that the pubic doesn’t get to vote on. For example when Schwarzenegger “lost” & the public voted for farm animals to have more freedom, he turned around & made it more expensive for pet owners; the veterinarians had no alternative but to pass the added expenses on to the customers. That’s just one example.
    They ALWAYS got an ace up their sleeve. Watch for it.

  • Just a American

    The blame for the situation we citizens are in can be found in a mirror. The Founders knew that the only way to retain a Republic was for every citizen to be well educated. Education in the sense they meant was that all citizens must know not only the structure of the government and the appropriate roles of the various levels of government, but also the individuals they elect. Education is the duty of each individual, not someone else. The selection of officials by citizens is to be made by an informed citizenry who put on the Mantel of Responsibility and take the time to know the individuals running for office, to FIRST HAND question those running and not abdicating their power nor responsibility to someone else to spoon feed them the information as though they were children. The Founders also knew that the Citizenry was to always maintain a watchful, if not cynical, eye on the activities of those in office and when they went out of the bounds of the Constitution the Citizens were to take appropriate action to ‘educate’ the offending official into seeing ‘The Light’ of his misdeeds. The Founders also knew that a dutiful citizen was to have the courage of conviction to stand against any official who was in violation of the Constitutional limitations of their office or who passed any law that did not pass Constitutional muster. The Founders knew that the only way that the integrity, and health of our Republic could only be maintained through sacrifice not only of each generation, but by each individual every day of their life. We, the citizens, must sacrifice that most precious gift; which once spent can never be regained, to ensure that the elected officials know that their every action, as duly elected officials, is being scrutinized. That one gift which can not be regained when spent is Time. We all have the same amount of time each day, week, month and year. How much time has anyone spent on standing fast for Liberty, not for ourselves but our children and grandchildren? How much time has anyone of us spent on being PROACTIVE for Liberty and not reactive? How many have volunteered their time to serve with their local Board of Election? Does not many watchful eyes prevent theft? So to answer the question, “Should we write our Congressman?” Emphatically…YES! It isn’t an issue of one letter making a difference. It isn’t an issue of a thousand or a millions of letters making a corrupt government official become honest and repenting of his criminal ways. Our Founders redressed King George repeatedly although those acts of redress never made a difference to the King of England. So just WHY did they continue to do so when it was so obvious that they were not going to get any redress to their grievances? Simply because they had continued animated discourse to the last when the American Revolution went ‘hot’ and could in all good conscience say that the only recourse left was armed conflict NOT of their own making, but that of the King of England. It would also be seen to the world that the American colonies had attempted every avenue of peaceable redress to the last as they also sought alliance with France for aid. The Founders also knew that any armed rebellion would occur with their families by their sides, as potential targets or victims. The Founders knew that such an armed conflict would wreak havoc on all the citizens of the colonies at every level, from economic to placing innocents in harms way. Only a madman or fool would want to have his family made a target of an opposing army and risk their lives when hope could still be held onto that at some point redress could be accomplished. But to have armed conflict thrust upon them was what resulted in the tyranny of the king. Should we, with all our communicative technology, do less to gain redress than the Founding Fathers?

    More appropriate questions should be:
    How much time have you spent daily serving as a volunteer to your Board of Election?
    How much time do you spend observing the actions of local elected official, and/or state officials; even when the topic of the day does not impact you but someone else?
    How much have you contacted you state legislators on topics pertinent to your city, county or state?
    How much television, sports, or other activity time are you willing to sacrifice to make sure that your children and grandchildren will live in Liberty?
    Those are the questions to be posed and answered.
    Lastly, I am also including myself in this missive, because I too have fallen short in my DUTY to the future of this Republic and the cause of Liberty.

  • R. E. Massey

    Some posters here feel that voting will make the difference. Look at the Iowa scandal where the GOP made a gentalemans agreement to put a RINO in front after several precincts were not even counted. Look at the way that they scrambled and declaired that they would take the counting to an UNDISCLOSED place. How illegal is that friends? Look at the electric voting machines that anyone with the skill can corrupt let alone IT professionals. The deck has been stacked people for the so called two party system that is actually a one party system run by off shore banking institutions anyway. Wake up, “Something Smells” as Patrick Henry said. If you cannot see what is happpening right in front of your noses then you deserve neither freedom nor security. The apperatus has already been set up to literally enslave you all and the designed collapes of our economy that is underway as we write these posts will be the begining of horrors that many here can’t even imagine. These malthusian tyrants will sit off shore and delight in the suffering and death that will ensue in America and when they think that it is alright to come out of their bunkers to save the masses then it will truly be a BRAVE NEW WORLD with 1984 as our society. When that day comes you will have to make a choice, go along to get along, (this choice will only hasten your demise) or come out swinging with every ounce of strength and faith that your body can muster, (this choice will give you dignity and honor and if your demise comes quicker because of it then you can meet your maker in the knowledge that you witnessed the evil and you advance ever more boldly against it). Good luck and God bless you all with his providence in the coming storm.

    • dan

      Voting machines…..

      DIEBOLD…aren’t those the folks that program the slot machines in VEGAS
      where the house always wins ?!

  • Sue Colbert



  • DavidL

    Way too cynical, Bob. There are certainly people in office who believe and behave as you describe. But they are not in the majority. There are also many of our fellow citizens not in public office who believe and behave in the way in which you describe. Again, they are not in the majority. Ask anyone writing on this site if the majority of the people they know, and even call friend, behave in the manner in which you describe. I am positive that they would say no. Most people, whether in office or not, obey the law and make a good faith attempt to be an ethical and moral person. Heck, they attempt to inculcate this behavior in their children and their grandchildren. I do, you do, and I am sure the vast majority of people recognize the importance of doing so also. So why would you assume that most people do not?

    I get the fact that you support Ron Paul. I like him also. But you and I understand that he is never going to be president. Let’s not take our partisanship to the extreme where we no longer recognize reality. However, if I were to pick the one candidate in this Republican clown show who most closely fits the bill as you describe, that would be Newt Gingrich.

    • mike1127

      And exactly why will he never be President? If everyone votes for him, he will be President. People that say they like him, but aren’t going to vote for him, make absolutely no sense at all.

      Ron Paul 2012.

      • Sothe

        Mike, the sad truth is that people are cowards, and intellectually lazy. They have been spoon fed the lies of “the lesser of two evils” and “electability” all their lives, and lack the moral clarity to challenge those concepts.

        Cowards will keep voting for the quislings that have infected both parties, while attacking those with the moral integrity to vote their conscience. It is the way of things.

        Vote with reason, and we will eventually win…

  • Art LeBeau

    I do not believe the e-mails (especially the big blocks that so many websites want you to sign) do much good. However a nice typewritten or hand written letter will do twice as much good.

    Yes you will get a form letter back — but write again and ask if they would please answer the qustion. Always be polite.

    I attend all county meetings and write letters (also to editors) and admit not much changes. Allow me to state emphatically what the major problem is.

    Pastors, Priests, Preachers will not speak out about the evils of government (not necessarily names) and how it violates the Bible and the Constitution. Why because they also want benefits — look into their 501(c)3– they and YOU want that benefit. Too long to write all on here.

    Thus the reason I support Ron Paul, the only Constitutionalist running. Please read and listen to exactly what he says. If we follow the Constitution we would not have this debt or most of the problems. Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO.

    • mike1127

      Unfortunately, religion refuses to keep itself out of politics, where it does not belong. Religious groups have been sending their picks to D.C. for years now, and look where it’s gotten us.

      Churches should be taxed as the businesses they are. There is a church in my town (Lake City, TN.)that does a credit check on you before you can join.

      Christianity has wormed its way into our politics, and has made one hell of a mess doing so. A lot of the issues our country has trouble with are moral ones(Roe V. Wade). Religious politicians are responsible for a lot of our failed foreign policy. There are actually some congress-critters and senators that are trying to start a war in the Mid-East so that Armageddon will start and Jesus will return. And we trust these people to know what’s best for us? These issues are rubbed in our noses by religious politicians sent to D.C. by the “moral majority”.

      The fact is, Roe v. Wade should be a States’ Rights issue, and not a Federal one. Religious groups know this, but like the power they wield in Washington. religion is making a bad political situation worse. Religion has NO PLACE at all in politics. Getting rid of religion in D.C. would go a long way to settling things down.

  • Richard Emerson

    If you toss it without determining what is wrong with it then you run the risk of replacing it with the same thing. Why do we repeat our mistakes? Why do we keep changing the oil in our political system hoping we’ll get a better car? Before we toss it, I’d like to know what will replace it and please don’t tell me a less corrupt system unless you include how you’ll keep this new system from becoming corrupt.

    • Sothe

      Richard, I certainly have an answer for this, but it is far too lengthy to discuss here.` Do you know of a venue where real discussion is possible?

  • http://johnp. john

    congress and senators i always vote them out after second
    term .but every one keeps them in office.any time i talk
    or e-mail them they double talk me . like Obamacare like
    i said don’t give them a third term get them out.

  • unclejerr

    I applaud the people and organizations that keep up with the lefts intentions of destroying the american dream. However, there are lots of people that bitch about the system but do nothing to help with their objections. They can give money to support others efforts, write letters, make phone calls, go to rally’s, or just sit on their butts and do nothing but bitch. You must know that the most important thing we have as an american is our vote. That’s the way the system works. It may not be perfect, but it’s the only system we
    have and we the citizens have to make it work for us, or die not representing anything. Our Second Amendment protects all of us and our other rights. Think about that the next time you vote.

    • Richard Emerson

      Now which Left Wing organization would that be? AIG? No, it couldn’t be them. Lehman Brothers? Hmmm, I bet it’s Fannie Mae.

  • Sheryl

    What really irritated me was when I very carefully wrote a letter to our Senator McCain on an issue and when I received a reply, it was a form letter on a subject I had not even written to him about. Another time, we went down and talked with a representative from Senator Kyl’s office on an issue. She said the message would be passed on to Senator Kyl. However, someone from his office later called who didn’t even know anything about the subject matter and proceeded to talk down to me when I challenged her on her facts. I ended up having to hang up on her. I don’t think any of our phone calls, emails, or letters are ever read by the actual congressmen or senators. So how can they claim to represent their constituents and vote according to their wishes? I don’t trust any of them anymore.

  • Art Carran

    I saw an interesting bumper sticker today. It said “Be heard, not herded.” Then it listed the phone no. for congress. Ooh, we can make their phone ring. Woo-hoo. But unless we can pay them off with a million dollars like the lobbyists, or blackmail them because we know about that fluff on the side, or that pedophile ring they’re involved in, all we get is placation.

  • Genn

    Use writing/emailing to advertise your favorite political Web site, blog etc… Maybe some of these assistance that read the stuff will benefit from the info and help the cause.

  • Jimmy

    For those of you that don’t know, “Numbers USA” is doing a magnificient job rallying folks against and changing minds in congress on illegal immigration.


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