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Don’t Like Handing Over Papers? You Sound Like A F’n Nazi

December 17, 2012 by  

Don’t Like Handing Over Papers? You Sound Like A F’n Nazi
Deputy Jeremy Walker

A Crenshaw County, Ala., sheriff’s deputy, upset that Facebook users posted the whereabouts of a law enforcement roadblock  he was working, took to Facebook himself and in doing so revealed the mindset that has become pervasive with law enforcement officers today… and why liberty lovers (myself included) are so ready to take them to task.

“For those of you who couldn’t wait to get on Facebook to announce that there were State Troopers on the Glenwood road, doing a road block… congrats!!! To me, you are no better than the drunks, crackheads, crack dealers, burglars, armed robbers etc. that are out there,” Deputy Jeremy Walker posted last week.

Walker’s post attracted a lot of attention and a lot of comments. Sadly, most seemed to support his view that roadblocks—which just this summer were scaled back in the State by the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals—were a proper crime-fighting tool.

But some took him to task and reminded him about that pesky thing—to LEOs—called the 4th Amendment. You might remember it? It’s the one about illegal searches and seizures.

Those really set Walker off. Among his many replies to Constitutional reminders was, “Im tired of hearing about the constitution Mark Morrison… When it comes down between the constitution and saving a life… I choose saving a life over it.” That one got two “Likes.”

Another Walker post was this one: “If you are doing nothing wrong… we ask you prove it by showing your papers.” Ironically, the one about showing papers was followed by this one from Walker: “All you do is bash my comments. YES I would rather choose saving a life instead of worrying about breaking someone’s constitutional right. Should we just let those people get killed? You’re the one that sounds like a F’n Nazi!”

Walker’s understanding of history and the Constitution is quite skewed, demonstrating he is probably just a victim of the Alabama Public unEducation system. He told that he received about 250 friend requests in the first three days after his post. As of Friday afternoon, the post had almost 11,000 likes.

He also said his boss doesn’t yet know about the Facebook firestorm, and “He probably doesn’t need to,” Walker said. “He doesn’t really like us having Facebook accounts.”

I understand why. The Constitution is there to protect us from people like Walker, and his boss doesn’t want anyone to know that his officers don’t abide by it when it’s inconvenient.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vicki

    I wonder if Officer Walker took the oath of office that has been a normal requirement for government agents for centuries (all 2 of them.)

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Officer took people to task by emotions, he is supposedly out to save lives so therefore he gave himself moral authority so therefore the Constitution, the laws of the land have been thrown out. He is telling all that since he put on the police uniform he is the master and all the peons better obey because he is out on a cause to save lives. He is nothing more than a thug just better dressed. So by his reasoning all are guilty until he says they are innocent.
      I am curious to know what the officer would say and do if he found a TANAKH or a Bible in the back seat of a car. Most likely he would make the driver squirm that he would be ticketed for something, the officer’s posting gives his character.

      • OldGene

        True, true, Batki… Officers should not be allowed to try to prevent a crime.. rather they should let it occur then… go after the criminals.. and, of course, should not use road blocks that might be against the constitution…Amen

      • Walter & Renee Agard

        Regardless of road blocks, all drivers have a code to tell others that there is a road blocks ( the stricter the law, the wiser the population gets)

      • Ellen1

        Seriously, OldGene? Why, you’d be right at home in Nazi Germany. Your acceptance of the police state WILL come back to bite you in your behind. The Bill of Rights were made part of our Constitution because they just knew what happens to those in control of others…….. and that’s just what we have at all levels of government and their thug enforcers.

      • http://google Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

        The man said the right thing. If you don’t have anything to hide, why worry about a rood block/check point? Let him catch the bad guys. You know, the ones that kill your loved one by drinking and driving, driving while not able to read or understand English and kill or injure your loved ones, those that smuggle the drugs that cause death in many ways. You are all the names he called the morons that pointed out his check point. You talk about your constitutional rights. You don’t have any rights. That’s why we have courts and judges, to determine if what you called your right are really your rights or, if you are violating someone else’s rights. People sometime from pure ignorant, take this civil rights thing too far. ,.

      • Steve E

        OldGene and Leonard. Were you guys born in a communist country, or do you naturally suck up to tyrants?

      • BobfromSoCal

        Hey Leonard,
        I do not need a court to tell me of the rights that God has given me. And I will practice them freely without the permission of some jack booted thug. You sir are either extremely stupid or perhaps just evil.

      • Alex Frazier

        Leonard, the point is that it’s none of the officer’s business if I have something to hide or not. Unless he has a reasonable suspicion to believe that I have committed a crime, he doesn’t have the right to search me, my home, my vehicle, or any of my possessions.

        Understand that when law enforcement gains the “authority” to search us without warrants and probable cause, all freedom and privacy will be lost. One need only see how the prison system keeps things under control. Random, arbitrary cell tosses. Don’t think that the same won’t apply to people’s homes and automobiles. One day you’re sitting down to dinner, and suddenly your door slams open, armed officers barge in with weapons drawn, and your house gets torn apart from top to bottom as they make sure you don’t have something you ought not to have. And if you protest, you must just have something to hide.

        That’s what things were like in Nazi Germany. And that’s how it’ll be here if we don’t slap these officers down when they overstep their bounds. It always starts small. They take your rights away in small bites. And you are every bit the sheep as you sit here defending the trampling of our rights.

        I agree that sometimes it would seem that allowing some of these things is only for the common good. We certainly want to get people off the streets who are drinking and driving. But I’d also like to see known murderers who get acquitted and confess later get what they deserve.

        Unfortunately, just like you can’t circumvent the double jeopardy clause, neither can you circumvent the fourth amendment. By taking away the prohibition against double jeopardy, you open the door for someone to spend their entire life defending themselves against a prosecutor who just won’t leave them alone, no matter how many times they are found not guilty.

        There are always adverse consequences to circumventing our rights, no matter how wise it may seem at any given point in time. The long term consequences just aren’t worth the small gains that are made in the immediate circumstance.

        And you are mistaken. I do have rights. They were given to me by God. The government didn’t gift me with these rights or permit me to have them as though they were some sort of privilege for good behavior. I have these natural rights, to speak freely, to worship as I choose, to defend my home, family, country, and freedom, to not have to suffer the indignity of a standing army taking up residence in my home in times of peace, to not have my privacy invaded without reasonable belief that I am committing a crime, to have a fair and speedy trial by members of my community, to have the advice of a lawyer, to be informed of my alleged crime … to not be tortured or punished in cruel ways, to have the right to anything not otherwise mentioned or delegated to the State or Federal government by consent of the people.

        The necessity of these rights common to all men is evident enough if you read history. Anyone who doubts for even one fleeting moment that these rights are absolutely necessary and ought to be sacred to all mankind is either ignorant, stupid, or insane.

        So don’t call us morons. When the police state grows beyond its limits and conflicts finally erupt between the people and the government, as it inevitably does in every country under a growing tyranny, you’ll be one of the ones shot into a ditch. I’ll be the one avenging you. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will have people like me to thank for the freedom secured for them. While you’re lost to history, do remember to leave a note for your posterity, to remind them to pucker up and kiss my a$$ for the sacrifice and bravery I laid on the line for their freedom.

      • ranger09

        Pretty right, The Officer has a problem with handling words, This is the Kind Of Officer that can overreact or under react to a real problem that might comeup, Most likely he would Over react, Like going for the Weapon.

      • Vicki

        Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:
        “You don’t have any rights.”

        You are correct. You have no rights. You will now be silent and speak only when you are given permission. Sieg Heil.

    • George

      You hit the nail on the head. I have included the oath for those who have a Federal position. If on is a municipal employee the oath includes upholding the state constitution in like manner . The problem is the number of people for whom their word really means something is decreasing with time. It is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is a matter of principle. Perhaps a violation of this oath should be considered dereliction of duty!


      I, [name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

      5 U.S.C. §3331

      • joanc

        Maybe someone should inform the head man in DC, about the US Constitution, and the oath of office he swore to. He stated, it is a document written by old men and is outdated. He simply bypasses it in order to push his own agenda. I feel sorry for Law Enforcement in the US who are forced to deal with all the restrictions placed on them, and also on our Military in a war zone, with the new rules of engagement. .Who are we protecting the good guys or the criminal element? I guess the public doesnt want the inconvience of being stopped at a roadblockand do not care about terrorists entering our unguarded borders. Dammed if they do their job, then blamed if something happens. Either allow the police and the military do their jobs, or disband them and see how that works!

      • tc

        they already do, its a trained dog! Sit ubu!

      • tc

        dont get me wrong I support their efforts, just not the gang mentality of some and the very broad use of prob cause. Remember the sherriff’s office is our next line of balance in the enforcement of law. ie they have the power to chose NOT to enforce federal law if they feel it has gone to far! the feds do not over rule them! on their own turf. 99.9% are great!

    • James Kirksey

      Maybe Deputy Walker has good intentions with the road blocks to screen out drunks and unlicensed drivers. However, his actions are not negotiable and he is unwise to go on facebook to debate with the general public. He should follow the policies of his boss, the Sheriff of Crenshaw County, and simply do his assigned duties at the roadblock and/or elsewhere. Most well organized law enforcement agencies have a designated person for all press releases or the chief (sheriff) him/herself handles this job. This overreach of Deputy Walker has placed him in a bad public relations situation. If I were the Sheriff, I would reviews Deputy Walker’s usefulness in the Sheriff’s Department.

      • Vicki

        On the other hand the deputy may be showing the public the serious flaws in the Sheriff’s department and is thus doing a public service.

    • Bill

      Is that protect and defend part of the oath you refer too? I believe Officer Walker has it all skewed First off that free people who are honest law abbiding citizens nees to show paper to move about the country and second he should know with just a little research (even watching old war movies) it was the Nazies who set up road blocks and demanded papers. From this example of law enforcement we can see that its a us verse them mentality they have formed i.e. we are all quilty until they say we are not.

      • Flashy

        Bill…’papers please’ was demanded by the extremists in Arizona. The “paper please’ laws are supported wholeheartedly by many on this site.

        Wonder how many will ‘conveniently’ forget that when they’re asked for proof of citizenship that they’re getting what they ask for?

        That’s the TP motto…fear, anger, ignorance. It counts on people not thinking. It counts on setting up a divide where the police are encouraged to have a “we” versus ‘us’ mentality.

      • robert

        Flashy, it is you who have forgotten something. The law in Arizona was only to find out a persons immigration status after they were stopped for breaking a law, not a ramdom stop to ask for ‘your papers’.

      • Flashy

        Robert…I get pulled over for speeding. Guess what? unloess I have proof of citizenship, then the police should be taking me downtown until it can be proven…unless, of course, they discriminate against brown skinned people …

        Otherwise, I could well be undocumented from Canada under the eyes of the law passed in Arizona.

        See where it leads?

      • Michael

        For the most part, today’s US law enforcement officers are nothing more or less than Adolf Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Glad to see the deputy is properly attired for this role. Until cops once more think of themselves as peace officers, this trend toward gestapo type tactics will increase and become more overbearing. IMO, most cops are just thugs in uniforms.

    • http://N/A Charles Saunders

      Here are my comments for (and to) Crenshaw County ( Alabama) Deputy Dog……..You sound just like the typical ADL-MOSSAD brainwashed Moron who would fit in-real well-in the Genocidal Apartheid New IDF “Action Army” in Israel or the KGB in the old Schmoisky-run Soviet Union. Remember….BOY….like they used to say in the USSR………”Bumaga, pozhalitzsa” (“Papers, Please”). You are one of the best brainwashed THUGS to run “BHS-FEMA-THREAT-FUSION CENTER” internal Passport road blocks now springing up all across the Country….WE need more like you, COMRADE, to help bring about Great Soviet Generalissimo OBOZO’s NEW (NWO ZOG) AMERIKA! Hail AIPAC! HAIL NATO for its murderous swath across SYRIA!

    • larry ryan

      He took the oath. He just wasn’t listening while he parroted the words. Many LEOs and nearly all polititians have no clue what the oath they took says. And don’t care. The constitution, to them, is something in the way, to be gotten around. In some cases to accomplish what they regard as a “higher” task. In many cases (polititians and badge heavy cops) to line their pockets, increase their power and feed their ego.

  • Harold Olsen

    There is no doubt in my mind that Walker does not support, nor will he enforce, the Constitution. He’s just another badge heavy cop who thinks that badge gives him the right to do and say anything he likes and treat people any way he likes. He’s got the small man complex: put him in a position of authority and he thinks he’s a god.

  • Vigilant

    Walker is being singled out, but I believe a survey of law enforcement officials throughout the country would probably yield a majority who think the way he does.

    But we’re attacking the symptom, not the cause. Those types of “fishing expedition” roadblocks are probably on the law books in most states. If an officer had refused to man that roadblock out of personal concerns, he would have been cited for dereliction of duty.

    The key is to get he laws changed. Carping about one individual will get you nowhere.

    • sal

      so i guess its ok for no one to have the balls to do the right thing. If we all refused to follow the selve serving “orders” from, (lets not forget) the HIRED HELP, then we wouldnt have to keep saying ” I dont believe what’s hapening to this country” and things might actually start to turn around.

      • Seeker1212

        I agree, The issue of rogue cops using excessive force that causes major injury or death is becoming epidemic occurrence that is too often excused by their superiors and the courts.
        The average citizen is open prey to all unlawful acts, whether it is by criminals or badge wearing Gestapo’s.
        Considering that the law enforcement make up about one percent of the population that they are to police, it would be no problem at all for the ninety nine percent of the population to correct this situation if they really wanted to.
        The burden and the means resides with the citizens, they can not continue to expect the courts to resolve this problem.

    • Bennie Flagg

      So we have an example, of a problem. What is / are the solution (s) ?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Obey the commandments of God, the law of the land, and don’t drive drunk or drugged, don’t drive like idiots. Don’t give them a reason to set up roadblocks.

      • Bunk

        My “papers” are hung on the smoky end of a 1911

        This guy is looking for trouble and to his suprise may just find it.
        He is constrained by the constitution whether he likes it or not and when the law suit is finished he could be looking for a job as a WalMart greeter. His boss better get him under controll

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Vigilant, the police call themselves public servants so when did they become the masters.



      • Flashy

        Chris…the military disconnect began, I believe, when we ended the draft. This one can be laid on the door of the Left, and of late enhanced by the insistence of an almost hero worship status of anyone in the military (or ex military).

        The draft ended, and by the insistence of the liberal sector, we went to an all volunteer “professional’ military. The line was drawn. it was only a natural sequence that the mindset became..not only within the military and law enforcement..but also by the ‘us” and “them” separation. A disconnect as to mindset began. With the latest fad now being a hero worship status, again, it’s only a natural sequence of thought processes that the military and police begin to think of it being an “us” versus “them” arena. And they know better than us because we are an unruly, disorganized, dangerous mass who cannot and will not get their act together. So “they” will do it for “us”. Because they know better.

        it is a very dangerous mindset as they twist the concept that the rulers are to be the ruled. Guided by them because even the public recognizes they are special…because isn’t that what we’ve said all along lately? is that not why it’s a volunteer force which decides who joins and who does not?

        It’s that mindset which I believe is growing. We have generals who now diss in public the public governing bodies and feel they can criticize the civilian CIC. We have generals who don’t see the wrong in their having limos, personal chefs, staff whose only duty is to care for their comfort (did you know Petraeus had standing orders for fresh sliced pineapple to be available 24/7 ?)

        we need to break down that wall. I believe reinstatement of the draft would be a significant step forward. mix the civilian mindset with the military elitist mindset we developed. At 18…you serve three years in the military or three in a sort of Civilian Conservation Corps serving the rural, undeveloped, and poor sectors of our Nation. Or as low cost labor (give a living scale of pay but nothing extravagant). in return, once out…a subsidized education (not a free ride for serving only the minimum. maybe two hitches for a full ride) at a public university or trade school.

        Mix the society with the “elitist” (or so they have come about to think of themselves), and we get begin the trail back to a unified society….

      • momo

        Flashy says: “It’s that mindset which I believe is growing. We have generals who now diss in public the public governing bodies and feel they can criticize the civilian CIC. We have generals who don’t see the wrong in their having limos, personal chefs, staff whose only duty is to care for their comfort (did you know Petraeus had standing orders for fresh sliced pineapple to be available 24/7 ?) ”

        Generals always think they’re special. During Vietnam I had a friend in the 173rd airborne, headquarters company, who told me their commanding general had a “pizza” chopper on call to make a run for pizza when the genral wanted it. didn’t matter if somebody needed a medevac and there were no other choppers available, the pizza chopper never went for anything except pizzas. Generals are much like politicians, don’t you think?

      • WTS/JAY

        Flashy: Now soon we will begin the debate to get the guns off the streets…

        Good luck with that one…it’ll never happen! For anyone who thinks that you can just, willy-nilly, disarm Americans, are living in delusion and are in for a big-shock when they try!

      • WTS/JAY

        momo: Generals are much like politicians, don’t you think?

        Yes, in that both, answer the the military-industrial-complex, and, if they’re good-boys, and do what they are told, they are treated like Kings. Should they not do as they are told, well, to the brig, and no pizza for you!

    • Flashy

      Vig..the state i reside does not have roadblocks such as described above. Not even the commonplace DUI stops other states have. Our State Supremes decided they were unconstitutional under BOTH the State and US Constitution.

      When they became commonplace, and i decried the use of such, I was lambasted by the Right. “If you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, why are you against them?’ was the most common refrain. Same with the Patriot Act and it’s monitoring and invasions.

      Now? The Right got what it asked for. In both cases. And from the number who are against them today whining and moaning…you’d think there was absolutely no support when the laws and blockades were first enacted.

      The same will be when the Arizona “papers please” laws become enforced tighter and tighter. And the reason will be “illegal aliens can be Canadians and Europeans as well”. And know what? the outcry will also include the Right..and one would then think they’d been against it from the inception!

      Now soon we will begin the debate to get the guns off the streets and allow people to be safe. A shopping mall in Oregon, a political public “greet and meet” in Arizona, a movie theatre in Colorado, a college campus in Virginia, an elementary school in Connecticut. guns everywhere, loose, easy to obtain and defended by a bunch of extremist lunatics who demand to be allowed to instill fear in our society. All because they are insecure and in need of testicular fortitude. .

      Selfish, shortsighted, driven by fear. Those are the elements leading to the unPatriot Act, the blockades on our roads, and the deaths from people doing nothing more than being out in public. And…coincidental or not…those are the very elements the Tea party and extremists rely upon for public support…

      think about that.
      The Right got what they asked for. And now, the public and society have to face the results…

      • WTS/JAY

        You’re just not happy unless you stir-up a right vs left debate, hey Flashy? It just wasn’t enough to tell your story without including the diatribe against the right. Oh no, you couldn’t get a good mud-slinging debate without it. Why not just point the corruption without tagging an accusatory label to it? Corruption is corruption, abuse of power is abuse of power, and to suggest it emanates from one source only is to admit you have a very narrow perspective on reality!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Blah,blah , blah, blah, blah.

      • Scott in SC

        Flashy, what state do you live in? The state of confusion?

        • Saxondog

          The probem in Tennessee is the officers,they have become abusive.If you refuse their demands to search,the detain,call in dogs,which only they can interpet the signals of.Throw your possessions all oevr the side of the road and when finding nothing,simply drive off.

          They like to demand we observe their reasoning for their safety,yet as they drive off leaving you on the side of the road,collecting your scattered property the safety issue seems of little further concern,there are Professional Officers,yet as the older generations retire to be replaced by “BLACK UNIFORMED THUGS” we continue to suffer,all while my state is ver run by illigals and the “BLACK UNIFORMED THUGS” gain more outragous tactics.

          I have asked my Congressman,and Senator why has Homeland Security taken evr the Tenn.Dept.of Safety,and why have our traditional State Troopers stoped wearing their green and gray uniforms?

          The answer,one qoutes it is a State issue and he is a Federal Representative,the other it is a Federal Issue and he is a State employee.

          The real problem,we are no longer represented,we are to be their servents. Well who do we blame? Ourselves,when the primary concern for you community is to ignore the abuse and just get home to watch the stupid box,then what else can be blamed but our own actions.

          Recently I cnsidered confronting my Senator,a man I have respect for.Yet what cost? Well after much consideration it occurs to me that since removing the TV from my home the best course is to take a stand. The TROOPERS were our Police,our Tennessee force to protectour state,now I am unsure. Yet to do nothing invites further abuse of the CONSTITUTION,which will not end well for our Nation.Abserve a video on u-tube if they have not removed it of Madion,Tennessee and a confrontation that demonstrated the bravery of some in this Nation,confronting the abusive “BLACK UNIFORMED THUGS” and doing so the right way,with video,back up and other armed citizens making the “BLACK UNIFORMED THUGS” have to back down and understand their not in control,we are.To many criminals wonder my state un opposed,well how does one force the issues?

          Watch the video,see the organized way professional citizens enforce their rights,through education,organization and maturity. Not some stupid redneck running his mouth,which of course is why the mainstream media never has shown the footage,they are after all the problem not the solution. Hope this allows some to gain understanding,and the comments are not meant to insult the TROOPERS,just to adjust their view that we depend on the uniform,once it goes away anything else is really just a costum,and wrong!

      • Flashy

        WTS … I mentioned the extremists and the Right because it needs to be said. it needs to be shoved down your throat. Blame and the reasons for the laws needs to be laid where it belongs.

        That now the Right is complaining and doing their utmost to climb the bandwagon and say ‘it’s not our fault!” …. uh uh. Hop aboard the bandwagon and join the Moderates and Progressives. Feel free.

        But also read the posts above and below. The extremists and conservatives are blaming everyone and everything but themselves. It’s everyone’s else’s fault. When the truth is…it’s THEIR policies they supported and demanded, THEIR programs which they denigrated any and all who opposed them saying among other things this will be the result, THEIR politicians which garnered the votes and giving in creating this mess.

        I’m not stirring the pot. I’m telling it like it is. And laying blame right where it belongs…

      • czman75

        Too bad Sigmund Freud is isn’t around today, he’d have a field day with you. He is the one that determined the people that are afraid of guns are sexually immature and a few mental issues…maybe , flashy, you should go have your head examined…

      • eddie47d

        Flashy is correct in his 8:11 statement for I believe there are plenty of those on the right who also need a mental evaluation. Yet not on this article where this cop was overreaching. Its good to see true Libertarians take on the police and their underhanded tactics. Stopping anyone without probable cause is dangerous and un American and policeman Walker is very wrong.

      • JC

        Flashy all you’ve done is prove Jay’s point. The left is just as guilty as the right and both are corrupt beyond repair…you’re just too brain washed to see it.

      • Flashy

        CZ….I’m not afraid of guns. I’m leery about those who feel it a “Right” to pack ‘em around thinking they’re hot stuff and demand a society where all have guns. I think it’s a huge violation of my Right not to be able to walk in public without having to be on constant vigil for some gun totin’ freak fulfilling his testosterone depleted needs and feeding his insecurities thinking he’s Dirty Harry in drag. And I don’t have a sexual high from handling them either. what about you?

        • Smoovious Laxness

          1> if you’re leery about a citizen exercising his rights, then maybe the problem is with you more than them.

          2> you have no such right, as you have described it. your rights end at my rights.

          – Smoov

      • TML

        Your finger pointing to an ambiguous ‘right’ label is absolutely meaningless. I’m sure there were many of ‘those’ who did not support such laws and I’m very sure that there were some of your ambiguous progressive liberal pals that claim themselves moderates whom supported the same. You remain ignorant to those facts, such as how the NDAA was given to us by ‘both’ camps equally. It’s not a left/right world anymore Flashy, and you, are certainly not in the middle ground. Your only concern here is obvisouly not putting the blame where it belongs (as if that amounts to the productive good equal to a child) blaming everyone else but themselves or his prefered group label.

      • momo

        Flashy says: “Selfish, shortsighted, driven by fear. Those are the elements leading to the unPatriot Act, the blockades on our roads, and the deaths from people doing nothing more than being out in public. And…coincidental or not…those are the very elements the Tea party and extremists rely upon for public support…”

        You mean the (un)Patriot Act that Bush signed and Obama renewed, NDAA that Obama signed into law, HR347 that Obama signed into law? Get over yourself flashman, you talk like the right did all those things, while in reality it was your buddies on the left who want to gut the bill of rights. And that saint in the white house, you worship, is their willing accomplice.

      • TML

        Flashy says. “I’m not afraid of guns. I’m leery about those who feel it a “Right” to pack ‘em around thinking they’re hot stuff and demand a society where all have guns.”

        A ‘right’ to carry a firearm is not a ‘law’ that all must do so, which would be equally wrong as no right to carry.

        Flashy says. “I think it’s a huge violation of my Right not to be able to walk in public without having to be on constant vigil for some gun totin’ freak fulfilling his testosterone depleted needs and feeding his insecurities thinking he’s Dirty Harry in drag.”

        Since you seem to love strawman arguments, then you better ban all cars. Don’t want to have to worry about walking in public and have to be on constant vigil for some dumb ass driver running from the cops, or drunk driver, or… ad infinitum…. Because you know, that is a huge violation of your right to live in a utopian dream world.

      • Flashy

        1> if you’re leery about a citizen exercising his rights, then maybe the problem is with you more than them. 2> you have no such right, as you have described it. your rights end at my rights.– Smoov

        1. You’re the one who is leery of my demanding my Right to walk in public safely and without concern of gun packing lunatics. your right to have a gun I’m not arguing. you want a gun, you want to go in your backyard and target practice using your tonsils as the bulls eye…feel free. you want to own something more than a handgun and hunting rifles…feel free, once you go through serious background checks and serious classes as well as training (at your cost). I’m demanding MY RIGHTS to be able to walk through a shopping mall, go to a movie, attend a “greet and meet” with my Congressperson, send my kids to college or an elementary school…without worry that there are people with guns around endangering every step.

        I’m demanding MY RIGHTS that cops aren’t gun happy and controlling ebcause they have to be leery of everyone since it is likely they are armed..and thus subject me to heavy handed procedures.

        2. No one is talking about your rights owning a frippin’ gun. i’m talking about MY RIGHTS…and your Right ends when mine are impeded to such extent I don’t have them anymore…

        • Smoovious Laxness

          > I’m demanding MY RIGHTS to be able to walk through a shopping
          > mall, go to a movie, attend a “greet and meet” with my Congressperson,
          > send my kids to college or an elementary school…without worry that
          > there are people with guns around endangering every step.

          You are imagining a right that simply doesn’t exist.

          – Smoov

      • Flashy

        Momo…”You mean the (un)Patriot Act that Bush signed and Obama renewed, NDAA that Obama signed into law,”

        Let me remind you…it was the Right that demanded the unPatriot Act, and the Right who denigrated those protesting it. BTW…President Obama did not sign a renewal of the unPatriot Act…do you even know what one paragraph he did sign for renewal? DO YOU !

        Do you know that NDAA has been in the books for decades?


      • WTS/JAY

        Flashy: WTS … I mentioned the extremists and the Right because it needs to be said. it needs to be shoved down your throat. Blame and the reasons for the laws needs to be laid where it belongs.

        Flashy, i’m sure you will agree that our bodies are an amazing feat of engineering. The human body is comprised of multiple systems that function together as a “whole-system”. If one system is compromised, the whole-system is effected. Similarly, our political-system is comprised of multiple-systems, engineered to function as a whole-system. One system is not independent to the other, or apart from the “Total”. If a foreign, deadly-substance, (Corruption) is introduced into the system, does the “foreign-substance” effect one system, or the whole system? So laying blame on the right or the left, for what ails our comprehensive, political-system is not only ridiculous, it is pointless. The “Corruption” Dr. Flashy, has effected the “Whole” system! Get with the program, Flashy, and enough with childish nonsense!

      • Thomas

        Ignoring the left-right BS for now, it’s easy to poke a huge hole into the argument that “If you have done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, why are you against them?”

        Because you don’t get to determine that – whether or not you are doing “anything wrong”…someone else does. And if their definition of “anything wrong” doesn’t match yours, too bad for you. That is why we defend the 4th Amendment (and all the others).

      • momo

        Nice try at intimidation flashman, but it’s not working. Obama extended the Patriot Act for four years with his signature.

        And yes, the NDAA has been around for years except this one, 2012, had provisions in it that would give the military civilian law enforcement powers and to selcectively suspend due process and habeas corpus

      • Flashy

        Momo…the provision of the unPatriot Act that was extended was the one dealing with a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. that’s it….

        The NDAA does not and did not expand any executive or military powers. here’s a good site to review, objectively, what it does ..

      • WTS/JAY

        Pop quiz…Who wrote the Patriot Act and When?

        I bet you are guessing George Bush in 2001 right? Wrong. I use to think it was written after 911, but i was wrong!

        Months after the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Biden introduced another bill called the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995. It previewed the 2001 Patriot Act by allowing secret evidence to be used in prosecutions, expanding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and wiretap laws, creating a new federal crime of “terrorism” that could be invoked based on political beliefs, permitting the U.S. military to be used in civilian law enforcement, and allowing permanent detention of non-U.S. citizens without judicial review. The Center for National Security Studies said the bill would erode “constitutional and statutory due process protections” and would “authorize the Justice Department to pick and choose crimes to investigate and prosecute based on political beliefs and associations.”

        Biden himself draws parallels between his 1995 bill and its 2001 cousin. “I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing. And the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill,” he said when the Patriot Act was being debated, according to the New Republic, which described him as “the Democratic Party’s de facto spokesman on the war against

        The Patriot Act was written in 1995 by then Senator Joe Biden. Interesting to note, he is now Vice-President.

      • speedle

        Flashy, you seem to be confused again. It is apparent to most that the conservative (what you call “the right”) view that individual rights for AMERICAN citizens is the primary tenet of the U.S. Constitution. That means no illegal searches and seizures. It is the progressive movement with which you identify that is all about using force to keep the sheep in line. I don’t think you even understand the psychology of your own political party.

      • larry ryan

        Flashy, in re a draft. The draft was and is involuntary servitude. An other word for slavery. Plus, have you ever been in combat? I have. I don’t want someone guarding my back who resents being there. None but a fool WANTS to be in combat. But when I was it was because I volunteered to be there.
        Read Heinlein. He had an interesting proposal. No one can be a citizen unless they’ve served. Until you’ve served your country for at least two years, you’re a “legal resident”. No great distinction in being a citizen. Just that only a citizen can vote, hold public office or have certain “restricted” professions, such as teacher, cop, fireman, etc. Jobs that have or should have a built in requirement that you put the needs of the community ahead of your own. At age 18 until you die, you can volunteer at any time and cannot be turned down except by mental deficiency. And it should be obvious that most service would have little or nothing to do with the military. The military is as specialized and has special requirements, just as any other profession. Nothing against them, but most people aren’t qualified for the military, mostly physically, it’s rigorous. Some of those in the Pentagon and the “political” generals aren’t qualified, either, but in most cases they were when they were younger.

      • Flashy


        Now I have an opposite view. The “Right” desire to control an individual dictating mores, acts and behaviors, and demanding abeyance to their “code of acceptable behavior’. Take the Arizona “papers please’ law. It dictates the enforcement of individual rights, and intrudes upon them. Same as gun control…it dictates that those who desire to walk streets, campuses, malls, theatres…give up that right.

        Take these blockades…note that most of the posts speak against the actions of the police officer…not the overall concept of the blockade itself (in fact, most would support such if it were aimed at “undocumented’ laborers. ). Yet…the Right insists on freedom of groups and business to conduct control over the individual without restraint. And…i’m taking a leap here, i would assume the good deputy is of the “right” ideological bent…i.e. control of the individual.

        The “Right tend to perceive that they know best, and that freedom of choice by the individual is all hunky dory, as long as it conforms to what they think.

        The “Left” on the other hand, support controlling [regulating] groups and businesses for the benefit of the individual, and allowing the freedom of choice for individual actions.

        Thus, when the “Right” insist on closing a Center for Islam, are insisting on anti choice for women, are pro-gun…those all restrict individual choice, not enhance it. Where the “Left” insist government regulation of business, of controlling the Commons for fair share, of being pro-choice for women etc .. those are aimed at enhancing the individual and restricting the group and societal control over the individual

        This is not exclusive mind you, but in general, it’s what I see…

      • Flashy

        Larry Ryan —>” The military is as specialized and has special requirements, just as any other profession. Nothing against them, but most people aren’t qualified for the military, mostly physically, it’s rigorous.”

        Give me a break. This is the mindset of “us” versus “them” I am specifically referring to. Being in the military is no great feat of physical or mental specialty. Ask any ‘Nam draftee. “Most” people aren’t qualified…jeesh. What a bunch of malarkey.

        However, we now have a “we are special” military mindset. And as someone has pointed out today, many cops today are ex-military. Dangerous…very dangerous.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Flashy it is people of your Dem/Prog/Leftist mindset that have brought on all the unnecessary laws and regulations as you are afraid of your own shadow.

      • Flashy

        Nad…care to enunciate any ? The one that does come to mind was demanding the end to the draft instead of tweaking it to include a civilian option … but somehow i don’t think you thought of that one.

        So care to enunciate any? I’m not talking about regulating business or enabling the Commons to be shared and enjoyed….perhaps that’s the area which you think of? Limiting group think and business from over-riding individual freedoms?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        You write: “Now soon we will begin the debate to get the guns off the streets and allow people to be safe.” Given the fact that it is one’s inalienable right to own guns, and given that the Founders agreed that the Constitution should specifically ensure that that right could not be taken away by government, and given the fact that there are about 310 million non-military guns in the U.S., and given the fact that, according to Gallup, nearly half of all U.S. households own at least one gun, and given the fact that at least half of all those polled believed upholding the right to own guns was important, and given the fact that Connecticut has the fifth most stringent gun laws in the U.S. (according to the Brady Center), and given the fact that the most recent school shooter broke no fewer than six laws before he began shooting school children (including laws against being under 21 in possession of a handgun and in possession of a gun specifically banned under Conn. law), how do propose to realistically “get the guns off the streets and allow people to be safe?”

        Best wishes,

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston..i have purposefully tried to stay away from the gun control issue as i assume you’ll have an article soon where the debate will be joined. As a prelude, i believe there is the Right as stated in the 2nd, and there is the Right as stated in the beginning of the Constitution, the 9th Amendment and the 14th.

        I believe it is the Right of every citizen to be able to walk a mall safely, to attend a meeting with a public official, to go to a movie or have my child attend a movie, to send my kid to college and my child to elementary school..without fear of being shot by a lunatic having easy access to guns. I also believe it is the Right to have firearms in the home as part of a well regulated militia. in one of the few areas, in this i believe that justice Scalia is correct. Please note I stated “the streets” … I did not state “the home” .

        It is a clash of Rights, a conflict which one will be weighed against the other and a balance will be reached where one will need to be impeded to allow the other.

        When the article is written and posted for debate, I will be prepared. It won’t be an “overnight fix”, but this madness and insanity has to be stopped.

      • Alan

        Well Flashy, you are entitled to your opinion even if your line of reasoning is skewed beyond all belief, especially that nonsense about gun control. If it were worth my time and effort I might well argue the ramifications of what you suggest but it simply isn’t worth it to beat a dead horse, so to say.

      • Flashy

        Well Alan..perhaps we should have hoped the recent lunatic had chosen as his first victim someone who had been armed with assault rifles and handguns. … (oh wait….he did!)

        I certainly hope when Mr. Livingston has the gun control article up for debate, you join in with ore than “it’s my Right under the 2nd!’…’cause that dog doesn’t hunt. Not when the Right to walk the streets, to attend a movie, to visit a mall, to attend college and have a child at an elementary school and be safe…what have you to say about that Right?

        Or doesn’t that count in your eyes?

        year after year after year…it has got to stop. right now. We are killing each other and we are the only civilized country in the world doing that.

        • http://yahoo Curtis

          Some of the things I read that people post, it is pretty clear they don’t follow the news and don’t understand they don’t know what they are talking about, or been misled. People have never needed guns to kill. Read your history, when someone is bent on killing, they will find the means to do so. Be it a rock, knife, bomb, machete, car, throw off a cliff what ever!!! People have been beat and kicked to death, Bow and arrows, come on don’t say other countries don’t have the same problems with people killing people, that is a lie!! Every single country I know of has this problem, some people kill because others don’t pray the way they by their standards should. Guns is singled out for one purpose, to take over a country, you first disarm it’s people. Then the government can do as they please and who is going to throw rocks at agent with a M-16 assault rifle? How many crimes are done against a well armed person? It is those who are helpless to protect them selves that come up victims!! That is why women and children are so often victimized, less able to protect them selves. People need to get their heads out of the sand and stop playing games that no one can win, only lose. Take away the guns from decent people and you’ll see a blood bath of helpless people who fooled them selves.

      • WTS/JAY

        Flashy: Let me remind you…it was the Right that demanded the unPatriot Act, and the Right who denigrated those protesting it.

        Are suggesting that Joe Biden is “right-wing”?

      • TML

        Flashy says, “Please note I stated “the streets” … I did not state “the home” .”

        Where do you think those intent on commiting a crime get those guns? Do you think they care about laws that might restrict them from carrying those guns on the street? Not at all obviously.

        My right to protect myself from those criminals trumps your supposed right to feel safer (a false sense of safety) merely by disallowing me to have mine.

        You better be much more prepared than that Flashy or you will be intellectually torn apart in such a debate.

      • WTS/JAY

        So in order for Flashy to feel safer walking down the street, Flashy is demanding stricter and more gun-control, legislation.

        Hmm, Adam Lanza broke at least three Connecticut gun control laws. Do you think adding a bunch is going to make a difference? Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire nation. The intent was to greatly reduce gun crime in the city. But instead, Chicago is now being called “the deadliest global city“, and the murder rate is running about 25 percent higher than last year.

        Down in Australia, gun murders rose by about 19 percent and armed robberies rose by about 69 percent after a gun ban was instituted.

        The UK has some of the strictest gun laws on the planet. Yet, gun crime in England and Wales rose by 89 percent over the course of a decade…the latest Government figures show that the total number of firearm offences in England and Wales has increased from 5,209 in 1998/99 to 9,865 last year – a rise of 89 per cent.

        Banning guns is not going to solve anything, Flashy. Criminals are always going to be able to get guns. You want to start feeling safe again, Flashy. Instead of crying for more gun-control-legislation, you should be screaming for the reinstitution of CAPITOL-PUNISHMENT!!! If guns don’t kill people but criminals kill people with guns, then it follows that you kill the criminals that are killing innocent people with guns. Capish?

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston…bring on the article. let us have this debate. As i can see now, on that thread there’ll be more nuts than at the bottom of a porta potty at a peanut festival…but it’s time you folks got the facts. Not the facts as you want to hear…but the straight facts of reality.

      • WTS/JAY

        Flashy says. “I’m not afraid of guns. I’m leery about those who feel it a “Right” to pack ‘em around thinking they’re hot stuff and demand a society where all have guns.”

        By “those” you mean criminals, right? Well then get the criminals of the streets and keep them off the streets. Its no secret, Flashy, that violent criminals are often given light-sentences, which they consider to be a joke, and are quickly re-itroduced back into society to resume their life of crime. If they consider the legal and penal-system to be a joke, how much more, stricter gun-legislation? Come on, Flash, give your head a shake. We wouldn’t even need gun-legislation if the bleeding-hearts in office applied more due-dilligence with the criminal-element. There’s, your problem, Flash. Its the one’s in authority that are making the streets un-safe, and not the criminal-element, necessarily! More gun-legislation? WHAT A JOKE!!!

      • speedle

        Flashy, you obviously paid no attention to my emphasis on “AMERICANS” regarding individual rights.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      This is an attitude that runs rampant through all levels of government now…

      We’re being treated as subjects, not citizens.

      – Smoov

      • ranger09

        FLASHY, You have really got a Problem, When all young people go into the Military they know very little about fighting and killing, In training they learn a little about self defense They learn about basic weaponsThis then when they get into combat most all are scared to death, Then the will to stay alive sets in, And you fight and kill to stay alive, And most can do this and still maintain there sanity, And yes the ones that servive are called trained killers, Not to be confused with Killers that kill for profit or just for the joy in killing. Also the Policemen we hire to protect our Lives and Property DO carry Firearms, When the Military and our Police can or will not protect us Then mr Flashy are you willing to do this, I bet Not, For if you are a real person You are SAD. There are many, many cities and towns where you could not do the things you suggest, because the criminals have control, Not our police. In the military you are given weapons to defend what ever cause Right Or Wrong.When you get home You are not allowed to protect you and your familys lives or Property. Flashy i really dont think you know much about the real world we live in today. America has and always will be free as long as the People have the Constitution and their Weapons. With out these things we are in real trouble.

    • Texas Rebel

      Just like jack-booted nazis & IDF thugs, these low life, ADL trained American cops are “just following orders” without a thought to whether those orders are lawful or Constitutional.
      A shame that so many sheeple think that these tactics are the answer to courts that refuse to put violent criminals away and police that are too busy shaking down honest people to catch criminals, and want to reward an incompetent criminal justice establishment with more authority over their lives. Every stop is an opportunity to plant drugs on innocent citizens or steal their money & property.
      A nation of sheep will breed a government of wolves!

  • MGregor

    I would think that police officers would be thrilled to have drivers aware of speed traps if they are really concerned about saving lives!! The advanced warning causes drivers to pay attention to their driving and speed thereby accomplishing the same objective…saving lives! But purhaps the officers are more concerned with increasing revenues just like beuacrats in Washington, at a time when very few Americans can afford the cost of a ticket. Praying fir Gods devine intervention in a world very lost!!

    • ibcamn

      BINGO,you got that right,the police not only are lazy and want you to drive to them,it’s all about money is right!it’s not just the courts making money or cutting down on man hours to arrests equation,it’s about the deal they have with local towing company(tow and getting out of impound and his employees being happy right before Christmas)you scratch mine sort of thing.and yes the police think its ok for them to do it but it is illegal in every some point this stop has a illegal factor in it,(each state differs)most people don’t know that and that’s what the police rely on.if you pull up and have done nothing illegal they have to wave you through,some states the only way the police can have a roadblock is if there is a prisoner escape in area,others have to have a write up in the paper the week before suck a roadblock can be done!people,know the rights you have in the state you live in,it really pisses off the cops!!..and don’t ever get cought tri-state hopping in Al.,they just assume you’re a car thief and try to kill you!!!

    • WTS/JAY

      Yes MGregor, absolutely!!!

  • roger gunderson

    It’s always a battle between freedom lovers and
    freedom takers.

    • Sol of Texas

      Yes! It is not a left vs right issue. Authoritarians come in many varieties.

  • Gary

    Want to create an instant bully?

    Give a coward a gov’t check and a badge.

  • Paul Wells

    Someone needs to remind Officer Walker that Nazi Germany was a lot like this, in the 1930′s. Free movement kind of took a back seat to heavy handed state tactics like this. I can only hope he’s not one of those that pins on the badge and becomes infatuated with powers he might associate with the badge.

    • Larry Dagna

      Paul, Judging from the officer’s comments and displayed attitude, I’m afraid that ship has already sailed!

  • Jamie

    not safe to talk to any Cop about anything, do not even ask directions just look away and keep moving hope they don’t shoot you with a Tazer or anything for some trumped up Charge.they make up . i have learned to not Trust any legal system.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you have gone to the other extreme of not trusting cops for any reason.

      • Average Joe

        “Anything you say can and WILL be used as evidence against you.” Need I say more?
        When interacting with police officers, the less you say…the better off you are…if they are asking questions…they are on a fishing expedition…..Don’t take the bait.


      • Capitalist at Birth

        Better to be safe and not sorry. Trust no one, particularly those in authority. Trust but verify. Cops are human beings no more trustworthy than your next door neighbor. A healthy dose of skepticism is in order when it comes to trusting your fellow human beings.

  • steve

    every day in savannah,ga speed traps are announced on the radio and still people get ticketed after knowing there where about’s. what i didn’t like about his comment was that he felt you were guilty about something unless you showed your papers to him. so he is now cop,judge and jury. the south will never change when it comes to cops. there are some good ones out there. it’s not the law , it’s their abuse of power that they think they have over you when they put that badge on.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Your bias is showing. This is commonplace in other parts of the country, not just the South. I suspect if you analyze your motives, you are a totalitarian as well. The only difference being that it is okay as long as you are the dictator.

      • ranger09

        A road block is not Proper law Enforcement, Its just a Lazy way to write Revenue, I have carryied firearms since i was 10 years old, And was taught how and when to use them, Back in my part of Texas in my day most Ranchers and farmers carried Firearms in their Cars and Trucks,Also many Towns People, And the Police people knew this and there never was a problem that i know of in all those years.Now a days police pull their Guns even for Basic Traffic stops. I was taught that touching that firearm was a threat to the Person or persons you were talking to. I was taught never touch it until you knew it HAD to be used, And only in the defense of yourself or Citizens, And sometimes with Animals.And WE were confident in our Skills.Then The Military at 17 Here i was taught about Killing with all types of Weapons, But no longer was the choice left to me, I had to learn to Kill on Orders, Sometimes Right Sometimes Wrong, But in the Military if you fail to follow Orders in Combat YOU could be Shot on site or CM and then face Death. In most cases a Soldier Kills to servive. Yet i can say I never killed anyone that was not trying to kill me. Some people just want the Power to kill someone.
        Flashy, Did you ever serve in the Military. I bet you were raised in the City.

      • Flashy

        ranger…nope. Grew up on a ranch which was five miles past Hooterville just this side of Nowhere. I know how to splice rope (and weave it), build fires without matches, hang snares, track fish and hunt. And i have never ever ever seen any lgit hunter using an assault rifle for hunting…nor have I ever had any occasion to wish for a firearm to protect myself from any bad guy.

        Bet you grew up near a city …

  • arlo

    Wait, we are Americans, why are we having to show our ID’s when the illegal aliens living in this country don’t have to show their ID’s for fbeing here illegally. Officer, you are an idiot….

    • eddie47d

      The officer may be an “idiot” but so are you. If an illegal is caught driving without a licence or a forged document he is arrested and sometimes deported. They hardly receive special treatment when stopped as you are implying.

      • ranger09

        EDDIE, sorry you are wrong, not all illegals are arrested, Sometimes local s will stop an Illegal and the Border Patrol will for some reason refuse to pick them up Time and distance. Then they will be released, For the Locals it would involve to much time away from their Patrol area, Also their is no revenue to collect from Illegals. And i can tell you do not know about The Law enforcement we have to day.

      • eddie47d

        That would be budget cuts within the Federal System and the locals if that does happen.

    • WTS/JAY

      Text of Arizona’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Law – Part 1

      There has been a great outcry in the press and on the internet about the terrible new anti-illegal immigrant law signed into law by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on April 23, 2010. The sad reality is that very few people on both sides of the issue have actually
      read the new law, but their ignorance of the law does not stop them from making statements about it.

      • Flashy

        OK WTS…i visit Arizona. I am pulled over. I say “eh?” I have no papers other than my state issued ID which does not require proof of citizenship to obtain. So…I get to have a trip downtown until someone is able to verify I am a legal citizen and not an undocumented Canadian.

        hmmm…you see nothing wrong with that?

      • ranger09

        Flashy i just do not believe you. Your hole out look on guns scares me, Nothing wrong with people that dont own, But when you become afraid of Honest and decent citizens, Then you want your rights protected But you want others Rights to be impeaded. Does not hold true. To you its ok for the Criminals to have guns, But you are offended when honest citizens want to stand up for their Rights and carry guns Legally. I even believe that you might not have been raised in this Country.

  • Earl Saxon

    This is a Nation wide issue,Police Officers breaking the Law,and their OATH then defending their actions with the same statements,if your not doing anything wrong you should not mind? Ok Officer if your not breaking your Oath,which makes you a Liar,and a dishonest person then you should not mind the very people who employee you taking the unprecedented action of FIRING YOU!

    Simple really,we have the RULE OF LAW and it is obeyed period,or we have no Law and your Badge,which is an Honor to wear based on the OATH is meaning less.

    What you seem to not realize is that your opinion of the CONSTITUTION,and the WEAKNESS of your excuse about saving lives only proves the amount of disrespect you have for the real MEN who actually fought to Protect and defend the Constitution against armed men intent on KILLING THEM,in battle their are no security zones of massed armed badge wearing types like yourself,their are men intent on Murdering you,and you must stand your ground and fight,of course their are always people like you,small people,who cannot seem to overcome their own defects,so abuse the weaker in this Nation to offset their own hidden secrete,One day sir you will realize their is no tolerance for the BULLY in AMERICA. Resign!

    One other point sir,you are a CIVIL SERVANT,and that is an Honor of service that produces a respect by the local community based on the public awarness of the service you provide.Still you have lost the base of the position,SERVICE! TO SERVE,TO PROTECT AND SERVE. Sadly you still remain employed even though your only becoming more abusive after this encounter.Perhaps a group should be filming you for the safety of the public? Yea that seems to be the thing needed here.

    What happened to the Police of my generation,Officer Hubbard,Officer Allan,Neighborgood officers respected and well known? Sadly we are left with this!

    • czman75

      Ah, to “protect and Serve”…seems that was struck down by the SCOTUS a while back. The SCOTUS stated police are under no obligation to protect and serve, which I guess, leaves them to enforce laws as they see fit, harass and clean up after the fact.

    • ranger09

      Well said, I do remember a day when a Deputy was respected, I remember a day when parents would walk up to you and say to their Kids< If you ever have a Problem you go to this man for Help, I remember when they would walk by an say good morning and good evening., AND MEAN IT. I remember when a Deputy knew how to work with Citizens And i dont mean Always write a Ticket. I remember when even the Bad Guys feared you, But even most of them respected you.
      Granted WE have always had Bad Policemen, But we still have a few Good Ones. In my day we served Proper Warrants, We served the public and respected them and their Problems, We never stopped a citizen for Questioning with out reasonable Cause, Road Blocks were only used in the most extream cases.

  • Bruce

    It amazes me how many police uniforms use brown shirts and then play the role of a brown shirt.

    • larry ryan

      Yes, the brown shirts are now here. Can the SS and a full fledged Gestapo be far off?

      • rocketride

        Isn’t that what Obama is trying to set up. (Woodrow Wilson did manage to have something similar, for a while. (‘Til his sorry ass got booted out of office.)

  • moses

    he is a pig not a cop here piggy here pigget he needs too be fired and put in jail.

  • Michael Murray

    A couple of thoughts from men smarter than I am:

    “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
    -William Pitt

    “Now those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth, and let me remind you they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyranny.”
    –Sen. Barry Goldwater (1909-1998)

    • SmithWinston6478

      “I will employ my strength for the welfare of the German people, protect the Constitution and laws of the German people, conscientiously discharge the duties imposed on me, and conduct my affairs of office impartially and with justice to everyone.” – Adolph Hitler

      “It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.” – Adolf Hitler

      • Capitalist at Birth

        How unaware they are, indeed.

    • TML

      Good quotes

      He assumes subjective moral authority over the rule of law, and if you argue with his morality, you are a Nazi, crackhead, etc. Therefore, any action he takes which violates the natural rights of citizens is, in his mind, justified by ‘the greater good’. And then the ol’ cliché’ ‘what do you have to worry about if you’re not doing anything wrong’ only proves that he effectively believes the entire population is guilty until proven innocent. His view isn’t just skewed, it’s utterly backwards. This is how tyrants are work their will.

  • Greg

    Deputies are representatives of an elected official called the sheriff. State patrolman are the face of the governor to citizens. If these people violate constitutional rights, do not elect their boss. Many officials in authority obtain the “god syndrome” which, of course, is reserved only for God. Human beings should be treated with the dignity the Constitution offers so we can follow an agreement to live together in peace.

    • ranger09

      There is ONLY one Official Policeman elected by the People and That is your Local County Sheriff, Every one else is a Politicial Policeman or Woman. People its his Duty to Protect you and your Property, And that means from outside people that call themselves Policemen. People make sure your County Sheriff looks after your Interests, His job is to take care of the County he was Elected In, Its not his job to get involved with Other Govts, Only when it is for the safety and well being for his County.But sadly this is not the case in most Counties, The Sheriffs have become State and Federal Puppets.

  • mark

    sad, sad,sad, but not shocking..
    This is the way they are taught… to many sat and did nothing as this slowly happened.
    My, dad always said ,it’s easier to stop a bill from becoming law, than it is to get that law reverced… the road blocks are on the book.. those that voted, let that crap happen,, bu the officers outlook on rights, etc needs to be fixed.. someone needs to set that guy straight.. sadly it won’t be fron within the police force

  • Lofty

    Sheriffs are our only elected officers of the peace. You know what to do next election.

  • Lofty

    Livingston is wrong about the 4th Amendment, it should not apply to the states unless you like the nationalization of the abortion issue.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Judging from the picture, it appears Officer Walker is roughly 30 years old, plus or minus a bit. That would set his birthdate around 1982. By then, a cancer on society had thoroughly influenced our school system enough so that the U.S. Constitution was no longer being held in reverance (and taught to be so) by the policy makers at the NEA. Young Walker illustrates the influence of the window to our demise: liberalism. From his naive, historically unconscious perspective, we just don’t know what’s good for ourselves; much like the German population of the 1930′s.

    • WTS/JAY

      Excellent point, Mr.Winston. However, i do have issue with your claim that, the “cancer” on society that had thoroughly influenced our school system, was the result of “Liberalism”! Perhaps you confuse “traditional-Liberalism” with “American-Liberalism”?

      Traditional-Liberalism: (from the Latin liberalis) is, or safe to say, (was), a political philosophy or worldview founded on the ideas of liberty and equality. The early Liberals espoused a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas such as free and fair elections, civil rights, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free trade, and a right to life, liberty, and property.

      Liberalism first became a distinct political movement during the Age of Enlightenment, when it became popular among philosophers and economists in the Western world. Liberalism rejected the notions, common at the time, of hereditary privilege, state religion, absolute monarchy, and the Divine Right of Kings. The early liberal thinker John Locke is often credited with founding liberalism as a distinct philosophical tradition. Locke argued that each man has a natural right to life, liberty and property and according to the social contract governments must not violate these rights. Liberals opposed traditional conservatism and sought to replace absolutism in government with democracy and the
      rule of law. -source: Wikipedia

      Modern-American-liberalism: includes Theodore Roosevelt’s New Nationalism, Woodrow Wilson’s New Freedom, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, John F. Kennedy’s New Frontier, and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society.

      It combines social liberalism with support for social justice and a mixed economy. American liberal causes include voting rights for African Americans, abortion rights for women, gay rights and government entitlements such as education and health care. Modern liberalism stands in opposition to Conservatism in the United States on most issues, but its relationship to progressivism is debated.

      Keynesian economic theory has played a central role in the economic philosophy of modern American liberals. The argument has been that national prosperity requires government management of the macroeconomy, to keep unemployment low, inflation in check, and growth high. -source: Wikipedia

      I realize that both of the above definitions of Liberalism, then and now, are somewhat slender, and much more space could be appropriated to expand on each, nevertheless, the two are not, one and the same, but vastly different in both, philosophy and application.

      • SmithWinston6478


    • eddie47d

      Smith Winston: Police also use to also be held in reverence in most neighboorhood. Now they have become the bully and taking away certain civil liberties. Walker is no Liberal. WTS/Jay: Great reply.

    • ranger09

      Today most Policemen and Women are NOT taught to answer to the Public or protect and serve them, They are taught to serve the Powers to Be.To day most Policemen are Revenue Agents serving the Powers to Be. And People that is Our fault. Right and Wrong no longer exists.In Our Military and Our Police.These people are geared to stand againest the American Public.

  • T. Jefferson

    To stop me and ask for my papers without cause is the same as Nazi Germany under Hitler.

    • http://google gary gerke

      First of all, road blocks for no reason other than to hope to catch drug users and drunk drivers are illegal. If they ask you to show your papers, you need to ask them if it is a traffic stop or detainment. If they say it is a detainment, they must have probable cause.
      Allways ask to have the OD in charge dispatched to the site, this always puts the dimegods in their place. Do not give up your constitutional rights, it will only get worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    Wasn’t it Ben Franklin who said something along the lines of, “Those who are willing to give up freedom for security do not deserve it?”

    • Operation mind crime

      “Those that are willing to give up their freedoms for security shall have neither …” or something like that .

    • larry ryan

      “Those who would give up essential freedom for a temporary security will receive and deserve, neither.” I think that’s it, execpt I I may have receive and deserve reversed.

  • Richard J Gregory Sr.

    I have often taken exception to and questioned the general concept by most law enforcement officers that by virtue of their presence “They are the Authority”. This being true wether it is a private gathering of citizens, wether you are waiting in line to pay for your goods or if you are standing in your yard or mowingyour lawn. To them the BADGE makes them superior and you SUBJECT to their AUTHORITY.Ask them from what Law or Ordainance they derive this Authority. NONE EXIST. A policeman is a LAW ENFORCEMENT Officer. If you haven’t broken the law there is nothing for him to enforce and he has no authority over you.

    • ranger09

      Last Part was well said, law Enforcement where has it Gone.

  • Jeff

    I’m surprised that he actually had the nerve to say “if you’re doing nothing wrong, we ask you to prove it by showing your papers” and then calls anyone who opposes such things as “F’n Nazis”.

    This man needs some heavy duty training on the limits of his power. Sounds like he thinks his badge makes him judge, jury and supreme court. Just stating he doesn’t care about the constitution should get him a seven day unpaid suspension with some classes to hopefully set him straight.

    Unfortunately, too many police officers get jaded and see every citizen as a perp until they prove themselves differently. Presumption of innocence goes out the window along with our rights.

    • ranger09

      Remember WACO, TEXAS. With all my years i have never seen such Bad Police Work. But one thing i learned That there was only ONE Out of Hundreds of Policemen That WALKED AWAY saying this is all Wrong. So i guess this is our Police depts and the Powers to Be will do as they please, Lawful or Not. And i guess we are to Blame.

  • Bill

    Road blocks are a violation of the constitution’s freedom of movement. They are illegal and therefore must be removed from any regulatory laws. Police officers are not gods with the power over the people. They must observe the rule to “protect and serve” when called upon by the taxpayers who are their employer. They have no right to demand anything! As a private citizen you have a right to your privacy and that includes your identification, therefore you do not have to surrender any papers to any police. They need to learn and obey the constitution first and foremost. Saving lives is a sideline of their position, not their primary duty, but too many so called “Policemen and Policewomen” abuse their positions using phony “authority”. Any citizen has a right to challenge any Police person regarding cause, because way too often they hide behind the statement, “Probable cause”, which is also unconstitutional. It’s time to fire any police person who doesn’t know all the laws of the country that they are violating through their gestapo tactics. Any Sheriff, Police Chief or Governor who allows public servants to exceed their job needs to be replaced because “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE THE TRUE EMPLOYERS AND THEY ARE OUR MINIONS! It’s high time individuals like this so called “Policeman” learn what his real job is and stop abusing the privilege of Serving the Public. It’s quite obvious from his comments that he doesn’t mind violating the rules of his commanding officer by posting on Facebook or having a Facebook account, so he will obviously violate any rule he feels doesn’t fit his personal genre.

    • ranger09

      SORRY, Not to day. Our Military and our Police work for the Powers to Be and Not the Public. WE just PAY them their Pay and Perks. But they no longer work for the Public.

  • Doyle

    most of u [expletive deleted] would not know the constitution if it hit you in face ……checking someones papers is not a violation of constitution—–go riding through Iraq and see what
    kind of treatment you get , yet you through out red carpet to them when they are here

  • Dino

    Talk of Nazis and loss of liberty go hand in hand. It began with the Patriot Act when we as a people agreed that something needed to be done to protect our freedom and country from terrorism not realizing that we took those freedoms away with the slash of a pen. We can be detained, illegally searched and deprived “due process” in the name of the law. The Constitution was trampled on and as long as we are ignorant of our liberties we as well as the police will erase what freedoms we have left. Legislation without concern for the long term effect has diminished us. We are not leading but are being led as sheep to the slaughter. Young LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers)only know what all young people know, a watered down knowledge of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the history of the world that has led other countries into depotism. We are on our way if education of these documents is buried under laws that obscure the true intents of these great tenets of American freedom. The right to practice religion has been attacked (schools are no longer free to express God or the things of God) your right to bear arms will be eradicated soon if things progress, and finally the government will rule all aspects of your life for your own good. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. “Give me your papers and give me your life”. You are no longer a citizen but a cypher in a godless, regimented regime. Reread George Orwells’ 1984.

  • Holton F. Brown

    Agreeing with Doyle.. the next time some drunk driver kills somebody .. we can have a party to celebrate his constitutional right to be a drunken killer .. and while we’re at it .. we can allow kiddie porn .. open nudity .. I mean hard core porn .. an mainstream TV … and don’t upset when the guy next door has a drunken obscene party to express his freedom of speech ..
    my opinion here is that many of the people here blasting the cop are themselves the ones that get caught at those drunken slobs roadblocks

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Stop being a drunk and a pervert, then you will be one less troublemaker on the road or causing trouble in your family life.

  • http://Personalliberty hangman

    That clown would be better working for a circus, he is so stupid. When it comes to saving a life, or violating the constitution, let me say this. If the constitution is worth dying for, there is your answer. Many lives have been lost by Partiotic Americans, defending it, which you no doubt are unaware of, as your gestapo tactics make you as much of a Nazi as your kinfolk. The constitution is too sacred for you and that idiotic Obama to keep trying to tear it down. Go back to Germany, and drop Obama of in Kenya on your way there.

  • Bill

    Walker sounds like nothing but a green coated thug. This is one individual that should not be a police officer.

  • tom

    police,anyone that works for me better understand,if you want to keep your job,you must respect the people who put you in office ,remember that our constitutional rights trump any law enforcement,if police want to practice german hitler practices on us then we shall out police don,t violate my rights i fight back.

  • Mr Diesel

    I suggest you drop them a little note:

    Crenshaw County Sheriff’s Office
    PO Box 22
    Luverne, AL 36049-0022

    Or better yet, send them a copy of the US Constitution. I have 6 on my desk at all times to pass out and 50 more in my truck.

    • rocketride

      And drop ‘em off with instructions to have a grown up explain the big words to them.

  • Em

    Seriously – How does a road block in Alabama help to save lives, and what does “showing your papers” mean?

    Could this country – or world, for that matter, get any creepier??

  • Richard

    Ok this is the reason young people, especially ones in high profile jobs, should not use facebutt. Most young people today are lacking a proper education, as was planned by the left wing, they had a long term plan in place as far back as the 1960′s or maybe even te 1950′s. This is just one of may reasons we should NOT have a federal department of education.

    • larry ryan

      Interestingly, the dept. of education, the dept. of energy, the EPA and others are all unconstitutional. Anything the government isn’t specifically TOLD to do, it is FORBIDDEN to do. Whether these and other government agencies are good or bad is subject to debate. But if they’re a good thing then put them in properly, by constitutional ammendment. If they can’t get 33 states to ratify them, maybe they aren’t as good as you think.

  • Big Boy

    First, I would like to say this deputy needs to be retrained and take some classes in the law. I use to be in law enforcement until an injury on the job required me to move over to another profession. Unfortunately, you do have a lot of Deputies and Police Officers who do think the way he does, you also have Deputies and Police Officers who do follow the law and the Constitution and are unbiased. Fortunately, I was trained at an Academy where they emphasized obey the Constitution and build your case properly if someone has done some thing wrong. The Department I was on would announce when there was going to be a DUI check point, but not where. I never asked for peoples papers at the check point, unless I smelled alcohol on them or they answered yes when I asked them if they had consumed any alcohol (Hello you just admitted you have had alcohol and now are driving, Probable Cause and reason to do a Field Sobriety Test on you, goes back to building a good case). We are there to enforfce laws and be unbiased and not to violate peoples rights. We took an oath to uphold the Constitution not violate it.

    Deputies and Police Officers like the above Deputy make me cringe. As for him speaking on Facebook, not such a great idea, most Departments have a Press liason person to handle that. This deputy needs to be retrained or put on a desk duty, because he can not do his job and be unbiased.

  • http://none nick beck

    start by organizing in the next election to replace the current sheriff if this idiot -walker- is not FIRED and now. if no action is taken and the issue allowed to die out then the county deserves to be in that situation. furthermore if you live in a neighboring county or elsewhere — simply dont go there and leave any of your money behind.

  • Mr Diesel

    A poster on his ButtFace page:

    “…Supreme Court limited the powers of random stops and placed more stringent rules upon them. Although states were left with the power to establish their own rules, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) set forth guidelines, of which this is the following:

    “Advance publicity is necessary to reduce the intrusiveness of the checkpoint and increase its deterrent effect.”

    With the main goal of deterrence being the primary goal of checkpoints, this allows them to be in place without infringing upon the rights of drivers since they are consenting to a search by entering a publicized roadblock.

    Other officers around the state, including Capt. Vince Dauro of the Huntsville Police Department also agree with SCOTUS. “In order to achieve the greatest education factor it is better to announce the checkpoint operations.”

    Capt. Mike Izzo agreed that to keep roadblocks a secret is somewhat of a disservice to drivers.

    “We are not trying to trick people,” Izzo said. “We hope people don’t break the law.”

    After speaking to the Crenshaw County Sheriff this morning by phone, it appears that he also agrees. While he was supportive of sobriety checkpoints, he expressed his desire to uphold citizen rights and adherence to NHTSA guidelines. If that is not the truth, as Officer Walker maintains, then perhaps he can shed more light on the situation.

    Insisting that those who notify others of roadblocks are no better than “crackheads” is foolish. The USSC, the NHTSA, the vast majority of LEO agencies, and according to the Crenshaw County Sheriff, even they abide by the regulation to notify the public. Are they are “crackheads” “drunks” or “armed robbers” or does Deputy Walker hold his contempt only for the citizenry that he supposedly serves? …”

  • Larry Kellogg

    This mentality is not new as back in the days of the prison riot in New York, where not only were many prisoners executed by state (storm?) troopers, but also non prisoners, guards, etc., I was sitting next to two of N.Y’s finest (?!) who at the orders of then governor rockefeller (no capitalization as per no respect) opened fire on one and all, listening to them say that it was the most fun that they had had since the war. One of them was the husband of my art teacher in High School.

  • Tony Ruiz

    I’m with Walker; we desperately need to take our country back from the bad people…and they’re (you’re) everywhere you’re everywhere…

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Are you describing yourself, then stop being the bad people. You are the one making the choices of being good or bad and both have consequences and unintended consequences.

  • rick

    looks like judge roy to the alabama supremes, is the CORRECT call.

  • Glen

    This is a trouble some issue for many of us. We know that law enforcement exists primarily “to protect and serve.” However, we also know that illegal searches without probable cause can easily lead to an authoritarian state and loss of the Constitution or at least those parts that seem to remain. The officer stated “If you are doing nothing wrong… we ask you prove it by showing your papers.” My son, who is serving in law enforcement and is about as conservative as law enforcement people can be, advised me that his own criminal science instructor (also with significant law enforcement experience) advised them that allowing any search or other forms of openness in the face of possible prosecution can lead to false charges, particularly if the law enforcement person finds something that you did not know was there. The old adage to be open if you have nothing to hide, can lead and has led, to false changes and convictions where the individual was innocent. For myself, I intend to have nothing to hide but also to not overly help the officers. Asking me to allow a search, without probable cause, can easily end our Constitution. I would like to see it fully restored in its ORIGINAL INTENT.

  • Big Boy

    I just read through the Deputies Face Book post and comments and Jeremy Walker said “Their stupid 4th amendment rights are so precious to them until something bad happens to them… then they want us to break everyone’s whole bill of rights to help them”.
    This is very disturbing and serious if the Deputy thinks the 4th Amendment is stupid. This guy should be let go.

  • rocketride

    I wonder if anyone has clued this [expletive deleted] boss in yet.

  • Ross cooper

    The constitution should always win! That was a battle worth respecting and all to often people seem to forget that, especially our politicians and our government, and they take an oath to defend it!!!

  • http://yahoo Curtis

    The thing is, police is hired to protect and serve us the people. Not to hide and hope that someone will do something so they can jump on them and write a ticket for a huge amount of money, or take your car and if you can’t afford the huge cost to get it back, it’s sold, they keep the money. Insurance rates shot up, when you became force to have it. Did their rates get stopped from going so high? Did the insurance companies get forced to pay claims? No, and I think it is a hand in hand money maker between law-enforcement and insurance companies. Those who think road blocks are okay, are idiots, next will be breaking into your homes, going through your private things and life, just because they want to. How about strip searches, oh she is hot, better give her a strip search, or frisk her with a male police offer doing it, or watching. What next, people better wake up while they still have some rights left and stop falling for every excuse given to take away your rights! This country is the best in the world, because we have rights and freedom won by the blood and lives of our fore-fathers. Don’t piss all over the price they and so many Americans paid with their lives that we can live free and have the rights to enjoy life!!
    Curtis I have seen this country change so much just in my life time, to the worse and people like sheep going along to the searing first, lamb chops later.

  • ranger09

    Ea and every time I took the Oath, NO where in it requires Me to Not speak my mind, Except in an on going Investigation. NO where in it does it say i Have to Protect Policemen that are drunk on duty, Failure to enforce the law, Mistreatment of citizens and prisoners.Policemen that commit Crimes. I guess thats why i was not a popular Cop among some. Remember Policemen have the same rights as us.

  • Bimbam

    Didn’t Benjamin Franklin say, that those that give up liberty for a little security deserve neither liberty or security?

    This deputy dawg and the people that “like” him don’t know what’s in store for them when they foolishly reason for a “little security”. Yes, even if those that “like” him were all the “crackheads, robbers, drunks”, etc.

  • ranger09

    Only problem with Walker most all his remarks was off the Books because he as a Policeofficer was Critical of peoples Cons.Rights, And thats what made his Comments un Professional, For this reason the Sheriff should Reprimand this Officer.

  • ranger09

    On second thought he could be suffering PTDS or what ever its called today. He looks like he was one of the Ind from Iraq or Afganistan. Prob never seen much action.

  • michael mcdaniel sr (@michaelmcdani19)

    most join law enforcement NOT TO SERVE but for the BULLYING authority they think they will receive out of the badge and uniform. its been my experience that about nine of ten l.e.o. is/were one of the following: abusive (in your face, physical, verbal, etc), on the take, power hungry zealots, good ole’ boy bubbas. some i’ve known have been like/as our friend sheriff joe in arizona. one i know was retained as sheriff because the county determined it was cheaper for him as sheriff with benefits then for him to be on WELFARE; which was the alternative for the county. the gentleman was unable to do for himself except drink.

    • http://yahoo Curtis

      I think that a lot of police officers are on a power and control trip and enjoy looking at us as a bird might a bug. Not all are that way and I won’t label them as all a certain way. I’ve known really good ones that I would not think twice to call a friend! They I’ve found are far and few in between, sad as they become fewer, the closer we come to a police state! Curtis

  • Gordon in Texas

    I guess I’ve been lucky in that I’ve rarely encountered an officer of the law who was arrogant and self-serving. Most have been polite and I attribute some of that to me being polite and understanding what a dangerous job they have. But I have dealt with some real jerks that had quite an attitude.

    But law enforcement has become more militaristic in the past few decades and their attitudes have followed their gear. This crap about sacrificing individual freedoms for “safety” is just that: crap. At what point do you take them to task and question their motives? When you believe that your rights are being denied. When my kids got their driver’s licenses, I told them that if they were ever requested by a member of law enforcement to submit to a search of their vehicle they were to politely tell the officer “No.” And then call either myself or my wife. Members of law enforcement in my town tends to select young people to stop on the road and then intimidate them. Not a good way to bring the public into your corner.

    This deputy seems to have an inferiority complex that was “fixed” by wearing a badge. Not a good combination. Most in law enforcement are only doing what they’re told to do; like it or not. This guy might be an exception. But I suspect that dealing with a few horrible accidents by drunks can change a person’s thinking.

    The roadblocks and other means of denying us our freedoms come from laws passes by those we voted into office. Don’t like it? Vote them out.

    • http://yahoo Curtis

      I found that when I told an officer he had no reason to search my car, I was stopped because I have a bad leg and he wanted to see if I was drinking. After attempts to get me to mess up driving, by blinding me with their lights, riding my bumper, I was pulled over before reaching city limits, because one tail light was dimmer than the other. I passed their test, but when I told them they had no reason to search my car. I was taken to the police station, for a breath test, my car, even in a parking area with other cars, legally parked, it was towed. Then in their pound it was searched and things scattered all over. It cost me 400 dollars to get it out after paying to get my insurance papers to prove again I was insured, so I could then pay to get it out of pound. That wasn’t all, while in the police station for a breath test, the same officer said he was going to give me a blood test! Oh no he wasn’t, I told him to get someone qualified to stick a needle in me and they could have a blood test. With that the officer flew into a rage and threatened to beat my head in. I then became angry at the constant baiting me when I had done nothing wrong in the first place. I was put in a cell and left, I finally fell asleep and the next day given papers I refused the test. In my coat pocket was a piece of rusty pipe couple inches long, a bunch of screws, nails, pipe tape and pipe hanger. I had been working on a leak at my house and my pockets were better than tossing the junk on the ground. The pipe became a fist packet, I was told used in fighting, which cost me 80 dollars, a program that cost around 350 dollars for a DUII, 400 for the tow and pound, plus around 25 to get my insurance papers. When in court the judge flat out told me, he tends to believe the police officer, justice was a joke! A year later which was how long I had to wait to drive again, I was arrested on my way to work, for not paying for the program, which I had to pay to get my license to drive back. as you have to show proof it was paid. Same judge, same mockery of justice that cost me another 700 dollars, plus trouble at work for not calling in. It was all about money, their tax thing was turned down, so the got their money any way, by screwing people over! Police and judges with power and control problems is getting out of control. So give up your rights and you’ll really see your self as the bug eyed by a hungry bird.

  • Don

    To all you law enforcement officers I say, much sooner than you realize, you will be retired, and you will be just another “Joe Citizen.” I am speaking from experience. Do not let your head become too big for your stetson, and do not think that only you should have a right to carry concealed, unless you plan on giving up your own 2nd. Amendment rights upon retirement.

  • roberttitle

    This cop sounds more like a storm trooper than a state trooper.

  • Daniel

    I don’t see how showing papers prevents crime…the people selling drugs in my neighborhood show the cops their papers every day…just like punching the time clock.
    Not only that, but it seems to me the 911 hijackers showed their papers. What good did that do?

  • Johnhorse

    Sounds like the cop doesn’t give a hoot about the CONSTITUTION.I wonder what he would do if told to firer on Citizens,we may find that info out very soon.Some cops change when they put on a cop uniform.I knew one that thought he was god untill he got fired for being very over reactive with a 72 year old woman that was driving to slow for for him and he didn’t like her answer.She said she wasn’t in a hurry and thought she was going fast enough,so he man handled her out of her car breaking her arm.

  • Jim H.

    I was in law enforcement for almost 20 years, and never would have thought to react the way he did.I was always told to treat a person the way you would want to be treated if the roles were reversed. The way he is reacting is the way I see most of the officers acting any more.They are taught that everything is black and white, and that there is no grey areas. Also the Supreme court ruled that the police no longer have to protect the public, just enforce the laws. This is probably one of the big things besides their training that leads to this kind of conduct.Also they forget that it is the taxpayer who is paying their saleries, because without us tax payers, they would not have jobs.Then again, with officers like him, it won’t be long before the department will more than likely start fighting law suits because of someones rights being violated.

  • Richard

    Beware Obama’s ” Million-Man Force” Just as funded, just as trained as our military!!!! There is almost no objection being voiced by our leaders in government ,nor from our military leaders, asking WHY???? Obama’s ” BROWN SHIRTS” are being trained in Janet Napolitono”s Homeland Defense organization as we speak. Wake up America!!! The sleeping Tiger is still sleeping. What does it take to wake us up. By the way, our police officers have a tough job when they obey the law of the land, our CONSTITUTION. A “BAD COP” is the most dangerous person on the street!! Semper Fi.Oath Keepers,Richard Retired Marine who will keep the Faith.

  • old hilbill done said it

    Somebody ought to tell him Harry’s got his head up his rear end & Nancy can’t figure out which end she’s trying to pull out. Everybodys going over the cliff cause nobody can hear what Harry is trying to say! Matters worse – nobody in DC has enough sense to just boot his butt over the precpuss while nancy’s hand is stuck trying pull whatever she’s tryn to pull & we’d clean house in the senate two. & everybody could go home for christmas, get drunk, & count all the money they stole from widders pensions!

  • Carl

    Wow, you people… we all know we have to have some control on the populace. Or…well enough examples were given what will happen if there is too much, or too little. The REAL ISSUE here is how do WE get the right amount?

    • WTS/JAY

      Its the criminals that need to be controlled, not the populace! Criminals are given a slap on the wrist, richly rewarded, treated like celebrities, glorified by the media and hollywood, and their rights scrupulously protected. The populace, on the other hand, are left unprotected, harassed and treated like criminals, and their rights flagrantly violated on a routine basis! Seems the problem is a seriously-confused, law-enforcment agency, and the judicial-branch of Government who couldn’t find their azz with both hands and their azz!!! But then again, the majority in Government and law-enforcment are criminals themselves, so what else can one expect from criminals, but criminal behaviour!!!


    Jeremy Walker’s Facebook page for anyone interested.

  • jim noord

    Nobody mentioned why the roadblock was up, also nobody mentioned police scanners. Were the people using Facebook on smartphones to circumvent the roadblock?? Texting is bad, so is using smartphones while you drive.

    Everyone on here is concentrating on what one officer said and did, He might have been having a bad day.

    What is much more important here is that elections have consequences (not talking about the President), but much more important the Congress and Senate. They are doing nothing to help the USA recover from the economic mess we have now, only spreading fear uncertainty and doubt about the economy, civil liberties and the future.

    Change starts locally, so rather than the entire nation jumping on people from Alabama, concentrate your attention and efforts at home. I can’t imagine what a typical day for a police officer is today, obviously some worse than others.

    BUT that said, if there is a problem in Alabama, then the people there should elect a new sherrif. The problem we face as a nation transcends the small issues locally, We have a major disconnect between “WE THE PEOPLE”, and “THEY THE POLITICIANS” and until WE THE PEOPLE start making our voice heard and voting with our brain, gettign representatives in Washington who kick the lobbyists out to the curb, and take our nation back nothing is going to change, EVER EVER EVER. Call your congreessman or woman, and make change happen. Frankly if the people there don’t like what is happening, the door is open for anyone to become a police officer. with unemployment at a 50 year high, there are probably lots of people who need work, so apply for the job! And please quit complaining, there are lots of better and more constructive things to do. Namely creating jobs, and startign businesses (and supporting business) that are based here in the USA. And please people, teach your kids SOMETHING!! I’d claim the local school board has more of an overall longterm impact on society than the police do. EDUCATION is the key to the future

  • Ann

    In another time and place our law inforcement had stricted standards for hiring. Officers were expected to be moral, dedicated to their oath, and of the highest educational standards. But it was found that these moral officers would not fire upon or do harm to inocent people when told too, so the standards were dropped to less desirable candidates of today that are willing to open fire on american people and follow even going against our constitution and the oaths they have taken. such a shame our protectors are of such low standard and possess no real moral accountability for their actions.

  • Newspooner

    “Support your local police and keep them independent.” I endorse that sentiment and program, but whenever there is a policeman who doesn’t understand liberty and the Constitution any better than Juan Peron Obama does, I say get that dangerous person off the police force.

  • infidel4life

    Interesting how just after the article about Deputy Jeremy “Jackboot” Walker there was and ad for a book titled “Enemy of the State Exposed”

    Indeed. These thugs with guns and badges are exactly that.

  • Paul

    @Alex Frazier…Thank you…If i had a way to give you a thumbs up…i would. I could not have made a more intelligent argument. Way to go Alex!

  • Paul

    Folks, i’ve been preaching these words for years and i still preach them to this very day, There is no justice, its just-us! Freedom is not free. It cost dearly. The government of our day, with this present administration in particular, is not interested in justice, social or otherwise, their attitude is ” JUST-US! ” There is only one method of recourse that will solve the present problem of this present administration…EMPEACHMENT! We need to wake up, lets not wait another four years. EMPEACH THIS PRESENT ADMINISTRATION NOW!
    We need not stop there either, we have the power to remove any public servant that is not living up to their oath of office. We must exercise this power. A squeaky wheel will only let you know it needs grease, you must apply the grease! Thank God for a site like this one where we can come together and edify one another and take a stand for what we believe in. Take the power we have as ” WE THE PEOPLE ” now, and use it because there may come a time when we may not have it any longer.

  • Randy


    Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest

    “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. The Court stated: “Where the officer is killed in the course of the disorder which naturally accompanies an attempted arrest that is resisted, the law looks with very different eyes upon the transaction, when the officer had the right to make the arrest, from what it does if the officer had no right. What may be murder in the first case might be nothing more than manslaughter in the other, or the facts might show that no offense had been committed.”

    “An arrest made with a defective warrant, or one issued without affidavit, or one that fails to allege a crime is within jurisdiction, and one who is being arrested, may resist arrest and break away. lf the arresting officer is killed by one who is so resisting, the killing will be no more than an involuntary manslaughter.” Housh v. People, 75 111. 491; reaffirmed and quoted in State v. Leach, 7 Conn. 452; State v. Gleason, 32 Kan. 245; Ballard v. State, 43 Ohio 349; State v Rousseau, 241 P. 2d 447; State v. Spaulding, 34 Minn. 3621.

    “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

    “These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.

    “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

    “Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

    “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

    “Story affirmed the right of self-defense by persons held illegally. In his own writings, he had admitted that ‘a situation could arise in which the checks-and-balances principle ceased to work and the various branches of government concurred in a gross usurpation.’ There would be no usual remedy by changing the law or passing an amendment to the Constitution, should the oppressed party be a minority. Story concluded, ‘If there be any remedy at all … it is a remedy never provided for by human institutions.’ That was the ‘ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression, and to apply force against ruinous injustice.’” (From Mutiny on the Amistad by Howard Jones, Oxford University Press, 1987, an account of the reading of the decision in the case by Justice Joseph Story of the Supreme Court.

    As for grounds for arrest: “The carrying of arms in a quiet, peaceable, and orderly manner, concealed on or about the person, is not a breach of the peace. Nor does such an act of itself, lead to a breach of the peace.” (Wharton’s Criminal and Civil Procedure, 12th


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