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Don’t Jump The Gun

August 26, 2011 by  

Don’t Jump The Gun

In track, a gun is fired to signal the start of the race. If a runner leaves the block before the starter fires his pistol, it is called jumping the gun.

The Republican race for a Presidential nominee seems to have started already, but I want to caution you about jumping the gun. By that, I mean don’t glom onto the candidate flavor-of-the-month until you have vetted him or her properly.

I have seen so many people commenting that they’re supporting Herman Cain or Governor Rick Perry or Representative Michele Bachmann because the candidate gave a fiery speech or issued tough-sounding sound bites. Some people are even encouraging Governor Chris Christie or Representative Allen West to join the fray because the two are often shown being tough with reporters.

Nice hair, a pretty face, a high brow, fancy clothes or tough talk does not a candidate make. Those are all façades that are created by slick political operatives. (See Barack Obama.)

Change for the sake of change is not the answer when the change we get is more of the same. So, I urge you to peer behind the wall the candidates have thrown up to hide their true selves. Look into each candidate’s background. See where they stand, where they once stood and learn why they moved, if they did.

And certainly don’t take all that you read or hear in the mainstream media as fact. Remember, the MSM have their own agenda, and it probably doesn’t jibe with yours.

Look for the candidate who has always been truthful and steadfast. Look for the one who has always supported the Constitution. Look for the one who has never been a lackey for corporatocracy or crony capitalism. Look for the one who hasn’t shied away from taking a tough, if unpopular, stand. Look for the one who isn’t beholden to Party. Look for the one who believes we should, as Jack Hunter writes, “only wage wars of national defense — not irrational offense.”

And finally, look for the candidate who offers you a new paradigm. The one we’ve been in the past 100 years certainly hasn’t worked.

On A Different Note

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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    This article hits it on the money,especially given the pathetic nature of this field. Lets hope a good candidate, hopefully Ron Paul,
    can get the nod or 2012 will be a wash for the GOP. Thanks!!

    • skippy

      I agree Tony. I get so disgusted that the MEDIA again is trying to pick the GOP candidate. They give almost NO time to Ron Paul and keep cramming others down my throat. I have high hopes for 2012, but we still have over a year to go!

      • robert

        438 more days, get ready for our Constitutional Hope and Change.

        • Christin


          RESTORATION of the original Constitution in America with Freedoms, Liberties and Rights for We the People.

      • sylviam

        Skippy— You are right if you do NOT watch FOX NEWS, he has been on there about 70 times more or less. But Ron Paul is a great choice.
        I think one of the largest problems with convincing others about him is that HE IS NOT A DIE HARD REPUB. but some have even went so far as to want a 3rd Party, because of his NOT getting MSM attention. Even if we had 4 or 5 partys, MSM still would be DEM.
        Bad thing about 3rd party thinking——-TOO EASY FOR, COmmunist Party, SOCIALISM PARTY, I think you get the idea, thats why Ron Paul goes along with REPUBS. because they are closer to HIS way of thinking, so on that I agree. Ron Paul is NOT beholding to any of the bad guys tho, not owned by the lobbiests, not owned by all the oinkers, HE IS HIS OWN MAN, honest brave loyal to this Country, and the CONSTITUTION.

  • Thom Peschke

    Love Ron Paul’s domestic views, but I can’t take his foreign policy. Like it or not we are part of the world. You can’t just not look overseas and expect the problems to go away. Obama is following Saul Alinsky to a tee and will continue to involve us in places that we shouldn’t be. The real issue is one of ballance.
    1) Can we solve the issue with diplomacy?
    2) Does the issue impact the American way of life or threaten our security?
    3) If you answer No to 1 and Yes to 2, then and only then should military action be looked at, and threatened to be used.
    4) If the threat doesn’t work, use the military, but once unleashed, let them finish the job, then get them out.
    5) Go back to step 1 and start over.
    Simple and clean…

    • deanbob

      Have you gone to Ron Paul’s website to read his “foreign policy” or just listened to sound bites from the media? I believe the media influence was responsible for McCain becoming the Republican candidate in 2008.

      • Rick

        During the last debate, Ron Paul plainly stated that he would rapidly bring all our troops home. I guess I took him seriously when he said these words. I hate that we are in places like Afghanistan, but it is completely irresponsible to say something like that. I really like everything about Representative Paul, but in today’s world, we CAN NOT be isolationists.

        • DaveH

          Not being the World’s Policemen is NOT isolationist.
          We can choose the status quo — forcing our way on other countries with our military, in the process pissing off many of their citizens.
          Or we can use Ron Paul’s approach — butt out of other countries politics and trade freely and peacefully with them, making friends instead of enemies.
          I choose the latter.

          • DanB

            Something I learned recently reading a “translation” of the Federalist Papers: the purpose of a strong navy (military) is for strengthening commerce. Interesting bit of perspective?

            Reading the whole argument, it actually made sense. So we need a strong military, but we don’t need it in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, or bases across Europe and in Japan.

            While I might disagree with the immediate withdrawal idea, I do agree that we are in a lot of places we don’t need to be, nor should we be there. A lot of people have a false impression that mankind is somehow more evolved than we once were because we haven’t had a massive World War since the 40s, that now we achieve peace through words (strangely the same people who justify sending bombs, guns, and “advisors” into Libya in a “kinetic military action”). I think they need a dose of reality. America needs to stop spending so much defending the world and let everyone realize the truth.

          • bob wire

            Right Dan, it is! They call it gun boat diplomacy.

            The threat of being bitten must be “real”

            Business is Business ~ when you say commerce, you say money, when someones says “don’t worry” ~ It’s time to worry.

        • Christin


          I tend to agree with DaveH on this one… we can travel and exchange commerce with other nations and be friendly even if we don’t agree with their type of government, religion, or society’s ways. We don’t have to be isolationists either just because we are not there fighting, training their military (scary idea) or peace keeping.

          We should NOT be involved with them in a WAR… UNLESS they directly attack our country like Japan did in Hawaii. There is NO reason for us to be in Lybia or any of those other Middle Eastern countries unless they attack us. Taking Omar Qaddafi out only brings in the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood and the rise of the NWO.

          Especially now, as they (Elitist) have our military working with one hand tied behind their back, because they want to give our military a disadvantage. The globalists don’t want us to ‘win’ or we would have obliterated them long ago.

          Ron Paul is right we have no reason to be in ALL those countries… let alone for ten years… that is pathetic.

          The “State” District of Columbia is the “War Machine” for the Globalists as the “Vatican” is the [evil] “Spiritual Machine” in the Rome. I want no part of that.

          Have you guys ever wondered WHY we have a ‘District of Columbia’ that is separate and is not one of the 50 official ‘states’…
          Funny but I wondered about this many years ago when I was in high school and learning about that in Government class and no one had answers for me.

          The ‘Vatican’ in Rome, Italy has the same set up… hhmmmmm.

          My choice for 2012 is Ron Paul, but I have no faith in any man anymore.

      • Thom Peschke

        I listen to what the man says. He is concise but he is also an isolationist. You turn your back on places like Iran and you will sooner or later feel something sharp in your back.

        • freeman

          You guys have been listening to too many main stream media bites. Ron Paul has been called an “isolationist” for so long that you have picked up on it. But tell me….is Canada “isolationist” because they don’t foment wars all over the globe and occupy foreign countries militarily? What could be more isolationist than moving into a foreign country, telling them that their way of life is wrong and needs to be changed, bombing them, killing their women, children, and men, and setting up military bases there? Ron Paul would trade with countries, which is far from isolationist. His stance is “non-interventionalist,” which means that he would allow other countries the same consideration that we demand for ourselves. Try to imagine what the national reaction would be here if, say for example, China decided that our government was not to their liking and they started bombing here and moved in and set up military bases on our shores. REALLY. How would we react? Wouldn’t we really just prefer to be left alone to solve our own problems? And Iran? Heck, everybody surrounding them has a nuclear weapon, why wouldn’t they want one, too? We’re not all rabid about everybody else having a nuclear weapon, why all of a sudden is Iran so important that we’re beginning to hear the same war propaganda that we heard before we went into Iraq? IF they got a weapon, well they don’t have any army, air force, or navy. So what? If we leave them alone, they have neighbors that they can contend with.

        • TML

          Non-interventionalist, not isolationist. There is a difference.

  • Bill Scantlen

    “And certainly don’t all you read or hear”

    Reminds me of my grandad who always stated, (die hard republican)
    “Don’t believe anything you hear and half of what you read, and most of that is a damn lie”.

  • Free Mind

    Perry is a RINO, pure and simple. Focus on Ron Paul, for crying out loud! Does America need to be hit over the head with the common sense stick?

    • Bruce

      Free Mind, Saddly, YES a vast amount of Americans need a good wack over the head with a BIG Stick. The old saying; you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, this is the typical mind set.

      When given a choice of a {Good product in bad packaging but with honest and truhfull statments,} Saddly people will take the
      >Bad product in Flashy packaging w lots of Rhetorical HYPE.<
      And thats a major flaw in the human mental process. Saddly only a little over 10% of the people of the world have enough mental ability & moral fiber to stand on their own, as the pack is s safe place.

  • newspooner

    The article is sensible, but it still sounds like a pitch for Ron Paul. He fits the bill in every way. If the article was written without any favoritism to his candidacy, then it just goes to show that the Republican/Libertarian/Conservative/Constitution/American Party coalition can become a reality and unify around a Presidential candidate and philosophy that can defeat the Democrat/Socialist/Labor/Communist/Fascist Party coalition.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear newspooner,

      Funny how, when I layed out a list of what the ideal Presidential candidate should be, you came up with Ron Paul’s name on your own.

      Best wishes,

      • Bruce

        Dear Bob, Odd I have also taken note of the same as you just pointed out when speaking with people about Ron Paul. They know on a visceral level he is the best choice, yet they will not commit to the hard work that will be needed to repair the damage of the last 100 years of Bad choices that they have taken part in. How sad is that.

      • Robert A Hirschmann

        Great article! And if Ron Paul fits the bill so be it. The liberal media is blackballing him and this proves to me that he is truly a contender. Now, if the Tea Party would back him all the way I think we just might have a chance to get our country back. Rick Perry seems to bend any way the wind is blowing and is not my choice as presidential material.



        • Bob Livingston

          Dear DEBRA ANDERSON,

          I just listed what I’d like to see in a Presidential candidate/statesman. You reached your own conclusion. Which of the characteristics I listed do not agree with? What are the characteristics you would like to see in a President and which one best fits the bill?

          Best wishes,

          • bob wire

            With the exception on one small unnecessary jab at the left, it was a balanced open ended write up that provoked thought, the kind of write that I too enjoy and wish I could see more of Mr.Livingston.

  • peter

    I get the feeling that whatever the outcome, we are destined for more of the same, since whoever gains the occupancy of the White House will just be another puppet in the hands of the elites and will be forced to “toe the line.” Sorry, but to my cynical mind, once a politician always a politician and there are’nt any good one’s. Birds of a feather flock together, just as politicians do and they are all there for their own self benefit. That will never change and it is terrible to be so cynical, but can anyone naysay me? The lying politicians have made me feel this way and I have long since giving up any hope of trusting any one of them. Oblama is the cherry on the top when it comes to being devious.

  • Lamar Carnes

    Not “jumping” the gun on support for the next Presidential candidate at all when it comes to Gov. Rick Perry. Folks, if you can’t vet a man in this position for some 11 years in as large of a state as Texas and having “all” the Democrats and others who don’t like him looking all the time for things, you have a “bigger” problem than you realize! Don’t you know 11 years of success in Texas is like being President of the of the U.S.A. almost! I mean wow it is a very large economy and population! So, it is not Jumping the gun at all. He is already vetted. Now those who “hide” in the halls of Congress, lower positions of State Represenatives and lawyers, etc., etc., you bet. Remember, Obama was just a rookie Senator and had no experience and also “wasn’t vetted” by any body and when we all tried to do it during the race the press and others “got in the way”! Now we pay!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Lamar Carnes,

      Yes, 11 years of crony capitalism. Perry knows Chicago-style politics better than Obama. Texas has been quite a success for Perry’s pocketbook and that of his political appointees, who get plum political jobs and funnel wads of campaign cash back Perry’s way.

      Best wishes,

      • newspooner


    • Christin


      Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting in Istanbul, Turkey in 2007. He was a Democrat and supported Al Bore and tried to force vaccinations of girls in TX… reeks of evil.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    i will do my own picking and chosing not the lib media.

    • newspooner

      I’m with you. The problem is: How do we get all the “soft” voters, even good friends and relatives, to avoid being fooled (many for the second, third, fourth, fifth ,,, time)? The only quick answer that I can give is just keep educating people about liberty and the Constitution, and lead them to creditable resources with the hope that they will read and listen.

      • Pete in AZ

        Right on… the ‘secret’ word there is EDUCATED. I may favor a sort of “political savvy” degree as qualification to vote, in the hopes of eliminating all those who only get their ‘information’ through spoon feeding or spur of the moment ‘flashes of insight’.
        Dr.Paul has been sucking hind teat for years with his Libertarian philosophy. Thanks to the Tea Party, a Libertarian, in the name of his son Rand, has morphed into a Republican, (Maybe the right sort of RINO?)and many voters are now willing to look more closely at being a Libertarian. Many still don’t quite understand it, yet mostly believe in it. BUT, using Dr. Ron Paul’s TV appearances in just this year, he does himself a disservice in his apparent lack of ability to clearly and coherently present his Libertarian positions, mainly on foreign policy. While it may be clearly stated in written presentations, unfortunately his TV presentations lack this clarity, and he comes across as a rambling, well meaning ‘senior citizen’, not a potential POTUS. Unfortunately.
        While it is acceptable to make sweeping statements of intent, if elected, it is quite another to be able to carry them off without help. Who is, currently, openly siding with Dr Paul in the Congress… on whom can he count to lead the charge in his march to address all his campaign promises? Or even to stand with him as his chosen running mate, should it come to that?
        These questions, unanswered, serve as a seed for doubts of his electability, and capability, but not his qualifications.
        Using the current political polls, Americans are still finding it hard to find any in depth information on the present front-runners. Or the pollsters are talking to the wrong people.

        • DaveH

          The question is do we want a rambling Ron Paul who doesn’t want to dictate our life choices, and wants to shrink the Leviathan Government dramatically.
          Or do we want another smooth talking slick-willy, this time named Perry, who is young and handsome and thinks he knows what is best for the rest of us?

        • newspooner

          Don’t forget that the Establishment Media use “editing” to present their opponents in the poorest light possible. The most recent subtle but glaring example is the uncomplimentary picture of Michelle Bachmann on the cover of Time magazine (or was it that other communist magazine Newsweek?). Remember that “60 Minutes” on CBS has from its beginning taped much, much more footage for each segment than it needs. It is so blatant about “selective” (negative) “editing” to present a negative image of any anti-Establishment subjects that many well known people who have honest presentations to share with America simply refuse to be interviewed.
          Many of the issues that Ron Paul is not afraid to tackle take lenghty explanations for general “conservatives” to understand and realize that Ron Paul actually agrees with them. Don’t expect the Establishment Media to provide an honest opportunity.

  • Herb

    Polls from Four Years Ago say Its still too early to tell

    August 9, 2007
    Giuliani Maintains Lead as Republican Presidential Preferences Stabilize
    Giuliani maintains 12-point advantage over Fred Thompson


    August 22, 2007
    Clinton Maintains Expanded Lead for Democratic Nomination
    Represents improved positioning over June, but similar to earlier in 2007
    “The latest Gallup Poll, conducted Aug. 13-16, 2007, finds public support for the Democratic nomination at 48% for Clinton and 25% for Obama, giving Clinton a 23-point lead.”

    So, who would have seen, four years ago this month, August 2007, that it would be Obama vs. McCain in 2008??

  • Alex

    Ron Paul has a strong following. It would be stronger still if the media would stop black balling him. It seems to me that there are only three kinds of people where it concerns Ron Paul. There are those who like him but don’t think he can win, so they are focusing their attention elsewhere. There are those who know of him, but “he supports drugs,” because they didn’t actually hear what that comment was about in the debate (it was an argument for personal liberty, not a rally for pro-drug support). And then there are those who know what he’s about, who do their homework, and who know that he’s the only candidate that has been worth a spit since Ronald Reagan.

    • Bruce

      Alex, Bravo!

    • newspooner

      Ronald Reagan was a nice man, but was not as effective as he could have been. Ron Paul is miles ahead, has more energy and mental acumen, and is 100% reliable. And he is even a nicer man than Ronald Reagan.

      • DaveH

        Ronald Reagan came in like a ball of fire. Problem was that his own Party members in Congress were doing their best imitations of balls and chains around Reagan’s ankles. After about a year of being hammered on, he acquiesced to the obstructionists in his own party. Let’s face it, Politicians like Big Government. They aren’t going to shrink it willingly unless the voters give them no choice.
        Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

        From the poll article — “Political Class voters strongly favor increased spending and government jobs programs, while Mainstream voters prefer tax cuts on both questions”.

        If we do get so lucky as to get Ron Paul for President, we need to make sure the Congressional Republicans don’t hobble him like they did Ronald Reagan.

  • oldspOOner

    Well stated, Lamar. Perry’s biggest problem is keeping his foot out of his mouth on the national stage. Long way to go until November 2012.

  • Robert Walker

    To Thom Peschke, Should we be trying to solve someone else’s problem?
    Can we solve it by diplomacy? It is not our business if the Shiites and the Kurds want kill each other.
    If two neighbors 100 miles from your home were in a dispute over the property line, would it be your responsibility to intervene? If you did so, you would acquire two enemies that didn’t even know of your existence prior to your meddling.
    It is not up to us to “solve” the problems of the world. We have our own problems to attend to.
    Thank you,
    Robert Walker

  • fedup

    Well said Alex. The more I read on the candidates, the more Ron Paul appeals to me. He seems to me like he sincerely wants to shake things up in Washington. Sure, he might be shaky on foreign policy, but then again, he might have the right idea. Maybe its time we stopped concerning ourselves with these other countries that sure as heck aren’t concerned about anything but our aid money. I mean seriously, giving aid to Somalia? Are you kidding me?
    As it stands now, Ron Paul is getting my support.

    • newspooner

      Thank you for coming on board. Now we should both renew our vigor and spread the word.

  • Mirage

    Author’s quote (paraphrasing): “Look for the candidate who has always been truthful and steadfast.”
    Poor guy was obviously hammered when he wrote those words.
    Well, if I look for the candidate who has always been truthful, I might be better off following in Ponche’s steps ………………….. for the fountain of youth. A search more likely to end in success!
    As for needing coaching on which Republican candidate to vote for … 8 years of Bush were enough to cure me for at least another decade. Maybe when that party truly respects smaller government by not forcing it’s RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ON EVERYONE, will I look at them as a serious group of people. Ditto for the Tea Party … same people, different hat.
    Obama blows, but he blows less, than the aforementioned groups of liars.

    • newspooner

      Obama doesn’t even qualify as the “lesser of 2 evils”. What you need to understand is that the Establishment (communists, fascists, nazis, “liberals”, neocons, gladhanders, twinkies, etc) promoted Republican candidates like Bush to fool people into voting for the lesser of two evils. Even Dr. Phil (a Republican) is asking, “How’s that working for you?” The only answer that will work for us is to vote for the best candidate when voting in any election. If you are interested in the Presidential election, then I suggest you read what Ron Paul has to say. Do not rely on the prostitute press to tell you what he says.

      • Mirage

        Call me cynical, but for last 30+ years, regardless of who the president was, middle class incomes have stagnated.
        Depending on the source, estimates illustrate middle-class income growth at 15%, while wealthy elite (top 5%)incomes have risen 430%!
        Hate to say it, but it appears that no matter who our next president will be, he’ll not improve things for the middle class – the wealthy elite will continue to “puppetier” politics and life in America.

        Ron Paul could become our next president, and I’d be willing to bet, that not a single Wall Street guy would go to jail, or, that transparency would be welcomed under his administration!
        Without change to our political system, nothing will change.
        Perhaps only when the American people get so fed up, desperate, and take their anger to the streets, will Washington-fear, force it to address some of the corruption.

        • newspooner

          Besides the corrupt courts, the problem that you lament about (and I wholeheartedly agree) is largely caused by government bureaucracies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that was created by some corrupt Wall Street communists (“crony capitalists”) under the direction of a communist President in the 1930′s. I am confident that Ron Paul as Presient would endeavor to get rid of that monstrosity. And can you imagine if Walter Williams, Thomas Soule, Jim McClellan, Alan Keyes, Larry Pratt, or any one of many other reliable patriots were appointed to the Supreme Court to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

  • Aunt Sue

    Funny, I didn’t think of Ron Paul at all when I read the article. The first name that popped into my mind was Rick Santorum.

  • AJ

    Ya how’s that working for you America? How’s electing one NWO canidate after another no matter which party Dem or Repub working for you? You want to be swayed by the media and elect another NWO canidate? How’s the Federal Reserve been working for ya? If you’re into self responsibility turn off your TV and media boxes and do the resurch. Look at voting records. It’s about time we pull ourselves up by the boot straps so to speak and decide what kind of person we want as president and choose. I’m not going to say vote Ron Paul. You decide for yourselves. I will vote Ron Paul. I’m sick of the NWO’s global agenda and what it’s been doing to this country regardless of Political party.

    • Bruce

      AJ, Thats a very fine post you did.

      Also for you that think Perry is so special, let me aks you this, do you like Al Gore? Do you like Al Gore’s manufactured Human Global warming rhetoric?
      If you said yes to either of the questions then please by all means vote for Rick Perry.
      If you said NO to these questions then perhaps you may wish to review Dr. Ron Pauls real record not the alledged and or distorted Main Stream Media’s hype and outright lies.

      Rick Perry was Al Gore’s POTUS Campaign manager and even stated he Voted for Al Gore. Rick Perry also feels that YOU being human are the problem with the earth and are infact part of the Goobal Warming problem.
      So again you already have Obama who is for a Carbon Tax’s Obama care UN Agenda 21 and the destruction of this nation, and yet Rick Perry who is a 100% total carbon copy of Obama you for some odd reason like?
      Whats wrong with that picture? Take off your tin foil caps & wake up.

      • Bruce

        I would like to add the following information and I would hope you will be able to grasp what this all means.
        TIME magazine just did a five page beat down on Dr. Ron Paul, so what you say, thats normal right?
        Well in a way yes its kind of normal, as it gets the sheep in line for slaughter as it first places the numb nuts in the Rebublican party in their little happy world of I told you so.
        Then they move on to whom they are told to vote for by the RINO’S in charge, that being Rick Perry.
        But what you all have to understand is about 50% of the Republican party’s leaders are RNIOS. Thus they are not ones who believe in Personal Liberty as clearly shown by the RINO GWB and his father and lets not forget the new speaker of the house.
        Did I note that Prescott Bush also aided Hitler to power with MONEY, well he was also the one who got TIME magazine to award a special person the {Man of the Year edition in 1938} and who was that special person, it was none other than the Bush familys friend Adolf Hitler, who also strangly boasted of the New World Order to!
        Look this NWO is not something new its been going on for a long time.

    • skippy

      Well said AJ. Kudos!! :)
      Fed Reserve needs to go away. They are killing us…and padding their pockets along the way. And while we’re at it…more than ONE Cabinet seat needs to leave the table.

  • iam

    I hope I don’t offend anyone, but can you tell me what “TLC” is?

    • libertytrain

      The Learning Channel. Here –

      • iam

        Thank you, liberty. One of my friends has cable, so I might be able to watch the show, if I can get his family to agree.

  • Geronimo

    I think I’ll stick with Sarah Palin. She’s much prettier than Ron Paul.

    • bob wire

      Don’t let a sweet pear bottom and good moose chili to affect sound thinking.

      I know ~~~~ It’s harddddddddddd!

    • DaveH

      I think Michele Bachmann is pretty hot. But I won’t let that influence my vote.

  • John Hand

    I agree that it is too soon to be picking anyone. I am afraid that this race has started a little too early, and for instance, Perry might “peak’ too soon. I see a lot of posts up there saying Ron Paul, but I do hope that when the time comes, those Paul supporters will come around and support the Republican candidate no matter whom he or she is. Paul has been here before, and does not have a chance. His ‘cut the military’ bit is absolutely the wrong thing to be saying in this age, and sensible people know it. Did you notice during the Iowa debate on national TV, that NONE of the other candidates addressed Paul or his statements directly? That is because they knew that he does not have a chance, and did not want to waste their precious air time on him. Don’t be offended, Paul supporters, but please be realistic, accept this, and help the party out. Don’t get all antagonistic when things don’t go your way and turn your back. Please?

    • Bruce

      John, Let me be blunt, I wouldn’t vote for any Republican in this up coming 2012 race for POTUS if I were paid the next twenty five years salery to do so.
      I will cast my vote for the only true “American” in the race, thats Dr. Ron Paul. If he’s not on the ballot, I will write him in on mine.

      A vote for anyone of the current Republicans other than Dr. Ron Paul is a Vote for Obama’s masters the NWO & their Police State.
      As there is NO DIFFERANCE between Obama and any of the Republicans in the current batch, why would anyone waste their time voting for any of the other Republican’s.
      Its absurd at best and is yet more in line with totaly INSAINE.

      There is a saying from Einstine I think that {the definition of insanity} (is doing the same thing over and over and expecting differant result.}
      A spineless RINO is no differant than an Obama.

      • newspooner

        Actually, that “insanity” quote form Fuzzy Albert Einstein is one of the ones that was plagarized in order to build up his image. Did you know that President John Kennedy plagarized his most famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” from Khalil Gibran. Why does the Establishment Media never admit this? Hmmm…

        • bob wire

          Hmm? I thought he stole it from Hitler?

          Did you know that without Einsteins, first love, fellow student and bride ~ the chances of him completing his “unified theory” very small?

          She was the wing under his wings for many, many years ~ but later replaced by another ~ hussies.

          Life ain’t fair! LOL ☺ I hope he was at least equatable with her.

        • DaveH

          I was 11 years old when Kennedy said that, and even at 11 the first thing that popped into my mind was “I thought this country was about Individual Liberty?”

      • sylviam

        I don’t vote by POLITICS ever I am a Independant, I have voted DEM. AND REPUB. but 2008 I voted for the LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS, and I said then, and I am Saying it NOW NEVER AGAIN. EVIL is just that EVIL.
        I am not done looking into the voting records of the cantidades yet.
        When I have done my homework then I will KNOW who I am voting for. But unless something does change my vote, I will be voting for RON PAUL. He has NOT been given the chance to really ANSWER all the questions that been asked by the media, even at FOX, but I will know when I am done looking into the issues. You should be EDUCATING your selves too, Please do not take anyones word for any thing.

      • kaokie

        Actually, Bruce, there is. I’m not promoting any party, however, most, if not all, the current GOP candidates were raised in the mainland United States by families based in ‘American values’. They were not raised by Marxist parents, radicals who hated Britain and any other country that founded colonies anytime, anywhere. When the parents decided their radical activities were being curtailed by the burden of a small child, said parents dumped the kid on his maternal, Marxist, grandparents.
        The present POTUS may be a legal citizen, but he does not have the background to think like a ‘real American’, and he definitely never tried to become part of the ‘melting pot’ version of John Q. Everydayamerican.
        Name one of the current GOP candidates who would tell the FBI that none of the ‘czars, advisors, staff, or appointees’ should be vetted by them, that ‘the White House’ would take care of it? Name one of the current GOP candidates that would bring into positions of authority, based on their own words, whether written or taped, Maoists, Communists, Marxists, Socialists – pick an ‘ist’, this POTUS has got them all.
        Even when he says the ‘right stuff’, even the cliches, it’s because his staff worked with a speech writer to put the words in his mouth. Then if he says something ‘off the cuff’, the spin doctors go to work and start playing with semantics, double talk, and using the ‘right’ words to say something with an entirely different meaning. Like ‘fundamentally transform America’, that’s what he said and what he meant. People heard something entirely different. Those same people didn’t look at his political history or his background – they just liked the ‘rah-rah’ campaign slogans.
        ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it’ applies to those people. Unfortunately, the rest of us didn’t want it, but have had to deal with it, as well.
        It has become very apparent the ‘Oath of Office’ doesn’t mean much in the political arena. It certainly meant less than nothing at the last inaugaration.

        • Bruce

          Kaokie, I invite you to clearly illustrate any differances with the current batch of RINO’S from Obama, other than perhap some slightly differant RHETORIC, you will have a very hard time.

          I don’t post anything I can’t prove 100% and thats why I posted what I posted. If anyone finds it offencive well I have to let the pieces fall where they may.
          When one understands that YOU nor I have ever had any say in who the NEXT POTUS is as its a revolving seat of one Velvet Glove covering an IRON fist after the next who have been appointed. Obama has been the first to expose that IRON FIST so all could see it so much so that even the blind can see what Obama is up to. The only ones who can’t see it are either one of two possible choices, #1, They are in his wolf pack, as in they are his beat down squad. #2, Ignorant fools who have high Ideals.

          I have no question in my mind that even if Dr. Ron Paul got every vote cast as in say 120 million votes, he still will loose, not due to the fact that he has not given it his all, But we come back to all POTUS’s are appointed and have been for over 100 years.
          If you really dig into this you will find what I said to be truth beyond reproch.
          So I will along with countless millions cast their vote for Dr. Ron Paul just to show we will not get to the back of the bus nor eat our peas and shut up.

          I take no offence with any conflicting opinions I just see tham as what they are un informed opinions and yes I still learn daily new things that are foul and rotten to the core.
          How about a new war is say Syria? Stay tuned its about to be shown on the news very soon. Afterall what better way to keep everyone jumping up and down then a brand new war. And just wait the truth will come out about Lybia very soon, as in US troops were boots on the ground there. And Your TAX dollars paid for the whole thing.

  • Raggs

    If oblama can waltz in as an unknown the way he did why can’t someone that actually has a little thing called a brain do the same?

    • kaokie

      But are they ‘easy on the eyes’? If they aren’t ‘pretty’ they don’t stand a chance, unless they hand out lots of cash – that’d work.

  • DaveH

    There is a very good chance the MSM will succeed and lock out Ron Paul. If that does happen, don’t settle for another Big Government Loving Republican. Vote Libertarian. I know “we haven’t got a chance”, and we won’t have until the voters stop throwing their votes away on Republicans who are just going to maintain the Big Government status quo.
    For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and PEACE, Vote Libertarian.

    The turtle can only move forward if he sticks his neck out.

  • chuckb

    geronimo, i agree. none in the current crop of contenders stand a chance
    and they don’t gather much support. romney is buying protestors to get attention. i doubt that will fool many people.

  • Clinton

    Strange that you didn’t caution voters against Ron Paul. His “red flags” are hard to miss.

    • newspooner

      His “red flags” are saying, “Hey, Americans, wake up. If we don’t elect people to the House and Senate who will honor their oath to defend and follow the Constitution, then our time as a free nation with liberty for all will soon be over”. This applies to the Presidential election, too.

  • Mike

    1 reason to not vote democrat- chronic obamidis
    1 reason to vote Ron Paul- all the other republicans are just more status quo, read from the teleprompter, fake, backstabbing RINO’s.

  • Mike

    Obamanomics has got to go.

  • AJ

    Well Obamanomics won’t go by just voting in another NWO GOP canidate.
    Vote Ron Paul period. I’m not willing to go for the lessor of two evils BS anymore. I’ll write him in if he’s not on the ballot!

    • DaveH

      Right on, AJ!

  • DaveH
  • Al Hill

    Mr. Livingston;
    Excellent article but I must apologize. I’ve already “jumped the gun”.
    Ron Paul is my choice. And as DaveH has suggested, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, my vote will be Libertarian or Independent. I might vote for Gary Johnson but his chances are far worse than Ron Paul’s.

    For those of you opposed to Ron Paul’s foreign policy, how about a little different perspective? The current MSM propaganda machine calls for us to patriotically “support the troops” who are “defending our freedoms”.

    Think about this. Just who are the troops defending? Themselves (understandably)! They have been lied to (and so have we) by an elitist ruling class (our corrupt government). The goal of said government is to control the lives of people (besides us) who rightfully resent that meddling.

    Are we fighting terrorists there so we won’t have to fight them here? That’s another one to think about. Do mid east terrorists have any capability at all to attack this country? They have no military capability beyond some war lords commanding, at most, 200 or 300 “troops” each. The war lords don’t coordinate with each other and often are at war with each other. So how are they going to attack and invade this country? It would take (fortunately) trillions of dollars, a military industrial complex and at least a decade to prepare any threat to this country. Good grief. In order to accomplish 9/11, the suicide terrorists had to steal our airplanes!

    If the above doesn’t convince you, at least run it over in your mind a couple of times.

    And please don’t take seriously what my mother used to say:
    “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with facts.”

    • DaveH

      They had to steal our airplanes and count on the fact that our Government had disarmed the passengers so as to make them helpless sheep unable to mount any kind of defense to save their own lives.
      Does anybody really still believe that the Government is here to save us?

  • Old Henry

    Thanks for the reminder Bob. Peggy had mentioned the program in her last article.

    Also, thanks for helping us to “keep our eye on the ball”. As you know there is only one candidate who fills that bill.

  • Marc de Piolenc

    Ron Paul has been active in politics since the 1970s; I was there when he accepted the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President. In all that time he has consistently advocated and adhered to the principles of liberty and equality before the Law. Comparing him to the recently minted pseudo-Conservatives who are running against him is unfair to the others, but we should do it anyway.
    Having followed the advice of the columnist and checked all the candidates, throw your support to Ron Paul. If there is still hope of a genuine political volte-face in Washington, it will take a man of principle to coordinate and drive the dismantling of the unconstitutional police state that is rapidly robbing us of all that Jefferson had hoped for. The only man fitting that description even roughly who is currently in the field is Ron Paul.

  • Raggs

    I keep hearing that America is center right..
    I think geographic’s are a big roll in that meaning Northern states are more apt for a government control while the South want to be left the hell alone. Both coastlines are predominatly democrat while the middle of the road are conservatives.. Regardless of your input only a few states determine the outcome of an election. To me this is totally bias and it usually leans far left. This is a system produced by politicans for politians.. In other words the deck is stacked.. If oblama can “win” an election from thousands of dead people in Chicago, well… Not to mention millions of illegals amnesty for vote programs… The only way to stop this is for us to put our foot up their arse.
    All “elected officals” starting from the state levels must be thrown under the bus.. ALL of them! oblama must not be reconized as a presidenta.

  • Marty S.

    I like what deanbob said early in this discussion about the MSM picking the conservative candidate like they did in 08′ with John McCain. We should not allow them to pick a mealy mouthed wishy washy in-your-face rhino like last time. The MSM is nasty and basically owned by the left in this country. I sincerely believe this next election determines wether or not we submit to the NWO whackos who would love to shut down and finally control this once great country. God Bless America.

  • Thinking About

    Bob Livingston, thanks for this article, long overdue and an opportunity to get this great nation citizens to think through backing anyone just because they had on a shiny outfit. Shine will not make a president. I would like to see more articles defining uniting efforts to bring out the very best we can be and stop splitting hairs. United we stand and divided we fall. Again thanks for a very well written article.

  • Marty S.

    I meant RINO not rhino.


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