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Don’t Celebrate That Tax Refund

April 13, 2012 by  

Don’t Celebrate That Tax Refund
Tax Freedom Day arrives this year on the same day that Uncle Sam demands our tax return be sent to the Internal Revenue Service.

Arghhh! It just happened again. No, I’m not referring to the billions of dollars hard-working taxpayers will have to send to Uncle Sam by April 17. (We get an extra two days to file a return this year, thanks to the 15th falling on a Sunday and the 16th being a holiday in Washington.)

What gets my goat is when someone — especially a near and dear family member — celebrates receiving a tax refund. People act as though it’s manna from heaven. They rejoice in their totally unexpected bounty from a beneficent government.

I try to explain that the Internal Revenue Service really isn’t doing them a favor and that, in fact, the opposite is true. I tell them that by overpaying their taxes during the past year, they have in effect been giving a profligate and wasteful government an interest-free loan. When I say that, they look at me as through I’ve suddenly sprouted two heads.

They are utterly perplexed by my suggestions: They should not celebrate their tax refund, and they should do everything they can to keep as much of their money for as long as they can while working to put Big Government on a starvation diet.

The most common reaction I get to this diatribe is, “Huh?” Then they quickly change the subject.

So there will be no lengthy lecture from me this week about how a progressive income tax was an essential part of the Communist Manifesto, no rant about the conspiratorial origins of the Federal Reserve and no diatribe on the diabolical cunning of a withholding tax that renders the shark-like bite of Uncle Sam less painful than a mosquito’s nibble. No, I’ll just repeat my opening sentiment: Arghhh!

And I will share this poem by an unknown author to remind us why we can be glad that, by this time next week, Tax Day will be behind us again.

Tax his land, tax his bed,
Tax the table at which he’s fed.
Tax his tractor, tax his mule,
Teach him taxes are the rule.

Tax his cow, tax his goat,
Tax his pants, tax his coat.
Tax his ties, tax his shirt,
Tax his work, tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco, tax his drink.
Tax him if he tries to think.
Tax his cigars, tax his beers,
If he cries, then tax his tears.

Tax his car, tax his gas,
Find other ways to tax his a**.
Tax all he has, then let him know
That you won’t be done till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers,
Tax him some more.
Tax him ’till he’s good and sore.
Then tax his coffin, tax his grave.
Tax the sod in which he’s laid.

Put these words upon his tomb,
“Taxes drove me to my doom.”
When he’s gone, do not relax.
It’s time to apply the inheritance tax.

Tax Freedom Day

By a strange coincidence, Tax Freedom Day arrives this year on the same day that Uncle Sam demands our tax return be sent to the IRS.

The Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax research group founded 75 years ago, says the average American will work 107 days this year to pay the tab for all of his Federal, State and local taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, Americans will spend more in taxes in 2012 than the total amount spent on food, clothing and shelter.

If you’re a glutton for punishment, here’s a breakdown of the Federal tab: The average American will work 32 days this year to pay income taxes, 23 days to pay social insurance taxes, nine days to pay corporate taxes, two days to pay sales and excise taxes, and three days to pay all other Federal taxes.

He’ll also work eight days to pay State and local income taxes, 12 days for property taxes, 12 for State sales and excise taxes, and four days for other State and local taxes.

Add it all up, and it means we all work from Jan. 1 until April 17 to pay our taxes. But it could be a lot worse. According to the Tax Foundation, if the Federal government raised enough taxes to close the budget deficit, Tax Freedom Day would not arrive until May 14. That means that an additional 27 days of government spending is paid for by borrowing — and passing the bill on to our children and grandchildren.

So I’m very happy to report that a lot of Americans are taking the opportunity this tax season to tell their elected officials that they’re TEA’d off. That is, that they’re “Taxed Enough Already.”

Good for them! May their numbers multiply. And may more politicians in Washington and in State capitols start to listen to them.

Despite the demagogic cry that the “rich” need to pay “their fair share,” the truth is that the top 5 percent of U.S. taxpayers already pay about 60 percent of U.S. income taxes while the bottom 40 percent pay no income taxes at all. When President Barack Obama talks about “lowering” taxes, what he really means is he’s going to take more money from those who earn it and give it to those who don’t. This is not a “tax reduction.” It is a blatant example of a Marxist redistribution of wealth.

At the same time he’s promising more giveaways to the poor, Obama wants to raise the top income tax rate from 35 percent to 39.6 percent and slap anyone earning a million bucks or more with the “Buffett Rule.” Plus, he intends to reduce the deduction the so-called rich can take on their charitable contributions, mortgage interest and other taxes they pay.

What can you do about it? If you’re sick and tired of Big Government getting bigger and more bloated, I hope you’ll attend one of the Tea Party protests near you. It will be an opportunity to meet with a bunch of other folks who feel exactly as you do.

By the way, if you do go, pay close attention to which of your elected officials also attend and which ones wouldn’t come within a mile of the place. That will give you a very good idea of who deserves your support and who doesn’t in November.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Sirian

    Taxes – the true wonders of government. Wouldn’t it be funny if a confederation of states were to come together and call for a Constitutional Convention. And if so, have all necessary written actions planned, laid out specifically to accomplish one thing and one thing only, repeal the 16th amendment that was questionably ratified in 1913. With planned limitations increasing, yet still not in place, such an amending action could be carried out, ratified and presented to Congress and the President for signing. Try to imagine what would be winding through the minds of the comfortable politicians, let alone the President, in Washington D.C. Ah yes, a flock of crazed chickens running around in circles just a squawking and a flapping their wings in terror. If this could’t produce the biggest pile of chicken $hit, I don’t know what could . . . :)

    • Ted Crawford

      Sirian; I agree wholeheartedly. However, if we were to convene an Artical Five Convention, why stop at just the 16th.? For us to really have an opportunity to regain control, of our out of control Federal Government, I believe that we should also repeal the 17th., also ratified in 1913, as well as the removal of Clause 1 of the 14th. Amendment!
      In my view the 16th. provides a hugh supply of money for them to misappropiate, the 17th. insures the best Government that money can buy and Clause 1 of the 14th Amendment creates a never ending supply of voters for the Socialists!

      • Sirian

        I agree Ted, there is plenty more that could be done. But I was just staying focused on the 16th since taxes were the theme of the article. It really would be good to rid ourselves of the 17th too – absolutely!

      • DaveH

        For those who would like to know what Ted is talking about:

      • James

        Ted C. I agree also. Section 1 of the 14th Amendment was intended for the just freed slaves, and is no longer needed. And its ‘due process’ clause has become a catchall for such new rights as ‘abortion’ ‘homosexuality’ and miscegenation.
        Popular election of Senators was never intended by the Founders, and the Constitution still does not allow the popular election of the President and Vice-president.

      • Tom W.

        This is a Warner Bros. classic folks! Please watch to the very end, there’s a moral to this story!!! Out of all the Warner Bros. cartoon characters, I probably relate to the duck the most!!! He is definately TRULY American thru and thru!!!

      • Tom W.
      • Flashy

        Let’s see…Section 1 of the 14th… Citizens, Immunities, Due Process and equal protection.

        Getting rid of those makes it sound like a real freedom loving individual eh? (are you nuts ???)

        The 16th…yeah, figures. income tax Amendment

        The 17th…direct election of Senators . You’d get rid of that? OK…question…what is it about the extreme Right that sees good in restricting the vote? From falsifying and making up stories of voter fruad , to demanding more restrctive qualifications to vote to supporting doing away with electing Senators. Pardon me…but i always thought Communist and Facist dictatorships had restriction of voting as a tool for power. Oh wait…i am talking about the Far Right …. pardon me.

      • Opal the Gem

        Boy that was a wet jucey one Flashy you better check your underwear.

      • Tom W.

        Salute!!! Ted, Man! Now you’ve done your homework!!!

      • Tom W.

        MAKIN’ UP STORIES OF VOTER FRAUD?!! Flushdouche, I was pretty sure but now I’m absolutely convinced, you’re freakin’ delutional and now either severly misinformed, or just a good old fashioned liar!!! The latter most more than likely bein’ the case! I’m speakin’ only for myself here idiot so please listen up, I’m sick and tired of seein’ people who don’t work, have an easier time of surviving than I do when I’m out here bustin’ my backside because it has become so rough for the workin’ class in this country!!! This country was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the workin’ folks of this country, and I, for one, am sick and tired of us being the beasts of burden for both the elites and the lazy a$$ sponges who WILL NOT get off their lazy a$$ because they might have to miss an episode of Jerry Springer and go to work!!! THIS IS the same thing that sparked off the American Revolution, TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!

      • oh oh

        Progressives have been chipping away at the checks and balances built into the Constitution by the founders to protect us from the tyranny of ambitious elites and the tyranny of the majority. It was a balance that checked both. By incrementally democratizing the system, progressives have upset that balance, destroying personal liberty and the rule of law along the way. The 14th Amendment has been perverted by judicial activism in ways that have squashed states rights, the 16th Amendment, even if it was ratified legally, was deceitfully forced upon us by the very elites liberals decry today, and The 17th Amendment was a mistake that furthered the destruction of state’s rights and our ability to check the power of the federal government. The founders recognized that democracy is a transitional state that always leads to tyranny. Progressives have never been honest about this as they deceitfully or ignorantly bear the word “democracy” as a badge honor. Without reasonable checks on democracy (and the checks created by the founders were reasonable and not extreme, as dishonest progressives claim today), we will certainly loose our republic in the name of democracy.

      • Flashy

        Yeah…making up stories about voter fraud. Soemthing difficult for you to read?

        Reality Ted…reality. you have to get a check on reality. most election fraud is done at the levels above the actual voter. Very very very few instances where someone commits fraud in the actual voting. Anyone tells you different, they’re lyin’.

        Look it up. Convictions abound for election officials…and only a very very few against a person for voting.

      • Vicki

        Flashy demonstrates his abysmal ignorance of history by writing:

        The 17th…direct election of Senators . You’d get rid of that? OK…question…what is it about the extreme Right that sees good in restricting the vote?

        To maintain a check and balance system the founders created 3 equal branches of government. One of those branches was further divided into 2 parts. The House of Representatives and the Senate.

        Using democratic process the people would directly elect (by voting) their representatives and the number of the representitives from each state would be determined by the population of each state.

        Using democratic process the people would indirectly elect the Senators by the method of directly electing their own representatives to their state government. THOSE representatives would elect the 2 Senators from each state.

        Thus the Congress had it’s own balance of power between the House and Senate.
        The House represented the interests of the people and the Senate represented the interests of the States.

        “The House of Representatives, Madison said, would be the direct advocate for the people, and would be elected through their direct vote. U.S. Senators would be selected by their state legislatures, and would represent the interests of the states.”

        The 17th amendment disrupted this balance and now the entire Congress has become essentally one House of Representitves (The people of each state get 2 more representitives) and the States are no longer represented.

      • Old Henry

        Since the Constitution, and more recently Congress, have essentially become null and void the discussion of removing any of it is a waste of time and effort.

        The sheeple have allowed it to occur for decades, but under Shrub and the Republican Congress it gained warp speed.

        Under Little Barry the communist Kenayn Muslim it has attained maximum warp speed.

      • DaveH

        Excellent, Vicki.
        I might add that the 16th and the 17th amendments, and the Federal Reserve Act were all three instituted in 1913, and all made it much easier for the Federal Government to grow to its current Leviathan state.
        The 16th is obvious. By directly taxing the people (before the States paid the tax), and by using the class envy inherent in many people, the Federal Government gave itself a ready mechanism for fast growth.
        The 17th is less obvious. But by taking the vote for the Senators out of the hands of State Legislators who generally have a much keener knowledge of Federal Politicians and putting the vote into the hands of the general population, it became much easier for the Senators (far removed from the voters) to represent the Federal Government more than their States or their people. If you pay attention to the votes of the Senate, you will see that they generally favor Big Government (both parties).
        And the Federal Reserve Act created a Central Bank that was disguised as being a collection of regional banks, but essentially operated as a Central Bank which could be used by Government as a ready source of borrowed funds.
        The rest is history — 2 World Wars, almost constant involvement of US military in other countries’ business, massive inflation (the dollar buys today what 4 cents would have bought in 1913), and a Federal Government that has gone from spending 2% of our GDP in 1913 to spending 24% of our GDP in 2011.

      • DaveH

        For those who would like a thorough treatment of the 14th Amendment (much to Flashman’s chagrin):

        • T i m

          My computer does not recognize the link . What is in the nut shell , please . Tim

      • DaveH

        Try cutting and pasting the link into your Browser address field, T I M.

        • T i m


    • Tom W.

      Good mornin’ Sirian, mornin’ everybody! Taxes cause revolutions! You can do alot of things to a man, or even worse to a woman, but once you’ve inserted your hand into that person’s pocket, you’ve definatly violated a sacred space!!! Like I said, it has caused revolutions! In his documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism”, LATE film producer (“The Rose”,”Trading Places”) and ex-governor of the state of Nevada, Aaron Russo makes the claim that 100% of federal taxes collected by the IRS go to pay the interest accumulated by the US to the FED for them ALLOWING us to print fiat money, and that income taxes were originally only to apply to profits made by corporations, not to the pay one recieves as a compensation for their labor! That all changed in 1913 with the illegal creation of the FED and IRS! A must see for anyone who wishes to understand this legalized extortion, like I said already, this is the stuff of revolutions!!!

      I don’t know if anyone watches “The Hal Lindsey Report”, it airs on TBN Fri. at 6:30 PM EDST, Hal does a news show that ties the news to Bible prophecy. If you would care to understand why people like myself and other Born Again Christians believe that we are living in the VERY LAST DAYS, between his show and the two that follow it that night, Grant Jefferies and Perry Stone, you’ve got a Bible prophecy 101 class! There is NOTHING more important than understanding that WE are that generation spoken of by Jesus in Luke 21:32!!! Hal also took on the FED and the IRS on one of his recent showes that will help people TRULY understand who these bloodsuckers are!!! Be sure to watch all three parts!

      • T i m

        My name is T i m . I was not able to finish seminary college. EVEN SO , I do not follow the end of time conspiracy . I read so much stuff about my generation being the last one on this earth . If it is PRAISE GOD , I will see JESUS in my next breath . I do not think what AMERICA is currently doing with taxes or anything else that is happening , HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE END OF TIME . We people created the problems we complain about today . GOD has allowed us to wallow in our own rebelion . BIBLE I read says …NO ONE KNOWS , the time GOD has chosen to take us out . I will continue to fight the fight against satan , and beg everyone else to do the same . Why not stop the end of time stuff and concentrate on what GOD put us here for . I pray GOD will protect AMERICA from satan . The end of time has been predicted since before Jesus was born .

    • D A Y


      • Tom W.

        What are ya sayin D A Y, If we knowed what we know now, we would’ve picked our own damn cotton?!! It’s not fair to blame these people D A Y, they’re as mush of a victim as the people who are being robbed by these megalamaniac buricratic ba$tards!!!

      • Paul B.

        YOu say “Don’t Gloat” over a tax refund. Well if you are one of the lucky many that only pay about $1K in withheld taxes but get about $6,500 back due to ALL the credits they are given by DC (I know at least two people like this), then you would definitely have reason to “Gloat”. It’s like Christmas in February.

        Something is terribly wrong with that whole picture. And these are the same people who will get FREE healthcare, which equates to another $6-12K per year in more DC freebies.

        I agree a Constitutional convention is needed for the States to express their displeasure with DC pandering to Big Business and Gubment Dependents, those socialist slaves. One I would like to add is another amendment that requires our elected elitists in Congress to play by the same rules as those they are supposed to serve. I think they have the whole serving public thing backwards.

        Syrian, I agree, they would haven’t enough waste disposal equipment to clean up the “sh!t” as they see their powers to CONTROL severely diminished. What a victory that would be for US, the one’s who suffer the brunt of their indiscretions.

      • Tom W.

        I agree whole heartedly Paul! Have you seen how HUGE Nancy’s bank account has mutated since she served as Speaker?!! ASTRONOMICAL!!! Why is she any different than Martha Stewart?!! And while I’m on my soapbox, how can the chief councilman of the Ways and Means Committee, the person responsible for writing our nations’ tax codes be found guilty of income tax evation for failing to report 17 years of income from an Antiguan rental property, be not punished to the fullest extent of the law?! I wonder what Redd Foxx would have to say? Now I’ll admit that I’m a nobody and that there are probably mitigating circumstances that are way over my humble little head, but is ignorance a justifiable defense? That’s what he’s claiming! Censured?! You’ve got to be kidding me! Nancy Pelosi looked more pained meting it out than Charlie did receiving it. And after it was over, it sure didn’t take him long to regain that ear to ear Rangle smile. Why didn’t they get really serious and put him in congressional time-out? What do you think about it Wesley? How about you Willie? Well I guess I might be being a little tough on old Charlie, who knows, he might’ve used Turbo-tax, huh Mr. Geithner?
        “In a nation of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or ill, it teaches the whole people by its’ examples. Crime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”
        1928 Supreme Court opinion by Justice Louis Brandeis
        Wake up America!!! What?! Are we living in a country governed by a secret society of meglomaniacs who fancy themselves above the very laws that they’ve made their fortunes from enforcing the rest of us to adhere to?!
        “We are free today substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because it’s wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.”
        James Madison
        “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free.”
        “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
        Martin Luther King Jr.
        “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and they lay them on mens’ shoulders; but they themselves wll not move them with one of their fingers.”
        Matthew 23:4

      • EyesWideOPEN

        “they’re as mush of a victim as the people who are being robbed by these megalamaniac buricratic ba$tards!!!”… (tom w)..

        And I’m here to tell you.. If someone offered you a pay raise although you felt you didn’t deserve one, what would you do? Refuse the raise or accept it because it was offered? Same thing with welfare.. Yes, there are users and frauds but they never had the intellect to acquire this, as it was first offered then given to them by the g’ment and to those who didn’t even understand the ‘process’ to acquire it, our good buddies in the fed system taught them the process just as the feds furnished weapons and aid to those who later used it against us. You people are biting butts and that’s acceptable but your not biting the correct butts.. Bite of the privileges that this g’ment is offering to these people (who would be stupid if they chose not to take it) and I guarantee these same people would desolve back into the existence they were in before they were offered these ‘freebies’.. People are people.. A CEO is offered millions a year for his expertise, even though he might feel that he’s being over paid, he will gladly accept the generous offer in any case.. Same with welfare.. Cut off the supply and life will still go on. I blame the feds for all these ‘freebies’ why their doing it probably relates to why they started it to begin with. So, don’t hate the ‘free loaders’.. hate the providers. Should we end welfare and food stamps? No! To do that would reveal our true humanity.. We should instead set reasonable rules and laws concerning it then keep a watchful eye on the cracks and actually prosecute those who are found to be fraudulent instead of just stating it on paper. It’s our g’ment that’s lazy in this department and they need to enforce this help for the needy or find themselves another profession.

      • Tom W.

        Show me da money EWO!!!

    • DaveH

      The problem is, Sirian, that the Leaders of the States have ambitions for Power also. The last thing they want is to call attention to that among their citizens.

      • DaveR

        Another huge problem is that if such a states’ orchestrated constitutional convention ever occurs, it could be hijacked by liberal/progressive/socialist/communist efforts. Once convened, the entire Constitution is up for revision, not just the parts which caused the original call for such a convention.

      • Tom W.

        Excellent point DaveR, we should be EXTREMELY Causious while addressing this issue, we’ve already slid down this slippery sloap so far that it’s going to be ALMOST impossible to pull ourselves back up!!!

        Philippians 4:13 (KJV)
        “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

        I wish it read “WE” and “US”, but far beit from me to tamper with God’s Holy Word!!! Are you listening Wycliffe?!!

      • Vicki

        Tom W. says:
        April 13, 2012 at 12:45 pm

        Philippians 4:13 (KJV)
        “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

        I wish it read “WE” and “US”, but far beit from me to tamper with God’s Holy Word!!!

        The same Holy Word says:

        “12 – Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.
        13 – And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
        14 – If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. ” — John 14 verses 12-14 (KJV)

        So if the Philippian can do all things thru Christ and Christ says that any who believeth on Christ can do all that Christ can do and even greater works than your wish is granted.

      • Tom W.

        Isn’t that AWESOME Vicki?!! My very favorite verse is out of Phillippians also, it is Phil. 3:8 (KJV of course!) “Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,”
        Do ya feel me Vic?!!

    • Flashy

      Well…I can say with definite knowledge, there are some who aren’t receiving refunds. jeesh…. i swear, between the ex-wife and the IRS, there’s not enough left where i could give a donation to the blood bank.

      Now that i’ve practiced my Right as an American to bitch and complain about taxes, weather, and that the M’s suck at finding a decent third baseman…

      The tab is coming due for the travesties of the BushII/Cheney debacle. All that crapola about Pres. Obama increasing the debt is hgwash when you look at reality. When Bush II took office, we were well on the way to economic well-being with almost a surplus, a nice balance sheet, at peace around the world and a sound economy.

      President Obama inherited a mess. Two unfunded wars, a tanking economy, no credit available, a banking collapse in the making, Europe heading down the tubs, unemployment skyrocketing, and our major indistrial base about to go belly up costing millions more their jobs. He had few options and a crisis of historic proportions. Coupled with a GOP in Congress who announced FROM DAY ONE their only goal was to oust him in the 2012 election.

      With what we were ceded by the Bush II/Cheney regime is the fact…the absolute can’t get around it fact…we have to cut the budget spending AND increase taxes to pay for that GOP debacle of eight years. You cannot escape that fact. Decrease spending, raise revenues.

      So when i write my check tomorrow, I will not only be cursing the Bush II/ Cheney regime, I will be soundly cursing every single idiot and imbecile who voted those miscreants into office and gave them support allowing them to soundly screw us royally without giving us even the courtesy of vaseline to ease the pain. .

      Pres. Obama had to do what was and is needed. He was given few other choices…and Europe is showing us the other option was a loser.

      Y’all voted for that imbecilic Bush II ?Cheney administration…yeah..your ears are burning because i am cursing you. Dang idiots..what were you thinking ?

      • Ted Crawford

        In ’2000′ we had a choice between frick and frack, we chose Bush ’43′, not one of my favorite Presidents. He did a little right, the tax cuts, and a lot wrong, the Patriot Act. That being said the economy, while far from good, was at least managable through 2006. For example his average Annual Deficit increase was 2.7%, not good in my opinion, but the long established Annual Deficit increase was at 2.6%
        About mid 2007 the deficit increase began a meteoric rise, culminating about mid 2008 at over 6%! What happened in early 2006? Oh! I remember the new 110th Congress was sworn in lead by Nancy Pelosi (D) California, in the House and Harry Reid (D) Nevada, in the Senate!

      • Brad

        well Flashy why dont we just cut the Government spending by starting with Mrs. O’s 100+ servents she has on her beacon call? Or how about let’s just have them stay at home over the summer vacation, possibly they could spend that around the Whitehouse swimming pool. You my friend are a IDIOT!!

      • Brad

        Ted PLEASE!!! you are just trying to convince IDIOTS the ruth about their cherished DEMS. You are 100% correct but good luck with that process.

      • Paul B.

        You are exactly right. This country was doing just fine, low unemployment rates at around 5%, steady economic growth, low inflation… but then the country, with the aid of the very liberal MSM gave us a Democratic, spend everything we can get our hands on, Congress, yes with Pelosi in control of the purse strings and Reid guarding the hen house. Combine that with the liberal policies that created the home mortgage crisis and the Dems achieved their goal of crashing a good economy.

        But instead of being responsible adults and admitting their mistakes… both the Dems and The MSM started pointing fingers at Bush, blaming him for everything, as they still do. The unfunded wars over 10 years spent less than Obama and his team of theives spent in one year on only one of their “stimulus, aka political payback” bill.

        Anyone who blames Bush for our problems is ignorant of reality… I can’t say it any simpler than that. And Flashy, for all your fancy talk, you are either clueless or a part of the problem, intentionally spreading your lies and twisted truths to anyone who will listen.

        Sorry, but most people are wise to the truth, especially on sites like this which simply makes you look foolish, despite your attempts at seeming intelligent. maybe you should peddle your “perspective” to people who are gullable enough to accept your empty rhetoric and platitudes. Bush’s fault… Buahahahaha!!!! yeah you keep using that line… foolish young man.

      • Flashy

        let’s see..iraq and Afghanistan were unfunded wars by ’06. The “Bush tax Cuts” resulted in the lowest jobless growth rate ever (how’s that for ‘trickle down” ?), massive redistribution of wealth from the 99% to the 1%, and …you’re saying magically…after the ’06 elections just as soon as the Democrats took power in ’07..the recession was caused by the Dems and the resulting massive collapse came about because the Dems held Congress for one year and nothing was the matter before derivatives, no deregulation, no pulling regulators off the job, etc ?

        Wow …

        the Dems took control in ’07 and magically they caused the entire system to crash without lifting a finger.

        Amazing ….

      • Paul B.

        Flashy, you know what I meant, but being a Liberal you can’t help but twist what I said. the increase in budget deficit was directly related to Dems in Congress, the home mortgage collapse was due to Dem policies from the 80′s and 90′s that Reps tried to address, but Dems in charge like Frank and Dodd simply ignored and blew off any attempts to correct. You know that, but will never admit it.

        You know that is what I said and meant, but again, as a Liberal, you are NEVER able to accept any responsibility for the damage that Dems and Liberals, now consumed with progressives, have orchestrated these past few decades especially, but back as far as the early 1900′s.

        Your deceit is understandable due to your political agenda, but doesn’t show you to be in any way reputable, or respected as your opinion is worthless based upon mostly fabricated support.

        But it is your right to say whatever you want, supported by conservatives who fight the left’s attempt to kill free speech daily. Intimidation, threats of boycotts, union thugery, bully pulpit from the WH, the fairness doctrine, lawsuits from the DOJ, you name it and the left tries anyway they can to kill dissention. You can’t deny that.

        • T i m

          CONTRAR PAUL B. . My name is T i m . I lost my home because I lost my job . I was paying my bills till I lost my job . This article is about how wrong the tax struckture is . The bank had nothing to do with me loosing my home except their eviction notice after my bankruptcy , after the top brass bankrupred the company , which the coursts signed . THIS IS A WHOLE NUTHER ISSUE . Mr. Wood is trying to get every one to see how futile the income tax structure is , because lots of people use it for a savings account . There is no interest paid to the check receipt holder . Yet government earnes money on your money . Social security pays welfare , and welfare is killing the nation . The Democrats are depending on the welfare population and the teachers union for re election . I will continue to support DR. RON PAUL .

      • Tom W.

        AT PEACE AROUND THE WORLD?!! YOU’RE A FREAKIN’ LIAR FLUSHDOUCHE!!! Storm clouds were ALL OVER the horizen dude! Slick Willie was so glad to get out of there with Bible in hand, which he, by the way, was seen almost constantly carrying after the Monica debacle! LOL!!! Just when did they start pumping the balloon full of air Flushdouche?!! Economist Lyndon LaRoush,, traces it back to when Nixon took us off the gold Standard! There’s more than plenty of blame to be shared by ALL in DC for the mess that we’re in! What we’re watching is the take down of the US government by those enemies both foriegn and DOMESTIC who see us as the only obstacle left standing in the way of the NWO vision! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! It’s still not TOO LATE!

      • Vicki

        Flashy accidently speaks well of the Bush tax cuts by writing:

        The “Bush tax Cuts” resulted in the lowest jobless growth rate ever (how’s that for ‘trickle down” ?),
        I say that is a REALLY good trickle down. The lowest growth in jobless ever.

        massive redistribution of wealth from the 99% to the 1%,

        By the direct consent of the 99%. They did CHOOSE to buy the products of the 1% unlike Obamacare which will FORCE the 99% to buy a product that many do not want to buy.

      • Flashy

        vicki…thank you..I emant the lowest growth in job.

        As for the 99% choosing to buy from the 1%….you’re saying the meager income gains by the Middle Class and the transfer of wealth to the 1% was voluntary on the part of the Middle Class? Really ?

      • Jeff

        Flashy, if Bushii/Cheney is to blame for the way the country is doing now then why is it that I was able to get a job with very little trouble until Obama got into the WH? I thank my lucky stars everyday that I’m on full disability due to a very, very serious illness, unlike one guy got on full disability just cause of him being a drunk for years and might I add making over three times more than what I am.

      • Tom W.

        Brutalize ‘em with facts Ted! All you’ll get in response from Duchebag are fabrications!!!

      • Vicki

        vicki…thank you..I emant the lowest growth in job.

        You’re welcome. Btw the reason for the pitiful job growth is that most everyone who wanted to be, was employed. That is what happens when unemployment approaches zero.

        As for the 99% choosing to buy from the 1%….you’re saying the meager income gains by the Middle Class and the transfer of wealth to the 1% was voluntary on the part of the Middle Class? Really ?

        Really and I defy you to prove otherwise.

        Unless you mean taxes by government to spend on their cronies. Then you and I would agree.

  • s c

    Buy silver, and think of it as retaliation, folks.

    • Sirian

      s c, very good advice – Silver – one of the best roads to follow for sure!!

      • Tom W.

        Look at what copper has done over the same time period as this rise in silver and gold!

      • DaveH

        Theoretically any non-degradable non-renewable natural resource would protect us from inflation. The problem is — Why would you want to store or carry around one ton of copper worth about $7400 when you could instead store or carry around 14.5 lbs of silver, or 4.5 ounces of gold worth about the same amount?

      • Flashy

        DaveH….if that’s what you perceive as the problem…perhaps the Mises website can instruct you in the ways of the commodity markets and taking the highest profits playing the metals.

        With China hitting a snag and beginning its long term trend downward as an economic power … I’d venture metals are not a good bet right now. Gold’s bubble is going to burst, copper will drop some as will silver. Grains and meats … worth taking a long hard look at those. This Summer looks like it’s gonna be a challenge for farming and ranching …

      • Paul B.

        Damn Flashy, as much as I hate it,,, I have to agree. the metals market, barring economic collapse in Europe have peaked. Futures in food, heading into what could be a rough summer may be better, but given the economic policy making from this administration, a pandemic of follies, farming may also take a hit. I can’t see Obama doing anything that would actually help our domestic farming situation… its not part of his twisted leftist ideology.

        But then we can always hope that during this critical “election year” and Dems consistent tendency to track center right in order to get re-elected (wonder why that is), he may actually try to help a poor guy citizen out… but I wouldn’t count on it.

      • Tom W.

        DaveH, I was talkin’ about as an investment! PaulB, don’t encouage him! He’s not right!!! He’s Flushdouche! The crisis in Europe is far from over, they’ve only robbed Peter to buy a liitle more time before the enevitable! IT’S COMIN’!!! The trading price for precious metals is tied directly to the strengh of the Greenback! As long as the dollar remains the world’s standard currency and weak, the price of these commodities will stay high, but if the dollar ever regains strengh, then you see a SUDDEN collapse in their price. If, and this is what I fear is getting ready to transpire, the US dollar is replaced as the world’s standard currency, you’d better have a good hiddin’ place for them precious metals! And the bank or broker isn’t going to be it!!! GET READY, IT’S COMIN’! You think inflation is bad now?!!

      • DaveH

        You’re so defensive, Tom. I merely stated a fact. Is it your time of the month?

      • DaveH

        Sorry, Tom. I misread your comment and thought you were saying I was like Flashdouche.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “DaveH….if that’s what you perceive as the problem…perhaps the Mises website can instruct you in the ways of the commodity markets and taking the highest profits playing the metals”.
        We’re talking about protection from Big Government and its Inflation, Flashdunce.
        People can gamble (hopefully informed gambles) with a vast array of devices — Stocks, Municipal Bonds, Treasury Bills, Futures Contracts, Options, and many others including Las Vegas. But that wasn’t the subject.
        I would pity the person that took investment advice from you, Flashman, even if you were a credible person.

      • DaveH

        And Flashy has been calling a Gold Bubble since he was HFlashman (2010).
        The problem is that he is either too ignorant to understand the concept that the more money is created, the lesser its value is, or he is assuming some of the readers will be ignorant enough to believe him.
        Gold is rising because the people in the know are aware that the Federal Reserve has been as busy creating new fiat dollars as Flashman has been at creating his fabricated facts:

      • Tom W.

        It’s Ok DaveH, I can see how that would get your goat! Let’s pray to God that there’s only one and that He broke the mold immediately following the creation of Flushdouche!!!

  • JimH

    elebrateing a tax refund is like celebrateing getting your change back from a cashier. It’s a party every day.
    Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

    • Tom W.

      Point well made JimH! LOL!!!

      • Tom W.

        Oh yeah, I almost forgot, found a five dollar bill while bringing in the trash can this morning! Pennies from Heaven on Friday the 13th!!! HALLELUJAH!

  • Nottakenyan

    Pay in your taxes on April 17 so this illegal, lying black bastard can take his family on more wasteful tax paid vacations.

    • T i m

      My name is T i m , Your attitude of hate , is part of the reason Obama may get re elected . Mr. Wood did a good job , explaining what we should have been doing all along . My taxes are arranged where I may pay in couple hundred with an extended request form . AT LEAST I am confident I am not contributing to the problem of paying the welfare system with my social security . MY MONEY IS IN MY POCKET . The welfare population and the teachers union is what the Democrats are depending on for re election . Lot of people do not know , every recorded wage earner in the nation pays welfare through social security . If you ask for tax deduction on anything on your taxes , you are GIVING GOVERNMENT PERMISION TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO WITH YOU MONEY . I have mine arranged , if I can not get it back on my own ….I DO NOT SPEND IT . If government gives me tax check for over payment , THEY OWN IT . There are only a few things government needs to control , because the sheep are not considerate enough to think of others . My money is not one of them .

      • Brad

        My name is Tim. What a goof the guy is black, possibly you should change your name to blind tim or black blind Tim if that fits best.

        • T i m

          My name is T i m . I was talking to NOTTAKENYAN , about how hateful his attitude is . I do not remeber seeing Brad in the Post . I guess the messages are getting mixed up .

      • oh oh

        I don’t know if the comment was hateful or not. It was impassioned but also could raise a valid question about Obama’s racial background since Obama does appear to pursue divisive policies based on race and it appears to stem from the black half of his background. This comment is not based on hate, just observations about Obama that should be obvious to anyone who have followed the race-based polices of his administration.

      • Tom W.

        There’s no question about O’s ethnicity! His dad was a Kenyan Socialist elitest who got to come over here on a scholarship to the University of Hawaii where he met Barack’s mom, a little spoiled white brat with leftist leanings who after Barack’s dad abandoned to pursue his educational opportunity to attend Harvard and a failed marrage to an Indonesian man allowed little Barry to return to Hawaii to be raised by his white (I understand communist sympathizing?!) grandparents. (His grandmother was the first woman to ever be named to a position of vice-president for a bank in the state of Hawaii! You go girl!!!) Where Barack was rasied a snotty-nosed white brat and was mentored by infamous Chicago (Connection?) native Frank Marshall Davis, a contributing editor to “Political Affairs”, an openly Marxist political review.

      • Vicki

        T i m is pointing out that his name is T(space)i(space)m which may not be the same as Tim.

      • Tom W.

        None the less Vicki, I knew which neo-Nazi a$$hole t i m was talkin’ about!

      • Tom W.
    • Ted Crawford

      While no one could possibly, even on drugs, call me anything even resembling an Obama supporter, this type of racist name calling is offensive and extremely counterproductive, therefore it’s my belief that you are simply a Progressive plant!

      • Tom W.

        I didn’t think about it Ted, but it’s probably Flushy!

    • Tom W.

      You’re definately Nottakenyan, not with that white pointy hood!!!

      • Ron

        God Bless the Coming Confederate States of America. A few allwhite plantation owners, a bunch of dumb sharecroppers willing to die to defend ‘em, and lots and lots and lots of slaves.

        After all, with the majority of America’s GDP being tied up in trafficking in human beings in 1860, you can say with a smirk that slaveholders were America’s Original Job-Creators (I’m sure in 4-500 years some of the wealth would’ve tinkled down to the “welfare-queens”).

        And Abraham Lincoln was America’s first traitor Redistributor-in-Chief, who asked realwhite Americans to die taking the wealth from these job creators (whiny libs call it “freeing the slaves”)

        And John Wilkes Booth was a simple RealAmerican SuperPatriot Exercising His Second-Amendment Remedy to take with the bullet what the South lost with the ballot, by executing the traitor (whiny libs call it “assassinating” and “murdering the President”), Abraham Lincoln.

        One thing: Lincoln sure couldn’t be a Republican nowadays, not with all these RINOs who’ve hijacked his party.

        Second thing: In November, America will not be choosing between “SuperFakeyPatriot RealAmerica” and CommuNaziNig-A-KenyanHomoSocialism. We will be choosing between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America.

        Third thing: Having insinuated the Confederacy into the Supreme Court and the Congress, and demonstrating the ability to gun up, blunt down, and thug out in the streets with guns, the Confederacy may indeed succeed in overthrowing America. After all, the Nazis never had more than 33% of the popular vote in Germany, but they had all the thugs…
        …but to borrow from former President Cheney–Confederacy: You may succeed in overthrowing the United States of America, but we will NEVER welcome you as liberators.

      • Tom W.

        Ron, you still smell like smoke from the cross burning you attended last night punk! Abraham Lincoln, arguably and TRULY one of the greatest presidents in our short history, was one of the few presidents that we have had that was not a Freemason. John Wilkes Booth on the other hand was! You don’t suppose that had anything to do with Abe’s assassination do ya cracker?!! As a matter of fact, I would say that there lies the key as to why a statue of Albert Pike, a confederate general, rumored founder of the KKK, and the Grand Sovereign Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, stands across from the Supreme Court Bldg. in DC! The ONLY confederate general to be afforded such a HONOR!

      • Tom W.

        To put all the blame on Lincoln for something that was going to erupt sometime is extremely unfair Bob, are you sayin’ that you sided with the south Mr. Livingston?! Oh, and just what degree Mason are you Bob?!!

      • Tom W.

        “I know that the Lord is always on the side of the right. But it is my constant anxiety and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side.” – Abraham Lincoln

      • Tom W.

        Why ya do me like this Bob?! Here it is, a georgeous Fri. afternoon where I’m at. I just took some wings and ribs off the grill ( And I hate to brag, but I can BURN!!!), and now what just happened, I can’t eat until I address this! I even took a little walk, some deep breaths, and said a little prayer before makin’ this reply! I’m still tryin’ to figure it out, I never read and don’t have time to read either of your previous articles (I am assuming that they’re yours.) that you posted right now. I might latter on, I pretty much think I can get the gest of it from the web addresses. But when I read your rebutal, I needed a standin’ eight count! Any who, here some toothless, stringy blonde haired, tattooed, probably 90 lbs. soakin’ wet Johnny Reb is makin’ racially INTOLERANT remarks, and spoutin’ off about how the south is gonna rise again, spit! So I naturally engage the trailer park trash , and you rebuke me for defending what I evidently mistakenly thought was a general consensus one of the greatest presidents we ever had in our history!!! So I’m tryin’ to figure this out Robert, what was it that I said that made you attack me? It can only be one of two things Bob, you’re either a Mason or one of THOSE Dr. Paul supporters! It is your right to have your own opinions Bob, it just puzzles the fagizzles out of me! That’s what Snoop Dog would say!!!

    • Tom W.
      • Tom W.

        Matthew 24:37-39 (KJV)
        “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

        But just exactly how was it in Noah’s day Lord?!

        Genesis 6:11 (KJV)
        “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.”

        Good night everyone, keep your eyes on the skies, JESUS IS COMIN’! He loves y’all and so do I!!! See y’all in the AM for Ben, Good Lord willin’ and the Church don’t rise!!! Can’t hardly wait! I love Ben even more than arguin’ with Bob!!!

        Mah Shalomkah Robert!

  • Sue

    When I used to work in the corporate world I usually shut my taxes off for Federal around mid May by turning in a new W4 form claiming 99 exemptions. Legally you are unable to say you are exempt from federal taxes (unless you truly are) but if you take 99 exemptions than you essentially accomplish the same thing, no federal taxes taken out.

  • Steve E

    Trade in gold and silver and it won’t be taxed.

    • Ted Crawford

      I fear that there is a clause in PPACA that might end that option if we buy in quantitys of $600 or more!

    • Alex Frazier

      A guy tried that in like New Mexico or Texas or somewhere. He was paying his employees with gold coins, minted by our government with a face value stamped into the coin. They arrested him and put him on trial for tax evasion. He was convicted. I think he was sentenced to something outrageous like a hundred something years (it was x number of years per count times n counts of evasion).

      So … good thinking, but it won’t work. Logic only works when the government uses it. When a citizen tries it, the government warps logic and common sense to put the ballsy criminal in prison.

      • DaveH

        Once people come to the realization that Government is just the Biggest Gang in the land and they are looking out for themselves and their Cronies, the rest becomes clear.

      • Ted Crawford

        The Founders tried to warn us of this over 200 years ago!
        ” The two enemies of the people are criminals and Government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first” Thomas Jefferson

      • Tom W.

        They think they’re freakin’ bluebloods DaveH!!! KILLER quote Ted!

      • Vicki

        Another example is what happened to Norfed

      • DaveH

        Scary stuff, Vicki. Thank you for the link.

      • Tom W.

        Truly Vicki, most excellent post!!!

      • Shawn Stanley

        People, here, are still looking for a job, but cant get a basic part time job bec illegal immigrants are being hired to fill them, even as left wing politics is saying that there are many openings. Actually, companies are cutting back hours on current employees just to open up a slot for work just to make the unemployment problem look as if companies arent struggling. Its another ploy of false hope by the current administration. This is in Florida!

      • “Homer”

        Alex; Good hit man, BUT I’ll give you one reason why this nation will fall: are you a history buff, or do you read it? Well everynation that started out started good…then every nation that ended, ended bad…that’s because they FORGOT GOD! The foundations of God and good govt were forgotten and sooooo they fell to the junkheap of nations. See Germany, England Spain etc They all did and do fall for lack of Knowledge! NO GOD, NO PEACE, KNOW GOD, KNOW PEACE!! Without God ye can do nothing!! John 15:5 KJV

      • Mountain Saint

        This nation has abandoned God and families until now less than one half of one percent of our youth have a biblical worldview. We are no longer a Judeo-Christian nation and protected and blessed by God (Genesis 12:3) …Accordingly, God has allowed us to elect a wicked Indonesian, Barry Soetoro, a Communist and Muslim, as president to destroy our economy (Capitalism), culture (traditional marriage), Constitution (separation of powers), military (superpower) and society (race harmony). If Obama is reelected, then the economy will completely collapse and we will have race wars (entire cities burnt to the ground – per David Wilkerson), And, eventually, the United States will be nuked out of existence by the Russians in World War Three (Ezekiel 39:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33).

      • Boston Blackie

        “It appears to be apathy and pure laziness that have allowed the decline of this great nation.” – which was deliberately caused by the destruction and poisoning of our environment, food and water supply. It is hard to fly like an eagle when you are being poisoned and malnourished.
        As defined by Mussolini, Fascism is the merger of State and Corporate power.

      • Heaven’s Ambassador

        If true U.S. citizens do not stand up against their treasonous Government, against the president and his personally appointed zhars, who, by the way are not qualified for anything but lifetime occupation at Guatanimo Cuba. Even the rest of the turncoats who have been elected by the people, to do the will of the people, but have decided to do the will of the highest bidder!

        If we do not do something soon we will be a suburb of Russia known as the UN-United States Socialist Republic (UUSSR) under the tyranny of King Barak & Queen Michelle and his Zhars.

        Look at what has taken place in the last three and 2/3 years, without the blessing of the people, and with the leadership of such people who will pass laws without even reading them. People who are willing to sign the sovereignty of our “Constitutional Republic” over to the Marxists of the world. If such leadership keeps us divided we shall fall!!

        We must STAND UNITED! Actually, we must do more than just stand, we must take action together!

      • Vince dunlap

        You are right on Alex
        I am 80 years old and I have seen apathy everywhere ,in the churches, the workplace and my own children and grand children the youth of today would rather be slave than brave. The exception to that would be our military. In 4 more more years this country will be finished as a republic.
        Vince Dunlap

      • Dorian Douglas

        I don’t necessarily disagree with the comments in the article. But it describes a symptom, not the disease.

        Our government, thru the Dept of Education (thru Federal Aid to education & its strings), has dumbed down our schools, taken morality out of the classroom, helped foster dependency on government by removing free market curiculums, excused parents for abdicating parental responsibility over our children.

        It was done with the expressed purpose of bring down the country, so Progressives (elitists who think they know better than we what is good for us) could take over the control of the country.

        This election is the last stand against them. But we must get non-progressive representatives elected, or all will be for naught. The Tea Party is the only group picking those candidates.

        Dorian Douglas

      • Al

        The present administration has done more harm to America than any threat we have ever faced and continues to charm voters through lies and false promises. With half the population not paying taxes and a majority of group living on government dole, there is high risk of losing our country to socialism. How did we allow the major media to become such a propaganda machine and how do we get people to understand, even those on the dole, that continuing to take money away from working taxpayers will ultimately end in a crisis that no one, other than the political leadership and their allies can survive. We must stop paying illegals to stay in this country and deport them back to whence they came and close the borders of our nation to further illegal infiltration. It will not happen under the current administration and senate. Al

      • jim crawford

        When we traded our factories for cheap goods that was the start of our downfall.

      • http://N/A sONNY

        They thin all Americans are asleep. All I can say is if the govt continues on it’s current path,”THERE WILL BE BLOOD”

      • Bonnie

        Many of us will not give up! We tell those around us, where ever we go, that our country is doomed if we do not turn back to God. I tell people to pray, hope for the best, get out of debt, and get in a position to help your neighbor.
        In Van Jone’s book “Nudge”, he calls for the death of 30 million people in our country.
        I pray it doesn’t come to that. We have to hold ground, this is good vs evil, not give up.
        God is involved when we invite him. Thanks for the info.
        God speed,

      • http://windows7 juan ganem

        the writing is on the wall…. the united states of america is on the same páth that took down the roman empire….exactly the same events… but there are people who don´t care because the have lived off the hog too long.. CONFUSIUS

      • RozLynn Downer

        This is a reply to Patriot 1776……

        I so agree with everything you said about all those Patriots who have died throughtout the history of America, the greatest experiment in the history of mankind and now it appears soon to be ending! The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave; created out of love of freedom and justice for all; believing we were given rights by GOD, not government to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I weep in terror for my children and grandchildren, along with all others who will soon see the truth of continuing life if we stay on this path of ruination. And, then to think of the thousands upon thousands who have died for the idea of liberty, it’s mindboggling how we have become such sheep and all of our goodness, ethics, and just plain seeing the truth for the truth has left us. It is so bad that even the colleges are now telling the students about only 15-17% of them will succeed! Can you believe that? Liberal college professors now telling students this? My youngest daughter who will be 20 years old in less than 2 weeks called me this morning following the first day of classes and said that is what she was told! God help us to get back on track before November; otherwise, as I have said before, America as we know it is over, and we deserve what we get.

      • Marianne Cannizzaro

        I think that America is still the greatest nation in the world. What we need is for the silent majority who pay for everything to stand up and say…..You get what you earn…no more and no less. Everyone must work together not divided to perpetuate this great nation for the future. Anyone not willing to WORK toward that goal….there is the border and you can leave. There are no freebies anymore in America. We also don’t need to change America…she is great just the way she is with our Constitution….
        To have the dream of prosperity and freedom, it must be earned through hard work and dedication toward that goal. As John Kennedy said, Ask not what your country can do for you….Ask what you can Do for your Country…enough said.
        I spent 37 years educating our youth in Elementary School. I have no regrets. I loved preparing the future generations for their lives of prosperity. Never once did I ever teach them that there was a free ride out there. I taught them to EARN their grades and WORK hard for their future. I also had the students say the “Pledge of Allegiance” every morning and for many years played Lee Greenwood’s song “Proud to be an American” which I am.
        My students learned the value of our great country…and that’s where patriotism the classroom if not first at home. I love America and will until the day I die.
        Marianne Cannizzaro

      • Mischa


      • MysticWarrior

        Alex, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU !!! I am also a PATRIOT and A WARRIOR. I AM NOT going to just sit back and DO NOTHING!! I say”BRING IT ON,WE’LL DANCE”!! I may go down, But I will be taking ALOT of them with ME!! For the REST OF YOU, That don’t BELIEVE what is about to happen , TAKE OFF YOUR ROSE COLORED GLASSES AND PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR A**!! Come join the FIGHT before it is to LATE!! YOUR FELLOW PATRIOT< MYSTIC WARRIOR

      • craig wettstein

        Below you will find a “Rant and Rave”, that I posted on Face books last night. The country is where it’s at due solely to the fact that NO Republican or Democrat, plus too large of a # of Libertarians do not understand “ECOMOMICS”!!!! In order to have a “healthy” economy, One that is working toward the betterment of ALL of society, it HAS to be left completely alone. No TAMPERING allowed, such as the “carrot and stick anallogy”. Cronie Capitalism is far removed from the true meaning of a “Capitallistic Economy!

        There was time in this country when smart men took their Big ideas to other men that were financially well off, and together they created businesses that fueled the the creation of the greatest nation this earth had ever seen. Today business is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. It’s devolved into who can get and hold the biggest government contract, who can sell the most stocks for the most amount of money with their fingers crossed that that business will even still be there in 10 years, or, even better yet….who can borrow the most “INVESTMENT” money from a quasi private lender, but with the “full faith and credit” of the US government gauranteeing no lose to that lender. In short, there really is no incentive any more to put the full power of your mind and body to the task, nor your own saved earnings on the line. After all, what the hell, the good old US taxpayer is there to bail our asses out!!!! There is one more thing about business today that bothers me. So much of it has to be behind closed doors! And it isn’t due to the need for product secrecy. It’s due to, “if the public knew about this, they’ld (expletive deleted) their pants”!!! It is this humble persons opinion, that government is the culprit in creating the business culture we live with today. Reward is no longer for the hardest working, smartest thinking, if anything those types are pushed down, and held down by rules and regulations set up by gov. bureaucrats. It’s the person that can afford the lobbyist, has the “right gov connection” that thrives today. And we as citizens/consumers are now paying dearly, with no lite at the end of the tunnel in sight!

        The youtube video attached is safe to click on. It’s not exactly what I’m try to convey with the above rant and rave, but it’s damn close.

      • MR. Michael Ehrlich

        The young people of today have been to rol over a play dead and everything will be allright.That fight for something is wrong..

      • Kay

        You’re absolutely right! All that and more. Not protecting our borders from illegals is causing more drugs and the crimes that come with it, more diseases that were once eliminated in this country, more unemployment than necessary. Our cutting down the size of our military is making us very vulnerable to attack. Our present policies are making us the laughing stock of the whole world. Our disregard for our Constitution is stripping us of our rights while we stupidly try to give those rights to the very people who want to kill us.

      • F.B.Carter

        NO, we do not give up. The American people are waking up to the corruption under obama and even more corruption the next four years IF he is re-elected. America will go down the tubes. . Obama does not love America but WE DO.

        Vote: Romney/Ryan to turn this country around. They are the two R’s who make it Right !

        God Blest Them and God Bless America..

        • craig wettstein

          You Mr Carter are totally missing the point. There hasn’t been a president since Calvin Coolidge that really understood true capitalism. Obaba has been a socialist diaster, but if you think R&R are going to be your, (our), saviors, you’ve got big time blinders on. The biusiness of buisness is 2 partys making an exchange that is good for both of the parties. ANY governmental intrusion into that transaction screws the entire transaction up . In short, we haven’t had a “TRUE” Capatalistic business climate since BEFORE FDR!!! And at this point…todays “Business men”, have no clue how to transact business, (that is GOOD for this country). It has become a lost art.

      • Lj

        Some opinions may differ, But lets, cut to the chase. america isn’t failing because of laziness. It’s all the small things that add up, to one big thing. It;s americans families that slowy fell to poverty and despare, do to the loss of the best men in there families. slowly 1 generation after another. being sold out by there own buisnesses,(that still to this day get billions in bale-outs of our tax dollars) While the families of those lost in war,were given a sincere letter of “regrets-to-inform-you” Im glad for all the families that or whom the men remained alive and lived to acheive wealth and prosparitym do to the loss of better men in mine. And politians whom are so busy covering up,there own paper trails that the no longer have, the time to keep there campian promises, to Great American politician that stuffs there pockets with bribery money for turning there blind eye, to oil polution control,and thee tobacco indistries. and all there secretive,second and third party chains to distribute, the monies back to them, in off shore bank accounts. and being sold-out To out sourcing for cheaper labor, with so many needing employment….why out source???? Hmmm! Americans wont work….Hmmm! indeed? or the fact that the corprate america has paid. to cut it;s own throat…short term gains and long term losses. The fact that now, thanks to the wrong people coming into leadership/power. Justice, is defined by affordability?? Yes,America is failing because we the citizens are at fault, not lazy money Corrupt politicians. or for being sold out for higher profit margins. With, im sure a well thought out excuse from some CEO Whom, i know, much like George Washington” Could never tell a lie” This country was established with less, Defended with less and became the greatest country in the world, simply because those were better Leaders and better men.This is what happens when money/profits/capitol tuaranic minded idiots, think that there spoiled behavior, with there posh jobs titles, means they can just keep doing what they want to anyone or any country, with coencidences or no harm will come to them. mark my words well, one day america a plate of food will hold more value than a pound of gold. And if yo think, that other than in words, A politician would stand next to you. they will just grab the money and run….why else would they need t hide there illegaly obtianed money outside of this country…..we have plenty of banks here.

      • Alex Fletcher

        I agree 100 percent .

      • keith

        alex your flowery pride filled comments make us feel good but probally won’t compel anyone to leave the couch. i’m responding only to this one comment you said twice; I can’t count how many times i’ve heard others repeat it. “the future of our children or grandchildren DESERVE “. well alex once you get off the couch you’ll notice alot of useless American kids, i’m related to a couple—everybody knows some neighbor kid whos nothing but trouble. would everbody stop saying our kids deserve a better future. where did that new-age crap come from anyway..tell kids the truth—they only DESERVE what you EARN!

      • Mario flores

        This world will End because we are letting people like Obama,Rottemy,run this world.I am not voting for no one no is good enough for the people.

      • http://yahoo lonnie andrist

        I really enjoyed what saidsd in the article.I am a military veteran and am proud of it. As americans we need to stand up and obahama out of office and get someone who do something good for all amercans who still feel there is still hope for this country.

  • MontanaGrandmom

    a friend chose not to file 4 years ago because they would owe and didn’t have a way to pay it. They just gathered all documentation and filed for 4 years worth. They still have an amount owed but will be making payments. However, when they got some of their older doucumentation from HR Block, they were told that there is a 3 year statute of limitations on REFUNDS. What’s up with that? Thete is no such limitation on taxes owed, so why should there be one on refunds? I told them they needed to get specific documentation on such an ‘ruling’. Anyone know anything about this? Oh, I know, IRS makes the rules up as they go and they only benefit IRS & gov, not the citizens.

    • DaveH

      See my comment under Alex Frazier’s comment.
      Also it helps to read, read, and more read to come to an understanding of what is really going on. has generously provided many Free books in PDF form (do a search on their site for “online books”) for all Freedom Lovers who want to learn as much as they can about money and our country’s history. I like these two (read “What Has Government Done to our Money” first):

      • DaveH
      • Tom W.

        I have personally been in tax trouble on the federal, state, and local level. Of the three, I found the IRS by FAR the easiest to deal with! I originally hale from Louisville, KY, and the state of KY was a little more demanding than the feds, but the L’ville city tax, also known as the Sinking Fund, JESUS! They would send you letters threatening you with immediate jail time if they didn’t get their money RIGHT NOW!!! The fed. g’ment would at least work with ya!

    • Flashy

      From what little I know, a friend was telling me of his situation. IF you filed and owed, they can go back 5 years. If they hadn’t taken steps to collect the taxes beforehand, no action after five years results in a statute of limitations waiver. That’s IF the IRS has taken no action other than apply any future refunds to the old tax bill.

      If one doesn’t file…it goes on forever as the debt was undiscoverable until some sort of return is filed.

      Now…if you don’t file, that’s not a crime to the best of my knowledge. But when they catch up to you…and they will … you’re dead meat as they nail your butt to the wall. If you file and hype the numbers, that’s a crime. EVEN IF the false information ends with you paying more taxes because of it . You filed fraudulent tax returns…

      A PIECE OF KNOWLEDGE —> If you are thinking of refinancing or buying a house this year, think about your deductions. Income for mortgage lending purposes is calculated using TAXABLE INCOME after deductions etc. And there is no give in that figure being used. If you tell Uncle Sam you have X as taxable income, the bank has to use X.

      So if you earned 60K, and then deduct shoes, clothes, receipts, bills and expenses, etc and knock the taxable to 30K….by law and regulation, the bank uses 30K as your income for mortgage lending purposes. So if you’re thinking about a mortgage loan this year…think about if those deductions are worth taking.

  • css

    What would happen if everyone quit paying “forced” taxes of any kind, including but not limited to ‘forced’ licenses to travel, hunt, or ‘rent’ on one’s property? I think that’s what’s needed for the bloated government to get the message that enough is enough. Are they going to throw every one in jail, and/or use the extra taxes to build more jails to give people a permanent home and relief from their ‘rent’ taxes?

    Our taxes aren’t going towards the greater good of Americans. They’re going to the bankers and the 50 unnecessary and unconstitutional organizations that the feds dreamed up. The more taxes Americans pay another organization is created out of thin air to waste those taxes on.

    Of course the bankers want more earned money taken from the wealthy because they don’t like competition and a wealthy person has the ability to create businesses and more jobs. They don’t want more jobs created because that would interrupt their plans of keeping their entitlement sheeple asleep while they destroy the middle class. Bankers are evil people and the American government, President and Congress, are only guards who carry out the banker’s plans. I vote not to pay any taxes, except sales taxes, and especially taxes that contribute to Obama and family’s vacations.

    • Alex Frazier

      It wouldn’t work because no organization could be formed fast enough to prevent it being countered. It’s a federal crime to encourage people not to pay taxes. So the very act of trying to organize such a show of civil disobedience would land the ringleaders in prison before the movement ever got off the ground.

      • T i m

        Contrar sir, not so . I am self employed , pay my taxes once a year . I tell people that . Corporate AMERICA has been doing it for years . You don’t tell people to not pay taxes . You arrange your taxes where you handle them , NOT THE COMPANY PAYROLL SECRETARY . Pay your taxes once a year , not once a week . Welare gets paid from social security , because of monthly recorded social security deductions . PAY YOUR OWN TAXES , DO NOT DEPEND ON COMPANY PAYROLL SECRETARY . My name is T i m

      • Alex Frazier

        What he said was: “What would happen if everyone quit paying “forced” taxes of any kind, including but not limited to ‘forced’ licenses to travel, hunt, or ‘rent’ on one’s property?”

        That is what I was responding to. You can tell people all day long to keep all their money and pay their taxes at the end of the year, but you can’t tell people to not pay their taxes at all. It’s against the law.

    • DaveH

      As long as there is a Central Bank printing our money, css, Government would just create the money they needed out of thin air (or paper), thus taxing us the hidden way by making our held cash worth less and less.

      • DaveH

        The biggest problem we have is lack of a real education for most of the citizens. With a real education (especially in economics), the citizens would realize that the only people who really benefit from Big Government are the 1% who have the Power and their Crony Capitalists. Even the poor who are currently receiving goodies are in the long run being screwed because they are missing out on gaining necessary skills for living and working, and they will be the first ones thrown under the bus when the SHTF (Government runs out of other peoples’ money) and they don’t have the basic skills to survive decently without their Freebies.

    • Tom W.

      I like the way ya think css! That’s exactly what I’ve said all along, if the American people would ever realize the power We the People possess as a UNITED force and start hittin’ these foes we disagree where it hurts ‘em the worse, in their pocket books!!! Boycott air travel and the TSA will be toast! Plan a no drive or no purchase gas day or two, I’ll bet it wouldn’t take many to get some attention! And like css said if We the People don’t like what our goverment is doing, just like those brave, proud patriots at Boston Harbor on that cold Dec, evening in 1773, it’s time to put up or shut up!!! css is right, are they gonna put us ALL in jail?!!

      “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” – Abraham Lincoln

    • vicki

      css writes:

      Are they going to throw every one in jail,

      Think FEMA camp.

    • http://yahoo lonnie andrist

      I agree that if all american people stopped paying income tax they cant lock up all the people.THEY HAVE TO start pending the money tmore wisely to make it go further.There will be a total change of mind in this country smetime soon and then the federal goverment will have to take notice.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Last year was the year i dont file taxes anymore i retired.

    • DaveH

      Even those of us, who aren’t directly paying in, are still losing because money is being siphoned out of the hands who would have put it in Capital Machinery and Plants which would have produced more goods for all of us at cheaper prices. And that siphoned money is then just consumed by Government and all the people whose votes they are buying with it. Eventually we go the way of Argentina or other such countries who once had robust economies but now suck eggs because their citizens fell for the Siren Songs of the Progressives.

    • Tom W.

      Congratulations sean, may God bless you with a looong healthy happy retirement!

  • dan

    Who owes taxes…IRS CODE: Title 26, CFR Sec.1.861_8T (d)(2)(ii) and (iii)
    Th Subjects are exempt

  • Pete0097

    I just filed and am getting $200 or so back. I guess that I figured it right all year, unfortunately, I am also paying a lot more in taxes over last year and I am not making any more money. I am paying an extra $400 per month.

    • Ted Crawford

      How can this be true Pete? Obama and his minions have been almost constantly reassuring us that he’s given us tax breaks! While at the same time deamonizing the President who actually did! Can you be suggesting that this administration is less than honest?
      I am, however, still waiting for the explaination of how, if that’s true, we worked four days longer this year, and seven days longer than when he took office, to pay our tax liabilities!

      • Flashy

        For a large portion of taxpaying workers, the lowering of the employee deduction affects the bottom line of income versus amount due.

        i haven’t checked the rates from last year to this year…but in theory they should be the same or lower this year .

  • Mad

    Obama i am dont paying taxes and paying for your mistakes

  • nc

    Chip, for some people in the world everything you listed in the “poem” is a luxuray that they don’t enjoy by living in a country other than this overtaxed oppressed ( NUMBER 1) nation IN THE WORLD?????.How many people do you know that have died from being overtaxed in this couuntry.

    Is there anything that you see as a blessing from living here or being born here if you were? Is there any other place in the world that would serve your needs any better? Those in this country earning less than $250,000.00 are paying less Federal income tax than they have in three years. The war in Iraq was dumb but it was not free! The mlitary that protects the Libertarians is not ‘free” What % of the Federal highway systen that you drive on did you pay?

    Tax me more if you must but for God’s sake don’t deport me!! I understand that the costs of running a nation of 300 million plus is more than when this nation was 100 million and two world wars and three stupid wars ago!

    • Lueder

      I beg to differ on your statement of people that earn <$250,000 pay less in taxes. We earn MUCH less than that and are paying more in taxes this past year. It is the only way to pay "upfront" for Obamacare and the King's vacations. Between State and Fed this year, we are getting about a $90 refund. In years past we have gotten thousands back.

      I prepared taxes for 5 years (until I got sick of the whiners, whining about their "refund" when in actuality they were getting a "free-fund). I always tried to get people to understand that they were just allowing the gov't to use their money like an interest-free loan but they were always like, "But I use that to catch up on things." If they had had the money all year they probably wouldn't have been behind and needed to "catch-up".

    • DaveH

      You got the War part right, but for some reason your learning stopped there.
      Yes, we’ve got a Wealthy nation, but that wealth was a result of our prior relative Freedom, which we have largely lost. If we continue to ignore the plunder of our Leaders, that wealth will eventually go out the window.
      The reason we have those “luxuray”s, NC, and other countries don’t, is because their Governments are even Bigger than ours:
      And yes, NC, many people have died as a result of being overtaxed. With more money in their pockets they may well have been able to buy better medical care, or better food, or better life-aiding education, to name just a few. And with less money in Government’s pockets, we wouldn’t be suffering the killings by the Nazi-like Drug Raids and other such immoral behavior by the Big Government gang.
      NC says — “I understand that the costs of running a nation of 300 million plus is more than when this nation was 100 million and two world wars and three stupid wars ago”.
      What you don’t understand, NC, is that when our nation had only 100 million people, Government was many times smaller proportionally, and that Progressives (those people who champion big Government) have been responsible for getting us into those wars.
      For example, Government now spends over 40% of our GDP, with a population of about 310 million people. In 1900, Government spent less than 7% of our GDP, with a population of about 76 million people. Note that using a percentage of GDP makes the population size irrelevant.
      But if you refuse to acknowledge that fact, we could talk in terms of inflation-adjusted spending by Government.
      In 1900 Government spent less than a Billion Dollars ($.63 Billion to be more exact).
      In 2011 Government spent $6050 Billion.
      Adjusting the 1900 expenditures to today’s dollars would put them at about $15 Billion (using the CPI inflation calculator). So Government today is spending 400 times as much as they did in 1900 even though the population size has only grown by 4 times as much.

      I don’t want to deport you, NC. I want you to get some education.

      • Brad

        Excaellent DaveH, Excellent!!!

      • Flashy

        LOL..DaveH…just when i think you can’t top yourself with inane and irrelevant comparisons…you go and do it even better.

        So you’re stating that the benefits, infratructure, technology, protections, and avenues for investment today have no value over what it was 112 years ago.

        Why did you use 1900? that’s what was on the Mises website? Why not 1800 and then you could toss in somethng really irrelevant such as a quote from a “Founding father’ and then claim it was their intent as a group in writing and approving the Constitution.

        Or you could use 1780.


      • DaveH

        Save it, Flashdunce, the regular readers know you have no credibility.

  • Jurgy

    Chip, I hope you don’t think I am nit-picking, but I am a bit confused when you wrote … “the truth is that the top 5 percent of U.S. taxpayers already pay about 60 percent of U.S. income taxes while the bottom 40 percent pay no income taxes at all.”
    If the bottom 40 percent [of taxpayers] pay no income taxes at all, how can you classify them as taxpayers? I think you need to clarify this statement. Are you talking about “income earners” or “citizens” or “workers”?

    • DaveH
      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Dave You really show your colors when you start quoting from NTU.
        NTU funded by the Tobacco industry, the Koch Brothers, and a member of ALEC.
        That explains a lot about you.

      • DaveH

        There figures are from the IRS.
        As usual the Progressive can’t dispute the facts, so instead he goes for personal attacks. You truly are worthless, aren’t you Eric?

      • vicki

        Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff) demonstrates the progressives inablity to refute the obvious by trying to discredit the source by writing:

        Dave You really show your colors when you start quoting from NTU.
        NTU funded by the Tobacco industry, the Koch Brothers, and a member of ALEC.

        Then tosses in another ad hominem attack on the poster as though it was relevent to the presented facts by writing:

        That explains a lot about you.

        Thanks for the lesson in how flashy writes Eric. Now go get some facts to counter what Dave presented. You, unlike flashy and most other liberals here, do occasionally post a link to your otherwise “proofs by bald assertion”.

    • Ted Crawford

      The reference is to “income earners” Jurgy. The percentage of citizens that do not work or pay Income taxes is closer to 50% !

      • Ted Crawford

        I failed to add that, doing the math here indicates that only 20% of us are paying the bills for the other 80%! Another example of the 80/20 rule!

      • vicki

        We should apply the “standing” rule used by courts to voting. If you don’t have to pay taxes then you don’t get to have a say in how those taxes are spent.

    • Brad

      Don’t worry Chip Jurgy is just a standard graduate of our finer institutions. Geesh!!

  • mark

    The average tax return is $2,400, this money was used for interest free for the course of one year and four month’s, a 18 month simple savings bond pay’s 4-7 % interest. The government is scamming everyone, where is the interest on my money being held illegally, without representation for at least 14 months. THE IDEAL FOR ALL WOULD TO OWE AROUND $ 1,000, TAKE THE DOUBLE EXTENSION, AND PAY OCT 15 OF EACH YEAR, THIS WOULD ACTUALLY MAKE GOVERNMENT HAVE SOME RESTRAINT ON SPENDING.

    • Chester

      Delaying payment sounds oh, so nice, but that isn’t allowedl You can file all the extensions you are allowed, but presumed taxes owed had better be paid in by April 15th, or 17th this year. If they aren’t paid then, you are in trouble with the IRS for failure to pay when due.

  • Mason Cobb

    After med school, I didn’t go into psychiatry, so now I come to this site to get my dose of unbalanced weirdness. This one’s easy from a moral and patriotic standpoint. (But of course severely disturbed people like this comment board are generally not pillars of morality anyway.)
    You pay for what you love. Don’t love America? Then b**ch about taxes. Love America? Then pull your weight for a change (well, if any of you actually are employable).

    • Paul B.

      Mason… most patriotic Americans aren’t complaining about paying taxes, it is the waste, corruption, fraud, cronyism, over-regulation and manipulation that we HATE our taxes going to cover. I wouldn’t mind paying “MY FAIR SHARE” as Obama states we should… I agree with him on that… but voluntarily submitting to the gluttony that DC has become is NOT FAIR, to any taxpayer, to any citizen. Clean up DC where I feel more comfortable that my FAIR SHARE is being used wisely, to the pruposes for which it was constiutionally intended, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

      Contributing for the good of all is great and welcomed by all, but being fleeced for the pure benefit of these with the sheers in their hands is why we have the problems we currently have in America. If you can’t understand that, then I suggest you take a closer look at what our taxes are being spent on.

      • Flashy

        Paul..who’d you vote for in your last Congressional and Senate race? the incumbent?

    • Ted Crawford

      You, sir, are proof positive that the Progressive indocturnation efforts in our institutions of higher education is working!!!

    • DaveH

      What you fail to comprehend is that we don’t share your sentiment on how our money should be spent. We don’t care if you’re content with how they spend YOUR money. We care about how they spend OUR money.
      Get over your selfish behavior.

  • HarryButtle

    Federal income taxes are lower now than at any time under George Bush. Corporate taxes are at a 40 year low. 30 major corporations paid more for lobbying than they paid in federal income taxes. Hedge fund manager John Paulson made $9 billion over two years and paid no federal income taxes. A millionaire likely pays a lower federal income tax rate than a middle class family. The government has grown less under Obama than it did under Reagan or either Bush. . What the heck is this article talking about? The article is drivel and nonsense.

    • T i m

      Go on and vote for Obama along with the welfare popultion , which everyone pays , and the teachers ubion . Every recorded wage earner in the nation pays welfare through social security . Tax refund checks tell the government they own what you have , because government pays you for the right to tell you how to live. The more you earn , the more you pay into welfare . Mr. H , the way I read this , it is not about the individual rate , IT IS ABOUT TAXES , period . What ever deduction you want to talk about , it is wrong . Every recorded wage earner in the nation , democrat or republican , PAY WELFARE THROUGH SOCIAL SECURITY . The more your check receipt gives you , the more welfare you pay . No matter what the rate , every one pays . T i m

    • Ted Crawford

      Another absolute example that the statement ” A message can travel around the world in a fraction of a second, but that last 1/4 inch between the ear and the brain, can take a lifetime” is a scientific fact!!

    • DaveH

      Harry says — “Federal income taxes are lower now than at any time under George Bush”.
      In 2001 (Bush’s first year) Federal revenues were $1991 Billion.
      In 2004 (end of Bush’s first term) Federal revenues were $1880 Billion.
      In 2008 (Bush’s last year) Federal revenues were $2524 Billion.
      In 2009 (Obama’s first year) Federal revenues were $2105 Billion.
      In 2011 (estimated revenues) Federal revenues were $2173 Billion.

      So right off the bat, I can say that Harry’s comment was only partly true.

      But Federal Revenues are only part of the picture. More important are the Federal Expenditures (we have to pay that money back some day):
      In 2001 (Bush’s first year) Federal expenditures were $1863 Billion.
      In 2004 (end of Bush’s first term) Federal expenditures were $2293 Billion.
      In 2008 (Bush’s last year) Federal expenditures were $2982 Billion.
      In 2009 (Obama’s first year) Federal expenditures were $3518 Billion.
      In 2011 (estimated expenditures) Federal expenditures were $3819 Billion.

      • Flashy

        Nice play with figures…but 2009 was bush II’s last budget

        you were correct giving him 2001…now why did you cut out his 2009 budget?

        Oh wait….that would ruin a slam against Pres. Obama …

        Sorry, forgot the rules. Facts and actual numbers don’t matter when it comes to slamming this administration.

      • DaveH

        So Bush is responsible for his first year, but Obama is not? You’re hitting the bottom of the barrel with your nonsense, Flashdunce.
        But then, the regular readers know that you have no credibility. Ask me to prove it, Flashman.

      • Opal the Gem

        “Ask me to prove it, Flashman.”

        Dave I think you need to quit using that statement. Flushy knows you have his number so when you use it he will not respond. If you call him a lier without that follow up statement he will likely let his guard down and callenge you then you can nail him once again with the proof he is a pathalogical lier.

      • DaveH

        I do it on purpose, so that others can observe that Flashman won’t answer my challenge, as you observed. But thanks for the advice.

      • vicki

        Flashy doesn’t answer my challenge either. Including the challenge above at
        April 14, 2012 at 12:20 am

        But that is cause he can’t :)

    • DaveH

      Harry says — “Corporate taxes are at a 40 year low”.
      Perhaps he meant tax rates? I don’t know, but I will take him at his word.
      In 2001 Corporate Income taxes were $151 Billion.
      In 2004 Corporate Income taxes were $189 Billion.
      In 2008 Corporate Income taxes were $304 Billion.
      In 2009 Corporate Income taxes were $138 Billion.
      In 2011 Corporate Income taxes were $181 Billion.
      See all the years here:
      Note that we’re in a deep recession, so of course the Corporate Income Tax revenues are down because Corporate revenues are down.
      Note that since 1972 (40 years ago), Corporate Income taxes were higher than in 2011 only 10 times out of 40.
      So, again, Harry’s statement was not true. Why does that not surprise me coming from a Liberal?
      More importantly, Corporate Taxes are just passed on to the rest of us in one form or another. They are just another way that the Big Government gang steals our money.

    • Brad

      Wow Harry you need to lay off that Kool-aide man, or just put some more of the funny water colored liquid in it. And while your a it add a bit of rat poisoning in there to help you swallow the EVERCLEAR!!

  • DaveH

    I like to ask my Liberal friends — “How much did you pay in Income Taxes this year?”.
    Invariably they will say “I got money back this year”. And I say “No, I didn’t ask you how much your refund was, I asked how much did you pay in Income Taxes this year?”. They don’t know, and that is why Uncle Scam passed the withholding laws. It makes it so much easier for them to fleece the citizens.

    • Sirian

      BINGO!! That is why they have truly earned the title of useful idiots. . . :)

  • PendragonRise

    I just bet you lived in Canada where their tax freedom day is June 6th.

  • Power To The People

    Every President says he is going to clean up the mess in Washington to get elected. It would take decades to get anything accomplished in that sewer pit. The talking heads spin everything to their warped view and sucker the masses to follow.

    The problem is not enough taxes…the problems are too many unnecessary programs, boondogles and waste. We are broke, printing money we don’t have and still giving money away to other nations and causes. Talk about ignorance!

    Every country that has done what the Federal Reserve is doing today will eventually collapse. Our day is coming…..real inflation is running between 6-10% and growing. Once China ammasses enough gold and other metals, they will be able to dump the dollar and it will then plummet by 20-50%. Hope and Change Baby!!

  • PendragonRise

    I just bet you lived in Canada where their tax freedom day is June 6th. But then that’s due to their nationalized Healthcare!

  • April

    I make $54,000 a year. I pay my mortgage, pay my taxes, contribute only to my local charities and try to save for my retirement. We ARE the ones paying more taxes, and our good ol’ government is doing this by not allowing deductions on your taxes. I’m a small guy. Up until this year I could deduct the cost of doing my taxes and the money paid to my retirement account for their so-called hard “work” handling my small account. You can only make these deductions now if you spend more than $2500 in fees. So who is paying more taxes? It’s the little guy who can least afford it. Can we say “stop spending”????? I’m sick of seeing all kinds of freebies being handed out. I’m not saying that we should stop helping people who need it, but lifetime long support for knowing how to beat the system is enough. I’m 10 years short of retirement age, have worked and contributed to the system since I was 16. I’d really like my social security and medicare. ENOUGH freebies!!!!! People with money own companies and employ lots of people. They should not pay higher taxes than anyone else. If the corporate taxes were reasonable, they would not be sending jobs away. The only problem I have with the wealthy is the fact that to them we are second class citizens and are non-humans. We are the worker ants. Completely disposable and of no consequence. Minorities think they have the corner on prejudice. They don’t.

    • Dottie Goad

      Well out! My husband makes around $ 100,000 a year and you’d think that we would be wealthy, but not after taxes! I’m sick of paying for other people’s food stamps and welfare! We need to turn back to God to help this nation get out of this mess.

  • Pete Sagi

    Chip Wood is off point on this issue. He offers a solution … attend a TEA party meeting and do some protesting. That’s like saying that you go along with it but you don’t like it. Gee wiz, that will make a difference. Yeah, right. All the usual discussion about the amount of the tax bite, how much of your labor is ripped off, bloated govt. and idiotic spending, etc. But no discussion as to the nature of the income tax and how liability for it is incurred.

    Personal Liberty Digest is supposed to be about living free in an unfree world. I have written them again and again and asked for articles on the subject of the tax and offered to write one for them … no reply. OooooKAY then. For the umpteenth time on here, I will cover it again …

    The income tax is NOT a tax on property, also known as a direct tax. The income tax is an excise tax, which is a tax on privilege. It is only MEASURED by the income, or net profit, derived FROM taxable privilege. If you engage in an activity that is taxable for revenue purposes, don’t complain about the tax. If you detest the income tax, stop engaging in activities that are taxable for revenue purposes. It is that simple. Simple is not the same as easy, but, it IS dooable! You just have to understand HOW.

    First of all … know what your rights are … your inalienable rights. You have a right to live, therefore you have a right to make a living. Rights are not taxable for revenue purposes. One of your other inalienable rights … the one that got you into the mess of being a taxpayer … is your unlimited right to contract. The federal government, or any other government here in the US is prohibited from interfereing in that right. They can’t just barge into a private contract between two parties, that would be tortious interference. But … they CAN be INVITED in. If you are paying income tax, it is because YOU INVITED THEM IN. You did this via participation in Social Security. The Social Security Administration states plainly, in writing if asked, that Social Security is 100% voluntary and that having and using an SSN is not required to live OR WORK in the US. The IRS deems forms W-4 as a VOLUNTARY withholding agreement. W-9 is also.

    What happens if you use a form W-4? What would have been a 2 party contract is now a 3 or more party contract, with the federal govt. stepping in as the senior 3rd party. You are, in effect, going thru the federal govt. as if it was your temp agency and you are then farmed out to your local private sector employer. You are “employed” as per the legal definition as opposed to being merely hired. And just as a temp agency can demand from a company that they place their people certain benefits for their employees, so can the federal govt. The federal govt. demands that your private sector “employer” protect you by adhereing to minimum wage requirements, equal opportunity employment, OSHA regs, overtime regs, maternity leave requirements, etc. THE GOVT. COULDN’T DO THIS UNLESS THEY WERE INVITED INTO YOUR CONTRACT OR ELSE THAT WOULD INFRINGE UPON YOUR RIGHTS. In exchange for their “protection” they get their cut … therein lies the taxable privilege, because, in effect, you are working first and foremost for the federal govt. if you are an “employee” as opposed to being a mere hireling.

    WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STOP USING AN SSN … you cease incurring liability for FICA, payroll tax, Medicare tax, federal income tax, state income tax, local income tax, and also no Obamacare liability/mandate/tax penalties. Also no minimum wage law, no maternity leave law, etc. Your contract is your contract, the govt. is not involved, you are on your own.

    If you are forced to use an SSN on the job, that is due to the policy of your private sector “employer” and not the result of any law that REQUIRES SSN use. In otherwords, the entire system is kept in place through ignorance, fear, the bad and fearful advice of ignorant lawyers and accountants, and a few deliberate bad actors in large corporations that make sure everyone goes along with the program. If you believed that an SSN was REQUIRED, don’t feel bad. I have polled over 40 lawyers and none of them got the right answer to the SSN question. One 3rd year law student got the right answer, but only because her Grandma was “one of them tax protestors” and filled her in on the issue.

    The answer to the problem is a law that would require a full disclosure of all terms, conditions, powers of atty, rights waived, and liabilities incurred anytime an SSN was requested, said disclosure to be both written and oral, initialled off point by point, signed by requestor, requestee, and a third party witness such as a notary.


  • Steve E

    I don’t have to pay taxes anymore, because I don’t have any work to do to make money, thanks to Obummer.

    • Pete Sagi

      You didn’t before, see my post above.


  • Louis Lemieux

    White House: Obamas earned $789,674 in 2011; paid $162,074 in total tax. Now, that leaves the Obama family $627, 600.dollars to live on for one year. This amount is more than what the majority of American families struggle to live on, not for a year, but for about their whole life. The Obama family didn’t even earn one million. I say tax the rich at the rate of 30% as the Democrats want to do and use that money to promote better education so Americans will have the know-how to compete with the rest of the world. We’re actually falling behind several countries in that respect. Those who will be earning good salaries later because of this will make our GDP snowball. How can we go wrong investing this way in our future?

    • Brad

      Louis go back to France you ciggarette stained fingers are stinking up the blog. Your an idiot, plain and simple

      • Louis Lemieux

        I’m the 11th generation of Lemieux who have been living in North America. The less egotistical someone is, the more he’s in the mood to help collectively his compatriots, consequently the more he feels free.

  • Flashy

    “It is a blatant example of a Marxist redistribution of wealth.”

    I take it then Chip is also calling Reagan and both Bushes marxists as well !!

    The MOST MASSIVE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH in history began under Reagan. His “trickle down” taxation was one where the trickle was urine as the War on the Middle Class was begun in earnest by the wealthy and corporate elite.

    Check out the numbers…

  • FreedomFighter

    IRS an illeagal organization, siezing money illegally to pay an imaginary dept created by the puppet masters.

    End The Fed

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

    I object to being taxed on my labor. There is no profit. It is all required for the pursuit of my happiness.

    I would rather be taxed on my spending – which would incentivize me to save – which would produce capital – which could then be used to fund business activity – which would hire workers……..

    I also believe we should once again make it illegal for banks to gamble with our savings, period, end of story, try it and someone goes to jail.

    For profit businesses are the ones who should pay more taxes. They either reinvest it and hire workers or they’ll pay taxes on it. What’s the big deal? If it was that way they wouldn’t be sitting on trillions just buying back their stock while the people are hurting, many unemployed and losing their homes.

    But this is the convoluted, corrupt system WE’ve made for ourselves. So I will shut up and pay my taxes gladly because I love this country and you can’t run this country without a government or tax revenues. You can’t have a great infrastructure that will attract businesses unless you pay taxes and use them to maintain and improve the infrastructure. IT’s the patriotic thing to do.

    This government which you so love to hate is all made up of Americans, created by Americans, yes also abused by Americans.

    So instead of the old tired lower my taxes BS mantra maybe we should REFRAME our negative way of seeing things (which is not helping us). And instead develop a new PRIDE IN INVESTING IN THIS COUNTRY and then we can redirect our angry energy to wards conservation, efficiency, cost reductions, eliminating wasteful spending, cleaning up corruption, getting money out of politics and definitely reducing the obscene size and footprint of our military.

    You can’t be the best place in the world if you don’t maintain it and invest in it.

    Cities, sewers, water systems, schools, hospitals, telecommunications, rails, bridges, tunnels, highways, airports, the FAA, Security, the military, soldiers, thousands of military bases, thousands of nuclear weapons, multi billions dollar aircraft carriers and battleships and jet fighters, space stations, NASA, rockets, satellites, the VA, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. We’ve proudly created these things for ourselves, now don’t you think we should pay for all of them!

    You can’t with one side of your mouth brag about how we’re number one and we’re the best this and that and then with the other side of your mouth refuse to pay taxes or continuously want to pay less taxes to make sure this place is the best and remains the best.

    And to add to the insaneness of it all, the whole time you are against birth control and abortions for unwanted or unplanned pregnancies when we know damn well that the elephant in the room is population explosion.

    Stop your whining and pay your taxes like the patriots you always claim to be.

    • DaveH

      Taxes have nothing to do with Patriotism, but then take away manipulative words and what would Eric have to say?

      • FreedomFighter

        Eric would say:

        “I am a pink diaper, doper baby, commi.”

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      Eric says — “I would rather be taxed on my spending – which would incentivize me to save – which would produce capital – which could then be used to fund business activity – which would hire workers……..”.
      It doesn’t matter how the Government steals our money. What matters is that they have taken it out of productive hands and put it into unproductive hands.

    • DaveH

      Eric says — “I also believe we should once again make it illegal for banks to gamble with our savings, period, end of story, try it and someone goes to jail”.
      Fraud is already against the law. So, barring that, if you don’t like how they use your money, then don’t bank with them. It’s as simple as that.
      Meanwhile those Government people who Eric wants to hire to “protect” us, are costing us a whole lot more money than the occasional fraudulent banks would cost us. Eric wants us to spend $2 to same $1.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Woe you really are ignorant Dave. There is a reason why savings and investments should be separate and your Ayn Rand idiot devotee Alan McGoo Greenspan certainly got it all wrong.

        The Glass Steagle act was put in place in 1933 for a good reason.

        We can thank Alan Greenspan and that crook Phil Gramm (and his wife who was involved with Enron) for deregulating the banks again so that they could merge savings banks with commerce investment banks and insurance, a recipe for disaster as 2008 showed us again.

        It’s not fixed yet Dave and your free market idiots have multiple times more derivative exposure right now than all of the worlds GDP combined. One bad trade by JP Morgan could still take the whole world’s system down.

      • DaveH

        Eric calls me ignorant and then can’t even spell Glass Steagall correctly.
        The Glass Steagall Act (Banking Act of 1933) was a typical Crony Capitalist maneuver to weaken their competitors (mainly the Morgan group). There is absolutely no more safety in separating a company’s banking operations from their investment operations. Fraud is Fraud, and it can be done no matter how much Government we have (ask Bernie).
        Read “A History of Money and Banking in the United States”, Ignoramus Eric, and learn something:

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Spoken like the true Fascist you are Dave.

      • DaveH

        Try as you might, Eric, the people who really read our comments know that it is you who is into the Force of Big Government. I love Liberty, especially from fanatical Progressives like yourself who can’t even spell, but want to run my life.
        Spring Break hasn’t been kind to you. By the great amount of posting you’ve done over the last weak, you’ve exposed your true nature well to the other readers. I’ve spent much of my life trying to wake up California friends to the true nature of you sneaky misrepresenting Progressives, but you and Flashman have done it for me on this site.
        Thank you for that.

    • DaveH

      Eric says — “For profit businesses are the ones who should pay more taxes. They either reinvest it and hire workers or they’ll pay taxes on it. What’s the big deal? If it was that way they wouldn’t be sitting on trillions just buying back their stock while the people are hurting, many unemployed and losing their homes”.
      Sitting on Trillions just Buying back their stocks? It’s their money, Eric. Do they tell you how to spend your money? The facts are that they made that money with voluntary purchases by their consumers and they are investing their money in Plants and Capital Machinery with which they produce cheaper goods and services that benefit all of us, instead of just spending that money on one-time consumer purchases. When they buy back their stocks, they are investing money, that they legally earned from voluntary consumer purchases, back into their obviously productive business (which enabled them to earn the money in the first place).
      And businesses don’t pay taxes — People do. When Government takes taxes from businesses, the companies must raise their product prices, lower their workers wages, lay off workers, lose money and go out of business, or move to another country which appreciates their services. The rest of us pay the bill, one way or the other.
      For those who want to transcend the Ignorance of Elitist Progressives who think they have the knowledge to control our life-choices:

    • Paul B.

      Is that the marching message for today… you are the third liberal to make the exact same argument on other boards… embracing the onerous tax burden we are subjected to with pride, invest in our great country, blah, blah, blah…

      Investing in our great country is fine and to some degree required, no argument. But who says that government makes the best investments… which is painfully obvious as we saw last week another 2.1 billion of our tax dollars go up in flames with another solar company’s bankruptcy. Investing in America is a private enterprise, not DC which is too entrenched in political cronyism to make “sound investments”. If they would use the money they wasted on all these “green energy intitiatives” we would have the best infrastructure of any country in the world, as if we don’t already.

      It is the typical Liberal that consistently demands more from us while consistently delivering less. If that were any business, they would have been replaced with a more effective business long ago.

      We are stuck with what we have, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean we have to give it whatever it asks for, like a spoiled child, with no questions, or demands for their effective and efficient use of what we cede to them in the form of money and freedom.

    • Brad

      Eric you did mention over spending in waste in your post but you fail to relize that they still will not give us a number or a percentage and tell us that will be enough, while spending like there is no tomorrow. So blow it out your ass because there is nothing but crap coming out of both sides of your mouth.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      I get a feeling that it does not matter what I say even if it’s the same thing Dave said the day before, he will still attack me, twist my words and negate everything I say.

      Come to think of it that is exactly what is being done to this administration. It does not matter how many things they do, or how many right things they do, you always attack them and never find any value in anything.

      That makes you disingenuous, hateful, and just plain ASININE.

      Keep it up you big hypocrite unpatriotic cry babies.

      • DaveH

        You’re a liar, Eric. Show us one thing that I’ve advocated one day and attacked you for on another day.
        All you’ve got is your slander, name-calling, deceit, and other manipulative tactics. You’re a typical Progressive.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Bla BLa Bla Dave

        I look through this site and I don’t feel so bad because I see that you use the exact same low life techniques on many others.

        You and your gang of thugs are nothing but name callers and cry babies.

        I feel sorry for you.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        The H attack dogs.

      • DaveH

        In other words, you couldn’t find anything, Eric. You Liar.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        Dave your comments remind me of my little sister

        when she didn’t have anything she’d just repeat.

        I know you are but what am I
        I know you are but what am I

        na na na na na

      • DaveH

        So your little sister (poor girl) also knows that you’re a Liar, Eric?

      • DaveH

        You see how it works, Folks? The Progressives ply their trade with manipulation. They can’t do it with real facts, because their ideology is mostly based on Fear, Hopes, Dreams and other emotional tools, and is mostly fact-less.
        The problem on this board is that they’re used to silencing their opponents in person with such manipulative techniques because most decent Folks aren’t willing to go down in the trenches with them and use the same techniques back at them. But here, they leave a trail, so people can retrieve their past lies and slander and other manifestations of their ill behavior, and can treat them disrespectfully in return (if they choose).
        It obviously becomes quite frustrating with them, as with Eric above who is having a meltdown of manipulation.

    • DaveH

      And I would like to take this time to point out that not long ago Eric said this — “I am not for coercion at any level. Not from government, not from church, not from fringe lunatic groups and not from corporations and their lobbyists. I am for cooperation. I am for cooperative corporations”.
      Yet in his latest comment he said — “I also believe we should once again make it illegal for banks to gamble with our savings, period, end of story, try it and someone goes to jail”.
      And — “For profit businesses are the ones who should pay more taxes”.
      FORCE (and Theft).
      You see, Folks, that is how the Progressives work. Sweet-sounding words like “cooperation”, when in fact the only way they can achieve their goals is by Forcing them on the rest of us. And the reality is that it takes a Big Government to apply that Force and throughout history the natural coarse of Big Government is corruption, which Eric says he wants to get rid of, but that is just lip-service because anytime you give people too much Power, it is inevitable that they will abuse it.
      As Gerald Ford said — “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have”.

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        That’s right numb nuts. There are laws you either follow them or you pay the price. Why should a black kid spend 15 years in jail for pot when the Banksters are still running loose?

        Even games have rules and penalty boxes.

        Oh I forgot in Dave’s Misesly world the free market polices itself and there is no more government!

      • DaveH

        Actually, if you weren’t so narrowly focused in your Progressive fantasies, you would know that I have long advocated doing away with the Drug Laws.
        At least, Eric, I have nuts to be numb. Gads, what a child.

      • DaveH

        Eric is a near-perfect example of what we’re in for, Folks, if we let the foul-mouthed, self-centered Progressives take any more control of our lives.
        And they try to convince us that they’re the Compassionate ones. What a joke.

    • James

      Eric B. You are right, wages and salaries of non-priviliged occupations are not profit. Back when the 16th [income] amendment was being considered there was no mention of working Americans. The purpose for the amendment was to allow a direct tax on the income of the rich, people who live on the interest of their investments and don’t have to work for a living. Back then ‘income’ didn’t include wages and salaries. If one had an income it was generally understood s/he didn’t have a job. In 26 USC 61(a) – the definition of income – it still does not include wages and salaries of unpriviliged occupations.
      A highway patrolman in Louisiana, back then, filed a W4 Exempt with his state employer arguing that his salary wasn’t income within the meaning of the 16th Amendment. The court said the tax on his salary was an excise tax on the privilige of being a highway patrolman, measured by his salary, not a direct tax on his income.

    • Pete Sagi

      It’s not your labor when you use a socialist slavestate number and invite the federal government into what would otherwise be a two party contract to guarantee mimimum wage, equal opportunity “employment,” maternity leave, OSHA reg compliance, overtime regs, etc. not to mention you get to participate in a pension plan (of dubious value) known as “social security.” Use of that number is voluntary. If you are forced to volunteer that is the policy of your private sector employer and not the result of any law. See my post above on this.


      • T i m

        I do not understand .

    • 11C Ret

      How about we stop feeding 30 million mexicans, educating the negro population to be self sufficient, and stop foreign welfare? That would be called responsible spending. Taxing is so over-rated. Corporate import fees should be reinstituted and tax all that crap coming from china…I think they call it tarrifs?

  • Myra Zuckerman

    I do know there are people who are writing on the issues rather than name calling and saying hateful things. I am carefully reading the thoughtful responses as I wish to understand the tax issue for myself. Taxes do pay for services we al need.I also wish to understand why some people hate our President so much because I see him as working so hard. If you think he is having a high time vacationing actually read about his life, what his day is like and how dedicated he is. He is not a loafer.

    • Bob Livingston
    • T i m

      Myra , please do more research. Million dollar vacations . Secret service protection . Most of all this is paid from social security TAXES …….If you do not and seems never need worry about paying taxes , go on vote for Obama . Obama is destroying AMERICA and Christianity . If you are living on welfare , you are part of the problem . My TAXES is paying you . If you are a recorded wage earner , you are paying welfare TAXES . It is called social security . . For those in need , GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU . ALL THE REST ARE CROOKS . my name is T i m

      • Thinking About

        Where did you research to find social security taxes pays for vacations and secret service?

    • Brad

      Myra he takes a loaf everyday on your doorstep. You are the loafer and spending too much time with Dr. Phil and Opra.

    • moonbeam

      You’re so right, Myra! He’s not a loafer. He’s a liar.

  • Chisna

    Who’s fault is it if someone overpays on their taxes ?
    Everyone is given a W4 form by their employer. It’s up to the employee to
    fill it out so that they don’t have too much or too little withheld.

    • Karolyn

      I learned thta many years ago. However, many people find that the only way they can save is by having higher withholding. With the low interest paid on savings accounts these days, what difference does it make?

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  • Ron

    God Bless You, Ronald Reagan. Filthy, America-hating, Al Qaeda-loving CommuNaziHomoSocialist that you are, and Enemy of the Coming Confederate States of America:!

  • Ramus Trivium

    Acquiring revenue through ‘taxation’ in America

    If you have ever felt that something was very out of place, ethically, and perhaps even individually disheartening about being forced to surrender vast sums of your hard earned (sustenance-based) remuneration to the federal government in the form of ‘income taxes’ year, after year, after year, simply because you have opted to be an active, productive, and responsible member of society, by way of your efforts in earning a common livelihood -and as well as to all of those interested tax-buffs out there; attached is a newly revised and freely distributable circular entitled the “Crux on Federal ‘Taxation’” (CFT).

    The CFT is intended to serve as a primer for individuals to develop a learned understanding of and renewed appreciation toward our rapidly fading American heritage and birthright.

    The CFT, as well serves to provide -you- the reader with enlightening contextual truth in regard to the federal governments actual powers of taxation.

    The CFT is available for your consumption at:

    Thank you.

    “Points in Further Support of the CFT” (downloadable PDF):

    Please, be sure to consider voting for Representative Ron Paul, MD (R-TX) in 2012.

  • Ramus Trivium

    And yes, this is very true, for example, say that you have $8,000 withheld annually, at a compounding interest rate of 4% that sum would have realized $320 (annually) in accrued interest throughout the entirety of your 40-years of working. As crudely depicted below (this reflects the financial loss that you will likely experience due to the withholding scheme during the entirety of your career or occupation):

    1 – 320
    2 – 640 (+ 12.80)
    3 – 972.80 (+ 26.11)
    4 – 1318.91 (+ 39.96)
    5 – 1678.87 (+ 54.35)
    6 – 2053.22 (+ 69.33)
    7 – 2442.55 (+ 84.90)
    8 – 2847.45 (+ 101.09)
    9 – 3268.54 (+ 117.94)
    10 – 3706.48 (+ 135.46)
    11 – 4161.94 (+ 153.68)
    12 – 4635.62 (+ 172.62)
    13 – 5128.24 (+ 192.33)
    14 – 5640.57 (+ 212.82)
    15 – 6173.39 (+ 234.14)
    16 – 6727.53 (+ 256.30)
    17 – 7303.83 (+ 279.35)
    18 – 7903.18 (+ 303.33)
    19 – 8526.51 (+ 328.26)
    20 – 9174.77 (+ 354.19)
    21 – 9848.96 (+ 381.16)
    22 – 10550.12 (+ 409.20)
    23 – 11279.32 (+ 438.37)
    24 – 12037.69 (+ 468.71)
    25 – 12826.40 (+ 500.26)
    26 – 13646.66 (+ 533.07)
    27 – 14499.73 (+ 567.19)
    28 – 15386.92 (+ 602.68)
    29 – 16309.60 (+ 639.58)
    30 – 17269.18 (+ 677.97)
    31 – 18267.15 (+ 717.89)
    32 – 19305.04 (+ 759.40)
    33 – 20384.44 (+ 802.58)
    34 – 21507.02 (+ 847.48)
    35 – 22674.50 (+ 894.18)
    36 – 23888.68 (+ 942.75)
    37 – 25151.43 (+ 993.26)
    38 – 26464.69 (+ 1045.79)
    39 – 27830.48 (+ 1100.42)
    40 – 29250.90 (+ 1157.24)



  • Donald York

    we need to consider Herman Cains 999 plan.

    • nc

      DONALD< WOW!!!

      • nc

        Donald, the message I wrote in reply to your suggestion that we adopt the 999 plan was about 5 lines long but when I hit “post” it only sent the first and last word of the post, ????
        It would seem that the Republican Party would be the place to sell that plan as opposed to the Democrat Party! Cain showed up in the Republican primary with his PLAN and hardly lasted long enough to have a cup of coffee or text a mistress! Which is just about the same treatment the Republicans are giving Dr. Paul!

    • DaveH

      Herman Cain knew exactly what he was up to (being a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas). The 999 plan is just a Trojan Horse to add a Sales Tax to the Federal Government’s bag of tax tricks. He claimed it would be a transitory event to abolition of the Income Tax, but why would any transition phase be necessary? Like always, if we let the Federal Government get their foot in the door, their whole body will soon follow.

    • Pete Sagi

      That is a BS plan. If something is taxable at 1% it is taxable at 99%, that is the way taxes work. Give the federal govt. a sales tax or some other consumption tax and the income tax wouldn’t go away or be held to 9%, nor would the consumption tax. NEVER give ANY govt. entity a new taxing power.


  • Raggs

    Celebrate a tax refund?

    Hummmm… The only people that “celebrate” are the ones that get money for nothing…

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  • Thinking About

    Where did you research to find your social security taxes pays for vacations and secret service?

    • T i m

      You can prove it yourself , thinking about . Just listen to the radio , television news . While you are at it , log in to Freedom Disability Insurance Company . It is a lawyers office , sepcializes in guaranteed disability income , with every signed application . It is advertised on cable and on radio . Small print says , all money’s paid , is paid by social security . FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW , every recorded wage earner in the nation , pays welfare . Democrat or Republican , makes no difference . It is listed as SOCIAL SECURITY on every recorded check receipt . Social Security was never intended for senior adults to live on . SOCIAL SECURITY WAS CREATED FOR WELFARE POPULATION . Obama has said in the news , he is not concerned with the labor force vote . He is going after the un employed . ( welfare population ) . The welfare population and the teachers union is supposed to guarantee the re election . The teachers union endorsed Obama last election , they will do it again this time , as well . The Democrats are depending on it . WELFARE POPULATION IS BIGGER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN . You social security is paying all that . You can prove all this your self . Tell everyone you know about it .

      • Thinking About

        Social security taxes are different from income taxes. By the way, you don’t get refunds on social security unless you pay more than the max and to different employers. If you are being told social security taxes are to pay for vacations and secret service then you have bad information. You think social security payments to retirees is welfare, then when you look at your pay check observe there are different taxes paid, FICA or social security, Medicare and also income taxes. The income taxes pays for vacations and secret service along with bridges to nowhere, military, earmarks,and also corporate welfare.

        • T i m

          It does not matter how much research any one does on any tax from your recorded check receipt . Government Accounting Office uses any form of tax you pay on whatever they choose, at will . Welfare is paid mainly from social security . The Democrats are depending on the welfare population and the teachers union for re election . Remember 1 st of the year , during the debt ceiling debate , Paul Ryan ????? was scaring the senior adults , hinting there is not enough money in the system , and Mitch Mcconell came back and said, DO NOT fear , Everyone will be paid . U S news and WORLD report said Mar 2 0 0 5 , seniors should get ready for pay cut , because there is not enough money in the system . Welfare population is bigger than it has ever been . True un employment is recorded higher than it has ever been , depending on what news you follow . Government Accounting Office juggles the books , to siut the immediate need , same as every corporation does .

      • Thinking About

        The web site you refer to is for social security, it is not income tax, so this does not prove your point of social security paying for vacations and secret service.

        • T i m

          You are married to your opinion . There fore . I AM DONE . Vote for Obama .

        • T i m

          The Government Accounting Office uses whatever money it gets for whatever it wants . It does not need a title for where it came from . Income come tax , medicade , social security , IT IS ALL IN THE SAME BANK . Move it from 1 account to another , as needed , same as every company in the world does . Where do ” you ” think the secret service payroll comes from . Where does the money come from to fuel air force 1 . IT ALL COMES FROM THE SAME BANK . Same bank that pays the military and welfare . Tim

      • DaveH

        It’s a bit of an accounting gimmick, TA. Technically there are Social Security trust funds, but they are entirely invested in Federal Government Securities. Some trust. See here:

  • America

    Let’s give our tax refunds to the GOP. If they get in to the White House, we’ll be doing it anyway. Chip Wood, you can give your tax refund to us.

  • http://Yahoo Roger Nolan

    Wake up everybody there is no such thing as a income tax on citizens who work in this messed up Country,look in Title 26 the IRS code,you can read title 26 for yourself and see their is NO LAW THAT MAKES YOU LIABLE TO TAXES!!!Show me the LAW and I will give you $100,000 USA dollars that are not backed by gold and not worth a penny by the system that we live under. Wake Up And Get On The Same Boat America before it is to Late!!

  • http://none Claire

    Tax refund?? What’s that?? I haven’t received a tax refund in years.

    • 11C Ret

      Try updating your W-4

      • T i m

        I beleive Claire is doing the right thing with her taxes . I have myself disciplined , I do not get a refund . I pay in couple hundred per year . Being self employed , I do not contribute to the welfare population . I grow my own money . What ever my week ly tax should be , is in my pocket . I do what I want with it , not let government invest for me .

  • FreedomFighter

    Agenda 21 – now killing Americans

    Agenda 21 Green Kiss of Death

    • T i m

      Mr. Wood and Mr. Livingston , did a good thing , writing this artcle . How many people did this wake up , and make us think about what we are doing . I followed a comment Friday , said what I been saying for a long time . Every one is afraid of going to jail over taxes , because that is what we read in the media . Is the government going to put all of AMERICA in jail over defying the tax laws . Welfare is paid from social security taxes . Social security is paying for wars and welfare along with congressional payroll . Income tax pays for who knows what . Medicade tax , is pure welfare . My father paid into government co pay life insurance his whole career with government civil service . He died shortly after retirement from cancer . HIS LIFE INSURANCE THROUGH THE GOVERNMENT CO PAY …WAS NO GOOD . HAD AN EXPIRATION DATE IN SMALL PRINT ON THE BACK PAGE , HE DID NOT KNOW ABOUT . I have seen several articles about agenda 2 1 , being the filter for thinning out the world population , because we are supposed to be badly overpopulated , and the earth can not feed evry one . That is the biggest hogwash and brainwash I have read in my life . GOD will sustain HIS creation , as soon as man gets out of the way . Log in to Google Earth , any state you choose , look at all the farm land growing weeds and not crops, or cattle , or poultry . My prayer has become , GOD WOULD PROTECT HIS PEOPLE FROM SATAN . I do not pray GOD bless AMERICA . GOD wants to bless HIS people . BIBLE says HUMBLE YOURSELVES AND PRAY . This may mean , getting on your knees at the local mall , or gas station , or grocery store . People say GOD has abandoned AMERICA . Maybe GOD is trying to teach the people something . ARE WE LISTENING . Last I heard , RON PAUL wants to get rid of IRS, which means , there will be no more tax refunds . We may be required to arrange our taxes , we do not over pay . WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FROM THE BEGINNING . If you need a way to save money , put what you would pay in taxes somewhere , you can not touch it , at any whim you feel necessary …..IT IS NOT IN THE BANK . For those of you who do not know , the F D I C , is the biggest joke or crook in the world . The government can not guarantee your bank account . My name is T i m

      • Pete Sagi

        Unfortunately neither of those hooples choose to comment on the voluntary nature of use of a socialist slavestate number and/or the relationship between that and how liability is incurred for the income tax.


        • T i m


    • DaveH

      Humans bad. Critters and Politicians good.

  • Old Henry

    Yeah Chip, I know what you mean about the “refunds”. I used to have fellow co-workers tell me excitedly in January how much they were “getting from the government”. Sometimes it was several thousand dollars. I would shake my head and ask them if they would not be able to use that money during the year rather than let Uncle Scam use it for free. I often received the same glassy-eyed look you mentioned. They would also use the excuse that it was the only way they could save any money.

    After our company began the 401K I would suggest that they up their contribution rather than let Uncle Scam use it. That also went nowhere as they would say that then they could not have, or get at, the money.

    It was, and is, hopeless.

    As an aside, not all were Democraps – most were – but some were “Republicans”.

    I have, however, had success with my kids in respect to setting up their W4s to maximize their take-home pay.

    • T i m

      I do not know how , but , I think RON Paul wants to change all this , in our favor . I already handle my own booking . I do not think I will get any surprises when RON PAUL is prsident . He has said everything I want to hear . Tim

      • Thinking About

        Did he tell you how the military is going to be paid for, how the roads you travel on are going to be built and repaired? Did he tell you not to worry all your 911 calls will go directly to him and he will be right there to help you? Did he tell you he is responsible for many earmarks he attached to bills he knew was going to get past but was going to vote for?

        • T i m

          Math is not my best subject , even though it seems pretty simple to me . Calling youself THINKING ABOUT , do that . Think about your question , how . I bet there are 1 0 0 0 ‘s out there reading this , could give a better answer than mine . Tim

      • DaveH

        You’ve been well-propaganidized, TA. All of those things, save military, would be better accomplished by the private sector. And Ron Paul would bring much of our military back to our own country where they belong:

      • Thinking About

        Perhaps some services can go to private industry as road constuction is currently but can you see a contractor going out and building roads and never getting paid for those services? As I trying to point out to Tim social security taxes is not collected to pay for secret service, etc, it is paid from income, etc taxes. Ron Paul would not be able to fund the needs of USA without collecting revenues.

        • T i m

          G A O uses whatever money they get for whatever reason they want . Social Security is invested in the stock market , pays welfare , pays the war, whatever use you want to name . Income tax does the same thing , same purpose . Government moves money from any account to any account , same as all corporate AMERICA does . It is all in the same hat . It makes no difference what you call it . I apprciate Mr. Wood and Mr. Livingston writting this article . I have read so much stuff , makes no sense to me . Final thought , My father died from cancer shortly after 4 0 year civil service career . PAID ALL THE SAME TAXES every one else pays . Did not get any social security . Mom was already gone . We kids borrowed money from the bank to bury both parents , because dad’s government co pay life insurance was no good . We found an expiration date on the last page in small print , he did not know about . ….ALL DAD’S INSURANCE AND SOCIAL SECURITY , AFTER 4 0 year career …GONE ……WHERE DID ALL THAT MONEY GO ….I know exactly where it went .

      • DaveH

        TA, you really need to live up to your chosen moniker. As I said earlier (and proved), the Social Security Fund is fully invested in Federal Government Securities. In other words the Federal Government has borrowed that money to use on services such as those that Tim describes.
        Imagine putting your funds in a private bank which backs up your cash money, which their spend on their own pet projects, with their own paper IOUs? No thinking person would do that.

      • Thinking About

        Remember you stated borrowed from the Social Security Fund and this is different from the social security taxes collected for the purposes of paying for secret service, etc. Tim needs to understand the difference on his check as social security and income tax.

        • T i m

          You are missing my point sir/ma’am. ALL TAXES FROM EVERY RECORDED CHECK RECEIPT GO IN THE SAME POT . IT IS ALL THE SAME THING . Income tax refunds are a pacifier for the sheep of a nation . Makes us think we have something . Helps the people not cuss our government corrution as much .

  • reggie3

    To “Flashy”.You are an ignorant Lib.The so-called “Facist Right Wing” just wants to guarantee that AMERICAN citizens vote for our Senators.Not Illegal ALIENS!Not dead people.Not folks who vote twice under alais names.As the lefty Dems have been doing ever since the glorius days of “Boss” Tweed and Tammany Hall.

    • Thinking About

      Looks like the spam filter did not work on this one. Reggie you should be able to make your point and drop the name calling, have some class and respect for yourself.

      • DaveH

        You’re reaching far, TA. Reggie is simply responding in kind to an immoral Progressive who, like most Progressives, must use manipulative tactics in lieu of facts in an effort to silence his/her opponents. Flashman has done nothing on this board to earn Reggie’s respect.

      • Thinking About

        So you are saying if I feel you have not earned my respect it would be okay to call you ignorant? If one can not make their point calling someone is not going to help in getting others to believe as you do. This is uncalled for and degrading to the one calling names.

    • nc

      Reggie, What I love about this country is that we have only one party, the Democrats, who have ever had members convited of fraud. The conservative members of other parties have never been convicted of……..Mad bad!! I just pulled up the list of people convicted of fraud and other crimes under all Presidents and guess what it shows! It shows that you are don’t know much about your country.

  • Garth Miller

    Previously a regressive taxation Goldwater conservative, I’m now a RINO, who thinks Clinton the most fiscally conservative and financially responsible President since Eisenhower. I haven’t elected a president since Reagan, who promptly put the economy into a recession and seemed to be attacking small business, family farms, and rural America, in favor of New York or California Elitists. Now I plan to vote again for Ron Paul. Labeled (I love Labels) an insane liberal, I’m sometimes an economic conservative and social liberal, except for pro-life and traditional marriage and religion; and a progressive on taxation. I don’t trust government, but distrust businessmen and corporations even more. And I’m so tired of the hate filled name calling obstructionism of the right wing propagandists, I may finally have been pushed into the extreme liberal camp, and no longer a moderate. And I definitely approve of those socialist programs including our electrical power grid, water, sewer, and interstate highway systems, federal forest and parks, church, veterans, and social organizations, and TVA, among many others. Current privatization seems intent on selling our water rights and lands to China, Brazil, the British, or multinational corporations. We’ve already privatized our medical industry, and can now no longer afford the inflated priced medical services.

  • Ben W.

    I Agree!!!!!

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    Im sick of looking at my paycheck, and seeing half of it being taken away for this tax and that tax every week, and the knowing that a whole lot of that is being used to give to the so called “poor” people, who for the most part from what I see all the time, are 18 to 25 year olds sitting around on their friends porches all day and night, and it is just so strange that though they do not have jobs, they have money for beer and cigarettes, and yet our government see’s to it to take money from the working, and reward them with unemployment, food stamps, and welfare, time and time again. Its not right, and I will guarantee all of you, each and everyone of you, on both sides of the aisle, I dont care what race, color, creed, nationality, politcal belief or what, that over 95 percent of these so called “poor” all go out in mass and vote democrat. It is sickening that this is tolerated, that we reward failure, and continue to step up our pursuit in this country of punishing the successful. I remember the days of old when I was a young child, that those who succeeding and worked hard were rewarded and praised, and now those who dont care, who lay around and are a burden to this country and to others, are rewarded and catered to. Its just not right.

    • T i m

      My name is T i m . WHAT DO WE DO ABOUT IT . Here are 2 things you may not know about what your money does and what I have done that I beg everyone else to help with . 1st , WELFARE IS PAID FROM SOCIAL SECURITY . Welfare population is bigger than it has ever been . ALSO, the teachers union endorsed Obama last election , add the welfare population to it , the Democrats are hopeing for re election . I have sent e mail and paper mail to all the media news talk people , and all the prsidential hopefuls , begging them to stop sugar coating what welfare is called . Lots of people do not know welfare is called ENTITLEMENTS . If we can get all of the media to call it what it is , we might see some good changes here . As this article says , people are so in love with getting money back on taxes . I have my taxes arranged , where I pay in April 1 5 . I do not want government having too much of my blood sweat and tears . IF ALL RECORDED WAGE EARNERS IN AMERICA WOULD FLOOD CONGRESS WITH PAPER MAIL , we might see the changes in income tax and social security , we need to see . My father died from cancer shortly after retirement . MOM was already gone . All dad’s money gone to welfare population . Family does not ” qualify ” for dad’s money . WE PEOPLE CAN CHANGE ALL THIS , EVERYONE GOT TO HELP . Over 5 0 0 members of congress arguing about how to spend our money . I pay my taxes once a year , not every week . I do not have a bank account . My cash is in my pocket . I do not contribute to the welfare population . If you have payroll DIRECT DEPOSIT , the welfare population gets paid before you get your money .

      • 11C Ret

        You can deport 30 million welfare recipients by not feeding them. They will happily return to mexico. Our local Africans will work if you send them all to college. Working at McDonalds is beneath them and they do not like working for Whitey so if you educate more black men to be bosses, the africans would go to work. Problem solved. Where would we get the money you ask? It costs much more to incarcerate than educate so send the ones in prison to college first. Problem solved!

        • T i m

          ALL DUE RESPCT???????? The illegals ARE NOT going home , unless deported . You say stop feeding them . That wil not happen . Mexican women can make a ful course meal from a pile of mud . AND , all those who are here , LEGALLY , will take care of the ones who are not legal . ADD to that , THE CHURCH WILL NOT LET PEOPLE BE HUNGRY . JESUS CHRIST said that . AS I said , the reason they are here is because their own government can not control the drug war killing each othr . People get caught in a drive by are dead . Add to that , the pay rate is 1 0 0 to 1 . The illegals are paid cash on payday . The Mexicans I have worked with and for , say , they were in AMERICA long before white man showed up . AMERICAN military is about half Latino / Mexican . ……..The national border means nothing to them . Every recorded wage earner in the nation pays welfare no matter what party . The teachers union and the welfare population , are supposed to guarantee the re election . My name is T i m

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  • Mountain Saint

    Tim, maybe you didn’t know this but Presidents Eisenhower and Truman deported 11,000,000 illegal aliens and those were the happiest and most prosperous times in American history….What’s this – the spiritually dead American church (Revelation 3:14-19)will not let the 38,000,000 illegal aliens go hungry? How come these carnal christians are not taking the money out of their own pockets (like the Early Church did) but instead giving the budren to a corrupt and bankrupt government? How come they are giving our jobs and tax money to the illegal aliens when our own people of all races are suffering from a 22% unemployment and a 16 trillion dollar national debt. Wake up!


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