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Don’t Be A Racist, Vote Obama

October 4, 2012 by  

Don’t Be A Racist, Vote Obama
Two protesters wearing President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney mask hugged during a march at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

If you don’t vote for President Barack Obama in November, you are clearly a hood-cladded bigot.

In fact, not only do you hate black people but you also hate women, homosexuals, the poor, peace on Earth, immigrants and anyone who disagrees with or is different than you. Likewise, if you have taken a stance against Mitt Romney you hate Christians, business, Israel, safety, the rich and American exceptionalism.



Those readers who agree with any of the points made thus far are, unfortunately, too ignorant to continue reading and would be well advised to refocus attention immediately here or here because you are simply incapable of understanding anything beyond the mainstream media-peddled narrative.

In the months leading up to America’s fast-approaching Presidential election, the populace of this Nation has been inundated by simplistic, meme-tastic rhetoric and punditry that serve up imagery of one of the most politically polarized moments in American history. But, as those of you who have not already happily clicked one of the above links and moved on to something more easily digested by the ill-informed mind already know, this is mostly malarkey.

The upcoming election doesn’t offer so much a clear choice between two diametrically opposed men as it does the choice of who will be the guy at the reigns as government continues to snowball in size, accrue more crippling debt, get involved in more entangling wars and suck away at the few remaining hints of American Constitutional liberty. Just as masses of idealistic left-leaning voters flocked to the polls for Obama in the last election because they believed his policies would clearly represent something very different than those of President George W. Bush’s, masses of conservatives and other anyone-but-Obama types are prepared to do so for Romney in this election.

Unfortunately for liberty, the choice between Romney and Obama is a lose-lose. Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act and its provision to indefinitely detain American citizens. Romney said that he would have done the same. When the Department of Homeland Security sought to create massive data-collecting and potential Privacy Act-violating “fusion centers” to collect data on American citizens, the Bush Administration applauded the effort. Later, the Administration of Barack Obama also publically supported the fusion centers. This is unfortunate for Obama not only because a recent Senate report found that the $1.4 billion security apparatus doesn’t actually make anyone safer, but also because his previous support for the prime examples of government failure takes away something for which he could ridicule Romney who — surprise! — in his role as chairman of a national task force on intelligence sharing was one of the key advocates behind creating the centers.

Of course, fusion centers aren’t the only thing that Romney created and Obama liked. But at least in discussing the Romneycare/Obamacare “model for the Nation” relationship, conservatives can take comfort in the fact that Romney has since flip-flopped his healthcare stance. The same can’t be said for his anti-liberty ideas.

Perhaps there is some hope that a Romney Administration would restructure the economy in such a way that could reverse the damage done by the previous two Presidential Administrations via war and corporate and social welfare. Most economic experts, however, advise that Americans not hold their breath. Propping a nation up with either warfare or welfare paid for via extortion is fundamentally flawed economic policy; neither Obama nor Romney are willing to admit this for fear of alienating plutocrat handlers.

The media are aware of all of the similarities between Romney and Obama, and you are, too. But, who wants to admit that he is going to vote for a guy that he doesn’t like in November because there’s no other choice? Who wants to admit that his country is owned and controlled by special interests? Who wants to admit that there are alternatives to the two guys on stage last night, but that because they are told so, the alternatives can never have a chance?

It’s far more comfortable to pretend that the Presidential election is about race, homosexuality or poverty than the evitable coming collapse of the United States as Americans know it today. That’s why this week, mainstream media have been embroiled in a massive debate about how black Obama could be after the election.

But, until Americans admit the uncomfortable fact that the country is broken and that fixing it will require something more from the citizenry than passive Presidential politics, nothing is ever going to change. The only real polarization in America today is that between patriot and plutocrat, and there were no patriots on stage at last night’s debate. Hopefully, after the next four painful years, 2016 won’t be too late for a patriot to make it to the stage.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    “Sam Rolley,”


    • CHUCK


      • Doc Sarvis

        …back to the White House for four more years.

      • JC

        Back to Africa for 40 years…or 25 to life in Leavenworth for his treasonous anti- Constitutional anti-American activities, executive orders and pilicies. I know he didn’t start it, but the Kenyan is as good a place as any to reinstate a sytem of justice in this country.

      • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

        Chuck while your at it send the Marxist DocSarvis the anti American left hand ass wiping Muslim to go with the Abomination !!!! Viet Nam Vet 67-68

      • T. Jefferson

        to scrub floors and take out the trash

    • http://Thisiswhatyougetwithanaffirmativeactionpresident.Totalincompetence TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

      I for one, am tired of having affirmative action rule this country in schools, in the workplace, and nearly every other aspect of life. and having an affirmative action president is the last straw. the 0′bomb is totally incompetent as shown in the debates last night I doubt if he even realizes the damage he has caused our country and I don’t know which is worse a fool who follows the dictates of the One World Order People or the incompetent fool who does not understand the damage he is causing. Or maybe he is praticing his moooooslim religion and preparing the US for islamic takeover. After all lying is accepted in the moooooslim “religion”

      Like the Cowboy said we played cowboys and indians and the indians lost. Maybe it is time we played cowboy and moooooslims.

      • skippy

        OK TPP….but I want to be the cowboy(girl)!!! LOL :)

      • Rosangela

        To TPP, I like your comment: hysterical and true. On my part, I always saw O for what he really is: a socialist who bluffed his way to the White House aided by ideological twisted minds, hungry for power.I come from a socialist governed country and during his 2007-08 campain I could easily perceive O’s true colors. Rosangela.

    • Randy G

      I WILL NOT vote for Obama— I am a Racist— The Human Race. Those who vote for obama have their brains on the wrong end of their Spinal Cord!

      • the big easy

        @-randy————-Sir,I see that you too have seen his x-rays !!!!!!!! If only more people could see them also.

      • michiganminuteman

        Randy, I like the way you think!

    • burner123

      Don’t be an idiot! Racism can be changed through education, but stupidity is terminal. Anyone voting for Obama is stupid.

      • Sikntyrd2011

        Blacks can be racist, too. Some of them hate all other races. Like Barry and Michelle does. The only thing they love about all other races is when they are holding the mighty dollar that has the “God Bless America” wording on it. Otherwise, I think that people have felt the right to hate other people. Whether they are a different race, big, fat, skinny, beautiful, ugly, old, young, rich, poor…it is just one of those things that is natural in human beings. Me? I hate people who treat other people like [expletive deleted]. Doesn’t matter what race, what social status, what looks they have. Being racist is a big excuse for some people to take someone to court for financial benefits or to excuse some stupid thing they have done to another person. Am I right or am I right?

    • Jennifer

      I agree with u.just because people dont want barack obituliar runnin 4 pres again dosent mean they r predjuiced.Im not and i cant stand the people excuse me if i dont like pathological liars.he needs 2 go and get a job in the at mcdonalds or least there he cant mess things up unless he gives a wrong order 2 somebody or something.theres a rumor goin on that michelle might run if he dosent win thats even worse.were tyrin 2 get rid of 1 obama y would we want another obama runnin 4 pres?

      • eddie47d

        Where do some of you come up with this stuff. “Michelle may run” I highly doubt that since she doesn’t care anymore for politics than Laura Bush or Anne Romney. .

    • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

      Well, they can count me in. I wouldn’t vote for this fraud liar if Jimmy Carter was running against this creep pervert.

    • pweiters9

      10/6/12, Nobody despised BO from the very 1st time ever hearing of him in ’08, more than I. And no, you can’t like everyone; I sure don’t. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or a fool.

    • JTB

      Call me a racist obama call me anything you want I already voted and you can bet you A$$ it WASN’T for you! See ya bye, bye!

  • hipshotpercusion

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 because you didn’t want to be accused of being a racist, vote for anybody else so you won’t be accused of being an idiot.

    • eddie47d

      Republicans have become extremely defensive on the race issue and oddly claim victim hood. If not then why do you bring it up so often? It is also a recurring theme at least twice a week on this site. Its like your goal is to make sure Obama is not the President but THE BLACK PRESIDENT who has to be taken down.

      • Warrior

        What does your book say about people who just do not appreciate “progessives”? Allen West is absolutely correct, the “progessive cauc-ass” are a bunch of communists. Are u one of them also?

      • eddie47d

        That is another name (communist) that the Republicans like to throw around. Their accusations are seldom true and I could call warrior a Fascist-ass and be equally wrong. I reckon it does make the day interesting.

      • Tom T

        Its simple Eddie, the left uses race to shut down honest debate since liberal ideology cannot stand up to logic or facts. Read “Rules For Radicals” from Saul Aulinsky. Obama taught a course about his tactics, Hillary did her college discertation on him as well.

        “Do not debate your opposition, crush it by marginalizing and isolating them by painting them as “fringe” or extremists.”. That’s right out the book, sound familiar? Best way to shut it down is calling racist.

      • Robert Smith

        “Obama taught a course about his tactics, Hillary did her college discertation on him as well.”

        Newt’s tactical guideline.

        Strong arguments have been made tha in fact Obama is NOT using Alindky’s tactics. Here is one: “Yet Alinsky’s blueprint for revolution is the opposite of Obama’s ultra-traditional path to power — via Harvard and elected office.”

        Find it at:


      • eddie47d

        Its Republicans who are using those Alinsky tactics Tom T. How unfortunate that you haven’t noticed.

      • RAY

        YOU democRAT”S are alway’s the one’s bringing up the race card..every time you dont get your WAY,, IT’S because those that dont run the way you wont or dont do WHAT you want wont,, you cant stand it !!! that’s why you are LIEberal’s,,,not honest people.. race has alway’s been YOUR ace in the hole !!!! AND YOU KNOW THAT TO BE TRUE !!!!!!

      • Phillip in TX

        I don’t care if he’s green with bright pink polk-a-dots, it is time to “Eject the Reject!”

      • eddie47d

        There goes Ray hurting my feelings. LOL. You’re such a CONservative in peddling that tripe or would that be a LIEservative?

      • the big easy

        @-eddy————COMRADE———-I don’t care if he were purple,green and gold,he is still DESTROYING this ‘THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD’ with each executive order he signs into law,going around ‘THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’.It’s because of all those ‘mooocher’s’ looking for mo-bummmer free stuff that we are in the cess-pool that you and all your kind have created by getting him elected !!!!!!!!!!!!————-What a bunch of pukes————————

      • Robert Smith

        From Warrier: “the “progessive cauc-ass” are a bunch of communists.”

        Really? Can you offer some examples?

        Or, are you on a riech wing rant?





      • JC

        eddie47d says:
        October 4, 2012 at 7:39 am
        Republicans have become extremely defensive on the race issue and oddly claim victim hood.

        It isn’t “defensive” Kamrade…sensible people are simply numb to the obnoxious tirade of “the race card” which is where the libby’s run to everytime they are exposed for the frauds they truly are. The only thing we’re victims of is having to listen to the broken record tirade of a complete and utter … “non issue”. Don’t you guys have anything but “race” to fall back on? Guess not….just goes to show how shallow your whole Schtick really is.

      • michiganminuteman

        Eddie try to understand what I am going to say. It’s because oblama and many of you commie libs are using the race card any time anyone does not agree with oblama or his policys. It’s the perfect defence, or at least they think so. All he has done is divide this once great country against it’s self. He has set race relations back 50 years. I have seen it with my own eyes more than once or twice. Then he pits the haves against the have nots, and I have had to deal with that conceptual attitude also and it really pisses me off!

      • eddie47d

        I noticed the yellow in your eyes militiaman but didn’t see any real patriotism behind your condescending puke. Minutemen are well known for their knee jerk and racist tirades so you can’t cover that up. Do Conservatives use the race issue? All the time! Do they really care if any minority makes it America? Hardly! So knock off the smoke and mirrors for you have been outed.

      • JC

        Nice try eddie…you pulled the race card again…it’s kind of like being threatened by a kitten. LOL hey! That’s actually something Liberals are good at! Domesticating cats and gathering firewood for the hunters of the tribe! LOL

    • http://Facebook Elise Robb

      Once again if people were racist in 2008 Obama would never being a President for this 4 years, us bad well I did not vote for him or will never vote for him so who ever made the statement or posted what we are replying to then can call me a racist and anything they want, I rather have a real american, with good values than a lier, racist, non american president. So let it be not Obama but yes to Romney 2012. I am with every one who will not vote for Obama. Enough of this racist talk.

      • Shelia

        Romney is the biggest liar of them all, Mr flip flop, will say anything to get elected, How can you elect a president who do not care about 100% of the people, only 53%,. Thats wack

      • Patriot1776

        I would rather vote for a president that liberals claim only cares about the 53% that vote for the president that doesn’t care about the citizens at all. The only true words ever spoken by obama were in his books telling how “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” From Audacity of Hope.

        If it hurt peoples feelings, stating the truth that 47% are dependent on the government, then perhaps they should start learning to stand on their own. Stating that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about them, but that he realizes that they will never vote for him because they worship the emporer and don’t have the strength to push away from the government table.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Shelia, so according to you it is fine to be a liar on behalf of O as long as it smears Romney.
        By your comment you are admitting that you are a liar.
        The ideal to strive for is not to tell lies in the first place.

      • eddie47d

        Where’s Sheila’s lie Nadzieja. Romney HAS flipped flopped on every issue just ask the voters who were conned in Massachusetts. Maybe that makes you the perpetual liar or at least Romney.

      • ChuckS

        Were the people who voted for Obama sexist because they voted against Sarah Palin?

      • the big easy

        @-sheila—————COMRADE—————–We all know that the flea-infested flea-bagger what’s occupying the white house now is sooooooooo truthful ,like the ‘I will not sign a bill until it has been on the internet for 5 days’,or the ‘I will not have any lobbyists in my administration’,or ‘this will be the most transparent administration ever’,or the ‘if we pass this stimulus,unemployment will NOT go over 8% ‘,or the ‘this is the just the muzzzzzzslime spring ‘,or the ‘global warming is real’,or the ‘water boarding is torture ‘,or the ‘ the muzzzslime bro’s are NOT a factor in the election in egypt’,or the MURDER of some 15 of our Brave Patriotic Military Warriors at FORT HOOD,and the wounding of some 35 others, as ‘just a work place incident’,and even when he is shown a video of himself,he WILL still lie about it,’let me be queer’,that was taken out of context,or the ‘I’am NOT for abortion,then the ‘I’am NOW for abortion’,etc.,etc.————–Sooooo yea,I can see your point.—————————–What a puke——————–

        • RichE

          Flea Infested! Everybody better vote for Romney twice just to make sure we’re above that class.

      • momo

        eddie47d says:
        October 4, 2012 at 10:25 am
        Where’s Sheila’s lie Nadzieja. Romney HAS flipped flopped on every issue just ask the voters who were conned in Massachusetts. Maybe that makes you the perpetual liar or at least Romney.

        And Obama has “evolved”, right eddie? Hey, where’s your best bud Flashy? In mourning?

        • RichE

          If Romney keeps migrating left he’ll be black by November.

      • http://yahoo gator

        hey MOMO, i was wondering the same thing. maybe flashy commited suicide after watching the debate!

    • Chuck

      In 2008, there was talk about whether the country was ready for a black or female president. The female part got dropped when Hillary was gone and Sarah Palin was in. At the time, I decided that I’d rather vote for somebody like Clarence Thomas or Margaret Thatcher than John McCain. Actually, a lot of conservatives voted for Sarah and not McCain. In this election, I liked Herman Cain to some extent. It’s about the issues.

      • michiganminuteman

        Chuck, I’m with ya. I liked Herman Cain alot, and he would have taken the “race” issue right out of this election. That is why the obamanites made sure they destroyed him right at the get go. Oblama needs the race card to even have half a chance of winning and he knows it.

      • JTB

        me too I would of voted for Herman in a heartbeat but the liberals made sure he was taken down! They didn’t want any black competition running against obama! Sleeze bags is pretty much what liberals are!

  • Rod Sanders

    I would like to have some beers with Chris. He’s my kind of guy!

  • hipshotpercusion

    By the way…don’t believe anything that comes out of “the Mad Cow’s rug munching mouth.

  • Rosco1776

    And get the next fool in? I suppose but I can’t, in good conscience, vote for either one. Third party again and if enough people wake up to the republocrats in power then maybe we’ll get a third party elected. I doubt the country will last that long however. Good luck folks, it’s all downhill from here!

    • Patriot1776

      So, we give up and let obama take this once great nation down into the cess pool that is his goal? Is that what our forefathers fought and died to give us? Is that what we are willing to give to our children? A nation that had a chance to turn down the right road, but decided that we didn’t get the candidate we really wanted, so we gave it to those who hate this country. Romney may not be the ideal Constitutional conservative that we truly need, but he is pro-America. Obama ended the debate last night “promising” more of the same for the next four years. Romney ended the debate with strength and a promise to at least turn this big ship toward the right direction.

      Now is not the time to try to fix the broken-ness of the political system. We have allowed the system to slip into the hands of professional politicians rather than patriots for at least 50 years. We can’t fix it in one day. But, if we allow obama to continue taking the country down his path to socialism and economic destruction, we will not be able to save this country and we will condemn our children and grandchildren to suffer the consequences of government servitude.

      • eddie47d

        Obama’s goal is not to take this country down as you gleefully imply.That cesspool was created by the financial mongers on Wall Street and in the banking industry. The Democrats did everything they could to drain the economic swamp placed on our financial system. The Republicans fought against taking our Banksters to task which made Obama’s job alot tougher. At the present time those Banksters are still entrenched thumbing their nose at Obama,the Republicans and the American citizen. We keep going back to the future and the Republicans did their best to make that happen.When the Republicans allowed the Middle Class to fall into economic destruction that was the wake up call for America. I was very pleased with Romney when he said regulations are absolutely necessary in any business.That took courage to knock one of the rights’s talking points. (that regulations need to be abolished for free markets to work).So there is hope that common sense on these issues will prevail. Romney got the upper hand in last nights debate. Although neither didn’t pass the Truth Test especially on the debt issue and facts got muddled.

      • Shelia

        And Romney cannot turn this ship around either

      • Patriot1776

        Shelia, perhaps Romney cannot turn this ship around, but he at least recognizes that it needs to. Obama and his worshipers like eddie believe that the government is the answer to all of the problems and continue to grow the powers of government at the expense of the middle class.

        It will take active participation from an involved citizenry demanding that government returns to the limited powers granted through the Constitution and being subservient to the citizens rather than allowing the reversal of roles that we see today.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Shelia, because O is a failure as a leader does not mean that Romney or Ron Paul could not turn the ship of state around.

      • eddie47d

        Patriot 1776 can’t wait for the next Ponzi scheme to envelop America. He loves those Wall Street boys who screw the pooch every chance they get and then blame the government for allowing it to happen. If the government attempts any correction the Patriot 1776ers will cry foul so their boys at the bank can continue making themselves money. I’m not fond of government failures anymore than private financial failures. The difference is I’d admit that the government can get it wrong while those on the right keep holding on to the Banksters belt loops no matter how devious they are. That indeed will take involved citizenry!

      • the big easy

        @-eddy and sherlia—————–COMRADES————-Y O U L I E ! ! ! ! ! ! !
        This election is going to be a MITT ROMNEY and PAUL RYON L A N D S L I D E ,and then this the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD can get back to CAPITALISM and PROSPERITY, NOT your GODLESS COMMIE big gubermint STEAL from the PRODUCERS and give to the MOOCHERS.———-What pukes———————–

        • RichE

          Don’t forget the classes, We need to get back to the classes.

      • Patriot1776

        eddie, I see the corruption in our government. I don’t believe that it is one side more than the other. I see the money influence and know that we must clean out the rats in government. But I would much rather put this great country into the hands of someone that at least respects the flag and the sacrifices that have been made to make this the Greatest Nation on Earth. I don’t believe in redistribution of wealth, I believe that you should get to reap what you sow. I don’t believe in socialist principles, I believe that through capitalism and the free market, with limited government, this nation can return to greatness and not be the shame that obama prefers.

    • Ken Bristow

      Rosco, why don’t you just vote for Obummer, because that is what you will be doing? I would rather vote for a man who has (a0 run a state … successfully, been a successful business manmost of his life and believes in free enterprise.

      • TML

        How do you know that voting for a third party wouldn’t hand the election to Romney? I’m sick of hearing such regugutated bi-’polar’ talking points that have no basis in logic or reason, except to those living, and perpetuating, the duo-polity fallacy or left/right paradigm.

        Writing off a third party in this day and age is like shooting yourself in the foot. Good job people.

      • amelia

        Thank you. I’m not against a person’s skin color. coming from an european country, I don’t want to live in a society such as I left. Don’t these american born people who love obama realize the path that he’s is leading them on? What is it that they don’t understand when the Romneys of this great counry speak?

      • the big easy

        @-amelia—————They are just like what you left behind some 50 to 100 years ago,the people see that by being SLAVES to the gubermint they can get FREE mo-bummmmer stuff,but just like there,you eventually run out of OTHER peoples money,and just like what is happening to greece,and all the other FAILED socialistic ways,reality takes a very large bite out of their asses.———–But don’t worry,when Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get into the WHITE HOUSE capitalism will again be alive and well.———Pray that GOD will continue to BLESS the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA————-

    • http://Yahoo JD

      Rosco, Many may feel the same, but unfortunetly you would be helping Obama if you don’t vote for Romney. In 2016, that will be the time for America to really be able to get rid of bums on both sides. But, Obama’s handling of forein affairs, especiely Islamic crazies,is much too dangerous and scarey to RISK 4 more yrs. The silant majority has finally started to wake up. There are some newer people on both sides who haven’t yet been too tainted, or bullied by their parties, who can make a differance. But now ___ Get rid of hillary and the rest of the PROGRESSIVES who have taken over the once honorable Dem. party. That goes for the Repubs also. Which I happen to be.

      • ranger hall

        Why Vote, Both of these Politicians belong to the same Club, But as always we the People only have the same garbage to vote for. so in the long run we get what we asked for. and after the election we will still be complaining and following the Bell.

      • TML

        JD says, “…unfortunetly you would be helping Obama if you don’t vote for Romney.”

        No, he would be helping Johnson.

        Just once I would like to hear someone actually explain how a vote for Johnson (or Paul) is a vote for Obama. In the face of the fact that Johnson and Paul would actually take democratic votes on a large scale, it becomes nothing more than regurgitated talking points which serve no other purpose than perpetuating the false left/right paradigm that gave us such a Mc Donald’s or Burger King choice today.

        You say we can’t handle 4 more years of Obama when Romney is his evil twin… wait till 2016?

        Give yourself a hand for arbitrarily, and ignorantly, helping the ‘elites’… by NOT voting your conscience, or by writing of a third party as an election spoiler.

        JD says, “But, Obama’s handling of forein affairs, especiely Islamic crazies,is much too dangerous and scarey to RISK 4 more yrs.”

        You sir, are nothing more than an imperialist warmonger (or fanatical religious crusader) with zero understanding of your ‘enemy’, and driven to support Romney’s foreign policy on fear alone, spawned from that lack of understanding.

    • michiganminuteman

      Rosco, you just proved to all that you are an idiot. Wasting your vote on someone that has no chance is the same as voting for oblama. Fool, put down your 16th beer and get some common sence! Fool, morron, dope…….I could go on.

      • eddie47d

        Exposing the real you Mr Minuteman? No surprise there! Cold and unthinking or does it get worse?

  • Paul Wells

    That’s the thing I like about Rachel Madcow…it’s that she…um…er….well, that’s just it, I don’t like anything about her, she is a complete moron and idiot and is so entirely biased she couldn’t be straight up about anything if she was tortured into it!

  • macawma

    Well, Rosco, if you vote for some third party wannabe, we may well be stuck with O for the next four years. Hope you have lots of food and ammo set aside.

  • Travis

    The word racist is thrown around so frequently if has little impact anymore. I’m still waiting for Obama to bring us all together in unity and harmony ever lasting. That was promise number 4 I think. Good luck with that

    • alpha-lemming

      Truer words were never spoken….. Just recently mentioning “Chicalgo” is racist, “food-stamps” is racist, and my favorite (harkening back to ’08) “personal responsibility” is racist.

      Another of my favorites is the wonderful sounding, much needed, national “dialog” about race. Too bad the lefts idea of a “dialog” is “sit down…. shut up…. and listen to what a creep you are”.

  • Granpa David

    This country most divided ever and Obama is constantly making it worse. I went back to a Unitarian Church , had been there for years, and 5 minutes into the sermon came “racist, bigot, homophobe”. Not exactly inclined toward peace and love. Never went back. Liberals tearing country apart with race, gender, class envy, anything they can use.

  • Tony

    I’m not a racist but I believe this add is to show you who gave Obama his morals!

  • Jenasus

    It does not matter if the color of your skin is red, white, black, yellow or blue. Our blood is all the same color.
    We are all one race. The Human Race.

    Republicans and Democrats are on different sides of the Totem Pole.

    Until a third party candidate is elected to the Presidency the people in control, World Banks, Big Bussines, Secret Societies, and others like them will remain in power.
    Otherwise it will take a civil war or a new form of government under the rule of law granted to we the people in the Declaration of Independence to change our Facist Government.

    The New World Order is on the horizon. In the New World order we the people will lose all of rights as Citizens and become Subjects (SLAVES)

    I am expecting the government to attempt to convert to the New World Order on 12/21/2012 when Obama declres Martial Law under the pretense of some government conspiracy worse than 9/11/2001.

    • Shelia

      you realy sound stupid

      • Jenasus

        It may not sound so stupid when it happens.
        The Congress and Senate have passed all the Acts necessary to make it happen and Obama has signed some 937 Exucutive Orders since he has been in office to do it.

      • Howard

        Well Shelia, many of us agree that we need a third party injected into the fray. I really see little difference in the two candidates. Obamacare was modeled off of Romneycare. I will vote for Romney only because the other one has proven what he is, and at this point a third party candidate would only hurt Romney. As for 12-21-12, I doubt anything unusual will happen, but I suppose we will know soon enough.

      • Tom T

        It could never happen here! Right Sheila??? Now who really sounds stupid? If Obama is reelected the chances are pretty high that it could. Wise up.

      • eddie47d

        Jenasus has an actual date for Martial Law on 12/21/12. Do you believe this person Tom T and if so then you may be the “stupid” one. Enough of these whacked conspiracy blowhards and those sheeple who follow.

      • the big easy

        @-shelia————-COMRADE———you said it sounds stupid——and this coming from a mo-bummmmer ‘ZOMBIE’,what a shock————–What a puke———————–

      • http://yahoo gator

        sheila, i have to admit, it sounds ‘out there’ (like flying passenger jets into buildings), BUT NOT STUPID. ‘little hussein’ has put the executive orders in place. it is a REAL POSSIBILITY.

    • JC

      Jenasus, It is those same powers you mention that have deliberately created the rift between peoples and spent a good deal of money dumbing people down (Take Shelia for example). Until we rally as Americans one and all against the present day White House and reclaim our Republic we will sit idly by and watch the country slide out of existence.
      I’m not sure what these leftist communist idiots envision as the final product of their irrational ideology…but I’ll bet my last dollar that it won’t be what they’re expecting.
      That’s the problem with being “reality challenged”.

      • eddie47d

        Oh Yes! Everyone on your side is a real American and everyone else is a fake citizen. Keep talking like a Romney clone and you may become one. Oops, too late. Your irrational behavior is duly noted and you placing 50% of us in the “idiot” column shows who is doing the real dividing.

      • ranger hall

        Be your own MAN, Be an American, Dont vote for a person you dont agree with, just write in your own name, Show that we can do something right.Millions of Americans cant be wrong when we band together for the common good. IF that could ever be possible.

      • the big easy

        @-j c——–You will never win with these ‘mooochers’,as long as they are able to continue to get FREE mo-bummmmmer stuff,they will continue to vote fo mo FREE stuff for themselves.I would be interested to see them when they are no longer to get all their mo-bummmmer FREE stuff.There will be some very large crying towels.——Nov. 6,2012——

      • JC

        eddie47d says:
        October 4, 2012 at 10:55 am
        Oh Yes! Everyone on your side is a real American and everyone else is a fake citizen

        I don’t have a “side” dipstick. I’m a Constitutionalist. An American that is…
        As opposed to your commie loving self…
        And the only Fake Citizen I’m aware of is the Kenyan living in our White House.

      • eddie47d

        JC has his own challenges to overcome. If you don’t want to own it don’t say it.

      • JC

        Eddie, you idiot! What challenges would those be? Nobility of purpose? Nope got that one checked off…it’s called the Constitution of the United States of America. You on the other hand are just another slimebag communist Kenyan loving maggot…the sort of thing I do my best not to step in. Have a nice day…leaving a trail,,,like the slug you are. :)

    • Don

      this is not the time to vote third party to much at stake. third party never win this year is no different. I know you want to vote your concision but this year has to be about getting Obama out and anyone else in.a vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama.I understand your need to vote for third party. to vote your concision. But how will your concision feel when you realize you voted for someone that could not win and now everything we are,everything we believe, everything we treasure is gone forever.Everything we are,everything we believe, everything we treasure is what is at risk. we can’t risk Obama getting a second term.

  • Don

    She left out the part that the video was edited to leave out the shout out to J.Wright and the fact was edited that he said New Orleans didn’t get the same treatment as 9/11 New York, Hurricane Andrew in Florida because the Staford act was waved for those 2 states. “where’s New Orleans waver on the Stanford act?” he asked ” Seems to me Gov.don’t care as much for New Orleans”.Obama said.The fact is the Staford act was waved so he lied . Even moreover he didn’t mention that he as Sen. Obama VOTED NOT TO WAVE THE STAFORD ACT FOR NEW ORLEANS. This man is a a liar, a racist, and does not deserve the title President.

    • Jenasus

      New Orleans was a test by the government for taking over a city in preparation for the government to impose Martial Law in the USA and convert to the New World Order.
      Wake Up America.

  • rb

    Is it racist to not support or vote for a candidate only based on the color of his/her sking or racist to only support and vote for a candidate based on the the color of his/her skin?

  • Dancer

    I’m not racist. I don’t like the white half of BHO either.

    • Vigilant

      LOL! Good one!

  • Nobody’s Fool

    Rachel Madcow is such a shill for oBlamer. Of course, she’s a part of that “special” group of slobbering followers who really appreciate oBlamer’s promotion of his homosexual agenda. She is such a waste of human cells.

  • “Homer”

    WHO Cares if i am called a Racist…I am, I understand the differances between races..white man can’t jump so what!! I mean, discrimination is needed: you don’t walk across the street w/out looking and you don’t go to a car dealer w/out discriminating! I don’t hate a man because of his color but when I look at history and see that as history proves…there has never been a Black man as head of any nation that has suceeded (except one and that was the Pharoah in Egypt and because of the Jews there Genesis 12:3 KJV) and been right sooooo I can say that this is the trend…So, I won’t go there! If you do again..see history! IF all else fails see what the Bible says about this subject see the Book of Genesis 9:20-27 KJV Then act on it!! P.S. I have some very wonderful Black friends sooooo that is NOT the issue here!!

  • “Homer”

    The chances of me voting for Obama…let’s see, you have a greater chance of walking to the moon beofre tommorrow morning and catching the noon train on firth ave to Broadway!! About one chance in 1 to the 10th power times 157000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 That’s about as easy as going up in a plane 2 miles high and throwing a ping pong ball down and making it in a gallon bucket!! Is there any chance? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL NOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

  • Debb

    To many of you who post here, the words ‘black people’ is an oxymoron term. Its been accepted, tolerated and taught for centuries in this country. Racism permeates every phase of our lives. Media (billboards, TV shows, news teams), business (boardrooms, management, salespeople, contracting companies), government (Congress, rule-makers), and many other aspects of our country.
    This country has been built on racism and it continues to prosper on that. The people and money who run the show (you know, everything except for the direction that the earth turns in including the government), will have it no other way. Its too lucrative. Personally, the only other deeper divisiveness I see to keep money flowing to the top is sexism.


    Would it be safe to say that Rachel Maddow is likely a lesbian or a promiscuous “Fluke” type explaining why she is such a biased obot? Completely failing to see the facts, such as Rev Wright clearly saying “G O D Da mn America” and clearly against America and Obama praising him as an honorable man and a great leader. If Obama looks up to him as a great leader, then he agrees with Rev Wright theory of dam ning America. Furthermore, Maddow fails to admit that Obama spends more time on vacations, golf outings and basketball not to mention countless fund raisers far more than any other President to date rather than doing his Job in a time when America and its economy and welfare and safety is at its worst, yet Obama has all kinds of time doing everything under the sun except doing his job. As far as the “our people” comment, it is clear of Obama’s racism and protecting his people indicating black but also Democrats and radical socialist people by his actions by dictating that funds go to prominently democratic states before they go to republican states because they didn’t vote for him. Protecting Holder, if Holder was white, Obama would have had him resigned immediately and not try using executive privileged to protect a white AG. Protecting the “New Black Panther” giving them a pardon for their actions because they are for Obama and are also Black. If they was costing Obama votes at the voting polls or if the KKK was standing at the polls with batons and clubs intimidating voters they would have been arrested immediately and the full extent of the law imposed against them. The list goes on and on for proof of Obama’s racism. Yet moron’s like Rachel Maddow try to spin the facts and the truth to make it look like it is the Right that is racist. By claiming that is you use the term sleepy, lazy, basketball, rhythm when referring to a person of color is racist only if that person you are talking about happens to be black.

    • cawmun cents

      How could that guy be a lesbian?

    • http://Thisiswhatyougetwithanaffirmativeactionpresident.Totalincompetence TeaParty Patriot (TPP)

      the 0′bomb does not do his job because he has absolutely no idea of how to accomplish a recoverry from his recession. Instead he goes off on vacations and plays golf or goes on “datenights”. he would be better advised to stay in the white house and read books challenging his intellect like “spiderman”, “captain marvel”, ‘superman” at least then his supidity could be concealed, but no he has to go out into the world and let everybody see how really dumb he is.

      This is what you get with an affirmative action president.Total incompetence.

    • gunner689AI

      You’re right Madcow is a bull dyke. If she were a dinosaur she’d be a Lickalotapuss.

  • RivahMitch

    Since voting against or opposing the Kenyan Marxist is considered “Racism”, “RACIST” is a label I’ll wear proudly. It’s a meaningless term anyway. The surest mark of stupidity is allowing your enemies to control the semantic.

  • RichE

    You people, if you are people, are just so lower class.

    • RivahMitch

      So nice to know that we now have a definitive (in his own mind, anyway) arbiter of “class” on the list.

      • RichE

        You’re welcome.

  • John J.

    Will there actually be an election in 2016?

    • skippy

      John, I thought it was all over in December 2012! What the **** is this 2016 all about??!!! :) Hahahhahhaa

    • Debb

      Absolutely, and the Republicans are already grooming their candidate – Bush. Yes Jed. Jed’s dad will once more have high-level access to White House business

      • michiganminuteman

        Debb, I hate to tell you this but…………you should post on the Huffington or something… you wont seem so…….umm….ah…..ok, I’ll just say it, stupid! Sorry, I hate hurting peoples feelings……….NOT!

  • wayne andrews

    People, pay no mind to eddie47d. He’s a paid troll who sucks off the left with hoover-like efficiency.

  • Debb had an alternative debate using the Democrat/Republican debate with Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party and former Salt Lake City Mayor, Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party. It was aired in real-tme with Stein/Anderson given equal access time that Obama/Romney received. There was a time delay between answers from the President and Romney. Not as flashy as the 2party debate, but more substance as far as solutions. Unfortunately, only 11,000 people viewed it.
    Jill Stein is on the ballot in at least 40 states and as write-in in several others. The Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson refused to appear which is unfortunate because he is on the ballot in all 50 states plus D.C. Guess you’ll have to look on YouTube to see where he stands on issues. Both of these candidates have enough exposure to win the White House by popular vote. Will the results be aired on the corporate controlled media? Will the corporate dollars allow that? It is seriously doubtful but should be significant enough to raise more than a few eyebrows.
    What about Virgil Goode with the Constitution Party? Is he on any state ballot in November? I couldn’t find anything definitive on that?

    • Benjamin Fox

      Where is the NOW, when the islamist want to turn our nation into a Sharia land? Wow, that is lame, all for womens rights except they are to blind to see where this nation is headed. And Jeb doesn’t want to run and if Romney loses we lose the nation, the nazi’s are here and another 4 years in will be to late for the blind, dumb and stupid to change it, Hitlers plan from the start and obozo is bring it about.

      • gunner689AI

        Yeah but wouldn’t it be a hoot watching these liberal broads being forced to wear burkas ? In most cases it would be an improvement.

    • michiganminuteman

      Really Debb? Just when I thought you couldn’t sound anymore delusional you supprized me again with your utter lack of any common sence.

  • John Scharringhausen ( Chuck )

    If we keep Obama in office it won’t be long before we end up in the cotton fields. Check out the racial slurs he made in 2007 that are all over Fox & CNN. Obama is raciest, to the letter. Also, if we aren’t carefull we will end up being the minority in this country. This may be their payback. If you follow me!

  • http://aol John Anderson

    This reporter drinks Obama Koolaid. The facts: Good ole Jeremiah Wright is a proven racist. There are too many lazy people collecting welfare, people who could work. Obama wants to move the country towards socialism, spread the wealth. Obama accepted tons of money from Wall Street. Obama was slaughtered during the first debate, he showed vulnerability in that he has no depth of knowledge. Romney took full advantage of that fact.

    • gunner689AI

      Poor BO didn’t have a teleprompter. Must be a racist plot.

  • Tony Ruiz

    Insert a screwdriver into the head and turn it. Then screw obama; for life. And get that stupid couple the hell out of our white house and wash it down with a fire hose.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Amen Tony and need more then just water to get rid of the Kenyian stink. God Bless:

  • Debb

    I have no problem with the gay-marriage support. If two people want to get married, let them. It takes them out of the search pool. What I find more appalling is a closet gay getting married, heterosexually. And then pursuing their gay activities while endangering their spouse and offspring.
    The only way people will become less homosexual is by counseling. I don’t believe there are that many people born gay. Many of them have been abused, mostly sexual, into believing they are gay. But we’re Americans (pull yourself up by your bootstraps, do it alone, I did it myself), we don’t get help from nobody. Counseling? That’s for wusses.

    • uvuvuv

      debb, there are people who are brilliantly creative either as artists, composers or authors, etc, and this can cause their brains to be mis-wired and they end up gay, just from the mental overload. then there are gays who are just cheap mutants, the result of some genetic glitch. back in the 60s the subject of gays never came up, ever, because there were so few around, if any. in my dorm there was one guy who was kind of prissy, but no one ever thought of the g-word with him. i think what happened was that in recent years they came out with gmo, and then starting in the 50s you started to see food additives like analasepentanechloride-2,2. this was the generation that started conceiving all these gays today that seem to number 60% politcally, but actually still just number 3%.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Debb, you live in a dream world, were you and the DNC? Booed the only one who can change a homosexual into a normal person and out of the life style and you people boo Him, a sad mistake on your part. As a evangelist to the homosexual crowd, saw many turn to Christ and now live a normal life, the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man comes to the Father except through Christ.

  • Dad

    You called me what? OK…. yawn!

  • http://MSN Mary Newlon

    I see alot of unhappy people with this administration….I hope that it evolves
    into votes and this President has his own retiring party not at the expense of
    the voters. I hope to see the last of him on tv and also his greedy wife….I feel
    actually sorry for the kids to have been born into such a family.

    • gunner689AI

      Only 8% of BO’s adminstration have ever worked in private industry. 92% are gvt. hacks with little real world expierience. In other words they never earned an honest buck and are professional liars. no wonder they’re unhappy. What a burden to bear.

  • Marilyn

    If you voted for Obama in the last election to prove you weren’t a racist, vote for somebody else in this election to prove you aren’t stupid.

  • alpha-lemming

    I’m not racist….. I’m discriminating.

  • uvuvuv

    romney proved his duplicity last night by not admitting that the 787 billion in stimulus was a raving success because the money went to all the right people ( as we all know) nor did he admit the success of the homebuyer tax credit and cash for clunkers. also that 2 billion to brazil for their oil industry was brilliant, i have to admit if i was president i would never have come up with that one. go obama! also obama brought the u/e rate down from a sustained 10% for 2 years to the present 8%, a drop of 2%? no! a drop of 20%! of course as our dear president says, we still have a ways to go. funny how as the u/e rate goes down the numbers on food stamps goes up, but that’s how statistics sometimes work, the expected outcome is muddled by correction factors. in the obama said what he plans to do in the next 4 years, implying that the last 4 years was just that, planning. romney should have had the decency to admit that obama’s plans will work if just given the chance. but nooooooooo! he had the nerve to say he can do a better job! as the post debate leftists are all saying this morning, what a pack of lies. and i agree. someone on that stage was lying. hey when obama kept looking down was he looking at crib notes? no! as president he has all the facts at instant command, so when he seemed to be stumbling and hesitating that was his total recall kicking in. like if someone’s wife says, guess whose birthday it was yesterday, he will kind of mumble too as he races through his mental list of birthdays.

  • Leonard Tufaro

    Does that mean if I don’t vote for Romney that I am still a racist since I did not vote white?

  • uvuvuv

    this is to remind all dems that the election is november 7. show up early and vote often!

    • eddie47d

      Trying to pull a Scott Walker ,uvuvuv?

      • the big easy

        @-eddie—————COMRADE—————–It worked for the flea-infested flea-bagger food-stamp,welfare-queen, pink-slip giver what’s occupying the white house now, back in 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Benjamin Fox

        eddie47d are you a nazi? Or just a plain old communist? One thing is the comments that call you a left wing troll are right.

      • eddie47d

        Wow! Three in a row resorting to name calling. I’m use to this Conservative ignorance and false accusations. I love even more having your words in print and exposing your real behavior. That is not a compliment for those of you who can’t fathom!

      • JC

        eddie you idiot! It’s not “name calling” when it’s accurate…it’s “identifying”. ;-)

  • millie

    Its time to throw this foodstamp president out, he is not fit to run this country and we will have more people on foodstamps and welfare and even less jobs then what we have now.


    the demorats are phonies one more bayvaction for ever for obama hawaiii graet country america beats living in kenya arab countries

  • http://Facebook/twitter glenn dupuis

    This is the very reason why Obama will probably win.First of all the white man’s guilt because of the history of slavery.The fact that thousands of white men died bears no significance as history has been rewritten in the propagandist public schools and liberal colleges that have convinced young blacks that all whites are evil and their ancestors were slave owners.Secondly, the black community is the hotbed of racism, as a result of people loke Al Sharpton who has exploited the poor blacks and become rich through doing it.Jesse jackson, and especially Jeremiah Wright who have race baited thousands into believing that if a white person is respectful to a black, they are out to take advantage of them.The democratic party started the KKK, and Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood with the goal of eliminating black babies, are never spoken up in a truthful way.Hillary Clinton was given the Margaret Sanger award, and yet Hillary supposedly says that blacks should get reparations.If only the teachers were more concerned with teaching truth instead of more money, and America would allow God back into the schools we might be saved, however, I honestly believe that the racists comments coming out of so many will finally bring this once great country to its knees,and George Soros will get his wish for the One World Order.God have mercy on the country one more time.

    • Jennifet

      o give me a break.ure rly startin 2 sond stupid and ridiclous.if u want 2 vote 4 the liar go right on ahead but i can tell u 1 thing alot more people r smarter and have more brains then u

      • the big easy

        @-jenny———-Perhaps you should look into the history of this country before you open your mouth.History can be a great teacher,if like in school,you pay attention.Start with the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.See what the Founding Fathers had in mind !!!!!!!! It had NOTHING to do with socialism,communism,fascism,elitism.———–Read for yourself——-

      • the big easy

        @-jenny————Just as a side note,your english teacher must be very PROUD of how well you payed attention to her/him.

    • gunner689AI

      George Soreass needs to have a head to head meeting with Mr. Nozler. That will change his war criminal future

  • L.J.G

    I love how Ms. Maddox calls 47 million people on food stamps non-sense! I love how she remarks on things that Romney has said , yet does not show those videos and then twists all the words to fit her agenda.
    And of-course her reference to rhythm, basket ball so-on &so-on;sooooo typical.
    Her hero had a bad bit last night;but that was really because of all those lying, negative adds.
    I don’t believe his “game” will get any better. (was that racist???)

    • L.J.G

      ERROR – Maddow finger went down when it should have went up.
      And I stuttered on ads.
      I Love Donna Summer- I hope it will be Obama’s “Last Dance”!

  • James Corbin

    I like the way Obama lies, everytine his lips move. He is taking from medicare and this is going to hurt the elderly. I am not a racist—it’s his policies. I’m sick of hearing racist. many white people lost their lives for the black man’s freedom. ( Civil War)

  • nickkin

    The race card was played as soon as obozo took office…..when you lack education,have no working experience , are christened as a messiah and rely on dumb puppet like marxist taught people, and after 4 years see nothing positive and nothing of a record to run on, your ace in the hole is the race card. If obummer was only voted in for a history-moment for our country, than there are either a lot of “wannabe black” peops or a tremendous amount of history buffs.

  • jorge

    i am not racist but my people (some latinos, because I AM LATINO) call me racist because i like ROMNEY, i just say to their persons: “YOU ARE IGNORANT” IS NOT ABOUT THE SKIN COLOR, IS ABOUT THE COUNTRY ECONOMY!when i explained what i see they remains silent and get mad by them self, why? thank you (no insults because i like “REPUBLICANS” THANK YOU)

  • Benjamin Fox

    If the blind, dumb and stupid vote obozo in for another 4 years, this nation will be in the hands of nazi’s and the nation will fall like a brink off a high building. He is for everything God says He will judge a nation for, over 6 million dead babies, homosexual life styple being called normal and a 75 % divorce rate leaving the child in the hands of those who will turn them into brown shirts for the dictator obozo. Those who don’t go along with his marxist, nazi idea’s will be imprisoned and exacuted just like the Jews were, they already have these camps, at least 3 or more in every state, sure isn’t for those who will wear the SS and follow thier messiah.

  • Pathfinder1

    Obama and Romney, no difference ???
    Well I beg to differ. This country is in deep, deep, trouble on many fronts that Obama doesn’t seem to be able to handle. The poor economy has hit us all hard, Obamacare (2700 pages of legislation) has frightful implications and Obamas Arab Spring is a disaster. Add the insane spending under his administration and there are a whole lot of bad things that Obama has created, and that is what America get for electing an inexperienced candidate like Obama

    Further, Obama is a master of Rhetoric and deceit (“tax breaks for sending jobs off shore”). There is a pattern to Obamas Rhetoric: for example he says the opposition is going to raise middle class taxes and guess what, Obama is doing just that with the AHCA. Obama has done this on numerous occasions and I am surprised so few have caught the tactic. To put it in the vernacular: Obama craps on the floor and then points someone else.

    As voters, we get only two choices; To me the devil we know is far worse than a candidate that has real GOVERNANCE EXPERIENCE (Obama had none) and unlike OBAMA, Romney became successful and wealthy by his own efforts.

    So, to me the choice is clear, and all this “Romney is Obama” subterfuge is meaningless.

  • deepizzaguy

    I could be a racist since I admire the late Donna Summer music. Obama has shamed our nation with his bending over to kiss our enemies bottoms and look what has happened in Libya with the death of our ambassador. Would you please open your eyes?

  • Runningonempty

    Sorry I guess I’M racist because I didn’t vote for the clown in 08 and I won’t vote for him in 12. Now I have to go put on my pointy little white hat. By the way I’m colored.
    To the Vietnam vet “Welcome Home”
    Vietnam class of 67-68

    • gunner689AI

      Semper Fi, Brother
      67-68, 70 – 71 (in country)

    • michiganminuteman

      Running, thank you for your service sir.

  • Nanci

    I don’t think for an instant this election is about a race. There will always be those who would like to make it so. However, this election is about saving our country. We are in serious trouble as a nation. We have a debt we cannot pay, our credit rating as a nation has dropped, we have escalating umemployment and with the advent of ObamaCare we are on the slippery slope of socialism. Government has become too intrusive and needs to step aside and let the states determine what is best for their people. I, for one, do want the government interfering with evey aspect of my life.

    I am old enough to remember when Democrats and Republicians alike loved this country and patriotism was something most Americans felt. I don’t think that’s true anylonger. There is so much anger and fear among most people. No one seems to be able to discern what is best for the nation. It’s not about lobbyists who have the deepest pockets, but what is good for the country. I love this nation, it is my home. It saddens my heart to see what the Obama administration has done covertly and we have no concept of what he has done behind closed doors.


  • Harold Olsen

    Under no circumstances will I EVER vote for Obama. If that makes me a racist, I’ll wear that label as a badge of honor. Labeling people racists who do not vote for Obama is a good indication of just how desperate the left is. If they can’t win fairly, they’ll try intimidation. Well, it doesn’t work on me. It’s a tool the left uses when they don’t have a valid argument for anything. What’s racist has become whatever the left says it is. And because of that, I long ago stopped caring about being called a racist.

    • michiganminuteman

      Harold, I’m with ya, the term racist has lost all of it’s “value” because you can only go to the well so many times before it is dry.

  • nickkin

    How many of you voting Americans are better off today than you were before obozo got a job in the WH.? Give me a plus figure over your earning in the Bush-era and you can include your food stamp value, your unemployment with 99 week bonus, cell phone value and tuition-forgiveness, and forgiveness on your mortgage. If you think your ahead than you are the recipient of a redistribution lottery. If your not ahead than you were the filthy , hard working , self-made business type person with pride in yourself and a country that voted in lover of socialistic fairness.

  • King of Diams

    I’m amazed at all of the comments by all of the great self-professed lovers of America. My amazement is that absolutely no one ever offers any suggestion as to how to solve the problem(s). All everyone does is call both the candidates and each other names. Obviously, playing the “blame game”is considerably easier than voicing a solution.

    If any of you out there thinks that President Obama runs, or Presidential candidate Romney, if elected, will run this this Country; then you’re far less intelligent than I give you credit for being. No one person runs this country! You read, and make frequent comments on, articles that clearly identify the forces that run this country. Notwithstanding, all you do is write more drivel about each other and the presidential candidates.

    A simple, but hopefully sensible, reading of the Constitution would reveal that the Founders designed it so that the PEOPLE ran the country. Thus, the reason that Congress, the supposed representatives of the PEOPLE, was given power and control of the MONEY. Granted, the President appears to have enormous powers (Commanding Chief of The Armed Forces; Power To Execute Executive Orders; and, Power to Veto Congressional Legislation. HOWEVER, the first two takes MONEY to execute. The President, pursuant to the Constitution, DOES NOT CONTROL THE MONEY TO EXECUTE THE POWERS! His “Veto” power can be over-rode by a 2/3 majority of the Full House. That doesn’t sound like a lot of power to me. Unless, of course, you have a weak People’s Representative(s) —- A CONGRESS THAT ABROGATES THE PEOPLES’ POWER TO THE PRESIDENT (Which is exactly what we have, based on the condition of the country today)!

    • L.J.G

      I agree with some of what you say, mainly people and their name calling ,however your analogy of the Constitution is quite different than what our founding Fathers wrote. First I’d like to state reading the Constitution is neither simple nor easy, it is quite a read.
      Second, the writers of the Constitution did not want our country to be a democracy, they intended it to be a Republic, a Nation ruled by law not by majority or mob rule. You’ll notice when you read the U.S. Constitution the word Democracy never appears,Why ? because democracy always implodes and destroys itself, and our forefathers knew this.
      Our congressmen were never to control the money but to represent each states views and or passage of new laws ,and the people’s money kept in their pocket.

      I believe we are in the thralls of an Oligarchy ,where a powerful group of people rule the majority, they make us think we live in a democracy however these elitists rule the people through media, they tell us what to eat, wear, and think.
      Liberal Bias=Brain Washing =Nazism=Genocide

      The essence of freedom is the limitation of government.

    • pweiters9

      10/7/12, Vote for BO & watch the lame-duck Communist show his true colors. If Communist prez of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez would vote fore him, that should tell you something. Whichever way it goes 30 days from now, think of this as your oil co., for a fee/gal., offers a lock-in price of $4/gal. think of the looming “taxmageddon” & rule by fiat. As I’ve said before, if I see throngs of colored people queuing up to pay homage to “Dear Leader” as in 2008, it will confirm how stupid they really are. ~~straight up.

      • gunner689AI

        If al queda, the muslim brotherhood, and the animals that killed our Ambassador could vote in our election whom do you think they’d vote for and why??????

        • pweiters9

          10/8/12, Gunner689, hello. Those killer Muslims already influence our gov’t. They have been facilitated by BO&Co. BO’s the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on America.


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