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Donald Trump: Ron Paul Can’t Get Elected President

February 11, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • John Jay

    He’s right after Ross Perot both Democrats and Republicans changed the rules for national debates exclude 3rd parties. You also have to have Instant runoff voting (IRV) or the alternative vote (AV) to get 3rd Parties to even matter.

    • Vicki

      All we need is the power of social networking. Totally bypass all of the MSM and the 2 parties. Let Ron Paul bring his case to Facebook. Over 1/2 of the under 30 population (of the world) is already on facebook. Use the power of the internet and the 2 parties that think they run elections are doomed.

  • s c

    Trump is probably right. Ron Paul, whether he’s a real conservative or not, has the advantage of being able to say whatever he wants (he knows he won’t be a target). He knows that the GOP/’Republicans’ will band together and marginalize anyone who doesn’t love the Fed.
    Paul can be more effective by not being in the White House. His knowledge of the Fed and its aiding and abetting scumbags can be used to prove that what the Fed says and what it does are diametric opposites.
    The great flaw in the Fed is in its dependence on plasic, smiling faces. There is no reason why we can’t have a 10 year old kid who runs the Fed. He or she will be told what to say and do. ‘Twas ever thus, and will always be that way, as long the frickin’ Fed exists. Their motto is “You don’t need any talent. Do what we say, and you’ll have a job as long as you want it.”

  • pete

    The INSANE majority of AMERICANS put OBAMA into office. Those same people will probably re-elect OBAMA in 2012.

    At least Donald Trump won’t suffer, he’ll be rich $$$ no matter what happens. Your best bet is to follow Mr. Trump’s lead and GET RICH TOO !

    What is the moral individuals should learn ?

    Financial Independence is good …

    Trusting the American voter to do the right thing is bad …

  • David J. Sanchez

    Ron Paul has been castigated and vilified just as the Founder’s were and has as much of a chance as anybody else does, to get elected to the office of the Presidency of the United States of America. Only those who are morally lacking in character would put themselves as citizens in the way of realizing the meaning of our Constitution. The government does not in any way give us our Rights and freedoms, but the Supreme Being or God gives us our Natural condition of having rights. The government can only limit or take our rights away as they assume even more size and structure. Wake up America for our time is at hand. Dave S.

  • Investor44

    Donald Trumps appearance on this years CPAC only goes to show how out of touch he is with the world events and the real underlying causes of some of the problems this country is facing. I especially loved the comment he made about calling OPEC and telling them that the price is going down…and going down fast. I wonder why no one thought of that!!! its genius!
    Donald Trump is an Idiot! And so is anyone who thinks he’s is even slightly capable of running this country. He doesnt have the slightest clue about the boom and bust cycles that are perpetuated by the credit expansion created by the Federal Reserve. He has no clue what an increase in money supply is doing to the dollar and our economy. He has no idea about why the US has lost the respect it once commanded. So while hes standing there blaming all our problems on China and the OPEC…he doesnt have the slightest clue as to what role our policies and actions not just of the past few years, but the past few decades have played in creating this huge problem that our economy currently faces.
    We need an intellectual, who has a sound foundation in basic economic principles, who knows the history and understands the “problems” we face are consequences of our actions in the past.

    • Pete


      You’re joking, right ?

      Trump is a very rich man, he must be do something right ?

      • Investor44


        The answer to your question is an emphatic no. No, I am not joking. Look heres the deal, I agree with you that Trump is a very rich man, hes done well for himself and theres no denying that. But that point is irrelevant when it comes to him running this country. History is full of examples of both wealthy and not so wealthy men who made bad presidents. What matters is experience and a thorough understanding of policy and policy making. Being able to trace the effects of a policy not only in the short term but also the long term, not only its effect on a particular group but on all groups. Infact if you look back in history and analyze any policy that you see was “bad”, you will find that the root cause of that policy was either ignoring the effects of the policy either in the short term or long term, or ignoring the effects of the policy on a particular group or all groups. This takes a level of understanding beyond what Donald Trump displays. This takes an understanding of economics beyond what Donald Trump displays. And if anyone thinks that Donald Trump displays these characteristics, then they’re not really take a fair or a deeper look at him. Not to mention he displays a trait that many politicians are despised for. The going back and forth on a position as an when the need arises. He has been pro choice, and then he says he’s pro life it all depends on the crowd he’s addressing. The same applies for his stance on the bailouts. Here is a quote from an interview “”If they didn’t do the bailout, you would be in depression No. 2 and maybe just as big as depression No. 1, so they really had to do something.” (NY Daily news). He is trying to justify the bailout! There is no justification for something as wrong as the bailout! I don’t think I even need to go into this. He’s a good businessman, but he does not have what it takes to run a country.

        • Pete


          It’s a one minute and 4 seconds video clip. Right ? Trump’s outlook is Ron Paul can’t be elected.

          Trump as President ? Who would think it. Sounds like an idea to seriously consider.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        don’t forget Trump has been bankrupt twice as well!! would he do that to the US?? We’re talking a scale he’s never seen, let alone handled!!

      • Patriot

        Hi Pete,

        Yes, Donald Trump is rich, but he was born rich. His dad taught him the real estate business, and hooked him up with his high powered buddies and financed him. Hmmmmmmmmmm … so my guess is Daffy Duck might have done very well for himself under the same circumstances.

  • mark

    Ron Paul is a racist. He believes that as a properity owner that you have the right to discriminate. It is amazing how many Racists are attracted to the Republican Party

    • http://?? Joe H.

      how do you keep from losing that little pea brain of yours out of your left ear????

    • Pete


      Racism is the norm throughout the world. Right now black South Africans put tires full of gasoline around white South Africans. English speaking European Americans are routinely massacred by the Spanish speaking Latin majority in South and Central America. Multinational Latino gangs kill Blacks and Whites here in major US cities, like LA or NYC or Boston, etc …

      You have some White European Americans who think they are smarter than Black/Spanish Americans (ie the “Bell Curve”)… Asians who think they are smarter than all.

      So what are you saying ? The whole world is racist … Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Communist — all have racists in their Parties ?

      Where mankind is wrong is they don’t realize that Pete is really the ubermensch (thanks to Evolution) of all of you. You are wrong not to realize my superiority ….. NOT ! HA HA !

    • Cathy

      WHAT give you the idea that Ron Paul is a racist? OK…the racist clueless idiots are the ones who put Obummer into office. So there…

    • s c

      Whatever else Ron Paul is, M, he’s no jock strap supporter of Margaret Sanger or your White House Savior who hasn’t got the guts to distance himself from the eugenics crowd or Planned Parenthood. Why waste anyone’s time spewing that bilge about Paul being a racist?
      Obummer is far worse than a racist. Young fella, your education has just begun. Get used to having that crap thrown back in your face. Fasten your safety belt. It’s going to be quite a ride for you
      and your pals. Enjoy.

    • Carlucci

      Wake up Mark, and grow a brain. As a property owner, I DO have the right to discriminate. I am discriminating regarding those who have bad credit, broken leases, huge pets, negative rental history, etc. Ask any property manager/ management company about their policies regarding prospective tenants. Ask any bank loaning money or issuing credit cards (if you can find one right now). Ask any new car dealer. They all discriminate.

  • Gringoviejo

    Reasoning!!! Reasoning and common sense and a balic education is all it takes to be president. Oh and I forgot, independance form the
    ring of theives (Council of Foreigh Relations, The Bilderburg, The
    Trialateral Commision and the Illumanitte.) The big problem is if he
    doesn’t select a cabinet from this group of thugs he is automaticly
    marked for death, so he should appoint people he knows he can trust
    to protect him. The majority of Americans never take the time to use
    their common sense and reason things out because it is easier to just
    believe what their government tells them, case in point, 9/11,the
    Oklahoma City bombing, Ruby Ridge, the Branch Divadin and the Kennedy
    Reasoning and common sense is all it takes ( and deliver me from
    any Intellectuals because the ones I’ve came accross have tunnel vision and very little common sense) to be a successful president.
    Hell I could be president and at 83 I could even break Ronald Ragans’s
    record as being the oldest president to take the office. Do I get any
    Votes? LMAO.

  • Rob

    The issue isn’t whether or not Rand Paul is conservative or a good guy or whatever. The issue is selling that person to the majority of american voters. This means getting at least a 3rd of the opposition to take you seriously. Yes the independants are the up in the air votes but this candidate has to be not so much anti Obama [althought he / she does need to be anti Obama] but “here are my solutions! I don’t care who screwed this up, I care about fixing it” I love Sarah Palin, big time, but I fear she has the same issue. She will grab the conservative base but can she get more than that. I think we are so polarized that it would be a stretch. Doanld Trump might actually have the right stuff. While he is conservative and republican, he is also NY so he has an air of social progressiveness. he also has never been an elected official yet has run billions of dollars worth of business enterprises. He does a ton of international busniess which puts him a a great position to deal with friends and foes in a purely business manor. I’m not sayiong he is the absolute best candidate but he has all the credentials, he is highlky visible and probably doesn’t have any politiocal baggage. I would vote for him. Again not that rand paul is bad I just think Trump has that extra something.


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