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Does The Republican Establishment Want To Lose?

April 30, 2012 by  

Does The Republican Establishment Want To Lose?
The message being pounded home by the elites through the mainstream media is that Mitt Romney is now the nominee.

The Republican Party establishment has employed all types of shenanigans and underhanded tactics to ensure its candidate to oppose President Barack Obama is Mitt Romney and not a true conservative.

Most of the Republican voters find Romney less than slightly palatable. Whereas 2008 nominee John McCain was truly a bitter pill, Romney is a bitter pill with a thin honey coating. If you swallow it fast enough, maybe the bitterness won’t make you retch.

Conservatives recognize that Romney is not one of them. They see through the veneer the elites have pasted over him. He’s trying to sound conservative, but it’s not working. Americans know a phony when they see one.

But the message being pounded home by the elites through the mainstream media is that Romney is now the nominee; and more specifically, that he’s the Republicans’ best hope to beat Obama in November. Republican talking heads continuously take to the airwaves to push this meme.

But in the back rooms they don’t really believe it. According to POLITICO, if you give the “Republican professionals” a truth serum, they’ll tell you they think Romney will lose.

The article reads:

But under the table, there is pervasive pessimism among Republicans about Romney’s prospects this fall. It’s apparent in rampant discussions about which Republicans will run in 2016—talk that obviously presupposes a loss in November—and it’s downright glaring in private conversations with GOP officials on Capitol Hill and in consulting shops across Washington.

And the skepticism about Romney isn’t just a Beltway phenomenon. Rank-and-file Republican voters are also uncertain he can win, though it’s the chattering class that is most bearish.

What’s going on here? Are Republicans (I mean the elites and string pullers, not Joe and Jane Republican Voter) trying to lose?

Robert Ringer recently asked a similar question when writing about a GOP gathering in Arizona. He wrote:

What is it that causes the mushy masochism that drives Republicans to seek out disaster year after year, decade after decade?  It wasn’t enough that the Republican Party stubbornly picked yet another RINO automaton, apparently believing that the 2008 election disaster was just an aberration.  No sir, it had to taunt conservatives by bringing McMush back from the dead and pushing him on stage, front and center, with MittMan… And, of course, Romney had his moderate mode on cruise control, once again being careful to say nice things about Der Fuhrbama.  He said he liked him as a man, but felt his decisions were disappointing.  Aw … shucks, Mitt.  You brought a tingle to my leg.

It seems clear that the Republican establishment — or at least the behind-the-scenes party apparatchik — is once again trying to lose, which brings us to the question of why. What is to be gained by a Republican loss? I posited one theory last fall. But now I believe there is a better answer. But before I get to it, a short history lesson is in order.

The Republican Party grew out of the ashes of the Whig Party. The Whig Party was a single-minded proponent of what party leader Henry Clay called the American System: protectionism, government control of the money supply through a central bank and government subsidies for railroads, shipping and other favored industry. It was a corporatist or fascist system based on British mercantilism.

As economist Murray N. Rothbard wrote in The Logic of Action II, it was “a system of statism which employed economic fallacy to build up a structure of imperial state power, as well as special subsidy and monopolistic privilege to individuals or groups favored by the state.”[i]

Edgar Lee Masters described the Whig Party thusly:

Clay was the champion of that political system which doles favors to the strong in order to win and to keep their adherence to the government. His system offered shelter to devious schemes and corrupt enterprises… He was the beloved son [figuratively speaking] of Alexander Hamilton with his corrupt funding schemes, his superstitions concerning the advantage of a public debt, and a people taxed to make profits for enterprises that cannot stand alone. His example and his doctrines led to the creation of a party that had no platform to announce, because its principals were plunder and nothing else.[ii]

Or as U.S. Senator John Taylor of Virginia (1753-1824) put it in his book Tyranny Unmasked, it was a system that benefited a “monied aristocracy.”

Abraham Lincoln was a Whig who idolized Clay. He served as a Presidential elector for the Whigs in 1840 and 1844. When the Whig Party imploded in the 1850s, Lincoln switched to the Republican Party but assured Illinois constituents there was no difference between the two parties.[iii] He brought the American System along with him, and it has formed the basis for the actions of the Republican Party ever since, years of vacuous rhetoric from Republicans as being the Party of small government and a foil to Democrat nanny-state big government policies notwithstanding.

For years, the monied aristocracy used the Republican Party and its statism (or corporatism or fascism, whichever is your favored word) to benefit its friends and partners. Now the monied aristocracy has a new use for the Republican Party.

They — the monied aristocracy — believe the time is ripe to end the faux two-party system, remove all pretenses that the United States is a republican government and usher in the age of direct democracy. Another loss by the Republican Party because of an unpalatable, unelectable candidate may well do this.

The elites have been laying the groundwork for this for some time. All of the elites in government — both Rs and Ds — and in the media tell us each day that the United States is a democracy. This has been going on for years. It was no accident that they have used this word. They have used it for so long now that it is rarely challenged.

Knowing the disaffected American voter will need some place to turn, the monied aristocracy has created what it calls a new system. It’s a place for the voter to go with the belief that there is an alternative system that is better because it sets aside party labels. It’s called Americans Elect, and it purports to allow an opportunity to pick a President, not a party. It calls itself the first nonpartisan Presidential nomination and its listed “declared” candidates are Buddy Roemer, Rocky Anderson, Laurence Kotlikoff and a host of others. “Drafted” candidates include Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg, a couple of clowns and a few others.

On the surface it sounds fine and dandy. But we always look beneath the surface, and things are not as they seem.

In The Huffington Post, Lynn Forester de Rothschild writes:

The message is clear: as politicians become more partisan and less effective at governing, the electorate is ready for a radical restructure of our election system itself. Voters are refusing to be held hostage to the self-interests of either party. Thankfully, in true American fashion, our civic society has built the tools to meet the challenge; for the first time in our history, the means exist to level the electoral playing field for an independent candidate.

While a small minority may indeed be saying this, it is not the message I’ve heard from the electorate. However, it’s one the elites, advocating a New World Order, would love to see come about. They have combined Europe under one umbrella (though the union is seemingly coming apart at the seams), but they have not been able to bring about a combined North America. The United States remains too factionalized, too States’ rights-oriented, and the two-party system and Electoral College only serve to perpetuate it. Voters are no longer under the thumb of the corporate mainstream media.

But who is this Lynn Forester de Rothschild? She’s married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the head of the richest family in the world (NM Rothschild & Sons, the Rothschild bank and former head of De Beers). She is also on the leadership board (read chief funder of) Americans Elect.

And she states the crux of her goal: “Simply, both the political environment and the tools are in place for a total disintermediation of our political duopoly.” And a move to what?

According to The Daily Bell it’s a move to direct democracy.

The governor (sic) of New York, Michael Bloomberg – an elitist worker-bee if there ever was one – is a big supporter of an element of direct democracy, which includes the elimination of the two-party system.

But what is it REALLY? Well … it is basically a full implementation of the USSR’s communist system that died 20 years ago! The idea is that a technocracy of the elite can present candidates who are the most “competent” at administration. The corollary to this, of course, is that one must accept EVERY FACET of the CURRENT system to accept that one is voting purely for competence.

In other words, if people do not like the current corporatist/authoritarian/totalitarian/militarized state that is being constructed around them, they’re simply plumb out of luck. That’s because the candidates on this “best of all worlds” won’t be running on how to CHANGE what’s going on – only on how to administer it BETTER.

Just take a look at how Bloomberg, a supposed nonpartisan independent who is in fact a big government nanny-stater, is governing New York City. He’s pushed through myriad laws to restrict peoples’ diets, choices and activities, and monitors every street corner with Orwellian “telescreen” cameras. But remember, he’s looking out for the best interests of New Yorkers, as all nanny-staters do — or claim they do.

Direct democracy — as Bloomberg illustrates — is just another form of tyranny. John Adams warned: “Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”

The U.S. Constitution guarantees each State a republican form of government. Don’t fall prey to wiles of the monied aristocracy. Don’t reach for their version of hope and change again.

[i] Thomas J. DiLorenzo, The Real Lincoln, p. 56.

[ii] Ibid, pp. 58-59.

[iii] Ibid, pp. 55-56.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Bob, at some point, we can opt for a rehash of wishin’ and a hopin,’ or we can face the hard facts of Amerikan politics.
    When we don’t get what we want, we have to make the best of a situation. On the bright side, Horse’s Rump McCain is NOT in this election.
    As I see it, Romney has two basic choices, he can imitate McCain, or he can think of Obummer in terms of Carter II and what Obummer has done to or for Amerika, and whether not our children and grandkids and their kids have been SOLD into generational slavery by this prez.

    • Vicki

      The hard facts is that we can vote for the lessor of 2 evils and get more and more and more and more evil.

      OR we can vote principle. We only need 55-60% of us to stop voting for evil. or you get same o same o yet again

      • Michael J.

        A win for either one of the Rothschild candidates will change nothing. A win for Ron Paul will not be allowed, but I will vote for him anyway. We are lost observers of a charade focused on maintaining the illusion of having a choice, having a say. The reality is that most everything we see, most everything we hear, most everything we consume is controlled by a few unseen, unelected elites acting in their own interest. We, the useless eaters by their definition, exist in to
        great a number for their continued peace of mind and must be culled as Bill Gates testifies to openly in this video.

      • Meme

        I wonder if the people opposed to Romney here are actually Democrats in sheeps clothing. True conservatives could not possibly be so stupid as to think NOT voting for Romney is the right thing to do, since that would give Obama the victory.

        To those of us who know how Romney actually governed MA, know that he is as Conservative as he can be. He also is able to deal with Democrats, which is essential if he wants to get anything done while President. Anyone who does not recognize that is simply an idealogue with blinders on.

      • Distinguished and Wise

        Ron Paul is a kook just like Lyndon LaRouche. We certainly don’t need someone like that.

      • Ted Crawford

        I don’t know how you define “Kook “, but, I believe that Dr. Paul falls into the category of Idealist, he is simply the right wing anchor to a spectrum whos left wing is held by Obama. He’s a right wing Plato, More, or Hobbs.
        I had hoped that Dr. Paul might come to the same conclusion as Plato. After refining, many times, in many ways, his Republic, Plato admitted that a Utopian form of Government wasn’t humanly possible. However, according to him ” It should be “!
        Had Dr. Paul adopted a more realistic Foreign Affairs and National Defence policy, and the electorate continued the work begun in 2010, and delievered a Conservative majority in the Senate and maintained the one in the House, his minor fiscal excesses could have been controled and we could have had a wonderful opportunity to return to our original Republic! Unfortunitly he chose to make perfect the enemy of good and we all lose

      • Tom W.

        I tend to believe Alex Jones Bob! Do you know why? Because if he wasn’t tellin’ the truth, they would’ve silenced him already! They won’t even say his name on FNC!!! Referring to him usally as “that guy”! Did ya happen to catch him on there one night when Kimberly Guilfoyle thought she could make a fool out of him about his truther allegations and had no idea of the Bay of Tonkin incident was?!! Oh, it was comical and Geraldo (Who’s show it was.), had to jump in and rescue her! LOL!!! She is a SPICY Peurto Rican dish, but is also a self-absorbed idiot who must’ve made the most of her assets in her legal system career! But ya know what the KICKER reason is?!! IT’S TOO DAMN SCARY NOT TO BE TRUE BOB!!! You can’t make dis chit up man! Not ALL of it!
        I pose you this question Bob, and I fully understand that I’m not the first to ask it, did the GOP try to win in 2008?! I read the book “The Obama Nation” by Jerome R. Corsi about the second year into this administration’s term, oh how I wish I’d have read it before the election!!! It WAS out, and makes allegations against the First Couple that were totally ignored by the MSM and the GOP rivals! Allegations that I believe are serious enough about some of the business practices of O as a community organizer on the Windy City’s South Side, that they were a threat to his then hopeful election!!! Namely involving South Side slum-lord Tony Rezko! If they had this info before the 2008 election and didn’t use it, then they’re COMPLETELY incompitent and don’t deserve to be in the WH! Wake up America!!! What?! Are we living in a country governed by a secret society of megalomaniacs who fancy themselves above the very laws that they’ve made their fortunes from enforcing the rest of us to adhere to?!
        “We are free today substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because it’s wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.”
        James Madison
        “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe that they are free.”
        “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
        Martin Luther King Jr.
        “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and they lay them on mens’ shoulders; but they themselves wll not move them with one of their fingers.”
        Matthew 23:4

        Cynthia McKinney?!!

      • DavidL

        I don’t always agree with you , Vicki, but this time I do. It is long past the time to stand up for what you believe and let the chips fall where they may. No one can trust Mitt Romney because he can speak out of all four sides of his mouth with ease.

        Ron Paul!

      • DaveH

        Meme says — “I wonder if the people opposed to Romney here are actually Democrats in sheeps clothing. True conservatives could not possibly be so stupid as to think NOT voting for Romney is the right thing to do, since that would give Obama the victory”.
        Wrong. True Conservatives could not possibly think that a smooth-talking politician who gave us the Blue Print for Obamacare (Romneycare), would do anything better than to slow the growth of our Leviathan Government (at best). Continuing to elect establishment politicians who have shown no inclination to Shrink Government is the height of Ignorance — hoping for real change by doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
        Those who support Romney may as well vote for Obama, because Government will just keep growing, perhaps at a slower, less obvious rate, but still growing and taking more of our Freedom.
        MAP posted this over the weekend, but I think it’s worth reposting:

      • DaveH

        Distinguished and Wise (misname) says — “Ron Paul is a kook just like Lyndon LaRouche. We certainly don’t need someone like that”.
        Perhaps Mr. Wise (I doubt that), you could explain to us how Ron Paul is like Lyndon LaRouche?
        My bet is that it’s easier for you to slander Ron Paul than to back up your slander.

      • Sunny

        If you vote “principle” and if by that you mean Ron Paul, we might as well kiss America good-bye because obama will indeed get enough lame-brain votes to carry on his destruction of America. It is completely crazy logic at this stage of the game to keep pounding the pavement for Ron Paul when he does not have a prayer. So the choices are king barack ‘insane’ obama or Mitt Romney. Collectively we can throw obama out, save the day and then march down that long and winding road to healing this nation or we can each go our merry way, voting “on principle” knowing that will definitely divide the vote count and assure obama gets the change to turn us into something much, much worse than a democracy. If you sit this one out or stubbornly vote “principle” you will be handing a 2nd term to the most evil regime America has ever seen and you will have nobody else to blame but yourself. ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!

      • Sirian

        Tom W.,
        As a side topic, look over this article. First, check the date above the headline then where this paper is from. You may find it interesting.

      • LibRep

        Distinguished and Wise – Distinguished, yes, based on calling Ron Paul a “kook.” Definitely not Wise based on the same comment. There are no 2 parties anymore. It’s one big government big spending party with 2 different ideologies in a perpetual tug of war using the people as the rope. However, those that are tired of being tugged between the 2 have been attracted to a new direction by Ron Paul. The crowds he gathers compared to Obama and Obama-lite prove this. Real change is voting for liberty instead of which candidate Goldman Sachs wants us to choose from.

      • Patriot

        People do not waste your vote, a vote for Ron Paul is a vote Obama! The strategy should be take over the Senate, add more House seats and change the President, now! We can deal with getting a much better candidate next time, we need to stop this group now and slow down our demise, take a breath and the look for stronger candidates, this will take time, probably years, do not be impatient!

      • Kate8

        Michael J. and Vicki – Have you seen this one?…_Jeb_Bush_Will_Be_Next_President_A_Must_Read.html

        This stuff goes way deeper than anyone realizes. Elections are a ruse. We don’t choose the winners.

      • Average Joe

        For those who still cling to the notion that there is a such thing as a Two party system, I present this as evidence…that there is no difference between the party’s or candidates:

        Cast your vote for America, cast your vote for :

        Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • GALT

        “Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.”
        ― Confucius

        Well Mr Livingston you have out done yourself……..and the result is truly terrifying………..for the “sheeple”…….who will respond to this without thinking or questioning the obvious contradiction…..

        Romney is “one of the elite”, and if he is elected he would make all your dreams come true……as well as your nightmares……but like the contradictions you offer here, at some point…… might actually get enough people into the theater, to start the “fire” you and this site and all the other “associated prohets of doom” are SHOUTING about…..

        Fortunately, the reality is that the sheeple you are addressing are pretty much powerless… they are stuck with the lower end of this foolish dichotomy you are attempting to sell…..the survivalist end, with the hoarding, growing and waiting for FEMA……rather than the profiting part, but BUSINESS is good for both, isn’t it…….and will remain so, unless one of the two choices actually comes true?

        “Remember the Maine” …….slogan and mantra’s are not designed to educate…..they are designed to manipulate…..they are not directed to the intelligent, seeking solutions……..but to the mob to provoke and to direct their energy……..toward that which the manipulator favors, which in this case is “more of the same”……..

        Take the following little mantra……” Those willing to sacrifice a little liberty for a little security…..blah, blah, blah.” They are words which are designed to “inspire” and “provoke”…….so they have power, as long as one doesn’t consider what is being suggested……..
        History tells us that, civilization is about choosing “security” over the “liberty” of starvation……so when given the choice of “agriculture” and secure harvests, rather than the “liberty” of nomadic existance and the uncertainty of the hunt and gather……for those capable or with the means to do so…….the choice was for the former security, rather than the “liberty”………..

        One wonders why, after all this time, the choice not to “think” still triumphs over the obvious “requirement” that it is only by reasoned intelligence that actual solutions can be achieved? Cui bono?

        “Those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.” The example given would seem to suggest that either the past has been totally forgotten, or maybe it was never known to begin with? Well, I doubt this post will be a cause of any positive inspiration…….

        “Humankind differs from the animals only by a little and most people throw that away.”
        ― Confucius

        • spinuzzi

          There is, my friend, a difference between us that you seem not to understand: There are those of us who think we are in control and are not much more than animals, as you seem to do. There are those who either trust that God is still ultimately in control (and we are to be blameless before Him in all we do). And there those who think that it is insane to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. These last two groups simply believe that you have your head in the sand and/or are deceived. Perhaps this will help you understand why we believe what we do.

      • rcrain

        What a lot of you fail to notice is the Republican Party wants the same thing the Democrat Party wants, THE NEW WORLD ORDER. They will do what ever it takes to get us there, trust me on this.I am not a big Ron Paul fan by no means, but he could be elected by a majority of write in I think. He truly wants to save our country, and some of his plans seem a little scary, but I would vote for him in a heart beat.Romney is nothing more than a white Obomma, who will do the bidding of the elite who really run this country. The only way we are going to save ourselves, and our country, is taking it back using force. We the people have to make a stand, force the issue, Obomma will declare Martial Law, but we the people will win. It will be costly, but the tree of freedom has to be nourished from time to time with fresh blood. I hope your as prepared as I am.

      • josephinesouthern

        A really good explanation in this article of the beginnings of the Republican Party from the Whig Party, so clear why the South left the Union. They couldn’t live with that and neither can we.

      • Average Joe


        Maybe it isn’t so much that we are opposed to Romney…but rather that we are “for” someone else…..such as …say…Ron Paul. That’s the difference…Folks like you see everything as an attack on your candidate….when in fact, we are simply supporting our candidate….by pointing out how our candidate differs from the rest of the pack of scoundrels. I fhte things pointed out offend you…then maybe you should do a bit more vetting of your own choice…and learn to make informed decisions.

        For those on the board who call othr candidates name (you know who you are and what you say)…instead of calling the candidates names etc….maybe you should be telling us why your candidate is better…rather than trying to tear down your oponents (you aren’t scoring any points for your candidate…by berrating the oppositions candidate).

        The delivery of the message is just as important (if not more so) as the message it’self.

      • Mighty Mitch

        Ron Paul is a non-entity in this race. He is to far fringe for almost anyone to vote for. I have friends who think the zombie apoco is coming and they should prep and store and arm and get ready for whatever they are getting ready for? President Obama is left leaning president in a right leaning country. His policies have taken us near the brink but will not destroy America. Romney will win, some will think he is Obama lite, some will think is the great white hope, and still others will think he is taking us down the same road Obama would have. But I for one feel that Mitt will make a good president. He is smart, knows business and budgets, he is GM material, and that’s what this country needs a GM. Not a professor, not a fringe element, a GM. A GM who will know how to get this country working again, how to take on China, Iran, North Korea and will bring us back to respectability.

      • Vicki

        Meme says:
        True conservatives could not possibly be so stupid as to think NOT voting for Romney is the right thing to do, since that would give Obama the victory.

        and Sunny says:
        It is completely crazy logic at this stage of the game to keep pounding the pavement for Ron Paul when he does not have a prayer. So the choices are king barack ‘insane’ obama or Mitt Romney.

        This video is an example of why I call Romney “obama with an R” or “obamaLite” or “Minibama”

        I’ll take crazy over stupid any day. Especially when crazy is crazy like a fox.

      • Vicki

        Mighty Mitch tosses in his vote for tyranny by writing:
        he (Romney) is GM material, and that’s what this country needs a GM.

        GM as in General Manager as in dictator as in tyrant. Nice.
        Even in business the GM has to respond to what the customer
        asks / demands. But give a GM the power of government,
        the power to force the customer to buy your product and
        what do you get?

        Romneycare spelled with an O.

      • Chuck Peterson

        I agree with you Vicki 100% Looks like i’ll be voting for RP again this election. From what I see the only difference between Romney and Husama is a couple shades of darkness. FDRs son-in-law said it best when he said “The American People Have No Idea As To How Much They See And Hear Is Controlled. The ppeople never picked Romney They just voted for who the ones that really controll the show pushed on them. Look how ALL the media gave RP the Whore House Shuffle. That should tell you something!!

      • charlie

        Vicki ,,, right on,,, are you praying for Ron Paul ? in the Name and Blood of King Jesus Christ ??… Sunny said Ron Paul did not have a prayer so if you are praying and I am praying , that’s two powerful Prayers,,, maybe Sunny has been duped, deceived and deluded by The Satanic Powers that be…

      • LuciDMari

        We must remember that the shadow government controls both parties and whoever gets in makes no substantial changes. They control Obama and push Romney because he is part of the same team. Our only hope is to break away from all that with Ron Paul. Don’t be fooled by those who say Ron Paul can’t win. God is on the side of Truth and Ron Paul speaks the truth. Didn’t David kill Goliath with a slingshot? HAVE FAITH! Ron Paul 2012 and beyond!

      • DaveH

        Sunny says — “If you vote “principle” and if by that you mean Ron Paul, we might as well kiss America good-bye because obama will indeed get enough lame-brain votes to carry on his destruction of America”.
        You’re voting for Obama, Sunny? You must be by your description of those who will. It is lame-brain people who keep falling for the lesser of two evils line and can’t figure out that lesser or not, they are still Evil. How do you suppose we will ever progress towards Principled Government if people like you, Sunny, keep voting for those without Principles?

      • Void1972

        I worked security For Mr LaRouche Many years ago, on his Virginia estate. Although I was never part of his following, I can tell you that Mr LaRouche was no Kook, though many of his followers were.
        At the time, I would sit and read many of his writings, and I will honestly say that most of what he predicted has come to light. His true love and respect for America was in his articles, as was the massive deceit and corruption that was happening to America for many years.
        Bush Sr took care of him with his IRS dogs, and the media dogs finished him off.
        Like Pat Buchannan and Ron Paul, Mr LaRouche was demonized by a controlled media that is behind the fall of this once great nation.
        These men not only know the powers behind our government, they truly try to fight them!

        The powers need not martyr their accusers, they just need to demonize them, as the sheeple will believe the Bill OReillys and Chris Mathew’s, because they told them so, and that means it true!
        I believe that Mr Paul will soon take sides and back Mr Romney because he knows what is at stake.
        If Mr Paul runs against Mr Romney, then I’m afraid America is doomed, and the hope and change for the communist and new world order will prevail.

        Dave, it’s obvious that that deck is stacked in Obama’s favor, but Mitt Romney is no Communist, and might surprise us all if given the chance, and a vote for anyone else is a vote for pure and simple evil!
        God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Tom W.

        Void, I’m just a poor short white boy from Louisville, KY! I’ve been a construction worker most of my workin’ life. I’ve pretty much lived day to day all them years! The best (I mean that in the way of pay and benefits.) job I ever had was the Ford Motor Co. in L’ville back between 1978-80. I was laid off from there because of the auto industry down turn. All them years I spent pretty much in a haze, If I wasn’t workin’, I was partyin’!!! I could’ve cared less about the economy and politics! Then I sobered up in, let’s say 1994 (That’s the year I asked Jesus into my life, well to be precise the Mon. following Thanksgiving the year before.), that’s when I STARTED to get my act together, and it’s been a journey ever since!!! When I first made up my mind that I, to the best of my abilities, was goin’ to try and figure out what the problem with our economy was, Lyndon LaRouche was one of the first people I started listening to, and everything the man has said was going to happen HAS happened!!! He is no kookier than your everyday run of the mill genious! Albert Einstein was thought kooky too. You were right about daddy Bush havin’ him railroaded too!!! Lyndon started his predictions of economic Armegeddon back when Tricky Dicky (I heard Monica Crowley gave him that nickname! LOL!!!) took us off the gold standard. Lyndon seems to hold FDR in a higher light than he deserves, and pretty much says that our problems stem from the House of Rothchild take over of the American Central Bank in 1913 with the creation of the FED! A battle to rule the world ever since the underhanded take over of the British banking system by Nathan Mayer Rothchild following the defeat of Nepolian at Waterloo by Lord Wellington! Lyndon maintains that this battle that we’re in with the imperial London-centered Anglo-Dutch Liberal Monetarism system has continued to rage ever since the days of the Revolutionary War, a war that has never truly ended! Lyndon holds the Brits in the same distain that Kevin Klein’s character did in “A Fish Called Wanda”! LOL!!!

        Lyndon was callin’ for this before Glenn Beck was born!

      • Jay

        Galt, you’ve used so many words, and yet, you have said nothing; a rare skill indeed!

        A rat who gnaws at a cat’s tail invites destruction.
        -Chinese Proverb

      • Tom W.

        Here is the link to the LaRouche Political action Committee for anyone who wishes to make up their own mind about whether or not he’s a kook! I learned a lot about some of the atrosities committed by the Brits in the name of the King or Queen, whichever the case may be, over the centuries from listening to his programs! Atrosities that have proven to be fact although never taught in the schools!!! Atrosities committed in the cause of colonialism, The Brits were barbarians!!! Do you know they still have the heads of the queens Henry the VIII had executed in a special chamber in the Tower of London?!!

      • azwayne

        Thank you for the sprig of common sense. Too many can’t get off the propaganda band wagon. Continue party politics, year after year. and then wonder why they got screwed.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Sadly, you and the rest of the Paulistas will probably throw the election to Obama. So be it. Be carefyk of what you will reap. If he gets abnother four years, it will probably be the last election you vote in. Romney, is better than the lesser of two evils, by far.

      • http://none Mike

        Im with ya!

      • Honesty

        Crunch the numbers Ron Paul doesn’t even need 55 or 60% of the Vote he only needs about 38% He has my family’s vote..In fact we just voted for him in our Primary..Ron Paul is over flowing Stadiums from 2000 to over 9000..Romney and Obama can’t even fill the floor seats of a stadium!!! Ron Paul’s people are ready to write him in on the Ballot..Only Ron Paul can beat Obama and Romney = Obama..We will either have our Constitutional rights back or Americans will make the same dumb mistake but this time it will be a complete Totalitarian Regime with Obama or Romney..Wake up America!!!

        • Deerinwater

          Hmm? Well that’s exciting news! Now if it was true for the rest of the nation instead of only these small demographic pockets of like minded red necks, we might be getting somewhere.

          Whats going on in your own neighborhood does not necessarily reflect across the nation.

          If elected, Ron Paul; will have to learn to wield power from the oval office or he will end up much like Carter, a man with a bunch of good ideas but unable to rally any support for them.

          I live in “Bush” country, Fort Worth, Texas, They don’t speak much about Bush anymore while Obama is a non starter and you can expect a smirk of contempt. I’m surprised, they are no real noisy these days. Romney not filling the favor of the day and Paul stuck behind the 8 ball and uncertain of what his tenure would actually offer.

    • TIME

      Duh – Me Me

      Your a glaring dispaly of American Ignorance at its zenith. Thanks for that clear display of mindless blind sheep like stupidity.
      By the way its really quite obvious in just your name; Me Me a – self centered fool.
      Yet you have the nads to note anyone who fails to fall for this control grid frame of mind as what again?

      Peace and Love

      • charlie

        TIME,,, time for you to wise up ,,,what has Ron Paul said that demostrates ignorance ? “We ” think it’s time to tell you,,,you have been duped , deceived and deluded by The Satanic Powers that be… Question : what is “time”??? to save you time , for your information “time” has never been defined…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

      • JeffH

        charlie says DUH! charlie, just what did TIME say that you didn’t comprehend? He never even mentioned Ron Paul while addressing MeMe’s comment. What disparaging remark did TIME make about Ron Paul? Please enlighten me? DUH!

      • TIME

        Dear Charlie,

        Thank you for your post, but you have confused me beyond words, so perhap you can now explain to me what your post means. {{ Thanks in advance.}}

        Again its not “TIME” for the Christ to return, and no zelot of the Zion or progressive fruitloop can make that happen.

        As well, I said not word one about Dr. Ron Paul within my post, be that as it may I have given Dr. Paul a – VERY – hansome $$$$$$$ amount of funds for his run, of what I have not ever given any other politician! Oh I did send a nice sum back in 2008 to Dr. Paul. And will send Dr. Paul another chunk of change if he makes it. If not, I am on a ship to an island as far away from the US inc. as I can get.

        Peace and Love.

      • charlie

        jeff ,,,better learn to read between the lines

      • charlie

        time will tell ,IF, you can tell time

      • JeffH

        charlie. says DUH again! Read between the lines? I’ve known TIME for several years now…nothing between the line there. Now, what’s between your ears?

      • TIME

        Hi Jeff,
        Its quite obvious that Mr. Charlie has many a screw loose, but I forgive him for being bent.

        Peace and Love

    • http://Bud12 Ed

      Most of the comments stating dissatisfaction with Romney are generated by liberals promoting Obozo. Romney is no McCain. Ron Paul has a great ideology of less government, but is not electable. Romney is the best choice.

      • Dean Bartlett

        Romney is not what he appears but since the sheep in the party are blind the answer is to prepare for the coming end of our Free Republic and the beginning of the Socialist State coming.

      • Boatman

        Is not electable because? Please elaborate or stop repeating the MSM rethoric. I think, I mean, I know Ron Paul is the only person that at this moment would be able to get us out of this mess. I listen to all the others candidates, including Obama, and is an insult to my intellect but when I listen to Ron Paul my inteligence grows and expands. He is right on all the issues, ALL OF THEM, and even some of the issues that would be controversial to my business in the short term, i am willing to put my own interest aside for the sake of a better outcome in long run. Ron Paul 2012.

      • DaveH

        Not electable, Ed? Here is how people vote who have actually listened to what Ron Paul has to say:,_2012#Candidate_Totals

        Only those sheeple who have let the MSM lead them around by the nose (as usual) think differently. I wish I could invest in the company that makes those nose rings.

      • DaveH

        Boatman says — “i am willing to put my own interest aside for the sake of a better outcome in long run”.
        Kudos to you, Boatman. I wish there were more people like us.

      • Carol

        Ed, I am not a Liberal promoting Obama and neither will I vote for Romney because they’re both from a criminal organized group who call themselves the Illumanati. I will vote on my principles, and my principles tell me that my vote for Ron Paul will best benefit me and the entire country. ANYONE BUT OBAMA OR ROMNEY!!! You see, it’s as simple as that because Ron Paul is all that’s left to vote for outside the banking industry.

      • Tom W.

        We know what you are Carol, you’re a dog lover !LOL!!!

      • Chuck Peterson

        Romney is A East Coast Liberal who is Anti Gun, He supported the AWB and the Brady Bill. So you tell me how he is different that Husama. The only difference is in the shade of darkness each one is.

      • Dennis

        If you think Ron Paul is a non-entity then you are watching too much mass media. Not even Fox will mention Ron Paul because they want Mitt elected. Stick to the internet and Utube. You will see the stadiums and arenas packed with Paul supporters, and so you people who think Paul isn’t electable look on thr internet to see how many electoral votes he really has. They wont tell you on MSM. He took 62 electoral votes away from Romney just last weekend, he has won over 8 states. Is that a non-entity or are you just unaware like a few others on here. There is a big movement going on, don’t get caught with your pants down. Do some research please. He packed UCLA and Berkeley which used to be hard left. Don’t settle for Romney who’s policies are parallel to Obama. Fight for freedom and the Constitution at least until after the convention. Then if you want settle for less. Paul is us, the grass roots sponsored by us. Romney and Obama are both bought and sold by Goldman Sachs Unions and Corps. Come on. We got a chance to turn at least a few things around. The big question is not Where is Ron Paul. The big question is where is the Media and hummmm why aren’t they reporting on the huge turnouts and electoral votes he is getting. Question, question question, the media wants to control your vote and say Ron Paul is unelectable.

        • JohnInMA

          @Dennis, I’m curious since you are well-studied on numbers. How does the popular vote count compare between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney? A strategy with electoral votes may be all that is left to keep in on the margins, but it won’t give him the full leverage at the convention, now will it?

    • wandamurline

      I don’t care if Mickey and Minnie Mouse were running for this presidency….they would get my vote because America cannot stand another four years of Obumer, the racist anticolonial, socialist, marxist psychotic narcissist. I will vote for Romney even though I am not wild about him, but the people of the states voted and this is the person they chose, so I will back him to the White House. At least with the election of Romney, the czars, Eric Holder, Janet Napolian, Cass Sustein and his wife, the tax cheat Geithner will all get sent down the road. We can, however, elect constitutional representation in the House and Senate, and then if Romney does not back the American people, we can replace him in four years while we have a majority in both houses that can override any vetoes. This is how we can beat the Obama regime….the really important elections are for the Senate and House so that conservatives rule in both.

      • Boatman

        So why don’t you instead of wasting your vote for Mickey mouse vote for the only candidate that is worth anybody’s vote? Ron Paul.

      • Larry Miller

        Wand: You are absolutely correct. If we get a majority in both houses and Romnmey should turn out to be less than what we actually preceived him to be, He can be controlled.
        A good injection of TEA PARTY Canditates ellected in both houses would position our government in a fashion to overcome a dictator. That is what the current andimistration has in mind and four more years with their current head of steam and there is no stopping them.
        Also Bob Livingston would be well served to put away his Thesaurus when writing an article. I am not impressed nor do I feel others are. His writing skills are not much better than some of His ideas.

      • old hillbilly

        wanda – yur right!. voting for the duck duck is better than goofy

        We NEED to crank up the tea party & get some momentum going for new “INDEPENDENT” House & Senate reps – doesn’t matter which party they belong to – anything is better than the majority that runs our government!

      • DaveH

        Wandamurline says — “We can, however, elect constitutional representation in the House and Senate”.
        How, Wanda, when people won’t even stop electing the obvious and well-known Big Government Lovers like Romney? What in the world makes you think that if you can’t even stand by your Principles and not elect Romney, people are going to somehow stick with their Principles to elect much lesser known Politicians?
        I’ve listened to that same old crap about electing the lesser of two evils for 40 years now. Where has it gotten us? Bigger Government is where — 30% Bigger Government. And the only difference I’ve noticed since then is I get to keep less of my money. I certainly don’t feel safer now. Non-Government thieves have taken only a very small portion of my weatlh over those years, compared to a very large portion of my wealth taken by Government.

      • DaveH

        Larry says — “Bob Livingston would be well served to put away his Thesaurus when writing an article. I am not impressed nor do I feel others are. His writing skills are not much better than some of His ideas”.
        This coming from a guy whose comment is replete with misspellings, even the name of the the man who he supports for President — “Romnmey”, “preceived”, “ellected”.

      • DaveH

        I missed these two — “Canditates”, and “andimistration”.

      • r.p.

        The idea is not to “beat Obama”. The Idea is “To defend the Constitution”. If you are a patriot, an American, and believe in the constitution then you know where your duty rests. If you don’t vote on principle, you do your country a great disservice. If you and all other voters cast your ballot for “principle, integrety and the constitution, Dr. Paul will win by a landslide.

      • Vicki

        wandamurline says:
        I don’t care if Mickey and Minnie Mouse were running for this presidency….they would get my vote because America cannot stand another four years of Obumer,

        If America cannot stand another 4 years of obama why do you think it will stand 4-8 years of obama spelled with an R?

        Mickey and Minnie are fantasy chars. obama is well… obama. Romney is obama in Romney cloth.

        Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with a 25+ year history of upholding his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

        The choice is clear.

      • charlie

        Wandamurline ,,, you did not mention that Obama is a “crossbreed” and is in violation of Deuteronomy 17:15 and he is not one of The People called out by King Jesus Christ at Matthew 15:24,,, so vote Ron Paul 2012…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

    • Brad

      I agree SC. You can keep being negative and try to impose negativity upon your readers Bob and get the Odrama saga for another 4 years and possiblly bring a King to throan to rule for the rest of our lives or we can do the best we can with the canfdidate we have to get rid of this want to be dictator. We can wish in one hand and crap in another over Ron Paul or we can grow up and quick making waves over someone who can beat this natzi impersonator and support him into a WIN!!

      Let’;s get on board and just maybe if Romney is an idiot for the next 4 years and does not work out for the Amaerican people by that time another candidate like Chris Christy or Rand Paul will get into the fight to become the American peoples leader. Anything is better than what we have now.

      • Boatman

        @ Brad. Will all due respect I do not agree with you. This kind of attitude of voting for anybody else just because “he might be an idiot but not as bad as the other one” is exactly what got us into this mess and is very irresponsible on your part. The only candidate the status quo is afraid of because it’s not for sale is The good doctor Ron Paul. If you really what a drastical change vote and inform others about Ron Paul.

      • DaveH

        Oh sure, Brad, we can wait for Rand Paul or some other White Knight to rescue us from our ignorance. And just what makes you think the Establishment won’t trash Rand Paul with the same old lesser of two evils crap?
        There is ONLY one way to get Principled Politicians, and that is to QUIT electing the Unprincipled Politicians.

    • Tom W.

      Whatdaya think about Jeb hollarin’, “Pick me Mitt!!! Pick me, pick me!” s c?! LOL!!!

    • nc

      SC, the Republican Party has the same problems it had the last time. One: Their candidates must say what the conservative core has to hear to insure their nomination and Two :then change to what the general electorate has to hear to win the election, which is often something quite different which the voters picked upon in the 2008 elections! Then there is the big number THREE: THEY HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO HIDE THEIR MISERABLE RECORD OF GOVERNING UNDER THE bushes!! Economic figures too low and death figures too high from too many wars.

      The wing nuts are wagging the dog and they may just shake it to death! Lets Hope! At this point we may not be able to overcome another trickle down fiscal policy that lead to 700,000 job losses a month and a 7000 plus drop in the Dow.

    • spinuzzi

      Vicky and Micheal are correct. Those of you who don’t trust God Almighty and think He is not in control, go ahead and vote for evil. My first responsibility, as Bob has said, is to GOD ALONE – to HIM will I ultimately answer. Our salvation comes from Trusting God and obeying Him, and our salvation is ultimately more important than this (temporary) nation. I would rather follow God than “win”, even if it means (temporary) slavery! If you condemn me for that, take it up with my Boss – and don’t be surprised when the government tells you what your faith will be! Republican/Democrat = different roads to the same end.

      • Tom W.

        It’s coming too spinuzzi! But ya know what God’s doin’ spinuzzi?! He’s laughin’! LOL!!!

        “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the decree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.” – The Second Psalm (KJV)

        When He’s not cryin’!!!

      • charlie

        spinuzzi,,, Salvation is Acts 2:38 accomplished with understanding to receive The Gift of The Holy Spirit,,,Peter spoke Acts 2:38 ,,,King Jesus gave the Keys to The Kingdom to Peter at Matthew 16:19,,, Acts 2:38 is one of those keys…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

    • Tom W.

      See how many of you unrefined slobs can appreciate pure, unadulterated, natural, BEAUTY!!! Enjoy!

    • olinda

      Sarah Palin need to jump in the race for the WH,We need a conservative person in there……………

  • Vicki

    IT is only about 10 min long but nicely explains several things including why we are NOT and do NOT want to be a democracy.

    • alexa

      nice video

    • Paul Wells

      Excellent video. Should be required viewing for anyone living in the U.S. (Some would have to watch it many times, before it would soak in, however!)

    • r.p.

      This video is 5 years old. Escerpted from older videos. Glad to see it’s still making the rounds and waking some people up.
      RON PAUL 2012

      • vicki

        That’s why I keep posting it. It nicely combines the exercpts (most documetries do that anyway) and narrates why.

      • Tom W.

        Well I hadn’t seen it before Vicki, excellent post, THANX!!!

  • Sirian

    Romney may appear the opposite of Obummer but in reality, he is nothing more than a copy. As you said Bob, there is no difference between R’s & D’s. They have become one in the same. As to what choice we may have is rather evident, none in actuality. A repeat of 2008? So far it appears as if it’s nothing more than a re-run of an old series episode. And believe it or not – it’s in black and white, go figure. :(

    • Tom W.

      Listen to the sermon everyone! LISTEN!!! He who hath an ear…

    • Chuck Peterson

      I agree the Ds and the Rs are just different sides of the same coin. The ONLY ONE with the guts to stand up for the Constitution is RP. I laugh when people bring up the Tea Party anymore. I guess they forget that the Tea Party started as a spin off of the Ron Paul Revolution. Now they talk about the Tea Party and they bring up everybodys name Except one that is RON PAUL!

  • Harold Olsen

    I came to the conclusion years ago that the GOP does not want to win back the White House. They keep foisting candidates on us that no one likes. It’s one of the main reasons why I am now an independent and no longer a Republican and do not support the part. Unfortunately, when the party anoints a candidate, there are enough sheep who will obey and support whomever the party tells them to support. It’s as though they are say, “Yes, please tell me who to vote for. I don’t have the intelligence to make my own decision.” I, for one, will not vote for Romney. If I do vote, I do not know who will get my vote. It sure won’t be Obama or his close, Romney. No more lesser of two evils for me. This time around, the evils are more or less equal.

    • Rynstone


      Becoming an Independent solves nothing. Become a Republican (or if you want a real challenge a Democrat) and become a committeeman in your local county Republican party. We have the power to take over the Republican party in our counties, then the State republican party and finally the Nation Republican Party. (RNC)

      We have let teh party elites make us work for them, when in fact it is they when should be working for and representing us.
      Become a committeeman now and within 4-6 years we can take the entire party back., There is strength in number. Don’t cop out, get involved.

      • Dean Barftlett

        Sounds good on paper but in reality people have been trying for years to turn the republican party into the party of the constitution with some success on the state level,
        But the Party itself is run by the progressives and they will not ever do anything but push us into their model of large government replacing the middle class and creating a dependent underclass. If you can’t see that then their is no point for more rhetoric. The
        control of the parties is vested in the progressives and since they control the money it will stay their.

      • old hillbilly

        ryne – yur right – some locals are doing very well – controlling the tax machines in both parties

      • DaveH

        So you think, Rynstone, that reforming a gang of thieves is smarter than voting for people who have Principles in the first place?

      • spinuzzi

        Rynstone, et. al – I am 55 yrs. old. I have participated in the system. At this moment I am holding a memento from the 1988 Texas Republican Convention. There, we “conservatives” took control of the convention and passed a pro-life agenda and, among other things, a party plank to repeal the 1933 (unlawful) suspension of the Constitution (- see the Sailors and Soldier’s Relief Act). Instead of it going to committee, as it should, it simply disappeared. This was a clarion wake-up call to me and I began to investigate who really controlled the parties in the USA. I stopped drinking the cool-aid!
        It is time for those of you who think the Republican party is your savior to realize that – au contrare! – it is just a diluted version of the Democratic Party and is leading you to slavery. Every vote you give them is the same as voting for the Democrats, just a slightly slower decline into SLAVERY. Wake up, have a cup of java, and take the Red Pill of the Real! (study, for heaven’s sake!)

      • Tom W.

        Preach Brother spinnuzzi! PREACH!!!

    • Chuck Peterson

      The GOP many many years ago turned its back on the Republicans that thought like the late great Barry Goldwater. Now they are just like the Democraps It is a rigged game folks

  • angelwannabe

    Good Piece Bob!!!__I’m arriving at this cycle with a little more knowledge under my belt, (with still much to learn) and with the further shaking of my head, at those who still believe, the coloring in of those little black dots on a November Day, means we have a voice and a choice of who our leaders are.
    I continue to be saddened and angry by the hoax.

    Romney is nothing more than Obama lite. While he continues to chant he will repeal Obamacare, we’re left with that nagging awareness that Obamacare was modeled after Massacare.__ Romney has snuck in and slipped on the Conservative Jacket, although its tight and stretched at the seams, he’ll continue to insist it fits and that he wears it well.__Yet, another wolf in sheeps clothing.__Just Sad…….

    • DaveH

      Way to go, Angel.

      • nc

        Dave, you questioned my figures of 700,000 job losses a month under bush and it appears that the DOL figures are more like 600,000 in late 2008> Still a record for losses for one month and two consecutive months also ! Way to go bush!!! NOT!!’
        Just on memory alone I think the DOW got to about 14,200 under bush before the bottom started to drop out until it fell to around 6547! My math say that is 7000++!

      • Jay

        Clinton promised that “NAFTA would create 200,000 American jobs in the first two years of its effect” and “a million jobs in the first five years of its impact.” Of course, this did not happen.

        For residents of Michigan, the impacts of the NAFTA was devastating. As corporations moved jobs outside of the United States to maximize profits by paying lower wages and to escape regulations, the economy in Michigan suffered. According to the Economic Policy Institute, all fifty states experienced significant job loss due to NAFTA, although Michigan was among the hardest hit states. The Economic Policy Institute has determined that Michigan alone lost over 63,000 jobs due to NAFTA.

        While explaining that “jobs moving to Mexico” was the result of NAFTA is commonplace in Michigan and around the United States, less examined is the role of Bill Clinton in passing NAFTA.

        NAFTA was negotiated and signed under the Bush administration, but was ratified in Congress in 1993 following an aggressive push by Bill Clinton who made NAFTA a major legislative priority.

        Clinton aggressively promoted NAFTA as part of his agenda despite public opposition of 2-to-1 against the trade agreement. Clinton joined the rest of his administration and corporate lobbyists in a “full-court press” for votes on NAFTA, making it a “do or die” vote.

        In order to secure the votes for its passage, Clinton aggressively lobbied Republicans and offered money for pork projects in exchange for votes, while organizing a series of ineffective “side agreements” that were designed to counteract opposition from the labor and environmental movements.

        The ratification of NAFTA and its subsequent results fit within a larger foreign policy goal of the Clinton administration of advancing United States interests, summarized by Clinton’s Treasury Secretary who stated that “I’m tired of a level playing field…We should tilt the playing field for U.S. businesses.”

        Moreover, NAFTA helped to advance the interests of the global ruling class, with NAFTA making a significant amount of money for the ruling elite in government and the private sector.

        NAFTA was pushed with the support of the media system, despite the fact that much of the public was opposed to the deal.

        But Clinton would continue passing similar trade deals throughout his administration, with the Clinton/Republican alliance pushing through the World Trade Organization (WTO) and China’s being granted PNTR.

        However, while the effects of NAFTA on workers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States as well as who the likely benefactors would be received attention in the alternative press at the time, the full story on NAFTA has still been largely ignored by the corporate media.

        The effect on jobs in the United States, mentioned previously, has been significant.

        The United States government has certified that more than 525,000 jobs were specifically
        lost to NAFTA as companies took advantage of provisions in NAFTA making it easier and more profitable to relocate to Mexico.

        So you see, nc (no clue), It was a cooperative effort between the big bad Republicans, and the two-faced-Democratic-hypocrites, that chopped the legs off from under the American people.

      • DaveH

        The odd thing here, NC, is that I didn’t even like GB. But I like misinforming Liberals even less.
        When Bush took office in January of 2001 total non-farm employment was 132.5 million.
        When he left office in January of 2009 total non-farm employment was 133.5 million. Note that non-farm employment was 1 million higher still when he left office. During those 8 years, employment had climbed as high as 138 million. Did you Liberals give him credit for the increase of 6.5 million jobs? Of course not.
        When Obama took office in January of 2009 total non-farm employment was 133.5 million. Non-farm employment is currently at 132.8 million, a loss of .7 million to date. During the last 3 years of Obama, non-farm employment was as low as 129.2 million — a loss of 4.3 million mid-term.
        Of course the truth is that Government, whether Democrat or Republican, can only lose jobs relatively economy-wide because they are taking money from the Productive Private Sector and spending it in the Unproductive Government Sector. Without Government Intervention, our employment numbers would have been greater under Bush or under Obama (or any other President for that matter), but if you can’t even grasp the reality of the job numbers under Bush and Obama, how could I possibly explain something so complex as economics to you?
        Read this book, NC, and become the first Liberal on your block to grow a brain:

      • DaveH

        As far as the Dow goes, it started falling almost immediately after it was obvious that Obama was going to get elected. Most likely it was panic-selling. And the fact that it has seemingly recovered is due to 2 factors (at least). First is the normal recovery from panic-selling and the second is that the money supply has greatly increased since then, making the dollar’s buying power weaker, so more dollars are necessary to buy the same amount of goods — including such financial goods as stocks. In other words, comparing the dollar cost of the Dow today to 3 years ago is like mixing apples and oranges because the dollar is worth less.
        Read the above linked book (It’s Free!), so you can understand what I’m talking about.

      • Norm

        Obama was elected in November of 2008 and took office in January of 2009.
        The Dow fell from 11,422 on Sept 8, 2008 to 8,451 on Oct 6, 2008 ($2,971).
        From Oct 6, 2008 to Mar 2, 2009 it fell from 8,451 to 6,627 a total of $1,824.
        From Mar 2, 2009 until May 1, 2012 the Dow has gone from 6,627 to 13,335, a GAIN of $6,708!!
        You blame Obama for the economy???

    • JeffH

      angelwannabe, :)! I’m sick and tired of hearing the same ch-it repeated over and over about Ron Paul’s un-electability.

      A vote for anyone but Ron Paul is just a vote for the “political establishment”.

      This is for all of the people who like Ron Paul but choose to vote for Obama or Romney because you’ve swallowed the propaganda that has been force fed to you. Romney is the lesser of two evils? Hello! Evil will always be evil!

      1- the MSM has force fed the idea that Paul is “un-electable” kook
      2- the MSM has force fed the idea that Paul is an “isolationist”,that “his notion of foreign policy is impossible”
      3- the MSM has force fed the idea that Paul wants to legalize “drugs”
      4- the Republican & Democrat Establishment is scared to death that Paul’s staunch respect for our founders and the Constitution would spoil both parties ideology of rule rather than “govern”
      5. both parties refuse to “audit the fed”…In terms of the Fed, he not only wants to limit their power, he wants to abolish the central bank altogether. He also favors a return to the gold standard

      Ron Paul represents the ideology that Republican insiders most fear…conservatism. The fear that a politics of principle might expose the fact that the Republican Party has for decades been at odds with the conservative values and ideals of Americans who do not want theirs to be a warrior nation that disregards civil liberties and domestic economics in order to promote the BIG Banker’s globalization agenda.

      Paul’s ideological clarity scares the begeesus out of the Republican mandarins who peddle the fantasy that the interventionism, the assaults on civil liberties and the partnerships that they have forged with multinational corporations and foreign dictators represent anything akin to true conservatism.

      More and more Main Street Americans are waking up to the fact that the “conservatism” of a Mitt Romney(Santorum, Gingrich) is a sham argument designed to make the rich richer to to make the rest of us pay for wars of whim and crony-capitalist corruption.

      I’ll remind some of you of a famous quote by Mayer Amscel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty:

      “Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws”

      • angelwannabe

        “Hear, Hear “, Jeffh!!!!

      • vicki

        I have a question for the MSM.

        You (MSM) were lying to us then (Anthrogenic Global warming, George Zimmerman 9/11 tape, …. )

        Are you lying to us now? (Ron Paul is not electable)

      • JeffH

        vicki, were you ever a “sharpshooter”? :)

      • r.p.

        Well spoken JeffH. I third that motion… emotion!!

      • GALT

        Well you only have till the second tuesday in november, and then you will no longer have to hear it…….as for Ron Paul’s principle’s, he took an oath to the Constitution….the question is, which one……..?

        Don’t understand the question? A person with principles would, and he would make certain you did, in spite of the fact that you all seem particularly determined to remain ignorant……..even more frightening is, being clueless as to how you lost, what you have freely given away…….what kind of foolishness would arise, if you actually got it back…..

        Not really much to worry about on that score, though… there?

      • JeffH

        Galt, who cares what you have to say…I sure don’t! Your condescending attitude speaks volumes about what type of person you are.

        • Deerinwater

          If I we all didn’t know better, we’d all think Jeff might knows something ~ like a new way to count. They must have a bunch of people in Iowa blessed with this same counting skill. First Romney had won, then Santorum was the certified winner and then they found an opps and Ron Paul has won if you can count the opps! That’s about as clear as mud.

          With that kind of accounting for the vote, we are already in big trouble! Can you imagine what Dade County returns is going to be like come November?

      • Vicki

        JeffH says:
        vicki, were you ever a “sharpshooter”? :)

        I am unclear as to what you are asking. If you mean with rifles then yes.

      • DaveH

        I don’t care if you’re an ignorant Liberal. What I do care about is that you ignorant Liberals want to run my life. Begone Satans.

      • charlie

        JeffH,,, I think you have a eyesight problem,,,can’t read between the lines,,, by the way I fired “Expert” with every hand held weapon Uncle Sam’s Army has,,, sharpshooter is less than expert,,, they make some vitamins pills for eye sight emprovement …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

      • JeffH

        vicki, because you always seem to be on target! A good thing. :)

      • JeffH

        deer bob, as unimpressive as you are, who is this “we” you speak of? Most often all you talk about is “I and me”…Oh, you just did!

        “And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
        Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
        Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”
        He chortled in his joy.

      • JeffH

        charlie, read between the lines! “Four of his five wits went halting off, and now is the whole man governed with one”

      • Vicki

        JeffH says:
        vicki, because you always seem to be on target! A good thing. :)

        *blush* Thanks. I do try to be fair and accurate.

      • GALT

        Not too far off and then your fantasy comes to an end, what myth will you replace it with?

        Where are the common law and equity courts?

        When you have the answer, YOU will know who is running your life and you can take it back, the same way you gave it up……with your signature. The key words are “YOU CAN TAKE IT BACK.” No one can do it for you DaveH, and while I am flattered that you imagine that I am the cause of your problems, you really need to face your enemy…..any mirror
        will do.

  • alexa

    Conservatives don’t need to accept the Romneys, McCains, Doles, etc. It begins with electing the correct leadership at the grass roots level. It requires more involvement and less complaining.

    • DaveH

      All the involvement in the world won’t do any good, unless the people wake up and make an honest effort to educate themselves about the reality of American Politics.

  • Tom LaMar

    The Republicans are simply abandoning ship (of state) with Romney has been elected to pretend to “perhaps” be present at it’s sinking, but in reality, they plan on “O” winning the election, and then will set in motion the final descent of our economy in myriad ways as only “they” have access to, such that he will be seen to have failed his party, his country and his race all at once…. (settling those issues in the minds of the neocons at least), and from which we will have to struggle to even tread water after the “titanic” event at all .

  • cawmun cents

    I have seen this as a disease I term”Unilateral Progressivism”.
    It borrows from several aspects of what would be considered rational thought,but never quite gets there.
    It is like a push to be partially correct about everything that is done is underweigh,but that the effort to implement any substantial change is never made.
    Let me provide an example.
    You have what to the laymen are known as environmentalists.But the thought of enviromental parameters are never taken into account.Our environments extend much deeper than the ground,sea,air and existential life.The environment we live in has everything to do with how we conduct ourselves as well.Not just in how we protect the atmosphere,or conserve the wildlife,but how we love and nurture each other as human beings.Our environment contains both societal and political aspects that we take for granted.It has more to do with the inner man,than it does with the exterior surroundings that we acknowledege around us.For the inner environment of our minds are constantly being ignored for the exterior sensations which we perceive.
    In a place where the inner environment is ignored,how can one fix the exterior environment and hope that the inner will find peace with it?
    In the Taoist way of thinking this would make for plenty of yin,but no yang.
    It s alot like painting and polishing a rusty old machine,but never taking a look inside to fix and lubricate the parts inside,and then expecting it to work magnificently,on the hope that good looks will overcome a rotten core.
    It is like an apple with a worm in it.You do not see the worm on the exterior until you take a bite from the apple.Then when you discover the worm,you spit out the part you bit and throw the apple away.right?But since there are what you’d consider plenty of other apples in the basket,you just grab another,instead of trying to make use of the good parts of the apple with the worm in it.
    But if we live in an exterior environment we are told,”waste not,want not.”
    Yet when it comes to providing an interior example such as government waste,we ignore this ideology and opt for another apple out of the basket.Then we wonder and marvel at how screwed up our exterior environment is,when the interior one is far more corrupt,and incapable of fixing either.
    We live in a place where our inner cities are rife with hard times but our suburbia looks like it came from a Hollywood production.The exterior parts of the city seem peaceful and serene,but the politcs and the corruption of the ignored environment lurk deep within the interior workings waiting to bring malaise to the exterior beauty.
    Do you paint a house without at first applying a coat of primer?
    Do you build a foundation on a quicksand bog?
    The environment which you think of when the word environment is presented,may not necessarily communicate the environment in its entirety.
    You cannot hope to make the machine work if you ignore the interior parts and gloss over the outter new paintjob.
    You may be driving a lemon.
    You have to look deep inside the machine to get the complete diagnostics for fixing it.
    Otherwise you are applying a bandaid to a cancerous tumor,and expecting a good outcome.
    Do you bite into every apple and upon discovering that they all contain worms,go pick another basketfull,or do you look for symptoms of an attack on the integrity and health o
    of the inside of your apple tree?
    I guess it all depends on the environment which you perceive.
    Maybe you take hope that the next tree wont be infected and go eat from it.
    But then you again discover worms in your apples.
    Keep looking to fix your environment from the pretty exterior.
    It may work,but I wouldnt bet on it.
    There may be a worm on the inside preventing the outside from being what your senses desire the outside to attain.That worm is what I term”Unilateral Progressivism”.

    • charlie

      cents ,,, thought you were making sense there for a second ,,,then you start talking Chinese
      and worrying about self prime paint,,, apple worms are hi protein so eat em no big deal…

      • cawmun cents

        To be sure….I am surprised that any of you out there in PLA put up with my lengthy diatribe

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    I have to say, i think it’s fixed for Obama to get re-elected. It’s obvious, when you put up a candidate as inept as “Richie Rich” Zombie , that you don’t care if you win or not. The only thing that’s happening is the media is going through the motions, but the outcome has already been decided i’m afraid. It’s like pro-wrestling or boxing, where you want the champ. to win, therefore, you set him up with a pathetic challenger. This analysis can be applied to this election cycle. Well, by 2016, the Gop will get it together. Maybe a Rubio/
    Watts ticket by then will be elected and a golden age/renaissance will come about. Thanks!!
    P.S. Alexa, how right you are ma’am, how right you are!!

    • Brad

      Tony another 4 years of this dictator and you will have a dictatorship and no voting allowed. If the American people allow this impostor another 4 years we will go into Civil War. Hope you are going to the shooting reange because you will need the skills to fire a weapon. If you disagree vote for the the dicattor and just see what happens.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Brad:
        Well sir, what’s the difference between the incumbent and his competiton or lack of. Think about this, “Richie Rich” Zombie talks about we should all “congratulate the wealthy and deify them”. That’s saying, Americans should worship the rich as divine beings. What does that say!?! America will become an oligarchy if the opposition gets elected. Thus, it’s obvious, we’ll have to wait 4 yrs before the Gop gets a good candidate. Thus, 2016 Rubio/Watts will come in to usher a golden age. Just keep the faith until then. Thanks!!
        P.S. Rubio is a natural born citizen ,eligible to run for President. Don’t try the birther nonsense. Good bye!!

      • nc

        Brad, do you have any idea how tired and unfounded your argument is??The Republicans have been passing out the kool aid propaganda that Democrats are socialist and electing one will lead to a dictatorship since 1928 at least and you wingnuts lap it up like you have two tounges! Ain’t happened and it ain’t gonna happen except in your paranoid mind!!

        We have been the strongest nation in the world since FDR brought us through the depression and WWII .Is there another place you had rather live that the one the Democrats have provided you since birth?? List the “true conservatives” leaders since WWII. The ones who didn’t raise taxes and increase the national which a “true conservative” WOULD NEVER DO!! RIGHT???MAYBE WE GOT TO NUMBER ONE AND STAYED THERE WITHOUT THE “LEADERSHIP” OF A TRUE CONSERVATIVE!!

      • JeffH

        nc = no clue

  • Chuck Davis

    I totally disagree.they don’t care if Romney win,that’s why they’re stealing it for him.Mitt Romney id Barack Obama.The only Candidate they’re scared of is Ron Paul. RON PAUL 2012

  • Greg

    Obama appointing judges for 4 more years will prolong this nightmare.

    • vicki

      Romney appointing the same judges will do the same. Hence the name. “obama spelled with an R”

  • corkey

    Urban Dictionary:

    Also see: Jabroni……..just like pro wrestling. Thats the GOP this year, except Ron Paul

  • GColgrove

    With the money the elites have made off from war, from the housing debolical, from healthcare and so on – all from the growing national debt, you are right. The elites want the same to go on. They win with either Romney or Obama – but more so with Obama. Obama for example has spent more on defense than any president in a four year term has. Obama has nearly topped a trillion in total defense spending for his four years. Obama has topped WWII spending – in 2012 dollars! Defense contractors recieve upwards of $400 billion out of a total of $900 billion in TOTAL defense spending. A lot of many has been made in the defense market.

    When looking at true conservative think tank sites like CATO, and even more RINO versions like Hertiage Foundation, you are starting to see that it is not even conservative to analyze the federal workforce has gone overboard with thier spending.

    The only place that is bucking the trends – globally is federal contracting! The Defense Index (to coin a term) alone has jumped nearly three times since 9/11, where all other idexes (that include defense) were flat ot have gone down.

    The only place where profit is born today is through any company that benefits from deficit spending. (Deficit spending being a $1.3 trillion injection – a stimulous – so to speek.) Also the elite benefit from a overly paid federal workforce becasue they use Americans hard labor to fund a lush and extravigant life style in the greater DC area. The elites alone cannot afford such a place. But wit federal administrative workers making six digit incomes, everyone in DC can pay for tickets to shows, to fine dining, to luxury hotels and so on. DC becomes a shiney luxury mecca for these elites to live in thier bubble. If the feds were paid real salaries (about a third what they earn today) this oppulance would not exist.

    Considering the GDP was $13 trillion before we started this agregeous spending and we injected $11 trillion into that market over that time frame – we are only at $15 trillion and creeping along. This shows signs of tremendous weakess of the national economy. Last quarter where federal spending always is on a natural decline, made a major hit on the GDP. When government spending slows, the GDP performance takes a hit. That is dangerous.

    Yet the elites push on. The Elites will benefit from a Obama second term, because Romney will be somewhat beholden to those who vote for him. If Romney wants a second term, the federal spending will need to take a big hit. Whereas Obama can continue his obstanance until it all breaks. At that point the Elites buy a one-way ticket to New Zealand – taking a contingent of our military with them – where they all can live their lives to the richest they can.

    A true conservative will cut spending and cut off their profits. Be it endless wars, control over housing, education and healthcare, as well as feeding the union beast, these leftist ideals will ensure the elites riches beyond belief. Conservatism will end wars – while strengthen our defenses, hand control of housing, healthcare and education back to the market and like any federal worker, they will actually have to start working for their pay.

    Elites are getting a free ride on our debt – and will be the first to abandon ship once the system is broke. Do we want to abide by the leftist elite and keep this trainwreck on schedule, or do we want to buck Romney and get a true conservative running third party?

    • GoodDoctor

      It’s plain to see that you pay zero attention to what’s really going on. Your diatribe speaks volumes but the content is a waste. My evidence? You don’t even pay attention to the spell checker built into these postings. Who taught you English?

      • Brad

        There is a spell checker Good Doctor?? I’m pissed, you must have an updated mouse trap because my model has nonone. Bob how do I get the model with all the bells and whistles??

      • DaveH

        That’s wrong, Doctor. Not all brouwsers have built in spell-checkers. In fact this reply came from Internet Explorer, which did not catch my “browser” misspelling.
        But Google Chrome did.

      • DaveH

        And I might add, instead of being the board spelling policeman, Doc, perhaps you could explain what GColgrove said that you disagree with and why?

      • vicki

        The sppell checker only works sometimes. It used to work on my firefox browser but no more. Note the mis-spelled word at the beginning of this post.

      • Libertytrain

        Vicki – have you updated Firefox or checked to see if they have a new ap? It works for me, though I don’t always notice the red underlines :)

      • JeffH

        I have been using ieSpell – A Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

      • Vicki

        Libertytrain. As I said it works sometimes. For instance it is telling me that wworks is spelled incorrectly. But it failed to tell me that sppell was misspelled in the posting above though it is telling me now. ;) And yes I keep firefox up-to-date.

      • Libertytrain

        Vicki – there is something screwy with the spellcheck function – I just tried it and the first comment I started to type didn’t tell me what I intentionally spelled incorrectly. Very interesting – it’s working intermittently –

  • Emily Kent

    My vote will be for “ANYONE BUT OBAMA!!!!” If that is Romney, so be it!!!!

    • Paul Wells

      I totally agree, Emily. Donald Duck would be better than BHO! (He’d certainly make more sense without a teleprompter!)

    • Deerinwater

      there you go! hold your nose and vote!

    • GoodDoctor

      Just great. You and Boner, Mitch man – just Fing great. You’ll doom us with that attitude but you can’t see that, can you? I’m a Republican BUT – not this time. My party has spent the last 4 years implementing your ideas (NOT mine) and MOST of us are able to plainly see the results of that wisdom. Your way will kill us all together. I don’t say Obama is the right guy – not at all. But the way our party has simply said “no” to everything has crippled us badly. 4 more years of the same will saw off the stumps.

      • DaveH

        I doubt you were ever really a Republican, Doc. If you were, you were in the wrong Party.
        Their NO votes have been the only thing they’ve been doing right.

      • cawmun cents

        He seems obviously oblivious to his democrat-like erroneous talking points.
        Maybe he is a republican after all?

  • Gary J. Mallast

    In other words, as I have been saying all along, Mitt Hussein Romneycare is a cipher nominated to lose to Obama.

    • vicki

      And even if Romney somehow wins we still get obama. Spelled with an R.
      Look at all the things that did not “change” with the “hope” people voted for obama.

  • HH

    Everyone is saying, “A vote for Paul is a vote for Obama”. If you plan to vote for Romney because of this you need to quit thinking that way and vote for Paul, Paul would win by a landslide! I’m sick of the direction our country is headed, if we don’t do something NOW we’re doomed! Hopefully it’s NOT too late!!!

    • Brad

      HH I like ron Paul just fine, but evidently you do not watch the polls, Ron is barley above single digits. You are dilusionasl.

      • DaveH

        That’s because too many delusional people have bought into the Establishment Propaganda. But if Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination, he is well staged to run in a third party (preferably the Libertarian Party). And the Republicans won’t be able to neutralize him then.

      • vicki

        That and vote fraud? And obvious attempts to suppress the very existence of Ron Paul

      • vicki

        Vote fraud or carelessness? How many more?

  • Daniel H.

    There IS still another viable option…Ron Paul has a lot more delegates than reported so far..and Mitt Romney has a lot less…We just won 4.5/6 districts here in La for Ron Paul…we will dominate our state convention.. We have Texas to come and that is his home state and is open to independents and democrats.. most accurate #s are probably Mitt Romney having somewhere over 700 delegates and Ron Paul having somewhere approaching 450. With Texas and California to come…both places where we will do well with delegates…we have a chance…along with a good knowledge of the RULES…

    • Brad

      Daniel, here in Texas most do not care for Ron Paul. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but that is the honest truth. You don’t hear much about him, accept people think he is strange in his ways.. Actually early on you heard many speak of Herman Cain and then Newt Gingrich as the best nominee. My guess is as goods as yours why.

      • DaveH

        I wouldn’t doubt that, Brad, having worked in Texas for 3 years and witnessing that the Good Old Boys were more properly named Good Old Sheeple.

      • r.p.

        The reason many in Texas don’t like him is because he always earmarks any appropriations bills for his state that comes up in the House. effectively denying the cronies from recieving “no-bid” contracts for state and federal improvement programs. It rankles them when they can’t get kick-backs from the crony politicians they funded for their elections. Ask the people in his district, they are the ones who keep re-electing him. I think Ron is crazy like a fox……..WHAT A STATESMAN!!!

      • r.p.

        Keep in mind Brad. I said “many”. It’s a far cry from “most”, and that’s the “honest truth”.

  • Dwight Mann

    Ron Paul is the life blood of this constitutional Republic, and it WILL flow to Washington and revive our great nation. It is We the People that will implement this grassroots agenda.
    The Rothchilds own half of the world. Is that fair at all? Defeat the Globalists. Education is the answer.
    Get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN.
    Ron Paul in 2012
    We need a real Dr. to fix a very sick nation.
    If our political elite do not start playing in an ethical manner, blood could flow.
    Ron Paul is the only honest, ethical, unwavering, and constitutional PAUL-i-tition. . .
    Lets put him in the office of POTUS

  • merid

    why do you all say that Mitt Romney has been forced on us. He has won the primaries all over the country. This is a democracy…he was voted in by the majority…you lost with Ron Paul. Nice man, but not a possible candidate…accept that Paul did not win because people don’t want his over all theories in 2012.

    • HH

      Why? He’s won the primaries because of BIG MONEY!!! The ads he and the GOP have pushed through the big networks lead the uninformed or “miss” informed “sheep” astray! They will vote what ever way the mainstream media leads them to vote! THAT’s why he’s won primaries, MONEY!!!

    • Les

      Only sheeple would believe the fairy tale that Romney won in a fair and open election. All of the press has been pushing Romney as the clear winner from the beginning. We all know which side they are on and they picked Romney to lose against Obama. If you can’t see that just by the fact that none of the press even recognizes Ron Paul exists, then you are truly one of the sheeple.

    • DaveH

      Merid says — “This is a democracy”.
      You’ve been well-propagandized, Merid. Show us where in the Constitution the word Democracy is used. We were established as a Republic, and as Bob pointed out, the MSM and other Propaganda outfits have been propagandizing the people to believe we are a Democracy for many decades now.
      Our Founders knew that Democracies usually ended with tyranny of the majority over the minority, and they purposely established the US as a Republic with the aim of preventing such trampling of minority rights by Big Government. Unfortunately, thanks to sheeple like yourself, Merid, the tyrannists are succeeding.

    • http://gmail Shirley

      Merid, a well quoted comment. This is how I feel about it also.

      Everyone needs to quit bitching….Mitt has won the GOP per the people’s vote….How can he be the lesser of two evils. If everyone would spend more time supporting and holding what they say to the fire there could be something good accomplished. Give Mitt a chance to prove what he is telling the people and the media is true. I feel confident in Mitt and the words he speaks. I feel we need to get with him and support him now with no further a do. He is a good man, a good husband, father, and grandfather. Don’t you think he wants the same success for his family that you and I want for ours? He has helped numerous people not only financially, but from the heart by reaching out to help in times when he could. Give the man a chance and then if he doesn’t hold by what he says then get on here and moan and groan about him. Till then, support him and get a better attitude…you’ll feel better.

    • JeffH

      Ah, showing the benefits of a solid public propaganda schoolling huh merid?

      “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” Thomas Jefferson

      “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill

      Democracy? Try a Republic!

    • azwayne

      WHERE do you get your information, msnbc, cnn, huffinton post,??? The only states won for Romney were called by republican party regardless of votes, Corrected more states than he won. Are you aware of anything about delegates??/ Just for education go to ron pauls FB and get real education. The republican primary had more voter fraud than 2008. And the propaganda delegate numbers are worse, but don’t worry.

  • BJ.Holmes

    Anyone who doesn’t see much difference between Romney and Obama isn’t looking very hard. Get your head out of the sand and see that Obama is a strange combination of Muslim and Socialist. There’s so much evidence available it is sickening.

    • GoodDoctor

      You really need to find yourself a different horse to ride as that one is exhausted.

  • Moby49

    Campaign slogan, “Vote for Romney, the 0.01% are suffering!!”

  • Marshman

    Todays repub party is completely out of touch with anyone except the extreme rich and corps. They don’t even try to hide the fact that anyone who is not in their mold is a commie or any other name they can come up with. They don’t care anything about the elderly, sick, unemployed. The facts are they have several state repub bills trying to eliminate minimum wages, unemployment and want to force every American to work for penneys per hour with absolutely no benefits. U.S. senator Mike Lee of Utah has a bill to eliminate all child labor laws. Missouri state senator Cunningham has the same bill for her state. These are all repubs. Completely out of touch with the 99% so wake up voters as Obama will look like a Boy Scout compared to Romney and his wife who will make many decisions for him and she is a real BI??H.

    • HH



      BOB, Excellent Article and analysis;
      There is no difference as to the two political parties; both are now supported by special interest. The Republican Party has become fragmented by so many factions and is no longer focused on the cause of America in decline.
      The British press on Sunday had a go at Cameron the boy born with a golden spoon in his mouth. The British people are fed up seeing in the press how the billionaires are becoming richer and richer by the day, while the poor get poorer. We now hear the word ‘’Greed’’ it was the era of Ronald Regan and Michael Milken. The Capitalists has now shun off hiring Americans and British workers for their high wages eats in to their profits, they now prefer Labor that may work for as low as $35.00 per month without fringe benefits, such labor is cheaper than owning a slave. The news that Barclays Bank CEO will receive a bonus of $28 million has sent shock waves amongst the majority of the people of Britain; it has now caused the religious cleric in the UK to attack the element of greed.
      The principal desire by the majority of the working people of America is jobs and decent wages; they see the gradual destruction of the middle class and neither party are addressing the issue. Joseph Foster, Author ‘’Seeing Red’’ ‘How America is losing the future’ Available at: my blog Stand Up For America! – Seeing Red;

  • James

    Did this article just do a U turn?

  • Silas Longshot

    Yea, it would indeed appear the fix is in already, as obmama confided to the Ruskie prez man. “I’ll have more flexibility after my election”. Gives me great worry, considering the ‘plain oatmeal’ choice of Romney as his opponent, combined with the billion dollar (foreigner investments) political attack machine and massive no ID state voter fraud teams. Unless we have a brokered convention with the outside chance to get a candidate chosen by the PEOPLE instead of the elite, there will be little choice but to take the lesser of two evils as always, as is has been for the 40+ years I’ve been voting.
    There will be hard times ahead if reelection occurs. Get ready. Surviving Urban Crisis.

  • Joe

    Romney brings back to this country something that we have not seen nor heard of in a long time, ever since Obummer took over the Oval Office–and that something is the mention of God. He closes, and sometimes opens, his speeches with a reference to God. Now I’m no “Jesus Freak,” but, let’s face it, the atheist who now calls himself President would be happy if all religion–except Muslim–went away. So, yes, Romney IS indeed a step in the right direction–and the belief in the Almighty makes him Conservative enough for me and millions of other Christians.

    • Doc Sarvis

      President Obama refers to God and his Christian faith all the time.

      • angelwannabe

        Riiiiight Doc, Actually, its just like everything he says, its on the teleprompter…..

      • Ted Crawford

        Perhaps, Doc you missed the 2008 interview with George Stephanopoulos. …You’re absolutly right that John McCainhas not talked about my Muslim faith “! Unforced error or more likely a Freudian slip!”

      • Brad

        Doc you are dilusional if you ythink this guy is a Christian. A ture Christian would not lie to the American People every second of the day or crush this country on a daily bases.

      • JeffH

        Hey Doc – Camouflage is key to Alinsky-style organizing. While trying to build coalitions of black churches in Chicago, Obama caught flak for not attending church himself. He became an instant “churchgoer.”

        Alinsky on community organizing: “The tenth rule… is you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments…. “

    • http://liberty Tony

      Dear Joe:
      “Richie Rich” Zombie tells the American public that they should “congratulate and deify the wealthy”. This is saying, Americans should worship the rich as divine beings. That’s complete blasphemy and sacriledge. It says in the good book, not to interject or force religion on people, “the love of wealth,riches, and money are the root of all evil”. Think about that before making a statement such as yours. Thank you!!

      • Brad

        Tony you are smokin’ crack dude, put down the pipe.

      • http://liberty Tony

        Well Brad, if i’m smoking “crack”, you’re simply drinking moonshine made from your outhouse in your backyard. Google recent gaffes of Romney, and you’ll see he made that statement. Hey, if you want to vote for “Richie Rich” Zombie, be my guest. However, he’s going down in flames. So long for now!! Thanks!!

      • charlie

        give Me some “scripture” or we think you are spreading a little El Toro Dung

  • Chet Przygoda

    In order to start any journey you have to take the first step. We conservatives, or those who think we are faithful to the conservative cause, seem to have forgotten that if you ain’t in with the worst you ain’t in period. While it was tough, really tough, for me to vote for the GOP standard bear last time around this time, with reservations on my sleeve, I saw no realistic option. If we, conservatives, really wanted a conservative candidate this time around we would have supported with time and money (really important MONEY) options. In simple terms we talked the talk but did not walk the walk. So, I am impressed with the history lesson and we should carry its meanings and truths into the future. But there will be no future without a dramatic change both at the top and on down the line. Better we should support the marginal while looking for better stock then to support no one and get another four years of the mess we find ourselves.

    • Brad

      You are correcrt Chet

  • Henry Ledbetter

    “If God be for us then who can stand against us.” On the other hand, “the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18). Why should a small minority, prone to living in sin, bring the wrath of God on the entire nation???

    • charlie

      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

  • BWilson

    If we’re so quick to know a phoney when we see one,…then why in the world is OBAMA president of the country?????

    • angelwannabe

      Why is Obama President?__Because our votes don’t count, thats why!__Please wake up to the hoax, no matter who’s in, our situation only worsens….

  • http://AOL Raymond Lippitt

    This is total crap, Romney is the perfect candidate, because he is not too conservative, and is someone that can get the economy going in the right direction. Who ever wrote this article should be fired.

    • GoodDoctor

      er, Raymond – exactly what is Romney going to DO to fix the economy? ANY idea? Didn’t think so as he has none himself. It’s lip service and jive and he can’t fix the nearly totally broken. The guy couldn’t change a tire or fix a bad light bulb – he’d have to have one of “his people” do it. He’s got zero answers. The Dems don’t have answers either – that’s how bad the breakage is. But the only chance we’ve got is to (here comes the outrageous statement of the day) work together. So kill me – I said it. Cooperation. Just imagine it.

      • cawmun cents

        So what you are implying is that we co-opt Democratic Socialism(which inevitably leads to communism)?
        You are telling us to go along to get along,in an effort to convince us that our brains need washing?
        Maybe he isnt a republican?
        Scratch the maybe,this guy wouldnt know republican if it bit him on the ear.
        But then it would have to crawl up Omamba’s backside to do that.
        Wow….both of those are distinct possibilities!

    • angelwannabe

      Ray__ you can disagree with the author of the article, but you don’t have the authority to fire the man who owns the blog, who also happens to be the above articles author….just sayin…

    • Ladyhawke

      Mr. Livingston IS this newsletter. It is his, so you are the one who needs to move along.

    • Brad

      Yes Raymond Bob brought out the Ron Paulians again. I like the man just fine but we won’t win and you better keep some powder dry as Chip say’s if Odrama steals the election again

    • DaveH

      Why in the world, Raymond, would you think any Politician could get this country’s economy going in the right direction? If you truly believe that, then please explain to us why the countries with the Biggest Governments also have the worst economies?

  • jeromeennis

    Most folks who take the time to read this, will still not have a clue, thanks to a public education system and media that has dumbed down and brainwashed America. But, this article is Right On.

    • angelwannabe

      jeromeennis, yep and the worst lot to try wake up is the college crowd, We have them in our own family, it’s like talking to a bunch of rocks!!

      • DaveH

        If they could just read this one book, Angel, I think they would wake up to the fact that we have all been severely Propagandized:

      • angelwannabe

        DaveH, Its a slooooow wwww process, honest to God, its just as I said_ any other point of view offered up for contemplation for these college brains other than what they’re damned Professors say, they look at you like you have a third eye!__They believe absolutely nothing else other than what is spun into that little box created for them. When they do manage to get outside the box, they act scared and they quickly run for cover and back to they’re Liberal safety net, its just nutz.

  • Fredzep

    Ron Paul could have been the Republican nominee if he adopted Reagan’s National Defense strategy.

    • Ted Crawford

      Or any other that actually addressed the realities of the World Community! The Siege Strategy Defense has a long history. It enjoyed some, very limited successes during Medieval time but absolutely none since. It’s one of the easiest defence systems to overcome with todays methods and tactics!

      • DaveH

        Realities, Ted?
        So you think imposing your will on your neighbor with violence is a productive reality?
        You think that encouraging our military to establish rule by military might, and trample the rights of citizens in other countries, will not someday come home to roost in our own country?
        Pass that doobie this way, Ted.

  • cbond01

    The American People will elect Ron Paul when they see the Republican Establishment and the News Media are trying their best to make their pick, Romney , your choice as well.

  • Dave Laman

    I know that very few people thought Regan was even close to being the ” perfect man” or a “true conservative”. He was a union man and from one of the most liberal states in the U.S. He turned out to be OK. As many of the others who have commented there, I feel that whatever party you belong to, if you look at what has happened to our economy and our ability to compete in the world, it’s time for a change. These RINO’s you talk about Romney better step aside and let the people have this country back! There is no room for far far left or far far right in this country! Forget the ME ME ME and start to think like the Founders, WE THE PEOPLE! All the people. In other word, LEAD, Follow the Consitution, or GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY

  • GoodDoctor

    “… Romney less than slightly palatable”

    IF awards were issued for understatement, “YOU may already be a winner”. I am a Republican but between Boner and Mitch-man and his cronies and now Romney, I no longer am going to blindly follow party lead. I worry that Obama will be back but NOT because of any inherent problems or flaws with his Presidency – I worry because 4 more years of MY party not even bothering to read bills passed from the other side of the isle and not acting upon the simplest of suggestions JUST because it might indicate acceptance of Obama or Democratic ideas – I’m done son. I likely will NOT vote this time, something I’ve never done. I will NOT be party to THIS party anymore. Boner, Mitch man – screw those guys with a rusty iron pole (or is that poll?) They’ve finally lost me as supporter and I would think open eyes might notice that I am NOT alone. It’s a trend. The Republican party is self destructing completely with their antics. IF it were not such an ordeal, I’d re-list myself as “Independent”. NO MORE for this guy.

    • http://n/a AmFer

      GoodDoctor – I agree with you deep down in my gut. But I have to let common sense over-rule, 4-more years under O and his ‘evil’ agenda will doom America for the next 50 years. Check out the history of PM Pierre Trudeau and Canada…took them 20 years to get back to solvency and they ARE STILL stuck with socialized medicine. We HAVE to vote the Repub. candidate if we want to survive…long term.

      • jeromeennis

        States Rights Manifesto—-by Jerome Ennis, MA/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
        31 July 2011

        The Debt Ceiling Debates are a SCAM and a SHAM being played out by these corrupt incompetents who now run this country inspired this piece which follows:

        This is the answer and the direction we need to go. I have long said that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the establishment Republicans and Democrats, that in fact, they are only 2 factions of the totalitarian one-party system that now operates at the Federal Level of government.

        It is time to Return this great nation to a Constitutional Nation and to do that, we have to return to the original Words and Intent of the United States Constitution, which has been totally usurped by Republicans and Democrats for the past 45 years or more.

        If we do not take this country back in 2012, the window of Opportunity To Do So, will have closed permanently as the Obama Regime and the 112th Congress are putting the final Nails Into the Coffin of U.S. Sovereignty and turning our sovereignty over to our Creditors who are Financing Our Default as a Nation.

        We clearly have Federal Obligations of Debt that we will never be able to Re-Pay. Our Creditors know this and that is why the Chinese Communists, The International Bankers of the Federal Reserve, The OPEC Nations, Japan, Germany and others are more than willing to continue to Finance Our Debt because they know that our government cannot Pay this money back, and these Lender Nations will simply Re-Posses the USA and all our assets, including Your Personal Property, Cash and Land.

        Wake up America, that is the end game and that is what Obama and the Congress are trying to do right now. This whole Debt Ceiling Debate is a Sham. They already know that they are going to Raise the Debt Ceiling as high as they can to continue Spending More Than We Have as it deepens the Debt and the USA defaults and the USA falls into complete societal breakdown in which Chaos will Ensue and then Martial Law and the Blue Helmeted U.N. forces come Marching In to Enforce Martial Law while the Chinese Communists and others take possession of the USA in it’s entirety.

        And, our own Federal Government has Purposely Been Engineering this Process at least since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson who became POTUS right after the bloody coupe de etat took place on 22 November 1963—The assassination of JFK, the last Real President of the USA.

        Every POTUS since JFK has been and is a Puppet of the New World Order. Are we going to wait around for the Crash or are we going to Avoid the Crash by Replacing the Entire Federal Government with Patriots and States Rights Candidates and begin the abolishing of the Federal Totalitarian Bureaucratic System that has been constructed by Members of Both of the Political Parties which are actually only One Party disguised as a 2 party system. It is time for an Actual Second Party, not a Third Party.

        That is why you have the Republicans Squawking when some of us mention a Third Party to challenge the make believe 2-Party System. They know that they are all of the Same Federalist Party which supports a Federal Dictatorship to Dictate to the States.

        Well, it is time for We The People to turn this around, one town, one county and one state at a time. We will simply call ourselves the States Rights Party and only say that we are Challenging the One Party System we now have which is made up of 2 factions of the One-Party Fascist Federal Party. All in favor, say Aye!! and let the Games Begin in earnest. Thanks and Happy Trails and May God Bless America and Please Hurry!!!!

        July 31, 2011—–Manifesto To Take The Country Back

    • cawmun cents

      Finally,the good doctor and I agree.I am done with the resnublicans,They have snubbed anyn attempts at common decency in their actions and resnubbed any thoughts of integrity with their pandering to the progressives.
      Good Doc,I drinkl a toast to you,you cant be such a bad guy after all…..haw!

      • cawmun cents

        A couple of beers and I am butterfingers…..sorry doc,I know how you are about incorrektly spelling things…..haw!

  • http://n/a AmFer

    What really sounded off the ‘alarm bells’ was hearing what Marco Rubio said in a speech just last week at the Brookings Inst. “Thanking the UN, IMF…etc.” You need to check it out – I’m sure it’s still out there and available. My point is, Romney and the Repubs. want Rubio as VP? This will just prove this article to be true.

  • JohnInMA

    I’ve come to think those who are still whining about the supposed elites and disbelieving Romney’s words about conservative principles are really NOT versed in history. Even though Mr. Livingston regurgitates a few historical pieces, to be honest and truly informative, he needs to study and present the ACTUAL way Republicans have governed over the same period. Today, and for most of my lifetime, what was said in the past about Whigs still holds for the GOP. Every party and nearly every person in the elected class over the century or more has allowed the federal government to dominate in its role and grow in wealth (the people’s wealth) at a steady and unbounded rate. Favoring the wealthy has been a natural artifact of a large federal system run by elected class elitists, independent of symbol – R or D or Whig or…

    Those who still believe there is a chance to finally be disruptive and put Paul in the White House have not been able to attract enough supporters to reach the needed critical mass. Hence, Romney succeeds.

    And so, we get sour grapes rantings about string pullers and Rothschilds (among other conspiracies), and attacks on Romney. How political. It’s not OUR fault, we the principled conservatives. It’s everyone else’s fault. Even though it’s historically consistent and we weren’t able to change the course. If Obama is reelected in part due to sour grapes types sitting idle or if Romney is elected and AT LEAST presides over a shift in federal growth, the credibility those who are complaining will shrink for most everyone else who lives in the real world.

    • DaveH

      You should read these books, John, and learn some actual history about our country, not the spoon-fed Propaganda which you have received:

      • DaveH
      • DaveH
      • DaveH
      • JohnInMA

        @DaveH – Sorry, but your links give java errors for me. Care to give a one or two sentence summary since I assume you’ve read all you pass? Also, just FYI, I am not a registered GOP – being “unenrolled” in my state’s terminology. And I tend to vote for more libertarian candidates whenever given the choice. By my point was quite simple: the elected class has a generations long history of saying one thing and in many instances doing another. This nation has been on a steady path of increasing federal reach and wealth. The best we can hope for from one person – The Executive – is that they can pressure enough of the remainder of the elected class to at least BEGIN a move towards smaller federal reach. One choice in this election has proven he will continue the pace. One can only imagine how much faster he will do so if unencumbered by another election. The other choice gives the right lip service, as do all, but at least he has a history of establishing financial solvency. Those who whine because their candidate didn’t make it to the end could be just as complicit or guilty of putting the first choice back into office for a guaranteed spending spree.

      • DaveH

        Cut and paste them in your Browser’s address field, John. If that doesn’t work, you need a new computer or a new operating system.
        And a one or two sentence summary would mean nothing. The short soundbites that I might post to this board could not hope to even slightly describe the content of the books.

      • DaveH

        And you call it whining, John, but I call it trying to wake people from their Propagandized Stupors. If you don’t want Government to shrink, then you are doing the right thing. But if you do want Government to shrink, you can’t possibly think an Establishment Republican is going to do that for you. As Bob said, the Republican Party started out as Corporatists (or Mercantilists). From the very start they involved Government in the role of protecting and subsidizing their Crony Capitalists at the expense of their Competitors, their Consumers, and the Tax Payers. Later in the 19th Century, the Democrats climbed aboard, and the both parties have been protecting their favorite Crony Capitalists ever since.

      • JohnInMA

        DaveH – Back at you. How can you possibly think one person can reverse the historical momentum of the two party system? I am very familiar with the philosophy and ideology behind Ron Paul’s fiscal positions. My point, to repeat yet again, is that the battle is lost at this time for anyone who truly wants Paul to win the office. The time has passed to “educate” the masses. A number of primary elections continue to prove Ron Paul cannot get the majority of the popular vote. Performing some post-mortem analysis is perhaps cathartic, but to continue to cry/type with emotion and anger about how bad Romney is strikes me as sour grapes. Nothing more. Those who would allow a situation to occur whereby Obama is given another 4 years, would prove they were never serious from the beginning about any change in the current trajectory. And the term sore losers seems a best fit. In another aspect of life the analogy would be wishing the sports team that just beat you to rise to a championship game the worst luck, because if it cannot be your team you don’t want it to be any team.

        There is practically no evidence that a Romney administration would be AS bad fiscally as the current administration. You would have to believe that most every monetary position he has taken is a perfect lie. Sure, politicians are by nature chameleons, but it would take a rare and dishonest type to lie about all of it. And it would require total abandonment of his religious principles, perhaps. Most analytical folks become skeptical whenever unseen, unspoken, and unconnected factoids and events must be present in order for a theory to be proven – and in this case that Romney would be an equally spendthrift and tax hunger president.

      • DaveH

        John says — “How can you possibly think one person can reverse the historical momentum of the two party system?”.
        I suffer no delusions, John. I think the odds are weak that we can get our country back, even if we try. But to not try at all guarantees that we won’t get our country back. So, you can say Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance as the Establishment Gang wants you to believe, and that Romney won’t be so bad, but personally I think Obama is less dangerous because he at least is out in the open about his destructive ideas. Romney would be much more likely to take our Freedom away subtly and less detectably, making him more dangerous to our Freedom.

      • DaveH

        And “no evidence”, John? Ann Barnhardt would disagree with you on that one:

      • JohnInMA

        DaveH – so you are in fact voting Democrat. Now I get why you have been trying do. It’s interesting to know that somehow your vote for Obama feels almost as appropriate as your vote for Ron Paul. Interesting in this case means, for me, I can’t map it in a logical sense so it requires a lot of study. Maybe futile study. So instead of any step towards fiscally responsible government you prefer a man in office who will use every scrap of executive power he can aggregate to expand the federal government in an open push to use its power to force all needed social change in the name of “social justice”, including what is needed monetarily.

        Oddly, while I suspected your linked video was unwatchable (given in the description the ‘whore’ was used to describe Romney), I girded myself and got through just shy of two minutes. And in that time the speaker managed to hit on some key progressive talking points about Romney’s wealth and the supposed elite quality that gives him in some people’s eyes. I suspect the rest of the video (wow – almost 14 minutes!) would be equally coarse and accusational. Sort of a hate-spew.

        I’ve tended libertarian for a good portion of my adult life, and I’ve never met another who has the progressive disdain for success or wealth. Thanks for letting the readers know that there is at least a group within Paul’s supporters who are more in tune with Democrats, and share a lot of their emotional positions. So much for letting a man alone to reach the levels his talents will allow….

      • Deerinwater

        “but to continue to cry/type with emotion and anger about how bad Romney is strikes me as sour grapes. Nothing more.”

        Oh John! Dave is full of sour grapes, it an obsession at this point. He want everyone to place their head on the chopping block.

        A government governed by law or a majority is one and the same thing. Changing titles and labels is the same a moving strips around on a Tiger, no matter how you place them it’s still a Tiger.

        Republic ,~ Democracy call it what you wish, it still made up of people with an intent to govern. Who makes these Laws that govern this Republic ?

        What people say and what people do is two totally separate things. That we can lie to ourselves and believe it makes lying to others a common affair. People cloak their motives to hide their insecurities, doubt and failing. People tend to tell you what they prefer you to believe.

  • Paul Wells

    The article was a good read, and there are a few interesting comments this morning. However, no matter who wins the November election, we are still screwed as a nation, because no one, and I mean NO ONE (with the possible exception of Ron Paul, who can’t possibly win, no how, no way!) will tell the truth about the financial shape we are REALLY in! Please watch this with an open mind, it tells the truth about the state of our debtor nation!

  • Schnable

    What a bunch of cr– ! Why is this guy trying to stir up trouble for Romney? We need to pull together and be rid of the Muslim in the White House. Not conservative enough? Hogwash, we should be working to repeal ObamaCare, lower taxes, pass a budget, stop the spending, rebuild our economy. restore dignity and honor to the White House, and remove all the socialists from government agencies. Romney is comitted to all those things and he has the experience, intelligence, and desire to accomplish them all. We are in dire straights and need help soon, or we will collapse as a free Republic. We need a true leader, not a brand.

    • nc

      Schnable, no third party, for good or bad, has had a chance of winning any Presidential election after the major parties reached 10%! So we have been a “two pary system” since forever! Want to see how the socialist party has done in the free market system against the grand ol party(/) party in the last 80 years as number one in the world?
      Go to “bulls, bears donkeys and elephants” site and tell me how the socialist could do well against the only other party! $300,000 more in stock profits than the Republican on the same stocks ove the same period of time.DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THE DEMOCRATS DID SO MUCH BETTER??COULD IT BE THAT IS WHY IT HAS BEEN SAID FOR A LONG TIME THAT “THE STOCK MARKET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS”?? BECAUSE THE STOCK MARKET HAS PERFORMED SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE UNDER THE REPUGNUTS?? GO SEE FOR YOUSELF! iIT’S THERE FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! “BULLS,BEARS DONKEYS AND ELEPHANTS” I

      • DaveH

        That is so fallacious, NC. It’s no wonder you have to shout if that’s all you’ve got.
        So what are you telling us — That the Democrats are more generous to the Rich?
        All kidding aside, there are at least three serious flaws to your thinking (or lack of):
        1) You’re ignoring Congress, which has been majority Democrat throughout those years. Congress passes the Spending Bills. See here:
        2) It very well could be that the Republicans set up the economy in a positive way before the Democrats took power, and they were just reaping the rewards of the the Republicans’ fiscally responsible actions. Kind of like when hard-working parents leave their Profligate children well off, and it takes several years for the children to waste the wealth away.
        3) You are well-propagandized, because neither party does our citizens any good. The Leaders are taking advantage of all of us. And they accomplish that partly by keeping people like you rooting for your “team”, instead of doing the necessary study to learn that Government can only harm our economy. If the economy does well, it does well in spite of Big Government, not because of Big Government.

      • DaveH

        Maybe, NC, if you would read this Free book, you can lift those blinders and actually get a clue, so you won’t need to upset the rest of us with your wrong-headed yelling:

    • DaveH

      Schnable says — “we should be working to repeal ObamaCare”.
      And you think the man who sponsored RomneyCare is going to do that? Hitler was right — “How fortunate for politicians that people do not think”.

      • Deerinwater

        Now that’s funny!

  • Floyd

    Come on people. The power elete is crafting this country ever so slowly to their plan started in 1913 with the formation of the federal reserve. THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND should be must reading for all. Who are they? The Rothchilds, The Rockefellas,The Morgans are names we can all relate to but their are others named in the book. Ron Paul might try to up set their applecart but I doubt they will allow him to succeed. He will, however, have my vote , as a write-in if necessary.

    • nc

      Floyd, a conspiracy that started in 1913 to take over the government and is not completed yet is one weak a$$ed plot! Who is going to celebrate the victory? They are all dead !

      • charlie

        no count ,,,,who murdered Randy Weaver’s young boy and his wife the next day??? nc they plotted against King Jesus,,, what’s new? Mattoids are still here today…

      • DaveH

        Floyd has a clue, NC. You don’t.
        And I stop reading your ignorant comments when you start the yelling. You’re an annoying Liberal.

  • TrishaS

    Listen fellow patriots…there is NO perfect candidate…even our hero RReagan wasn’t perfect…almost tho!!…as a true conservative/Republican/traditionalist woman…I like Mitt Romney. I wanted him 4years ago over that was a pill to swallow but I supported the ticket, now look at MRomney’s personal life & his succesful business mind and how he lives the American dream. To me, he is conservative enough to get my whole hearted vote. He is not a bitter pill w/ honey to swallow. He is DEFINITELY better than Obama&his world order agenda. I wish you Republican ‘back-room elitists’ would embrace our choice and propel/support Romney to to win. I am of the belief that if Romey runs his campaign against Obama’s record&words, we will win by a landslide.

    • DaveH

      If you think Romney is a Conservative, then I guess there’s no hope for you.
      Let’s see, there’s:
      And “In 2004, when the Clinton-era federal assault weapons ban expired, he signed a permanent one at the state level”.
      “Romney also, at various times, supported campaign finance regulations far more sweeping than McCain-Feingold, even though he subsequently blasted that law as an attack on free speech”.
      “Romney’s support for “No Child Left Behind,” President Bush’s expansion of the federal government’s role in education”.
      More here:

  • Thomas Peterson

    WASHINGTON IS BROKEN! Something new needs to replace it. The Founding Fathers and the Constitution worked pretty well for quite a while. Why not go back to what worked in the past. RON PAUL is definitely the right direction to go in!

  • tom

    Like Romney or not. We have no choice to vote for him. If we don’t, the outcome will be horrible for America.

    • Teresa M.

      I’m not so sure that voting for Romney won’t bring about an outcome horrible for America.The only difference between democrats and repubs is where they chose to waste the taxpayer dollars. Listening to either of the pres. candidates makes my ears bleed from the lies that pour forth. I ask you to remember the debate questions about the NDAA. Romney didn’t say he disagreed with it he just smuggley answered that the american people would have to be careful who they put in office. He’s not opposed to starting another war we cannot afford he’s made that very clear at the debates also. I will not waste my vote on the garbage the repub party wants to throw at me -I’ve had enough. If you won’t follow the constitution you do not get my vote.

      • r.p.

        Were you sleeping Teresa? Romney said he supported the NDAA and would have voted for it. When the audience booed him that should have awoken you.

  • FreedomFighter

    Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. We are the resistance

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Ladyhawke


  • Doc Sarvis

    The Republicans have Romney in the position he is in because he has the money and the means to get more money for a campaign against President Obama.

    • FreedomFighter

      Here is Obama’s America at work — a tyrant.

      Disabled Vet Threatened by VA Police for Passing Out Alex Jones DVD

      The America Obama would make for us—a nightmare totalitarian state.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • Doc Sarvis

        I watched the video. Do you seriously think this would not have happened to the veteran prior to President Obama’s Administration?

      • eddie47d

        That could be under any President FF but nice try.

      • FreedomFighter

        Nope, didnt happen

        In fact allot of things never happened b4 obummer

        Direct attacks on the church

        30k drones spying…well I could list them, but such a long list is just annoying.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • charlie

        FF,,, your right it is worse under a crossbreed functional psychotic tyrant…

  • Norm

    This is an example of why Flip Romney IS the Republican nominee.
    There is no honor among hypocrites. And yes Obama will be a 2 term president.

    In his first one-on-one national TV interview since kicking off his presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry referred to Mitt Romney as “Obama lite” and charged that the former Massachusetts governor is blurring lines between Republicans and Democrats.

    Apr 27, 2012
    “Today I join the many conservative Republicans across the nation in endorsing Mitt Romney for president and pledge to him, my constituents and the Republican Party I will continue to work hard to help defeat President Obama,” Mr. Perry said in a statement first reported by Fox News.

    • DaveH

      The office of President attracts Sociopaths from both major parties, Norm.

  • smithington

    VOTE FOR RON PAUL 2012!! If you want to save this country!!!

  • cotton123

    Romney seems decent enough to me ,if Ron Paul had made it he’s ok too,ABO

  • DonnaAngelStar

    Direct Democracy = Mob Rule


    • Ted Crawford

      Your first two statements seem diametrically opposed to one another! By Dr. Pauls stated Foreign Policy we are not allowed, short of a Congressional Declaration of War, to involve ourselves in the internal workings of any foreign governments, Israels’ or their enemies!

      • DaveH

        Oh the horrors! Nonintervention. How can we live without meddling in other countries’ politics? Imagine how boring it will be to trade peacefully with other countries instead of killing their citizens?

    • nc

      Donna, which “Israel” would we need to support? It just so happens that the leading news item TODAY is that both the political leaders and the military leaders IN ISRAEL are divided ON WHAT IS THE BEST APPROACH FOR ISRAEL TO TAKE AS TO IRAN!! I am sure the Americans wingnuts know the answer even if those in the middle of it IN ISRAEL have serious reservations as to the correct approach. TRUE CONSERVATIVES, NEVER WRONG IN THEIR OWN MINDS AND NEVER RELEVANT IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

  • Dean Bartlett

    Ron Paul Is NOT A CONSTITUTIONALIST he is a Libratarian as such believes more in anarchay than the founding documents.

    • angelwannabe

      Constitutionally speaking Ron Paul is about the only rep who hasn’t been bought off__as for the idea of you thinking Ron Paul is an Anarchist, (which is absurd) it seems you misinterpet the meaning of the Constitution.__We’re a Republic friend ( a great experiment), where the people Govern themselves responsibly and are suppose to be accountable for themselves and they’re Families first….The GUV only job was to protect us from Foreign enemies.

      • Ted Crawford

        ” The GOV only job is to protect us from Foreign enemies ” That’s very true Angel, However that ” Protection” needs to be realistically effective not just idealistically desireable!

      • angelwannabe

        Ted, well they can start by closing off those borders, but they won’t because as long as they remain open, there is money pouring in!

      • eddie47d

        Traditional Corporations and even Wall Street depends on cheap labor. Making money is their bottom line and not the American worker.

      • angelwannabe

        Eddie, Please go read MORE eddie and learn, I’m not talking about the illegals for hire taking our jobs, thats only one aspect of it….

      • eddie47d

        If you want to talk about borders then stick to the subject or bring something else up. Don’t assume someone else knows what your thinking.

    • DaveH

      There’s that old manipulative buzz word — Anarchy. I haven’t seen that one in a while.
      Perhaps you can enlighten us, Dean, and show us where Ron Paul advocates Anarchy?
      In 1900 Government at all levels spent less than 7% of our GDP. Now Government spends over 40% of our GDP. Were we in a state of Anarchy in 1900? Please explain to us lesser intelligent people, Dean, why we need almost 6 times as Big Government as they did in 1900?

      • Tanya

        I guess I’m one of the few crazies that doesn’t think “anarchy” is a dirty word! Anarchy simply means the absence of government, and I think the absence of government is exactly what we need. I suppose you could call me a free-market anarchist, or an anarchocapitalist–I believe the free market can accomplish everything we depend on government for, and the market can do it better.

        I know free-market anarchy sounds crazy to most people, and I’ll probably get skewered, but is it really crazier than believing we can give all the weapons and power to a small segment of society and trust that they will use that power only for our protection and not to harm us? I personally think that’s nuts, knowing what we do about human nature. If there’s a way to stop government power from ending in tyranny, no one has yet accomplished it. If any system could have accomplished the prevention of tyranny it would have been ours, and how has that turned out?

        I believe Ron Paul is a libertarian, not an anarchist, but the two views line up closely in many areas.

        For the record, some types of anarchists don’t believe in private property and some advocate violence–that is not what I believe at all, so please don’t accuse me of nasty things. I believe in liberty.

  • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    The philosophy of “Americans Elect” is technocratic: the system remains as it is, we just find the best people to run it. And how, exactly, is that at bottom any different than what we have today? The only way “the system” changes today is to lead us toward more big government, higher taxes, more intrusion of the government into our lives. Obama says “more, more, more”; Romney says “that’s enough for now.”

    I’m voting for Romney but for no other reason than that splitting the “not Obama” vote will only mean he is reelected and I believe it imperative to dethrone him and the toxic, cancerous administration he has put in place. But this is the last time I as a libertarian and conservative will hold my nose in the general election.

  • James Graham

    Do you remember the famous ABC radio news commentator Paul Harvey?
    Millions of Americans listened to his programs which were broadcast over 1,200 radio stations nationwide.

    When you listen to it, remember the commentary was broadcast 47 years ago …. April 3, 1965.

    It’s short… less than 3 minutes.

    This really scares me because all of it is taken place.

    In God We Trust

  • J.T.

    It will take years to overcome the damage this President has done to this country. we must vote to get this man out of this country’s White House and to remove all the dishonest people from this administration. We have worked all of our lives to have something and to have someone to just take it away to give to someone who is lazy anddon’t want to work for it is not right.

  • GoodDoctor

    Argh – I give up. You can NOT argue with a rock. Try as you might, it will NEVER agree with you. True party followers will NEVER ever understand the major plight we’re in. 4 more years of “mine’s bigger than yours” will destroy us completely. It may already be too late. Obama may not be the man but we can pressure him to do the things that need doing – IF both sides of the isle get behind that idea. Separate, we’re doomed to a slow and painful demise. That IS the choice folks – cooperate or death. Maketh your play.

    • charlie

      GoodDoctor,,, Moses argued with a rock and got water out of it ,,, just how good are you? not a brain doctor? ,,, Most on this site are knot headed and somewhat functional psychotics and then talk about “heathenism”,,,problems do happen,,, try to have a good day… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and HEALING…

    • DaveH

      Are you looking in the mirror and talking to yourself, Doctor?

  • http://aol Al

    The idiots in the Republican party want to run Romney who couldnt beat Mcain who lost to Obama. What a joke. GB all over again.

    • Barry Penfold

      Yea. It reminds me of when Reagan lost to Ford.

  • Raggs

    Romney or oblama? It’s a NO-BRAINER… The hand-out king has to be defeated.

    • eddie47d

      You mean there will be even more handouts to corporations is Romney is elected. The Middle Class workith and the wealthy taketh.

      • angelwannabe

        Boy O Boy eddie, Obama really Soft Soaped you into swallowing that class Warfare hook, line, and sinker!!!__

      • JeffH

        anglewannabee…he’s back…and in form too! Some things can never be fixed.

    • eddie47d

      Time for you to pull that hat down completely over your eyes for you’re seeing nothing anyway. LOL I see plenty ripping others off and yes the wealthy are in the game.

  • pete

    Many seem to be forgetting those words uttered by Joe Kennedy’s pop. ‘It is not what you are but what you seem to be’. That is exactly the problem facing the voter – what you vote for is never quite what you get and so the agenda keeps rolling onwqards with the correct puppets in place to ensure the results sought after by the puppet masters. Sorry about that. With the Rothschilds controlling the strings, can anyone really believe that Obama would be replaced? Why should he be? He is doing exactly what they say and will certainly never bite the hand that feeds him, but at the end of the day it is his soul and he has to live with the fact that he has sold it.

    • charlie

      Pete ,,, The Satanic powers killed most of the Kennedys,,, so who’s next Me ,,,You ???
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

  • FreedomFighter

    Military & Police on The Growing Police State

    NATO and Russian troops in America to suppress Americans

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Ted Crawford


    • charlie

      FF,,,what’s new ??? Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed ,,, do you think the cops today are any worse ??? American have lost the Law system they “””Think””” they have ,,, the “Weavers” lost two members of their family about 10 years ago by governmental Murder,,, better Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… “Jurisdiction”,,, how many are there ? which one are you in… The Kingdom of King Jesus Christ is The most Powerful Jurisdiction… King Jesus used His Jurisdiction when tempted by Satan,,, He said “it is written” in reference to “His Law”…

  • Tom

    Take a Good look at who is endorcing Mitt and Obomma.Then look at who endorces Ron Paul.Should be a no brainer.NO MORE BUSH.We The People have spocken.

  • Jim in NY

    Romney was selected by Republican primary voters. He leads in delegate count by a large margin. The author above refers to Michael Bloomberg as governor of NYS. Michael Bloomberg is mayor of NYC, not governor of NYS.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Jim in NY,

      You need to take a course in reading for comprehension.

      You write: “The author above refers to Michael Bloomberg as governor of NYS. Michael Bloomberg is mayor of NYC, not governor of NYS.” The author above did not refer to Bloomberg as governor of NYS. That is a quote pulled from another article. The error is acknowledged through the insertion of “(sic)” which shows that an error, peculiar usage or spelling is in the original.

      I know perfectly well who Bloomberg is and what he does.

      Best wishes,

  • Pete0097

    The problem with Ron Paul is that we do not elect statesmen any more. He tells the truth, comes up with plans that will cause pain to a lot of people. People don’t want to hear the truth if it doesn’t help them. That truth might be the strings attached to giveaway programs or that we will have to pay more taxes in spite that they want to spend more.

    • charlie

      Pete0097,,, good point ,,,but is it a point no point ? most people do not believe The World History Book called “The Holy Bible”… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

  • B.K.

    I am not one ot the biggest fans of Romney even though I belong to the same faith. Not all who are of that faith support him because we see he’s not entirely conservative and he has proven himself to be the quintessential politician. That being said he is not Obama and he is a fiscal conservative even if he’s not entirely a small government guy. He is a man of faith and morals. And he’s not Obama! As to the statement made in this article “Americans know a phony when they see one” if that’s true how come Obama won the last election? I tried and tried to point out how phony he was and it fell on deaf ears. A substantial if not the majority of people don’t know a phony when they see one because they listen to the flowery speeches and promises, they don’t look at what the candidates history is. Had people not listened to the media and did a little research for themselves they’d have see Obama for what he is before it was too late. But people are sheep and lazy, they want to be told what to think. They want to be at the cool table. Romney may not be ideal but he will be better than Obama and although Paul has some good thing about the economy his international policies are too simplistic and scary. With Paul we would be in bigger international hot water than we are now.

    I will have to hold my nose and vote for Romney and as much as I don’t want another RINO in the white house it’s better that 4 more years of Obama. We need to encourage people to vote for whoever is the major party opposition to Obama for the good of the country. We need someone in there that can put us back on the right course. Four more of Obama will be a disaster for this country. At least Romney will give us a chance to turn some things around and get set to put a true conservative in later.

    But most of all we need to help people understand they can’t rely on others telling them who someone is. The only way to know who your voting for is to look at his/her track record and not listen to all the promises they make. We need to encourage personal responsibility and expect from people, this government for decades has discouraged it form the populace and now we have a lazy voting public.

    “If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a Nation gone under.” by Ronald Reagan We must ask God’s help.

    • charlie

      B.K. ,,, good point but you did not tell us how to “Communicate” with The Almighty God … Don’t ASS U ME that people know how to properly communicate with God… Most are NOT even “Real” Christians BUT ””think”” they are BUT can’t prove it “””PER””” The BOOK … Acts 2:38 “””IS””” Salvation ,,, it cannot be ignored or bypassed and be a “True” Christian…

  • MAP

    Great article Bob! It cuts to the heart of our dilemma. To get the Marxist cretin Obama out of office we elect Romney. But, like the neocon lackey Bush before him, once he’s in and proves himself to also be a Marxist where do we go from there? This is the game the Republicans play. As your article points out, the fascist system that was behind the birth of the Republican party created the filthy rich elites that are behind everything happening in this country and in Europe. They control everything in this country, including both parties and the media. Through legislative action they have almost completely destroyed any competition, creating monopolies that control every aspect of our lives. Indeed, I believe Obama’s so-called redistribution would work to purposely leave them untouched and, instead, destroy what little competition still exists. How to take out our ruling class – that is our one major problem, because all our problems stem from that one.

  • EndTheIllusion

    Look at the free video “Secret of Oz” on YouTube on how the power elites have taken over the system through our money.

    The author and director of this is Bill Still and he is running for president. Time to vote for our choice, not for the “lesser of evils”.

  • parker

    Mitt is a conservative! His basic belief system bares this out. Most of us know what this is really about. Livingston makes money off his garbage. Keep pounding on Romney you are only an ally to the one you claim to opose.

  • donjusko

    Long thread.. Starting at the top, the article is right, “if people do not like the current corporatist/authoritarian/totalitarian/militarized state where the candidates won’t be running on how to CHANGE what’s going on – only on how to administer it BETTER.
    That’s Romney, and he will lose to obama.

    Ron Paul on the other offers real change, he will follow the Constitution, audit the Fed and see where our money is going. We won’t put up with where it’s going so we get rid of the Fed. Get back to money that means something, money that is tangible. Balance the budget. Bring the troops home and stop these illegal wars. Protect our borders and sovereignty, individual, state and national. Obama won’t do that, Romney won’t do that, Paul will.

    Those that say Paul won’t win are singing to the choir. Have you seen the support Paul is getting? Take your head out of the sand. I’ll give you an idea of his support.
    10-15-11, A recent Harris Poll revealed that Ron Paul would prevail over Barack Obama
    University of Bethel, Minnesota, 2-4-12, 1,600 crowd.
    Kansas City, 2-18-12, 2,000 crowd.
    Iowa Poll by the Des Moines Register, 2-19-12, Paul besting Obama over all other Republican candidates.
    University of Central Michigan, 2-25-12, 1,750 crowd.
    Oklahoma State Capitol. 2-25-12, 1,700 crowd.
    University of Michigan State, 2-27-12, 4,000 crowd.
    University of Illinois, 3-14-12, 5,000 crowd.
    University of Missouri, 3-15-2012, 2,000 crowd.
    3-28-12, Springfield, Maryland, ? crowd.
    University of Wisconsin, 3-29-12, 5,200 crowd.
    4-2-12, Rasmussen Reports poll, Representative Paul bests Obama in a head-to-head matchup.
    University of Chico State, 4-3-12, 6,200 crowd.
    University of UCLA, California, 4-4-12, 7,000 crowd.
    University of Berkeley, San Francisco, 4-5-12, 8,500 crowd.
    4-8-12, California, Another record breaking crowd of 10,000 at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty at California’s largest university.
    4-10-12, California last week drawing around 23,000 people between three stops.
    University of Texas A&M, 4-11-12, 3,000+ crowd.
    4-11-12, San Antonio Town Hall, 1,000+
    4-12-12, St. Charles County Re-Caucus, RON PAUL TAKES ALL DELEGATES.
    University of Pittsburgh, 2,300+ crowd.
    Ron Paul has never allowed a lobbyist in his congressional office in 30 years.
    Ron Paul received more than $220,000 from military donors from Oct. to Feb.
    Romney reported $36,108 as of Feb. 29.
    University of Rhode Island, 4-19-12, 2,000-plus crowd, Voters to Town Hall Meeting.
    University of Cornell, 4-24-12, 4,500 for Ron Paul in Ithaca.
    4-20-12, Ron Paul Campaign Nets Almost $10.4 million in Q1 Keeping Paul Competitively Ahead of Texas.
    4-21-12, Pittsburgh, 2,300-plus voters to a town hall meeting in his native city of Pittsburgh.
    4-22-12, Philadelphia, Despite Downpour Ron Paul Draws 4,300-plus to Rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.
    4-22-12, Minnesota! All Congressional District Conventions in MN are complete. We got 20 of 24 delegates.
    4-22-12, Iowa, Ron Paul took 15 out of 17 members of the Iowa state GOP steering committee.
    4-25-12, Texas, Magoffin Auditorium on the UTEP campus in El Paso, Texas, 1,126 people and it was full.
    University of Texas at El Paso town hall meeting, 4-26-12, Texas – 2012, 1,200-plus crowd.
    University of Houston, Texas. 3,000 crowd
    Paul’s son Rand, was elected to the Senate as a Republican in Kentucky, hooray!
    4-26-12, Pennsylvania, County Congressional District Caucuses PA with 5 delegates and 12 alternates. Romney has yet to secure any.
    4-27-12, Austin Town Hall Meeting, 6,000 Voters, count
    4-27-12, Washington is now the third state in which Ron Paul has locked up at least half of the state’s nominating delegates.
    4-28-12, Massachusetts, ongoing- 3 delegates in 1st district, maybe whole state
    4-29-12, Alaska, won State Chair, 16 delegates against 8
    4-29-12, Louisiana County Convention, won 111 delegates of 150, and 61 out of 72 alternates

    No other candidate can come close to the people supporting Paul. Mitt-flipper has no chance, Obama has no chance. Protect this country, that’s what we have to do and that’s what Paul is all about. Get it, got it, good (Peaches)

    • charlie

      donjusko,,, good numbers ,,, that,s why Obama might openly declare “Martial Law Rule” to stay in office,,, what are the DAA’s going to do then???
      Better , Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing , before that happens…

  • miken25

    Good post about the monied interests. In my opinion Romney is the chosen one for the Republican elite because he will not do anything with the Fed. Observe how both parties went out of their way to ridicule Ron Paul, the only candidate willing to tackle the Fed. Gary Johnson was another but he dropped out. With Romney in, the politicians, the giant parasitical bureaucracy, labor unions, politically connected wall streeters and now international parasites through the UN, will continue looting the productive efforts of Americans. President Kennedy wanted to do something with the Fed. He was assassinated. I know that’s only a correlation but just saying. Hmmmm!

    The real culprits here though are false philosophical ideas like those held by the men at Jekyll Island where the Fed was born. They had bought in to the social theory of human existence popular at the time. The social theory works for bees and ants but not for humans. Did you know that if a bee is handicapped in some way that it cannot perform its duties according to its rank it is stung to death immediately? (I saw this on a nature doc on TV on PBS.) Is that how we humans should treat our handicapped? I don’t think so. But the social theory says yes. Death panels anyone?

    Ayn Rand got it right when she identified man as a contractual animal who needs the protection of individual rights to function in a civilized way. It is imperative that Americans familiarize themselves with the social theory and discover why it is anti-life and can only lead to destruction.

  • Deerinwater

    “It seems clear that the Republican establishment — or at least the behind-the-scenes party apparatchik — is once again trying to lose, which brings us to the question of why?????”

    I tend to agree with you Mr. Livingston, and you do offer an insightful assessment. Mine is somewhat simpler, they really don’t see it to their benefit with all the problems and unsustainable course that we are on. Failure is bitter and long lasting, finding themselves unable to defend a poor track record, they attempt to lead from the rear and keep their head and position. It’s much, much easier and cost less to pretend to engage our political system of government. The men at the top only need assurances of their places at the feed trough.

    If you will recall, McCain attempted to run his campaign on “Character” rather then the issues of the day. Sadly, even there he fail short and couldn’t get enough spin to counter his lifetime of what should have been seen as “character building” experiences.

    Romney brings only less to the party as his character and many conflicting “stated positions” are well documented. Romney is not a mystery, we know that he is the product of the entitled, why attempt to second guess if a hungry hound dog will eat a gravy biscuit if you are not looking? Romney with all of his resources is extremely predictable and will feather his nest like never before. He will go through public systems and funding like Grant went through Richmond, taking what he wants and laying waste to what does not concern him, rendering it useless to anyone else. No challengers shall rise up from the ashes.

    I’d like to see Romney spend a whole lot of his own money in his bid for the “White House”. I want to see some vanity and self ego kick in, I want Romney to really want it so bad he’s willing to spend everything that he’s got in to achieve his goal.

    “And make the odds be forever in him favor. ”

    It’s beginning to look as if that is the only way the GOP is willing to show any interest in “sharing wealth and the opportunity that wealth offers” ~so be it. A “gaming contest” of political brinkmanship to amuse and delight the citizens of Rome to keep them busy and amused, their attention misdirected from other matters.

  • LibRep

    Remember the movie ‘Airplane’ ?
    Leslie Nielson asks the flight attendants “What was it we had for dinner tonight?”
    Flight attendant: “Well, we had a choice: steak or fish.”
    Leslie: “Yes, yes, I remember, I had lasagna.”

    Well, here’s the choice between steak and fish:

    I’m voting for lasagna.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Incredulous1

    RomneyCare. No apology. No admission of mistake. No conservative.
    Got it?

  • Karolyn

    Wow! This has brought out all the ill-infomred Romneyites!

    • http://n/A Ken

      Newt Gingrich has been marginalized by the money machine of the republican party and has little resources of his own.He has been made to look like a whiner and angry. He is none of these things and has proven again and again in this campaign that he is the smartest candidate in the race and has a proven record of getting things done in Washington which cannot get done today. I believe he would be an excellent president for these troubled times and begin to turn this country back to constitutional governance.

  • FadedFreedom

    After voting for McCain, and two loser Bushes, I won’t be voting for Romney. Let the despised Kenyan win if need be. Either way, this country will be finished. They are all owned by the same despicable elites with the exception of the one they refuse to discuss… out of fear and hate.

    • parker

      Dont vote but in the end you’ll have nothing to complain about.Voting is the only way of change for the better. You will be no better than the welfare recepients that sit on the couch and complain about their “plight.”

  • alfromfl

    The republican establishment is in trouble with the conservative base. Their strongest suit is that many don’t really know who “they” are. Maybe, if the republican wins in Nov, the ilssue will be forgotten but long term conservatives will not support the party financially as much as they have in the past. As for winning in Nov, either we have reached the point where entitlement idiots, voting for more via Obama, will re-elect Obama or anyone running on the republican ticket will win because Americans don’t buy the progressive view. Then, again, maybe the republican establishment, with emphasis on keeping their jobs, don’t care about where this country is headed regardilng progressivism vs a constitutional republican form of government.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    As I see it its Ron Paul or nothing, therefore we need Ron Paul to run third party but that will only insure that Obamination will win because of so many idiots that have voted for Romney in the Primaries. What we really need as I have stated since Clinton was elected is Revolution, the Congress 99% of them have sold out to an Illegal Kenyan Born Communist Muslim Half Breed who is not Black, he is Chocolate Milk Traitor Obamination. Ron Paul is the only Constitutional, 2nd Amendment candidate running for President, Romney is the FLIM FLAM MAN AND OBAMINATION IS THE TRUE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE BACKED BY THE MOST CORRUPT CONGRESS IN THE WORLD. Oil up your GUNS before they set the U.N. thugs on us to take our weapons away. We need an pld fashioned hanging party for D.C..

  • Sandra Bailey

    Open Convention, Sarah Palin. Polls higher than ALL the declared candidates. Palin 2012.

    • JON

      I think you missed the memo. Sarah is not running….thankfully!

    • charlie

      Sandra,,, Palin is only a judeo christian but with her charm , beauty and wits she could team up with Ron Paul and make it easy…

      • nc

        Charlie, I’m not real big on religion in politics but you seem the type that prays a lot! If you can get your MAN to conjure up your Paul _Palin ticket in November either as the Republican nominees or third party, we Democrats would be much obliged and FOREVER GRATEFUL! Since Paul wants a stay- at- home military and a relationship with Israel that doesn’t require an umbilical cord we have more in common with him than with bush-lite Romney!!!!

      • charlie

        nc,,, you want Me to pray for a bunch of heathen no counts??? I’ ll Pray for The “Will” of King Jesus to fall upon America and nc you better Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing and accomplish Acts 2:38 ASAP… I dare not pray for anybodys will BUT The Will of The King of America … Some people think they are smarter than God,,,I am not,,, I am only a subject of King Jesus… Honor The King ,,, fear no Man ,,, Obey and fear The King…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

  • Adam F. Kohler

    If Mitt (RINO) Romney wins in November he will try and fail to work with the Democrats in Washington DC. Look at his previous record as Governor with RomneyCare. Republican elites will not accept a true conservative and fight to maintain control. Remember Gerald Ford against Ronald Reagan in 1976? Fortunately, Reagan overwhelmed the party elites in 1980. Then we had Bob Dole and John McCain.

  • uvuvuv

    i read in making of the president 1964 that barry goldwater put an end to the old repub party of boardroom and country club elitists, that he rebuilt the party on the principles of patriotism, defense and personal self reliance. he ran an atrocious campaign (extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice) and lost as we all know, but the repubs ever after have been just as welcoming to the guy who runs a punch press as the guy who owns the punch press. another point is the repubs don’t try to make themselves popular to every constituency, whereas the dems have bastardized themselves and their core beliefs in order to welcome the hippies, the feminists, the minorities (excluding asians, who don’t need their stinking help, and the indians, who have been monstrously overlooked), the gays and libertines and welfare. recently they have added the illegals, surprise surprise. one group they have overlooked in recent years is labor, the guy running the punch press. suddenly they remembered their old roots in wisconsin, it was sort of a wake up call when the governor there cut off collective bargaining, where if you get a raise, they all get a raise. that’s when they were reminded that, yes virginia, there is a richard trumka. but don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten their typical voter, exemplified by chaz bono and rosie odonnell and reverand wright. so, in that voting booth you do have a real choice after all.

    • Michael

      You really don’t understand American political parties. American parties are “coalitions” of people with overlapping interests. By running out anyone with a moderate view the current Republican party is paring itself down to one that has too small of a base to win elections. There used to be a moderate and even liberal wing to the Republican Party. Then it had more appeal to a wide array of people and won elections on policy. Now the party relies almost exclusively on deception, lies and fear to get voters. That is not a sustainable strategy. Sooner or later the big money boys will start buying Democrat candidates and the Republican Party will die.

      • Deerinwater

        How refreshing! Welcome. excellent summation of today’s “GOP” . They seem lacking the understanding of what a majority actually means and it’s significance to them.

        We see this same conviction in Tea Party supporters as they proclaim themselves as a majority while in fact they are only a majority unto themselves. Of course the Tea Party is predominantly made up of disfranchised Republicans so the virus is in containment of sorts.

        Claims that 44′s administration is “shoving” legislation down the people throats! Legislation that the “majority does not want” Faulting fellow Americans and stupid voters rather then their own failings for their current condition.

        As far as democrats, they too are attempting to clean house of their “blue dogs” those that seek refuge as lap dogs for corporate interest , those that would support socialize losses and privatizes profit yet still being mindful of their base voting block tempering their tolerance for descent and opposing views.

        It’s take 44′s administration to hear conservative claims that the “system is not working anymore!” , well I suppose not! it didn’t work for them anyway. Now they ask to change the constitution while claiming that they wish to abide by it. I suppose that means that they will abide by their changes until which time they too ceases working for them again.

        But in truth, we all need to take a reality check and engage the system, not just Tea Party supporters but all Americans. As we see from past history, Hitler came to power with only a noisy 23% of the vote. We can’t permit a noisy few to have everything that they want regardless how noisy and nasty their display with efforts to intimidate with idle threats from their Lazyboy recliner. “keep you power dry”, God & County” , “red , white and blue, mama and apple pie” , Courage, Valor, while engaging in character assassination, bearing false witness claiming righteousness in their cause and God glory!

        Just gives you goose bumps doesn’t it?

        The swing vote and youth vote will determine the final results of the up coming elections baring natural disaster or a nasty turn of events on the international stage.

        Have you attempted to reach out to them? It’s time that you did.

  • Michael

    Your premise seems plausible until you thnk about the money – the elites as you call them have been pouring millions and millions of dollars into Mitt’s campaign. That is not the action of people who want to lose – it is the action of people desperate to win at all costs. In reality it is the “true” conservatives who appear to want to lose by desiring candiates that only appeal to the extremist wing of the party and who will be soundly rejected by America as a whole.

  • http://none Marjorie McEntee

    I t is very depressing to find out how many cowards are saying that they are Republicans,get some you know what’s for our country, that is in very deep trouble from this President. We won’t get a second chance to save our freedom if we let him back in office.

  • Lucille F H Atwater

    Sharing the wealth? ‘that has to be a democrat. I am more conservative than anyone I have yet met. I am supporting Mitt. He is not as conservative as I am but he is as conservative as anything the republican party has to offer and a major contrast to Obama. Why do people keep harping on Romney care? It makes him the perfect states rights conservative. It was not unconstitutional in massachusetts. Masachusetts can do what it likes and only the people of Ma. need complain. but Obamacare is unconstitutional under the federal constitution and Mitt will work to get rid of it.

    • Deerinwater

      Any kin to Lee? It sound like it.

      And wealth transferring and sharing is an old concept, as old as caveman himself. We share the hunt and divide the kill in some prearranged consent and concessions. This arrangement is always up for review and debate with any shift in power, position and contribution.

      I would be most happy to take you to task if you think otherwise Atwater. The employer shares the wealth with the employee and so too can these “shared margins” be up for debate. But what is not up for debate is the necessity and need of equatable sharing.

      Without the intent and spirit of sharing there is no support. “What’s in it for me” is a valid question and deserves a valid answer while tempered with these words, “As ye do to the least among you, you also do unto me.”

      • Karolyn

        Here’s part of an email I got today from “Too Much.”

        “Why So Few Celebrate Our Rising Productivity

        Lawrence Mishel, The wedges between productivity and median compensation growth, Economic Policy Institute Issue Brief, April 26, 2012.

        A brick factory makes 10,000 bricks a day. But then the factory happens on a new brick-making technique, reorganizes production, and starts making 15,000 bricks a day, with the same workers working the same hours.

        Those workers have, in economic terms, become more “productive.” Who should benefit from this increased productivity? Should the benefits flow to the factory owner, as higher profits, or to the workers themselves, as higher wages? Or should that increased productivity translate into lower prices for consumers?

        Or should all of the above — owner, workers, and consumers — benefit?

        America’s answer in the decades right after World War II: all of the above.

        Corporations did just fine in the immediate postwar decades as the nation’s productivity rose steadily. But so did average Americans, as both workers and consumers. Over the course of the postwar years, Americans shared the wealth that higher productivity created. The nation would experience the greatest epoch of middle class prosperity the world had ever seen.

        What happened next? That’s the story that Lawrence Mishel, the president of the Washington, D.C.-based Economic Policy Institute, tells in his just-released preview on productivity from the upcoming new edition of EPI’s biannual economic factbook series, The State of Working America.

        Mishel tells his story with lots of useful numbers. But we can sum up his data in just three quick words. The sharing stopped. Since 1973, average Americans have realized little benefit from rising U.S. economic productivity.

        Between 1973 and 2011, that productivity most certainly did rise substantially, by 80.4 percent. That increase, EPI’s Mishel notes, would have easily been “enough to generate large advances in living standards and wages if productivity gains were broadly shared.”

        But those gains would not be shared. Average hourly compensation in the United States increased by just 39.2 percent between 1973 and 2011, less than half the increase in productivity.

        This 39.2 percent figure actually overstates the increase in compensation average Americans realized — because this hourly compensation total includes the pay of all “employees,” from CEOs to day laborers.

        Median U.S. workers — the nation’s most typical workers — didn’t come close to that 39.2 percent. Their pay increased only 10.7 percent from 1973 to 2011.

        We have, Mishel explains, two different dynamics at play here. That “wedge” between productivity (up 80.4 percent) and overall hourly compensation (up 39.2 percent) reflects “an overall shift in how much of the income in the economy is received in wages by workers and how much is received by owners of capital.”

        Between 1973 and 2011, owners clearly won. Much more of the gains from productivity went to profits and dividends than to wages and salaries.

        The second wedge — the gap between “average” hourly earnings (up 39.2 percent) and median hourly earnings (up 10.7 percent) — reflects the exploding gap between executive pay and typical worker pay. Between 1973 and 2011, CEOs clearly won. Their sky-high rewards jacked up our “average” pay figures.

        And what about consumers? Average Americans as consumers, like average Americans as workers, haven’t done so well since 1973. Workers have suffered, Mishel relates, as “the prices of things they buy (i.e., consumer goods and services) have risen faster than the items they produce.”

        What accounts for all these “wedges” since 1973? Average American working people simply no longer have the economic and political clout they held back in the middle of the 20th century. The shrinking percentage of Americans who belong to trade unions has left collective bargaining a rarity in the private sector.

        And without strong unions on the nation’s political stage, basic labor standards — like the minimum wage — have lost much of their capacity to guarantee workers a fair share of the wealth that increasing productivity creates.

        What does the future hold? Probably continued higher productivity. But that higher productivity will never translate into better lives for all Americans — unless we share the wealth that higher productivity creates.

      • Tom W.

        You two keep meetin’ like this and I’ll start vicious rumors! Deersquallhadwaytoomanybucks, some dork named b Scot said you was only one of two people who made any sense that posted here today! LOL!!! What in the hell is he smokin’?!!

  • Flashy

    Interesting reading today. Strikes one strange the number of complaints about Romney, seeing as he garnered a significant number of Conservative votes by flip flopping with every event, staying negative with no forward looking positive message, and crucifying whomever was the top challenger of the week against him with millions of $$ in commercials. Now that he is moving back to the middle and changing his prior “conservative” credentials, I’m wondering why there is no outcry by the conservative voters who checked his name on the ballot. .

    Pres. Obama will win. It’s almost a for sure re-election. it will be close as presidential elections almost always are…but Romney has flipped too many flops and the Etch a Sketch tag will remain his brand.

    The only positive messaging candidates were Huntsman, Pawlenty and perhaps Gingrich. There were no major efforts to have positive campaigns. And the conservative TPers and American Taliban aren’t “positive message” voters. In 2012, the conservative GOP voters controlled the primaries and demanded negative, thus Huntsman and Pawlenty were tossed out early.

    Want to know why Christie, Bush, etc did not run? because negative may win primaries, but positive wins the general. And there was no possible way with the TP and American Taliban a “positive” candidate would have survived.

    Obama will run and his message will be forward looking. Positive, enthusiastic, optimistic. which is what America really is when you get down to the basics. The GOP will be one looking to the past and reversalistic. And the voters do not have a good image of the past right now. Bush II/Cheney are too fresh in the memories for people to feel good about contemplating a return to the past. That and the GOP policies are easily viewed for the impact…look at Europe is all one needs to do to see where the proposed GOP policies would have wrought had they been successful in denying the Stimulus and economic policies of this administration.

    Now…if Paul garners 105 or more of the vote…Congress may well sit up and take notice. If Paul has no impact and is around 5-7%, Obama will be seen as given a mandate. that’s the choice for the GOP voter…whether or not to give Obama a mandate by not voting for Paul.

  • John Beach

    In following the Constitutional requirement that the people be given an opportunity to express their choice of representation, it is the alternative policies and solutions to problems presented by a non-incumbent that really determine, or ought to, the very concept of the alternatives of choice. Any non-incumbent must realize that it is the degree to which his policies and solutions to problems offer a higher degree of provably effectable results than those of the incumbent which are a matter of fact and record which will present a clear and positive choice attracting voters of any persuasion, right, left or independent-swing. The non-incumbent ought to understand that the more he looks and sounds like the incumbent, the less likely his chances of being elected. “The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.” If the argument is that the current policies are not working, alternative policies and an argument for change and the opportunity to implement it have to be well presented. 2008 was different in that there was no incumbent and the choice was made between a member of the party representing incumbency and a change candidate who touted “hope and change” and has failed to deliver much of either which has proved to be beneficial. Change is needed again, not a non-incumbent who looks and sounds like the incumbent.

  • TML

    Republics decline in to Democracies, and Democracies degenerate into Despotisms.

  • Randy Phillips

    The Bush Family controls the Republican party and Karl Rove is its chief spokesman. The Bush Family decided after the 2008 election that Obama would be re-elected in 2012, and they would run the “next Son” Jeebbb Bush as the Republican candidate in 2016, to succeed Barack Obama.

    Their interim aim is to keep conservative influences and “new blood” like the Tea Party from asserting dominance in the Party and Bush family operatives in control of the machinery. Remember how Rove supported the Democratic candidate for Senator in Delaware after the Tea Party Candidate beat the Bush Family’s RINO, in the Primary? Thats the Bush establishment at work.

    Mitch Daniels was their anointed “loser” candidate for 2012, becaue he is a “Family” protege. Not only did he not make the cut with ordinary Republicans, neither did Haley Barber, andthe Bush family had to settle for “Dudley Do-right” Romney instead of Santorum or “cannon mouth” Gingrich.

    If Republicans really wanted to win in 2012, these names would be show their faces as the Convention–The Bush Family, Dick Cheney, and John McCain. They will remind millions of voters why they voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

    But, of course, you can’t keep the Owners away from the party, can you?

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Mr. Phillips:
      The reason the Dems won the senate seat in Delaware is because the GOP picked a candidate that was completely out of it plus needed to be in a mental institution. I mean, O’donnell the Gop candidate, stated she believed in witchcraft and that human brain cells where being implanted into mice bodies. What does that tell you!?! Of course, the opposition should of won. If Mike Castle would of got the nomination, then the Gop would of won. Think about that. Farewell !!

    • JohnInMA

      What nonsense. Give proof of a Bush conspiracy. And please, include how GWB has remained completely out of the public eye and Rove has orchestrated his highly active SuperPAC in your answer.

      Why are so many follows here only able to think in conspiracies and look for things they believe to just be “hidden from us”?

  • http://google john p.

    the thing that has to happen is to get rid. of the people in congress and the senate.
    that have been there for to many years. they have been letting PRESIDENT OBAMA
    do what ever he wants . the people in congress and the senate don’t care about
    what happens . there is no government any more just a name .the good old boy’s
    got to go . and people got to learn who they are voting for . the republicans don’t
    care about Romney win or lose . Obama and the senators are out of control .

    • Wildey

      Originally the Senators were appointed by the state legislatures to represent the interest of their state. That changed. Now senators can be bought by anyone with money to buy them and they don’t have to be residents of the states where their second home is. Their homes are in the District of Criminals, DC. Even Governors say they’re nothing but lackeys doing the federal gov’ts bidding. In the beginning, before the 16th amendment, the money flowed from the people to their various governments. Since, it flows down from the Fed at its pleasure.

  • mqira

    It is pretty funny how people know that Romney will lose to Obama, and they know that Romney is a liar…..but the second they bring Ron Paul into it, they feel that they whould not “waste” a vote on Ron Paul, because that will mean a defeat to Obama….
    Well that is some of the most stupid logic i have ever come across.
    A vote for Romney IS a vote for Obama…whether he wins or loses…adn we do know Romney will lose!!!
    Now at least their is hope with Ron Paul….the latest Rasmussen Poll does show that ONLY Ron Paul has the ability to beat Obama….and because Ron Paul speaks from truth, and Obama is just appyling his “smooth…suave” tactics…people will realize that it is lies…especially when Ron Paul focuses on the issues, and Obama tells you what you want to hear…..people will realize the truth!

  • Richard R. Tryon

    A Republican in Massachusetts who is as conservative as Ron Paul would not have been elected as its Governor. During the primary race we learned that he has the cards and the cash to be nominated.

    During the campaign for national office we will discover that Romney is very much more conservative than he could show himself to be during his political life in Massachussetts. Fear not. We will get full party support.

    The question is how do we show the non-taxpayers that giving Buffett and a few others a chance to indicate that as much as 100% of income over $10 million per year, that he or the few others with such total income from all sources, should pay more than 30% on the excess or less because they indicate that some part is being used to create jobs and not have to pay more than capital gains or dividend rates on part of it. If Buffett fears that Obama will ask him to pay more and that he can’t defend himself, let Republicans agree that tax is ok, but for a few others with such high income, who are doing better at creating jobs, do not need to follow his example.

    Then show other Democrats that the only way to escape forcing our children and grandchildren for generations to come to pay for our folly is to cut FEDERAL spending to supporting the three essentials for life- adequate food, air and water to avoid death. State and local spending may add schools, and many other services, but each will also have to live without federal subsidy.

  • Wildey

    If anything I’d say todays Republican Party is a mirror image of the Whig Party it replaced. Both Obama and Romney are dictators hell bent on building the “American” Empire with the people treated like beast of burden to do their bidding. Both are counting on “Letters of Correspondence”, the Internet, hasn’t proved to be a source of a great awakening. It’s said: People are servants. It only depends on who they serve, Satan and his bondage or Christ and His liberty. We all know whats happening, happened to liberty. We have been provided with a way out in Ron Paul, a man that only wants to return to us our Consitution. Are we going to let him or are we still listening to the lies told us by candidates selling us dreams conceived in hell. Look at their resumes’ and look at Ron Paul’s. We don’t have a choice unless you consider the life or death of the nation a choice.

  • Dens

    Excellent article Bob. It is as you say. The peoples “choice” continues to be made for them and too many of them just don’t realize it yet. A lot of us opted out of these “parties” when we discovered the so-called two party system is nothing but an extremely expensive puppet show produced and directed by a small group of global Socialist power masters who’s membership includes the world’s biggest international banker families.

    Romney was pre-selected to be the Republican candidate for 2012. Obama was pre-selected to be the Democrat candidate in 2008 and again for 2012. Hillary might just as well have been the party mascot with 4 legs and two long ears, she was not the choice. Mccain and Palin were tossed out on the stage to play the part of rodeo clowns and had no chance.

    This year’s election could be decided by a lot of Americans who apparently like being lied to, and having their futures stolen from them. They like being slaves. Many of them could be cursed, punched, kicked in the face and sodomized by Obama and they would still vote for him because he’s “black” or he’s “cool”. That’s why the “masters” picked him to be President long before he appeared on the political scene. He appeals to the young, the gullible and the non-responsible. He wants Socialism for everyone but himself and wants to take everyone’s money to pay for it.

    If Romney should happen to be an olympic class upstream swimmer and somehow win the election, no one really knows for sure what we will have in a Romney Presidency but we do know it will be well organized. He already has his cabinet, advisers, his entire administration picked and waiting to spring into action. He is confident. He also wants Socialism for everyone but himself but he wants them to be able to earn the money to pay for it. A belief in some form of Socialism seems to be a pre-requisite for all candidates put up and backed by the “masters”.

    May the least best Socialist win.

  • mqira

    People….VERY IMPORTANT!!!!
    Many people will tell you that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama……this is how they scare you to vote for Romney (as they have tried many other fraudulent activites). Please do NOT fall victim here to such lies. First of all, and probably the most important, is do not let anyone steer you into voting for anyone. (inculding me)!!! I am just trying to counter the lies being told by these “establishment” voters. Many people (even Karl Rove) have stated that they feel Romney will lose to Obama. So if you want Obama in the office again….then you can vote for Obama or Romney. (And to be quite honest…they are pretty similar) However, if your heart tells you to vote for Romnney, then by all means go ahead. However, i would like to point out that NO vote is a wasted vote….especially that of Ron Paul. Infact, if you are one of the “i agree with Ron Paul, but will vote for Romney, because they said he is the front runner” people, then you need to open your eyes, and realize that this is how they want you to think. However if you vote for who you believe…in my case, Ron Paul. I will not compromise my integrity, i will not let anyone tell me that my vot wont count….in fact, i have known for many months of the GOP and RNC fraud, and while many people have said it was just more “conspiracies”…it is finally being exposed, and people are realizing that this is dispicable. It is not about the outcome, but to have a fair election. Romney cant win a fair process between Ron Paul….how do you expect him to win against Obama?
    If you want a better future, if you want America to regain its respect….if you want what the world wants (people in other countries are expressing their admiration for Ron Paul), and most of all, if you want Obama out of office….vote RON PAUL.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    WE been duped.! Romney was a choice made by the MEDIA and DNC. Everyone fell for the (pretty boy race) and Mitt was already in thier corner. Now if you think the Nov. elections will be any different , you’ll see who the news media chooses and see who gets the vote,.. Our only chance is to dump every incumbent that sticks his pointed head up and start fresh.. But go vote!!!

    • Flashy

      Oh puleeze. You weren’t “duped”.

      In what way, shape or form can anyone calim they were “duped” ? Romney being ‘conservative” when every news outlet was broadcasting the flips and flops? Romney trying to portray himself as a Moderte with the same broadcasts going on? With everyone in the GOP stating Romney was a snake and will say anything to be elected..and he had no backbone?

      Here’s a question…everyone agrees snuffing bin Laden was a good move. It was a gutsy call and forunately was the correct call. Deep down, do you actually think Romney would have made that call? HA! He wouldn’t take the risk…no way.

      The GOP voters selecting Romney may indeed have been dupes to fall for his line of BS….but they can’t claim they were ‘duped” …

      • Wildey

        Killing bin Laden wasn’t a gutsy call, if he was killed. Keeping him alive in our eyes was to keep terror alive and did wonders for the Military, Terror, Industrial Complex (MTIC). Obama was falling in his arbitron ratings and he figured “killing” bin Laden would improve his ratings, and it did for a while. Obama’s a narcisstic coward, in love with himself. Is he taking down the wall between the people and himself or building them bigger and better? I’m the last one to say Romney will improve on what the Bushs and Clinton did or Obama’s doing. If our choice is one of them in my mind either Christ comes back or the world will look like a burnt cinder.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        You write: “Deep down, do you actually think Romney would have made that call? HA! He wouldn’t take the risk…no way.” Speculation without basis.

        You write: “Here’s a question…everyone agrees snuffing bin Laden was a good move. It was a gutsy call and fortunately (sic) was the correct call.” Nothing gutsy about killing a dead man, unless bin Laden was (is?) part cat.

        Osama bin Laden declared dead Dec. 26, 2001, according to Pakistan Observer.,2933,41576,00.html

        Probably dead from kidney disease, Jan. 18, 2002, according to Musharraf,

        Probably dead already, Feb. 11, 2009, according to FBI counterterrorism chief,

        Probably dead, Oct. 7, 2002, according to Hamid Karzai,

        May have died in earthquake, Nov. 25, 2005, Harry Reid,

        As many world leaders believe, bin Laden is dead, Sept. 23, 2006, according to French intelligence documents.

        Osama bin Laden killed by Omar Sheikh, Nov. 2, 2007, according to Benazir Bhutto.

        Elvis Presley more alive than bin Laden, March 2009, according to Boston University professor Angelo M. Codevilla

        I don’t think he’s alive, Sept. 11, 2009, said Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari

        We killed him and buried him at sea and now you can’t have proof, May 2001, President Obama

        Bin Laden was at Rawalpindi Hospital for dialysis in Pakistan the night before 9/11, CBS News, Jan. 2, 2002!

        Osama bin Laden will be trotted out again if needed, dead or otherwise. You have ALL been duped.

        Best wishes,

      • angelwannabe

        Hear, Hear BOB, ALL THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!__WELL, Well Flashy, we’ve ALL been saying FOR A LONG TIME, he’s been dead for years, and his lastest, supposed last death, was waiting in the wings, for that perfect moment to be revealed, just to make Obama look good.
        Again, Cheers Bob!

      • JeffH

        “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”

        Sorry falsy(not really)but you have to have some credibility(you have none)to be taken seriously.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        I believe you must have jumped the gun on your DNC talking points. Must not have read the embargo information, as you posted this at 11: 24 a.m. Central time. “Deep down, do you actually think Romney would have made that call? HA! He wouldn’t take the risk…no way.”

        But it wasn’t until 1:37 p.m. Central that Obama suggested Romney would not have made the decision to kill bin Laden (who as I previously posted had been declared dead at least 8 times before).

        Take care. Grievous errors like this will get you “Breitbarted.”

        Best wishes,

      • charlie

        Flashy,,et al,,,you both have been duped ,deceived and deluded by The Satanic powers that be…

      • Sirian

        What you’ve posted is the very reason I pay very little attention to Flasho. He has made other errors in posting judgement also but what you have pointed out is one of the best!!

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        your parents were duped when they failed to feed you to the hogs, but maybe they had more respect for the hogs….

  • gnafu

    The first thing we do is get Romney’s face off of the American Flag. That is as disgusting as seeing Obama’s mug plastered all over the stars of the American Flag. Last count, we have 70 members of U.S. Congress listed as members of the Socialist party. Kind of makes one proud that we voted these numbskulls into office, doesn’t it. They are not newly elected…some have been in Washington for years trying to sell Socialism/Communism to their budds. And, we The People just kept re-electing them out of ignorance because they were of the Loyal Party. Actually, the next thing we need to do before the presidental election is make Holder accountable for Fast and Furious. And, Congress needs to follow the Constitution and determine if Obama is a legal president. All of that will cause an uproar because those issues would certainly prove out to be disasterous for Holder and Obama. Lovers of Obama will riot in the streets. Black Panthers, ACORN and Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas will certainly not like it that their beloved Baracka is not legal.

  • Elizabeth Sloot

    Radicalgranny says:

    When McCain came out and supported Romney, that done it for me. I will not vote for Romney regardless. Just this one act told me what was going on. I am tired of holding my nose and voting for so long. I will vote, but it will go to someone off of the Reservation.

  • Chisna

    One of the last republicans I would have considered voting for, for president was Chuck Hagel. But of course like many other republicans he was labeled a RINO.
    In my opinion the party is too divided. The far right loves to hate and can’t even consider compromise. Even within their own party. And they can’t ever seem to accept the candidates that the people choose. You can try to make the claim that the establishment made the choice. But the truth is the people are still the ones who ultimately will cast their vote and make the choice.
    And yes it’s true the chances are pretty good that the person the people ultimately will choose to be POTUS won’t be the one you would have chosen. And that’s just the way it is…. And has been…. And always will be……And wether you can accept the peoples choice or not really doesn’t matter. ( except to you… ) On the bright side….. You only have to wait 4 years to try again.

  • chuckb

    you are right, the media and the dnc killed off the best candidate (sarah palin) , in order to get the guy they think will be easy to defeat, they kept a steady negative campaign against palin for the last four years and the sheep believed them.
    romney is a loser and the only advantage is he isn’t as big a loser as the one sitting inj the white house.
    removing barry and moochella will save the taxpayers untold millions by stopping all the extravagant vacations and parties along with use of air force one.

  • Smithkowitz

    I found this article very interesting and at the same time, it is all what I already thought. That being, the two party system is not “really” a two party system but one party of wealthy and powerful. The battle is between different factions of power brokers and their ideals for their perfect society and how to protect it. We “truly” need a third party, one that is not controlled by those who control the bulk of the money. How do we reach the people with a candidate that has the best interests of our nation, and elect that person to office without BILLIONS of $ being spent? Ron Paul would be my choice of all the choices we are being given, however, he is still one of them in many ways. Unless the majority of voting age citizens can be released from the bond, that blocks them from seeing how they are being shafted by big business, the status quo will continue to erode this once great country. They will eventually lose, the question is when and at what cost?

    • coal miner


  • CB

    The Republican cry all along has been: Anybody but Obama. Yet, the so called ‘true conservatives’ have acted in opposition to that cry. All this whinning about Romney not being a true conservative is at best devisive and at worst will contribute towards four more years for Mr. BO. Sound the alarm people. If you do not want to let loose the socialist movement, get over looking for your perfect condidate and start promoting what we have.
    Romney is a qualifed candidate. The other canidates had their chance with the primary voters and failed to garner sufficient voter interest. Meaning that no matter how much you like them, they can not win a national election!!! While not my initial choice, I have acceptedd Romney as a knowledgable, intelligent person, who has proven leadership abillities, a good family man with religious and moral values and a PATRIOT. Bottom line… the American voters will be deciding between Romney or Obama. Time for all Republicans to unite behind Romney. Get on board…PLEASE!

  • Wildey

    I’ve read Bob Livingston for for some time, We’ve probably crossed paths at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). I’ve been affiliated since 1964. His writings help to prove that after 6,000 years man has proved he is incapable of governing himself, without God. Defining Morality: God’s rules for action and interaction, we know man will not govern himself by them. Since it’s the only rule that can supress immorality and amorality and we know where those rules take us, it would seem logical to practice morality. It’s the answer to all our problems, economic, fleshly lust, pride whatever.

    • Tanya

      Great comment, Wildey. That’s why I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils. It’s immoral to vote for evil, even if it’s perceived as a lesser evil. We don’t move in the direction of good by voting for something that might be a little less evil (not even that is guaranteed). I’d rather stay home on election day, and probably will. If we all did it the next election would probably look different.

      I don’t care who wins this election anymore–it’s the equivalent of voting for the deck chair arrangement on the Titanic. If we elected Ron Paul we would see changes, but I don’t believe the powers-that-be will allow that to happen.

      I just refuse to have a slave mentality and be told I have no option other than to choose one of these guys. I may not be externally free in this country, but I still have freedom of conscience.

    • charlie

      Wildey,,, you did not claim and proclaim King Jesus as King of America ,,,why not??? it’s simple but first you Must become a “True” Christian per Acts 2:38,,, then Pray The Prayer of King Jesus at Matthew 6:9…

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    It is frustrating and sounds fishy that so many people will listen to the GOP establishment and vote for the RINO Obamney. Why not look at history and remember that in 1980 and 1984, we had a bold outspoken solid conservative nominee who won in two landslides. But in 1976, 1996 and 2008, we had Ford, Dole and McCain, respectively. These weak moderates lost to the Democraps. And this Romneycare RINO appears even more liberal than the 3 abovementioned losers. That’s why I say “Why ROMNEY?” – meaning “Why Repeat Old Mistakes – Not Educated Yet?”

  • Prof. Henry Higgins

    Bob, puhleeze go back to school until you can read your diploma: it’s not “State’s rights-oriented” but “states’ rights-oriented.” In the Detroit Public Schools today you’d graduate summa cum laude…but not back when we could read our diplomas and spell Hamtramck!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Prof. Henry Higgins,

      You are correct. I transposed the apostrophe and the “s”. When you learn to spell “please” you can apply for a job as a proof reader.

      Best wishes,

      • Wildey

        I did the movie “Death Wish 111″ with Bronson and Micheal Winner the Director. My wife was with on the set and she noticed that an extra had on a green shoe and a pink shoe. She brought this to Winner. He said: ” If your noticing that, your not watching my movie”

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? If it were me, I’d told her that I had another pair at home just like them!

  • Dave

    A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. For what it is worth they both work for same puppet masters and have the same agenda.

    This is a debate between Mitt Romney and Obama. 6.26 min. It is pretty clear they have same boss.


    All you people who think you are ultra conservatives and plan to vote for Ron Paul I want you to realize that a vote for Ron Paul is really a vote for Obama since you will be taking away your vote from Romney, I like Paul but he doesn’t have a chance, but Obama has a great chance to win if you vote for Paul.

    • Wildey

      Since Obama and Romney will take us down the same road, what do suggest we do?

      • Average Joe

        That’s easy for me to answer, I will be voting my conscience…rather than playing games with the “Party”. I will be voting for the person that I think will do the most good for our nation…Ron Paul. Whether he wins or not, my vote has not been wasted and I can sleep at night, knowing that I tried to do the right thing for my country.
        Mitt can’t win without Ron Paul voters on his side, which isn’t going to happen and they know it …. which is the real reason they keep telling us that a vote for Paul is a vote for Obama. As far as I am concerned, the “Party” sold out years ago and the “Party” is over. The GOP can choose to get behind Dr. Paul…or they can lose the election as well as the party itself. Ron Paul supporters are not compromising their values for the sake of the “Party’ any longer, we will instead vote our consciences’ and values.

        Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.
        Robert A. Heinlein

  • Dave

    If you don’t want to waste your vote, vote for someone not against someone. Be a sell out or vote for Ron Paul and at least make a statement. He is getting a lot more delegates than most people know. Come second round when delegates are not locked in could be a game changer.

    If you love liberty and freedom you have to give it chance and support it or you can do as your told by the MSM.

    • Wildey

      Ever notice how by changing words you can change peoples thinking. You see LIBERTY throughout the founding documents but rarely freedom. Patrick Henry said: “Give me liberty or give me death”, Liberty is a gift from God. Freedom is a word that merely states your status, like serfom. Liberty being a gift from God, no man can take it away, but we can loose by our actions. Government can say you have some sort of freedom but when it encroachs on our liberty that’s the time to watch out. Life, liberty and properties are ours and politicians are knocking at our doors looking regulate or steal them.

  • Dave

    We all need to promote a debate between Ron Paul and Obama. This would be the entertaining event of the decade. Obama will not have a TelePrompTer to read from. Ron Paul will crush him on every issue.

  • joe NTALIB from California

    I for one think we need a successful business minded individual that has had the extensive experieince ( unlike Obamas no experieince) and responsibility of handling not only a states budget but many businesses. Romney’s position as a governor is a staement in itself and he has been a very successful business man. I would rather a successfull experienced not only in government but private sector electee oversee the economical mess we are in verses this socialist, pro entitlement, race seperatist, non experienced in anything, appologizing happerstance president we have now.
    The problems of governemnt are not going away anytime soon. We need to back this Republican to find out if his conservative, what seems like great family values will set this country in the right direction again.
    I for one am not envious nor think it is a bad thing to look at success in our country as anything but a positive thing. Whatever happened to looking up at those that have excelled in their careers because of hard work, good business technique and success for doing so? What has happened to America.
    This is what we are supposed to be about and it seems have lost our way. Many think this may affect thier entitlements and maybe this is the fear. Maybe we are afraid we may have to work for a living and that we can no longer depend on others to suppliment our incomes nor subsistance nor get something for putting out very little? Is this what I am hearing?America in many ways has become a little lazy. We have made it too easy to get government benefits and when they are threatened many feel insecure. America needs to have a leader in industry first before anything will change.whether we like it or not. Without JOBS ,incomes and revenues no one wins nor gets paid any government benefits of any kind. I am betting on a professional business man and someone that has an idea of job creation, fiscal responsibility, and can at a minimum, execute a national budget for a change and possibly reduce this massive government and this redical IRS we have controlling outr lives! We need some real change and Romney looks good to me!

  • Smithkowitz

    Maybe the best choice is 4 more years of BO. Why? The “truth” of our electoral system and those “really” in power might finally come to light. It just might wake up 84 million or so voters who are asleep. There are approx. 215 million eligible voters, 131 million voted in 2008. There are enough Eligible NON-Voters to elect the President in the USA.

  • David Parker

    Romney or Obama? No difference! I’ll not waste my vote or support on either. The coming demise of the US will not be on my head for electing socialism.

    • Larry Miller

      Way to go David, sit home on election day and do nothing, then after the election continue to bitch about our leadership as you are doing now.
      Grant it there is maybe not the strongest field running against Obama, but one thing for sure, we know that we have got a dictator in the WH now.
      If you would take the time to vote even if it is Romney and vote for enough Congressmen and Senators to keep things in balace, you have at least eliminated the greater of the two evils.

      • David Parker

        “The Lesser of Two Evils” gave us McCain as a nominee 4 years ago, only for him to HAND the Office over to Obama. That’s what’s bout to happen again! Congress and the Senate will not assume their Powers and Duties to Legislate. They continue to flop around like chickens with their heads cut off, allowing the invader in Chief to write “Executive Orders” at will til he gains complete Dictatorship.

        Obama and the Liberal Media nominated Romney about a year ago, and have shoved it down our throats ever since. The stupid one’s are the ones that allow the media to ruin their heritage. We have no Presidential Election, we have “Presidential Auction”

        Those that want to sell their Freedom for entitlements, go ahead! I prefer to die a Free Man that my forefathers fought and died for! I refuse to settle for “The Lesser of two Evils”!

  • libertarian58

    I made the statement months ago that the “job” of the GOP is to field a candidate weak enough to lose to obama. They are doing exactly that.

  • Robert L. Johnson

    Many interesting comments. Not sure where Livingston gets his information but he is entitled to his opinion, as are we all. I am a staunch conservative Republican who has been carrying a Mitt Romney card in my wallet since late 2007. I think he is a great candidate and will make a wonderful president. He miraculously won the governorship in perhaps the most Liberal state in the union and managed to govern in the face of an 85% liberal electorate, congress and even supreme court. How realistic is a veto in that environment?

    Ron Paul is a buffoon. Romney is far and above superior to the likes of John McCain and Bob Dole who were wonderful gentlemen but two of the greatest mistakes ever make by the Republican establishment to think they could become president.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Robert L. Johnson,

      You write: “Not sure where Livingston gets his information but he is entitled to his opinion, as are we all.” I provide links in almost everything I write. Follow them and you’ll know. It’s not a secret.

      You write: “I am a staunch conservative Republican who has been carrying a Mitt Romney card in my wallet since late 2007. I think he is a great candidate and will make a wonderful president. He miraculously won the governorship in perhaps the most Liberal state in the union and managed to govern in the face of an 85% liberal electorate, congress and even supreme court. How realistic is a veto in that environment?” You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as we all are.

      You write: “Ron Paul is a buffoon.” Ad hominem and baseless. From Merriam-Webster: 1
      : a ludicrous figure : clown 2: a gross and usually ill-educated or stupid person

      He has an incredible intellect. Watch these two clips of Dr. Paul defending his positions and debating economic theory and tell me he is a “buffoon.”

      Best wishes,

      P.S. You inability to understand Austrian economics and politics from Dr. Paul makes one of you a buffoon, but I doubt it is Dr. Paul.

    • Tom W.

      Oohhh! Scathing!!! OUCH! Mitt Romney is a heretic RLJ!!! Any man that would follow a cult that claims that a life of service to their doctrines would result in their becoming a god, (To a Bible believing Christian, THAT IS BLASPHEMOUS!!!) doesn’t possess the sound judgement required to steer this GREAT ship! The Mormon religion was founded in the early 1800′s by a charlatan who claimed that he found the Urim and Thummim (The oracles used by Aaron the High Priest to consult God on for answers on judgmental disputes concerning the children of Israel. First mentioned way back in Exodus 28:30 and last mentioned as already being a long time missing in Nehemiah 7:65) while digging post holes on the family farm in upstate New York. His being visited by the Angel of the Lord, etc… Now I’m not saying that it didn’t happen, because I truly believe that with God nothing is impossible, and that He surely does work in strange and mysterious ways, I’m living proof!!! But the Good Lord knows that I’ve always been a doubting Thomas. (A shortcoming that I’m constantly having to beg forgiveness for!) Joseph Smith died in jail where it is rumored that he was murdered by the Freemason’s for violating his sacred blood oath! Mormonism is a NEW gospel and the Bible warns us not to have anything to do with it!!! “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” – Galatians 1:8 (KJV)
      I’ll end it here, Mormonism is a cult and I wouldn’t vote for a heretic come hell or high water! I’d vote for a Muslim who was practicing “Taqiyya” first!!! But neither of these House of Rothchild puppets will be gettin’ my vote this Nov.!

      Quote: The scriptures say it, and I defy all the learning and wisdom and all the combined powers of earth and hell together to refute it. Here, then, is eternal life–to know the only wise and true God; and you have got to learn how to be gods yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God, the same as all gods have done before you, namely, by going from one small degree to another, and from a small capacity to a great one; from grace to grace, from exaltation to exaltation, until you attain to the resurrection of the dead, and are able to dwell in everlasting burnings. and to sit in glory, as do those who sit enthroned in everlasting power. And I want you to know that God, in the last days, while certain individuals are proclaiming His name, is not trifling with you or me.” (LDS President Joseph Smith, History of the Church, Vol.6, Ch.14, p.305-6, LDS Collectors Library ’97 CD-ROM)

      Quote: “Intelligent beings are organized to become Gods, even the Sons of God, to dwell in the presence of the Gods, and become associated with the highest intelligences that dwell in eternity. We are now in the school, and must practice upon what we receive.” (LDS President Brigham Young, Discourses of Brigham Young, p.245, LDS Collectors Library ’97 CD-ROM)

  • Larry Miller

    Lib you may be exactly right if you don’t work to get a posetive attitude toward the canditate the Republican party runs. We can gripe till heii freezes over and accomplish nothing, but a little support could go a long way.

  • Smithkowitz

    “you have at least eliminated the greater of the two evils”

    Voting for the less of two evils? They are puppets to the puppet masters. Congresspersons, Senators even state Governors and Mayors. All across the USA the game is being played to appease those with the money. The Majority is not them. A large percentage of the majority unfortunately has bought into the other game(s), that are used to prevent intelligence from pervading in our election process. Look at what a large percentage of the population focuses their daily life upon and you will see what a problem we have here. All across the USA and even around the world; there are Games being played, bigger games than a large percentage of the world population realizes.

  • Barry Penfold

    A vote for anyone (even non-voting) but Mitt is a vote for Obama.
    History has shown the 3rd party candidate will kill Republicans.

    • Tanya

      Third-party voters don’t care whether they kill the Republicans, because they don’t consider a Republican win to be a victory. I’m tired of being told a vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama. I don’t support Romney or Obama, so I don’t care which one wins. I support your right to choose who you prefer, but I have the right to choose neither.

      A vote for Romney or Obama is a vote for your preferred deck chair arrangement on the Titanic.

  • dufas magnet

    Everybody is STILL looking at politics in the ‘Good Guy/Bad Guy’ aspect, each seeing the other as… The Bad Guy just like in WWll.. Just like in Korea.. Viet Nam, the middle east but yet, now we see most of our former enemies as friend or as friend before enemy OR our friends are the enemies of our enemies.. No matter how you look at it, we’re being manipulated by those who are giddy that they can manipulate us so easily.. “Ron Paul is a kook!”.. distinguished and wise (what a crock).. Do you know Ron Paul personally? Done b’ness with him? Served him at certain restaurants and have come to this conclusion? Or have you sucked on the media haterade that I might add are the puppets of these same hidden elite? Why would you even surmise that R.P. is a kook while on the other hand revel around known mongers.. Your pathetically blind, walking around saying no one but YOUR ‘good guy” deserves the attention.. The votes.. The presidency (possibly?) not realizing that we would return to the 200′s with more wars, more inflation and more breaks for the elite. I agree, anybody but Obama, but not JUST anybody, but SOMEBODY. You continue to think that R.P. doesn’t have a chance, that he would fetter your man and put Obama back into office, but I say at the very least the votes would simply be non-existent and whether one or the other wins by a landslide or by a ‘peep’ is STILL a win.. You surmise that all the welfare moochers will vote Obama, that he has solid voters and the only way your man can win is if we eliminate R.P… B.S.!! There aren’t that many moochers and the minorities have Also been betrayed and want a change.. But NOT the same old change.. Would you want a president who’s first priority would be to cut your livelihood? Romney has not only said this but has positioned himself into doing it, THAT’S why they will vote Obama, not because their idiots.. Idiots would cut off their lifeline to spite you.. By his words alone (from which ever side of his mouth he speaks) Romney has assured the elite will benefit from his presidency because not talking across board taxation and cuts to favoritism, the only thing left is cuts and taxation to the poor and middle class.. Ron Paul may do the same but he will also do it to the rich.. Not take things from them but make things even and he won’t do it on a whim but by the constitution. I know you and your ilk fear that word but it’s the ONLY thing that’s going to save this Country.. Not perks to the rich, not more wars for the industry.. NOT the ideology of a New World Order.. But the Constitution. There are many more voters coming on board for R.P. than you could imagine (why want the media report stats on this?) and when the votes come in and Romney (or Obama) wins per the electoral colleges over popular vote then there will be a revolution like you’ve never seen before. Ron Paul a kook? Hell, We’re ALL kooks!! RON PAUL 2012!!

  • Randy Phillips

    I think a lot of posters are losing site of this article’s question: Does the Republican Establishment want to lose this election?

    Clearly, I think the Bush Family–which is the Republican Establshiment–has planned for an Obama Presidency through 2016, and for Jeb Bush to be the Republican nominee that year. They alsow want to keep control of the Party machinery and it’s “philosophy” as well. They want to minimize the influence of conservatives and the Tea Party, and keep “The New World Order” agenda plans intact. Their first choices to be the 2012 fall Guy was trusted Bush protege Mitch Daniels, followed by Haley Barbour, and after they fizzled, the Bushes wanted anybody but a conservative candidate.

    The Bush family was greatly helped in the primaries by several conservatives who fought among themselves, and a media which went out of its way to destroy any candidate who seemed to get traction.. Best of all for the Bushes, the biggest ego and flagrant opportunist Newt Gingrich got into the race, and–along with media help and some talented tea party support–managed to portray this inside Washington Big Government, Big Spender, and Big Borrower who supported sending jobs overseas and amnesty for illegals as a “Conservative”! The Success of that strategy defeated Santorum in Michigan and Ohio–both of which Gingrich kept from Santorum–and handed Romney the nomination.

    I’m sure Romney wants to be President, despite Bush Family “Dreams For 2016″. He just doesn’t have a clue how to win. He shouldn’t be seen with either the Bush family, John McCain, or Dick Cheney. He shouldn’t spend two seconds complimenting Barack Obama. Romney should talk about bringing jobs back from China to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and every other state in the US, he should talk about ending the $16 trillion dollar deficit, protecting our borders, and–unlike those who trash the Constitution–pledge a government which lives within its constitutional limits and respects individual liberty.

  • b Scot

    Two people made sense today . A tip of the hat to Cawman Cause (sp?) and Deerinwater.Some of these guys are yelling so loud they can’t hear anyone else. What did the lemming say to his friend? “I know a shortcut.”

  • RebelYell687

    This is the best article I have read from Bob Livingston. A few things to point out, with respect to Republic vs democracy … the united States are supposed to guarantee to their Citisens a triune, republican form of government. The federal United States is actually an unlimited democracy though under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress via Article I, section VIII, Clause 17. The overwhelming vast majority of bills passed in Congress for quite some time have been within this venue. Furthermore, most people in this country, wittingly or unwittingly, are considered by government at all levels to be US citizens, that is, deriving their citizenship from the 14th ammendment, and government doesn’t recognize them as having inalienable rights but rather “civil rights” which are merely privileges granted by government, and they are only what the government says they are, and that is a matter of policy and not law. So, for all practical purposes for the vast majority of folk here in this country, we are, in fact, a democracy.

    The rabbit hole goes deeper, though. The federal United States officially incorporated in 1871, and the States, which are supposed to be triune Republics, started incorporating thereafter. If you see a phrase like “STATE OF NEW JERSEY” or “STATE OF MISSOURI” that is addressing the corporate entity. These corporate entities are, in effect, large municipal corporations, tasked with governing their “residents” which are second class US citizens who are the “subjects” of the US. Furthermore, because of federal subsidies to these various STATE OF entities, these entities are at least defacto subsidiaries of the US and not the sovereigns over the US.

    The US has been bankrupt and in receivership to the central bankers for quite some time, since the call in/revaluation of gold coinage. We are now moving out of receivership and into a chapter 7 bankruptcy … a dissolution. We are not alone, either. This is the state of countries planet wide. The New World O’der is, in essence, a merger/consolidation of bankrupt assets.

    As I see it, there is no such thing as a political solution within the system to restore our country. Parties can change, politicians can change, but it won’t matter who gets in office, not even Ron Paul. There is one exception, and that is Congress doing away with the Federal Reserve. That, of course, would be tantamount to an economic declaration of war on every other country on the planet. At best, we would be totally embargoed … which, back during the WWII years was survivable due to our industrial might, resourcefullness, willing to ration, etc. But these days we flip hamburgers made from foreign beef, sell insurance back and forth, sue each other, or shuffle paper for a living. We would be in dire straits if the rest of the world cut us off.

    On an individual basis, something CAN be done. We can restore out status from US citizen, human resource asset of a bankrupt corporation complete with socialist slavestate numbers, internal passports (driver’s licenses), registered births creating a legal fiction entity that allows us to be treated as less than free, back to our common law, Freeman on the Land status. Enough people restoring their status will thwart the entire process of the NWO. A good place to start is to google and watch on youtube “Bursting Bubbles of Government Deception” by Robert Arthur Menard.


    • JRRS

      Wonderful synopsis Rebel, but what we have here is a real catastrophe that is about to engulf our Republic in a socialist quagmire. Obama and all his socialist ringleaders like Holder, Panetta, Sibelius, Jones, Bernanke, and Geithner must be removed from office and we can accomplish that by VOTING for Romney. He has the experience, intelligence, and desire to restore our country to its former glory. Not conservative enough? Who is counting? He will be a 1,000 percent improvement over the dictator in the White House.

      • Mimi

        I agree with JRRS. Anyone who votes for Obama, or another Republican candidate in 2012, is giving his vote to Obama, and will be responsible for another 4 years of an administration whose mindset is anathema to Constitutional Conservatives. This government has been taking over our lives for the past 3 years, and will continue incrementally, until all our freedoms will be lost. Already Obama has signed an order to arrest anyone who vocally disagrees with him and others of this administration. That order can bring a year in prison. Does anyone recognize where this is going? There goes the 1st Amendment right of free speech. In addition, the rights of self protection are being destroyed, as well as Christianity. Obama claims to be Christian, but he doesn’t defend the attacks except by shallow words. Talk is cheap, action is nil. Our allies have been snubbed and alienated. And you people would rather vote for Obama? Where are your minds, where is your ability to think critically? Healthcare, businesses, banks, land, automobile dealers, have basically been nationalized. Energy resources have been shut down as much as possible. The coal industry is dead, thanks to the EPA who has been given so much power by the White House. While the mass media says otherwise, it’s all lies. Mitt Romney may not be a perfect candidate, but he is not Obama! We have a choice now, afterwards it will be too late!

  • sgp5163

    I love the Ron Paul supporters! Talk about beat a dead horse. Firstly he can’t and won’t win. So throw away your vote if you please. Have you asked yourself why Ron Paul continues to collect funds and run? Even though he mathematically can not be nominated? It is the fact he is collecting the money. Check the laws in Texas on campaign donations. The most leaniant in the nation. He has a history of taking money from muslim terrorist supporters! He takes money from white supremist! He thinks “Bradley Manning is a hero and patriot”! He would cut the military budget to a nonfunctional standard. He would close all foriegn bases. He would cut all foriegn treaties and plumet us into war even with our allies! His views are down right insane! I know once I post this all of the Ron Paul supporters will go nuts. Here comes the name calling. So what! I have found they hate little things like the truth. Oh and don’t forget to post all of your you tube videos and quotes. Please don’t forget the quotes!

    • rogerfgay

      I’m pretty sure we’ve already been exposed to that con. I’m not buying it. And besides, I would still have no reason to vote for Romney even if he gets the nomination. I’ll vote for who I believe will be a good president. Romney won’t be, so I won’t vote for him. It’s my vote. The old “throwing my vote away” trick? Voting for someone I don’t want to be president would just be stupid.

      • Tanya

        I second that! I’m not voting for someone I don’t want to be my president. I don’t care what label he wears. Romney vs. Obama=no win situation! How is it possible to “throw away my vote” under these circumstances? Ron Paul offers me something to vote for–otherwise I’ll stay home.

  • rogerfgay

    Romney can’t win and I certainly have no reason to want him to. I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he were the Republican nominee. It’s obvious that it would, therefore, make no sense at all for me to vote for Romney if he’s the Republican nominee. As for Ron Paul: The Constitution isn’t some weird fringe pipe-dream kooky thing and I find it very bizarre that there are comments anywhere suggesting such a thing. As for wanting a fundamental change in the system: here’s the deal. Constitutional limits on government power and civil rights protections allowed us a good life, even without anything near a sufficient democracy – i.e. with a de facto two-party system. Now that absolute power has corrupted the two parties to the point that they have deposed Constitutional rule, we need the democracy. We need to make the odd uniquely American term “third party” obsolete in America by adopting a multi-party system. Sure, the current Political Class doesn’t want to give up its hold on power. But if they can do it in Poland and Russia and elsewhere, we can do it in America.

    • Mimi

      RFG: I believe it’s obvious you are a liberal Democrat. As Ann Coulter said wisely, “If Democrats had any brains, they’d be Republicans.” There is no working brain there, only the Democrat lock step. As for Romney not winning, don’t count your chickens yet sir. A lot of people know what President Obama and his minions stand for now.They are anti American, anti business, anti military, anti Israel, England, etc. It is true that previous administrations, primarily Democrats have been destroying the Constitution for one hundred years, but Obama has accomplished one major thing, he has awakened a sleeping tiger, and I hope it devours him this November.

      • rogerfgay

        LOL! Mimi. I’m a grown up. Finish your dinner and go outside and play.

      • Average Joe

        If you keep repeating yourself long enoug, you may start to believe what you say.
        Just so you know, I will be casting my vote for America…by voting for Ron Paul. Just so you know…I am dedicating my vote for Ron paul to you….just so you know that you wasted your vote…because mine just cancelled yours out……Now, which one of us wasted their vote….not me, I voted my conscience…while you were busy playing at the “Party”….

      • rogerfgay

        Voting for someone who actually deserves to be in office is the only way not to throw your vote away.

        Quote from the article, “2012: Do You Have a Choice?”
        … what can I do in the short-term to make a difference? There seems only one thing to do: Deny my vote to candidates that don’t deserve it. Don’t bail them out. Let them fail. I have a choice. My vote counts.

      • Deerinwater

        ” As Ann Coulter said wisely, “If Democrats had any brains, they’d be Republicans.””

        Hmm? I guess that leaves us in the position to question the both of you as we all have them but some of us use them differently and for greater reward rather then making frivolous statement that have no foundation or support while claiming it absolute.

  • vicki

    Ron Paul Isolationist?


  • Summer

    I have always thought same. Unfortunately there are not enough free thinkers to get onboard. People today have no vision and are afraid to speak out as it would not be politically correct. Guess government control trumps correctness at the expense of freedom. The Huner Games are not that far from reality if we all sit on the fence.

  • Average Joe
  • rogerfgay
  • American Grassroots (@Revive_America)

    We backed Herman Cain, then Rick Santorum, and now Mitt Romney. Anyone that doesn’t see that we must defeat Obama by supporting Mitt Romney is simply holding a grudge. We Conservatives will live to fight another day and America cannot survive another 4 years of Obama. The establishment gets their own way this time, but we are slowly taking over at the local levels and will own the future if we keep working. In the mean time, Romney is the guy for 2012.

    • rogerfgay

      I don’t understand. What’s so important about having an R behind the guy’s name? Would you support Obama if he were the Republican “front-runner”?

    • Vicki

      “The establishment gets their own way this time”

      And the last time, and the time before that and the time before that and the time……
      Not impressed. So many years of voting for the lesser of 2 evils has gotten us nothing but more evil.

      If not us, who? If not now, when.

      This is the time. This is the moment. Vote for obama or obama in Romney cloth or Ron Paul.

      If the battle cry is Anybody But obama then why would you vote for obama just because he spells his name with an R?

  • Maxine

    I will be voteing for Ron Paul I am sick of Fox news tell us Mitten will be are next presiden they have him in the white house already I dont no about you but they are not going to convince me to vote for Mitter or Ovmit

    • rogerfgay

      I’m with you. This is the first time I’ve seen so many people who chose the blue pill assembled all in one place. They say winning is everything, got to beat Obama. But they’re supporting the guy who can’t win. He can’t win because the conservative base rejects him and he’s a huge failure with independents. All he has is that he cheated his way into “front runner” status early in the Republican primaries, whose participants make up only a very small non-representative portion of voters. It’s just freaky. They’re seriously repeating these really dumbed down talking points like brain-washed zombies. Give me the willies.

  • rogerfgay

    I would not vote for Obama if he were the Republican nominee. That explains why I’ll never vote for Romney.

  • chuckb

    you are right mimi, rogergay sounds like a bolshevik plant. hopefully we can get barry and moochella out of the white house, i also hope the conservative people can see the republicans for what they are, i am totally disappointed, however, getting romney in will mean barrys out and that’s good. then we conservatives should organize a new party and rid washington of all this vermin. another four years of barry and we will be fying the islam flag alongside the hammer and sdickle over the capitol.

    • rogerfgay

      Babble babble chuck. You’re shilling for a guy who’s politically exactly the same as Obama. That’s a pretty good indicator that you’re not a conservative.

  • Tanya

    How is voting for Romney going to accomplish anything if you think conservatives are choosing vermin and that we need a whole new party?

    • rogerfgay

      He’s obviously not making any sense. I doubt he has a clue. He just wants to say something.

    • Smithkowitz

      Thanks Tanya, I like this: “A vote for Romney or Obama is a vote for your preferred deck chair arrangement on the Titanic.”

  • rogerfgay
    • Tanya

      Liked this. I hope more will be jumping on the “I’m Not Stupid” bandwagon!

    • Mimi

      RFG: Actually, it’s easier to spot a liberal. If you and the others above, think Romney is the same as Obama, you haven’t been listening, or watching what Obama stands for. You are like the German people who were duped by Hitler. By the time they realized the horror of what they had let rule their country, it was too late. How sad you all are, that you haven’t eyes to see, or ears to hear. Those organs are just decoration, they don’t function. If you had even a minimum of insight to what Obama has been doing, since he’s in office, you could never compare him with any of the other candidates. At least they are good men, with flaws, as all people are, but at least they are patriots, whereas our Commander in Chief is only going through the motions. He’s a phony, empty suit as Imus called him. And his ambition is to bring down this country, and he’s almost there. So vote him back in people, because only then will you finally see what he is, and not before. Some people have to be crushed, before they learn. The trouble is, we are in the same country as you, and we who know better, will suffer the consequences.

      • rogerfgay

        There ya go, giving the standard Romney response. OMG! OBAMA! AAAAAAAAHHHH! Yes well, we know who Romney is. We know. He’s not a mystery man. There are no layers to be pulled back to eventually learn the truth. He’s politically exactly the same as Obama. So back atcha: OMG! ROMNEY! AAAAAAAAHHH!

      • Reetz

        No one has a reply so they must believe it true.

  • boyscout

    Mittens won’t hunt and Odog got his paws on the table and face in the platter. Ain’t no reason to switch them out for one another. Send em both back to the pound would be best, but its already fixed and dat ain’t going down. Master Elites done got it arranged. Gonna vote RP or Libertarian which ought to make as much positive vibes as a fart in the face. Anyway, be something to talk about during and after the fall.

  • Charly

    You’re right, Mitt Romney is not a third party RINO Conservative – he is a true blue Republican. And unfortunately, the third party Conservatives still believe that they can somehow beat Obama, but the truth is, if a Conservative were the nominee, it would mean another four years of Obama. Romney has the credentials and Republican values (notice I did not say third party Conservative values) to get this country back on track. He is a lower case “c” conservative Republican – not an upper case “C” third party Conservative. He may not pull the Conservatives, but he’ll pull Republicans and every single Independent out there.

    • rogerfgay

      Give it a rest Charly. Romney is exactly the same as Obama.

    • Tanya

      So you want a Republican, not a conservative? I’m not following. I guess maybe you’ve hit on something. Republicanism seems to have been redefined, and it’s not conservatism.

      • Deerinwater

        I like you already Tanya! but that’s the same thing as the curse of death here I’m afraid.

      • Deerinwater

        Labels are being moved about for expedience and for the intent to ‘cloak’ or to avoid accepting unwanted liabilities and responsibilities such as an unflattering track record or guilt by association.

        Like a Tiger might change his stripes, while he is still a tiger but is he ‘the’ tiger? I don’t know? We are not suppose to know!

        It seems that while GOP conservatives might wish to claim being conservatives but begs the question, with who’s money and when exactly? They seem to get conservative with the peoples business and liberal with their campaign contributors like Exon and Wall Street concerns.

      • donjusko

        Here are the facts, Ron Paul is a conservative and he is running as a GOP. Up to now both parties have been the same. Now they are different.

        Paul will win, he has all the support. If he doesn’t get the nomination I’ll follow him anywhere.

        Romney is another obama if you follow the issues, you don’t, you lose.

  • Ken Lee

    Meme, Romney is obamalite. He is NOT conservative. You cannot call anyone who creates and approves of a plan for the hard working man, (not the wall streeters or the elite bluebloods), to pay for peoples, who do not or refuse to work, health care. Then he tried to hide the fact it was HIS advisers who helped judasbama and the demorats to cook up the current healthcare fraud. That is not someone I would trust. By the way, I have voted republican the last 6 elections even though I had to hold my nose in the last one.

    • rogerfgay

      There is nothing lite about Romney’s Obamaness.

      • donjusko

        Mitt’s skin is lighter, that for one makes him an obamalit. I guess you could him anotherobama too. I’m sure you get the idea. Arrest obama for treason before the election, there are more of us than them. Just spit on Romney, he’s an obamalit.

  • Keith Cook

    Yes they do because Obama is the NWO stooge, as they went through a lot of trouble to get Obama this far, they want to ensure he wins in November to complete their take over as was planned from the beginning. Once Obama is re-elected, the implemented steps of tyranny (Patriot Act, NDAA, etc…) put in place in the last 10 years will be finalized and America, Our Republic, will cease to exist. You don’t think Homeland Security ordered 450 million rounds of ammo just for target practice do you? Not to mention the armored personnel carriers with gun ports dressed up as “RESCUE” vehicles.These are the fact’s people. TSA on the move to have a presence at every type of public transport. Police all across the Nation purchasing updated riot gear ,body armor with government grants or whatever. Think about what this all means. 2+2=?

    • rogerfgay

      2+2= Romney and Obama are funded by the same people and stand for exactly the same agenda.

  • scottusa

    I love my cap gains ! You guys can sit here all day and cry about nothing at all . I guarantee I won’t think of y’all when I’m walking down 5th avenue enjoying the great life I have. Ciao!

    • donjusko

      Been there, done that, it sucks. Get out while you can,

  • chuckb

    tanya, jumping on the i’m not stupid wagon means what? it seems to me voting for ron paul will be very stupid, you might as well cast one for barry.

    there isn’t any answer for the republ;icans except we will be better off, the economy, energy and healthcare.
    the bolsheviks are more interested in spreading the wealth, that way, we have the feds. state workers and most union workers living off the backs of the tax payer, they can’t see beyond that, they haven’t discovered we are running out of taxpayers, have you noticed the un-employment figures and they are manipulating those. our actual un-employed is probably around 15% and rising.

    you can expect the bolsheviks to try and hide the facts by diverting attention, that’s why they have denigrated thru the media every candidate except romney, every demo pundit when asked who will be the most dangerous for them to face in the fall, romney of course, they must really be laughing, their plot worked. in my estimation we have the weakest candidate possible to run against the worse president to ever sit in the white house.

    they are forcing me to vote for a man i feel will lose. so maybe the repubs are helping barry to stay in office either way i’m sick of the way the republicans have let us down and especially the congress. they are jeopardizing our country and our freedom. the democrats have already done that by electing a man that is probably not a naturalized citizen, they have not produced any of his records, he is using a counterfeit social security number, there is nothing about this man that is honest and yet there are those that still defend him

    do you really want to go back to pelosi and reid, they along with barry have got us in this mess and how could you say, “well, romney is just as bad as barry so lets just leave barry where he is” that’s ignorance.

    • Tanya

      My “I’m not stupid” bandwagon comment was in reference to rogerfgay’s link. It was referring to people falling for the “lesser of two evils” con. It meant that I’m not stupid enough to believe that Romney is good merely because he may be a little less bad than Obama.

      I don’t believe Ron Paul will be president, and I’m not beating the drum for anyone to vote for him. Vote for who you want, but allow me the liberty to choose not to vote for the lesser of two evils. I try to be respectful in my comments, but I get really sick of people telling me that refusing to do what they say is the same thing as casting a vote for Obama! I can’t stand Obama, but Romney is not the better option. In a way I think Romney could be worse, because if he’s elected conservatives may just breathe a sigh of relief and go back to sleep while he continues the same agenda as Obama.

      chuckb, I think it’s sad that you feel you are being forced to do something. I’m forced at the point of a gun to pay taxes and obey all kinds of laws I don’t agree with, but no one forces me to vote for anyone, and I have no fear of what terrible things will happen if I don’t vote for Mitt Romney.

      • chuckb

        i have a fear of terrible things that will happen to this country if barry isn’t removed and they are happening as we write.
        the republican party has a death wish, why? i haven’t a clue. unless they have the idea the country is too far gone and they don’t want to be responsible for the crash and it’s coming if things are not changed immediately.

      • rogerfgay

        It’s either going to be Ron Paul or Barack Obama; establishment verses USA Constitutional rule. That’s been the race all along, obscured by the Romney campaign, the other “establishment” distraction candidates, and the establishment media dogs. Romney is not able to beat Obama. Only Ron Paul can do that. Right now, Ron Paul holds a strong 2nd place in delegates in the nomination race and is on a winning streak; despite the overwhelming media brainwashing in Romney’s favor. (Which proves how strong his candidacy is.) Paul is definitely within striking distance to stop Romney and now has the full weight of the huge “not Romney” sentiment and Tea Party backing. Most of the delegates of the other candidates who dropped out are expected to go to Paul in the first round, if they’re released … except some goofy stragglers who supported Gingrich (maybe only half of those). If they’re not released, he’d get them in a second round.

      • Tanya

        I really hope you’re right. The stats are really encouraging. I guess I’m just enough of a conspiracy theorist to believe that the powers that be will never allow a Paul presidency. I’ve found myself hoping he has good security as he gains support because I worry that he’ll be taken out. I believe the power and corruption at the top goes pretty deep.

        I do support Ron Paul because of the principles he stands for and because his character is proven, but I believe in liberty so I allow people to make their own choices, good or bad. I’m always surprised on a site called “personal liberty” that so many people attack others who don’t share their views!

        I don’t really believe we have a chance of restoring liberty at this time because most people don’t seem to know what liberty is. For that reason, I’m not all that concerned about voting, but that doesn’t mean I’m apathetic or that I want Obama to be president. I’m so sick of being accused of doing something wrong if I vote for Paul or don’t vote when I am passionate about liberty!

        I believe that real change won’t come through voting back and forth between R and D, it will come when the mindset of the people changes, which will probably take a long time if it can be accomplished. Educating people about liberty is one thing Ron Paul does very well, and a message that hopefully will endure whether he is president or not.

    • Smithkowitz

      ObamaCare is just a revised version of MittCare. Mitt says what he needs to, in order to win the nod. He is going to sell us down the river similar to Obama; he just has some different buyers (big money supporters). Now is the time for a 3rd party to begin it’s quest to put the USA back on the path to recovery. If we start putting together a field of candidates now, we should be able to have reasonable representation by the 2016 election; when a 3rd party candidate should become President.

      • rogerfgay

        And RomneyCare is just HillaryCare with Romney’s name on it.

  • Jerry Hogan

    I have followed Romney for some time. There were things that I liked about many of the Republicans vying for the nomination. Only two had the business savvy to turn things around, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. Romney has stated that he would expect to be a one term president because the things he would have to do to fix the government and the economy would be unpopular. None of the others that were running had the background. I will support Romney and vote for the Tea Party Republican congressman. We do not get a vote for Senate this year. Put the most conservative congresspersons in the House and Senate and support the party. If you don’t there won’t be an election in 2016.

    • rogerfgay

      Romney doesn’t have any sort of impressive business experience. He’s spent his adult life using his father’s political connections and money for his own personal gain. Aside from his perpetual political campaigning (he’s only been in the private sector because he loses a lot of the political races in which he runs … including not being wanted back as governor by the people of Mass. where he was a short term governor. – who have also voted against him in the presidential primary) He’s been a lobbyist and investor and a marketing guy, who as part of a group was able to buy some failing businesses and strip them down for assets. A lot of his activities have involved using his Washington insider status to get federal money for his projects. Calling him a man with business experience is like calling the guy with an old junk car in his front yard, stripping it down and selling the parts, a Formula-1 race car designer.

    • nc

      Jerry, you say only two,Cain and Romney,have the business ‘savvy’ to turn things around. Is the bad economy of the recent recession not the biggest “thing” that needs to be turned around??
      Who gave us that? The only President with a Masters in BUSINESS AND BUSINESS EXPERIENCE, REPUBLICAN george w. bush. How did that work out?
      Any Republican who comes to the White House dragging the Republican Platform is going to favor big business and the rich with tax breaks and other perks and try to limit the middle class workers’ ability to present a united front for their place it our free market society!! Happens every time we get Republicans in control! So much for” business savvy”!! The best economy the Repubicans have ever given the US was not from a person with with a history of business savvy but from a person with history as an ardent union leader? Right???

    • Tanya

      I don’t really understand this idea that we need a businessman to fix our problems. Successful businessmen know how to grow a business and increase profits. For a businessman to be a successful president, I suppose he’d have to grow the government and increase government profits, since that would be the “business” he’d be running. I just don’t get it.

      • JohnInMA

        Tanya, a large number of businessmen know how to sustain a business without necessarily growing it. Solvency is priority number one. Growth and expansion are a common, but not exclusive route to that goal. The connection for all elected class lawmakers and executives, federal, state, and local is to have proven and sharpened skills to work within limitations. Those limitations force balance and in many cases a person will have experience with making decisions and leading others through sacrifices, when needed. In the more general sense, good business leaders are effective at maintaining some or all established targets (often targets they set) while managing through all the associated risks – financial being the primary risk, but not the only one. Evidence that the elected class lacks such experience, or at least is unwilling to practice the skill once “in power” exists in the absolute unwillingness to face any significant spending reduction, budget balancing, and the willingness to borrow and finagle (inflate) the value of the currency.

        A president who at least has worked through downsizing and layoffs is preferable to me over one who is purely academic and surrounds himself with pure academic thinkers as advisers.

        • Deerinwater

          Tanya says;Successful businessmen know how to grow a business and increase profits. For a businessman to be a successful president, I suppose he’d have to grow the government and increase government profits, since that would be the “business” he’d be running”

          Good point Tanya! great observation. The truth being known a good cattle rancher would not necessarily make a good auto dealership owner. A good plumber is a far cry from a good carpenter. I don’t see Romney as a business man at all, the only business he seem to run is what’s good for Romney and company.

          A good business owner is a good neighbor and supplies services and products that people have need of, use and consume. Can someone tell us how Romney has offered such things? And more some, if he has, where or who did he acquire it from to offer it?

      • Tanya

        JohninMA, I can see your point about some business skills being helpful in government, but how can solvency be someone’s first priority if they support perpetual war? I would think a good businessman would know that you can’t fight multiple wars when you’re broke.

        I’ll take a president who stands on principals, has proven character, and will uphold the Constitution over a savvy businessman any day. Hmmm…if only we could find a candidate like that…

        Deerinwater, thanks for the compliment, but does this mean I’m cursed? Hahaha

        • JohnInMA

          @Tanya – So, are you saying you think there is a candidate that can at this point make it all the way to the WH that isn’t Romney or Obama? All of the discussion in which I’ve participated in this thread has been about whether the GOP can get back into the WH and whether Romney is the horrible person fans of other GOP candidates still play him out to be. Surely, you aren’t suggesting Obama meets your definition. Are you??

        • Deerinwater

          Yea~ probably so Tanya, thinking outside the box and asking the hard questions make you the devils advocate here. You are expected to stay within the “talking points” and stay on message. That the message is void substantial support or foundation on close examination seems to be considered unimportant. You are expected to get in line with the rest of the lynch mob. “Bring him out here Sheriff!”

          Opposition to radical thinking and totally absurd reactionary thoughts and statements attracts the shape shiftiers and label changers. They will attempt to make you cry with an assortment of unflattering labels they have stock piled and at their disposal. The primes being, “if you won’t support me, you are the enemy” and if you are my enemy, you are an enemy to liberty, freedom and America, God, Christmas, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause and Christianity.

          They will expect you to defend yourself in kind and attempt to lead you away from your argument, not having a sound rebuttal to defeat your argument. They will gang bang you with diversions, the closer you get to the unflattering truth as any foe might, the closer you get to their soft underbelly.

          After sifting though tons of material,you are my diamond “find” today, In just one paragraph you have proved to be an independent, “by the numbers” rational thinker with the ability to construct a meaningful and probing question, one completely ignored by others.

          Please continue.

      • Tanya

        Ron Paul is the only candidate that meets my voting criteria. I don’t know whether he can make it to the white house, but I seriously doubt if Romney can. I personally wouldn’t vote for him even if I thought he could win. I don’t like what he stands for and I won’t be pressured to vote for whoever the GOP tries to force down our throats. Please don’t tell me that’s the same as voting for Obama–Romney/Obama, makes no difference to me. Both roads lead to the same destination.

      • Tanya

        Deerinwater, thanks again! I always enjoy these discussions. I used to be a loyal Republican before I had much of my thinking challenged by some very patient friends and family members, so I don’t mind disagreements as long as there’s not too much name-calling :)

  • r.p.

    Poor Mr. Livingston…… I’ll bet you spent all day today at your desk shaking your head left to right. It was a good article and you were point on. Too bad you can only lead your horses to water. They have to have a mind though to know what to do with it. Some of us do understand, please keep it up. Two hundred and thirty-six years ago, against all odds, a very small portion of the American population stood up against the largest military force in the world in the name of freedom and liberty. Against all odds liberty and freedom won. Ironically today against all odds, one man stands alone for freedom and liberty and again very few will stand with him, or so it seems. I pray the Lord that He gives us the strength to remain steadfast and by his side. You see….It’s not only the man we stand with, but the idea that comes with him……………Ron Paul; or lose it all.

  • Jay

    Controlling a large number of people isn’t easy. The United States alone consists of 312 million people spread out across nearly 4 million square miles. Add on nearly 500 million for the population of the European Union and another nearly 4 million square miles of territory. Then pile on Canada with 34 million people and another 4 million square miles, Australia with 22 million and 3 million square miles and a few other stragglers here and there, and the postmodern rulers of the progressive empire have to cope with nearly a billion people spread out across 15 million square miles.

    Large territories and large numbers of people are very difficult to govern. Structures tend to break down and people further away from the centers of power don’t listen to the boys at the top. The only way to make a going proposition of it is to consolidate as much power as possible at the center and the very act of centralizing power leads to tyranny.

    The most direct chokehold possible is physical. China’s rulers, faced with vast territory and population, turned to the water empire. The modern West is quickly rediscovering a more sophisticated form of hydraulic despotism, cloaked in talk of saving the planet and providing for everyone’s needs.

    Western resources are not innately centralized, which makes seizing control of them and routing them through a central point more difficult. This has to be done legislatively and has to be justified by a universal benefit or a crisis. One example of this is FDR’s Agricultural Adjustment Act which allowed the government to control wheat grown on a farm for private consumption. Another is nationalizing health care by routing the commercial activity of medicine through government organs. Both services and commodities can be controlled in this manner.

    But the larger challenge is that the West is rich and a water empire depends on scarcity. Central control is much less potent if there is plenty of the commodity or service available. It’s only when shortages are created in bread or health care that the system really wields power by rationing a scarce commodity or service.

    If a resource is scarce, then the water empire has to distribute it efficiently. But if a resource is widely available, then the water empire has to find ways of making it scarce, until the demand vastly outstrips the supply.

    The modern water empire is dependent for its power on manufactured shortages. The rise of the progressive state was closely tied to its exploitation of shortages. Its challenge has been to win the race with industrial productivity by manufacturing shortages and destroying wealth faster than it could be created. While the machine of industry created wealth, the machine of government destroyed it. Today the machine of government is very close to winning the race, creating a state of permanent shortages.

    Manufactured shortages are the great project of modern governments. This manufacture is done by prohibitively increasing the cost of creating and distributing products and services, by controlling the means of production in the name of wealth redistribution and by prohibiting the production on the grounds that it is immoral or dangerous. Over the 20th century the transition was made from the first to the second and finally to the third.

    The third means of manufacturing shortages is the final trump card in the race between human ingenuity and government power. It began with pollution regulation and has reached the stage where all human activity, from a bike ride to the corner to a puff of exhaled air, is a form of pollution. The carbon footprint is to the human being what the Agricultural Adjustment Act was to wheat, a mandate for total central regulation of all human activity.

    While the second means of manufacturing shortages only justified redistributing wealth, the third prevents its creation. It is the final lock of the water empire. When it slides into places, shortages become permanent and the Empire of Poverty rules over all.

    The Empire of Poverty is the modern incarnation of the water empire, its feigned concern for social equality disguising its hunger for total power. With the third stage, the empire of poverty is mostly putting aside its pretense of controlling production in order to maximize human benefits from the products or services and is shifting over to controlling production in order to deny use of the products and services to those who need them.

    Global Warming rhetoric is still couched in the usual social justice rhetoric, aimed at the poorer kleptocracies who are eager to join the line for a handout, but its logic is poverty driven. It is not out to create wealth, but to eliminate it, on the grounds that cheaply available food or electricity is an immoral activity that damages the planet.

    The Empire of Poverty is chiefly concerned with the impoverishing of the West, to maintain the manufactured scarcities of its water empire it has gone beyond taxation to entirely shutting down or crippling entire branches of human activity. This could not be justified by appeals to class or race alone. Social justice could not shut down power plants or decrease food production. Its impact was not sufficient to maintain a state of permanent poverty.

    For the water empire to succeed, it is necessary to destroy any form of social mobility not dependent on the centralized system. The only way to do this is to make it nearly impossible for the working class to transition to the middle class and the middle class to the upper class through commercial activity. The only possible form of social mobility is to be through government service.

    Stability is the fundamental mandate of the water empire. Free enterprise, with its disruptive activity and its constantly shifting social order, is a tsunami that overwhelms the water empire, flooding its canals and swamping its bureaucracies. The water empire only works when everyone knows his place and knows that this place is fundamentally unchangeable. While this attitude seems alien to most Americans, it has been cultivated assiduously in racial politics. The urban blight is a symptom.

    The ideological goal of the Empire of Poverty is to convince the subjects under its rule that social mobility is either impossible or undesirable. That they need to accept their place and their dole, and bend their shoulder to the task of making a better world under its enlightened guidance. The more that this mindset is cultivated among its subjects, the less they are able to envision another world where they might be free to do what they please.

    Corporate monopolies are not the enemies of the Empire of Poverty, though its functionaries and propagandists spend a great deal of time insisting that this is the case. But that is because the Empire needs enemies and scapegoats. Yet the Empire has drawn the bulk of its support from the ranks of the very organizations that it condemns. The growth of unsustainable corporations and governments have come side by side, both engaging in unworkable practices, as its officers move back and forth from boardrooms to cabinet meetings.

    The Empire’s goal is not to control corporations, it is to control everything. The corporation is a more efficient tool for controlling customers and employees. It is an embryo government and often an ally. The Empire does not fear dinosaurs like that, it fears change and innovation. It is not worried about GE, it is far more worried about small businesses. It is afraid of the man in the garage who might invent something that will make its latest batch of environment regulations suddenly seem foolish.

    Innovation undermines the Empire’s ability to tighten its grip over the distribution and manufacture of all products and services. The “crisis” of Global Warming has given it an open ended mandate, but its population is clever and able to innovate faster than it can regulate. Its educational systems controlled from the top down are aimed at indoctrinating conformity and suppressing independent thought, but like most empires it is still too slow. It controls most media channels, but innovation and individualism still keeps outpacing it.

    The Empire of Poverty is already partially in control of food supplies, medicine, electricity and all commercial activity in general. It can determine in many cases and with variations across different countries, how much of a thing can be produced, at what price it can be sold and under what authority. Its task at the present is the growing consolidation and centralization of these powers in the hands of increasingly more powerful bodies until the Empire is fully formed.

    The consolidation of numerous national, local, regional and international bodies into the Empire is a slow chaotic and inefficient process as nations shed the pretense of democratic elections and horse trading continues between various parts of the Empire. But the Empire of Poverty is very nearly here.

    Global Warming has given the Empire a global crisis and an unlimited mandate to resolve the crisis. What the threat of war was to a united Europe and the threat of poverty was to a federalized United States, the threat of a melting planet is to the Empire of Poverty. It is an open question whether the economic collapse of any of the smaller entities will inhibit the rise of the Empire or prevent it from coming to being. Every resource crisis gives the Empire another reason to consolidate control of resources in the name of the public good, and then eliminate access to those resources in the name of the planetary good.

    The Empire of Poverty is rising on the skeleton of the West, it is eating out its abundance and preparing to lock down power, food, transportation, medical services and countless other elements of the commercial life of the formerly free world. Its water empire will impose its own vision of power by controlling resources and doling them out as a means of power. By controlling access to the things we take for granted, it intends to rule over us all.

  • Rodney Roberts

    The only true conservative that was running was Ron Paul, and the Republican party and the media ignored him or tried to make him look like a fool. NONE of the other candidates were even close to being a true conservative, however Romney is probably the best of the bunch.

    • rogerfgay

      How can Romney be the “best of the bunch”? He’s an establishment clone; politically equivalent to Obama in every respect.

  • Steven

    Really,America Knows a phony when “they” see one,…Then why do we have an incompetent half breed in the highest government office?,..It is rather simple,a “bunch” of normaly sound minded people got suckerd. Oh, do not look now,but His wife took a very expensive trip to spain,how expensive?,..Try,nearly 600k,..and,the white house “says” the Obama’s are going to pay for it,..Yeah,lile thats going to happen,and so we will find out,and get justice for agent Terry,..NOT likely when you ALL keep electing incompetent liars. I can look back at my viting record (20 years and counting), and honestly say, I have not put in a bad vote.

  • chuckb

    steven, you might also lay some blame on the republican congress, they have been rather lack a daisy and dragging their feet in this investigation of fast and furious. the first thing you know the election will be upon us and nothing is done. i doubt if boehner will sign off on this, it might look bad come the election, you know, they don’t want these mean investigations hanging over their heads.
    do the republicans really want to win, really?

  • Ruth J. Christensen

    You lost me here! Mitt Romney is the only candidate I will vote for for president! The other republicans are weak or too biased and/or stuipid. And I certainly can’t vote for Obama!

    This publication of yours is to be my final one. I can’t understand your thinking!

  • donjusko

    ISSUES, it’s about issues, I hope the voters look at Issues and nothing else. the reason most of the posts here don’t speak of issues is because one man has them all and he is garnering more people on his side than anyone else. So many here are just following the media. The media doesn’t mention issues because the only good side of them is the Ron Paul side. They talk about war as if it’s a good thing. Obama want’s more war, obama has entered wars without the Congressional approval needed, Mitt and obama want the same thing. War to them is money in the coffers. Don’t you see that? The media promotes war like it promotes a football game. Never a word is said about any of them being unconstitutional because that would be promoting Ron Paul. They want more war, obama wants more war, Romney wants more war, there is a connection here don’t you see it?

    Another issue would be our sovereignty, obama wants a global government and the UN, Romney wants the same. They both want a north American Union, they want us to lose our rights as a nation. The news media won’t bring this up because the only candidate that wants to protect our personal, State and National independent sovereignty is Ron Paul. It’s written in our Constitution that we should protect our sovereignty, When is the last time any Mitt-bot heard about protecting ourselves with the Constitution? I don’t think there is a news paper or TV station that will even mention the word. Ron Paul stands for the Constitution, the media says he is unelectable and Mitt-bots scream it out. Are you nuts? You’re being lead by the nose.

    Another issue never heard or talked about by obama or Romney is what they are doing to our money supply. We can’t spend more in a year than we make in a year now can we. But we have a central banking system that is very willing to do just that. The private Federal Reserve Bank has printed 15 trillion dollars more than we have, it’s all spent or given away already and the Socialist Congress won’t pass a balanced budget amendment that by law it has to do every year. They haven’t passed one since Socialist obama has been in office. That is not a coincidence and Romany won’t stop it. Romney is the one that is unelectable, he’s just like the big spender obama. Ron Paul will balance the budget but you never hear about it in the news. Mitt Romney is part of the conspiracy to bankrupt us making it easy for a world government to take control. Is that what you want? to lose control of our own nation? They have already built the Alaska to Panama Canal Superhighway, it’s all about the North American Union with a common currency, the Amero. That’s why they won’t protect our borders, obama wants to do away with them, Mitt was for the super highway.

    • donjusko

      Ron Paul is getting bigger crowds than any other candidate ever received.

      10-15-11, A recent Harris Poll revealed that Ron Paul would prevail over Barack Obama
      University of Bethel, Minnesota, 2-4-12, 1,600 crowd.
      Nevada, 2-8-1, large crowd, Paul said we are doing well in delegates count
      Kansas City, 2-18-12, 2,000 crowd.
      Iowa Poll by the Des Moines Register, 2-19-12, Paul besting Obama over all other Republican candidates.
      University of Central Michigan, 2-25-12, 1,750 crowd.
      Oklahoma State Capitol. 2-25-12, 1,700 crowd.
      University of Michigan State, 2-27-12, 4,000 crowd.
      University of Illinois, 3-14-12, 5,000 crowd.
      University of Missouri, 3-15-2012, 2,000 crowd.
      3-28-12, Springfield, Maryland, ? crowd.
      University of Wisconsin, 3-29-12, 5,200 crowd.
      4-2-12, Rasmussen Reports poll, Representative Paul bests Mr. Obama in a head-to-head matchup.
      University of Chico State, 4-3-12, 6,200 crowd.
      University of UCLA, California, 4-4-12, 7,000 crowd.
      University of Berkeley, San Francisco, 4-5-12, 8,500 crowd.
      4-8-12, California, Another record breaking crowd of 10,000 at Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty at California’s largest university.
      4-10-12, California last week drawing around 23,000 people between three stops.
      University of Texas A&M, 4-11-12, 3,000+ crowd.
      4-11-12? San Antonio Town Hall, 1,000+
      4-12-12, St. Charles County Re-Caucus, RON PAUL TAKES ALL DELEGATES.
      University of Pittsburgh, 2,300+ crowd.
      Ron Paul has never allowed a lobbyist in his congressional office in 30 years.
      Ron Paul received more than $220,000 from military donors from Oct. to Feb. Romney reported $36,108 as of Feb. 29.
      University of Rhode Island, 4-19-12, 2,000-plus crowd, Voters to Town Hall Meeting.
      University of Cornell, 4-24-12, 4,500 for Ron Paul in Ithaca.
      4-20-12, Ron Paul Campaign Nets Almost $10.4 million in Q1 Keeping Paul Competitive Ahead of Texas.
      4-21-12, Pittsburgh, 2,300-plus voters to a town hall meeting in his native city of Pittsburgh.
      4-22-12, Philadelphia, Despite Downpour Ron Paul Draws 4,300-plus to Rally on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.
      4-22-12, Minnesota! All Congressional District Conventions in MN are complete. We got 20 of 24.
      4-22-12, Iowa, Ron Paul took 15 out of 17 members of the Iowa state GOP steering committee.
      4-25-12, Texas, Magoffin Auditorium on the UTEP campus in El Paso, Texas, 1,126 people and it was full.
      University of Texas at El Paso town hall meeting, 4-26-12, Texas – 2012, 1,200-plus crowd.
      University of Houston, Texas. 3,000 crowd
      Paul’s son Rand, was elected to the Senate as a Republican in Kentucky.
      4-26-12, Pennsylvania, County Congressional District Caucuses PA with 5 delegates and 12 alternates. Romney has yet to secure any.
      4-27-12, Austin Town Hall Meeting, 6,000 Voters, count
      4-27-12, Washington is now the third state in which Ron Paul has locked up at least half of the state’s nominating delegates.
      4-28-12, Massachusetts, ongoing- 3 delegates in 1st district, maybe whole state
      4-29-12, Alaska, won State Chair, 16 delegates against 8
      4-29-12, Louisiana County Convention, won 111 delegates of 150, and 61 out of 72 alternates

  • Liberterian

    Liked your article very much Mr. Livingston.. A lot of thought and years of research into the real side of what transpires from within the confines of the system in its constant drive to sustain itself. Is it the violinist that plays the violin or the violin that carries the music independent of the violinist that strums the strings? Are we all the fools and the puppets, of them so high minded elits that mind the system so well, while pulling the strings at the puppeters order. Welcome to the New World Order, and democracy becomes a memory as we have only to bicker about why it was lost as we fought amongst ourselves in self denial. We walked blindly unto the wolf at prey as he stroked our beliefs and led us to the into their dreams.

    • Deerinwater

      Yepper ~ pretty much ~ Liberterian

      We play ~we lose, we don’t play, we lose more.

  • donjusko

    Take the NWO with you

  • rogerfgay

    Not Romney!!!! Because Crap by any other name Still Stinks!

  • donjusko

    Hi Roger.

  • Jay

    When a member of Barack Obama’s administration recently praised China’s Marxist Chairman Mao as a “favorite political philosopher,” confusion followed. So, who was Mao and why does Obama’s administration publicly praise him? It’s easy to briefly describe Mao Zedong.

    He was a radical progressive who fought for a Marxist revolution in his native China, prevailing to lead the country for 27 tumultuous years. Despite boasting he fought “for the People,” Mao’s Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution, and other progressive policies resulted in the killing of 77 million people, according to genocide expert Professor J.R. Rummel.

    A typical Marxist, Mao didn’t believe in innate human worth. According to Halliday, he saw only four important things in people, “money, food, labour and soldiers.” Philip Short, in “Mao, A Life,” writes upon Zedong’s belief in “…the need for a strong state, with centralized political power…” Marxist fixation on strong central authority agreed with Confucian texts Mao read as a child. Typically elitist, he felt commoners were backwards and needed training, like children, for communist salvation.

    Belief in a needed elite sect to guide and liberate blind masses predates Christianity, emanating from Gnostics writings. These pagan concepts heavily influenced early socialists, noted by Eric Voegelin in works like “Science, Politics and Gnosticism.” The goal was creation of materialistic paradise on earth, by ending all wars, famines, and greed, via communist mandate eliminating private property.

    Mao was transfixed by cataclysmic events including large-scale staged executions, a love shared by other tyrants like Lenin and Stalin. Mao stated, “We love sailing on a sea of upheavals. To go from life to death is to experience the greatest upheaval. Isn’t it magnificent?” So, Zedong was not moved by murder, since it was a part of the great adventure of life. This attitude typifies Marxists who celebrated the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, hugely influential on Marx. Heraclitus wrote, “War is the father of all and king of all, who manifested some as gods and some as men, who made some slaves and some freemen.” Mao made secret police, disappearances, concentration camps, beatings and murders a part of everyday life in China.

    Spilled blood thrilled Mao. Informed of murderous attacks, he felt a “kind of ecstasy he never experienced before…It is wonderful! It is wonderful!” Asked how to confront critics, he said “We’ll slit their ankle tendons and cut off their ears!” Mao’s theory of revolution was pure destruction, a total Marxist vision. On changing China, Mao said, “the country must be…destroyed and then reformed.” He added a chilling overview, stating “This applies to the country, to the nation and to mankind…The destruction of the universe is the same…People like me long for its destruction, because when the old universe is destroyed, a new universe will be formed. Isn’t that better?!!” It would be nearly impossible to find a better description of Marx’s explosive Dialectic of History, nabbed from Hegel, which described the doctrine of creative destruction for building the perfect communist society.

    White House Communications Director Anita Dunn extolled Chairman Mao in a 2009 speech to school children. Dunn is not obscure, but was originally one of four top consultants to Barack’s presidential campaign (a group including Obama’s current chief advisor, David Axelrod). Dunn’s husband is Robert Bauer, Barack’s personal lawyer and new chief White House Counsel. Echoing Maoist support were Manufacturing Czar Ron Bloom and Ex-Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, proving administration Maoism is not isolated.

    Dunn, on her favorite “…political philosophers: Mao Tse-tung…I turn to most to basically deliver a simple point which is ‘you’re going to make choices; you’re going to challenge; you’re going to say why not; you’re going to figure out how to do things that have never been done before.” So Dunn embraces Mao’s radical policies, and one must assume she considers his death toll and reign of terror acceptable collateral damage. Bill Ayers, U.S. Marxist terrorist and Obama mentor was also influenced by Mao, saying after America was overtaken by communists, 25 million resisters might have to be murdered, according to ex-Weatherman Larry Grathwohl.

    Pillars of Marxist Political Philosophy
    What are the pillars of Chairman Mao’s Marxist political philosophy? Essential Maoist beliefs include these:

    Any tactic that achieves a desired result is acceptable, regardless of the costs.
    Individual people are irrelevant; only the group has any standing; human deaths mean nothing.

    A strong central government must be erected.

    Non-socialist states must be shattered to be remade along Marxist lines.

    There is no God; no set of rules exist above society, including any civil or human rights.
    Finally, since Obama freely hired staff, choosing those he enjoys and finds laudable.

    So, like Dunn, does he also accept Chairman Mao and other dictators as role models?!!

    Given that many wonderful non-murderer leaders could have been chosen, Dunn’s choice was strategic. Obama’s answer to this question could well make many Americans uneasy.

    • Tom W.

      You made an interesting observation about Mao in your post Jay! How he could observe death in such a studious unfeeling way, therein lies the mind-set of the communist philosophy, the people who gravitate towards that philosophy tend to think THEMSELVES too smart for God! Therefore they lack the NATURAL affection for others that only comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ! To glean a line from the writers of our past weeks Sunday School lesson, ‘They don’t show mercy to others because they DON’T KNOW (emphesis mine) the mercy that flows from a right relationship with God.’ Therefore they put themselves on that god-like pedestal and there is NO more dangerous creature on the face of this earth than the human that thinks themself their own god!!!

      “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams, addressing our military in 1798.

      Awesome lookin’ out Jay! EXCELLENT post!!!

    • Deerinwater

      “So, like Dunn, does he also accept Chairman Mao and other dictators as role models?!!”

      I’d prefer to think not. seeing no need, no ambitions, no goals to justify such thinking on any scale you might apply.

      it sound like more like an attempt to jump a huge divide to connect a few dots to craft a desired picture, while employing guilt by association with random comments most likely taken out of context or misquoted entirely. Something one would need to research this Anita Dunn and her comments and then establish her importance. Shall I?

      “October 16, 2009|By Suzanne Malveaux and Ed Hornick CNN

      White House communications director Anita Dunn fired back at criticism from TV commentator Glenn Beck on Friday, saying that a Mao Tse-tung quote Beck took issue with was picked up from legendary GOP strategist Lee Atwater.

      “The Mao quote is one I picked up from the late Republican strategist Lee Atwater from something I read in the late 1980s, so I hope I don’t get my progressive friends mad at me,” Dunn told CNN.

      As for Beck’s criticism: “The use of the phrase ‘favorite political philosophers’ was intended as irony, but clearly the effort fell flat — at least with a certain Fox commentator whose sense of irony may be missing

      Well that sort of blow your commentary out of the water Jay ~ what else can you come up with to smear your commie fear and guilt by association?

      I wasn’t aware that you was a Glenn Beck disciple?

      • Jay

        deer says; “So, like Dunn, does he also accept Chairman Mao and other dictators as role models?!!” I’d prefer to think not.

        His behaviour and policies suggest that he indeed does, accept despots/dictators as role models! You can prefer to think otherwise, deer, as you can prefer to think its sunshine outside, when indeed its pouring cats and dogs. Your choice to delude yourself, is just that, your choice.

      • Deerinwater

        I do! I prefer to think of you and Glenn Beck are little more then “Ranchers” spreading manure in a feeble attempt to create diversions from reality, finding reality not serving your purpose.Crafting and disturbing disinformation ( bearing false witness ) your tool of last resort.

        I have exposed you in a matter of minute by simple refusing to trust you and to look for myself.

        You are a habitual fabricator of false information.

      • Jay

        Projecting has always been your forte, deer; its what you do best!

  • donjusko

    A little about obama.
    We here in America are losing our homes to foreclosure and are facing enormous job cuts due to our industries leaving for foreign shores, in many cases. Yet we are giving aid to foreign slave-masters who are holding their own citizens in bondage and keeping Americans from full employment.
    Mexico is exporting drugs, gangs and illegal immigrants to the United States in droves. We are planning to give Mexico $333,910,000 in foreign aid. Columbia is the source of tons of cocaine being used to hook our people, Washington are going to give Columbia $400,208,000 in foreign aid.
    Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez has on several occasions screamed insults to America. He once said: “I hereby accuse the North American empire (the U.S.) of being the biggest menace to our planet.” He also said: “I’m ready right now with the Venezuelan central bank…to move $5 billion (of Venezuelan reserves), to a South American bank.” Our response? We give him about $5 million in foreign aid every year. My question is, why are we giving him anything? After all, he is holding billions of dollars in “reserve.”
    We all know that Cuba is a military dictatorship. Why then are we GIVING Castro $20 million in 2012 in foreign aid? Why are we propping up dictatorships with our money?

    Aid to foreign nations be stopped at once. Like Ron Paul said. We can’t afford to borrow money to give it to others.

    Romney won’t stop foreign aid, he’s just like obama.

    • Deerinwater

      That truly was “little about Obama” !

      As far as “WHY”? an excellent question! It begs to be explained by someone.

      Maybe I should just Google it? Hang on ~~~~~

      For the first hundred years of the United States’ existence as a country, government aid was practically nonexistent.[citation needed] It was generally considered that the Constitution did not authorize the government to use the people’s money for foreign charity.[citation needed] There was, however, some private aid from charitable foundations and religious organisations. Missionary societies, for instance, operated schools in Africa and other areas, and provided some scholarships for foreign students to study in the United States.[citation needed]
      Later, the idea of government aid became more accepted. During World War One, the Committee for Relief in Belgium (CRB), which sent food to the hungry in that war-torn country, received $387 million from the U.S. government (as well as $314 million from the British and French governments and about $200 million from non-governmental sources). These government monies were given in the form of loans, but a considerable portion of those loans were forgiven.[10]
      After the war, the American Relief Administration, directed by Herbert Hoover who had also been prominent in the CRB, continued food distribution to war-devastated European countries. It also distributed food and combatted typhus in Russia during 1941 – 1943. The U.S. Congress appropriated $20 million for the ARA under the Russian Famine Relief Act of 1921. As is frequently the case with aid, whether from the United States or other donor countries, the food relief was given for political as well as humanitarian reasons: it was given preferentially to towns or regions that opposed communism.
      Levels of United States aid increased greatly during World War Two, mainly on account of the Lend-lease program. United States government aid remained high in the decade after the war because of contributions to European reconstruction, and competition for influence versus the Communist powers in the first years of the Cold War. By 1960, the annual aid amount had receded to about half of what it was in the early post-war years, and, in inflation-adjusted terms, it has remained at that level—with some fluctuations—until the present.[11]

      You can ask this same question by the country if you wish and get the answer you seek.

      • Jay

        Understand how Marxism and ‘change’ from the Obama empire work. The US must be brought down low, her wealth taken and redistributed, then forced to submit on multiple levels to Obama, the UN, national and international Military.

        There is nothing naive or inexperienced about Obama in critical areas of importance that would affect his goals. He is most calculated and backed by his handlers, namely, global elitists and Islam. He has surrounded himself with total secrecy, paid millions to hide all his records, from birth, passport, College records…on and on. You name it, it is hidden from view.

        How can any real American watching even from the outfield not reel in horror at what is going on day after day at the hands of this President? Be an American, rise up, organize, pray, march in the streets and join the Tea Party. Demand that patriots and constitutionalists get in the House, Senate and White House in 2012. We don’t have time for depression or fear. We are in the battle of our lifetime and the world depends on us winning, and so do our kids.

        Obama is a destruction machine and playing ‘rules for radicals’ perfectly.

        Whoever dares run for the office of President, and I as an outsider, I dare, must know that they aren’t running against another Democrat and liberal, but a complete liar and enemy to capitalism, our constitution, our freedoms, our Judeo Christian values and leadership in the world. Not only must they know who Obama is and the danger he

        represents to America but they must stand in front of America, defending her and confronting Obama with full force. I will.

  • John

    “FOLLOW THE MONEY” period.. The half breed Kenyan is determined to turn the county into a muslim black controlled nation. Romney wants the country to be controlled by wall street and corporate World. To hell with average Joe working every day to keep his family fed. Yep! “FOLLOW THE MONEY” SOME CHOICE HUH?

  • Randy Phillips

    Most of the comments on this article revolve around whether or not Romney is a conservative or whether or not conservatives should go third party with Ron Paul. And a number of posters defend Mitt Romney, usually as the only alternative to Obama, though a flawed one.

    Romney comes from Civils Rights era elitists. He went to Harvard. And if he was a conservative outside the tenets of the Mormon Church, I doubt he would ever have been Governor of Massachussetts. However, Romney is far more palatable to me as a Conservative than was John McCain, who is mostly a Cold War democrat.

    The Republican establishment–personified in the Bush family–is every bit as liberal as Mitt Romney, though its a little unhappy with Romney’s distaste for endless war. It is quite comfortable with the Big Government-Big Corportion partnershiip of the 1950s-2012. Not only is it uncomfortable with Reagan conseratism, the Bush family despises the Tea Party and its goals.

    The establishment had no intention of challenging Obama in 2012 with an eye to winning, but just to “make a good show before 2106″–waiting for “Jeb”. Therefore it did not develop a comprehensive strategy to win this year. Nor did conservatives in the party for that matter, though Ross Perot’s campaigns and the issues of 2010 were a dynamite blueprint for them.–and still would be for Romney if he was not Dudley Doright.

    Romney is no politician, and one of his greatest stupidities of 2012 is his absolute failure to even to attempt to mobilize a constituency without which no Republican can be President–the vast blue collar petite bourgeoisie of the Blue Collar white populaiton. He proved it in Michigan and Ohio.

    Finallly, I am a conservative southern populist, and to me being anti-abortion, for continuing the Cold war, and living at the altar of the nearest mega-church does not a conservative make. That caricature of conservatives was created by a hostile, contemptuous media to destroy the conservative Renaissance began by Barry Goldwater-who called for ending the draft in his 1964 acceptance speech for President after beating the Rockefeller “moderates”and took the Republican Party away from its liberal northeastern owners–like the Bushes.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Perhaps the GOP establishment wants to lose?? Think about the GOP and RNC, and wonder if the 2012 election is perhaps rigged for an unfavorable outcome. Anything’s possible. Of course, it is frustrating and sounds fishy that so many people will listen to the GOP establishment and vote for the RINO Obamney. Why not look at history and remember that in 1980 and 1984, we had a solid conservative nominee who won in two landslides. But in 1976, 1996 and 2008, we had Ford, Dole and McCain, respectively. These weak moderates lost to the Democraps. And this Romneycare RINO appears even more liberal than the 3 abovementioned losers. ….. On the other hand, many of you lose your credibility when you suggest Ron Paul in 2012. That old crackpot is unelectable, and should be dispatched to retirement. The most that could happen is MoRon Paul could run 3rd party and siphon enough delusional voters away from the GOP to get BHO re-elected.

    I was at the voting precinct in Woodside, NY last Tuesday, but there wasn’t much turnout. Surprisingly, Rick Santorum was still on the ballot despite withdrawing from the race. It was great to cast a vote against the Romneycare RINO and crackpot Ron MoRon Paul. (in contrast, we heard that these two lemons were the only ones on the ballot in states like Virginia.) ….. Well, now I can honestly say: Don’t blame me. I voted for Santorum!!

  • Grouser

    All I want is everyone to vote to get Obama out. If he wins this one, i’m afraid there won’t ever be another chance to someday get a true consevative in there. We have to suck it up and vote Romney this time., My biggest fear is another 4 years of Obama.

  • Bud. USMC

    After reading all of the above “BLATHER”. I am sure the good old USA just might be in trouble , so far no one can see our big problem is that when only 40 to 50% of the people vote they don’t care about our country the only way to save us is to vote them all out until those elected will do the will of the people or go home with no pension, no health care no cushy lobby job just go home and get a job because you had your chance. So the first to go is Obama because we will not have a constitution or freedom. Any member of congress should be sent home until we have term limits the same for senators. Ron Paul would have been a good candidate 40 years ago. we would have a great country today. To many people in the US. have never did with out now, Romney is far from being a great president but with him we just might have another election in 4 years. And hope he heard Ron Paul say only a fool would borrow money and give it away other countries that stab us in the back later. It is time our leaders take care USA. and our people, if we have to fight lets do it on our borders. AMERICA IS AMERICA if you want to come do it the right way. I would that Romney will pick Ron Paul as a very important part of his government Both will have to be great AMERICANS for that to happen. Try to get all of those you know to vote it is not only a privilege it is your duty as an AMERICAN to do so if you don’t it won’t be long before you can’t. I once heard a politician say that congress had passed thousands of laws and if we had followed the first 10 we would need any but them THINK ABOUT THAT.

  • donjusko

    Somethings wrong with my spellchecker also, the same problem you are having.
    This thread is too long and we can’t comment on individual posts. The most I can do is post the original post from Libertytrain..

    Vicki – there is something screwy with the spellcheck function – I just tried it and the first comment I started to type didn’t tell me what I intentionally spelled incorrectly. Very interesting – it’s working intermittently –

  • AJ

    Like I said when Romney entered the race, he’s a NWO Putz.

  • Brenda

    We generally get the nominee we deserve. There was a chance early on that other choices could have been made. But the rather than look closely at the accusations made, blind belief in them eliminated many from the field. We were told Bauchman couldn’t win because she was a woman. Cain was beginning to get a foot hold when the “scandal” and unfounded accusations derailed his campaign. Santorium was pushed out by the monied Romney. Romney attacked his comptition with negative ads that people listened to and believed. Gengrich had the benefit of experience and a history with the system. But the public was more interested in his past discretions played up by the media and Romney’s PAC using false data, Now, we are stuck with Romney. Romney is as close a clone to obama as he can get. Should he win the election, then we can continue to look to the same elitist attutidues.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    Just the fact that the republicans refuse to get behind Ron Paul (when they KNOW he’s the only one that has a chance to beat Obama head to head) AND actively STEAL and MANEUVER any and all votes and media attention and delegates, tells me loud and clear that there is no republican establishment, or democratic establishment. There is only one establishment and they don’t give a flying elephant who gets in office as long as their last name isn’t Paul. When I first started getting into politics for the first time in my life in September of last year, I thought the system really was fair. Boy o boy was I naive!! Now I can only watch in horror as move after move gets pulled against Paul! I do think the people will eventually prevail but unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be until 2016. I think the people will thrust Rand onto the stage. Pundits think he isn’t quite ready yet but I believe the people think different and will demand different by then. If we can protect him from our own treasonous government agencies and survive a complete dismantling of whats left of the republic, I think we have one last adrenaline shot with Rand. One more shot with the paddles and if Rand dosen’t survive, well it looks like ———— flat line. Godspeed Rand Paul.

    ————–Rand Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2016—————The Republics last stand!

    White House Press Secretary——RevNowWhileWeCan

    • Dennis

      Have faith Rev it’s a snowball on a good slope and anyone who sees the truth stays there. My son started getting interested in politics when he had a daughter. Thousands of young people like him in their 30′s are very active in Orange County and vicinity. He convinced me to look at Ron Paul which I at the time was convinced for years by the media
      that he was a Kook. Fooled for years. now 66 I see the light. Keep up the fight. This is going to be an interesting convention in Florida. People are unaware of his electoral votes that he is getting and no matter what the MSM says or ignores they will be for us from all the states. Ron Paul 2012!


    You want a say on how the government spends your tax money…but unfortunately its not that easy unless you work in government and have the authority…but alas the taxation system does work to meet your personal expenditure requirements and those of every citizen who pays taxes…the only choice you have is an average choice…a communal choice as determined by millions of voters who vote for Members of your Congress, Senate and President who once chosen rely on the public services to administer the trillions of tax collections. Funilly enough these people remain in employment no matter how many administrations come and go ….their personalities do not change if suddenly the republicans win…unless the Republicans make specific directions in their policy adoption processes, The President and his men…have NO SAY in the Public servants i laugh at all the forum participants who blame OBAMA for all your current problems…when Obama represents the aspirations of all the Democrat supporters who voted him in last time and those who intend to vote for him again next time.

    I support Dr Ron Paul because he offers a siesmic shift in policy whereas Mitt is just another Obama….Mitt cant offer anything new, whereas RON PAUL does. RON PAUL is different, he is better and put him in the limelight in debates and people will understand his wisdom. Mitt does not imprress me at all even though i’m in Australia …but i believe your treating to voters with contempt when you wish to put up MITT as a substandard product for sale/ on offer….they will choose Obama. Im sure Mitt is a nice enough guy…but voters want standout candidates which Ron Paul is. The Repubs should not gamble with Mitt unless they want to lose…

    Its either RON PAUL or OBAMA in my view. .

    I support RON PAULS policies because they are self evident and honest…why go try find any alternative. You have had him for 40 years but you Americans have kept him under wraps WHY? Is it because you want things to remain the same? It goes to the root of the lack of honesty in many of your debaters who cant debate rationally on policies …the very policies which RON PAUL offers but some of you are looking for someone younger better looking…in Mitt…but that wont win you a Republican President.

    In the end, I too have to accept what you Americans choose …but I can sure try hard to make you see the light. …the TREASURE you have before your eyes….sometimes i think you americans enjoy choosing losers so that you can continue to complain about OBAMA…its part of the pleasure pain syndrome…you enjoy the pleasure of complaining about OBAMA the man instead of voting in RON PAUL your saviour…BUT maybe you dont really belive in lower taxes and govt waste. You enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot….thats my honest ,,no nonsence opinion…today.

    Further, your country could not afford full employement if your unemployed suddenly got jobs tomorrow,,,they would want a new car,,,IMPORTED, more fuel IMPORTED, new washing machine IMPORTED, new TV mobile phone IMPORTED…better new apartments RENT INCREASES OF ENORMOUS PERCENTAGES, new houses..IMPORTED FROM CHINA, digital camera..IMPORTED, more food…IMPORTED FROM ASIA. How many unemployed do you have now, plus how many homeless multiply that by total expected imports + MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR BALANCE OF PAYMENTS DEFICITS, EXCALLATING WAGE DEMANDS= HYPER INFLATION FOR THE REST OF THE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED PEOPLE, HIGHER INTEREST RATES TO 15% my guestimate. So may I suggest you need just a few more in jobs but not everyone in jobs to distrupt your current cosy lifestyle.

  • jopa

    Well I guess after it’s all said and done Ron Paul appears to be unelectable.

    • nursetrixie

      When will folks realize that when they say Ron Paul is “Unelectable”, it tells the world they only listen to what the television tells them! The media are controlled by those who wish to take over the world and the sooner you realize that, the sooner we can start the fight to take back our country. The United States Media is the “Department of Deception”. Do you know what happened to the USS Liberty? Look it up and you will see the media at work on the hearts and minds of those who rely on the media to know what is happening in our world.


    You want a say on how the government spends your tax money…but unfortunately its not that easy unless you work in government and have the authority…but alas the taxation system does NOT work to meet your personal expenditure requirements and those of every citizen who pays taxes…the only choice you have is an average choice…a communal choice as determined by millions of voters who vote for Members of your Congress, Senate and President who once chosen rely on the public services to administer the trillions of tax collections.

    Funilly enough these people remain in employment no matter how many administrations come and go ….their personalities do not change if suddenly the republicans win…unless the Republicans make specific directions in their policy adoption processes, The President and his men…have NO SAY in the Public servants i laugh at all the forum participants who blame OBAMA for all your current problems…when Obama represents the aspirations of all the Democrat supporters who voted him in last time and those who intend to vote for him again next time.

    I support Dr Ron Paul because he offers a siesmic shift in policy whereas Mitt is just another Obama….Mitt cant offer anything new, whereas RON PAUL does. RON PAUL is different, he is better and put him in the limelight in debates and people will understand his wisdom. Mitt does not imprress me at all even though i’m in Australia …but i believe your treating to voters with contempt when you wish to put up MITT as a substandard product for sale/ on offer….they will choose Obama. Im sure Mitt is a nice enough guy…but voters want standout candidates which Ron Paul is. The Repubs should not gamble with Mitt unless they want to lose…

    Its either RON PAUL or OBAMA in my view. .

    I support RON PAULS policies because they are self evident and honest…why go try find any alternative. You have had him for 40 years but you Americans have kept him under wraps WHY? Is it because you want things to remain the same?

    It goes to the root of the lack of honesty in many of your debaters who cant debate rationally on policies …the very policies which RON PAUL offers but some of you are looking for someone younger better looking…in Mitt…but that wont win you a Republican President.

    In the end, I too have to accept what you Americans choose …but I can sure try hard to make you see the light. …the TREASURE you have before your eyes….sometimes i think you americans enjoy choosing losers so that you can continue to complain about OBAMA…its part of the pleasure pain syndrome…you enjoy the pleasure of complaining about OBAMA the man instead of voting in RON PAUL your saviour…who you maybe dont really belive in lower taxes and govt waste. You enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot….thats my honest ,,no nonsence opinion…today.

    Further many of you make such claims about the unemployed when they are a very important economic tool used by both the Federal Resrve and your Treasury officials in government who either know it or maybe they dont..YES MINISTER. ,

    The reality is your country could not afford full employement if your unemployed suddenly got jobs tomorrow,,,they would want a new car,,,IMPORTED, more fuel IMPORTED, new washing machine IMPORTED, new TV mobile hone IMPORTED…better new apartments RENT INCREASES OF ENORMOUS PERCENTAGES, new houses..IMPORTED FROM CHINA, digital camera..IMPORTED, more food…IMPORTED FROM ASIA. How many unemployed do you have now, plus how many homeless multiply that by total expected imports + MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR BALANCE OF PAYMENTS DEFICITS, EXCALLATING WAGE DEMANDS DUE TO INCREASED UNION POWER = HYPER INFLATION FOR THE REST OF THE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED PEOPLE, HIGHER INTEREST RATES TO 15% my guestimate. So may I suggest you need just a few more in jobs but not everyone in jobs to distrupt your current cosy lifestyle.
    All comments welcomed.

    • Dennis

      You go girl! Ron Paul 2012! Love Australia. Worked for NASA there during the Apollo program in 1969. Good to hear the words of Dr. Paul getting out. There is a blackout on him here in the supposed free world. Guess that’s why they want to control the internet too. LOL Could use the help of the Aussies to get the word out. TY Luv

      • Honesty

        Even the Aussies understand it is Ron Paul or dictatorship!!!

  • MountainHome

    It’s not that the Republicans want to lose…it’s who controls both political parties controlled by a cabal of individuals to decide who will be both party nominee and keep the most favorite in the White House. Great article!!

  • nursetrixie

    In order to win the presidency, with a true untampered with vote, it is obvious that one MUST garner votes from all political parties. Votes from Republicans, democrats, independents, conservatives, liberals, black, white, red and orange, heterosexuals, homosexuals, union members and non union members… would need them all to garantee a victory over Obama. Those diehard republicans here on this forum I must ask you…..Do you REALLY believe that Romney can get votes from all of these groups or parties? Who do you think is and does? Think about it. Also, if you are not aware of the threat Ron Paul and his supporters are to the very reason we are in the mess we are in now, you are truly either deaf or dumb. Go ahead and vote for Mitt if you want Obama to win or if you are happy with the USA as is. If you want our country to be committed to the constitution with individual right protection, then vote for Ron Paul and free our country from bondage.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Romney is being forced upon us by the powers that be just like McCain the brain dead idiot, I could have beaten Obamination. We the people can stop this chain of Treason by voting Ron Paul into office and stop the constant election of the one party system just like when we voted Ronald Reagan in against the powers to be candidate that got whooped. We have a voice if we choose to get rid of Rhino Romney the FLIM FLAM MAN the great Flip Flopper who is already Flip Flopping on Amnesty and I call Amnesty Treason. Who does this help? Politicans of course they get a guarantee that we will have a certified ONE PARTY SYSTEM because that gives the New Communist Party, formerly DemocRATS a permnant voter base. Wake up America it is almost too late, just listen to what Dr. Paul says about taking care of America first getting Americans back to work and balancing the budget in three years Romney wants to do it in 7 years putting $5 -$7 Trillion more on our National Debt assuring that this Country will not exist by mthe 7th year. We cannot afford another 4 years of Big Spending Big Government Romney and his big business buddies that he has to pay back just like the illegal Obamination has been doing since he entered office.


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    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good results.
    If you know of any please share. Kudos!


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