Does Pelosi Know If She Wants To Be House Speaker Again?

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While Democrats hope to topple the Republican grip on the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2014 Presidential midterm elections, former majority leader (and current minority leader) Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has indicated she isn’t interested in returning to a gavel position if her party regains control.

At least that’s what she told National Journal’s Ben Terris in a Q&A interview published last Thursday.

“No, that’s not my thing. I did that,” she said when asked whether she wanted the job again.

While that might come as a mild shock to Pelosi detractors who watched her tell Congress — following her own ascendance to the role in 2006 — that she was making history and breaking the “marble ceiling” for all women everywhere, what happened after last week’s interview went public is no shock at all.

National Journal became the target of a walkback effort from the Pelosi camp, which angrily disputed the publication’s stated wording of the question Terris had asked — “Do you want to be speaker again?” — as well as the way in which it may have influenced her response.

Pelosi’s office sent out an emailed press release in an effort to secure for the 73-year-old Congresswoman a seat at whatever table may be set by the 2014 elections:

“The Leader fully intends to be a Member of a Democratic Majority in the 114th Congress,” offered spokesman Drew Hammill. “The rest is up to her colleagues, as the Leader has long stated publicly.”

A day after the Q&A article posted, this addendum had appeared on the piece’s webpage:

UPDATE: 1:10 p.m., Friday, August 30

Speaker Pelosi’s office blasted a press release this afternoon contesting the wording of NJ’s question and asking for a correction. In fact, the recorded audio file supports the edited transcript above. Here is the question and answer, from the tape:

National Journal: Do you wish for the chance for the speaker position again?

Pelosi: No, that’s not my thing. I did that.

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  • Warrior

    Pelosi: No, that’s not my thing. I did that. Thank goodness!

  • Warrior

    Pelosi: No, that’s not my thing. I did that. Thank goodness!

  • TIME

    Miss Lube Rack 1955 wants to be a speaker of the house again?
    Can she get a Diamond Crown with that job?
    Can she make laws that allow her and her Husband to rape their employees on their pay?
    Can she make more deals to increase her income by way of Pay offs from mega corporations?
    Can she get FREE TAX payer flights with, Crystal Champagne and high quality $3000.00 per oz Russian Caviar?
    Free Drugs provided by the CIA?
    Free Homes and cars paid for by the American Tax Payers?
    I don’t know you tell me if any of these things she may have done in the past would compel her to want to abuse the American people again?

  • Vigilant

    A lot of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The Repubs will hold the House majority and possibly take the Senate when Americans finally wake up to the financial and economic debacle called Obamacare.

    • tom cook

      You are more optimistic than I: I believe the feeling of entitlement in the American public has put us at the stage of apathy. I am afraid that we are soon to be just like North Korea although I believe we will have revolution which might provide the opportunity to clean house of mus, welfare trash, illegal mex and the rest of the filth and we might just get a do-over and fix the flaws in the 1787 docs.

    • MariansMusings

      Lemmings don’t wake up. They go right over the cliff with their leaders

  • jaybird

    Of course she wants the job so she can ram more bills down our throat like she did with Obama Care. I am not sure America will wake up until there are riots in the streets.

  • Jana

    She is probably afraid that her facelifts won’t last that long.
    Seriously, I think she does want the job but is thinking they might not get into power in 2014 so she is trying to save face.
    However s stupid as American voters (the low information voters esp.) have become I don’t know anymore.

  • tom cook

    This typical piece of self-serving liberal human garbage will be too busy getting all of her facial surgery redone so that she doesn’t look like Night of the Living Dead like Madeline Albright.


    She makes me want to vomit.
    when I see her on tv, telling lie after lie, I feel the need to scrub my self down with a BIG WIRE BRUSH!!!!!!!!!

  • MariansMusings

    She is like an arsonist fleeing the site of the burning building. Who wants to be around when heat from the fire can no longer be ignored and you have a match in one hand and a gasoline can in the other? Of course there will be many on the left who will keep saying, “Fire? What fire? I don’t see any fire”. If they can ignore all the damage the left has done with Libya, IRS scandals, etc. they can ignore everything Obama and crowd send down the pike. On the other hand there is the shock coming from Charlie Randall not agreeing with Obama’s plan to get us into the Syrian mess, so anything is possible. MusingsbyMarian dot com