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Does Ft. Knox Still Hold Gold?

September 1, 2010 by  

Does Ft. Knox Still Hold Gold?

Is there still any gold in Ft. Knox? Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) wants to know, and he told Kitco News he plans to introduce a bill next year calling for an audit of United States gold reserves.

According to Paul, the last “decent audit” was done 50 years ago. In the early 1980s Paul tried to get an audit done when he was on the gold commission. Fifteen of the 17 members of the commission voted not to conduct an audit.

In recent months there have been a number of rumors about Ft. Knox, among them: that it no longer contains any real gold; That it contains only a small portion of what is claimed; and that many of the bars that are there are made of lead or some other material and only coated in gold.

“If there was no question about the gold being there, you think (the Federal Reserve) would be anxious to prove gold is there,” Paul said.

Paul has long been an advocate of sound money and has fought against the Federal Reserve. His efforts last year to get legislation passed to audit the Federal Reserve was ultimately watered down by Congress to the point of uselessness.

“I don’t think the Federal Reserve should exist — it would be best for Congress to exert their responsibilities and that is find out what they are doing,” Paul told Kitco News. “It is an ominous amount of power they have to create money out of thin air and being the reserve currency of the world and be able to finance runaway spending whether it is for welfare or warfare; it seems strange that we have been so complacent not to even look at the books. If we knew exactly what they were doing, who they were taking care of, there would be a growing momentum to reassess the whole system.”

The Federal Reserve has created bubbles and inflation and today’s dollar is worth about 2 cents compared to the 1913 dollar, Paul said.

Paul said he would like to see gold and silver legalized as currency to give people a choice of using the Government’s fiat currency or real money.

Of course, the Federal Reserve can print money to infinity which isn’t backed by anything. This makes wars possible and has led to the devaluation of the dollar and is “legal” theft of the individual by the government.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    This is a question that needs to be answered. I’m betting that our gold reserves have been shipped to other countries. Uncle Scam’s ‘full faith and credit’ garbage is a festering boil on America’s posterior.
    Those who constantly bray about the evils of rich people should be aware that rich people know the value of gold. People who get elected to go to Washington are expected to follow the party line and ignore the topic.
    Lenin couldn’t have performed his saintly ‘magic’ without gold. Stalin never hesitated to hoard it.
    Only Uncle Scam pretends to poo-poo gold’s value.
    Open those vaults, and let’s see what it is that Fort Knox ‘guards.’ Is it paper or plastic?

    • Claire

      Americans have not been told the exact monetary amount of gold there is in Ft. Knox for many years. I wonder why? Yes, this is a question that should be answered.

      • Al Sieber

        SC, I’m betting you’re right, that the gold has been shipped to foreign countries.Claire, I don’t think it’s there. I’ve heard rumors last year that there was gold plated tungsten being sold, and that was what was in Ft. Knox. tungsten has the same density as gold. yes we need a audit to find out where our gold is. last week I had the pleasure of seeing a 45 pound gold bar being poured at the Gold Road Mine near me, they lease property from me and the VP is a friend, unfortunately none of it was mine.

        • DaveH

          You might find this article interesting, Al:

          • Al Sieber

            DaveH, I’ve seen this article before but lost it, this time I book marked it. thanks DaveH.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Al & DaveH,
          The Chinese are now able to own gold. the coins are called “Pandas” and have a picture of different pandas on them they come in amounts like ours of 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 oz.. I just got rid of one today, a 2004 1/10 oz and got 135.00 for the one coin. I bought the coin for 65.00 so I made a good profit on it and it didn’t hurt my collection to get rid of it as it wasn’t in the original package.

          • Al Sieber

            Joe H, that shows you how much the Fed Notes they’re printing are worth, I used to buy 1/10 oz for $15-$20 and give them out at Christmas.

    • Mark Hartig

      I would appreciate some opinions regarding the price of gold should an audit reveal a “shrinkage” of the Ft. Knox inventory.

      TIA for any and all opinions.

      • Al Sieber

        Mark, I don’t know to tell you. I know that’s there’s a gold shortage, the mine’s aren’t producing enough gold to keep up with the demand, a little bit comes from people selling their scrap etc. and a lot comes from small miners. when people run out of scrap, a shortage could start. right now it takes 10 years for a new mine to come on line, from to discovery to production, EPA etc. buy silver, it’s a sleeper.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I agree, and silver is less likely to be confiscated like before, whereas if there is revealed to be a shortage at Knox gold might become a governmental commodity!

          • Al Sieber

            Joe H, they’re expecting silver to go to $50+ a oz. right now it’s close to $20 oz.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            19.359 an oz as of close yesterday! not bad when you figure quite a few of my bullion quality morgans and peace I got for 10 or less!!! Where else are you gonna get almost 100% return in less than 5 years???

  • Marlene LMT TEXAS

    you go Ron Paul-I think you are the only one up there that knows who he is accountable to!!!Vote the rest of them out!!!

    • Steve

      I used to think Ron Paul was a complete wacko….but now he is my hereo…he is the only congressman with any kind of a backbone who seems seriously concerned about our country and trying to do something about it…the fed has to go…it has been screwing the American people for almost 100 years…most people don’t even know it ia a foreign enity….probably controlled by the Chinese, Saudi and other Billioniare bankers who want to control our country, economy,and lives….Ron Paul rocks….

  • Mike L

    Yes, I think we should have a complete audit. Pres Roosevelt built Ft Knox repository to hold the vestage of the old economy.GOLD 90% fine It made from the old $20,10,5.00 gold pieces.I gold is looked down apon by the government and Wall st,Why is the US the largest holder of gold in the world? Who’s kidding who? The rich are hording gold and silver lets see what Ft Knox really has…Maybe people will feel better knowing if we ever had to “Nationalize” the dept we would have something to fall back on…

    • tracycolorado

      FT. Knox was also designed to store all the gold conficated from the citizens of the United States by our commander in thief , Franklin d. roosevelt , executive order 6102 , April 5 , 1933 , GET READY , the name changes , but the game is the same

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Mike L. I am hardly “rich” but yes, I am hoarding as much silver as my money allows. As Al stated above, silver is a sleeper and will only go up in value if there is deemed to be a shortage of gold. I will likely sell mine when that happens and find another investment. If the silver eagles are any indication, there is a shortage of silver right now. They used to make uncirculated silver eagles for collectors allong with bullion coins. now they are only making bullion coins to sell to dealers for sale to the public. They have a notice on their site that says due to a shortage of blanks, there will be no uncirculated eagles minted till further notice. should the volume of blanks increase to desired levels, then they may be minted again. I bought a silver proof set by accident one year, a 1999 I believe at 29.99 and I could sell it right now for 250.00 easy!! Best “mistake” I ever made!!!

      • Al Sieber

        Joe H, there was a silver shortage in Europe a few months back, hang on to it.

  • Audit the Federal Reserve

    Audit Ft. Knox,
    Audit the Federal Reserve. Make these jokers accountable. Audit the Aministration of the
    Imposter-In-Chief. Account for the Stimulus, the bailouts, the takeovers.


    • Fredric

      Would like to see audit’s done every 5 years or so. Who is does this agency report to and who really holds it accountable?

      • s c

        F, you don’t appreciate or understand the significance of the Fed. How can that be? Do you know anyone in business who has the luxury of an audit on HIS TERMS?
        Aside from the FACT that the Fed shouldn’t exist, your attitude is typical of so many uninformed Americans, F. Let me guess. You think the Fed is a government agency. It’s not.
        You think the Fed has nothing to hide. You think the Fed is run by people who give a damn about America.
        Where have you been? Surely, you’re out of high school, and you are viewed by your family and friends as an adult. It will take less than an hour to educate yourself on the topic and compensate for the years you’ve wasted in ASSUMING that everything
        is ‘beautiful’ in America (well, my friends never told me) and that nothing can go wrong.
        You can do better. You are obligated to have a basic knowledge about the Fed and what it does. To do otherwise is to settle for acting like a dolt progressive who relies on emotions and shuns facts.
        Start with this question. By what authority does a PREZ appoint the head of a PRIVATE CORPORATION?

        • J.C.

          s c, start by reading and studying the Fed. Reserve Act. The 1st sentence of Sec. 10 states:

          1. Appointment and Qualification of Members
          The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”) shall be composed of seven members, to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, after the date of enactment of the Banking Act of 1935..

          Sec. 19, ‘Bank Reserves’ is most chilling as it was ammended in 2006 that all requirements for all accounts in member banks ‘…may be 0%’…yes that right !! THEIR banks may choose not to have any ‘reserves’ within their walls… (

          check it out folks….read and learn how they have been allowed since 1913 to manipulate and game our monetary system.

          • s c

            JC, S C R E W the Federal Reserve Act. If it’s NOT in the Constitution [it's NOT], then it’s illegal and immoral. It’s a waste of time to argue with bureaucrats who play hell with the Constitution AND common sense.
            NO president has ANY authority to appoint the head of a frickin’ private corporation – PERIOD! The Federal Reserve amounts to a branch of organized crime.
            I re-educated myself back in the mid ’70s, and I am NOT responsible for those around me who refuse to have both feet in the real world. It’s hard enough trying to get people to understand what’s so WRONG with Congress and those two retards in the White House.

    • Steve

      yeah audit the fed….follow the money….then you might even find out who is actually running our country and pulling Obama’s pupet strings……..

      • BrotherPatriot

        *cough* Bilderbergs *cough*

        I’ll let you all do your research as to who those social degenerates are…

      • Claire

        We need to fins out who is pulling Obama’s strings and the Republican party’s strings. Are they one and the same person/persons???

        • Al Sieber

          Claire, same people. they sold out their souls already.

  • Robert Y

    We are long overdue for an audit of our gold reserves. We, the people, need to know what is really there and where the missing balance of it is. Then there needs to be a complete audit of the Federal Reserve. I believe that the discrepancies found here will have the American Citizens and voters demanding that Congress abolish the Federal Reserve.


      What is so sickeningly sad is that the lions-share of Ft. Knox gold was from American citizens who were required by the Pittman Act of 1933 to turn in ALL their U.S. gold coins in exchange for paper dollars at face value! Failing to comply resulted in penalty of law! The ONLY exceptions was for numismatist purposes! (Coin collectors) In REALITY the government was ROBBING the American people of REAL value in exchange for paper…under the guise of “LAW”! We have had crooks in government for a very looooooooooooooooong time!!!

      • BrotherPatriot

        …^^ True dat ^^…

      • Average Joe

        As you stated “at face value”, most people don’t realize the the American people lost 40% of their wealth with that exchange…yes ladies and gentlemen…your illustrious Government (you know the “NEW DEAL” guys)….fleeced the people out of 40% of their (real) money with the stroke of a pen (making it illegal for the people to own Art.1 Sec 10 money). The amazing thing is that the American people did not rise up and decend upon DC with intentions of burning the “Devil’s Playpen” to the ground….I guess that lack of outrage has emboldened the government to as they pleased since…..It is time to get motivated and angry.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I think if you dig a little deeper, you will find there was no such exemption for collectors. there is a 1933 ST. Gaudens that was minted and only one or two are known to exhist. One was “Gifted” to a Saudi prince and it went up for auction a few years ago at, if memory serves me, over 37 million dollars. After the auction, the government tried to give the winning bidder a hard time as it was a forbidden to own coin. The courts sided with the collector for once and they dropped their challenge.

  • Jim Allen

    I was at Ft Know in 1961-62. There may have been other times, but I did see an armored truck at the gold vault one time. Of course, I have no idea if it was taking our or putting in.


      The Saudi’s may have been withdrawing some of their gold bars!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Jim A,
      what better way to make people think there is gold in there than to “Deliver”?

  • Bruce D.

    I just listened to an hour of Ron Paul on You Tube. It is interesting the answers he gives to questions. In my opinion government wants unlimited spending so the attitude of the country has to change toward monetary responsibility in order to put an end to it. The Tea Party may be that change. It certainly is not the change Obama has in mind. Right now government does not want you looking at the books. It makes it more difficult to spend other peoples money that way.

  • Richard

    I feel an audit is only fair. It is the U.S. citizens savings, and I have serious doubts it is there for us to fall on. Just like our Social Security, I am sure they have found better places for our money to go instead of where it should. We need more people like Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas)in out elected offices that have the stones to question this farce of a gov’t. we have allowed to overtake and control our present and future.


      Richard, Our dollars are NOT backed by either gold or silver, as they once were, my friend! That means that there is NOTHING in Ft. Knox that is backing up your money! The ONLY thing backing up your money is the Federal Reserves WORD that it is legal tender! What is so sad is that Congress accepts the folly of this fiat-currency…with the exception of a minority like Senator Ron Paul!

      • Average Joe

        In June of 1963, JFK attempted to return us to sound monetary policy with Executive Order 11110. In May of 1963 Congress had passed a bill to remove all Silver Certificates from circulation. In response Kennedy signed E.O. 11110, directing the Treasury to issue Treasury Notes against all silver not yet claimed by the American people, effectively shutting down the Fedral Reserve Bank. Five months later, JFK was assassinated in Dallas TX. and on the very day of the assassination , all Silver Certificates were made unredeemable in silver and the market was flooded with 50 billion brand new Federal Reserve Notes…backed by….nothing.
        Coincidence?…You do the math….BTW, JFK’s EO 11110 has never been recinded by any acting President….so where are those Treasury Notes?….A few were printed, but never released into cirrculation.So, who killed Kennedy?…..Hint….it wasn’t Oswald…..

        • Al Sieber

          You got that right, did your research.

  • patrick

    Oh boy, somebody is trying to open a can of worms here! Well you’all just sit back and watch the elite and the rich run for cover ups now. They don’t like it when the working class get close to their fortunes and the possibilty that they could learn their secrets? Hey, what ever happened to Obammy boy’s , ” transparentcies? “. Good luck and i agree we need accountibilty… the liberal democrats are in power…… BEWARE!

    • Average Joe

      He’s transparent….most of us can see right through him….

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Average Joe,
        Ah, but do you? have a bad feeling that Nobamam is hiding more than even WE think he is!!! Expect the worst so when it happens you won’t be suprised!!

        • Average Joe

          Expect the worst so when it happens you won’t be suprised!!
          That’s just it…I do expect the worst.

  • Wanda Murline

    This is a good question considering the corrupt government we have and have had for years. Even in the 1980′s there was not a real audit of the gold, just some senators going through for a photo opt showing the gold bars…not an audit. If you want to know how the banking industry and government have caused crises since 1807 by manipulating the economy, get the DVD called “The Power of the Purse”…it will enlighten you and make you mad as hell. Alvin Greene, the Democrat that won SC primary, who the Democrats want to unseat, said he would break up the banks….even though this man is not the right candidate…this is one idea that is a very good one…because there should be no bank too big to fail…if we break them up like the government did Bell Telephone, we would never have to worry about a stimulus again.


      Also, another GREAT video to gain knowledge of our monetary system is the eye-opening 3+ hour documentary: “THE MONEY MASTERS” I highly recommend it as a training aid for both today’s adults and youth to be able to gain a clear understanding of the corruption so long hidden! Go to:

      • ValDM

        If you can find a copy of this DVD it’s more enlightening than anything you’ve read or seen:
        Aaron Russo’s ‘America, Freedom to Fascism”. I was available on the Inet in 2006, and was supposed to be released to theaters, but never was.

        • ANTICRIME

          It’s a wonder movie theaters are still operational! Last time I was in one was back in 1981! Even if Aaron Russo’s documentary were to be released, most probably the regular theatre crowds would pass it up for it being educational in content! After all, education means learning and that puts a strain on brains that would much rather be entertained with violence, fictional drama and comedy! Word of mouth is working fine, as ONLY those interested will want the knowledge and be willing to watch!

          • 45caliber

            Theaters are still in operation for two reasons: 1) they need to generate money to pay for their new movies. 2) there needs to be a place some poor boy can take his girlfriend that won’t cost him five hundred dollars a date.

        • Bob

          You can get it at

    • DaveH

      The concept of “too big to fail” is just plain unsupportable. Throwing good money after bad solves nothing. The money that was used to prop up the ineptly-run companies could have been instead distributed to the victims, and the officers of the companies could have been made to pay the price for their malfeasance (that is to be out of work or punished in court if applicable).
      We need to get back to Free Markets where losers suffer for their mistakes and winners succeed. Big Government has done nothing but create one economic calamity after another. We need to get politics out of the marketplace and give the power back to the consumer.
      For Free Markets, Limited Government, Personal Responsibility, and Individual Freedom, Vote Libertarian:

  • http://yahoo crary?John



      When the “Federal Reserve” was contrived on Jekyll Island, GA back in 1909 the schemer-bankers added a clause that the Federal Reserve would be EXEMPT from auditing! With President Woodrow Wilson’s signature in 1913, it all became LAW…after a “majority” vote by 3 treasonous Senators who stayed late on Dec. 24th after Congress adjourned for Christmas…BUT, never officially closed! BIG PERPETRATED CRIMINAL SCAM on the American people! SO the problem with the audit…is the LAW that prohibits it!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Any federal law can be changed by simply having the supreme court ruling it unconstitutional.


    IMO, if there IS actual “authentic” gold bars (not gold-plated tungsten) then I can clue you that it is all owned by the International Bankers behind the faux “Federal Reserve”! That is why they do not want any in-depth audits to expose them! They are most probably USING our Ft. Knox depository and our military for their OWN security! So, IF there is real gold there…it isn’t ours!

  • http://________ Pearl

    Ron——–hang in there and open wide the doors to Ft. Knox, the F. Reserve and the Banks. In reverse, they ( government)comes to audit you
    if they have doubt and close you down, fine you, put you into prison
    and take all your possessions. Turn about is fair play. How do they
    sleep at nights?? America wake up!!!!!

    • Average Joe

      How do they sleep at nights??
      Simple, the only two requirements to be in politics is to have no consience and no moral compass.

  • Brad

    If the US is going to nuke Iran use an EMP device, we would only need one, it takes out all their electronic devices but doesn’t kill any one.

    • Brad

      sorry wrong forum, my bust.


      WRONG! It would cause the injury/death of MANY people in hospitals, flying in aircraft, on high-speed highways, trains, shut-ins at home depending on electronic medical devices, etc, etc! Not even to mention the disruption of food & gasoline distribution contributing to eventual starvation! THINK!

      • Al Sieber

        Good one, ANTI.

    • Carol

      Sounds like a good idea to me there is no way we would win hand to hand combat.

    • Bob

      Brad I’ll bet Felix the Cat could take out the grid. He had the best bag of tricks I ever saw.

      • Average Joe

        Unfortunately, Felix has been retired to the Hollywood Home For Unwatched Toons. So, please dig deep into your pockets and give to the home as these toons are in dire need of our help. Remember, the toon you save …may be one of your favorites!

  • Carol

    I haven’t thought about this in years but I will just bet that it is empty and nobody is saying anything about it.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Felix’s bag isn’t empty! sorry, I couldn’t resist!!!

  • Norman

    There’s no gold in fort knox. The same bunch of thieves who sent jobs overseas and raped taxpayers, took it all and gave to foreign countries for loans. These elitiest are getting richer and we don’t even have a job. Where will it end? America better wake up. It may be too late.

  • libertytrain

    When my daughter lived on Ft. Knox, her house had a lovely view of the Gold Repository and there were always security cars, etc. traveling around that area – and of course the fence around the building itself was rather imposing. Now I have to wonder if they were guarding the gold or guarding so that people don’t get near enough to see if there is gold.

  • Grey Wolf

    If there is an audit of US gold reserves at Ft. Knox, let’s make damn sure those bars are 99.9% gold! It would be a good idea to have professional metallurgists & other specialists examine each bar for its authenticity. The audit should be done by private firms who have no political connections to the US Treasury or for that matter, any other US Government Agencies. A follow up audit, that is an audit of the auditors needs to be done, too. This would ensure accuracy & overall integrity. Fraud & discrepancies should be made public & handled immediately. Let’s make sure that there is in fact gold stored in those vaults & that it belongs to the US. If not, let’s find out why without the usual political finger pointing. What remains of our dying economy & perhaps future is at stake.

    • 45caliber

      If it isn’t there (which I’ve suspected for years) I’m sure the politicians will be shocked and outraged. And then I’m sure they can find some poor innocent smuck to blame it on.

      • DaveH

        So true, 45. And the sheep will go baah, baah, baah.

    • Greg Jones

      Gray Wolf be a real de-tail man!

  • Patrick

    Well it would not surprise me. The way the government has been going. We’re broke people, just look at the streets and the schools and infrastructure in disrepair. Its Pathetic. Throw them out I tell you. Vote in November for anyone who is not already in office.


    It is We the People who need to run the FED and instill oversight to make sure it is honestly run and there is evidence as to how it is run, WE have nothing like that now. In order to get it WE will need to rid ourselves of this regime and a major replacement of the congress to regain a focus on our own monetary ability.

  • Mildred

    What has happened to our country? How greedy can we get? Does the meek inherit the earth?

  • atlas reborn

    let us see, the constitution says nothing but gold and silver are money and the government is supposed to coin money. they also warned us that paper is fiat and can and will destroy real wealth. all through history gold is the only thing that can buy something in one country and the same thing every other country. it will by one thing in one time period and every other time period. an example. in 1900 I oould go into a mens clothing store and buy a brand new suit and tie shirt and socks and I would pay with a twenty dollar gold peice and get change. roll it forward to the present day. I could go into a fine mens store and buy a new suit, tie shirt socks and before i went into the store I would have taken my 20 dollar gold peice and sell it to the coin dealer for 1300 dollars. and the store would give me change. and since there is only so much gold all merchants around the world know the value of gold and would either accept it for payment or send you to the local band in that country to the exchange window and would recieve the same value as the current market value of gold was for that day. gold will buy the same thing in any country or time period bucause it is real money. Ron Paul is a realist and so am I. you all are living in a fantitsy world. We are all going to see the greatest depression the world have ever seen because of the debasement of our dollar.

  • Ron Moss

    Who has done more damage to our economic structure, Osama Bin Laden or
    Goldman Sachs and AIG?
    So who is the real terrorists? is our defense aimed right?

    • max

      Ron Moss. do you mean Goldman Sucks??

    • Al Sieber

      The same people Jesus kicked out of the temple,”Money Changers” are still with us, they’re called the Federal Reserve now.

    • DaveH

      Who has done more damage? Big Government. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

  • Bob from Socal

    There needs to be an audit of Fort knox and of the Federal Reserve NOW!

    • Greg Jones

      Yea, there be a ton of honest trustworthy auditors that
      can’t be influenced out there willing to jeapordise there
      lives to count. Anyone want to rethink their ideas?

  • chick

    they will fight hard to keep the fort closed to the public.. the FRB has loaned out so much money,that if the amount was known,there would be another drepression,not res depression..they know that, and are not willing to let anyone know what is going on.. CROOK’S THE LOT OF THEM

  • 45caliber

    To be honest, I seriously doubt that there is much gold there any more. After all, it was worth a LOT of money on the world market. I’m sure that most if not all of it was slowly sold off to prevent a drop in gold prices so the government could use the money for the express purpose of getting themselves reelected. After all, who can resist trillions of dollars just sitting there when it could be put to a better use? (And that’s why they are talking about taking the 401K money now.)

  • Lonnie Dehart

    Most if not all the gold in fort Knox was shipped out in 1961 and 1962. Not by armored car, but by the train load because the dollar was pegged to gold at$35.00 per ounce and holders of our dollars in europe and other countries were demanding gold as payment.I was there and it wasn’t a big secret. We were put on high alert post wide and had to guard all entrances and exits. That was the reason we were takeen off the gold standard or at least one of them

    • Grey Wolf

      You’re more than likely right. My dad took the family to visit there in the summer of 1961. He was stationed at Ft. Knox during the Korean War & it was only two hours away from our home. I remember the vault area being off limits & heavily guarded.
      What’s amazing is 3 years later, the James Bond flick, Goldfinger was filmed there with full cooperaton of the US Army & Treasury Dept.
      My thinking is that if there had been 20+ billion dollars in gold stored there at the time, the US Government would not have permitted something as trivial as a movie to be filmed using such a highlly restricted & guarded facility. After 46 years, I’m still wondering!

  • Al Sieber

    Gold has always been real money, paper money has always failed. read the coinage act of 1792. they steal your money through inflation and the graduated income tax which is illegal and a tax on your labor. the 16th amendment hasn’t been ratified by all the states.

    • Average Joe

      Dammit, I thought I was the only one that studied real history…my God there is hope…I am not alone!….thnx for putting that out there.

      • Al Sieber

        Average, I’m glad you’re wise to it also.

  • IronHorse

    Through the FOIA I received a copy of my Individual Master File (IMF) from the IRS, it contained all fraudulent information. I informed the IRS in 2001 that I would no longer be sending a tax form.

    The whole federal reserve, and IRS is a bundle of deceit. The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G.Edward Griffin.

    I doubt that Fort Knox contains any gold. Ron Paul sees through Uncle Scam’s smoke and mirror theft of America, and is correct in the fight to End the Fed…

    • Average Joe

      psssst…1983 for me…..

    • Bob

      G. Edward Griffin was on Alex Jones yesterday. Go to and find out when he’ll be on again. They have alot of good guests.

  • Jim the duped

    You will never see an audit of Ft. Knok or the Federal Reserve in your lifetime!



  • Buzz Breslin

    We have been duped.

  • RV in AZ

    I ASKED last week if the gold was still in Fort Knox. From these letters I find that nobody seems to know. After hearing that our money we put into S.S. is in a small building on the Ohio river down near Wheeling, W.VA. in the form of IOU,s. If my $20 gold piece that my dad put in the bank for me in 1930 was confiscated by our govt. (democrats then) and put in Fort Knox, I can only imagine what it would be worth today. I was stationed there in 1951 and they said it was there then. Now I have to wonder where all this gold is coming from that everyboby is buying at over $1200 per oz. We are talking about so much money that no wonder our govt. is stealing it. After the Union stole my pention and Ashland Oil, a good part of my 401K, I am worried about my Social Security, and now seeing why this is happening. Glen Beck where are you?? We are being robbed by the people we are paying their salary’s, and we can only vote for more politition’s. GOD HELP US!!!

  • BigWillie

    My dear friends!! It is to late to do anything about all your conserns!! At this piont all we can do is ride out the storm and hope most of us survive!! THEN ARM OURSELVES AND SHOOT THE SHIT OUT OV ALL WHO HAVE PUT US IN THES SITUATION!! tHANK YOU!!

  • chris

    I`m Canadian and for the life of me , I don`t know why you Yanks didn`t vote Ron Paul as your president. Even liberals love the guy. You probably would of had both houses of congress full of no tax , no spend liberterian congress men and senators who believe in sound money. You fox news watching neocons are just as bad as the commie loving dems who praise MSNBC.


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