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Dobbs’ Departure From CNN Stirs Controversy

November 19, 2009 by  

Dobbs' departure from CNN stirs controversy The abrupt departure of CNN anchor Lou Dobbs from his post at the network last week has given rise to intense media speculation about the reasons behind the move.

In announcing his decision, Dobbs—who has attracted controversy in recent years for vocally expressing his conservative views on the air—aid that "some leaders in media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond the role here at CNN and to engage in constructive problem solving as well as to contribute positively to the great understanding of the issues of our day."

However, there is no shortage of speculation that Dobbs was ousted for practicing what CNN president Jonathan Klein term "advocacy journalism."

The 64-year-old anchor has become a target of criticism for taking a tough stance on issues such as illegal immigration and for his involvement in the so-called "birther" movement, which questioned President Obama’s eligibility for the office for failing to produce his original birth certificate.

Hispanic groups have expressed satisfaction with the developments at the cable network. The Latino Policy Coalition issued a statement expressing gratitude to more than 40 local and regional civil rights organizations "that have succeeded in their efforts to draw national attention to CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs’ anti-immigrant news program, and thus ultimately end his slanted commentary show."

Monday night, Dobbs is expected to appear on The O’Reilly Factor with Bill O’Reilly, which airs on Fox News. Last summer, O’Reilly defended Dobbs’ right to free speech.


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  • Robert

    I usually watched CNN to hear what Lou Dobbs had to say on issues. I found him to be complete and thorough in his remarks and will miss his commentating. With his departure, I see no reason to tune in to CNN anymore. I do hope he finds another medium where he can continue his respected journalistic talent.

    • Lindy

      CNN should go back to its roots and remember what CNN stands for… the Cable NEWS Network. Advocacy journalists, pundits, talking heads that editorialize are at best entertaining and at their worst they are just media-based lobbyists. Call it entertainment or propaganda, it is not a form of objective journalism nor is it news. CNN should go back to 24 hour news reporting. Just the facts, ALL the facts and let us interpret it for ourselves. Remember the early 9-11 coverage? “Reporters” started speculating about what happened. That first hour of coverage should simply have been “… a plane has struck the World Trade Center.” News is about facts, the who, what, where, when and why… and how, about events and nothing else. Remember the first Gulf War? Remember Peter Arnett and Bernard Shaw pointing a camera out of a hotel window and just showing what was happening? That’s news. That’s what CNN should be doing. Leave the spin to Olbermann/Mathews/Madow and O’Reilly et al. I respect Lou Dobbs and hope he continues to do what he does now that he has “retired” (been fired?)(laid-off?) from CNN. He’s articulate, consistent and intelligent, I just hope he doesn’t get lumped in with the gang at Fox.

      • http://personallibertydigest Janis

        I hope he does!!! He tells it like it is….just like Fox!!!!

        • David

          Now that he is gone, mark your calendar and what the ratings drop…hopefully fox has room for him!

      • DaveH

        What other News org respects freedom of speech?

        • Carol

          Our FREEDOM OF SPEECH no longer is available for Americans because BO made sure of that and that is a fact.

      • Carri Byers

        There is not one single “news” outlet available today that doesn’t advocate from one perspective or another. Even Walter Cronkite, the man most people hold up as the epitome of the example of journalistic news reporting, often opined instead of “simply giving the facts”. The problem with Dobbs is he took the WRONG opinion with which to opine. That is the issue here, not “what is true journalism” – that ship left the dock and sank many years ago. The issue is that, because of political pressure, a world renowned news outlet fired/retired a reporter. Not because of ratings. Not because the bottom line was in danger. Dobbs was let go because he upset a politically powerful group of people and therefore he had to go. THAT is censorship. THAT is TYRANNY! And even the most left Liberal ought to be concerned about it.

        • JeffH

          You are correct. At least Fox won’t follow in the Obama/MSM footsteps and mis-report what is happening on Capitol Hill despite their conservative/right wing bias. They do have a lock on “first reports” far and ahead of the MSM. They have the ratings and the viewers, and a pretty good lineup.

          • JeffH

            …watched the O’reily interview with Dobbs. Always a gentleman and an informative interview.

        • eyeswideopen

          Only problem with Fox, they try to lie using wrong footage of protests and are constantly only giving part of the story, while never bothering to fact check or check a source. Can’t wait to see the Hannity vs Beck battle. Should be very interesting. What time slot do you think Dobbs will take?

      • Pete

        Lindy… I understand what you’re saying but if CNN followed you advise they’d be bankrupt in 30 days. Unfortunately the dunmbing down of American, the centerpices of Liberal agenda, means Americans need to be entertained. They love to watch a fight. Jerry Springer found the formua years ago. So did every news outlet, TV, Radio and the Sacred Newspaper.

        The concept of the Fourth Estate is lost. Journalists want to be celebrities these days. Reading the news on TV doesn’t get them there.

      • Linda L Hill

        And What’s Wrong with the Gang at Fox New? Lou Dobbs would do well to join Fox New! At least he would be able to tell the truth without being shootdown or badmouthed by his own. And at least we would have another Truthful and Fairminded Journalist to tell the people what is going on in USA!

        • eyeswideopen

          Linda, his lying about the Leprosy statics was the beginning of his downfall. He was so biased against the illegal immigrants that he tried to scare the public using statics that spanned 30 years, attributing the leprosy to the alliens. Instead of admitting that he was wrong, he refused to acknowledge that the error. Americans have a big heart and if you just admit your mistake they will forgive you. Rupert Murdoch is still feeling the effects of Glenn’s racist statement about Obama. You can’t lose 61 ad sponsors and not lose money. Instead of all these entertainment commentators, why can’t we have true journalists who just present the facts,and let us decide how to interpret them? Rather insulting to have the news interpreted for you, who needs a biased person trying to sway you to their position?

          • Nellie, CA

            People that complain about the border conditions need too live on the border or in a range of 100 mile too know the impact the illegals have on the state, county government and the people living in the area. This has spread too all states but the counties closer too the borders are the most affected.
            The government has too close all borders too be able too make our country safe. We need too know who is here! It is not a issue of who looks like an illegal! Every person needs too show documents! Legal people should have documents with them. If I am stopped! I am and American, I have too show registration, insurance and drivers license. This is not an invasion of my privacy, this is the law! I would rather be stopped and check then be killed by and illegal. More people have been killed by illegals in LA than killed in Iraq war in one year. I live off the famous S86 and it is not safe too travel on this highway at night. I wouldn’t want too be stranded on this highway at any time. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTY BECAUSE OBAMA IS NOT MAKING ME FEEL SAFE. VOTE FOR POPADITCH IN 51 DISTRICT OF CA

    • http://Yahoo Barbara Lampkin

      I Also Was A CNN Watcher, Am No Longer. I Hope There Happy That Thy
      Got There Way, CNN Was The One Cable Station I Always Watched, Am Sick
      And Tired Of The Lilly Liverd Cowards That Are Afarid To Tell The
      Truth. Lou Dobbs Was The Only One That Did Tell The Truth.
      I Will Not Be Seeing CNN Any More. I Will Be Watching FOX From Now On.

      • Nellie, CA

        Right on!! Good stuff! Vote them out! CNN Will lose the rating! The worse it gets the better! Some times we have too hit bottom, too see what our govenemnt is doing too us.

    • Carol

      I couldn’t agree with more if I tried because the very people that are that are not supposed to be in our country are the very ones who had enough power to remove him.
      CNN bowed to the power of these illegals and he has given his life to CNN and said the truth without skipping a beat.
      I just don’t get it at all I guess he knows who his friends really are and it isn’t CNN.
      I will truely miss him because he is so honest and you just don’t find that anymore in the NEWS.

  • Dave F.

    Dobbs was the one program I regularly watched on CNN, but I did tune in to CNN occasionally for other news. But to see Dobbs ousted like this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I will avoid CNN now. I sincerely hope Lou Dobbs maintains a high profile in media, but I would love to see him in a political position (Senator perhaps) even more.

  • Joe R.

    I too enjoyed the ‘True American’ spirit portrayed by Lou Dobbs. His patriotic slant on today’s serious issues has been as eye opener. Apparently CNN is showing it’s true (liberal) colors by trying to slam the door on genuine true blodded American issues. I have wondered from the primaries about the legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s place of birth. There is a web site devoted to that very issue. Very interesting. I will no longer select CNN as my source of news….I guess it’s back to FOX for me. Hopefully Mr. Dobbs will resurface in the media or perhaps the political arena.

  • Yvonne

    I only watched CNN for an hour — Lou Dobbs’ program of cause. Thank GOD for Foxs News!!!

  • Scott L

    As most true blooded American’s, I thought Lou Dobbs was leader a hero in the eyes of the unemployed. Seemingly fighting against a Government that does not care who or how many people they hurt. Out front he fought for freedom and the return of are civil rights. But behind the the mask, lived an extremist who thought he was the only one who was right and the rest of the world was wrong. He went to extremes to prove this out with every Senator and Congressmen who appeared on his show. He went to far and paid the price. In the end he had became like the rest of the reports, lying for sensationalism to get noticed. Owe by the way the method for judging a news journalist is, are they telling you the truth or are they sensationalizing for the ratings.

    • Carri Byers

      Yours is a very naive attitude. Do you think Katie Curic, Keith Olbermann, Brian Williams and Charles Gibson are giving you nothing but the facts? Please name me one reporter that reports the news as you like it and I will give you examples from his/her reporting of bias and commentary. There is no reporter today who gives only the facts today. That is why FOX is doing so well in the ratings. Poll after poll shows the majority of Americans are Conservative in their POV. Those people, whether consciously or un, understand that they now have a CHOICE. They don’t have to allow NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN feed them a steady stream of liberal rhetoric. They don’t have to allow liberal propaganda to be shoved down their throats. They CHOOSE instead to give the Conservative POV a chance.

      I hope Dobbs gets picked up by FOX. He will fit in with that team very well.

      • Joe H.

        I too, hope Dobbs gets picked up by Fox as one more voice for liberty is always welcome. I just hope he hasn’t become like the old saying ” when you lay down with dogs you get fleas”. I just hope he hasn’t been at CNN long enough to get “fleas”!

  • Garry F.

    I was not surprized when I heard Lou Dobbs was leaving CNN but was still saddened when it took place. He presented national stories that affected every day people in a way we would understand. As a result of telling two sides to a story he is targeted by people who claim to support, represent and lobby for freedom of speech and peoples rights. These are the enlightened ones, who at the end of the day do everything they preech against. One thing I’ve learned in the last few years and especially now, if someone or group is telling us that a perons or organization is bad, racist, clueless, incompetent etc. you will discover they are the one’s who is bad, a racist, clueless, incompetent etc. But they just happen to say it in a more sophisticated, elequent and caring fasion, as though they are the intellegent one’s. So if you want to know where the problem lies, look at the messenger, the king now has no clothes!

  • Betty L

    I, too, have no more reason to watch CNN for the reasons previously posted. I don’t know what the current statistical averages are. However, at one time, for every letter or post sent there are 64,000 other people who feel the same way but will not take the time to write.

    Six previous posts + mine = 7 people. Multiply that by 64,000 and one gets 448,000 viewers who will no longer watch CNN. “The sleeping giant has awakened” and CNN hasn’t a clue.

    • Carri Byers

      The problem is – they don’t care. Liberal newspapers, liberal magazines, liberal broadcast news…they are all losing money. The bottom line doesn’t even matter any more. It seems to me that common sense would be screaming in their ears…”WAKE UP!”. But, that’s the problem. The media has left it’s 4th estate responsibility behind to push an agenda and the agenda has become the bottom line.


    Without Lou Dobbs, why bother to watch CNN, unless you’re a lefty-loon, they offer nothing worth watching or listening to — bye bye!!
    FOXnews is the only place to go for Truth, Facts, Logic, Evidence and Reality!! They have all the proof needed to back ANY of their reports!! IF a mistake is made, they have the spine to admit it and correct their stance!!
    Opinion is just that, opinion and we are all entitled to have one, no matter how WRONG YOU are!!!!
    Any other news outlet is ‘Lame’ stream Left media!!

    • mpugh

      I would agree with you and everyone else who says Fox news is a fair and trustworthy source. HOWEVER, Fox news lost my support when they decided not to let Ron Paul join in their presidential debates. Doesn’t sound very “fair and balanced” to me. Although I’m still somewhat boycotting Fox News for this reason, I will watch it at least for shows like Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs. Now the one and only thing I like about CNN is that they give more news than Fox. Fox gives a bunch of blah blah blah talk shows from people who think they’re right. At least Glenn and Lou have their eyes opened and I would seriously consider returning to Fox News for them.

      • DaveH

        And now they have John Stossel.

        • Mpugh


      • Carri Byers

        I don’t understand what you mean by “more news”. If you mean because CNN is 24 hours of liberal “reporters” giving you the news from a liberal perspective based on a liberal agenda (in other words, commentary) instead of people who actually wear the title of “commentator” as on FOX then your point is taken. It all amounts to the same thing. 24 hours of CNN’s attempts to sway you to their perspective or 24 hours of FOX’s attempts to sway you to their perspective. That is what “News” has become. It comes down to now we have to choose now from which perspective you wish to be informed.

  • Lois Ann Milloy

    Lou Dobbs was the main commentator I watched. For fair and honest news of what is happening not just in our Country, but IN our country.

    Evidently what many are noticing more and more is becoming blatant where our news reports are concerned. For some time now we have been allowed only what so-called ‘Mercury’ (aka: Messenger of the gods) has allowed. Now that they have silenced Lou their job will be much easier.

    Their lust to control our thoughts and means of knowledge has become an obsession to ‘Mercury’ mentalists. I do believe there is one means left, however. Hit ‘em where it hurts. In the pocketbook. Myself, I cancelled my satalite tv and refuse to acknowledge any of the sponsors that were used.

    Folks, there are still legit means of finding news and certainly not on the tube. The panderers really opened up Pandora’s box this time. All sorts of hidden treasures of information and wisdom will surely tumble out now that we no longer pay to have other sorcerers infiltrate our minds. That’s all there is left now that Lou Dobbs is gone .

    Lou….you did a good service to the people and earned their respect through each and every program. I thank you as do many many others.
    For some reason I have this feeling we will be hearing more from you. Hopefully, this isn’t wishful thinking. They did you a favor. Now you needn’t stoop to their level and can hold your head highest amongst the best of ‘em.

  • M. Egan

    I’m another CNN dropout. Dobbs was my only reason for watching CNN.

    • Beverly Petrovic

      I think it is terrible that you let Lou Dobbs go, because he told his
      point of view, and the illegals should not be allowed in this country, we cannot support them anymore, if they can’t come in legally, they should not be allowed, shame on us for letting them ruin our country.
      I will not be watching CNN anymore.

  • Dave Miedema

    Lou…FoxNews would probably LOVE to have you…MILLIONS of viewers to enjoy you, not THOUSANDS.

  • Ron Springett Sr

    When CNN said goodbye to Lou, they also said goodbye to me too!

  • mpugh

    Going back to my last comment about CNN’s news, I still don’t trust them to give all the important news we need, nor do I trust Fox. The Internet is more trustworthy if one can filter out the crap. But Lou and Glenn I trust.

  • Joe R.

    According to Betty L. (previous post), the numbers of us that will not be viewing cnn any longer is rising expotentially. I’ve learned that jonathan klein, president of cnn, buckled under to protests from ‘ (a latino group formed to force Lou Dobbs off the air). The truth truly does hurt doesn’t it? Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise and we’ll see Lou doing something else very soon. After all, we desperately need spokes persons that believe this is still AMERICA.

  • http://none Ross Bunch

    CNN? Last one out shut off the lights.

  • m j m

    FOX should have traded S. smith for Lou, I watch FOX until Shep comes on and then I switch to CNN to hear Lou ! Smith goes nuts for Michael Jackson ! he went on like,this guy was something different than what he really was, and we all knew what he was.Thats not the only reason,but it is start !! CNN are you getting this ?

  • c lee

    I stopped watching CNN when they started airing those commercials about Lationos in America We Are The Majority. When they not only aired that garbage but seemed to condone it I turned CNN off fore ever

  • JoAnn Mowery

    Like so many of you, I have stopped watching CNN because of their firing of Lou. He always told the truth and backed it up with proof, as Glen Beck does. I always learned the truth from these two, I will miss Lou very much.

  • http://LibertyNews a l m

    I used to watch CNN all of the time, until this last year. Lou Dobbs was the only person I continued to watch on CNN. I’ll miss him and hope he continues on another network. As for CNN …. they don’t need me either.

  • K Paul Price

    CNN lost me also with Lou’s departure….

  • G Knight

    CNN lost me a year ago, When they went so far out of touch. FOX news is the only news close too what is real. No wonder CNN ratings have fallen to a very small percent.How stupid of there management , Once they could be trusted. now there a joke. !!!

  • eyeswideopen

    Curtis, here’s a demographic point about Fox news. Predominately male, with average age of 65. Conservative talk radio, average age is 67. Fox is kinda like the retirement home of old white guys, who like to shoot. Within five years, most of the audience will be stroking out, and since they won’t be able to afford healthcare insurance, the spectators will be few. The ditto heads will be a dying breed. Since Fox has so many narcissustic commentators, they will start attacking each other soon, and then the fun begins.

    • Betty L

      I would be interested in where you got your demographic information. My search on Same Day Cable News Daily Ratings for November 18, 2009 reveals:
      Ages 35-64 Prime Time
      FNC –1,673,000 viewers
      CNN – 273,000 viewers
      MSNBC –407,000 viewers
      CNBC – 111,000 viewers
      HLN –337,000 viewers

      • Jana

        Betty, eyes just makes up her facts as she goes, or deliberately misreads them.

        • eyeswideopen

          Jana, nope, darling, I don’t. What I state, I can always back up. You on the other hand can’t make that statement can you? Get your friend Betty to read better. I never made statement about the total amount of viewers for any station. I only stated that Fox has Old, white guys, who like to shoot. Statement is totally correct.

          • Joe H.

            Eyes hon,
            You need to reread your own post!!!

          • Pete

            Actally, the Demo for FOX is 30% Conservative, 40% Independent and 30% Liberal. The reason Blacks and Hispanics don’t watch is that the Dems tell them it would be a sin.

      • eyeswideopen

        do you know how to read? I said nothing about total amount of viewers. You are really out there now. Have a good ride back.

      • eyeswideopen
      • Lindy

        I don’t know where you got your ratings info, but just an FYI, if you could post the results for the 25-54 demographic that would be great. You see, it’s the 25-54 demographic that is the yardstick used by the media and media buyers to compare one network, station or show to another. Those are the numbers that tell the story, please post the ratings for Adults 25 to 54 years old. Thanks.

      • eyeswideopen

        Betty, Jana, Joe, Pete. You need to see link I posted and read what I stated. I didn’t make a comment about total amount of viewers, or the younger viewers, I made a statement about the older men who watch Fox news and their average age. I also made statement about Conservative radio listeners average age. No wonder this country is in trouble. You people can’t read, or jump to conclusions that are erroneous.

    • OU812

      Won’t it be fun to watch when they do attack each other? Wow the republisaurs are going out kicking and screaming. Don’t care as long as they go. Maybe old Ruppert will kick off soon and that will be the end of that channel of lies.

      • Joe H.

        I’m glad you have this fleeting chance to enjoy yourself. 2010 will show you where we “old fogies” are on the vote. And this time we won’t allow part of the military vote to be lost!!! Oh, and ACORN? We’re about to cut down all the D.C. OAK TREES!!!!

        • OU812

          Joey old boy, I have just received my fourth social security check. It is not all about me like it is with you and the rest of the republisaurs. Can’t stand that ACORN signed up some voters that weren’t as easy to dupe as you. Because we are ‘old fogies’ is no excuse for your ignorance.

          • Joe H.

            Wait till your social security checks stop coming cause it’s BANKRUPT!!
            All these illegals comming in that pay into it for 5 years to get a base and the collect, more going out than coming in, I wouldn’t want to depend on it. I don’t as I saw this coming years ago when the big three started to go!!! I’ll collect my first check next year but the best comes at age 65 when I can access MY investments!!!

    • JeffH

      Didn’t take long for you to tell another lie, did it. Eyes is one of the regular liberal hacks that hates conservative American patriots.

      • eyeswideopen

        Jeff, you are a damn liar. I don’t hate anybody, unlike you!!! You seem to forget that you are the hating party. I dislike anyone shoving their religion down my throat, or their biased political beliefs. I believe in the Constitution which gives all of us equal rights, regardless of our political affiliation or religion. You and yours however, don’t like the blacks, don’t want them in your political party or churches. I cherish the diversity of America, knowing that is what made us strong. I resent that one party with one religious belief is trying to use fear, hate and intimidation to try and hijack this country. The word Conservative is now a misnomer, that cannot be applied to a bunch of radical pseudo Christians who are passing judgement on who is a “Christian” and who isn’t. I do hate that the Christian right has become war mongers who will at the same time kill someone who wants an abortion. They also are pro capital punishment. What happened to the Christians, that they think with such a blackened heart? Wouldn’t you think that Christ is probably against any type of killing? Just a wild guess. The Conservatives in this country think they are the only Christians in the whole world, and they will not acknowledge that Democrats, Libertarians, and the 20 other political parties may have Christian members. What is so funny is that the Christian religion is a based on a socialist concept of giving. The Christians have let politics dictate their religious beliefs and are trying to govern using religion as a fear tactic. Jeff, basically I dislike hypocrites and self professed leaders who are taking us down the theocracy path.

        • JeffH

          You lie once more, liberal hack! You are the biggest hypocrit on this site. The liberals hide behind the race card on a regular basis, You included with your statements in this comment. I can’t even say I pity you for acting so much like the fool you are.

          • eyeswideopen

            Jeff, I pray for you every nite. You and the rest of the radicals really need prayers, so my prayer group prays for you. Even though you think that only Republicans are Christians, some of the prayer group has Democrat relatives who are also praying for you. Kinda ironic isn’t it? Maybe one day you can get to the point where you understand that Christ wasn’t for or against a specific political party, and nowhere in the Bible will you find the word Conservative or Republican.

        • JeffH

          …and for the record, yourself and duh!nniso accuse anyone you disagree with of being violent, forceful haters. That, my dear liberal hack, is just another way you lie!

          • Joe H.

            don’t forget the accusation of being a racist!!!!

    • Richard McInnis

      What planet did you come from? The truth really evades you.

  • OU812

    I am so glad he is gone, wonder what took so long to figure out he is a racist buffoon. He should go to Faux where the rest of the lying ilk resides. He would fit in great with those losers, hey how about ‘The LOUser Dobbs BS Show’?

  • Joe H.

    And 2012 will even be worse for you!!! Just keep supporting this tired excuse for a president. There are any number of Blacks out there that would have made a better president than him. Heck, Larry Elder would have done more than him!!!

    • OU812

      Joe the dumber, it hasn’t even been a year, your guy did when hell of a job screwing everything up. You are nothing but a racist pig and you really are obvious probably the only honest thing about you. Suck it up little boy, you are outnumbered. Run along and listen to your ignorant shock jocks. BTW, they are not politicians but PAID shock jocks that do not research anything. You are a real sucker.

      • Joe H.

        No they’re entertainers, if you could listen you would know that!!!! Course libbers have a bad case of optical rectitis! That’s a physical ailment where in your optical nerve and your rectal nerve intertwine and you get a crappy outlook on life!!!!

        • JeffH

          The medical term for the lefty’s problem is Cranalanalitus. Also known as having ones head up ones assets!

          • Joe H.

            I’d just like her to tell me where my post was racist. I said there were any number of blacks that could be a better pres. than O-man. I also added that Larry Elder could do a better job. Is that Racist????

          • JeffH

            JoeH, that is just a normal liberal hacks response.

        • Joe H.

          Going to answer me as to why my post is racist? Or do I listen for crickets all week?

  • DR Brown

    Lou Dobbs is a true American but he was a problem for Obama’s plans to control all of the media. Remember the following two main goals of communism there are forty five points all together but these two points are where we are at today right now and Americans need to understand their liberty is at stake. Lou Dobbs spoke out for liberty and now he is gone. 1. Infiltrate every corridor of power and conquer the key positions so they could make policy; 2. Gain control of both political parties so that no matter which gains control they could keep the Socialist agenda moving forward. They stated “First we will take Eastern Europe, then the masses of Asia. Then we will encircle the United States. We will not need to attack the U.S. will fall like a ripe fruit into our hands. Lou Dobbs had to be removed he was speaking the truth.

  • http://verizon Harold

    Lou Dobbs was the only one I watched on CNN. The bias opinions of the CNN reporting is why I watched Foxnews and now have no reason to switch the channel anymore.

    I would like to see Lou Dobbs replace Geraldo on Foxnews because Geraldo is the only one I do not watch on Foxnews. To me His opinions sound like the biased opinions I was hearing on CNN.

  • Claire

    Ten to one Dobbs will be on Fox eventually.

    • coal miner


      The last I heard,he may indeed be on fox news.The rumor I heard,he is negotiating a contract with Fox News.

      • Claire

        I knew it!!! I knew he would go to Fox! He will fit right in with them. Now to get rid of Glenn Beck. I still cannot stand the man. He appears to be rather unstable. I just cannot identify with Beck. He turned me off a long time ago.

        • JeffH

          You might not like Glen Beck but he sure makes a strong case when he presents facts and connects the dots. Remember, he used to work for CNN too.

          • Claire

            Sorry, but there are others that present the facts too. I didn’t like him on CNN either.

          • Joe H.

            Name one that has reported more FACTS first than Beck. He is right there on 99.9% of what he reports. Do a little deep checking and see what the ACTUAL National debt is!!! 3.1 trillion? WAY HIGHER!!! Check it out!!!

          • Mpugh

            I agree that Beck seems somewhat emotionally unstable but look at the reason why? He loves this country and hates what’s happening to it. He sees the same thing most of us on this blog see. So what if his way of dealing with this is emotionally charged. At least he’s not afraid to speak the truth. Same with Lou (except Lou seems to keep his emotions in check a little better).

        • Linda L Hill

          Just because Glenn Beck gets emotional about what’s happening in our country, like Obama and his administration [Czars] does not mean that he is quote, “unstable”. I am very glad to see and hear that there are individuals in the media that will get upset, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, and Greta, with what’s going on with our Government! Thank GOD for them!

  • Joe H.

    I hope so if for nothing more than to irritate ou8!!!!!

  • Claire

    Maybe Dobbs will replace Shepard Smith. That would be o.k. Beck gets a little bit too weird for me at times. Some of the off the wall (like the sobbing) things he comes up with does not come across as being very sane. And some of the crap he writes on the chalkboard. I believe Beck is playing some of us like a fiddle. I believe he thinks some of us are really stupid and so he cavorts around like a headless wonder. I think I prefer Dobbs/Hannity/O’Reilly over him.
    Anyway, if you want to be realistic, ALL cable stations are biased in one way or another. This is the nature of the beast. All I know is that I am really weary over this entire political fiasco. We need someone NEW and FRESH–someone honest–where we gonna find him/her? I have always heard that if a politician is honest when elected, they become dishonest in a heartbeat after being elected. Right now, I don’t think I trust any of them. Any suggestions?

  • http://WikiBuddySearch Bob

    We need more men like Lou Dobbs on air to revel the truth of what’s going on in our world! I hope that he gets a spot on Fox News, which I watch, and enjoy, daily. I have no reason to ever tune into CNN again. Lou was the only reason I ever watched it in the first place.

  • http://at@t uscitizen

    The only reason i watched cnn was Lou Dobbs. I won’t be wasting my time on that news program anymore. Its a shame that illegals have so much power in this country. I thought i would be sick when cnn aired the latino in america segment. Who are they kidding? With what americans are going through right now, i doubt that very many people can muster any sympathy for a pregnant mexican who just can’t seem to get through school because she can’t stop having babies.

    • Joe H.

      And it doesn’t seem to bother them that we foot the bill for every one she has!!! In school, Dr.s, hospitals, welfare, food stamps,ect, ect!!!!
      The list doesn’t seem to stop!!!



  • The Major

    To ALL of you, please remember the Lou Dobb’s show always said “News,
    Opinions,& Commentary”,,,,or something like that,but mostly opinions.
    To DR Brown,20NOV09 13:19,,I believe that most people agree with you.

    To Joe H.,,,Please keep Soc.Sec. alive 2 more years,so I can collect
    some of what I paid over 35 yrs,,even in a combat zone.
    To Eyeswideopen,,Remember,if it weren’t for us old white guys(the vast
    majority of the Military overthe last 75yrs) you
    would NOT be here to post this.If you were, it might
    be in German or Japanese.
    To Jeff H Remember,,in Wash.DC it is Cranialrectumitis. The cure is
    3 holes drilled in the sternum,like a bowling ball,1 for
    breathing thru the nose,2 to see.Why the holes,’cause the
    CAREER politicians have their Craniums shoved so far up
    their Rectums, that they need 3 holes to see & breath.
    As for being upset that a Voice of Reason,Mr. Independent,Lou Dobbs,
    was “Forced”out ,,,,
    In Military Speak,,,,”Roger That”
    In Police Radio Speak “10-4″
    In Political Speak,,”Blablablabla,,,where is my lobby money”
    I too, will not watch Cowardly Negative Nobodys. Remember folks,if you want to get the crooks out,do NOT wait ’til Election day,too late,
    Try to runn someone against the incumbents on PRIMARY DAY.They won’t
    have enough time & money to re-group before NOVEMBER,2010. OK??


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