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Do we want our school children to be taught this?

December 23, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://jarhead mike zemacke

    I think that acorn is a criminal association because I have seen illegal actions on the last election in the streets where people lived in boxes and they were asked to vote and the acorn person were writing their voting register applications and signing them for them.

    • joe

      look. This literature is being looked at out of context. Banning books because one does not agree with the message has happened before in Nazi Germany for instance and with the KKK.

      I thought this site is about personal LIBERTIES. It is the job of educators and PARENTS to help shape the views of our children not simply shield them from everything one might deem sexual or racial in nature.

      • Kristen C

        This is outrageous!!! How are parents not hoarding the schools with this. Home schooling is not a bad idea at this point. Why are we letting this happen? This “safe” school Czar needs not to be fired, but thrown in prison!

        • Fred F

          Putting this guy or theas people in prison would be to easy. They need to be swinging from a tree!!

      • Gloria

        Joe, the issue is not banning books from the general adult public (which I would be against). The issue is the right of parents to control the information their young children read (hear and see) and the indoctrization of children without the consent of parents.
        I am more concerned about the reading list suggested for K-9. Upper class HS students are young adults capable of discernment and should be exposed to all ideas in an environment that encourages critical thinking.
        The Fed should get out of the education. Education is a local issue and should remain a local issue. It’s hard enough for parents to deal with often arrogant local school boards. It is impossible to effect change if education is controlled by Washington. I know this by experience having sent 3 children through a disfunctional public school system.

        • Art Van Nostrand

          Public Whipping Would be good.I am a leather crafter, Happy to supply the whip.

      • Brad

        What an ass.

      • Tim

        Joe says: “I thought this site is about personal LIBERTIES. It is the job of educators and PARENTS to help shape the views of our children not simply shield them from everything one might deem sexual or racial in nature.”

        What is your definition of “Shape”? When you shape, you mould or make it in the manner you want it. If educators wish to shape children then they should confine it to “Their Own Children”
        Their job is to educate other’s children in the disiplines. The Moulding of children’s personality is the Parents responsibility and Right. School education was not created to “shape the views” and expose children to every doctrine of life. If you want to mould children in Social behaviors, then get your own children. Otherwise teach children the discipline in school.

      • skip Foss

        I don’t know what kind of parent you are or if you are even a parent but the only ones I know that would want their child to read this trash are queers and perverts. If find this being presented to my kids I will personally burn the crap and kick the ass of whoever purchased the books in my kids school. Kids are exposed to enough of this in everyday life,there are to many queers, perverts and pedifiles allowed to be teachers ,that is another thing I check the back ground of the teachers in our school system if there is one of these vile comtemptable animals in the system I will do my damdest to see they are dismissed and their names are put out to the parents in our district,we know how to deal with this kind of trash here

      • Cathy

        “Out of context?” Are you nuts? In what universe should 7th to 12th graders be reading about first graders having oral sex? We’re not talking about book banning for adults, here, Joe . . . 7th graders are only 12-13 years old.

        They do not need to be reading stuff like this in school. We have kids who are failing to learn how to read and pass subjects like science, history, English, etc., and you think their time in school ought to be spent reading stuff like this?

        • William

          Did anyone on here even go look up these books and read the pages in question for themselves or are they assuming that the information is spot-on. Be careful not to be misled by someone who may not have gotten all their facts correct before reporting them. Unless you’ve witnessed the writing first hand I don’t see how it is even fair to comment on this issue. It would be misguided to believe everything you were told without first looking into it yourself. If you demand personal liberty then you must first command personal responsibility to know the entire truth and not just part of it.

          I myself am currently looking into these books to find out if they are really saying such things about first graders. After just recently graduating the public school system, I find it hard to believe that such acts would be found in the books I was required to read, even on a high school level. The most shocking thing we read was “The bean trees” in 9th grade, a book that dealt with the sexual abuse of a young child. However, there was nothing gratuitous or at all sexual about the nature of the words written in the book and the topic was quickly passed on without any traumatizing thoughts or feelings.

          I would agree that the depiction of oral sex on first graders in a book for school-age children would be wrong. However, I often find that people forget what its like to go to school, or to be a child themselves, when they are so caught up in how to protect their children from themselves. I am not at all trying to tell anyone how to raise their children but instead am just trying to warn people against assuming that their children would not be able to handle such topics as exploring gender as a 5 year old. Everyone knows that at some point boys must learn that they have a penis and girls that they have a vagina (and other parts to be truly correct). While I am still looking into the book mentioned I must say I expect the scene depicted to have very little to do with oral sex rather than a sentence-long reference to genitals – which no matter how you look at them are not bad but rather a part of being a human being.

          • William

            Well… I did look into the book and yes it does say those things…

            However, I can find nothing which links this “school czar” to recommending this book to be read in any sort of federally-mandated school reading list. It seems to me that the story was over-sensationalized in order to get a response from people who are easily set off when the subjects of their children’s reading material comes into question.

            Have you ever thought to ask yourselves why there’s so many stories like this on the news? Its my opinion that they don’t really care about the story as long as it makes people upset. Like they are trying to make people think less or something…

      • http://hotmail john smith

        Joe, you may think teaching our children to have group sex in the bathrooms of gradeschoolers is find and dandy, but you are way off base on this one. You can’t tolerate the 10 comandments to be seen by the eyes of children because it might influence their behavior in a negative fassion, but this sexual depravity is fine with you. Shame on you. Take this out of our children’s books!

      • Takis

        you talk about Liberty what is so liberal about allowing kids that age to have sex? discusing sex promoting sex even incest prostitution are u the kind who has an agenda to destroy all molarity in the usa? mainstream media is control by few who’s interest is making money n FA else,

        how comes u always mention the left? goodle how many top republicans have been found guilty having or soliciding nderage sex are they left wingers too why do this speaker loves to have a go at the left this is a MORAL issue its about saving kids n anyone interfeering with children must be punish they are the scam of the earth

      • Facultas

        Your ignorance of history is indicative of the prolific problem of which our nation suffers and the consequences we are reaping.

        There is a stark difference between banning books and requiring them.

        To defend such an absurdity is to claim that we should require all our students to read Mein Kampf in the name of diversity rather than the Federalist Papers.

        Wake up America! History is repeat with examples of nations that forfeited their liberty in the name progressivism that eroded foundation values.

  • s c

    Is there anyone out there (including ultraliberal progressives who HIDE under rocks 24/7) who doesn’t understand comrade obama’s true character? That ‘school czar’ is a basket case, and he has obama’s “BLESSING.”
    People, get your kids OUT of public schools. Voters, blast the media. Start lawsuits. Keep that school czar in the public eye until they have to admit he’s no better than Van Jones.
    Grill obama, biden, pelosi, reid, schumer, waxman, byrd, leahy, dodd, durbin, ALL media whores and ALL other politicians (both sides of the aisle). Any parent who plans to leave their kids in schools that brainwash children with PERVERSION is NO PARENT.

    • BD

      I would love to have a REAL discussion about rational, conservative critiques of the Obama administration, but most of the people posting here are only arguing against their own wild paranoid delusions… for goodness sakes people, how is anyone supposed to take you seriously when you keep raging on with ridiculous accusations that have already been proven WRONG? I feel like I’m walking down the hall of the insane asylum listening to the residents ranting out loud from their rooms, everyone talking, no one listening, and none of it making any sense.
      He’s NOT a communist, NOT a socialist, and NOT plotting to get rid of anyone’s rights. It’s impossible to have a rational debate of facts and issues with people who seem to prefer to wallow in their irrational fears and work themselves into frenzies. And more importantly, its impossible to get the respect of most mainstream American citizens with this self-indulgent “sound and fury”.

      • BooHoo

        Show all of us his REAL Birth Certificate, Passports, School Registrations and FOREIGN STUDENT FINANCIAL AID documents, report cards, test scores, Thesis documents. THEN you can rant from your room all is well here move along nothing to see, folks. UNTIL THEN, close your door. Your silence on the truth is deafening.

      • apple eater

        BD, it is obvious you are a staunch Democrat and can’t see what Obama is doing to this nation. You need to stay in blogs that are endorsed by your ultra-liberal leader.

        This blog is for conservatives and others who are open to at least investigating what is going on in this nation.

        When Obama bleeds you dry, has all of your kids converted to homosexuality, and has you and everyone you know in prison camps, MAYBE you will stop to think he wasn’t such a great person after all.

        In the mean time, you will feel much better staying away from blogs the rest of us find informative and where we share our conservative beliefs.

        • az

          Thanks Apple Eater. My sentiments exactly! If these left wing bleeding hearts can’t see that there is a problem with this “School Czar” then it’s obvious they are in cahoots with him and his radical agenda!

      • skip Foss

        I think you have your head buried in the sand or some other dark place, Obama and his czars are and have been proven to be marxist,socialist ,one of his mentors and this came from his own mouth is Sal Lewinski a devout communist. He has surrounded himself with communist like Jones, Dunn, who says one of her heroes is Moa a man she said inspires her,if you have ever studied the history of communism you will find when you compare the Ovomit admin it is full of nothing but socalist ,communist Moaist,Islamist and treasonist preachers and senators congressmen and women who have their own agenda of shoving unwanted programs down the peoples throat when they have been told and shown they are not wanted. They are refusing to meet in the open,they are planing to inact laws that are totaly unconstitunional,Hussien has already signed an excutive order that turns control of our country to Interpol,on Dec. 17th he signed EO#12425,that orinaly signed in 1983 with exceptions that did not allow Interpol to come into our country and search your home and seize arms that the UN calls illegal and to allow our troops to be arrested and tried for war crimes in any country that the UN designates Ovomit removed those excemptions so when some blue hated armed thug comes to your door and kicks it puts you under arrest seizes your guns without a warrant and halls you to a camp some where tell me that we are all nuts for standing up against this Half breed son of a white whore

        • William

          What do you know of communism, skip? If you know anything about communism then you’d know that we are still very very VERY far from it. To be honest, these financial bail-outs are actually bringing us closer to fascism than socialism, as it is giving more power to the banks that hold sway over many US politicians, including Obama, Bush 1 & 2, and Clinton.

          If you take the time to look into it you can see that it would be instant suicide to take power away from private banks, just as it would be suicide to try to control them. These people are not stupid – if they were smart enough to ‘manipulate’ their way into the presidential seat they’d FOR SURE be smart enough to understand it is these financial institutions which control their power.

      • William

        Don’t worry BD you only seem to be the minority here. Let reason and logic triumph.

      • Art Van Nostrand

        I am waiting bfor all you stupid Lemmings to wise up and realize that you have been manipulated, used and swindled.My brother took care of one of theses guys and he left town never to be seen again. I am fed up with this cultural crap.Endanger my child at your own risk.Civilized B.S.When will the Veterans of this country stand up and stop this crap?When will the Tea Party stand up and declare a new revelution dealing with th current emergency?How much crap do we have to take?

      • cayjr

        So you think Obama is not a Socialist? How do you explain Obama care? Do you think he believes in a Democratic Republic? How about his blatantly ignoring the wishes of the clear majority of the people on Obamacare? Perhaps you think he knows best and the people should follow him instead of telling him the direction we should be going? Perhaps you think his programs are all Constitutionally correct? Perhaps you should wake up, this is not a dream we are currently in, it is a nightmasre!

      • http://yahoo MLO

        Hey BD what do you think now? has the majority proved you wrong!!!!
        well, I would think you’re in a small minority or have you changed your mind? YOUR President, the known Socialist, proved so by his acquaintances,his peers and those appointed by him as well as his family agenda which is his also to bring social reform. What a social jerk! to say that kindergardteners should be taught sex education, is he leaving the choice to us the parents or what, I sure hope this never realizes.

  • Terrance

    I really fear for you Americans

    • http://na Terry R Mc Sr.

      Yes I fear for my country as well. I was one of the Watchlist extremists that knew Obama’s communist connections and yelling at the television the night the pig was nominated. The media didn’t sniff this out per reason of soveriegnty delusion. THIS is not about free speach but it is similar to the communist porn advocate Obama fellowed with at youth.
      THIS is about demoralizing the christian/morals compass to establish worship of Goverment. (Replace God with gov.)
      Constantly Obama threatens the private sector but his government (ADMIN) is commiting the same money stealing from the public.
      “GOVERNMENT IS THE FILTHY RICH” and will “Kill God” according to Obama’s Alynsky & Cone Liberation Theology.
      I have to give some blame to McCain for running a highly ineffective campaign. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ‘CONSTITUTION NOT COMMUNISM’
      What Pigs these Marxists are… Terry Mc from Tennessee.

      • Gramma from Canada

        It is a very good thing that GOD is STILL and FOREVER on the THRONE….HE is in FULL control of everything that is happening and this is just a taste of what is to come…

      • Anna L Johnson

        I agree with Terry R Nc. Sr. I lived during the rise and fall of Hitler. The way our government is leaning is one same road. Inducting the Children to situations by education, to even turn in their parents if they disagreed with what Hitler was doing. I said this when Obama was first nominated, even before Rev.Wright and the bomber who is Obama’s friend. I pray the Judge in California later this month denounces the birth certificate that Obama Produced when questioned, before the election, in favor of the one that was brought forward from the Country he was really born in, in Africa,

        • Pat McIntyre

          (comment removed for offensive content)

      • William

        Why are you so afraid of different political ideals? It’s almost as if the idea of them alone is enough to topple our whole way of life. When it really comes down to it it’s not anyones place to tell another person that their system is any worse than yours.

        Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who said that our country was a grand experiment to begin with? We don’t know that we are any better than anyone else because everyone, no matter what political belief, still believes that they are the One True Free Country.

        And I’m sure you as well as most people on believe that our country is not a truly free country. And if we were a free country then everyone would be free to believe in whatever they wanted, lest it cause direct physical or property harm to another person, regardless of the programs they thought would be able to help make life better.

        It would be totally uninformed to believe that communists believe in harming their citizens any more than capitalists or socialists or fascists believe in
        it. Communist doesn’t equate to hateful person, it just equates to someone who believes in a stronger government over a less-centralized one.

        And when it all comes down to it they all seem to cause the same amount of harm to their citizens regardless of political placement.

        • Art Van Nostrand

          Keep your powder dry and your blade sharp.The American Spirit will Survive.Christian values will overcome this culture of evil.

        • Bruce Baker

          “…to belive that communists want to harm their citizens is wrong…” and that they “…just believe in a more powerful central government…” are statements that exibit a profoud lack of knowledge about world events and history. Look up “The Berlin Wall” and then think about the hundreds that died trying to escape to freedom. Look up “The Hungarian Revolution” and think about an entire country that tried to move towards freedom and was brutally crushed by the Soviet. Poland didn’t have an easy time. China and “Man vs. Tank” in the square wasn’t THAT long ago. Wake up! Socialism = Slavery. Pure and simple.

          It is truy sad that we have such a large economic disparity. Much charity is needed to help make things right. I think most of that should be in counseling and job opportunity, rather than in the form of economic aid. The problem with that is that people don’t think it will do enough good, and it takes too much of their precious time. The government trying to do the job with tax dollars taken from people against their will can only cause more problems. Once they convince you that it’s all right for them to steal from you “for a good cause”, then we’re already more than half way to tyranny.

  • bryte

    Sean Hannity is a scumbag whoever takes this guy serious is a fool what a waste of my time. Generally fox news and republicans are all jokes and all they care about is to score political points and see Obama fail.Im so glad the democrats are now smart and using more relevant tactics on them, atleast we have a tactician in the white house who knows what middle class people are facing everyday in their lives.. Anyway lets see how all this plays out, the republican tactics have worked in the past but lets see if it will work this time.. i know for sure that they never give up.

    • http://comcast jow

      You are obviously not very smart because if you were, you would know that you are giving up your freedoms for Obama. I guess it is okay for you to see Harry Reid pay and bribe other very weak senators to get them to vote for Obamacare. You have no idea what you are supporting but when your paycheck looks a little on the short side, you may awaken to what Obama is really doing, taking your freedoms away from you. Hitler took over Germany in one year. They went from democracy to a dictatorship, pretty much in the way that the democratic party is supporting Obamas desire to make the us the Socialist Soviet United States. Do you notice that now you have the ability to say whatever you want. Guess what, the democrats are trying to stop and have tried to stop an insurance company from telling their clients what was in Obamacare. They were sent a gag order to stop them. Are you aware of this or do you agree with this? Your ability to know that Obama is trying to take your freedoms away from you seems lacking in your intelligence. You voted for Obama and are still happy with his socialization of he US. I assure you that the comments that you that most of the comments sent in on this Safe Schools Czar are mostly negative and you are one of the few that are positive. You trying to tell us that you are the only smart one. Guess what, you are at the lower end of the intelligence scale. Your writing ability proves it.

      • s c

        Jow, notverybright lives in a cave. It takes a true cavedweller not to see what is going on in American politics. Dissent is an American cornerstone, and to ignore what is going on amounts to a “blessing” of anti-American, sleazy characters in congress and in the white house.
        Anyone who finds ways to love everything this prez does never takes the time to look at anything twice. It’s notverybright’s delusions that make it possible for someone like al ‘gimme all your money’ gore to get rich at our expense, while NOTHING positive comes of it.
        Notverybright needs to get his head out of the clouds. It may be ‘exciting,’ but the cost is too high, and I don’t think he can afford it – literally or figuratively.

    • http: minnie

      You must believe in incest, and you probably never been a parent and have no true parent love. Hannity is a very patriot person and loves his country. Kevin Jennings is a danger to the youths and children of America. You evils will never give up. Everyone that believes like you and Kevin Jennings should be in prison.

      • Gramma from Canada

        I agree and I also believe that things are about to get even worse. Even if Jennings is taken out of the way, ‘obama’ will just use him ‘behind’ the scenes as he is with ‘Jones’.

        Obama is just a ‘tool’ literally and figuratively, being used by the ‘ELITE’ who has been commisioned to bring AMERICA under the Control of the ONE WORLD ORDER and it WILL happen and more likely sooner than later.

        World Power WILL shift to the E.U. and in the VERY NEAR FUTURE…People need to wake up and PAY ATTENTION to what is ‘behind’ the SMOKE SCREEN.

        If anyone hasn’t made their ‘choice’ of whom they will serve, then TODAY is the day to make that choice. AS for me and my house WE shall serve the Lord Thy God….Jesus is comming very very very soon, and if peoople think things are getting bad now, just wait until MILLIONS disappear INSTANTLY…in the Rapture when Jesus comes to take the Church Home….There will be such Chaos that those remaining will RUN to the WORLD LEADER that will step in with the BIGGEST LIE there is…The explaining away of this Event..The World will BEG him to ‘take over’ and when HE does WHICH HE WILL when He signs the ’7 year Peace Agreement’ with Israel, such JUDGEMENTS will befall this earth as NEVER before in all of HISTORY…

        So, know that this man ‘obama’ is being ‘used’ as he will eventually find out…ANYONE who has there eyes open can see how many people look to ‘him’ as their ‘miracle worker’, it’s just as if ‘he’ can do NO WRONG in their eyes. How people act to ‘obama’ now is only a ‘taste’ of how the WORLD will act towards the One WORLD LEADER when he steps in.

        America is the ‘biggest’ obstacle that these people need to get out of the way to ‘set up’ there ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and the BIBLE SAYS that the power MUST shift to the REVIVED OLD ROMAN EMPIRE which is the E.U.

        Years ago people were sayiing that this was IMPOSSIBLE…because there was no E.U..and they said there never would be again….WELL, guess what…THERE IS NOW and they are getting more POWERFULL BY THE ‘MINUTE’….just like God said they would.

        Get ready folks, please make your choice, open your hearts and receive the FREE GIFT OF SALVATION that JESUS provided for you by what HE DID on the Cross for you. He provided a way of escaping what is about to happen on this earth in the NOT TOO FAR FUTURE…ALL you have to do is put your TRUST IN HIM….Salvation is a GIFT and all you have to do is BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died ‘in your’ place and rose again and now sits at the right hand of the FATHER….ONE MUST
        TRUST in what HE did, not in what they can do….We can’t earn it and we definitely could never deserve it….


        With all that said, remember that things are about to get worse, most of the world will be blinded to what is really going on and the POWER WILL SHIFT to the E.U…I don’t know exactly how it will all come into play, but it WILL….
        GOD Bless
        Gramma from Canada

        • Justin Zuweig

          Brazil will soon become the frontmost fortress of communism in the American continent. He is supported by Obama who says everywere Mr.Lula da Sila is “the man”. That is what he said inn the TV: “this guy is my man”. Really, Lula da Silva is Obama’s man in the America’s South Cone. They will together destroy the liberty of speach in the world, the same way Lula da Silva is trying to muzzle Brazilian free press and presure the mass media to stop denouncing the thiefs that are making government a bunker from where the communist scum will control the public opinion and destabilize the freedom fighters in any country, including the USA. God bless.

          • Mikey

            Justin you really need to learn the difference between communism and fascism and maybe take a few lessons in spelling. Obama is allowed just like any other citizen of the United States, the right to his opinion.
            I like him for the very reason that he make people, like you,nervous – those who can only judge others by misinformation that is pervasive on FOX and other lunatic stations, and get info from extreme fascists like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who would take away all individual rights so the powerful and corrupt wealthy of this country can live well and have the right to throw people away when they are done with them
            Reagan started the rash of terrorism in America by placing Marines in Lebanon in 1982 and pulling them out before we could retaliate for the Barracks bombing in Oct 1983 – he set the precident for all terrorists by making our best trained men look like cowards and created the groundwork for todays huge defense spending (of which very little actually is spent on the troops or veterans) but it does still line the pockets of the same crooks that make money off huge defense contractors – you conservatives have bought the patriotic horse crap hook, line and sinker
            Take it from someone who was in Beirut in October of 1983

          • Art Van Nostrand

            some folks will wake up and stand for God .The Government can go Red. But folks will not forget the Red, White and Blue.Some of us will survive . I just hope that my health will hold up. So that I can standagainst the evil in our land. God will not abandon us.

          • cayjr

            Mikey, Mikey, Mikey:

            Reagan caused the terrorism going on in the Middle East? Get real, get educated, stop reading liberal propaganda and look for the real facts.
            Jimmy, Nobel Peace Prize, Carter destabilized the Middle East when he engineered the deposing of the Shah of Iran. Iran and Iraq went to War, So Damn Insane killed tens of thousands of his own people, invaded Kuwait, had huge guns built so he could bombard neighboring countries, gassed Kurds with WMD (nerve gas, and tortured thousands of his own people. If Carter had not meddled the Middle East would probably not have boiled over. Do some reading on both sides of this issue from American perspective, do some reading on the history of the Middle East, then come back and try again.

        • Dorothy

          Gramma – what a beautiful writing you did – Bravo!!! If everyone who
          REALLY believes in God would read their Bibles, they would find out that our entire lives are spelled out – only the time frames are not
          specified – but everything that is happening, including everything that Mr. O is doing is right there in the Bible – his name isn’t given, but that is the only thing missing….everything he is doing and has done is on every page of this era!! Wake up people – follow
          God – he is our ONLY salvation!! Thanks, again, Gramma – right on!!

    • RoBoTech

      Sir, you just called me a fool! I am HIGHLY offended and have reported your post.

    • RoBoTech

      Oh, and calling someone a fool on, you don’t even know, on an INTERNET BOG, tells more about YOUR character flaws, than anyone’s that you have blanket denigrated!
      Pathetic and immature. Maybe someday, you’ll grow up and have your own PC and stop using your little sister’s.

    • Senrab

      Bryte, you are not as your name implies, bright, you are an idiot.

  • David A. Celaschi

    I would dare any adult to say those things to a school age child,and see what would happen.He or she would be arrested,tried,convicted,and labled a child preditor and most likely serve some jail time!But its o.k. for this obviously sick person appointed by the so called president to recomend this reading for our children.I chose to use all lower case letters because its refering to lower class people!

  • Stan

    So now we begin to know and see what precisely Obama MEANT by ‘Change’…

    This is extreme left-wing change in reaction to the extreme right-wing change that the Bush administration was beginning to institute, in the form of fascist control over the people (warrantless wiretaps, etc etc). Obama would preside over the same sort of thing, just from the other political wing’s perspective. (In this instance, to undermine the family as a conservative institution, standing between the state and the children.) Neither is the best answer to the future.

    As to the present: the question of Obama’s creds needs to be heated up in the new year of opportunity aborning. He is, as POTUS, in a word, illegal. He needs to be impeached, because he has been elected under false pretenses: he is not a “natural born citizen”. (Forget the question of where he was born: his father was not a US citizen; that’s enough of a case right there. There is a legal definition of what NBC means, which has not been legally altered. If we are to live under the rule of law, we need to act, and now.) Out he goes, and in comes a caretaker executive, who will order elections within 6 months, announcing a strong mandate for a clean-sweep cleaning out of the Augean stables of national government. (The office does not automatically revert to the official chain of command, because Pelosi et al were complicit in the coverup of Obama’s lack of eligibility. Research it. Including the curious circumstances surrounding his passport.)

    A clean sweep, that the people can trust, for its being instituted and accomplished in their name, of government of, by, and for The People. And then we will see progress – true progress. Otherwise it’s just business as usual.

    Been there. Done that. No thanks. Its time for a change, all right, Real change.

    And then we go from there, into a new era. To say: from here.

    We. Now.

    Who else would you have in mind, to do the job, called for in our time?

    • s c

      Stan, you nailed it. To comrade obama, “change” means anything HE wants it to mean. What he’ll never admit is that what he calls ‘change’ is the same ‘change’ that Stalin, Mao and Hitler gave the world.
      To me, anyone who sees this administration as caring or compassionate is someone who needs long-term therapy. It’s very hard for me to believe that anyone in America would willingly confuse leadership with insanity, party politics on steroids and hatred of America. What did we do to have such people in this country? And HOW do we GET RID of them?

  • http://none Oscar

    ‘I’bama is surrounding himself with those who will bow down to him and do his bidding when he declares himself Emporer of the United States.

    I also fear for the American people.

  • Earl J Billingham

    I was appalled by this sick and twisted School Czar Kevin Jennings. Parents need to be more vigilant today while both may or may not have two jobs to support their families. It used to be that our schools were a safe place for our children to learn. This is no longer the case as our schools have taken it upon themselves to teach our children alternative sexual lifestyles where this responsibility lies solely with the parents. I thank God that I’m not a parent myself but, I feel sorry for those with children in our public school systems in the United States.

  • Barb Dwyer

    Appalling. America sure got some change!

  • delbert chaudoin


  • hermannelson

    100 years ago this degenerate would have been lynched by an angry mob,

    • s c

      Hermannelson, Jennings needs to become a lobbyist for NAMBLA, and move his sorry posterior to Holland. He doesn’t yet realize the dynamite he’s brought into American schools, or he wouldn’t have done it.
      He’s not fit to be ANYONE’S ‘czar.’ For Jennings to
      believe and say such evil things proves that HE IS AN ABSOLUTE, DANGEROUS LIABILITY IN ANY SCHOOL.
      Let HIM live with the results. When he gets his reality lesson, he will regret that he dared to experiment with America’s children. HOW can ANYONE not see this “man” for who and what he is? America, YOUR CHLDREN ARE IN EXTREME DANGER!

  • Vivian

    May the Lord have mercy on your soul!

  • Ass

    Why is it that people who cry for limited Government, only cry for it when Democrats are in power, seems like they just want government limited to Republicans. XD LOL

  • RoBoTech

    Obama is NOT the Commander in Cief, he is the “Pervert In Chief”. And Jennings is not the ONLY sick puppy in Obama’s Circle.
    I didn’t really believe Larry Sinclair’s accusations before. I thought they were funny, but untrue. NOW, I am not so sure.
    I wrote and asked the”Dear Leader” if HIS daughters had had the “fisting” seminar at THEIR school? Didn’t expect an answer, but does anyone HERE think they have seen it?
    Didn’t think so.

  • SreaminMimi

    This man should be in prison! Obama PROMOTED this pedophile??? My heart breaks for the children that he is damaging and has damaged.

  • Jim

    If you haven’t noticed, the Democrats have only one thing in mind. Your pay check goes to them and they will give you what ever they want you to have, you will live where they tell you to live, drive(if they feel you need a vehicle) what they tell you to drive, eat what they tell you to eat and die when they want you to die. They are going to use the I.R.S. as their Gestapo unit. I was recently audited and when I called to see how to challenge it, I was told that “You don’t need to be appealing any thing. Your “WHITE ASS” needs to shut up and start writing a check.” When I asked for her name and to speak to her supervisor she told me “You don’t need my name, You need to do what you are told and shut up!”
    I concluded the conversation by (in not such a friendly tone) telling her that I was barely holding onto my house and living on 1/2 a can of soup a day and this audit was unfair. She replied that “I don’t care if you wind up on the street and eating out of dumpsters, there are people that deserve that money more than you do!”
    This is the money that I work hard for but I don’t deserve it, I don’t deserve a place to live or proper food to eat. They had decided that other people deserve it long before “MY WHITE ASS”! Only a flaming liberal would find this encounter O.K.
    Oh I lost the house and had to move to another part of the country to live. Thank you Obama, Pelosi and the rest of you in Washington.
    It is time to repeal the Income Tax Amendment. Congress has proven that they are too irresponsible to have such an access to our pay checks. Maybe if we cut off their money, then we can reel them into a semblance of reality!

    • http://WindowsLive Iona Million

      Bravo Jim! My sentiments exactly!

      I am deeply disturbed by the comments you received from the IRS or was it ACORN — the comment about Whites? This is dangerous!

      My sentiment for several years now and continues to be, “America, the youngest Nation in the world and to be the shortest lived.” I see it coming to fruition.

    • http://na Terry R Mc Sr.

      excellent Jim! But I would not tell a Dem to Kiss My Ass because they will only try and take it to another level bud. From here out, America should never turn their back on the Dems. –commies in the house like zombies bro!

      • Art Van Nostrand

        Expect things to get alot worse.

    • BD

      While there is no excuse for an IRS agent to use that kind of language, the fact that you were audited implies that its very likely you were making a pretty respectable sum of money at some point… the IRS doesn’t have enough staff (due to tax cuts) to waste time auditing poor people. I have worked out a few filing disagreements with the IRS over the years, and it was all done by mail, I just had to provide documents as evidence of some entries on my return, and in one case correct a typographical error. The IRS proved quite easy to deal with because I had my documents and facts straight. Now, if indeed you were making a reasonable amount and filed everything properly and paid taxes on time, you can still file for extensions or payment plans. Point being, there are lots of ways to work these things out with the IRS if you are respectful, honest and trying to do the right thing. But if you created a mess for yourself by not paying your taxes on time, not filing accurate returns, trying to take deductions for which you weren’t qualified, or other similar misbehavior, then blaming it on the IRS when they get fed up and yell at you hardly qualifies as an act of moral patriotism.

  • http://WindowsInternetExsplorer Larry

    Why do you suppose it is Obama,chose Kevin Jennings for this position?don’t you people understand,if he didn’t hold the same views he would not have chosen him.What’s wrong with people today? or should I say democrats today? who stand by and allow such perversions to come from the White House,without demanding to hear from their President who is solely responsible for choosing, who fills what position. Obama, likes Jennings because he agrees with his ideas,and shares his immorality.Obama was quick to admit to having homosexual tendencies,saying he experimented with it.unless you are blind Obama’s lack of morals is clear, is he not always saying,let me be clear all the while lying through hs ratical teeth?

  • Deborah Boschman

    In our schools in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, they WON’T EVEN ALLOW the Catholics to present an ABSTINENCE MESSAGE to our students. They are telling us that this is NOT a realistic message.

    In the sex education courses taught to students, ABSTINENCE IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED AS AN OPTION. This is VERY SAD and RIDICULOUS!

    We took the Ten Commandments out of our schools. We took prayer out of our schools.

    Now we have regular mass school shootings, violence, perversion, fornication, increasing teenage pregnancies and abortion, you name it.

    I think that we need to TURN BACK to the CHRISTIAN ROOTS of our FOREFATHERS! Our nations were FOUNDED UPON these and they served us VERY WELL for generations.

    It appears that we are ROTTING FROM WITHIN in almost every institution within our society.

    There is a saying that: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

    Perhaps what is needed is a world-wide REVIVAL of core values, morals, belief systems, etc.


    I believe that we are in DEEP trouble as a society and that God is the ONLY ONE who is going to help us get OUT of the terrible mess that we have created for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and possibly generations to come.

    We live in an increasingly FRIGHTENING WORLD of our own careless making.

    I am planning on running for the position of Mayor of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada in 2010 and we are going to be discussing some of these very issues during our upcoming election campaign.

    We need to pray for wisdom, discernment, guidance, favor, for the days that are ahead.

    I’d like to be a Joseph for my region and PLAN AHEAD for the terrible days that appear to be ahead.

    Please say a prayer for me, if you wouldn’t mind.

    My particulars are as follows:

    Deborah M. Boschman, B.Ed.,

    • Dana

      Amen, Deborah, I’m right there with you.

  • Jacob

    Here is another example:

    Genesis 34

    Dinah and the Shechemites

    1 Now Dinah, the daughter Leah had borne to Jacob, went out to visit the women of the land. 2 When Shechem son of Hamor the Hivite, the ruler of that area, saw her, he took her and violated her. 3 His heart was drawn to Dinah daughter of Jacob, and he loved the girl and spoke tenderly to her. 4 And Shechem said to his father Hamor, “Get me this girl as my wife.”
    5 When Jacob heard that his daughter Dinah had been defiled, his sons were in the fields with his livestock; so he kept quiet about it until they came home.

    6 Then Shechem’s father Hamor went out to talk with Jacob. 7 Now Jacob’s sons had come in from the fields as soon as they heard what had happened. They were filled with grief and fury, because Shechem had done a disgraceful thing in [a] Israel by lying with Jacob’s daughter—a thing that should not be done.

    8 But Hamor said to them, “My son Shechem has his heart set on your daughter. Please give her to him as his wife. 9 Intermarry with us; give us your daughters and take our daughters for yourselves. 10 You can settle among us; the land is open to you. Live in it, trade [b] in it, and acquire property in it.”

    11 Then Shechem said to Dinah’s father and brothers, “Let me find favor in your eyes, and I will give you whatever you ask. 12 Make the price for the bride and the gift I am to bring as great as you like, and I’ll pay whatever you ask me. Only give me the girl as my wife.”

    13 Because their sister Dinah had been defiled, Jacob’s sons replied deceitfully as they spoke to Shechem and his father Hamor. 14 They said to them, “We can’t do such a thing; we can’t give our sister to a man who is not circumcised. That would be a disgrace to us. 15 We will give our consent to you on one condition only: that you become like us by circumcising all your males. 16 Then we will give you our daughters and take your daughters for ourselves. We’ll settle among you and become one people with you. 17 But if you will not agree to be circumcised, we’ll take our sister [c] and go.”

    18 Their proposal seemed good to Hamor and his son Shechem. 19 The young man, who was the most honored of all his father’s household, lost no time in doing what they said, because he was delighted with Jacob’s daughter. 20 So Hamor and his son Shechem went to the gate of their city to speak to their fellow townsmen. 21 “These men are friendly toward us,” they said. “Let them live in our land and trade in it; the land has plenty of room for them. We can marry their daughters and they can marry ours. 22 But the men will consent to live with us as one people only on the condition that our males be circumcised, as they themselves are. 23 Won’t their livestock, their property and all their other animals become ours? So let us give our consent to them, and they will settle among us.”

    24 All the men who went out of the city gate agreed with Hamor and his son Shechem, and every male in the city was circumcised.

    25 Three days later, while all of them were still in pain, two of Jacob’s sons, Simeon and Levi, Dinah’s brothers, took their swords and attacked the unsuspecting city, killing every male. 26 They put Hamor and his son Shechem to the sword and took Dinah from Shechem’s house and left. 27 The sons of Jacob came upon the dead bodies and looted the city where [d] their sister had been defiled. 28 They seized their flocks and herds and donkeys and everything else of theirs in the city and out in the fields. 29 They carried off all their wealth and all their women and children, taking as plunder everything in the houses.

    30 Then Jacob said to Simeon and Levi, “You have brought trouble on me by making me a stench to the Canaanites and Perizzites, the people living in this land. We are few in number, and if they join forces against me and attack me, I and my household will be destroyed.”

    31 But they replied, “Should he have treated our sister like a prostitute?”

  • B.B.

    When and IF we find out about these people who are appointed, we should write/call our congressmen & senators urge them to vote the direction we want because they are to represent the people. We also need to do research of our own to know what is going on or we will be taken to the cleaners. My problem is I feel our representitives DO NOT represent US. Kevin Jennings is NOT SAFE for our school kids. Why congress approved the appointmnet is beyond me. I did send emails & called my congressman & senators and urged them to vote “No” on the nomination of Kevin Jennings. Knowing what you know when you find out more about Kevin Jennings, you wonder WHY anyone would nominate him as a “Safe School Czar” & WHY anyone in congress would back that nomination? Do they listen to the people? I feel not–they listen to their own ajenda, or to whom ever they owe a pay-back to. I was sickened on 3 accounts; his “nomination” by the President, his approval by congress (who represent us???), and by the hypocritical name of “Safe School Czar” I’m also learning that most of the titles given to the bills they pass are the opposite of what they are. Transparency seems to be just a magic act here–not the real thing.

  • Jacob

    Does anybody who read Genesis 34 believe that the Bible should be banned from school libraries, or is it the job of parents to explain difficult passages? Should discussion of persecution and the crucifixion be banned? Isn’t this a matter of personal liberty? Should Huck Finn be banned because of the language? The Color Purple? Black Boy? Their Eyes Were Watching God? The Jungle? The Origin of the Species?

    What should schools do to protect minorities, including sexual minorities from bullying?

  • Vally

    This guy is filth. A sick twisted freakish type person. Not worthy of society, much less being in authority over childreen..

  • David

    This is the result of national control over education. The perverted and powerful have taken the choice away from the school boards and the parents.

  • John G

    This has been going on for a long time now. Not just the sex but the teachings of non moral practices. The liberal teachings of socialistic way of life. The people aare teaching our children, and have taught them to agree to disagree with there parents. The only way to fix this problum is to not except money from the federal goverment for our schools or states, it only comes with laws to control. Democrats & Republicans must unite and pick only regular smart people not aready in office for a term limit of two years with no extra benifits or services the rest of us have. Dont let the goverment and the left groups promote hate between you and me by race, color, religion, I am not German American, Mexican American or Black American. If you live in the USA your American.

    God Bless America

    John G

  • Senrab

    Bryte, you are an idiot and probably work for the government.

  • BooHoo

    When you guys & gals get serious about protecting children you will cut to the chase and change the laws regarding child molestation and kidnapping. Christians should take the lead since they claim to follow Christ and the religion that warned them it is better to pluck out the eyes if they cause one to sin, than it is to enter into hell for eternity, with sight. When we setup a system that eliminates the ankle bracelets, cancels the computer network showing locations of pedophiles, cancels the police agent program for officers who knock on the doors of pedophiles to periodically check on them but never enter their home or look into their backyards (which happened for 18 years while 11 yr old JC was a prisoner), cancel the jail terms that are never fulfilled, and SETUP a new system whereby CONVICTED child murderers are automatically given the death penalty immediately, and CONVICTED molesters are automatically surgically blinded, with a “P” tattoo’d on their foreheads to differentiate from those blinded by nature or accident, given braille training before blinding and shown their studio apartment where they will live and the job they will be doing to pay for their own expenses including apartment, be shown the route/public transportation they will be taking to work BEFORE being blinded, we will be handling this situation pronto. They won’t be kidnapping kids they can’t see, they won’t be buying child porno magazines they can’t read, they won’t be surfing the web to get kids, they will be working to pay taxes and support themselves. Their lives will not cost us the huge funds expended by the current tracking system. Children will be better protected. People like the Safe School Freak will be afraid to be an accomplice to child molestation through promoting pornography and encouraging pedophiles to act on their desires. Psychologists have told our society that pedophiles cannot be cured. So why put a drug addict behind the pharmacy counter and tell him not to indulge. If he can get to the drugs, he will. Restricting pedophiles to x number of feet away from children will only encourage them to break that “law” too as they go after a child. ARE YOU AFRAID TO PROTECT CHILDREN BY BLINDING PEDOPHILES??? THIS IS THE KINDEST MOST HUMANE PROCEDURE AND SYSTEM WE CAN ESTABLISH WHICH HELPS THE PEDOPHILES WHO CANNOT STOP THEMSELVES, LETS THEM LIVE OUTSIDE OF OUR PRISONS AND PROVIDES SAFETY TO CHILDREN. THEY CAN’T GRAB THE KIDS THEY CAN’T SEE.

  • Diviney

    Obama appointed Jennings knowing his background and his motives. This was payback for the Sodomites’ vote. Obama needs to be impeached and Jennings fired immediately. Write and call your legislators. It is up to the masses whom the Congress was hired to represent. It is up to you.




    1980 to 2007

    18 years Conservative Senate
    12 years Conservative House
    6 years Total Conservative Control

    Redistribution of Wealth to top 20%.

    Folk! It is downhill slide for Middle Class.

    FACTS—numbers rounded-

    1946–1% owned 30% of Total Wealth

    1980—20%–a 33% decline due to Estate Tax and High Top Income Tax Rate.

    thence cometh conservatism


    80% Increase in 8 years of Reaganism


    2007–20% owned 93% of Total non home Financial Wealth

    80% owned equity in homes.

    Most major corporations are owned by WALL STREET RICH MEN CASINO

    In 1945, corporations paid 35.4% of federal revenues and 7.4% in 2003

    In 2000, 45% of corporations with revenue over 50 million paid no federal tax

    Five Wall Street Banks own 75% of all Bank Deposits in America. 5.

    Two own 20%.

    Think that is not POWER???


    In 8 years of Bush with 6 years of Total Control

    They (wall street rich) created a Net New Jobs of 31,000 per month.

    Why? That is NET. You take the new jobs created and subtract the ones sent to China, etc

    31,000! Wow!

    Bush took over after Clinton had created 237,000 Net New Jobs per month.

    Clinton left Bush a spending of 1830 B Per Year.

    Bush doubled it to 3600 B.

    Bush inherited a 5700B Debt from Clinton. He took it to 11,500B

    20 years of 3 conservative presidents did this horrible thing.

    Took the Debt of less than 1000B after 200 years and added on 8000B.

    In 2009 they are spinning big time to blame Obama for huge debt.

    Conservatives will spend millions to coverup their Big Recession.

    Much of that 8000B Debt add-on went to WALL STREET GAMBLERS.

    The people do not know what has happened to them.

    Forbes list of 400 Richest reveals how many became Billionaires via corporate
    takeovers and Hedge Gambling

    Right Wingers yell Rich Pay most of taxes.

    Income Taxes!Yes! They have most of the money.

    Yet! Conservatives transferred much of taxation from Rich to Middle Class. Reagan voiding REVENUE SHARING a disaster for Middle Class where taxes were transferred from Rich Income taxes to Middle Class in State and Local Taxes. Was it by design?

    Was it a Designed Act of taxation transfer by Conservatives.

    In 2008 the Middle Class paid 30% of nominal Income in Federal-State-Local Taxes.
    Top 10% paid 30% also. Progressive tax system?

    Social Security Tax Increase in 1983 was it designed to hit the Middle Class and ease on the rich?

    Greenspan + Reagan. 6.2% Tax on Middle Class. One earns $50,000 pays 6.2%. Earns $1,000,00 pays 6.4%. Earns $10,000,000 pays 1/10th of 1%. By design to keep rich rich?

    Was Destruction of S&Ls a deliberate act of wealth transfer from 400 local investors to individual Rich on Wall Street?

    Key actor Michael Milken became a Multiple Billionaire with income of 550 Million in one year from raiding S&L deposits (plus) for his Rich Corporate Raiders on Wall Street.

    Raiders like Perelman and Ichan became multiple Billionaires.
    Sweat of Brow? Ho Ho.

    Bush I had to borrow 140 Billion on 40 year bonds to pay for the raids on S&L’s by Wall Streeters.
    140B creates many Billionaires and Millionaires. Depositors money was used by those Corporate Raiders and bankrupted the S&L then the government pay off to depositors by Federal Deposit Insurance created Debt for Middle Class.

    RAPE OF MIDDLE CLASS 1980-2007

    Same ideology gave us Great Depression now Great Recession.

    It is not a Depression due to:

    Democratic Social Safety Nets such as
    Social Security and Medicare

    Only the uninformed vote to send conservatives to Washington.

    Some type of Revolt will take place in next decade.

    Democrats will continue to allow Conservatives with their huge right wing talk shows spreading lies to blame them.

    Democrats need a national Megaphone informing all the people as to what has been done and how they have been RAPED by a few million RICH on Wall Street who have taken their Wealth.

    I ask one thing.

    PROVE ME WRONG. With numbers and facts not usual vile name calling

    author-Lifeaholic-Workaholic to Lifeaholic success
    All American Party-How Democrats created a great successful Middle Class and how Conservatives are determined to destroy it

    • RadicalRepublican

      Could not have said it better myself.
      I admire classic progressive/radical Republicanism, but all these facts you state are the reason I will NEVER vote Republican again! At least not until they have a serious REFORMATION, and drop the Reaganomic BULLSHIT!! Tax the poor, ignore the wealthy and blame the poor for ALL of society’s ills

      I hope these dumb confederates just revolt already, so they can be silenced once and for all!

      • Tinwarble

        You are not a Republican, just a Jack-o-Phant. And apparently a gullible Jack-o-Phant

    • Tinwarble

      Here’s your numbers:

      1990 the National debt was about 3.2 trillion dollars – Dem. President / Rep. Congress

      2004 it was 7.4 trillion dollars – Rep. President / Rep. Congress

      2008 it was 9.8 trillion dollars – Rep. President / Dem. Congress

      2010 it is nearly 13 trillion dollars – Dem. President / Dem. Congress

      Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) says everyone is going to get taxed on health care bill.

      Democrats cut school vouchers so those in lower income homes can’t go to better schools.

  • Laying in the grass

    Mr. SWINNEY,
    Conveniently avoiding some facts does not necessarily prove your point.

    “It is not a Depression due to:

    Democratic Social Safety Nets such as
    Social Security and Medicare”

    Indeed, statements like this only prove that you fail to grasp the complexity of the situation. It can be boiled down to one simple concept and a word…GREED.

    Sadly I must agree the distruction of my country has been and is a joint effort of both parties.(ie long term politicians.) Asssessing blame is not problem solving or making any contribution to the state of the state. It is only more partisan commentary. You seemed to have over indulged in the cool-aid.


    A Government big enough to give you everything you want,

    is strong enough to take everything you have.

    - Thomas Jefferson

    My People,

    The wisdom that was given to our fore-fathers, to put our original government together, in my opinion, had to be divinely inspired. Their words still touch me as if they were just spoken for the first time, every time I read them or hear them.

    To see the slow dismantling of their life’s work, to form a more perfect union, tears at my soul, as I see what “We The People” have allowed to happen to it and continue to allow, when we really have the power to throw all these betraying, oath breakers tumbling down the House steps of the Capitol, begging for us to show mercy, to allow them to live.

    I think the liberal mouthpieces, such as Rosie O., Ward C. may be right when they say we deserve what is happening to us, but not for the reasons they think, but for us allowing the treasonous likes of them to control the High Offices of our Country and Institutions of Learning, to destroy the values and principals initially set up in this country, instead of hanging them in the public square.

    I would like to be optimistic about the chances of recovering our country, but I am unsure of just how many times you can arrogantly slap God in the face and expect Him to come to our rescue and protect us from the onslaught of such twisted, greedy and selfish thinkers, of men, who have no idea of what constitutes good character, in this day of “if it feels good do it” and “do it now” with no foresight of future generations to come, or any belief or reverence for our Creator.

    I do pray, that God will protect and strengthen, the souls that still fight and yearn for a “Land of the Free and Home Of the Brave”.

    • http://aol GRANDMA FROM PA

      Wow! you can tell by the comments that we are not a happy nation. I totally agree, Obama and the far left do have an agenda. They do not
      believe in the constitution and are doing everything they can to degrade it. I knew Obama was going to sell this nation out when he was running he is not in charge, the liberals in the senate and congress are. Obama is just the front man. what has he done since becoming president. he tells congress what he wants and then leaves it to them to figure out how to do it. they have one agenda, THEIRS! where is the leadership in that.just like with Goblal warming, hello, it doesn’t exsit, the earth is alwy changing and revoleing. who ever controls the enviroment controls the world, i think we need to first look at our universities and what these liberal professor’s or teaching our children. seems to me that these kids coming out of our universities are being taught the liberal view and then graduating into the work force and communities with these fews.we have become a nation where we leave the raising of our children to pastor’s,teacher’s and the governement.We are too busy to get involved. As a result, our children are being exposed to sexual provertions from every side.Why because they think we are not watching. And their right.God is our only hope. this nation was founded on Biblical princpals and those beliefs and the Word of God are powerful and the enemy knows it.As a nation, we must seek God cry out to him “IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME WILL SEEK MY FACE THEN I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.As much as you would like to erase God from the picture, without God there is no picture. He is everything in everything. personally, we need to get right with God, Jesus is coming back, the ? who should be asking yourself is “am I going back with him or am I going to be left behind?
      God help you if you are left behind, you anit seen nothing yet!
      May God have Mercy on us all and on the hold world.

      • Gramma from Canada


      • RadicalRepublican

        Wow! This is pathetic!

        There was a time when Republican were the respectable ones, back when they were standing up for true equality amongs Americans of all races. Back when they were fighting to remove the Confederate’s right to suffrage…. Then came Nixon, then Reagan, then Bush, then Bush II .. and now, I’m watching a video on FAUX NEWS about Obama’s “Culture of Corruption”?!? SERIOUSLY??? How dumb can one be to turn a blind eye to the last 8yrs, scratch that, the last 30yrs of Republican Corruption and Biggotry.

        I am Conservative, when it comes to abortion and gay marriage, but the justification of greed and the praise of wall-street is just DISGUSTING!!
        FAUX News is BRAINWASHING all the backwards and confused conservatives, who don’t even realize BUSH STARTED THE TARP PROGRAM!!! THE BIGGEST EXPANSION OF GOV’T IN AMERICAN HISTORY, ushered in by a REPUBLICAN!! WAKE UP PPL!! Don’t let FAUX news convince you this is just Obama’s doing

        This way the Dems can stick with there ABC and MSNBC, and the Repukes can have FAUX and Douche Limbla… We can have Alex Jones, Jesse Venture, and maybe Ron Paul once he stops drinkin the Repuke Cool-Aid

  • Marlene

    Well Joe if thats the case then lets just give the first graders playboy and penthouse, it would be the same thing. That’s what we are objecting to. I don’t care what an adult reads, but certainly not a first grader. GEEEZE!!

  • Edward

    The subscribers to Personal libert digest are idiots if they think that Obama caused thisd recesssion and that government assisitance to the economy was not needed at this time. I am sorry for America that these ideas and beliefs are accepted. We are a lazy lazy country.

  • Lou

    Is Obama and his CZARS evil possessed. I can’t believe anybody would promote this kind of behavior and thinking. He reveals that he had “weird feelings” about his relationshipo with his cousin. It’s called a conscience. Our free will was not created to sample all the perverse and inappropriate behavior in this evil world on the basis of learning something from our earthly experiences. Twisted minds like this are the kinds who perform all kinds of behavior including murder, selfishness, sexual deviation, disregard for the well-being of our fellow man, and more… to promote their agenda for education. We were created to do much more than revel in that ignorance. I think folks better wake up. WE couldn’t possibly learn all there is to learn in one lifetime. Why not choose to learn something edifying. This garbage is exploited for destructions sake. Parents should be in charge of their children’s education and not leave something so precious to the deviants who spread this stuff in our schools. However not to fear. The Lord is watching and has already taken care of this. I pray for these souls. Teach kids how to fight these temptaions not tempt them to commit this evil. Why do you promote this stuff? Are you ignorant or just plain foolish? An education obviously doesn’t imbue one with common sense. However, let your conscience be your guide. Come on PARENTS, don’t abandon your precious children to this kind of perverse education with your laziness and apathy. Ol’ SATAN sure found an easy way to take your kids from you. You let him. TEACHERS, be careful. I think you have had “the wool pulled over your eyes.”

  • AlanS

    You know, if I took any quote from any book about the Holocaust and placed it without any context to its words, I would probably get the same response. However, if I were to post the quote in the context given… in a 200+ page book, the quote would suddenly make sense and not seem radical at all. Could it be that the first quote, which is in a book describing the growing up of a gay American, is about the mistakes in his life? If one does not believe that a 10-12th grader(and anyone to believe that this book would be given to younger kids is ignorant. The list is broad – there is no ’11-12th grader books only’ section)enough to handle that sort of material, that student needs to spend some more time with adults. By age 16-18, you should be able to handle sexually explicit content.

    Why have I suddenly found myself posting on an ultra-conservative website that overlooks common sense? That was a rhetorical question to those smartasses out there.

  • Fred H.

    Reading the comments on this site makes me wonder What is the state of the USA? Are we talking about a nation which has principles, morals and integrity or is it strictly expedience?

    Yes I am a conservative I raised 3 girls on old fashioned values.

    Alen S yes, quotes taken out of contex will give the wrong impression but an inmoral idea, quoted in context or quotedout of context, stays inmoral idea.

  • AlanS

    So we should not expose our children to ANY bad ideas, no matter what the context. In that case, why are you not throwing a hissy-fit about the Holocaust being taught in school? That deals with an immoral subject. And keep in mind, not everyone believes that homosexuality is an immoral subject.

    Regardless, you still miss the point; how is having a book about some guy’s life on a reading list the same as promoting all the context of the book. Does Schindler’s List, a movie I watched as a Sophomore in high school promote hatred of Jews? Does it promote murder? Of course not. Does a book about someone’s life promote everything that happened within it? Doubtful and in this case, NO. Does the Catcher in the Rye promote suicidal thoughts? No. It is a book. This book is not going to be given to brainwash little kids. It is given as a literary topic for either discussion and review.

    • DVance

      The holocaust is history. What is being talked about here is things that children should not be subjected to as early as kinder garden or first grade. Your argument is way off.

      • AlanS

        What are you smoking? This is not for kindergardeners or first graders – they cannot even READ this! This is on the 7th-12th grader list, reserved specifically for 10th-12th graders. Are you ignorant? If you actually believe this is material meant for elementary school, you should be labeled too ignorant to vote.

        That is the problem with America today. People are given news and are too dumb to understand it all or misinterpret it. It is made one step worse by shitty news agencies biasing the news so that those ignorant enough to misinterpret it are already uninformed and biased. Jesus. America is scary not because of news articles like this and the people that respond to it. The news article is a piece of trash article meant to turn already misinformed people to believe the world is falling. Their hopes is that one crazy gets brainwashed enough to assassinate a democrat.

        Another example of this would be all the Texans believing that Obama was going to ban all guns from Americans. Or what about the health care bill forcing doctors to be paid the same amount? Again, FAR from reality. It is going to create a non-profit organization to manage minimum premiums. If it is so bad, why is the American Medical Association (the voice for doctors) supporting it? It will not affect the privatization of health care at all.

        But I am preaching to a bunch of conservatives who are already too far gone to realize that they have been turned against America (in some cases so badly that they try to assassinate the president – now that is UNAMERICAN).

        Try and get your news from other sources than FOX.

  • pokedigimomm

    At least you all got to see the video; it won’t play on a Linux based computer. You know, Windows is an expensive operating system & Apples are expensive computers. More & more people, in the recession, are getting older computers & running Linux distributions like Ubuntu, since they’re free (although it’s nice to send some money to help them out if you can). But…even though this is the way many of us who are disabled or out of work have to compute, no one gives a hoot about us. We get sent links that won’t play because, oh, we’re the poor people who can’t afford Windows or Apple computers, we don’t count.
    I’m a conservative, but I’m beginning to wonder if you’re kicked out of the “conservative club” when you’re jobless or disabled. Since all the LIBERALS seem to manage to make THEIR messages playable on Linux, & you can’t, I can only assume that only those who make a lot of money are “permitted” to see your video presentations.

  • walford

    The problem here is that the federal government is trying to formulate an Official Line on a social issue and ram it down our children’s throats.

    Even if it happened to be correct, I would have a serious problem with that. The schools should be about education, not social engineering or other creating conformance with how the Philosopher Kings decide how our children should think.

    That is the inherent flaw in a government-run monopoly on education.

    It will either have to be vanilla, trying to please everybody or beholden to whichever group happens to hold sway over the curriculum — and I most certainly do not have faith in the National Education Association in being the sole arbiters of how and what children should be taught.

    The answer MUST be school choice. If you want your children taught that the Earth is 6,000 years old, go for it. If you think teaching children Heather’s Two Mommies is the pinnacle of education, by all means do so.

    Neither of these group0s should be foisting that crapola on the children of those who want education to be focused upon reading, writing, computing, history, civics, etc.

    Then the employers will demonstrate in their hiring practices which sort of education they value.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Global Mamma

    I was in High School in the 70′s, it was real bad then, so I can’t even imagine how much worse it is today. I have seen the way many of the children dress to go to school and it’s even worse than in my day. I have heard about the evils taught and it sounds much worse. All I can say is that my husband and I KNEW what happened to us in school and how they were already then trying to rob children of their innocence and we decided to home school our precious ones which God has so graciously given to us. I am so very, very thankful that I could teach them myself.
    Parents, you are the teacher of your children from the moment they are born. You teach them to crawl, stand, walk, feed themselves, brush their hair, talk, share their toys or treats, button buttons, zip zippers, put on their boots, read books and to love books—are you getting the picture? We teach our children SO MUCH before they ever even get to a government school—why do we think that just because they reach a certain age that we now have to turn their learning over to a stranger who has no love for them? Teachers do what they do to receive a paycheck, I taught my children very well, because I love them and wanted the very best for them.
    My precious ones have been leaving the nest now, and it is difficult enough, how much harder it would be had I missed all that time I had with them in teaching them. I cherish every moment.
    Life is short and when we die we can’t take a THING with us, but if God is willing, with the Bible and prayer, maybe we can take the precious souls of our children with. “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it”—Proverbs 22.6 I trust in His promises.
    God gives the responsibility of teaching children to the parents. WE the parents will stand before Him and give account of ourselves as to how we taught the precious souls He placed in our care. If we aren’t teaching them, then we sure better find out WHAT they are being taught, because we are the ones who will be held accountable. My parents didn’t know how or what we were taught, I would have been way too ashamed to say what they taught us and the things they made us say. I did not want that for my precious ones.
    I just pray that more parents would develope a deeper love and concern for the souls of their children, because there are way too many children being harmed and uneducated in the government schools, and I don’t believe it is by chance.
    My soul grieves for the children taught those evil things, and I feel sorry for the people teaching it to them because they will answer for their evil deeds unless they repent and turn from their evil doings.
    Everyone on this blog who supports the teaching of such vile things to children of ANY age—you better start feeling the flames of hell licking at your feet. Our God, the God of the Bible, will judge with righteous judgment, for He is thee only righteous judge. You obviously do not read His word or you would fear God.

    As for our once-great nation, I fear we have judgment coming. This nation has turned it’s back on God, and now it feels like God may be turning His back on this wicked nation. When so many seem void of natural affection, it’s okay to murder innocent babies,it’s okay for perverted people to flaunt their sin in public, then we are asking for it are we not? “Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven”–Genesis 19.24 “because their sin is very grievous”–Genesis 18.20a

    Our only hope–”If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”–II Chronicles 7.14

  • John Carville

    This lengthy discourse would be most interesting if I only knew what the argument is all about. At the top of my screen is a large, black square with an inscription imforming me that “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.” Wuh Hoppen?


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